By Skyeblue

    It was about 6pm when I finally got out of work, just so
happy it was Friday, and I was in such a good mood! On
my long walk home with a smile on my face, I bought
flowers, a bottle of wine, some new music I was wanting to
have for a while.. feeling the soft breeze on this warm
pretty night.. ahhhh yessss I was feeling good!
   Entering into my warm apartment, throwing on the
lights and the air conditioning.. I hit the message button
and opened the wine. Unbuttoning my blouse and slipping
out of my skirt and jacket, I pouring some of the rich
cabernet and rolling my head, feeling the tensions from
the day start to ease away from me. Beginning to feel
myself relax and settle onto the couch, rubbing my feet as
my messages played.
  The second message was from my friend Nancy and a
slow smile began on my face as I listened to her. Nancy
was always into fun stuff, one of my very best friends.. one
who I could always share my dark secrets with, as hers
were just as bad. About 8 months earlier she had met a
“Dom” and had been sharing their adventures with me,
and I had to admit.. it sounded exciting. So here she is,
inviting me to a party, giggling telling me to wear black
and challenging me to come. She also know I hate
challenges, having to do them. I always knew I was no
“saint” and should be able to get by in the group.. hold my
own so to speak. Making the decision to go.. with a little
smile playing at my lips my mind immediately went to
what I would be wearing.
   Walking through my cooling apartment, in nothing but
my undergarments and stockings.. my work heels still on
my feet I stood before the mirror. Thoughts flash through
my head.  What do others see? What would “they” see?
Looking at the pretty bra and panties, I began rummaging
through my drawers, looking.. for what I wasn’t sure.
Finding my black satin and lace thong and garter set.. one
which was never worn outside of my apartment as well as
the matching bra.. I stood before the mirror, letting my
hair down from the tight twist I wear during the day.
Sipping the wine and looking at myself, my hands tracing
over my body as I began changing. Looking into the
mirror.. feeling my excitement as I unroll the stockings
and attach them to the leather garter that fits over the
thong. and stepping up into my heels.. sweet black ones
with ankle straps that had small studs, which when I
bought them I thought were “cute”. I take a step back,
twisting in the mirror, not too bad I think, not too bad.
My mind raced as to what anyone would be wearing at the
“party” and how I could dress to fit in.  I found my short
leather skirt and vest that buttoned up, barely concealing
my bra. I returned to the mirror looking at myself, feeling
all excited, and a little flushed I took my leather jacket
and headed out into the night, feeling ready for anything,
feeling hot and excited and very much a woman. Damn
songs from Portishead “Glory Box and All Mine” repeating
in my head… over and over.
  As the taxi pulled closer to the block of the club, I felt
like I could barely breathe. Wondering for the first time if
this was a mistake, looking at the gathering crowd I
decided to get out of the cab at the corner and look at the
people. It was odd, some were types I would never have
guessed although there was a lot of leather and studs. My
eyes roaming, taking in everything around me, feeling a
stirring in my sex, the familiar growing wetness.  Looking
up my eyes caught with the bouncers. A big and burly guy,
dark intense eyes meeting mine. I stood there. Frozen, my
eyes locked as he approached me.
   He walked right up to me, and stood before me. Close.
Asked me if this was my first time to the club and my
name, to see if I was on the list. His words “come girl, let’s
see if you belong here” made me feel  so small next to
him, almost wishing my name wasn’t.. so I could go home.
But to my chagrin, he walked me in past all the people to
the dark insides. At last arriving at a table where my
friends were sitting, I know my face was hot and flushed
as I looked up to him and thanked him for helping me. A
quiet smile pulling at his lip as he said “We will see girl,
we will see” and with that he was gone. My emerald eyes
trailing Him.. watching as he walked away.. never looking
   I ordered only a sprite, perhaps admitting I was too
nervous to drink, perhaps concerned of what I might or
might not do, oddly wanting my head clear. Snickering to
myself that I get into trouble anywhere.. and I should be
careful tonight, because I was feeling very edgy.
   After some food and a lot of fun laughter we moved
through a room to the back of the club. Things got a lot
darker and some of the laughter ceased. I looked to my
friend Nancy, and she just smiled, whispering to me to
enjoy myself.. and have fun. There were things going on
the likes of which I had never seen.. and never considered
as something for public! I was in a quiet panic, trying to
not let it show. But, I also knew that my heart was racing,
and a familiar stir “below”, and knew I was caught.
   I thought perhaps it was time for a drink.. this seemed
like an awful lot to take in at one time. I backed up so
that I could turn to the bar,  and realized I had stepped
into someone. All I heard was a very quiet voice whisper in
my ear to stand still and not to turn around, a long shiver
ran through my body.  This deep voice, asking me if I was
enjoying myself to which I barely made an audible “Yes”.
And the reply was “The correct response is Yes Sir, girl”,
and I swallowed hard… and answered quietly.. “Yes Sir”.
“Turn girl” was all I heard next, I don’t think I was even
   Looking up into intense dark eyes of the same Man I
met outside the club, as He asked if I had any D/s
experience. I started to think quickly because I wasn’t
even sure what D/s was but thought about BDSM and
considered it had to be the same, but as I looked into His
eyes.. I knew it wouldn’t be smart to try and lie. I told Him
I was new, and interested, and wanted to learn. At the
same time I heard these silly words leave my mouth I was
wondering who said them, was I really interested? Did I
really want to “learn”? Ahhhh my big mouth gets me into
trouble sometimes. I quickly looked for my friend Nancy,
and when she saw me, and who I was talking to she
smiled. Now I felt glued to the floor.
   He looked at me for what seemed an eternity. Then
spoke “Girl, if you are serious about your desire, and want
to learn how to be who you truly are, and learn how to
release the woman within you, then it would be my
pleasure to train you”. And I thought to myself.. what
could this man “teach me” a grown woman, about myself
or about sex, but I knew one thing, I had come this far and
was not backing down yet! I looked up to him and smiled
wide eyed, mischievously, and told him I was serious. At
this he took my elbow and said simply “Let’s go” and off
we went into the night.
   We pulled up to a close by hotel, and I smiled thinking
to myself that he was very good looking, and that I knew
all about sex.. and this could be really fun.   He walked
with a tight grip on my arm keeping me almost a half step
ahead of him. We stepped into the elevator where he
pressed penthouse and he finally released my arm, the
eyes so dark and intense locking into mine.  My breath
became short and shallow, I knew I was feeling excited,
but was it laced with fear? Did I really know what I was
getting myself into?  He stepped forward, big arms over
my head and pressed into me, kissing me long.. and hard..
and knee buckling deep, pulling on my lower lip as he
pulled back away from me. “Tasty” and a small smile, this
is most definitely a man of few words, but he had piqued
my interest to a new level.
  We entered the suite, and he proceeded to light some
candles, and put on some music, all the while I stood
there half frozen my eyes taking in the pretty room. He
disappeared into what I assumed was a bedroom while I
waited, listening to the deafening sound of my heartbeat,
not quite sure what to do with myself, fidgeting with my
rings. As I stood there I wished he would talk to me.. tell
me what to do, but I knew I could barely breathe, my
mouth suddenly dry, just thinking about the evening so
far. He emerged in leather pants and a vest with nothing
underneath I actually smiled, it was like all the pictures I
had seen and somehow diffused my panic. He had a
wonderful body, fit and firm, a tall man.. made me feel so
small  next to him.
     He walked far across the room and took a seat, looking
up smiling he asked me to remove my jacket and put down
my bag, that I hadn’t realized I was still holding, if not,
even with white knuckles. As I did this, I felt suddenly so
bare, so open, although I had not lost a stitch of clothing.
I looked back up to him.. and he said softly this time
“Crawl to “Me” girl” my eyes shot up to him in disbelief,
and the way he said “Me”.. cold and demanding.  I stood
my ground making my decision about leaving or staying.
He smiled again and said “On your knees girl, and crawl to
Me”. I kept thinking this was so silly, a smile broke on my
face and I took a step forward, and He rose up. “This, girl,
is no game, if you care to waste My time then go, and go
now. If you want this… really want this and everything
that I can give you, then drop to your knees and crawl”.
   I slowly dropped to my knees, and lower to my hands as
I felt my cheeks flushed hot. I was burning with anger and
embarrassment, thinking what the hell was I doing. Slowly
I began to crawl as He sat watching me, and I began to
think that everyone has their kink. As I reached Him, he
asked me to kneel, my eyes just locked into His almost
black cold eyes. He looked at me and smiled again, I was
beginning not to trust that smile, it was making me
nervous. He stood up, making me bend to look all the way
up to Him, and spoke, and inwardly I thought what a
voice, deep and commanding.
   “You are here girl, for the duration of the weekend, at
which point I will decide if you are worthy of My time”,
my mind went screaming… weekend? Did He just say
that? And He continued “From this point on I am simply
Master and you are to answer to anything I may call you,
be it girl, toy, slave you just answer “Yes Master” is this
understood?”. I wasn’t even sure if I could find my voice
as I barely answered “Yes Master”. Saying it made me feel
so lost, and naked, and stupid, and small. He laughed and
said “By the end of this weekend girl, you will understand
those words” and I thought to myself “like hell I will”.
   He told me to stand, and kicked my feet apart as He
walked around me.  Taking my hair into His hands He
yanked back my head as a small moan slipped my lips and
kissed me again, deep and passionately as He pressed His
body up against me. For the first time I was aware of His
excitement, feeling Him against me, but more then that I
could feel my own heat, my own wetness slowly giving me
away. My kisses became more intense,  my hunger
beginning to show, slowly my want.. my need coming to
surface. He ordered me back to my knees, kicking apart
my feet and thighs, my head.. and hair still entwined in
His strong hands.
   “You will please Me girl, show Me what you can do with
your mouth, move only as I allow you, do only as I say”.
“Yes Master” as I looked up to Him, those words sticking
in my throat, as He pushed my face into His crotch,
rubbing over His hard cock, using my lips and cheeks to
cover Him, over His pants feeling Him grow firmer still.
“Girl, you will come to worship this cock, and learn to do
this on your own” slowly I closed my eyes, feeling Him
under my face, smelling Him, inhaling His scent.. “Yes
Master” as He continued to grind His cock against my
face.  “Unzip My pants and release Me”  as I reached up
slowly, unbuttoning and unzipping His pants, releasing His
firm cock as my eyes shot back up to Him. “Yes girl, see
something you want”? I looked up.. “Mmmmmmmm nice
cock” I replied as He jerked my head back hands still tight
in my hair.. “Now is that a way to speak to Me girl?” “No
Sir.. I mean Master” and with that He shoved His cock
hard and deep into my mouth, His hands guiding my head.
I was nothing more then a place to stick His cock. He
continued to thrust deep into my mouth, hands forcing
me deep onto Him, almost gagging as He pushed hard and
deep into my throat, my eyes welling up with hot tears
that began to stream down my cheeks… I had no control
over anything, not even my own tears. At which point He
yanked back my head, pulling me to my feet “Ok girl lets
have some fun” I thought I was going to start crying for
real, fear was overtaking me.
    He had me crawl behind Him and follow Him to the
other room where my eyes scoured the dresser, looking at
things I couldn’t recognize. He closed the door, leaning
against it and ordered me to remove my vest and skirt as
He took a seat in the corner. Quietly my hands went to
undo the buttons, my eyes never leaving Him once, as I let
the skirt slip to the floor and stepped out of it, and slipped
the vest off my shoulders, standing there again feeling so
bare. The heavy curtains were drawn, and I knew it had to
be very late as this night felt like forever, and somehow I
knew it was going to go on.. and on.  I watched Him move
to the bed.. arranging some pillows telling me to crawl
onto the bed and lower my shoulders.. oh god.. I would be
so exposed!! But the look in His eyes, I didn’t try to
    “Now girl, you are going to learn that some pain brings
pleasure. Part your thighs wide, you do it for Me, like
everything else.. to please Me”. I started to lower into
position my heart pounding in my ears, thinking I just
can’t do this.. wanting to cry, as He pushed me hard to the
mattress. I feel His strong hands yank my thong up tight
between my cheeks as He takes my hand and lead it under
me, to my cunt. “I want you to play with yourself, make
yourself cum.. you do it for Me, and do not stop no matter
what I do, is that understood girl?” My brain is now
spinning into a zillion directions and all I can muster up is
“Yes Master”, to which I get a “Good girl” reply. I slide my
hand into my thong, and  slip my fingers between my
surprisingly wet and swollen lips, wondering how.. and
why this is exciting me. But I know I am, very wet and
very excited and soon I was rubbing in earnest, no longer
caring that He is there and watching, my thighs parting
wider on the bed and slowly my hips beginning to rock
with my hand. I was starting to loose myself when I felt a
hard “crack” across my bottom that brought me back and
fast, the sting making my eyes fly open and gasp!
“Continue girl, do not stop unless I say so, and do not cum
without permission”, to which I moaned somewhat in
disbelief that I was so excited and giving over and in part
thinking I could never.. ever do such a thing!
   My cunt was so very wet, and needy that I soon forgot
and began to rub again, fast and hard, when I felt another
series of hard “Swats”  making me gasp out and catch my
breath,  my eyes filling with tears, but oh god I was closer
now.. this can’t be!! And again the deep voice parting into
my mind “Ok girl, I know you are close and when I count
to three you are allowed to release for Me” as I continued
to stroke over my hard clit, feeling  my hunger rise up,
wanting to cum now no matter what, groaning into the
mattress hot and ready. “My my girl you are a wet and
ready little slut” is what I am hearing as I get closer, my
legs shaking  “One “SWAT””SWAT” “Oohhhh godddd
Masterrrr soo hard!!” I screamed out shivering, my juices
flowing onto my thighs, “TWO SLUT “SWAT” “SWAT”
“SWAT”  “Aaaarrrgggghhhhh Sir”, pushing back and
shaking.. my thighs wanting to buckle under me.. the
pain, blinding ripping through  me and settling into my
cunt, my cheeks flushed hot, burning, not caring, the fire
in me needing release “THREE girl RELEASE NOW” and
the hardest “SMACK” yet Sssccccccreaminggggg out as I
ripped into my cum, my body writhing and squirming,
pulsing hot and throbbing till at last I fell into the pillows.
    I am not sure when, but after some time my eyes slid
open and I was in your arms. The look on your face softer,
or was it me that was softer, I looked up into your dark
eyes wondering. “Welcome back girl, you nodded off for a
few minutes” and He smiled. I thought my heart would
melt. “Back onto your hands and knees girl” and with
those words I quietly slid back into position, my ass
tingling, and sore and red.. I was sure of that. I feel His big
hands working over my skin whimpering to His touch but I
find myself pushing back to meet Him. I feel Him fidget
and a cold squishy feeling at my backside.. “ohhhh please
no Master  this girl never.. can’t.. oh god no” but I feel  his
fingers work into me, I try and shake my head.. and rise
up, when He grabs my wrists and yanks them behind me.
  Something in me snapped, changed. It was such a simple
action really. But the moment He took my wrists I
quieted. I feel His hard cock rubbing over my sore red ass..
pushing up to meet Him, low gutteral groans slipping my
lips “Tell Me what you want girl” and I think I can’t..
simply can’t, “Tell Me girl NOW” “Yes Master, oh god
please fuck this girl Master, make her yours, fill her and
claim her and make her worthy” and I hear your laugh
“Where do you want My cock girl?” oh god , “Please
Master my dripping hot needy cunt.. please” and I hear
“No girl, I will take your ass, and make it Mine, as I will
make you mine understood girl?” Slowly the tears come
again and I begin to sob when I feel Your hand “SMACK”
“SMACK” hard onto my ass.. making me scream out as
You push slow and hard into my ass, opening me like no
other has.  Your rough hands moving my hips, pulling me
onto You.. forcing you deep gasping, crying, moaning,
moving with You, feeling Your hands wrap into my hair
pulling me up so that I raise onto my hands, allowing You
to pinch and twist my nipples, and I find myself moaning
faster, and pushing to meet Your thrusts shaking and
sweating.. as You “SMACK” at my ass over and over
feeling my cum overflow me… Your sharp  thrusts filling
and claiming me.. Your hot cum shooting into me as You
grip at my hair “CUM NOW girl” My release hard and full,
legs shaking as I  feel my body bucking into You.. groaning
deep and yelling out gasping as I cummm..
   Knowing that my surrender is deep, feeling myself so
very complete and forever changed, as I lay in Your arms
and look up to You, thinking I would do anything for this
Man. Knowing I have never felt this way for anyone.
Finally speaking out loud the thoughts that have been
running through my head, “Master, I am your slave” and
knowing in my heart that I have spoken the truth, the
most real words I have ever spoken as my eyes again fill
with tears, not from pain but from love. And your deep
voice “Yes pet, I have been waiting a long time for you.
“I am here at last Master”  as I curl against you, my eyes
sliding shut, my content and spent body draped over You,
falling asleep feeling so very complete. Home at last.