NICOLE deBOER as Dr. Bug


Elke's Birthday Party
by OMDOM99 © 2003

Chapter 2


Elke looked up at the group surrounding her, like a sacrifice at some pagan ceremony. The faces around the table had different expressions—expectation, envy, desire... Charlie came over with another pillow, and with the eager help of the guests, slid it under the captive’s hips. Elke struggled against the bindings, testing them again—and again finding that her strength was no match for the steel cables that held her spread on the wooden surface. Although helpless, the statuesque blond felt a sense of power. She knew that she was provoking the emotions of every observer and she gave them something to look at by stretching and twisting sensuously. But as she did so, she started to experience a rising excitement herself. I must be a closet exhibitionist, she thought. Here I am putting on a show and it is starting to turn me on.

She tried not to let her increasing passion show, but it was impossible. Nothing could be hidden from the other women crowded closely around the table. They could see every muscle ripple under her bare skin, every involuntary gasp, and the tiny goose bumps that were starting to rise. To cover her sexual tension, she glared up at her captors. "You may as well enjoy yourselves now." She growled. "Because paybacks are hell!"

Margo leaned forward, her hands on the table between the prisoner’s widely spread boots. "I’m glad you feel that way…" She responded, "because some of us agree strongly." The TESSERACT CEO walked confidently around the table to stand next to her friend’s head. "In fact, some of us remember several incidents that you might say justified payback…" She lowered her voice and bent closer to Elke’s ear. "Do you remember a certain exercise machine? How about a period of enforced physical activity?" Margo stepped back and straightened a wisp of dark hair. "I must say, however. I did lose several pounds, so I can’t be too unhappy…"

Walking over to the pile of birthday presents, she removed the suede flogger. The soft strips hung down like long leather fettuccini. Margo returned to the table and trailed the supple tendrils across the prisoner’s smooth skin. Elke gritted her teeth because she knew what was coming. Margo dragged the teasing thongs up one leg and down the other, gently wiggling them when they arrived at the area of her loins. The tickling sensations moved up and down several times, and then started a slow waltz across Elke’s vulnerable torso. Finally the maddening caresses began to circle her breasts, causing the nipples to stiffen even more.

Margo smiled at the reaction. "You see, Elke? Different sensations make your skin more responsive. Some of your friends have toys that are more effective when your nerve endings are awakened, so to speak…"

As she said this, the pitiless captor lifted the flogger and let the strips fall gently against the stiffened nipples, first hitting one breast and then the other. The flogger lifted and dropped, each time a little harder. Then they fell gently on her stomach, then on her thighs—softly at first, and then more insistently.

Elke’s respiration was matching the pace of the flogger. As it fell harder on her bare body, her breath became faster. The flogger continued to caress her body from her thighs to her shoulders. Each time the feathery strands landed more forcefully.

As they began to sting, Elke started to anticipate where each one would land. The "swoosh" of the suede was followed by the "splat" on her skin. She jumped a little more each time. Finally a low shaking moan escaped her lips.

Margo smiled. "I see you are starting to become more sensitive. I think I will concentrate on your pussy for a while." The flogger rose and dropped, touching her inner thighs softly at first, then more firmly. Margo held the suede strips in her left hand until she swung them down with her right, striking her target with an unerring accuracy.

The helpless captive was twisting on the table. The instrument of her discomfort was raining down harshly now, sometimes like molten sleet, sometimes like icy snow. The stinging blows all over her body matched the teasing caresses. They landed on her armpits causing her to jerk against the steel cables. They danced across her breasts. She arched her back to prolong the feeling only to hear the "SWOOSH-SPLAT" as they stung her sensitive nipples.

The guests looked on in fascination as the prisoner was slowly being dragged into a sexual passion that they themselves had experienced in both similar and opposite roles. Around the table eyes grew larger and breathing increased. They leaned closer in unison hanging on to Every gasp, Every groan. Elke looked up at them helplessly. SWOOSH . She tensed. SPLAT! She jerked against the bindings. SWOOSH…SPLAT! Elke was moaning continuously now. She knew there was no escape from this torment but somehow she didn’t want it to stop. Her skin felt hot and it was glowing with a reddish tint through her dark tan. SWOOSH…SPLAT!

Margo was beginning to tire. Tossing the flogger back on the pile of presents, she addressed the group. "I have a dinner engagement tonight so I will not be able to share the rest of the festivities with you. Eve, I am giving Charlie temporary, ‘Level One Alice Authority’ over Elke for the next 24 hours. Please assist if she asks for help."

Eve's voice replied, "As you wish, Margo."

Charlie bounded up holding a smart gag. "Uh, Margo…" She hesitated. "Would it be alright if I gagged her just in case she knows how to get Eve to help her when you’re gone?"

Margo smiled. "Charlie, you’re in charge. If you want to gag her, be my guest. I might recommend that you borrow her signet ring to insure there will be no unexpected interruptions for your games." Margo waved to the group and left the room.

Charlie skipped over to her prisoner and placed the ball against her lips. "Come on, Amazon. Open up so we don’t have to use drastic measures…" When Elke’s mouth opened, Charlie pressed the ball past her teeth and secured the strap in back under her short blonde hair. Then she reached up and removed the signet ring from Elke’s right ring finger and placed it on her own. Reaching into her pocket she removed a small Personal Access Digital Device and tapped it with the ring. The strap of Elke’s gag tightened, pulling the ball back into her mouth. At the same time the ball shrank and then expanded filling her mouth completely. Elke blinked and tried to protest, but only a muted hum could be heard. Charlie next turned to Anne. "Didn’t you tell me you had some kind of payback for our birthday girl?"
Elke's Birthday Party
Chapter 2

Anne came closer carrying an unopened gift. She looked down at the helpless prisoner. "Do you remember the day I was initiated into the Inner Circle?" She asked leaning over Elke’s wide spread body. "I was pretty much on sensory overload that day. I can’t remember a lot of details. Most of the things that happened are blended into general feelings of intense passion. I’ll never forget how helpless I was with my hands and arms tied behind my back with that 'smart rope'. You made me feel so vulnerable—especially in the shower. That, I will remember for ever! I think of it every time I bathe. About how you pulled me against your slippery body and ran that soapy mitten over me. Do you remember how I struggled at first? And then you slid your leg between mine and pulled me up against you tighter while you ran that damn mitten over my breasts. Gees, I thought I would die! Then you began running it down my body toward my pussy. Did you know that I almost came right there in the shower?"

Anne removed the ribbon from the gift box. "You don’t know how I've looked forward to this day! I have pictured you like this so many times!" She said passionately. "I have dreamed of making you feel like I did back then." Removing the lid, she withdrew a soft, mink mitten.

Elke’s blue eyes grew large as Anne lightly moved the soft fur over her bound arm and down toward her up thrust breasts. The captive struggled against the bindings that held her spread-eagled on the banquet table. She stared up at her tormentor shaking her head and trying to say something around the ball gag that filled her mouth.

The rest of the group crowded around the table looking down at her expectantly. Naomi nudged Brie. "I wonder what she’s trying to say."

Brie laughed. "She probably wants to feel it brushing her nipples. Look how hard they are!"

Elke glared up at them. "Mmmmgh nnnggh!"

Brie tried to look contrite but failed. "Careful! We don’t want to make her mad."

But suddenly Elke was no longer aware of them. All she could think of were the sensations of the mink glove moving along her shoulder and over her neck. Her skin was so sensitive… The feelings were maddening and the helpless woman was struggling against the bonds that held her in position. But she couldn’t escape the gentle stimulations that seemed to become more intense by the minute. Then Anne moved the mitten down between her heaving breasts. The captive groaned when the gentle caresses began to circle the base of each one.

"Now you know how I felt! My wet skin up against yours…" The mitten continued its agonizing journey around each breast, slowly circling and teasing. Elke was shaking her head, trying to get her tormentor to stop. Anne laughed. "Oh no! You didn’t stop with me in the shower, did you?" The mitten began to climb the rising slope toward the nipple on top. Elke was struggling to evade the maddening sensations. She was completely under Anne’s control, helpless to escape as the mitten found her left nipple. Her back arched toward the ceiling and she tried to increase the pressure from the soft furry glove. Anne was becoming more aroused as she moved the glove down toward her victim’s widespread legs. Elke tried to hurry the process by lifting her hips off the pillow. Anne moved the mitten over her hip and down the side of one leg. When she reached the top of the boot, she moved the fur around to the inside of her leg and slowly dragged it back toward the agitated woman’s sex. Again Elke lifted her hips off the pillow and again Anne teased her by moving it over to the other leg. Again it went down toward her knee and back up the inside, moving slowly toward the now dripping pussy.

Anne looked down at her moaning victim. "Are you humming now? You were humming when you teased me in the shower. Remember?" And then the fur arrived at its destination. Elke tried to scream through the gag. Her body formed an arch as she thrust her hips up against the fur mitten. But then it was gone. And her body slumped back down on the pillows.

"Oh no you don’t!" Anne said. "I didn’t get to come so neither do you…" She turned toward Charlie. "Thanks, Bug. I’ve been dreaming about this for so long…"

Charlie grinned back at her and winked. "Okay Everybody, we have one more present to demonstrate." She turned to Brie. "Didn’t you tell me that Madam Lian wanted you to show us something?"

Sabrina walked up to the table carrying the silk kimono that had been sent from the Hong Kong office. Holding it up, she said. "When you get a chance to examine this, you’ll notice that the silk threads are woven in thin bands of opposing direction." Draping the garment across Elke’s nude form, she continued. "Her skin is still sensitive from the flogger and the mink glove. So the sensations from this silk will be exaggerated. Watch her reaction as I drag the silk across her breasts." She held the kimono by the hem and began to slowly pull it down toward her feet. As the cool silk slid softly across her skin, the helpless prisoner began to squirm and writhe. The gag muffled her screams but the observers could still hear the sounds of intense stimulation. Elke’s eyes were opened wide and her body was arched upward. The cool silk continued its tantalizing progress across her sensitive nerve endings. Her muffled screams grew higher in pitch until they were inaudible. Then the kimono slid off her body and she slumped back onto the pillow beneath her trembling hips.

"Whoa! Did you see that?" One of the guests said in admiration. "This girl’s a player!"

Brie again draped the silk robe over the defenseless victim, this time with most of the material pooled on the table between her wide spread legs. Then she began pulling it up toward her head—across her stomach and over her breasts again. As the silk was drawn over her hips it moved slowly up her sensitive slit. Again, poor Elke screamed into the gag as the agonizing sensations overwhelmed her senses. She could think of nothing except the silky torture that was becoming too intense to stand. She struggled to avoid the sensations, throwing herself against the cables that held her in position. But the smooth cloth continued across her body and over her breasts until Brie lifted it into the air.

An evil smile crossed the Latina’s face as she remembered Madam Lian using a similar technique on her. "How do you like this, Chiquita?" She laughed as the kimono was spread over the prisoner again. "What if I shake it a little while I pull it toward your pussy?"

Again the torturous material began to move over the victim’s vulnerable body. Elke jerked wildly on the table but she couldn’t escape the exotic intensity that was driving her crazy. All she could think of was the fantastic tickling of the silk and the powerful yearning for sexual release. Her well-defined muscles strained against the bindings and her body was covered with a film of perspiration. She arched her body off the table toward the tantalizing garment. For her, time seemed to stop. She hung in space while the silk spun a web of passion from which she couldn’t escape. All of her senses seemed to turn inward. The sense of touch overpowered all else. She existed only for the agonizing caress of that maddening fabric.

Charlie reached out and touched Brie’s arm. "I think we better let her rest for a while. I didn’t realize how intense that kimono was gonna be."

The brunette grinned and handed her the garment. "You have no idea, Bug—especially when you can’t get away from it!"

Charlie turned to the guests. "Thank you all for helping me with this party. We’ve had a lot of fun tonight, but it’s after ten o’clock and I have some private plans for the Birthday Girl." An elfin smile danced across her face. "I can handle the clean up here. Anyone who wants any of the refreshments, please help yourself. Anne and Jodi, Brie and Naomi, don’t forget your share of the champagne. Just leave us one bottle for later."

Each member of the Inner Circle came up to the helpless guest of honor. Some leaned down and kissed her cheek; others laid their hand lightly on her vulnerable body as they wished her Happy Birthday. Finally they left. The room was empty and Elke was alone with Charlie.

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