Stephanie’s Party
by odalisque

slave’s friend, and hairstylist, Stephanie, was given a bachelorette party and she asked that i be invited. Steph is so great; she called Master herself, and asked Him to please let me be at her party. It wasn’t a surprise party, so Steph knew who was invited. After Master agreed to allow me to go, she called everyone and kind of warned them about me. She said two of the girls, who said they didn’t think they could come, changed their plans after hearing about the slave guest.

The party started at 7:00p.m., so at about 6:30 Master chose slave’s attire for the evening. Master said it was actually Steph who chose. When she called to ask Him to let me attend, she asked Him to dress me as sexy as possible. She wanted to show off her sexy friend. Isn’t that sweet?

Master chose slave’s thigh-high boots with 3-inch soles and six-inch heels, and a transparent dress. This time, when i say transparent, i mean transparent. It is made of clear vinyl, like a raincoat and fits like, well, i almost have to oil slave’s body to get it on. Master had it made just for Steph’s party.

At 6:45 slave was in the standing position on Master’s porch. Master drove out of the garage and came to the porch. He clipped His leash to slave’s collar. “This, too, is a request from Stephanie, o.”  i don’t hate the leash anymore, but it can still be a tad humiliating the way some people react to a slave on a leash. Master allowed me to sit on the dress, although, it is so short most of slave's butt was bare on the seat anyway.

W/we got to Steph’s friend’s condo at ten after seven. Master parked and came around to open the passenger door. It was dark but the street was well lighted, so Master took an old shirt and draped it over slave’s shoulders. The night air was quite cool but in the plastic dress, i was plenty warm, especially because i was starting to flush in anticipation of the evening. Master handed me the card W/we had gotten Steph.

Master lead me to the front porch of the condo, removed the shirt from slave, and rang the bell. In a moment, a slightly plump redhead opened the door. “Holly shit! You must be odalisque. Come in, come in.” i think she was afraid a neighbor would see me.

The front door opened directly to the living room. All conversation stopped. Master lead me into the room filled with girls, both sides of slave’s age, over to Stephanie, and handed His end of the leash to her. “Stephanie, please call me about twenty minutes before you want me to pick her up. Sorry to interrupt your party, ladies.” Master kissed me and said, “Enjoy, o.”  i felt a little like a package being delivered.

“Thank you, Master.”  That brought gasps and giggles from the other guests.

Now there was a lot of conversation, most of which i missed. i hugged Steph and she said, in a loud voice, “Everybody, i want you to meet one of my very best friends. This is odalisque.” Then she took me around the room and introduced each person by name. After i had met all eighteen girls, Stephanie got me a welcome glass of sparkling wine. “God you are sexy, o. I am so glad your Master let you come.”

“me, too, Mistress Stephanie, but i’m not sure everyone here shares our enthusiasm.”

“i told every one of them about you, so they didn’t have to come, if they didn’t want to. Come sit over here next to me.” i giggled at that.

“Mistress, you have the leash; i will go wherever you lead.”

“Oh, god, that is so way cool, i can’t believe it.” Stephanie seemed almost child-like. She sat down and i sat in the chair on her left. i didn’t hike the hem of slave’s dress because Master said i could sit on it, what there was of it.

Only when i was sitting and saw the pile of gifts, did i think of the card in slave’s hand. “Oh, i forgot Steph, your gift.”

Steph took it saying, “Thank you, o, but you being here was more than enough.”  i had no idea that Stephanie was so infatuated by slave’s slavery. She said a couple of times that she could never do it, but i knew she didn’t make any judgments about me, but tonight she was downright giddy.

The girl on slave’s left said in a distinctly shy voice, “Excuse me, but Stephanie said you always dress like this, is that true.”

“Well, not strictly speaking, no.”

“i knew it… how could you?”

“Excuse me, Mistress, what i was going to say is that i am mostly naked. In fact, this is the first time i have been dressed in five days. Only when Master takes me out am i dressed. And, yes, then i am dressed pretty much like this.” i thought that she was not going to be able to fathom that, and i was right.

She said, “Yah, sure.” and turned to the girl on her left.

The girls implored Steph to open her gifts. As she was opening, i watched various girls sneak looks at me and whisper things. Steph got lots of Victoria’s Secret stuff, and a couple of gag gifts that i didn’t really get, but…

When Steph opened slave’s card, she seemed really enthused, “Oh, wow, a gift card to the spa. Thank you, o” There is a very fancy spa in town that everyone loves, including me. Then Steph screamed, “Oh, my god, it’s a thousand dollar gift card. o, you can’t do that.”

“Mistress, you know i have no money. You have Master to thank for that.”  As i said it, i saw looks that seemed to disbelieve, and looks of understanding. i am getting kind of good at reading looks. i think some of the girls were in disbelief that i wouldn’t have any money. After Steph, somewhat indelicately, announced the amount of the gift, i think others decided they knew exactly why i would allow slave to be debased so; He’s rich.

Just before the last present was opened, the doorbell rang. It was the obligatory male stripper, boom-box in hand. When he saw me, he did a double take worthy of Jim Carrey; But then he set down the box, asked who the guest of honor was, turned on the music and started to do his thing. He was about slave’s age, an okay dancer, had a great bod (obviously a gym rat) and took his time getting down to his thong. i thought that was the end, but he took off the thong and danced another dance, totally nude, partly in front of each girl.

When the music ended the girl on my left, in a bolder voice this time, asked, “Can we touch?”

The guy laughed and said, “Don’t you at least want to know my name first?” The girl nodded. “It’s Randy and you can touch.” The girl put out her hand and petted his dick like it was a kitten. Then he turned to me and said, “Do you want to touch, beautiful?”

“No thank you, Randy, Sir. What i want to touch is waiting for His slave at home.”

i think he must have taken offense at that, because he went around the room being touched by each girl, and pretty much ignored me for the remaining twenty minutes he was there. When he left, the girls became more animated, perhaps helped by the wine, and began to mingle.

“One girl came over to me and asked, “Didn’t you think he was a hunk? That man that brought you can’t have a body like that. Why didn’t you want to touch his prick? Looking at you, he probably would have shot off right then and there.”

“i guess he was a hunk in a Ken and Barbie sort of way. No, Master does not work out at the gym and He is in His forties. But, in spite of what you may think of me, Mistress, i love Master and His cock is all the excitement slave needs.”

A couple of girls came up to Steph and said they had to go; Steph thanked them for coming. They looked at me, and one said, “It was interesting meeting you.”  i thanked her, but i had the distinct impression her tongue was firmly in her cheek.

There were a number of other conversations but most were the usual that slave gets on first meetings. “How can you do it?” “Don’t you feel degraded?” “Do you have sex with other people?” “Does He beat you?” blah, blah. i do think that i scored some points by not feeling the dancer’s cock. After that, i think some of the girls thought i was slutty; but not quite a whore.

When all the girls had left, Steph asked the plump redhead if she could use her phone to call Master. She handed the end of the leash to Jessica, the redhead, who held it like soiled panties. While Steph was gone, Jessica said, “May i ask you a question?”

i smiled and said, “You just did, Mistress Jessica.” She smiled at slave’s little joke. “Of course you may.”

“Do you have any idea what those girls were saying about you, tonight?”

“Oh, Mistress Jessica, i probably have a pretty good idea. But i have to tell you, if i worried about what everyone thought of me, i would not be Master’s slave, and being His slave is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.”

“Oh, my god, you really mean that don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress, i really mean it, and i’m sorry that you can’t believe it.”

Steph came back. “o, Steven said that I could take you home, is that okay with you?”

i smiled “Steph… i’m a slave?!”

Steph giggled, “Oh, yah, I guess if it’s okay with Steven, it’s okay with you, huh?”

“That’s pretty much how it works. Now, shouldn’t we get all these boxes into your car?”  i thought i saw a bit of panic cross Jessica’s face. “Oh, uh, maybe you and Jessica should take the boxes to the car.” Jessica instantly agreed.

When they came back i said, “Now, i am going to have to go outside, Mistress Jessica.”

“Oh… yah… uh… I’ve got a coat I can loan you; Just a minute.” Jessica started to go to her closet.

“No, Mistress, you don’t understand. i am only allowed to wear what Master tells me to wear.”

“He’ll never know!” Jessica insisted.

“i will know, and Stephanie would probably tell Master just to see Him whip me.” i winked at Steph, to be sure she knew i was kidding.

“Wow, what a great idea. I might tell Him you did, even if you don’t cover up.” She winked back.

Jessica appeared to be in a reality warp, “He wouldn’t really whip you…”

“Yes, Mistress, He absolutely would! Unless He had Mistress Stephanie do it.”

“Wow, now you are really tempting me.” Steph interjected.

“Now, if it pleases Mistress Stephanie, we should go so we don’t keep Master waiting.”

It took about twenty minutes for Steph to drive to Master’s house, during which time we talked about some of the people at the party. Steph promised to let me know if they came up with any interesting comments about me. Apparently four or five of the girls work at the salon with Steph, so she will probably get an earful Tuesday morning.

Steph stopped at the gate and pushed the call button. Master remotely opened the gate. Steph parked and we went to the door. i assumed slave’s standing position. Steph looked over, and said, “Oh, my god, you are incredible, o.”

Master opened the door and invited Steph in. I was trying to remove slave’s dress before entering Master’s house, but I had gotten quite warm and was now cool and stuck to the plastic.  i had a little trouble getting slave's dress off, so Steph helped. I handed the dress to Master and stepped into His home.

Steph said to Master, “Steven, I just wanted to thank you for allowing o to join my party. It absolutely made my evening. And i wanted to tell you that we had a male stripper, duh. And, o just blew, oops wrong word, just knocked everyone over. Everyone was soooo wanting to stroke this guy’s prick and when he came over to o (and you so knew he wanted her to touch him) she said the only one she wanted to touch was her Master waiting at home.”  Steph was talking valley-girl fast.

Master smiled at me and said that it sounded like quite a party. Steph said she had better go, so Master opened the door. “Oh, wow, i almost forgot. Thank you for the spa gift certificate. That was way over the top generous! May I give you a kiss Steven?”

“You are most welcome, Stephanie. i hope that your young man brings you as much happiness as odalisque brings Me.”

What a wonderful way to end the evening with Master telling Steph that i bring Him great happiness.