Subbie Hubbie’s Exam
by mrhungry


Author's note: This is not a typical genre for me and is my first attempt at both "first person" and F/m. The story was inspired by recent circumstances that forced me to have a physical exam performed by a female doctor (long story). This is purely fiction, folks, written in four parts for the enjoyment of those on the site who are into F/m.

Part 4: The Exam

Dr. Erikson logs into the computer and begins to scan through the nurse's data and comments. I watch her from atop the cushioned exam table as she reaches back and begins to pull her long red hair into a pony tail and then twist the tail around and around, finally pinning it to the back of her head using a thin wooden skewer, all the while scanning the computerized file on her screen. I had thought the doctor beautiful before, but now, with her hair pinned up and her slender neck exposed, she's even more enticing.

Finally she turns and looks up at me. "So you're Roxanne's subbie hubbie?"

Is that what I am? A subbie hubbie? Hmmm, it sounds sort of comical...subbie hubbie...sort of feminine maybe. Not sure that's the image I wish to project. I may have a submissive nature, but I'm still a man. This big penis locked in this cage ought to...oh, well, um...

"I asked you a question, subbie." I lift my head to see Dr. Erikson standing there, hands on hips, looking at me with some intent. Her white lab coat hangs open in front, displaying the clothes underneath. She's wearing a coral colored cotton blouse with the top four buttons undone, over a silky white camisole. The undergarment is cut in a low lacy vee, exposing her ample cleavage. Her breasts strain against the fabric of the blouse, pulling slightly on the remaining buttons that hold the two front panels together. Below that is a matching skirt, the hem ending at mid thigh, her legs bare underneath.

"Um, I guess..." I stammer, feeling somewhat intimidated under the scrutiny of her forest green eyes.

The doctor takes hold of the leash and pulls it tight. "Don't be looking me in the eye, subbie. You have those eyes down when you're in my presence and address me correctly or your mistress will not get a good report. You've already caused quite a commotion here today."

The redhead takes another step closer, holding the leash taut. I look down as instructed but that directs my gaze straight down the front of her blouse. Her breasts are larger than Roxanne's and from this vantage point it's obvious they're not restrained by a bra. Oh crap, does no one around this place own a frikkin' bra?! I try to avert my eyes but even that seems awkward and insinuates that I had looked down her blouse.

"I apologize, ma'am," I say, hoping that's an appropriate response.

"Much better."

I see her hands come up towards my head and I shirk back slightly. "Easy boy, I won't hurt you," she says.

The comment makes me blush as I wonder if it's meant like boy - a child, or boy - a dog or animal. I've already been referred to as a cur today, and this being a woman's clinic it's not beyond the realm of possibility to assume that some of the women here think all men are dogs.

The doctor's warm fingers begin to explore the flesh under my jaws, feeling for lymph nodes and when locating them, gently palpating. They trace along my jaw towards my mouth so lightly it's almost erotic. I try to keep my mind off the sensation of her gentle touch but my cock is already responding.

My eyes have once again returned to the heavenly sight of her breasts. I can't help but to look. Her command to have my eyes down is forcing the arousing view upon me and I wonder if she realizes the discomfort this is causing me? How can she? I see the rise and fall of her chest as she breathes, tiny sparkles glistening on her flesh from some sort of glitter she has adorned herself with. The sight is not good for my confined state, as a real urgency has begun to develop beneath my baby blue gown. I look away again, hoping to avoid further discomfort but knowing it's far too late for that.


Her hand is on my jaw and I open my mouth wide so she may inspect within. A wooden stick presses against my tongue and is re-adjusted slightly so that it's inserted deeply and pressed hard against my flesh.

"Ahhh," she says.

"Ahhh," I respond, trying to keep my gag reflex under control. The stick is removed and I relax my jaw.

"Look up," she instructs and I lift my eyes to see her holding a penlight that she uses to check pupil dilation. "Good boy." She turns off the light. "Rotate your head." I comply. "Any pain?"

"No ma'am."

"I'll check your lungs now." She takes the stethoscope from around her neck and places the ends in her ears. I feel the cold surface of the instrument press against the bare skin of my back as a warm and gentle hand rests on my bare thigh. I glance over at Dr. Erikson and see that her eyes are closed as she listens intently to my lungs drawing air. Nothing is meant by her touch, and assuming her clients are regularly female, she probably lays her hand there out of habit to calm her patients.

It has the opposite effect on me as the touch of her hand on my bare leg sends jolts of pleasure to my brain. Such a little thing to be sure, but the combination of three days of excruciating stimulation by my Mistress and the events of this day serve to arouse me almost instantly to painful fullness.

I grip the sides of table as the stethoscope is moved across my back, by now the ties holding the gown lay loosely along my sides, my bare backside exposed for her inspection. Dr. Erikson is leaning in close now, the scent of her perfume wafting in the air around me, the warmth of her bosom radiating against my chilled shoulder.

"Hmmm," she says softly and leans to her left, bringing the stethoscope around to my chest, still so close to me that her smock rubs against the sleeve of my gown and pulls away slightly, allowing the crisp fabric of her blouse to touch my arm. I feel the firmness of her breast as she leans lightly against me to get the right position with her instrument. She's trying to locate one specific location on my chest with the round flat end of her instrument and I pray to God that she finds it soon.

"Your breathing is very shallow, subbie. Can you take some deep breaths, please? Will you do that for me?" Her voice is calm and soothing, but it cannot still my heart. I wonder how she can hear anything through that device other than the thumping within my chest as my heart threatens to explode.

"Yes ma'am," I respond, remembering my place and desperately hoping that a good report on my behavior can be given Roxanne when she arrives. I breathe in deeply and exhale several times.

"Okay, that's fine. Your lungs sound very good, just lay back now, here you go." I feel her hand on my shoulder, guiding me down onto the cushy table, the paper cover crackling under me as I lay back.

Her hand moves up my thigh and I instinctively move to counter, but she counters my counter. "Almost done subbie. I know it's embarrassing but..." Her fingers touch the CB-6000.

"What's this then?" She lifts the hem of the gown and I feel faint. "Oh subbie, you've been hiding this all along? Oh my, you're in a terrible state aren't you?" I feel her fingers touching the chastity device, pressure at the head of my penis, and then her fingers come to my head.

"You're dripping all over the place, clean please." She brings her gloved fingers to my lips and I automatically open my mouth to allow them in, closing around them to suck them clean of my seepage. This is repeated several times, the musky salty taste lingering in my mouth.

Her hand returns to my scrotum and I tense as her fingers palpate my testicles.

"Any pain here, subbie?" Dr. Erikson asks. The fingers of her right hand continue to palpate my hairless testicles while her left hand holds the flimsy gown up so that she can see my crotch.

"Owwww!" I cry out as I feel her fingers grasp my sack and squeeze my testicles.

"Answer my question, subbie." The tone of her voice is harsher, but a smile returns to her face and she releases the pressure.

"No, ma'am," I answer quickly. I look at the ceiling, red in the face from the sensations her caressing are creating in my genitals, and knowing that she's looking under the gown at my cock, straining against the CB-6000.

To put into words how completely overloaded my senses are seems impossible. I can barely think, and simply lie on the table, limp. Images of the past two hours flash through my consciousness like a slide show out of order. I see Sunflower, sticking her tongue out at me, I see Roxanne's legs working the brake and clutch pedals, I see Nia leaning over and the sight of her perky breasts, I see Legs...oh god, Legs bound naked to the gynecologist' chair, I see a pink Vampire Girl at the end of a leash, again - my mistress pointing her finger at the clinic ordering me to go inside.

I close my eyes tightly, trying to block out the images.

Just then there's a knock at the door and it opens slowly. I'm too delirious to even care who it is. Let the entire staff come in and see me, I don't care. Parade me through the hallways naked, make me crawl from room to room, it's of no concern to me now, such has been my humiliation today.

"How's it going, Samantha? Is he behaving?"

I open my eyes and turn my head at the sound of Roxanne's voice and my cock spasms involuntarily, painfully, ejecting a small squirt of semen. My hands go to cover myself but are arrested by the doctor.

"We've had some problems with him, but overall he's been a very good boy."

Mistress moves to stand near Dr. Erikson. "I thought you said you'd see him at three o'clock?" she says in a whisper, trying not to let me hear.

"No, I said you should come at three o'clock, and you're early," the redhead whispers back.

"But know, his chastity and all, I was going to..."

"Shhh, it's okay, it wasn't in my way."

I can sense some consternation in Roxanne's voice. This worries me as, up until now, she seemed to have such a firm grasp on my safety and the events of the tasks she's given me.

The doctor, who is still holding my arms at my sides, says, "How long have you had him in this thing?" She releases my arms and pulls a paper towel from the dispenser and begins to clean the end of the CB-6000 where I had discharged.

"This will be his third day, right Danny?" Roxanne is standing next to me now, looking down at me, a lovely smile on her face. One hand touches my shoulder and the other my arm. All is right in my world now as I feel her close to me, protecting me.

"Yes mistress, three days."

"It's too long, really, for this type of device," Dr. Erikson says as she presses the foot pedal of the trashcan and discards the paper towel. "I recommend something less severe for long term chastity. There are many models that will prevent masturbation while allowing for full extension without pain. This model is excellent for punishment but punishment should never be a long-term event. Okay?"

Even now, I'm the beautiful doctor's patient. She's dictating her recommendations as if she's telling a parent what type of medicine should be used to cure an ailment, or what the best treatment is for a particular condition.

Roxanne looks up at the doctor and shrugs. "I think I may have gotten carried away," she confesses. Her hand goes into the pocket of her skirt and comes out with the key.

"Let's meet for lunch this week and have a talk. I know some of this is new to you, so let's get together and talk about safety and I can give you some ideas on restraints and chastity products."

"That would be great, Sam." I see that sparkle in her eyes that tells me she's excited.

"Oooo, look at you baby," Roxy coos as she disengages the locking mechanism of my personal hell and slides it off of my cock. I feel her hands massaging my cock and I lift my hips to meet her.

"Now, now, subbie, let's finish your exam first so we can move on to more fun things," the doctor says as she pats my leg and holds my arm upward, pulling slightly so that I understand she wishes me to rise.

Fun things? What the hell does that mean? I just want to go home now. I look over at Roxanne but she's standing with her arms folded and I sort of know what that stance means and I lower my gaze again.

I'm guided off of the table and turned so that I'm facing it. The doctor places her hands on my shoulders and presses me forward.

"Just bend at the waist, subbie, there you go, hands towards the far end, good boy, legs spread a little wider. I need to check your prostate and then that should about do it for your exam."

I bend over the table and lay my upper torso down onto it, extending my arms towards the far end while moving my legs further apart. I feel the doctor's hands at my ankle and then the feel of something being placed around it. I don't want to be cuffed like this and I start to lift myself up but Roxanne is there beside me with her hand on my bare back.

"You've sort of sucked as my imitation dildo," she says, although I know that's untrue and said merely to humiliate me, "so I've decided you'll be my fuck-toy again. But it won't be in name only as it was before."

Holy shit! Her words send a chill through my body. Is this a mind fuck, or she really going to rape me in the ass? Her face gives no clues. This is pretty elaborate if it's a mind fuck. I shake my head, no, but she just pats me on the back and smiles. Oh fuck, it's "that" smile...the smile I get when things are going to get extreme. I don't want extreme right now! I struggle to lift myself up but with the two of them holding me I'm not in the best position to raise myself up and I feel my other ankle being strapped to the bottom of the exam table.

The red haired doctor presses a button on an intercom panel and says, "We're ready for the blood work in Room 8." She returns to the head of the table where she reaches down and brings two wrist cuffs up and over the end, towards my outstretched hands. This has really gone far enough. I push myself up and pull my arms away from the doctor only to have her reach over and grasp the one closest to her firmly. Somewhere to my left I hear the door open and Dr. Erikson shouts out, "Hold him down, Mary, and get the other cuff on him."

I see Nurse Gebhardt run around to the other side of the table and reach for my right arm. Not going to happen! I pull it away and jam it under my body, away from her grasp. I think I'm fucked because my left wrist is already secured. Now Nurse Gebhardt and Dr. Erikson are working on getting my right arm out from beneath me and I feel Roxanne's hands around my throat.

"Submit, hubbie," she whispers in my ear as she brings her head down next to mine. I'm gasping for air and I sense her face next to mine, her breathing coming in gasps to match my own. She's very excited now; I can feel it emanating from her like heat from a furnace.

I'm exhausted, truly, utterly exhausted. I lay still, defeated and tired of resisting. Cuffed now and bent over the end of the table, my ass totally exposed, I resign myself to what I fear is to come. My only comfort comes from Roxanne's hand, slowly stroking my back.

The doctor assists Nurse Gebhardt in extracting a blood sample from my arm and then the nurse disappears from sight and I hear the door open and close as she leaves. A moment later I feel a latex covered finger against my anus. There's some pressure and then the really odd sensation of the insertion. I straighten my knees and pull against the ropes that are clipped to the wrist cuffs as I silently process the sensation of the finger in my rectum.

"Okay, great!" Dr. Erikson says as she withdraws her finger and I hear the snap of her gloves as she removes them. "His prostate is fine. That does it for the exam, are you still interested in continuing with what we discussed before, Roxy?"

"Do you have time?"

"One of the other doctors agreed to take my last two patients, so I'm open to anything."

"Great! How do we start?" I can hear the excitement in Roxanne's voice. She's going to fuck me in the ass and this is making her so hot! I have got to find a way to keep her off the Internet. So many times while browsing porn sights I've heard her say, "Oh, we simply must try that," or "can you imagine how much that would hurt?"

That's how she came to own a spanking paddle and why she came home one night with a package of wooden clothespins. Fucking Internet! She had spent the other night glued to an ass fucking web site while I crouched under her desk, bound and naked, pretending to be her footstool. For my amusement she had turned the volume up high so I could hear the moans and cries of anguish of the men as they were violated. I really should have suspected something like this would happen, but thankfully she doesn't act on everything she views. Well I won't give her the satisfaction of a single moan today. I fully plan on depriving her of that stimulus!

I already know this will not end well for me, though, but hopefully having the doctor present will temper my wife's zeal. Lord knows she gets so carried away at times, and this is not a time I would want that to happen!

I feel fingers on my ass, spreading my butt cheeks. "Here, let's get you some gloves, dear." I hear a drawer open and then close. "I know he's your subbie hubbie, but this may get a little messy. Don't let it turn you off today."

I hear the snap of the gloves and then feel Roxanne's hands on my ass again.


Crap! Really? Spanking, too?


"I'll bring some information on enemas with me when we meet this week," the doctor continues in her clinical voice. "Here's some lube," I hear a couple of spits from a bottle pump. "Now, let's start with your middle finger, no let's use your left hand, at about this angle."

I feel a finger against my anus and I look back to see the doctor guiding Roxanne's hand and finger to obtain the correct angle to penetrate my asshole.

I'm not ready for this, I'm really not!

"Please Mistress!" I cry out. "Please don't."

SLAP! Her free hand smacks my naked ass sharply. "Quiet, slave!" Roxy says sternly.

Oh fuck, she's in the zone.

"That's why I wanted you to use your left hand, so your right hand can be free to discipline."

I see a smile on Roxanne's lips that tells me that she's really enjoying this. I turn around and put my forehead down on the padded table and take a deep breath. I feel helpless now, but in that helplessness is a sense of joy. A mix of emotions flow through my head as I try to separate one from another, not knowing if that's even possible.

I'm profoundly embarrassed, yet my cock is rock hard. That's a duo that I've experienced many times and have come to accept. I feel suddenly happy. Now that doesn't seem possible given my predicament and I wonder if it's because of the predicament or because of the smile I just saw on Roxanne's face. Months ago it dawned on me that a deep sense of happiness comes over me when I know something I'm doing is either making Roxanne very happy, or very aroused - the two usually going hand in hand. The sensation is heightened when what I'm doing is difficult for me because then I know how delighted my mistress is. I'm usually thinking ahead to how she'll reward me for the adrenaline rush. Is that what I'm looking forward to now? Is the sex going to be that good?

Is is...I know that for sure because this is by far the most outrageous thing she has ever attempted with me. To leave me alone among other people, women no less, in an extremely embarrassing and arousing situation with my cock in its cage! I know she's beside herself with lust right now. I can feel it radiating from the hand I feel on my ass. Every so often I hear a sound, a low moan really, which I know belongs to my mistress. I hear it when she's over the top aroused.

The doctor steps around towards the side of the table and places her warm hand on my back.

"Nice and gentle, Roxy, press your finger in." The gorgeous red head bends slightly so that her lips are close to my face.

"You understand that this is going to happen, right?" she purrs softly, her hand coming up to smooth down my hair and stroke my neck.

I nod. "Yes, ma'am."

What a lovely smile the woman has. Nearly as nice as my mistress' when it's a loving smile, not the wicked smile that I dread. I'm a little surprised when her lips touch my sweaty cheek and she gives me a peck.

It dawns on me that this woman is an experienced Dominatrix and for her there are no limits, even with other people's slaves. I see it in her eyes, the sparkle of green that tells me she has plans for me. I suddenly fear her more than my wife, who I'm sure she views as a novice.

Now I must throw fear into that mix of emotions I was earlier trying to unravel.

I wonder how this entire scenario developed in the first place. I assume the idea for it must have germinated at the bondage club, but whose idea was it? Did my mistress discover Samantha's profession and then call her with a request to help in humiliating me? Or did the doctor see fresh meat and suggest something kinky to Roxanne? God, I hope it was the former, because if it's the latter I may be in real danger.

"I know this is hard for you," her eyes sparkle brightly, looking into mine intently, searching for the fear hidden within and perhaps seeing it, "and you don't know what to expect or how painful it's going to be." Her soft lips graze over my ear and she nibbles a little on the rounded edge of it and then I feel her tongue enter the canal.

Her breath is hot and moist, I feel the humidity of it and it gives me the chills. "Try to relax, though, try to relax the muscles in your butt and in your anus. It'll make this so much easier on you if you can manage to do that." I feel her right hand slide down my naked back to my rear, where it stops and gently caresses my flesh.

I'm more scared than I've ever been in my life. She's kneeling now beside the table, still looking into my eyes. I think she wants to see my fear, to feed off of it somehow. Is this what gets her off? Will the look of panic in my eyes arouse her? I think she sees it because the look in her eyes tells me she's getting very excited.

My head is turned flat on the cushioned exam table, looking her way. I know the paper liner covering the table is sticking to my face, torn and somewhat dissolved, and I nearly laugh that I'm even thinking of stupid little details like this...but it's better than thinking about Roxanne's finger probing deep within my anus.

Dr. Erikson stands and moves towards Roxanne. "How's it going, are you in all the way yet?"

I can feel her finger pushing in until her hand touches the flesh of my crotch.

"Oh, that's good. Now add your ring finger, there you go, see? It slides right in. Pump him for a while with those two and then add your index finger. Keep these other fingers down like this." I feel Roxanne's hand being manipulated and then the finger fucking continues. "It won't be long and you'll have your whole fist up there!"

Is this what she has planned? To fist fuck my ass? I struggle against the rope pulling my arms towards the far end of the table and lift my head up to shake it, no.

Dr. Erikson's laugh startles me, "Oh subbie! Don't worry, no one wants to put a fist up your virgin asshole today!" She has the giggles now and comes up to give me a hug. If I wasn't so frikkin' terrified it would feel good, but as it is it only makes me struggle all the more.

Again, her lovely eyes meet mine. "Is your Mistress hurting you? Honestly slave, are you in pain right now?"

The words slap me into the here and now. I know my eyes are wide in terror, and I can't seem to control that, but I shake my head. "No, ma'am."

"This isn't a porno flick where the subbies are screaming in pain. You do know they're actors don't you?" I see her smile widen as her words sink in. "How exciting would it be if those actors got fucked in the ass and the set was quiet? No one would watch."

I'm beginning to calm down a little as I digest her words.

I hear a soft knock on the door and it begins to open. The doctor leans down again and says, "That doesn't mean we can't humiliate the hell out of you though," an evil smile creeps across her lips and my blood runs cold.

"Hey, how's it going in here?" It's Dr. Rutherford with a leash in her hand, the end of which disappears behind the door. "Well, get in here bitch, don't make me yank you." She still gives the leash a little bit of a tug and Megan steps into the room.

The recent attention by the dominant doctor had diminished my erection, but now I feel a surge of energy being transferred from my brain to my cock.

Megan is still naked except for the collar the leash is attached to, cuffs on her ankles and wrists, and her heels. The blond I had affectionately dubbed as "Legs" earlier follows her mistress' lead with her head up and her eyes down in submission. She holds her arms behind her back in a box formation, her hands holding the opposite arm just above the elbow.

Dr. Rutherford snaps her fingers as her hand comes down, her index finger pointing to a spot on the floor and Megan quickly and gracefully sinks to her knees on that spot, her hands never coming out from their place behind her to help maintain balance. She does not look up, simply kneels where directed.

Now the two doctors and my mistress are between my legs and I feel several hands on my ass and lower back.

"Oh he'll take a big one, look at that!" Dr. Rutherford exclaims. "You say this is his first time?"

"Yes, I've never penetrated him before this." Roxanne's voice is alive with excitement.

"Let's get one going in him," the Captain says, a little impatience evident in her voice.

"I'm not sure he's..." Roxanne speaks up but is cut off.

"Nonsense," Dr. Erikson says and I hear a drawer sliding open. "The way he's taken your fingers so quickly means his anus is very pliable, there won't be any problems."

"Still, shouldn't we..."

"Shhh, darling it'll be okay," Dr. Rutherford says as I feel her fingers begin to pinch my ass painfully.

Another knock on the door and it opens slightly as Nia peeks in. "The clinic doors are locked, Mistress." Why not? Bring the whole frikkin' clinic in here to see this! Dr. Erikson's comment about humiliating me bounces off one side of my brain and then the other. The redhead motions her into the room and points towards Megan. The cute little receptionist quickly unbuttons her blouse and removes it and then unhooks the waistband of her skirt and steps out of it. She sinks naked to the floor to kneel next to Megan, making sure her knee touches the other woman's knee. Her arms go behind her, exposing her cute little breasts.

I close my eyes. This is too much for me and I'm ever so thankful that Mistress has removed the cage or I think permanent damage would just have occurred.

"Here, lube this up quick," Dr. Erikson says, a little out of breath.

"That's too big!" Roxanne protests.

"Let me in there, I can work it in," Dr. Rutherford says as I feel bodies moving between my legs and the tip of something hard against my sphincter. I start to pull against the ropes that hold my wrists out in front of me and look back to see the two doctors between my legs with my Mistress behind them trying to see what's going on.

"No! Please! Mistress, don't let them do this!"

"There's a gag in the second drawer down, Roxy. You need to silence your mutt," Dr. Rutherford says as I feel the tip of the dildo enter my ass.

"A gag?" Mistress says sounding a little flustered. "He'll be okay, I'm sure..."

"Don't argue, Roxy!" Dr. Erikson says rather brusquely, "Just take care of it. You want to be a Domme don't you? This is how it's done." I watch my wife go to the drawer and pull out a big black rubber ball gag and look at it before looking up at me. I'm not sure I've seen that look on her face before, and I search my memory for what it might mean.

"Nia!" Dr. Erikson says loud enough to scare me and both female slaves kneeling near the door. "Get up here and calm the man-slave. Do what you have to to settle him down."

"Yes Mistress," Nia responds instantly as she rises up gracefully and steps over to the exam table I'm stretched across. I feel Roxanne's hand on my neck and I lift my head to allow the gag into my mouth and then lower it again to facilitate her buckling it. She caresses my cheek and then my head.

"Come on Roxy, you need to be the one to do this," Dr. Rutherford says as I feel the head of the dildo begin to work its way inside of me.

I put my head down on the crinkled and ripped up paper cover of the cushioned exam table and look towards the wall. I don't want to see anything anymore. I don't want to feel anything anymore. I just want to please Roxanne now. I want her to be proud of me. I certainly don't want to embarrass her in front of these women. I'm not too sure they can embarrass me any further, only cause me pain. I won't struggle unless I sense that it will please Roxanne.

A gentle hand touches my shoulder and I feel hair touching my cheek.

"It's okay, slave," Nia whispers in my ear, "My Mistress is very good at this. Just try to relax." I feel her hand caressing my shoulder and back, and then her other hand combs through my hair and strokes my forehead, wiping sweat from my brow.

"Shhh," she whispers, "there you go, just relax your muscles." I feel her breasts against my back and I close my eyes. She pulls back slightly so only her erect nipples graze my flesh. Her fingers are still brushing the hair near my forehead and I feel a lot of tension flowing out of me at her soothing touch. I know I just said I didn't want to see anything any more, but the image of Nia, naked next to me, fills my mind. Closed eyes or not, I see her there, stroking me, holding me, comforting me.

I can't get a breath, lying here, bent over and gagged. I feel the flanged end of the dildo touch the skin at the entrance of my asshole and know I've been fully penetrated. The shaft is withdrawn and re-inserted and I have a feeling the real fucking is about to begin.

Nia must sense my labored breaths and pulls the gag away from my mouth as far as she can. The black ball can only be moved a little bit, but it helps.

"Breathe slave," she whispers in my ear. "Breathe." Her naked flesh is pressed against mine as she reaches over to pull outward on the gag so I can breathe; her warmth so welcome in the cold exam room. I feel a stream of saliva oozing down my cheek as I try to take some deep breaths through the opening Nia has provided me.

"Good Roxy, you've got it, it's a rhythm right? Just as you like to get fucked, that's how you use him, too."

I hear Roxanne giggle and my cock gets a little harder. I feel a hand on my penis, pulling it down between my outstretched legs. It hurts, and I strain to lift my ass to relieve that pressure but the hand continues to pull down and back so that my erect penis is pointing un-naturally towards the floor. I don't know what hurts more, the tugging on my cock or the dildo being repeatedly pressed into my ass. It seems that the women inflicting these abuses are suddenly competing for that distinction.

"We need to drain this thing so he's not enjoying himself so much," Dr. Erikson says.

"Drain him?" Roxanne asks. "Like jerk him off...or what?" She's unsure of herself, and I feel badly for her. It explains the look I saw on her face a moment ago. Roxanne is unsure of herself and maybe unsure of what's happening in this room! Is she beginning to understand that she's not in control anymore? Has that fact finally made it through the lust soaked membranes in her head? It was clearly apparent to me five minutes ago when she was wedged out of the action between my legs and given peripheral jobs to do.

"Get a slave to suck him off," Dr. Rutherford suggests.

A noise beside me attracts my attention and I turn my head to see Megan moving forward, her arms stretched out in front of her on the floor and her head coming down to touch the floor between her arms. This raises her shapely ass into the air, a sight that makes my breathing difficult once again.

"What is it, slave? You wish to speak?" Dr. Rutherford barks out.

"This slave will relieve the man-slave if it pleases you, Mistress," Megan says.

"No!" Dr. Rutherford shouts. "If I wanted his seed in your mouth I would've told you to do it. You fucking cum-slut!" The doctor takes a step towards Megan and the beautiful woman slides forward so that her naked body is flat on the floor, her arms outstretched and her legs apart. Her forehead touches the floor. I've seen this position on the web...I think it was an apology position or something. When a slave knew it had done something to really displease its owner, and simply saying 'I apologize' was not going to be sufficient, this position was taken as a way of asking for punishment.

Dr. Rutherford pulls open the same drawer that the gag had been taken out of and pulls out a flogger. She steps around Roxanne and Samantha and lifts her arm as she approaches Megan.

"Damn you, slave!" Her arm comes down and lays a viscous blow across Megan's back with the flogger. I see strips of red on her back as the flogger comes down onto her flesh a second time.

"Thank you Mistress!" Megan cries out from her prone position on the floor.

Nia's fingers touch the top of my head and my jaw and I feel her moving my head so that I face the wall again. She leans in close, pressing her warm body against mine.

"Let's not watch Slave Megan right now, Daniel." She pets my head and I feel tender kisses on my hair.

Ah fuck! God that hurts! The dildo ramming my ass is forced into me with determination several times causing shots of pain deep inside. I think Nia sees something in my expression because she's hugging me closely now, the sensation of her nakedness against me alleviating some of the pain I'm trying to process. Behind me I hear the flogger strike flesh several more times.

"Who's still here?" Samantha asks. "Where's Brenda? Maybe she has someone here still."

The flogging stops. "She was seeing Connie and Chelsea, but they're lesbians so I doubt they'd be much help," Dr. Rutherford offers.

"Hey, a slave is a slave," Dr. Erikson counters as she begins to jerk the dildo back and forth quickly in my ass, making me squirm and buck against my bonds. "Roxy, go see if you can find Dr. Keithly, she'd be the only other doctor here now."

"I should really stay with Danny," my wife says with some strength to her voice now. Good, mistress! You put your foot down now!

"It'll just take a second. He's safe with us, now go, hurry and see if they're still here. Go on now."

I turn my head back to see my mistress moving towards the door, stepping over Megan's outstretched body and then looking back at me. There's that look again. Shit.

"All fours," Dr. Rutherford orders and Megan quickly rises to her hands and knees facing the table I'm bound to. The Domme lays two incredibly harsh blows across Megan's arched back that would have had me screaming for my life if they'd been directed my way. But Megan merely closes her eyes, takes in a quick breath, and then breathes out.

"Thank you, Mistress!" she cries out, the tone of her voice shocking me in that she sounds so sincere, as if the Captain had just given her the most wonderful gift.

"You're quite welcome, dear," says the doctor in the Army fatigues as she turns towards me with that flogger and sort of holds the strands taut.

"Move out of the way, Nia," she commands seconds before the flogger strands flick out of her hand and strike the flesh of my ass and waist.

My side explodes in pain, but having seen what Megan just endured; I bite my lip and hold back the scream that wants to explode from behind the gag.

Damn these fucking bitches! This is not what Roxanne brought me here for, and now it's all gotten out of control. Where's Roxanne now? Running around the clinic looking for someone to suck my cock? Fucking bullshit! They're manipulating her and now I'm alone in the room with them!

Another lash comes down right over my lower back and I grip the ropes holding my wrists to keep from crying out. Nia is close to my head, caressing my shoulders and neck with little frantic movements, not really sure how she can help me endure, and not realizing how much comfort she is giving me. Just the scent of her perfume, and the warmth of her body so close to me is of some little comfort and I am so grateful for it.

The door swings open a little wider and the brunette enters with Sunflower in tow at the end of a leash. Mistress R comes in right behind them and quickly looks my way to see if I'm all right.

Chelsea is naked now, except for her cuffs and heels. She stands close to the brunette, Connie, as if unsure of what's going on in the room and not wanting to become a part of it. I can see fear in her eyes and I instantly feel sorry for the girl.

"Hey, Connie, glad you're still here."

I see the third doctor, Dr. Keithly, enter the room behind my mistress and peer around the others to get a look at me.

Okay. This is so fucking ridiculous now I have to hold back a laugh. Or maybe I’m just going bonkers. They need to get a bigger room for Christ's sake. Oh man, maybe I should suggest it. Excuse me, you pack of oversexed she-wolves, do you think we should take this outside? Fucking strap me across the hood of that Lexus I saw in the lot and have a go at my ass out there.

The dildo has been withdrawn from my ass and I feel sort of cold and empty down there all of a sudden. Not at all an unpleasant sensation as it's certainly preferable to the one I was just experiencing. I feel something cold dripping down my flesh onto my balls and assume it's lube.

"Okay, ladies," Dr. Erikson calls out, commanding everyone's attention. I hear a drawer slide open. "Remember this?"

I'm almost too exhausted to care what she might be referring to, but with what strength I have left I peer back towards the doctor. She's holding up some weird tan colored dildo with wingy things at the base that look like handles or something. The dildo has an odd shape to it, is rather thick near the middle, and has a slight curve to it.

"Oh yeah!" Dr. Keithly cries out sort of excited, stepping around the kneeling Megan, shouldering Roxanne out of the way, and forcing Sunflower to take a quick step backward. "The prostate stimulator! You still have that thing?" Her enthusiasm has me feeling pretty darn scared.

"Hold on!" Roxanne says nervously, "What's that? What's a prostate stimulator?"

"Come here, and we'll show you," Dr. Erikson says as she motions Roxanne over to her.

Now mistress and all of the doctors are behind me, and all of the female slaves are kneeling on the floor in a group, keeping their eyes down and remaining silent. I wonder who among them are thanking what ever God they pray to that it's not her on the table.

"Okay, take this and press it into your slave nice and easy. He's pretty relaxed now so it shouldn't take much pressure."

"Come on, I think we've done enough for one..." Roxanne begins.

"You don't want to torment him any more with that load he has in his balls do you, Roxy?" Dr. Erikson cuts in.

"That would really be cruel!" Dr. Rutherford exclaims, although I detect an edge to her voice that tells me very little that can be done to me would be cruel enough for her.

"He'll love this, you have to let him feel it, Roxy," Dr. Keithly chips in. That response sounds genuine to me and now it has me wondering what this stimulator thing is all about.

"You see? It's agreed, now here you go."

I think I hear Roxanne say "Shit," under her breath a second before I hear the squirt of the lube bottle and then feel the tip of the dildo press against my anus. As the redhead had predicted, it slides in rather easily, although it seems to be filling me up quite a bit more than the previous one had. As the fatter section slides into me, the dildo narrows near the base and when Roxanne releases her grip the dildo easily stays in place.

"That's it?" Roxanne asks.

"That's it for now," Dr. Erikson says, "Okay ladies, let's get him up and turned around. Careful! Hold him tight."

What for? I'm not getting out of here alive anyway. Just fucking do whatever it is you're going to do and then put me out of my misery. It's been a long day and my cock is as limp as a used dishrag. I don't know what they think I'm going to do, but getting an erection may not be in the cards any more.

I offer no resistance what so ever as Mistress and the doctors untie the ropes and cuffs holding me across the table and position me so that I'm leaning against the end of the table facing outward into the room. Dr. Erikson slips the wrinkled and soiled gown off of me and threads the ropes through the sleeves. She reaches down and presses a button on the side of the table and I hear the sound of a motor as the table rises behind me. Standing, naked, facing away from the table, my head hangs limply down.

"Okay, switch ropes Roxy," Dr. Erikson requests as she and my wife hand each other the ropes they hold. These ropes are attached to my wrists and when they switch ropes my arms are crossed behind my back. They each squat down to secure the ropes to the sides of the table. Meanwhile, the other two doctors are re-attaching the cuffs around my ankles.

Oh crap, it's show time. I look up at the ceiling, feeling sort of light headed and dizzy. I feel saliva oozing down my chin, thick and frothy, dripping onto my chest.

The weird dildo is sort of feeling funny in my ass. Not 'funny' like a joke I might laugh at, but funny like it feels sort of good, sort of pleasurable. That must be the stimulation thing they were talking about. I'm at a loss to explain it, but pleasure is the last thing I imagined I'd be feeling after everything I've been through in this room.

I feel my cock stiffen slightly. Is it the dildo thing, or my exposed position and the humiliation I'm feeling again that is causing the stimulation? I look down my bare chest to my hairless genitals and see my cock expanding. Oh shit, this is really embarrassing! I look up and see Roxanne watching my cock grow, a huge smile on her face. Oh man is she enjoying this! Okay, now my cock is growing hard really fast. It's unstoppable, I know that, and my member quickly reaches its full potential.

"You see, Roxy? Even after all he's been through, this will bring him to full erection every time and keep him there for as long as you wish." Dr. Erikson was squatting in front of me now, not knowing or caring that as I look down I can see she's not wearing panties beneath that short coral colored skirt.

I cry out through the gag as a really intense sensation within my rectum sends shock waves to my brain. What the fuck was that?! Oh shit! There it is again!

I look down to see that the gorgeous red head is toying with those little curved handles that are attached to the base of the dildo, moving it around inside of me.

Oh god, did that feel great! Man, what the fuck is that thing?

"You see," Samantha has turned to look up at Roxanne, "the curved tip of this dildo is pressed right up against his prostate. It's a sensation similar to someone stroking your g-spot." The red fox looks up at me, "Does it feel good, subbie hubbie?"

Um, can't you tell by the drool flowing out of the edges of the gag and the glazed over look of my eyes? I thought you were a doctor.

"Yes! Yes!" I shout through the gag while nodding my head to make sure she understands my affirmative answer. I feel the device shift again in my ass, presumably stroking my prostate gland.

"Connie, may we?" Dr. Erickson is looking towards Chelsea, kneeling with Megan and Nia, both still looking down at the floor.

"Of course," the brunette says as she steps past Dr. Rutherford to stand next to Sunflower. "Over here, slave, crawl."

I see Sunflower look up to see my engorged cock and then she looks over at Connie, shaking her head. "Mistress..." she says, a quiver evident in her soft voice."Please, not that."

The brunette squats down next to her slave. "I paid good money to have you trained to please both women and men," she says in a very low voice that I can barely hear. "You will demonstrate your abilities to me now." Then in a whisper she says, "Do not embarrass me in front of these Mistresses, or I swear I'll make your life a living hell."

The naked woman closes her eyes for a second, I think it may be to fight back the tears, and then looks into her Mistress' eyes. She falls forward onto her hands and begins to crawl slowly, seductively, towards me until she is perched directly in front of me.

"Now, Chelsea, the slave is already excited, so you have to be careful not to over-excite him and make him cum before we wish him to."

"I understand, mistress," Chelsea says, looking up past my cock to look me in the eyes.

Gone is that little brat I saw in the waiting room. Gone is the little Sunflower, glowing brightly and lighting up the room. Here in front of me is the slave Chelsea, obedient, serious, sexy beyond words, kneeling now so that her head is close to my cock. I look down at her, my eyes leaving hers to look down at her full breasts, her nipples pink and erect, the smooth flesh of her stomach leading down to her hairless pussy.

She leans forward and takes my cock in her mouth, not applying pressure, just massaging gently with her tongue. The feeling is incredible and I can already tell that her mistress has spent her money well.

Things are happening in the room now that distracts me from the wonderful blowjob I'm receiving from the beautiful woman kneeling before me. Brenda and Connie seem to have taken it upon themselves to start a little orgy over in the corner by the doctor's desk. God, is that an erotic sight as the two are lip locked and squirming against each other, hands exploring under blouses.


I look to my left to see Dr. Erickson guiding Roxanne into the comfortable leather chair that she's pulled away from her desk. Roxanne leans back, her eyes not leaving my naked and bound body. Samantha snaps her fingers twice and both Nia and Megan look her way and begin to crawl towards the spot on the floor in front of Roxanne that her finger points to.

"Pleasure." Dr. Erikson points towards Roxanne and the two slaves seductively move towards my mistress, their hands on her bare legs, lifting her skirt as Roxanne raises her beautiful ass off the seat. My wife slides down a little so that her pantiless crotch is closer to the edge of the chair and Megan begins to kiss the white flesh of Roxanne's thighs. I know this is one of her favorite spots and am not surprised to see her head go back and her mouth open.

Oh fuck! That sensation inside of me again! I look down and see that Dr. Rutherford is sitting on the floor next to Chelsea and is toying with the little handles on the prostrate stimulator with the fingers of one hand. Her other hand is up at Chelsea's nipple and I see the slave's eyes suddenly widen as the Captain pinches her nipple. The eyes looking up at me are watering and I know that the Domme must be crushing the poor woman's nipple between her fingers.

I jump as I feel a body behind me and look around for Dr. Erikson. She's climbed up onto the table behind me and is moving in to straddle me from behind, her long sexy legs coming around on both sides of me and her arms coming around my chest, her fingers plucking at my nipples.

Samantha's head rests on my shoulder and I feel her warm breath on my cheek. "How long has it been since you've had a good cum, subbie hubbie?" One of her hands roams my chest and abdomen while the other continues to pinch my nipple.

"A few days?"

I shake my head, no.

"A week?"

No, Roxanne had not allowed me to cum for over a week prior to this whole CB-6000 ordeal beginning. I shake my head again.

"You know your cum is going to be thick don't you?"

I nod yes, I imagine it'll be really thick.

"Chelsea doesn't like cum now, does she? She doesn't like the taste of semen in her mouth, does she?" These taunting questions are directed at the slave whose lips are wrapped around my cock. The return look is not kind, and I think that in a different setting the woman would be disciplined for such a look, but not today.

Dr. Erikson's body is warming me from behind as she holds me around the waist. Her hands move to hold Chelsea's head and guide her onto my cock, making her move back and forth.

"Take him in all of the way, slave, and massage the head of his cock with the back of your throat."

The look changes to one of fear as she leans in closer, pressing her head in to accommodate my cock. Not to brag, but my cock is fairly large both in girth and length and I'm somewhat amazed that the woman can take me in like she is. It's an incredible feeling and I wonder where she was trained and how? For a lesbian, she gives one hell of a blowjob!

"Roxy," Samantha calls out, her voice giving away her arousal, "is this what you wanted, dear?"

I look over to see that Roxanne has her eyes closed and can tell she is close to heaven under the attention of the two naked slaves, Nia and Megan. Megan's head is buried between Roxanne's outstretched legs, while Nia has lifted my wife's blouse and is kissing and fondling her breasts. Her eyes open and I see her trying to focus.

My wife's head nods and her mouth opens, no words come out even though her lips are moving. Finally, weakly, she says it is, it's exactly what she wanted. Something Megan just did makes her lurch and cry out.

"Now Clair," Samantha orders and Dr. Rutherford moves the stimulator back and forth against my prostate and my mind is blasted with sensations I cannot even begin to describe.

"Look at your hubbie, Roxy," Samantha pants. I feel her hand moving against my ass and I realize she's fingering herself. "He's coming for you now, to please you, just as you asked me to arrange."

I look over at my mistress and see her smile. "Thank you Samantha, this has been wonderful. Come for me, Daniel, please baby, cum now." I'm not really sure if she can really see me or not, the look of lust on her face so obvious that I know she's seconds away from orgasm.

My cock spasms as I realize that Roxanne has been in control of this experience throughout. The impression that she had lost control had been staged for just the effect it had on me, whether to scare me, embarrass me, or simply for her amusement is unknown. Nor do I care.

I cum hard and it's painful, but I can't stop it and I feel cum bursting from my cock and down Chelsea's throat. Her lips close tightly around my cock and I feel an incredible suction while her tongue continues to massage my member from within the vacuum of her mouth. The pain I felt at my initial release is replaced by tremendous pleasure as I continue to convulse and spurt cum. I feel the tip of my cock against the back of Chelsea’s throat as the stimulator strokes my prostrate. Her right hand is grasping my cock at its base, holding it tightly to stretch the flesh for maximum stiffness, while her left hand massages my balls.

Through my own haze I hear Roxanne cry out as her orgasm overtakes her.

Cries of lust come from my right and I see Dr. Keithly's leg around Connie's hip and her head is back as she shudders in orgasmic fits. Connie's head is buried against the doctor's neck while the fingers of her right hand are equally buried beneath the doctor's skirt.

Suddenly, Chelsea begins to gurgle and I feel a definite change in her ministrations upon my cock. I look down to see that Dr. Rutherford's fingers are stroking Sunflower's cunt. I hear them slapping against her crotch as they move furiously in and out, the wetness there apparent from the slopping sounds the slapping causes. Sunflower is cumming now, and I nearly laugh as her eyes have a sort of crossed look to them. It's an intense orgasm, to be sure, but at no time have her lips left my cock.

Finally, the sounds in the room change from lust to exhaustion as those who have cum begin to settle down.

"Oh god!" Roxanne cries out. "Thank you, everyone, this was so intense!!"

The bodies in the room seem to melt, as half the women sink to the floor. The slaves are all relieved of their tasks and simply kneel where they are, patiently awaiting instructions.

"Shit!" Dr. Erikson exclaims as she lies back on the table, finally bringing herself off with her fingers. "Oh fuck!" It's an intense orgasm and her legs come around to grasp my torso, pulling me back hard against the end of the table. When her passions finally subside, she sits up and swings her legs to the side and stands up.

She and Dr. Rutherford begin to untie me, and the stimulator is removed from my ass leaving me with that weird empty feeling again. It takes a few minutes to untie me and by then Roxanne is standing next to me, holding me around the waist. She has that look that tells me she is so totally satisfied, sated, wasted. Her hair is messed up, sort of scrunched and scraggly. Her clothes are a mess, all wrinkled, and disheveled, but she doesn't seem to notice or care. She is focused on me now, gazing at me lovingly, looking into my eyes to see if I'm truly okay.

"I'm so proud of you, baby," she coos into my ear. "I love you so much." She backs up and I see all of the doctors standing in a semi-circle around me, the slaves arranged and kneeling next to their mistresses.

"You may have any woman here, Daniel," Roxanne says, holding her arms out to indicate the women standing on either side of her. "We've all agreed beforehand that if you performed well we would all be available to you as a reward. It’s your choice, no strings attached."

I look at the line of women, both standing and kneeling, and feel like I have indeed died and gone to heaven. For all I know I really did pass out in the hallway, having just discovered that Dr. Erikson is a woman, and that this has all been a dream. But no, this has been real, there's no doubt about that!

Roxanne! Oh god how I love you! This has been the most intense day of my entire life - without a doubt. I look again at my choices and can’t help but to smile. Each woman is gorgeous, truly magnificent, sexy, and sensual. This wouldn't be an easy choice for any man to make, but for me it's incredibly easy, for there's only one woman among them that I truly desire and I walk to her feet and kneel, looking up.

Roxanne looks down at me, and smiles.

The End

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