Grace’s Mistake
by mrhungry


This story is loosely based on role-plays conducted with friends on Grace is a fictitious character that I created for use in the role-plays. This story was written for my friends, jenny and Ellie, and will be a fairly predictable story, but I hope you will still enjoy reading it. Let me know, if you would be so kind.

The girl-rail described is a borrowed idea from the wonderful writings of Graham and Annabelle, both of whom can be found here on Writings of Leviticus. Please check out their stories. I use Graham's ideas with permission, and will not profit in any way from their use. This story is for entertainment purposes only.

Part Two

Chores and Fantasies

Darios leaned against the wall about half way down the hall to consider what he should do with the woman in the foyer locked to his girl-rail. From what Ellie had told him, his chef had Jenny’s old whore collar on, and it was locked to the chain from the cabinet in the kitchen.

But why? There could only be one reason, and it was why he was not all that surprised by what Ellie had told him. Grace had witnessed many things since he had brought Jenny to the mansion, and those things must have had an effect on the woman.

There had been subtle changes in the way his chef had been behaving lately, and it had not gone unnoticed by the master of the manor. For instance, she usually referred to him as Mr. Donelli, and occasionally as Sir, but recently she been using Sir, exclusively. Too, she wasn’t leaving the room as quickly as she once did when Jenny was present, but lingering longer, to see if he “needed anything else”. He thought that she’d finally become accustomed to his alternative lifestyle, but hadn’t considered that she may have been observing them in order to fuel her own fantasies.

The question was, though, was she just caught in acting out these fantasies, or did she want to submit herself to him? Ellie’s description of Grace’s demeanor made it seem that the woman had been acting out a fantasy.

Ellie’s account rolled around in his head while he decided on his course of action. He didn’t want to lose his chef, or his friend, yet she had entered his private world by her own deeds and the Dominant part of him was not going to let her off the hook, or chain, that easily. She would have to pay a price for her actions! He just had to make sure that price was not too high.

Pushing away from the wall, Darios headed down the hallway and turned right at the main hall that led to the foyer. He could see Grace there, standing in the center of the large room, looking his way. She looked beautiful, bound as she was, and the fear he saw in her eyes only added to her allure.

“Sir, I…I…um,” Grace stammered, watching the man enter the room and walk past her to the narrow cabinet door behind which was his tool for operating the rail gates. She fell silent as he took a key out of his pocket and unlocked the panel, and then reached in to remove the long, wand-like, device.

Darios positioned the small round barrel at the end of the wand over a spot on the floor of the cabinet, just inside the door, and pressed down hard. He heard several clinks and knew the tool had worked as it was designed, and had remotely opened every gate in the rail system. Keeping the magnetic rod in his hand, he walked past his chef again, towards the hallway.

“Come with me, Gracie.”

Grace watched Darios walk past her with barely a glance in her direction. Hanging from his fingers were her panties. She felt the warmth of her cheeks spreading down her neck, and knew she must be blushing horribly!

Gracie! Mr. Donelli had never called her that before! She had expected him to question her; to make her explain herself. In a way, she was relieved he hadn’t asked those questions that she would find difficult to answer. While at the same time, it made her incredibly nervous that he hadn’t questioned her, nor did he seem fazed by her present situation in the least!

It wasn’t until her boss had left the foyer and had entered the hallway that the words he had spoken clicked in her mind. That he hadn’t unlocked her from the chain was suddenly a very ominous sign, and as she walked towards the side of the foyer to the rail that ran along the perimeter of the room, she watched him to see in which direction he was heading.

It was with great relief that she saw him walk past the north hallway. While something she had fantasized about, the thought of actually being taken to His dungeon made her just a little bit weak in the knees. Struggling now to pull the chain along its track, the nervous woman tried to catch up. Jenny made it look so easy to glide along a few paces behind her Master as he strode through the mansion. Maybe she needed more practice…

Grace shook that thought out of her head. More practice? I’m in enough trouble already! She saw Darios turn into the kitchen and then remembered her blouse and bra were on the island counter. She stepped up her pace a little in hopes of… in hopes of what? Getting to her clothes before he saw them? She knew it was already too late for that.

When she pushed the door open her fears were confirmed as Darios stood next to the island with his hand resting close to her things. Reaching over and retrieving them was simply out of the question.

“Show me what you have prepared for dinner, Gracie,” he said in the same commanding voice he used when he spoke to Jenny.

The flustered woman moved towards the large stainless steel doors of the refrigerator and felt the pulling of the chain on the collar around her neck. Her heart beat so fast now she was beginning to feel a little light headed.

“I have this pasta dish here,” she pointed at the foil covered glass baking dish, and then towards the baking sheet of breadsticks. “Bread, and down here is the salad.” She pulled out the large crisper drawer at the bottom to reveal the tossed greens. “And of course the wine,” she added.

“Have it ready in two hours,” Darios said and turned to leave.

Grace remembered that Ellie was in the house, and asked, “Will Ellie be dining with you?” and then quickly added, “Sir?”

“Yes, Miss Ellie will join me,” and as he bent to pick up Grace’s shoes, he said, “and while the meal is baking, I want you to clean under that oven. I’ve noticed you’re not keeping this kitchen as clean as I’d like it.”

Darios scooped up Grace’s blouse and bra, and walked towards the back door of the kitchen. “Understand?” he asked as he touched the floor with his wand and a soft click was heard. He placed the clothing and shoes on the counter against the far wall and looked back at his chef.

He’s leaving me like this? Grace swallowed hard. “Yes sir, I understand.”

A moment later, she stood alone in her kitchen, her safe haven, and looked at her blouse, panties, bra, and shoes, on the counter near the back door. She knew Darios had locked the girl-rail gate near the other end of the center island, and she doubted she would be able to reach the clothing. But she might be able to reach them using something from one of her kitchen drawers.

That was foolishness, though. She was being given a choice; get on with her job and prepare the meal as requested, or take the clothing that she was sure Mr. Donelli had purposely placed out of reach. As much as she wanted to retrieve her clothing, there was a part of her that did not want to disappoint the man who had given her so much. Making her choice, she reached over and set the oven to three hundred and seventy five degrees, and then removed the lasagna from the ‘fridge’.

Setting the baking dish on top of the oven to warm as the oven pre-heated, Grace squatted down to pull out the drawer near the floor. She prided herself on the cleanliness of her kitchen, and doubted that there would be anything under there to clean.

As the drawer was pulled out, though, it was obvious that she had been mistaken. There was a considerable amount of debris on the floor that could be cleaned up. She took a breath and couldn’t help but to smile. She felt silly smiling, but the smile reflected her mood as she pulled the chain along the rail and then squatted down in front of the sink to look in the cabinet for her cleaning supplies.

There was no doubt about what was causing her silly mood; serving ‘her Sir’! It wasn’t unusual for her to be performing her duties while thinking about serving the millionaire businessman just as she was now. She had seen Him using Jenny in the most humiliating and demeaning ways, and had felt embarrassed for the woman as she witnessed it. It was through that embarrassment that she had come to know a little of what Mr. Donelli’s slave found arousing in it. Now she was feeling it for herself!

Grace reached into the cabinet to retrieve her spare roll of paper towels, a spray bottle of degreaser, and a large square Teflon scrub pad. The chain hanging from the collar locked around her neck rubbed against her collarbone, and her chest; a constant reminder of the situation she had placed herself in. Her fingers traced a path up the chain to the leather collar.

The old whore’s collar…I’m Sir’s old whore now… She reached over to place her supplies by the oven and then crawled on her hands and knees to the opening. Just as she got there the buzzer sounded, alerting to her that the oven was at the desired temperature. She got up on her knees to take the baking dish and place it inside the oven.

This was certainly not how she normally conducted herself in her kitchen –crawling around on her hands and knees. She had not even fantasized about doing something like this! In her fantasies, she was chained to the girl-rail, naked except for her heels, and “her Master” stood behind her with one of his crops. She sort of liked the one that had the long floppy rectangular patch of leather on the end. She liked the “thwack” sound it made when it struck Jenny’s skin. The sound it would make against her own fanny would be similar, she was sure of it.

In her fantasies she moved around her kitchen, preparing her Master’s food, arranging it artistically on His plate before carrying it out into the dining room. She imagined how sexy she would look as she walked, dressed in nothing except for her high heels.

This was not like her fantasies at all! There was nothing sexy about this; on her hands and knees, cleaning the crud beneath the stove. So why was her heart beating so fast? And why was her hand shaking as she reached in with the spray bottle to moisten the floor under the stove? Why was she sure that if she were to reach under her skirt and touch herself, she would find that she was quite wet?

The heat of the oven filled the space below it as Grace continued to work away at the chore she had been given. As she toiled, her thoughts were consumed with understanding the emotions she was feeling. How many times had she come across Jenny doing the most tedious, dirty, and sometimes gross, chores with a smile on her face? She had never really understood the woman… until now.

Jenny was living the life that she could only fantasize about. Even now, the extent of her submission was more than Grace could grasp, but thinking about it made her so damn horny! Could she totally submit to another person like Jenny did? To be used… however that person wished?

Grace wiped the sweat off of her forehead as she tore off two more paper towels to sop up the dissolved residue on the floor beneath the oven. Leaning in, the friction of the satin camisole against her nipples sent a noticeable wave of arousal to her brain. The stimulation this friction was causing was matched by the mental stimulation her mind was supplying. The greasy seepage, dust and debris, was taking much more time and effort to clean up than she had thought it would, but she hardly noticed or cared. Attacking more of the greasy drippings with vigor, her mind was occupied elsewhere.

To be used… Darios used his slave as… well, as a slave. She was assigned domestic duties, and served as a waitress at social gatherings. She helped in the kitchen, and had gardening duties in the summer. All of these duties were performed nude, or nearly so. She had grown so accustomed to seeing the woman naked that the last time Darios had dressed her for an evening out, she had taken a second look to see who it was he had with him.

But those were not the only ways in which Darios used his little slut. Grace remembered bringing her boss a beer early one evening as he lounged in his library, sitting in a wing-backed chair, with his feet up on the back of his kneeling slave. Another time she had popped in to tell him that a guest had arrived, and had seen Jenny’s feet under his desk. It was pretty obvious what she was doing under there.

Yes, he used his slave for sex, whenever and where ever he wished. Could she ever do that? What if she wasn’t in the mood? The thought that her mood would not be a consideration to “Master Darios” drove her mind to that place it had been so many times during the past few years. It was that place where her fantasies carried her to the peaks of arousal.

Kneeling in front of the oven, her heels under her ass, Grace held onto the handle of the oven door as she widened her knees and lowered her hand to the hem of her dress. Rising slightly, she pulled back on the hem until her hand could slip down between her legs.

Stroke yourself, you old whore…her Master would command.

No! I... I can’t! I won’t!…she would say, defiantly.

Do as you are told, cunt!…his voice would boom in her ears, scaring her as much as the flogger he held in his hand.

Y..y..yes…sir…she would respond meekly, not wanting to finger her pussy in front of the man, but not wanting to feel the sting of his flogger, either. She couldn’t escape him; she was chained to his girl-rail!

Grace’s fingers found their target and her wetness flooded over them. Eyes closed now, her other hand ventured up under her camisole to her breasts, her fingers pinching her nipples and squeezing her flesh roughly as she was sure Darios would do. Seconds later she just about jumped out of her skin when the oven timer went off. Rising quickly, she was jerked back by the chain as she clumsily stepped on it.

Now the buzzer sounded like a tornado siren as she imagined Darios coming into the kitchen to see why the damn thing was still going off. He would take one look at her and know what she had been doing!

Frazzled, she reached up and hit the button to silence the timer. She opened the oven door to peek in at her pasta, not believing that the time had passed so quickly! The golden color of the melted cheese and the bubbling of the sauces in the glass dish told her the meal was, indeed, ready to come out.

Her heart raced as she pulled the chain over to the sink to wash her hands, and then settled down slightly as she continued preparing the meal. She glanced at the clock and was relieved to see that everything would be ready by the requested time.

Just as the bread sticks were coming out of the oven, the chef heard voices in the next room. Mr. Donelli and Ellie…Miss Ellie, had arrived. She briefly wondered what they had been up to for the past two hours, but her concentration quickly returned to her duties as she placed the salad plates on the serving tray. Lifting the tray onto her upturned palm, she headed towards the door.

She had maneuvered through the swinging door many times, but never with the added weight and drag of the chain attached to the collar. Once successfully through the door, Grace stopped to steady her load on her hand, and looked up to see her boss and his companion sitting at the far end of the long dining table, chatting quietly.

Darios had changed into a finely tailored gray sport coat over a white button up shirt, open at the collar. Ellie looked lovely in a long black skirt, and a bodice style top. As she got closer she could see the bodice was made of brown and black leather and was laced up in back, with more lacings along the sides. It looked to be quite tight, and the flared front supported her breasts so that the top of each breast was visible. Her hair fell luxuriously over her bare shoulders, and looked to be freshly washed, as a few of the strands appeared damp.

Remembering that Mr. Donelli insisted that his guests be served first, Grace set the tray down on a fold out stand and placed a salad plate in front of Ellie.

“Thank you, Grace,” Ellie said as she looked up at the woman who was serving them. What she saw caught her off guard. “Grace! What have you been doing? You’re a mess!”

Grace’s cheeks flushed a bright red as her thoughts immediately flashed to the lust that had consumed her just a short time before. Then she realized that the mess Ellie was referring to was due to her cleaning activities. She looked down and saw that her camisole clung to her breasts, her nipples plainly visible against the thin silky material. Little smudges of grim left by her own hand on her breasts were causing the fine fabric to stick to her damp flesh in places. She pulled the camisole down in an effort to straighten it, but to her horror it only served to highlight her hardened nipples!

Grace looked up at Ellie, and then at Darios, and was suddenly quite conscious of how slovenly she looked in comparison to the two well-dressed persons she was serving; the Master and Mistress of the house. She was even bare footed! She wanted to say something… anything… but her mind seemed to be frozen.

Darios watched his chef intently. Her embarrassment was obvious, as were her stiff nipples, and he found both of those conditions very arousing. If it had been anyone other than Grace there’s no doubt he would have struck hard with remarks meant to humiliate.

His cock stiffened at the thought of bringing to Ellie’s attention the telltale signs that the woman had recently had her hands on her thighs. Had she gone higher? And what of the way her top was clinging to her breasts? That was not just sweat, there was something greasy under there; he could see it. Had she touched her breasts, too? Even if she hadn’t, he would’ve made the statement that she had, taunting her with the accusation. What kind of woman would touch herself like that while chained to his girl-rail? Only a whore, a woman so full of lust…. yes, his diatribe would roll quiet easily off his tongue.

But he didn’t want to humiliate Grace. In fact, this was most likely where he would have to tread most delicately if he wished to retain her services in the future, which he did.

“I asked her to do a little extra cleaning while the meal was in the oven,” he piped in, seeing Grace nod her head as if that’s what she wished she could have said. Darios poked his fork into his greens and rolled them gently through a little pool of dressing, wetting the leaves.

“And I’m sure you took care of what I asked, correct?”

It took all of Grace’s courage to lift her head and look at her employer. He was looking at her with that concentrated look of his, waiting for an answer. His right hand went down next to him, and when he lifted it he held a ring on the top of the black hood that covered Jenny’s head. The slave had been kneeling next to her Master, but must have been crouched quite low for her not to be seen.

Darios lifted until Jenny was sitting upright, her ass on her calves, and her back straightened. Grace could see that her arms were enclosed behind her in a single glove sleeve.

“Well, Gracie, is it done or not? Answer.”

“Yes,” she blurted out, knowing that she needed to concentrate on what Mr. Donelli was asking her, and not on what he was doing to Jenny.

Darios reached over and unclipped a short, thin, rattan cane that was hanging from the d-ring in the front of Jenny’s collar.

“Yes… what?” he asked.

Yes what? “Oh, yes Sir!” she said quickly.

Darios glanced down at Jenny and brought the thin rattan cane down against her ass with a quick flick.

Jenny sucked in a large gulp of air and then breathed out slowly through pursed lips. “Thank you Master,” she said softly.

Rubbing the cane up and down his slave’s leather clad arms, he began to tap her gently. Looking back at the woman standing between him and Ellie, he said, “I want you to understand something, Gracie. If you decide to use any of my equipment again, you will end up downstairs. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir, I understand,” she replied, the blush instantly returning to her cheeks. “I’m really sorry, I know I shouldn’t have..”

“No, you shouldn’t have,” Darios cut her off and then brought the cane around and down against Jenny’s ass again.

“Thank you Master!” she cried out, a little more distress in her voice at the increased severity of the cane strike.

Grace had seen Mr. Donelli swat at Jenny playfully before, but never with the force that he was employing now. She saw the red line across the woman’s white flesh and realized this was how he handled his slave in private. The sight of it made her feel even more vulnerable than she had felt before. What was stopping him from using that cane on her? She had to get him to unlock her before things got out of hand!

Maybe if she made it sound like the chain was in the way….gathering her courage, she asked, “Will you release me so I can serve you properly, sir?”

Her heart thumped in her chest as she watched him. That sounded really good, though, and she had hopes that he would agree.

Darios looked over at Ellie, and got a barely noticeable shrug from her. He knew she would leave a decision like this up to him. Although his pretty companion was a “switch”, she tended to remain in a submissive mood for some time after one of their sessions together, and to pull her into a dominant role so quickly would be a jolt he didn’t wish to inflict on her. The decision was to be his alone.

“Not yet,” he said. “Take two steps back and wait there until we’re ready for our entrées.”

The thought crossed Grace’s mind to speak up again, and she had even opened her mouth to say ‘enough is enough’. But Darios was already talking to Ellie, and she knew it would be rude to interrupt. Instead, she took two steps back towards the wall and waited, as she had been told to do.

She listened to Darios telling Ellie about his trip to Chicago, and in between bites of his salad, and snippets of his story, he would rub Jenny’s leather covered head, or caress her naked back, or reach over to pull gently on one or both of her nipple rings.

Grace could only imagine how this treatment was affecting Jenny, with her head so completely encapsulated in the leather hood. With her arms bound inside the leather sleeve, the woman was completely at his mercy. From the conversations she had had with the slave, she knew this was exactly the position she loved to be in.

Totally captivated now with the scene before her, Grace stood silently and watched her boss eat his salad, talk with Ellie, and play with his slave. Grateful that she was being ignored, she let her mind wander to one of her favorite fantasies, one based on something she had seen one night, and one in which she always imagined herself being in Jenny’s place….

“Gracie!” Darios said loudly, snapping the woman out of her trance. “Remove these plates and bring the main course.”

“Pay attention, dear,” Ellie added softly, sitting back in her chair so that her plate could be collected.

“Yes, Miss Ellie,” Grace said as she stepped forward quickly to pick up the plates and place them on the serving tray. She was about to say she was ‘sorry’, but remembered an instruction she had overheard Darios deliver to Jenny once, and instead said, “I apologize, sir.”

Darios and Ellie locked eyes at hearing the words, and neither could totally suppress their smiles. They sat silently until Grace had left the room, and then Ellie leaned over and whispered, “How long will you keep her chained, sir?”

Reaching into the inside pocket of his sport coat, Darios withdrew what looked like a mechanical pencil. He held it out towards his friend and depressed the silver cap at the one end. At the other end, where the lead would normally be, a very thin silver colored rod emerged.

“When we’re done eating, I’ll take the slut upstairs and you can release Grace.”

Ellie accepted the tool and looked more closely at it. She could see that the surface was not perfectly smooth, but rather, several finely scored lines ran down the length of the tiny rod.

“Insert it straight into the lock release port, and very gently rotate it until those grooves line up. It’ll slip into place, but you have to be very careful or you’ll miss the slots. Keep it straight, or you may break the tool.”

Now there was a look of concern on Ellie’s face. She looked at Darios and said, “I’m not sure about this, sir.”

“I’m confident you will not have any problems, L.”

Ellie knew that was the end of the discussion. She would do as he wished. She also knew that her Sir preferred not to be present when his “toys” were released. As a Domme, she understood this, although she didn’t do things the same way as he did. But she understood that this was his way of letting his submissives know that he was done using them. He used them and then he left. Releasing them usually fell to her, and so it would be in this case, too.

“Turn the silver cap clock-wise to retract the tool,” Darios said, and then watched as Ellie performed the task. “Excellent. See? Nothing to it.”

He watched her slide the device through some of the tight lacing on the side of her leather bodice, and then added, “Come straight upstairs after you’ve released her. We’ll be waiting for you in my suite.”

Darios placed his hand on top of Jenny’s hooded head and pulled her towards him until her head rested against his thigh. Through the small opening, Ellie could see Jenny smile, and then open her mouth a little so that her tongue could be extended slightly. She had no idea where she was, or what was going on around her, but she was offering her mouth for use. So typically Jenny!

In the kitchen, Grace was busy with the entrées. She had positioned the layered pasta on the plates and then drizzled some of the extra meat sauce from corner to corner for effect. Two bread sticks were added to each plate and then the plates were set on the serving platter.

Digging into her drawer for the corkscrew, Grace’s thoughts wandered back to her predicament. Darios had rebuffed her first mention of being released. Should she ask again? Maybe she should bring it up after she served them.

Finding the corkscrew, she worked it into the end of the bottle as she thought about what she was considering.

Why am I so anxious to be get this chain off of me? Isn’t this what I’ve been fantasizing about for the past six months?

Pulling the cork out with a loud pop, Grace set it down on the counter top and then felt the collar locked around her neck. A shiver ran through her body as she felt the old worn leather. She remembered how excited she had been when she first held it around her neck, but now… now it was locked in place, and could only be removed by the man sitting at the table in the other room.

This thought made her hands shake again as she placed the wine glasses on the tray and prepared to hoist it up onto her palm. She took a deep breath and tried to collect her wits.

God! What an idiot I am!

She had her chance to live out some of her fantasies, and all she could do was worry about regaining her freedom! If Mr. Donelli was going to fire her, he would have done it already. It was just as Ellie had told her hours ago when she had first come in and found her – everything would be okay, and she needed to trust Mr. Donelli.

It was so obvious that both Ellie and Jenny trusted him without question. And while she had the utmost trust in the man as her employer, she would have to expand her trust now that she had put herself in this position of vulnerability. The man was giving her exactly what she had wanted, if only she could relax and enjoy it. Not only that, but Ellie was speaking to her in ways that had previously been reserved for Jenny.

She called me ‘dear’! The chef felt arousal tingling through her body at the thought of it. Dear…it wasn’t something a person would call an older person, but in the context of how Darios was treating her, it was evident that Ellie was following suit.

These thoughts excited her a great deal as she pushed through the door and entered the dining room. Placing the tray on top of the folding stand, she served Miss Ellie and then her Sir. After pouring the wine, she took a step back and waited for instructions, like a good slave!

“This looks and smells wonderful, Gracie,” Darios said as his fork sank through the lasagna and he took his first bite. “Mmmm.”

“Thank you, sir,” Grace replied, feeling warmth spread through her at his praise.

“Yes, this is really good,” Ellie agreed, looking up at Darios and then at the chef. “Bring me a glass of water, and another fork, Gracie.”

“Right away, Miss.” Grace headed back to the kitchen, happy now to be serving them both. As she passed through the door into the kitchen she realized how much easier she was moving along the girl-rail already! While it was not realistic to think that Mr. Donelli would want her as a slave, she could imagine herself as one, if only for the day.

When she returned, Ellie instructed her to kneel next to her. Darios looked over and marveled at his friend. A submissive at heart, she was also a very effective Dominatrix when the mood struck her. He was a little surprised that the mood was striking her so soon after spending time with him in his dungeon, but the tone of her voice was obvious.

By her actions it seemed that Ellie might be taking control of Grace. He felt a slight pang of irritation that she would do that without asking, but he quickly assessed the situation and concluded that it was the most logical course to take.

Again, he looked at his friend closely. She was sitting erect, not surprising given the tight corset that she was wearing. But her body language and expression showed strength. He smiled as he realized that she had pulled herself out of the submissive as quickly as possible to help him deal with Grace.

Ellie understood the dilemma he faced with his employee, and it made perfect sense that she take the burden of control from him. He watched as she reached over, seemingly out of habit, and stroked Grace’s hair, and then almost laughed when the woman shrank back slightly as Ellie’s hand touched her head. To her credit, Grace straightened up again and allowed the contact.

What’s going on in that head of hers? Darios glanced at his chef and tried to see some hint of what she might be thinking. Sure she was locked to the girl-rail, but she could’ve demanded to be released. She had brought it up once and had seemingly accepted his decision, so he would stick to his plan and release her after the meal.

Smiling, and returning his attention to Ellie, she had just informed him that she would be home for the next five days and had asked if he would allow her to take Jenny for a couple of those days.

As they discussed this, and talked about her new home and the girl-rail that had recently been installed there, Grace knelt quietly and listened to the conversation. It felt so odd to be kneeling on the floor between Mr. Donelli and Ellie! It would have been totally unbelievable in any other situation, but here, in Mr. Donelli’s mansion, it was quite believable. She just couldn’t believe that it was she who was kneeling!

The blush returned to her cheeks as her fantasies suddenly came alive in her mind. Looking across Mr. Donelli’s lap to his naked slave, kneeling on the other side of his chair, the visual stoked her arousal even more than did her own situation.

Jenny could hide nothing from her Master. Her shapely body was always on display, and available for whatever Darios needed it for. Grace gazed at the kneeling woman, and saw the little gold rings piercing her nipples. He had had that done to her, as well as piercings in even more intimate places. He hadn’t asked her if she wanted to be pierced like that, he simply had it done.

A shiver ran through her body as her thoughts returned to what she had seen one night that so many of her fantasies were based upon. It was something that really brought home the fact that, just as having her body pierced; Darios could, and would, do absolutely anything he wished with his slave.

There was to be a large gathering at the mansion, and the night before the event she had worked quite late doing prep work. After turning off all of the lights in the kitchen, she headed towards the front door to leave and noticed that Mr. Donelli’s office door was slightly ajar, and a thin sliver of light streamed out into the hallway.

Thinking she would stick her head in to say goodnight, she stopped in her tracks as she peered in through the small space between the door and frame. Mr. Donelli was at his desk working away at some paperwork while jenny stood a few feet in front of him. But it was how she was standing that always sent her into fantasy frenzy.

Naked, of course, except for her ever present collar and cuffs, Jenny’s legs were spread widely by a chrome spreader bar, and her arms were tied behind her back so that her hands held the opposite elbow. It looked like Mr. Donelli had spent a considerable amount of time binding the woman with rope, and the way the ropes wound around her bare torso forced her breasts out into reddish orbs. Clipped to her nipple rings were little bells that tinkled when she moved.

There was a distinct humming sound coming from within the room, the source of which was a vibrator taped to the end of a rod. The rod was attached to the center of the spreader bar and extended upward to hold the vibrator against Jenny’s crotch.

This might have seemed erotic at the time, except that a thick rope tied off to the iron light fixture overhead hung down in a noose that was pulled tightly around Jenny’s neck. This seemed dangerous, and for a moment Grace considered entering the room. Her fears were heightened when Jenny began to moan and she heard a rasping sound as the rope pulled tighter against the bound woman’s neck.

Was Mr. Donelli trying to kill her?! Her hand touched the knob and then was quickly retracted as Jenny straightened up and the rope went slack. The tone of the vibrator changed, and grew much louder.

“Oh god, Master!” Jenny gasped, the little bells ringing out their little chimes.

Darios looked up from his paperwork. “Maybe next time, whore,” he said, and then picked something up from the top of his desk. Grace saw that it was a rubber band, and watched as Darios stretched it to its breaking point, aimed it at Jenny, and let it go. The rubber band struck Jenny’s upper stomach a second later.

“Ow! You missed!” Jenny struggled to turn a little bit so that she faced her Master more squarely. “Better?”

Now that she had turned, Grace could see that four fine chains ran from her labia piercings to a ring that ran around the vibrator handle, just below the large head. When she stood up, her labia were tugged downward, as the vibrator itself was well secured to the shaft below. The woman could not lift herself fully off of the vibrating head without pulling quite harshly on her tender flesh.

“Let’s see,” Darios replied to Jenny’s question. He stretched another elastic and let it fly; striking her left breast with a snap.

Jenny jumped, pulling on the little chains below. “Close, Master… please try again, sir.”

“Oh, I don’t know, slut, I have to finish this work.”

Now jenny groaned. “Please, Master!” Grace detected a certain amount of anguish in Jenny’s voice. “You’ll get it this time, I know you will!”

Darios picked up another rubber band, aimed more carefully, and let it go. It crossed the distance to his slave quickly and struck one of the bells, making it tinkle.

“Thank you, Master!”

“Go for it, whore.” Darios picked up another rubber band and sent it soaring towards his slave, striking her on the hip.

“Owww,” she cried out as she adjusted her stance so that the vibrating head pressed against her crotch.

“Stop complaining,” he scowled as he sorted through his stack of papers. He looked up at her and said, “If you want an orgasm tonight, whore, you’d better get serious. I’m almost done here.”

“Yes, Master,” Jenny said as she bent her knees to sink more fully on the vibrator. The sound deepened as it made contact with her flesh. Grace noticed the rope overhead tighten around her neck and now understood the dynamics of the bondage.

Not wanting to be caught spying on her boss, she had crept silently to the front door. Once outside, she reached back to pull the door shut behind her and heard Jenny crying out from down the hallway. She couldn’t tell if it was a cry of distress or extreme pleasure… or maybe that was the sound of experiencing both at the same time. Regardless, it was a sound she would never forget.

There has to pain to get to the pleasure…

Grace felt the burning of the blush on her cheeks as the effects of hearing those cries still haunted her fantasies. Did Mr. Donelli know that she had these fantasies! He must! It was horribly embarrassing that she had exposed herself like she had, and she wondered how this would change their relationship. She shifted on her knees as she considered the possibility that he would keep her chained to his girl-rail… forever? Surely not! But still…

Suddenly she saw Darios’ cane extending down towards her face. She’d been so deep in thought that she hadn’t even seen him pick it up! Jerking back a little as its smooth surface touched her cheek, she heard his calm voice telling her, “Easy, woman.”

“Miss Ellie is talking to you, Gracie, no… don’t move your head, just listen.”

I didn’t hear her say anything! But she knew she’d been zoning out there, again, and had probably not heard Ellie’s soft voice.

“I was saying, you served me too much,” Ellie said, and then waited.

Grace considered what she could say in response. How was she to know how hungry Ellie was? She had served them each equal portions. Too much was better than not enough! But how to respond?

Nervously, she said, “I apologize, Miss.” What else could she say?

“Good answer!” Ellie cooed as she patted Grace on the head. “Look up at me, dear.”

Grace looked up at Ellie and saw the woman pick up her water glass. She dipped her cloth napkin into the glass and reached down towards her.

Wiping the cloth across Grace's forehead, Ellie said, “Time to clean you up before you eat.”

Grace kept her head as still as she could as Ellie dipped the cloth again and wiped some more. There must have been some smudges of grime on her forehead from when she was cleaning earlier. It made her feel like a child, having the parent clean her up. It felt silly and humiliating at the same time.

Suddenly, she felt something tap her shoulder. It was Darios’ cane!

“Isn’t Miss Ellie being nice to clean you up, Gracie?” The taps were getting a bit harder and beginning to hurt just a little bit.

Swallowing hard, Grace answered, “Yes, sir.”

“Don’t you think you should thank her?”

Grace looked up at the pretty woman who was dabbing away at something on the side of her face now, and said, “thank you Miss Ellie.”

“Oh, you’re quite welcome, dear.” Ellie said in a voice so sexy that Darios looked at her and licked his lips. This brought a smirk to Ellie’s face, as if she and her Sir were sharing an intimate memory.

“There, all cleaned up.” Ellie turned and picked up the clean fork that Grace had brought out and cut a portion of lasagna away from what was left on her plate.

Stabbing the layered pasta, she held it out so that Grace could take it into her mouth.

“Ooo, don’t touch the fork with your mouth, dear.”

“Miss?” Grace didn’t know how she was supposed to take the food without touching the fork.

“Here, watch Jenny,” Darios said as he reached over and held his finger firmly against the side of Jenny’s hooded head. This was a signal he had worked out with his slave to let her know in which direction he wanted her to face while hooded.

On cue, Jenny shifted on her knees and turned a hundred and sixty degrees until she was facing her Master. Darios touched her on the side of her forehead, just off center, and the hooded woman shifted slightly one more time. Now Darios patted his slave on her shoulder and she settled back down onto her knees.

Cutting off a serving of his meal, Darios held it under Jenny’s’ nose and waited. Smelling the food, Jenny opened her mouth in case that was her Master’s wish. Hooded, she couldn’t see him, but he had turned her and now she smelled food under her nose. She opened wide, and when she felt the pasta touch her tongue she closed her mouth so that her teeth caught the food on the fork. She did not allow her lips to close around the fork, but rather, held onto the food as the fork was removed. At no time did she touch the fork.

“Let’s try again,” Ellie said as she held another piece down for Grace to eat.

Opening her mouth widely, Grace tried to imitate what she had seen Jenny do, but right at the end she felt the tine scrap her tooth.

“Almost,” Ellie said. “You’ll be more careful this time, right?” She stabbed another bite and held it down for the kneeling woman.

“I’ll try, Miss.” Grace opened her mouth and then closed her teeth just enough to hold the food back as Ellie withdrew the fork cleanly. She couldn’t suppress her grin as she chewed the bite. She had done it!

Ellie picked up her own fork and continued to eat while Grace knelt beside her hoping to have another chance to receive food. She realized, with some surprise, that she felt a little disappointed that Ellie hadn’t acknowledged that she had done it perfectly. Did she need the praise? Did a… slave, need to be praised for obeying? She supposed not.

While keeping her eye’s lowered, she stayed alert for any instructions from either Ellie or Darios. She had slipped twice already and been caught not paying attention. She didn’t want it to happen again.

Yet, with the idle time she couldn’t help but to let her mind wander a little to consider where she was and what she was doing. The pull of the heavy chain reminded her that she was locked to the girl-rail just as securely as was jenny, kneeling on the opposite side of her Master. It might be easy to think that she had been purposely careless and then been foolishly trapped on the rail, but she knew that had not been the case. It had been an honest mistake.

The only foolishness had been touching that collar in the first place. Once she held the old leather against her neck, well, her fantasies had taken over after that. And what of Mr. Donelli? Shouldn’t he have released her right away when he got home? He could’ve. But wasn’t what he subjected her to all afternoon exactly what she had been fantasizing about for so long?

Grace’s pulse and breathing told her it was. She had wondered if her mistake was going to change their relationship, and she knew now that it would. By not demanding to be released, she had silently signaled her desires to him. By not firing her, and calmly controlling her as he had, he was signaling that he understood. What made her nervous now, and a little aroused, was the question of where this would lead.

A motion by Mr. Donelli attracted Grace’s attention, and she straightened her back to sit up a little straighter. The man was pushing his chair back from the table and placing his napkin on the table.

“Another excellent meal,” he said as he stood and lifted upwards on the ring atop Jenny’s hood. His naked slave rose with him and stood, waiting for instructions.

Looking down at Grace, Darios said, “I’ll reimburse you for your clothing, Gracie. I don’t think the grease will come out of that silk.”

Grace looked up at her boss. “You don’t need to do that, sir.”

Continuing as if she hadn’t spoken, he said, “And I’m going to supply you with a uniform to wear in the future.”

The chef didn’t know what to say to that, and had she thought of anything it would have been too late, anyway. Darios had positioned Jenny in front of him and turned her towards the door.

Hooded, sightless, but well trained, Jenny walked where her Master’s hands guided her; out of the dining room and into the hall.

Once they were out of sight, Ellie turned in her seat and stroked Grace’s hair one last time. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, Miss,” Grace responded, although it felt like her entire body was shaking.

“I can’t wait to see what your new uniform is going to look like,” Ellie said as she fished the key out of the lacing of her corset.

This made Grace a little nervous. “What do you mean?”

“I just wonder which catalog he’s going to be using when he picks it out, that’s all.”

Now Grace wondered about that, too. She watched as the young woman leaned down, somewhat stiffly in her tight bodice, and used a pencil of some sort to unlock the link that had gotten her into this mess in the first place. Once that was off, she was able to remove the collar.

“Put all of this back where you found it, Grace.” Ellie’s voice was soft now.

“I will.”

“And do not take Mr. Donelli’s warning lightly,” she stated, as she stood and held out her hand for Grace to take, and then helped the woman to her feet.

Grace knew what warning that was. While her mistake had led to some of her fantasies being fulfilled, she was quite sure she wasn’t ready for the rest of them to be fulfilled.

If and when that time came, she would make sure it was not a mistake.

The End

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