Charlie's Belt-2
by DUG Guest Author OMDOM99 © 2001

Chapter 1 NOTE: Charlie's Belt-2 is set immediately after Charlie's Belt,
both of which are set immediately after Jamie's Story
but well before A Bug's Tale (Charlie's Story.)—Editor
The leather cuffs held Charlie's wrists together above her head. She shifted her weight restlessly from one foot to the other wondering if she had been too impulsive. But then she remembered last night and an impish smile danced across her face. She recalled the initial orgasm that seemed to last forever. She shivered at the thought of her successive responses to the vibrator. Sensation after sensation had swept across her vulnerable nerves. She had tried to resist but each time her body had betrayed her and she had stiffened again and again in climax. She remembered Elke sitting next to her as she twisted and squirmed on the table, but then the blackness had enveloped her. The blackness had been interrupted by that insidious vibrator teasing one more orgasm from her—and then one more, and another until she had lapsed into an exhausted sleep.

Suddenly she sensed someone in the room behind her. Swinging around on the cable, she watched Elke stride across the floor. The tall, muscular woman was dressed in another leotard, this one black with a heather gray thong and sports bra.

"Good morning, Bug." Elke said moving close and looking down into Charlie's eyes. "I see you have recovered from yesterday's activities."

"Oh, Elke." She replied with an impudent smile. "You almost killed me last night!"

A smile settled on Elke's face and she reached out to gently grasp Charlie's left breast. "I also see that you are still feeling the effects of the oil we used. Your nips are standing at attention."

Charlie began to squirm. "Ohhh! That won't take long to get me going."

"Yes, I can see that. Perhaps I should keep you from jumping around." Elke bent down and pulled Charlie's legs apart snapping each ankle cuff to rings in the floor about two feet apart.

"But before you get carried away, I want to show you the surprise I brought." Elke lifted her left hand and held up a strange, shimmering garment. "Eve just finished this especially for you. We named it a "Model C" chastity belt after you, Charlie. So far, it's the only one in existence. And strangely enough, it's just your size."

Charlie tried unsuccessfully to study the apparatus. It appeared to have holes in it and seemed to be decorated with tiny seed pearls. "Ah, Elke." She stammered. "I don't… er, why am I getting this surprise?"

"Let me help you into it first. Then I'll tell you about it." Elke bent down and pulled the garment between Charlie's legs like a loincloth snapping it tightly around her small waist. Adjusting the material, the athletic blond continued snapping until it was securely fastened. The garment fit like a second skin.

The helpless girl gasped. "It feels like you've got it on inside out. The pearls are on the inside."

Elke chuckled. "They're not pearls, Bug. They're miniature beads, and they're fixed to the inside of the panties around two holes between your legs. Both holes are large enough to permit you to relieve yourself without removing the garment. That's important because the snaps are permanent rivets. The material itself is fairly new. It's called Mylomar, the stuff they use on the space station."

Elke knelt in front of the captive pixie and ran her hands over the smooth surface causing Charlie to jerk in her bindings. "See how thin it is? But it's stronger than steel. You couldn't cut it off with a knife." Elke teased "And the clit collar on this model is made of light weight Teflon."

Charlie fought the bindings that held her prisoner while Elke made minor, intimate adjustments to the crotch of the belt. She could feel the cravings growing stronger with each of her captor's gentle movements between her legs.

"Oh, Bug!" The kneeling domme exclaimed. "You should see how you're responding already! And I don't even need any of that tropical oil." She carefully manipulated Charlie's clit into the collar and secured it in position causing her captive to jerk in her bindings.

"This will keep you from uncontrolled external stimulation." She purred. Then she began securing the little cage clamps designed to hold the labia out of the way.

"Elke! What are you doing?" Charlie cried as Elke made the final adjustments.

"Not to worry, Bug." Elke responded tightening the modifications and making them permanent. "I want you to get the full effect from this French cut bikini." Finally she stood up and looked admiringly at her victim. "No panty lines from this baby…"

"This feels… funny," The young captive thrust her hips out suggestively. "Kind of… open… breezy." The hostage pixie blushed, ever so slightly.

"I'm sure it does," Elke said with a feral grin. "Don't worry about things shifting around. Eve assures me you won't be able to alter the fit no matter how you squirm and fidget." She ran her fingers over the shiny material. "And it's safe for long-term wear. Nothing will slide or abrade. Think of it as a ring-gag… for your other lips." Elke's smile broadened. "Kat suggested we make several labial and clitoral hood piercings and use the riveted studs to make it really secure." Charlie swallowed nervously and Elke continued reassuringly. "Margo thanked her politely and told her to go guard something…"

Charlie strained against the bindings. "But how am I going to take it off?"

"Actually, Bug, you're not. You better get used to it because you're going to be wearing it for a while."

Charlie's eyes grew wide and she gazed up at Elke. "Wait a minute! What's it for? How come I have to wear it?"

"Do you remember when you came to work here at Tesseract?"

Charlie nodded.

"Elke continued, "Do you remember that you were going to get your Ph.D.?"

"Yah, so what?" she answered.

Elke looked down sternly. "Well, do you have it yet?"

Charlie started to get nervous. "Well, I've been busy on other projects. Anyway, I'm almost finished. All I've got left is my dissertation and my orals."

Elke stepped back and pulled a remote control from her belt. "And how long have you been working on that dissertation?"

"Ah, well, I ah… About six months?" Charlie said eyeing the remote nervously

"How about eight months!" Elke interrupted.

"But Elke," she protested. "You know how it is. There are so many things around here to do."

"That's the problem, Bug. You let yourself get distracted too easily. You could have finished last year. Instead, you're no closer than you were eight months ago! Margo just found out that your dissertation proposal is only good for one year after your topic presentation. Then you have to resubmit. She feels you need a little help focusing your efforts on that degree."

Charlie pulled against her bonds. "OK, Elke. I'll focus. But what's with these steel bloomers?"

Elke smiled. "I'm glad you asked, Bug. Margo improved on your invention. You remember the Piezo-Electric dildo you designed? Well Margo miniaturized it and we're mass producing these little Tikler beads."

The helpless captive began to realize the significance of the tiny pills surrounding each of the two holes in the bottom of the Mylomar panties. "Wait! You can't make me wear this all the time! It would kill me! I couldn't take it!"

"Calm down, Little One. We'd never do anything that would injure you."

Elke tucked the remote into her waistband and gently grasped each of Charlie's exposed nipples causing her to inhale sharply. "Of course, we may tease you a little just to get your attention. Like now, for example."

Charlie began to struggle as Elke removed the remote control and pushed one of the buttons. Instantly a slow, soundless sensation began between the helpless victim's legs creating a growing sensation of pleasure. Charlie's hips began to thrust forward lewdly and her breathing quickened.

"Uh, uh. Elke, stop! Oh please!" she begged.

With push of a button, her captor paused the insidious torment. "You see what the result is going to be if you don't buckle down and finish that dissertation?"

Charlie's blue eyes looked up at her innocently. "But there is no way I can concentrate on anything with these beads driving me crazy."

"That's right, Bug." She smirked. "So if you are working on the dissertation, you don't get the treatment. On the other hand, if you're goofing off, all we have to do is push a button like this…"

Again the beads started their silent dance inside the silvery Mylomar fabric. And again Charlie's body responded while she hung helplessly in front of her tall custodian. She jerked against the clips that held her booted ankles to the floor and twisted her hips. Her moans of pleasure were stopped when Elke turned off the remote.

"So you see, Bug. You have to focus on getting that Ph.D. because we are going to turn the remote function over to Eve who will monitor your progress. The clitoral hood will keep you from any distracting self stimulation, and the cage clamps will remind you how vulnerable you are if you don't focus on your objective." Elke walked slowly around the helpless captive. "The good news is that you can count on Eve to help with any research you need for your dissertation; the bad news is that Eve will keep your mind on the task. Oh, I almost forgot. Should you leave the TESSERACT building, the belt will activate on its highest setting until you return…"

"Aw, this isn't fair." Charlie complained. "I won't be able to have any fun at all!"

Elke smiled knowingly. "I understand how you feel. And you know that I want you to be happy as long as it doesn't interfere with your long-term well being. So I am going to take over the remote from time to time just to show you how much fun you can be having once you get your Ph.D.. And here is an example…" She said pressing one of the buttons again. The sensations from the beads radiated outward from her crotch causing her to squirm in her bindings. Charlie could feel an orgasm starting to build deep in her body. Elke stepped closer and pulled the twisting victim against her muscular torso. Charlie groaned when she felt the hard sinews of Elke's abdomen against her bare skin and the sensation of silky Lycra sliding over her sensitive nipples. Elke pulled her taunt and gently kissed her on the lips. "Enjoy this, Bug. It may be the last time you get satisfied until that dissertation is done."

Still holding her tightly, the blond Amazon clicked the remote again causing the beads to function with greater intensity. Charlie hung from her wrists, pulled against the bindings that held her to the floor as the climax caught her like a kite in the wind! Time seemed to stand still as her mind swooped and sailed, caught by a storm of ecstasy! The only part of her body that she could move was her head and she returned Elke's kiss vigorously, her tongue thrusting upward. The orgasm wouldn't stop. Her body strained against the cuffs. She was flying among the stars—she was seeing stars—and then she lost consciousness.

Elke turned off the remote and quickly bent down to release the captive's fettered feet. Then she lifted the unconscious girl off the ceiling cable, carried her over to the bed, and removed first the four cuffs, then the boots. "Eve, how is she?"

Eve's voice almost sounded impressed. "She is completely relaxed. I did not realize that the Model C belt could produce such strong reactions."

Elke bent over Charlie and covered her with the sheet. I am going to leave her to your supervision, Eve. I believe Margo has provided guidance?"

"That is correct. I am to allow her limited freedom to set up her new office and then I am to remind her of the dissertation requirement when necessary."

"OK, Eve." Elke said with a mischievous smile. "I'll check with her in a couple of days to see how she is doing. In the meantime, I'll keep the remote for future use."
Charlie's Belt-2 Chapter 1
Charlie stretched languidly under the sheet and opened her eyes. Reaching her hand down to her thighs, she felt the new panties and smiled. For a moment she almost expected the beads to start exciting her again, but they remained dormant. She tossed back the cover and padded barefoot into the bathroom. The holes in the panties were large enough to pose no problems as she used the toilet.

"I wonder how they hold up to soap and water." She said hopefully looking at the shower. Adjusting the water temperature she stepped in and began soaping herself excessively.

"Eeek!" Charlie squealed as her soapy hands reached her loins. The way her most intimate anatomy was held open by the insidious belt produced unusual sensations when her slick fingers passed over her exposed pink, glistening flesh. "This is gonna take some getting used to…" She mused. Even though the slippery suds covered the Mylomar, the belt would not move; the snap rivets held it tightly against her body like a second skin.

The water played over her skin and rinsed the soap away leaving her clean and fresh. As she toweled off, the young girl was pleased to see that the space-age material dried immediately. Looking in the mirror, she noticed it was smooth and lustrous, reflecting the lighting in the room. "They do look like French cut bikini panties." She thought. The petite brunette bent over and the material seemed to give a little but not as much as real cloth. It was sort of unyielding and restricted her movements.

Charlie moved across the main room to the closet and opened the door. Inside were several outfits in addition to a variety of undergarments, all in silk and all in her size. She selected a soft, black cotton turtleneck, a short black and white checked skirt, and a pair of dark thigh-high hose. "Oh, my!" She exclaimed as she felt the silk panties slide smoothly across her exposed crotch. The tantalizing feeling continued with every movement she made while dressing. "Awww!" She said sitting gingerly on the bed. When she bent over and pulled on her boots the stimulation increased substantially taking her breath away.

"Eve." She called, panting slightly.

"Yes, Charlie?" Eve's soft voice answered.

"Since you seem to be controlling this diabolical belt, can you tell me what I am allowed to do or what I am not supposed to?"

"Certainly, Charlie. You are free to organize your new office and to interview prospective assistants. I have taken the liberty of screening TESSERACT personnel records and have selected several candidates. I can schedule appointments this afternoon if you like."

Charlie stood up. "I'm not very good at interviewing so you just schedule the one you think is best. I'll talk to her and if she doesn't have horns, I'll take her. What I really want to know is what I have to do to get rid of this damn ‘Model C’ torture device."

"I am programmed to activate the belt if you do not direct your efforts toward expeditious completion and submission of your dissertation. Once you graduate with your Ph.D., the belt will be removed."

"OK, Eve." Charlie pouted. "I can see that I'm not going to have any fun around here. I'm going to my new office. You can schedule the interview any time after I get there."

Walking carefully through the mirrored corridors, Charlie felt exposed and vulnerable. Finally she reached her new work area. She was immediately impressed with how much it resembled Margo's office. Although smaller, it had a wall of windows across from the door looking out on the woods that surrounded the corporate campus. A medium desk sat near the door and she mentally earmarked it for her future assistant. A larger, L-shaped desk sat in front of the windows. She walked behind it and looked out at the lush greenery. Gingerly sitting in the plush chair, she glanced down at her desktop. It was bare except for a computer monitor and keyboard. Cables and wires led down through a hole to a large central processing unit and other peripheral equipment under the desk. Looking back toward the office door she saw the interior reflected in the wall-to-wall mirrors. Unlike Margo's office, there was no bar. Except for the desks and chairs, the office contained no other furniture.

Charlie tapped a command on the keyboard and the screen displayed an index. She selected items at random, experimenting and learning about the special features of her office. The mirrored wall to her left displayed a large TV screen on which she could transfer data from her desktop. Her exploration was interrupted by Eve's voice saying, "Charlie. Are you available to interview the candidate now? Her resume is on your screen. She can be there in ten minutes."

"Sure, Eve." Charlie said reviewing the resume. "Afterwards, can you give me a quick tutorial on the new features in this office and on my computer?"

"Of course. I think you will be impressed with some of your new capabilities. And Margo has left instructions that you may furnish the office as you choose. I can make some suggestions based on your preference for a motif and special purpose items."

"Thanks Eve. I do have some ideas." She paused for a moment. "If I decide to install any special purpose furniture, can I keep the ‘special purpose’ a secret from the rest of the inner circle?"

"Except for the three senior members, none of the inner circle would know. Margo, and to a lesser extent, Kat, and Elke have access to all TESSERACT information. They would not be likely to access that specific data unless there were some direct link to them or unless I were to bring it to their attention."

"That's what I thought." Charlie replied. "We can talk about the details later."

She began reading the resume. It described background, education, and experience that closely matched her own. She had just finished it when there was a knock on the open door. JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT as Jenny Lovell Charlie looked up to see a slightly built young woman in her early 20's a little over five feet in height with long brown hair that fell softly past her shoulders. She wore a white blouse with a navy blazer and camel colored skirt that almost reached her knees. Dark nylons and high-heeled navy blue pumps completed the outfit.

"Hi," the new arrival said. "I'm Jenny Lovell from R&D. I'm supposed to report to Ms. Paretsky for an interview."

Charlie rose from her desk and crossed the room. "Ms. Paretsky is my mother's name. You can call me Charlie." She said with a grin.

They shook hands and Charlie looked into a pair of large, almond shaped eyes the color of rich dark chocolate. She noticed that the attractive brunette was about two inches taller than she was. "Come on in and drag that desk chair over here so we can talk."

Jenny walked gracefully to the medium desk and effortlessly moved the chair over to Charlie's desk. She was much stronger than her slight build indicated.

"How long have you been with TESSERACT?" Charlie asked.

Jenny leaned forward in her chair. "About a year now. I love it in R&D. There are so many exciting things to get involved in!"

Charlie glanced at the resume on her screen. "I see you have your masters degree. Have you done anything to get your doctorate?"

The younger girl smiled causing dimples to appear in each cheek. "I'm so tired of school, I could spit! It seems like I've been in college all my life. I have ten graduate units in computer science that are transferable. The rest could probably be counted as electives. It's really more effort than I'm interested in. If I wanted to, I would have to accumulate a total of 96 units, take five ‘star’ courses in different areas, and submit a dissertation proposal. The faculty might not like it and I'd have to defend my choice, and so on, and so on. Yuk! Who needs it?"

Charlie smiled in return, "I guess I do. I'm finished except for the dissertation and finals."

"Way to go!" Jenny raised a small fist in the air. "See, that's why you're interviewing me instead of vice versa."

Charlie grew serious for a moment. "I mention this because I am going to have to focus on that dissertation for the next several months. If you were my assistant, you would have to run the office while I worked on the dissertation. How do you feel about that?"

The enthusiastic woman clapped her hands with eagerness "Great! I like being in charge!"

"Eve," Charlie called. "How soon can Jenny start?"

Eve's calm voice responded. "She can start immediately. I will coordinate the transfer with R&D and Personnel."

Jenny's eyes grew large. "Rad! I never knew the computer could talk to you!"

"There are a lot of things for you to learn. Why don't you go get your stuff from your old desk and bring it back here and then I will tell you about the job?"

"Okay, thanks! I'll be back in an hour." Jenny rose and raced out the door.

As soon as Charlie was alone, Eve spoke again. "Charlie, you have the rest of the afternoon for her orientation. Starting tomorrow you will have to concentrate on the dissertation or you can expect a reminder like this…" The beads activated at low speed causing the diminutive brunette to jump. The distracting sensations seemed to radiate outward from her crotch. Her hands gripped the arms of the chair and she moaned. "Oh, no! Ohhhh, Eve. Stop! I'll concentrate. I'll work. I'll do anything. Pleeeese, Eve!"

The throbbing stopped and Charlie slumped in her chair. "Thank you, thank you, thank you." She gasped.
THE END of Charlie's Belt-2—Chapter 1

Chapter 2