oís Sisterís Visit
by odalisque

"Master, may I ask a favor of You?" I was unsure how exactly to address slaveís request.

"Of course, o, what is it?"

"Well, Master, your slaveís little sister is going to study, for a couple of years, in Europe, and she asked if she could visit U/us and may... maybe... um, well, maybe stay a day or two with U/us. Um, in, uh, Your house, w-w-with U/us."

"Your sister, Sarah, isnít it, does know all about O/our relationship, right, o?" Master asked.

"Yes, Master, i have told her that i am Masterís slave. i have told her a little of slaveís life. Mostly i have just told her that, as your slave, i am happier than i have ever been. That is good enough for her."

Master replied, "If you want her to stay, she is perfectly welcome, but I will make no exceptions for her presence, is that understood, o?"

"Oh, yes, Master. Thank you very much." i couldnít hide slaveís eagerness.

"If you think that you, or Sarah, would be more comfortable if she stayed in a hotel, I would be happy to provide the room. But she is, of course, welcome to stay here. When is she coming, o?"

"Her plane arrives Thursday afternoon and she will leave Sunday around mid-day." i couldnít control slaveís joy. It had been thirty-one months since slaveís sister and i had seen each other.

"Letís call Sarah and get flight numbers and arrival and departure times and make some plans. But just so that W/we are quite clear, there will be no exceptions made to O/our routine due to Sarahís presence." Master stated.

"Oh, yes, Master, i understand completely, no exceptions. Thank You, Master."

Master called Sarah, introduced himself, got the information He wanted and turned the phone over to me. As i was listening to Master talk to Sarah, I realized how little i had actually told her about slaveís new life. "Sarah, i have to warn you that slaveís new lifestyle may shock you a little at times, but i..."

She cut me off, "What do you mean slaveís, you mean yours?"

"Yes. i want you to know that whatever, however, it may appear to you, i have never been more in love, or happier, than i am now." i wasnít sure how to continue because it was going to sound very bizarre no matter how i phrased it. "I know you love me and you know i love you, so i just want you to accept who and what i am now. Will you promise me that?"

"Of course, Sis, but youíre frightening me a little. Are you okay?" she sounded as if she was the big sister talking to her little sister.

"Thatís what i want you to understand, i am way more than okay! i am so happy that i canít express it, but... well, just come and see and love me."

"I canít wait! Iíll see you Thursday afternoon. I gave Steven the flights and times. Does that mean you will pick me up at the airport?"

i turned to Master, "Will W/we pick Sarah up at the airport, Master?"

"Of course, o."

"ĎMasterí and Ďoí, am I supposed to call him ĎMasterí and you Ďoí?" Sarah sounded a bit skeptical already.

"No, Sarah, you can call Master ĎStevení, but, yes, slaveís name is Ďodalisqueí or Ďoí, just as when i Email or write to you".

"Okay, odalisque, see you Thursday. I love you." Sarah sounded as eager to see me as i was to see her.

During the days and hours leading up to Thursday, i went through some highs and lows. i reminded slave what Master had said about "no exceptions" of O/our routine due to Sarahís visit. i particularly thought of that at certain times, like when i was sucking Masterís delicious cock under the dining table while Master ate His meals. There were some other times, too, that I wasnít sure how Sarah might react; or, to be quite honest, how i might feel.

Thursday afternoon finally arrived, and having admitted to some misgivings over the preceding days, when the time came to go to the airport, i couldnít wait to see her. But there was no denying that odalisque was going to be very different than the sister Sarah last saw.

Master and i waited outside of the security area and watched for Sarah. As she walked toward U/us, Master said that He would have known she was slaveís sister without slaveís help. "She is nearly as beautiful as you are o."

When Sarah saw me she ran up and hugged me and started to cry. After a wonderful, long hug, i pushed her back a little and said, "Sarah, this is Master Steven." Master took her offered hand and said, "It is a great pleasure, Sarah."

"Thank you, may I call you Steven?"

"Of course, please do." Just now did Sarah begin to take a good look at me, the new me, not just her sister.

"Oh, my..." she looked at the ring through slaveís nose and the collar, and then the rings in slaveís nipples, and only then did she seem to realize that she was seeing the rings, and the rest of me, through slaveís dress. "Oh, Sh... um, odalisque..." she leaned very close to me and whispered in slaveís ear, "In this light you can see right through that dress."

"In pretty much any light, Sarah, that is the way Master dresses His slave. i warned you that you might be surprised by slaveís new lifestyle. Please, just try to understand, and be happy for me."

"Of course I am happy for you. But I am happiest for me, because I get to spend some time with my big sister."

W/we turned and started to walk toward the luggage claim area. Master asked Sarah for her baggage claim tags and went ahead to retrieve her bags.

"Sh..." Sarah started.

"íodalisqueí please, Sarah, or Sis, if thatís easier. Master suggested you call me Sis if that would be easier for you."

"Well, Sis, it was easier to write to you as odalisque, but seeing you, you are still Sh, uh my sister. Honestly, um, o, this would worry me a lot more if I couldnít see how obviously happy you are. It is written all over your face. Iíve never seen you so absolutely aglow."

"Thank you, Sarah. As your stay goes on, please remember to look at that happiness, no matter what. i love you, Sarah, i am so glad you are here."

As we rode the escalator down to the baggage claim area Sarah said "Sha, oh hell, Iíll get it right, odalisque, do you know that everyone is staring at you? The woman with that man that just passed called you a slut."

"Sarah, i told you that i have changed. If you saw a woman, who wasnít your sister, wearing this dress, you might think she was a slut, too. i hope you will just keep seeing how happy i am."

"Iíll try, o, but I never thought my straight-arrow, fuddy-duddy big sister would be called a slut by anyone." The shock was not concealed in her voice.

We reached the luggage carousel just as Master was putting the last bag on the baggage cart. W/we walked to the garage where Masterís car was parked. He put the bags in the trunk, opened the back passenger-side door for Sarah and the front passenger door for me. i pulled slaveís dress up over slaveís head and off, and sat on the leather seat.

I turned to look at Sarah. Her mouth was wide open. "Sha...!?!?"

"Master requires me to be naked in His car. i wrote you that i spend a lot of time naked. Youíll get used to it; you used to see me naked at home when we were kids."

"Yes, but we were kids; and an airport garage isnít home." Sarah sounded more like slaveís mother than little sister this time.

Master drove down the ramp to the cashierís kiosk. Sarah leaned forward and whispered, "o?!"

I looked back over the seat and said, "Just try to make it home, Sarah, and we can talk all about it."

The cashier made no attempt to hide the fact that he was staring at slaveís naked body. Likewise, Sarah made no attempt to conceal her astonishment at slaveís apparent lack of concern at being naked and ogled by this total stranger. i say "apparent lack of concern", because, as much as i have done it, it is still not easy, and to be so brazen in front of slaveís little sister was that much more difficult.

On the ride home W/we all talked as if nothing was unusual, but it was obviously a little strained for Sarah and me. When W/we were approaching the town in which W/we live, Master said, "You two are going to have a lot to talk about when W/we get home, so letís just get a pizza, to go, so o doesnít have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen."

W/we all agreed that was a wonderful idea, although i had some serious, personal, reservations. Master used His cell and called ahead to order an extra-large pizza. i know which pizza parlor Master has programmed on His cell, and i had that funny feeling in slaveís stomach. As is often the case, slaveís stomach was right. Master drove to the "take-out only" pizza parlor and pulled into the "loading zone" parking space in front. He took out His wallet and handed me enough money to cover the pizza and the tip. He didnít have to tell me what to do next; iíve done it before.

i opened the car door, and Sara gasped, "Sh... um, o, are you going in there like that?"

I turned to Master, "Am i Master?" He nodded. I tried to sound confident and nonchalant, both of which i was absolutely not, "i guess i am."

"Well, then, Iím going with you." She was out of the car almost before she finished the sentence.

We walked across the sidewalk to the door of the small shop. Slaveís heart was beating like a marching band. Two young women were walking toward us on the sidewalk and one all but yelled, "Oh, shit, look at that nude bitch." Sarah reached over and took slaveís hand in hers as we opened, and walked through, the door.

"Hi, o! Wow, I hoped when I took the order for ĎStevení that this was going to be my lucky day." The young man was a local college student who had served Master and me before.

"Hi Danny. This is slaveís sister, Sarah. Sheís staying with U/us for a few days before she leaves to study in Europe."

"Totally cool." A huge smile came across his face. "Wow, I guess I never thought of you as having a sister, but there is no question, looking at Sarah, that you two are related. Itís nice to meet you Sarah."

Sarah wasnít quite ready for all this "normalcy" while standing next to her naked sister, and could manage only a "Hi."† She squeezed slaveís hand. Hers was warm and damp. i knew she was nervous. i could feel that she was trembling almost as much as i.

i handed Danny the money Master had given me, he rang it up and returned the change. I pushed his proffered hand back, pretending to scold him, "Danny, you know thatís yours."

"Thank you, o. I donít like to assume, besides it keeps you here a few seconds longer." He has a wonderful smile. He turned and got the box which had just been put on the shelf under the heat lamps. I didnít think i knew the woman doing the cooking, and her reaction upon seeing me, confirmed it. She did a double-take and then said "Holy crap!"

Danny said thanks to her for putting up the pizza and then said, "Oh, Julie, this is o. She and Steven stop in every once and awhile, oh and this is her sister Sarah."

Julie also could manage only a "Hi." and turned back to her baking.

i took the box and said, "Thank you, Danny. See you next time."

"I sure hope so, o. Nice to meet you Sarah." Sara did something between a giggle and a grunt and took the box out of slaveís hands. We went through the door and walked out right in front of a group of people on the sidewalk. The people laughed and whistled and yelled, well not exactly yelled since they were right next to us. Sarah moved so fast you might have thought it was she who was naked. i didnít hurry, because Master considers hurrying to avoid being seen the same as tying to cover slave, and that is punishable. i got into the car and closed the door, and Sarahís sigh was bigger than slaveís.

Master started the car and W/we were on O/our way home again. Sarah said "Oh,... my... god,... Sha... um, o, I donít know how you do it. Just being with you is almost more anguish than I can take. I thought you were going to cause a riot on the sidewalk."

Master inquired, "Does that mean you would be more comfortable at a hotel, Sarah? I would be happy to get you a room, but, it goes without saying, you are more than welcome to stay in my home."

"Oh, Iím sorry, Steven, I didnít mean to seem ungrateful. I would love to stay in your home with o. It is just taking a little adjustment to see my Puritanical big sister struttiní her stuff in public. Please, Steven, forgive me, I would love to stay in your home."

"Nothing to forgive, as I said, you are more than welcome. But the offer is also always open, if it gets uncomfortable for you." i know that Master was trying very hard to make Sarah as comfortable as possible, given the circumstances. i love Him all the more for it.

Sarahís voice was about an octave higher than usual and cracked a little from nerves, i guess. "Iím sorry, I guess I just wasnít quite prepared. I mean, o told me a little about her new life, but I guess I didnít realize how completely she had embraced it. I will try to compose myself."

Master said, "You are just fine. I understand that this is quite different than anything you could probably imagine, especially knowing how prim and proper your sister used to be."

W/we arrived at Masterís home, He swiped the card and the gate opened. He pulled forward, stopped the car, and i got out, so Sarah did, too. i went to the front porch, the motion detector turned the spotlight on and i stepped into the light and assumed the standing position. Sarah looked at me and i could see the question in her eyes, so i answered it, "i wait here for Master to put the car away and let me in. It will just be a moment."

As we were standing there, i saw the pizza in Sarahís hands and i wondered if Sarah was ready for the way Master eats His meals. i could feel slaveís legs begin to wilt.

Master opened the door and invited us in. Master instructed me to heat the pizza a little and He took Sarah to show her where her room was.

She seemed to have recovered when T/they came back, because she had found her sense of humor. "Wow, o, I might consider going around nude to live in this house. This is totally awesome, Steven."

i set the dining table for two, knowing that i would be under the table sucking Masterís fabulous cock while He and Sarah ate pizza. The table is oak wood with a glass top so T/they both would be watching me as T/they ate T/their dinner. Sarah looked at the table and asked, "o, why only two settings?"

i started to explain, well actually i started to try to find the strength to explain, but Master interrupted, "Oh, well, I had a rather late lunch and you two have a lot of catching up to do, and Sarah perhaps a little recovering to do, I should think. So I thought I would just let you two enjoy the pizza, and I will go into my office and get a bit of work done."

i could feel the lightness in slaveís posture as Master spoke. i looked at Sarah and then at Master and said, "Thank You, Master, thank You very much!" As difficult as being a display slave can be at times, Master can always make it a little easier and always worth it.

"you are welcome, o. But I think it would be well for you to try to prepare Sarah, so that she has as few surprises as possible in the next couple of days."

Of course, i knew exactly what Master had in mind. "Yes, Master, i will try to prepare her. Thank You."

Master turned and left us. i took the hot pizza out of the oven and put it on the table. We each took a piece and Sara said, "Okay, letís get the preparation thing out of the way. What more can there be after walking into a pizza parlor nude as a newborn?"

"Uh, well, i do some oth... uh, that is..."

"Come on o. This isnít like trying to explain to Mom about being out until 4:00 AM. Just tell me." Sara was always good at cutting right to the chase.

"Okay. The, um, the real reason that the table was set for two is... well, i didnít know that Master was going to give us this together time. The reason i set the table for two is for you and Master. See, uh, well, i eat while iím preparing dinner or like tonight, it would have been after you and Master finished eating. While Master eats, i am under the table kneeling between His legs eating His delicious cock. Thatís why He bought this table with the glass top, so i could be seen while i suck His wonderful cock."

"No... no... no, now wait a freakiní minute. You would have been under this table blowing him while He and I were eating our pizza?!" There was a definite tone of incredulity in her voice, but much less than there would have been an hour or so ago, iím sure.

"Yes Sarah. The stipulation to agreeing to let you stay here was that there would be no exceptions to O/our daily routine, and that is O/our daily routine. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, in this house, i spend beneath this table kneeling between Masterís legs. It is..."

"No, now wait just a damn minute. You would have put the pizza on the table and then just crawled under the table and started humminí on Stevenís prick?" i couldnít tell if Sarah was shocked, amazed, disgusted or what.

"Well, actually, i hadnít decided if i was going to try to explain to you before i went under the table, or just do it or what. As usual Master foresaw slaveís dilemma and gave me, er us, this time. Do you see what i mean about how it simplifies slaveís life just leaving it in Masterís hands?"

"Does that mean that tomorrow ni..."

"Tomorrow morning, Sis," i interrupted, "at breakfast, yes, i will be under this table, so if you want to rethink Masterís offer of a hotel room, i would understand, and so would Master."

"Geeze, Sis, um o, is there anything else you are going to hit me with? Are you going to gang-bang the neighborhood or..." She still had her humor; at least i think she was joking.

"No, Sarah. iím sure youíre kidding, but some people do think, because i am naked most of the time, that i must fuck everyone who wants to, but Master would not allow that even if i wanted to, and i donít!

"When you go to a restaurant you donít uh..."

"No. Although at slaveís graduation i did suck Masterís scrumptious cock while three or four people were eating at the table with Master. But that is the only time outside of His house. Do you still love me, Sarah?"

"Oh, gawd, yes, of course. It is just that it is you. You remember Kimberly who I used to hang out with? If it was her, I wouldnít think twice, but you were always so straight, so proper, so... so... I donít know what."

"i know, Sarah, but youíve met Master now. Isnít He wonderful? i fell in love with Him the day i interviewed for the job as His confidential assistant. But i didnít rush into this, He gave me plenty of time to change slaveís mind. You can see that He takes good care of me, and i am so, so happy."

"Yes, I can certainly see that you seem happy, but Iím not sure sending you into that pizza parlor totally nude is Ďtaking good careí of you."

"Oh, He would never just send me into a store or somewhere He was unsure of. He might have even planned on going in with me, but when you volunteered, He didnít have to worry."

"But, o, doesnít it hurt when people call you names, or even when they just yell and whistle aní stuff?" i could tell she was trying to come to terms with slaveís emotional balance.

"Sure, some times, and some times i just find it amusing. i suspect itís a bit like when you went, so briefly, through that Goth stage. i imagine you heard people say some unkind things, but, hey, you were into it, so let Ďem talk, right? Well, believe me this is not a passing fad and i can take whatever they dish out. Though, i confess, sometimes it is pretty tough, but i just tell slave, ĎMaster is really going to be proud of me tonight!"

"Okay, I think I am beginning to get a handle on this. Whatís on the agenda for the weekend, and how shocked am I going to be?" Her voice was light and loving.

"Master said we could just spend tomorrow around the pool hanginí out, catching up, unless you need to go shopping for anything for the trip."

"I donít need anything, and hanginí out by the pool sounds great." Sarahís voice was back to normal and we spent a couple of hours just talking and laughing.

At some point Master came in and said it was time for Him and His slave to go to bed. He told Sarah that breakfast was at 7:00 and she could join U/us, or sleep in, as she wished.

Saturday morning i was up and in the kitchen at 6:30. Masterís eggs and bacon and juice were on the table at seven and i slipped under the table. i parted His robe to feast on His glorious cock. Sarah had chosen not to have breakfast with us. i didnít know if she wanted to sleep in, or didnít want to watch her big sister under the table.

When Master finished His breakfast, i cleared the table, and Sarah came into the dining room, "Oh, I am so sorry to have missed breakfast."

"Oh thatís okay, i can fix a little something; may i Master?"

Before Master could respond, Sarah giggled, "Oh, Iím not really hungry, Iím just sorry to have missed the floor show." and she laughed heartily. Master laughed, as well, and i gave Sarah slaveís best nasty look.

"Well, I assume that means o has prepared you a little better for O/our lifestyle, Sarah." Master had a smile in His voice that even Sarah recognized immediately.

"Yes, Steven, I think she has, though I would not bet against you surprising me still." This was slaveís little sister, willing and able to take on any one or any thing.

"Well, I just might at that." Master said, not really as a threat or a promise. "Now, o, letís shower. I am going to be working for awhile this morning, as I lost part of yesterday, and will lose some of today, and I have a major presentation to give Monday morning."

"Oh, Iím sorry Steven. I could have taken a taxi from the airport or..."

"Nonsense, I wouldnít think of it." Master interrupted. "I just have a couple of things to put together and Iím sure you two wonít miss me. o, Tammy will be dropping off some material she inadvertently took home last night."

i excused slave and showered with Master.

When i went out to the pool, i took a tall glass of V8 Juice, Sarahís usual idea of breakfast. She was in her bathing suit and laying on a lounge. I handed her the juice and sprawled on the lounge next to her and we talked about old friends and new adventures.

The doorbell rang and i excused slave and went to answer the door. i was fairly sure that it was Tammy because she has her own gate card. i opened the door wide and greeted her.

"Hi, o. You know, one of these days Iím not going to be surprised when you open the door nude, maybe." She kind of giggled. "Is the boss home? I went and went home with this stuff last night and I guess he needs it."

"Sure, but first i have someone iíd like you to meet, come in." i led her through the foyer and play room to the pool. "Tammy, this is slaveís sister, Sarah; Sarah, this is Tammy, she took slaveís place as Masterís confidential assistant."

Sarah offered her hand, and Tammy said as she shook it, "Wow, no family resemblance or nothing! I never would have thought that there could be another person as beautiful as o."

"You are very kind," Sarah was saying as i left to get Master. When Master and i returned Sarah was telling Tammy what a prude i had been growing up and what a surprise it was to see me now.

After some pleasantries, Master took the papers and instructed me to show Tammy to the door. Sarah walked along so we went out to Tammyís car to say goodbye. As Tammy drove away, Sarah said, "Does Tammy come to the house often? It doesnít bother you to be nude in front of her when she works every day with Steven?"

Sarah was vacillating between understanding and just not getting it. One minute she seemed to embrace slaveís commitment and the next she didnít seem to get it at all. "Of course it bothers me, but that is what, and who, i am, now. Tammy knows all about U/us, in fact, everyone in Masterís office knows. Tammy was among the first to know because i trained her to take slaveís place as Masterís confidential assistant and we talked about why i was leaving, and what i was going to do."

"Her grammar ainít too great for a big-time confidential assistant."

"Itís strange, when she writes, she writes perfectly, itís just when she talks that she uses those strange tenses and such." i defended Tammy, "And she is just the sweetest person."

When we got back in the house, Master instructed me to make lunch, i did, and this time Sarah got her floor show. It was, perhaps the most difficult thing i have had to do as Masterís slave.

Donít misunderstand, iím not ashamed of sucking Masterís wonderful cock, and i suspect Sarah has sucked a cock or two herself. But to be put on display, for slaveís little sister, wantonly sucking Masterís huge cock, well i canít fully describe slaveís emotions. i was mortified, embarrassed, humiliated, stimulated, and i came twice. When i came the first time it tripled slaveís sense of degradation, and i came again, very quickly.

Master reached down and touched me in His way that means the meal, His and slaveís, is over. i could feel slaveís whole body as if it was on fire. i replaced Masterís wet cock into His pants and crawled from under the table. i felt as if standing was an absolute impossibility; as if it was a conquest just to be able to be on slaveís hands and knees, but slowly, and not too steadily, i did stand.

i began to pick up the plates without looking at Sarah. Then i stole a quick look at her and i couldnít interpret the look on her face. She said, "Steven, may I help o with the dishes?" Master said she could.

In the kitchen Sarah stammered, "Oh my god, o, that was so perverted, and so bizarre, and so... so... so hot. I canít believe that you blew him right there in front of me. What were you thinking?"

"Well, Sarah, to be honest, i was trying very hard not to think at all. i was just concentrating on Masterís velvety cock. Are you horribly disappointed in me?"

"Oh, Sis, you know I love you. I am shocked, but not so much by what you did, as that you did it. To be honest, if someone had asked me, two days ago, if I thought that you would have oral sex, I would have bet against it. And today... well today you blew Steven, and you blew me away." She honestly didnít seem to be disgusted or any of the reactions i feared.

Master came into the kitchen and announced that He had arranged for theatre tickets for this evening so we should be ready at 4:00. He asked Sarah if she had a conservative white dress to wear. She said she thought she had something that would do. i had the distinct feeling that Master was going for contrast.

After 3:00, Master and i showered and He dressed in a dark suit and tie. The dress He set out for me was black; from the waist up it was stretchy, sheer lacy material that fit like a coat of paint, the long sleeves flared below slaveís elbows and the skirt flared almost like a skaterís outfit. The hem was about three inches below slaveís sex, and iím sure i need not say that the material was all but transparent. Master also put out a black velvet floor length cape and five inch high heels. He instructed me to put only the shoes on.

When W/we went into the playroom, Sarah was there wearing a cream colored dress that came to slightly above her knees, it, too, was long sleeved and had a gathered neckline that almost looked as if she tossed a scarf around her neck. "Will this do, Steven?" she asked with a smile.

"Very nicely, Sarah, thank you. You look stunning." If Master was looking for contrast, He certain had it; Sarah looked like innocence personified and, when i was dressed, i would look like a total prostitute (a high priced one, of course, i hoped).

Sarah looked at me and the clothes draped over Masterís arm and i could read the question in her eyes, i explained, "iíll probably put mine on later." Sarahís smile made me think she might be starting to get into this whole thing.

Master suggested if Sarah had a coat she might want to take it. She did, and got it.

Sarah and i went out to the porch, i assumed slaveís position, and we waited for Master to bring the car out of the garage. He opened the passenger door and the passenger side back door and we sat down. He drove a more direct route to the city than He often does.

At the toll booth the toll taker gave U/us a little wolf whistle and as W/we pulled away Sarah said, "I guess youíre used to that by now, huh o?"

i had to admit, "You know, Sis, iím not, and iím not sure i ever will really be used to it. It is a little, very little, bit easier, but it is anything but routine."

Master parked in the garage where W/we always park when in downtown. He went around the back of the car opened the trunk, removed slaveís clothes and came and opened the two passenger doors. i exited and Master handed me the dress. i saw Sarah looking around as if W/we were doing a drug deal or something.

Suddenly she whispered, "Thereís a car coming, o." i had just pulled the dress down,† over slaveís body, so they missed seeing the naked slave; although the difference between naked and this dress was probably insignificant. Master draped the cape over His arm and led the way to the elevator.

When W/we exited the elevator at street level, Master draped the cape over slaveís shoulders and did the same with Sarahís mid-calf length coat. i slipped slaveís arm through Masterís left arm and Sarah did the same with His right, asking "May I, Steven?"

W/we walked the half dozen blocks to the restaurant and it was obvious that the contrast presented by slaveís sister and slave was not lost on the passersby. The hostess greeted U/us and showed U/us to the table Master had reserved. He took Sarahís coat and draped it over the fourth chair and did the same with slaveís cape. The hostess gasped, but politely, at the full effect of slaveís capeless attire.

W/we enjoyed a delicious meal and, when W/we finished, Master pulled out our chairs as Sarah and i stood. Master draped slaveís cape over His arm. Sarah watched and asked, "Do you want me to wear my coat, Steven?"

Oh, wow, she is really enjoying this. Master said, "As you wish, Sarah." She draped it over her arm, so Master took it and added it to the cape. W/we walked the additional blocks to the theatre and i am sure, even as pretty as she is, Sarah has never experienced the amount of attention W/we generated in those dozen blocks.

The theatre outer lobby was open, so W/we got in the line for will call tickets. W/we were still in line when they opened the inner theatre lobby, so Master instructed me to go to the bar and get three glasses of sparkling wine. He gave me some money and gave Sarah slaveís ID.

On the walk to the bar, Sarah started talking a mile-a-minute. "I donít know how you do it, o. The attention is so intense I can hardly stand it, and Iím fully clothed. Do you ever feel like just exploding? I have never been so aware of other people around me as I was walking over here, standing in that line, and right this minute, for that matter. Does it ever just get unbearable?"

We reached the bar so i ordered the wine and turned to Sarah, "It is much harder sometimes than others. Sometimes it is just incredibly erotic and sometimes i just wish that i could crawl into a hole and hide. It has never gotten to the exploding point, but, oh yes, the heightened sensitivity and emotions are very, very intense."

The barman put the wine on the bar and, with a huge smile, said, "Excuse me Miss, I think Iíve seen just about everything youíve got, except your ID."

i could feel the blood rush to slaveís face as Sarah giggled and stammered, "Oh, tee hee, thatís my fault, tee hee." And she pulled Slaveís, and her own, ID out of her purse and showed them to the barman.

"Thank you ladies, I hope you both enjoy the wine and the show."

Sarah continued the conversation, "Can you describe it, the sensation, probably not, huh? Like I said, Iím fully clothed, but maybe by association, for me it was (is) like people are looking at me naked and seeing right into my soul."

Wow, i have talked to people about slaveís slavery briefly, and generally, but leave it to slaveís sister to get deep and philosophical. "You know, i really canít describe it. But, when iím out with Master, i feel emotionally, not just physically, like i am constantly on the verge of an orgasm. Of course, to be honest, i have had a few public orgasms, too. But youíre right, it is as if people are looking at slaveís nakedness and seeing something more. Unfortunately, what most of them are probably seeing is an STD ridden slutty whore. Though, you may not believe this, Sis, but often, mostly the men, treat me like a princess."

"Oh, I can believe it, o. I see the way the men in here are looking at you and, sure, there is a lot of lust goiní on in their eyes, but there is something else that looks sorta like enchantment." Sarah had really come a long way since W/we picked her up at the airport.

A well dressed, middle aged woman, who may have had a little too much to drink already, stepped up and interrupted, "I saw you two with that man at will call. Itís just a power thing, you know that, right? Heís just flaunting his power over you. Itís all about... well... heís probably got a tiny dick and..."

"Excuse me, Mistress, but, of course, it is a Ďpower thingí, but i have given Master the power and that sets me free. i donít expect you to embrace it or, perhaps, even understand it, but believe me, i fully appreciate the dynamics of it. As for Masterís gorgeous cock; it is much more than adequate in size, and if He would allow me, i would suck it all day, every day, and i could do that because He has the kind of control that makes multiple orgasms a part of slaveís daily life."

i turned back to Sarah who was standing with her mouth open, but smiling broadly, if that is possible, and i whispered, "There are always one or two of those, as well."

"You donít have to whisper, o, she left. I canít believe you told that woman you would suck Stevenís cock all day!"

Master came up and W/we each picked up a wine flute and made room for other people to get their drinks.

Sarah moved very close to Master and said, "Steven, see that woman over by the door in the blue pants suit? You should have heard o tell her off, well, not tell her off exactly..." i think she realized that that might not be a good thing for a slave to do. "but she..." and she went on to quote the whole exchange, almost verbatim.

"Well, o, I appreciate your defense of me, but donít forget you are a slave." Like i could forget that i am a slave standing in this lobby, collared, cuffed, ringed, and all but naked.

W/we finished O/our wine and went into the theatre proper. O/our seats were third row center and, of course the six or eight seats between ours and the aisle were occupied. Sarah went in first, followed by Master and then me. The women remained seated, moving their legs to the side; the men stood but didnít really make much room, meaning that i had to brush against each one.

When the lights dimmed i reached over and unzipped Masterís pants and reached in to caress His wonderful cock; if that woman in the lobby only knew what she was missing.

At intermission W/we went to the lobby but decided against drinks. Sarah said, "You know I noticed that the play was "My Fair Lady" when we walked up, and all through it Iíve been thinking that Steven is kinda your Professor Henry Higgins, o."

"Yah, except Professor Higgins took a Ďgutter snipeí and made a lady of her, and Master took a lady and made a slut out of her." i quipped, being very sure that slaveís voice expressed the humor intended.

W/we shared the laugh and then Master said, "Not a slut, o, a slave. In your case there is an enormous difference."

"Here, here," Sarah added, "and a beautiful, sexy and very happy slave."

When the play ended, Master draped us in our respective wraps in a way that kept slaveís shoulders and arms warm, but Slaveís breasts and sex well exposed. Then He reached into His coat pocket and produced a chromed chain leash. Master attached one end to the ring of slaveís collar while Sarah watched mesmerized.

The aisle of the theatre was so crowded that i donít think anyone could really see the leashed slave, even in the inner and outer lobbies, few seemed to notice. On the sidewalk, the crowd dispersed rather quickly, and Masterís leashed display slave was completely on display. It was another of the rubber leg, stone feet, red face, and more, moments with which i am not yet really getting comfortable.

W/we walked the eight or ten blocks to the lounge in a hotel between the theatre and the garage in which Master had parked. While W/we walked, Master and His slave talked about the play, but Sarah was quiet. i wasnít sure if she was in shock, or if she was trying to absorb all the senses and emotions of being with a leashed, almost naked, slave, or maybe both.

Master asked for a table with a couch and chairs. He pulled one of the chairs out for Sarah and took her coat from over her shoulders. He took the cape from slaveís shoulders and i sat on the couch. Master draped the wraps over the unoccupied chair and said He was going to use the restroom. He handed His end of the leash to Sarah saying, "Iíll have sparkling wine, please."

When Master was out of hearing, i asked Sarah, "Are you okay? You were awfully quiet after the play."

"Well, geeze, o, every time I think Iíve seen it all, Steven adds something else. This has got to be the ultimate. o, Steven walked you through the city streets on a leash, and..."

"Sarah, i know, i was there." i caught slave quickly and apologized, "Oh, iím sorry, Sis, itís just that you sounded like one of those people who, when iím naked, come up to me and say ĎDo you know youíre naked?í"

"People donít do that..." Sarah giggled.

"i swear they do. And, well, walking on Masterís leash is still one of the harder things He requires of me. i know that i am supposed to feel more like a slave, but i feel decidedly like a dog." i could hear the emotion showing in slaveís voice.

"Iím sorry, o, I should be more supportive. I didnít realize how difficult it was for you. You seem to take it all in stride. It wonít make it any easier, but looking at you on this leash, I never thought of a dog for a moment. You just looked like a loving slave on her Masterís leash." Sarahís voice revealed a little emotion, too.

The waitress came to the table. She was one who serves Master and i quite often when W/we come here. "Did you go to the theatre tonight, o?" i acknowledged that W/we did and ordered our wine.

Sarah observed, "She knows your name."

"She has served Master and me before. i guess it is easy to remember a nearly-naked slaveís name, there are so few of us."

She returned with the wine just as Master returned and sat down. Sarah passed the leash across the table almost knocking slaveís wine out of the waitressís hand. iím sure that the waitress had noticed the leash, but somehow it seemed as though Sarah did it on purpose to be sure that she knew i was on Masterís leash.

W/we listened to the live trio and sipped O/our wine. At a little after midnight Master said it was time to go home. He stood up, pulled Sarahís chair back for her and draped her coat over her shoulders. He helped me from slaveís seat but draped slaveís cape over His arm.

When W/we left the lounge into the lobby, Master said, "Sarah do you want to use the ladyís room; I know o does." Slaveís stomach did a summersault with a half twist. Master had slaveís cape over His arm and i was quite sure i was going to be told to take off slaveís dress when in the ladyís room. Sure enough, at the door to the ladyís room Master handed the leash to Sarah and said, "o, come out dressed to ride in the car."

As Sarah and i went into the ladyís room, Sarah said "What does he mean Ďdressed to ride in the carí; you ride naked in the car?"

"Thatís what He means, Sarah. He just added something new for you, didnít He?" i tried to sound perky, but i didnít feel it. Sarah gave up her end of the leash so i could take off slaveís dress. Once off, i handed it Sarah. She didnít need to go to the bathroom so i asked her to fold it while i went. Suddenly i really needed to go. iím sure it was the thought of walking naked out of the ladyís room into the hotel lobby.

When i finished, Sarah said, "Donít worry, o, you can wear my coat."

"Are you nuts, thank you, but unless you want to see your big sister with whip welts from head to toe, iíll just go out this way." i handed her the end of the leash and started for the door just as two women came in. At first they gasped and then they started giggling. We passed them and walked out the door. Master was standing right at the door and quickly draped the cape over slaveís shoulders, buttoning the only button, at the collar.

With the cape thus fastened, slave is actually completely covered, until i take a step, then the cape parts and it is obvious to the world that i am naked and slaveís pubic area is hairless. Sarah gave Master the leash and slaveís dress and W/we walked toward the lobby doors. If i had any doubts about slaveís sex being fully displayed by the cape, the reflection in the lobby windows erased them. As W/we walked ii heard one of the two women saying "Oh, my god sheís going outside like that."

The ten-block walk to the garage wasnít too bad; at that hour, on a Friday night, there were only a few dozen people on each block of sidewalk and only every single one stared at slaveís displayed sex. Even Sarah, bless her heart, crossed at a corner against the signal, so that she could watch Master and slave walk across.

At the garage elevator door Master reached over, unbuttoned the cape and removed it from slaveís shoulders. No sooner had He done that then W/we were joined by a trio of women who seemed to be on a "girlís night out". They had obviously been drinking. Master stood aside to let the women in first. All three stood and stared as the naked, leashed slave was led into the elevator. As the door closed, one of the women looked at me from hair to toe and said, "I suppose you know youíre nude."

i looked at Sarah and she just started to giggle uncontrollably.

Not laughing, i replied, "Yes, Mistress, i am aware. Thank you."

None of the three women took their eyes off of me for a moment until W/we got off the elevator. Then they realized they hadnít pushed the button for their floor and had actually ridden past it.

The ride back to Masterís house was uneventful except for the very sweet young man at the garage cashier kiosk who looked in the window and said, "Holy shit, you could give the Sphinx a hard on."

Saturday i awoke with Master, W/we showered and He dressed. i went into the kitchen fixed Masterís breakfast and served Him and slid under the table to feast on Masterís marvelous cock. Sarah missed the floor show again.

When Sarah did come out, i poured her a tall glass of V-8 and W/we went out to the pool deck. Master inquired if there was anything Sarah wanted to do on O/our last full day together. She replied that she would like to have a little time to talk to me and then she was up for whatever W/we wanted.

Master informed us that He would be in His office if we wanted, or needed, Him.

The moment Master left, Sarah started, "Okay, o, I know youíre happy, and all that, but last night was pretty way out there; I mean off the hook. Does Steven ever put you in unsafe or dangerous situations? I mean the emotions are so intense, even I can feel that, but does the eroticism override a little good common sense; Even a little healthy fear?"

"That is so sweet, Sarah, but i will tell you what Master said once. Even if He didnít care about slaveís safety for slaveís sake, (and He does), He would never let anything happen to me because He would lose His perfect (His word) display slave. i know last night was kind of intense, but i was never in danger, iím sure you could see that. Master could have waited for me across the hotel lobby so i had to walk all the way across it naked. And i would have done it, you know that by now, i think. But He waited right at the door. i am flattered that you might be worried, but you have only seen one day, and as you said it was pretty Ďout thereí. Please believe me when i say that Master would never let anything happen to me."

"Was last night the most extreme that it gets? I mean have you had to do worse things than that?" Sarah seemed to have stepped back a bit from the edge. At some point last night i thought if Master suggested it, she would move in and become His second slave. This morning, she seems more like slaveís little sister.

"No, i guess slaveís graduation week was probably the most extreme, partly because it lasted a full week and partly because i was actually naked more of the time."

We talked for about an hour, but pretty much about the same stuff, and then Sarah asked if i would ask Master to join us.

When W/we came back out to the pool, Sarah asked Master, "Steven, Iím sure you can imagine that this has been a remarkable visit. You have been incredibly gracious and I hope this wonít seem pushy or... well, pushy, but I would love to have a picture of you and o to take to France with me. But may I take a picture of you leading o naked, on your leash, in a very public place?"

"Dear Sarah, I donít think that is a bit Ďpushyí. You should absolutely have a photo of o as she is now. That is a wonderful idea. I think W/we should incorporate it into a little shopping." i thought Master sounded perhaps just a bit too enthused.

Sarah put on slacks and a print blouse, Master put on some Dockers and a sports shirt and i was instructed to put on slaveís boots with the three inch sole and five inch heels. Sarah and i went to the front porch, and i assumed the position to wait for Master. He opened the doors and we got into the car.

Master drove to a very upscale shopping center and parked in the garage. He opened the door for Sarah, and the door for me. i got out of the car and waited for Him to offer something for me to put on. He attached the leash to slaveís collar and started for the garage elevator. It was all i could do to stay standing. On a Saturday morning this was a very busy shopping center.

W/we had taken about a dozen steps with slaveís heart trying, very hard, to break free from slaveís chest, when Master casually remarked, "Oh, I almost forgot. Wait here, o." Master turned and walked back to His car.

Sarah whispered, "He isnít going to take you out there like this, is He?"

i responded, "Isnít this what you asked for Mistress Sarah?" i emphasized the Mistress since, by asking for this, she had become one of them, no longer slaveís little sister.

Master opened the car trunk and returned with slaveís poncho. This is one of the very few items of clothing slave is allowed to wear that is opaque. The reason i am allowed to wear it is that it is simply a sheet of material with a hole in the middle for slaveís head; it is completely open on the sides from slaveís shoulders to the hem of the poncho which is about four inches below slaveís sex. When i wear this Master can touch me anywhere He wishes. He put the leash through the neck and had me put the poncho on.

Sarah looked at me in the poncho and observed, "Well it isnít sheer, but thereís no question if you are wearing underwear."

Master took the leach and continued to lead us to the elevator. Master loves to rest His hand on slaveís butt when i wear the poncho. He knows doing that serves to emphasize how exposed, and vulnerable i am. W/we exited the elevator into the bright morning sun and onto a busy sidewalk. A trio of teenaged girls walked by and one gasped, "Oh my god, sheís not wearing nothiní" It seems no matter what i wear, people think iím naked.

i smiled and looked at Sarah, who whispered, "Sheís right, you know, you might as well be naked, but I suppose this is Ďstreet legalí." W/we walked and window shopped and went into a number of shops, and caught a good many eyes.

Master asked Sarah, "I know you said you had everything you need for your trip, but is there anything you might like, but not really need?"

ĎGee, I donít think so, Steven."

"Okay, then I know what we will do." And with that He led us to Tiffanyís.

The woman behind the counter looked at the leash and the ring through slaveís nose and the collar and, after a moment, asked, "Are we on Candid Camera or something?"

Master replied "We are decidedly not. W/we would like to see a gold frame. Something in gold but not too obviously valuable. It is to serve two purposes. I wish it to remind this young lady," indicating Sarah, "of this young lady," indicating me. "In addition, Sarah, here, is going to Europe for a couple of years, and I would like the piece to be of sufficient value that, if she should need to, she could sell it for enough Euros for a ticket home and brief living expenses."

Well, needless to say, the sales lady forgot about Candid Camera, and found any number of very pretty frames. After considerable protestation by Sarah about Master being too generous, etc., she gave in and decided on the one she liked. W/we departed the store with a small, but rather expensive, light blue bag.

W/we walked, and looked (and were looked at) some more. Finally Master decided it was lunch time, so He led us to a restaurant with outdoor seating on the sidewalk. He asked for a table outside and seated Sarah and then me. With the back of the poncho pulled back so that slaveís bare ass was on the chair slaveís entire ass was exposed from both sides; a fact not lost on any of the passersby.

After lunch W/we walked some more with Masterís hand resting on slaveís butt. i heard a number of people comment that He was "feeling" slaveís ass. i could see Sarah looking at the reflection in the shop windows to see the effect that others were seeing. After awhile Master shifted so that his right arm was around slave and under slaveís right arm. His hand was under the poncho cupping slaveís right breast. i donít think one could actually see slaveís breast but there could be no mistaking what Master was doing.

i donít think slaveís pulse ever dropped below overdrive during the whole couple of hours W/we were out and about. i could hear comments almost constantly, and in case i missed any, Sarah would repeat some for me, like "Did you hear that? That guy said you had the body of a goddess." Or, "Did you hear that woman say she thinks your pussy is dripping."

"It is Sarah." i snapped. i didnít mean to snap, but after a couple of hours the pressure can be a little intense. "iím sorry, Mistress Sarah, i didnít mean to be curt."

"Oh, thatís okay, o, I canít even imagine what it must be like to be so exposed for so long."

Master suggested, "It has been quite awhile, we should probably head home and change for tonight. Sarah, do you have a party dress, in your luggage, you can get to?"

"Oh sure, Steven, are we going out tonight?"

"Yes, oh, and does your camera have a flash?" Master inquired.

"Yes, itís a really nice camera; I got it for the trip."

At that W/we were at the elevator and Master reached over, dropped the leash through the neck of the poncho, pulled the poncho up over slaveís head and off. W/we waited (one of U/us naked) for the elevator. After about a dozen heart beats, that i was sure W/we all could hear, the elevator doors opened. Two women started to exit before it registered what they were seeing.

One grabbed slaveís arm and pulled me into the elevator, followed by Master and Sarah. The other woman pushed the "Close Door" button over and over until the door finally closed. Master protested, "Madam, please, release her arm."

The woman looked at me and inquired, "Are you alright, Dear? Where are your clothes, where are you going, where do you belong?"

The elevator began to move. It was going up, but no floor had been chosen. Master reached to push the button for O/our floor.

i wanted to just let slave go, faint, and slump to the floor. But i managed to say, "Yes, Mistress, i am fine. Master has slaveís clothes, i am going to Masterís car, and i belong with Master. i am very sorry if i have upset you, but i assure you that i am absolutely fine. Thank you for caring." i admit that was a bit of a lie. As far as that kind lady was concerned, i was fine, but as far as i was concerned, i was on the verge of a panic attack.

The elevator stopped at O/our floor, the doors opened and there was a man and a woman waiting to enter. Master stepped aside so that Sarah could exit and then led me past the couple, "Please excuse us. Thank you very much."

As W/we passed, i could hear the woman exclaim, "Keith, that woman is nude and on a leash!" to which Keith replied "Geeze, Cara, Iíve got eyes, and Iím not about to miss something like that." As W/we got further away i could not make out what was being said, but they seemed to be comparing notes with the two women who rode up with us.

At the car Master opened the two passenger side doors and Sarah and i entered. When W/we got to the kiosk, the cashier reached for the ticket and looking in the car, gasped, "Oh... my...gawd, youíre nude; That is, like, so totally wrong. Does he make you do that?"

Master handed her the ticket and a ten dollar bill, while i tried to explain, "He doesnít make me do it. He likes me to be naked, and i like to please Master."

The cashier looked at her computer, said "Three dollars," and handed Master His change. "Itís still way wrong. Have a nice day." i guess even if W/we were "way wrong" W/we were still entitled to a "nice day".

W/we went back to Masterís house and Master and i showered and He dressed. Sarah came out in a wonderful floral print mini dress and heels. She looked stunning. Master gave me a micro-mini super-sheer dress. The neckline is a strip of stretch lace that fits just above slaveís breasts and serves to hold the dress up. The rest of the material just falls to the hem about three inches below slaveís sex. It doesnít sound too exciting, but the effect would actually be quite sexy even if it wasnít virtually transparent. i know the reason Master likes this dress; Because it is easy to get out of. He also gave me a pair of heels with three inch soles and six inch heels.†

About six oíclock W/we were again in Masterís car headed for a restaurant. There was a parking place about six parking places from the front door and Master took it. He opened the two passenger side doors and Sarah and i got out. "Donít forget your camera, Sarah." Master reminded.

W/we had a table in a nice quiet corner and enjoyed a very pleasant, leisurely meal. The service was overly attentive, as always, but very polite and pleasant. When W/we finished our Lattes, Master paid the bill, and pulled slaveís chair back for me. When i stood, He instructed me to go to the restroom and remove slaveís dress. i almost had to sit back down, slaveís knees turned to water. i had to lean against the table for support. He instructed me to wait in the bathroom and, when He knocked, to come out and hand Him the dress.

i learned a little later that He then told Sarah to be ready with her camera because He was going to lead me, naked and leashed, through the restaurant, out onto the sidewalk, and to the car. This was to be Sarahís opportunity to get photos of her "new" sister for her new gold frame.

i went down the short hall and into the restroom, pulled the dress over slaveís head, folded it and waited for Masterís knock. i only hoped that i would be able to hear Masterís knock over the pounding of slaveís heart. Shortly, i did hear the knock and went to the door. i opened it and saw Master standing with a leash in His hand. i handed slaveís dress to Him. It should give you a good idea of how small and thin the dress is when i say that He put it in His pants pocket. He attached the leash and instructed me to clasp slaveís hands behind slaveís neck. In this position, i suppose, i am not really any more exposed than with slaveís hands at slaveís sides, but i felt many times more uncovered.

Master stepped forward and i did the best i could to follow. This is another of those times when i had to rely on help from Master to record what happened in slaveís journal that night. i remember as W/we went from the hall into the restaurant proper, a sudden silence and then a roar of voices. i remember seeing Sarahís flash going off. Master told me later that Sarah was standing at the front door and took a couple dozen photos as W/we walked the forty or fifty feet through the restaurant. i remember thinking that the noise of the people talking was deafening and yet the words were indiscernible. i remember thinking i wanted, more than anything, to put slaveís hands down, but i knew i† couldnít.

How i walked that walk to the door, without falling, collapsing or fainting, i canít even imagine. Master assured me that i was beautiful and fantastic. i only know that i didnít fall down. i do remember thinking, at one point, if slaveís legs give out, should i put slaveís hands down to break the fall, or keep them clasped at slaveís neck, and fall on slaveís face. It is incredible what goes through your mind when you are being led naked, on a leash, through a busy restaurant. i guess you will have to trust me on that, hopefully.

By the time W/we reached the front door, i guess, some of the shock had worn off because i do remember the walk from the door to the car rather vividly. i remember seeing Sarah back-peddling and shooting pictures like crazy. A couple of couples passed U/us. One of the women said "Holy crap, I wonder what the bet was that she lost"

At the car, Master opened the door and i got in, Sarah got in, and then Master. i looked back at the restaurant door and it was filled with people staring out at U/us. Master asked Sarah, "Will one of those pictures be okay for your new frame?"

"Oh, yes, Steven, that was fantastic. Thank you, Steven. odalisque, that was so awesome! How did it feel? Did you hear what they were saying about you?"

"Actually, Sarah, i hardly heard a word, it all just sounded like a one million decibel cacophony. i canít even explain how i felt, except, by the puddle iím leaving on Masterís seat, i guess i found it erotic." i explained illogically.

The sun was just going down when Master parked in the club parking lot. i was still reeling a bit from the walk through the restaurant, and was unsure what slaveís next adventure might be. Master came around and opened the two passenger side doors. When i got out, He handed me the folded dress from His pocket and instructed me to put it on.

When W/we made O/our entrance, the club was pretty crowded with people in party dress, dancing, drinking and laughing, so not too many people noticed slaveís transparent dress. Inside the club, Master had reserved one of the three "VIP Booths". These are platforms elevated five or six steps which have a large, overstuffed couch and a table on them. When sitting on the couch you can see the whole club.

W/we sipped O/our sparkling wine and talked and watched the people. Sarah was asked to dance a few dozen times, and did dance a couple of times. i was asked as often but didnít dance. i think the word was getting around about slaveís sheer dress, because more and more men were coming up and asking me to dance, and staying and chatting a bit and not really making much effort to hide their staring.

The DJ announced that he had been asked to play a couple of slow songs, for the lovers in the club, and he was going to play a set of four or five while he took a break.

Master took slaveís hand and led me to the dance floor. Someone immediately asked Sarah to dance and they found a spot next to U/us on the dance floor. i gave Master slaveís right hand and moved slaveís left down to caress His breathtaking cock. Masterís right hand had pulled up the hem of slaveís dress and was caressing slaveís ass. i peeked over at Sarah who seemed more interested in U/us than in her partner.

About half way through the song, Master took hold of the stretch lace at the top of slaveís dress and lifted it up and off of slaveís body. He put the dress in His pocket and resumed dancing with His, now, naked slave. i looked over and saw a huge smile on Sarahís face. She gave me a little wink and i smiled. The dance floor was so crowded that most people couldnít see me naked even if they had known to look, which, of course, they didnít. i realized that Master was almost holding me up while W/we danced, because slaveís legs were almost useless. The accumulation of todayís events was taking its toll.

W/we danced out the slow songs, and when the DJ came back, W/we started back to O/our VIP lounge. i guess i was just coming to grips with dancing naked, but now realized that W/we were walking back to the elevated VIP† lounge. i took Masterís arm in both slaveís hands to keep from falling down and just hoped i wouldnít faint. As W/we walked up the steps to O/our couch, i became aware of a small commotion and turned to see people pointing at U/us, then some whistles and cat calls and suddenly i was acutely aware that i was naked and very much on display.

i did manage to get up the stairs, but iím not sure how. At the table, Master left enough money for the bill and tip. He fastened His leash to slaveís collar, fastened the quicklink so slaveís cuffs were fastened together behind slaveís back, thus thrusting slaveís breasts forward. He then handed His end of the leash to Sarah saying, "I think itís time to go home, Sarah, you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow."

Sarah took the leash and asked, "Is it okay, odalisque?"

i looked at her and explained "i am Masterís slave." She smiled and led me through the crowd which generally gave way like a herd of sheep, with the occasional hand finding its way to slaveís ass or breasts.

i overheard a couple of people express surprise that W/we were going outside like that, and, in fact, a few couples followed U/us outside. A male voice yelled "Thanks for the show! Youíve got a body to die for, baby!" and then a female voice quieter, "Oh, shut up Andy."

At the car, Master opened the doors for me and Sarah, and we got in. When W/we drove away, the group waved goodbye. Master drove U/us home.

After a little conversation, and a glass of port, i was totally spent. For one of the very first times, i didnít even feel like oiling Masterís gorgeous cock or writing in slaveís journal. The events of the day and evening had been so intense that i felt physically exhausted. The feel of Masterís hard cock did help revive me for that duty, at least.

Sunday morning Sarah awoke in time to join Master at the table while i breakfasted between His legs, under the table. When Master finished eating W/we showered and He dressed and asked Sarah for her gold frame. He had printed a couple of last nightís photos of Master and me at the restaurant. She chose the one she wanted in the gold frame and He put it in. i must admit that it was quite erotic to see Master leading a collared, leashed and naked slave through a crowded restaurant. Especially so knowing it was me.

During the ride to the airport Sarah and i found we had a few things that had gone unsaid during her stay and tried to get it all in before she left. W/we parked in the garage and when i got out of the care Master gave me a sheer mini dress to put on with five inch mules.

Inside the airport W/we said O/our goodbyes and Sarah went through security and down to her gate for departure. It was an absolutely wonderful, if emotionally exhausting visit; One iím sure Sarah will remember, perhaps more vividly and fully than i.