odalisque’s Graduation
by odalisque


Master brought me to San Francisco on a one-week test. This is to be slave’s final exam and, hopefully, graduation celebration. i have been in training with Master for more than six months. The training has included grooming, posture, conduct, attitude, obedience and lots of nakedness. i am almost always collared and cuffed. slave is naked in Master’s home, usually in His car and sometimes in other places. When i disappoint Master i am punished, sometimes severely. i have learned not to disappoint Master. i am disciplined for training purposes, and sometimes just for Master’s enjoyment.

During these past months, i have learned to accept slave’s submissive nature and to cherish slave’s relationship with Master. i love being His slave and i want very much to perform well and please Him this week. It has been many days since i have been punished for disappointing Master, but i have a feeling that Master is preparing some very difficult tests for His slave during the coming week. It's easy to be submissive and obedient (and naked) in the comfort and privacy of Master’s home, it may be quite another thing, entirely, to be a slave on display in public, in the light of day.

W/we arrived in the late afternoon, Friday, and checked into a hotel right downtown, near Union Square. It is a very fancy hotel where television & movie stars and politicians & foreign leaders stay. Master said He chose it because a place like that knows how to mind their own business.

When i ride with Master, i am expected to be naked or, at least, with slave’s bare ass on the seat. Since i was not naked today, this meant that the hem of slave’s mini-dress was pulled up to somewhere close to slave’s waist.

Master hates to see women tugging at their dresses (“If you have to keep tugging at your short dress, wear a longer one”) so i am not allowed to adjust slave’s clothing without Master’s permission. Master turned into the garage of the hotel and stopped in front of a wall of windows dividing the valet parking garage/reception area from the massive lobby. As soon as He stopped, a doorman was at the car to open the passenger-side door. i swiveled and stood and heard Master say “Adjust your dress, odalisque”. The doorman had, of course, seen the dress up around slave’s waist, but none of the dozens of people in the lobby had, as i was still hidden by the door of Master’s car.

i guess it didn’t really matter much since the mini-dress Master chose for me to wear is very sheer. The floral pattern confuses the eye a little, but it was not too difficult to see slave’s bald pubic mound and erect nipples and rouged areola through the thin material. i was immediately reminded of this when W/we entered the lobby and a woman nudged her companion and literally pointed at me. i guess it might have been the collar and cuffs that caught her attention.

At the check-in desk, an attractive young woman took Master’s information and credit card, but her attention was divided between slave’s collar and cuffs, slave’s covered, but not hidden, breasts and her job.  When she completed her duties, she looked at me and said, “You look quite beautiful through that dress Miss.”

i think she picked her words carefully, just to let me know that she could very clearly see through slave’s dress. i stood at the check-in desk with a face that was, i am sure, fire-engine red.

“Thank the lady for the compliment, odalisque”. Master said, after a moment of slave’s silence. i’m sure slave’s blush increased a number of degrees; i felt like a little girl being told to thank the lady for a sucker she had given me.

“Thank you Mistress. You are very kind.” It seemed odd calling this 20-something young woman “Mistress”. She was probably a year or so one side or the other of slave’s age, but that is what Master expects of His slave.

In the elevator the bellman made no attempt to look anywhere but at slave’s exposed body and “leather jewelry”. Master’s room was on the tenth floor, so i rode ten floors with this, not-so-young, man blatantly staring at slave’s body from top to bottom and back.

The elevator did not stop until the 10th floor, but, when it did, there were two men waiting to take the car back down. When the doors opened, the bellman and Master waited for me to exit first. When i stepped out of the elevator, i saw slave’s reflection in the large mirror on the opposite wall. i could hardly have been more on display if i had been, truly, naked. The bellman moved around me so that he could lead us to Master’s room. i heard one of the men say, “Shit, Rick is going to be really sorry he wasn’t ready in time to join us and see that.” i could feel the flush again, but i loved the obvious admiration (or was it lust?) in his voice as W/we walked away. It occurred to me that i might spend this entire week blushing in one degree or another.

The bellman opened the door to the room and held it open for Master and slave to enter. He put the two suitcases on the stands and began to describe the amenities of the room. It was a wonderful room, and did have lots of nice features, but i think he was milking the situation a bit. He was telling us about the convenience bar, VCR, computer connection, big screen TV, whirlpool bath etc. Even when he opened the curtains to a breathtaking view of San Francisco Bay, and much more, the bellman’s eyes hardly left slave’s body. i think slave’s leather jewelry gave the bellman permission, in his mind, to stare at slave’s body without reproach. i looked at Master and He smiled. Master tipped him, and instructed me to show him to the door.

When the bellman left, Master told me I could keep slave’s dress on. Master said he was going to take a shower, and then W/we would have dinner in the room tonight. When Master returned He was wearing His robe. He removed fresh slacks and a shirt from the suitcase and put them on.

He sat in one of the easy chairs and i brought Him the room-service menu. Master directed me to order the steak for Him and a Caesar salad for me, with a bottle of California sparkling wine. i did, and upon hanging up, i knelt at Master’s feet as i have been trained to do. slave has been trained to kneel at Master’s left, facing Him, with slave’s butt resting on slave’s heels, knees spread at least shoulder width apart and hands clasped behind slave’s neck, elbows out in line with slave’s shoulders.

Master instructed me to put His gorgeous cock in slave’s mouth. i love sucking Master’s wonderful cock, so i quickly knelt between His knees, unzipped His slacks and drew His semi-hard organ into slave’s mouth. The time passed swiftly and then there was a knock on the door, “Room service.”

Master instructed me to open the door. i replaced His wonderful cock in His trousers, zipped His fly, and walked across the room. i opened the door and invited the young Hispanic man into Master’s room. He smiled and thanked me. He didn’t seem that surprised to be able to see slave’s body quite clearly through slave’s dress, but neither did he look away. i wondered if the bellman had spread the word.

The young man made the square cart into a round table, removed the lids from the food and placed the sparkling-wine bucket in the stand beside the table. He asked if Master wished him to open the wine. Of course, Master did. When he poured the wine, Master signed the bill, tipped him and instructed me to show him to the door.

When the waiter had gone, Master instructed me to get naked.

Master finished dinner and instructed slave to empty the suitcases. As i was doing so, He picked the tube dress from slave’s hands before i could put it away. When i finished, Master instructed me to put the tube dress on, with 3-inch high mules.

This dress is knit in something like a tube and stretches to slave’s shape like a second skin. Unlike most of slave’s clothes, it is not see-through. The catch is that it is just long enough to cover between slave’s nipples and sex, but scarcely an inch longer. Master had it specially altered. If the dress comfortably covers all of slave’s sex, than the top of slave’s areola are just visible above the dress. If slave’s areolas arewell covered, slave’s sex lips try to peek out below the hem. Needless to say, due to Master’s tenet regarding adjusting clothing, i walk very carefully wearing the tube dress. Sitting is another matter. Master requires that i always sit bare-assed, so i simply pull the hem up a few inches and slave’s ass is bare on the chair.

When slave had slipped on the tube dress, Master adjusted it so that the top was barely above slave’s nipples with a hint of red crescent of areola just visible above, and the hem was safely below the lips of slave’s sex.

Master led slave to the elevator and to the lobby below. You would have thought that no one in the hotel had seen a micro-mini dress before. i am sure every head in the lobby turned and stared. The lobby is quite large and there are chairs and tables and a small bar. There must have been twenty or thirty people sitting at tables, standing at the check-in, or on their way to or from their rooms. i am sure not one person missed an opportunity to stare at me in the micro-mini dress. i suspect that i will need to get used to that kind of attention. Master often refers to me as His display slave. i think this week a lot of me will be on display, a lot of the time.

At the other end of the hotel lobby area is a lovely bar with live music and a tiny dance floor. The hostess smiled as Master and slave approached. There were a dozen or so steps up to the lounge and, of course, the dress rode up a bit as i walked up the carpeted stairs. “Wow, you do have to be careful wearing that dress, don’t you?” the hostess said with a big smile.

“A little bit, yes, Mistress.” i said and returned her smile. Again it felt strange to call a woman slave’s own age “Mistress”.

The lounge is rather dark so i know people could see that the dress is very short, but i don’t think they could really see what may have been showing. The hostess led us to a cocktail table directly in front of the three musicians. Master held the chair for me. As i sat, i pulled the hem of the dress up so that slave’s bare ass was sitting on the chair.

Master does not allow slave to cross her legs or even close them, so slave’s bare sex was exposed, under the table, to the band. The band was on the floor, not a stage, so, i assumed they could see slave’s bare sex under the table. How well they could see, i didn’t know.

The piano player was the first to notice me and lost no time in tipping the drummer and bass player. All three smiled and nodded to me. i smiled back and flushed, i am sure, from head to toe.

The waitress came to the table and didn’t seem to be aware that slave’s legs were bare all the way to slave’s sex and bare butt. She was very conscious of the 3-inch wide leather collar around slave’s neck and the 2-inch cuffs around slave’s wrists.

Master ordered two glasses of Merlot and a cheese plate.

The trio was quite good, playing swing jazz like Goodman, Gershwin and Dorsey; just the sort of music Master and slave love. When the waitress returned, she placed the wine and cheese on the small table and then dropped a napkin on the floor next to me. When she bent to pick it up, it was obvious that she was looking at slave’s legs and slave’s plucked-smooth sex. i tried not to make eye contact as she stood up.

When the band took a break, the piano player/leader came over to the table with a big smile and said, “You are a very beautiful, and sexy, distraction, Ma’am.”

i responded before being told to this time, “Thank you very much, Sir.” as he walked away.

We lingered over our wine through another set by the band, and then Master said it was time to go. i hoped Master would tell me it was okay to adjust slave’s dress as i stood, but He did not. Instead, he pulled slave’s chair out and, after a slight hesitation, i rose to slave’s feet. The hem of slave’s dress was inches above the lips of slave’s sex.

The woman at the table next to O/ours nudged her companion and, in a voice nothing like a whisper, said, “Oh my God, look at that slut.” Her companion looked, and a very large smile came across his face. i am sure even slave’s pubic area was blushing now.

i have never, in twenty-six years, been called a slut but, i thought, what kind of woman would walk through a cocktail lounge with her pussy exposed to anyone who was looking? A slut; or a sex slave, maybe they are one and the same. Maybe i should get used to being called a slut.

After what seemed like hours, but was, in fact, just seconds, Master said i could adjust slave’s dress. i did so as quickly, discreetly, yet as carefully, as i could. Even though some people had clearly seen slave’s sex, i didn’t want to pull too hard and expose slave’s nipples to a bunch more people.

“You two have a wonderful evening.” The hostess said as W/we passed.

Master took slave out to the street and W/we walked through the city for thirty minutes or so. It was just a little bit cool, so slave’s nipples were a little more erect than usual. i received many stares along the way. i didn’t hear the word slut again, but it was obvious that some people disapproved of slave’s dress (or maybe it was the collar and cuffs). Of course, i also saw some very big smiles, on men’s, and some women’s, faces.

i did hear a comment about slave’s collar. A woman said to her male companion when they were a few steps in front of us, “Look at that collar.” and as they passed, “No man could ever do that to me!” i loved that, because it suggested how singular i am; how few women would do for Master, what slave does. i just hope that i am strong enough to do all that Master may ask of me during this week.

When W/we returned to the hotel lobby, i saw one of the desk clerks sort of “pssssst” another and nod her head in O/our direction. They both watched U/us all the way to the elevator. Master pushed the “up” button and the doors immediately opened.

When the doors closed, Master took me in His arms, kissed me very long and hard, and told me that i had done quite well this evening. i was very pleased and proud, but more than a little apprehensive as to what tomorrow would bring. Whatever it might bring, i knew that i would do slave’s best to make Master happy, and proud of His slave.

Before the elevator doors opened on the tenth floor, Master pushed the top of slave’s dress down over slave’s breasts and hips to the floor. i stepped out of it, picked it up and handed it to Master, as i have been taught. i walked, naked, at Master’s side, back to His room. Fortunately, no one else was in the hall.

Back in Master’s room, i oiled Master’s cock for the required 30 minutes, and then wrote in slave’s journal. i tried to remember all the things that were said to, and about me, but slave’s emotions were so high, many would not come back to me. i will try to work on that. Master wants me to keep a thorough, detailed journal. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to concentrate when one is all-but naked before dozens of strangers.

After finishing writing in slave’s journal, i was allowed to suck Master’s long, hard cock and cum as much as i could. i fell asleep, emotionally exhausted, with His wonderful cock in slave’s mouth.


Today Master and slave slept quite late. It was nearly nine when slave awoke. i took a shower, painted slave’s lips and areola and opened the curtains to look at the wonderful view from Master’s room. After a few moments of sightseeing, i noticed a man on the sidewalk pointing up at what i guessed was me. He was quite a ways away and not too distinct, so i thought slave must be fairly indistinct too, so i didn’t bother moving, and, of course, Master would punish me if He caught me “covering up”.

After ten minutes, or so, Master awoke. He showered, dressed and laid out what i was to wear; A very sheer black lace body-stocking with small opaque dots over it (wearing it, i look as if i am an African-American with a case of chicken pox), an almost-ankle length grey skirt and a black blazer. With the blazer buttoned and the skirt buttoned almost to the knee, i might pass for a Montgomery Street stockbroker. Of course, i was not to button the blazer and the grey skirt was unbuttoned from the bottom up to the button at slave’s sex.

The body-stocking has an open crotch, but it’s not a gaping hole, it is simply a slit that i can pull open when i need to. Through the crotch opening of the body-stocking Master fingered slave’s sex for a moment, (all it took for me to become wet), then inserted a ball into me. The ball had a gold chain attached. At the end of the chain was a rather heavy golden lock in the shape of a heart. When i walked, the heart swung midway between slave’s sex and knees.

Master made reservations for lunch at a restaurant in one of the large department stores near Union Square. Before W/we left, Master snapped a spring-loaded nipple-clamp on each of slave’s nipples and buttoned one button of the blazer. i felt reasonably comfortable leaving the room attired as i was.

Master began to lead slave through the streets, and i realized that the collar and swinging heart were the center of most passerby’s attention. Master led slave for numerous blocks and into a number of stores and finally to Nordstrom and the champagne restaurant.

The hostess showed us to a window table and Master allowed me to sit on slave’s skirt. When W/we were seated, Master asked if the nipple clamps were hurting. This set is not too tight but after this length of time, i had to admit that they were. Master told me that i could remove them when the pain became too much. He said i was to “signal” him that i was ready to remove the clamps by removing slave’s blazer.

It was now 12:15 and the restaurant was becoming quite busy. i didn’t want to sit at the table all-but naked from the waist up, and certainly not wearing nipple-clamps. i decided i would tough it out.

i said, “Thank you Master. i will wear the clamps as long as possible to please You.” i could tell, by the look on Master’s face, that i was not fooling Him.

Master ordered two glasses of sparkling wine and we sat, drank, talked and enjoyed the view. Master probably enjoyed the view more than i, as His nipples were not numb with pain. When Master ordered a second glass of wine, and had yet to order lunch, i knew i was not going to be able to go through lunch wearing the clamps. “Master, may i please remove slave’s blazer?”

“Please do, o.” Master did not try to conceal His smile.

i had no more than removed it and draped it over one of the unoccupied chairs when, of course, the waitress returned with our second glass of wine. Her eyes looked the size of Oreos as she stared at the clamps. “Oh shit, uh, excuse me, but that has gotta hurt… a lot.” She said while placing a glass in front of me and then Master.

“You may remove the left clamp, odalisque.” Master said.

“Thank you Master.” Oh god, i called Him Master right in front of the waitress.

i thought i heard her gasp a little when i said “Master”. The waitress stayed to watch as i slowly released the tension of the clamp, removed it, and handed it to Master. i heard slave moan as the blood rushed into slave’s crushed nipple.

Master instructed me to remove the right clamp. The waitress was still standing beside the table. i removed the second clamp, and i moaned again. It must have been loader than i realized, because a couple of people turned to see what the noise was. i handed the second clamp to Master. Now, there were no clamps to be seen, but there was a slave with breasts very prominently displayed and tears rolling down slave’s cheeks. It did not miss the attention of those who turned to look.

The waitress asked if Master would like to order and He did.

I couldn’t hear most of the conversations, but it was quite apparent by body language and gestures, that some of the conversations, in the restaurant, revolved around the all-but-topless slave eating lunch.

When W/we finished lunch, Master asked the waitress if she had a bag large enough to hold slave’s blazer. She did, and Master put the blazer in the bag and led me out of the restaurant with slave’s breasts prominently displayed to one and all. Some people in the store actually pointed at me; most were a bit more reserved. It was easy to tell who thought me a tramp, and who found me to be sexy.

Nordstrom occupies the top couple of floors of the building and the lower couple of floors are filled with smaller specialty stores. Master and slave wondered in and out of each store. At one of the shoe stores, a clerk asked if i would be available after he got off work. It was slave’s first chance to use a line Master gave me for such situations. With what i hoped was a demure smile, i said, “i expect to be tied up this evening, but you may ask Master.” The clerk smiled at the double meaning and looked toward Master, but made no attempt to ask His permission to see me.

In Victoria’s Secret, Master looked at some body stockings, but did not see anything that He liked.

i had the impression that word of the half-naked slave was spreading ahead of U/us. Some of the clerks seemed to be waiting for U/us to come to their store. One was even standing at the door to open it for Master and His slave.

One of the stores had a whole rack of very sheer blouses. Master chose four and instructed me to try them on. The body-stocking i was wearing has a halter style top that just loops over slave’s neck, so Master instructed me to pull it over slave’s head, and let it hang down from slave’s waist while i tried on the blouses.

i took them into a fitting room, slipped the body-stocking over slave’s head, and put on, and buttoned, the first blouse. i looked in the mirror and could see almost nothing except slave’s painted nipples and naked breasts. It is a rule that Master makes the decisions regarding slave’s attire, so i pulled open the curtain and went out into the store. Somehow having the top of the body-stocking hanging down over slave’s skirt made the nakedness of the sheer blouse all the more humiliating. i could feel slave’s face flush as i looked at slave’s reflection in the mirror next to where Master waited.

A young woman, who apparently had not seen slave’s attire when W/we entered, came over to Master and said, “If she doesn’t wear bras, she’ll probably want to wear something under that blouse; perhaps a camisole.”

Master said, “What is the point of a see-through blouse, if you can’t see anything through it? It is just fine the way it is. o, W/we’ll take that one. Set it aside and let’s see the next one.”

“Yes, Master.” i did it again, i called Him “Master” in front of the saleswoman. It is so natural to me after these months of training, but, i could see by the look on her face, that the saleswoman had probably never before heard a woman address a man as Master.

When i came out wearing the second blouse, a small crowd was gathering in the store. It looked as if most of the half-dozen or more people had gathered to see the fashion show. Master decided to buy two of the four blouses he had chosen. As He was paying for His purchase, the store began to empty of the other “shoppers”.

When W/we reached the street level, Master pulled the blazer out of the bag and allowed me to put it on. Unbuttoned, it still left slave’s nipples and breasts exposed but, somehow, i felt a little less naked. Master led slave around the city for a couple of hours. W/we window-shopped and went into lots of stores.

At around 3:30 in the afternoon, Master hailed a taxi, and W/we were taken to Union Street. Union Street is filled with boutiques, specialty shops and restaurants. Again, Master led slave in and out of stores.

W/we went into a bar/restaurant and to a table in the lounge area. Master pulled out a chair for slave and again allowed me to sit on the long gray skirt, but he did remove the blazer before i sat down.

The lounge has a dozen or so tables and it is very bright because it has almost floor to ceiling windows facing the street. Pedestrians can’t see in very well, however, because it is about half a story up from the sidewalk. i was seated facing the windows, but there was a table between O/ours and the windows.

A woman and a man were seated at the table directly between O/ours and the windows, and the woman was already looking at me before Master removed slave’s blazer. She seemed to be somewhere between Master’s age and slave’s; thirty-something, I would say. When Master removed the blazer, her mouth fell open and, i swear, she didn’t take her eyes off of me for at least fifteen minutes straight. The man she was with, looked to see what she was staring at, smiled, but did not continue to stare.

About halfway through O/our drinks, the man got up and left. The woman came over to O/our table and said, “I love your outfit.”

i was so surprised, that i didn’t say anything, i just flushed. Master said, “What do you say to the lady, odalisque?” Again, i felt like a little girl who had neglected to say “Thank you” for her lollipop.

“Thank you Mistress. Master has wonderful taste in clothes.” The title “Master” brought a big smile to her face.

“Unfortunately, I am very late, but I would love to be able to talk with you sometime. May I leave my name and number and, if you ever feel like talking, you could call me?”

She was addressing the question to me, but i knew better than to answer. “You must, please, ask Master, Mistress.” It was becoming quite natural to refer to Master as “Master” in front of total strangers.

She repeated the question to Master. He said He would be happy to take her name and number, but would make no promises. The woman said that was good enough and handed Master a slip of paper on which she had already written the information (her name was Crysti). She said, “I knew you were the real thing as soon as I saw you.” She left quickly after giving me a huge smile.

Master ordered another round of drinks and instructed slave to unbutton the last two buttons at the top of the gray skirt. i did, and allowed it to fall to the sides of slave’s legs on the seat of the chair. When the waitress returned with the drinks, she looked very hard at slave’s collar and cuffs and said, “Is this a game you guys are playing or am I going to be on Candid Camera or something?”

Master nodded to me and i said, “No, it is slave’s way of life, and i love it. i am not allowed to work, so i am able to serve Master all day, every day.” i did it again. i called Master “Master”, and i  referred to slave as “slave”, and it felt great. i realized that i was very proud to call Him Master. As i said it, i slid the cuff slightly up slave’s arm so that the waitress could see how white slave’s arm is under the cuff. It makes it obvious that i am seldom without the cuffs on.

i think she just said “wow”, or something like that, as she walked away.

Master was almost finished with His second drink and i drank all that i could of slave’s second glass. i am a pretty light-weight drinker. i asked Master if i might use the bathroom before W/we left. He said, “Of course. It is at the back and to the right.” What He did not say was that i could put the skirt or blazer back on. i sat for a moment, thinking He would remember, and tell me, but he didn’t. i considered changing slave’s mind, but i really needed to pee, and i was sure that Master would know why i changed slave’s mind.

After another moment, Master stood and pulled the chair out so that i could stand. That, of course, settled it. i stood and turned and walked toward the back of the bar and the restaurant. i had to walk down an aisle between the bar and 8 or 10 booths. All the stools at the bar and all the booths were occupied.

i knew that i could hardly be any more exposed if i was naked. i was also newly aware that a gold heart was swinging on a chain, one end of which was buried within slave’s sex.

Part of slave’s early training was to take smaller, “feminine” steps. Master trained me by chaining slave’s ankles with a chain the length of the step He wished me to take. On this walk, i wanted to take huge, long, rapid strides, but even more, i wanted to please Master, so i took short, slow steps. i could hear the whispered, and not so whispered, comments as i walked. “Geeze, look at that!” “Shit, she might as well be nude.” “Where does the chain to that heart go?” and a couple of less civil comments.

When i was about half way through the bar, i thought slave’s legs were going to give out. They felt like rubber, but i kept walking. slave’s head was spinning. Just before the restaurant section started, i saw the hall on the right with a sign that said “Restrooms”.

In the ladies room, i almost fell onto the seat, slave’s legs were so weak. i removed the ball with the chain and heart, and peed. i replaced the ball inside slave’s sex and walked out of the stall to wash slave’s hands. As i approached the washbasins, i saw, what looked like a naked half-white, half-African-American woman in the mirror. The body-stocking has a halter style top with a deep “v-cut” in front and no back down to the waist. slave's face, back and arms contrast strikingly with the sheer black body-stocking.

i washed slave’s hands, staring at slave’s reflection in the mirror. i couldn’t walk back through that bar to Master now, knowing how totally exposed i really was. i could feel slave’s heart trying to break out of slave’s chest.

Suddenly the door opened and Master was standing in the doorway. “Are you coming odalisque?” i knew it wasn’t really a question, but a command.

“Yes Master.” i started to walk toward Him. i really wanted to please Him and walk to Him, and i tried, but slave’s legs felt like Jell-o and slave’s feet seemed to weigh 100 pounds each. Slowly, i found the strength to take a step, followed by another and another.

At Master’s side, i whispered to Him, “i’m kinda drunk, but not too drunk to know that i’m naked.”

“You are not naked, odalisque. Would you like me to demonstrate the difference to you?” Master’s voice was firm, but not angry.

i said, “No, thank you, Master.” as W/we walked down the short hall, then Master turned us left and W/we walked past the awe-struck restaurant hostess toward the front door. i noticed that this back portion was less well lit than where O/our table had been. But in the bright sunlight of the sidewalk, i knew slave’s body was going to be, well-and-truly, on display.

Just before Master reached for the door handle, He pulled the grey skirt from the Nordstrom bag and instructed me to put it on, again buttoning only the top two buttons. With considerable relief, i did. In the bright sunshine of the sidewalk, i was still as good as topless, but i felt almost conservative compared to how i expected to be dressed.

That feeling only lasted until the first couple walking toward U/us on the sidewalk. As the couple passed U/us, the woman said in a loud, clear voice, “God, has she no pride at all?” Actually, i am very proud to be Master’s slave, but, somehow, i didn’t think that was what the lady meant. Master led me around Union Street for a while, and i heard many more comments. Some were quite flattering, actually, and some, of course, were not.

It had reached the dinner hour and Master chose a very nice restaurant with windows that opened onto the street. He asked for a table at one of these windows. The hostess made no effort to conceal the fact that she was staring at, first the collar, and then slave’s breasts. She turned and showed us to a table for two by an open window. Master pulled the chair out for me to be seated. He, again, allowed me to sit on slave’s dress. i was displayed in the window in the bright sunlight. i felt like one of those prostitutes who sit in the windows in Amsterdam.

Dinner was pretty uneventful, really. A few stares from the passersby. Actually, i was surprised, and relieved, at how few people seemed to see the as-good-as-topless slave on display. W/we did get exceptional service from the young busboy and the not-as-young waiter. After dinner, Master led slave out to the street and W/we strolled in the warm evening air for a while.

Master found a boutique that had a blue micro-mini skirt in the window. He took me in and asked the clerk for that skirt in a size 2. To slave’s surprise, she found it and i asked where the dressing rooms were. Master said, “It is getting late, odalisque, just try it on here.” slave’s hands trembled a little, but i unbuttoned the two buttons, and handed the skirt to Master. The clerk just stared at me, and at the chain hanging between slave’s legs. She was so focused on the chain that i had to ask her for the skirt. i stepped into it, pulled it up and zipped the zipper at the side. i looked at slave’s reflection in the mirror. The skirt just barely came below the lips of slave’s pussy, i was sure that i could count every link of the chain between the gold heart and slave’s sex. Master liked, and bought the skirt.

i was becoming a little more comfortable being Master’s display slave, but i knew that it was very early in slave’s test/graduation week. i had no doubt that there would be more demanding challenges in slave’s future.

Back at Master’s room, after oiling Master’s long cock, and writing in slave’s journal, the evening was spent with slave sucking Master’s glorious cock. i am always amazed at what wonderful control Master has; He can let me caress, and suck His glorious cock for hours without cumming.

Ultimately, Master did cum, and i got to drink His hot, sweet semen. i fell asleep, as usual, lying between Master’s legs with His wonderful cock in slave’s mouth.


Master and slave awoke at the same time this morning, so W/we showered together and i got to wash Master and enjoy His wonderful cock in slave’s mouth; a fantastic way to start a day.

Master laid out a diaphanous black mini-dress, slightly flared below the waist, for slave to wear with three-inch platform mules. W/we went to a coffee shop a block or two away for a quick, light breakfast and then on to a body-art shop.

This shop was quite small, but very neat and clean. The man in the shop was a walking billboard for his art. He had tattoos everywhere i could see, and, i suspected, some places i couldn’t see. He seemed quite nice when he greeted U/us.

On the walls were hundreds of designs available. i deduced that Master had decided to have His slave tattooed. Master had not mentioned it. i would not have expected Him to ask how i felt about being tattooed, but i was a little surprised that He had not even mentioned it to, sort of, prepare me.

i was looking at the various designs trying to guess what design Master would choose, but slave’s deduction was faulty. The body art in this shop includes piercing, as well as tattoos, and that is why Master had brought His slave here.

Master and the tattooed man talked about what Master wanted while i looked at the tattoo samples on the wall.

“o, remove your dress and sit in the chair.” Master said, indicating the chair in the center of the shop. i hesitated for a couple of heart beats, “But Master…” i remembered the punishment for disobedience or noncompliance and quickly did as instructed. This was a first, sitting naked in a chair in the middle of this man’s shop. i was happy to be sitting because i doubted that i could have stood. i felt as if i fell into the chair as slave’s legs gave out.

The man sat on a stool next to me. He swabbed slave’s nose with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. Not the outside of slave’s nose but both sides of the middle of slave’s nose, the septum. With little pomp or circumstance he brought a strange looking device to slave’s nose and, in one excruciatingly painful moment, he had pierced it. It felt like the man took a pencil and jabbed it through slave’s nose. The world went blurry from the pain, and the tears that the pain induced.

In another moment he had inserted a large white-gold ring in the piercing. The ring is about an inch and a quarter across and rests on slave’s upper lip. Once inserted, it snapped closed and seems to be one solid ring.

Now the man was playing with slave’s nipples to be sure that they were fully erect; again swabbing with alcohol and again the “device”. The nipple piercing was not as painful as the nose, perhaps partly because it was rather exciting having this stranger playing with slave’s nipples, and partly because the nose piercing hurt a lot!

Into the holes in slave’s nipples the man put “barbells” to be replaced by rings later. The man explained to Master that it was better to use the straight barbells until the piercings had healed a little bit. Master purchased rings for slave’s nipples, like the one in slave’s nose, to be used later.

Master instructed me to put the dress back on while He paid the tattooed man. slave’s nipples were a little tender as the dress rubbed against them, but it was also rather erotic. The ring through slave’s nose, however, would take a little getting used to. It felt like something was on slave’s lip, well, something was, but like a fly or something. i caught slave, a couple of times, starting to try to brush it away. It is really quite heavy and noticeable.

i looked in the mirror and saw how truly large a ring it is. The combination of the ring in slave’s nose, and the ring of slave’s collar was very striking. The barbells through slave’s nipples were not so noticeable, actually, but the rings would be.

When W/we left the shop, Master told slave how pleased He was with me. “you were very good, o. i expected you to be good, but you were very good, indeed. How do you like your new jewelry?”

“Thank you, Master. Your slave is trying very hard to please You. i think the ring in slave’s nose is quite large, and beautiful. i’m sure the rings will look wonderful in Your slave’s nipples. When can W/we try them Master?”

“The man said if you use the ointment, you should be healed sufficiently by Saturday.” Master was holding slave’s hand as W/we walked. i felt an emotional rollercoaster as i felt so proud to have pleased Master and, at the same time, so cheap and degraded by the stares and comments of people passing on the street.

Although i thought that the piercing had happened as quickly as slave’s telling of it, apparently it had taken somewhat longer, as it was now lunchtime.

Master chose a restaurant with outside seating. It is in an alley that is closed to vehicles, so the tables and chairs are spread throughout the alley. While vehicles do not use the throughway, pedestrians do. At the table, sitting in the sunlight, in the black, transparent dress, slave might as well have been naked. The dress was flared enough to allow me to pull the back up to sit bare-assed on the chair without exposing slave’s sex. Adding to the effect, of course, was the nose ring glistening in the sun. During O/our lunch, scores of people passed among the tables, many staring unabashedly at Master’s slave.

When W/we finished a leisurely lunch, Master walked slave around the city window-shopping and visiting stores. It is always interesting to observe the reactions to Master’s slave. Men, generally take a good look at me and then look away. Women seem to fall into two categories. They either just stare and stare and even turn to watch as W/we pass, or they see me and look quickly away, often with a “tsk” or similar “comment”.

Master lead me to a theatre and W/we stood in line at the will call window. He had previously ordered tickets through the concierge at the hotel. W/we were going to see a matinee performance of “Phantom of the Opera”. While W/we were in line, a woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said, “I suppose you know that everyone is staring at your ass through that…” she stopped when i turned to face her and she saw the ringed-collar and the matching ring in slave’s nose.

“Thank you, Mistress, but, as you might guess, i’ve become rather accustomed to being stared at.”

“Yes, I’m quite sure you have, slut.” and she turned to talk to the woman next to her as if to dismiss me.

Sometimes i surprise slave with slave’s ability to deal with people like her, and other times i become totally nonplused.

Master got the tickets, and W/we went to the bar for a glass of wine, and to order a glass to be ready at intermission. The bartender put the glasses of wine on the bar and said, “You are the talk of the theater today, young lady. I’m going to guess that this is not just a casual kind of thing with you, is it?”

“No, Sir, as the over-used saying goes, it is 24-7 with me.” i could hear the pride in slave’s voice, and i hoped he could.

i think he could, because he turned to Master and said, “You’re a very fortunate man, Sir.”

Master looked at me and said to the barman, “I am, indeed.”

i felt as if i had just won the Nobel Prize, the Miss Universe contest, and the Kentucky Derby. Master actually acknowledged that i am a valuable part of His life. When would the rollercoaster stop? Just minutes ago a woman made me feel like a worthless piece of garbage, and now the barman and Master make me feel like a priceless gem.

W/we lingered in the lobby with O/our wine. It was obvious that slave was, very much, a center of attention. i could see people motion toward me and point to their own nose, and elbow the person beside them and nod their head toward me. i suspect not one person on the first floor failed to see the ringed, and almost naked slave.

O/our tickets were in the eighth row directly in the middle of the orchestra section. Master waited until just moments before curtain to lead me to O/our seats, which meant that everyone in the row was seated. i excused slave as W/we passed about a dozen people. Those who remained seated were staring at slave’s plucked-bald pubic mound, those who stood, stared at slave’s ringed nose. slave tried not to focus on anything.

When W/we were seated, slave on Master’s right, i unzipped Master’s pants as quietly as possible. Not quietly enough, apparently, as the woman on Master’s left turned to look, but at that moment the lights went down and the orchestra began the overture. slave’s hand found Master’s wonderful cock, and i began caressing it.

When the curtain opened the woman to Master’s left looked down at his lap and i heard her gasp. i looked over at her and she was whispering in the ear of the woman to her left who then leaned forward in her seat and stared at Master’s crotch. i guess it was okay, because i could see both women’s teeth through broad smiles.

The intermission of Phantom is pretty obvious, when the chandelier crashes, so i had plenty of warning to remove slave’s hand from Master’s pants and zip His fly. When the lights went up, everyone in row eight stood as if to leave, except the two smiley women who stayed seated. Master excused U/us and led me past them.

The ladies were about Master’s age, mid-forties, i guessed. When i was in front of the second woman, she asked, “Are you a hooker or are you what you seem to be?”

Master heard the question and stopped. i supposed He wanted to hear how i would handle it.

i took another step so that i wasn’t quite so nose-to-crotch with the woman and said, “Actually, Mistress, i think some people here think i seem to be a hooker. What do you think i seem to be?”

She hesitated for a moment, staring at slave’s plucked mound, then stammered a little bit, “Well, you… you… look like some sort of sla… uh, some sort of submissive.”

“Yes Mistress. i am Master’s slave.” i surprised slave at how clear and steady slave’s voice was giving this stranger that information.

“i knew it. You are really a very hot little bitch, aren’t you?”

“Thank you, Mistress. i am what Master makes me,” i said as Master excused U/us again and took me by the hand to lead me to the wine waiting on the lobby bar.

Standing in the lobby with O/our wine, i saw and felt many eyes on me, but none as piercing as the two smiley women from row eight who had followed U/us to the lobby. i don’t think either of them took their eyes off of me for the entire intermission. When the lights flashed, signaling the end of intermission, the ladies fell into line directly behind Master and His slave.

All the way back to O/our seats they were discussing me: What a small waist i have; How much the nose-ring must have hurt (if they only knew); What a butt” i have. How even slave’s tan is. They seemed to be going out of their way to be sure i heard them discussing me.

Back in O/our seats, both women watched intently as i unzipped Master’s fly and slipped slave’s hand into His pants and around His glorious cock. They both stared at Master’s crotch until the lights went down.

As the play ended, i removed slave’s hand and zipped Master’s fly.

When W/we left row eight, one of the two women said, over her shoulder, “You were as entertaining as the play, dear.”

i didn’t reply and Master didn’t instruct me to do so.

Back on the sidewalk, i was reminded of slave’s new jewelry by the stares and comments of passersby. i was already becoming more comfortable with the weight of the ring laying on slave’s upper lip.

Master led His slave into some of the many galleries in the theatre district. In most of the galleries, i felt as if i was as much on display as the art. i don’t think Master’s slave avoided the stare of a single person in a single gallery. In one of the galleries that specialized in sculpture, the salesman came up to me and said, “My, but you are a bit of a work of art yourself, aren’t you, sweetie?” And then moments later a woman said to her male companion, “She looks like a stud-bull with that ring through her nose.” And he said, “She’s no bull with those udders.”

And so it goes, up and down, goddess to slut, the rollercoaster of emotions of a slave. i wonder if i will get used to it, or get over it, or if i will feel the rollercoaster ride for the rest of slave’s life.

Dinner this evening was at a restaurant atop one of the taller buildings in the city. As usual Master had made reservations. When W/we stepped out of the elevator two couples were at the hostess’s desk and were obviously upset that there were no window tables available; Especially since, as one of the women pointed out, she could see a vacant table. The hostess explained that the vacant table was reserved. She showed the disgruntled foursome to the table behind the vacant table.

When she returned to her desk, Master said, “I am sorry to be the cause of the problem, but I think that the “vacant” table is reserved for us.”

The hostess looked up with a big smile, “Oh that’s alright, sir, I think they were unhappy well before they came in.” Then she looked at me and said “Oh my! Hello.” Her smile did not change, but she looked me over very carefully. It was obvious that she looked at the new ring in slave’s nose, the collar, the cuffs, and slave’s clearly visible nipples and pubic mound. “Please, follow me.” She did take us to the vacant table by the window.

She pulled the chair out for me and i sat, flipping the hem of the dress out so that slave’s ass was bare on the chair. The hostess wished us a pleasant evening and left. She wasn’t gone more than a minute when one of the “unhappy” women said, “Oh, geeze, look what the window table was reserved for!” And the other three turned to look. The man whose back was to me turned completely around to look at me.

i think they were about Master’s age, and they seemed to be from out of town. They were a little overdressed, i thought, but then i’m sure they thought i was more than a little underdressed. The restaurant was rather quiet, and they were not making any effort to whisper, so i could follow much of their conversation. The woman who first saw me said to her companion, “Would you want me to parade around in a dress like that?” to which he said, “If you had a body like that, i just might.”

Their conversation continued like that, off and on, throughout dinner. i am sure i missed quite a lot, because Master and i had O/our own conversation, and i am not good at listening to two conversations at once. i did hear the size and shape of slave’s breasts discussed, and if the ring through slave’s nose was real or “clip-on”. The two men decided that it was a given that Master was getting any and every kind of sex He wanted, whenever He wanted.

The statement i did enjoy was when one of the women said to her mate, “If you ever tried to take me out looking like that, I’d take a knife to your you-know-what.” i love comments like that because they underscore how special i am, and how few women are like me.

When the foursome had finished their meals and rose to leave, one of the women walked by O/our table and said, “You’re disgusting.”

i said nothing as she walked on, but her companion turned, smiled and winked.

When W/we were leaving, the hostess came up to us and apologized. She said that our waitress told her that the “unhappy foursome” was talking about me throughout much of their dinner, but there really wasn’t much she could do about it.

Master said, “It is very kind of you to be concerned about it. As you can imagine, odalisque is talked about quite a lot. She is used to it, or had better get used to it, but again, thank you for your concern.”

“May I just ask you one quick question?” the hostess looked at me, blushing slightly. Master said she may. “Is this evening a special occasion, or do you always dress like this?”

i looked at Master, He nodded, so i said, “Oh, tonight is part of a very special occasion, but Master enjoys looking at His slave’s body, so when i wear clothes, they are pretty much always like this dress.” i was amazed at how easy it was to say that to this woman who was about slave’s age and apparently quite curious.

“Wow, you are very beautiful and very brave. Have a wonderful evening.” i thanked her.

W/we walked slowly through the streets back toward the hotel. When W/we entered the lobby, Master led slave toward the lounge with music. The same young lady was at her podium, “Oh, hello. That dress looks much safer than the one the other night. I love your nose ring. Is it real or costume?” She is very forward, and direct; and i like her.

“It is very real and it totally hurt like crazy.” i said and pulled it around so that Heidi could see that there appeared to be no break in the ring.

“Wow. That is way cool. i love it.” Master asked if W/we could have a couch table tonight. The Hostess turned and looked around the room, “Certainly, right this way, please.” She turned and led us to a couch pretty much in the middle of the room. “Will this be okay?” Master said it would and moved to slave’s left as we sat.

Sitting on Master’s right meant that slave was to caress His fantastic cock. By the time the waitress arrived, slave’s left hand was inside Master’s pants and around His firm cock. Each time the hostess showed people to a table, she found a way to pass O/our table, and stare at slave’s hand in Master’s pants; Each time she smiled. Once, she stopped and said, “Your nose ring and collar are causing quite a stir.”

“I’m sorry Mistress.” It still feels strange to call a girl slave’s own age “Mistress”.

“Oh, don’t be sorry. This stuffy old place could use a little stirring up.” I could hear the mischief in her voice.

W/we stayed for a second glass of wine and more music and ultimately left to go to Master’s room. slave zipped Master’s pants, but He instructed me to continue to caress His cock through His slacks. W/we walked with slave’s left arm around Master’s waist and slave’s right hand caressing the bulge at Master’s crotch.

As W/we passed the hostess she was staring at slave’s hand stroking Master’s crotch and said, “Oh, my gawd, you are so incredibly sexy!” i thanked her. Then she said, “I hope I’ll see you again.”

Master said, “W/we are staying in the hotel so you probably will.”

“Wonderful, I’m off Monday and Tuesday, though.”

Master said that W/we would return later in the week. The hostess said, “Thank you. Oh… Heidi… my name’s Heidi.”

“And this is odalisque. Good night, Heidi.” Master said and led me away.

Back in Master’s room, i oiled Master’s huge cock for thirty minutes, wrote in slave’s journal and then i was allowed to suck His delicious cock and have as many orgasms as i could have. i confess i don’t remember exactly how many i had, but quite a few. Master let slave drink His sweet, hot cum and fall asleep with His soft cock in slave’s mouth.


slave awoke before Master and showered and applied makeup. i was writing in slave’s journal when Master awoke. After showering and shaving, Master set out slave’s clothes for the day.

On the bed was the very short, blue skirt and the blue transparent blouse Master had purchased earlier in the week. At the foot of the bed were slave’s three-inch platform mules. Master wore a pair of slacks, a shirt open at the collar, and a blue blazer.

W/we got a late start today so it was approaching lunchtime before W/we left the hotel. At the elevator Master attached a leash to the “D”-ring on slave’s collar. The chain of the leash was very heavy, the kind you might find around the gate of a fence, with a heavy padlock in it to secure it. It is not in any way dainty, feminine, nor subtle. At Master’s end was a wide leather handgrip. Left to hang, Master’s end of the leash hung down to just below the hem of slave’s skirt. Master picked up His end of the leash and led slave out of the room.

i guess because of the hour of the day, there were not many people in the lobby as Master led slave on the leash toward the doors to the street. The street was quite another story. The sidewalks were crowded, and Master was leading slave toward the financial district where people would soon be pouring out of the offices for lunch.

i thought the quantity of people on the sidewalk might actually offer slave some concealment, but it didn’t seem to. Many people nudged each other to be sure the other saw the half-naked slave being led on a leash. i think the leash actually caused almost as much attention as slave’s all-but-naked breasts.

As W/we walked, i could hear bits and pieces of conversations like, “If Jack ever tried that with me, I’d kill him.” or “I wouldn’t even do that for Brad Pitt” and “I thought that stuff only went on at the Erotic Exotic Ball.” Again, i love to hear comments like that, because it emphasizes how special i am; how few women would be willing to serve Master as i do. There were, of course, other comments that i enjoyed less.

When W/we were through the financial district, and on to Pier 39, a tourist-oriented area, the comments became much more caustic and even ugly. The locals/shop clerks were still pleasant, but the obvious tourists were pretty nasty.

Before W/we had entered the first shop, a woman walked up to me and said in a Southern accent, “Y’all should be ashamed a yawseff, you cheap lil’ bit uh trash.” and turned around and walked away. Another woman said, as she passed, “That is so disgusting.” Some teenagers walked by and one of the boys made “woof, woof” noises.

i confess that, on the leash, i did feel more like a dog than a slave. i wanted to cry (actually, i did) and run away (i didn’t). i no longer doubted that i was a slutty tramp. And if i did doubt it, i could have asked almost any one on the pier and, i’m sure, they would have been happy to tell me what a slut i am.

Master led slave into a restaurant/lounge and told the hostess He had a reservation for a window table. She didn’t even attempt to conceal the fact that she was staring at the leash in His hand attached to slave’s collar. i would not have been surprised if she told U/us to leave, but she was not at all rude. She led U/us through the bar to a window table. The leashed slave stopped all the eating, drinking, and conversation until W/we were seated. The micro-skirt is so short, i hardly needed to adjust the back of the dress to sit bare-assed on the chair. Master took His end of the leash and laid it loosely coiled on the table next to slave’s forks.

W/we had walked a couple of miles, but i felt only shame and degradation, until W/we sat down. Only then, did i realize that W/we had walked quit a distance, and i was hungry.

Master sat, the hostess handed me a menu and one for Master and said, “You seem to have created quite a stir, but i guess you noticed.”

“Yes, odalisque tends to attract attention wherever she goes.”

“I’m sure she does. Laurel will be your server. Enjoy your lunch.” The hostess said with, i thought, undisguised contempt, and left.

A few moments later a middle-aged woman came up to the table and said, “Hello. My name is Margaret, and I will be serving you today.”

Master said, “That’s fine, I’m sure, but what happened to Laurel?”

“She is quite young and said she would be too embarrassed to serve your young lady. So, if you have no objection, I will be serving you.” she didn’t say it in a nasty way, but i didn’t think Margaret had any interest in becoming slave’s best friend.

Master responded, “You will do very nicely, Margaret, thank you.”

Master ordered a couple of glasses of wine and lunch for both of U/us, and said to His slave, “you seem upset, odalisque. Does the leash bother you?”

“Not if it pleases Master, but i must admit that it makes me feel more like a dog than a slave.” i tried to sound as positive as possible, but i hated the leash.

After O/our wine was served, Master excused himself and left me at the table. i avoided looking around the restaurant, because i was sure i would not see any friendly faces. Master was gone just a few minutes.

W/we took quite awhile over lunch because W/we had a lovely view of the bay, sailboats, seagulls and seals (or sea lions i never know which is which).

Ultimately, W/we did leave, and i was immediately reminded why i hated the leash. Master led slave past a shop and i heard a woman say to her young daughter, “Why don’t you go ask the man, honey.”

The little girl, 8 or 10, i would guess, ran up to Master and said, “Why do you have that girl on a leash, Mister?”

Master bent down slightly and said, “For the same reason people keep their dogs on a leash; so they won’t wander off, get lost, or get into trouble.”

“Does she chase cars? Our dog chases cars if he isn’t on a leash.” Master, the little girl, her Mother, and a half-dozen eavesdroppers laughed; slave did not.

“No, sweetheart, that is one bad habit odalisque does not have.” Master led slave away.

W/we walked from Pier 39 to Union Street, stopping in a number of boutiques along the way. W/we stopped at an adult novelty store a block or so off of Union street. The clerk was a very attractive woman, a little older than i, perhaps thirty. “Well, you must be the one that is causing all the excitement. Welcome. I must have had four phone calls telling me to get over to Union and check you out. I can see why.”

Master looked at me and i knew i was expected to say something. “i’m sorry if i caused any problems, Mistress.” That was a dumb thing to say, but it is what came out of slave’s mouth.

“Oh, on the contrary, seeing you now, I would have been very disappointed if I had missed you. Welcome to my shop.”

“Thank you, Mistress, you are very kind.”

Master led me to the display case the lady was standing behind. In the cabinet were nipple clamps (some looked quite severe), whips, handcuffs and other exotic items. In other cabinets were dildos, butt plugs, gags, blindfolds, all the accoutrements of “the scene”.

Master asked the lady if she was open every day and she said that the store was, but she only worked Monday through Friday. Her name is Kara, she is the owner. She said if Master wanted something that He didn’t see, she could get it for Him. Master thanked her and said that W/we would return.

W/we walked some more, until close to six-thirty, then Master stopped in the doorway of a shop. “At lunch you said the leash made you feel more like a dog than a slave. Now you are going to learn the difference between a slave, on a leash, and a dog. Remove your blouse and skirt and get on your hands and knees, o.”

Even after what had happened over the last few days, i could hardly believe slave’s ears. Master expected slave to strip in the recessed (thankfully) doorway, on a public city sidewalk, and then what? Was He going to walk me, on slave’s hands and knees, down the sidewalk? i could not rule out anything. i also could not hesitate, during slave’s training Master’s cane had taught me the penalty for hesitation.

i quickly unbuttoned the blouse, removed it and handed it to Master, then the skirt and dropped to slave’s hands and knees. Master opened the door of the shop and led slave into the store on hands and knees. It was a pet-grooming salon.

There were a number of people in the store: one man, four women, three of them had dogs with them, and two female employees.

One woman with a big, white poodle came over to Master and said, “Oh, she is so sweet.” The lady bent and patted slave’s head, as if i was a dog. i could feel slave’s skin turning red from nose to toe. Tears began to well in slave’s eyes and trickle down slave’s cheeks. I can’t remember feeling so degraded, humiliated, and shamed in slave’s entire life.

One of the employees came toward Master and offered her hand, “You must be our 6:30 appointment.”

“I am.”

i was amazed that no one seemed surprised to see a naked woman, leashed, on her hands and knees in the shop. It was as if i was just another dog. The woman continued, “We have a bathing table available. Do you want to do-it-yourself or do you want Linda to do it?”

“This came up on rather short notice, and I’m not very good at that sort of thing (I’m a cat person, actually), let’s leave it to Linda, thank you. But, if you don’t object, i would like to look around your shop for a minute or two.”

“Certainly, let me know when you’re ready.” The lady said as Master led me toward the dog beds.

Suddenly i felt something cold on slave’s butt. i turned to look, and, through slave’s tears, i saw a black lab sniffing slaves butt while a woman tugged on its leash, saying, “No, Midnight, leave the bitch alone.” i wasn’t sure how she meant bitch, but either way, i guessed, it was appropriate.

i so wanted to jump up and run out of the shop, even if it meant being naked on the sidewalk, but i followed Master as He led me around the store. i couldn’t keep the tears from filling slave’s eyes and running down slave’s cheeks. i tried, but i couldn’t. i stared at the floor as if, if I couldn’t see the people in the shop, they couldn’t see me.

Master led slave over to the vacant bathing table and said, “i think W/we are ready now.” Before i realized what He was doing, He picked me up just as you would a dog, one arm under slave’s armpits and one under slave’s hips. i was so stunned and mortified that I didn’t even unbend slave’s knees. He placed me on hands and knees on the bathing table.

i stayed on all fours and the second clerk came over to the table. She offered Master her hand and said, “Hi, I’m Linda. I understand that you just want a shampoo, no trim, correct?”

Master confirmed His wishes, and Linda removed Master’s leash and replaced it with one that was just long enough to go from slave’s collar to the ring on the tabletop. She then began to adjust the water. First she hosed me down from head to toe. Then she poured shampoo on slave’s back and began lathering and scrubbing slave’s body. Out of the corner of slave’s eye, i saw the ladies, who were washing their own dogs, stop to watch the slave being bathed like a dog. i was so humiliated; i just kept staring at slave’s hands on the table in front of me.

Slowly, to slave’s shame and horror, this woman’s hands, scrubbing and caressing slave’s body, began to excite me. The more she washed, the more excited i became. Now she was washing slave’s most intimate parts and i was getting really hot, and as wet inside as out. i think she sensed this, because she moved to slave’s head and shampooed slave’s hair. It did not lessen slave’s arousal, and when she moved to slave’s breasts, and then back to slave’s pussy and ass, i was getting way too hot.

i didn’t want to ask Master for permission to cum in front of all these people, nor admit that the touch of a woman, or being treated like a dog, made me excited. i was getting very close to cumming. Then the attendant hosed slave down again and rinsed all the shampoo off. Next she got out a hair dryer and began drying slave’s body and hair. slave’s hair is long and naturally somewhat curly, so all that was needed was the dryer and a brush. The warm air over slave’s body kept me aroused.

The attendant turned off the dryer, saying to Master, “We usually apply a bit of conditioner when we finish, would you like that?” Master said He would, but told her that slave’s nipples were newly pierced, and to please be careful. The attendant applied some to slave’s hair and worked it in, but then she applied something to slave’s back from sternum to shoulder’s and began to smooth it over slave’s entire body. She seemed to give special attention to slave’s most intimate parts. i was pretty sure that i wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer.

i was on slave’s hands and knees on a table in the middle of a pet shop full of people, and i was desperate to cum. In training, i learned the penalty for an orgasm without Master’s permission, so i half whispered, “Master may your slave have an orgasm, please?” but Master was walking toward the other end of the store. i meant to say it slightly louder, but i heard slave almost yelling “Master, please, may Your slave cum?”

Master turned to look at me, as did everyone in the shop. “Yes, o, you may.” He had hardly finished the short sentence before slave’s body was shaking with a convulsive orgasm. i could barely stay on hands and knees. slave’s sex juices were running down slave’s thighs and i was now on knees and elbows. i managed to struggle back up on slave’s hands and knees.

The attendant hosed slave’s juices off slave’s legs and again applied the heat of the hair dryer to dry me. Master came to the table and released the chain and lifted me off the table and set me on the floor. Attaching His leash to the collar, He led me to the cash register counter. The first attendant came to the cash register, told Master the charge, and Master gave her the amount and an extra $50 for Linda’s “exceptional care”.

Master then led me toward the door, opened it, and led me outside, still on hands and knees. Just outside, Master instructed me to stand and replace the blouse and skirt. i was still crying from the degradation, and from the incredible force of the orgasm, but i quickly put on the skirt and then the blouse.

“Now, o, do you better appreciate the difference between a slave on a leash, and a dog?”

“Oh, yes Master. i promise that this is a lesson well learned.” It was indeed. i had been naked, treated like a dog, and had been brought to orgasm by the touch of a woman, before a half dozen strangers. i was still on Master’s leash but i was standing and dressed and happy to be both.

It was only after W/we were on our way back to the hotel that i realized that between slave’s tears and embarrassment, and not wanting to look at anyone in the store, i never saw the woman who had provided me such a wonderful orgasm. i would not even recognize her if i saw her again.

Master took his slave back to the hotel, still on His leash, but i remember very little of the walk. slave’s head was swimming. Master’s training had taught me obedience, but He had not really prepared me for the degree of humiliation, and degradation, i would feel. Nor had the training prepared me for the elation i would feel, after the humiliation, at having passed another of Master’s tests; nor the shame for feeling that elation. There were so many conflicting emotions that i couldn’t even identify them all, much less understand them.

i felt as if i was falling into a black hole; as if in a dream. i had no idea where or how it would end, or even if there was an end. i supposed that total slavery was the end, but i didn’t know how i would know when i was there. Every day brought a new challenge, a new degradation, a new awareness of slave’s submission to Master’s will. i was, one minute, totally humiliated by what Master would demand of me. The next minute, i was euphoric at having passed Master’s latest challenge. i wanted to cry, and i wanted to giggle. i wanted to run away, and i wanted to be Master’s complete and total slave.

Back in Master’s hotel room, after oiling Master’s lovely cock and writing in slave’s journal, He allowed slave to suck His marvelous cock for hours. i was allowed to cum whenever i could, which was often that night.

p.s. Master told me, weeks later, that, when He left me at lunch, He had called a veterinarian friend of His, and arranged for the pet shop (owned by a woman in the “lifestyle”) to be available (it actually closed at six p.m.) and for “customers” to be people from “the lifestyle”. That explained quite a bit about slave’s reception at the pet shop.


slave awoke before Master and showered and applied color to mouth and nipples/areoles. Master awoke as i was walking back into the bedroom. He told me what to order for breakfast while He showered. Master was still brushing His teeth when Room Service knocked on the door.

“Let them in o. Just write the tip on the bill and sign it.”

“But Master…” The second knock startled me, and made me realize that i was about to argue with Master, which, i have been trained, is never a good idea.

i went to the door and opened it. This time, the room service man was not quite so calm. i had the distinct impression that it was not a common occurrence to be greeted at the door by a naked, collared slave.

“Uh… room service, Ma’am”

“Please come in.”

He rolled the cart past me asking where i wanted it set up. i told him.

Before room service finished setting up, Master came out of the bathroom wearing His robe. He walked over to slave and put His arm around slave’s naked waist. It is funny, i knew, very well, that i was naked in front of this man, but somehow the feel of Master’s hand, on the skin of slave’s hip, emphasized it. i could feel slave’s whole body flush another degree. The man looked up, smiled and handed Master the bill and a pen.

At Master’s command, i showed the waiter to the door, and thanked him. As he left, the man wished us a wonderful day. i was inclined to think “challenging” might be more appropriate; for me, at least. It was only Tuesday morning and already i had been displayed totally naked to another complete stranger. “Challenging” yes that was the word.

After finishing breakfast, Master called to have His car brought to the lobby door.

Master dressed in slacks, a shirt, open at the neck, and a sports coat. He gave his slave 3-inch platform mules to wear. i looked to be sure that i had not missed where Master had laid slave’s clothes for the day. There were no clothes laid out.

“Are you ready, o?” i knew that Master was not really asking if i was ready, he was waiting for a reaction from His slave.

slave’s heart was trying to burst out of slave’s chest, again. i could hardly hear slave’s own voice over the pounding of slave’s heart in slave’s ears. “i hope i will be warm enough Master.” i said, hoping that i had the correct amount of levity in slave’s voice.

“I’m sure you will be warm enough, o. W/we are going wine tasting in the Napa Valley and it is almost always warmer there than in the city.” That said, He went to the door and opened it, waiting for His slave to follow.

i did follow, as well as slave’s legs would allow. i was thinking, this is only the fourth full day of slave’s test/graduation, and Master is going to take me through the hotel lobby, and wine tasting in Napa, utterly naked. What could the last day possibly have in store?

Master took slave’s hand and led me to the elevator. Mercifully, W/we encountered no one on O/our way down the hall. It took moments for the elevator to arrive, during which time i was imagining the doors opening to a dozen people staring at Master’s naked slave. Finally the doors did open, and the car was empty. So far i had been very fortunate, but i knew that there was no way the lobby of the hotel was going to be deserted.

As the elevator descended, Master reached into his coat pocket and removed a dress. The fact that it fit into His pocket should suggest how light and sheer the material is, but it was a dress. It has a faint floral print on a black background and buttons down the front with a half-dozen or so black buttons.

“Put this on o, but leave the top two and bottom two buttons open because you will be removing it before you enter the car. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.” i was to be almost naked walking through the lobby but the operative word was almost. i put the dress on and had just buttoned the three buttons when the elevator stopped at the 4th floor. Two couples joined us in the car. The elevator doors opened, at the lobby floor, the two ladies stepped out, and Master and the two men, waited for me to exit. The women turned and stared as i walked out. One whispered something to the other, but i couldn’t hear.

Walking across the lobby, i was very conscious of people staring, and not exactly pointing, but very nearly. Master’s car was waiting at the door. The doorman opened the passenger-side door. i stepped forward so that the car door was between the lobby windows and me. i unbuttoned the three buttons, removed the dress, handed it to Master, and sat on the cool leather seat. After a considerable pause, the valet/doorman closed the door with a huge smile on his face, and, i bet, but did not see, a slight bulge in his pants.

Master walked around the rear of the car and entered the driver’s side. He started the car and W/we were on our way to Napa.

Riding through the streets naked is not a new experience. During slave’s training, i was required to be naked in Master’s car, but it was always at night. Now i am expected to almost always be naked when riding in Master’s car. Master’s car has a huge windshield, and a sunroof, so i am very much in a fish bowl. It was a glorious day so the windows were open as well as the sunroof.

i am actually, surprised by the number of people who do not notice Master’s naked slave. There were, to be sure, those who did notice. One woman was crossing in the crosswalk directly in front of U/us when she looked in the car. She stopped dead, and grabbed the arm of her friend to point out the collared, naked slave. They stood, stared and talked until the signal changed, and they had to retreat back to the curb from which they started.

i asked Master if i might suck His wonderful cock and He said i may. For about an hour, i had Master’s beautiful cock in slave’s mouth. i just love feeling His velvety smooth cock slipping in and out of slave’s mouth. i was enjoying it so much that i did not even realize when the car had stopped, and Master had turned the engine off.

“o, W/we’re here.” Master said. i reluctantly put Master’s cock back into His trousers and zipped the zipper. Master got out of the car, and came around to open the door for His slave. i exited His car. He handed me the dress and instructed me to put it on and button the same three buttons. It was only after i had done so, that i realized W/we were not alone in the parking lot. There were two other couples who were getting out of a car, and watched as i put the dress on. They seemed to be talking about me as they passed Master’s car, but i didn’t hear the words. Both the two men, and the two women, smiled at me as they passed.

The parking lot was at a sparkling wine winery that has a very fine restaurant. Master had made reservations, but W/we were a little early, so W/we wondered around the beautiful gardens. In the reflection of the windows of the gift shop, winery-tour “staging area”, i could see, clearly, that i was wearing nothing under the dress. i knew, if i can see that in a window reflection, it is much more apparent to an actual observer.

As if i needed any additional evidence, a couple came out of the gift shop, obviously, just far enough to get a good look at me; to be sure they were seeing what they thought they saw through the windows.

The woman said, a little too loudly, i thought, “She has a great body, but what a bimbo.”

Her male companion said, “She has a fantastic body, so why hide it?”

To which the woman said, “She definitely isn’t hiding it; And don’t get any ideas, Jim.” And she turned to go back into the gift shop.

When it was time, Master led slave into the restaurant. It has a large “lobby” with harvesting, crushing, and other wine-related photos on the walls, a couch, and a half- dozen chairs, for those who did not make reservations. The hostess smiled broadly as W/we approached. “I saw you outside; I was hoping you would be joining us for lunch.”

“Thank you.” Master said, giving His name, “I believe I have a reservation for a table with a garden view.”

“Yes sir, and it is such a lovely day for eating outside. Please follow me.” The hostess led us to a table for two that looked out on the garden filled with beautiful, fragrant flowers, ferns, and a large lawn.

“You are the first, so you may have any table you like, but this is my favorite.”

“This will do very nicely, thank you.” Master said to the hostess as He pulled the chair out for me. i pulled the hem of the dress up so that slave’s bare ass sat on the chair. The hostess had an enormous smile on her face as she wished U/us a pleasant lunch, and returned to her station. i had the distinct impression that she was familiar with O/our lifestyle, if not actually a part of it.

Lunch was mostly uneventful. The servers seemed, as usual, a little overly attentive, but i was coming to expect that. When the sommelier brought and poured the sparkling wine, he took extra time to explain “the tinier the bubbles, the better the wine” but his eyes never seemed to wander away from slave’s breasts. The waitress seemed more captivated by slave’s collar and cuffs.

W/we lingered over lunch, and wine, for almost two hours. The restaurant had filled to capacity. After O/our espresso, Master paid the bill and i asked if i might use the restroom. Master stood and came around to slide slave’s chair as i stood. He led slave to the nice hostess who now shared duties with another young woman. The lobby seats were all taken, and a few people were standing while they waited for a vacant table.

“Would you be kind enough to direct odalisque to the ladies room, please?” Master asked of the girl who seated us.

i think Master would have been satisfied if she had pointed, or given me directions, but she stepped around her desk saying, “Of course. Follow me, please.”

Before i took a step Master said, “o, when you return, i want you attired to ride in the car.”

i turned to look back at Master, hoping the terror i felt didn’t show on slave’s face. i said “Yes, Master.” in a voice that, probably, only Master and the two hostess’ could hear.

The ladies’ room was down a hall of about twenty feet and to the right about ten more feet. As the hostess walked with me, she said, “May I ask you what may be too personal a question?” slave’s mind was reeling so, from what Master had said, that slave’s voice seemed to come from some distant place. i managed to say “Of course.”

“You are a real-life slave, aren’t you?

She pulled the door open and followed me into the room as i said, “i am Master’s slave, yes.”

Her smile lit up her face, and seemed to brighten the powder room, as well. “Oh god, I knew it, I just knew it. He called you “o”, like ‘The Story of O’? That is totally my favorite book in all the world. What did he mean by ‘being attired to ride in his car’?”

i looked at her sweet, seemingly innocent, face, and said, “slave is expected to be naked when riding in Master’s car.” That wiped the smile from her face, and replaced it with a look of shock.

“But he can’t expect you to walk out there naked, can he?” she gasped, the incredulity obvious in her voice.

“i’m afraid He can, and even more afraid that He does. What is slave’s name? i’m sorry, i’m a little distracted, i mean what is your name?” slave’s mind was working on too many things at once. i was thinking about walking back into that foyer stark naked, or disobeying Master, and the consequences of that, and trying to talk to this very nice young woman.

“My name is Teresa. You aren’t going to do it, are you?”

“i am, if I can.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked, with a great deal of anxiety in her voice.

“i am sure that i do not want to do this, but i have no choice.” i heard me trying to convince Teresa, and slave. “If i do not do this, i will be punished dreadfully, but even more importantly, i will have disappointed Master. Teresa, i know that you don’t know me, but may i ask you to help me?” slave’s mouth was bone dry and i could hardly speak. slave’s tongue was sticking to the roof of slave’s mouth.

“I will, if I can, o,” she said.

“Thank you. I’ve got to hurry; i don’t want Master to think that i am balking. May i ask you to take slave’s dress back and give it to Master? Then, He will know that i am complying and it will make it impossible for me to chicken out.”

i thought it might be too much to ask this stranger, but, right away she said, “I will, if you’re way sure that is what you really want, o.”

I unbuttoned the three buttons, disrobed and handed the dress to Teresa, “Yes, please, Teresa, it will help so much.” i was trying very hard not to cry.

She took the dress, stared for a moment at slave’s naked body, and turned toward the door. As she left she said, “Good luck, o!”

i was so mortified, i could only barely do what i went there to do. When i finished, and washed slave’s hands, i took a deep breath, and opened the door. There in front of me was a woman about to enter the restroom. “Oh, dear lord!” she said as she took a step back.

i remembered what Master had told me in training, “When you are naked, act just as you would clothed. How other people deal with your nakedness is the other person’s problem, not yours.”

i pushed the door fully open, and said, in as calm and strong a voice as i could muster, “i am so sorry, i didn’t mean to startle you.”

“But you’re nude.” The woman almost shouted it, or so it seemed to me.

“Yes, Mistress, i know.” i said, and turned to make slave’s long walk back to the foyer. slave’s legs felt, at the same time, as if they were made of cement, they felt so heavy, and yet they seemed to have the rigidity of rubber-bands. i wanted to just run to the foyer and straight out the door, but Master spent a great deal of time training slave in the correct length steps to take, and the correct pace at which to take them.

i turned left and started down the longer corridor. It could never be long enough, as it was the only thing between this naked, collared slave, and about two dozen staring eyes. When i reached the end of the hall, i saw Teresa, the sweet hostess, standing at her desk, and Master beyond, holding slave’s dress. i felt as if i was running a fever of 150 degrees. slave’s body felt like it was on fire. i was sure that everyone could hear slave’s heart pounding, and see the perspiration that must have been forming on slave’s body.

It only took a moment for every eye in the foyer to be riveted on me. Teresa turned, and came over toward me as i walked toward Master. It took me a moment to realize that she was staying between me and the people seated, waiting, in the reception area. Master took slave’s hand and led me toward the door.

Teresa leaned toward me, and whispered, “You are sooooo brave, o.” W/we reached the doors, Master opened one, and Teresa opened the other, saying in a strong, full voice, “Thank you for dining with us. I hope you will join us again, soon.” Those were pretty much the only words i heard as a sentence. Back in the lobby i did pick up a few isolated words mostly like “cheap”, “sexy”, “tramp”, “hot”, “whore”, and the like.

Outside, Master led me to His car, but before W/we got there slave’s legs just gave out. i had to grab Master’s arm to keep from collapsing onto the gravel path. “you did very well, odalisque. it will get easier with practice.”

“Oh, Master, i hope so. i think that was the most difficult thing i have ever done.”

“So far, odalisque… so far.” Master said it with a very distinct twinkle in His eyes.

W/we passed one couple before W/we reached Master’s car. They were quite young. They seemed too young even to sample the wine, and they both just laughed, giggled, really, either out of nervousness or… well, i don’t know why, but they just giggled, stopped, turned, and watched until i was seated in Master’s car.

“i am going to give you the benefit of the doubt, o, and assume that you did not conspire with the hostess to walk you to the door as she did.”

“Oh, no, Master, i didn’t ask her to do that, but it really was quite sweet of her, wasn’t it.”

“Yes, o, it was. And you seem to have made another fan. She, too, gave me her name and number. She would like to know more about this ‘real-life version of her favorite literary character’.” Master smiled and started the car.

He drove for a few minutes, and arrived at another sparkling wine winery. This winery has outside tasting on a large patio overlooking one of their vineyards. Master came around to open the door for slave, and handed me the dress as i exited His car.

i put the dress on and buttoned the permitted three buttons. Master took slave’s hand, and led me to the patio overlooking the vineyard. He pulled the chair out and i pulled the hem of the dress up and sat down. There were four tables at the very edge of the patio, overlooking the grape plants. O/ours was the only one occupied. i think, because all the other tables, behind, had umbrellas, but the four in front did not. Most of the 20-or-so umbrella-ed tables were in use.

Very shortly, a woman, probably in her sixties, came to the table and asked if W/we had been to the winery before. Master said He had, and asked for the sampling. This winery offers generous samples of three of their sparkling wines so that one may compare them side by side. The lady gave no indication of noticing slave’s transparent dress nor the collar and cuffs.

A few minutes later the woman returned with two placemats, six glasses and three bottles of wine. The place mats named the wine we would be sampling, and she set a glass at each name. She began to pour the first. She asked if W/we wanted to hear her “schpeel”, as she called it. Master looked at me, “o?”

“Yes, Master, if You don’t mind, i would like to know a little more about the wines.”

Perhaps it was slave’s use of the word “Master” that triggered her enhanced attentiveness. Now, i observed her noting slave’s collar, cuffs, and the fact that much of slave’s dress was unbuttoned.

She, also, told U/us about the tinier the bubbles… and some other things. She mentioned what flavors to look for in each of the three wines. i confess i could not identify many of them, though one glass was quite apple-y.

When she had poured all three glasses of both sets, she left us. Moments later she returned with a small basket of crackers and some napkins. She dropped a pen at slave’s side, and as she picked it up, she whispered in slave’s ear, “Are you okay, young lady?”

i looked at her and said, “I beg your pardon, Mistress?”

“Are you here of your own free will?” she whispered.

i turned to look in her eyes and said, “Oh, i am very much okay, but it is extremely kind of you to be concerned; i do appreciate it.”

With that, she stood up and apologized, explaining that she is a recently retired schoolteacher, and, in the last few years of her career, she witnessed, and heard of, some very disturbing things. She rambled a little bit, out of embarrassment, i think.

i turned and took Master’s arm and said to Him, “Master, this thoughtful lady was kind enough to whisper in slave’s ear to be sure that i was okay.”

Master looked at me, and then at Marjorie, (the teacher’s name), and said, “That is most commendable. What did you tell her o?”

i looked at Master and said, “i told her that i am very much okay.” Then I turned back to Marjorie and said, “Now, i will say that i am Master’s slave, but completely by consent, and i have never been happier in slave’s life.” i could hardly believe that i said that, but i did, and it felt wonderful.

At that, Marjorie said, “I don’t understand it, but you do seem to be okay, in fact, quite happy.” She excused herself and went back to work.

Master offered a toast with the first glass of wine, “To my very precious slave, odalisque. May she continue to please me, as she has so far.”

“i will try to, Master, i promise.”

With that, Master reached over and unbuttoned the remaining three buttons of slave’s dress. It fell open at slave’s sides. i suspect the people behind noticed no difference, really, but from the front, i was totally naked.

i had another sip of wine, and, as i set the glass on the table, and leaned back in the chair, Marjorie returned with the bill. She looked down at slave’s naked body, and half gasped, very teacher-like, “Oh, really, young lady.” She turned and walked away. i had to giggle, she was soooooooo much the teacher. i expected her to return and send me to the principal’s office.

When He Finished His wine, Master left some money on the table and rose to pull slave’s chair back from the table. He did not tell me to rebutton slave’s dress. As i rose, Master slid the dress over slave’s shoulders, and off. i could feel the flush engulf slave’s body. Master took slave’s hand, and W/we turned to walk back to the car. There were about twenty tables between U/us and the walkway to the parking lot, each with two to four people sitting, and sipping wine.

Master let loose of slave’s left hand and put his right arm around His slave, resting his hand on the right cheek of slave’s ass. He carried slave’s dress in His left hand. i was never in the least doubtful that i was naked, but, somehow, Master’s hand on the bare skin of slave’s ass seemed to shout in slave’s head, “you are a naked, collared slave walking among 60, or so, ‘normal’, clothed people.”

At first, slave seemed to create total silence among the wine-tasters, then a burst of conversation. Again, slave didn’t really hear full sentences, just bits and pieces, like “shameless bitch”, “takes a lota guts”, “what a lucky guy”. One man even reached out and stroked slave’s thigh as W/we passed his table. slave’s legs felt like they were boneless, i had to struggle to remain standing, and to keep from crying.

On the path to the parking lot, we passed two couples headed to the tasting patio. One of the men turned to the other, and in a very loud, clear voice said, “I think I’m going to like this place.” One of the women said, “You always did go for the slutty type, Brad.”

There it was again. i had gone 26 years without being called a slut, or anything even close, and now in a few days i’ve been called a slut repeatedly, and other things just as bad, or worse. i know i am Master’s slave, and i am proud to be, but i guess i am a slut, too. i guess i can’t say that i am proud of being a slut, but if that’s what it takes to make Master happy, i think i can live with it.

When Master opened the car door for His slave, i looked back toward the tasting patio for the first time, and saw a dozen, or more, people standing and watching us. i grabbed the car door to hold slave up, then i let slave collapse onto the car seat.

“You were very good, again, odalisque. i am proud of you.” Master said as He drove out of the parking lot.

“Thank You, Master, but with respect, Sir, it was not any easier this time.” i could hear slave’s voice quiver as i spoke.

“Well, then W/we will just have to practice more, won’t W/we, o?” Master had a distinct chuckle in His voice.

“As You wish, of course, Master.” i was pretty sure that i would be practicing quite a lot this week, and beyond.

Master drove through a couple of little towns and some lovely vineyards and then to another sparkling wine winery and parked in the lot. This winery is built like a French château, on the crest of a hill, with about a hundred steps to get up to it. Honestly, the waitress told U/us how many, and it was one hundred, or a hundred and a couple, i don’t remember exactly.

Anyway, at this winery, there is a large patio around the front and side of the château, with tables for two and four. By now the sun was getting lower in the sky, and i could tell by the reaction of the 25 or 30 wine tasters, as W/we passed them, that slave’s dress was very transparent in the afternoon light. But at least i was, again, wearing a dress… so far.

Master made sure that a waitress saw U/us, and then led me around to the patio on the side of the château. There were no other people on the side patio. Our waitress was named Elle. She wasn’t as gorgeous as the Elle, but she was quite pretty, a little older than i, and very nice. She explained our options, and Master chose the wine He wanted, and one for me. With the sparkling wine came some crackers and a cream cheese spread – really delicious.

W/we spent most an hour enjoying the wine, crackers, and the beautiful sunny day. Elle asked if W/we wanted anything else. Master declined, so she left the bill. When Elle left U/us, Master reached over, unbuttoned the three buttons and instructed slave to give Him the dress. i stood, stripped, and handed the dress to Master. Apparently, one pays the bill inside the winery, so Master folded the dress, put it in His jacket pocket, and left to pay the bill, instructing His slave to sit and wait at the table.

While Master was gone Elle returned. i don’t know why, because when she saw me, she said, “Oh my god, are you okay?” i assured her that i was fine, but she never got around to why she had originally returned to the table. “Does he make you wear the collar and cuffs a lot?”

i moved the cuff enough to show Elle the white skin beneath, “Master allows slave to wear His collar and cuffs almost all the time.”

“So you don’t work or anything?” Elle was now staring at slave’s naked, pieced breasts.

“i don’t work. As for anything; i think, after this week, Master will expect His slave to do just about anything and eveything.”

“What do you mean ‘after this week’? What is so special about this week?” Elle hardly let me finish one answer before she had another question.

“Master has spent over six months training me, and the week beginning last Friday is a combination test period and, hopefully, celebration of slave’s graduation. If i please Master this week, He will allow me to be His complete, and total slave.” i heard slave saying this, and it sounded pretty bizarre, even to me; i couldn’t imagine how it sounded to the waitress.

“Aren’t you afraid someone will come around the corner, and see you sitting here nude?” Elle sounded afraid for me.

“i strongly suspect, Elle, that when Master returns, everyone will see His naked slave. i am what Master calls a display slave. He enjoys showing His slave’s body.”

“Do you like sitting around in the nude?”

“Master keeps me naked in His home, and in His car. Over the last six months I have probably been clothed only about a cumulative 24 to 48 hours, so i am used to being naked. i am going to get used to being naked in public, or so Master assures me. Right now, the idea scares me, but i know that Master would not let anything bad happen to me.” i don’t know if Elle believed me or not, but i know it is true.

“How did you get into this situ…” Before the waitress could finish, Master turned the corner and said, “It’s time to go, odalisque.” He pulled the chair back and i stood, smiling at Elle, who was staring at slave’s plucked-bald pubic mound.

i said, “It’s been pleasant chatting, Elle.” i don’t think she heard, because simultaneously she said, “Dear god, you were right, he’s going to parade you in front of all those people.”

Again, Master put his right arm around me, resting His hand on slave’s right hipbone. And again, it seemed to accentuate slave’s nakedness, or awareness thereof. W/we turned the corner and began to walk between the tables. The experience was very much as before, stunned silence, followed by rapid chatter, and some comments about, and/or directed at, me.

When W/we reached where the 100 steps descend to the parking lot, i felt as if i was going to faint. At the bottom of the steps was a huge tour bus being emptied of its passengers. i looked back to where W/we had come from, and Elle gave me a little wave. Master led me down the stairs. i don’t know how many passengers one of those big busses holds, but this one must have been filled to capacity. There seemed to be a hundred people beginning to walk up the steps. Most of them Asian, and, it seemed that every one of them had a camera, or video-recorder, or both.

Going down the steps was extremely difficult, because slave’s knees seemed to want to give out with each step. Then the camera-flashes started to flash and the animated chatter, i wanted to turn and run away. This time i could not understand much of what was being said, but i’ll bet that whatever the Asian word for “slut” is, was in there somewhere. People were actually shoving each other to get a better camera angle.

On the one hand, i felt completely degraded, tears were welling in slave’s eyes, but on the other hand, i felt kind of like a movie star or something. i suppose a porno-movie star, but still… i rather expect to see a picture of me and Master on some internet site any day now.

When W/we were about halfway through the tour group, Master slid His right hand off slave’s hip, up slave’s body, and cupped slave’s right breast. This, of course, precipitated more chatter and more cameras clicking. The crowd seemed to engulf me as W/we walked through it. People were very close, but i don’t remember anyone actually touching me.

This time i couldn’t control the tears. i didn’t sob, but i could feel the tears roll down slave’s cheeks. That is really about the last i can remember, i think i sort of blacked out. The next clear memory i have is riding in Master’s car, with Master’s delicious cock in slave’s mouth.

Master says slave sort of collapsed at the bottom of the steps. He supported me enough to get to the car. After that, He said, i seemed to be enjoying Master’s huge cock enough not to care where W/we were, or where W/we were going.

Master was driving toward the city through the tunnel just before the bridge. This meant that i had been sort of “oblivious” for close to an hour.

Going into the city the bridges charge a toll. Master pulled up to the tollbooth and took His wallet from His jacket pocket and handed the bills to the man in the booth who was unashamedly staring at me. Master thanked the man. “No, thank you… both!” the toll-taker was saying as Master pulled away.

Again, slave was riding through the city streets, naked, in Master’s car. i could see people point me out to each other, and some just gawked. But, again, i was amazed (but not disappointed) at how many people failed to see me at all. As Master pulled into the hotel garage, He handed me the dress. “Dress outside of the car, odalisque.”

“Yes, Master.” i am learning what to expect.

The doorman seemed to almost race to the car. He opened the door and i exited and began to put the dress on. “Ohhh, my, my, ya’ll are certainly a vision, Miss.”

“Thank you, Sir,” i said as i buttoned the three buttons permitted by Master.

It is interesting that i have been called a slut, and other degrading, and humiliating things from afar, but most of the people that i have actually spoken with have been quite gracious, and courteous, if not exactly reverential.

Master took slave’s hand and led me into the lobby, to the elevators. In the elevator, He unbuttoned the three buttons and slipped the dress over slave’s shoulders and off. He stood behind me kneading slave’s breasts, and whispered that He was very pleased with slave’s performance.

i was hoping that the elevator would go non-stop to Master’s floor. Fortunately, it did; Unfortunately, when the doors opened there were two couples waiting to enter. Master guided slave forward saying, “Excuse us, please.” As W/we walked toward Master’s room, i heard one of the women say, “Only in San Francisco.” Perhaps she was right.

In Master’s room, He repeated how pleased He was by slave’s performance this day. As a reward, He would take me to dinner. Master took a butt plug from His accessory case and a little lubricant. Master has trained slave to accept butt plugs, of course, but i had not seen one this big before. At its widest it was even larger than Master’s huge cock. After a little lubrication Master inserted it into slave’s ass. It filled me, but was not really too uncomfortable.

Master then reached around and stroked slave’s sex for a moment (all it takes) to make me wet, and inserted the Ben Wah balls. i have become quite responsive to the BenBalls. It is difficult for me to carry them for long without coming to orgasm. In combination with the giant butt plug, i thought it would be impossible not to cum. i could only hope that it was at an appropriate time and place.

Master chose slave’s dress for the evening. It is very short, black silk, the front is a wide “V-cut” down to the waist and it is backless. Next to the tube dress, this may be the least revealing attire slave has worn for test/graduation week; but if i “twirled”, the skirt of the dress would plainly reveal slave’s lack of underwear and, probably, the plug in slave’s ass.

Of course i had forgotten that San Francisco is a city given to sudden bursts of wind.

Master led His slave out to the street. W/we walked a couple of blocks to catch a cable car. W/we stood on the running board, and by the time W/we got off at Fisherman’s Warf, slave’s dress had been up around slave’s waist a couple of dozen times. Fortunately, it always fell back down, as i could not adjust it without Master’s approval. A few fellow passengers noticed, but mostly it was the pedestrians, along the way, who enjoyed the view.

The bouncing, and jerking of the cable car helped the BenBalls do their magic. At the Warf, W/we walked for a little while, and i could feel an orgasm building around the BenBalls. i fought it, but i knew the orgasm would win. i heard slave say, “Master, may your slave cum, please.”

“Not yet, o, but soon.”

W/we walked a little longer, and Master must have known that I was just on the verge, “you may cum now, o.” Master said, just as He led His slave into a restaurant.

There was a short line waiting at the Hostess station, so i stood to the side, and rear of Master. Suddenly i heard a loud groan, and realized it was me. i almost doubled over, and moaned, again and again. slave’s legs went soft, as Master supported me and pulled me to the Hostess’ desk.

I heard the hostess ask, “Is she okay?”

“she will be just fine in a moment, or two, when she regains her composure; won’t you odalisque. I have a reservation for two.” i could hardly hear Master’s voice through slave’s orgasmic haze. i held onto Master’s arm very tightly, in order to stay standing, as W/we followed the hostess to the table. i could feel slave’s juices running down slave’s thighs. i was vaguely aware of people staring at me.

When Master seated me, i was breathing in rapid, short breathes. In this dress just a flip of the hem allows me to sit bare-assed.

“She seems ill, are you sure she is okay?” The hostess said, staring at the collar, cuffs, and ringed nose, she apparently hadn’t noticed before.

“i assure you that she will be just fine. She just has rather powerful orgasms, and needs a moment to recover. Thank you for your concern.” Oh dear god, Master just told this woman that i was recovering from an orgasm.

The Hostess said something like “Holly shit” and left, not even offering U/us the menus in her hands. In a moment, she returned, and handed U/us the menus, “I’m so sorry, I guess I got a little flustered. Your waiter will be Raul. I hope you enjoy your dinner.”

Master looked over at His slave, “Have you recovered, o?”

“Yes Master, thank you. But may Your slave be excused to clean up a little?”

“you are excused.” He said as He rose to slide slave’s chair out so i could stand.

i walked the length of the restaurant, and asked the hostess the location of the women’s room. “May I ask, was he serious about you having an orgasm?” the hostess half whispered

i explained slave’s position and about the BenBalls, of which she had heard, but not tried. i went to the women’s room, removed the BenBalls, relieved slave’s bladder and replaced the BenBalls. i cleaned up slave’s thighs, splashed a little cold water on slave’s face, and refreshed slave’s lipstick.

On the way back to Master’s table, just as i passed the hostess’s desk, the butt plug pinched, or something, and caused kind of a spasm; Or maybe i hadn’t replaced the BenBalls properly, because the spasm ejected one of the heavy brass balls. It hit the hardwood floor with a loud “thud”. The Hostess turned and the two of us watched as the ball rolled about ten feet, coming to rest next to a table leg.

i quickly went to retrieve the ball and returned to Master’s table. Master stood, pulled the chair out and said, “That was not a very graceful maneuver, replace the ball, odalisque.” i quickly looked around the room, and to slave’s relief, saw very few people still watching me. i wanted to beg Master to allow me to wait, or to return to the woman’s room, but i remember, too well, the sting of the cane when slave is willful. i placed the ball in slave’s mouth, as Master requires, though it was still moist with slave’s juices, and slave’s sex needed no lubricating. Then, i reached between slave’s legs and pushed the ball into slave’s sex. The dress is so short, it was not necessary even to raise the hem.

i had no more than finished inserting the BenBall when i heard a deep voice, “Hello, i am Raul, and it will be my pleasure to serve you this evening.” i doubted that his red vest could be any redder than slave’s face. He must have been there watching as i slid the ball deep into slave’s sex.

“Be seated o,” Master said.

“Thank you Master.” But it was Raul who held the chair, I flipped the hem of the rear of slave’s micro-dress out so slave’s bare butt was on the seat of the chair,

Raul looked very intently at slave’s collar, cuffs, and the bare skin in the “V” of slave’s dress down to slave’s waist. “Would you care to begin with a cocktail?” He addressed the question to me but Master answered. The rest of dinner was very pleasant, and relatively uneventful, except for the very attentive service to which i am becoming accustomed.

After dinner, W/we wandered around Fisherman’s Wharf, for an hour, or so. i had another orgasm to the awed delight of half a dozen people on the sidewalk around me.

slave’s dress was blown up so often that i hardly noticed it by the time Master helped me aboard the cable car. The one exception was while W/we were waiting at the cable car stop, slave’s dress blew up, and a man, standing in front of me, stared, and said “Is that pube shaved?” His wife, or whatever, jabbed him in the ribs with her elbow.

Master said, “Answer the gentleman, o.”

i didn’t think the man was truly looking for an answer, but i said, “No, Sir. Master requires slave to pluck her pubic hair.” Even in the evening light, i could see that the man and woman were blushing, almost as much a Master’s slave.

W/we rode the cable car to the turnaround at the end, and walked back the few blocks to the hotel. As W/we walked through the front doors, i could feel another orgasm building. i thought i could make it to the elevator, so I asked, “May your slave please cum, Master?”

“Yes, o, you may.” Having given permission, Master lead me toward the lounge area W/we were in earlier in the week. The same hostess greeted U/us.

“Good evening. i am glad to see you back.” The hostess spoke as if she meant it.

Master said, “I thought you didn’t work Monday and Tuesday. When I saw you at your post, I thought W/we should have a little evening Port.”

“How nice of you to remember. Yes, I should be off, but Brittany called in sick, so here I am.”

i guess walking up the dozen, or so, stairs had positioned the butt plug and BenBalls just right, because, while Master and Heidi exchanged pleasantries, i just exploded in orgasm. i could not have controlled slave’s moans even if i tried to, and, frankly, i didn’t try. i held onto Master’s arm with one hand, and reached for the hostess’ podium with the other, to keep from falling to slave’s knees at the top of the stairs. i don’t know how many times i moaned but by the time i regained slave’s composure, many of the patrons were staring at Master’s slave.

“Are you okay, odalisque?” the hostess seemed genuinely concerned.

“Explain to the young lady what your problem is, o.” i couldn’t believe that Master was forcing me to interact with this stranger right now. But, i didn’t pause long because slave has been well trained in the consequence of disobedience, or even hesitation.

“Yes… Mistress… i am fine. Master gave slave permission to cum and i needed to so badly, but thank you for your concern.” i tried not to speak in a whisper which i knew would displease Master, but i did speak softly.

“Good lord! You just had an orgasm?” The hostess’ tone was not a shout but it sounded like it to me, and it was loud enough that two couples behind U/us obviously heard her. i could hear them talking about me as the hostess led Master and His slave to a table.

When W/we finished our glasses of port, Master pulled the chair back for slave to get up and i saw a rather large wet spot on the seat where slave’s bare ass had been. When W/we passed the Hostess, Master said, “odalisque, apologize to the lady for the mess you made.”

i could feel the blood rushing to slave’s face again, but, of course, i did not consider disobeying. If you have ever been whipped, or caned, in anger, you know why. “slave is so sorry that i soiled  the chair seat, Mistress.” Here i was explaining to this nice girl, about slave’s own age, that i had dirtied the seat of the chair with the juices leaking from slave’s pussy. i can’t even begin to describe the degradation i was feeling.

Her chin did not literally drop, but her expression was obviously one of shock. “Oh, uh, oh, that’s, uh, that’s alright. I’ll, uh, take care of it. I hope we will be seeing you again, odalisque.” She sounded as if she really meant it.

“I’m sure you will. Good night, Heidi.” Master said, as He led His slave to the elevator and instructed me to remove slave’s dress. Again, i was fortunate that no one joined U/us on the ride up.

As W/we rode up, He critiqued slave’s performance for the day. Master said that slave did quite well, generally, but He did notice some hesitation that He would like to eliminate. i assured Him that i would be much better with practice, and He assured me that He would provide the practice. i had no reason to doubt Him.

Back in Master’s room, i oiled Master’s gorgeous cock for over forty-five minutes; then i wrote in slave’s journal.

Finally, after sucking Master’s wonderful cock, and drinking His delicious cum, i slept with His soft, smooth cock in slave’s mouth. i have become very proficient at sleeping with Master’s cock in slave’s mouth, and i love it. i was afraid to try it at first, and i did bite Master a couple of times, for which I was punished, but that was long ago. Now, sometimes I will wake up hours later and Master’s wonderful cock will still be in His slave’s mouth.


This morning slave awoke with Master, so again, i was allowed to shower with Him and wash Him. i can think of no better way to begin a day.

slave’s clothing for today was much as the previous days, a short see-through dark-blue lace dress and 3-inch mules. The lace makes the dress a little less blatantly see-through, but only the very casual observer would fail to realize that slave is naked inside the dress.

W/we went through the hotel lobby and began walked around the city. As i suspected, fewer people seemed shocked by slave in this dress than in some of the others. The ring through slave’s nose caused quite a bit of reaction. W/we walked mostly north and west, through the City Center, along Van Ness all the way to Union Street.

On Union Street i overheard a woman say to another, “There he is again, that man with those exotic women.”

“Women?” Apparently, she recognized Master, but didn’t recognize that i was the same “exotic” woman.

Master led slave to the sex store we had visited a couple days earlier. “Welcome. I was hoping you would come back. Oh, I see you have some new jewelry; very striking!” The nice store owner seemed genuinely pleased to see Master and His slave. She was not at all hesitant to stare at the ring in slave’s nose.

Master instructed slave to show Kara the other piercings. The only way slave could do that was to remove slave’s dress; so i did. i think this was the first time that i had gotten naked in front of a stranger without being specifically told to. i laid the dress on the counter top.

Kara reached toward the “bar-bells”, then paused and turned to Master, “May I?”

“Of course, please do.” Master replied. “Oh, I don’t think I introduced her before. Kara, this is odalisque.”

“What a beautiful name and so appropriate,” she said as she took the barbell in slave’s left nipple and slid it and twisted it. “Are these the jewelry of choice or just until the piercings heal?”

“They are temporary.” Master said, “I have rings to match the one in her nose for later.”

“I think you could put the rings in tomorrow, but certainly Friday, you must be a very quick healer, odalisque. I don’t want to sound pushy or hard-sell, but I have some chains that would look wonderful going from nipple-to-nipple or nipple-to-nose-to-nipple.” She released slave’s nipple and went to another counter and came back with some chain.

Master looked at the chain and said that He would like lengths for nipple-to-nose-to-nipple, as well as nipple-to-nipple. “How large are the rings for her nipples?” Kara asked.

“They are exactly the same as the ring through her nose.” Master said.

“I’m sorry, you said ‘matching’, i just wasn’t sure how ‘exactly’ matching. For the nipple-to-nose, do you want the ring hanging down or pulled up?” Kara and Master were talking about me as if i wasn’t there, or i was a dress to be altered.

Master replied, “I think we should have them both ways. Rings down for decoration, but there will be times when I might want to use the chains to assure that o’s head remains bowed; Rings up for that.”

“Oh, lovely, well I think I had better measure the ring for the correct fitting. Kara got a ruler and measured the ring in slave’s nose. Then she placed the end of the ruler against slave’s nipple and made a mark with a pen. I will measure a little short to be safe; I assume you wouldn’t mind if the nipple is pulled a little by the short set.”

“Not at all,” Master answered.

At that moment the bell over the front door rang. Incredibly, slave’s first reaction was to try to cover up. i caught slave’s faux pas pretty quickly. i hoped that Master didn’t notice, but i was sure that he did. i was surprised at slave. After all the people that i have been naked in front of, i can’t begin to explain why, now, i flinched at the sound of the bell. That is all it really was, just a flinch. i hoped Master would not be too disappointed in me.

Two men and a woman entered the store, “Holy shit, this must be our lucky day. We better buy a lottery ticket as soon as we leave here.”

“Can I help you folks?” Kara asked, in a way that, i think, she intended to bring a more business-like tone to the situation.

“I don’t know about them, but you’ve already done wonders for me!” this man seemed to be the spokesperson for the trio. “Don’t let us bother you, we’ll just look around a little.” Having said that, all three just stood, and stared at me. After a few minutes, the woman moved to the video rack, followed, moments later, by the men.

Kara now went to a tape measure and measured the distances between her pen marks and her pen marks and to the ring in slave’s nose. When she measured between nipples, she asked if Master wished a little slack on that chain. He did. Her hands were very soft, a little cool, and i enjoyed her attention to slave’s breasts.

“Since you are going to be using the ‘permanent’ rings, i will put fasteners on the ends of the chains. Is there anything else you would like? Come to think of it, you didn’t ask for these, they were kinda my idea weren’t they.” Kara said it with a little chuckle in her voice.

“There may be something else. I have heard that there are remote controlled egg vibrators available; do you have such a thing?”

Kara said with a twinkle in her voice, “There very definitely is such a thing and I do stock them. There are a couple of different models. How much control do you want and what distance do you need?”

i was watching the trio of “shoppers” out of the corner of slave’s eye. They were looking at some of the merchandise but looking at me, too. At the mention of the remote vibrator, all three gave up any pretence of shopping and turned to watch me.

Kara went to the drawers behind the counter and brought out three egg-shaped vibrators. “This one is the most expensive, this is the cheapest, but i would recommend the middle one. It works at twenty-five to thirty feet, often farther, and it has 6 speeds. Would you like to try it?”

Master, of course, said that He would. Kara removed the egg from the package and handed it to Master. He stepped behind me, slipped His finger into slave’s sex and, feeling i was already wet, He slipped the egg inside me. i looked at the trio and they were smiling and gawking at the same time, if that’s possible.

“With your permission…” Kara indicated that she would show Master the controls.


“These do come with batteries, but you probably want to replace them with fresh ones; no telling how long they have been on how many shelves. You can set the speed here and use the “on” button as a toggle, like so.” She flicked the switch and i felt a quick “quivering” within slave’s sex. “Or you can turn it on and let it build and increase the speeds as you wish and as she responds.” With that she turned the egg on and the quivering began and continued.

She turned the egg to the next speed; the quivering became trembling. The next speed became shuddering, then rumbling, Kara turned to the next speed and the vibrations seemed to be reverberating off of slave’s whole insides. i could hear slave moaning, but i didn’t care.

i saw the look of awe on the trio of “shoppers” and a look on Kara’s face that i really couldn’t quite discern. She still had one speed left and i didn’t know what that would be like so i figured i’d rather be safe than sorry. i looked into Master’s eyes and said, “Master… may your... slave cum, p…lease?”

slave’s legs were beginning to wobble and get weak; i could feel the perspiration on slave’s body mingling with the juices leaking out of slave’s sex. “Do you want to cum right here in front of these strangers, odalisque?” Master asked mockingly, and nodded to Kara to go to the sixth setting.

Kara set the intensity to number six.

“Yes, Master… i need… to cum… really… badly… please… i beg You to… allow Your slave to… cum.” slave’s breaths were so quick and shallow it was difficult to talk.

Master said, “you may cum, o.”

i started to say “Thank you Master.” but the word Master was screamed out of slave’s mouth as slave’s legs gave out and i crumpled to the floor at Master’s feet. i was still shuddering through the orgasm when i heard Kara say, “Wow, she is one hot little girl. Did you train her that way, or is she a natural?”

“A little of both, I suspect,” Master said, and He bent to help me regain slave’s feet, if not slave’s equanimity. When i was on slave’s feet, i could see the trio of strangers turn and walk out of the shop.

“Oh, Mistress, i hope i didn’t cost you a sale, i’m afraid i ran off your customers.”

“Don’t worry about it, odalisque, they’re locals, and after that demonstration, they will probably be back and buy a dozen of these vibrators.”

While i recovered, leaning against the counter, Master and Kara discussed a few other items. Finally, Master paid for the merchandise and asked that Kara have it couriered to His hotel. Master asked if Kara had a restroom in the shop because i might need a little freshening up. Kara said she would help me if Master would keep an eye on the shop. He agreed.

The restroom was really quite nice. It showed unmistakable signs of a woman’s touch, even a small vase of flowers. As i washed slave’s face and used wet paper towels to wash the juices off slave’s legs, Kara inquired, “odalisque, have you always cum that easily and strongly?”

“Oh, no Mistress, Master has trained His slave to respond to His breathtaking cock and His voice. i think Master could walk into the room, put His magnificent cock in slave’s mouth and say ‘o, cum’ and i would cum within seconds. Of course, any additional stimulation, like that vibrator, makes it all the easier. Today, i guess i just substituted the vibrator for Master’s wonderful cock.”

Kara’s voice revealed her skepticism, “odalisque, how could he do that? It’s just not possible, is it?”

“i think it’s possible, Mistress, because i think He has done it. i guess He used what you could call the carrot-and-stick method. At first He made it very easy for slave to cum. He would bring me to the brink and be sure His wonderful cock was in slave’s mouth and say, “you may cum odalisque” and, of course, i would. Other times, He would have his beautiful cock in slave’s mouth and say “Cum odalisque” and He would whip me until i did. i became very aware of how to reach orgasm when Master wants me to.”

“It may not have hurt that He had me hypnotized a number of times. The hypnotist left post-hypnotic suggestions about Master’s enormous cock, and His voice, and slave’s orgasm. The hypnotist told me, the first time, that he could not make me do anything i didn’t want to do. The second time, he said that i was one of the easiest, most eager, and enthusiastic subjects he has ever hypnotized.”

“Today, it probably helped that you, and those other people were watching. i am finding that, in addition to being a slut, i am something of an exhibitionist.”

“But without any ‘foreplay’? Do you think He could just put His dick in your mouth, tell you to cum and you would?” Kara was difficult to convince.

“i don’t know, Mistress. He has never tried it, but the minute i feel Master’s sweet cock in slave’s mouth, i feel like i am ready to cum. With your permission, i had better return to Master, we have been quite awhile.”

“Yes. Yes, of course. Thank you for putting up with my curiosity, odalisque.”

“It is slave’s pleasure, Mistress. i enjoy talking about Master and His slave.”

i returned to the front of the shop. Master handed slave the dress and instructed me to put it on. “How are you feeling odalisque?” Master’s voice was soft and caring.

“Wonderful, Master, absolutely wonderful.” And i did. i had been brought to a crashing orgasm in front of four total strangers, naked as a newborn, in the middle of a sex shop in San Francisco, and i felt fantastic. The term slut came to mind.

“Are you hungry, o?”

i admitted that i was, so Master thanked Kara, excused U/us and lead me outside.

W/we strolled along Union Street for a little while. Kara had told U/us of the Union Street grapevine, so i assumed that clerks were calling each other to tell them about the collared and ringed slave walking their street. Master lead slave into a restaurant and asked for a table for two. This time he didn’t have reservations, but asked if W/we might have a patio table. The host was sure W/we could.

Lunch passed with no more than the usual amount of attention, and after Master finished His espresso, W/we left. At the front door, Master took a twenty-dollar bill from His wallet and instructed me to take it back and leave it on our table.

As i went out the door to the patio, i heard two waitresses talking. The woman who waited on U/us was saying, “Did you see that girl? I can’t believe she would let herself be used like that. Did you see that ring through her nose? Why not just paint ‘slut’ on your forehead?”

The quiet waitress saw me coming and said, “Oh, hi, did you forget something?” The waitress who waited on us turned, and, seeing me, blushed noticeably.

“Yes, sort of, Master sent me back with your tip.” i handed it to the waitress and turned to leave, then turned back and said, “I’m sorry that you disapprove of Master’s slave,” i returned to Master, waiting on the sidewalk.

“Is something wrong, o?” Master is so good at reading slave’s emotions.

“i sometimes have trouble with the up’s and down’s of being Master’s slave. The waitress thinks that i am a slut. i know that some Masters call their slaves ‘slut’ and ‘cunt’ and other things, but You never call Your slave ‘slut’. Do You think i am a slut, Master?” i could hear the emotion in slave’s voice, and i knew Master could, too.

“odalisque, i think you are my slave, on your way to being an absolutely exquisite slave. If some people equate that with being a slut, that is their problem, not yours. You will probably have to get used to some people disapproving of O/our relationship. That is the price of being a real, total slave – you sometimes have to deal with the public. Take pride in your slavery, o. To own a slave, especially one like you, is almost every man’s fantasy, and even some women’s.”

W/we were walking as Master talked, and i was watching people’s faces while i listened to Master’s words. i could see the envy in men’s eyes and the disgust in some women’s .

“Thank you, Master. i love being Your slave.”

W/we walked back toward the hotel, but stopped at the body-art shop. The tattooed man greeted U/us like old friends. “Hey, how are those piercings doing?”

He walked up shook Master’s hand and took me by the chin and turned slave’s head to look at slave’s pierced nose. “That one looks real good; want me to check the others?” Master said He did, and told me to remove slave’s dress.

i pulled the dress over slave’s head and laid it across the arm of the chair. The tattooed man slid and twisted the barbells in slave’s nipples. “Very good. You must be a quick healer, girly.” He looked at Master and said “You can put the rings in Friday, I would say.”

“That’s excellent.” Master sounded very pleased. “Now W/we are here for the other project we discussed.”

“Oh, great! Sit down, girl, while i get ready.” The tattooed man looked to Master, “This is gunna take a while, do you want to wait, or do you have other things to do?”

Master replied, “I’d like to double check our design and then I will leave you to your art. What time do you think you might be done?” The tattooed man told Master and showed Him the intended design.

It is a red rose flanked on the left by Master’s name and on the right by slave’s name and function. “Steven’s (rose) odalisque”.


“That is perfect. It’s to go mid-thigh on her right leg.” Master said without a word to His slave. So, again, slave’s body is to be altered without slave having been asked or even advised of the fact.

“I will leave you to it. I would appreciate it if you would lock your door while I’m gone. I shouldn’t be long.” Master went to the door and left, saying only, “Goodbye, o.” to His slave.

“Hey, no problem.” The tattooed man followed Master to the door and locked it behind Him.

This was something new, again. i was now naked and alone with a strange man. “Do ya want the shades down or open, girly?”

“i don’t think Master would like me to make that decision, so i will leave it to you, Sir.” i knew that, if the shades were drawn, Master would ask whose idea it was. If the man said it was slave’s suggestion, Master would consider that covering up and punish slave appropriately (read severely).

The tattooed man half whispered, “Well, with all the peep-shows and porno-shops around here, i doubt many people will pay much attention to us. The sunshine makes it cheerier in here, don’t ja think? We’ll leave the shades up.”

“As you wish, Sir.” So i was sitting, naked, in a barber-style chair about 10 or 15 feet from two windows looking out to the sidewalk. Until now, i had not really noticed any pedestrians on the sidewalk; suddenly it seemed to be teeming with passersby.

It is note-worthy that slave was naked in the chair, because, where the tattoo was to go would be below the hemline of this dress and almost every other dress slave is allowed to wear. But Master left without instructing me to put the dress back on, and i doubted that the tattooed man would be inclined to suggest it.

i was surprised at how, relatively, little pain was involved with the tattoo. The man must have worked for a number of hours and i could almost have fallen asleep in the chair. In fact, i just laid slave’s head back in the chair and stared at the ceiling, or closed slave’s eyes, and listened to the music (not very good rock).

i was aroused from slave’s reverie by a knock on the shop door. When i looked up, i saw Master at the door and at the windows on each side of the door were a half-dozen people staring in. The tattooed man opened the door for Master, “You seem to be drawing quite a crowd.” Master said with a smile in His voice.

“Yah, but I don’t think it’s me they’re starin’ at. We’re nearly done; how do you like it?” the tattooed man showed obvious pride in his work.

Master fed the artist’s pride, “It is excellent, I could read it from outside, superb.”

Fifteen or twenty minutes later, Master instructed slave to put the dress on, while the tattooed man advised slave on caring for the new tattoo. When i looked in the mirror, it was as i suspected, the tattoo was below the hem of the dress. From this point on, there can be no doubt to whom i belong; or “who” and “what” i am. It is plainly written across slave’s thigh.

Master paid the tattooed man, took slave by the hand and led me outside. As W/we stepped onto the sidewalk, the dozen, or so, onlookers broke into cheers, whistles, and applause. i felt like a celebrity again, walking among slave’s fans. i recognized, of course, that the emotion of slave’s “fans” was not so much adoration, as lust.

Comments like “Hey sweetie, you are way hot!” “Are you for rent, little girl?” “Love that tattoo, baby” and other things, i couldn’t make out, accompanied U/us as Master lead me through the crowd. As W/we left the men behind, Master asked, “How do you like your tattoo, o?”

“It is very pretty, very big, and it says exactly who and what i am. Most of all it says to whom i belong. i love it Master, as i love You.” i could feel the emotional tremble in slave’s voice, because i do truly love Master and being His slave. The tattoo is, perhaps, a little larger and bolder than slave might have chosen, in fact, it is probably twice as big and bold as slave would have chosen. It would always be visible to announce to whom slave belongs. Usually it would be clearly visible below the hem of slave’s mini-dresses/skirts. Even when slave wears the ankle length dresses, it is big enough to be easily read through the sheer material.

The tattooing must have taken longer than i realized because the sun was getting low. Master led slave back to the hotel, to the front desk, He asked if a package had been delivered. The desk clerk pulled a box up from behind the counter. Master asked that it be taken to His room.

Master took me, to the lounge where Heidi works. “I love your new tattoo, odalisque. It certainly catches the eye,” Heidi greeted us with her usual candor, and beautiful smile. She has noticed every little (or not so little) change in slave’s appearance.

“Yes, Mistress, it is beautiful, and big, isn’t it.” Somehow being naked in front of people seems to be almost easier to adjust to than calling girls slave’s own age “Mistress”. Heidi might even be younger than I, but she seems very mature and quite worldly.

She showed U/us to a table with chairs, so i didn’t get to caress Master’s velvety cock.

“It would appear that your Master is confident of your passing your week’s tests.” Heidi said with an enormous smile and a wink. i am not sure if that was the first time someone, other than me, had referred to Master as “Master”. It is the first time i am conscious of, and coming from Heidi it was somehow more exciting (i don’t know why). Interestingly, i had looked at the tattoo as another test, while Heidi saw it as an affirmation.

Master ordered wine and a cheese plate and W/we sat and enjoyed the music. W/we stayed through a couple of sets and then Master said W/we should be going. He led me to the front of the hotel and into a cab waiting at the curb. Master told the driver the address to drive to. The cabbies knowing smile should have tipped me off; the address was a D/s club.

To enter this club, one is expected to be “dressed for the scene”, meaning leathers, chains, etc., i guess. Master had an “Introductory Tour Pass” which He presented to the doorman. Master instructed me to remove slave’s dress. i did and handed it to Master who put it in His pocket. i guess a naked slave was “dressed appropriately”, and the pass seemed to make Master’s street clothes acceptable.

As W/we walked through the reception area Master said, “Nothing will be expected of you here, tonight, odalisque. I simply want you to see how other slaves act and how they are treated by their Masters and others. I think that you will find that many of the submissives here are slaves who happen to be woman. I intend that you be, very much, a lady who happens to be a slave. I am not suggesting that either way is right or wrong. I simply want you to be attentive to the difference as you watch tonight.

“I hope that you will agree that you are treated differently. I want you to remember this evening if, at some time, you feel that you are being mistreated or abused.”

As W/we walked into the main chamber i had a very strange sensation: i was keenly aware of slave’s total nakedness. There were dozens of people dressed in leather and chains with all sorts of body parts exposed; women’s breasts, pussies, and men’s cocks, but slave was the only one, i saw, who was completely, totally naked. Strangely, i was as discomfited being naked here, as i had been everywhere else.

i will not go into great detail about the couple of hours W/we spent in the club. W/we sat at the bar with O/our juices (no alcohol or drugs allowed) and watched as male and female slaves were put through their paces. i was very uncomfortable watching male slaves; it didn’t seem appropriate. Master thought this an excellent reaction from His slave.

Many of the women were referred to as sluts, cunts, whores, bitches and other things. i didn’t see any woman do anything that i didn’t think i could do with or for Master. i could understand why Master brought His slave here. It was easy for me to see the difference between the Master/slave relationships here and the relationship i feel with Master. These Masters and slaves may love each other as i do Master, but in this venue, at least, it was manifested quite differently.

After W/we finished a second juice and had watched yet another slave flogged (she was naked except for a hood over her head and a leather thong), Master asked if i had seen enough. i said i had.

Master asked the barman to call a cab. When Master and slave got up to leave, the barkeep looked me up and down and said, “I hope you decide to join, a lot of us would love to amuse ourselves with her.”

“I have no doubt of that.” Master’s tone probably didn’t suggest anything to the barman, but slave could tell that W/we would probably not be back to this club any time soon.

At the front door, Master stopped, handed slave the dress and told me to put it on. W/we went out and waited for the cab. It was only a couple of minutes. Master positioned me on His right, so as soon as i was seated, i unzipped His pants and began to caress His astonishing cock.

Master asked, “Do you agree that I treat you differently than many of the slaves in there are treated?”

“Oh, yes Master…”

“Explain, o.”

“i did not see anything done to, or by, the slaves in there that i would not do, or have done to me, for you Master. But the tone of the relationships was somehow different, or appeared to me to be different. i did not care for Masters calling their slaves ‘sluts’, ‘cunts’, ‘whores’ and stuff like that. i think it is obvious that i belong totally to You, Master, without the use of those words. But i think that that is what Master meant when You said You wanted Your slave to be a lady who is a slave.”

“Very good, o. Did you see anything that made you afraid, or uneasy, or that you found distasteful or exceptionally exciting?” Master never before asked what i feared or found thrilling. So i considered slave’s answer carefully.

“i mentioned, inside the club, that i was uncomfortable seeing male slaves, and i did not get over that.” i admitted. “i guess, the only thing i saw that i would be afraid of, is that i would not be able to withstand the whippings that some of those slaves endured, and so embarrass Master.

“i am not sure if i should mention this, but i did see the three women slaves on leashes, and they looked like very erotic slaves, not at all like dogs. But it is how i felt, not how i thought i looked, that got Your slave into trouble.”

Master smiled and slid His hand to slave’s breast and caressed me. “i am confident you will get over that o, but, for now, W/we will save the leash for mild punishments, how is that?”

“Just as You wish, of course, Master.”

“Anything else that you particularly did or did not like, o?”

“No, Master, except that You are, of course, right; it demonstrated to me how fortunate i am to belong to You.”

The taxi pulled up in front of the hotel and the driver turned back to Master and said, “You are one lucky dude, mister.”

slave remembered what Master said earlier, that most men fantasize about having a slave of their own. i love to hear men tell Master how fortunate He is to own me.

Back at Master’s room, i oiled Master’s slippery cock, wrote in slave’s journal and sucked Master’s huge cock for hours before going to sleep with His gorgeous cock in slave’s mouth.


After Master had showered, and prepared, He laid out slave’s attire for the day. i was to wear 3-inch mules, and one of Master’s old dress shirts. Because Master is quite a bit taller than slave, His shirts actually fit much like a frumpy housedress.

W/we went through the lobby to Master’s waiting car. i didn’t hear any nasty remarks, but i did hear one woman say to another, “Isn’t that that woman?” or words to that effect. i suppose i was gaining a bit of a reputation.

At the car, the valet opened the door for me, and Master said, “odalisque, take off the shirt, and give it to the gentleman.”

Oh lord, it had started already, but i did not hesitate, much anyway. i unbuttoned the couple of buttons Master had allowed me to button, slipped the shirt off, and handed it to the valet. Actually, stripping naked before this person wasn’t that difficult as the doorman had seen me naked or nearly so each day of O/our stay. What was difficult, was handing this man the only thing i had been given to wear for the day.

i handed the shirt to the doorman and said thank you. “No, thank you, miss!”

As i got into the car, the valet/doorman asked Master what He wanted done with the shirt. “Why not give it to a homeless person,” Master said, as He slid in behind the wheel and started the engine.

i was riding naked through the streets of San Francisco and Master was right, it does get easier. It is still challenging from time to time; like when W/we were stopped at a signal and two young men came right up to slave’s window, literally put their noses on the glass, while discussing slave’s collar and body.

Finally, W/we were on the open road headed north again. This time, Master stayed on Highway One and W/we went along the beautiful Pacific coast. While Master was driving along the ocean, W/we stopped a couple of times so that i could get out and look through Master’s field glasses to watch the whales swimming south. While i was watching the whales, other drivers and passengers, of course, were watching the naked whale-watcher.

Master drove for quite a ways, and then pulled over to the side of the road at a little turn out. He came around and opened the door for His slave. He took me around to the back of His car, opened the trunk, and removed a picnic basket and a blanket. A few cars passed while slave was waiting, naked, by the side of the road; A couple of drivers honked the horn.

W/we went down the bank, to the beach, and Master spread the blanket. W/we sat and looked to see what the hotel had packed. There was an avocado and cucumber sandwich for me; and a roast beef sandwich for Master. There was a bottle of wine, with glass wine glasses, real plates, silverware and cloth napkins. There was a little bowl of Caesar salad for each of U/us, and a slice of cheesecake for dessert. It was quite an elegant picnic, and the weather was divine. W/we probably spent an hour or so over lunch, just enjoying the rhythmic surf, and sandy beach.

After lunch, i enjoyed sucking Master’s smooth, hard cock and was allowed to cum twice. Master has such wonderful control that i can enjoy sucking His hard cock for hours.

It was well after noon before Master instructed me to clean up the picnic things, and return to the car. As i was putting the basket, and blanket, into the trunk, a car coming from behind me honked, and slowed way down, as they passed. It was a couple of young men and a young woman. They yelled something, but i couldn’t make out what they said.

Back in the car, headed back toward San Francisco, i thought that Master had given me a day off. While slave was naked all day, i was not particularly “on display” except at the car, and riding through the city streets. Then it occurred to me; i had given away the only garment Master gave me to wear this morning. This was, perhaps, not going to be such a “day off” after all.

As W/we got into a more populated area, Master pulled into a gas station. It was self-service (most all are these days) and i very much expected to be the “self” doing the servicing.

Almost before the car came to a stop, a young woman in shorts and a tank top came up to Master’s window, leaned in, and asked if W/we would like our car washed to support the local community college cheerleaders and song-girls. When she saw me, she turned and shouted to the dozen or so girls washing a car, “Hey you guys, come here quick, there’s a nude woman in this car.”

So much for the day off. i felt as if i was getting an instant sunburn as the blush swept over slave’s body. Master asked her to step aside so that He could get out and pump the gas. The young woman came around to slave’s open window and said, to no one in particular, “Oh shit, she’s wearing a collar, too!”

By now every one of the young women was at the car staring in, giggling, and prattling. The window was open so a very attractive blonde girl came over and asked “Don’t you care that we are all staring at you sitting there nude?”

“It isn’t so much that i don’t care, as it is that i can’t do anything about it. i don’t think Master brought any clothes for His slave.” i think only about half of the group heard me, but the words “Master” and “slave” brought another round of giggles and chatter from those who did.

Master had finished pumping the gas and got back into His car. A girl with a ring in her eyebrow said “How about it, Mister, can we wash your car? It’s only five bucks. Just pull around to the side of the station. We’ll finish Marilee’s car later” i guessed Marilee was one of the girls doing the washing, so her car could wait.

Master agreed to the car wash and drove around to the side of the station. From here W/we were hardly visible from the street; just as i had not seen them when W/we pulled up. Master decided that it would be too warm in the car with the windows up, while they washed, so W/we got out, to wait. This reduced the efficiency of the carwash team, because fewer than half washed and the other, more-than-half, come over to me to bombard me with questions.

i stood next to Master with his arm around me, His hand sliding up and down over slave’s ribs and hip bone. “Aren’t you ashamed to be standing around nude?” “Aren’t you embarrassed to be nude in front of all these people?” “What do your parents think?” “When do you wear clothes?” “How did he get you to do this stuff?” “Don’t you feel cheap?” “Does he make you have sex with other people?” “Can you take the collar and cuffs off?” “Does he beat you?” The questions came faster than i could answer them, but i answered as many as possible until Master’s car was washed and dried.

When the girls finished, Master opened the door for slave, gave the leader a twenty dollar bill, thanked them, and W/we were on O/our way again.

“You did very well back there, o. You are progressing quite satisfactorily.”

“Thank you Master, i am happy to have pleased You. i must confess that it was very difficult. Those girls are so close to slave’s age, and i’m sure that they think that i’m an absolute slut.” And maybe they were right.

Again W/we stopped at the tollbooth to pay to re-enter the city. This time the toll-taker was a woman and she just looked at me and looked away with a “tsk”.

Master drove to Ghirardelli Square and parked in the garage. Ghirardelli Square is an old chocolate factory that has been converted into restaurants and shops. i couldn’t imagine what Master would do there with a naked slave.

Once parked, Master went to the back of the car and removed a dress, i had not noticed before, from the trunk. When He opened the car door He handed the dress to me and instructed me to put it on. The T-shirt style neck of the dress fits right below slave’s collar, it has long sleeves, and the hem reaches slave’s ankles. It covers slave completely, except for head and hands, but covers me not at all. It is made of such sheer material that the only way i could be more exposed is to be naked, but it was more than i anticipated wearing, and i put it on gratefully.

Master took slave’s wrists and pulled them behind slave’s back and attached the “d”-rings with what looks like a single link of a large chain. Now slave was as good as naked and bound at this very public tourist attraction. Bound as i was, i seemed to be thrusting slave’s breasts forward, as if to be sure that everyone could see them.

Master led me through the garage, to the elevator where two other couples were waiting. As W/we approached, i saw one man nudge the second and jerk his head in our direction. When W/we stopped, the second man didn’t even conceal the fact that he was staring at slave’s breasts when he said, “Good evening.”

At the sound of his voice the two women turned and saw me. “Oh, geese! Why da hell did ya even bother wearin’ the damn dress, you might as well be buck naked,” the older woman said in what i took to be a Midwestern accent.

i was a bit surprised by her reaction, but iI was discovering that one of the wonderful things about being a slave is the absence of responsibility. “slave is wearing the dress because Master instructed me to do so, Mistress.” i emphasized the words “slave” and “Master” for effect, and it worked. That was the end of the conversation.

W/we rode up to the ground floor in silence. When the elevator doors opened the two women walked out but the two men waited for slave and Master to exit. As W/we walked away, i heard one of the women say, “Oh quit staring, Elwood, you must have seen everything she has by now.”

Master led slave to a restaurant that was rather dark, so even the hostess didn’t seem to realize just how truly transparent slave’s dress is. She did look quizzically at slave’s posture, with slave’s arms drawn back by the cuffs. At the table, her question was answered when Master unfastened slave’s wrists behind slave’s back and refastened them in front. “You may leave your dress as is odalisque.” Master instructed, as He pulled the chair out for me to sit.

The hostess gave Master a menu and one to me. Her eyes were fixed on slave’s cuffs when she said, “Somebody (i don’t remember her name) will be your server, I hope you enjoy your dinner.”

The waitress came to the table and looked immediately for slave’s wrists. i’m sure the hostess told her about slave’s cuffs. Master ordered for both of U/us, as always. Because the restaurant was dimly lit, the dinner was fairly uneventful. Of course, W/we received the usual overly attentive service. i am not sure that the few other diners, on this Thursday evening, noticed slave’s bound wrists. The waitress certainly did, as i was struggling a little with slave’s salad fork when she returned to ask if W/we were enjoying our meal.

“Is there anything i can do to help?” she asked gesturing toward slave’s wrists and smiling broadly.

“i don’t think so, but thank you for the offer, Mistress.”

After dinner Master and slave went to a lounge/bar that overlooks the bay. It, too, was dimly lit with tables-for-two along the windows and a long, probably 15 or 20-foot couch-style seat with tables and chairs back from the windows and then lots of tables behind and elevated a bit, and then a bar. Master instructed me to leave slave’s dress as it was and sit next to Him on the couch, so W/we both had a view of the bay.

When i sit next to Master, on His right, slave is required/allowed to caress His beautiful cock, so i unzipped His pants and slipped slave’s hand in and around His firming cock. There were only two other couples, each at a table for two by the windows. Neither seemed to notice where slave’s cuffed hands were.

The waitress came to the table and Master ordered two glasses of Merlot. With slave’s cuffs locked together, i had to twist slave’s body to get a hand into Master’s pants. i don’t think the waitress knew slave’s hand was in Master’s pants, because of the table, but i am sure she thought that i was caressing Him. i read it in her smile, as she left to retrieve the wine.

The waitress returned with the glasses of wine and as she put slave’s glass on the table she said, “i hope you enjoy.” and then “Oh, my!” as she saw where slave’s hand actually was.

After a few minutes of caressing Master smooth cock, i asked, “May i have a sip of wine, Master?”

Master picked up slave’s glass and brought it to slave’s lips. Each time i asked for a sip of wine Master “fed” it to me as to a baby. It did not escape the notice of the other two couples at the window tables.

Before W/we finished O/our wine, the two other couples had departed, so Master instructed me to put His long cock into slave’s mouth. By now, slave was so hot, and wet, that it never occurred to me to balk at the idea of sucking Master’s sweet cock in the middle of a cocktail lounge. i reclined on the couch and slipped Master’s beautiful cock into slave’s mouth.

i was in heaven, moving slave’s head up and down over Master’s slippery cock. i vaguely heard a voice say, “Would you care for another glass of wine?” i knew it was the waitress, but i was past caring about anything except drinking Master’s cum. slave’s mind slowly processed the fact that i was sucking Master’s delicious cock with the waitress standing, presumably watching me. That was enough to put me over the top. i knew i should ask Master to allow me to cum, but i would have to take slave’s mouth off of His hard cock. While i was debating what to do, an enormous orgasm swept through me. slave’s body shook and the only thing that kept me from screaming was Master’s huge cock in slave’s mouth.

“She certainly seems to have what she wants. May i bring you another glass of Merlot?” or something close to that, is the first thing i heard after i came back to realty.

“Actually, i think W/we will each have a glass of port, please.” Master said putting His hand on slaves hip, “Put it away now odalisque.”

“What kind of name is odalisque?” apparently the waitress was going to wait around while slave put Master’s cock away, so i licked Master’s stiff cock one last time and replaced it into His pants, keeping slave’s hand on it. When i sat up, she was looking right into slave’s eyes with a look i really couldn’t decipher at all.

“Actually, ‘odalisque’ is her name and her function. Tell the lady what odalisque means o.”

“Yes, Master. Odalisque is a French word meaning ‘a female sex slave’ or ‘concubine’. It is a beautiful name, don’t you think?” i don’t know if she looked at me as if i was a slut, or if i just thought she did.

“I guess it is, yes. I will be right back with your ports” the waitress excused herself.

When the waitress returned with the glasses of port, she said, “These are compliments of the bartender and the three guys at the bar. They were watching you reflected in the windows.” i turned to look at the bar and two of the men raised their glasses toward me as if toasting.

When W/we finished O/our port, Master released the wrist cuffs and said, “odalisque you have soiled your dress with your juices. i can’t take you back to the car looking like that. Remove your dress.”

i stood and pulled the dress up over slave’s head and off. i handed it to Master who draped it over his left arm. Master stood, took slave’s hand and led me toward the door. Just when I was thinking that this naked in public stuff was, in fact, getting a little bit easier, Master said “Go to the bar and thank the people for your port, o.”

i walked as if i was a little girl on high heels for the first time and walking over marbles. i could feel the inside of slave’s thighs soaking wet with slaves own juices. At the bar, the three men were sitting talking to the woman bartender watching me approach. i said, as clearly as i could manage, “Th-th-thank you very much f-f-for the glass of port for Master and His slave.”

“You’re very welcome. i guess it wasn’t as good as what you had to drink right before though, was it bitch,” one of the men said.

The word bitch kind of took me by surprise, but then i said, “Oh, the port was very good, thank you, but I didn’t get to drink Master’s delicious cum; hopefully later.” i hadn’t finished the sentence when the man reached out and took hold of slave’s nipple and pulled me toward him. slave’s first reaction was to resist, but i wasn’t sure if Master would want me to.

The bartender said, “Hey, knock it off, Brian.”

“She’s just a horny, slutty little whore. She doesn’t mind, do you?” the man said, but he did let loose of slave’s nipple.

By now, Master was at slave’s side. “I think these gentlemen have seen enough of you, and I know we’ve seen enough of them. Come along, o.”

“I’m very sorry Mister, but she’s kinda askin’ for it, struttin’ around nude and all,” the bartender said apologetically.

“Oh, that’s all right, it isn’t your fault,” Master said leading me to the doors and outside.

It was only about twenty-five feet from the bar doors to the elevator, but there must have been fifteen people around. Master’s naked slave made quite an impression. There were whistles, cat calls, camera flashes (another chance to make the internet, i’m sure) and, then the elevator doors opened.

“Jeeeeesus!” i didn’t see which of the two men leaving the elevator said it. Master led me into the elevator. The two men turned around and got back on the elevator. “You don’t mind if we go wherever you’re going, do you?”  They were looking me up and down.

Master said, “W/we are going to my car, but you are welcome to ride along.” A number of other people entered the elevator so that it was quite cramped and i could feel one of the men’s hands against slave’s leg moving up toward slave’s sex. Just as his hand got to the juices on slave’s upper thigh the elevator stopped and some people, and Master and His slave, got off.

“Thanks sweetie,” one of the men called as W/we walked away.

In Master’s car, W/we stopped at the booth to pay for the parking. The attendant bent down to get a good look at me, with slave’s hand inside Master’s pants. “Shit. She wasn’t kiddin’, you are nude. Brandi, the bartender at the lounge, called down and said that a nude woman would be comin’, and you forgot to get your ticket validated. So I should jus’ let you on through. I woulda, anyway, for this view. You’re really somethin’ lady.”

“Thank the man odalisque.”

i don’t know why i forget to “thank” people. i guess they, sometimes, don’t seem like they are really talking to me, but just making a statement. “i’m sorry Master. Thank you very much, sir, you are too kind.”

On the ride back to the hotel, Master said that He was quite pleased with His slave. “Though you do realize that your orgasm was without permission, don’t you, odalisque?”

“Yes, Master. i am very sorry; slave’s only excuse is that, to ask permission, i would have had to expose Master’s wonderful cock to the waitress, and i wasn’t sure that You would want that, Master.”

“I will accept that excuse, this time, but you will not allow it to happen again, will you, o? Other than that, I am quite pleased.”

slave was happy to have pleased Master, but again, i had to wonder. It has been six days and a few hours, and i have been naked more than dressed, groped by strange men, photographed naked by god-knows-how-many people, been called a bitch, a slut, and a whore. i’ve lived twenty-six years without ever being called any of those names, or anything close. Now, for the last six days those names keep cropping up.

Maybe i am a slut. i’m sure if i saw a woman sucking a man’s cock in a bar, i would unquestionably think she was a slut or a whore; Or, at least, i would have before i became Master’s slave. Does the fact that i am Master’s slave make me different? Maybe the fact that i am Master’s slave in itself makes me a slut. In the “training films” Master had me watch, some of the Master’s called their slaves “sluts” and “cunts” and other degrading names; But Master has never called slave anything like that. Even during slave’s training, when i disappointed Master, He never called me those names.

When Master pulled into the hotel garage He handed slave the dress saying, “I guess you will just have to wear your soiled dress, odalisque; I have nothing else for you.”

“Yes Master. i am very sorry that i soiled slave’s lovely dress.” i put the dress on over slave’s head so that it slid down over slave’s body when i got out of the car. i could see the doorman stare at the damp stain on the dress around slave’s sex. Others stared at the stain, or perhaps just at slave’s bald pubic mound, as W/we walked through the lobby to the elevator.

In the elevator, Master instructed slave to remove the dress. The day i thought was going to be a “day off” turned out to be quite demanding. i can only guess at what Master has in store for His slave in the coming days. No, on second thought, I cannot even guess.

After oiling Master’s giant cock, and writing in slave’s journal, Master allowed His slave to suck His hard cock. He let me cum a number of times, and then slave got to drink His hot, delicious semen. Then He allowed slave to fall asleep with His marvelous cock in slave’s mouth. It was a wonderful end to a very challenging day.

i don’t think i have ever slept as soundly as i have this week. i think it is because, by the end of the day, i am so totally emotionally exhausted.


Friday was Master and slave’s last day at the hotel. W/we slept rather late and then showered together which always takes a little longer. i packed for the return to Master’s home. Master instructed me to pack everything except slave’s thigh-high boots with the 3-inch soles and the six-inch heels.

Master called the bell captain to have His car ready and to have His luggage picked up. When the bellboy knocked, and i answered the door, he seemed prepared for the naked slave. He said, “You are leaving today, yes?

Master acknowledged that W/we were checking out, gave him a twenty-dollar bill and asked him to put the luggage in the trunk of His car. When the bellman left, Master left the tip for housekeeping and checked out of the hotel via the television. He made one last inspection of the room to be sure i had packed everything.

Master took the “permanent” nipple rings, wiped them with alcohol swab and, removing the barbells, inserted a ring in each nipple. They seemed huge, but, somehow, still feminine; or perhaps just very slave-like, which i am rapidly learning to equate with femininity.

Master instructed slave to look in the mirror. Everywhere i looked there was evidence of slave’s slavery; the ring in slave’s nose, the three-inch collar with d-ring, the two-inch cuffs with d-rings, the rings through slave’s nipples, and, of course, the tattoo proclaiming slave to be “Steven’s odalisque”.

“What do you think, o?” i didn’t know if that was a rhetorical question, but i answered, “i think that i am, well and truly, and very obviously, Master’s slave. i love the look as i love You Master.”

“Now, slave,” Master was using His pretend stern voice, “do you remember at Kara’s shop, when the door opened and you tried to cover yourself? you recovered rather quickly, but i think some mild punishment is in order. Do you have a suggestion for an appropriate punishment?” Master emphasized the word “mild”.

i was quite sure what “mild” punishment Master wanted me to suggest, so, “The other night, Master said that He would use the leash for punishments of a minor indiscretion. Since Master said that i recovered quickly, perhaps the leash would be an suitable, mild punishment.”

Master just barely kept a straight face as He said, “That is a marvelous suggestion, o. I think the leash would be most appropriate.” He took the leash from His jacket pocket and secured it to the ring of slave’s collar.

i caught a quick glimpse in the mirror of me on the leash as Master lead me toward the door. i have to admit that i looked as erotic on the leash as the slaves at the D/s club did.

With all that was happening, it wasn’t until Master opened the door and led slave into the hall that i realized He was going to take slave through the lobby of the hotel naked and leashed. i knew that i had packed everything Master brought for me to wear. slave’s legs were getting that rubbery feeling again. In the hall, W/we passed a couple of housekeepers. i don’t know what they said (it was Spanish) but, by the look on their faces, it was certainly about the naked, leashed slave.

Master and slave waited at the elevator, at least one of us hoping it would be empty – it was. In the elevator car, i waited for Master to reach in His pocket and pull out a dress for slave to put on; hoping He had purchased one i didn’t know about. He didn’t.

On the third floor the car stopped and slave’s legs gave out. i had to catch slave on the rail on the back wall. The doors opened, but there was no one there. slave’s heart was pounding so hard Master could probably hear it. The doors closed and the car descended to the lobby.

The doors opened at the lobby and there were two couples waiting. One of the women all but whispered, “Oh, dear god...” Master excused U/us and led slave past them, toward His waiting car. i felt as if i was drunk, slave’s legs seemed not to be under slave’s control. i felt as if i was staggering, but Master said i did just fine.

i could see Master’s car through the lobby windows and i just concentrated on it, trying to block out whatever reactions the people in the lobby might be exhibiting. i don’t know if it was slave’s concentration, or fear, or the thumping of slave’s heart in slave’s ears, but the lobby seemed to be totally quiet. When W/we reached the lobby doors, i did hear a man’s voice say, “Holy mother of pearl, i don’t fucking believe it.”

The valet was already at Master’s car, holding the passenger door open, with a huge friendly smile on his face. “Good morning Miss. I’d juss like to say what a absolute joy it’s been havin’ you all stayin’ our hotel.”

As i sat down and swung into the car, Master laid His end of the leash on slave’s lap. i glanced at the valet’s name tag and said, “Thank you Reggie, Sir, you’ve been very kind.”

He swung the door closed and through the open window said, “Miss, you’re every man’s fantasy!” There it was again, “every man’s fantasy”.

i blew him a kiss, and looked at Master who was smiling that “I told you so” smile as W/we drove out of the garage. Only as the car began to move did i think to look back into the lobby. A dozen or more people were at the windows and everyone was looking out into the garage. i unzipped Master’s pants and began to caress His firm cock.

“Well, o, you did very well, indeed. Do you still feel more like a dog, than a slave, on the leash?” Master asked as He pulled out into traffic.

“To be honest, Master, slave hardly felt anything but humiliation, terror and mortification. i was sure that even in this fancy hotel ‘that knows how to mind its own business’ a naked slave would not be allowed to walk through the lobby.” i could hear slave talking very rapidly, like a Valley Girl. “Was it very quiet in the lobby when W/we walked through or did i just sort of black out? i don’t remember hearing anything until the man at the door said he didn’t believe it.”

“Slow down, o. Take a couple of deep breaths,” Master said smiling. “It was not raucous, but you must have blanked out a little if you didn’t hear anything. You caused quite a bit of chatter, actually. I don’t think I heard the word slut once. One woman said you were stunning, another said you were gutsy. A man said you looked good enough to eat.”

i think Master censored His memory a little for slave’s benefit.

W/we continued to talk while Master drove U/us across the Golden Gate Bridge and into the wine country, again. Master stopped in the parking lot of a very popular restaurant. He reached in the back seat and handed slave one of His old shirts, saying, “Put this on for lunch, o.”

i put the shirt on and rolled the sleeves up so i didn’t look quite so much like a little girl wearing her daddy’s shirt. slave’s heart began to pound again, because when i wear one of Master’s old shirts, i seem to leave it behind somewhere.

Master opened the passenger door, took His end of the leash and lead slave inside the restaurant. The hostess stared at slaves ringed nose and then at the collar. She looked at Master after He said He had a reservation.

The Hostess said, “Oh, yes sir.”

She showed us to a table outside on the patio. The patio was very nice. It overlooked a sizeable lawn with large raised flowerbeds in which the restaurant grows their herbs and spices. Master seated me and laid His end of the leash on the table next to slave’s forks.

The waiter was either oblivious to slave’s ornamentation or just didn’t care. W/we didn’t even get the usual extra attention to which i have become accustomed. Of course, slave was wearing a man’s shirt and was reasonably well covered.

W/we had a leisurely lunch with two glasses of wine. i even drank most of slave’s second glass. When the waiter returned with Master’s change, Master asked if slave needed to use the ladies’ room and i said i would like to, knowing i would probably be instructed to leave the shirt in the restroom.

Master came around the table, picked up His end of the leash and pulled the chair out as His slave stood. He led slave into the restaurant, among the diners. He handed me His end of the leash, and said, “Be attired to ride in the car when you return o.

“Yes, Master.”

i carried Master’s end of the leash in both hands as if it was  liquid gold i was carrying. i went into the restroom, took off Master’s shirt and put it in the trash. i peed, went to the wash basin, set the end of the leash on the counter and washed slave’s hands.

The bathroom door opened and two middle-aged women came in. i said, as nonchalantly as i could, “Hello.” Without uttering a word they turned around and went back out into the restaurant.

i took a number of very deep breaths, picked up Master’s end of the leash, cradled it in both hands and pushed the door open. Master was waiting for His slave at the hostess stand, by the front door. i looked at Master, concentrating on Him, not the tumult i was probably causing among the diners. Looking at Master, i couldn’t help but see the hostess, as well. She slowly looked from slave’s face down to the collar, to the rings through slave’s nipples, past slave’s plucked mound. When she looked down at the tattoo i saw her lips mouth, “Steven’s odalisque”.

Two tables from where i would join Master sat the two middle-aged women. One pointed at me and said, “There she is. I told you. She was in the bathroom just like that, nude as baby. She’s some sort of pervert.”

i walked up to Master and offered Him His end of the leash. He took it and led me to the front door and outside. “you were marvelous, o. you have come along way this week, haven’t you?” i heard the door close behind U/us, and reopen. Master stopped, turned and upon seeing the hostess standing by the door asked, “Was there something else?”

The hostess let the door close and said, “Oh… I’m sorry… no… I’ve just never seen anything like her… in the flesh… oh, I’m sorry, I mean… in person.”

Master said, “That’s perfectly alright; o attracts a lot of attention wherever W/we go. Would you like a closer look?”

“Right out here in the parking lot? What if someone drives in?” The astonishment was obvious in her voice, but she did walk toward U/us.

“If someone drives in, I would assume that you would have to go back to work and show them to a table. W/we can go back inside if you prefer.” Master was having a little fun with this girl who was about slave’s age and even more naive than i was twelve months ago.

The girl was very nervous; she acted as if she was the one standing naked in the parking lot. She started to say something, but just at that moment, the restaurant door opened and two couples walked out and down the path toward the parking lot. The hostess turned and saw them coming, but seemed frozen in her tracks.

The couples were really cool. They were older, i’d say in their sixties. They walked by Master and slave, and one of the men looked me up and down and said, with an accent I think was British, “Brilliant day for it.”

i said, “Yes it is. i hope you enjoy the rest of it.”

“Nothing, the rest of the day can offer, is going top this, love.”  And his wife (i assume) elbowed him in the ribs.

The other woman turned to her partner and said, “Put your tongue back in your mouth Melvin.”

When they had passed, the hostess said, “i don’t believe this. They acted as if it was perfectly natural to see a naked woman in the parking lot, and you acted as if you weren’t naked at all.”

“Actually, i simply acted like Master’s slave. i am a slave. i am usually naked. i no longer know how else to act.” Of course that was a little exaggeration, i got lucky that the older couples were so cool and so allowed me to be calm.

Master asked the hostess her name. He wrote Brittany on what looked like a post card and handed it to her saying, “If you would like to learn more about odalisque, join the party tomorrow.” The hostess thanked Master and turned to go back to work.

i asked Master if i might ask a question. He gave His permission.

“Master, may i ask what that card was that You gave to that girl?”

“Here, see for yourself.” Master took another card from His pocket and handed it to me. On one side was a photo of me in slave’s kneeling position. On the other side was printed:

“You and one guest (adults only, please) are cordially invited to join odalisque in the celebration of her slavery. W/we will be celebrating at a country retreat from noon to…” It gave the date and said to “RSVP by email to CAodalisqueCA@yahoo.com. You will then receive directions to the  retreat. The dress will be casual, swimming will be available, catered lunch/dinner, an open bar and music. No gifts, please. YOU MUST PRESENT THIS CARD TO BE ADMITTED.”

It was all done in fancy script and printed in gold. It was very pretty. i knew just where the country retreat was because a friend of Master’s owns it. It has a gated parking lot, a large event room with huge fireplace, bar and kitchen. The pool has a waterfall and lots of seating area around it. i was there once when i was Master’s secretary.

While i was reading the card, another couple came out of the restaurant. i looked up to see the man staring at me with his mouth, literally, wide open. His wife said, “Shit Jim, close your mouth, at least. She’s just a slut.”

i handed the card back to Master and He lead me back to His car, opened the door and when i sat down, He laid His end of the leash in slave’s lap.

As Master drove out of the parking lot, He said, “It should be quite a celebration, o. The last time i checked, you already had more than a dozen confirmations. Tammy is taking care of the responses for Me. She will be there, incidentally.” Tammy is Master’s new secretary.

Master allowed me to suck His exhilarating cock all the way back to His home. When W/we arrived, Master drove into the garage, opened the passenger door and disconnected the leash from slave’s collar. i got out and went to the front door and assumed slave’s standing position. Master closed the garage door, took the luggage out of the trunk and went into the house through the garage. In time, He opened the front door and allowed me to enter.

It had been a week since i had cooked or cleaned or exercised, although W/we did walk quite a bit over the San Francisco hills. Master allowed me some time to unwind then i went to the kitchen and began to prepare dinner for Master.

i eat slave’s salad while i prepare Master’s dinner, so that i can be under the table, eating Master’s delectable cock, while He eats His dinner.

After dinner i emptied the luggage and did some laundry. Master instructed me to get the box of toys from Kara’s store. i brought it, and Master invited me to sit next to Him on the couch. i opened the box and Master took things out one at a time. First were the various lengths of chain for slave’s rings, then the remote vibrator, then a rather vicious looking crop, some nipple clamps with little pins in the pads, and a lovely fur-lined blindfold.

Also in the box was a note card from Kara. Master read it and then passed it to me to read. It said, “Dear Sir, Thank you for shopping in my store, and introducing me to your exquisite slave, odalisque. Thank you, also, for the invitation to o’s graduation. i can hardly wait. See you Saturday. Sincerely, Kara.” So Kara will be at slave’s graduation. She was so nice; i will be delighted to see her again.

The remainder of the evening Master allowed me to stay on the couch and suck His magnificent cock. Finally, after a couple of wonderful hours and a number of permitted orgasms, Master allowed slave to taste His sweet cum.

After Master fell asleep, i spent a couple of hours catching up slave’s journal.


Today is slave’s “Graduation Party”.

Master and slave awoke together so i got to shower with Him, bathe Him, and enjoy His massive cock. i prepared breakfast for Master, knelt under the table and ate Master, while He ate His steak and eggs.

Master dressed in slacks, a sports shirt, and walking shoes, and then laid out slave’s attire: a chain for slave’s rings and 5-inch high heel shoes. i asked, “Master, where would you like the chain attached, Sir?” He said that He would do it. He attached one end to the ring in slave’s left nipple and the other end to the ring in slave’s right nipple. i love the feel of the chain grazing over slave’s breasts as i move.

It was a little before eleven, but Master said we must leave. i went to the front door and waited. Master walked up behind me, reached around and fingered slave’s sex until it was wet, then inserted the remote vibrator. He opened the door and i stepped out and assumed slave’s standing position. Master closed and locked the door behind me. Shortly, the garage door opened, Master drove the car out, the garage door closed. Master came around and opened the passenger door and commanded slave to enter and sit.

W/we were on O/our way to slave’s graduation party. It was not a long drive, only about 15 or 20 minutes from Master’s house. When W/we drove up to the gate, the young man asked to see Master’s invitation. “Son, i am bringing the guest of honor.” Master said and gestured toward me.

The man looked in, saw slave and said, “Oh shit… I mean shoot, I mean… I’m sorry… I di’n’t even look. I’m sorry, really, I’m so sorry.” I wasn’t sure if he was so flustered because of his mistake or the sight of a naked slave. Master said Tammy had warned all of the caterers etc. that i would be naked, but i think it still seemed to unnerve him.

“That’s perfectly all right…” Master was interrupted by the man, “Oh… god… she’s so beautiful… I’m… sorry, I didn’t…” This time it was Master who interrupted, “It’s okay, but would you please open the gate.”

The man opened the gate and Master drove to the first parking space, the farthest from the party room. He came around and opened the door. i got out and looked to see if the gate guard was watching; he was. “you seem to have worked your magic on the gateman, as well, o.” Master said with a big smile.

Master took slave’s hand and led me toward the party room. He opened the door and slave walked in. It was beautiful! There were vases of flowers everywhere, three long tables with little signs identifying the food that would soon be there. The bar was almost as ornate and beautiful as the one at the hotel in which W/we stayed in San Francisco. There were a dozen or more tables with table clothes, silverware and water glasses.

There were also a dozen, or so, photo-posters of me on the walls. One photo was me in slave’s standing position inside Master’s home, one in slave’s kneeling position, one in slave’s standing position on the front porch of Master’s home, even one of slave among the mass of people on the 100 steps of the sparkling wine winery. i had a very strange sensation looking at that photo, because i don’t really remember some of the actual event, yet the expression on slave’s face, in the photo, is quite idyllic. The photos were from various stages of slave’s training, but none were as i look now.

The barkeep came in from the door behind the bar. “Well, I am going to take a wild stab here, and guess that you’re the guest of honor. Congratulations, and, may I say, that congratulations are, very clearly, due you, as well, sir.”

Master thanked him and asked if he had everything he needed. He did.

Master led me to one of the sets of French doors and out to the pool. Just outside another set of French doors was a small bandstand; the doors were open so that the music could be heard inside and out. On the pool deck was a smaller bar with plastic glasses. There were half a dozen easels on the patio, each with a 24” by 36” photo-poster of me on it. No matter where they went, the guests would be looking at a naked, collared, and ringed slave.

A man in sandals, shorts and a tee-shirt strode toward us with his hand extended, “Steven, welcome. I hope everything is to your liking. And this must be your odalisque.” He looked me up and down, as thoroughly as if i was a horse he was considering purchasing; i half expected him to pry slave’s mouth open and inspect slave’s teeth.

i am gradually becoming a little less self-conscious about being naked with strangers, but then someone like this man just throws it in slave’s face. i knew i was blushing as he inspected slave’s body but it was not that debased feeling i had in the beginning.

After a long pause, as his eyes passed up and down slave’s body again, he said, “Exquisite, absolutely exquisite.”  i guess i passed inspection.

“She is, isn’t she,” Master said, and i swelled with pride. “o, this is Tom, the owner of this beautiful retreat.” He offered his hand and i shook it.

“You have a beautiful facility here, Tom, Sir. Thank you for letting U/us use it.”

“Oh, your owner is making it well worth my while, but, I confess, looking at you now, I would have let him have the place for much less, just for the opportunity to meet you. You are ravishing.” Tom was really quite nice.

“Thank you, Sir.”

A woman, in a French maid costume, came out of one of the doors, saw me and stopped dead. It was obvious she was staring at the large rings through slave’s nipples and then at the tattoo. Her lips moved as she read “Steven’s odalisque” then she seemed to snap out of it. “Excuse me, sir, where would you like Collette, Marian and me?”

Master took slave’s hand and led me back into the room with the “maid” following. He pulled a lovely antique-looking table so that it was directly in front of the door from the parking lot. “In this box you will find name tags for each guest. The top tag should match the name on the invitation, the second is for the guest’s guest” Master removed a set of tags. Each tag had a photo of me, in slave’s kneeling position on the left, with a name printed on the right. They were laminated with a cord attached to each upper corner so the guest could slip it over their head and it would hang to be easily read.

“When they have their tags on, i want you to bring them to odalisque and introduce them. That is why there are three of you, so that no one should have to wait. Once most of the guests have arrived, you may help serve, but until everyone has arrived, one of you should remain at the desk. Do you understand?” The maid said she did and went to get the other two.

i was so excited by the “Graduation Party” and having passed Master’s test-week that i hadn’t really considered that the party itself may be a test, or certainly, a challenge. i had thought that most of the guests had seen slave naked, or close to it, but i had forgotten about the service people, and there appeared to be a dozen or so. Suddenly, slave’s mind really began to work. The invitation said “and a guest”, so fully over half the people at the party would not have seen slave before, naked or otherwise. Gradually, i was getting that jelly-leg, foggy-headed feeling again.

The front door opened and in came three men, one of whom looked kind of familiar. The “maid” asked for their invitations and they handed them over, but said that they were the band. Of course, it was the trio from Heidi’s lounge. The “maid” put their tags around their necks and brought them to me. “odalisque, these gentlemen are the band.” She said and turned to go.

“Hello, i am so pleased that you could join U/us.”

“Not half as pleased as we are. You are even more dazzling than i remembered.” Rich said as he looked me up and down. “Unfortunately, for him, our bass player, Brent, couldn’t make it, so we picked up Jeffrey here, and Zack is our drummer. Our instruments are in the van. I’ll have to play keyboards rather than piano, I hope that is okay.”

Master said, “I’m sure that whatever you do will be wonderful. There is a small bandstand just over here. You do not have to wear your nametags, if they get in your way. They are just meant to be an easy way for people to get to know each other since most of the guests are strangers to one another.”

The pendulum clock on the wall struck noon.

Master said, “o, for the duration of this party, this is My home, and all rules of Master’s home apply. Do you understand me?”

i assured Master that i did understand, but actually, i wasn’t quite sure why He had to tell me that. What would slave do here differently than in His home? slave’s wondering was interrupted by the sound of the door opening. Two young women walked up to the table and presented their invitation.

One of the “maids” put their tags around their necks and led them toward Master and slave. “odalisque, this is Teresa and her guest Shannon.”

Teresa put out her hand saying, “Hello odalisque, I am the hostess at Dom…” i took and shook her hand saying, “Of course, you don’t need to remind me, how could i forget you Mistress Teresa, you were so supportive. Thank you so much for coming.”

“I am sorry we are so unfashionably prompt, but I just couldn’t wait. Wow, there have been some changes. I love the rings and the tattoo; it just says it all, doesn’t it! Oh, I’m sorry, this is my very best friend Shannon.” Teresa sort of whispered, “We’re not a couple.”

i put slave’s hand out to accept Shannon’s, as she said, “You are just about all Teresa has talked about since she met you. I am glad I had this chance to meet you, too. Her description didn’t do you justice.”

“Well, in her defense, i didn’t look quite like this when Mistress Teresa and i met.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean the rings and stuff, I meant, she said you were really pretty, but you are just gorgeous!”

“Oh, thank you Mistress,” i said, as a man came by with a tray of wine glasses filled with red and white wines. “Master said that there should be something for everyone, so if you are not wine drinkers, please go to the bar and ask for whatever you want. I am sure W/we have some of your winery’s sparkling wine at the bar.”

Teresa said, “White wine is great for us.”  Each woman took a glass of Chardonnay “Are we going to get a chance to really talk? I’d love to know how the rest of your week went. If you don’t have time today, can we talk another time?” Teresa was talking as if she wanted to get it all out before other guests arrived.

“Well, Mistress, at the very least, you have slave’s email address now, so we can certainly talk there, and i am sure there will be time today to talk some. Master has had me keep a journal of slave’s training months and graduation week. With His permission, i can email parts of that to you.”

“Parts? Oh, I would love to read every word of it, o.”  Teresa was just as sweet as i remembered her being.

Again, a “maid” came up to us and said, “Excuse me, odalisque, I would like to introduce Kara and Keith.” She turned and left.

Kara put out her hand saying, “I’m from the store off Union Street.”

Suddenly the egg inside me was quivering and i looked around to see where Master was. He was standing at the bar with a big smile on His face. Looking back at Kara, i said, “Mistress Kara, i remember you very well. In fact your egg is working its magic as we speak. Thank you so much for coming.” The egg went quiet.

Kara chuckled at the thought of the egg inside me, and said, “This is my husband, Keith. He thought you were the tooth-fairy.”

Keith put out his hand and i shook it saying, “Excuse me, the tooth-fairy?”

“Oh, that’s Kara’s cute way of saying that I didn’t think you really existed, like the tooth-fairy. But I am, now, totally satisfied that you do exist; and I am very glad to have an opportunity to meet you,” Keith said, still shaking slave’s hand.

A man came around with a tray of drinks and a woman came by with a tray of hors d'oeuvres. Kara said, “Keith, odalisque might want to use that hand to get a drink or something.”

Keith’s face turned quite red and he said, “I’m sorry, what a dork, I just never expected you to be so… so… so real and so, well, beautiful.”

“Thank you, Keith, Sir. You are very kind…”

“No, really, I thought, if you really were a slave, you’d be some crusty, hard-edged prostitute-type. I…”

Master stepped up to slave’s side with two glasses of sparkling wine. He handed me the one in His right hand and then slid His arm around slave’s waist and rested His hand on slave’s hipbone. i had that same sensation, as if his hand was whispering in slave’s ear “you are naked”; not that i wasn’t already well aware of that fact.

Kara said, “Down, Keith, this is odalisque’s owner.”

Keith put out his hand, “You are a very, very lucky guy.”

Master shook his hand and said, “I have been told that more than once, but I am sure that neither o, nor I, tire of hearing it. Thank you Keith.”

The “maid” brought two more people and Kara and Keith excused themselves. “odalisque, I would like to introduce Linda and Judith.”

i looked at the pair and i was quite sure i had not met either of them before. Linda put out her hand and said, “Hello, odalisque. You probably don’t recognize me. When we met you were sobbing quite heavily and you tried to look at nothing but your front paws, i mean…”

“Of course, you are the Mistress from the dog store; the one with the wonderful hands. i am so sorry for slave’s behavior that day. Master was teaching me a very important lesson. i am also sorry that i didn’t get to see how pretty you are.”

Linda put her hand out to Master, shook hands, and said, “This is my partner, Judith.”

Judith did not offer a hand. She looked at Master and said, “She’s hot. Do you loan her out?”

“Not yet,” Master responded.

Judith looked at me and said, “Do you do women?”

Master moved His arm around me so His hand was just under slave’s breast. i said, “slave does whatever, and whoever, Master instructs me to do…”

Linda pulled Judith’s arm saying to U/us, “Please excuse us. I apologize.”  And to Judith, “Why do you always have to be such a flaming bitch?”

As they walked away I heard Judith say, “Geeze, lighten up Linda, she’s just a fucking slave!”

i watched them walk away and tried to figure out the attraction; it had to be for the sex. Another maid jarred me from slave’s reverie. “odalisque, I would like to introduce Tammy and George.”

Tammy put out her hand, but we needed no introduction, she had taken slave’s place as Master’s secretary. i said “Hello, Mistress Tammy, you have done a wonderful job organizing this party. Thank you so much.”

Tammy flushed a little, “Actually, I enjoyed it Sh… odalisque. I felt as if I was with the two of you, last week, when I would get the pictures and the emails. odalisque, this is my husband, George.”

George offered his hand and said, “I’ve heard a lot about you, but Tammy didn’t mention the great hooters.”

“George!”  Tammy hit George’s arm.

George said defensively, “Well, hell, you said she’s a sex-slave and she’s standing here naked, what am i supposed to say ‘nice weather we’re having’?”

Tammy apologized, “I’m so sorry, o, I had no idea he would act like such a jerk, or I woulda left him home.”

“Mistress Tammy, it’s okay. George, is right. i am a slave,  i am naked, and i am pleased he likes slave’s ‘hooters’.”

As a “maid” walked up, Tammy was dragging George away to the bar. “odalisque, may I introduce Crysti.”

Crysti put out her hand, “Hello, odalisque, I am the one…”

“Mistress Crysti, you do not need to tell me who you are. Are you here alone? i was under the impression that you and the gentleman you were with at the restaurant were, uh, together.”

Crysti smiled and said, “You’re right about us being together, but wrong about him being a gentleman. You should have heard the things he said about you after we left. i wouldn’t bring him here, and boy is it his loss. You are spectacular, odalisque. you were great at the restaurant but those rings and that tattoo are fantastic. How long is the party going to last? Will we have time to talk?”

i told Crysti that Master had the room all day and into the night, so we should have time to chat and, if not, she could e-mail me. But she said, “Oh, e-mail is just not the same as seeing you in person and knowing that you really exist. Even knowing you’re real, the e-mail thing kind of dilutes the experience. I would like us to stay in touch though.”

“So would i Mistress.” Suddenly the egg in slave’s sex began to rumble. i had almost forgotten it was there. Master left it on for a longer period this time and, i think, it was faster.

A “maid” approached and i suggested that Crysti get a drink and promised that we would talk later. “odalisque, I would like to introduce Heidi and John.”

Heidi put out her hand and i said, “Mistress Heidi, how wonderful, i was sure you would have to work on a Saturday. Thank you so much for coming.”

“Oh my gawd! Are you kidding? I took the day off, unpaid. Nothing would keep me from being here. odalisque, this is my boyfriend John.”

John was staring somewhere around slave’s sex or tattoo, i couldn’t quite tell which, when Heidi elbowed his ribs. He looked up and smiled, “Hi. i thought this was a big joke or some reality tv show, or something, but you’re for real, aren’t you?”

“Yes, John, Sir, i am really Master’s slave,” i said. i could hear the pride in slave’s voice.

“What does he do with you?” the question earned John another jab in the ribs, and a “Ja-ohn!”  i thought that there might be a lot of soar ribs tonight.

“That is alright Mistress Heidi. The flippant answer, John, Sir, would be ‘anything He wants’. A more sincere answer would be that i am a cook, a maid, a housekeeper, a companion…”

Master walked up and added, “And an exquisite work of art.” As He put His arm back around me and gently caressed the base of slave’s right breast. i felt slave’s skin redden.

“Thank you, Master. But primarily slave’s duty is to please Master in any and every way He wishes.”

“You mean sexually?” John said.

“Ja-ohn!”  Heidi was pulling his arm.

“Mistress Heidi, didn’t you come here to learn more about Master’s slave? So, apparently, did John. i mean in every way i can, but, yes, a very large part of that is sexual. Also, Master enjoys displaying His slave, as you can see.”

A maid approached with two couples. Heidi dragged John away. “odalisque, may I introduce Kathy and Bob, and Tamara and William.”

Again, no introductions were necessary; Master works with Bob and William and i knew them while i was Master’s secretary, but, of course, not naked, collared and ringed. “Thank you for coming. i am sure that Master is very pleased to see you here.”

Kathy was dressed to be very sexy, and she pretty much succeeded, but it is difficult to trump a naked, collared, cuffed, and ringed slave. “Oh, I’m sure Bob couldn’t have been kept from coming, so I’m jus’ kinda here to look after my interests. He thought you were hot when you worked in the office, I’m sure Bob finds you very exotic now.”

“Yes, extraordinarily exotic!” Bob chimed in with a huge smile.

“You have come a long way from the fresh little business school graduate that applied for an executive secretary position, haven’t you?” Kathy had a palpable cattiness in her voice, but a smile on her face.

i responded to the smile. “Yes Mistress. slave will leave it to you if it was an upward, downward and lateral move.”

“Is there any beer around here?”  William always gets right to the heart of a matter.

“Yes, William, Sir, on tap and bottled, at the bar, please help yourselves.”

No sooner had that foursome left than a “maid” arrived with slave’s hairdresser, “odalisque, I would like to introduce you to Stephanie.” Stephanie walked up, hugged me and then pushed me back and looked me up and down.

“Well, just look at you. You bought into the whole damn package, didn’t you?” Stephanie stood back and looked at me every bit as carefully as any of the men had, and she is straight. “You make a way gorgeous slave, girl.”

“Thank you, Mistress. You know that i value your judgment in matters of beauty.” It was really weird calling Steph “Mistress” because we went to school together and she has been cutting slave’s hair for years.

Master came back next to me and put His arm around me and cupped slave’s right breast in His hand. Stephanie’s eyes bored into Master’s hand on slave’s breast, then she smiled. “Sh… uh, odalisque, I have never seen you look so contented and gorgeous.”

“Yes, Mistress, i am very, very happy. And so in love.”

A few more people joined the party. At about 1:30, Master was satisfied that most everyone who was coming was there. He whispered something in one of the “Maids” ears.

The musicians took a break, and came over to Master and slave, and Rich asked, “Is there somewhere nearby where we could pick up one of those disposable cameras so we can get a picture with odalisque to show Brent what he missed?”

Master laughed saying, “W/we can do better than that. Susan is O/our photographer and she has a digital camera and a printer. You can have any size you want up to an 8x10 glossy.” With that He waved to Susan to come over.

Susan and i have known each other as long as i have known Master. “Hi, odalisque, great party, and you look exceptionally lovely today.” Susan winked, “Yes, sir, what can I do for you?”

Master told her that the trio wanted a photo with me to take to their bass player who couldn’t make it. “Oh, so you are going to rub it in that he missed this stunning creature, are you?”

Rich said with a laugh, “Yes, Ma’am, that’s zactly what we’re gunna do.”

“Okay, why don’t you four go outside and I’ll get my camera.”

Susan came outside carrying her Nikon camera. “Why don’t you each sit in a chair and we’ll have odalisque sit on your laps, one by one.” So Rich sat down and i sat on his lap, arm around his neck. Susan took a couple with the Nikon digital. W/we repeated the routine with each of the three musicians. “Okay, let’s make this the real ‘eat-your-heart-out’ shot.” Susan said with a giggle in her voice.

Susan had me stand, and Rich stand on slave’s left. She positioned Zack on slave’s right. She positioned Jeffrey behind slave with his head on slave’s shoulder and his arms around me, his right hand at the crease of slave’s right thigh at slave’s sex and his left on slave’s left thigh at slave’s sex.

Suddenly, the egg inside slave burst into rapid gyrations. Susan stepped back to see how her creation looked. i wanted to tell her that she might want to hurry, but i knew i dared not. Susan came forward and adjusted Jeffrey’s hands a little and then suggested Rich and Zack kiss slave’s breast nearest to them.

This was another first for me; having three men with their hands or mouth’s on slave’s naked body. That, in itself, would have been pretty exciting, but combined with the trembling egg, i wasn’t sure how long i could hold the pose.

Susan moved back and was satisfied with her creation. She took four shots with the digital camera. By now a small group had formed to watch the “shoot”. Master turned off the vibrating egg and i relaxed a little. After a few moments, Susan said, “Guys, we’re through shooting; you can give up the pose now.”

Everyone laughed and Rich apologized for the whole trio.

“No apology necessary Rich, Sir, I enjoyed it very much.”

Susan went and made the prints and Master came outside with a pen and the prints. i wrote “We missed you Brent, odalisque” on the photo for Brent. The other guys asked if i would sign theirs, as well. Again, I felt like a celebrity, even if a somewhat slutty celebrity.

Master said that the food was available and anyone could eat any time they wished. Then He instructed me to get a plate for Him and join Him at a table outside. As i was filling a plate for Master, and nibbling for slave, it dawned on me, “odalisque, for the duration of this party, this is My home and all rules of Master’s home apply. Do you understand me?” Now i truly did understand.

That’s why Master said that. In Master’s home, when He eats His meals, slave is under the table eating Master’s delicious cock. i was getting that foggy-headed, Jell-o-legged feeling again. i looked around the room a little, as i added food to Master’s plate. The tables sat 4 people and had tablecloths. Once i was under the table, it might not be too bad, but how was i going to get under the table gracefully? i supposed, just as i do at Master’s home.

The tables were set with silverware, so when i had filled Master’s plate, i turned to go outside. i found Master seated with Teresa, Shannon and Crysti. i walked up to the table and set His plate in front of Master, on the glass table top. i wanted to cry, or run, but i knelt down, slipped between Master’s chair and the table leg. i knelt between Master’s legs, unzipped His fly and took His wonderful cock into slave’s mouth.

i heard someone gasp very loudly, and i think it was Teresa who said, “Oh… my… gawd!”  i knew that they could see me through the glass-topped table, but now that i had Master’s rock-hard cock in slave’s mouth, i was feeling okay. i could hear that they were talking but i didn’t concentrate on what was being said, i concentrated on Master’s beautiful cock in slave’s mouth.

Master told me later that the girls were extremely shocked at first, but recovered quickly and went on with their meal. He said He enjoyed their company.

Master turned the egg on and i was driven to suck His grand cock with reckless abandon. A couple of times i hit slave’s head on the underside of the table. He kept the egg to a quiver, so i knew that i could deal with it, although, i would have loved to have had permission to cum.

When Master and the girls finished T/their meal, He tapped slave’s shoulder and instructed me to take His plate away. i replaced His velvety cock into His pants, zipped them, and slid out from under the table. i picked up Master’s plate, and He said, “o, take the ladies’ plates as well, please, and pick up something for dessert for the four of you. i promised them that you would sit and chat with them over dessert.”

“Yes Master.” For the best part of an hour, these three girls had watched me wantonly sucking Master’s astonishing cock, and now i was supposed to just sit and have dessert and conversation with them. i picked up the other three plates without meeting the girls’ eyes, took the plates inside and returned with four bowls of gelato.

When i returned, Master stood and held the chair for me. i sat, not wanting to look any of them in the eye.

Crysti broke the ice, “Oh my god, o. i guess you know we could see everything you were doing under the table. How did that feel?” i looked up and saw a look of awe on Crysti’s face. “When did you know you were going to have to do that?”

“i guess i should have known at the beginning of the party. Master said, just before the party started, that i was to consider this to be Master’s home for the duration of the party and i was to act exactly as if W/we were in His home. When He said it, i didn’t think of exactly what that might mean. When I went to get Master’s food, i realized, but i didn’t know you three would be here and i definitely didn’t know you’d be sitting at a glass-topped table. ‘How did that feel?’ When i have Master’s delicious cock in slave’s mouth, i am always in heaven. But sitting here now, i guess mortified would be a massive understatement.”

Teresa was next, “He said that you eat that way at home. Do you spend every meal under the table sucking his dick?”

“Yes, Mistress, i do, and i love it. i can’t sit here and tell you, candidly, that i loved knowing that you three were watching me do it. But i would be less than truthful if i didn’t admit that while i found it humiliating, i also found it titillating.”

Shannon and Teresa started to speak at the same time, but Teresa yielded, “What are your limits; where do you draw the line?”

“i can’t answer that, really, W/we have set no boundaries. i would hope that i have no boundaries. that Master would not ask anything of me that i would not be willing to perform or endure. But i don’t really know for sure.”

Crysti again, “But, what if… what if… he told you to blow every guy here today.”

“That’s easy, because i don’t think Master would demand that, but if He did, it would be because it was very important to Him that i perform. So sucking these men’s cocks would mean nothing to me compared to the chance to please Master. i know that sounds sophomoric, but i love Master so that it is how i truly feel.”

Teresa this time, “I saw you posing for photos with the band, could I get a photo with you, please?”

“You will need to ask Master, Mistress, but i can’t imagine that He would deny you.”

“Excuse me, please.” Teresa was on a mission to find Master. As she left, Shannon and Crysti called after her to ask for them, too.

Shannon said to me, “I don’t know how you can do it. Teresa said you walked through the lobby of the restaurant totally naked. I would have just died. Although, come to think of it, here you are sitting, talking with us, as naturally as can be, and you are bare-assed naked. You don’t seem to care, and I didn’t really think about it much after first being introduced to you, until just this minute. I guess you can get used to anything.”

“Yes, i have come to be more and more comfortable with slave’s nakedness, but there are still times when it is very difficult to be Master’s slave. What i do is try to look at how humiliated i feel, judged against the amount of pleasure slave’s obedience brings Master. It sounds a little simplistic, but it works for me.

“For instance, when i had to walk through Teresa’s lobby, naked, i thought the worst thing that was going to happen is a few people were going to see slave’s naked body, but Master was going to be very proud, and pleased with me. Of course, i came very close to fainting when W/we got out on the path to the parking lot.”

Teresa almost ran up to the table, “He said yes. He is going to send the photographer over to the table.” i felt the egg begin quivering inside slave’s sex.

A “maid” came up to the table, “odalisque, i would like to introduce Kent and Karen.”

Kent offered his hand, “Hi, odalisque, I’m sorry we are late, I had a little trouble convincing Karen to come.”

“i am very glad you succeeded, Kent, Sir. Welcome, Mistress Karen. Please, be sure that you get some food and drink.” i said as i watched Susan coming toward the table and felt the egg gaining speed and intensity. i introduced Kent and Karen, Master’s neighbors, to the three women at the table.

Susan handed me a photo-print as she said, “Who are our models this time?” i looked at the photo and saw slave kneeling between Master’s legs under the glass-top table with three women seated at the table, and another half-dozen or more people standing and watching. The intensity of the egg increased.

Teresa and Shannon said that they would like to have a photo of the two of them with me. Susan chose a spot by the waterfall at the end of the pool. She let the girls choose their pose.

Shannon asked, “o, can we put our arms around you?” which made me giggle.

i said, “Mistress Shannon, i am a slave, you may do as you wish.”

Teresa put her arm around slave’s waist and rested her hand on slave’s hip bone, like Master does, with the same effect, an amplified awareness of slave’s nakedness. Shannon put her arm around slave’s back with her hand almost cupping slave’s breast. i put slave’s arms around their waists.

Susan took a couple of shots for the girls. Now it was Crysti’s turn.

She chose to put her left arm around me and she did cup slave’s breast with her hand. She whispered, “This is so great, odalisque. Will you keep in touch with me, at least by e-mail?”  She moved her right hand down to slave’s pubic mound and Master, from some unseen location, increased the intensity of the throbbing egg. Susan took a few with the Nikon. “Wow, o, do you wax, your mound is so smooth.”

“i don’t wax or shave, Mistress. When Master started slave’s training He cut slave’s pubic hair to a length of about a half-inch or so. Then He took, like, a pair of pliers and yanked bunches out…”

“Oh, gawd, that must’ve hurt.” Crysti interjected.

“Worse than anything but being whipped, until Master had slave’s septum pierced. Anyway, after a few yanks that way, Master took eyebrow tweezers and plucked the rest of slave’s mound, one hair at a time.”

“What was that like?” Crysti is so curious.

“Like Chinese water torture. Each pluck hurt a little, but it built up to a sensation that was quite erotic. It was like a hundred little mosquito bites. It was actually a very erotic experience. Anyway, now i am required to maintain it. It is quite easy because most of the hair doesn’t grow back anymore; Between Master and me, W/we have gotten the roots of most of it. Even when it does, it comes in as a soft little new hair.”

i am sure Crysti would have had another question, but a “maid” came up with two late arrivals, “odalisque, may I introduce Elle and Randy.”

Elle put out her hand, “I hope we are not too late, I wasn’t sure if we should come or…”

“Oh, Mistress Elle, of course you should come. Thank you so much for being here. W/we are even enjoying some sparkling wine from your winery.” i said indicating the wine on a tray being offered by a waiter.

“You remember me? I didn’t think…”

“Of course, i remember you. i confess there are parts of slave’s descent down the hundred steps that are a little hazy; but i remember how sweet you were to me.”

I guess that made her feel more comfortable, because she suddenly remembered Randy, “Oh, I’m sorry, odalisque, this is my husband, Randy. He wanted to come as soon as I told him about you and the invitation.”

Randy offered his hand, “Howdy. Actually, I wanted to come only after Elle said how gorgeous and charming you were. I have to admit that, even then, I expected some hardcore street-pro type.”

“i hope i didn’t disappoint you, Randy, Sir. Please, be sure to help yourself to some food before they remove it.”

Randy said he was not disappointed and Elle asked if we would get to talk during the evening. i told her i would try.

Master came up next to me and put His arm around me. Again, that, “you’re naked” reminder. He took slave’s hand and walked to a clear area of the patio and began to dance with me. He had slave’s right hand in His left, and His right hand on slave’s right butt cheek. Soon others were dancing.

As W/we danced, I could hear bits of conversations; people were comparing how they met, or knew me, and offering opinions of slave’s body, attitude, slave status and Master’s good fortune. Master was right, as usual, He seemed to be the envy of every man (and a number of the women) at the party.

When the trio started another song, Keith asked Master if he might have a dance with me. Master excused Himself. Keith took slave’s hand and seemed a little unsure just where to put his other hand; he decided on the small of slave’s back.

“You are the most astonishing woman I have ever met. How did he get so lucky?” Keith whispered in slave’s ear.

“Thank you Keith, Sir. If by ‘he’, you mean Master, He recognized something in me that i was hardly aware of, and then nurtured it over a period of many months, and here i am.”

“Did he beat you, or threaten you, or torture you or…”

“Keith, Sir, Master did not have to do those things. He recognized that I wanted to be His slave and so He simply guided me to that end. Yes, He whipped me when i was willful, and He certainly used, what some people might consider ‘brainwashing’, but it would not have worked had i not wanted it.”

Keith was difficult to convince, “But dancing with a total stranger, naked, in front of, what, 30 or 40 people, you wanted this?”

“No, i want to be Master’s slave, and to please Master, and this is one of the ways i can do it.”  i didn’t expect Keith to really understand.  i’m not even sure i do.

The music stopped and Teresa asked if I would be embarrassed to dance with her. I thanked Keith and said, “Mistress, i am a naked, collared, and ringed slave; i no longer embarrass easily. i would enjoy dancing with you.” She surprised me and put both arms around me with her palms on slave’s butt cheeks. i put slave’s hands on her shoulders.

“Almost everyone here is in total awe of you, odalisque.”

“Well, I am sure Master only invited people He thought would be pleasant…”

“No, no, I mean, they think you are the most gorgeous, exotic, erotic creature on the planet. All the men want to take you home with them, and I think some of the women want to be you, even though we know we wouldn’t have the audacity.” She emphasized the “we”. It didn’t surprise me that Teresa might envy me.

“You are being way too kind, Mistress, but Master did tell me that, that is the effect slave might have on some people.”

I must have danced for over two hours, stopping only when the band did. During one of the breaks, Heidi came up to me and said, “odalisque, I almost forgot. Reggie, the parking valet/doorman, said to thank you for the invitation, and to tell you how extremely sorry he was that he couldn’t be here. He works as much as he can, and can’t afford to take the day off.”

“Oh, Mistress Heidi, would you please find Mistress Susan, the photographer, and ask her to take a picture for Reggie.”

“Of course, I’m sure he would treasure it, but probably not take it home.” Heidi said with a wink and then left to fetch Susan.

She returned with Susan in tow. Susan was carrying a paintbrush and a can of latex paint. Susan wrote, “To Reggie, with love, odalisque.” across slave’s abdomen. Susan instructed me to assume slave’s standing position, and took a couple of photos.

It was almost five when Kathy, Bob, Tamara, William and Master came up to me.  “odalisque, Bob and Kathy have another engagement tonight so they have to leave.” Master said, as He took slave’s hand and led me toward the front door.

“I am sorry you have to go, but thank you so much for coming.”

Master opened the door and Kathy, Tamara and I went out ahead of Bob, William and Master. We were walking toward Bob’s car when William said, “odalisque, if you ever get tired of this guy, there will always be a place at my house for you.”

Tamara shot back, “Yah, ‘cause William won’t be there anymore.” W/we all laughed, hugged and shook hands. Master took slave’s hand and led me back to the party. Master said He would get me another glass of wine and left me.

The minute He walked away, Crysti came over.  “odalisque, can we talk for a moment?”

“Of course, Mistress.”

Crysti was talking as if she wanted to be sure she had time to get it all in. “My boyfriend, before the one you saw, was into this, and he asked me to play at being his slave sometimes. The idea kinda intrigued me, but he just wanted an excuse to like whip the shit out of me. I didn’t want to be whipped, at least not without some foreplay. I left him over it. When your Master whips you, do you enjoy it.”

“No, Mistress, I do not ‘enjoy’ it; because it hurts, and because it means I have displeased Master.” It sounded a little naïve, even to me, but it was true. “But, at some point, I get into kind of a zone, and then, it excites me more than it hurts, and it makes me wet.”

Master returned with a glass of sparkling wine for me, and handed the other to Crysti. “You two look pretty serious for this late in the party.”

“Master, Crysti and i are talking about being whipped.” i noticed a little smile come over His face. “Do you enjoy whipping me Master? Do all men want to whip women?”

Master paused a few beats and then said, “Usually, o, when I whip you, I do not enjoy it, because I am whipping you due to a transgression.  But there are times when I do enjoy it, because it is one of the ultimate demonstrations of your submission to me.”

Crysti asked, “What does it feel like to whip her?”

Master smiled and said, “My vocabulary may be insufficient to answer that Crysti. Let me think about it for a few minutes and I may have an answer for you.” He smiled and walked away. I knew that smile, and it worried me a little.

Crysti continued to ask questions and the egg in slave’s pussy came alive. It started on low but was quickly increasing to about a nine on the Richter Scale.  i knew it was having an effect on me because i was having trouble focusing on Crysti’s words. slave’s breath was coming quicker and shallower. Crysti stopped talking for a moment, “Are you alright, o?”

“Mistress, Crysti, do you see Master anywhere?”

She turned and looked around the room and said she didn’t see Him. i closed slave’s eyes and began to moan. Crysti asked again if I was okay.

“It is the vibrating egg inside me. i think i’m going to cum without Master’s permission. i think Master is answering your last question. Please, Mistress, see if you can find Masteeeeeeeer.” With that said, i had an enormous orgasm and fell to slave’s knees. i must have, all but, screamed the last couple of words, because many of the people in the room where staring at me when i regained slave’s composure.

The egg went quite. i looked up to see Crysti staring at me in obvious disbelieve. Behind her, i could see Master approaching with a whip in His hand. The room was a riot of chatter. Master stopped next to Crysti. “o, did you have permission for that orgasm?” he asked in His pretend stern voice.

“No, Master, i could not find You, Sir.”

Crysti jumped to slave’s defense, “She tried, she even asked me to look…”

“So, you are a co-conspirator. Then you shall be the one to dispense the punishment.” Master held the whip out to Crysti and His hand out to me. “o, on your feet, move over in front of that mirror, turn and face it in the standing position. Fifteen strokes should be sufficient, Crysti, but understand, if I feel you are not applying yourself to the task, I will give her thirty. And I assure you, I will apply them harshly.”

So slave’s graduation was, indeed, to be challenging, as well as celebrative. This was definitely a first, a couple of firsts. i have never been whipped by anyone but Master, and i have never been whipped in the presence of anyone but Master; certainly not before thirty or forty people.

The reflection in the mirror suggested that all the guests, including the band, had gathered to see the slave whipped; even much of the catering staff. i heard bits of conversations like, “What did she do?”; “…really going to whip her?”; “She has to ask him to have an orgasm!”

I heard Crysti saying, “Oh, Steven, I couldn’t whip her.”

“Of course you can.  And, I repeat, if you do not do an acceptable job of it, I will!  Begin, Crysti.”

From behind me, i heard Crysti say, “odalisque, I am so sorry.” The truth of it was apparent in her voice.

The whip was a handle with about two feet of braided leather attached. At the end, the strands are not braided, so five leather strips are separated for five or six inches. This whip hurts quite a bit, but it gets me into the “zone” pretty quickly, too. Master uses it when He wants to leave marks. For some reason, slave’s skin reacts well to the sting of this particular whip. The marks usually last for days.

The first stroke was very timid. i was sure that Master would not accept it. But, as required, i said, “One, thank you Mistress.”

i heard Master say, “Crysti, I warned you that if you do not apply the strokes with enthusiasm, I will.  o, W/we are starting over at one.”

“Yes Master.”  The next stroke was still a little timid, but i thought Master would accept it; He did, “One. Thank you Mistress.” The second stroke was harder. “Two, thank you Mistress.” By the fifth and sixth strokes I had the distinct feeling that Crysti was discovering the joy of whipping a slave. Master turned on the vibrating egg at what felt like warp speed.

If He left it on, and Crysti continued to whip me at the pace she was, i knew i would have another orgasm before she finished. This is slave’s graduation party, and yet this is, probably, one of the most difficult tests of the week. i was naked, being whipped, and i will have to beg Master to allow me an orgasm, all in front of 30 or 40 relative strangers.

Crack! “Seven, thank you Mistress. Master, i beg You, may Your slave, please, cum.” Crack! “Eight, thank you Mistress.” Crysti was definitely warming to the task. She seemed to be swinging the whip as hard as Master does, sometimes; not as hard as He can, but as hard as He does, sometimes.

Crack! “Nine, thank you Mistress.”

i heard bits and pieces of conversations, again, as the spectators seemed to press forward for a better view. “Isn’t this incredible?” “Can you imagine…” “How did she get to do the whipping; was there a door prize or something.” i looked from face to face at the reflections in the mirror. No one was looking at anything other than me.

Crack! “Ten, thank you Mistress.”  i was getting desperate. i wasn’t sure Master had heard slave’s plea, so I repeated a little louder, only it came out as almost a scream, “Master, i beg You, may Your slave please cum?”

Again, i heard bits and pieces. “She’s going to cum while she’s being whipped?” “She is freaking unbelievable.” “Don’t let this give you any ideas, Keith.” I knew who said that. “She must be so humiliated, I feel so sorry for her.”

Crack! “Eleven. Thank you Mistress.” That one almost made me lose slave’s footing. The tears started to well in slave’s eyes; tears of pain and tears of shame. Crack! “Twelve, thank you Mistress.”

Looking in the mirror, now, i saw looks that i interpreted as ranging from awe to disgust. Through slave’s tears, i saw Master whisper something into Crysti’s ear, then He said to me, “odalisque, you may cum.”

“Thank you, Master.” Crack. “Thirteen, thank you Mis…” Crack! “Fourteen, than…” Crack! “Fifteen, thank y…y…you Mistreeeeeeess.” slave’s knees gave out under the force of slave’s orgasm, which was very closely observed by 30 or 40 people.

i was on slave’s knees, still spasming and trying to catch slave’s breath. Now, i began to hear voices. “God, it might almost be worth the whipping for an orgasm like that.” “Can you believe that, right in front of god and country.” “I wonder if she can get off like that with straight sex?”

From slave’s hands and knees, i looked into the mirror and saw the throng of people who had just watched me whipped into a shattering orgasm. Crysti was at slave’s side, “Oh, odalisque, are you okay? I am so sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Whipping you was such a high, I just lost control. Did I hurt you awfully? I’m so, so sorry.”

“Mistress, it is okay. i am fine. If you had not whipped me hard, Master would have whipped me much harder.” slave’s voice was still trembling, though slave’s body had stopped.

Master was standing next to me with His hand extended. i took His hand and rose to slave’s feet. Master turned me to face slave’s audience. Heidi began to clap, and was gradually joined by many in the crowd. Again, slave went from the degradation at having cum in front of a crowd of forty people, to the high of being applauded like a celebrity. Master said, “you did very well, o. I am very pleased with you.” And there was slave’s Academy Award.

Heidi was the first to approach me, “odalisque, you are fantastic. Didn’t that hurt incredibly? Crysti, what did it feel like to whip her?”

Crysti was still standing at slave’s side. “Oh, it was unbelievable. I can’t really describe it, except to say that I have never experienced anything so emotionally exhilarating, including sex.” She turned to look at me, “Your Master said to make the last three strokes as hard as I could and as quick as I could. I hope you will forgive me, odalisque.”

Teresa and Shannon were at slave’s other side, Teresa asked “Have you ever been whipped like that before, o? Does it hurt as much as it looks like it does?”

“The first ones hurt a lot, but then i kind of get into a zone, and the stimulation begins to overtake the pain. And, oh, yes, i have been whipped much worse than that, but i have never before been whipped by anyone except Master, and never in front of an audience.” i felt a hand on slave’s ass.

i turned to see Shannon rubbing the welts on slave’s butt. “Oh, my, god, I’m sorry odalisque. I guess I have pretty much come to accept that you are a slave. I can’t believe that I just rubbed your ass without even asking you.”  But she didn’t remove her hand.

“Mistress, i am sure Master would be pleased that you have accepted me as a slave. i know i am,” i said smiling. i looked over slave’s shoulder at the reflection of slave’s ass in the mirror. The welts were already quite prominent and a very angry red. That’s why Master loves that particular whip.

Shannon asked, “Does it hurt when I touch them? Do you always welt so quickly? How long will the welts last?” the questions never seem to come singularly.

“Yes, Mistress, it smarts when you touch them, but that is no reason not to. With this particular whip, i welt quickly and they seem to last longer. These may last three or four days.” i explained as Master approached carrying a champagne bucket and a towel.

“odalisque, I think you need to clean up a little.” So saying He set the champagne bucket down in front of me and handed me the towel. The bucket was filled with ice and water. Having been whipped to orgasm in front of these relative strangers, i was now expected to clean the sex juices from slave’s legs with this freezing water, right in the middle of the room.

Linda and Judith were standing nearby, and Judith said, “I could just lick you clean.”

If looks could kill, Linda’s would have dropped Judith right where she stood, “Shit, I’m sorry I brought you; I should have known better.”

Judith responded, “Fuck you. If there was any doubt that she is just a fucking horny slave girl before, there can’t be any now!”

“Thank you, Master.” i soaked half of the towel in the icy water and wiped the juices from slave’s thighs as a couple dozen people watched. Using the dry end of the towel, i dried slave’s thighs.

i picked up the bucket and returned it to the bar. The barman extended his hand for the towel, saying, “I might just keep this as a souvenir.”

“i would be flattered, Sir.”

i turned and walked to where Master was talking to Elle and Randy. When i stopped next to Master, Randy reached out and grabbed slave’s right breast saying, “These are nice; shit, they’re real, too.”

Elle’s face went bright crimson, “I am so sorry, odalisque.”

Randy didn’t let go of slave’s breast, “Oh come on Elle, she’s a fuckin’ slave; If anyone had any doubts before, they don’t now.”

Elle seemed horrified, “I told you, Randy, she’s not a slave like in those disgusting magazines of yours. She’s a sweet woman who loves her Master. She is a slave to please her Master, not you. Let go of her.”

Randy released slave’s breast. “What’s the grossest thing you’ve had to do to ‘please your Master’?” His question had a leering quality to it.

“With respect, Randy, Sir, Master does not require ‘gross’ things of me. He only asks me to do things that please Him, and that is easy for me to do.”  i looked at Master and i could see that that had been a good answer.

“What if he told you to blow me, right here and now?” Randy seemed to have availed himself of the open bar quite generously.

“Raaaandy,” Elle seemed to almost plead, “can’t you let it go?  I had no idea you were going to be such a jerk, or I wouldn’t have come. I am so very sorry, odalisque.”

“Don’t worry, Mistress Elle. Randy, Sir, if Master instructed me to suck your cock, i would do it, and just think of it as Master’s wonderful cock, and how i was pleasing Him. With respect to Mistress Elle, hopefully, it would be the blowjob of your life.” Again i looked at Master and saw a slight smile on His face.

Elle grabbed Randy’s arm, and was pulling him away, as she said, “I had hoped to talk more, but not under these circumstances... May I email you, and perhaps we can get together some other time; just the two of us.”

I looked at Master, he nodded, “Please, do email me, and i will entreat Master to allow me to get together with you, Mistress Elle.”

As the sun was setting, others were saying their goodbyes.

Crysti came up to say goodbye to Master and slave, “Steven, this has been a fantastic day. Thank you so much for inviting me. odalisque I am sorry if I hurt you, but whipping you was an experience I will never, ever, forget. It will be a part of my fantasies for a long, long time. Thank you. May I email you, please?”

I looked at Master, He nodded again. “I would love to hear from you Crysti.”

Stephanie said goodbye and, “Your next appointment will have to be a nice long one, I want to hear all about your training and stuff.”

When Kara and Keith said goodbye, Kara said she wished W/we would stop by the shop some day, “I’d like to test that theory you told me about in the shop, o.”

Keith said, “Today has been absolutely fan-fuckin’-tastic. I might even start believing in the tooth fairy.”

Master asked what Kara meant by slave’s “theory”. i told Him that “i told Kara, i thought You could simply put Your marvelous cock in slave’s mouth, tell me to cum, and i would within a minute, or so.” Master said that it was a theory worth testing.

At nearly ten in the evening the last guest said “Goodnight”. Tom and the caterers were still there, but Tom came over to U/us and said that they would finish “closing up”. He asked what Master wanted done with the photo-posters of me. Master said Tom could have them delivered to Master’s house and include the courier fee in the bill. He said Tom could have one if he wanted. Tom said he’d love to have one, and asked if I would autograph it.

He chose the photo of Master and slave descending the 100 steps among the throng of tourists at Elle’s winery. He brought it to a table near U/us, and handed me a Sharpie pen. i wrote “Tom, Sir, Thank you for helping create a night slave will never, ever forget. odalisque”

“Thank you, odalisque. I’m sure I won’t soon forget this evening, either.” Tom said through a very broad smile.

Master took slave’s hand and led me to His car in the lighted parking lot. When Master stopped at the gate, the young man said, “Scuse me, sir, but I been hearin’ that folks were gettin’ their pictures took with her; could I have one?”

“I’m sorry, young man, but the photographer has already gone home.” Master apologized.

“Beggin’ your pardon, sir, but I went an’ got a throw away camera on my break.” The young man seemed, almost, to be pleading.

“Well, how can I refuse? o, go stand next to the gentleman, and I’ll take the picture.” Master turned off the engine, got out of the car and accepted the proffered camera. He opened the door for me and whispered “Put your hand on his crotch, o.” as i passed Him walking toward the young man standing under the light at the gate.

I stood next to the young man, (actually, he’s about slave’s age), and reached to put slave’s hand on his crotch in a way that would not cover slave’s nakedness in the photograph.

Master clicked a half-dozen quick shots and the young man whispered “Oh, my gawd, thanks miss.”

Master handed him his camera, re-started His car, and W/we were on O/our way home, again.

W/we arrived at Master’s home, He stopped in the driveway, came around to open the passenger door. i got out and went to the front door and assumed the standing position. Master got back into the car, drove into the garage, closing the garage door behind Him.

While I was waiting for Master to open the front door, Kent came running up to the porch. “Hi, odalisque, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your party tonight. I’m so glad I got to be there. I wanted to tell you, at the party, how incredibly sexy and fantastic you are, but I knew Karen would never let me hear the end of it. You are a fantasy come true, odalisque. I can’t believe that I am your neighbor.”

“Thank you, Sir, but where does Mistress Karen think you are now?” I asked while holding slave’s standing position.

“Oh, I didn’t take the garbage out until I saw the headlights in your driveway, but you’re right, I better get back. I can’t believe I’m your neighbor. Next to Steven, I must be the luckiest guy on earth. Thanks again for tonight.” Kent acted as if he was a teenager who just found out he was living next door to Brittany Spears.

Kent was just off the porch when Master opened the door. “What did I tell you, o? Every man’s fantasy.”

“You heard that Master? Wasn’t he cute?” I could hardly keep from giggling.

“Yes, now come inside.” Master stepped aside to allow me in.

i wanted to ask Master a lot of questions about what people said to Him when He wasn’t with me, but Master said that would wait until tomorrow. Tonight, i was to finish what i had started at lunch today.

I spent well over the required thirty minutes oiling Master’s gorgeous cock, and then sucked it until He spewed His savory cum down slave’s throat. slave’s week of testing ended with me falling asleep with Master’s supple cock in slave’s mouth.