O’s First Haircut
by odalisque

Today is my first appointment with Stephanie since my graduation as Master's slave, and the first time i have seen or spoken to Steph since the graduation party.  Master made the appointment for me for 11:00 AM on Friday. He put out the clear mules and a fishnet mini-dress. The mules have clear plastic soles 3 inches at the toes, 5 inches at the heel with clear vinyl straps. At first glance i appear to be bare-footed but floating inches above the floor. It is really quite a lovely illusion. The dress comes to just above the tattoos on slave's thighs.

At 10:30 Master had me dress, gave me permission to remain dressed in His car while He drove U/us to the hair salon Stephanie owns. Master parked a little less than a block from the salon. Everyone W/we passed on the sidewalk stared at slave’s unconcealed body. When Master opened the salon door for me the shop fell utterly silent but for the sound of the TV. For those who have never been in a woman's hair salon it is usually a buzz with small talk, gossip giggling etc. but when W/we walked in every head turned and every mouth fell silent.

Steph was waiting for U/us and came to the front, gave me a big hug and said how fabulous i looked.

She said hello to Master and lead us back to her chair. Every eye in the shop was glued on U/us. i sat in the chair and Steph started to put the drape over me but Master said she was not to cover me. Steph smiled and put the drape away. Steph and i have spoken a number of times during slave's training so she knows that Master makes the decisions and she knows Master likes to see slave’s body. She looked to Master and asked, "How would you like it cut?"

Master pulled slave's hair around and let it fall over slave's breasts. He said, "I'm not sure how you can do this Stephanie but I want the part that falls over o's breasts cut short enough that it will not hide them, and leave the back long. Can you do that?" Of course Steph said she could, she is a magician with shears.

Slowly the other dozen or so women began to talk. Some spoke in normal tones and others in whispers. i guessed that those whispering were talking about me and Master. Steph worked and chatted and periodically asked Master for His approval. She asked how life as a sex slave was working out for me, in a voice a little louder than it had to be, i thought. i said i was loving every minute of it, though admitted that some times were more challenging than others. i could have added “like today”, but i didn't.

At the mention of "sex slave" i heard a couple of "tsk's" or similar sounds.

After a little more than thirty minutes of clipping and shaping Steph had created a wonderful cut. The sides were layered and tapered to the back where slave's hair fell past the middle of slave's back. Master said that He loved it and told Steph that she is even better than i had told Him she was.

Steph said she wasn't sure how much of the hair she could brush off of slave's dress. Master said not to bother and instructed me to take off the dress and shake the hair off of it. The dress is so transparent that everyone in the shop knew slave's nipples are pierced with platinum rings and i have no pubic hair, so i really had nothing to lose, even if I had a choice which I didn’t.  i stood up from the chair pulled the dress over slave's head and shook the hair off the dress onto the floor. For some reason i had the feeling that i was not going to put the dress back on.

At this point i could hear that all the conversation in the shop centered around the sex-slave standing naked in the middle of the salon. i heard comments about my figure, what a slut i was, what must slave's parents think and more.

Master gave Steph a fifty and a hundred dollar bill and thanked her. Steph gave me another hug and said how great it was to see me and we would have to get together soon. i told her i would love that.

Master took the dress in His left hand, slave's left hand in His right and led me to the door. Now the chatter was much louder but i clearly heard one woman say, "Oh my god she's not going outside like THAT!" Clearly she did not know slave's Master. He opened the door and led me out to the sidewalk.

On the walk back to Master's car we passed perhaps a dozen dumbstruck pedestrians. A couple of people said something but slave's heart was beating so hard that all i could hear was slave's heart. i can't honestly say it is easy walking down a city street naked, but i can say it gets a little easier each time. i wonder if i will ever get to a point at which i think nothing of being naked in public. Right now i would settle for just not having that enormous knot in slave's stomach, the rubber legs and the kettle drum heartbeat.

When Master drove U/us past the hair salon there were a half-dozen women standing at the windows watching U/us pass.

Master took me to lunch at a little Italian restaurant W/we like. i was allowed to wear the fishnet dress to lunch.

When W/we returned to Master's home there was a message on the answering machine from Steph. The women in the shop couldn't stop talking about the naked slave. Steph said some stayed for 30 minutes or more after their cuts just to share in the discussion. It was pretty much determined that i was either the sluttiest or bravest woman they had ever encountered.

They pumped Steph mercilessly for information about me. Since Steph has known me since we went to Junior High together she could have told much more but she stuck to fairly recent history. She told them that she knew me as a perfectly normal, somewhat conservative, woman who is now a sex slave to Master, my name is odalisque and i live with Master somewhere outside of town.

One of the women asked if Steph would allow me to come back to her shop. She said of course she would. The woman said, "Well don't schedule me on the day that thing is scheduled." Steph kind of giggled on the message and said two other womenasked her to call them and let them know the next time i was coming in so they could be there. She said she wasn't sure she could do that but she would ask Master, which she said she was doing with the message. Master called her back and said that He had no problem with Steph letting the women know when slave's next appointment comes up.

i am sure that i have mentioned it before but i am amazed at how different such mundane things, like a hair cut, can be when one is Master's display slave. Oh, and i love it.