oís Magic
by odalisque

Master had to go to San Diego on business, so He decided to take me along and make a mini-vacation out of it.

He laid out the clothes He wanted packed: two suits, three dress shirts, two ties, five undershirts, two pairs of briefs, a couple of pairs of casual pants, four casual shirts, a half dozen pairs of socks, a pair of dress shoes and a pair of sport shoes. He also had me pack His toiletry bag and, of course, the oil and talc for me to use on Masterís wonderful cock every night.

Packing for Masterís slave was easier: an extremely sheer mini dress and another dressier but no less sheer, dress, and a pair of black 6-inch platform mules. Oh, and slaveís toiletries which consist of a hairbrush, toothbrush and paste, Clinique honeyed red gel rouge for slaveís nipples and areola, a lip rouge, and the oil to use on slaveís collar and cuffs.

Somehow when i pack for U/us it makes me feel all the more naked. Seeing the stack of Masterís clothes and the two, as-much-as-transparent, dresses for His slave seems to shout at me, "You are a display slave"; "You will be naked almost all the time".

At a little past nine oíclock in the morning, i waited, naked, in the standing position, on Masterís porch while He put the suitcase in the trunk and backed the car out of the garage. Master got out of the car and opened the passenger door, the signal that i was to join Him. i went around the front of the car and sat in the passenger seat.

Master drove the long way through the town in which W/we live before joining the freeway. i have gotten more accustomed to riding naked through city streets and country roads. Donít misunderstand, it is still challenging and, at times, very disconcerting.

For instance, the look i got from the bridge toll-taker today when he saw that i was naked and had slaveís hand buried in Masterís pants, caused a slight fever to spread through slaveís body.

Master steered U/us down into the city to drive through the entire city to get to the coast highway. On the highway W/we cruised at a leisurely pace enjoying the sights and the fresh air blowing through the open windows. After a time Master asked if i would like to walk on the beach for a while. Knowing that there were some well-known nude beaches in the vicinity i said, "Oh, i would love that Master." That gives you an idea of how relatively naive about this display slave thing i can still be.

After another mile or two, Master simply pulled the car onto a small turnout and stopped. He came around to the passenger door and opened it. i got out and He took slaveís hand and led me down a short path to the beach and tidal pools. i was thankful for Masterís hand because slaveís knees often still get weak when being naked in public.

If i had any doubt that slaveís naked body was visible to the highway the occasional horn honking erased it. W/we walked along the beach for some time, Masterís arm around me caressing slaveís breast, and slaveís hand caressing Masterís wonderful cock through the open fly of His pants. There were no others on the beach.

Master stopped where the beach gave way to rocky tidal pools and i went on to discover the little wonders living in the nooks and crannies of the rocks. After some time, i looked up and Master waved to indicate that i should return to Him.

W/we walked slowly back to the car. Just as W/we crested the bank at the car, another car pulled into the turnout behind Masterís car. Two young women and a young man climbed quickly out of the car. The two women were wearing swimsuits that actually didnít show too much less of their bodies than i was showing. But they were wearing swimsuits and i was not; A fact that was reinforced by the young manís very loud exclamation "NIIIICE!"

Master opened the door and instructed me to brush the sand from slaveís feet before getting in. i didnít want to spend any more time than necessary on display for this trio, but i wasnít about to disobey Master. i turned slaveís back to the seat, and lifted slaveís left foot, brushed it off and swung it into the car and sat on the seat. Before i could brush off the other foot the male of the trio had moved to the front of Masterís car so that as i brushed the sand from slaveís right foot he was looking directly at the splayed gash between slaveís legs. i could feel the heat of embarrassment run through slaveís body. After cleaning slaveís right foot, i looked up at the man as i swung slaveís second foot into the car. The smile, or was it a smirk, on the young manís face made me blush all the more. Master closed the door and the smile faded from the manís face but he continued to stare.

Master started the car, and the man said, "Very nice seeing you," with a heavy emphasis on "seeing", and W/we returned to O/our journey.

i have to confess that being a display slave can be humiliating, it can also be quite exciting. Seeing that manís eyes burrowing into slaveís open sex made me very hot, so i asked Master if i might have His marvelous cock in slaveís mouth. i missed most of the beautiful scenery between about Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara, but i wouldnít have had it any other way.

As W/we approached Santa Barbara, Master instructed me to sit up. i sat up and replaced Masterís hard, wet cock into His pants and zipped His fly. W/we drove to a small motel across the street from the beach and about a block from the main street of Santa Barbara. Master left me sitting in the car parked in front of the office while He went in to register.

While He was gone another car pulled up behind Masterís and a man got out and started toward the lobby door when he looked over and saw me. He adjusted his path so that he was walking in front of Masterís car. i thought he was going to pretend he was going somewhere but he didnít even bother. He stood at the passenger side front fender and just stared at me. He was so obvious, for so long, that finally his wife (i assume) got out of the car and went up to him to see what he was staring at.

When she saw me she punched him pretty hard on the shoulder and said, "Shit, Scott, put your tongue back in your mouth and go register."

The manís trance was broken and he went toward the lobby doors. The woman came to the open window and said, "Are you okay young lady?"

"Yes, Mistress, i am just fine. iím sorry about your husband."

"Yeah, so am I; heís just a swine when it comes to women," she said. She looked at slaveís collar and cuffs and the rings in slaveís nose and nipples. "Actually, I have to cut Scott a little slack this time. I suspect you are a lot of menís fantasies in the flesh. Have a nice evening."

"Thank you Mistress, you are very kind," i said as Master returned to the car.

"You have a beautiful young lady there." She said to Master.

"Yes, thank you; Sheís all that and much more." Master said.

i told Master about the womanís husband staring at me. He said that in the lobby it was just the lady at the desk, Master and the man, so the man assumed that W/we were together. He walked right up to Master and asked, "Is that naked woman outside yours?"

i guess that took the desk clerk by surprise because Master said she quit typing at the computer and looked up at Master who responded, "Yes, she belongs to me."

The desk clerk regained her composure and returned to her keyboard, but paused again when the man asked, "Is she what she looks like?"

Master gave His usual reply to questions like that, "Depends; what does she look like to you?"

"Well, she looks... she looks like... like a... like a sex slave." The man stammered and the desk clerk gasped.

"Well, I guess thatís close enough." Master told the man.

Master said the woman gave Him the key card and as He was leaving He heard the man describing me to the woman in minute detail.

Master parked the car in front of His room and got the bag from the trunk, opened the passenger door and helped me from the car. i took a quick glance back and saw the man walking from the lobby doors to his car, and a woman standing in the open office door.

Master opened the room door and i went in.

Master called to make a reservation at a restaurant on the fishing pier across the street, and a block or so down. W/we showered and Master changed His clothes. i couldnít imagine going out on the street in the sheer mini dress, and the other dress seemed way too "dressy" for the fishing pier. But Master is full of surprises.

As our reservation time approached Master put down His book and said, "Are you hungry odalisque?"

"Yes Master i am."

"Well then letís go eat." With that He put out His hand and pulled me to slaveís feet and told me to put on the six-inch mules from the suitcase. i did as instructed and W/we started for the door. Well, since i couldnít imagine going out to the street in the sheer mini dress, you can imagine how slaveís mind grasped going out stark naked. Master opened the door and i know i balked, just a little, but i hoped that Master couldnít tell, or would forgive me.

i grabbed Masterís arm, as much for support as out of affection. W/we walked past Masterís car and He turned and opened the trunk. He pulled out a pink blazer that i was not familiar with. He held it out for me to slip slaveís arms into the sleeves. The blazer is cut in a wide "v" before the first button; so wide that almost half of each breast, the edge of each rouged aureole, and part of each silver nipple ring was visible between the lapels. The blazer is long enough to cover slaveís sex, but if the little snap at the bottom is not snapped, it opens as i walk and exposes slaveís pubic area for all to see. Mercifully, Master snapped the snap at the "hem" of the jacket.

Master offered His arm and i took it and W/we started to walk to the restaurant on the pier. i would have forgiven anyone for thinking that i was just learning to walk. i was that unsteady on slaveís feet. Between trying not to pop out of the blazer and trying to keep slaveís legs from collapsing, i must have looked a sight. i did get better fairly quickly and was relatively comfortable by the time W/we reached the sidewalk.

The looks W/we got as W/we walked were a little strange. It was as if people knew there was something wrong, but at the same time they werenít sure what. i was showing a little too much cleavage, but in southern California thatís not that unusual. The jacket was short, but it covered the essentials, if barely. i guess it was the accessories that attracted the attention of most people; the nose ring, the tattoo visible below the bottom of the coat and, of course, the collar and cuffs.

i am guessing at this because, unusually, not much was said, at least that i could hear. Usually i hear any number of comments as W/we walk; Remarks about everything from the rings, to Masterís good fortune, to which STDís i must certainly be carrying. It was almost eerie this day, not that i lacked for attention. It was just a quiet, almost polite, attention.

W/we walked half way down the pier and entered the restaurant. While Master checked in with the hostess He reached down and unsnapped the snap at the bottom of the hem of the jacket. Now, as i walked, the jacket would flare open exposing slaveís sex at just about eye-level to most of the seated diners. It was obvious that a number of diners did, in fact, see slaveís plucked-clean pubic mound.

W/we were shown to a window table. i flicked the back of the jacket out so that i did not sit on it, but sat bare ass on the chair. Sitting, the jacket parted to bare slaveís sex but i think the hostess was the only one who saw before i covered it with slaveís napkin. Her eyes went from the napkin up slaveís chest to the ring in slaveís nose. She stared at the ring while she handed us our menus, told us that our waiter would be Dario, asked if W/we wanted a cocktail and wished us a pleasant dinner. She took her eyes off the ring in slaveís nose only when she turned to leave.

Dario came with the glasses of wine and setting them down said, "Champagne for the gentleman and for the very beautiful young lady." He had a bit of an Italian accent, and he was quite cute.

Dinner passed uneventfully. Dario and the busboy were very attentive but very polite. W/we were given a complimentary dessert. When it was time to leave Master asked if i wanted to use the ladyís room. i am beginning to understand Master better and better. Because He asked that question, i knew W/we were not going directly back to the motel room, so i said yes, i would like to. Master said He would wait for me outside on the pier.

As i walked toward the restroom, i noticed one young woman, about slaveís age, stare at me with obvious, and extreme, attention. When i passed her table, she got up and followed me into the restroom. i went into a stall and i could see her feet under the door in front of the stall. We were the only ones in the room.

"Excuse me, may i ask you a question?" her voice echoed a little in the mostly tiled room.

"If you are speaking to me, Mistress, yes, of course you may."

Her voice was not assured but it was quite loud, "Are you some kind of a slave, or a prostitute or what? My friends think you are just a slut, but i think you are something more."

"Well thank you for that, Mistress. i am what Master describes as His "display slave". He enjoys showing off slaveís body in public. i am not sure that your friends would consider that any more or less than a slut, actually, but i am definitely not a prostitute." i finished peeing and left the stall.

"I thought you were into some sort of slave game. How often does he make you wear that stuff?" She seemed more than casually interested.

"If you mean the rings and collar and cuffs, i am never without them. i am a full-time slave. If you mean the jacket, tonight is the first time i have worn it. i suppose Master allowed me to wear it because He didnít think they would let me in here naked, which is how i am most of the time."

Her eyes seemed to get as big as golf balls. "Yeah, right, well, whatever. You know that everyone can see your shaved pussy when you walk, donít you?" She said it in almost a whisper like it was just our secret.

"To be honest, i didnít know, but i wouldnít have expected any less from Master. Now i really should be going, Master is waiting for me." i dried slaveís hands and turned to the door.

"What is your name?"


"What? odalisque?"

Pointing to slaveís name tattooed on slaveís leg I said "Yes, o-d-a-l-i-s-q-u-e, look it up in the dictionary, Mistress. iíve enjoyed talking with you. Good night." i went through the door into the dining room. Truthfully, i never had any doubt that slaveís plucked pubic mound was visible to one and all, but somehow this womanís confirmation made the walk to the front door a little more humiliating.

It was just dusk when i went out the door to the pier. i saw Master waiting at the railing. "I can only assume that you got into one of your "amusing" conversations." He said when i joined Him.

"Well, yes, iím afraid i did Master. A woman followed me into the bathroom and wanted to know if i was a prostitute, or slut or what."

"And which did you choose, o?"

"i told her that i am Masterís display slave."

"And what did she think of that?" Master asked with an undisguised playfulness in His voice.

"iím not really sure, she may not have completely believed me, but she seemed to have more than a passing interest in the idea." i shared His amused tone.

Master put His arm around slaveís shoulder and turned me toward the street at the end of the pier. As W/we walked Master moved His arm so that it was around slaveís neck allowing Master to reach under the lapel of the jacket and caress slaveís breast. i moved slaveís hand to Masterís leg where His fantastic cock was hanging inside His pants and i stroked it as W/we walked. W/we walked a couple of dozen blocks this way without too much ado. Again people stared quite openly but very little was said, or at least overheard by me. Maybe people are just really polite in Santa Barbara; or maybe a display slave isnít that big a thing there.

On the way back, about a half-dozen blocks from the motel, a couple of middle-aged women were walking toward us. When they got close enough to us to be heard, one woman said, in a loud clear voice, "Cheeze, she might as well be nude."

It all happened very quickly, but i knew, as i heard her say the words, that i was in trouble. Master said, "Thatís a marvelous idea, Madam." He reached over and unbuttoned the blazer and slipped it off slaveís shoulders. The women were now right next to me and i was well and truly naked. I grabbed Masterís arm for support, as slaveís legs went all soft and squishy.

"Oh, dear god," one of the women said. Master draped the jacket over His arm and W/we continued to walk the remaining blocks to the motel. I looked over slaveís shoulder and saw that the two women were watching U/us walk away. They had not taken another step. It was now between ten-thirty and eleven, on a weekday, so traffic was light, but W/we did provoke some horn honking and cat calls.

Often times when i am naked in public a certain amount of the experience is a blur and this was one of those times. When W/we were back in the room, Master instructed me to write the nightís experience in slaveís journal, as usual. But tonight He had to help me a little more than usual. The last thing i remembered, really clearly, was the woman saying i might as well be nude and the blazer sliding off slaveís shoulders.

i had no recollection at all of the man at the motel, who stared so hard at me earlier, coming out of his room and coming up to U/us before W/we got to the room door and asking if W/we wanted to go somewhere for a drink with him and his wife. Master also had to remind me that when He declined, the man suggested that he come into Masterís room for a drink. Master again declined and W/we went inside.


In the morning i packed and Master took the bag to the trunk of the car leaving the room door open. He closed the trunk and called for me to join Him. When i closed the room door, He opened the car door and i got in. As Master backed out of the parking space the staring man from yesterday came out of his room, "Hey, how about breakfast together?"

Boy that man was persistent. Master just waved as He drove away.

Today was a nice, warm cloudless day and Master drove unhurriedly toward San Diego. As noon approached Master pulled into the drive through lane of a fast food shop. It was one of those "modern" fast-food menus with salads and such. Master ordered a salad and an iced tea for each of U/us.

This place had one window to order and pay and one to pick up the order. The pimply young man at the order/pay window didnít seem to pay much attention to the naked slave in the passenger seat. But when W/we moved up to the pick-up window there was no doubt that he had seen me. It looked as if every worker in the place, including him, was lined up behind the woman at the window.

"Your order will be just a moment, Sir."

i donít know what took so long to get two pre-prepared salads and two iced teas, but after a full three or four minutes of sitting naked in front of a dozen or more staring eyes the bag was passed to the woman at the window who handed it to Master.

"Here you are Sir. I hope you both have a very wonderful day."

Master thanked the woman and pulled away from the window.

After driving for a few minutes, Master found a small pull out at the side of the road. He stopped the car and came around to open the door for His slave. i had the food bag and Master got a blanket from the trunk. W/we went down the slight embankment to a lovely little beach. Master was hungry so W/we ate first and then i asked if i might suck His wonderful cock.

Master said yes, so i unzipped His pants and rolled over to lie between His legs and caress His smooth, hardening cock. When His superb cock was fully erect, i slipped slaveís mouth over it and began to slide slaveís mouth up and down over His magnificent cock. i lost all track of time and place and pretty much everything except the feel of Masterís long cock in slaveís mouth and throat.

At some point i became aware of Masterís voice and i realized that He was talking to someone. i kept Masterís hard cock in slaveís mouth but slowed slaveís sliding up and down and listened. i guess i was slow to be aware of the voices because it now sounded as if they were in mid-conversation.

A womanís voice said, "Oh, yes, we come here quite often. There are some marvelous shells in this area." And then a male voice, "Yes, it is wonderful, we love to stroll on the beach and often find a marvelous shell that we then clean up and sell to a souvenir shop in town. It isnít enough to exactly supplement our retirement, but it does buy us a nice meal occasionally and we get our exercise, and fresh air, during the search."

Master said, "So you live nearby?"

The male voice, "Oh, yes; just down the beach a ways. By the way my name is Jeffery and my wifeís is Kerry. Iím sorry that we are interrupting, we honestly didnít realize when we walked up, and then we were kind of too embarrassed to just turn and walk away."

Of course, it was obvious that they knew what I was doing, and they had probably witnessed, at least, slaveís most recent orgasm. i figured i would just stay in the position i was in, since it allowed me some modesty in that they could only see slaveís back. Master quickly eliminated that option. "Hi Jeffery and Kerry, my name is Steven and this is odalisque. o, say hello to Jeffery and Kerry."

i interpreted "say hello" to mean that Master expected me to turn over and say "Hello." i slid slaveís mouth up over Masterís beautiful cock and replaced it in His pants as discretely as i could, zipped His fly, and then turned over to face the very pleasant looking older couple. i didnít move from between Masterís legs and just leaned on slaveís elbows.

In as normal a voice as i could muster I said, "Hello, i am pleased to meet you."

i guess i didnít fool anyone because Jeffery said, "We are so very sorry we interrupted, we didnít realize... our eyesight isnít what it once was, and, I mean, these days swim suits are so small, we didnít realize you werenít wearing one, and of course, we had no idea that you were... uh... well... um... that you were, uh, well, doing what you were doing."

The woman was staring at the tattoo on slaveís thigh, "odalisque is a rather unusual name, is it French?"

"Yes, it is. It means Ďconcubineí or Ďslaveí." slaveís voice was almost normal, even if slaveís pulse was decidedly not.

The woman, very obviously, looked at slaveís collar, cuffs and the rings in slaveís nipples and nose and said, "Oh, i see." i could tell by the smile on Jefferyís face that he "saw" also.

"Is this your first time in the San Diego area, odalisque?" She was still looking me up and down.

"Yes, Mistress. i have been to L.A. often but, somehow, never got down to San Diego. I understand it is beautiful." Slaveís voice was still an octave or so too high from the nervous tension.

"Are you two here on vacation?" i think the woman was trying to establish some normalcy in an anything but normal situation.

Master put an arm around slaveís shoulder and rested His hand on slaveís right breast. Jefferyís smile went from ear to ear. "I am going to San Diego on a bit of business, but of course, odalisque makes it pleasure, as well."

Jeffery couldnít disguise his joy at watching Masterís hand on slaveís breast, as he said, "Iím sure that odalisque would make any trip a pleasure. What sort of work do you do?"

Masterís hand was really just resting on slaveís breast, with just a slight kneading motion, but it felt like He was caressing it with both hands and His mouth. i was looking into Jefferyís eyes while feeling like Master was making mad love to slaveís breast. i thought i was going to come again any minute.

Master said, "Iím in marketing and Iím going to be speaking at a convention in San Diego tomorrow." As Master was speaking, i noticed that Jeffery was looking at slaveís juices between slaveís legs. Then Master squeezed slaveís nipple and suddenly an orgasm just swept through slaveís body. slaveís body convulsed as if Master had used a pair of those paddles doctors use to resuscitate patients.† slaveís upper body thrust forward and slaveís feet lifted off the sand. iím sure i let out a scream even though i tried not to. Jefferyís smile now went well past his ears.

"Come along dear, i think weíve taken enough of these peopleís time. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day." The lady said as she took her husbandís hand and led him away. It was obvious that Jeffery was leaving reluctantly.

When I had caught slaveís breath I said, "Well that was just a teensy-weensy embarrassing. How long were they here before i realized it, Master?"

"Oh, i donít know, a couple of minutes, i would say. They walked up just as you were having your orgasm before this last one. They were really very nice, donít you think? I think youíve given Jeffery a day he wonít quickly forget, o," Master said with that playful tone He uses when He knows that i am mortified.

i had been sucking Masterís hard cock in front of this couple, and with such abandon that i was not even aware of their presence, i had an orgasm from sucking Masterís fantastic cock and then, stark naked, i carried on a conversation with them as if we were meeting at the grocery store. And, finally, with no more provocation than Masterís hand resting on slaveís breast, i had another orgasm right in front of them.

Master took slaveís hand, lifted me to slaveís feet, folded the blanket, and W/we walked back to His car. "Actually, I thought they both seemed to enjoy your little performance, o; very much, in fact. And you handled yourself very well. i am very pleased with you."

"Thank you, Master, i try to please." Even if it means being embarrassed almost to tears.

Back in Masterís car, W/we drove to the resort where W/we were going to stay. It is a beautiful place, on an island, but you get to it via a bridge; no boat required. Master stopped the car right in front of the lobby doors. He went in to register leaving me sitting, naked, in the car. Five or six couples walked by and seemed to notice that i was naked but it didnít seem to bother them. In fact, after the fourth couple passed, i began to wonder if, beyond the lobby, this was a nudist resort.

Master returned to the car with a resort employee who, looked at me, and dispelled any thought i entertained that nakedness was the norm here. "Hello, Maíam, welcome to Princess Resort." He said with a huge, and rather lurid, smile. He turned to Master and said, "If you will follow me, Sir."

He got onto a golf cart-type vehicle and started down the road. The resort is on forty-some acres, so housekeeping, room service, security and other resort personnel ride golf carts. The bellboy stopped in front of a little bungalow and motioned for Master to park in one of the two parking places.

After Master parked, the young bellboy was at slaveís door opening it. i turned and got out of the car very much aware of the bellboy taking in every inch of slaveís body. I kept slaveís hand on the car to help support me, as i feared slaveís legs were not up to the task. Finally the bellboy turned away from me and asked Master if His luggage was in the trunk. Master said it was and opened the trunk.

The bellboy led the way into the room, placed the suitcase on the foot of the bed and told U/us about the room. He opened the curtains and showed U/us the patio and the view of the bay. He gave us a map of the resort pointing out the five (yes 5) swimming pools, the restaurant, the cafť/bar, boat dock, conference center, gym, the putting course, all the goodies.

When the man had finished and left, Master opened the mini-bar, took out one of the bottles of wine He had requested be in it, picked up two glasses and said, "Letís enjoy the sunset, o." i wasnít quite sure what that might mean to a naked slave, but i took His arm and He led me out the sliding door onto the patio. He positioned a chair for me to sit and then sat Himself. He poured a glass of wine for each of U/us, and W/we watched the sun set over the bay. i was, of course, massaging Masterís giant cock as W/we watched. When the sun was finally gone, i asked if i could finish what i started this afternoon. Master let me suck His scrumptious cock and, ultimately taste His delicious cum.


The next morning W/we had breakfast on the patio. The room service waiter was, at first, startled to see a naked and collared slave, but then took it in stride, setting the table outside on the patio. The weather was marvelous. Master allowed me to eat sitting with Him at the table rather than under it between His legs, which is slaveís usual dinner position at home. A few people strolled by on the beach but seemed not to notice the naked slave eating breakfast.

When W/we finished, Master called the concierge to find out what time he was to meet the conference people. He hung up, turned to me and said, "What say W/we go for a walk on the beach, o?" i could feel that lump, no, boulder, in slaveís stomach. i knew that Master was perfectly capable of expecting me to walk naked with Him on the beach. In as strong and steady a voice as i could manage, i said, "That sounds wonderful Master." Then before i could catch slave, i asked, "Do you want me to put something on?"

The reason i should have caught slave is that, usually, when i ask that, even if Master has intended to give me something to wear, the question makes Him decide that i should, in fact, be naked.

i could see by Masterís face that W/we both knew what i was thinking. "I think I did bring something for you to wear, o." i could tell by His voice that He was having a bit of fun with His slave. He went out the front door to the car and returned with what, iím sure, would be described in the Frederickís of Hollywood catalogue as a swimsuit, but...

The top of the suit was so small that it barely covered the rings through slaveís nipples and the bottom was so small it would barely keep from slipping into slaveís sex. The size was one thing, but the material was another; the "strings" were bright orange, but the material itself was like the material of the nylon pantyhose that i havenít worn since becoming Masterís slave. In short, i would be wearing a swimsuit in name only.

W/we went out the sliding glass door across the patio onto the beach. It was a weekday so there were few people on the beach. i thought this might not be so bad. W/we walked and talked and picked up a shell or two. The few couples W/we encountered were pleasantly polite, though it was apparent that I was not what they expected to come across on the beach.

W/we walked and sat on the sand and walked and sat. Eventually, we had made O/our way to the boat dock and cafť/bar. The bar was open-air all across the front looking out onto the dock and the bay. There was outside seating and inside. Master chose the outside, for which i was grateful because even though it was now about 11:45 there were four or five people in the bar.

One of the people, it turned out, was a waitress. She came quickly to the table and said, "Oh, my god, when you walked up i thought you were stark naked."

"As you can see, Mistress, you were not far off," i said trying to smile. The waitress was about slaveís age, and i still have a little trouble addressing women slaveís own age as Mistress.

She was now staring at the clearly-visible rings through slaveís nipples. "That suit is awesome."

"Thank you Mistress." Over time it has become less painful to have people stare at slaveís naked, displayed body, but that is not to say that it is easy. I could feel slaveís skin temperature rising and it wasnít the sun.

Still staring at slaveís ringed nipples, she asked if W/we wanted something to drink or to see a menu. Master asked for two glasses of sparkling wine, and a menu. i watched the waitress walk away and go immediately to the bartender. It was apparent that she told the bartender more than Masterís drink order because the bartender strained to look around the waitress to see U/us, as did the three men sitting at the bar.

The waitress returned with the wine and two menus. Master looked at the menu briefly and ordered two salads. He then asked where the menís room was. The waitress pointed it out and waited while Master walked away.

"Can I ask you a question?" she asked.

I wish I had a dollar for every time Iíve heard that question. "Yes, of course, Mistress."

"Why do you call me mistress? Does it have something to do with your collar and cuffs, which, i have to admit, i hardly noticed at first." She spoke very quickly either because she was nervous, or wanted to ask before Master returned.

i could feel slave kind of smile, "Yes, Mistress, i am Masterís slave." i havenít yet come completely to grips with telling people i am Masterís slave either; not because i am ashamed of it, but because sometimes the reaction of people can be problematic.

"Far fucking out." i didnít know people still said that, but she did. "For how long?"

"Forever, i hope."

"No, i mean how long are you going to be like this today?" She asked.

"i am Masterís slave all day, every day." i could hear the pride in slaveís voice and i hoped that she could, too.

"Yeah, okay, but does he make you go around almost nude very often?" She seemed to be getting a little impatient with slaveís simple answers.

"Yes, Mistress, He keeps His slave naked most of the time. Only when W/we go out in public does He allow slave to wear clothes. Sometimes not even then" i started to say something more but she interrupted.

"You... you mean you con... consider that... that swim suit Ďclothesí?" Her tone suggested that the extent of slaveís obligation was beginning to sink in.

"i am not actually naked, so i do consider this clothing and Master certainly does," i said, with a little more conviction, perhaps, than i actually felt.

She barely let me finish, "But what about at work or shopping or... i mean there must be times when you go out, in public, i mean..."

"i do not work Mistress, and Master is with me when i shop so i am usually in sheer dresses. Yes i go out in public quite a bit, but almost always with Master and always dressed to be on display. Master describes me as His Ďdisplay slaveí. He loves to look at slaveís body and to have others look. It has be..."

"But isnít it humiliating to have men just ogle you?" She had a sort of yeck tone to her voice. "You know those guys in the bar all want to fuck your brains out and they all assume they can."

"Actually it is often quite flattering, and as for those men thinking they can fuck me, well that would be up to Master, not them. Most of all, it pleases Master, so..."

i did not finish because Master had returned to the table.

The waitress said, "Iím sorry, sir, I got hung up talking to your... um, your..."

"Slave?" Master said with a big smile.

"Yeah. Iíll get your salads right away." And she hustled off.

"Another of your entertaining chats, o?" Master said with the smile still firmly on His face.

"Yes, Master, she wanted to know about slaveís lifestyle, though i am not sure that she is fully convinced."

Still smiling, Master said "Well, o, perhaps W/we can convince her before W/we leave."

i felt that tightness in slaveís stomach because i know what Master is capable of to demonstrate slaveís submission.

The waitress served the salads without a word.

When W/we finished she cleared the table and returned with the bill. As He signed to add the cost to the room charges, he looked at her and said, "Earlier you expressed admiration for odalisqueís swimsuit. ĎAwesomeí i believe was your description. Would you like to have it?"

Slaveís heart began to race immediately. i knew just where this was headed.

"Oh, yes, sir, Iíd love to have one like that. Iím not sure that I would ever have the guts to wear it, but I would love to have one, just in case."

Master looked through slaveís eyes into the back of slaveís head and said "o, give this lady the swimsuit." Exactly where i knew He was going.

As gracefully as i could, with legs that felt like wet toilet paper, i stood, reached behind and unfastened the top. i handed it to the waitress but she was too dumbfounded to take it. She just stood staring at slaveís now bare breasts. i handed the top to Master and stepped out of the bottom and handed it to Master.

Master stood, placed a twenty-dollar bill under the swimsuit on the table. i could clearly see that it was a $20 bill through the swimsuit. From His pocket Master produced a leash and a quick-link. He attached the leash to slaveís collar and took slaves cuffs and linked them together behind slaveís back with the quick-link.

"Shall W/we go, odalisque?"

i did not reply; it wasnít necessary. As Master led me around the waitress, i could feel how exposed I was with slaveís wrists secured in back. slaveís shoulders were arched thrusting slaveís breasts forward. iím sure it was quite a sight for the men at the bar.

i glanced quickly at the waitressís nametag.† "Good bye, Natalie, i hope you enjoy the swimsuit." Slaveís legs were just barely working and i felt more as if I was just falling forward than actually walking.

i took a quick glance into the bar and saw the four men staring at me with roughly the same astonished look on their faces that Natalie had on hers, but with a bit more lust mixed in.

Before W/we were back on the sandy beach Natalie recovered and yelled, "Thank you. Thank you very much. Please come back, I work every weekday from 11:30 to 10:30."

Master gave her a wave without turning His head.

"Well, o, do you think she has a better understanding of your commitment now?" He laughed His mischievous laugh.

"i suspect she does, Master." i tried to sound as playful as Master but the truth is i still have a difficult time keeping up with Masterís demands. i am certainly not the straight-laced conservative woman i was when i first met Master, but neither am i the blatant slut that is sometimes required by Master. i donít think i have ever let Master down, totally, but iím sure i have been less "eager" than He would like at times. And i suspect He might be a little disappointed if He knew how incredibly difficult it still is for me, some times, to be His display slave.

When W/we got back to the bungalow, housekeeping was just finishing. i canít tell you what they said, it was all in Spanish, but i can tell you, from the looks on their faces, that they were surprised (no, shocked) to see a naked slave on a leash being led into the room. Somehow, not knowing what they were saying was harder than hearing slave being called a whore or slut. i wished i had retained my high school Spanish; of course i donít remember learning the Spanish word for "slut" anyway.

i showered with Master and then He dressed for the convention. He told me to be ready to go out at about seven. That would be pretty easy since Master had not laid out anything for me to wear.

At about 3:30 there was a knock on the bungalow door. As usually happens, slaveís mind raced with all the bad stuff it could be, like management coming to throw me out for public indecency etc.

Master demands that i open a door fully when i respond to a knock and so i did. A man was standing on the porch with something quite large under his arm.

"My, you are eager, arenít you?" he said with a smile. "I am Fernando. I am here for your massage, but I guess you already knew that."

"Um, oh, uh, no, i didnít know you were coming. It must be Masterís surprise."

Having said that, i stood there, and Fernando stood there, until finally he said, "May I come in?"

"Oh, yes, iím so sorry, it is just a bit of a surprise," i stammered.

"For me, as well SeŮorita, but very pleasant." Strangely that made me blush, even though in totally ordinary circumstances i suppose I would have been naked for his massage any way.

He set up his table and laid out his oils and things and then went to close the drapes.

"Please donít do that. Master wouldn..."

"The SeŮor said to tell you that it is okay to darken the room for the massage, SeŮorita."

"Oh, okay, thank you."

"Do you want to take your collar and rings off, SeŮorita?" He was very obviously looking at the rings in slaveís nipples.

"i canít take them off Fernando."

"Than Fernando will be very careful and if I hurt you, please let me know."

The next seventy minutes just melted away. When he was through he said, "the SeŮor" had paid in advance and i said, "i am so sorry, Fernando, you might not understand this, but i donít have any money, so i canít tip you, honestly, i would if i could. That was a wonderful massage."

He just smiled broadly and said, "That is okay SeŮorita it was a very great pleasure to caress your beautiful body, and the SeŮor already gave me a most generous tip." He folded his table and case and i opened the front door for him.

"Thank you very much, Fernando, it was marvelous."

i was so relaxed that i went out to the patio and laid on the chaise lounge and just enjoyed the sun on slaveís body. i must have fallen asleep because i awoke with a start and realized that the sun was quite low in the sky. i went in and looked at the clock; it was almost seven oíclock.

i jumped in the shower and out and had just dried slaveís hair when Master returned.

"How did your speech go, Master?"

"I think it went quite well. Are you ready for the ĎGet-a-wayí cocktail party, o?"

"Yes Master" i said, hoping for all the world that, since I was stark naked, i wasnít really ready.

Master smiled His mischievous smile and asked "Would you be more comfortable wearing a little something, it is getting a little cool out."

"If it pleases Master, i would love to wear something." i hoped that He couldnít hear the considerable relief in slaveís voice.

Master went to the suitcase and removed the black micro-mini dress. It was new; i had not seen it before, except when i packed it. He handed it to me and instructed me to put it on.

i stepped into it and pulled it up. It has a halter-style top and no back all the way down to slaveís ass. The cleavage of slaveís ass was just visible above the back of the dress. The hem stopped well short of slaveís tattoos, just covering slaveís sex. Of course, when i say covering, i mean that the material is over slaveís body, but nothing was truly covered because, as usual, the material was gossamer thin. It was so thin that the rings in slaveís nipples were just as visible as the ring in slaveís nose.

Master gestured with His hand that He wanted me to turn around. i turned 360 degrees. "As always, o, you are a feast for the eyes." He gestured toward slaveís shoes, "Shall W/we go?"

i slipped into the mules and took Masterís arm and He lead me out the front door. i didnít know where the party was, but W/we walked past Masterís car, so i guessed it was somewhere on the grounds. W/we walked quite a ways and then entered a building on the edge of the water. Just inside the doors, a woman sat at a table.

i am slowly getting more and more accustomed to the effect slaveís naked, or nearly naked, body has on people; but every once in a while a reaction is so over the top that i am caught off guard. When the woman at the table saw me she all but shouted, "Oh my god!" And then turned her head and put her hand up to her face as if to shield her eyes from the sight of me.

i donít think the woman was more than a few years older than i, but she reacted like some ninety-year-old spinster schoolteacher. i couldnít help it, the blood just rushed to slaveís skin turning it crimson.

Master and i went up to the table and He told the woman His name. She turned enough to see Master and said, "Yes, Sir, i know who you are. That was a marvelous speech this afternoon." She fished through what looked like a thousand of those silly "Hi my name is..." tags and found His. Then Master said, "And this is odalisque."

Still not looking at me, she asked how that was spelled. Master pointed to the tattoo high on slaveís thigh and said, "Like this," forcing the woman to look at me, at least at slaveís thigh. She sifted through the labels and found "odalisque". She handed it to Master.

By now other people were in line behind U/us. i heard a womanís voice say, "Is that the crack of her ass peeking out above her dress." And a male voice said "Yeah, but you can see the rest of it just as well through the dress."

Master patted the sticky nametag onto His lapel and then placed slaveís on the material between slaveís collar and breasts. To read slaveís name one would be staring directly at slaveís clearly visible breasts.

Master led me past the puritanical woman through another set of doors into a large room with a wonderful view of the bay and the city beyond. The room already had perhaps a hundred people in it and many of them just froze when W/we walked in. Those that didnít see the all-but naked slave were quickly put wise by one of the many who did see me.

The women in the room were dressed in designer dresses and the men may have been in designer suits for all i know. While the clothes Master has made for me have the look of Fredericks of Hollywood, they are actually beautifully fitted and sewn by a seamstress in the city. slaveís dress could not have fit any better if it was a Versace.† I had no reason to feel uncomfortable about the quality of slaveís dress. If it had been opaque, and maybe an inch or two longer, I would have fit in with all the other beautifully dressed women but, of course, it was anything but opaque.

A gentleman about Masterís age came quickly across the room extending his hand to Master. "That was an inspiring speech, Steven. I must say I was expecting something quite special but you exceeded my expectations."

Master said "Thank you, James. You are too kind. May I present odalisque."

James had already, shall we say, noticed me, but upon Masterís "presentation" he seemed to feel justified in taking a very long, very thorough examination. i donít think his gaze missed a single pore of slaveís body. Finally, he offered his hand and said, "Please excuse my staring, odalisque, but I have never seen anyone quite like you. You are absolutely stunning. I dare say your entrance took the room by storm. I just canít seem to help but stare."

"Thank you, Sir. Please donít apologize. As you might imagine, i am getting accustomed to a bit of staring from time to time." i looked at Master and smiled.

Almost without being noticed, a very striking woman joined us. James said, "Oh, hello Dear. Michelle, this is Steven and odalisque."

She stared at me but addressed Master, "I understand that you gave quite a speech today. James said it was about exerting power over people and, from the looks of her, you do know your stuff." Her tone was firm but not combative.

"Actually, I prefer to use the term Ďinfluenceí rather than power, and odalisque is a different matter entirely." Master said as the woman finally made eye contact with Him.

"She certainly is. Thatís why I came over, to protect James from her power or influence, if you prefer." She said with more than a little sarcasm. "Your entrance certainly raised some eyebrows, and other organs, I should imagine." I could feel slaveís skin redden again. Master exchanged a few more words with James while Michelle continued to look me up and down.

Master excused U/us and W/we made our way to the bar, got a couple of glasses of sparkling wine and mingled a little. Everyone seemed very impressed with Masterís speech. One woman said, "Your husband is a very, very persuasive speaker. I suspect he could almost charm me into wandering around nude; of course, the effect would not be nearly as enchanting." i thanked the lady for the compliment; at least i think it was a compliment. i didnít bother to explain that Master is slaveís Master, not slaveís husband.

A couple made a point of making their way over to us. The man just stood looking at me like a boy looks at a bicycle he wants in a store window. The woman made it obvious that she was looking at everything i had on display, and then said, "What are you going to do when he decides you are too old for this?"

i smiled and said, "i guess i will have to find someone three times slaveís age, Mistress."

Master and i laughed, the woman sort of "humphed" and dragged her man away.

A man Master was talking to, or at, since the manís attention was clearly on me, said "Iíd pay Steven any fee he asked to Ďinfluenceí a wife like you for me."

This time i felt a correction was in order. "i beg your pardon, Sir, but i am not His wife, i am His slave."

The manís face turned sort of a salmon color, he said, "Oh my. Oh. Yes, well, please excuse me." Then he turned and walked away.

The remainder of O/our time was spent with Master accepting congratulations and me overhearing rather loud whispers about the size, and shape of various parts of slaveís body, and speculation on slaveís sexual prowess.

Face-to-face almost everyone was civil, some quite friendly, some less so.

A man in a suit with a bow tie and a woman wearing a very low cut gown came up to U/us. The man made no attempt to conceal the fact that he was looking me over from head to toe. The woman smiled and said, "Well, I guess my tits wonít be getting as much attention tonight as I anticipated."

i returned the smile saying, "Oh, Mistress, you have beautiful breasts and i am sure they will get all the attention they deserve."

Still smiling sweetly she leaned very near and whispered, "Youíve got this whole room buzzing, and these people donít buzz easily."

"Thank you Mistress, iím sure that will please Master."

She continued to whisper, "How serious is this ĎMasterí thing? Are you a rent-a-slave for a night or..."

"Oh, Mistress, i couldnít be standing here like this if it wasnít very serious. It is full time, all the time." i slid one of slaveís cuffs a little up slaveís arm to show her the very white skin under the cuff, demonstrating that the cuff was always on slaveís wrist.

"Gawd, whatís it like?"

i smiled, "It can be quite challenging, like tonight, but there is a wonderful freedom in letting someone you trust completely make your decisions; just putting your life in His hands. i can honestly say that i have never been happier."

She kissed slaveís cheek and left with her man.

One woman, wearing a little black dress that really was not so dissimilar to slaveís, not quite as short, not cut as low in the back and not transparent but... came up to me and said, very mother-like, "You know, Sweety, with a figure like yours, you really donít have to put it all in the window; you could pick something a bit more conservative."

i put a quick and easy end to that conversation by explaining, "Thank you, Mistress, but i do not choose the clothes i wear. Master dictates when i wear clothes, and what i wear when i do." She shook her head and, she too, just walked away.

At one point Master excused himself to go talk to someone Heíd spotted at the bar. Sometimes I think He leaves me alone just to see what might happen. No sooner had He left than a group of five women approached. i have found that people tend to be a little more aggressive in groups, so i kind of prepared for possible trouble.

They hadnít even stopped walking toward me when one of them said, "I suppose you know that you might as well be nude." i guessed i was going to have to think of a snappy rejoinder for that. i canít tell you how many times people will ask me that. Or when i am actually naked they will say something like "Do you know youíre naked?" like it might somehow have escaped slaveís notice.

Anyway i just said, "Yes, Mistress, i am aware that i am totally exposed. That is the way Master wants me."

One of the others said, "Michelle said you arenít married to him. How much does he pay you for this? It canít be enough to parade around nude in front of a couple hundred people."

"He doesnít pay me, Mistress. i am His slave who He enjoys displaying. i do it because i love Him so i love being His slave." i could hear how proud i sounded but I knew it was lost on them.

"Thatís a lot a crap. There isnít a man in the world I could love so much that I would stand around nude chatting with a hundred people." One said, and she and another turned and walked away.

Of the three remaining, two seemed content, at first, to just stare at me. Then one said, "What happens when you get too old for this shit? Heíll dump you and what are you left with?"

i explained that i am comfortable that Master loves me and will love me even when i am not displayable. It is certainly a chance i am willing to take.

The second woman asked, "What kind of upbringing did you have? What sort of parents would raise a woman who would do something like this? Didnít they teach you any shame at all?"

"In fact, Mistress, before i met Master you would probably have found me quite dull and a bit of a prude. Slaveís younger sister was actually quite embarrassed by slaveís conservatism. i think you would find slaveís parents to be very normal and doing a very good job of raising slaveís younger sister. Ii donít think you can blame slaveís slavery on a parental negative so much as Masterís positive effect. Ii realize that positive is probably not the term you would use, but i have never been happier or felt more alive in slaveís life, so it is very positive for me."

With that they looked at each other and shrugged.

The third woman said, "Hi. My name is Cindi and I think you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen, and my husband thinks youíre so hot that Iím sure heís in the menís room letting of steam right now." i couldnít help a little giggle at that. "How did you ever get the nerve to go out like this? You seem so comfortable with being nude."

"Master trained me slowly and lovingly, but i confess it was, is, quite difficult. Thank you for thinking i am comfortable, but the truth is i have wanted to shrivel up and blow away a number of times tonight. For instance, do you know who that man in the corner with those two women is?"

Cindi looked and said, "Oh, sure, thatís Glenn Bauman; Very rich, very powerful, very chauvinistic. Why?"

"Well he came over and talked to Master for a few minutes and then when Master was talking to some other people, he whispered ĎIíll pay you twice what heís paying you if youíll spend the rest of the night with me.í When i told him that Master doesnít pay me, he said, ĎOkay, right, then how Ďbout we slip outside and you give me a quick blow job for a couple of grand?í"

Cindi gasped and the other two sort of giggled or snorted or something. One said, "Well, what do you expect, you certainly dress the part." And they too walked away, but i heard one say to the other, "A couple of grand?!"

Cindi asked if i had told Master. "No." i said, "Itís just that it is so degrading that he just automatically assumed that i am a whore. i would tell Master if he threatened me physically, but i can deal with verbal abuse, it just hurts sometimes. And quite honestly that woman is right, i guess i am dressed for the role."

Cindi looked over slaveís shoulder and waved. A very nice looking man came striding up. Cindi said "Hank, this is odalisque. She has just been insulted and hurt and i would like you to tell her what you told me about what you think of her."

i wasnít sure where this was going, but Cindi seemed nice, so i waited. Hank looked at her, gave a little shrug, and said, "Okay. I told Cindi that I thought you were every manís fantasy and probably some womenís as well. I told her that Steven was very lucky to have you and I would give every dollar I have if I could have you. And, Iím sorry, I know how that sounds, but I donít mean it like buying your services like a prostitute. I mean if it came down to having a lot of money or you, I would take you. You just are..."

Cindi interrupted, "Okay, okay, Hank. I think she gets the idea. I think we both do, and if I had the chutzpah, and odalisqueís body, I would try to do it for you, but it ainít gunna happen." We all laughed and then Master joined us.

"Well, o, you seem to be enjoying yourself."

"Yes, Master, i met these two charming people, Cindi and Hank."

Hank offered Master his hand and said, "I got a lot out of your speech. It was definitely the best of the conference. I was just telling odalisque how much I envy you for having her."

"Ah, no wonder she is enjoying herself. Every woman enjoys being admired. But I should think that Cindi commands a great deal of attention and admiration herself. You are very beautiful in a lovely understated way." It doesnít read that well, but Master was being His most charming.

Hank turned to Cindi, "Didnít I tell you he is good? You better watch out Cindi, youíll be wearing a transparent dress before the night is over."

"In your fantasies," Cindi giggled, "with all due respect Steven."

Master laughed, "You overestimate my powers Hank, but thank you. Now, if you will excuse us, I think it is time for us to say good night. Very nice to have met you."

i took Masterís arm and W/we made O/our way toward the door. As W/we did another group of women approached us. A rather attractive woman in a pants suit, wearing a tie, said, "If she is supposed to be a sample of your powers of persuasion, itís wasted on me." Then she turned to me and said, "What are you thinking? You are undoing what it has taken us eons to establish. You are a disgrace to the movement."

i replied, "Excuse me Mistress, but i canít imagine that my existence has any effect on whatever your movement is, and if it does, perhaps you should reevaluate the strength and values of the movement."

Master said, "Well said, o." He took me by the arm and led me to the door. i preceded Master through the first set and said, "i am sorry, Master, if that was too assertive, it just popped out."

As W/we passed through the second set to the outside, Master said, "That was just fine, o, now strip." i slipped the halter top over slaveís head, let the dress fall to slaveís feet and stepped out of it. At that moment a young woman, about slaveís age, i would guess, burst through the doors.

"Oh... oh... oh my gosh. Iím so sorry. I... I... I just wanted a word with you. I didnít mean..." she seemed mortified to see me standing there naked, though in the dark of evening i suspect she couldnít see slaveís body as well as she did in the bright light inside. Itís funny how people are. Inside i was as exposed as here, but here i was well and truly naked. The dress made all the difference for her, i guess.

Master said, "My dear there isnít anything about odalisque here that you didnít see inside. What did you want?" Master bent and picked up the dress.

"I just wanted to know if I could talk with her for a few minutes, girl to girl."

"Well if you want to join odalisque now, you can talk on the way back to my room. I will walk well behind so that I canít hear." Master was using His "making fun of His slave" voice, but, of course, this woman didnít know that.

The woman gushed, "Oh, thank you. You donít have to be far behind, Iím just not sure if I could talk right in front of you." Master nodded and stepped back a few steps.

i turned and started walking in the direction i hoped was back to the bungalow.

"Hello, my name is Katelyn."

"Hello. i am odalisque, but i guess you know that."

"Yes. Do you know what the people back there were saying about you? Oh, oh, Iím sorry, are you okay about being out here nude and all?" She talked as if she were afraid of running out of time.

"i donít have much choice about being naked, and i probably have a pretty good idea as to what people were saying about me." i tried not to sound annoyed, but i get this kind of question so often.

"Oh, oh, yeah, you probably do, huh. But I meant the ones who thought that you were hypnotized or drugged, or something. I guess your husband is some sort of mind-over-matter Guru. So some people thought you were hypnotized or drugged. You arenít, are you?"

"No, Katelyn, i am not hypnotized, nor drugged, unless love is a drug. By the way, He is slaveís Master, not husband, and He isnít a mind-over-matter Guru, or any other kind of Guru. He is a marketing consultant. Is that all you wanted to talk about?" i confess to being a little irritated because i would much rather have been walking naked on Masterís arm than walking naked answering this girlís silly questions.

"Well, sort of. I thought that is what you would say from the things I heard in there. My real question is ĎHow does it feel to be so in love that you are willing to stand nude for the world to see, and to let most of them think you are a slut or a whore?" She said the last part quite softly.

"Well, Katelyn, iím not sure that there is a verbal answer for that. You have sort of answered it yourself. i am so in love with Master that if it pleases Him for me to stand naked before the world then i am happy and proud to try to do it. As for the world thinking that i am a tramp, that hurts a little, sometimes a lot, but i really only care what Master thinks of me." It sounded a little sophomoric, even to me, but it was probably just what this naÔve girl wanted to hear.

"Oh, you know, I just knew you were going to say something like that. But it must be something incredibly unique, special. Do you think I can ever feel that way?"

ĎOh, please, buy a romance novel and let me be with Master.í No, i didnít say that, but i dearly wanted to. Fortunately Master must have read slaveís body language, or something, because He stepped next to me, put His arm around me cupping slaveís breast in His hand and said, "I think thatís enough for tonight Miss."

Katelyn seemed not to have heard Him, she was so obviously mesmerized by slaveís breast in Masterís hand. Finally she said, "Oh, sure, okay, well thank you odalisque. Good night."

"Thank you, Master, she was a bit much."

At the bungalow Master asked if i was hungry. i said that i ate too many hors díoeuvres.† W/we went out on the patio and i ate slaveís favorite entree.


This morning W/we had breakfast on the patio and i packed the suitcase and W/we sat on the patio enjoying the warm sun. Master asked if i wanted to go for a swim. i said i wasnít a big fan of salt water and He said He meant in one of the pools. i do enjoy swimming so i said sure.

"Then letís go." Master grabbed a towel and slaveís hand and before i knew it W/we were out the door and on O/our way to a swimming pool. Master was walking rather quickly but that was fine with me. The sooner i was in a swimming pool, the sooner i wasnít walking around the resort naked.

W/we passed a couple of people but they seemed too intent on packing their cars to notice Masterís naked slave. Master opened the pool gate with the room key and i jumped into the pool. Master sat in a pool chair and watched as i swam laps.

At some point i became aware of another person in the pool and then another. It was two women who also seemed to enjoy swimming laps.

After twenty-five or thirty laps, i stopped and stood up in the pool, at a depth that kept slaveís bare breasts below the water. One of the other women stopped, stood up and said, "Hi."

i said, "Hello."

Then the second woman stopped, stood up and she said, "Hi."

i replied and then the first woman said, "Hey, youíre that slut from the party last night, arenít you?"

Itís a little hard to respond to that, so i just said, "i was at the party, yes."

She went on, "Well, Iím 46 years old and that was the most revolting thing I have seen in my whole life. You should be ashamed of yourself, and that guy that brought you should be hung by his balls."

Suddenly swimming didnít seem so appealing, so i said, "Well, Mistress if you didnít like that, you are probably going to hate this." i turned and swam the few feet to the edge of the pool, sprang out and walked over to where Master was sitting. "May W/we go please, Master?"

He took slaveís hand and led me to the gate. i looked over to the pool and saw the women standing, staring with their mouths hanging open. "Good bye," i said and W/we walked back to the bungalow.

W/we left the bungalow at around 11:30, but stopped at the cafť/bar for a light lunch. Master gave me a t-shirt to wear which didnít really make me feel very secure because that usually just means i am going to leave it behind somewhere.

The same waitress was at the bar and it looked like the same bartender. "Hi! Cool, you did come back. Thank you for the swimsuit. My boyfriend said I can wear it around his pool any time I want." She laughed a very cute laugh. "But, to be honest, Iím not sure Iím brave enough to do even that."

When W/we finished lunch Master signed the bill and the waitress stayed at the table. "How long are you stayiní for?" she asked.

Master explained that W/we were leaving in just a moment. He looked across the table and softly asked, "Do you need to use the bathroom, o?" i said i did. Master said to come back dressed to ride in His car. Natalie looked at me quizzically, but i knew precisely what Master meant; leave the t-shirt in the bathroom. I excused slave and went into the bar and found the bathroom.

When i finished i took the t-shirt off and left it on the counter top. i walked to the door, took a deep breath, and opened it. I suspect the bartender hadnít taken his eyes off the bathroom door since I went in. The moment i walked out he said, "Now thatís more like it, Honey."

Master turned to the waitress and said, "Itís been very pleasant and I thank you for your attentive service." He handed her a twenty-dollar bill. She turned to look for me and seeing me walking out stark naked she just sort of whispered, "Oh my god."

i took Masterís arm and He led me back to the car.

At the car Master opened the passenger door and i got in. W/we drove toward Los Angeles.

At around 4:30 Master parked the car in the parking lot of the Hollywood hotel. He came around the car and opened the passenger door and I stepped out of the car. Master gave me another t-shirt, but this one was as sheer as last nightís dress.

When W/we entered the hotel lobby, I watched as, slowly but surely, every eye in the lobby was focused on me. People who saw me first would tell the person next to them and so it went until all twenty or so people were staring intently at me, or more specifically, at slaveís all-but naked body. The T-shirt hem fell a couple of inches below slaveís sex, but it didnít matter because the material allowed the spectators to see quite clearly that it was hairless.

Master led me to the registration desk where a young woman was waiting to register Him. Master gave the car keys to a bellman who retrieved the luggage and then lead U/us to the room.

W/we relaxed for a bit and then W/we showered. Master gave me the more formal dress that I had seen before and the six-inch mules. This dress was very snuggly fitted to slaveís body and quite elegant with long sleeves, but still almost transparent. Master wore a dark blue pinstriped suit.

The hotel is located a few blocks from Hollywood and Vine which sounds much sexier than it is. Contrary to legend, the area is actually kind of seedy. Most of the businesses are tattoo parlors, coffee shops, porn shops or vacant. There are quit a few homeless people or druggies in various doorways.

W/we walked around a little and were stopped by a camera crew from a local TV station. A movie was premiering and they were interviewing people about it. When the camera lights hit slaveís dress it was obvious that they were not going to be using this footage on the five, or even, eleven oíclock news, but they asked a half dozen questions anyway. When Master answered the final question the newswoman said, "Thank you for talking with me. We wonít be using the footage, obviously, but the guys back at the studio will really enjoy the interview."

The reason W/we stayed at the hotel W/we did is that it is just a few blocks from where W/we were going tonight. It is an old mansion that has been turned into a magic club. When I say club, I mean club. You must have an invitation to get in. It isnít all that exclusive, but it really is a treat to be able to go. Master has a friend who is a magician who gives Him passes.

W/we went in the front door and Master relinquished O/our passes to one of the two ladies behind the counter. The other woman was staring very intently at me. W/we went into the anteroom; Master spoke the magic words and the wall slid away admitting U/us to the bar/lounge area. The lighting is "romantic" so slaveís dress was not as glaringly transparent as was the one from the previous night. It was obvious however, by one of the bartenderís stare that slaveís nipple rings were still quite visible.

Master ordered a couple of glasses of sparkling wine.

At 6:30 W/we went upstairs and checked in with the maitre de. The staff is much too professional to make any sort of a fuss about the almost naked slave, but it was clear that i was not something they saw every night.

W/we had a leisurely, delicious meal with a second glass of sparkling wine. When he brought the bill, the server informed U/us that the first show would be in the close-up room and would start in about ten minutes. Master paid the bill and W/we headed for the close-up room.

Apparently W/we were a little late as it was standing-room only. W/we stood on the steps along the wall. The room lights were on and i could watch the word go around the room to look at the nearly-naked slave.

The wall behind the black draped table slid open and an MC stepped out. He welcomed us and apologized for the SRO but said after this show there would be shows in three different larger theater rooms, at the same time, so there would be plenty of room for all. It was a few moments before he noticed me, but once he did I felt as if he was speaking only to me.

Finally he introduced the magician and the house lights went down and the show began. The magician was very good and the time passed quickly. Since W/we were among the last ones in, W/we were among the first ones out, so W/we were one of the first couples in the Houdini room for the second act.

W/we sat in the very front row. The room held more than the close-up room so the audience of 100 or more fit with seats to spare. The house lights went down and the magician stepped out from behind the curtain onto the stage. He did a couple of tricks accompanied by some clever banter and then asked for a volunteer. Master told me to raise slaveís hand. Being in the front row, i was an obvious choice and the magician did the obvious thing; he chose me.

As i walked along the front row to get to the four steps up to the stage, i could hear some remarks from the people sitting in the front row, but when i stepped onto the spot-lighted stage, it was like a collective gasp of one hundred and some people. Under the stark spotlight slaveís dress was totally and completely transparent.

When i stepped onto the stage the magician offered his hand and said, "Well, I seem to have done my first trick already; Iíve made your dress disappear." This got a huge laugh from the audience and caused slaveís heart to beat like a drum and turned slaveís skin crimson from forehead to big toe. Slaveís heart was beating so hard i could barely hear or understand the magician.

He went on, "What is your name?" I told him. "Well, odalisque, I considered sawing you in half, but, if I put you inside a box, at least half this audience would hate me for covering you up." Again, laughter. "I could do the rings, but my poor rings would be no match for yours." More loud laughter and a whistle or two. By now, even i was laughing, but if it was humor or nerves, i couldnít say. i couldnít remember feeling more naked and exposed even at times when i was actually naked.

It was extremely difficult to focus on what the magician was saying, but i could hear bits and pieces of conversation from the audience, words like "nude", "tits", "tramp", "slut", "How could she?" "What was she thinking," etc.

i was standing, all but naked, on a stage before more than a hundred people while this magician practically pointed out points of interest on slaveís body. i felt as if i needed to either scream or cry, but i didnít do either.

Because of the lights, i really couldnít see most of the people in the audience but i could see the front row, so i could see Master. As much as possible, i just stared at Master hoping He would help me through this ordeal.

"I guess I could do some card tricks," the magician went on. He pushed up his sleeves and said, "Nothing up my sleeve, and it is stunningly obvious that you are not concealing anything, anywhere." More laughter. "Well, I guess there is one place you might be hiding something..." I could feel slaveís body tighten with the apprehension of where he was headed with this.

The magician reached into slaveís hair and said, "In that beautiful head of hair of yours." Then he looked out toward the audience and said, "I bet that isnít where some of you were thinking, is it?" More laughter and whistles.

He pulled a playing card, ostensibly, from slaveís hair. "Ah, the queen of hearts and you certainly are." Then he reached and pulled another card. Ultimately he must have pulled half a dozen cards, apparently, from slaveís hair.

The audience applauded, he said, "Thank you, odalisque." i turned and started to go but he said, "Oh, would you mind helping me just a little longer, please, odalisque?"

I wanted to yell "yes, i mind terribly!" and run back to slaveís seat, but i said, "Of course, Sir." It didnít even sound like slaveís own voice to me.

"Letís do a couple of rope tricks. Iím going to guess that you are probably conversant with ropes, yes?"

Over the laughter, i admitted to having some knowledge of ropes, although, in fact, Master very seldom ties me up.

The magician pulled some pieces of rope out of his magic stand and i proceeded to cut them to various lengths. Iím sure youíve seen the routine or a similar one. The ropes appear to be the same length but arenít or vice versa.

After that he had me cut a rope in half and he tied it back together and then slid the knot off the "restored" whole rope. I welcomed the participation because it helped distract slaveís mind from the fact that I was standing before a group of one hundred people as good as, or as bad as, naked.

After what seemed to be days of standing "naked" on that stage, the magician said, "I want to thank you, odalisque, for being such a good sport and helping me. With you as my assistant, I could be the worst magician in the world and no one would even notice, or care." More laughter.

The audience applauded and he took Slaveís hand and walked me to the edge of the stage and the steps down. I could barely walk, my legs felt like rubber bands. Each step seemed to challenge me to take the next. I wouldnít have blamed the audience if they had thought I was drunk watching me descend those four steps. Finally, I made it to the seat next to Master. I put slaveís hand in His lap and squeezed Masterís beautiful cock through His pants. "Was slaveís dress really that transparent Master?"

"As if it didnít exist, o. You really couldnít have been more naked, even if you were. You were, you are, absolutely gorgeous," Master said with His Cheshire Cat smile.

When the show ended W/we had fifteen minutes before the next show. W/we went to the doors to the second stage and sat on the sofa next to the doors. An older couple, I would say in their sixties, came up to U/us and the woman said, "Do you have any idea how sheer that dress is under the lights, my dear?"

I said, "Well, Mistress, if I didnít earlier, I certainly did by the time it was over."

The man said, "Donít let her give you a hard time Miss. The men in the audience loved you and I dare say some of the women did, too. If I had a piece of crumpet like you, I would share you with the world, too."

"Oh George, Ďa piece of crumpetí? Where did you get a phrase like that? A strumpet is more like it. Come along." As his wife dragged him away, George gave me a very sweet wink. I smiled and winked and they walked away.

While W/we sat there, I noticed people pointing and whispering. You might think that I would be used to it by now, but Iím afraid Iím not. In fact, Iím not sure I will ever really get used to it. It elicits a strange group of emotions; a combination of humiliation and eroticism; pride and shame; degradation and lust. Maybe, at some time, I will think nothing of just walking on stage, stark naked, in front of hundreds of people, but IF that day is coming, it is years and years away still, Iím sure.

I managed to get through the next show without becoming a part of the act. The last show was also uneventful for Masterís slave.

After the last show W/we went to the lounge and sat at the bar. The bartender came over to ask what W/we wanted to drink but was quickly distracted by slaveís nipple rings. "Oh, you must be the doll everyone is talking about. Hello."

I said, "Hello. May I ask what Ďeveryoneí is saying about me?"

He said, "Sure, but first what would you like to drink?"

I turned to Master and he said, "Two glasses of sparkling wine will do nicely, thank you."

The barkeep returned with the bubbly and Master said "Thank you. And now, if you have the time, please, answer the ladyís question."

"Sure." He sort of leaned onto his side of the bar and spoke in a quiet voice. "They were saying that there is, in the club tonight, a gorgeous, or beautiful, or spectacular, or hot, depending on who was doing the talking, young woman in a collar and cuffs, with a nose ring and nipple rings wearing a disappearing dress. Now I havenít seen your dress disappear, but if I may say so, the rest of the description fits you to a ĎTí." Someone else at the bar needed service so he excused himself.

i thought it was very sweet for the bartender to leave out the descriptive words some of the female "everyoneís" undoubtedly used.

W/we took O/our wine to a small table with a small couch and sat down. A couple of magicians were working the room doing close-up magic. As much as i love magic, i was happy to have them work elsewhere so that i could relax and caress Masterís wonderful cock through His pants. i was amazed at how physically exhausting the night had been. i felt as if i had bicycled twenty miles.

When W/we finished O/our wine Master lead me into the lobby. The same two women were working at the counter and a couple was looking at souvenirs in a display case. Master looked at me and quietly said, "Strip, oí.

Slaveís heart jumped into slaveís throat. This dress was not easy to get into or out of. i have to lower the bodice as i slide the sleeves down slaveís arms and then slide the dress down slaveís body. The dress was gathered around slaveís waist before slaveís arms were free of the sleeves. i wriggled the dress down slaveís body to the floor, stepped out of it, picked it up and handed it to Master. It was not done quickly.

Only after i handed the dress to Master did i realize that all four of the other people were watching me. The employees seemed to be smiling, but the woman of the couple was not. She said, "Thatís that slut from the show. Gawd, I didnít think she could get any trashier but..."

Master draped the dress over His right arm and offered His left to me. I took it, again as much for support as anything else. He led me to the doors to the outside. It was a lovely balmy evening and might have been a beautiful night for a stroll under other circumstances. I could hear the door swing closed and then open again behind U/us as W/we walked down the driveway. I heard a female voice say, "Oh my god, theyíre not parked in the lot; Where can they be going with her nude like that?" I confess I wondered the same thing, except experience has taught me that it might be almost anywhere.

Master walked me the four or five blocks back to the hotel. i was pretty sure W/we were going straight back to the hotel. This wasnít really a neighborhood for late night strolling, even if you are not a naked woman.

A man huddled in a doorway looked at Masterís naked slave, looked at the wine bottle in his hand and said, "Iíve got to get this brand more often."

The next challenge was to prepare slave for walking through the hotel lobby and waiting for the elevator dressed, or undressed, as i was.

Just as W/we walked up to the doors to the hotel lobby, Master took off His suit jacket and draped it over slaveís shoulders and buttoned one button. i had no way of knowing how much it actually covered, but at least i knew i wasnít naked.

The giggle shared between the two desk clerks confirmed that i was not exactly totally covered, perhaps not exactly covered at all, but i knew it could have been worse; a lot worse. When the elevator doors opened, but before W/we entered, Master removed His jacket from slaveís shoulders and i was, again, naked.

Back in Masterís room i just wanted to fall on the bed and pass out. Master, of course, had other ideas and, i confess, as Masterís wonderful cock got long and hard and was sliding in and out of slaveís mouth, i forgot how exhausted i thought i was.

W/we had room service bring breakfast. After that was just a long drive to Masterís home; most of it spent with Masterís delicious cock in slaveís mouth.

W/we did stop for lunch at a cute little place and i canít even remember where it was or what the name was. It was Italian and the pasta was wonderful. Master let me wear a cat suit that was fairly opaque but fit like a coat of paint. The outlines of slaveís nipple rings were obvious and the suit fit into slaveís sex and ass. It fit so tight that i had to wriggle for 5 minutes outside Masterís car in the parking lot putting it on. Fortunately no one was there to watch. It was a little easier and quicker rolling it off, but two couples did come out of the restaurant and just stood and watched as I undressed and got into Masterís car.

The only other "event" of the day was that i apparently drank too much iced tea at lunch and had to ask Master to stop at a rest room. He stopped at a rest stop, which in California is a pretty good trick, because there arenít that many.

He parked about fifty yards from the rest rooms building, came around and opened the passenger door. i got out and He told me to put on the mules, took slaveís hand and W/we began walking across the lawn toward the womenís room. There were a few other cars in the lot but i didnít see any other people. Again, i had those concrete feet. i felt as if i could hardly lift them. Master doesnít like me to look around to see if i am being seen, but i confess i do it a little. i didnít see anyone.

At the bathroom door, Master said "I will wait for you at the car." i walked into the room and noticed that two stall doors were closed. i quickly went into an open stall. When I finished i opened the door and right in front of me was a woman drying her hands. She did a double-take worthy of Steve Martin.

She looked at me and then said, "They donít have showers here."

i said, "Oh, thatís okay, i just came in to pee."

i saw her concentrate on slaveís accessories and then she said, "Then where are your clothes?"

Pointing to slaveís mules i said, "iím afraid this is it."

She turned and said something like "Holy shit," as she walked out the door.

Master said that she ran out of the rest room and He happened to be talking to her husband at Masterís car. She ran up and said "Bob, there is a nude woman in the restroom. She has a collar and cuffs on, and she has a ring in her nose and rings in her nipples and when I asked her where her clothes were, she said Ďiím afraid this is it.í"

Her husband said, "Slow down Gale. Iím sure there is a perfectly good explanation. She probably thought there was a shower in..."

"Thatís what I thought, but she said no. She was just..."

Master said she just stopped mid-sentence when I stepped out of the bathroom. i saw Master right away and realized He was standing with the woman i had spoken to. i knew He expected me to join Him so i forced slaveís legs to support me and get me to His side.

As i got closer, i heard the husband say, "Cheesus, Gale, youíre right."

i walked, okay, more like stumbled, up to the group of three and Master said, "odalisque, I would like you to meet Bob and is it Gale?" Gale just nodded without taking her eyes off me. Master put His arm around me and cupped a breast in His hand and i wasnít sure who was going to faint first -- Gale or me.

Bob was pretty cool, he said, "Youíre into a Dom/sub thing arenít you? Iíve read a little about it but, to be honest, I thought it was just some horny guyís fantasy. And, honestly, having seen you, odellist, you are probably going to become my fantasy."

i didnít bother to correct his pronunciation of slaveís name, and just had time to say "Thank you, Sir" when his wife grabbed his arm and dragged him away.

Master opened the door for me and W/we left for home.

It was an exciting and sometimes exhausting vacation and i loved it. i may love it a little more now, looking back on it, than i did in the bright spotlight of the magic show, but i wouldnít trade slaveís life for anyone elseís.