by mrhungry

As parties go, Jean’s birthday bash was one of the best that Julian had attended in years. The right combination of people, a terrific nightclub, a superior band with an equally superior sound system, and an open bar made it a party people would be talking about for years.

Julian hadn’t taken advantage of the bar, though, much to the chagrin of her best friend and birthday girl, Jean.

“Come on,” Jean whined, as she waved to get the attention of one of the buff shirtless male waiters. “Daddy bought a lot of champagne. You should have a glass.”

When the waiter approached with his silver tray balanced on his upturned palm, Julian reached past the champagne flute and took a crystal glass of water instead.

“Ooo, you!” Jean punched her friend’s arm and then made a mock movement of her hand, exaggerating the damage the punch had inflicted to her fist. Jean had always thought that Julian was one of her prettiest friends, but it was her fit and trim body that really impressed her.

She knew Jules worked out several times a week, and had even gone to the gym with her on occasion. It wasn’t a ‘normal’ gym, though. Oh sure, they had all of the standard equipment that you would find at a Golds, or an LA Fitness, but the focal point of the gym was the regulation boxing ring in the center of the workout area.

“You know I have to work tomorrow morning, sweetie,” the black haired woman said as she sipped her water and then put her arm around her friend’s shoulder and pulled her in close. “I can’t be hung over,” she added. “Besides, I have to leave soon.”

“How’re you getting home? Do you have a ride?”

“Oh, I’ll just call a cab,” Jules replied as she released her grip on her friend.

“You be sure you do,” a look of concern came over Jean’s face as she placed her champagne glass down on the table. “This is a great club, but it’s in sort of a rough neighborhood. And just last month a woman got raped by that gang over on the west side.” Jean shook her head. “It’s not safe out there at night.”

Jules nodded towards the dance floor. “I know, I’ll get home safe, now let’s go dance!”

The two wove their way through the gyrating crowd of partiers and joined ‘the girls’ on the dance floor. The bass from the huge speakers thumped loudly, vibrating everything and everyone, but not as much as Jules’ heart thumped inside her chest. She glanced at the clock over the DJ’s booth and decided she would stay another half an hour.

An hour later, the band took its break and Jules used it as her excuse to make her exit. She gave Jean a kiss on the cheek and a playful spank on her ass, and headed out of the club.

It was surprisingly hot outside for being after midnight. Not that Jules minded the heat; in fact, like most things in life, she liked it hot. Unlike most women she knew, she liked to sweat. Well, normally not in her little black dress, but at the gym she found it somewhat erotic. She liked to watch as the guys worked out, intent on their reps, the sweat dripping off of their muscled bodies. The sight always propelled her to work that much harder at her own repetitions.

Tony’s was not a gym that the fruit loops went to socialize and pick up dates. No, ‘her gym’ was a real gym that catered to those serious about conditioning, boxing, and the martial arts.

Julian looked up the street in both directions and saw that the streets were fairly deserted. No cabs about, that was for sure. They would start cruising the area another hour when the clubs in the area began to close, but right now she was out of luck unless she actually called for one.

Looking to the north, along the row of warehouses that lined the street in the direction of her apartment, she considered her options. She could go back inside and make that call, or she could just hoof it. It really wasn’t that far, maybe a mile, and it seemed so calm …and quiet. And the heat felt so good. The heat made her hot.

That thought made her smile. The heat made her hot! Not temperature hot… hot as in aroused. And the thought of walking through the deserted streets in the heat made her plenty aroused.

That did it! Against Jean’s advice, she set out down the sidewalk, her black high heels echoing a click clack as she walked. She considered removing her heels, to feel the hot sidewalk under her bare feet, but then she also enjoyed the sound of the heels reverberating off the building walls around her.

There was very little traffic, and as Julian continued to venture into the deserted warehouse district the isolation pressed in on her from all sides. She felt the heat radiating off the brick facades, and the pavement beneath her feet, and the space between her legs. She ducked her head to loop the strap of her little black clutch around her neck so that it hung under her left arm. With her hands free now, she let them roam down her firm body, feeling her stomach and waist through the thin fabric of her skimpy dress.

Looking around to see if she was truly alone, she inched her dress up and put her hands behind her to feel the hot flesh of her tight bum. Her flesh was moist, and when her right hand came around to her front to feel the fabric of her g-string panties, she felt moistness there as well.

A sound to her left made her withdraw her hands and quickly pull her dress down. There was something there, but she couldn’t see anything or anyone. Probably an alley cat. It got her heart racing, though, and her imagination, too.

What if it wasn’t a cat? What if it was a person? Yes, a man. A big man. A man who would come up behind her and grab her, overpower her, have his way with her. Was that her fantasy? Yes, she supposed it was. Was that why she chose to walk alone down a dark street in the dead of night? Well… yes, she supposed it was.

A slight sound behind her made her head whip around. There was a figure there, walking about a block back, in the same direction that she was. Fuck! Another one strode silently on the opposite side of the street. Jules increased her pace, wishing now she had removed her heels. If she had to run she would just leave them behind.

In the darkness, she picked out three more shapes in front of her, moving in her direction. A few seconds later, two more emerged from between the buildings to join them.

Who were these people? Should she cross the street to avoid walking past them? That would give a clear signal that she was avoiding them. Would it seem odd? Who cares!

She stepped off the sidewalk and began to cross the street. Her heart raced faster as the shapes approaching her did the same. This did not look good at all. A faint reflection ahead on her left attracted her attention and she noticed movement in a shadowed doorway. There was somebody there.

Julian altered her course to remain in the street. Three or four shapes stepped out of the doorway on an intercept course. By now the two behind her had closed the distance, and the ones ahead were only fifteen yards away.

She was being surrounded.

“Hey, puta,” a voice called out. “You lose your chulo?”

Julian heard snickers from the darkness as the others closed ranks around her. If she was going to make a break for it, she had better move quickly. The two men behind her had drifted closer to the man who had spoken from the doorway, inadvertently leaving a gap in the shrinking circle. She stepped out of her heels and darted to her right, through the gap, but one of the others who had been coming towards her stepped over to block her. Jules threw her hand out and stiff-armed him, sending him teetering backwards and landing roughly on his back.

“Ow! Damn bitch!” a female voice shouted.

Only then did Jules realize it was a woman she had pushed over, not a man.

“Go get her, girls!” the man in the doorway shouted out. “No! Carmen, go to the left! Damn, Lupe, don’t let her get… you fucking idiots!”

Jules saw that the redhead, Carmen, had come around to cut her off. She was a large woman, much larger than the other, who must have been Lupe. Jules didn’t think a stiff-arm was going to knock her over, so she launched herself into a jumping thrust kick that caught the woman in the shoulder just as she was about to turn away from it.

Bruja! Maldita sea!” the woman cried out as she brought her arm around to clothes-line Julian as she went by. Jules saw it coming though, and looped her own arm up and through, straightening her arm as she went to place the woman’s elbow in a lock.

“OW! Carlos!” she screamed in pain. Her other arm came up to strike at Julian, but the thrust was deflected and a vicious back fist punch knocked the woman to her knees. Jules sensed someone close behind her and before she could react, Carmen was on her back, fists closing on her long black hair.

Julian didn’t hesitate to lean forward quickly to allow the woman’s momentum to propel her right over her head, sending her sprawling to the pavement with a grunt. Free at last, she sprinted away, but right into the arms of one of the men. Still having her own momentum, she pushed hard against him, sending him back on his heels, unbalanced. She lifted her bent arm quickly, delivering a well-placed elbow uppercut to the man’s chin. He continued his fall in a less than graceful manner, and ended up on his ass on the pavement. Now everyone seemed to be shouting out directions in hopes of cornering the frightened woman.

The two men that had shadowed her up the street closed the gap in front of her, forcing her to turn to her left. The woman that she had stiff-armed was blocking her, but Jules figured it would be easier to go through her than those two men. If she could only get into the open she was sure she could outrun them all.

“Stop her, Marta! Damn!”

The woman, Marta, got a hand on her shoulder but it wasn’t enough to slow her down. The sound of Julian’s dress ripping was unmistakable though. Looking down she saw the damaged panel of cloth, hanging loosely in front, her bra covered breast exposed.

No time to think about that! Marta must have liked the sound of that and had reached over with her other hand to grab the other shoulder of Julian’s dress. Jules tried to turn out of it, but the woman had a good grip. Balling her fist, she delivered a punishing blow to her tormentor’s ribs. The woman went down, but her grip on the dress did not loosen, and the dress ripped down the other side. What remained of her favorite little black dress was just some shreds hanging from the collar, leaving her in her white bra and g-string panties. This brought a chorus of whoops and whistles from the men watching the action from the perimeter.

The delay allowed Carmen and Lupe to close in on her, and now she had all three women on her. Bolstered by their new position of power, the women began to taunt Julian, mainly in Spanish. Led by Carmen, the women wrestled Julian in the direction of the doorway where Carlos still stood in the shadows.

With her options dwindling, Julian stomped down on Lupe’s foot with her heel, causing the smaller woman to lessen her grip on her arm. She used this slight opening to rip her arm free of the woman’s grip and shoot a right uppercut to the jaw of her second largest attacker, Marta. Marta went down like a sack of potatoes, leaving only Carmen with a firm grip.

Jules reached up and grabbed the hand that was holding her shoulder, planted her foot, and swiveled to her right, executing a near perfect half-hip throw, sending the larger woman to the hard, hot, pavement.

Accomplished in less than ten seconds, Julian had disabled her attackers and left them on the pavement as she turned to run in the direction of her apartment. The men, she counted seven of them now, excluding Carlos, who had yet to move out of the shadows, gave chase. All but two were out of range, but those last two were going to be a problem.

“Don’t let her get past you, Eddie!” Jules heard Carlos’ low voice rumble from the doorway.

“I got her, man!” Eddie said as he moved slightly to his right to intercept the fleeing woman.

Julian saw the second man coming in quick, and in a well practiced move, launched herself into the air, her left leg spinning out horizontally as she turned, catching the man cleanly on the side of his head with her foot. He went down.

That left Eddie. But footsteps behind her told her window of opportunity was closing fast. Her mind flipped through the possible moves that would disable the man quickly enough to let her get by before the others closed in. There was an endless list, all taught to her over the years by her Uncle Max, a former Mixed Martial Arts instructor, and her brother, Kyle, the current welterweight MMA champion for the upper Midwest.

But of that endless list, there’d only be one or two that would be successful in this circumstance. She had learned that every move has a specific use, and now she was too close to use a jumping thrust kick again, but maybe… if she launched in the same manner but converted her attack to a front knee strike, combined with an elbow uppercut, it might just do the trick.

Still sprinting forward, Jules saw she would not be able to get by Eddie, so with a scream, she pushed off with her right foot, rising up so she was three feet off the ground when she collided with the large Mexican. Her left knee struck him squarely in the chest at the same time as her elbow made contact with his chin. And in a move her uncle would be proud of, her left foot swept downward to kick the man squarely in the balls.

That was all for Eddie. But the last second improvisational nutcracker proved to be Julian’s downfall, as the large man caught her foot as he doubled over and brought her crashing to the ground with him. The man was in too much pain to be a threat, but now someone very strong had a grip on her throat and was beginning to tighten that grip.

Jules tried a modified back kick, but her leg struck only air, and then was pinned to the ground by the attackers leg. Jules was in a very awkward position, a wrenching strain in her back as the man pulled back on her neck. Soft fuzzies were beginning to creep in around her brain as the oxygen deprivation continued.

“Kill the bitch, Carlos!” Jules heard one of the women screaming.

‘So Carlos has finally come out of the shadows’, Julian thought. Just as well. She was not getting away until he was defeated, anyway. Besides, his minions were proving to be no challenge for her at all. She felt something touch her cheek, and knew it was Carlos’ face.

“I think I will kill you, whore, but after I fuck you.” He licked the side of her face, and then went to bite her ear. Jules knew this was all taking his mind off his hold, and she was able to catch a large enough gulp of air to awaken her oxygen-starved brain.

Reaching back over her head, in a painful move, Julian grabbed Carlos’ hair with both hands and pulled his head forward quickly, colliding it with the back of her own head. If she were lucky it would send his nose up into his brain, if not, well… things would probably get very ugly for her.

It nearly worked, but Carlos had sensed her move and had ducked down at the last second so the blow hit his forehead. Still, somewhat dazed, his grip faltered enough for Julian to rotate below him so she was on her back.

Now she could assume a standard Judo defensive position, giving her more control over the larger man. But he was larger than any of the men she had fought at the gym, and she was unsure whether her moves would be effective. Too, her groundwork was not as well practiced as her throws and takedowns. It wasn’t that often that a man was able to take her down. She looked up at the man above her and felt that heat again; the one that spread between her legs and worked it’s way quickly to her brain.

Carlos had taken her down. He was very strong, and the head movement was fast thinking. A worthy adversary? If only it were true. She would find out quickly enough.

Jules flailed her arms at Carlos, feigning a girlish beating of his chest. This actually made the man laugh, but also distracted him from her right leg coming around behind his head. By the time he realized she had moved, her left leg had crossed over her right ankle, trapping his head in a triangle chokehold. Julian locked her hands behind his head and pulled down, effectively closing off his carotid artery.

Even in the darkened street, Julian could see the man’s face turning purple. He clawed at her, but she easily blocked his clumsy and wild movements.

“Ge….. get her… off me, fuckheads!” he squealed.

Julian knew she could kill the man within the next couple of seconds. But that wasn’t really what she wanted. She wanted him to be stronger, she wanted him to be forceful, and to take her against her will. But he was not that man, and she relaxed her grip on his head.

The others stepped in now, holding her limbs down against the hard pavement. Carlos leaned back and then brought his hand around quickly, slapping Jules hard across her face.

Taking a deep breath, Jules cleared her head and attempted to lash out with her foot, but one of the gang members was sitting on it, holding her firmly against the hard street surface. She watched Carlos reach down and grab the strip of fabric that connected the two cups of her bra, and she strained to push herself away, to avoid him. Seconds later he was tossing her torn bra onto the pavement next to her, her tiny g-string panties joining them soon after.

Naked now, Julian struggled against those who held her down. There was obviously too many of them, and she resigned herself to the fact that she was going to be raped.

Trapped below the leader of the Hispanic gang, Carlos, Julian struggled to free herself from the grip of the other gang members. Carlos had ripped what remained of her clothing away, leaving her naked and vulnerable to his attack.

The desperate woman didn’t know exactly how many attackers there were now, but she knew it was taking six of them to hold her down. Carmen held one of her arms, while Marta and Lupe held her other. Eddie was sitting on one of her legs, and another man she thought she had heard being called Joseph, was on her other. And of course, their leader sat atop her outstretched body.

The look on Carlos’ face told Jules everything she needed to know. She had humiliated him when he had been forced to have the others pull her legs away from his neck. He had felt the stranglehold she had placed him in and knew he would have lost in a one-on-one fight with her. Now he would have to prove his manliness to the others, to put this Anglo whore in her place, to fuck her up good.

His first slap to her face knocked her head sideways, and caused little stars to appear before her eyes. She felt a glob of spit strike her forehead and looked up to see Carmen wiping her chin.

“Bitch!” the black-haired Mexican woman hissed. “Hit her again, Carl. Fucking knock her teeth out!”

Jules saw the mammoth hand coming down and turned her head as the strike was delivered. That movement took most of the sting out of the blow. She couldn’t stop the scream, though, as Marta grabbed her hair and pulled. This prevented her from turning her head when the next slap came, and she thought she might lose consciousness for a moment.

Carlos sat up on his knees and unbuckled his pants, lowering them enough to pull down his briefs and position himself between Julian’s outstretched legs. Without preamble, he entered her roughly, pressing fully into her vagina and causing the rough pavement below her to abrade her ass. His brutal assault continued unabated while another man hovered over her, capturing her head between his boots. She saw the spit leave his mouth, to fall freely towards her face, but was unable to move away.

Another cry escaped her mouth as hands reached out to grab her breasts. Carmen had taken it upon herself to dig her long red fingernails into the soft flesh of Julian’s breasts, drawing blood as they scraped along. Another wail echoed off the big buildings surrounding the group as Carmen’s fingers gripped her nipples and squeezed.

The assault by the gang leader intensified as his minions tormented their victim however they could.

Pinned beneath the man, held in place and tortured by the gang, Julian allowed herself to go limp, to succumb to the abuse. The sounds and sensations began to ebb from her consciousness, as her mind focused on the feelings the abuses were creating in her.

Surely most people would think that what was happening to her was horrendous! She was being raped! But still… the constant pounding that Carlos was inflicting on her pussy, and the mauling of the multitude of hands elsewhere on her captured body didn’t feel horrendous at all. A flush of arousal suddenly coursed through her body as she recognized how good all of the attention felt! Somewhere in her head she knew this thinking was somehow wrong, but her body was telling her something quite the opposite.

When Carlos finally filled her pussy with his seed, Eddie quickly replaced him. The gang leader came around to Julian’s head and pulled up roughly on her hair, lifting her head off the pavement so that he could wipe his softening cock on her.

Eddie turned out to be quite the stallion, and if leadership of the gang were based on cock size and stamina, he would probably be the leader of this motley group. He took his time fucking the helpless woman, driving his thick hard cock into her with as much force as he could muster, rocking the woman with each thrust.

Even if Julian had been trying to block out his abuse of her, she doubted she could’ve restrained the orgasm that was quickly overpowering her. She bit down on her lip to squash any sound of her pleasure escaping as she closed her eyes and privately soaked in the sensations of her orgasm.

It took some time for Eddie to shoot his load, and when he finally dismounted her, she felt one of the other men taking his place between her legs.

“Hey!” shouted Eddie as he stood to pull up his pants, “a fucking car!”

The others turned to look up the street to see a pair of headlights in the distance.

“They’ll turn. Fuck the bitch, Joey,” Marta spat.

The street was suddenly bathed in light, and the short blast of a siren scattered Julian’s attackers. She, too, rolled over to look up the street at the approaching squad car.

‘Fucking shit!’ she thought as she scrambled to her knees and then her feet. She darted to the nearest side of the street and hid behind a two large dumpsters before seeing the broken down door in the shadows of one of the abandoned buildings. She dove into the opening and pushed the door closed, trying to control her breathing. An instant later the interior of the building was awash in light from the squadcar’s searchlight.

Julian prayed they would continue down the street and not get out to investigate. After being caught last month on the west side, she didn’t want to spend another night in the police station pretending not to recognize her attackers. She was sure those gang members left the station baffled as to why she hadn’t point them out, but she didn’t know why they should be punished for giving her what she wanted in the first place.

As the squad car drove slowly away, it’s powerful light still scanning the building, Julian breathed a little easier. It was a shame that Carlos wasn’t the man she was looking for. She had heard he was pretty tough, but he had fallen like all the rest.

There were men at the gym who she thought could possibly dominate her, but that felt too close to home with her brother and uncle there all of the time. No, she needed someone from outside her normal world. The gangs had been promising at first, but she was running out of prospects there. If worse came to worse, she might come back and allow Eddie to claim her. He’d been the best fuck she’d had in a long time, and the first to drive her to an orgasm since she’d come up with this insane plan to find a Master.

Well, she had some other leads to follow in the coming month. Maybe July would be the month she found her man… a man who would come up behind her and grab her, overpower her, and have his way with her. A man who she couldn’t defeat, and that she could submit herself to. A man who could fulfill her fantasies.

Maybe in July.

The End

Author’s Note: If you feel this story glorified rape, you’ve missed the premise of the story, as that was not the intent. Jules is searching for a Master, someone who can dominate her, and for a woman who can kick the crap out of most men, that is a difficult task.

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