oís Gamble
by odalisque

After W/we showered, Master instructed me to pack an overnight bag for Him and wait on the porch. i packed and assumed slaveís position on Masterís front porch. He brought the car out of the garage and instructed me to join Him.

Master drove to a little neighborhood deli and went in while i sat in the locked car. A young couple parked next to U/us on the passenger side. As the man got out of the car, i heard him tell his lady-friend to come around to his side of the car. She did, and he pointed out the naked slave in the passenger seat. They just stood and stared for a few moments and then tore themselves away to go into the drug store next to the deli. When Master returned, i told him about the young couple and He said He was watching from the deli. As always, Master was looking out for His slave.

When W/we started off again, Master drove directly to the freeway and W/we headed northeast toward Lake Tahoe. i immediately asked, and was granted, permission to have Masterís marvelous cock in slaveís mouth. i was only barely aware of the stop at the bridge toll plaza, and then lost slave entirely into the joy of Masterís velvety cock for over two hours.

i didnít even realize that Master had stopped the car again until He nudged me and instructed me to sit up. W/we had stopped at a pull-off at the side of the highway which allowed access to a small picnic area down a slope, next to a river. Master got out with the deli bag, walked around and opened the passenger door. W/we went along the path down the bank to the table nearest the river and sat side-by-side facing the water. It was a little disconcerting because W/we were many tens of yards from the car and clothes, if in fact there were clothes for me, in Masterís car.

The picnic time passed pleasantly and quickly. Ultimately, Master balled up the sandwich wrap, and the bag, gathered the salad containers, and wine bottle and deposited them in the appropriate receptacles. He took slaveís hand and W/we walked for awhile along the riverbank still further from the car and, possibly clothes. i walked out onto the rocks and sat for awhile enjoying the sun and the sound of the rushing water. i was very careful, coming and going, not to fall in, because the water is very cold and swift.

Back on shore, i took Masterís left arm with slaveís right arm and caressed His electrifying cock with slaveís left hand as W/we walked back toward the car. When W/we neared the picnic tables, i could hear voices. i could feel slave shiver and it wasnít from the temperature of the air.

When W/we walked into the picnic area, two couples were just setting out their food. They looked as if they might be a family of parents and grown children or maybe parents and a married child and spouse.

The younger man looked up and said in a rather loud, clear voice, "Oh, man, now thatís my idea of picnicking among the beauty of nature." Of course everyone looked to see what he was talking about. i held onto Masterís arm for support as slaveís legs turned to silly putty, and W/we continued to walk. i could feel the blood rushing to slaveís face, and to that area between slaveís legs. i was sure i was "blushing" both places.

Master looked over and said, "Hello. Itís a beautiful day for a picnic."

The older of the women said, "Yes, it is. Are you alright young lady?"

It surprises me how often people, mostly women, and mostly older women, will ask if i am okay. i guess it is a sign of the times that they feel they need to ask, but it is also reassuring to know that people are willing to "get involved" a little by asking.

i started to reply, but had to stop to clear the nervous frog in slaveís voice. "Oh, yes, Mistress, i am just fine. It is hard to be anything else on such a wonderful day." i hoped that i sounded a lot more secure and nonchalant than i was feeling right then.

As W/we continued past their table the older man, some years older than Master i would guess, said, "May i offer an observation, young lady, that you are probably the most beautiful of the many beautiful sights we are apt to see today."

If i could blush anymore, iĎm sure i did. "Thank you Sir, you are too kind."

What i guessed to be the daughter, or daughter-in-law, said, "Yes, Dad, WAY too kind." i could hear that she said more but could not make out what it was.

Master guided me back to His car and W/we continued on O/our journey.

i had again been enjoying Masterís delicious cock in slaveís mouth for some time when He instructed me to sit up. W/we were on the lakeside road where the hotel/casinos are. Master brings me here a couple of times a year because He knows how much i enjoy playing electronic poker. W/we usually stay at the same hotel each time.

i knew W/we were staying at the usual hotel when Master turned across the traffic and into the valet parking lane of the hotel. There was one car ahead of us, but there were plenty of young parking valets so, almost before W/we stopped, there was a young man at Masterís door and one at slaveís door. Master released the trunk lid, handed the young man the suitcase and continued around to slaveís door, but it was much too late. The young man who opened slaveís door just stood unabashedly staring, with his mouth wide open, as i stepped out of the car.

As i straightened up out of the seat, it felt as if all the blood rushed out of slaveís head. i was very light headed and actually put a hand on the valetís shoulder for support. Master arrived and offered me a dress. "Put this on o, if the young man has seen enough."

This hotel has some of the best guest service imaginable, and the valet quickly said, "Oh, Iím so sorry, Sir, I didnít mean to stare. Itís just that Iíve never seen anyone beautiful so nude... I mean so beautiful, nude. I mean... even the Showgirls arenít..."

"Thatís alright, Brad." (Master read his name tag). "I would worry about you if you didnít stare at odalisque, and Iím sure she doesnít mind, do you o?"

"No Master," was the proper response, so that is what i said, but i was very aware of slaveís nakedness, and all the more so, when i looked over the car and saw a half dozen people standing, waiting for their cars to be brought to the doors. Every eye was on me as i stepped into slaveís dress and pulled it up.

The other valet had Masterís bag on a cart, and W/we went to the front desk. There were only two clerks so W/we stepped behind the couple checking in at the left location, and stood next to a couple waiting at the right location. i was aware of the woman next to me prodding her partner. Getting no response, she leaned toward him and said in a not-too-quiet whisper, "Look at that womanís dress; she might as well not be wearing one." At that her partner looked at me, and smiled very broadly. i smiled back and squeezed Masterís arm.

When W/we moved up to the counter, the woman greeted us like family. Obviously part of the exceptional service is to know the "regulars". W/we certainly are not the "high-rollers" types that get free rooms and things, but they do take good care of us.

"You have your usual room, Mr. L. I hope you and the young lady enjoy your stay with us. If we can be of service, in any way, please do not hesitate to call upon us." She was speaking to Master, but she was quite obviously staring at slaveís breasts fully exposed by the transparent dress.

Master took the key and led me to the elevator. W/we waited at the elevator with the couple who had waited next to us at check-in, and had so obviously noticed slaveís transparent dress.

The doors opened and Master waited for the couple to enter and then W/we followed. The man pushed number 12 and asked Master what floor He wanted. Master told him as he slipped the shoulders of slaveís dress to the side and let it fall to the floor of the elevator. W/we were almost to the twelfth floor before the man looked away and pushed the button for O/our floor. His wife stared at the elevator doors all the way up.

As they stepped off the elevator the man turned and said, "Itís been a real pleasure." At which his wife turned and started to say, "Oh for Peteís..." then saw me standing naked in the elevator and gasped, "Shit, Greg, isnít it enough you drag me to all the tits-and-ass shows in town without..." At that the doors closed and i couldnít hear how she might have determined that her poor husband was somehow responsible for me being naked in the elevator.

In the room Master tossed the dress He had picked up from the elevator floor on the bed and snapped a "quick-link" on slaveís cuffs behind slaveís back without a word. i walked over to the window to look at the view of the lake.

At the sound of a knock on the door, Master opened it and let the young man with O/our luggage in. i turned from the window, i think, before he could see that slaveís wrists were fastened behind slaveís back. i suspect the effect was simply that i was thrusting slaveís breasts out for his inspection. At least that is the way he seemed to take it.

While he explained the various services available to U/us, he never took his eyes from slaveís breasts. i am, little by very little, becoming less sensitive to the stares, but this manís stare seemed so intense that it seemed to burn the flesh of slaveís nipples. At last, he walked around me to be sure that the TV worked and noticed that slaveís cuffs were secured behind slaveís back. i donít know if it was this discovery, or not, but he seemed to focus less on slaveís breasts after that.

When the young man left, Master undressed, laid back on the bed, and instructed me to finish what i had been doing most of the day. i lowered slave between His legs and spent another hour devouring Masterís wonderful cock. i love to suck Masterís gorgeous cock with slaveís wrists cuffed behind me; it makes it a totally oral experience. Master came with such force that i could barely keep up and keep it all in slaveís mouth.

Master released slaveís bondage, W/we showered, Master dressed and asked, playfully, if i wanted to dress for dinner. "Is it a fancy, formal restaurant, Master?"

He laughed, hardily, and retrieved a metallic blue dress from His bag. Handing it to me, He said, "I suspect it may be a little more formal than your present attire, yes, o."

At first i wasnít quite sure how to wear the dress. The top is a halter, the "V" of which begins at slaveís navel with spaghetti straps that hook at the back of the neck. The outside of the halter flows down and joins at the hem in the back, creating a totally bare back to midway down slaveís butt cheeks. At least half of the crack of Slaveís butt is exposed. The effect was to display a great deal of slaveís flesh, but it was really academic because the dress, while not as transparent as some, was sheer enough to clearly see the rings through slaveís nipples.

Master offered his arm, i took it, and He led me out, down the hall to the elevator. i was relieved to see Him push the "up" button which meant W/we were not going outside. The very lovely restaurant just one floor above us is one of slaveís favorites. Like most of the Tahoe area, the "dress code" at this restaurant is pretty loose. You may show up in a cowboy hat and boots and a string tie, or shorts and a T-shirt. On the other hand, people go to this restaurant to celebrate and often dress accordingly.

Master planned the dinner so that W/we would be there to watch the sunset and had reserved the table with the best view. The hostess gave slaveís dress a thorough appraisal as W/we walked up to her dais. She asked Masterís name and lead U/us to O/our table. She pulled the chair out for me and when she saw the back of the dress she audibly gasped. In this dress i probably, technically, didnít have to raise it so that slaveís butt was bare on the chair, but i did. The hostess leaned toward me and whispered "How do you stay in that dress?"

"iím not sure, iíve only been wearing it for a couple of minutes. iíll let you know later."

The hostess kind of giggled, handed me a menu, handed one to Master, and informed U/us our waitress would be Beatrice. Beatrice came quickly and asked Master if he wanted the window shade closed.

"I reserved this table specifically so that o could enjoy the view of the sun setting and so that I might enjoy the view of oís exquisite body. Surely you wouldnít wish to deprive either of us of our views, would you?"

Beatrice kind of stammered, "N...no...no Sir. I just wasnít sure, that is I didnít know, if the young lady realized just how, um, how, well, completely transparent what there is of her dress is in this light. But, obviously she is well aware, please forgive me." She left U/us to peruse O/our menus.

In a few moments a much younger woman, with a small diamond stud in her nose came to the table. She looked at me quickly, but quite thoroughly. She seemed to "get it" right away because, after the preliminary assessment, she addressed herself entirely to Master.

"Excuse me, Sir, my name is Summer, would you mind if I served you this evening?"

"Summer, I think that would be delightful. You can begin by bringing us two glasses of the Mummís sparkling wine." Master wasnít totally surprised, it has happened before that someone is so overwhelmed by who, or what, i am that they feel too uncomfortable to deal with U/us.

When Summer returned with the wine, she said, "I understand that the sun doesnít bother you."

"Thatís correct, Summer, in fact I very much enjoy the effect it has on oís body." Master was playing with her a little bit, quite sure that she could take it since she undoubtedly volunteered to "deal with U/us".

"If I may be permitted, Sir, I donít know who chose her dress, but if I had her body, I would show it off every chance I got!" Yes she could take it alright.

Master smiled broadly, obviously looking Summer up and down, and said, "You have a lovely figure, Summer, unfortunately, dressing like a man isnít too flattering to any woman."

"Thank you. I know, donít you just hate this pants-blouse-and-tie jazz? Have you decided on dinner?" Again the question was addressed quite obviously to Master. He ordered a salad for me and duck for Himself.

A woman with a camera came around and asked if W/we wanted O/our pictures taken. Master said W/we did. She spent a long time arranging U/us, so long that Master almost told her to forget it. Finally she snapped a couple of shots and said that she would be back, before desert, with the photo.

W/we ate, drank and laughed, and before W/we knew it the camera-girl was back. Her body language suggested she wasnít as sure of herself as she had been earlier. When she presented the picture i could see why; between the backlighting of the sunset and the flash of her camera, slaveís dress completely disappeared in the photo. There was the slight cast of blue where the dress was, but it was really just a hint. For all intents and purposes it was a photo of a naked odalisque at the dinner table with Master.

Master looked at it and smiled from ear to ear. "Thatís wonderful. How much did you say it was?" Master paid the price and tipped her very generously. "You certainly did capture the real o."

When Summer returned with the dessert menu, she had a mischievous look on her face. "Oh, you got your picture taken. May I see it?"

Master handed me the folder to show Summer. i opened it. "Oh, my, you look absolutely gorgeous. I can see why she didnít have to show you the other print." Summer went on to explain that the photographer had "Photoshopped" the picture so that one came out as this one and one came out with the dress quite a bit more opaque.

When the sun had set, and O/our dessert was gone, Master lead me toward the elevator.

As W/we passed the hostessí dais i gave her a little thumbs up and whispered, "So far so good."

She smiled and said, "You look fantastic in it. Good luck, and have a great evening."

At the elevator Master pushed the down button, but then not the button for O/our floor. He pushed "L" for lobby. When the doors opened onto the lobby He led me to His car waiting in front. Master allowed me to keep slaveís dress on as i sat in the passenger seat.

On O/our way, Master explained that W/we were going to a reception for a politician who wanted Him to contribute to his campaign. W/we wouldnít stay too long. The reception was at someoneís summer home, overlooking the lake, about fifteen minutes from the hotel. Master drove to the front of the house where there was a young man to check His invitation and park His car. He told us to just go in the front door. i didnít notice him pay any particular attention to slaveís dress or me.

The "summer home" was bigger than Masterís home, and it is not small. When W/we walked in the door there was a hall that led to a large room that was filled with people dressed for a party. True to the resort atmosphere of the lake, they were dressed in everything from cowboy boots to Gucci, but no shorts or T-shirts here.

A man walked toward U/us with his hand out a good ten to fifteen feet before he could possibly shake Masterís hand. "Hello, Iím James, Iím the Assemblymanís secretary."

Master introduced himself and me. The secretary made no effort to conceal the fact that he was staring at slaveís breasts. "The guests are pretty much throughout the first floor. The bar is straight ahead, as are the solid refreshments; please, enjoy."

Master guided me to the bar and ordered two sparkling wines. He then escorted me to a group of two couples, one of which He apparently knew. He introduced me to Shelby and Chris, who then introduced me to Susan and Adid. Master excused Himself, leaving me with the two couples.

Shelby looked very obviously at the ring through slaveís nose. "I am so glad to meet you, o. I have heard so much about you. I used to be an associate of Stevenís and now I have my own firm. Not nearly as influential as Stevenís, of course, but we are working on it. I love your dress. Itís quite daring, but from what I hear you are often dressed in less."

"Do you play the Master/slave game a lot?" It was Susan.

i answered Shelby first, "Yes, Mistress Shelby, there are times when i wear less."

"That hardly seems possible; youíd have to be totally nude, you practically are now..." It was Susan again.

Even looking Susan in the eyes, out of the corner of slaveís eye i could see Adid thoroughly assessing slaveís body, "Yes, Mistress Susan, i am often naked with Master, and in the company of others. You see this is not a Master/slave game, it is a life-style for Master and His slave." i slid the cuff on slaveís left wrist up enough that Susan could see the piano-key-white skin in contrast with the well tanned skin of the rest of slaveís body. i saw Adid mouth something that looked like "wow".

Adid finally found his voice. "How did he persuade you to do this thing? What do you get from it?"

i am asked that question, or something like it, so often, and yet each time i take a moment to think it through. "Master didnít exactly persuade me, so much as He made it available to me. He saw something in me and brought it out. What i get out of it is going to sound silly, and quite naive, but i have yet to think of a better way to explain it. i am in love with Master Steven, being His slave pleases Him, and pleasing Him pleases me. i am sorry that i canít offer any better, more articulate explanation. i am sure that it is next to impossible for a "normal", if you will, person to embrace that concept. Not that you donít each love each other every bit as much as i love Master Steven, you just have other ways of showing it."

"Thatís enough for me. It was nice to meet you, Shelby, Chris." Susan turned and pulled deliberately on Adidís arm.

"Oh, and the sex is absolutely unbelievable." i didnít really have to add that, but somehow Susanís attitude dragged it out of me.

Shelby giggled, "I think that is a given, o, at least in most peopleís minds. What do you wear to work or shopping?"

"i donít work, Mistress Shelby, and shopping i do with Master and i am dressed not too unlike tonight."

"But you canít just be nude all the time, everywhere you go..." Chris seemed a little skeptical.

"iím not really naked, Chris, Sir, as i am not naked now. i rather suppose you think i am naked, but you might be surprised how quite thoroughly clothed i feel now, or at least until someone tells me how naked i am, or says something about slaveís nipple-rings that i know they are seeing, quite clearly, through slaveís dress."

"Have you known Master long, Shelby?"

She smiled broadly in a way i couldnít quite translate, "We used to be associates, years ago. Now, as I said, I have my own firm. Nothing like Stevenís, of course, but I am quite proud of it. How long have you been Stevenís uh, sl... uh... um?"

"Slave, Mistress? For a few years now."

Chris excused himself to get refills of our drinks.

"What is it like? I should tell you that, some years ago, I think that Steven might have given me the option of being in your position or my present one. Obviously, I chose the career. What did I miss, odalisque? Were you into this before you met Steven?" Shelby was talking quite rapidly, but almost whispering.

"No, Mistress Shelby, i am totally Masterís creation. i knew essentially nothing of this life-style before i met Master. This is going to sound funny to a powerful, independent woman like yourself; but it is very liberating. i have never felt so free as i have since becoming Masterís slave. i wouldnít trade places with you for anything in the world."

Again, almost whispering, "Some days I wish I could say the same, odalisque."

Chris returned with our drinks.

i noticed Chris glance over slaveís shoulder just as i felt a hand on slaveís bare ass. It was Master caressing slaveís ass to the point of sliding a finger into the crack exposed above the dress in back. i could feel the flush engulfing slaveís body. "Hello Master."

"Hello, o." He slid His hand up from slaveís ass and stood on slaveís left with His arm around slaveís waist moving up and under the material over slaveís right breast. He cupped it in His right hand. "Shelby, you havenít met o before have you?"

"No, Steven, but I have heard a great deal about her, and I must say she is everything I heard, and much more. You are a very lucky man." Shelby sounded as if she meant it.

"I am indeed." i love it when Master says things like that. "May I ask you two to keep her company for just a few moments more, then I will come back and get her and we will be leaving."

Shelby smiled, "You want me to beat back all the men who are just waiting for a chance to come over and jump her?"

"I donít think it will come to that, but, yes, if you wouldnít mind, please." Master took out a QuickLink and secured slaveís wrists in back of me, leaving me seeming to thrust slaveís breasts at Shelby and Chris.

"Well, if you werenít the center of attention before, and you were, you will be now." No sooner had Shelby said that than two older, quite distinguished, gentlemen came over to us.

The taller of the two offered his hand saying, "Good evening, my name is Stephen, Stephen Beckett."

i turned enough so that he could see slaveís wrists secured behind slaveís back, "i am sorry Stephen Sir, but i am unable to shake your hand, but i am very pleased to meet you." He looked like he must be a judge, or a CEO or a brain surgeon, so you can imagine slaveís surprise when he said, "Iím sure you are aware that every man in this room, straight man, at least, would give his right testicle to fuck your brains out."

i smiled and half giggled, "i am sure you are exaggerating, Stephen Sir, but that is very flattering."

The other man, not quite as old but just as distinguished looking said, "I hope you will excuse Stephen, he has so much money he thinks he can say anything to anyone. We really just came over to tell you how much your presence has improved this very dull affair. My name is James Collins."

"Thank you, James, Sir, i am pleased to be of service."

ĎSpeaking of service..."

James interrupted Stephen in mid sentence, "I know where youíre headed with this, Stephen, and even your money doesnít give you that right." He grabbed Stephenís arm and pulled him away saying, "You are truly a delight."

Three men, probably in their sixties, came over and one said, "I just wanted to say, young lady, that you are, by far, the most stimulating thing about this party so far."

Shelby giggled and said, "Oh good, for a moment I was afraid you had a pistol in your pocket."

"Thank you, Sir, but frankly itís been slaveís experience that it doesnít take much to be the most stimulating thing about a political fund-raiser."

W/we laughed and he added, "True, but I think you would be the belle of any ball you attended." i nodded a thank you as the men drifted away.

As they left, a group of four women came toward us. i have learned to dread women in groups. Somehow, when more than two or three women are together it seems to encourage at least one to be rather savage. This group was no exception.

The woman who seemed to be "the leader" of the group was more than twice slaveís age, dressed in a very plain, but expensive, iím sure, ankle length dark gray dress. She stared at the ring through slaveís nose and then the ones through slaveís nipples. "Youíre quite a ways away from your corner arenít you, Dear?" It took me totally by surprise. i could see that Shelby was also taken aback. "Or do you work at one of the "ranches" in the area?

i could feel the fire engulf slaveís body. It was a combination of anger and humiliation. As far as i could see, i had done nothing to provoke this woman. "i do not work, period, Mistress, either standing on a corner, or as a cowgirl." Of course i knew, by "ranch", she meant one of the houses of prostitution that are legal in Nevada, but i was going to play dumb while i regained slaveís mental equilibrium.

Shelby jumped in, "odalisque, this is Corinne," then indicating the other three women, ďTracy, and Teresa." Tracy and Teresa were also older than i, but nearer slaveís age. To the fourth Shelby said, "Iím sorry, I donít think I know your name."

"Itís Britney, we all work in the campaign. That is an exquisite dress. Itís a designer original, isnít it?"

i thanked her and did a slow pirouette, "Yes, Master has dresses made for me by a wonderful lady in The City." This time it was slaveís turn to surprise. I could see that the word "Master" hit, all but Shelby, like a bolt of lightning. Now they all stared even more intently at slaveís collar, cuffs and rings.

"Youíre into Master/slave games, huh?" Teresa tried to sound as if she were asking if i played the piano, but it was obvious she was a little shaken by the fact that slaveís slavery was so obviously not a game.

"It is not a game, Mistress, it is slaveís way of life."

"Oh, please, just wearing a collar and showing off half your ass to the whole world is not a life-style." Corinne had found her voice again.

"Corinne, jeeze, whatís with you. You are being incredibly nasty, even for you." It was Shelby again.

"Thank you, Mistress Shelby, but she is right. Unfortunately there is probably nothing i can offer that would validate slaveís existence for Mistress Corinne. If i could..."

"Oh, cut the crap, youíre just a whore. Call yourself whatever you like, but the fact is youíre a slut." Corinneís face was almost as red as slaveís, but her color was from rage, or something.

i guess Master noticed that things were not going well for me. As often happens, just when i need Him, He appeared. He was at slaveís side with His right arm around me and His hand under the halter of slaveís dress cupping slaveís right breast in His hand. Even if the women could not see right through the dress, and they could, they would have known what Master was doing. i love it when He does that.

"Hi, Shelby, whatís up."

"Hi, Steven. Iím not quite sure, actually. Your o seems to have struck a nerve in Corinne, here. Youíd think an Assemblymanís advisor would be a little more politic."

Master smiled broadly at Shelby, "Well, perhaps we can impress upon her the value of, if not tolerance, than diplomacy." Master reached into His jacket and took out His checkbook. He removed the top check which was already made out to the Assemblymanís campaign. He tore the signature line off the check, and handed the remainder of the check to Corinne. "I will leave it to you Karen, or, Corinne, or whoever, to explain to the Assemblyman why his campaign chest will be twenty-five thousand lighter than he expected. Nice to see you again Shelby, it is always a pleasure." Still cupping slaveís breast, He turned and W/we walked toward the front door. Shelby smiled at me and i think she winked.

After a moment Shelby came after U/us. "Steven, I am so sorry that I let that happen. I donít know what has gotten into Corinne. Maybe it is that she just turned sixty or maybe she just canít stand how incredibly beautiful, and happy, o obviously is. But, you know the Assemblyman is on the right side of the issues and he needs all the help he can get."

Master stopped with His hand still cupping slaveís breast. "Shelby, I understand, and respect your commitment to the Assemblymanís cause, but with advisors like Corinne, I think he is doomed with, or without, my help." Shelby was obviously listening, but she was, just as obviously, staring, with a sort of dreamy smile, at Masterís hand caressing slaveís breast. The smile made me wonder if she wished it was her breast in Masterís hand. "No, Shelby, there are other soldiers for our cause who will fight the good fight without the likes of Corrine. That is where my support and money will go."

"I understand, Steven. I am sure that Corinne will not mention this to the Assemblyman, but I certainly will. It was great to see you, and to meet you, odalisque." Only now did she move her eyes from slaveís breast to Masterís eyes.

"It was a great pleasure to meet you Mistress Shelby. Good night."

Master opened the door and led me toward the driveway where a young man waited. Master had to sort of bump the young manís arm with His hand holding the number of His car, the valet was so intently staring at slaveís out-thrust breasts and Masterís hand caressing one of them.

When the car came, Master again allowed me to leave slaveís dress on, but He did not release the QuickLink so i had a little trouble getting in, but managed.

Back at the hotel, the valets were again "Johnny on the Spot", one at each door. Again, i had a little trouble with slaveís wrists secured at slaveís back. i swung slaveís feet out onto the ground but didnít immediately stand. i donít know if the valet thought i was drunk or what, but he reached down and took slaveís shoulders and lifted me to slaveís feet.

i thanked him and he said that the pleasure was all his.

Master came around the car and affixed one end of a leash to slaveís collar and held the other in His hand at His side. The valet whispered, not quite to himself, "Holy shit."

When Master started to lead me to the doors to the lobby, i could feel slaveís knees turning to jelly, i couldnít grab Masterís arm to hold slave up. Master sensed slaveís need and helped support me by taking slaveís arm.

It seemed that every one of the twenty or thirty sets of eyes in the lobby was on U/us. Two young couples were walking toward the escalator up to the casino. They said something among themselves, and one couple turned and followed U/us to the elevator doors.

While W/we waited for an elevator, the women smiled at me and i returned it. She was wearing a very tight, very short, sequined red dress. "That is a gorgeous dress. It is a one of a kind designer, isnít it?"

"Well, Mistress, it was made specifically for slaveís body, i donít know if it is one of a kind." i saw that little flash of, not shock exactly, maybe astonishment is a better word, when she heard "Mistress" and "slaveís body".

The man said, "I know this is kind of rude but, Kelly here just loves your dress; was it terribly expensive? Iím sorry, I should explain. Kelly was kind of a late bloomer in high school and now we are going to her tenth reunion and she has been looking for a dress to make a statement, and that dress would certainly do it."

i turned to look at Master, "Master?" i thought the womanís chin would hit the floor.

Master looked at the woman and asked, "What size do you wear?"

"Um, uh, a three, sometimes a one."

Master reached over, released slaveís cuffs from the QuickLink, unfastened the leash from slaveís collar and said "odalisque is a size one. o take off the dress and give it to this young lady." The "young" lady was just about slaveís age but i wasnít about to quibble.

"Yes, Master." While the two of them watched in astonishment, i reached up and pulled the spaghetti strap over slaveís head, lowered the dress and stepped out of it. "Here you are Mistress, i hope you enjoy it."

One of the elevator doors opened. Master clipped the leash to slaveís collar and pulled me into the elevator car. Kelly, now holding slaveís dress, followed U/us into the car; Glenn, her companion, followed at the last minute.

"I canít take this." The doors closed and Master pushed the button for O/our floor. "I mean, I know it has to be frightfully expensive, and I canít wear underwear with it. Glenn, we canít accept this, plus what will you wear when the elevator stops?"

Master spoke very softly, "I think that you would look ravishing in it and I want you to have it as oís, and my, gift to you, as a blow for all late-bloomers everywhere. I hope it fits... If you canít bring yourself to wear it, at least you had the opportunity, and it will be your graduating classís great loss... again."

"Oh, Master, oh Iím sorry but I donít know your name, mine is Kelly, by the way, oh, Glenn told you that, and this is Glenn, but, if I have to live on carrots and water from now until the reunion, I will get into this dress. Iíll have to somehow wear underwear, of course, and I wonít look anything as good as your... your ...your slave, but..."

"My name is Steven and My slave, your benefactor, is named odalisque. And I think you will look stunning in that dress." The elevator had stopped and Master was holding the door open. "As for what odalisque will wear, well she is quite comfortable as she is, are you not, o?"

"Yes, Master."

The woman stepped out of the car with us, gave me a very tight hug. "Iíll never be able to thank you, but I will never forget you, honest, odalisque."

Master led me down the hall toward O/our room and Kelly watched, occasionally saying softly, "Thank you." When W/we were about half way to O/our room another door opened and a couple stepped into the hall. Kelly, not so softly this time called, "Oh, my gawd, Iím so sorry odalisque, Iím so sorry."

i looked back, smiled, and gave her a little wave. She held the elevator door open for the couple in the hall and i rather wished i could have heard the conversation on the ride down.

In Masterís room, W/we showered and Master dressed much more casually than before and offered me a dress that covered quite a bit more of slaveís skin than the earlier one, but was stretchy, sheer material so that all of me was clearly visible. He took me down to the casino. Passing through the lobby, every eye seemed to be drawn to Master and His slave. Once in the casino, only a very few gamblers took their eyes off their game to stare at the slave.

Master showed me where the electronic poker machines i like to play were located and then pointed out where He would be waiting for me. Master doesnít like to gamble, nor does He like me out of His sight, so He picks a bank of machines that are visible from the cocktail lounge where He can wait comfortably.

i played for a couple of hours while Master watched whatever sport was on the big screen TV. Actually, He picked a table that allowed Him to watch me and the cocktail waitresses as they picked up their drink orders, so he was in no particular hurry. i am pretty lucky at this game and, with the couple of hundred dollars Master gave me, i won $615.

i cashed out and went to the cocktail lounge where Master was waiting. For some reason i was feeling kind of frisky, so i went to the bar, put a fifty dollar bill into one of the poker machines built into the bar, and ordered two sparkling wines; one for slave and one "for the man at that table," indicating, with a nod, where Master was sitting.

When the bartender returned with the drinks, i asked if she could have the one delivered to the man. She said, "Sure, Sweety, but if youíre trying to pick him up, Iíd save my money if I was you. I think all he needs is a wink from you and heís yours." She called one of the waitresses over and asked her to deliver the wine to the table.

Someone told me once not to play the machines at the bar because they are tighter than others, because the house thinks the gambler will be tight also, and they will play regardless of losing. i donít know if thatís true, but i just played a few more hands, cashed out, and walked over to Masterís table. He didnít invite me to sit, so i stood at His right and bent down and kissed him, long and deep. When i stood back up, the bartender and three waitresses were staring in apparent amazement.

From behind, Master slipped His right hand up slaveís dress and began to fondle slaveís sex. Even if slaveís dress was opaque, it would have been obvious what Master was doing, but through this dress iím sure, anyone could see His thumb sliding in and out of slaveís sex with the rest of Masterís hand over slaveís smooth pubic mound. i could feel slaveís breathing getting very shallow, and i could hear it. i could feel slaveís body shuddering.

i felt slaveís eye lids getting very heavy and slaveís eyes glazing over. However, through the haze, i saw the waitresses making no effort to conceal the fact that they were staring at me.

Master looked up at me and half whispered, "odalisque, cum." Almost instantly i felt a flash of white light come over me and heard slave groan. i could feel slaveís whole body shake and felt slaveís knees buckle and Masterís hand tighten around slaveís sex. He actually held me up for a moment with his thumb inside slaveís sex. i recovered fairly quickly and put slaveís hands on the table to hold me up.

As slaveís head cleared, i could see the waitresses talking a mile a minute among themselves and the bartender just staring. Very quickly one of the waitresses came over to the table and said, "Okay, ok, wait a minute. Did what I think happened, just happen here. Did he just twittle you off right here in the bar?"

"iím not really familiar with the term Ďtwittleí, Mistress, but if you mean did Master just manually bring His slave to orgasm, yes, that is exactly what just happened."

"Oh... my... god. Iíve been working in this place for... well quite awhile, and that is the most incredible thing I have ever seen. You said, Ďslaveí, so you had no choice about that? You had to just stand there and let him do it?"

Now another waitress came over with a few napkins and handed them to Master. He took them and wiped slaveís juices from His hand. The first waitress asked, "Does he do this to you all the time?"

"Actually, this is the first time. i thought it went rather well, and i hope Master will consider doing it again sometime soon." There was no way that i could say that with a straight face and i didnít. W/we all laughed.

Master thanked the waitress for the napkins and asked me if i had had enough gambling. i said i had. He stood, put His arm around me and cupped slaveís breast in His hand, unfortunately, outside of the dress. He guided me through the lobby and back to O/our room.

In the room, before i settled in to oil and powder Masterís awesome cock, i asked Him about Shelby the woman at the fundraiser. "Did you want Shelby to be your slave, Master?"

He looked a little surprised, "What makes you ask, o?"

"Just something she said tonight, and the way she looked at You, and me. Was i your second choice Master?"

"Well, I suppose the thought, about Shelby, crossed my mind some years ago. But I didnít even know you then, so you couldnít be my second choice. Besides, even if you had been my tenth choice when I proposed the arrangement to you, given the way you have turned out, I wouldnít trade you for a dozen other slaves. I love you, o."

"i love you, Master." With that i spent the next hour or so demonstrating, to the very best of slaveís ability, how very much i love Master.

The next morning W/we showered, Master dressed and W/we had our room service breakfast. i thought i was dealing with the room service guyís furtive stares pretty well until he said, "Maíam, may I just say that guest services told me about you, but they couldnít possibly describe how beautiful and sexy your are. I apologize if this is rude of me, but you are just totally mind-blowing."

Itís funny how it works, a tipsy old woman can almost shout that i am a whore in a room full of overly-respectable people, and i am less flustered than when a young man tells me that he thinks i am pretty in front of just slaveís Master. "Thank you, Sir. That is not rude at all, in fact it is very sweet. i am flattered that you think iím pretty."

"Oh, no, not pretty, Miss, not beautiful, not... well, I donít know, I think theyíd have to invent a new word just for you."

"You are very kind, Brad, Sir." i read his name tag, a habit i am acquiring from Master. "i hope you have a wonderful day."

After breakfast i packed Masterís bag and He called for the valet. Again the stares and smiles. When he left with the bag, W/we inspected the room for anything W/we might have missed and then Master took the terrycloth robe from the closet and held it for me to put on. i could feel slaveís stomach warning me; this was not a good thing.

Master walked me, holding hands, down the hall and to the elevator. W/we were joined midway down to the lobby by another couple. They said hello but the woman looked at the robe rather inquisitively. When the doors opened at the lobby Master let the other couple out first. As W/we walked up to the desk to check out, i saw Masterís car being brought to the front doors.

i felt a little awkward, and conspicuous in the robe, but the clerk didnít seem to care. She went through the formalities with Master. Master said to just use the same credit card He had given them yesterday and W/we started to leave when the clerk said, "Oh, excuse me Sir, did you want to put the robe on your room bill?"

There it was; slaveís stomach had been right, as usual. "Do you want to keep the robe, odalisque?"

i knew what the answer was supposed to be. i started to speak, but had to kind of clear slaveís voice, "Um... uh.. no, i donít, thank you, Master."

Master reached out, untied the belt around slaveís waist and pulled the robe open for me to slip out of it. Master laid the robe on the counter and said, "Thank you for reminding us."

Slaveís legs were literally trembling to the point that i thought i was going to collapse on the lobby floor. i turned so that i did not have to see the horrified look on the clerkís face.

Out of the corner of slaveís eye, i could see that the clerk made no move to retrieve the robe, or speak, she just stood staring at slaveís naked body. Master took the leash from His pocket, clipped it to slaveís collar and led me to the front doors and out to His car.

The valet opened the passenger door and Master helped me into the seat. The valet closed the door, rather slowly, and said, "Have a fantastic day!"

The drive home was uneventful, except that i got to devour Masterís long cock for the whole ride. i donít even remember the state border crossing; i can only assume that they just waved U/us through, as they often do, when they see local license plates.

When W/we got near home, Master asked if i wanted to cook or take home pasta. i usually love to cook for Master, but it had been kind of a long emotional couple of days so i asked if W/we could take home pasta.

Master called ahead and ordered O/our favorite pasta and bread from the little take-out-only Italian restaurant in town. He pulled into the "pick-up only" parking place and told me to pick up O/our order. He knew that Danny was working so He was comfortable letting me go in alone.

It was early evening and the sun was just turning the sky pink. There were half a dozen people on the sidewalk as i got out of Masterís car. None was close enough to say anything though i did hear a whistle that i thought might be for me. Inside was a young couple just picking up their order.

"Cripes, Colie, look at her." The young man said to his girlfriend. She turned and simply stared, and stared and stared.

"Hello," i said as casually as i could.

"Youíre nude!" the young ladyís voice was shrill. "Youíve gotta be nuts."

Danny turned around, smiled and said, "Oh hi, o, your order will be up in just a minute."

"You know her? Does she come in here a lot, nude?" Miss shrill again.

"No, Iím sorry to say, I donít really know her, but she does come in occasionally for a pizza or pasta." Danny was smiling from ear to ear and staring at slaveís body while answering the shrill girlís question.

The young man paid for the food and started for the door, looking back he said, "Colie, come on." The girl was sort of paralyzed staring at me.

i could feel the red blush flowing over slaveís body as i watched her watching me.

"How did you get here like... like that?" her voice was a little less piercing.

"Master dropped me off." i said as i stepped around her to the counter. "Hi, Danny, busy tonight?" The title Master seemed to cause her to stare more ardently at slaveís rings and collar and cuffs.

"Colie! Itís gunna get cold." Her boyfriend tried again. "I told ya we shudda went to Pizza Hut, cum on."

With that "Colie" finally moved toward the door, "Yur sick, ya know that, right!?" With that they went out the door.

"Iím sorry about them, o, but i guess you must get that every once in a while, huh?" Danny was very sweet and sounded genuinely "sorry about that".

"Yes, Danny, i get them every once in awhile. Actually, that type doesnít bother me as much as the ones who seem to want to understand but just canít get their mind to comprehend it. The righteous ones i can just sort of let roll off."

Danny came around the counter to hand me the bag with O/our dinner in it and said heíd take it off O/or balance. i thanked him and turned to leave just as two young women walked in.

"Oh my gawd, Danny, what are you doiní?" the redhead yelled.

"Cool it, Barb, iím not doiní anything. This is odalisque, she and her Mas... her... partner come here all the time..."

"I bet sheís not dressed like that Ďall the timeí."

"Youíd lose, actually, she is," Danny introduced me, "odalisque, this is Barb and Viv; they go to school with me."

"Hello. Obviously Danny hasnít mentioned me to you; how discreet of you Danny. Thank you."

"Oh thatís okay, o, nobody would believe me anyway. Hey, guys, this drop-dead gorgeous woman comes in for pizza, naked, yeah right!"

i couldnít help but smile at the "drop-dead gorgeous" description. i started for the door when the brunette said "Where the fuck do you think youíre going?"

i wasnít sure if it was a question or a challenge, but Danny settled that. "Sheís going anywhere she wants..."

"No i mean where CAN she go dressed, or NOT dressed, the way she is?"

They were both staring at slaveís rings, collar, etc. "i am going to Masterís car, just outside."

Barb took command of the situation, "Viv, get our pizza, Iíll walk this lady to the car."

She turned around, opened the door and stepped outside holding the door open.

i walked straight from the doorway to the car and Barb opened the door for me. She looked in and said, "Hi, I just wanted to see what her Ďmasterí looked like."

Master smiled, "I hope I passed inspection."

"Youíll do, although youíre a bit older than I expected." Barb was standing in the way of slave getting into the car as she and Master chatted.

"Excuse me Mistress, may i get in?"

"Oh, yah, sorry. So, do you play this game a lot?"

i had grown a little tired of this woman "i am Masterís slave twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Mistress."

Master sensed slaveís impatience, "Now if you will excuse U/us, W/we must be going."

She stepped back from the door and i closed it, just as the other girl was coming out of the pizza shop.

Master pulled into traffic and drove U/us home.

At home W/we ate and then i spent another hour or so devouring Masterís gorgeous cock, finally enjoying His delicious cum, and then oiling and powdering His wonderful cock.

Fortunately today was a quick day to write in slaveís journal because, in spite of doing very little other than sucking Masterís marvelous cock, i was spent by the end of the day.

i love you Master.