by NightShade

Leviticus here!   When I first read this story last year, I was blow away by it.  THIS is the way I wish I could write!    This story has characters you can care about, a plot line that really gets you involved, and of course the sex and bondage scenes are ones you can believe in.
This is a tale of strength, of commitment and of courage.  It's a story about how a man who may have seen the world and encountered many dangerous things, find his greatest challange within his own family.
Now, something important.   Everyone who knows me and everyone who has seen my warning page knows my stand on kiddy porn.  I DO NOT TOLORATE IT!   Yet since one of the characters in this story is underage and involved in obvious sexual situations you might think I have gone back on my views.   I haven't!  But you wont understand this until you have read the entire story.   Trust me, I can assure you that despite first impressions, this story is not kiddy porn.

Introduction to Sandcastles


by NightShade

Acknowledgement: This story has been developed and written over a period of several years. I would like to thank "Leviticus" for his encouragement to finish writing this, for his help in making the characters seem a little more real, for his insight into the situations in which the characters find themselves and making their reactions plausible.

This is a work of adult fiction. The situations the characters find themselves in are, at times, explicitly sexual and/or traumatic. There is some violence, but, while graphic, I have tried not to be too explicit. There is some underage sexual contact, both consenting and non-consenting. Again, it is an integral part of the story, but it is not the focal point.

This is not a 'stroke' story, but it has its moments. Many different elements of the human sexual experience are included at one point or another, with BDSM playing a major role. The story would best be described as a BDSM romance novel.

Nothing and no one is real in this story, but all places and settings mentioned may have a basis in reality. For example, this story takes place on the Eastern Coast of the United States. That is a real place. The exact towns and states the characters live in are not named, as they don't exist. The one exception is Washington, DC, but no one can tell fact from fiction there anyway, so who cares?

The concert hall is based on the one in Wuerzburg, Germany, or at least as I remember it. There is a city named Punta Arenas at the southern tip of Chile, but the prison and the commandant mentioned in this story are imaginary. The Middle Eastern country, as well as the characters from there, is made up, as are the cultural rituals described. The Yankees are a real baseball team, but the player and the farm club mentioned are not. The medical devices in this story unfortunately do not exist.

The reason for the title "Sandcastles" will become apparent after many, many chapters. My apologies to the author of "Castle in the Sand", an excellent work and one of my favorites, for the similarity in the titles. I can only hope the quality of my writing comes as close.


This story may not be posted or re-posted without my expressed written permission. It is expressly forbidden to post it on a pay site.

It is my hope that you enjoy this story. If you don't, write a better one. I would enjoy reading it.

NightShade <>

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