Unique Blends
From The Slavegirl Chronicles
by slavegirl

Part 1

Every morning I ride my bicycle before work. The exercise eases the stress from my accounting job and the long hours associated with client demands. For over a year the bankrupt hardware store at the edge of town stood vacant. The attached boarding house had long ago been foreclosed with no takers. Then for the past month workmen have been remodeling both places. I scanned the paper for information on the new owners but found nothing. No announcement appeared of a grand opening either. Yesterday on the way home from the office I drove by to see what was happening. To my surprise a blonde girl sat on the patio. Wondering what kind of business was opening I parked my car and walked up to the door.

"We will start serving tomorrow morning," the girl said.

"Serving what?" I asked.

"Why coffee, of course," she pointed to the marquee - UNIQUE BLENDS.

I looked up to the sign then back to her. She was the perfect man magnet; there wasn't a male on the planet who would be able to resist her. She wore a short black leather skirt, a see-through white blouse clearly revealing her pierced nipples, along with net stockings and black patent knee high boots. The snug fitting lace-up boots were stunning high heeled masterpieces with eleven inch stiletto heels accented by six inch platforms. All this accompanying her iridescent green eye shadow made me think she was going out to a party.

"You looking for a job?" she asked.

"I already have one."

"Well, we're hiring. You've got a terrific body. Just what we're looking for." Her ruby red lips smiled. "Come back tomorrow. Chad will be here."

"Thanks." I smiled back. "I'll think about it." Before reaching my car I returned to the girl. "Who shall I say recommended me?"

"Kiki, but some people call me Kinky, which I am. And you are?"

"Vicki." If I was going to do this, leaving my given name, Victoria, behind seemed right.

"Okay. See you tomorrow, Vicki." A customer approached from the parking lot and Kiki gave him her full attention.

On the drive home I wondered how a coffee shop on the edge of town could expect to succeed. While I wasn't looking for a job I sure could use a change. Calling in sick I arrived at the coffee shop just after nine the next morning. The blonde Kiki sat on the patio as before only this time she wore a backless red dress, her shoes were clear platforms with six inch stiletto heels. When she turned to greet me I couldn't take my eyes off her stainless steel collar. The chain running from the D ring on Kiki's collar to an eye bolt mounted in the cement patio floor shocked me. The chain was short. It stretched between her collar and the eyebolt when she was seated, the chain was way too short for Kiki to be able to stand up.

Kiki must have sensed my uneasiness because she motioned for me to sit in the chair next to her.

"You came back." She handed me a menu.

I studied the entrees. "Are these prices correct?"

"Sure are."

The place was packed with men in business suits. "They pay $50.00 and more for a cup of coffee?"

"Sure do."


"Not so amazing when you understand the format." Kiki waved to a tall man wearing a black shirt and matching pants. He stopped at her side. "Chad, this is Vicki. She's looking for a job."

Before I could correct Kiki, Chad motioned for me to follow him. Walking past rows of tables I was so nervous my mind didn't take in the varied activity. At the back of the main room Chad opened a door marked OFFICE. There was only a large mahogany desk with a chair behind. As I stood on the opposite side of the desk Chad's eyes roamed up and down my body. Not knowing what to do with my hands I held them behind my back. For some inexplicable reason I sensed I shouldn't move. I stood motionless for so long my legs began to ache.

"So, you're looking for a job?"

"Actually, I have a job, but I'm bored."

Chad smiled. "You won't be bored here. We provide room, board, clothing, and a small base salary. You keep all your tips."

As my mind calculated the financial implications Chad stood up and walked around me, touching my breasts and butt. I swallowed to keep from letting out a squeal.

"This black pencil skirt and white silk blouse will do for today. Take off your bra."

I did as I was told, leaving my blouse unbuttoned to the waist.

Chad picked up a set of stainless steel collar and cuffs connected with chain. Within seconds they were on me. He led me with the chain to a table just inside the front door holding Unique Blends one-page laminated menus. He slid one in my mouth then stood back to observe the image.

"Exactly what we need, right?"

I raised my eyebrows and nodded yes.

He looked down, "Just need one more thing to complete the package." Chad knelt down and locked a cuff on my ankle with a short chain and locked the end to the table leg.

Chad stepped forward, his nose inches away. His intense eyes peered into mine, straight to my soul. At this point he knew me better than I knew me. I would do whatever was required to land this job.

"I want you to be silent, not one word for the entire day. After a customer takes a menu, make sure you immediately replace it with another from the table. A menu in your mouth will be an effective tool for keeping you quiet. Do you understand?"

I nodded 'yes'.

"Do you have any questions?"

I shook my head 'no'.

"How many menus are on the table?"

I turned to look at the stack. What did he want? I turned back to him and shrugged.

"Very good, you're a quick learner. At the end of the day, if you work out, you'll have twenty-four hours to put your affairs in order before you move in here." He turned and walked away.

Just as quickly as Chad disappeared, my first customer, a dapper man with trimmed beard and sparkling blue eyes, stepped over the threshold. He withdrew the menu from my mouth before striding off to take a stool at the counter. I no sooner replaced the menu when a group of three entered. The first guy took a menu from my mouth then stepped aside to watch his companions each withdraw their personal menus. They smiled as I placed a new menu between my lips and curtseyed to each.

Over the next several hours a steady stream of men retrieved their menus, I curtseyed and they moved on to an open seat at tables out of my sight. There was always a stack of menus but I was so busy I couldn't say how the supply was maintained. As a muscular fellow took his menu I caught sight of Chad out of the corner of my eye. I couldn't help but wonder if he had been watching me to see how I was handling the steady stream of men.

When a band of five men reached me I became so intent on dispensing menus efficiently I completely lost track of Chad. Not until all the tables emptied later in the day did he reappear. He removed the last menu from my mouth and placed it on the table before releasing my ankle cuff. Then, taking hold of my neck chain, he led me to his office.

"You've done well. The curtsey adds a charming touch. We'll stay with that." He removed the collar and cuffs. I felt naked. "Take the next twenty-four hours to get your affairs in order. When you return on Friday, we'll fill you in on the particulars of your job."

Chad picked up a ledger from his desk. I was unceremoniously excused.

Kiki was still sitting in her chained position on the patio when I exited. "You did a super great job today."

"How do you know?"

"Every client said so." She handed me a wad of bills.

"What's this?"

"Your tips. See you Friday."

Before starting the car, I counted the money. One hundred seventy five dollars. For my first day and with no training I already earned more than my accounting job. My body reacted in shock, disbelief, and some trepidation. Was this a legitimate way to make a living? I felt confident that I had done nothing wrong.

In order to pay off student loans, I was living in a furnished room with a month- to-month rental agreement. On the way home, I bought a bottle of wine and a frozen dinner for the microwave. As I sipped Chablis, I considered the pros and cons of what I was about to do.

While the pros outweighed the cons by a landslide, I decided to sleep on my decision. Dreams of being chained and told what to do filled my head. I woke up wet, my heart beating in my head.

Over the next twenty-four hours I quit my job, moved personal possessions into storage and informed my landlady I would be moving out Friday morning. I drove to Unique Blends before the scheduled opening hour. Chad waited in the parking lot and directed me to a space behind the building. He took me into his office through a security door. Waiting for us was a young woman wearing a short black lace dress that was short enough to just barely show her butt cheeks. She was forced to stand very, very straight because of the singleglove holding her elbows together behind her back and a book perched precariously on top of her head.

"This is Sasha," Chad said. "She will show you around and get you settled."

Chad removed the book from Sasha's head. "You may go now."

Following Sasha through a portal and along a well-lit tunnel I became acutely aware of her sky high black patent shoes. Sasha's ability to walk in those extreme high heels as if she were a runway model truly amazed me, especially since she did this with her arms in the singleglove behind her. Sasha was the complete personification of confident female elegance and grace while still exuding tasteful sensuality. When we reached a metal door, Sasha raised her foot and pressed her toe against a button located low on the wall. The door rolled up revealing a spacious living room with soft leather couches and a wide screen television.

Sasha finally spoke. "This is where we relax at the end of the day if we have been good."

Hearing those words made my hands sweaty, while other parts of me simultaneously tingled with mixed anticipation.

Sasha continued with the tour. We approached a door which seemed to open automatically. "Here's the gym. We're required to work out at least an hour every day to stay in shape."

My eyes grew big as saucers at the sight of the state of the art gym. In the corner a girl in ballet boots stood chained to an exercise bar with a leather discipline hood laced over her head. I couldn't help but admire the girl's body as she quietly stood waiting patiently. I wondered if the girl's ears might have been plugged because she showed no indication of being aware of our presence even though Sasha and I were talking very close to her. Sasha made her presence know by walking over and striking the girl five times about her butt and thighs with a riding crop. The girl jumped, shuddered for a bit until resuming her quiet isolation.

"For two days in a row, she ended her workout fifteen minutes early," Sasha explained. "Now she will have an additional hour added to her workout each day for the next week."

We continued on to the kitchen. "Wake up is five in the morning. First it's to the Gym. Breakfast follows exactly at seven, then on to the showers and dressing room." Sasha looked me squarely in the eye. "Don't ever be late."

While I desperately wanted to know what would happen from any lateness, Sasha moved on to the sleeping area, a block of four rows of three high bunks. Each bunk showed off different bedding: some solid colors, stripes, a couple with polka dots.

"You'll be on the top bunk here." From a coffee table, Sasha knelt down and picked up a key with her lips and rose to offer it to me. As I took it, she continued, "This is for the lock box in the wall at the head of the bed. Keep your valuables and tips in there."

I took note of the white velvet comforter so I would know where to return before Sasha guided me back to the living room where a tray with coffee and sweet rolls had been placed on the round glass table. Sasha motioned with her head for me to sit next to her on the black leather couch. Then turning her back to me she said, "Coffee time for us, undo the laces on the singleglove for me now." And in a minute her arms were free. After quickly flexing her shoulders, she continued, "You probably have questions but first let me lay out the three fundamental house rules. No smoking. Always be on time and properly prepared for your assignments whether they be cleaning or when you are serving in the cafe. Speaking is only allowed during your free time in the living room or while you are in the office. These rules are absolute and non-negotiable."

Sasha added cream to her coffee. I did the same. "So, any questions?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"Who documents that I've adhered to the rules?"

Sasha looked up towards the corner of the room. I looked up also. "Cameras and microphones are installed in the corners of every room throughout the facility."

"How many girls stay here?"

"Including you, eleven."

"What did you mean about being on time for assignments?"

"Each of us is designated a different chore each week to maintain the complex. We're also placed at different posts in the coffee shop. Chores and their locations are rotated weekly."

I sipped my coffee. As much as I wanted a sweet roll, I deferred. Appearance was imperative, and I didn't want to jeopardize my body in any way. No extra calories for this girl.

Sasha got up. "Chad was impressed with the way you handled the menus. That will remain as your work position for your first week. He has selected an outfit for you to wear. Come, I will prepare you for the day."

We walked up three steps to a huge dressing room. Twelve vanities with their associated lights and mirrors and their tops covered with cosmetics filled the space. After a few moments I realized the traditional small benches were present at all except one. Sasha led me to the eleventh vanity where a girl was quietly waiting on all fours to be my human vanity bench.

"Have a seat," Sasha instructed.

I hesitated.

"She's strong enough to hold you. It's her penalty this week. Just sit down halfway between her shoulders and her hips. Your weight will cause her back to arch and you'll find her quite comfortable to sit on."

Carefully I let my body ease onto the back of the naked girl. Sasha proceeded to apply my makeup. A light blush rouge, red lipstick with lip gloss added, and glittery pink eye shadow completed my new look. When my hair was swept up into a burst of curls I truly didn't recognize myself.

"Now, remove your clothes."

I did as I was told. Sasha and the girl I had been sitting on pulled a special shiny black latex body suit with cutouts that left both my breasts and my pussy noticeably on display. The body suit was followed by black latex gloves and ankle socks. Now the only skin showing was my face, my breasts, and my pussy. To this was added a charming short little scoop-necked sleeveless pink latex dress which did a good job of letting the magic trio of my pussy, breasts, and the curve of my derrière peak out provocatively. As I was admiring my reflection, I couldn't help but notice how my eyes glimmered from the attention my body received.

Sasha had me step into tall pink six inch stiletto ankle boots that pushed my small size six feet past vertical. They fit well and made my legs look quite nice, also. But my first thought was, 'What are these going to feel like after standing for eight hours?'

Sasha next began locking metal bands around my ankles, above my knees, my wrists, and above my elbows. The metal bands placed around my neck and waist were wider than the other bands. After chains were strung from the D rings on the bands Sasha stood back to admire her handywork.

"Well, there are some adjustments to be made before we are finished here."

And to say that the chains were adjusted would be ludicrous. That the chains were significantly shortened and tight enough to make me wince was fact. The elbow bands were connected to each other across both the front and back of my body; the chains pulled my elbows snug against my rig cage. The wrist bands were joined with a mere six inches of chain between them along with a chain running from my wrists and going between my breasts was connected to the neck band. My hands could go no lower than my waist and because of chains that were also running from my wrists to my knees, I couldn't raise my hands above my waist while I was standing. My knee bands were mated with four inches of chain, while my ankle bands were graced with six inches. Hobbled in implacable chain. Yes, it would be short feminine steps for me today.

Sasha stepped back to evaluate me, then she slowly circled around, and examined every detail of my body, it even felt as if she were looking into my mind. Finally she added, "You are exactly the same size and shape as Kiki. There will be times when you could replace Kiki and Kiki could trade places with you. There is one detail to complete before we will be able to do this, however."

Now I knew that she did look into my mind. "I know what it is... you need to pierce my nipples."

"Vicki, you are incredibly intuitive. Yes, we will pierce your nipples today." Sasha paused in thought for a moment, "In fact, we'll pierce then right now, come with me." She led me at a moderate pace because of my hobbles to a special suite behind the office where her piercing equipment was set up. I inquired, "You said I was intuitive, how did you know of my admiration of Kiki's pierced nipples?"

"It's something girls just know. Mine are pierced also. You'll be part of a select sorority, and the side effects are a dream come true."

"What side effects?"

"You won't believe how sensual your nipples will become. Bras will become a thing of the past, because when you experience your naked nipples moving under your clothing, you'll never put on a bra again. There will be times you will move about just to experience the eroticism some more. You will become a sex sensation junkie. There's no way to avoid it."

"OK, you've got me hooked. Please complete the alterations to make me Kiki's double."

And she did. I was shocked, I was taken aback when she reached down with her wicked, yet charming smile and started to prepare my clit to be pierced also.

"Huh?" I said.

Sasha responded to my question with, "Kiki's pierced here also."

After my clit was pierced, Sasha offered me a glass of water with some round pills and one capsule. "These are special medical preparations that will markedly shorten the healing process of the piercings."

Sasha appraised my situation. "Charming, to say the least. I believe you are now ready to be presented."

With cameras watching my every move I knew I dare not falter on the walk to my place at the front door. Sasha gently led me to my menu station, promptly connecting my neck chain to a newly installed post adjacent to the menu table.

Damn, they changed the menu table! The new table was only about eighteen inches high. Since my hands couldn't reach below my waist, I was now forced to squat down in order to pick up a menu and place it in my mouth. My movement couldn't get any more restrictive, could it? Well, Sasha thought my presentation could be enhanced a bit more. With a smirk on her face, she moved the menu table so it was behind me as I faced the front door. My new instructions were to turn and face away from the front door when the next customer came through the door. Then I was to squat down while bending forward to pick up the next menu, thereby ensuring each customer their own personal view of my derrière as I picked up their menu.

In short order my nipples woke up to the dilemma before them. They were provocatively displayed through the cutout latex covering. The day had yet to begin and my erect nipples were already screaming 'look at me and my new nipple rings'. My pussy also became moist, fully aware of the visual display it provided. My hands were chained at waist level... no way to avoid a customer's contact with my nipples or my pussy while I demurely stood at my station with a menu in my mouth attending to my distribution duties.

Sasha was aware of my vulnerability also, and solved the dilemma my new piercings presented. She returned a few minutes later and taped a sign above my breasts that read:

Breasts and Pussy are Off Limits but Her Butt Needs Attention

Getting my daily exercise would be unavoidable while I was almost constantly bobbing up and down to get each subsequent menu from the deliberately low table. I dared not forget to include the obligatory curtsey to each customer receiving a menu. There was now a whole new meaning to the childhood phrase, 'Silence is Golden.'

The first guy started to reach for a menu then stopped. "Well, in that outfit your breasts and pussy are demanding attention, but your ass will do as a reasonable alternative," he chuckled before pinching my butt and then applying five brisk swats. "Nice. Very nice," he said as he walked away with the bill of fare. By the time we got to the lull after lunch my butt was spanked more times than I could count. My butt being caressed became the standard for all. I was either spanked then caressed, or caressed then spanked. I suffered, and soon began to appreciate the unending barrage of eagerly attentive hands on my butt.

Well, suffered may be an exaggeration. What a sensation it was to experience pain followed by gentle caresses, then have gentle caresses followed by pain. The whole day alternated back and forth between gentleness and pain. Unresolved sexual confusion. Now that's a pain in the ass.

Several times I wanted to cum but knew I didn't dare. There were discretely located security cameras everywhere. This begged the question, 'Are these cameras actually for security?' Their presence was amazingly effective in controlling behavior throughout the day. An interesting variant was that the cameras in the public cafe area were smaller and surrounded by ornate facade corner pieces, which effectively disguised them quite well. If you weren't deliberately searching for them, you would never notice them. No blinking lights here, don't want to distract the clients.

When the cafe emptied at three I admit I was greatly surprised. My body had adapted to the tightness of the chains almost immediately, or perhaps my attention was focused more on what my butt was experiencing. The anxiety I felt had been from the constant tension of always being bright eyed and cheerful throughout the day... try that while you're being spanked. I had only taken a couple deep breaths and was about to sit down for the first time since we opened at eight when Chad summoned me to his office.

I stood at his desk.

"We have checked your background. No criminal record. Good credit. And excellent references as an accountant."

I knew I was blushing. At least my breasts were blushing. I could feel my blood rushing everywhere. My body was on fire. Was it the latex? The chains? The attention? Or all of the above?

"You do accounting, right?"

"Yes, that was my last job. I have a degree majoring in business with a minor in accounting."

"Very well. Chores are done every day from three until seven. Usually chores are rotated but with your accounting skills you will be permanently assigned to this office. You will keep the door open when you are in the office alone. Any questions?"

Even though I had permission to speak in the office, I opted to demonstrate my submissive persona and shook my head 'no'. He pointed to a stack of boxes on the floor behind his desk. "Receipts and bills since we started are there." He handed me a wafer thin lap top computer. "I believe all the programs you need are in here. If you require anything else to do your job, let me know."

I stood frozen in silent disbelief. I had just quit my accounting job for something which offered more diversity. And here I was right back in accounting... albeit with some wonderful diversions present, and growing by the hour.

"Well. You can start now," he growled.

"I will be able to function more efficiently if the chains are removed, Sir."

Chad hesitated a moment, realizing my obvious inability to do anything more than offer menus in my current situation. "Yes, of course. Go to Sasha and she will release you."

So with delicate little steps, I scurried off to Sasha.

She smiled as I approached, saying, "I knew you'd be back to see me, after all, I'm the only one with the keys to remove those chains. Footstool, get over here."

The girl who earlier was my bench rushed over to me and immediately started releasing the restrictive chains.

Sasha suggested 'footstool' could relieve me of the built up sexual tension I suffered from the day's activities. "And Cunt, Vicki's clit was pierced today, so stay away from her clit while you titillate her pussy. If you put your heart and soul into this, I'm sure your oral talents will excel numerous times while your mouth and tongue are pleasing Vicki. Do this well or I promise you will be whipped by all of us. Understood, Cunt?"

Footstool, Cunt, whoever she was, nodded silently as she dove into my pussy with a smile on her face. She approached my pussy a bit from the side, so her nose wouldn't be agitating the clit piercing. Her talent was immediately apparent. She is my new BFF.

Sasha came over and handed me a small whip, "Use this on her if she needs encouragement, as she often does, so don't hesitate in it's application. These individual incentives are what this cunt lives for."

An additional portal opened to shine the light of awareness upon yet another aspect of the inner workings of Unique Blends.

I don't know how many orgasms I experienced but footstool left me sexually spent on the carpet wanting only to sleep. Of course Sasha would never allow such a luxury.

"Based on your excellent performance today Chad allowed you this short window of enjoyment. Now you've got to get back to the office. You know the way."

Walking on unsteady legs I made my way through the cafe now teeming with cleanup activity. The office door stood open. Only me and the surveillance cameras occupied the room. As I sorted the paperwork in the first box my mind began to focus on the task at hand. Later Sasha arrived to escort me to my first evening meal at Unique Blends. I was initially confused about my surroundings but quickly reassured when I saw Sasha's irresistible smile.

Two empty chairs remained at the long dining table. Sasha took one. I knew the other chair was mine because an envelope with my name in black ink was on the white china plate. When I started to open the envelope Sasha shook her head no. Lasagna and salad were spread out on the table. When Sasha gestured with her hand, the girls started to fill their plates and pass the containers on. It had become clear that while Chad was the cafe manager, Sasha was in charge of the girls.

As I ate I stole a glance around the table to get an idea about the other girls. I definitely felt curious when I noticed Kiki and Chad sat next to each other obeying the rule of silence like everyone else. They obviously respected our active silence rule and were setting a good example. The silence factor inhibited any interaction with my coworkers. Names, backgrounds, everything remained an unknown entity at this point.

When the meal was finished Sasha passed me a note: "You've had a long full day. Go to bed. We start early in the morning."

I picked up the mystery envelope and found my bunk. The bed had been turned down inviting me to fall instantly asleep. Only I had to know the contents of the envelope. The flap opened easily to reveal two hundred fifty dollars in cash. A gasp escaped my throat. With the money safely in my lock box I fell sound asleep.

A loud blaring horn woke me. Several girls were up when I tumbled down from my bunk. Single file we paraded to the gym. The girls ahead of me checked a list on the wall to find their designated exercise. Next to Vicki was EXERCISE BICYCLE. How did they know? I eagerly climbed on and started peddling only to find the bike had been preprogramed for a road up the Alps. Shortly into the ride my breathing was coming in gasps and my thighs hurt. Not wanting penalties for stopping early I closed my eyes and imagined I was actually on a mountain road with the prize of a Gold Medal waiting for me at the top. When the bell sounded to end the session I was drenched in sweat, but I had successfully completed the required exercise.

I was looking forward to sitting down for breakfast but the chairs had been removed from the table. While standing up, it doesn't take long to eat a bowl of oatmeal topped with cinnamon. When I arrived at the showers I had to wait for another girl to finish. This would cost me time in the dressing room. I needed to do better tomorrow. My latex outfit from yesterday had been cleaned and hung next to my vanity, and footstool waited for me. I was on my own for makeup and hair so did my best to replicate the details from yesterday. When I finished, footstool rose and installed my bands and chains all nice and tight, as before. Sasha would be proud of her diligence.

Careful not to fall, I hobbled to join the line waiting to be inspected before entering the cafe. Getting Sasha's approval, I took up my post at the front door. A few minutes later Chad came by to lock me to the pole. Distributing menus took the same script as before. That is until noon when an obviously rich playboy refused to take a menu without first talking to the manager. Chad was summoned and they had a quiet conversation off to the side. Deep down I feared I had done something wrong and might be punished.

I watched Chad accept several one hundred dollar bills. He immediately moved a table with one chair beside me. The playboy sat down and gleefully pulled my neck chain as he did so. A girl served him espresso on a gold plated tray. He swatted her bottom as she walked away.

The playboy's attention then turned to me. He enjoyed watching other clients receive their menus and tweak my various body parts. He copied their actions only harder and longer. He developed a fondness for pulling down on my neck chain, telling me to keep my legs straight, and then spanking me until I started to squirm. This delighted him no end. When there was a lull the playboy walked around me, blatantly devouring every inch of my body with his eyes. On his last examination of the day he took hold of my hair and pulled my head back so far I looked straight up to the ceiling. He held me there until the next person came in requiring a menu, at which time he finally let go.

On his way out the door he stuffed a hundred dollar bill in my right hand. "Until next time," he whispered into my ear.

The attention had so rattled me I didn't realize when closing time arrived. Chad came to release me and led me back to the office. An overstuffed chair stood next to the boxes.

"Sit," Chad instructed.

"You have become quite the attraction. Word has spread about your charming personality with a body to match. Every man who sees you is fascinated by your beauty and submissive demeanor. You and Kiki have become the best advertising we could ever imagine. We may keep you at the front door more than a week."

Knowing I could speak in the office, I said, "I'm pleased to be of service."

Chad sat behind his desk. "How long do you anticipate you will need to set up our accounts?"

"A couple of days. Then I can input the information in order to prepare spread sheets along with budgets and financial reports."

"Goodness, you really do know what you are doing." Chad fiddled with a pen. "I'll be going to the bank Monday; you'll go with me."

Chad returned to his computer and I took up where I had left off yesterday sorting and organizing paperwork. This turned out to be a good thing, as bits and pieces of information were coming to life about Unique Blends.

The 'Silence Rule' had curtailed communication between the girls and at first this went unchallenged because of the large amounts of money being earned. So much was accepted without hesitation. Still, I was starting to have many doubts, but how could we question when we weren't allowed to talk?

Were the other girls also somewhat kinky with at least latent dominant/submissive traits being nurtured and brought to the surface by the cafe's suggestive atmosphere? This internal fascination is certainly what I was experiencing. And my small erotic spark was gradually being fanned into an inferno of desire for more.

While we were allowed to speak inside the living room, little time was actually available due to unending demands on our 'free' time. I only knew a handful of people at Unique Blends: Kiki, Chad, Sasha, footstool, and the girl in the toe shoes who was locked to the exercise bar. Great! I've been here two days, I know five people, and only three of those by name. I considered 'footstool' to be a designation rather than a name.

I only talked to Kiki the morning of our first meeting and then twice the day after, when she introduced me to Chad and when she gave me my tips. Since then she's been chained out on the patio and I've been locked inside silently handing out menus with my mouth. Then there was Chad, who 'introduced' Sasha as she was standing there so cute with a book balanced on her head. Sasha brought me to footstool, and the tour of the gym brought the knowledge of the girl locked to the exercise bar. Other than that, the other girls are unknown entities, no more than sensuous bodies walking silently one behind the other to breakfast. There were no other specific individuals. We all dress in submissive slave personas. We all act as slaves within these walls. Are we actually becoming slaves?

The incessant 'security' cameras and strict rules silently enforce this behavior upon us as intensely as any prison walls ever could. The mention of penalties causes strict adherence to the rules without the need for shouting or insidious behavior on Sasha's or Chad's part.

I wondered what would happen if I challenged these rules. How bad could life be? I seem to be one of the privileged girls here, and I could leave at any time, couldn't I? While working on the accounting information, additional information came to the surface. The most surprising was that Unique Blends was not a new enterprise, but an expansion of a national chain. There were other 'Blends' available in NYC, Chicago, Miami, and San Francisco. Each name had its own original preface. In order, they were: Intense, Serious, Tropical, Satisfying, and Stimulating. There was no mention regarding the reason our location became Unique rather than Stimulating.

No wonder Chad, along with whomever he brought with him, were able to establish a smooth functioning operation so quickly. They surely must have been hand picked from the other locations and arrived with all the rules and procedures as previously established operational foundations.

Now I had more questions than ever. Besides Chad, who else is 'experienced'?

Sasha had informed me of our daily schedule parameters, but Sunday was never mentioned. Ah, good old Sunday, always associated with peace and tranquility.

* * *


Sunday morning erupted with the same klaxon-like sound as Saturday. There was no doubt that we woke up at 7:00 on Sundays. No snooze button available. The schedule for today was posted by the doorway.

7:30 Group Meeting in the living room. DON'T BE LATE!

Such a short, intensely intimidating imperative, oozing with ominous intent. This was turning out to be an eye opening experience for me. Thirteen girls were present. Sasha said with my arrival there were eleven girls; where did the other two girls come from?

Chad went to the front, "Welcome one and all to our first General Meeting. Unique Blends has officially opened and the future looks promising for us all. Since many of our operating personnel come from other cities, we will start with introductions all around. You all know me, so I'm going to begin by introducing our newest member, Vicki. She is a skilled accountant when she's not working in the entryway as our charming attendant giving out menus. She'll soon be assisting in other positions as well." Not knowing what else to do, I mouthed 'thank you'.

"Now we'll go around the room and have you each introduce yourselves, and then tell us what duties you fulfill. This will give Vicki an understanding of our operation and put her more at ease." Chad held up a riding crop, which he passed to his left. "Let's start with Sasha."

"Hi, I'm the personnel coordinator and responsible for the smooth operation of the Unique Blends complex. Initial contact with each of you has allowed me to start to get to know you. My main job is instilling the need to follow the house rules. Now I'll pass the speaking crop to Kiki."

"Like Sasha, everybody knows me as the Eye Candy out front attracting potential new customers. Sometimes, as in Vicki's case, I become instrumental in attracting new staff members. Now let's go over to our Coffee Bar girls."

Opal continued, "Hi Vicki, glad to meet you. We're Opal and Ruby. We keep fresh coffee perking." They giggled at their insider joke. "If a client requests a special coffee we're responsible for at least matching, and hopefully exceeding, his taste expectations." Ruby touched the crop. "Otherwise we are punished." She quickly gave the floor to the waitresses.

"Hello, Vicki. I'm Amy and the other waitresses are Mora, Marigold, and Candi. We not only fill coffee orders, we have our bodies available for whatever our clients want to do short of intercourse. You will notice we always dress provocatively to encourage this." The girls bobbed their heads in agreement.

Chad took the crop from Amy. "The remaining four girls comprise our cafe entertainment. Tutu and Tami are performers, while Daffi, originally known as Daffodil, and Rose provide us with Display Art. Shows and displays are provided at different locations in the serving area throughout the day." Chad paused. "There is an additional piece of information that Vicki will find of interest. Your nickname appears to be 'V'. At least that's what everyone has been using. Well, that about rounds it up as far as personnel, any questions?"

With no questions, I found the crop in my hand, "I've been overwhelmed with everything happening so fast. Handling the menu duties, I'm isolated with no opportunity to talk to you or even see most of you. And with 'V" having naturally transpired, I will be quite pleased to be your 'V'." I stood and gave a gracious low bow. "Thank you for finding me of interest."

The whole room applauded as Chad said, "It is our pleasure to have such a charming and gracious 'V' to embellish Unique Blends."

More applause.

Chad quieted the room. "Our first few days have gone well, except for one or two hiccups. This is to be expected when a new group is formed from wide-spread origins. Our initial evaluations, along with their praise and the obligatory penalties, are next on the agenda."

Sasha took over. "Most of you have done very well, and have earned my praise. I encourage you to maintain your high standards of behavior. Special recognition goes to 'V', who superceded our expectations in every regard."

Chad cleared his throat. "However, we have two penalty recipients. Daffi and Rose, of our performance art group have fallen short. There has been little to offer either of you in regards to any offsetting actions. That is until Friday afternoon when Daffi, known to 'V' at that time as 'footstool', was given spontaneous unsolicited praise by 'V'. Daffi is now exonerated and will return to her Display Art duties tomorrow.

"This leaves Rose." Tears came to her eyes. "Failure to complete her assigned toe shoe exercises two days in a row has earned her an extra hour of toe shoe exercises every day next week. So as not to disrupt our regular cafe business, these will be completed in the afternoon after the cafe closes at 3:00."

"Are there any items that have been overlooked?"

Silence filled the room.

"Then let us proceed directly to the gym."

The equipment was immediately brought to life, teaming with a bevy of training and fitness activities taking place simultaneously. There was walking/treadmill/jogging/ running/stairs/calisthenics/weights/swimming/spa/and obstacle course activity going on all at once. Walking and treadmill activity was done in skyscraper high heels or the classic ballet boots; jogging and running were in tennis shoes or barefoot. The stair climbing machine was supervised by Chad with a riding crop in his hand. I was on 'The Stairs' for a mere fifteen minutes; that is a killer machine and I want nothing to do with the stairs in the future. The remainder were somewhat tolerable. The obstacle course wasn't being used today, but from the looks of the course only a slender flexible girl would be able to traverse the course easily.

Chad and Sasha mingled as they supervised our technique and skill learning. We all were immersed in one activity after another. As soon as we tired on one task, we advanced to another that would concentrate on a different muscle group or skill set.

Truly a busy day that incorporated positive guidance, mostly from Sasha. She would show us, by example, how to do our best at each activity. As each of us sagged in one task, Sasha would move us on to another. Her knowledge in this area allowed us to nearly exhaust our bodies without being physically miserable. She was indispensable to us all. Sasha was helpful and encouraging, but her pleasantness could be suddenly punctuated by the swift bite of her crop when a slacker made herself known.

The day finally ended and bedtime arrived. This was an invitation we could not refuse; our pillows beckoned to us with the same magnetism as Captain Ahab being drawn to the White Whale.

Monday returned to normalcy, or at least what was normal at Unique Blends. Up at 5:00, gym, breakfast, cafe. My new outfit was minimal at best. A dramatic open knit white blouse with long tapering bell sleeves. Just as Kiki's sheer blouse had clearly displayed her pierced nipples last Tuesday, this knit blouse was completing a similar task for me here on Monday. The neckline plunged all the way to my waist where it was fastened with a bit of Velcro. Below the waist was naked. With the possible exception of my recently acquired clit ring, that is. Bright red platform heels did their deed of further exaggerating my bare legs. I was not surprised when metal cuffs joined by a super short three inch chain were locked in place above my knees. What a sight I must be, a tastefully feminine white top from the waist up, and totally naked from the waist down. The hobbled knees made for an erotic exaggerated ass movement as I walked. I was sex personified.

Chad said, "There you go, the perfect outfit for going to the bank with me today."

Oh My God, with the constant activity Sunday, I had completely forgotten about going to the bank.

Chad put handcuffs on my wrists behind my back and gestured for me to leave the office with him, "Menus from 8:00 to 10:00, then we will go to the bank."

The same low table was there with its stack of ever-present menus. Added to the menu table was a special holder with a slot across the top to hold a menu up on edge. Chad pointed to the menu holder with a happy schoolboy grin on his face.

"OK, I get it." I told him. "With my back to the table, I squat down, put a menu vertically in the slot so I can turn around and with my butt displayed, I pick the menu up with my mouth and wait for the next client to arrive."

Chad clapped his hands and with a broad smile exclaimed, "Exactly!"

My first thought was, 'I can't wait to see what my tips will be today.' Then a lightning bolt jarred me... I had talked!

My eyes snapped open and Chad was nodding slowly as he said, "and V's violation of our no talking rule has garnered her a penalty."

Chad turned and left me brooding over my carelessness. Damn! I should have been more careful.

Monday morning turned out to have a very low turnout and while I had expected copious amounts of attention in my half naked state, boring was the actual result. I started looking forward to going to the bank. How I was going to go dressed like this was still a secret I didn't have any answer to. With what had transpired while I was in my previous outfits, I wouldn't put it past Chad to take me to the bank just the way I was.

Ten o'clock arrived and so did Kiki. She was to be my replacement while I was at the bank. Kiki was all smiles as she hopped over to me. She was naked by definition even while being enveloped from her neck to her knees in a leather harness. Straps were tightly wrapped around her every six inches or so. Everything was held in place except for one arm which was free for her menu task. Her feet were 'en pointe' in ballet ankle boots that were securely fastened in place with padlocks. Kiki's hopping was quickly explained when I saw her ankle cuffs were joined with a short three inch chain. With her knees strapped together, Kiki was hobbled too short to walk effectively, but still left with enough movement to balance in her ballet boots as she stood handing out the menus.

Chad approached from the other side saying, "Time for us to go to the bank, V."

He snapped the end of a chain around my neck and started leading me out the door. When we were almost to the curb he took off the handcuffs and said, "Clasp your hands together in front of you, stand facing down the block and wait here while I get the car."

Apparently Kiki had developed an avid following due to her being on display in front of Unique Blends every day. The few cars that passed elicited some horn honking, especially from the cars that approached me from behind. There must have been an active cell phone network in place. Within minutes there was almost a continuous parade of cars and a cacophony of honking taking place. A few of the cars were driven by women.

Chad returned with the car and parked beside me before leading me back into the cafe. "Enjoying yourself?" he asked.

My only realistic response was a repeated nodding of my head. There weren't really any other choices. Chad unfolded a skirt and I must admit being relieved at the option of not being taken into the bank half naked. The skirt was not the ultra short version I initially would have expected from him. It was ankle length with a side slit up past mid thigh.

I pulled the skirt up to my waist. The side slit went above the knee cuffs; I looked at Chad and pointed at them.

He said, "Not to worry, just take small steps." I spread the slit to show how easily the cuffs could be seen. Chad's response, "Not to worry, just take small steps."

Hell, with the knee cuffs joined by the three inch chain, I couldn't take a large step even if I wanted to. If I'm allowed to sit at the bank while turned towards a desk, possibly the cuffs would not be noticed. Have to remember: short steps, slit towards desk, don't talk. With those thoughts in mind, I just might survive.

Back out to the car and down the road we traveled. After parking, Chad got out and walked around to open the door for me to get out. He paused as I stood before him... and he took the chain around my neck off. I could have kissed him.

The bank transaction went quickly with Chad establishing a corporate account that allowed wire transfers to be placed to other banks. I would have access to the account regarding our day to day activities; Chad had exclusive rights to the wire transfer activity.

We returned to Unique Blends by noon. I was immediately redressed, or should it be undressed, for returning to my menu post. The skirt came off, chain back around my neck and now locked to the 'menu girl's post', wrists tied together and cinched tight in front of me with a short chain going around my neck holding my hands up close to my face as if I were praying. There was one slight addition included due to my talking penalty. A gag.

Chad explained, "Talking will not be an option for a few days. Your gag will stay in place except when you're eating. You may have noticed a small tube in the center. This is for liquids, we don't want you to get dehydrated. You have a water bottle at the side of the menu table. It has a tube attached which will fit into the gag. Feel free to drink when appropriate.

"Today you will stand waiting for the next customer empty handed. As each customer approaches, you will turn away from them to pick up the next menu. You're flexible enough to be able to pick up the menu while keeping your legs straight. The view will be magnificent. If your butt gets any special attention, you will accept it and not turn back around until he is finished admiring your ass. Whether it is merely touching, caressing, or perhaps spanking, you will hold your position until he is finished. And since there is a penalty in effect, we are placing a paddle on the menu table for our clients' convenience."

I was curiously aware of the usage 'client' and occasionally 'patron' by Sasha, Chad, and Kiki, instead of the use of 'customer' the girls tended to use exclusively.

"Be sure to comply... any misbehavior will result in an escalation of your penalty requirements." With him standing nose to nose with me, he asked, "Do you understand?"

Wide-eyed eager nodding was my response.

The afternoon was attention getting, and not always in a good way. The gag enforced my silence. I'm not sure if the gag encouraged usage of the paddle, but that evil implement was used a lot. Numerous times I was told my ass was cherry red, as if I couldn't tell that on my own. My ass was ablaze and the flames never had a chance to subside.

I was pleased to see three o'clock arrive, now I could retire to the soft seat in the office. Chad greeted me with his crocodile smile; I knew something was awry. My soft chair had become my penalty chair. The seat cushion was missing. Now the seat was covered by plywood with sharpened wooden dowels mounted on end for my already red ass to sit on.

Sasha walked in, strode up to the chair, pointed and said, "Sit!"

Chat added, "The spikes aren't sharp enough to penetrate your skin, they'll just tenderize you ass a bit more."

I must have circled the chair three or four times before, "Sit down, now!" came from Sasha as she pointed to the chair with her riding crop. If my having said just a few words had engendered this response, I didn't want to find out what would happen if I really upset one of them. Chad was in front of me on the other side of the desk. Sasha was out of sight behind me with the riding crop. Not seeing what she might be planning to do was the worst of all. A silent torture.

Well, I had thought I could tolerate the pain, but after I shifted my position the third time Sasha's silence was broken with, "If you can't sit down, then stand up!"

As soon as I stood up, Sasha lashed into my ass and thighs with a flurry of blows from a strap she must have kept stored someplace in the room behind me.

"How many times did I hit you?" I looked up towards the ceiling and shrugged my shoulders.

"Don't know, do you?" I looked down and shook my head. "Well, perhaps you'll count next time."

I stood still, expecting the worst... the wait seemed like an eternity, and still there was nothing but silence behind me. I wanted to turn around so badly and silently beg my forgiveness. Sasha broke the silence with, "Come around and stand behind the chair facing towards the front." I almost scampered to comply. "Put your hands behind your head and spread your legs." I did so immediately and started to wait... forever.


"Bend over."

Time can be your friend or your enemy. Today, time was my enemy.

The barrage began with a renewed surge of pain. The suddenness was explosive and the intensity totally unexpected and by the time I was writhing in place, she stopped. Silence... Time... Waiting... Isolation in a room with two others.

Finally the fateful question. I knew it was coming and I feared it. "How many?"

Oh how I wanted to beg forgiveness. The suddenness of the previous onslaught accompanied with such intense ongoing pain made counting an impossibility. Oh, please let me beg...

"We'll keep trying this all night if we have to. The punishment will only get worse and worse. I wonder how long you can last before you pass out."

I would never have imagined the kind, nurturing Sasha could be so cruel.


I nodded hesitantly.

"You sure?"

I nodded firmly, but I was only displaying a false confidence.

The strap seemed to be worse than ever. I fought my best to count.

And in an instant Sasha stopped.

The question, "How many?"

My mind knew. I wanted to say how many, but that was not only forbidden, but impossible with the gag strapped in my mouth.

I grunted four times.

"Finally. You might be a whiz with numbers, but you have a lot to learn about obedience... Now sit down in the chair where you belong."

As I went around to the front of the chair I could see the dreaded strap in Sasha's hand. A heavy four inch wide well oiled strap intended to deliver the sting of a thousand hornets in a single blow. I will never forget it. Sasha looked down at me in the chair inquisitively,


Another nod from me, this time with tears in my eyes.

"Hope so," she said as she placed the strap over my lap and back under the chair to thread it into the buckle. Sasha was neat and tidy as she straightened out the leather. She double checked the placement... and then with a mighty heave tightened the strap and buckled it in place. "There, you'll be able to sit still this time." She patted me on top of my head like a favored pet. As she turned to leave she looked back over her shoulder and said, "Be back in an hour."

I knew time could be your friend or your enemy... Will time ever be my friend again?

* * *

Apparently I zoned out. The morning buzzer woke me at 5:00 AM. Wasn't sure of the location because the room was pitch black and I was spread-eagled face down on a soft bed with no knowledge how I got there. I remember dreaming of soft murmurings while my butt was being gently caressed.

Sasha was standing beside me, "Time to get up, sleepy head, your penalty is complete." My butt felt much better, the caressing I dreamt of must have been someone applying some healing lotion.

This was the kind guiding Sasha I knew before. My penalty was swift, harsh, cruel, and unforgiving. Then as quick as flipping a toggle switch, my status seemed to return to normal.

The chair and strap certainly were attention getters, this left little doubt why the girls are so good about following the three fundamental rules. No smoking. No talking. Arrive on time. Any breach thereof is to be avoided at all risk. And repeated violations cause the repercussions to increase exponentially. The ballet boot girl chained to the exercise bar in the gym, whom I now know as Daffi, can attest to that. Cutting her exercise fifteen minutes short twice in a row earned her a full week of additional training. That amounted to a five hour penalty for stopping thirty minutes early. No doubt about those days being intense if Sasha supervises, for she is a toggle switch. Guiding, Nurturing or with a flip of the switch... well, you don't want to be the one to find out.

The gym was busy as usual in the morning, I noticed Daffi in her ballet boots on the Stair machine. The poor thing. That Stair machine is quite an ordeal; the damn thing is automated and never stops. Daffi will suffer today.

Later, in the living room, my curiosity could be contained no longer and I asked Sasha, "Why is my penalty over so soon? Daffi was scheduled to the gym for an extra hour for a whole week?"

"Good question. If you see this as two individuals each receiving different penalties, then the discrepancy could be perplexing. But if we view the two situations from the perspective of why the rules were broken, then the separate outcomes are easier to understand. You broke the rule that prohibits speaking outside the living room area during your free time. First, we must look at the reason you did this. You had been talking to Chad in the office, which is allowable and a natural thing you have become accustomed to. After walking out to your menu location, a question came up and you answered it in a perfectly normal manner. Now from my perspective, you broke a fundamental rule. I must ask myself, 'Did you break this rule?' And the answer is 'Yes'. The next question I ask myself is, 'Did you break this rule on purpose?' And to this question, the answer is 'No'. So in your situation, this is a major infraction which occurred unintentionally and only once.

"When viewing Daffi's actions with the same criterion, first question: Did Daffi break the fundamental rule of following instruction? 'Yes' Next question: 'Did Daffi break this rule intentionally? And again the answer is 'Yes'. Now there is the added question: 'Did she repeat this error?' And we have another incriminating 'Yes'.

"Let me explain the significance of the differences. You broke a rule unintentionally. Daffi broke a rule that she knew to obey, and she broke it twice. Both times intentionally. By comparison to you, Daffi has six transgressions to account for. You have one. Understand, V?"

"Yes, this makes sense now. The sudden execution of the penalty was a total shock to me. I was truly overwhelmed."

Sasha explained, "Punishment is intentionally harsh, sudden, and unrelenting. Punishment is done without emotional bias, is deliberately intense, but emotionally controlled. No enmity will ever be present. Intensity, even intimidation is used to teach that compliance is a far better option than non-compliance. Our reasoning is to supply an incentive for you to do your best to avoid any future recurrences. Did we do well? Let me ask you this: Will you be doing a better job of keeping track of when and where the rules are in effect from now on?"

No time was needed for me to reply with an emphatic, "Yes."

Breakfast at 7:00, I ate promptly and was early to finish my makeup and got into the outfit Sasha laid out for me. With nearly half an hour to spare I wandered around the cafe and observed everyone else getting set up for business. Greeted by nods of approval and many pleasant smiles, my day was starting well. Two of the waitresses were in cute little French Maid uniforms with ultra short skirts; one with sheer black seamed stockings the other with net stockings. Of the other two, one as a sexy cowgirl, and the last, Candi, was in the most abbreviated single piece swimming suit I've ever seen. Or not seen depending on your point of view. Imagine a Spandex halter top made with a narrow strip going up around her neck. Enough material to cover her nipples and then the narrow strips of material continued all the way down to her pussy, bisecting her pussy as the material disappeared between her labia lips, then...? When Candi looked up, I gestured with an inquisitive look on my face and holding my hands face up in a silent question.

Candi understood immediately. She smiled and turned around, bent forward and reached behind her to spread her butt cheeks as wide as she could before giving a quick teasing wiggle. I couldn't believe it, the bottom of her 'suit' ended in a loop going around the base of a butt plug. Amazing! A continuous one piece suit that leaves her entire back naked. Hell, it was almost street legal. With that suit and her enticing smile she sure could bring traffic to a standstill. At least, she certainly is one of our star attentions.

Additional revelations unfolded little by little over the next few weeks. There was the discovery that Kiki had an additional piercing that I was hitherto unaware of. Her tongue was pierced, therefore my tongue was soon pierced... and when it healed, I was soon introduced to the joys of 69 with Kiki. She said my tongue was equally as satisfying to her as I mentioned her tongue was an enjoyment for me. Now when Kiki and I pass it is not surprising for one or the other of us to flick our tongues out towards the other with a saucy smirk on our faces. This always brings a delightful tremble of anticipation to my entire body.

The cafe was constantly active, busy every minute of the day. Chad's interactions with Sasha in the privacy of the office were progressively becoming more intense. At first it seemed that Sasha controlled the operations and decision making of Unique Blends, with Chad being the male figurehead as far as the public knew. However, behind the scenes, Chad dominated Sasha beyond belief. On my first official day, Sasha had been in her tiny little black dress, a single glove and with a book balanced on her head. Now when entering the office I sometimes found her in the same outfit, but in ballet boots. Or in a full latex body stocking with a discipline hood and standing in the corner. Chad would be at his desk and never acknowledge her presence.

Another time Sasha was naked when I arrived, except for what seemed to be her ever present singleglove, balancing a book on her head and in toe shoes... yes, toe shoes this time, not ballet boots. Toe shoes with no heels. She maintained this position without a whimper for nearly half and hour after I arrived. I have no idea how long she may have been like that before my arrival. Sasha was constantly doing the little en pointe toe shoe movements to keep her balance. Her movements had to be as discreet as possible, or the book would surely fall... and fall it did!

Chad exploded, "Can't you manage to do one simple little task without failure?"

Sasha collapsed on the floor sobbing for forgiveness.

"Get your ass back up on those toes."

Sasha scrambled to get back up in place. This was not an easy task, what with her arms behind her in the singleglove. My heart went out to her and I had to hold myself in check not to rush to her aid. But my concerns were soon alleviated as she managed to reestablish her position on her own. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know Sasha had obviously done this before.

"What should I use on you? The whip or the paddle?"

Sasha shook her head rapidly 'no' as she kept her mouth closed and whimpered.

"No choice? Then we'll just use both." Chad picked up a whip from his desk and after looking at Sasha, he removed the singleglove to allow access to her back. "Face the wall. Spread you arms and legs. Hold that position. Wider... Wider!"

My God, she looked so delicate and helpless. Chad was a sadistic demon. Standing in toe shoes is an insurmountable task for most, but for Sasha to stand with her legs wide spread puts an unbelievable additional strain on both her thighs and her calves.

Chad laid into her with the whip and Sasha was soon squealing and frantically shaking her head. Red stripes soon covered her body from her neck to her knees. I was amazed; apparently when Chad chastises/trains/disciplines Sasha, she is restricted to silence, whether she is in the office or not.

The question immediately arises, 'What did Sasha do to deserve this?' And I'm not sure I'll ever know since I'm usually restricted to silence when we meet.

Chad went over to Sasha and ran his hands over her body. "This looks nice. Ready for the paddle now?"

And Sasha whimpered... apparently she wasn't quite ready. Chad brought the paddle over anyway and turned her butt a very bright red with incessant rapidly repeated swats. Sasha was gasping uncontrollably. Her legs were quivering under the strain. She lost her concentration and momentarily dropped out of the en pointe toe position.

"Damn, girl, can't you do anything right? Well we'll just go back to the whip then." Chad swapped the paddle for the whip and gave Sasha twenty really severe strokes as he chastised her with, "Get back up on those toes and stay there this time!"

It must have taken a superhuman effort on her part for Sasha to stay silent as she hopped back up onto her toes. I couldn't imagine staying silent under that intense pain. Again, I asked myself, 'What on earth must she have done to deserve this?' But I knew I dare not say this out loud.

Chad sat down at his desk. He was pleased, with a self satisfied smile on his face. He waited for another ten minutes as he watched Sasha, still standing en pointe and quivering against the wall.

Finally he demanded, "Crawl over here!"

Then, turning from the wall, Sasha collapsed sideways onto the floor. It took a few moments for to her to focus on her new task, but when she did I was flabbergasted. She rolled onto her hands and knees; when she raised her head there seemed to be a sparkle in her eyes. I took it to be from the tears she must have... But it was her crawling that clarified her mind-set. Sasha produced the most unbelievably sensuous sexually demonstrative crawling you could ever imagine. Her body combined an undulating hip action with contrasting shoulder movements that generated a sexual female display that was beyond belief. With her head raised and an elegant smile of anticipation on her face, there was no doubt as to her immediate intentions. When she arrived at Chad's feet, she looked up into his eyes and said only two words... "Take me!"

End of part 1

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