NICOLE deBOER as Dr. Bug


Elke's Birthday Party
by OMDOM99 © 2003

Chapter 1
NOTE: This story happens after Charlie's Belt-2 and before A Bug's Tale.

Margo had just finished her quarterly overview of TESSERACT International.  She leaned back in her large leather desk chair and clasped her hands behind her head.  A small smile signaled the end of her focused concentration.  The conglomerate was amazingly healthy due primarily to her astute management.   During the early years, after securing a domestic position in Seattle, she had focused her business development efforts on Australia and New Zealand.  A few years later, Forbes had done a cover article, calling her strategy "Crossing the 'T' in Pacific Rim" (the joke being there was no "T" in Pacific Rim, before TESSERACT.)  The rapid growth included major government projects as well as several lucrative contracts in both entertainment and security industries.  Her innate ability to judge people had resulted in a growing corporate staff that included some of the brightest and most qualified individuals in their respective fields.

The development of the EVE-6900 was the turning point in TESSERACT's growth.  This super computer incorporated leading-edge technological discoveries as well as innovations not available outside high-level government agencies.  At the heart of this massive mainframe was the most advanced artificial intelligence application known.  Because of its capabilities, the computer continued to develop innovative self-improvements and to increase its capacity until it exceeded anything available in private industry by an order of magnitude.

The combination of Margo's natural intelligence, the quality of her staff, and the ever-increasing capabilities of Eve had brought TESSERACT to global prominence with interests on every continent.

Eve's voice interrupted her mental review of the firm's achievements.  "Margo, I waited until your review was completed to tell you that Ms. Paretsky would like to see you."

Margo's smile broadened.  Dr. Charlotte Paretsky was an excellent example of the quality of the growing staff.  Her extensive education, experience and almost intuitive skills in computer science were some of the reasons for the success of the company.  "Thank you, Eve.  Charlie doesn't need an appointment.  I'm available now if she is."

Eve’s voice almost held a trace of humor.  "I anticipated your response and she is outside your office now."

The door opened and Charlie, also known as 'Bug', rushed in impulsively.

"Hi!" The perky brunette said breathlessly.  "I ran all the way down!"  She stood there for a moment holding a folder and trying to regain her composure.  The young woman was actually in her mid twenties but her diminutive size and energetic demeanor made her look like a teenager.  Her plaid mini skirt and clunky black leather boots magnified the effect.

Margo leaned forward and clasped her hands on the desktop.  "Slow down, Charlie.  What brings you here so early?"

Charlie's dark brown eyes were shiny and she fidgeted with nervous energy.  "Remember when I got my Ph.D. and you wanted to give me a graduation present?"

Margo grinned knowingly.  "I seem to recall, you wanted something that involved Elke, didn't you?"

Charlie was so excited she was almost hopping up and down.  "Yeah!  For my gift I wanted Elke for two days so I could pay her back for teasing me with my own belt."

Margo rose from behind her desk and walked over to the elfin computer genius.  "Ah yes."  She said.  "I do remember.  I also remember you promised to give me some advance notice…"

"Well, I was thinking that a week from Friday was Elke's birthday and it might not matter if she was… ah…'unavailable' for the weekend…  And besides, I just finished a special birthday present."

Margo nodded.  "And just what did you have in mind?"

Charlie opened the folder that she carried and handed Margo a sheet of paper.  "I want to give her a birthday party.  Just the 'Inner Circle' would be invited and we would play some party games."  Charlie looked up at her hopefully.

Margo glanced at the list.  "I see that your list is hand written.  Does any one else know about this?"

Charlie shook her head.  "Oh no.  I didn't even want Eve to know about it until you approved it.  And you could tell Eve not to let Elke know."

"I assume that these party games would… ah… require Elke's participation?"

Charlie was almost dancing with anticipation.  "Absolutely!  I was thinking that several of the Inner Circle would each want to direct a portion of the games.  That way no one would get bored."

"Well," Margo said stroking her chin thoughtfully.  "Are you thinking that these games would go on all weekend?"

Charlie grinned impishly.  "Oh no!  The party would only last from 6:00 to 10:00 PM or so.  The rest of the weekend would be my graduation present!"

"Okay, you have my approval, but only for Friday night and all day Saturday until 6:00.  She and I have an appointment Sunday and I don't want her exhausted.   I'll give Eve the necessary instructions and tell her not to disclose your plans to Elke."

Charlie hugged her impulsively.  "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Margo stared down at her seriously.  "But you remember my previous restrictions, Bug!  No physical injuries!"

Charlie nodded solemnly.  "I promise."  Then she asked mischievously.  "Can I still use some of my toys?  I have these little clips that pinch a little…"

Margo’s smile chased away the serious look.  "Of course.  My definition of physical injury doesn't’t include any temporary inconvenience that will be gone the following day.  By the way…" She handed the list back to the excited sprite.  "...two of the names on this list will not be available.  Kat is on special assignment, and Lourdes is out of country and will not be coming back just for this party."

"Okay!   I’ll take care of the details!"  Charlie said over her shoulder as she danced out the door.  "Oh.  The party will be in IVR-3 next Friday at 6:00 PM.  Come as you are!"  Then she was gone, skipping down the corridor toward her own office.

Jennifer Love Hewitt as JENNY Jenny Lovell, Charlie's Admin Assistant looked up from her desk when Charlie rushed in.  "Hey!  Where's the fire?" she asked with a smile.

Charlie plopped down at her desk and added a few notes to the sheet of paper she was carrying.  "Oh… it's nothing," she replied innocently.

"Yeah, you always move at Warp Speed…" Jenny said sarcastically, her dark brown eyes dancing with amusement.  What's got you so excited this morning?"

"It's really nothing."  The pint-sized supervisor replied running her fingers through her short hair.  "I'm just planning an event."

"What kind of event?  Maybe I could help."

Charlie hesitated.  She knew that Inner Circle activities were confidential and closely controlled.  It would have been a breach of security to reveal its existence to an outsider.  She remembered what happened when Brie allowed Anne to find out.  "Ah…  It's just a meeting I'm in charge of," she said.

Her assistant looked at her curiously.  "Am I invited?"

A strange smile crossed Charlie’s face.  She glanced at her attractive, longhaired aide with a strange look.  "You know, Jenny?  I think you'd really fit in, but for the time being only key personnel approved by Margo will be attending.  Now don't be asking so many questions," she said lightly.  "I have a feeling that you'll get involved sooner or later."
Elke's Birthday Party
 Chapter 1

Interactive Virtual Reality Suite Three (IVR-3) was decorated festively with colored bunting and helium filled balloons.  At the end of the room the two large double doors to the sound stage were sealed.  The walls on either side of the outer room contained poster sized photographs of Elke in different settings—the health spa, the TESSERACT Campus, and what appeared to be a body building competition as well as several candid shots with different members of the Inner Circle.   The self-service bar that stood near the entrance contained two ice tubs filled with Dom Perignon champagne; white wine and Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve Lager.  Bottles of red wine and soft drinks formed a line at the back of the table next to the wall.  A large oak conference table occupied the center of the room loaded with a cornucopia of hors d’oeuvres, canapés, and appetizers.  There were platters of shrimp and chicken from the Bar-B (as Naomi would say), a chafing dish full of beef and lamb meatballs in an aromatic sauce, several bowls of chips with different dips, fruit and vegetable trays, a sliced ham and cheese tray, and a variety of fresh breads and rolls.

The Inner Circle was well represented.  Except for Kat and Lourdes, the Seattle group were all  there.  The members from other locations such as Gondaloo Island and Hong Kong were not.  The group mingled, discussing work and common problems with each other while they sampled the treats.

Eve's voice penetrated the hum of conversation.  "Elke is enroute from the Health Spa.  She should be here in about a minute.  A hush fell over the room and everyone crowded around the front door.  Finally it opened and Elke entered.  She took one step into the room and stopped dead as everyone shouted, "SURPRISE!"  The tall intimidating woman blushed self-consciously when they all sang "Happy Birthday."

Charlie ran over and hugged her around the waist.  "We surprised you didn't we?"

Elke was beginning to recover her poise and looked down at her diminutive friend.  "Yes, Bug.  You did.  It's a good thing I'm already over six feet or it would have stunted my growth…  Did you organize this?"

Charlie grinned.  "Yup!  You just wait till you see all the things I've planned…  Now get a quick drink and get ready.   I've got some games to run.  You're going to love this first one!"

A glass of champagne was placed in Elke's hand and soon her Inner Circle Sisters surrounded her.  The conversation level resumed it's previous level.

After a while, Charlie turned toward the crowd and whistled through her fingers, attracting everyone's attention.  "Jodi taught me how to do that..." She admitted sheepishly. "OK everybody!  We're going to have a party game now!" she shouted.  "Everybody pick a partner—I get Elke.  Here are the rules.  With just the things you’re wearing (belts, scarves, et cetera) and no outside material, you'll have ten minutes to bind your partner.  You get to choose which one is the Top and which is the Bottom.  The Bottom should sit down so we can see who's who.  Margo will be the judge.  And the prize is special!  The winner gets to keep what ever champagne is left after the party."

The Sisters had paired off: Brie with Naomi; Elke with Charlie; and Anne with Jodi; as well as several others.  Margo lifted her wristwatch and called out.  "Everybody ready?  You've got 10 minutes!  Go!"

Elke quickly stripped Charlie's belt from its loops and crossed the smaller woman's booted ankles Indian fashion.  She wrapped the belt tightly around them and buckled it in front holding the ankles crossed.  Next the muscular fitness instructor pulled off her own tennis shoes and removed the laces.  She used one of these to tie Charlie's hands together, palm to palm and behind her back.  The tall blond stripped off her Lycra tights and wrapped them several times around Charlie's elbows, drawing them together tightly.  Finally, she used the second shoelace to connect her victim's hands to her crossed feet.  Charlie lay on her stomach in a strict hogtie.  The crossed ankles forced her knees apart and prevented her from rolling over onto her back.

Jodi sat next to Anne.  The grinning lawyer had crossed Jodi's ankles as well and forced the energetic aerobics instructor to extend her hands between her thighs, one on each side of her crossed feet.  Anne had then wound her Hermes scarf around the athlete’s wrists several times and cinched it tight, securing them with the knot on top.  Then she tipped the helpless girl onto her back so that her hands and feet were pointing toward the ceiling.

Sabrina had removed Naomi's and her own nylons before forcing her victim into a kneeling position where she removed Naomi's blouse.  Using both their nylons, Brie tied each of her captive's ankles to her thighs.  Then she bound each wrist to the opposite elbow behind her back.  Finally she twisted Naomi's shirt into a long rope and knotted it around her body just below the breasts to hold her arms in place.  She too pushed her helpless captive over onto her back.  Naomi lay there firmly bound in a frog tie.

After the allotted period, Margo called, "Time's up!" and walked slowly among the contestants checking the bindings for tightness and the bound limbs for mobility.  When the elegant CEO got to Charlie, Elke leaned down and effortlessly turned her prey over so that she was lying on her back.  Charlie tried to close her knees but the straps holding her crossed legs prevented it.

The contest judge next looked down at Jodi.  The technique was amazingly simple.  With a single scarf, Anne had made her completely helpless.  After seeing Elke move Charlie, Anne did the same with her prey, although not as easily.  The Petite prisoner lay on her knees and shoulders with her rear end sticking up into the air.  Margo reached down and ran her finger nails over the smooth flesh next to the bikini panties.  Jodi yelped and tried to escape but could only wiggle her fingers and toes.

Margo continued to Naomi.  The helpless prisoner's legs were tied ankle to thigh but not to each other.  The Latina captor grinned at her boss.  "I'm not going to turn her over because she's more vulnerable on her back…"  Margo reached down to tug the captive's bra down and expose one breast.  She smiled to see that the nipple was already hard and that Naomi was breathing heavily.

Margo returned to the table.  "This is not as easy as I thought it would be.  You all are getting very good at this.  Of the three... all are clearly very strict; but I am most impressed with Jodi and Anne.  They used only one scarf and the prisoner is completely immobilized.  She walked back to Jodi.  What's more, she is very vulnerable.”  Grinning, Margo again reached down and raked her fingernails across the captive’s bottom provoking a drawn out moan.

She crossed over to Elke and Charlie.  "But I see that Charlie is equally vulnerable.  If Elke wanted to, she could reach down and tease her partner like this…" She smiled cruelly and she reached down and grabbed the exposed panties and tugged them sharply up into the victim’s crotch in a major "wedgie."  Charlie groaned as the panties were pulled between her outer lips.  "Of course," Margo leered, "this would encourage someone to play with the exposed flesh that is just begging for attention…" Charlie tried to get away.  She threw her upper body one way and the other trying to roll over.  But it was no use.  She was completely under control.

Margo moved to Sabrina and Naomi.  I like this position because the arms are bound under the small of the back.  That makes it less uncomfortable than Charlie who is lying on her arms.  Of course, Naomi still can move around…  She reached down and grasped Naomi’s exposed nipple, squeezing it firmly.  The bound woman screeched and twisted away, rolling onto her stomach to escape the tormenting fingers.  But I like the frog tie because it makes the Bottom completely available for other things…"

Margo stood up and looked around.  "So, all things considered, I declare the contest to be a three way tie.  I only hope there is enough  Champagne for everyone."  The Sisters, the ones that could, applauded themselves.

While Elke released the Contest Bottoms, Anne and Sabrina helped the other guests clear and wipe off the banquet table.  Then Jodi and Naomi replaced the food with gaily wrapped packages that Charlie organized near the center.  Margo draped her arm over Elke's shoulder and walked with her to the table.  She cleared her throat to get everyone's attention. 

"These small gifts," she said nodding at the table, "are only tokens; but they represent our affection and appreciation for your friendship and your concern for the welfare of not only our Inner Circle, but the entire TESSERACT family."  She looked at the taller woman warmly.  "You and I have been together from the beginning.  We have faced the difficulties and the rewards of corporate growth."  Margo looked at the gathering and continued.  "I am proud to say that this woman is my closest friend and advisor.  We share similar interests and similar appetites.  So today will be a day of sharing."  She glanced at Charlie and said, "Why don't we let her open her gifts?"

"Sure thing, Margo, Charlie responded, "but first she has some friends on Gondaloo Island who want to wish her a Happy Birthday."

The mirrored wall behind the beverage table dissolved into a large screen TV showing a close up of the Director of the Gondaloo Marine Institute, Dr. Jamie Seaton, Ph.D.  The petite Aussie smiled broadly.  "Hey Elke!  Happy Birthday!"

Elke raised her champagne glass in salute.  "Thank you Jamie.  Where's the Resort Hotelier, your partner in crime?"

Jamie smiled mischievously.  Oh, she’s right here…”

The camera pulled back revealing the magnificent scenery of Margo's fabulous private Pacific Island Resort on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.  The dark blue of the ocean and the lighter blue of the cloudless sky framed the lush tropical foliage in the background.  Jamie stood in the center over the prostrate form of her friend and fellow island resident, Penelope Brightman.  The taller blond was encased in a skintight, underwater diving suit of unusual design.  The shiny material covered her body completely from neck to toe, holding her legs tightly together.  Penny's arms appeared to be secured tightly behind her, under the garment. This had the effect of pulling her shoulders back and thrusting her latex covered breasts forward against the smooth surface.  The mouthpiece of a rebreathing apparatus was secured in Penny's mouth, holding it open.

"We’re going diving in a bit," Jamie said.  She leaned down and brushed an imaginary smudge from the bulging latex covering Penny's right breast, evoking a hollow squeal from her helpless friend.  "Penny has volunteered to help me with a couple of experiments."

Her friend glared up at her and made another hooting sound while sticking her tongue out through the breathing tube.  Jamie smiled and looked into the camera.  "I think she is trying to tell you that she lost a bet and this is the penalty.  Nevertheless," the playful doctor reached down and ran her fingernails over the material again. "I call it volunteering.  We're going to sing you Happy Birthday.  Of course, Penny can't sing very well with her mouth filled, so she is going to help me by singing the 'oo' words.  I will remind her which words to sing with this remote.  Charlie, you may recognize it…"

The guests assembled in Seattle laughed as they all realized that some kind of device had been emplaced under the diving suit.

"Okay, here goes." Jamie said holding the remote.  "Happy Birthday…"

"Oo—oo." Penny hooted twisting around on the ground.

"Happy birthday…"


"Happy birthday, dear Elke.  Happy birthday…"


Jamie grinned.  "Oops, my bad!  One too many buzzes.  Anyway, Harem Keeper, we wish you the best."

Elke again raised her glass.  "Thanks Jamie.  Thanks Penny.  Hope your experiments are successful."

"Well, one of them will be…"  Jamie winked.  "I'm checking oxygen depletion during periods of intense emotional stimuli.  Well, bye-bye.  A scientist's work is never done…"  The link dissolved and the wall returned to its normal mirror finish.

"On to the gifts!" Charlie giggled.  She grabbed a large box and held it out eagerly.  "This is from Jodi."

Opening the package, Elke removed a pair of custom-made English riding boots.  The soft brown leather reflected the lights around the room.  Jodi looked up at her.  "I got these for your trip to Copperhead Canyon with Margo.  They're the same size as your other shoes, but you better try them on."

Charlie called out, "Try them on!" and everyone joined in.

Elke held them up and said. "I don't think I am wearing the proper outfit for these.  I don't even have my tights.  I ruined them in the game."  But the crowd continued to encourage her.  She smiled with good humor and said, "I'd look like an NFL cheerleader.  Yank football," she explained to Naomi.

"I know that!" Naomi muttered, giving Elke a good-natured tap on the arm.

Charlie smiled.  "Come on Elke, be a sport.  At least see if they fit."

"Well, if you really want to see me look foolish…"  The well-built woman sat on the edge of the table to remove her sneakers and leg warmers.  She pulled on a pair of thin sox, and slid her feet into the boots.  Standing, she stamped her feet and walked a few steps in each direction.  "They really are a perfect fit!"  She nodded approval at her sister.  "They're so comfortable I could wear them all day."  She struck a pose with her legs apart and her hands on her hips.  "Bring on those Dallas Cowboys!" She joked.  Everyone applauded and complimented her on the style and fit of the present.  Margo grinned and said, "Didn't I just see you on TV at the Super Bowl?"

Charlie extended another gift in a small package.  "This is from Brie."

Elke opened the package and removed a small vial containing a smoky, amber liquid.  "Be careful with this, Hermana!" Sabrina cautioned.   "It came all the way from South America and I think you know what it can do. "

Elke smiled.  "I do indeed.  I think Bug here is also familiar with the oil. It's extracted from tropical flowers and it's quite rare…  In addition to being extremely slippery, it's a natural aphrodisiac that's absorbed through the skin.  You have to be careful where you put it though.  It's absorbed much more effectively and quickly through certain parts of the body—for example, the clitoris…"

Again everyone applauded.  Charlie reddened and quickly extended another present.  "This is from Naomi," she said.

The attractive Director of Public and Internal Relations grinned.  "I know how you hate to see any of the Wonderland Harem get hurt, so I got you something that can tease but not cause serious harm."

Elke unwrapped the box and withdrew a large flogger.  The phallic shaped handle ended in a leather pad from which dangled about ten strips of soft suede.  Each strip was about one inch wide and 30 inches long.  A switch was located at the junction of the handle and the pad.  Naomi reached over and snapped the switch causing the unmistakable buzz of a vibrator to resonate in the room.  "If you don’t want to use the bottom on the 'bottom,' then you can use the top…" At that, everyone groaned.

Charlie continued passing the birthday presents and Elke opened each one, held it up for all to see, and thanked the giver with a friendly anecdote or comment.  Eventually, there was only one left.  Margo reached over and held it out to Elke.  "This is from another good friend and member of the Inner Circle, Madam Lian Xiyang, the head of our TESSERACT-Hong Kong.  Most of you met her at our last Annual Inner Circle Retreat on Gondaloo."  She looked knowingly at Brie and Naomi.  "Some of you had a more personal experience with her…"  Handing the box to her personal fitness trainer, she added. "This is a special gift."

Elke opened it carefully and withdrew a beautiful silk kimono.  The chestnut color complimented her tanned complexion and blond hair.  The shimmering material almost seemed to glow.

Margo continued.  "The fabric itself is from very rare silkworms fed a very special diet. It has the most amazing properties of any garment I have ever seen.  You can examine it more closely later."  Then she said with an enigmatic smile.  "Why don’t you try it on over your bare skin to see for yourself?"

"You mean right now—right here?" Elke asked incredulously.

Jodi piped up.  "It’s not like none of us has seen you naked in the shower!"

Margo had that same look on her face.  "I think you will find it… most interesting…" She said mysteriously.  "A unique experience, I would say…"

Elke shrugged her shoulders and quickly removed her Lycra top and sports bra.  There were murmurs of appreciation from the guests who looked on expectantly.  The tall athlete personified physical fitness.  Her skin and muscle tone epitomized years of dietary discipline and working with weights.  It was obvious that she had maintained a high level of fitness since her days of competition.  The Health Club Director grinned at the crowd and struck a "body builder" pose flexing her well defined muscles.  She looked like an ad from a magazine as she slipped into the kimono and tied the belt around her waist. 

The short-haired blond had a strange look on her face and looked into Margo's eyes.  "It tickles a little." She said with a slight shiver.

Margo nodded knowingly.  "Why don't you walk back and forth for a few seconds?"

The muscular fitness instructor took several steps in each direction and stopped short.  "Oh my god!" She exclaimed.  "The silk is rubbing against my skin!  I don’t think I can take the sensations!"  She leaned against the table and lifted the smooth material away from her bare breasts.  "If I wore that for any length of time it would drive me crazy!"

Margo's face lit up.  "Madame Lian will be so pleased that you like it.  She uses this silk in her own Inner Circle activities.  I'm told that it was an ancient Chinese method of disciplining the Emperor's concubines.  This is the only one in existence outside of China."  She picked up her champagne glass and raised it.  "Everybody fill your glasses.  I want to propose a toast."

While everyone prepared for the toast, Margo continued.  "Elke was here when every one of you joined the Inner Circle.  She has been involved in the planning, the evaluation, and the initiation of every member here, as you know."  The guests smiled as each recalled her personal experience.

"The greatest quality that she has demonstrated on your behalf is a genuine concern for your welfare and safety.  In that regard she is outspoken—even to me."  Everyone looked at each other realizing that Elke was probably the only one in TESSERACT who could get away with that.

Margo continued.  "One of the things that we want to do today is to publicly acknowledge our appreciation for her support and for the way she looks out for us.  So let's drink first to say thank you to the 'Harem Keeper' of our Inner Circle.'  They all lifted their glasses and toasted the self-conscious guest of honor.

Again, Margo continued.  "But there is another part of this toast.  When we go through the 'Looking Glass' we play a game filled with excitement—with self-awareness—and with personal growth.  These benefits come in different degrees whether you're the captor or the captive.  And each of you here has experienced the game from both aspects—Top and Bottom, on a more or less equal basis."  She paused and looked directly at Elke.  "Each of you, that is, except one…  So we've decided to give you a special birthday present.  Something you need—something that you haven't had much of so far—a chance to see how it feels to be under someone else's control.  Tonight our overall gift to Elke is a new perspective—a chance to enjoy the game from the bottom.  Here's to your enlightenment."  Margo concluded draining her glass.

"I'll drink to that!" Charlie said impishly.

Before the blonde athlete realized what was happening, a dozen hands reached out and removed the kimono while pulling her back onto the long table.  Strong leather cuffs were buckled around her wrists and ankles.  Retractable cables were pulled from the corners and attached to each cuff.  In less than a minute, the intimidating amazon was tightly spread-eagled and completely at the mercy of her captors.

She lay there helplessly, wearing only a pair of French panties and the English riding boots.  Looking up at Margo, she said  "You ambushed me…"

Margo smirked  "Oh!  And you never ambushed anyone?"  The CEO patted her outstretched arm.  "Anyway, don't thank me.  Thank Bug.  It's her graduation present."

Elke glared up at Charlie.  "You mean I'm her graduation present.  OK Bug.  You better enjoy yourself while you can!  Because when I get loose you are going to suffer the Mother of all Paybacks!"

Charlie giggled and slid a pillow under her head.  "Promises, promises…"

Elke experienced the first of many qualms that evening.  She knew what Margo was capable of and she sensed that Charlie had more in mind than this simple capture.  She also experienced a most unusual thrill.  She was fastened firmly to the table, nude except for the panties and boots.  The entire Inner Circle surrounded the table.  They were all staring down at her—some with undisguised longing, either to trade places or to participate in the coming activities.  The securely bound blonde realized that they could do anything to her and she could not stop them.  She was completely in their power.  Pulling against the steel cables that held her in place, she tried to close her legs but it was no use.  She was theirs—a toy for them to play with.  The feeling of helplessness became distinctly sexual…  And it centered itself deep in her smooth, hard stomach.
THE END   of Elke's Birthday PartyChapter 1

Chapter 2