by skyeblue


I shall show you the way

too dwell in its passion
to feel the warmth from her breath, brush upon my skin
to see the depths of her soul through the window in her eyes
to feel the softness of her hand as touches my cheek
her hair, gentle, flowing back as she lie,
her eyes locked with mine,
the tips of our fingers ever so
softly as they feel each heart beat
the tremors from my skin, as I shake at her beauty
my hand gently lay upon her nakedness, her softness, the truth to my soul
I feel myself within her spirit, where do I end, and she begin
I care not to separate the two
for we blend like the sea upon the shore
      with each wave, a new life is begun
a new beginning
how can I bare her loss, for she is my breath, my heart beat, my thought
can she feel my passion, my tenderness
her skin, my touch, where do they part
bound forever her soul, my heart