High School Sociology Experiment
by Bert Hart

Mr. Corus Brownschweiger, Attorney at Law
950 Milton St

Dear Mr. Brownschweiger,

Persuant to your subpoena to me as Principal of West Side High, I am enclosing the documents you have requested for use in the civil suit by the parents of Miss Horne against the school district and the parents of our student Mr. Jones.

The sociology teacher, Mr. Hansen, deeply regrets the incident. He has been suspended pending review of the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate affair. His explanation (enclosed) shows how badly he feels about his apparent mistake in judgment.

However, I feel that your public statements that Mr. Hansen should be immediately fired are ill-considered. They are premature; nor I do not think you have taken into account his 16 years of meritorious service at West. The local chapter of the Teacher's Union has already assured me that, should his discipline reach arbitration, his long spotless record will be weighed against his single lapse of judgment.


James Marberry, Principal

#1: Transcript of Oral Testimony
#2: Instruction Sheet given to Miss Horne
#3: Instruction Sheet given to Mr. Jones
#4: Transcript of taped session