Piggy’s Diary
by mrhungry

“Have you been in my room?” Peggy demanded, her voice sounding extremely confrontational. The short, squat woman looked at her beautiful landlady through her thick glasses, a look of rage on her face.

Janice looked at her tenant and laughed. “Why in the world would I want to go in there? I make an effort to avoid that part of the house for fear of coming down with the swine flu.”

“Aaaarggh!” Peggy growled, knowing that Janice called her Piggy behind her back, and sometimes to her face. She’d called her that since high school when she and her uppity friends would tease her in the hallways. They would snort and oink whenever Peggy walked by them.

“You may own this house, but I’m paying for this room and it’s off limits to you!” she shouted as she retreated behind her door and slammed it shut.

Janice laughed at Piggy’s outburst, and wondered what she had touched in the room that had given her away. Yes, she’d been in Piggy’s room while the woman was at work. She went in there quite often. She had found something in there three months ago that, to this day, still astonished her.

It seemed that the little hunk of woman had an extremely kinky side. Not only did she have a little stash of bondage gear, but she kept a diary in which she noted in exquisite detail the various ways in which she used the gear on herself. Self-bondage. Janice had looked it up on-line after coming across the little diary.

At first she was going to confront Piggy with it, you know, to embarrass her. But as she read, she became increasingly, and surprisingly, horny! The little fucking toad might be on to something!

The diary entries had started out rather mundane, and Janice had been about to put the leather-bound book back when she happened across an entry that surprised her. It seemed that Piggy had seen something on-line, quite by mistake, that she had found utterly disgusting, but had stuck in her mind, tormenting her until she purposely went back to the very site that she had found so repulsive.

It was a bondage web-site where women, supposedly models, were seen to be posing in the most outlandish outfits, some even naked except for bondage cuffs around their wrists and ankles, and collars locked around their necks.

Janice read how these images had haunted poor little Piggy and how she tried to tell herself that it was so demented. Often she used words that Janice had to look up in the dictionary. The little dwarf was quite a wordsmith, a word Janice had also been forced to use a dictionary on.

Janice was more than a little flustered to admit that Piggy was probably much smarter than she was. A straight A+ student in school, Piggy had gone on to earn a degree in computer science and was employed at a local high-tech company, PIT, working the tech service line. She, however, was a waitress at an exclusive restaurant in the next town over. Money-wise, she knew she made way more than Piggy with the fabulous tips she earned. After all, she had already bought a house, while Piggy could only afford to rent one room in her house.

There was just no comparison between them as far as beauty went, either. She was tall, blonde and beautiful, and had full luscious breasts, a slender waist, and fabulously tight abs and buttocks. Her legs were so trim she could barely pinch flesh between her fingers.

Piggy, on the other hand, was short and pretty much out of shape. She had big boobies, but Janice wondered how much of that was fat. She knew she wasn’t really fat, it was just that being short and squat made her appear that way.

In a way, Janice was surprised that Piggy had taken the room after finding out who her landlady would be. She had responded to an ad placed in the local paper and was obviously embarrassed when Janice had opened the door. But she had really needed a place to stay and the rent was reasonable. That they had known each other in school had helped in her decision, but Piggy had probably thought that since they were both more mature, there would be no teasing like before.

She was only partially right. Janice still enjoyed getting her worked up by calling her Piggy!

Janice sat back and thought about Piggy’s diary. She considered how Piggy’s reaction to what she discovered on the bondage web-site matched so closely how she herself had reacted when reading the diary. Both were eye-opening experiences. They had both been shocked at first and then, given time, intrigued. The thought of the short - and let’s face it, unattractive – woman all trussed up in bondage gear was not a very erotic image, but Janice had begun to picture herself in the situations Piggy had described. Now those were images that, even though she felt somewhat ashamed to admit, began to make her incredibly horny!

Janice had begun to sneak into Piggy’s room each day after the woman had left for work. She would open her bottom dresser drawer and take out the diary, hoping to find a new entry. Piggy didn’t write every night, and Janice found herself becoming disappointed when there had been no entry, and extremely excited when there was. Somewhere in the back of her head she was repulsed by the thought that anything the little troll would do might make her excited, but the pure lust she felt while reading the entries over-rode those thoughts.

And the lust only increased as Piggy continued to explore this new world. Not only did the entries become more vivid, but Piggy’s inventory of gear increased in size. At first it was only the padded cuffs with their little locks. Janice could still remember the unexpected rush of excitement she had felt when she had first wrapped the leather around her wrists, buckled them, and then clicked those little locks shut. Excitement? Whew, her heart had been beating a mile a minute and she really didn’t understand why or what she had been feeling. She had quickly taken them off, replaced everything exactly as she had found them, and retreated to her own room. She lay on her bed for the longest time, thinking about it, fantasizing about it, until she had succumbed to her feelings and had fingered herself to a pretty good orgasm.

That had been pretty embarrassing, and she vowed not to do it again! Really, just the thought of being aroused by something Piggy was into was, like, a total turnoff!

But, try as she might, Janice could not shake those thoughts from her pretty little head.

She began to think of Piggy while she was at work, waiting tables at Chesterfield’s. It was a very exclusive dinner club and she could not have afforded to eat there if she had to actually pay for a meal. The steak dinners were upwards of $70 each, and then if you added liquor and maybe a dessert… well, it was way more than she could afford.

But as she waited on the wealthy customers each night, Janice would think about Piggy, home now, and probably writing in her diary. Maybe she was even acting out some of her fantasies. She knew the little Piggy used the gear she had bought. Of course she would use it… on herself. The thought of Piggy in those beautiful cuffs was… yuk… it wasn’t nice. No, Janice preferred to think of herself in the cuffs. Even while she was serving her super rich customers she pictured herself, cuffed, and maybe wearing Piggy’s new leather collar, bringing the hot, delicious food out to her Master’s table.

The collar did feel good around her neck, she had to admit that. But the posture collar she had found soon after felt even more sensational! She had to believe Piggy had made a mistake when she purchased that, and she had even described in the diary how uncomfortable it was around her neck. It was too tight and too wide. But she suffered its harsh strictness because she really couldn’t afford to replace it with a different size.

Janice was happy with that revelation because, although the posture collar was too tight on the Pig, it really fit her pretty well. She found that, while Piggy probably had the straps on the last eyelets – and yes, she could see some stretching on those holes, she could pull the straps tight and buckle it securely on the third or fourth hole. It fit rather nicely under her chin, holding it high and securely. She almost felt bad for poor Piggy, whose head must have been held in a horribly awkward position by the stiff collar. The thought of that made her laugh! Oh what a comical sight she would be with her wrists clipped behind her chubby little back and her neck squeezed into the off-size collar!

Janice looked over at the clock on the fireplace mantel and saw that it was nearly time to get ready for work. Walking towards her own wing of the ranch style home, Janice looked with disdain at the stuffed panda bear sitting there on the mantel. She felt like taking the stupid thing, ripping its stuffing out, and throwing it all over the room. Piggy and her stupid stuffed animals! It was bad enough that her room was full of them, a fact that she supposed she should not even know, but Piggy had insisted that she had the right to have a few of her things throughout the house that she was paying to share. Okay, okay, if she wanted to have ONE stupid stuffed animal here and there, she would allow it. She had been tempted to buy little stuffed pigs and place them throughout the house, but even she wasn’t that mean. It did make her smile to think of how angry Piggy would be though.

After a nice warm shower, Janice dried off and stood in front of the vanity mirror and admired her 5 foot, five inch frame. She had been on the cheerleading squad all through high school and was proud to have maintained her slender physique into her twenties. Some of her friends from the squad had not faired as well, and had sadly let themselves go. Not her! She watched what she ate and had a membership at the local gym. She turned to admire her firm peachy ass. She gave herself a playful slap, seeing with delight that her buttock cheek barely moved. God, she was firm!

Turning back so she stood straight, she turned her gaze to her pussy, the light covering of blonde pubic hair barely concealing the contours of her labia. She fingered the hair, deciding if it was in need of a trim, but then remembered she really didn’t have the time to tend to that right now; maybe tomorrow. She liked to keep her bush short and trimmed around the edges.

Applying what little make-up she needed and brushing out her long, silky smooth, blonde hair, she looked at her face in the mirror and smiled. Maybe tonight would be the night she would meet a single white male, let’s say a self-made millionaire, let’s say in his mid to upper 30’s, let’s say a man who knew what he wanted and… and knew how to control a woman.

Janice squeezed her legs together and kneaded her perfect breasts with both hands. Oh God! Is that what she wanted… for a man to control her? Her hands were shaking and her thoughts were filled with images of things she had seen as she had searched some of the same web-sites that her depraved tenant had mentioned in her diary.

Wanting to throw herself on her bed and finger herself to orgasm, Janice reluctantly browsed her closet, searching for the short black dress she was required to wear each night. She laid it out on her king sized bed and reached into her drawer to pull out her black garter belt and stockings. Those were not required, but Janice had begun to wear them two weeks ago, at about the same time she had decided to forgo wearing panties. She still got such a rush out of it! Even with the knowledge that no one would ever see that she was naked under her dress, she knew. She knew that a man, let’s say a millionaire, let’s say…

STOP! I’ll be late for work!

She forced the fantasy from her mind as she clipped the garters onto the tops of her sheer stockings, pulled the hem of her dress down to cover the tops of the stockings, and slipped into her black high heels. The heels were a little taller than most of the other waitresses wore, but for her height it was not that obvious. What was obvious was how sensational her slender legs looked as she wore them. She turned and looked at herself in her full length mirror, loved what she saw, and grabbed her car keys from atop her dresser.

Tonight might be the night she would meet her Prince Charming.

* * *

The sound of the rusty Dodge van starting up outside her window woke Janice up, abruptly displacing her from the pleasant dream she was having. It was really irritating because she had told Piggy several times to park on the opposite side of the driveway so that this wouldn’t happen every morning when she left for work. Why couldn’t she get it through her little swine brain that she worked nights and didn’t even get in until 2 am?

Now she was awake. She turned over and closed her eyes, wondering if any new entries had been written the previous evening while she was hard at work. It had been a busy night, and she had made nearly $500 in tips! Oh how she loved rich people! Of course she worked her tight little ass off serving them and listening politely to their complaints, running her sore feet off getting this and that for them when they should have just asked for everything they needed up front. They knew they would need more lemon, why did they wait until she brought the extra napkins to ask for it?

Of course, there was that one man, a single white male, looked to be in his mid 30’s, dining alone, no ring on his finger… she had not minded making several trips for him. She chose to walk to and from the kitchen using the far entrance as that necessitated her walking away from the man, knowing he would be watching her hot little body as she eagerly departed to fulfill his needs. She felt her pussy grow wet at the thought of how she had fantasized that she was wearing the leather cuffs around her slender wrists and ankles. The man had left her a $40 tip! She desperately hoped he would come back soon.

Janice lay quietly, half hoping she would fall back asleep, but knowing it would probably not happen. Her thoughts turned to the leather bands that Piggy had purchased about two months ago. She had just gotten used to the constricting sensations of the cuffs and the posture collar when she had discovered the three leather bands in the dresser drawer along with the diary. Reading the previous night’s entry, Janice found that Piggy had bought two of the bands to strap around her pudgy little thighs (not that she had described them as such in her writings). The third one was to go around her elbows. Janice read with interest how the woman had adjusted the larger band and had wiggled her arms into it until the band surrounded her elbows, pulling them sort of close together behind her. After she had snapped the lock closed joining her wrist cuffs behind her, she found that she could wiggle right out of the leather elbow band. She had written how disappointed she had been and wished that a strong man was there to properly bind her!

Oh how Janice had to agree with Peggy, oops, Piggy on that! But reading on, she was delighted to see how Piggy had tightened the strap two more eyelets and, even though it had been really difficult to wiggle into, she had found herself to be very tightly bound once her wrist cuffs were locked! She could not wiggle out of it, no matter how hard she struggled, and was forced to wait until she had unlocked her wrists to free herself. Even then it had taken considerable effort. Janice grimaced at the thought of the woman struggling to get the new leather band down over her pudgy little arms.

Piggy had also written how she had positioned the sturdy metal rings attached to the smaller leather bands encircling her thighs so that she could loop one of her new locks through each of them and lock them to her ankle cuffs. This forced her legs to be held back so that her heels touched her ass. Well, the way she had written it was much more elegant and inspired some pretty steamy images, but that was basically what she meant. Janice read the diary and sometimes wished she had done better in English class. Piggy was so good with words and her descriptions left very little to the imagination and also left her pretty damn moist between the legs! She was a wordsmith! There, she had used the word again. Maybe she would become a wordsmith someday.

Flipping over onto her back, Janice allowed her fingers to gently pinch her nipples, arousing them into erection almost immediately. She thought again of the day when she had discovered the bands and how she had experimented with them herself. Yes, they had been sensational. She wished she could have lain on the bed as Piggy had probably done, but of course the little stuffed animal lover had covered nearly half her bed with the damn things! How old was she, six? Janice owned a teddy bear when she was a child but by the time she was eight she had no longer needed it or even wanted it in her room.

There was no way she could remove the stupid animals from the bed and return them to their correct positions. For all she knew, Piggy knew exactly where each one went! Maybe she could take a picture and then… forget that! She sat down on the floor and went to work locking on the cuffs, and the posture collar, and the new leather bands.

Experimenting just as her bondage mentor had, (okay, that was a bizarre thought, but… true, she supposed), Janice also found the best eyelet to allow her to wiggle her elbows into the band, but not be able to wiggle out until she unlocked the wrist cuffs. Wow! Did that feel sensational!

She fell over onto her side and then onto her stomach. It was tight! Well, not too tight, but tight enough that she knew she would never be able to wiggle out of it. She had seen on one of the web-sites how those punishing single sleeve gloves could actually dislocate a person’s shoulders, but this was not pulling her elbows that close together using the eyelet placement that she had used on the buckle.

Wiggling on her stomach, she felt her tender breasts and her painfully erect nipples dragging against the carpet in Piggy’s room. She inched her way over to the full length mirror hooked to the closet door and gasped when she saw her reflection. She had always been so proud of her breasts, but now… now they were forced out and looked so super fantastic!

Even now she blushed when she thought of what she had done next. She had begun to back up, to return to the spot where she had locked the locks, knowing that the keys were there, when she found that her left leg had gone to one side of the foot post of Piggy’s bed while her right leg had gone to the other side. With her legs pulled back so that her heels touched her ass, Janice had accidentally pushed herself back so that her pussy touched the post. She knew she was really, really, wet as she began to lift her ass and stroke her pussy against the post. She felt the hard, sculptured, wood against her flesh and put her head down on the carpeted floor. It had taken only a couple of minutes of moving her pussy against the post for her to have the most intense orgasm of her life! She lay there, breathing heavily, tightly bound, for a full five minutes afterwards. When she finally worked her way over to the keys and unlocked her wrists she found that she was flushed from her exertion and from her excitement. Once free of the bondage, she lay on Piggy’s floor with her legs spread widely apart and fingered herself to another incredible orgasm.

Okay! I give up!

Janice flipped back the covers and sat up on her bed. She would never get back to sleep. Not now. She had to go and see.

Not caring that she was naked, Janice walked down the hall, through the kitchen, and into the hallway that led to Piggy’s room. She went to turn the doorknob and found that it would not turn. She flipped on the light switch and saw that the little bitch had installed a new door knob – one with a lock!

Anger didn’t begin to describe the emotion that swept through Janice’s mind. How dare she? It was her house, damn it! Sure, she rented the room, but… but this was…

Janice realized that what she felt wasn’t really anger but a profound sense of frustration. She knew that given different circumstances it wouldn’t have bothered her that a tenant would want to have a lock on their room for privacy. But… but, the diary! The diary was on the other side of that locked door. She tried the knob one more time, instinctively knowing the result would be the same. Piggy had cut her off.

The sullen woman returned to her room and sank back onto her bed. The sheets atop her pillow-top mattress were still warm as she climbed in and brought the bedspread over her, grasping its edge tightly in her fists.

What would she do now? Demand that Peggy remove the lock? Why? What justification would she give? It’s not as though she had damaged the property. Sure, most bedroom doors had knobs that simply locked from the inside, but there was no law that said a keyed entry knob couldn’t be used.

She was surprised at how upset she was. Not mad now, just… flustered or something. She thought back to the previous evening when Peg... Piggy had confronted her about being in her room. She must have gone right out as soon as she had left for work to buy the new doorknob. Janice tried to think of what she might have moved and not replaced that the little runt had noticed.

Janice lay between her warm sheets and thought about the elbow and thigh straps and then about the next item that had appeared in Piggy’s drawer. She had purchased a really cool ball gag. It was red, and rubber, and had stiff black rubber straps that went around her head to fasten in the back. There was a buckle there and a place for a lock, but as Piggy wrote in her diary, the lock was not really necessary since her arms would be so securely bound. Janice had to give the stocky little woman a gold star for courage, as she seemed undaunted with entering a sex shop two towns over to purchase all of these items. She certainly would not have the nerve to open the door and walk into one of those horrible places. Lucky for her, Piggy had no such reservations.

The gag had felt wonderful in her mouth, pulled tightly and buckled firmly in place. It made breathing difficult, as all respirations had to be made through her nose. As her excitement grew, so did the difficulty in breathing. She noticed that if she flared her lips and tried, she could suck air in around the big red ball. Then she found, as she struggled across Piggy’s floor to the mirror, that when she was really exerting herself, air would burst out around the ball as well. Not to mention drool. God that was sort of gross, and afterwards she had to crawl around and wipe up what she could find with a paper towel so as to not leave traces on the carpet! She followed what Piggy had written in her diary as to how she used hot, hot, water to clean the gag after use and then used a blow drier to make sure it was nice and dry before putting it away. She certainly didn’t want to leave saliva and germs on her new gag, and didn’t want it to stay wet and develop mold. That was sort of gross, too. Still, Janice was pretty confident that she wouldn’t catch any swine germs from using the gear as it appeared that Piggy was serious about maintaining it.

The drooling dilemma was solved several days later when Janice had discovered a really nice leather hood in the drawer. She began to wonder how much all of this gear was costing her cash-starved tenant. Had she gotten a raise? Of course she didn’t know how much she actually made over there, or what she actually did, or if she actually liked her job or not. The two of them never spoke, working different shifts and all, and the always present air of animosity that hovered around them whenever they were both in the same room. Not that she blamed Piggy for disliking her, and almost admired the little munchkin for having the balls to live with her, knowing how dwarfish she appeared compared to her landlady. It couldn’t be very easy on Piggy’s self-esteem to be around her, bringing up memories of high school and how humiliated the girl must have felt as she and her buddies oinked and grunted after her. That had been so fun - well, not for Piggy, but it was for them!

Janice’s thoughts returned to the soft leather hood. Oh, what a marvelous item that turned out to be. Piggy had written how completely helpless she had felt when she had slipped it over her head and pulled the straps tight in back, buckling them and then pulling the zipper up on the flaps that covered the straps and buckles. Once locked, there was no way to even get at the straps. Janice had to agree, the feeling of helplessness was overwhelming, especially as it pressed against the ball gag securely strapped into her mouth. Now there was no breathing around the hard rubber ball! Piggy had written that she had not properly lined up the nostril holes the first time and she nearly passed out due to lack of oxygen. Janice was certainly more cautious about that! That the hood had no holes for her eyes to see out of was of some concern to Janice, but having read Piggy’s description of the sensations that she had felt at being forced into darkness it lessened the nervous feeling that she had when she had forced the darkness upon herself.

The following week, Janice had found a little MP3 player with headphones in the drawer, neatly wrapped up in the hood. She saw that the contents of the drawer were neatly stowed in place and began to worry that Piggy would be able to notice that things had been moved. She thought about her earlier frustration over not being able to lie on Piggy’s bed and ran, naked and excited, to her room to get her digital camera. She took a picture of the contents of the drawer so that she would be able to reproduce the exact layout of the equipment after she had cleaned them and put them away. If the little Piggy was trying trip her up, she would be one step ahead of her!

Janice read that day’s diary entry with interest, and then re-read it. The little troll was fantasizing about her! She wrote that she could only imagine how much better the tight bondage would feel if only she were as lean as Janice. If only her breasts were as firm as Janice’s were and her legs as long and as shapely.

What must it be like to possess a body such as hers? To walk into a room and cause all talking to cease. To have every eye follow her as she ambled nonchalantly by. Or to have her slender arms bound behind her, her delicate wrists captured in the unyielding leather cuffs, her tender ankles bound and pulled roughly against her finely sculptured thighs. She could certainly keep her well-toned thighs together, but the lustful sensations coursing through her body would almost surely force her to spread her legs wide, exposing to anyone fortunate enough to happen across her helpless form to view her smoothly shaven pussy, moist with anticipation of the orgasms she would soon be experiencing.

Oh, how magnificent her breasts would be as they were forced out before her. The firmness they surely displayed, yet the softness of her orbs to the touch, her nipples erect and standing proudly out from where they sat perched upon their little brown areolas. Bound as she was, her perspiration moistened chest would rise and fall, moving her lovely breasts with each labored breath as she strained to inhale and exhale through the small holes in the hood. The hood would be noticeably strained near her mouth as the punishing ball gag stretched her lovely lips to their limits. Her jaw would be aching but her mind would be distracted both by the overwhelming arousal she was feeling deep within her loins and by the sweet music being supplied by the little MP3 player, hooked to the front o-ring of her posture collar.

Janice remembered looking at the clock and calculating how much time she had until Piggy was due to return from work. The woman had no social life, and nearly always came straight home after work. She was dismayed to see that there wasn’t really enough time, so she replaced the diary and closed the drawer, looked around to make sure she had not messed up any of Peggy’s little buddies, and went back to her own room. She lay upon her bed and slid her fingers into her pussy, noticing immediately the wetness that revealed the intense feeling of arousal the elegantly worded passages had pressed upon her. Oh, to be able to express herself as vividly and as elegantly as Peggy seemed to do so effortlessly. Surely she should be writing works that could be published. Janice thought of Peggy, lying on her bed after playing with her bondage gear, expressing her thoughts and fantasies in her little diary.

She stroked her pussy harder now, imagining the thoughts that must be torturing her little house-mate nightly. Trapped in the little troll body, knowing she would never be as beautiful and shapely as the woman she fantasized about and wrote about in her diary. How envious she must be. How utterly humiliated she must feel when she looked at her own shapeless form in the mirror hung over the closet door, thinking about having a body so much more wonderful than her own.

Her fingers worked more quickly now, a growing need in her pussy that caused a wet slurping sound as they flicked in and out of her cunt. Her free hand had been roughly kneading her breasts, but now was pulling on the short growth of hair covering her pussy. She pulled hard! Groaning and taking in huge gulps of air as she felt her arousal reaching heights she had never previously experienced. The sheer magnitude of her arousal caused her to clamp her eyes tightly shut, her brows raised and her lips wet from her tongue passing over them. Her middle three fingers were now ramming her cunt furiously as the fingers on her other hand sought out her engorged clitoris. Finding it, she screamed out as she was engulfed in an orgasm so powerful it made her shake her head and cry out again as her senses became completely overwhelmed.

Her hips came off the bed as her fingers continued to stroke her cunt, her wetness soaking them and dripping down the folds of her hot flesh. She stiffened her legs and her head banged against the headboard, knocking it hard against the wall. She heard the picture frames above her rattle as they bounced against the wall, teetering so tenuously on the little nails holding them up on the wall.

The fingers that had been pulling on her closely trimmed pubic hair began to rub her mound as she imagined her pussy shaven clean, as Peggy had fantasized in the diary. She came again, and pulled herself up into a crunch position as though she were attempting a sit-up. The strain of the orgasm upon her body was intense and, when she was released from its grip, she collapsed into her sheets, panting, and nearly overcome with emotions.

It took several minutes for her respirations to return to anything close to normal. What she had just experienced was so incredible she was at a loss to even formulate a rational thought to express it in words. Were there words to express what she had just experienced? She was sure that Peggy, um, Piggy could do it. Yes, she could surely write that up in her little journal or whatever that thing was.

The exhausted woman closed her eyes and tried to control her breathing. Her hand shook as she raised it to push the hair away from her eyes, feeling the wetness of her forehead and the dampness of her scalp. Turning onto her side, her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep, a contented smile upon her face.

* * *

Knock, knock, knock.


“Janice! Are you in there? Are you going to work tonight?”

Janice rolled over and slowly opened her eyes. What time was it? It was dark in her room.

“Oh shit! What time is it?” She flung the covers back and raced to the door. When she flung it open, Piggy was standing on the other side with her hand up as if she was about to knock again. She wondered why Piggy’s mouth suddenly hung open, her eyes widening, and a bright red flush springing to life upon her chubby little cheeks, until she realized that she had jumped out of bed and raced to open her door while still stark naked. Now, embarrassed for being seen in that state, and the sudden flash of what had preceded her falling off to sleep, Janice covered herself with her hands and raced across the hall to her bathroom.

She looked back and said, “Thanks Peg,” before slamming the door shut and racing to turn on the shower. She could not afford to lose her job at Chesterfield's and they were not very lenient when it came to tardiness.

She was a mess! But she hurriedly washed her hair and her body, lingering maybe a minute too long as she washed her pussy. Her entire crotch area was a sticky mess, and a slew of sensations assaulted her as she used the soft white wash cloth to remove the evidence of her previous arousal from her flesh. She felt her cheeks redden at the thought of the intensity of the passions she had experienced just a few hours before. It had been a mind-altering experience. She was sure that Piggy would express it in something close to those terms if she were to write about it in her diary.

After drying off and taking care of her hair and makeup, Janice peeked out into the hall and streaked across to her room where she quickly got dressed.

Checking the time, she saw that she would just make it to work on time and for the first time was actually glad that Piggy was living with her. She may have just saved her job.

As she ran through the kitchen, keys in hand, she looked over at the pudgy little woman and waved. “Thanks, Piggy. Thanks for waking me up.”

She opened the door and pushed the button to raise the garage door, wondering why Piggy had made that scrunchy face at her. She had said thanks… twice even. Okay, she had still called her Piggy, but it was said in a nice way, kind of like a cute little nick-name. She was beginning to think that maybe… maybe the two of them could be friends after all. She looked behind her as she backed her car out of the garage and wondered if she could ever bring herself to stop calling the little frump, Piggy. Probably not!

Work had gone well and Janice had even managed to get home by 1:30 in the morning. She was surprised to see Piggy sitting in the living room wrapped up in an oversized robe watching TV. By the look on her face, it appeared that she was surprised to see Janice home so early, too.

Surreptitiously, Janice checked out her little house-mate. She noticed Piggy fluff her hair and saw that it was still pressed against her head in some places, as if she had been wearing the tight leather hood! Yes, there were little pink marks at the corners of her mouth that might be an indication that her mouth had been harshly filled by the ball gag. Piggy moved her leg as she began to arise from the couch and Janice was sure she saw a faint crease line from the cuff. Piggy had been playing! Now she wanted to play, she wanted to play so badly!

“You’re up late. No work tomorrow?” Janice asked, taking some cut up veggies from the refrigerator and placing them on a plate with some Ranch dressing.

“Well, tomorrow is Saturday…” Peggy said with a little bite to her words as she stood and headed towards the hallway leading to her room.

Janice blushed, “Oh yeah, forgot,” she mumbled, kicking herself for being an idiot. Why don’t I just write Moron on my forehead with a magic marker?

“…I guess there’s some big inventory project to do, though,” Peggy continued. “I don’t need to be up very early, but I’ve been asked to work until six o’clock. Then the boss is taking us out for dinner, so don’t worry, I won’t be stinking up the place until well after 10 tomorrow.”

For some reason Piggy’s comment forced an even brighter blush upon Janice’s cheeks. She wasn’t even thinking of saying something like that! Or was she blushing because Piggy had said it before she had even thought to say it? It was something she would’ve said a few weeks ago, and without any delay, either!

Janice stood with her back against the refrigerator and caught a glimpse of movement to her right. When she looked over she saw Piggy’s reflection in the mirrored back of the hutch that stood in the corner of the kitchen. Moving slightly to her left so she could she Piggy’s reflection around her stupid fucking stuffed alligator, Janice watched as the little hunk walked away from her. She looked again at the alligator and wondered on which planet alligators stood on their hind legs and smiled?

Janice saw Piggy look back down the hall, towards the kitchen, and then reach up to a shelf that was just outside her bedroom door. Propped up on the shelf was a crafty wooden sign that her mother had given her years ago that said, “God Bless this Home.” She would’ve tossed that thing except her mother would’ve asked where it had gone, and how would she explain that away? Her mother was, like, super religious or something. Fanatical? Janice considered the word. She had heard it before but didn’t really know its true meaning. If it meant super religious, then it was the right word.

Piggy’s hand came down and a moment later Janice saw her open her door and flip on the light.

THE KEY is on the ledge! Janice felt the plate slip from her hand and she did a little juggling act to keep it from hitting the floor and shattering. Oh shit! The key is on the ledge! I can get in there tomorrow while she’s gone and play all day if I want to!

Janice put the plate down on the counter and retreated to her room, shutting off lights as she went. Her hands were trembling with excitement and her legs felt like rubber. She sat on her bed, thinking of the key. The key that opened the door. The door that opened into the room that held the little diary. What had Piggy written? What new bondage gear had she purchased? How could she possibly wait all night to find out?

Sleep came slowly to the blonde woman as she lay in her bed, looking at the ceiling and thinking about the diary. She shook her head and turned onto her side, watching the shadows of the trees that were cast upon her window shade. Surely she could write her own fantasies in a little book. But she knew the wording would not compare to Piggy’s. Piggy had such a way with words. Her words evoked images. Janice smiled at herself for even thinking of a sentence like that! Evoked images. Yes, that’s what the little Piggy’s words did. And those images were of her, tightly bound in the fine leather gear that lay at the bottom of Piggy’s drawer. The fine leather gear that felt so wonderful when it was buckled so snuggly against her soft smooth flesh, allowing only the slightest movements, making it’s tight restrictive-ness known with every breath.

* * *


Janice was awoken up by the roar of Piggy’s engine as it started up right outside of her window. Excited now, Janice waited until her house-mate had backed out of the driveway and had pulled out onto the street. The little piggy van with its little worn-out piggy muffler could be heard disappearing in the distance.

All day! Janice didn’t have a single thing to do all day except play! She flipped back the covers on her bed and ran down the hall to the kitchen and then down the other hall to Piggy’s door. Feeling along the shelf, she immediately found the key.

The room seemed unchanged from the last time she had been inside. For all she knew the stuffed animals were all in the same exact spot. They all seemed to be looking at her, watching her, wondering if she would defile their owner’s belongings. She felt like going to each one and feeling it to make sure they were really stuffed.

Kneeling naked before the dresser, Janice slowly slid the bottom drawer out towards her. What she saw sent a shiver of excitement through her body. A large black dildo lay atop the usual array of gear, a belt lying next to it with a smaller strap coming off of it, and somehow connecting it to the dildo. Janice memorized the layout of the dildo and its straps in the drawer and lifted it out to examine it more closely. The dildo looked so big!

She placed it on the floor and picked up the diary, reading quickly through the previous days’ entries. It was embarrassing to read, while at the same time… so unbelievably erotic! The little piggy had become so engulfed in her fantasies about her beautiful landlady that she had begun to relate her own adventures as if they had been performed by Janice herself! She began the first day with, “Today I imagined I was Janice as I wrapped the ankle cuffs around my slender ankles and locked them tightly.” She went on, as always, relating each sensation as she tightly bound her (my) body in the wonderful gear.

Reading the next day’s entry, Janice saw that Piggy had gone to the adult store directly from work. She had already picked out the dildo and the belts from an on-line catalog while at work and had even paid using her credit card. When she went into the store, the items were already packaged and waiting for her to pick up. Janice marveled at how expedient the little woman was. Then she marveled at how much improvement she had seen in her own vocabulary since she had begun to read Piggy’s diary!

Janice sat on the floor and leaned back against Piggy’s bed. She read the diary passage through again. It was so hot! From the beginning there was a major advancement in the boldness of Piggy’s activities. She had ventured out of her room! Taking three keys that had little round red stickers on them – Janice leaned over to look into the drawer to locate them, yes, there they were – she had raced to the garage and tossed them into the center of the empty stall before racing back to her room. She raced because she was already naked!

One of the keys fit the locks to her bondage gear, the other two keys were the same shape, but didn’t go to the locks and wouldn’t open them. She then went about binding herself in her nice leather gear.

The bondage was as before until she came to write about how “Janice” had slid the heavy black phallus into her steaming hot cunt. By this time, Janice had lowered her fingers towards her pussy and when the tips explored the slit between her fleshy lips they felt the moisture that had already flowed to her entrance. The slightest of pressure allowed a little stream to escape her canal, causing the excited woman to quickly smear the fluids around her opening to prevent them from dripping down onto Piggy’s carpet.

Re-reading that last part again, Janice’s heart raced as Piggy described the incredible feeling she (I) had when she (I) had pulled the thin strap tight, forcing the dildo deep within her (my) hot, wet, cunt.

Oh god! Was her cunt wet!

Reading on… Piggy described how she had locked the strap and then felt along its length, feeling how it sank between her shaven pussy lips, how wonderfully smooth she felt! Her hands roamed up her slender body, feeling her luscious breasts – oh how her nipples were so painfully erect! Reading the passage as though it was herself experiencing the sensations filled Janice’s mind with such powerful mental images. Her fingers were still in her pussy and her hand brushed over the light covering of hair that presented itself on her pubic bone.

She knew Piggy was right... it would feel so much more erotic to be cleanly shaven. But could she? Oh god! Her fingers trembled and she offered a nervous laugh as she wondered if she could even shave with those shaking hands without cutting herself.

Now, though, the gorgeous blonde could not imagine proceeding without first presenting her body in the manner that Piggy had so vividly described. She wanted the strap to sink between her shaven pussy lips, she wanted to feel how wonderfully smooth she would feel. And she knew it would feel wonderful, just as the description in the wonderful little book said it would. The wonderful little book that had made her feel like a sex fiend.

A sex fiend, really? I’m not really sure what that is. But she imagined it was somebody who couldn’t get enough sex, and lately that was all that had been on Janice’s mind. Sex. Hot, wet, uncontrollable sex. And it kept getting hotter and wetter and more uncontrollable with each entry in Piggy’s wonderful little diary.

While not even being able to conceive of the little pudge of a woman performing these acts, she knew she must. There was no way that she would’ve been able to describe the sensations she was recording without first experiencing them. Piggy’s descriptive entries mirrored exactly the torrents of passion that Janice had been feeling with each new adventure. Her heart beat quickened as she thought of Piggy, feeling the same saturation of lustful longings. A longing to be held tightly in the restrictive grip of the bondage gear at the bottom of the drawer.

Entering her bathroom, Janice ran the water in the tub until it was hot. Sitting on the edge, she used a soft white cloth to soak the light covering of blonde tufts upon her pubic mound. Reaching up to the shelf above the tub, Janice retrieved the small can of shaving cream she kept there and proceeded to cover her crotch with the white foam. Using the razor she kept on the soap dish to shave her legs, Janice carefully brought the instrument down along her flesh leaving a strip of bare flesh in its wake. Her hand shaking, she rinsed the cream from the razor in the hot water flowing from the faucet next to her and returned the razor to its next target between her legs. Mere minutes later, Janice was rinsing her pussy with the cloth with one hand and feeling her smooth flesh with the other. It felt so wonderful! Yes, just as Piggy’s diary had said it would. God, did she feel hot and sexy!

Returning to Piggy’s room, Janice began to unload the bondage gear from the drawer. As outlined in the diary, after placing the cuffs around her ankles and wrists, the belt for the crotch strap was to be locked on next. Following that, the new dildo was to be inserted into her hole. Oh fuck! Into her hole! Janice could not believe how her hands trembled as she pressed the tip of the huge cock against her smoothly shaven cunt. At first glance, she was sure the phallus was entirely too large to fit within her, but now… now it seemed to sink into her cunt with such ease. Yes, of course, she felt her hole stretching to accommodate the width of the solid black cock and she noticed with some concern as the large head pressed against the termination of her vagina. But it fit, rather perfectly if she were to think of it, which of course she did not. The sensations of the huge dildo inside of her acted to block out any rational thoughts that may have previously entered the horny blonde’s mind. She pulled the attached crotch strap tightly up between her legs and looped the end through the buckle, seeing the stretched eyelet that Piggy had used and pulling it three holes tighter. The little D-ring was there for the small, yet sturdy, lock to be slipped through.

Reaching over to pick up the keys with the red stickers on them, Janice arose and waddled out of the room and through the warm house to the garage. She considered the way that Piggy had closed her eyes and thrown the keys out into the garage, not observing the exact locations where they had landed. Gosh, that had been bold! Much bolder than Janice dared to be. No, she tossed the keys together into the center of the open area nearest the door, making sure they didn’t bounce under her car. How horrible it would be for that to happen! She looked again to see where the keys had landed, noticing at the same time how hot the garage had already become. It was just after noon and the day promised to be another scorcher.

Leaving the inside door fully open, Janice made her way back to Piggy’s room, feeling the fullness of her pussy with each step. Sitting on the floor, the nervous, nude, and highly excited woman began the steps to binding herself that the previous three months of gradually increasing intensity had trained her to follow.

Janice’s mind exploded with fantasy. She was at once a slave girl, a high-class call girl, a cheap whore, a kidnapped heiress, a captured spy, a lusty landlady living out her tenant’s desperate daydreams. Oh! The words swirled in her head. The wonderful words that so aroused her, just as Piggy’s words had done from that very first day that she had discovered the little leather-bound diary. How the accidental discovery of that filthy, disgusting, web-site had changed Piggy’s miserable little life, her fruitless, uneventful life. It had given her something to fantasize about, something to fill the idle hours between shifts at her non-descript job.

How fortunate that Janice had made her own discovery!

The bound woman plopped down on her stomach, bound now in all of the exquisite gear. She fingered the controls on the little MP3 player secured to the front of the posture collar and heard one of her favorite songs flow out of the little ear buds trapped in her ears by the tightly locked hood. Piggy had changed to a different model of MP3 player, but the on and off buttons still did the same thing.

Her slender and superbly well-toned body already displayed a fine sheen of perspiration upon her flesh as she lay there on Piggy’s carpet and worked the wide band up her arms until it slipped over her elbows and nestled into place. It was tight, almost feeling a little tighter than usual, but she was used to the feeling now. She felt with her fingers for the lock that she had placed on her naked ass, a trick Piggy had come up with two months prior, and easily looped it through the rings on both of her wrist cuffs before clicking it shut.

* * *

Janice lay panting for a long time. This was not the first time she had bound herself like this. No, the number of times could not be counted on her fingers at this point in her adventures. The labored respirations were being caused by the new addition to her bondage – the large black dildo held firmly inside her cunt. Its presence was being felt with the slightest movement. Adding to her extreme arousal was the knowledge that she would not be able to simply roll over and feel for the key to her release on the carpet beneath her. She had to crawl on her belly like a fucking snake, clear across the house, to the garage!

How exposed she would be! Had she locked the doors? She hadn’t even checked them! Surely Piggy would have locked the front door when she left earlier, and the remaining doors would still be locked from the previous night. Yes, the doors were surely locked.

Much to her relief and her disbelief, Janice began to settle down. She really thought she was going to have an orgasm there for a while, but now her mind was returning to the real world, the world in which she needed to get to those keys and release herself. The whole idea of this particular Piggy fantasy had driven her mindlessly to its tethered conclusion. But now, bound tightly in this sightless world she could only think of her release. She knew she looked hot! Oh god, she would be a delectable sight, squirming bound and naked across the carpet.

Janice had gyrated herself the several feet it took to get to the door of Piggy’s room when she jolted and screamed into the ball gag at a sudden burst of vibration within her fully stuffed cunt. How had she not noticed that the dildo was a vibrator? Janice squirmed and flittered about like an eel, trying to reduce the contact between the huge phallus and the walls of her vagina. Instinctively she knew the smooth black surface of the dildo was firmly pressed against every millimeter of her tender hole, from the tightly stretched entrance to her cervix. And she had pulled that damn strap tight, trapping it firmly between her smoothly shaven pussy lips, just as Piggy had done to herself. Just as Piggy had written in her little leather-bound diary.

But Piggy had not written anything about a vibrator! Janice searched her memory for a second before the vibrations overtook any other thought she might entertain and knew that Piggy had not written the word ‘vibrator’ in the diary. Surely she had not turned on the vibrator… leaving a big question mark hovering over Janice’s tightly hooded head. Yes, she could picture herself as if in a comic strip. A text balloon was penciled in over her head with the word “Huh?” in it, the question mark being three times the size of the other print. Little vibration lines would be drawn near her cunt to show that the dildo was alive and sending its torments outward into her flesh.

The sensations were so complex. Intense, overwhelming, frightening, painful. It was hard enough for the woman to think, let alone describe the onslaught of sensations that was assaulting her sensitive pussy. Screaming again into the gag, the muscles all over her body tensed as if in anticipation of the orgasm she felt ready to burst forth from her cunt. Without cause or reasonable explanation the vibrations suddenly ceased. Not slowly, but all at once, the vibrator powered down.

Janice was left gasping for air through the tiny holes in the hood over her nostrils. She could feel saliva squishing between her flesh and the hood. Her arms, held tightly behind her by the elbow band, hurt. Damn it… yes her arms hurt, but she had to get that band down over her elbows so that it would be easier to crawl. She knew how the band forced her shoulders back and how this caused her beautiful breasts to jut out in front of her. She had only crawled a short distance and the pain it had induced in her bosoms was more than she would have imagined.

Laying on her stomach still, and having recovered somewhat from the force of the vibrator, Janice began to struggle to free her elbows. Tears leaked from her eyes, hidden from sight within the hood as she re-discovered what she had known each and every time she had bound herself in Piggy’s gear. Her bondage was inescapable. In the past, this had been such a source of arousal. In the past, she had reveled in this very same bondage, even to the point of having an orgasm without the aide of anything actually touching her cunt. Just the strain of the bondage and the mental images and the words she had just read had been enough.

But not today. Not now. Suddenly she was frightened. This was too much! She had gone too far! And now she was trapped, trapped until she reached the key. Reluctantly giving up on ever freeing her elbows, Janice lurched forward, helped by her knees, towards the hallway. Once through the door she was happy to feel the softness of the carpeting in the hallway. The going would be much easier now and she felt she was making good time. She should be feeling the coolness of the kitchen linoleum at any moment.

But she didn’t. She knew she had turned in the right direction, but she had been struggling forward for some time now and was still on the carpeted surface. A little whine escaped her throat as she felt vibrations attacking her pussy again. This was not the horrendous blast she had felt before, but was gentler. Arousing, yes, but thankfully very gentle.

Crawling forward, her shoulders occasionally touching the walls, she inched her way onward. The gentle vibrations deep inside of her were beginning to work on her. The intensity had not increased, yet the sensations they created seemed to be almost building at a steady rate. She was sure that Peggy would say they were linear. Damned if she knew what that meant but she was positive she had heard the word used once before. She pictured some graph with a line rising at a steady rate – up to infinity and beyond! Yes, she had seen that movie and was now beginning to feel that she was losing it, thinking of cheesy movie lines to maintain her sanity.

Oh how she wished Peggy would come home. Maybe she would come home for lunch! Yes! She would be hungry by now. Had she packed a lunch? Maybe she would simply eat out somewhere. Janice knew the odds that the little tit-mouse would come home were slim, and she resigned herself to continuing her agonizing crawl towards the garage.

By this time, Janice was covered in sweat. With great joy, she felt the cool linoleum floor beneath her tortured breasts. Her joy was short lived, though, as her sweaty breasts were pulled viciously by the smoothness of the floor. Remembering the passages from Piggy’s pages, Janice moved her knees up and forced her body up and onto its side and then allowed herself to fall over onto her back with a thud. Dazed slightly, Janice lay still for a moment and yes, her legs fell apart, displaying to anyone fortunate enough to happen across her, her lovely smoothly shaved pussy – the crotch strap buried within its folds holding firmly in place the largest vibrator the bound woman had ever seen.

With no warning that very same vibrator sprung to life. It hummed away with such intensity that Janice thought it had some sort of propulsion system that was straining to propel it out of its captivity. But that was not going to happen with the crotch strap locked securely in place. The previous linear plane of arousal that had sensitized Janice’s pussy now would be depicted on the graph as a very heavy vertical line. The orgasm that shook Janice to the core would have appeared as a big yellow sun, bursting and sending spikes of radiant light and heat across the lines of the graph, destroying any evidence of how the arousal had reached such a zenith in the first place.

Janice bucked and twisted in her bondage, unable to stop the monster from its torture, and unable to control her own responses to it. Both her body and the monster were on auto-pilot. Long after the actual vibration stopped, Janice lay twitching and gasping for air through the tiny holes in the hood.

Time ceased to exist for the orgasmic woman, only space remained. Through the clouds of ecstasy, Janice knew her quest for freedom remained. It didn’t matter to her any more how long it took. She had all day. What mattered was that she continue onward.

Still on her back, the sweating woman struggled to propel herself towards the garage door. She knew she didn’t have far to go, measuring now in space and not in time. Her head hit the edge of the counter that separated the kitchen from the dinette, and she knew she was a third of the way to the door. She pictured the space, it was not that great, and that brought her some degree of hope.

For the first time she began to pay attention to the songs coming through the little ear buds held tightly inside her ear canals. The songs were all from her CD collection. Had Piggy been in her room? Hah, that was a laugh. Here Piggy had been so indignant about her space being violated when she had in turn invaded hers! But still, it meant that she was, at least, enjoying the music.

Somewhere, way back in her cloudy brain, a thought was germinating that the music had been somehow tailored for her. Oh shit, that was ridiculous. Why would she even do that, unless… no, no, not going there. Going to the garage, that’s where she was going. Going to get the keys. Definitely not going to think about Piggy’s choice in music. Definitely not going to think that Piggy had somehow known that she would be listening to that music on her little MP3 player. The little MP3 player that was clipped to the front of the posture collar locked around her neck. No, no, not going there.

But the panic had already taken its grip on Janice. There was no way in hell that what she was thinking could be true. The bound woman re-doubled her efforts to cross the kitchen, knowing she was getting very close to her goal. The strain and the pain that her lurching gyrations caused her barely registered now as the panic began to consume her every thought.

Thud! Janice’s leather covered head struck a wall. She thought for a second and moved to her left just a little and inched forward again. Nothing. That was good! Inching forward more, she felt something solid, yet not solid. It was the screen door leading out to the garage. There was one step, and she knew she wouldn’t want to go down on her back, so with some effort she flipped over onto her stomach again – the effort pulling on every part of her bondage. But it was worth it as she happily struggled to push her way through the doorway and allowed her body to flop down to the hot cement floor.

* * *

And hot it was. If it was 85 degrees outside it was 110 degrees inside. Sweat oozed from every pore in her body as Janice inched her way across the dirty garage floor towards the keys. Bringing her knee up one last time, she flipped onto her back so that she could feel around with her fingers beneath her. Her finger grazed something metallic and she searched until she touched it again. A key!

Excitedly, she turned the key in her fingers until she had the proper alignment and inserted it into the keyhole. It didn’t turn! Damn-it! She tried and tried again, but it was not the correct key. Knowing the other keys were nearby, she began to search again, holding onto the key she had already tried so that she wouldn’t lose it.

God it was hot! Breathing had become a task unto itself! The heat was stifling and inside the tight leather hood it felt as though her brain was in an oven. Metal! Another key… the second key… didn’t seem to work either. Fuck, fuck, fuck! At least the next one would work!

Now time had returned to her vocabulary. Space? All of the space she needed was right here, right where her fingers searched below her for the last remaining key. Now it was time. The heat, the pain, the agony, the arousal… it was time to end this nightmare. There was no way she was the beautiful Janice any more. Beautiful bound Janice, with breasts so firm and milky white, with skin so smooth and unblemished. No, that Janice had been replaced with a frantic Janice, covered in sweat and grime and dirt and grease. This Janice wanted to find the last… metal! She had found it at last. She lay still for a second, letting her breathing catch up to her demand for oxygen, the remaining key grasped firmly in her hand.

Time. A very inopportune time for the fucking vibrator to call attention to itself! But it was. Why? Why now? Janice struggled with the key to align it, to press it home, to turn it. Her back arched as the vibrations distracted her, driving her relentlessly towards a goal she no longer sought. The key slipping from her cramping fingers went un-noticed as her overheated body was enveloped in yet another climactic orgasm. She fought it, oh did she put up a struggle to avoid it. But it was a losing battle from the onset, trapped within the tightness of the straps and chains, she succumbed to the violent vibrations and lost herself in the abyss.

“Janice sweetie.”

Time. Oh yeah, time to go back to bed.

“Janice, are you conscious?”

Time. Time to find that last key. It was in her fingers, but now it wasn’t. Must search again. Must find it again.

“Janice! Wake up!”

The voice jolted the exhausted woman to awareness.

“Peggy!” Janice shouted through her gag. “In the garage!” She knew that the noises coming from within her gagged mouth would not be heard or understood, but the important thing is that she had heard Peggy! She had to be nearby!

“Oh good, I see you’re awake.”

Confusion shrouded her mind. Peggy’s voice was coming from within her head! She was insane! No… the ear buds! Peggy was talking to her through the ear buds… but how?

“Settle down now sweetie… there you go, just listen.”

Janice lay still except for the rise and fall of her chest as she continued to struggle for air.

“None of those keys will work, you silly girl, so just save your energy for when you’ll need it next.”

What was she talking about? The keys don’t work?

“You’ll be happy to know that I’ve moved all of my things out of your house while you’ve had your fun. You can keep the deposit.”

Janice struggled to find the key, knowing that the little slug was fucking with her and that that last key would surely open the lock.

“I’ll be going back to L.A. now. I have a really beautiful house just north of the city. It’s on the beach, hey, you should come out and visit some time. This dump would fit inside my pool house. You see, the company I came out here to visit is my own; PIT stands for Peggy Iverson Technical. We make all sorts of electronic devices, one of which you have strapped inside your cunt. That’s actually manufactured under another name, but it’s my invention. It activated via a pressure sensor in the end as soon as you pulled that crotch strap tight. I already had it set to a random setting. Did you enjoy it?”

Janice shook her head. Hell no she didn’t enjoy it!

“Oh come on. Anyway, I came out here to install a new high-tech security system at Chesterfield’s. I met the owners a year ago at a resort in Mexico and have been friends with them since. Really nice people. I saw you working, you know, waiting tables, when I first came to the restaurant to work out the details of the job with Jason. A lot of really bad memories came back to me when I saw you, I have to admit that.”

“No Peggy… please… I’m sorry!” Janice cried, her pleas helplessly muffled.

“I’m sorry sweetie, you can hear me but I can’t hear you. In fact I’m not even in the house, I’m sitting in my air-conditioned limo parked out in the driveway. Oh, there goes the van with all of my stuff, you know the important stuff like my stuffed animals. Just a little background for you, oh I know it’s dreadfully hot in that garage, but you’ll be out of there soon, so just listen now.”

Janice stopped her struggling and simply lay quietly, breathing and listening to her former classmate.

“After I got my Master’s degree in electronics the first thing I invented was a wireless nanny-cam that feeds live images to a web-site on the Internet. Six months later I had earned my first million dollars. After purchasing the system, which can be hidden in any stuffed animal, the owners of my nanny-cam can pay a small fee to watch the feed via the Internet. You’ll see how that works when you get free. Yes, yes, I’ve been recording everything you do in your house since the day I got there. I had nanny-cams all over that house, tucked safely away in my precious little animals. I have one in the garage right now on the shelf where the toolbox is. You can have that one.”

Janice’s mind reeled at the revelations. There were cameras in those stupid animals?

“I have all of your steamy adventures right here with me, safely stored on my PIT flash drive. Oh, those have made another two million dollars for me easily. But getting back to your adventures… I’m going to do a little compilation of your training and eventual destruction and post it to an Internet site called screwmyex.com/ Can you remember that? It’s a site where people normally post embarrassing videos and pictures of their former spouses or boyfriends or girlfriends, you know, just to get back at them? I’ll send you a link just in case you forget.”

There was a brief silence and then Peggy’s voice returned. “So getting back to what I refer to as your destruction. Can you still hear me? Lift your knee if you can.”

Obediently, Janice lifted her knee.

“Good girl, you’re so well trained. As I said, the keys won’t work on your locks. The only key that will work is out back. Not to worry, it’s going to be easy to get to it. You know that big brass basin you have out there? I think you used it as a fire pit but I’ve gotten it all cleaned up and polished for you. Well if you maneuver yourself right into the middle of that thing you’ll be able to reach a string that is attached to the key. Just pull real hard and you’ll get what you want. But I have to tell you, there’s a time limit on this. I know it’s your birthday this coming Tuesday, so I went to the trouble of inviting some people over to celebrate at 4:00. You took a little longer to get to the garage than I had anticipated so I’m sorry to tell you that it’s already 3:00, so you’ll have to move sort of fast, understand?”

Janice’s mind was numb. Invited people over? One hour?

“Lift your knee again if you understand, sweetie.”

Janice numbly lifted her knee.

“Good girl. Now the back door to the garage is ajar, you just have to push it. Then it’s not that far to the big bowl thing, whatever that thing is. Just so you know, I invited your family, mom, dad, and both brothers. I invited Jason Chesterfield and his son Richard. I think you may have seen Richard around the restaurant recently. He’s in his mid 30’s, a really handsome man, single too, in case you’re interested. And let’s see, a few of the girls that you work with. Not to spoil the surprise, they’re all meeting at the restaurant and then coming over here together. I wouldn’t want one person to come and find you and spoil it for the others, you know, in case you take too long to get to that key. I have a sign on the front door telling everyone to come around back, but I’m sure you’ll be free by then and can take the sign down.”

Janice felt like puking, but the gag in her mouth forced her to swallow the bile.

“Well that about covers it. I guess I’ll be on my way. I’ll get to watch you of course, I have a couple of cameras in the back yard so I won’t miss a thing. Bye now, and don’t take too long getting to that string. And by the way, the diary was completely fictitious but so very fun to write.”

Music returned to Janice’s earbuds as a stream of urine flowed freely from between her legs. She was so fucked!

Kicking with her bent legs, Janice scooted on her back across the hard dirty garage floor towards the door. Being totally in the dark didn’t help, but she knew the layout of the garage and knew she was headed in the right direction. A few minutes later she bumped into something and felt a rake fall across her body. Good! The rake is kept just to the right of the door. Janice scooted over and pushed against something hard, felt it give, and then felt cooler air brush over her over-heated body. With a god-awful groan, she flipped onto her stomach to maneuver her way out of the garage. As Peggy had said, the brass basin was pretty close to the garage and she found it without much difficulty. Crawling over the raised rim of the basin was not that easy and the action pulled viciously on her swollen nipples. But once inside the basin she felt that her torment was finally nearing an end.

Janice rested for a brief moment, knowing she had to get the key and release herself. The large brass basin was actually pretty hot, but she hoped that a little rest would help her regain some strength. Even with the key it would take at least five minutes to get out of the hood, collar, straps, and belts. Then another fifteen minutes to shower. What was she going to feed these people? Where were they all going to sit? She didn’t want the Chesterfields seeing her rundown little house. How embarrassing will that be? Well, not as embarrassing as having them find her as she was!

The bound woman began to probe above her with her fingers. She didn’t feel anything. Was the little bitch fucking with her again? Oh, there was something. She strained her arms higher, crying out at the pain that the action caused her. Yes, a string. She grasped it with her fingers and tugged. Nothing. Again, she found the string, held on tight and tugged. It came free and Janice felt a horrendous splash as five gallons of vegetable oil fell from a large cardboard container that Peggy had suspended above the brass basin. The oil instantly covered Janice from head to foot, making her body slick and the basin slicker. Shocked, Janice tried to wiggle up the side of the basin but slid back down. She struggled, using her bent knees, to get up on her side to flip over the edge, but slid back and fell onto her back. Now she was exhausted and could barely move with her arms pinned beneath her. She continued to struggle, the front of her body completely covered with the slick oil, giving her well-toned muscles an incredible sheen and making her nakedness and bondage so very erotic!

Peggy observed all of this on her computer monitor as her limo pulled away. She pressed a button on her remote and watched as Janice’s tightly bound and naked body thrashed around in the oily basin, the vibrator filling her cunt having just been adjusted to its highest setting. She looked out the window and saw four cars coming around the corner, heading towards Janice’s house.

This was going to make for some very fine video! Very fine, indeed.

The End

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