Academic Dreams
by Van
© 2002
Chapter 2
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Sally pulled on the cable ties binding her wrists and ankles to the chair.  Tabitha grabbed a handful of her prisoner's long, brown, curly hair and took a tight hold.  Sally winced and gasped in complaint, but with her drug-paralyzed vocal cords, all that emerged from her grimacing lips was a quiet hiss of expelled breath.  Her blue eyes went wide with alarm when her tormentor, smiling cruelly, produced a small pair of wire cutters from the right back pocket of her black denim jeans and held them before her terrified face.

"I'm going to cut your ankles free from the chair, and then your wrists," Tabitha announced.  "If you try anything funny, first I'll bind you in a position a great deal less comfortable than the one you're in now, then I'll zap your girlfriend's tits and twat for an hour with Minerva's tazer-toy, and then we can start all over again... got it?"

Sally glanced to the side.  Cassie was staring at her with wet, green, teary eyes, above bulging, flushed cheeks, stuffed mouth, and the smooth, white, tight bands of tape gripping and covering her lower face.  The pale, freckled, short-haired redhead squirmed in the cord and rope binding her nude body, wincing as she danced on her bound toes, trying to ease her discomfort without slipping on the hard concrete floor and hanging herself on the taut steel cable noosing her throat.  Sally glanced back to Tabitha.

Their captor's full lips curled in a cruel, sadistic smile.  "The sooner we get this over with, the sooner Cassie-slut gets off her toes and the better her chances of living 'til morning... got it?"

Her own eyes wet with tears, Sally nodded, to the extent Tabitha's grip on her hair allowed.

"Gooood," Tabitha cooed, then, still gripping Sally's hair, clipped the tie binding the terrified coed's ankles to the chair, but left intact the tie binding her ankles together.  She then cut Sally's wrists completely free, released her hair, and backed away towards the table, her gloating eyes never leaving her captive.  She tossed Sally a plastic bag.  "All your jewelry goes in the little bag inside the big one," she explained, "just like I did with Cassie-slut."

Sally's lips moved soundlessly.  Her ankles were still crossed and tightly bound with a single cable tie, and would remain that way unless she somehow found something sharp to cut them free.  With trembling fingers she found the smaller bag, removed her earrings, two rings, and a gold chain, sealed them inside, and tossed it inside the big bag.  

"You don't have toe rings, pierced tongue, belly button, anything dangling from your labia or clit, do you?" Tabitha teased.

Anger warring with fear on her angelic face, Sally shook her head.

"Gooood," Tabitha repeated, then picked up the tazer and sauntered towards Cassie.  "Next, I want you to strip... to the skin... and all of it goes in the bag."

Sally glared at her tormentor, whose smile broadened ominously.  "Oh, Sally-wally is cranky," she murmured, then stepped behind Cassie's taller, tightly trussed form, leaned close, and grabbed the helpless redhead, her left arm half-supporting the squirming prisoner by her crotch rope.  Tabitha's right hand appeared, holding the modified tazer before Cassie's face.  Sally's friend and roommate stared miserably at the cruel torture device less than an inch from her frightened, freckled face.

Still glaring, Sally pulled her sweater over her head and stuffed it in the bag.

Smiling like the demented villainess she had revealed herself to be, Tabitha put the tazer in the hip pocket of her black jeans and eased Cassie back onto her pointing feet.

Sally stood, unbuttoned the waistband of her skirt and let it drop to the floor.  Blushing and ill at ease, clad only in bra, panties, and pantyhose, Sally sat back down on the edge of the chair.  She lifted her legs, stooped and retrieved her skirt, then folded it and placed it in the bag.  She then pulled off her pumps, first the left, then the right, and tossed them in the bag as well.  Blushing furiously, she removed her bra and tossed it inside, then stood and peeled her pantyhose and panties down her hips and legs, until they were blocked by the obstacle of her crossed and bound ankles.

"That's good enough, Sweet Cakes," Tabitha said, an infuriatingly condescending tone in her soprano voice.  Sally sat in the chair, her knees together and her arms crossed and hands cupping her breasts.  Her eyes were wet, but her blush seemed to be as much anger as embarrassment.  "Such a shy little coquette," Tabitha cooed.  "It's humiliating to be forced to strip yourself," the gloating brunette asked rhetorically, "isn't it?  Minerva has taught me all about humiliation, in ways you've never even dreamed."  Tabitha's hands wandered over Cassie's well-roped, helpless, and shuddering form.  "It's my duty to pass on what I've learned... isn't it?"

Sally stared at her tormentor, still blushing, her nostrils flaring as she watched Tabitha's hands explore her roommate's quivering, captive, freckled body.

"Here's what's gonna happen now," Tabitha told Sally.  "I want you to put your hands on top of your head, with your fingers interlaced."

Sally glared at Tabitha, her hands still covering her heaving breasts.

Tabitha smiled evilly, her right hand disappeared, then reappeared with the tazer.  "Do it now, Sweet Cakes!" she ordered.

Angry, frightened, and humiliated, Sally followed her tormentor's instructions, clasping her hands atop her tousled head.

"Elbows back," Tabitha purred, flicking the tazer on and off, less than an inch from Cassie's right nipple.  Eyes wet and glaring, Sally complied, aware that her breasts were now pointing, her nipples semi-erect in the cool air of the sub-basement.  "Now, on your knees."  Sally followed this order as well, sliding her butt off the chair and settling forward onto her knees.  "And now I want you to shuffle on over to the table," Tabitha continued.  "Take your time, Sweet Cakes.  I don't want you to skin those pretty knees.  We have all night.  Cassie-slut's toes aren't tired at all... are they slave?"

Sally knew that her friend's toes had to be tired, and were getting more tired by the minute, but Cassie had no choice but to stand on them.  It was either that... or she would hang.  Sally swallowed her anger and shame and shuffled across the cold concrete, towards the steel lab table Tabitha had used to strip and bind Cassie.  The tangle of her half removed panties and pantyhose dragged behind her otherwise nude form, enshrouding her crossed, bound ankles.

"Okay," Tabitha said, "up on the table."  Sally complied, climbing up onto the cold steel plane.  "Buckle that strap across your thighs, Sweet Cakes."  Sitting on her naked butt, her tan, toned legs stretched flat on the table, Sally complied.  "Not too tight," Tabitha added.  "Good job, Lambikins; now, I want you flat on your back, and then I want you to roll onto your stomach."  Sally complied.  "Hands on your head," Tabitha ordered.  "Fingers interlaced."

Sally's cheeks were burning with shame, again.  The steel was cold under her flattened breasts, stomach, thighs, knees, and entangled feet.  Her head was hanging off the end of the table, her eyes gazing at the floor.

"You are a good girl, Sweet Cakes," Tabitha said, her voice infuriatingly smug.  "Now, I want you to arch your back and lift that chin."  Sally complied.  "You are an obedient little pleasure slave, aren't you?"  Sally stared at the opposite wall, her eyes wet and her face flushed.  "Hold that position, and don't move a muscle," Tabitha instructed, "until I tell you otherwise."

Her eyes still on Sally, Tabitha placed her left hand on Cassie's rope-cleaved sex.  Her other hand went to the windlass keeping the wire noose taut around Cassie's neck.  "Good news, Cassie-slut," Tabitha cooed.  "Because your roomie is being such a good little slave, you get to rest for a while."  The windlass clicked five times... and Cassie was off her toes, her feet flat on the floor (but still very much helpless, of course.)  "There, you see?" Tabitha asked.  "I can be kind when I want to be."  Her strong, pale hand slid across her shuddering prisoner's labia with firm, slow pressure.  She leaned close and gave Cassie's left nipple a slow, cat-like lick, then teased the coral nubbin with the tip of her tongue.  "I can be very, very kind."

Tabitha gave Cassie's sex one last, surprisingly gentle caress, then sauntered slowly towards the lab table, savoring the sight of Sally's tan, naked body; her strong legs, dimpled butt, toned back, and tangle of brown curls.  "And now you get my full attention, Sweet Cakes."
Sally felt the strap across her thighs tighten; then the table's second strap was buckled across the small of her back and tightened as well.  She watched as Tabitha walked to her supply cabinet and returned with a rolled tool pouch similar to the one she had used to organize Cassie's first bonds, only this pouch was secured with a pale orange cord.

"You like the color?" Tabitha asked, indicating the cord.  "'Salmon-tangerine' complements your eyes."  She stepped to the side and unfurled the pouch on the side table.

Sally's eyes darted to the side and she found the pouch's row of pockets occupied by neat coiled hanks of thin cord, all in the same pastel orange.  Tabitha extracted a coil of cord and stepped behind Sally's rather limited field of vision.

"Hands behind your back," Tabitha ordered, "but keep your chin up."

Sally obeyed, and felt cord tightening around her wrists.  The binding took some time.  Sally felt the cord being pulled through itself several times, and getting tighter... and tighter.  Then her thumbs were bound as well, and finally Tabitha's hands were gone.

"There," Tabitha purred.  "Now you're completely helpless again."  The short, fair-skinned, gloating villainess returned to Sally's range of vision, pulled another coil of cord from the pouch, and stepped back.  

Cord began tightening around Sally's elbows, pulling them together until they nearly touched.  The helpless brunette turned her head away, towards the shoulder away from her captor, and rested her chin on the cold steel edge of the table.  A tear rolled down her face and splashed the concrete floor.

"That was your last chance, you know," Tabitha informed her weeping victim.  "You'll never be as free again as you were just now."  The coils of cord disappeared from the pouch one by one, as Sally's knees were bound, above and below, then her ankles were freed from their cable tie bond and shroud of panties and pantyhose and bound with cord, as were her big toes.  "You should have made a try for the tazer," Tabitha explained as she worked.  "Granted, with your ankles crossed and bound you had about as much chance as a snowball in Luxor, and poor Cassie-slut would probably have hanged herself by now... but it was your last chance, Sweet Cakes."

Tabitha loosened the straps holding Sally in place, rolled her onto her back, or more precisely onto her stringently bound arms, and tightened the straps again.  

Sally's head was dangling unsupported off the end of the table.  She surmised she would be gagged next, like Cassie.  Sure enough, she watched miserably as Tabitha sprinkled the voice-robbing mixture of herbs onto a gauze square, rolled it into a tube, folded the tube inside a second square, then rolled the second square around the first.  The resulting gauze cylinder was tucked inside a gauze tube and the ends tied off.

All the while, Tabitha was humming to herself, obviously enjoying Sally's fear and humiliation.  Her tape and the sausage-like gauze stuffing ready, she smiled at her victim.  For several long seconds wet, blue, frightened eyes gazed into gloating, blue, cruel eyes... then Tabitha leaned close, gripped Sally's face with her small, pale, surprisingly strong hands, and gave her captive a deep, long kiss.

Cassie watched, miserable and helplessly bound from shoulders to toes, stringently gagged, her neck in a taut noose, as Tabitha's tongue rolled inside her roommate's mouth, as the demented TA's full lips sucked hungrily on Sally's mouth... then Tabitha backed away as if bitten, which had actually happened!  Her pale blue eyes wide, the little villainess wiped her mouth with one hand, and even from across the room Cassie could see a smear of bright red blood.

"Why you little slut," Tabitha growled, smiling evilly.  "That just earned your roommate six of the best."  The tazer appeared and Sally's eyes widened in terror.  "It occurs to me you've never felt this thing... so you don't know what you've done to my Cassie-slut, do you?"  She thumbed the tazer on and it popped.  Slowly, deliberately, she lowered the cruel device towards Sally's left nipple.  

The tazer's electrode horns came closer, and closer, then touched the nipple and a pale blue spark danced over the suddenly erect nubbin of flesh.  Sally convulsed in pain, like she'd never felt before.   Somebody help us! she prayed, writhing in her tight, inescapable bonds, screaming soundlessly through her open mouth.

"You see what you've done?" Tabitha asked, then turned and slowly, deliberately walked towards Cassie.

Sally watched as her redheaded friend writhed in her incredible bonds, her eyes wet, tearful, and begging above her tight tape gag.  Tabitha held the tazer before Cassie's face, then, with a deliberate pause between each contact, she touched the captive's left nipple... right nipple... rope-cleaved sex... left nipple... right nipple... and sex again.  Cassie convulsed in her bonds as this occurred, and with the tazer's final touch her eyes rolled up into her head and she collapsed.  The wire cable twanged as it went taut, the noose now Cassie's only support.  Instantly, Tabitha grabbed a convenient band of Cassie's bonds with one hand and thumbed a switch on the windlass with the other.  There was a click, and the cable whined as the windlass unreeled.  Tabitha eased her unconscious victim to the floor and left her there, the cable still around her neck but no longer taut.

I'm sorry! Sally thought, weeping anew.  Cassie, I'm sorry!

Tabitha sauntered back towards the table, watching Sally writhe in her bonds as she approached.  "Cassie-slut has a low pain tolerance.  Hmm...," the gloating TA mused, "is that a good thing, or a bad thing?  Breaking her will be an adventure.  There are so many variables, you see."  She leaned close to Sally's tearful face.  "It took Minerva more than six months to break me," she continued.  "Oh, I was a gibbering mess in less that six days... but it took her half a year to put me back together again, to train and mold me.  Ah... those were the days."

Crazy... she's crazy! Sally thought.

"Now, let's try that again," Tabitha purred, then leaned forward and kissed her victim, again deeply and with savage hunger.

Sally writhed in her bonds, angry and disgusted as her tormentor explored her mouth with her wet, hot tongue... but she was wise enough not to bite Tabitha again... as much as she longed to show some form of rebellion.

Finally, after what to Sally seemed like a humiliating eternity, Tabitha broke the kiss.  "Enough indulgence," she purred, and picked up the lump of wrapped gauze she had prepared.  "Open, slave.  Time for your sausage stuffing."

Resistance was pointless (and would only earn more punishment, probably for poor Cassie.)  Sally opened her mouth and Tabitha stuffed the 'sausage' inside, packing it with her fingers until it filled Sally's entire oral cavity.  Several tight, head-encircling, mouth-cleaving bands of narrow white tape enforced its presence; then Sally's lips were sealed with several strips of tape.  Finally, like Cassie, Sally's her lower face disappeared under a tight shroud of smooth, white, unforgiving, compression tape.

Tabitha released the table's straps and helped Sally to her bound feet.  Knowing what was coming, Sally watched the waiting noose of the second cable as she was forced to hop closer and closer; then the noose was around her neck.  Sally gazed down at her prone, helpless roommate as Tabitha returned to her supply cabinet.  Cassie stirred slightly in her bonds, but apparently was still unconscious.   I'm sorry! Sally thought again, then lifted her gaze to find Tabitha approaching with a thick coil of pale orange rope in one hand.

"Lets make you a matching pair, shall we?" Tabitha purred, and set to work.  Several minutes later, Sally was hitched, bound, and laced from shoulder to toes, just like poor Cassie, the same horizontal bands, diamond lattice, and careful, symmetrical turns and hitches binding her toned, tan, naked body.  "There," Tabitha gloated, "pretty as a picture."  She then stepped away from the alcove, retrieved Sally's bag of clothing, added the missing panties and pantyhose, and sealed it with a tie.  Then Sally and Cassie's clothes and backpacks were dropped in a cardboard box (the kind the museum used to house oversized items in the collections), and placed on the shelf behind Tabitha's desk.

Tabitha then returned to the alcove.  She gazed down at Cassie's bound form, then at Sally.  "She's probably better off that way," the gloating brunette said.  "Sleep is your only escape from the fear, you see."  Her pale hands wandered over Sally's well-roped, helpless, tan skin.  "You were very bad, you know.  Are you sorry?"  

Sally nodded, helpless and miserable in her bonds.

"Gooood," Tabitha cooed, "but I think you still need a lesson. You can dance for me while I start grading those papers you and your classmates spent so much time and energy preparing for Minerva."  The ratchet of the second windlass clicked several times, and Sally's eyes went wide as she was forced up onto her bound toes.  "There.  Suffer like a good little pleasure slave for Auntie Tabitha, and she'll give you a kiss before bedtime."

Sally watched as Tabitha left the alcove and turned off most of the old laboratory's lights, including the bright spotlights above the lab table.  She then returned to her desk, settled into her chair, turned on her desk lamp (now the brightest source of light in the lab, but doing little to dispel the dark shadows of the sinister space), selected a term paper, put her feet up on her desk, and began reading.  Sally squirmed in her bonds, seeking comfort from their tight embrace and relief for her aching toes... but found none.  Her bonds were tight and unforgiving, escape was a ludicrous impossibility.   I can't even move my fingers! she realized, wiggling the digits in question in the tight, redundant loops of rope hitched through her crotch rope and pressing her wrists and hands into the crack of her butt.   Somebody help us! her mind screamed.
Miserable and in despair, Sally watched as Tabitha finished reading her fifth paper.  The TA muttered something disparaging under her breath as she scrawled a note on the cover page and tossed it in the 'read' pile, apparently oblivious to Sally's suffering.  Sally's toes were aching, but squirming only made things worse.  She lowered her gaze.  Cassie was still unconscious.   How long can I do this? Sally wondered.  How long before my feet give out or my calves cramp... and I hang?

Just then, there were three loud knocks on the steel door of the sub-basement lab!  Sally's eyes darted in the door's direction.  She could barely see it in the gloom of the darkened space.  Tabitha bounded from her desk and raced to Sally and Cassie's alcove.  

Tabitha produced the tazer and Sally's eyes popped wide .  The TA gave a switch on the tazer's side a click.  "It's set to stun, now," she explained.  "One false move..."
Sally understood the threat, but noticed fear in her tormentor's pale blue eyes.  Was rescue at hand?

"Whoever that is will go away," Tabitha whispered (apparently reassuring herself more than informing her prisoner.)  "Only Minerva and myself have keys to that door, so..."  

Tabitha's voice trailed off at the sound of keys being tried in the lock.  Now Sally could see real fear bordering on panic in Tabitha's eyes.  The TA stepped back and pulled the curtain across the alcove, and Sally could see nothing at all.  Then her eyes adjusted and Sally found she actually could see most of what was happening beyond the alcove.  The curtain was far from opaque, and under these conditions acted like a filter of thick gauze.  Sally could see into the darkened room, at least where things were most brightly lit, but surmised that from the lab side she would be completely hidden.  Sally struggled in her bonds, ignoring her sore toes.  She screamed with her muted voice through her thick gag.  A mouse scampering on the floor would have made more noise.   Oh, help! she prayed.   Please help us!

The lock turned, the door's hinges squealed, and Sally heard a new voice.  "Oh, you're here.  I thought I'd never find this dungeon."

Sally knew that voice!  It belonged to one of the other faculty in Ross' department, an Assistant Professor.  She was from Sweden, but spoke English with only the slightest lilting trace of an accent.  Her name was...

"Dr. Knudsen," Tabitha said, her soprano voice hesitant and nervous.  "Uh... Dr. Ross doesn't want anyone down here."

Knudsen, Bibi Knudsen, Sally remembered.  She specializes in Bronze Age Europe.  She could see Tabitha through the curtain, but not the newcomer.  Help!  Oh, please help!

Oblivious of the hidden prisoners, Knudsen answered, her tone friendly but scolding.  "I know what Dr. Ross wants, but I have been tasked with this time-wasting search for potential new office space, and I must see it through.  Minerva isn't the Department Head yet, you know."

The approximately thirty-year-old Knudsen stepped into Sally's view.  Her pale blonde hair was cut in a short bob, just as Sally remembered, and her striking blue eyes were flashing, her tan, beautiful, even features in a mildly disapproving frown.  "I would not have to be down here, doing it myself on a Friday night, if you had answered the survey e-mailed to all of the TA's three weeks ago."  Taller than Tabitha (like most of the campus), Knudsen was wearing a heather gray, scoop neck sweater that hugged her full breasts and wasp-thin waist.   A charcoal wool skirt and black heels flattered her long, tan, well-toned legs.  She had what appeared to be a rolled up set of blueprints under one arm, a clipboard in one hand, and a very large ring of keys in the other.  "I had difficulty with the key that is supposed to open that door," Knudsen said.  "Has the lock been changed without the records being updated?"

Tabitha fidgeted.  "Uh... Minerva, I mean Dr. Ross had it done... for security... so, uh, so..."

Knudsen's smile became more friendly.  "So she could have her own little empire down here?" she suggested.  "Luckily, one of the old master keys still works. "  She set her keys, clipboard, and roll of plans on the steel table.  She paused, gazing curiously at the table's dangling leather straps, then shook her head and turned back to face Tabitha (and the alcove of desperate, helpless prisoners.)  "Really, Ms. Reid," Knudsen continued, "I have no desire to poach on anyone's private domain.  The Dean tells the Museum to do a survey, I get stuck with the job, and... what is that noise?"

Sally was still completely immobile and mute, but Cassie's cable was shaking and quivering, making a low, humming twang.  Sally lowered her gaze and discovered Cassie had regained consciousness.  The prone, naked, freckled captive was squirming on the floor in her near cocoon of ropes and cords, tossing her gagged head and tousle of short, red locks.  Escape was impossible, but her efforts were making the cable sing, and the curtain shake!

"The pipes!" Tabitha blurted.  "It's the pipes.  Whenever someone flushes one of the toilets upstairs..."  Knudsen was pushing past her.  Tabitha desperately backed to remain between the striding blonde and the alcove, but was unable to block Knudsen's hand as she grabbed the curtain and jerked it aside.
The Assistant Prof's blue eyes popped wide, horror and astonishment on her angelic face.  "What in the name of...?"

"A game," Tabitha lied.  "We're playing a game."

Knudsen stared at Sally and Cassie's struggling, naked bodies, tight bonds, cruel gags, the wire nooses around their necks, their tearful, pleading eyes!  "This is no game!"

There was movement in the shadows behind the outraged blonde Professor.  Sally desperately tried to get Knudsen's attention, without immediate results.  The movement resolved into the stealithly approaching Minerva Ross, creeping up on the unsuspecting Knudsen's back.

Tabitha had noticed her mistress' approach as well.  Her panic evaporated, replaced by a smug, gloating confidence.  "Seriously, Dr. Knudsen," she purred, "it's a game..."

Knudsen finally realized that Sally was trying to warn her of something, but it was too late.  Minerva had Knudsen's arms pinned behind her back with her left hand, and her right hand clamped over the struggling Swede's mewing lips.

"...and you get to play too," Tabitha finished.  She produced the tazer, thumbed it on, and touched the side of Knudsen's head.  The struggling blonde jerked once, her eyes rolled up in her head, and she collapsed into Minerva's arms.
Minerva put her arms under Knudsen's breasts (causing them to bulge against the confines of their unconscious owner's bra and sweater), and dragged her backwards to the table.  "Lock the door," she ordered, brushing Knudsen's keys and papers to the floor and rolling the limp blonde onto the steel surface.  Tabitha scrambled to comply as her mistress flipped on the spotlights.

Sally watched miserably as Minerva bent over her colleague's prone form, turning the unconscious blonde's beautiful face from side to side with surprising gentleness.

"Two new captives in my grasp, after weeks of planning," the gloating Professor mused, her full lips curled in a cruel, sardonic smile, "and now pretty Bibi Knudsen as well.  What can it mean?  Why has the goddess favored me so?"

Tabitha had returned.  Minerva gazed at her with a carefully neutral expression.  "You were sloppy," she accused.

Panic had returned to Tabitha's big blue eyes and her already pale face was white as a sheet.  "I... I'm sorry."

"Hands behind your back," Minerva ordered.  Tabitha complied, and Minerva raised her hand and gave the short, unresisting brunette a single resounding slap, leaving a red palm print slowly fading on the side of her face.  "Your real punishment will come later," Minerva said, "now, get those two ready for bed..." (She nodded towards the alcove.)  "...then get me another clothing bag, a number one tray, and those special leather restraints I had you modify.  You know the ones?"
Her blue eyes wet, the mark still visible on her cheek, her hands still submissively crossed at the small of her back, Tabitha swallowed, then nodded.  "The ones with the added rings and the red series locks?"

"The very same," Minerva answered (causing Tabitha to sigh in relief.)  "I also need you to clean up after Dr. Knudsen... after Slave-Bibi... while I make her more comfortable.  Gather her stuff off the floor and then I want you to go upstairs and lock up her office.  Clean things up so it looks like she's left for the day, and don't be seen.  Take as much time as is necessary.  It's critical that no one sees you."  Tabitha nodded.  "You'll have to drive her car out to the estate and hide it in the barn, again, without being seen."  Tabitha nodded again.  "You can use one of the other cars to come back."  Minerva gazed down at Bibi, then at Sally (who cringed in her bonds under Minerva's gaze.)  "This complicates things... but only a little.  We now have three to transport to the estate, that's all."

'Transport?' Sally wondered.  'The estate?'

"Still," Minerva continued, her cold, serpent-like gaze returning to Bibi, "a gift from the goddess is not to be refused.  Three cable ties," she ordered.

Tabitha raced to her desk and returned with the ties.
"Carry out your orders, slave!" Minerva barked.
Tabitha raced to her desk and grabbed a handful of cable ties.  She then hurried to the alcove and dragged Cassie to her feet.  "You're going to wish for death, Cassie-slut," she whispered in the miserable, writhing prisoner's right ear, then removed the steel cable from around Cassie's throat and snapped open the clip, releasing the noose.  She then threaded the cable under the bonds looping and yoking Cassie's freckled shoulders, slid the braided wire down to the squirming redhead's crotch rope, just where it was hitched to the prisoner's wrists, and closed the clip with a quiet snap.  She cranked the windlass, and the wire cable tightened until Cassie was standing tall.  Next, she tightened a cable tie around Cassie's throat and the cable, leaving sufficient slack for the captive to breath.  A second cable tie encircled Cassie's forehead and the cable, and a third was tightened across her gagged mouth.  This time there was no slack in either.

Sally received similar treatment, and now the roommates were side by side, unable to even bob their heads, up on their aching toes, struggling in the tiny, fractional movement allowed by their bonds to maintain some degree of slack on the tight, single strands of rope cleaving their labia and passing between their naked buttocks.

"You're probably wondering how we expect you to sleep like that," Tabitha purred, "alternating between punishing your toes and crushing your smelly twats on those ropes?"  The short, blue-eyed brunette's full lips curled in her cruelest, most sadistic smile.  "The answer is... we don't.  We expect you to suffer."  With a last, lingering look at her helpless captives, Tabitha turned and walked away out of sight, into the back of the old lab.
Meanwhile, Minerva had crossed Bibi's wrists across her stomach, and bound them together, a  long, thick cable tie around each.  The third tie was tightened around the unconscious blonde's crossed ankles.  Minerva buckled the table's straps across her new prisoner's thighs and arms, then cinched them tight.  Next, she took a long length of tube gauze from Tabitha's tray of gagging supplies, wadded several large squares of gauze down the tube to the middle, then cinched and tied the ends of the tube together across the crumpled mass.  The result was a spongy ball, roughly six inches across, with two very long trailing ends.  One hand under Bibi's neck, Minerva lifted and tilted the prisoner's head back, then stuffed the gauze ball inside the blonde's gaping mouth.  It took persuasion, but when the wad was completely inside (with the knot to the front), she used the trailing ends to take a turn from either side completely around Bibi's head and back to the front.  The ends were cinched and a second knot tied over the first, forcing the wad even deeper into Bibi's mouth and causing the unconscious Swede's cheeks to bulge.  Minerva stretched the remaining ends behind the captive's head and tied a final knot.  Clearly, the wad was in to stay, but Minerva wasn't finished.  She selected a roll of wide, white surgical tape, ripped free a six inch strip, and plastered it over Bibi's pursed lips, using her long, strong, pale fingers to smooth the tape and make sure the adhesive adhered to her prisoner's smooth, tan skin.  The first strip was followed by two more, in a shallow "X," then she ripped a long strip free from the roll and taking several tight, precise turns completely around the captive's head, she smoothly wrapped Bibi's lower face from nostrils to chin, making the bands as tight as possible.  She cut the tape free and smoothed the end, taking her time, a smile of sadistic satisfaction on her cold, pale, beautiful face.
Sally and Cassie watched as Tabitha returned with what appeared to be surgical tools and instruments arrayed on a gleaming steel tray.  She placed it on the side table in her mistress' easy reach, carrying the tray of tape, gauze, and herbs to her desk to make room.  Minerva's attention remained on her bound, thoroughly gagged, and unconscious colleague as Tabitha removed her white cotton tanktop (leaving her topless), and fumbled in a drawer for a black turtleneck sweater.  The TA was preparing to don the sweater when her mistress spoke.  

"Bring me your punishment bra," Minerva purred, her eyes still on Bibi Knudsen's helpless, slumbering form.

Tabitha's eyes widened in alarm, but she obeyed, racing into the back to return with something in her trembling hands, something which made Sally's eyes pop wide as well.  The 'punishment bra' consisted of two linked, hemispherical cages of wire-thin steel bands.  Attached were inch-wide ribbons of gleaming chainmail, a strap that came together at a flat, stainless steel, locking flange.  There was also a steel collar, and narrow connecting steel chains.  From across the room, Sally could see the glimmer of countless tiny, steel, needle-sharp points lining the insides of the cages. There was also a stiff, tubular garment of some kind. Sally couldn't tell exactly what it was, but it appeared to be knitted from natural wool.

Tabitha approached her mistress and presented the horrible steel device.  Minerva locked eyes with her TA and smiled sweetly as, shuddering and squirming, the short, topless brunette donned the wool garment.  It was a tight bandeau, which cupped and covered Tabitha's pert white breasts.  The yarn was a coarse, natural gray-brown, and there were two circular cutouts for Tabitha's nipples.  Sally hadn't noticed before, but now she could see that the diminutive TA's nipples were pierced.  Tiny, simple posts gleamed in the bright light near the table.
"The wool is purposefully processed to be stiff and scratchy, like a medieval hair shirt," Ross announced, apparently for Sally and Cassie's benefit.  "There are steel wires threaded through the knitting.  They hold the shape and lock into the housing of the main bra, making it impossible to remove.  It itches like crazy, doesn't it, Tiny-Tabby?"  Tabitha nodded miserably, still squirming and fidgeting.  Ross then motioned for Tabitha to turn around, and began fitting the steel bra.  The collar locked around the short TA's white throat, the needle-lined cage-cups eased over her wool-covered breasts, the chains connected the collar and cups snapped taut, and the chainmail strap locked behind her back.  The final closure was intricate.  Minerva threaded several wire loops over posts inside the locking mechanism, causing Tabitha to wince as each wire was stretched taut and snapped in place.  She then closed the final flange and turned a tiny key.  Tabitha turned and watched, her hands atop her head, her eyes wet, as Ross smiled down at her and pocketed the key.  "The next time you execute my orders with such inattention," Ross purred, "allowing an intruder to blunder into my domain and discover my secrets... you'll wear the matching chastity belt, and sleep naked and bound in your hair shirt mummy bag for one moon; and if I'm in a particularly bitchy mood, you'll also be ring-gagged and locked in your coffin bed with a dozen black scorpions... do you understand me?"
"Yes, Minerva," Tabitha whispered, her full lips trembling.

Minerva smiled and pulled Tabitha into a gentle hug.  (Sally could see the short TA grimace as the punishment bra was pressed into her breasts, then her expression turned to one of beatific joy as her mistress continued their embrace.)  "Oh, Tiny-Tabby," Minerva sighed, "what am I to do with you?  I know you try, but fate keeps making me punish you.  It seems to be your lot."

"I'm sorry, Minerva," Tabitha whispered.  She placed her arms around her mistress' body, nestled her face against her mistress' large, full breasts, and returned the hug (even though it had to cause her pain.)

Minerva released the hug and gave her TA a deep kiss.  (Sally and Cassie's exchanged glances of desperate misery and squirmed in their bonds.)  Minerva broke the kiss and gave the posts in Tabitha's erect nipples a playful tweak.  (The nipples were poking through the cutouts in the hair shirt bandeau and needle-lined rings in the bra-cages.)  "We'll forego the nipple clamp cages," she murmured.  "Too much would show under your sweater.  Get Dr. Knudsen's restraints and the clothing bag, then don your sweater and get upstairs, and don't let anyone see you, especially the old fart pretending to be a guard!"

"Yes Minerva," Tabitha murmured, and raced to complete her orders.

Minerva glanced down at the unconscious Bibi, gagged, bound, and strapped to the table, then strolled towards Sally and Cassie's alcove, a gloating, sadistic grin on her pale, beautiful face.
Minerva approached Cassie first, inspecting her naked, freckled body from head to toe, idly fingering the captive's tight, inescapable bonds, testing the knots and the tension of the countless hitches and turns, running her strong, pale fingers over Cassie's cruel gag, testing the tightness of the cable ties restraining her head.  "Miss Cassandra Donovan," she said, fully aware that all conversation with her captives was rhetorical, at least for the present.

She then turned her attention to Sally, inspecting her tan, naked body and incredible bonds with her leering eyes and prying fingers.  "And Miss Sally Randall.  Welcome to your new lives.  You names are now Slave-Sally and Slave-Cassie."

Meanwhile, Tabitha had returned, pushing a tall, rolling cabinet with many large and small drawers, and a hamper-like wheeled frame holding open a large plastic bag.  She donned her black turtleneck, then waited for last minute instructions.  "I'm ready to leave now, Mistress," she said, her head submissively bowed.

"Leave the tazer!" Minerva barked, her hands busy cupping and caressing Sally's rope-framed breasts.
Tabitha placed the tazer on the tray of instruments, then turned and was gone, unlocking the lab's steel door and locking it behind her.

"I thought your breasts would be just a little larger," Minerva told the shuddering, squirming Sally.  "I've seen you both at the pool, you see," the gloating Professor continued, "so I had a pretty good idea what you'd look like right now."  She released Sally's breasts and took a step back, continuing to watch her captives' hopeless, miserable, squirming struggles.  "Don't get me wrong; they have a very pleasing shape and make a delightful handful.  I'm entirely pleased with my new property."

Sally blushed in anger and shame, resentful of being talked about as if she were a slab of meat purchased at the market.

Miranda's attention shifted to Cassie, who stared back at her with defiance, despite her incredible helplessness and all that had transpired.  "Spirited, like your Celt ancestors," Miranda observed, giving the freckled redhead's right nipple a painful tweak.  "Your perky little tits are pleasing as well, slave," Miranda  said.  Cassie winced, but was still unbowed.  "I promised Tabitha a plaything," Miranda explained, "and you're it, my lovely; but the slave of my slave is mine as well... so I'll be playing with you too."

Her attention shifted back to Sally, who was feeling anything but brave, but was doing her best to match her roommate's courage.  "You, on the other hand, Sweet Sally," Ross said, "you're not a plaything.  I have something special in store for you."
Sally stared at her captor, then glanced at Cassie, then back to Minerva.  'Something special?'

As if reading her thoughts, Minerva smile broadened.  "It wouldn't do to spoil the surprise, now would it?" she asked, then laughed and strolled back to the table and her third, still unconscious prisoner.

Miranda removed the jacket of her suit and tossed it across Tabitha's desk.  "These lights are hot," she remarked, referring to the bank of spotlights hovering above the table.  Smiling down at Bibi's bound and gagged form, Minerva began unbuttoning her blouse.  The expensive silk top was removed and tossed beside the jacket.  She was wearing nothing underneath.  Ignoring her literally captive audience; clad only in heels, hose, and skirt; Minerva walked around the table and opened a tall cabinet next to one of the fume hoods.  The smooth, pale, flawless skin of her naked torso, toned arms, and round shoulders glowed in the bright lights like perfect porcelain.  Her breasts were large and firm, the areolae broad and dark, matching the color of her full lips.

Sally reflected that she'd also noticed Minerva at the pool... and Bibi Knudsen as well.  Minerva had a remarkable body for a woman of her years, one greatly appreciated by the leering male students who had been present.  Knudsen's physique was remarkable (and appreciated) as well, and the tan, blonde Swede could swim like a seal.

Minerva took a black apron of rubberized cloth from the cabinet, dropped the top loop over her head, then strolled back to the table, tying the waist strings behind her back.  The front of the apron strained against Minerva's breasts, and her nipples were clearly visible under the thin, black, gleaming fabric.  She gathered her hair behind her head in a ponytail and snapped a rubberband around the base of the straight, black, glistening, bundle.  She licked her full, red lips, and smiled down at the captive on the table.
Sally and Cassie watched as Minerva took two long, thin straps from a drawer of the rolling cabinet.  She snapped the end of one strap to the tie binding Bibi's left wrist, then stretched it taut and clipped the other to something under the edge of the table, about even with Bibi's left knee.  The blonde prisoner's right wrist received complementary treatment with the second strap, and now Bibi's wrists, already restricted by the wide strap pinning her arms, would now be much less mobile, whenever the prisoner regained consciousness.

Minerva set about causing that very event.  She unscrewed the cap of a small vial of brown glass and held it under Bibi's nose.

The blonde captive's nostrils flared, then she turned her head. Minerva followed, keeping the vial in relative position.  Bibi moaned through her gag and thrashed weakly about... then her eyes opened, and she thrashed and mewed in earnest.  

Minerva smiled and capped the vial as her victim explored her bonds.  She watched, an evil smile on her face as Bibi pulled on her joined wrists, kicked her bound ankles, and writhed under the straps pinning her on her back on the cold, hard steel.  Finally, fully awake and aware of her predicament, Bibi locked eyes with her captor.  Blue, frightened eyes stared into brown, gloating eyes for several long seconds, then Bibi forced an inquiring sound past her gag.
"Dr. Bibi Knudsen," Minerva purred, then reached out and cupped the helpless, frightened Swede's sweater and bra covered breasts and gave them a squeeze .  Bibi bucked in her bonds, but was unable to twist free from Minerva's mauling grip.  "You don't particularly like me, do you?" Minerva asked.  "You've made that abundantly clear at all those stuffy, oh-so-proper, faculty events we're both forced to attend."  Bibi screamed through her gag and squirmed as Minerva tightened her grip until her knuckles were white.  "But now our relationship is changed... much more... intimate? "

Minerva released her captive's breasts and selected a pair of bandage scissors from the tray Tabitha had arranged for her convenience; then paused, a sadistic grin on her pale, beautiful face,
to watch as her blonde prisoner continued to fight her bonds.  "This is your own fault, you know," she said softly.  "Didn't you ever learn that it's rude to go where you aren't invited?  ...rude and dangerous! "  The captive stopped struggling and locked eyes with her captor.  "Your name is now Slave-Bibi," Minerva continued, "or just Bibi, when I'm in an informal mood.  And you can call me Minerva, or Mina, or Mistress... or Giver-of-Pain; whatever fits the occasion."

She used the blunt tip of the scissors to lightly trace Bibi's cheek, then slid the steel point down the squirming captive's throat, pausing for several seconds to watch Bibi's carotid artery throb, then continued down to her sternum, and around the full, sweater-covered bulge of her left breast.  "A first class mind... and a first class body," Minerva mused, "and now they're both mine to play with."  She lifted the scissors and held them before Bibi's face, snapping them open and closed several times.  Bibi stared at the flashing, snicking blades, her blue eyes wide with terror above her tight gag.  Minerva's smile broadened.  "And now let's see all of that beautiful tan body, shall we?"
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