The Box
by mrhungry


The abuse began just as slowly as it had when the straps were revolving in the opposite direction. But as before, the harshness of each stroke against her naked flesh increased until the wheel was revolving at full speed. It took every ounce of willpower Carly could muster to process and absorb the abuse she was receiving. Her mind was busy, blocking the sensations, while not being able to stop thinking of the protocol.

Every time her pussy had been flogged, she had been allowed to drink from the cunt. Her heart raced as she thought of the last time she had been allowed to drink, how pleasurable it had been, and how much pleasure she had given the cunt. Even with her most sensitive region being struck repeatedly by the straps, Carly grinned. She had pleasured the cunt? Ha! What a ridiculous thing to think! Was she actually losing her mind in this wretched box?

But there it was. She had followed the protocol exactly as she had been trained, performing the ritual expertly in the approved manner. The little white laser pointer had not even been deployed to guide her! She had pleasured the cunt on her own, and she felt…Carly searched for the correct word…proud! Yes, she was proud that she had worshipped the cunt in such a pleasing manner as to be allowed to drink from it.

The horrible sting of the straps against her labia was pushed far, far, back in Carly’s mind as she remembered the way in which she had worshiped the cunt. She was confident that she would repeat the ritual with the same expertise this time, too, and she desperately wanted to demonstrate her skills again. Certainly she would not do what she had done the first time she had seen the liquid seeping out of the cunt.

What had she been thinking? Of course, she’d been so very thirsty, having not been given anything to eat or drink since being taken captive. She had just suffered the whipping of her private parts and it had not gone well for her. How could they have not heard her screams outside the box?

When the whipping had ceased, the white laser pointer had illuminated a spot on the left appendage of the sculpture. She had figured out already that the tiny beams of light were someone’s way of telling her where they wanted her to be in the box. She had risen from the confines of the toilet and knelt down between the two appendages, and heard the sound of water dripping. In the dim light she saw it, seeping from the crack that looked somewhat like…huh, it looked like a vagina! Oh fuck, that was perverted!

But it was water, and Carly had been so thirsty! Her mouth went to that spot, perverted or not, and sucked in the moisture. Oh, it tasted so sweet! The pain was instant and intense, as the floor of the box energized. Simultaneously, her tongue felt like it was on fire as the surface of the sculpture joined in her punishment. The young woman could not even get to her feet to perform her dance of pain, as she simply lost control of her muscles and lay convulsing on the energized floor. When she was able to control herself again, she found that the water was gone.

Apparently, whoever was controlling her decided she needed additional visual instructions, because the next time she experienced the painful little straps within the commode a monitor on the opposite wall displayed a snippet from what must have been a porn movie that displayed a woman kneeling between the thighs of another woman. The kneeling woman was kissing the thighs of the sitting woman, first one and then the other. It was done in such a loving manner that Carly, while not in any way gay, couldn’t help but feel some strange arousal from the scene. She watched with interest as the kneeling woman continued to kiss the woman’s thighs before moving closer to the vertex of her sex.

Now she understood. When she was allowed to move to the sculpture, she did her best to kiss where the tiny beam of light illuminated. Only after she had kissed the appendages for the appropriate length of time was she allowed to sip the tiny stream of water that flowed from the cunt.

But that was only in the beginning. The next time she was disappointed that, even after kissing the contoured appendages with as much tenderness as she could muster, there was no water there. Yet, the pin light still illuminated the cunt.

Okay…what was going on? She felt the rubbery area of the slit with her tongue, but it was dry. Probing a little, she discovered that she could actually press her tongue slightly inward. There was moisture there! She knelt forward even more, pressing her face against the cunt and forcing her tongue more deeply into the slit. She was rewarded with a real drink! Not the dribbles she had been finding there, but something that required her to swallow to keep up with!

And so the training went. The interior surface of the cunt must have been lined with sensors because, as Carly continued to explore the cunt with her tongue, she found that the water was not being released unless she moved her tongue within the cunt, stroking it, moving her tongue in a variety of motions. Again, she had to marvel at the creativity of the person who had designed her box and its contents. She had effectively been trained to pleasure another woman in a relatively short period of time.

Carly moaned as the little wheel with the straps flaying against her exposed vagina shifted position and attacked a fresh area of flesh. This pain was very hard to push out of her mind and it brought her back to the here and now, a place she wasn’t always happy to be in. But still…if she could hold out a little longer…

Yes! The wheel had stopped. She waited in anticipation of the cunt being illuminated, of permission being granted for her to move to the cunt as was the protocol, but instead the interior of the box went black.

Carly realized her heart was beating hard within her chest. Was she so excited to kneel between those legs, her Mistress’ legs, to kiss her, to pleasure her, to get to what she wanted so badly? She knew she was. This was torture! Please! Oh, please, please, please!

The box remained dark, dark and silent. And so did Carly, as she tried to calm herself. She should not expect to dictate what and when her Mistress decided to allow her pleasure. Just because it had been one way before didn’t mean it would be that way every time. That seemed to make perfect sense. She would wait…yes, wait patiently for her Mistress to command her.

Carly smiled. And waited. Patiently. Even in the silent darkness, Carly felt contented. How different she was than when she had first been taken for her Mistress. She understood that what she was feeling; the calm, the contentment, was not right. She’d been kidnapped, stripped, imprisoned in a big black box, and remotely tortured!

So why did it feel so right? What part of her brain was telling her she was better off now than before? Why didn’t she pound the walls and demand to be freed as she had done after being taken? Sure, the electricity that surged through her body when her Mistress had had enough of her protests was a deterrent. But, honestly, she no longer felt the desire to beat against the wall and demand her freedom.

She sometimes wondered if a search for her had been made. What had the University done when it was brought to their attention that she hadn’t returned from spring break? Had they tried to contact her parents? Good luck with that! Carly didn’t even know where they lived these days. It had been years since she cared enough to look them up, and they had certainly not tried to find her. Too busy with their own success, Carly’s parents had long ago left her care to others. They wouldn’t miss her.

Was that it? In the darkness of her box, Carly began to ponder the structured life she now led. Did she thrive on being told when to sleep, when to exercise, where to stand, when to…when to pleasure her Mistress?

The woman nearly jumped for joy as the tiny pin of light suddenly appeared, but hesitated when she saw what the light had illuminated. The light fell directly on the tip of the large phallus that jutted up from the top of the short pillar.

The rock hard cock had attracted her attention from the first time she had seen it there atop the Sculpture of Life. How could she not gaze at it, at times with a great yearning? There was no denying that her activities within the box had stoked her inner fires more than once. Several times she had to fight the urge to run to the giant cock and impale herself on it.

But then, there was the energy to contend with. She knew that any movement on her part that was not dictated by her Mistress was met with instant punishment. How, she didn’t know. Maybe a computer ran the controls. That would make more sense than having an actual person monitoring her every movement twenty-four hours a day. It didn’t really matter, and was just something to ponder while being patient, something to think about to help her from going crazy.

But the tiny ray of light was on it now! Oh God! Carly felt her pussy moisten, and then felt the tingles begin to attack her knees. What was she waiting for?! It was just the shock of it actually being allowed that had momentarily delayed her. She rose to her feet and stepped from the porcelain toilet and the room went black.

“NO!” the tortured young woman cried out, and then instantly regretted it as a strong current attacked the soles of her feet. She had spoken, her voice sounding somewhat foreign to her now.

What had she done? Not only was she not allowed to worship the cunt, but she had been given the opportunity to feel the giant cock inside of her and had not acted appropriately. Why had she hesitated? Why?!

The current was getting stronger, her feet were actually numb. What was she to do? There was no guiding light. Should she kneel back in the toilet? There was no light, no direction. Without direction she knew she was to wait. To be patient and wait. But she had angered her Mistress, surely, with her hesitation. She wished to be punished, and punished harshly. Thinking of what she could possibly do, the thought occurred to her to lie down on the floor, to allow the horrible energy to assault her entire body.

Lowering herself quickly to the floor, she lay flat on her stomach, her breasts mashed beneath her against the hard smooth floor. The sensation of the current felt like a million pins pricking at her flesh. It was more painful than she had imagined, yet less painful than she probably deserved! Why had she hesitated? She wanted to shout out that she was sorry, but kept her mouth clamped shut. Seconds later she was relieved when the painful sensations abruptly ceased.

Turning her head towards the sculpture she saw the tiny light upon the tip of the cock. Carly sprang to her feet and ran to the sculpture, straddling the large cock and lowering herself onto it. Even with the lubrication her juices provided, it was difficult at first to accommodate the length and width of the giant cock. But what she could take inside of her felt so good! Slowly, inch by inch, thrust by thrust, Carly’s lust to be filled entirely by the beast penis was overwhelming and she sank fully onto the hard black shaft.

Suddenly her box was awash in light, the brightness causing Carly to shield her eyes momentarily. It seemed that all of the monitors had come on at once, her Mistress’ face appearing in each.

What a beautiful face! Carly counted ten monitors, two per wall and two under the floor. Her Mistress surrounded her, her gorgeous face watching as she raised herself again and then sank fully onto the rigid cock, the cock She had allowed her to enjoy. In her mind, Carly knew that the faces on the monitors were merely images of her Mistress, and that if anything, her Mistress was observing her through the spy cameras placed behind the walls somewhere in the box. But she let herself think that those lovely faces were watching her, and she felt her arousal begin to peak.

Bending her knees, Carly began to lower and raise her body on the wonderful gift her Mistress had given her, feeling its massive shape stretching her widely, filling her completely. She gazed at the images around her as she pleasured herself, and fought the desire to touch herself. Oh, she wanted to, wanted to in the worst way! To feel her breasts, to touch her nipples! That was not allowed. She thought she would die from the shocks she had received the few times she had let her lust command her instead of her Mistress.

No, she would not assume she could have that privilege, and be content with the pleasure she was being allowed to experience. And content she was! It felt so good! Her pace picked up as she felt her orgasm rising within. Deeper, faster, the heat was building and she closed her eyes, but opened them instantly when she felt the tingles on her toes.

Eyes open, yes Mistress.

Her passion was close now, she could barely think any more as her mind clouded with the lust of her pending release. It felt so wonderful that Carly almost dreaded the orgasm, as that would surely end the wonderful gift. But what she saw on the monitors both startled her and sent her even closer to orgasm. Her Mistress was nodding.

Never had the image of her Mistress moved. It was just a picture after all.

Carly gazed at the images around her and thought she heard something, a whisper. The gorgeous lips on the gorgeous faces around her were moving. The sounds were clearer now.

Yes words. Carly continued to move against the cock, its length and girth filling her completely with each downward movement. Her Mistress was nodding and saying something to her.

“Cum for me, little one. Cum for me.”

Carly screamed as she climaxed, expecting to feel the punishing current against her tender soles, but was surprised to feel none. She was being allowed to experience this pleasure uninhibited by the fear of punishment and the resulting orgasm was even more intense than the first, overwhelming her, embracing her like nothing she had ever known before.

Her Mistress was smiling now. What a beautiful smile. Carly wanted to worship the cunt now, wanted to taste the sweet water only to be found deep within its tunnel. But the monitors began to go black, one by one, and the little light above her hard plastic bed illuminated its surface.

Slightly frazzled and certainly frustrated, Carly moved quickly to the bed and lay down on her back in the approved position, arms at her sides. Her chest was still heaving as she fought to control her breathing.

She had heard her Mistress’s voice. She had seen her Mistress’s real face, not just a picture. Carly calmed herself with those thoughts as she relaxed her body and thought of the pleasure she had just been allowed. The air inside her home seemed sweet, as sweet as her Mistress’ face. She breathed in deeply, delighted with the scent that wafted past her nostrils, and then felt herself drifting off to sleep. She slept soundly, but did not have the dream.

When she awoke, Carly immediately knew something had changed. She could feel things touching her wrists, ankles, and neck. Obviously, cuffs and a collar, but she knew better than to lift her arms to look at them. She would remain still, as always. She would be shown these things when her Mistress wished her to see them. Until then, she would remain motionless.

The pin light was visible overhead, and Carly turned her head to see where it was directed and sat up quickly to move to that spot. The pinprick of light settled on the cock jutting out horizontally from the Sculpture of Life. A grumble rumbled through the room as Carly wondered how long it had been since she last ate. Sinking to her knees before the cock, she moved her head in and took the large imitation organ into her mouth. Not wasting time, she began to suck on the cock, moving her head back and forth on it, simulating oral sex. She knew she would do this for some time before she would be allowed nourishment. As with the cunt, there was a protocol to be followed.

After servicing the large member for some time, Carly saw a tiny red light flash on the sculpture in front of her and she took the cock all of the way in so that the tip actually pressed against the back of her throat. She had long ago overcome the gag reflex such an action created and waited for the nourishment to be dispensed. Pressing harder against the button on the pillar with her nose, she felt the sludge that was her meal ooze out of the end of the cock and down her throat.

Maintaining the position, her nose against the sculpture, Carly continued to swallow. When the little light went out, the woman went to work cleaning the cock, ensuring that she got every last drop of her meal. She had no idea how long it would be until she would be fed again. For now, though, her hunger had been sated.

Her heart jumped for joy as she saw a ray of light settle on the opposite side of the sculpture. There was only one thing there and Carly quickly crawled around the short pillar and began to kiss the left appendage. Her heart continued racing as she poured her love out to her Mistress’ thigh.

Slow down! The urge to rush, to get to the right thigh, to continue on to the cunt was driving her into a frenzy. This will not please my Mistress!

More slowly now, with obvious affection, Carly started over, demonstrating her skill and her love as she kissed the appendage and continued on from there. After smothering both of her Mistress’ thighs with affection, she was enjoying the sweet water, dispensed from deep within the cunt. She noticed something bright to her right and moved her eyes to peer in that direction.

A solitary monitor was on, her Mistress was watching her. It was not the photo. Turning her attention back to the cunt before her, Carly worked her tongue expertly as she had been taught, swallowing as the moisture leaked out of the tunnel and into her mouth.

The sensation of energy tickled Carly’s knees, and the woman looked up. The room was dark again except for four lit circles on the floor. She quickly moved to kneel on these spots, bending down so that her head was against the floor, her hands were behind her back. She had been trained, through video, how and when to strike this pose. It had been required of her almost every day, but the purpose of the pose had never been revealed.

Carly nearly screamed when a loud noise echoed in the box and the floor shook for a moment. Peering to the side without moving her head, she saw the walls of the box lift away from the floor. Terrified, she listened to the sounds of footsteps approaching her, but she maintained her position. As the footsteps approached, Carly determined that they were high heels. The heels came up next to her and then walked slowly around her.

A slight tug on her collar and the feel of a chain, and then another tug upwards, prompted Carly to stand. Before her was her Mistress, holding the end of the chain. Her beautiful Mistress had come for her. Carly’s knees felt weak, and she had to concentrate to remain upright.

“Come, little one. It’s time for us to go home.”

Home! Yes, take me home, Mistress! Carly waited patiently as her Mistress walked around her again, her fingers tracing a line around her naked shoulders. When she came to the front, she held the leash up and began to walk. Carly followed behind, seeing rows of large boxes on either side of them as they walked through a large warehouse. The boxes were exactly like the one she had called home for so long.

The slave smiled. She would have a new home now.

The End

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