The Compound

Hi all.
Back in the spring a fan of mine, who only wants to be known as Cheryl, sent me an outline for a story she had put together.  Not wanting to write it herself, she gave it to me and asked if I would be interested in writing it.    I took a look at that outline and saw a fantastic story!
What you see below is that story, now fully fleshed out.  Very little has changed from the outline and all I really needed to add was the background environment of the Compound itself.
The Compound is a strange place, first featured in the story "To Catch a Monster".
It's a place where a group of people have lived without most of Man's technology for over 70 years.  They have done this by choice, preferring the simpler life of the wild Rocky Mountains to the hustle and bustle of 21st Century living.
Hopefully, through this and succeeding stories, I hope to build such a complete and working picture of life at the Compound, that some of you just might be inclined to believe that the place is real.  I know that some of you wish it WAS real already!  :)
Still, if it wasn't for Cheryl, I wouldn't have as good a story to start this new series out, so here I thank her, and hope she feels the urge to write another outline for me!
You will see familiar characters, Rhianna Summer being one of them, but unlike earlier I hope these stories will be an ensemble work.  I don't want one character to dominate the series, I want to see all the faces shine!
More chapters will be added each update.

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