by subGrrl

I was surprised by my own strength, as I assume one would be, when I picked myself up by the collar of my blouse and pulled myself, limbs flailing, through the narrow passage of the mirror and into the womb of the world behind. I bounced off a sink and collapsed to a chipped tile floor below. The small bathroom, perfectly arranged in a fashion just the opposite of my own, rang with the echoes of my shocked and frightened screams.

I looked up into my own eyes which looked narrow and angry. My hands clasped my ears to escape the shrill sound of my screaming.

"Shut the fuck up!" my reflection shouted down at me. "Jesus fucking Christ, you're loud!"

I looked up at myself - this person who looked like me, but with her cowlick on the wrong side.

Questions stampeded through my head like so many lemmings racing for an early demise. It was overwhelming. I tried my best to catch one and apply it to my lips. Unsuccessfully. "You're not wearing any pants."

"Well, why the fuck should I? The mirror is just a medicine cabinet, and it's placed so high that we are lucky just to get a chance to view the bottom of our chin, eh? Why waste so much energy creating details like pants when they are never seen."

I began to arrange my legs underneath me in an attempt to stand up. Certainly, some body parts would soon yield bruises. "There's got to be an explanation for this," I muttered to myself. And, I suppose, myself. "Someone must have spiked my orange juice... LSD, or something..."

"Sorry, bitch, you give your friends too much credit - what few of them they are. Our meeting has been arranged by me at great effort and expense. So, get your fucking head together - we have to talk." I, uh she, whatever, reached down and pulled me up to my feet. "Come on! Get off your cute little ass!"

"Fat..." I muttered under my breath.

"Stop that right now!" Mirror Me jumped in my face and even though she was exactly my height it felt like she was towering over me. Scowling.

"Yoww!" I screamed as she reached out and pinched my nipple. Even through the padding of my bra cup her grasp was quite painful.

"You diminish both of us every time you say something like that," she exclaimed. "We're hardly fat! Nothing like your friend Elle certainly. I can't stand that bitch. Why do you invite her over?"

"Elle? She's ok."

"Fuck that! The bitch must live on a diet of post-menopausal skunks. She uses our bathroom and stinks the place up for fucking days. Do you know how hard it is to get that stench out? Meanwhile you force me to spritz my nose with that saline shit and inhale. I may look content in you mirrored view, but believe me, I'm retching. If she asks to come over again, tell her to fuck off!"

Mirror Me directed me out the bathroom door and into a small bedroom completely unlike any room I had in my own apartment. The room was furnished with a large four poster bed. The walls were covered with shelves stuffed tight with books of all shapes and sizes. Light emanated from above. There was no light fixture per se, simply a featureless glowing expanse of nothingness.

"So, what do I call you? What is your name?" I asked nervously.

"Duh!" Mirror Me looked at me as though I had forgotten a year's worth of remedial coursework. "I am your reflection... I have your name!"

"Oh, Siana, I just was... "

"Except backwards. It's Anais!"

"Oh, of course."

I stared at myself - at Anais - and she at me for a moment. "You're so cute," she said, finally, "when you have that lost puppy look."

"So, you, uh, live here?" I asked turning to peruse the stacks of books.

"Ah... small talk..." Anais scoffed. "You'd be pretty fucking surprised if someone else lived here, wouldn't you?"

Wow, I'm rude!

I pulled a book off the shelf and opened the cover. "I don't recognize any of these books."

"Well, first, it helps to read the book from its beginning." Anais flipped all the pages over so they rested on the left hand cover. I tilted my head back and forth staring at the words. "We read from right to left here."

Ah! Backwards.

"You wouldn't recognize the books because they have all been custom written for me," Anais explained.

"All of them?" I looked around at the piles. There must have been thousands.

I walked over to a clothing rack that contained the top half of all my outfits.

Anais patiently watched me explore for a moment then held out her arm. "Who wears this shit?" she asked. "I mean, besides you?"

I looked at her with my mouth hanging open. "What's wrong with my clothes?"

"Well, don't you ever consider wearing something that might be just a little bit fashionable?"

"'Fashionable' costs a lot of money," I explained.

"Treat yourself, bitch! Every once in a while maybe."

I continued looking around. "Are there any other rooms?"

"Access to more rooms would require for me to have more doors, now wouldn't it?" Anais stated bluntly. "Nope. It's just your grimy bathroom and my small bedroom."

"But, I have other mirrors in my apartment. How do you get to them?"

"Oh, those are a totally different us. Every mirror is a gateway to a different reflective universe... small as they may be. Every mirror is a different Anais."

"What do you eat?" I asked looking for a refrigerator.

"You eat for both of us, sweetheart. The only food I get is those crappy bits of shit that pop out from between your teeth when you floss. Spit that shit out! Don't swallow it! That's fucking disgusting."

I accidentally let out a minor exasperated laugh.

"What? What's wrong?" Anais asked accusingly.

"I uh... I was just wondering if I come across to people like you do since, you know, we are the same person."

"Ah! You're worried that you are a crass, rude, bitch? That's what you wanted to say, right?"

"Nooo! No, no no..." I said staring at the floor. "Yes."

"Don't worry, sweet nips. You come across as sweet. Sweet sweet, even. Disgustingly saccharine, nasty sweet. And milquetoast. Oh my god, yes! Totally wimpy, mild milquetoast. So, don't worry."

"I... I won't," I said, my hand covering my mouth.

"You see, like all things, the multiverse likes balance. You are right handed. I am left handed. Whereas you are a submissive, a boot-wiping floor mat, I am a type-A, alpha bitch. Balance!"

"Oh! Like matter and antimatter?" I suggested.

"Don't try to think, bitch. You'll give me a fucking headache."

I looked around the small room briefly. "So, why am I here?"

"Don't you remember? I reached through the mirror, grabbed your ass and yanked you through. Quite a trick, huh?"

"Well, what do you want?"

Anais turned from me and paced across the room unbuttoning her blouse as she went. "You've been packing your bags. You're getting ready to go on trip."

"Yes, I am."

"How long?" she asked.

"Three months."

"Where to?"

"England. Ah... I see!" A smile spread across my face. "You're going to miss me. I won't be here looking at you in the mirror."

"No," she said bluntly. "Who are you staying with?"

"This girl I met a while back."

"A girl?"

"A girl."

"Do you like her?"

"This is kind of like the Inquisition."

Anais rolled her eyes and threw the blouse across the room to the rack of clothing where it bounced and slid into a heap on the floor. "Just answer the fucking question."

"If you are me, don't you already know the answer?"

"Yes. But you always talk to yourself even when you are not with me. How is this interaction any different?" Anais released the fastener for the bra and randomly flung it to the floor.

"You're just going to get naked, I see," I said.

"It's nothing that you've never seen before. Or don't you look? So, do you like her?"

"Well, yeah! I mean, she's a friend of a friend. She was visiting the States. We hung out for a while. She stayed here for a night. We had fun."

"You didn't sleep with her," Anais said.

"No! It was just one night! She is a only a friend."

"Easy, bitch! That wasn't a question. It was a statement. You didn't sleep with her."

"No," I stated wistfully.


"Bless you!"

"No, you fuck! Ynnej. That was her name. On your side she would have been called, umm... Jenny?"

"Yeah," I looked up at Anais as she leaned against the post of her bed. Her left arm was stretched up over her head. She looked very pretty - sexy even. "Ynnej?"

"Names don't always translate so well between our worlds."

"I guess not," I said turning back to look through the book shelves. "Wait a second! You met her?" I asked, turning back to Anais.

"Met her? She was at your place for, like, fifteen hours. Do you think she never went to the bathroom? Hell yeah I met her. Damn, bitch! I even fucked her."

"What?!" I pressed the palm of my hand to my forehead.

"Yeah! She was one mean bitch..."

"You didn't like her!?"

"I did! She was quite a fighter, but I ended-"

"You raped her!?"

"No, you fuck! She just likes it rough. I got her down in the end, though. At least that's my story and I'm sticking with it." Anais began to chew on the fingernail that I can never seem to grow out.

"Oh, I get it. Ynnej is mean, because Jenny is so sweet. I'm in opposite world."

"Not opposite, bitch. Balance! There's a difference." Anais spit the fingernail fragment at me.

"Well, Jenny is sweet! And very pretty..."

"Fucking hot!" Anais gazed off into a memory.

I pictured Jenny in my head, as well. "Mmmm... She has the most beautiful soft round lips..."

"Very bite-able." Anais agreed.

"I like the graceful curve of her back when she stretches..."

"Which looks even better when covered in welts, I must say."

"And her eyes..."

"...when they are covered by a heavy blindfold..."

"...Beautiful!" we sighed in unison.

I looked back at Anais who was idly scratching her crotch. She stopped when she caught my look of disdain. "Fuck, bitch! You should trim it up sometimes. Fuck!" Anais pointed at her crotch. "It's like a goddamned marmot. You're going to be in some particularly romantic situation. Maybe Jenny has just leant towards you and placed a kiss upon your lips. Her hands start to slide up your waist and tug at the buttons of your blouse. Instead of channeling an irresistible sex goddess like you should, all you will be able to think about is the fact that you have a marmot between your legs."

I rolled my eyes and gathered a deep breath.

Meanwhile Anais began prancing around and screaming "Marmot! Marmot! Marmot!" She jumped up on the bed. "Eee! Get that thing away from me! Marmot!"

"Alright already!" I screamed. "You're so vile."

"Me!? I don't choose to carry around a large rodent in my pants."

"You don't wear pants!" I screamed.

"How could I? There wouldn't be enough room for me and your rodent."

"Grrr..." I had to change the subject. "Anyways... Jenny has a room that I will be able to use as a base while I explore England. For three months. And, you know what? I need to get back to packing my toiletries. Is there anything else that you need from me?" I turned back towards the bathroom.

"Yes. There is. Take off your clothes. We are going to have sex."

I turned back around with my mouth open wide. "What!? I don't think so."

"Oh, come on! Basically, you'll be having sex with yourself. It's just like masturbation. And, admit it! You're the queen of masturbation. What was it? Five times this past week?"

"How do you know that?" I huffed back towards the bathroom door.

"You're going to pass this up? Come on, Siana, O Queen of Water Based Lubricants, take off your goddamned clothes!"

"Ha!" I screamed, spinning back around. "Look at your little love nest here. You probably lie around all day in your four poster scratching your crotch," I retorted, while bending my fingers like little quotes in the air above my head to emphasize my use of the term "scratching".

"You are so hot when you get worked up... But, for your information, bitch, each day that you masturbate, I can't. Each day that you don't masturbate, I cunt. Ha ha! Get it?"

I stared at her for a moment. Surely, she was joking.

"It's one of those multiverse balance things," she explained. "And believe you me! You are having much more fun than me, Miss Fingers! If you did it in front of the fucking mirror, it'd be a different story... Jesus!" Anais looked genuinely sad. She was staring at my feet, arms crossed - even her lips were a little pouty. I had no idea that my private pleasure had any sort of effect somewhere else on someone else.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't know," I said as I took a step towards her and placed a comforting hand on her arm.

"Can I try those on?" Anais asked pointing at my shoes.

"Don't you..." I started, but then realized that if she didn't have reflective copies of my pants, there was no way she would have copies of my shoes. I slipped my feet out of them. They were just an old pair of leather flats.

"Now, I love these!" she exclaimed as she slid her feet into them. She jumped up and down in them, then began prancing around the room again. She stood on the ball of her left foot and spun herself around in a circle screaming "Wheee!" until she lost her balance and fell into my arms.

I held her naked body against mine for a second staring into her large blue eyes. She felt so nice pressed against me. I saw details of my face in hers that I had never seen before. Slowly, she straightened up, leaned forward, and our lips met.

I am not the most kissed woman in the world. I've had enough, though, to be able to categorize the quality of a particular kiss quickly and easily. And so, it is with some confidence that I may suggest that this kiss was heads and shoulders above anything I had experienced before. The moment our lips touched a feeling of electricity began to spin through my body. Our lips fit together perfectly. I was surprised at the feelings that this kiss sparked within me. I was surprised at how soft and full my lips felt.

As the feeling grew, we both simultaneously advanced our tongues to taste, feel, and explore. I felt hands begin to unbutton my blouse. My hands were unbuttoning. My my-hands were unbuttoning my blouse, not her my-hands. I wanted her. I wanted me. It was weird, but so, so wonderful.

As I popped the fastener on my bra and it fell away, Anais was pulling down on the hem of my jeans. "There's a zipper that you have to undo," I whispered between kisses.

Soon, Anais moved around behind me kissing my neck as she went. I leaned against one of the bed posts as she peeled my jeans down. My panties quickly followed. I felt Anais's breath in the small of my back. A line of kisses tickled their way up my spine. Her fingers slid down the length of my right arm. They slid over the back of my hand and intertwined with my own fingers in a loving caress.

Then she let my hand go and grasped my wrist. Her touch turned from warm and soft to cold, unyielding and heavy. Confused, I looked down to find my wrist encircled by a heavy cuff. A sturdy chain was attached to a D-ring embedded on the cuff and the chain rose off towards the ceiling.

Before I could react, I heard a click and realized that my left wrist was now held captive as well.

I looked up to see where the chains were connected. They simply rose past the top of the bed posts and faded into the mysterious glowing void above us. The chains began to tug my arms upwards.

I looked at Anais. "What's going on?"

"I know your deepest and darkest secrets, lover-bitch Siana," she smiled. "And, I'm going to give you a vivid taste."

"No!" I screamed, shuffling around on my feet, twisting in my chains. "Please! No!"

I know my deepest, darkest secrets too, and frankly, they instill at least as many parts fear as they do fascination. "Please, stop, Anais!"

My arms were pulled up until I was being lifted off of my heels.

Anais shook her left arm a few times until a multiple-tailed leather flogger appeared to grow from the palm of her hand. A strap formed around her wrist and a handle settled firmly between her gripping fingers.

"Oh, god, please!" I begged. "Don't! I'm not ready for this!"

Anais held the flogger up to her lips. "Shhh! If you can't trust me, then who will you ever trust."

She raised the flogger and brought the straps down on the upper left side of my back. She followed up with a series of perfectly placed strikes. I danced on my toes trying to get away from the pain, grunting and whimpering.

Anais stopped for a moment, wrapped her right arm around my torso and pulled my back tightly against her breasts. They felt particularly cool against the areas on my back which she had assaulted.

"You don't have to prove to me how tough you are, pussy willow. Scream..." she whispered into my ear, "Loudly..."

She pushed me away and continued her attack - this time on the upper right side of my back. I complied with her wishes and let my voice go wild, loud, and ragged. Tears were pouring down my face. I felt like I was going to throw up. Still, at the same time the fire that Anais ignited on my back fed a smoldering heat down below.

"Siana!" Anais sang. "Who is the fairest of them all?" She struck me even harder with the flogger, laughing at her little joke.

She paused for a moment. "Well? Answer me!" she screamed.

"Ow, ow! You are!" I cried. I had thought she was being rhetorical.

"Good answer," she replied. "But, wrong!" Another volley of strikes rained down upon me causing me to lose my footing briefly.

"Who?" she asked again.

"I don't know!" I cried. "I don't know!"

I cowered as best as I could, waiting for another round of lashings. Instead she stepped around in front of me and kissed me gently on the lips. "You and I are the same, Silly! The answer is 'We are'."

I whimpered.

"So, who is the fairest of them all?" she asked again.

"We are," I gasped.

"Correct!" Anais screamed and she started flogging me again.

"I answered!" I screamed. "Stop hitting me!"

Anais stopped. She caught a tear running down my cheek with her thumb and sucked it into her mouth. "I'm not flogging you based on wrong and right answers, Siana. I'm flogging you because you want me to."

"No!" I cried.

"You don't want me to flog you anymore?" she asked.

I tried to answer but I was suddenly gripped by a pathetic series of uncontrollable gasps and blubbering sounds. So, I shook my head.

"You can't lie to me, Siana." Blows began to rain down again. "Lying to me is the same as lying to yourself. Why do you lie to yourself, Siana?"

"I'm not," I whimpered.

Anais stepped around in front of me again, sighing. "Siana, Siana, Siana..." She stared at me with a distinctly accusatory look. Eventually, I turned my eyes to the floor simply to avoid her gaze.

"I've got an idea," Anais said as she raised a handkerchief to my nose and dabbed drool off my chin. "I'll make you a little more comfortable." She twisted my hair into a ponytail and pulled it over my shoulder so that it draped in front of me. Some strands were already wet with sweat.

"I know how much you like chains."

Oh, no! I whimpered and let my frame sink until I was supported by my wrist cuffs.

"I'll get you some chains to wear. Really, really heavy ones."

Anais raised her hands to my neck. I felt something cold and solid clamp firmly against my skin. I heard a resounding click. A collar had been locked around my neck. She touched her hand to the side of my neck and as she raised her hand away a series of thick, heavy-gauge links materialized at the base of her palm as though she were extracting the chain from within her being. She reached up and affixed this chain to my cuffed wrist. Then, she repeated the process on my other side.

Next Anais wrapped her arms around my waist. As she brought her hands forward from my back to my abdomen, I felt a similarly stout chain settle loosely on the flare of my hips.

She waved her hands up and down my torso and three chains descended from my collar, framing my breasts, before joining together at my waist chain. She grabbed my right thigh firmly and slid her hands down the length of my leg until she held my ankle in her hand. I heard the tinkle of chain follow her movements and cool links began to tickle my flesh along my leg's length.

She pulled my foot to the side until I could barely touch the floor with my toes and secured it there somehow.

I began to shake and cry as she repeated the process with my left leg. When she was done I could barely breathe, I was so stretched out.

Besides the cuffs at my ankles and wrists, the chain did very little to restrain me. On the other hand, I was well aware of its weight. If I were to have had to bear the chain, I would've tired quickly. I could feel its presence along my frame from tip to tip.

Anais placed two fingers from each hand on the chain at my waist and traced down over my pubic bone along each side of my sex. As she did, two thinner chains sprouted out of her fingers. She continued with her fingers to a point in the air, about mid thigh and formed her hands into fists. When she opened them, two heavy metal balls hung at the end of the each chain.

Anais stepped around behind me and I heard the sound of the flogger whistling through the air again. Each stroke evoked a flash of heat on my back followed shortly by the cold, shifting chains settling back against my body. The dangling balls clicked and grazed my inner thighs. Their chains alternately pressing against my crotch as they swung about.

My screams became littered with moans.

Anais gently placed a hand on one side of my head. On the other side her cheek touched mine covering the cool streams of tearfall. "Now, Siana, do you want me to whip you some more?"

I started to whimper and shake my head again, but when I did, I felt the warmth of her cheek against mine. Her lips were so close to my ear. My crotch chains rocked like bellows and the smoldering within me suddenly flared causing a ripple of contractions through my muscles.

"Yes," I whispered.

"Yes what?" she asked.

I sucked in a few gulps of air attempting to get the courage to speak. "Whip me," I cried, "some more."

Her lips pressed softly on my neck just below my ear for a fleeting moment before she stepped away. As she did a flood of tears began to pour from my eyes accompanied by a full-voiced cry of despair. Years worth of bunched up emotion began to flood from my body sweeping me along with it. I heard the sound of the lash slapping flesh and chain links rattling for several strokes before I even felt the fires that its bite ignited. And I screamed as loudly as I could.

After this point, I was no longer a reliable witness to the events that were unfolding in that small reflective universe. All I know is that the flogging seemed to last forever. Sometimes Anais used the flogger as gently as a brush. Other times the whipping was fast and furious.

Throughout the time, Anais encouraged me to scream and cry. She peppered me with questions that I do not recall. Nor do I recall if I answered the questions with answers relevant to inquiry, or even if I was capable of answering at all.

My vision was a fuzzy, gray canvas upon which swirls of color exploded and faded with each stroke. Vaguely, I sensed a renewed ferocity in the lashes. I could no longer react, or scream, or think as I hung by my wrists. Anais was swinging so hard, that she was grunting. Indeed she let forth a desperate cry between each stroke as if to give life to my own missing voice.

Finally, she let forth a piercing feral cry and the flogger popped like a whip. Unlike all the previous strokes which were like slaps, this final stroke was a laceration that struck like a genus of daggers across my left shoulder blade. I heard the chains rattle and stared at the floor far, far away. A few red droplets of blood splattered, making perfect little starbursts on the hard gray surface.

Surely, I was half dead - hanging limply in the silence - murdered by my own reflection. Who investigates inter-universe crime? Would this be considered a suicide?

A wailing cry slowly filtered into my head. I tried to move my mouth to see if the cry was mine. I do not think that it was. A roar intruded into our small universe. A train perhaps. I opened my eyes to see cold metal links of chain falling all around me and tumbling across the floor. The cuffs holding my wrists fell away and I began to collapse, but Anais caught my body and lowered me gently and naked onto the soft blankets of the bed.

When I could, I curled into a ball and Anais wrapped herself around me, holding me when I felt like I might fall off her reality, stroking my hair, and shushing me to lie still and recover.

I faded in and out. Sometimes I was shaking uncontrollably. Sometimes I was lying beside both myself and Anais.

I felt a coolness on my back. Anais was dabbing my skin with lotion. It felt nice until she touched the one last spot on my left side and my own ragged scream informed me that my voice had returned from wherever it had gone to hide.

"Shhh," Anais comforted. "The salve will numb it in a moment."

My head was cradled in her lap. I wrapped my arms around her waist and held on as tightly as I could.

Later, when I had some strength, I raised my head slightly and pulled Anais even more closely. I ran my hand up her back. It felt textured and hot. I looked into her eyes and saw that they were red and swollen from tears of her own. Indeed, her back was red and swollen as well. It was covered in raised welts and a vicious cut was ripped into the flesh of her right shoulder blade.

"Oh my god, Anais, you're bleeding!"

She nodded her head and coughed up a ragged chuckle. "Sympathy welts... I am your reflection after all..."

I reached for the tube of salve, but Anais snatched it before me. "No!"

She heaved the tube up towards the ceiling and I watched in fade into the haze.

"We need to put something on your back," I complained.

Anais pointed to a space on the bed, and, when I looked, a new tube of salve dropped from above.

I smirked at her, but picked up the tube and began applying it to her back just as she had mine. Soon, I found that attending to her wounds made me forget my own.

After I had applied the salves and they had absorbed into her skin, Anais rolled over and looked up at me, smiling. She was so pretty and soft lying there beneath me, not the hard, whip-wielding bitch that she wanted me to think that she was.

I leant over and kissed her lips. She pulled me closer and returned my advance. She tickled my sides with the lightest touch of her fingers. We rolled onto our sides and looked at each other for a moment with smiles on our faces. Then Anais placed her hand on my abdomen and slowly slid it down until her fingers began to thread through the thatch of my sex.

"Marmot!" she croaked in a froggish voice and we both started laughing while tears ran from our eyes.

Once settled, though, we kissed again and the bed became flooded with a tide of arousal and we swam together - tucking and twirling, twisting and thrusting. Our hands sculled the arousal into small pools from which we drank with our tongues and lips. Belly to belly we porpoised atop the surface of the bed. We pressed one another for fingerholds and textured places and breathed when we could above the lapping waves of love.

We surfaced, legs kicking, holding one another closely. In a syncopated dance we raised an arm to the sky in a graceful curve. Our backs arched and we sang a note, then another, and another, sustained, then another and slowly sank below the surface - a descending spin until we settled, exhausted.

A coil of chains snaked their way onto the bed and gathered my limbs, neck, and waist. The links shortened me into a soft round drop. Anais wrapped her body around my back and pulled me close - a soft, warm fortress against the elements. Her breathing behind my ear became slow and deep. I was safe, secure, loved.

* * *

I awoke from a peaceful sleep, alone. I expected that I would open my eyes to find myself in my own room and that my story had all been a dream. But, alas, I found myself still in Anais's room with it's stacks of books and featureless ceiling.

The chains had fled me, mostly. I wore a single matted steel plate that covered my sex like a thong panty. The belt was tight and the fit was seamless. The single aberration upon the smooth surface was sturdy D-ring deep between my thighs. And, from there ran a chain across the sheets and over the edge of the bed.

I pressed my palm hard against the plate to sooth a buzz that lingered from the night before, but the surface was impenetrable and my sex lay well locked away.

I crawled to the edge of the bed and saw that the other end of my chain, my chastity leash, was connected to a staple embedded in the floor.


I stepped out of bed and tiptoed into the bathroom.

As luck would have it Anais also entered the bathroom at the exact same time, yet she was on the other side of my mirror. She was on the side on which I was supposed to be. And I had no choice but to mimic her movements as we brushed out our hair and checked our lipstick.

When Anais spoke, I formed the same words and they fell from my lips, but they were not mine. Neither did my face belie the sense I had of blood draining from it.

"Hey Fuckypoo! Good night's rest? You snore, bitch!" Ah... vile Anais.

"I was thinking about this girl in England, Jenny, as you slept," Anais continued. "I looked into the future. Extrapolated, if you will. You two would fall in love, deeply, no doubt - a disgustingly sweet love. You would be together. But after a few years you would both realize that something was missing. You would both wait for the other to be the bitch for once. Perhaps, you would alternate, desperately trying to fill the bitch roll that you both need so badly. But, it's a role that neither of you want. You will become sad. You'll cling to one another out of duty, or fear of the alternative. You'll fucking die with only half lived lives. And that's just a big ball of fucking suck!"

Anais and I checked our eyelashes for length and appeal. Behind them my eyes were cool and calm, not dilated with fear like they should have been.

"So, I decided that since I have the one ingredient that you lack, not to mention some practice with a flogger, I will go on your three month trip to England. I will bring back the love of your life."

We were admiring the sparkle and movement of some dangly earrings that Anais had chosen.

"You'll have to wait for me to return, Siana. Rest. Read some books. They were all custom written for you, after all. Do whatever you do when you're not doing anything... Er... Except, you may have noticed that you are wearing a chastity belt. So, you can't do that!" We smiled a sassy smile at one another. "There is no key. Sorry! I figure that the more frustrated that you are, the more satisfied that I will be. Balance!"

I don't know anything about her universe. What could she possibly know of mine? I wanted to scream at her. I wanted to stop her, even if just to warn her. But, she was in control. "They say that to love someone you must first love yourself. So, after last night, it sounds like I'm all set to seduce Jenny, eh?"

We adjusted our blouse a bit and flinched from the pain in our shoulder blade. "Ooo! That still hurts like a fucking bitch, doesn't it?" Anais said. "I left more salve for you in the steamer trunk."

I didn't remember seeing a steamer trunk in Anais's room...

"Apply some whenever it becomes too sore... One more thing..."

We turned around and picked up a hammer that I had not noticed before. "I need to do this to keep you safe. I'll get a new one when Jenny and I come back home. A better one. One that doesn't leak so badly."

We winked at each other and smiled a pretty smile. A fucking smile. I didn't want to be smiling!

"Safe travels! Don't die!"

No! Anais, wait! The screams in my head did not crack the surface of Anais's smile.

We lifted the hammer high over our heads and swung it at the mirror.

I jumped back in order the avoid the shards of glass as the mirror shattered into a million pieces. However, all the shards seemed to fall onto Anais's side.

The chain attached to my chastity belt suddenly pulled sharply and I tumbled backwards through the bathroom door and into a heap on the floor of the bedroom. The bathroom door slammed shut and faded into the wall. A new bookshelf covered in randomly placed colorful books filled in the spot.

I jumped to my feet, ran to where the bathroom door had been, and began tearing books off the shelves trying to see if I could still get back into the bathroom. I only found a hard, gray cement wall.

With an angry scream, I pulled an entire row of books from the shelf and flung them out across of the room. As they tumbled and slid across the floor, I discovered that Anais's universe had changed. The room was smaller. The rack of clothes were gone. Even the shirt that Anais had been wearing in the mirror had been ripped from my body. I placed my trembling hand over my beating heart - my naked breast. The bed was gone. All that remained were the books and a large steamer trunk into which my chastity leash led. There were no doors. There were no mirrors.

I ran from wall to wall pulling more books from the shelves, throwing them about in frustration, until I tripped over some and landed sprawled across a pile of hardbacks and bent pages and chain. I lay, out of breath, whimpering in denial.

A piece of paper was taped to the open lid of the trunk - a note. I stumbled to my feet and clambered over piles of books.

"Dear Siana," it said. "Grab some books to read and close yourself in the trunk. I know you are angry at me right now, but I really love you with all my heart. So, trust me! Get in the fucking trunk. If you can't trust me, who will you trust, right? I love you!"

The note was signed simply, "Me".

And there was a post script: "Get in the fucking trunk, Siana! Do it! Now!"

I ripped the message off the lid and wadded it up into a ball. "Fuck!" I screamed. "I hate you!"

I threw the wadded note as hard as I could. It bounced off one of the bookshelves and shot up towards the ceiling, where it disappeared into the void.

A sense of horror crept over me as I realized that the ceiling void seemed lower than it had been before. Wispy tendrils of nothingness slowly streamed briefly from the featureless surface. Holy shit! The room was being eaten by this nothingness!

A strange guttural roar echoed through the space shaking the very foundations of the universe. I grabbed a couple of armloads of books and heaved them into the trunk. I jumped over the edge and landed on soft padding. I yanked my chastity leash inside with me.

The lighting in the room had started to flicker and a swirling wind arose causing book pages to flap and swirl. I took one last look around and with a whimper pulled the heavy lid down over me. The rim seated itself firmly within the tight groove to form a perfect seal and locks ratcheted closed sealing me inside.

I crouched, trembling in the trunk as the sides shook and creaked, strafed by blowing debris.

Oh, please, Anais, please come back for me!

The End

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