Lusineh Avakian
by mrhungry

Part 3

Dear Reader, I submit this story for publication, not that I expect a single person to believe it’s true in any aspect, but because I must write it down to sort out the events that it relates, if only for my own sanity. It is for my own therapy that I write, not for your enjoyment. Comment on it as you see fit – it is of no concern to me. –Darios. 10/12/84

There were voices somewhere out in the swamp. I stayed still, a sense of fear griping me like I had never felt before. I can honestly say that I was terrified. What were they saying? Something about… Lucy… settling her… the outsider…

There she was! She rose out of murky swamp, naked, water cascading off of her as she stood, strands of plant life clinging to her flesh here and there, her eyes wide in horror. I followed her line of sight back to the elderly woman lying in the crushed boat behind me.

A thick fog had come out of nowhere and floated just above the water, filtering up through the trees, concealing us from one another. I heard breathing… oh God! Where was Lucy? The breathing was close now, behind me! I turned, searching in the fog with my arms outstretched. A blood-curdling scream came from beside me and I whipped my head around to see a large wolf in the canoe, its powerful jaws closing upon Irena’s weathered old neck. Then a deadly silence as the menacing beast, blood dripping from its mouth, turned towards me and growled.

I screamed!

“Darios! Wake up, please!!”

I opened my eyes and saw a woman standing over me, her hand on my shoulder, reassuring me that everything was okay. My breathing was heavy and I could tell I was dripping sweat.

“You’re okay, you’re okay, shhh.”

My thoughts flashed to… my dream… and I let out a sigh of relief. “Oh shit, I just had a… man, what a bizarre dream!”

Officer Rousseau was leaning against a door frame, watching me. “Hey, how’re you feeling, son?” He held out his hand and when I took it, he helped me to sit up.

“Wow, where am I?” The room we were in appeared to be someone’s bedroom, yet there were some indications that it might be a clinic by the assortment of towels and equipment on top of one of the tables.

“This is Annette Molyneux, our local sawbones,” Henri said with a huge smile.

The doctor gave the cop a shove on his arm. “You shut up!” she protested.

Henri laughed and helped me up to my feet. “Can you walk? Are you okay?”

Before I could answer, Lucy burst into the room and ran to me, her arms out. “Master! Oh god, Darios, I’m so glad you’re okay!” I found myself in her warm embrace in an instant, this time my arms went around her to hold her close. She felt so wonderful, so comforting, and oh, so feminine.

She started to cry, burying her head into my shoulder. “You saved her life, Master. You saved Irena.” Her tears continued to flow as she held me closely against her.

“Now, now, Lucy,” Henri said as I felt his hand come between Lucy and me. Knowing what he meant, I immediately released my hold on the beautiful woman and allowed the man to separate us. Lucy stood back and wiped her tears away, her eyes never leaving mine. There was a great need in those beautiful brown eyes, a need to be held, a need to be loved. My heart ached with the desire to fill those needs.

“How’s Irena, is she okay?” I asked, not wanting, but needing, to break the connection with Lucy. Everyone was filtering out of the house and onto the small wooden porch out front and we followed.

“Martine has driven her to the next town over to have that wrist x-rayed,” Henri said as he held the screen door open for me to pass. “She’s shaken up, but alive, thanks to you.” His large hand clapped me on the back as I passed by.

The three men who had come to our aid were sitting on the steps leading down to the front walk, and they stood when the front door opened. Several other people from the town were milling about near the dirt road and conversations stopped as we emerged from the house.

“Damn, kid!” said the man who had stopped me from flogging Lucy as we came ashore earlier. His hand came out and I shook it, and then I shook the hands of the other two men.

“We all owe you a huge debt, I’m not sure we can ever repay you.”

“What ever you need, friend,” one of the other men said, “Any time, you call on me.”

I heard clapping coming from the road, as the men and women there saw me coming down the stairs. I must say my ego was bigger than all outdoors at that moment, but I tried not to let it show. What had I done? I had whipped a poor woman and forced her to tug a broken up boat with an old lady in it a couple hundred yards? Oh yeah, I was really proud of that.

Turning to look for Lucy, I saw her standing with the doctor and Jackie DuPray, baby in her arm, resting against her hip. Lucy was showing off the markings the thick leather tails of the flogger had left on her flesh as if they were her most prized possession. Dr. Molyneux was examining the lash marks and she glanced up at me with a look… I don’t know… I expected it to be rage, but it seemed to be a look of pure lust! It was damn sexy, I know that, and it made me blush. Her fingers touched the red welts that had risen on Lucy’s back and she looked at me again, a hint of a smile still on her lips.

I had to turn away. Besides, I was surrounded by people suddenly wanting to shake my hand.

My back was still in some pain due to being struck by that tree and I asked Henri if he could please take me back to the jail to get some rest. But honestly, I just wanted to get away from all of the attention. Considering what I had just been through, I just needed some quiet time to settle myself down. Oh shit, I needed to be settled! And the dream… the dream was bothering me and I had to think about it. I just needed to think.

Henri led me not to the jail, but to his house. There was a spare room in the back, off of the kitchen, and I was told I would be staying with them until it was time for me to go home. I thanked them and lay down on the soft mattress, falling asleep almost instantly.

The dreams came quickly though, and I soon found myself running through the swamp, water splashing around as my feet churned in the soft muck under foot. There was something behind me, something dangerous, something gaining on me no matter how fast my legs moved. Something, or someone, who was going to kill me. Images of Irena, lying in the boat with her throat ripped out, blood everywhere, flashed before me and the turbulence of my flight, combined with the terror, woke me from the nightmare.

I sat up and looked around, breathing heavily, sweat stinging my eyes. I lay back and looked at the ceiling, afraid now to go back to sleep.

Okay. Was I to believe that Lucy was a werewolf or not!? Damn it to fucking hell! Could it possibly be true? All of these little tidbits of information seemed to point that way, but it was too incredible, and I shook my head from side to side, knowing… damn it, that that was stupid. Fucking stupid, I’d say. Real fucking stupid! I laughed and wiped the sweat from my forehead and stared at the ceiling. Real fucking stupid.

Oh man, this whole ordeal down here in the swamps… these people… these crazy back water fucking people… I laughed at myself again. They may be superstitious, they may believe in werewolves, in vampires for all I knew, maybe even voodoo, yeah, I’ve even seen movies about the people down here with their voodoo rituals, but I knew better. Damn right! We didn’t believe in that shit in Wisconsin. Life was so fucking simple in fucking Wisconsin.

A smile graced my lips as my thoughts flicked this way and that thinking about werewolves, voodoo, spells, curses, the heat, this amazing little lost town and its amazingly crazy people. What a story! I knew that sooner or later I would have to write it all down, maybe write a book about it. Yeah, that would be sweet! I pictured book signings and the New York Times with my face on the cover. Number One Best Seller! Darios Donelli, author. Tales of the Delta… no… The Werewolf of Melonya… maybe… Bondage She-Wolf… okay, now we’re getting closer. I didn’t know it, but I had already drifted off to sleep.


The following days I was on light duty due to my back. Henri told me to just stay in bed and relax, or sit around the house, but I wanted more than anything to be with Lucy. We worked together each day, the pattern being the same; the host providing us with our food and water for the day while we did some sort of manual labor around their house or business.

It was apparent that Lucy thoroughly enjoyed helping the people of the little village, and equally apparent that everyone knew and loved the naked inmate. I learned that this guy, Clive, who Lucy had killed, had been the husband of the general store owner, Marie. When we spent the day repairing her back steps and pulling the weeds out from around the parameter of the little store, Marie showed the same compassion towards Lucy that everyone else did. There seemed to be no animosity over the fact that her husband’s murderer was there in her store.

There was one change in the routine, however, and that was when we first approached Marie, Lucy had sunk to her knees and bent forward until her forehead touched the ground, her arms out straight in front of her.

Marie had come up to us and stood, looking down on Lucy, and said, “We’re good, Lucy.”

Lucy jumped up and the two hugged, and our day went on from there. This routine was repeated at four or five other houses we worked at during the following week. I assumed it meant that Lucy had killed someone close to them as well, a friend or a relative maybe.

My standing in the community had also progressed from being the outsider to being a friend. Everyone knew my name, and I was addressed as sir, or friend, or by Mr. Donelli. Even the kids called me sir, and Veronica and the other young adults hung around with us as we worked. It seemed that care for Lucy had fallen to me all of a sudden, as Irena spent very little time in the village, and Veronica spent most of the day at the local Community College. I even had Irena’s flogger looped through my belt at all times. Luckily it wasn’t needed again.

I learned that Irena was Lucy’s official tender, or guardian. Veronica, the woman’s grand-daughter, had been trained from an early age to take over that position in the event that Irena was not available. Lately, with Irena becoming frailer, Veronica had taken over the bulk of the guardianship duties.

There was no doubt now that Lucy and I were becoming quite close. I questioned her about her nadir day and was rewarded with a wide smile and a special twinkle in her eyes.

“It’s soon, Darios! I can’t wait! Will you still be here? Tell me you won’t leave before my day!” she begged.

“No, I won’t leave, I promise.”

Lucy took my hand and led me around to the back of the house we were at that day and pushed me up against the wall, pinning me there with her incredible strength, her lips closing onto mine, her tongue pressing its way through. There was an animal on the loose here, but it was no murdering wolf! We kissed and held each other, my body responding instantly, my needs as urgent as hers. I knew it was wrong, but I wanted her so badly! The feel of her nakedness, now so tempting, took over my brain as my hands roamed her body.

Lucy’s breathing was heavy but she suddenly pushed herself away from me. “Oh God, Darios! It’s been so long since I’ve desired any man as much as I do you right now!” She turned away, her hands going between her thighs, not to her pussy, but to her thighs below it, where she pressed her legs together to capture her hands. Her arms pressed inwards, squeezing her breasts together between them.

The woman’s eyes were clamped shut, her head coming back. “We can’t!” she moaned, opening her eyes now to look at me, the look of desire in those brown eyes calling me to take her on the ground right where we stood. “Not yet.”

“That rope there, bind my wrists behind me and take me to Doc Moly’s, quickly!” She leaned forward, head down, her hands still trapped between her thighs.

I ran to retrieve the rope and bound her as she asked, then looped a finger through the d-ring at the front of her brown leather collar and led her to the Doctor’s house. Later, when Lucy was led out, I saw that a shiny silver chastity belt encircled her slender waist, a rigid strap looping down between her legs, a wide silver shield there, making it impossible to access her sex.

Doctor Molyneux smiled when she saw me and asked how my back was feeling. She thanked me for bringing Lucy over and handed me the key to the chastity belt. “You keep this in a safe place, Darios, and don’t give in to the pitiful begging you’ll be hearing the next few days. She must be celibate until her day.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I promised.

As we walked away I asked Lucy what that was all about, and she told me I would soon see.

Things took a bizarre turn after that chastity belt went on. The villagers, anyone over the age of 21 at least, seemed to become intent on one thing – arousing Lucy. Henri enlightened me one night as I walked with him around the main square and down a few of the roads, checking in with the more elderly citizens to make sure they were okay.

“You see, son,” he nearly always referred to me as son, and I didn’t mind, “Lucy’s nadir day is in two days, on the exact day of the new moon.”

I had seen just a sliver of the moon remaining in the sky that morning, but now the sky was dark. The new moon… when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, and is not visible at all.

“Not only can Lucy not become pregnant on that day, as it occurs prior to any hint of ovulation, but her lust will not bring out the murderer inside of her. It’s the one day she can be overcome with lust, to love, to express herself, to be truly free of the curse that tortures her… the one day.”

“Wow,” was all I could muster in reply, but the implications were astounding. And it explained the attitude of the villagers. If her nadir day was to be her only day of release from the curse, her friends were intent on making it as special as they could. The attention she was receiving was a build-up to that day, a sort of communal foreplay I suppose.

We found ourselves back at Henri’s house and as he held the door open he said, “You’ll get to see it, son, but you’ll have to go into it with an open mind.”

I looked at the man, a little confused about what he had just said and I guess my expression conveyed that as he continued, “I think I know how you feel about Lucy, but you have to take into account that one man or woman will not sate her on her day. She’ll have many partners, and the ‘event’,” he made air-quotes with his fingers, “will pretty much turn into an orgy.”

He sat down in his favorite chair near the fan and lit his pipe, the fragrance drifting around the room. “Having the privilege of living with Lucy, of being allowed to survive near Lucy, makes us all value life each day. Lucy’s nadir day has become our nadir day, a celebration of life, lust, and love.”

Henri looked at me, the seriousness of his features quelling any ideas I had of laughing. Life, lust, and love? I think the man just told me this town goes frikkin’ berserk on the night of the new moon and the people engage in one huge orgy. These back woods crazy fucking people!

“No outsider has ever been a part of this, until now. And that’s only because Lucy has requested that you be present.” He reached up and turned off the light and the room went black except for the glow of his pipe.

“I see.” I didn’t see, but I had a feeling I soon would.


It was Friday, the day before Lucy’s special day. I was told my job for the day was to assist two men from the town, Jerome and Louis, in preparing for the next day’s activities. Shorty after breakfast, Jerome stopped by the Rousseau’s to pick me up and we drove off down a side road in his rusty old pick-up truck. A mile or so into the swamp we picked up Louis at his little shack and the three of us rode in relative silence another four miles.

The trees rising out of the swamp seemed to thicken, pressing in on the road on both sides. It was impossible to see beyond fifteen yards in any direction. Suddenly I blinked as sunlight flooded the cab of the truck and I looked up to see we had entered a huge clearing, and a large white house stood directly in front of us. Of all of the structures I had seen since coming here, this was by far the largest and most elegant – truly a mansion.

Stopping in front of the building, we climbed out of the truck and began to unload supplies from the cargo bed. I learned that the festivities would be held out here the next evening. I learned many things from Louis and Jerome that day as we cleaned the mansion together.

One of the more interesting tidbits of information concerned the naming of the town, Melonya. Having heard Louis mention Lucy’s mother, I commented that her name was the same as the name of town and that it surely was not a coincidence. Louis glanced at Jerome and received a slight nod before he proceeded to tell me the story.

The year was 1790. As a result of the Treaty of Paris worked out at the end of the Seven Years War, Spain had taken possession of much of the region to the west of the town. The town was quite large at that time and was referred to as Nouveau Narbonne, a name nobody but the French Administrator liked, and was generally called Narbo by the inhabitants. It was a thriving community, home to explorers, merchants, and a small outpost of French military personnel.

But life in Narbo had its dangers, the most ominous being the Spanish garrison some ten short miles to the west. One hot summer night the alarm was sounded as a small band of Spaniards swept into town intent on killing as many of the French swine as they could. Many of the French families on the west side of town were butchered while they slept.

Lucy’s mother, Melonya, had been arrested on suspicion of murdering one of the French soldiers assigned to the village, and was being held in the stockade awaiting trial. Not to have her daughter killed with no means of protecting herself, Elisabeta slipped into the stockade amidst the commotion and freed her. Not two minutes later, the elder Avakian lay dying on the ground, the victim of a Spanish musket ball. She had been seen by several villagers attempting to pull the Administrator out of harm’s way, but neither of them survived the attack.

Tales of the events that followed are varied, but they all agree on the fact that Melonya Avakian unleashed her fury upon the Spanish attackers and, at dawn’s break; no Spaniard was left alive within a five-mile radius of Narbo. The villagers were stunned! And they were very frightened.

Rumors concerning the Avakians had filtered into the village over the years as more people arrived from the Old World, but were never given any credence by the community. Talk of the curse was fodder for scary stories told around the campfires at night, but no sane person believed the curse to be true.

But now, it was a reality. It was quickly understood, however, that curse or no curse, Melonya Avakian had saved the lives of two-thirds of the population of Nouveau Narbonne that night. In the days that followed, Melonya surrendered herself to the military authorities and begged to be imprisoned for the safety of the villagers.

It soon became obvious that the Spanish authorities had declared the area off limits and Narbo was never again attacked. The young murderess became somewhat of a local legend and, with the Administrator deceased; it wasn’t long before the name of the town was changed to Melonya in her honor.

The sound of an engine being revved out in the forest interrupted Louis’ story and we turned to look out one of the upstairs windows. We all jumped as a loud shot rang out and then laughed as we realized the approaching vehicle had backfired.

“That would be Annie, my wife,” Jerome chuckled. “Let’s go ona downstairs.”

We headed down and out the front door of the mansion just as a battered old Plymouth grumbled up to the steps. The engine continued to rumble and chug a full thirty seconds after the ignition had been turned off and the petite black-haired woman had stepped out to give her husband a hug and kiss.

The young woman looked over at Louis and said, “You all should get going. Paula’s still with Lucy and is waiting for you to get there. You know how hot she gets when she’s with couples.” She gave Louis a wink and a nice smile.

“Do I ever,” Louis said as he motioned for me to follow him and we quickly joined Jerome in the cab of the truck. Annie leaned in to get one more kiss from her husband and then turned to enter the mansion, apparently to take up the work we were leaving behind.

After we had entered the thick overgrowth of Swamp Ash, Jerome said, “It was Melonya who figured out the loophole in the curse.”

I looked over at the man driving the truck, “What loophole?”

“The curse states that she couldn’t find peace unless she was punished. Her kin thought this meant imprisonment but it never did anything to bring them peace. Quite by accident, Melonya found that physical abuse seemed to calm her murderous ways.”

“The settlings?” I asked.

“Exactly,” Jerome replied. He steered the old truck around a huge pothole in the road and then continued, “One of the guards at the stockade was a cruel old son-of-a- bitch, and when Melonya’s blood began to boil she began to get crazy, threatening to kill the man. The guy took it upon himself to use his flogger on her. It was quite a beating, mixed with his normal verbal abuse, but suddenly Melonya found that she no longer had the desire to kill the man. By beating her he had given her peace.”

“Not long after that,” Louis cut in, “Melonya discovered that humiliation also served as punishment and refused to wear clothes as a method of subjecting herself to continuous humiliation.”

“I don’t think that works for Lucy though, does it?” I asked, while somewhere in the back of my head I was still thinking that this was all fucking nuts, and was just a great way to persuade a beautiful woman to walk around naked. I had no complaints about that, though!

Louis shook his head, “No, she’s totally used to it.”

“She’s never worn clothes,” Jerome said as he pulled the car off the road onto the grass of the Commons area in the center of the town.

We all looked out the window to see Lucy; naked of course, tied spread eagled between the two upright poles near the pillories. A woman stood behind her, her arms wrapped around the bound murderess, her head nestled on her shoulder. Lucy suddenly began to struggle against her bondage as the woman’s hands moved in front and her head pressed in against her neck.

As we approached on foot, I could see that the woman was caressing Lucy’s breasts while she kissed her neck and shoulders.

“Oh God, Paula!” Lucy moaned, “That feels so good!” Lucy’s head went back and her hands grabbed onto the ropes that pulled her wrists towards the polls.

Louis put his hand out to indicate that I should stop and he softly stepped up to Lucy before her head came back down. His arms went around her and pulled his wife closer, sandwiching Lucy between them.

Lucy’s head whipped down. “Oh fuck! Louis!” The bound woman thrust her pelvis outward. “Stroke me Louis! Oh God! Get your fingers in there… can you do it? Try, please!” Lucy’s hips ground against the man as his wife continued to massage her breasts and pinch her nipples.

“You know I can’t, you fucking little cunt,” Louis said as he smothered Lucy with a kiss. “We brought someone with us, whore. Maybe his fingers are thin enough to get under the shield.”

Lucy’s head swung around, her eyes wild with arousal. A very low moan escaped her throat when she saw me. “Darios…” The emotion in that one word nearly caused my already erect cock to convulse.

“You can’t have him, slut,” Paula whispered into Lucy’s ear. “I think I’m going to fuck him right here on the ground in front of you. God, Lucy, look at his pants. He’s ready for me. You’d like that wouldn’t you… you’d like me to fuck him right here for you. I’ll do it, you know, just so that you know what you’re missing, what you can’t have.”

Lucy lurched, “No Paula!” she cried out. “He’s mine! He was saved for me!”

Paula laughed, “For you? Saved for you?” She groped Lucy’s breasts roughly in her hands, squeezing them and pulling them painfully out to the sides. “You know Marc is to be yours this month, not this… this outsider.”

“But… but later…” Lucy was gasping for air as she struggled against Paula and Louis, “later he’ll be mine!”

“Maybe…” Louis said just before he and his wife suddenly backed away from the bound woman.

Lucy cried out, “No! Don’t stop!”

“You want this man?” Louis asked, seeing the reaction on Lucy’s face, the longing, the desire.

Louis turned and whispered in my ear, “Pretend you’re touching her, move your hands close to her body but don’t touch her. She’ll be able to feel your warmth.”

I hesitated a little, a bit shy to be doing anything like that in front of these people, but I stepped forward and moved my hands towards Lucy’s naked flesh. Desperation radiated from her, in her eyes, in the way she strained against the ropes pulling her spread eagle between the two poles. My hands were close to her now and I felt the heat of her and the look in her eyes told me she felt mine. My hands passed inches from her breasts, down her stomach, and around her hips. Lucy’s eyes followed the movement, her body straining outward in an attempt to make contact with my hands as they moved.

“Touch me… please Master…” Lucy moaned. “Please… oh god, please…”

I leaned in, close to her ear, and whispered, “I’ll touch you tomorrow, slut, and when I do… you’ll cum for me… you’ll cum hard.”

Where those words came from, I still don’t know. It surprised me that I had actually said something like that, but Lucy’s reaction surprised me even more. The woman suddenly stood statue still, limbs fully tensed against the ropes, her eyes fixed on me in surprise, her mouth caught agape.

Her eyes widened further and then quickly closed tight as her head went down, turning to the side to nestle against her outstretched arm. Her body twisted away from me, her left leg pulling against the rope binding her to the pole. A low moan came from deep within her throat as she strained against the ropes and appeared to have an orgasm.

“Holy shit!” Paula gasped.

Jerome moved in and took Lucy in his arms, his left hand moving down her back to cup her lovely ass, holding her firmly and pulling her up to him, her feet leaving the ground, as his right hand rose to grasp her hair and pull her head back.

“You filthy little whore,” he growled in her ear. “You’re going to get fucked tomorrow like never before.”

Lucy fought to pull her head forward, her eyes focused on the mouth before her that she strained to kiss, but Jerome’s grip on her hair was tight. He allowed her some movement, to inch closer to him, and he opened his mouth as if he was going to kiss her but then released his grip and stepped back.

Lucy stood again, sucked in a deep breath, and looked up at him, a smile gracing her lips. “And how about you, my little friend, will you be fucking me tomorrow?”

Jerome reached over with both hands and took Lucy’s nipples in his fingers and pinched down hard. “I am. I’m going to fuck you, and I’m going to be one of the last,” he pinched even harder and Lucy went up on her toes to try and get away from his grip, “because when I fuck you I want you to be totally exhausted. I want you to be used up like the old whore you are,” Lucy moaned and bucked against her bondage, “unable to resist me as I fuck you however I want.”

Lucy’s smile widened, “I’ll be saving something special for you, boy.”

Jerome released his grip and smiled back, “I’m sure you will.”


I slept very little that night as images of Lucy, bound and spread eagle between the two poles filled my mind. When Jerome and I left the Commons, Paula and Louis had remained with Lucy. We sat in the truck for a moment and saw Gabriel and his father, Roger, approaching from the far side of the Commons. Jerome told me that both Gabriel and Veronica had turned twenty-one during the past two weeks and this would be their first full nadir day. Because of this, the entire tradition would be played out, with Veronica playing a special role.

Nothing more was said about this as we pulled away and went to get a large mobile barbeque pit that was hooked to the back of the pick-up and pulled slowly out to the mansion.

I rolled over on the bed and looked out through the small window into the blackness of the night. The new moon was upon us. Lucy was free of the curse for an entire day. Where was she now? What was she doing? Surely she was still not bound to the poles in the Commons. I was tempted to sneak out the back door and go see, but if I were caught it might damage the level of trust that I had built up with Henri.

Lucy. Oh god, Lucy. Who was this woman? I rolled over again onto my back and starred up at the ceiling of the little room. She was a killer. I thought about that. A killer, a murderer, yet… she didn’t seem to be the type of person who could kill anyone. Surely the town’s people accepted her as a murderer, confined her, punished her, loved her…

My heart pounded in my chest. I loved her. I wanted to be with her, to hold her close to me, to tell her everything would be okay.

Everything I’d learned about Lucy, her family, her history, fit into this bizarre story. Why had they even told me all of this? Weren’t they afraid I’d tell someone when I left? Weren’t they concerned that the town would be swamped with reporters, even if they were only from the Enquirer? Having a woman in town that was constantly naked, collared and cuffed, beaten and humiliated, would be quite a headline. And the nadir day? Oh shit, that would make for some real sensational headlines!

A thought that had been in the back of my head, but I had refused to acknowledge, finally made it to the front of my head. It was not a thought I wanted to have. I remembered the urgent meeting in Henri’s office on the first day I had come to town, as I stood in the little cell and strained to hear the conversation between Henri, Jerome, and Annette Molyneux.

Jerome had said it was too soon, to which the doctor had asked what they would do with me? Henri had argued that they wouldn’t find anyone else for her.

Wouldn’t find anyone else for her? ‘Her’ was obviously Lucy. For her to do what with… or what to?

Then there was Martine’s conversation with Irena when she said the others had decided to keep me for her. I had wondered at the time if I was being kept as a mate or a friend?

Fucking shit! My head spun as if I were drunk. Too many questions, too many emotions pulling me this way and then that way. The thought that I was being kept in this town until the next full moon was the thought that I was trying to avoid. The thought that this was all real and Lucy was a… shit, that Lucy was actually a werewolf… it scared me. Was I being kept here to be her next meal? Maybe that was why they didn’t care how much I knew about their special resident.

Jeremy had happened through here at just the wrong time, during the full moon. The fact that he was diabetic had probably saved his life. His blood was tainted. I wished I could call him, to find out what had happened to him. What if I ran now? What if I snuck out the back door and made a run for the main road?

That wasn’t going to happen, though. There was no way in hell that I was leaving before the nadir day was over. I smiled and my cock got hard once again. No way in hell! I had at least a week to get the fuck out of there before the next full moon. I’d promised Lucy I wouldn’t leave before her day, and I’d keep that promise. But after that… well it would probably be best if I split.

My eyes closed but sleep never came. The thought of leaving Lucy churned my stomach and my thoughts. I had to leave sooner or later; I had to return to college in another month. Finally, as the nadir day sun filtered into my room, I drifted off to sleep.

Hours later consciousness returned, or so I thought. The heat in the room was stifling, and thoughts of Wisconsin filled my mind. It was probably cool there, even in July, probably 70 degrees. I went to roll over, to face the window, but my body seemed to be heavy. I couldn’t move.

Ha! I was still asleep! I laughed and tried to roll over again, to wake myself. No, there was something holding me down! Something wispy brushed against my legs and I felt the bed move, something pressing down upon it on either side of my knees.

My eyes flew open and I looked up to see Emilie Devereux kneeling over me. She wore one of the light floral dresses she seemed to prefer, and looked so sexy in.

“Good morning, Master Darios,” she cooed as she bent her arms and lowered her head to kiss me on the forehead.

I struggled to lift my arms and I heard a giggle come from my side. It was Doctor Moly, her skirt down around her ankles and her fingers working the last button of her blouse. Seconds later she stood naked next to the bed. She was a beautiful woman, I knew that already, but… the sight of her naked, a fully mature and confident woman; I was unprepared for the sight of her splendid body.

“What…what’s going on? What are you doing here?” I implored. I pulled at my arms and then looked down to see that several coils of rope had been wrapped tightly around my arms from my wrists to my elbows and tied off somewhere under the bed. Lack of mobility below the waist assured me that my legs had been similarly bound. A quick glance down my chest verified that the sheet had been removed and I lay on top of the bed, naked. The sight of Annette’s body had caused my cock to harden, and I felt heat radiate from my face and neck as I blushed.

“Shhh, Master, just relax,” Emilie whispered in my ear as she nibbled on it and kissed me there.

Naked now, Annette took Emilie’s place on the bed and lowered herself so that her crotch rubbed against my penis. She ground herself against me and I shook my head.

“No! What are you doing?” I asked, pulling harder against the ropes. I looked over to see the floral dress fall to the floor as Emilie returned to the side of the bed and knelt beside me.

“You’re our final duty call today,” Emilie said. “We’re here to settle you.” A broad smile flashed across her face as her hand came up and caressed my chest. I groaned aloud as Annette continued to grind against me. Emilie reached down and wrapped her fingers around my shaft, lifting my cock up before slipping a condom over it. She held my cock upright so that Annette could lower herself onto me.

Lucy! They were going to ruin everything! I’d be spent and wouldn’t be able to make love to Lucy later. What time was it? Oh god! I couldn’t let them do this to me! I struggled harder, attempting to knock Annette off of me, really trying now to free myself from the ropes that held me tightly to the bed.

“Woo-ha!” Annette cried out as she rode me like a bucking bronco, her arms waving around above her head, her full luscious breasts just a-swaying and a-bouncing away, her long straight black hair tossing this way and that. Clearly the woman was enjoying herself, and the sight just did it for me as I exploded inside of her.

“Damn it!” I shouted out. “Damn it! Why did you do that!!” I was furious! “Why!!?”

“Get off him!” Emilie shouted as she pushed at the doctor.

‘It’s too late for that’, I thought.

But as Annette fell off of me, Emilie pounced onto the bed, straddling my body, facing towards my feet. I felt the condom slide off and then her lips on my penis and the warmth of her mouth as she sucked my member in. Her tongue massaged my soft cock, cleaning, licking, arousing. Damn it! Arousing me again until I was fully hard, and then not stopping!

I looked down to see her legs spread wide straddling my chest, her cleanly shaven pussy totally exposed to me. The sensations her mouth was producing were unbelievable and I was surprised to find myself fighting another climax. I mean, really surprised! This had all taken place in about ten minutes and I still felt like I hadn’t even fully woken up yet.

“Don’t worry, young Master,” Annette purred, her face close to mine on the pillow as her hand reached up and caressed Emilie’s bare ass, inches from my face. “You’ll be fine, I promise.” She kissed my cheek and continued to kiss my face and then my shoulder.

The doctor’s face came back up next to mine and she whispered, “Watch this.” Her hand came up and then sharply down onto Emilie’s bare ass. Emilie lurched and we heard a shriek and a garbled, “ouch!” Annette smiled at me and began to slap the exposed ass on both sides with some force, the resulting action causing her mouth to do some odd things to my cock, at times forcing me fully down her throat.

Okay, that did it…damn it! I spurted again! Son-of-a-bitch!

Annette leaned over and gave Emilie’s ass a big hug and began to kiss it. I felt the mouth come off of my cock and heard a large intake of air before feeling the warmth of her mouth again as she cleaned me off.

The doctor gave Emilie one more kiss and then turned to begin dressing. “That should be good, Em. Come on, we’ve got to help Roni and Gabe get ready, it’s almost time.”

Emilie crawled off of me and I felt tugging at the ropes that held my legs and feet. The doc came over and began to loosen the ropes at my sides as Emilie pulled on her dress and stepped into her shoes.

“Really, Darios, you’ll thank us later. We know what we’re doing.” Annette leaned down and kissed my forehead and joined Emilie at the door. They both blew me a kiss and I lay my head back and sighed as the door closed behind them.

I hoped they really did know what they were doing, because I knew Lucy was really looking forward to being with me and I certainly didn’t want to disappoint her. Not today, or ever.


Standing in front of the fan, I agonized over what to do. I’d been raped, as weird as it sounded, in the back room of the town cop’s house. It was really embarrassing, in fact, humiliating. I was no scrawny kid, shit, I’m 6’1” and, at the time, all of 185 pounds, but these two women fucking tied me down and raped me.

I’m sure lots of guys fantasize about something like this happening, hell, I’ll admit that I’d even thought about it. How erotic, how… how very arousing the thought had been. And under different circumstances, maybe I would have enjoyed it and gotten a big kick out of it.

But not that day of all days! I’d been so excited about the day ahead, and now I felt really depressed. Not so much because I’d been violated by Emilie and Annette; they were fucking gorgeous, but because I was so worried that I would let Lucy down.

There was a knock on my door and I opened it to see Henri standing there.

“Are you ready to go, son?” he asked.

He stood there patiently, observing me. Martine came up behind her husband and placed her hand on his left shoulder and her chin on his right shoulder, looking over at me, too.

“Did you have a visit from the duty team? Is that it?” she asked, sensing my mood.

I turned away, really upset now and feeling the humiliation at having been assaulted rising to the surface. Damn it. I saw Martine walk to the bed and pick up a couple pieces of rope from the floor. She turned towards me and I sank to the bed, sitting on the edge, head in hands.

“Listen,” she said as she sat next to me, her hands in her lap, “you planned on participating today, didn’t you?” Martine had a soft voice, but it felt like silk on my ears at that moment.

“Everyone knows how excited Lucy is that you’re still here. We all assumed you would be helping us with Lucy on her day.” I could sense her eyes searching my face. I did plan on participating, without a doubt. That’s what made Annette’s and Emilie’s actions so infuriating.

“Of course,” I replied. “Yes, I was going to participate if I was allowed to.”

Martine’s hand touched my thigh but was quickly brought back into her own lap. “You’ve met Jackie DuPray, haven’t you?” I nodded that I had. “Her husband, Marc, just arrived last night from Hawaii to spend this day with Lucy. He’s a Marine assigned to the new carrier, USS Carl Vinson.”

The woman turned so that she faced me, and I looked up at her, seeing the concern in her face and the kindness in her eyes, her hand went back to rest on my knee.

“Today is very special to him because it’s his turn to act out the part of Count Stephan, opposite Lucy, who will portray her ancestor, the Countess Ileana Avakian. He’ll be the first to make love to her tonight, with all of the tenderness a man can give a woman. Annette and Emilie would have normally settled him, but Jackie assured us that she would be taking care of those duties this morning.” Martine’s lips could not help but curl into a smile as she thought about the lust that must have filled the DuPray home that morning.

I knew at that moment that ancient traditions were being played out in this little town that defied any logic that ‘normal’ people could conceive of. I was still an outsider, trying desperately to grasp even a little bit of what the people of this town did for Lusineh Avakian, daughter of Melonya Avakian, and quite probably… a werewolf.

“Really?” I asked. “Marc would have sex on the day he’s to be with Lucy?”

Martine stood and lowered her hand for me to take. “Sure, he’s young, like you. It’s important that he not be too… excited, shall we say?”

I took the hand that was offered me and stood, noting that Henri had already left my room and then heard his car door creak open outside.

“You’re all nuts!” I blurted out and then turned beet red. Martine’s face had this weird look of surprise on it and I fought the urge to laugh, instead, giving her a line that I liked to use whenever possible: “Did I say that out loud?” and then covered my mouth with my hand in mock embarrassment.

There was a second’s pause before she laughed, getting my joke, and hugging me around the shoulders as we headed out the door to join Henri.

Martine stopped, and asked, “You do have Lucy’s key, don’t you?”

I felt my pants pocket from the outside and felt the outline of the key that fit into Lucy’s chastity belt, and nodded.

We traveled slowly out to the mansion and, as we emerged from the clog of trees and entered the clearing, I noticed the party was already in full swing. It seemed that everyone in town was there, sprawled out across the grassy property the mansion stood on. A huge billow of gray smoke rose off to my right as Gabriel’s father, Roger, opened the barbeque pit and turned some meat that was roasting on the grill.

Henri backed his car up along the edge of the grass to join all of the other vehicles, all in a semi-circle; their front ends pointing inward toward the house. We walked up and joined the line of friends and neighbors with their plates, waiting to get to the food tables. Looking around, I noticed that most of the people wore very bright, colorful, clothes. Most wore bandanas on their heads, the women’s ear-rings were large hoops for the most part.


The food was fantastic, and an hour later I was half lying on my side, stuffed, like most of the other people around me. During this entire time I had not seen Lucy, and as the daylight began to wane, I sensed an excitement growing amongst the town folks. The only indication that Lucy was there was that Veronica had come to me and asked for her key.

A noise drew my attention to the far side of the mansion and I saw a tractor pulling a large hay covered wagon to a point near the road leading back to town. A man jumped off and I waved as I recognized Louis.

Everyone began to stand, and I stood with them. The wagon was a signal it seemed, for I saw no other reason to stand. This scenario had been played out in this town for so long everyone instinctively knew when things were going to happen.

The noise all but died as the great white doors at the front of the mansion opened. Lucy and Marc DuPray walked out onto the porch and surveyed the assembled villagers. Lucy was dressed! She wore an extravagant gown, it’s lower half forming an immense circle around her feet, the waist pulled in tight to give her an hourglass look, and her breasts nicely nestled in the cups of the built-in bra. Her face had been whitened and her beautiful brown curls had been pulled up into a beehive above her head. Sparkling brightly around her head was a jewel-encrusted tiara.

Marc held her hand out at about shoulder height as he led his Countess down the stairs. He was dressed in a suit, the collar stiff and rising to either side of his neck. A gold chain encircled his neck that clipped to the corners of a long black cape that hung down his back. A glint of light reflected off the hand that held Lucy’s and as they got closer I saw a huge signet ring upon his finger.

Trailing the couple were Veronica and a girl I recognized as Mirela, Gabriel’s twenty-three year old sister. Together, they held the edges of Lucy’s dress to keep it off of the ground. The crowd opened up for them as they made their way through, the procession stopping in front of Irena.

There was a lot of murmuring now, and it appeared that something unexpected was taking place. Irena’s hand went up and the noise died.

“My dearest friends,” her frail voice rose from the center of the circle of people, “I have lived a long and happy life, thanks to you.” Many of the people in the crowd looked at each other with puzzled looks. “But I feel my time is very short now. The honor of being the guardian of the Avakian legacy will come to an end today.” I heard gasps come from all around me, the entire crowd suddenly kneeling.

Veronica stepped forward and hugged her grandmother.

“I pass the stewardship to Veronica, a much stronger and more capable person than I am now. I have passed down the legend to her, and she will hold it close to her heart for many years to come. Please remember, my dearest friends, that the Avakian legend has not been passed down for generations by the Avakians,” the elderly woman looked around her at her friends and neighbors.

“No, it’s the story passed down by our ancestors,” she hugged her grand-daughter again, “the Miklos. It was our ancestor, Lenuta Miklos, who witnessed the events of that dark night centuries ago. It was our clan who aided the Avakians, helping them to escape Moldavia, and staying by their sides for generations. We are a witness to the despicable curse, wrongly placed upon a noble family. Tonight some of you will witness the truth, as the Miklos know it to be.”

Irena lifted her hand high above her head, the dagger and belt held tightly in her bony fingers.

“I transfer the power of life or death to you, Veronica Miklos. May you judge wisely.” She handed the dagger to Veronica and Lucy threw herself at the girl’s feet.

“Kill me now, Mistress!” she cried out. “I beg you!”

Veronica knelt and hugged Lucy. “I cannot kill you, Lusineh, for I love you too much. We will live together, as our ancestors have done. We will survive, with the help of our friends, as our ancestors have survived.”

The crowd stood as one and pressed in against the trio in a mass hug.

“Let the night begin!” Veronica yelled out.

This was met with a roar of approval from the villagers but a voice shouted above the others.

“Wait! Wait! Hold on a minute!” It was Marc DuPray. “Quiet, please. Where’s Mr. Donelli?”

The crowd around me parted as Marc approached. I saw that he was removing the cape from around his shoulders and the signet ring from his finger. He held them out and said, “Mr. Donelli, had you not been here, my Jackie and little Maria would be dead, along with countless others. I can’t ever repay you for settling Lucy that day and protecting my family, so I relinquish my right to play the Count and give that honor to you.” He handed me the costume.

“Marc!” Jackie cried out as she came up next to him, “You’ve come all this way, it’s your time.”

The Marine held his wife and kissed the top of her head. “This is the way it’s going to be, Jackie, I’ve made my decision.”

Stunned, I reached out and took the objects, along with Lucy’s key, and shook the hand that he offered. A collective gasp came from the crowd before all hell broke loose and hands were clapping both Marc and me on our backs.

Lucy stepped forward and pulled Marc against her, kissing him passionately on the lips. “You’ll be third, right?” He nodded. “You’ll not be disappointed.” She smiled and turned to take my arm and lead me towards the mansion.

I looked to see that all of the younger children were being led by a cadre of adults to the hay wagon, and when they had all climbed aboard, the tractor started up and headed back towards the town.

Lucy tugged at my arm. “You’ll have better things to look at in just a few minutes, my Count.”

End of part 3

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