Ashley Bennet – Slave

by mrhungry

This is Part II of the Ashley Bennet series. In Part One, the readers were introduced to Ashley, a beautiful blonde administrative assistant to a fairly high placed Special Agent in charge of the FBI’s Organized Crime Task Force office in Philadelphia. Ashley had fallen victim to a con which preyed upon her desire to become an FBI field agent. The owners of a local strip club had conned her into believing she was being recruited to work undercover in the club to investigate a prostitution ring. In reality, her actions at the club were being recorded for use in blackmailing her into providing them with information. It turned out that one of the club owners was a front man for the powerful New York crime boss, Vito Gambini. While still believing her assignment was genuine, Ashley uncovered evidence of widespread blackmail within the FBI and in the local government. One of the men in the OCTF, Trent Richards, had begun to investigate Ashley when she suddenly went missing. The club owners had kidnapped Ashley and were planning on selling her to overseas slavers. In the end, Agent Richards saved Ashley and she became somewhat of a legend in the upper echelons of the Bureau.

**Beginning in Ashley Bennet – Slave, Ashley will at times be thinking as Jessica, her alter-ego. For the readers' convenience the author will enclose [Jessica’s thoughts in brackets].**

The author apologizes in advance for the French accent of one of the characters in this story, as well as the Japanese words (which are probably incorrect) used by another of the characters. Too, the author means no disrespect to Italians in the depictions of the Mafia characters in this story. This is fiction, and is not based on any real life experience.


Nicky walked in front of Isabelle and Caroline as the three pulled a buggy carrying Vito and Enrico Gambini, along with two large men with M-16 rifles. Once up the hill they were whipped into a trot. Along the way they met up with Darios as he was heading back to the training ranch.

Vito held up Ashley’s picture and asked the trainer if he recognized the woman. Darios looked at the picture and shook his head. No blondes that pretty had come through the ranch recently. When Vito asked him to picture her with brunette hair, he held the picture and then looked over at Gambini.

“Yeah, shit, you’re right, sir. That’s Pony 56, Jessica Brenner, with blonde hair.”

Nicky felt the long whip strike her across her shoulder and down across her chest.

“You’re a damn good liar Nicky. Now you’ll get to watch your girl friend die.”

Nicky jumped out so that both of her feet were planted in front of her and the entire forward motion of the girls, the buggy, and the buggy’s occupants was suddenly halted.

One of the men in the back seat lurched forward, knocking Enrico right out of the cart. Vito went half way over the dash rail before he caught himself. Nicky backed up, grabbed the ends of the two draft shafts and pulled up on one while pushing down on the other, tumbling the occupants out of the cart completely.

She backed up, startling Isabelle and Caroline, causing Isabelle to fall to the ground. Turning the entire coupled buggy and ponies, Nicky closed in on Vito. Her heel-less boot came up to deliver a blow when a shot rang out and Nicky collapsed to the ground, blood oozing from a glancing wound on her right calf. She struggled to her feet and took two steps to where Vito Gambini lay on the ground and sank with both knees on his chest. She moved one knee up to his neck and then fell over, unconscious, as the butt of a rifle cracked against her skull.

“Damn, she’s strong for a little thing!” Darios said as he handed the rifle back to Gambini’s man.


Jessica was in the barn, standing in her stall looking out the window at the other women, parading around in the large show corral. Olivia had them prancing and trotting around for the past two hours. Jessie had been left to recuperate for one more day, but in reality was beginning to get bored and wished she was out with the others. Placing another nutrition pellet in her mouth, she munched happily on it. There was no way in hell she wanted to have any bastard children by those Mafia assholes.

Looking back into the barn, Jessie saw John and Connor cleaning stalls. She felt warm all over thinking of how John had come to her stall late the previous evening to check on her. By then her sisters had thoroughly washed her and applied aloe cream to her flesh to ease the pain of her sunburn and the blistered area where the spiky gloves had been used on her. Her body ached from the beatings she had taken, but overall she was not in too much pain and happy to be alive.

John had sat down next to her as she lay in her clean straw bedding and caressed her hair and stroked her naked shoulder and side. Never one to touch her sexually, it was the closest he had ever come to intimacy. It was obvious that he was very concerned about her.

Hearing sounds in the yard, Jessica looked out the window and saw that Darios had just pulled into the yard in a buggy pulled by Felicity and Danielle. Behind him was a large buggy pulled by two women with the yellow and gold head-dresses indicating the Mafia herd. A group of stable hands were called to the back of the buggy and Jessica watched in horror as they lifted Nicky off and carried her up the hill towards the ranch house.

What have they done to her?

Vito Gambini jumped off of the buggy and started talking to Olivia and looking out into the corral. Olivia was making gestures with her hand and then pointing towards the barn.

“Master John?” Jessica called out.

“Yes pony, what is it?” John asked from two stalls away.

“Would you be so kind as to quickly dress me out in your finest tack?”

“What? Why would I do that?”

“Master Gambini has come for me. I would like to leave here in style.”

“You’re in no condition to…”

“Please master, we have very little time.”

John glanced out the window and saw Vito Gambini, Darios, and Olivia, all looking towards the barn.

“Over here then, walk.” He opened the gate to allow Jessica out. At the end stall John took down a wide belt and began to strap it around Jessica’s slender waist. She grabbed the pretty harness with the red and yellow plumage and fitted it over her head, pulling the straps tight and fitting the bit between her teeth. Meanwhile, John was attaching the leather thong and pulling it between Jessie’s legs, a full tail was attached to the rear.

Jessie lifted her leg to allow her stable boss to slide the 6” heeled boot over her foot and then she stepped into the other boot. John quickly laced them up.

They both looked up towards the door when they heard Gambini shouting in their direction.

“What’s he saying?”

“He’s calling me out,” Jessica said through the bit.

John looked up at her with a real concern on his face, “It sounds like Japanese.”

“Yes master, he’s calling for the Neesan Konpaku. That’s me. The Ghost Girl.”

“He can’t take you. He already has his quota. It’s the agreement.”

“You have Nicky now. Besides, the quota really doesn’t mean anything to these people, you know that.”

John clipped her wrist cuffs to her waist belt and placed his hand on Jessica’s rear to guide her out of the stall. “I know. It’s been honored up until now though.”

Jessica stopped and looked at John. “Thank you master, for everything. Danielle has a message for you, please listen to her and tell her I was successful.”

John looked at Jessica and then kissed her on the shoulder, “Good luck, pony.”

Jessica stepped out of the barn and every person in the yard stopped moving and watched as she walked proudly towards them. Her colorful plumage rustled in the hot breeze and her body radiated power.

As she approached Vito Gambini he stood, mouth agape, watching the beautiful woman as she drew nearer.

“Bennet, my god, it’s you.”

Jessica walked up to Gambini and then went down to one knee, brought the other knee down, and leaned forward in the submission position. The pony-girls stood watching and then Felicity and Danielle began stomping their hoofs. All of the girls joined in and Jessica thought she might break down in tears.

“I’m taking this one,” Vito called out to John.

“We have Nicky?”

“For now. I’ll send someone up for her in an hour or so.”

“But the quota.”

“The quota will be adjusted later. I’m busy right now. Don’t make a fuss over this, Johnny.”

John looked to see that two of the men behind Gambini had leveled their rifles in his direction.

“Stand,” he said to Jessica. When she did, John handed her reins to Vito. “I want her back, in one piece.”

Without indicating he had even heard John’s comment, Vito took the reins and led Jessica back to his buggy. Darios teamed her up in the lead spot that Nicky had been in. Vito and his men climbed aboard the buggy and it was directed out of the yard and into the pasture.

An hour later, Jessica was bound and gagged and laying in an empty stall in the Mafia barn. Vito had guests arriving that he needed to attend to but he assured Ashley that he would come to play with her soon.

A woman’s head came over the side of the stall and looked down at her. “Are you our hogoshu?”

Jessica looked up at her and shrugged. She didn’t know that word. It sounded Japanese, but it wasn’t a word she knew or understood.

“Our Goddess has told us we will submit to a great master who will free us from our bondage. He is the hand of justice. Is this your master?”

Nicky has prepared them.

Jessica nodded. Yes.

“Then you are our hogoshu, our Guardian. Where is the Goddess of Pain?”

Jessica could only make unintelligible grunts through the tight gag.

“The Goddess was injured on the way to collect the hogoshu,” a voice said softly from across the aisle. “She’s at the vet clinic at the upper ranch.”

“Caroline? Is that you?”

“Yes, sister. I was there when the Goddess flipped the buggy and nearly killed the master Gambini. Our Goddess was shot, but the bullet only slightly injuring her leg. The injury didn’t even slow her down as she attacked the master. It took a rifle butt to knock her out.”

Jessica could hear the reverence in the woman’s voice. Everything Nicky did was larger than life to these poor women.

“And our hogoshu? What do you know about her?”

“As our Goddess has commanded, I now know but will not speak her name. I saw her brutally attacked two days ago and left nearly dead in the pasture with no water. Today she looks as healthy and fit as though she had never left the farm.”

Oh come on! What about all of the bruises and cuts? Even I’ve taken on other-worldly characteristics in their minds. Am I a Goddess now too, or is this what being a Guardian is all about? I can hardly be their guardian when I’m bound like this!

“We’re so happy to have you with us, hogoshu. We await your master.”

Jessica heard the woman settle down in her stall and the barn was silent.

Still somewhat fatigued from her exile in the pasture, Jessie was asleep when two large men and a woman came to collect her later that afternoon. She awoke with a start as they held her down and pulled a hood over her head. She struggled against them but couldn’t prevent them from pulling the laces tight and locking the collar of the hood to her own silver collar.

Yanking her to her feet, they led her from the stall. Jessica bucked her head to the right, catching someone’s arm and making that person cry out in pain. She brought her foot around and struck a leg. She heard a grunt and then felt the sting of a crop against her ass. Hands grabbed hold of her bound arms and half carried, half dragged her away.

Struggling all the way, Jessica was dragged into a large room with an assortment of bondage equipment. She was held in place while her hands were secured over head to a spreader bar. Her feet were then cuffed to another spreader bar and she was left alone.

Standing there, Jessica was left to battle her fears. What are they going to do to me? Is there someone there watching me? [I’ll be okay. I can take a whipping as well as anyone, except maybe the Goddess of Pain.]

What had Nicky been through to get that name? It was amazing to see the kind of cult worship her friend had acquired. Even though she was naked, hooded, and bound spread eagle, Jessica had to smile. Oh Nicky, Nicky, Nicky. Two more days my little friend. We need to hold out for two more days.

Jessie hoped that Nicky would be brought back by then to help her sisters get to the guest houses, but even if she didn’t, it seemed as though she had prepared them to follow Trent’s instructions. The Great Master! Well, he is a great master, but is he THE great master? Jessie thought that if Nicky told them he was the great master that they would believe her.

Cool air circulated around Jessie’s body and she sensed now that someone was in the room with her. Suddenly a flurry of very hard flogger lashes struck her suspended body. It took every ounce of will power not to cry out, but she held her own. The lashes stopped. She waited.

“I’ve been looking for you for so long Ms. Bennet, and I never gave up on finding you.” It was Vito. “I’ve been looking forward to letting you know how unhappy I am that I have to start from scratch in Philadelphia.”

Another flurry of punishing lashes struck Jessie from the rear. She knew now that it wasn’t the Don who was inflicting the pain. He was standing in front of her. The hard leather strips tore into her sunburned back, sending waves of pain through body. A slight adjustment by her tormentor and her breast was catching the ends of the thongs. Jessie twisted away from the blows the best she could, but her tormentor simply followed her as she turned.

The blows stopped and Jessie felt the man’s hands on her sweaty naked flesh.

“I’m going to have a lot of fun with this exquisite body of yours once you’re broken. I see that Darios hasn’t done a proper job on you yet, but I have my own people here who are quite good at it. In a very short time you will be my docile pet.”

Jessica twisted in her bondage, swearing at the mob boss. He laughed and nodded for the woman to continue flogging his new girl. The lashing took on a new intensity and Jessica could no longer keep herself from crying out. Once the first scream was released she couldn’t stop others from following. On and on she was beaten with the leather flogger until she simply hung and cried. When it stopped she figured her tormentor had simply become tired and went to take a break.

The thought just passing through her mind, she was proven wrong as she felt her wrists being pulled upward by the bar. She was being spread out even more. She felt something touch her feet and she jumped up, only to find that something flat with little points had been pushed under her feet. The little points hurt the bottoms of her feet when she stepped down and she pulled with her arms to keep her weight off of her feet.

Hands on her breasts made her jump and then wince in pain as her breasts were squeezed and crunched under the strong hands. Moving roughly to her nipples, Jessica screamed as her pink buds were pinched harshly. She felt her nipples being pulled out away from her body, her tormentor pulling them by the rings pierced through them. A sudden pull on her nipples and the pain that came with that informed her that weight had been hung on her nipple rings.

Jessica felt tugging at the back of her head and then the hood was pulled off. She squinted in the bright light and saw why she was so hot. Several large spotlights had been directed at her naked body as she hung suspended. A video camera off to one side was capturing her torment.

The gag was next to come out and Jessica flexed her jaws. She saw movement to her left and looked to see Vito Gambini sitting in a chair holding a long cattle prod.

“This will be used on you, a lot. I’m told it’s quite painful. You’ll probably throw up. You may pass out. But when you come to it’ll be used on you again.”

“Let’s get started then.”

“Oh, you sound so much like my little pet, Nicky. I enjoyed breaking her.”

“If she wasn’t broken before she got here you sure couldn’t do it.”

Vito pressed the electrode tipped rod against Jessica’s side and pulled the trigger.

The sharp needle-like pain made her scream.

“Don’t get flip with me. It’s one thing I never cared for with Nicky and I’m not putting up with it from you.” He hit her again with the prod and she released her bowels.

“That’s one thing Nicky never did. You’re not up to her standards.”

“I never said I was,” Jessica panted, still reeling from the pain in her side.

Jessica turned to see a tall black haired woman come around from behind her. She wore a white blouse under a brown leather vest and a matching brown leather skirt. On her feet were brown heels and in her hand was the leather flogger Jessie had been feeling.

“This is Seville. She’s a recent addition to my staff here, quite professional, as you will find out, an excellent interrogator. She knows the information I want from you and will extract it from you while I relax and enjoy the company of some friends I’m entertaining.”

“Have a good time,” Jessica said, watching as the large Italian rose from his chair and walked up to her. His hand came up to her hairless crotch and his fingers rubbed up and down along her slit.

“I’m going to fuck you tonight and it’s going to hurt.”

“It’s a date then. OWWWWW!” Jessie screamed as the prod touched the underside of her breast.

Vito handed the prod to Seville and walked out of the room.

Seville watched the Mafia boss walk from the room and swore under her breath. A recent addition to my staff. Yeah right. You make it seem like I had a choice.

The beautiful dominatrix was still trying to figure out how the Family had maneuvered her business into such a state that she had no choice but to turn it over to them in order to keep it at all. Sure, she still held 40% of the business, but the other 60% was in the hands of the Gambini family. Since then, Seville had been his whipping girl, and she wasn’t happy about it. Their reasons for inflicting pain were not the same as hers.

Still, this woman might be fun to work on. From the look of her, she could take a lot of abuse. Her face and body was bruised in many places, a crop had been used on her extensively. Whip marks, too. Her ass and lower back were red from something; it looked like there had been some scabbing there. Something marred her flesh pretty good, something rough or sharp. Looks like it’s healing pretty well though. She walked around Jessie, thinking about the fun she would have with her.


John waited an hour after the lights in the barn had been turned off for the night and then entered Danielle’s stall. He sat down next to her and gently shook her awake.

“Master John, what…”

John put a finger to his lips to shush her.

He whispered, “Jessica told me that you have a message for me and to tell you that she had been successful. Do you know what that means?”

“Yes, master,” the beautiful brunette whispered back. “It means that Jessica was able to pass information to her master. The message to you is that her master will be raiding the compound on Monday.”

“How did she make contact? She’s been in the upper pasture for three days.”

“I don’t know sir, but if she said she had been successful, then she somehow managed it. Tricia told me Jessica had balm on her lips when they cleaned her up yesterday. Where would she have gotten that?”

“How do we know there really will be a raid, and by whom?”

“I don’t know either answer, Master John, but my message for you is that when you hear gunfire on Monday you’re to secure the staff in the tunnel under the ranch house.”

“How does she know there’s a tunnel there?”

“She saw you disappear through your door here, and she asked us about it. We’ve known for some time.”

“And what about you women?”

“Felicity and I will take care of our sisters.”

“But how…”

“Jessica gave Felicity the key to the locks. She gave me keys to all of the other locks. We’ll make sure to get the women into the tunnel from our end.”

“Jessie… how could she… I don’t understand…”

Danielle smiled at John. “There’s so much more to Jessica than meets the eye, master. She’s strong, and determined, and Felicity and I are convinced she will save us all.”

“I think you’re right.” They sat in silence for a while and then John said, “I’ll make sure everyone is set up well for Monday then. No extra security, easy access to all of the girls. I’ll pass the word on Monday that I may call a meeting in the ranch house. Hopefully it’ll be hot again and there won’t be much activity outside.”

“We’re going to be free master.” Danielle nestled into John’s shoulder and he held her for a long time. She will save us all, but who will save her? John wondered.


Seville put the cattle prod down on the table and returned to Jessie with a thin stiff cane.

“I don’t care too much for the prod. It’s for lazy people. Have you felt the cane before?”

Jessica remained silent as she watched the lean woman circle her menacingly, tapping the cane against her palm. Master Rick had used the cane on her several times during her training. It hurt more than the whip if used correctly.

SWISH…SNAP! Jessica jumped as the cane struck her bare ass.

[She knows how to use it!]

Snap, snap, snap… The cane flicked along Jessie’s buttocks and down the back of her firm legs. Jessie wrenched her body trying to escape the cane’s sting, but she was too firmly bound. The weights bounced painfully on her nipple rings and the dimpled mat below her feet tormented her toes.

[OWWWW! Fuck! She may be better with the cane than Master Rick. Shit that hurts!]

“I always expect an answer to my questions. You’re a trained slave aren’t you?” The caning stopped.

“Yes,” Jessica grunted through her teeth.

SWISH…SNAP! The cane struck her lower stomach very close to her pubic area.

“Fuck!” Jessie grunted again.

“You will address me correctly, slave.” She waited a second and then dealt Jessica another blow to the same spot. “Drop the cuss words, too.”

“Mistress! Yes, mistress.”

“Let’s forget all of this pony-girl shit and get back into the mindset of what you truly are. Will you dishonor your training master with your disobedience?”

[I am a trained slave. I know how to behave for a master or a mistress. I will obey. I will submit. I know my place.]

Jessica’s head came up and she looked at Seville. This is no pony-girl trainer. She’s a full blown dominatrix. I still have a cover and a master to protect. It’s why I became a slave in the first place. I became a slave to protect my master.

“I was trained by Mistress Sheana, mistress. I will not dishonor her.”

The tapping of the cane against Jessie’s outstretched body continued. Each tap registered a distinct sting against her flesh.

“Ahh, Sheana. The renegade sub. They say subs make the best Dommes because they know so well the torments of the domination. I’ve found her students to be very well disciplined and eager to take the whip. Are you eager to feel my whip, slave?”


“Yes Mistress! If it pleases you to whip this slave,” the response flowed out automatically.

Tap, tap, tap, tap. “You see, that’s what I mean. The words come naturally to you. I admire that.”

SWISH…SNAP! Tap, tap, tap, tap, SWISH…SNAP!”

“AAAHH Fuck!” Jessica swore as she arched her back in pain. She felt sweat rolling down her forehead and into her eyes. Shaking her head, she felt sweat dripping down onto her shoulders. Her body quivered.

“Master Gambini tells me you’re an FBI agent. Is that true, slave?” Seville stopped with the tapping to stand behind Jessica and bring her hands around to caress her sides and then her stomach. They worked their way up to her breasts and gripped them roughly. Jessica squealed as the strong hands groped her and then pulled on her nipples. Seville’s fingers threaded through the nipple rings and twisted, pulled, and gyrated.


“No, mistress. I’ve never been an agent. I wanted it once, but it never happened.”

“Why not?” Seville’s lips were close to Jessica’s ear.

“I can’t shoot straight, ma’am. I can’t hit a target.”

Seville laughed, startling Jessie. “But you went into the Golden Slipper undercover and took apart Mr. Gambini’s network. Maybe you did become an agent without shooting.”

“Surely Mistress knows the truth about the Golden Slipper. Mr. Wexler conned me but underestimated me.”

Again, the dominatrix laughed as she continued to fondle Jessica. Her fingers were teasing Jessie’s pussy now, playing with her piercings. “Yes he did, didn’t he? Between us, I think they were getting greedy. They already had enough people in place, but they loved to set up those elaborate cons. Oh well, they’re paying for it now aren’t they?”

“Yes Mistress.” Jessica thought about Wexler and Peters sitting in a federal penitentiary.

“So then you went to the renegade sub to begin your infiltration into this world. To what end? To find your friend Nicky?”

Jessica had thought about how to respond to this question many times in the past few weeks. She had to rely on their original cover story as much as she could.

“No mistress. Mistress knows I resigned from the Bureau after the whole ordeal at the club.” Jessica had to believe that Vito had gathered a great deal of information on her in the past several months.

“Administrative leave, I believe.” Seville’s fingers were groping Jessica’s crotch now, roughly massaging her, stoking her passion, making her wet. “Why did you want to quit? What happened to becoming an agent?”

“Are you kidding, Mistress? I was so humiliated. I couldn’t go back there. I’d been conned into working in a strip club for months. The things I did there… what they did to me… I… I just couldn’t face them.” Tears came to Jessica’s eyes as she relived the humiliation she felt at the time. With the humiliation came the arousal!

“Thinking about it makes you horny though, doesn’t it?”

“NO!” Jessie protested. She’s reading my body.

“OWWWArghhhh!” Jessie protested as Seville grasped her pussy with both hands and roughly groped and twisted her hot and engorged labia.

“We were doing so well, too. Honest answers, slave. You get off on humiliation don’t you?”

“Yes! Yes Mistress! Fuck! Please stop!” The pain in her vagina was intense as the mistress released her grip and went to stand in front of Jessie again.

Tap, tap, tap, tap…the cane stung Jessie’s breasts, occasionally striking a nipple. Jessica looked up, trying to drive off the pain.

“Now we come to the crux of the discussion. How did you come to be at Sheana’s training facility?”

“I was playing slave to a woman I met through the Golden Slipper, a customer. She sent me to Mistress Sheana.”

“Who? What’s her name?”

“Rosalyn Tucker. She paid.” Jessie knew that Ms. Tucker was aware of what to say if someone came to ask questions. Two more days… no one will ask her.

“And after your training was complete?” The tapping on Jessie’s breasts and chest grew harder and faster, the pain growing in intensity.

“I was sold to my master.”

“He branded you?”

Jessica’s body involuntarily sighed, an audible moan coming from her lips, “Yes, Mistress.”

Seville’s hand went down Jessie’s body toward her left thigh. Jessie’s eyes rolled up into their sockets and she pushed herself outward towards Seville, offering herself to the woman’s touch.

The hand came close to the brand but stopped short of touching it. “You’d cum if I touched you there wouldn’t you?”

“Yes mistress,” Jessica’s voice barely a whisper.

“And your master, you knew him before?” The tapping continued on her arms.

“No mistress. I didn’t know him.”

“No? You were sold to a stranger?”

“Yes mistress, someone who came to my mistress looking for a slave.”

“What is this man’s name?”

“Master Richard, um… Richard Brent, mistress.”

“I heard rumors that at one time you didn’t know your master’s name?”

“It was true for awhile, ma’am.”

“Why do you think that was?”

“I don’t know mistress. I wondered that too, and figured it was so that I would simply call him Master. I found out later that I’d been hypnotized. My master finally consented to having it reversed.”

“That’s logical.” The woman continued to strike Jessie with the thin cane. “I think stage one of our discussion is complete. You can take a break from answering questions while I entertain myself.”

SWISH…SNAP! The cane fell on Jessica’s calf.

SWISH…SNAP! Her thigh.

Jessie jumped and cried out as the pain radiated upward. The woman continued striking stinging blows along the backs of Jessica’s legs causing her to scream and beg for her to stop. The weights on her nipple rings swung mercilessly, tugging against Jessie’s sensitive nipples.

I’ve answered her questions! She seems to believe me… why does she beat me? [She’s a dominatrix, and a sadistic bitch!]

“Please! No more! OWWWW!” Jessie’s face was wet from perspiration and tears. Her entire body was soaked with sweat now.

Tap, tap, tap…the cane came up the front of Jessie’s legs. The Domme bent over and began to swat at Jessie’s crotch. The bound woman howled in pain, shaking her head.

“This is where I’ll be concentrating my efforts during the next phase of our discussion, slave. Do you understand the importance of being perfectly honest with me now?”

“Yes! Yes, mistress, I do! I swear it!” Jessie’s breathing was erratic as she gulped breaths around her sobbing.

Tap, tap, tap…. “How was it that you came to be at Tatsujin Ketami’s facility?”

Tap, tap, tap…

“He kidnapped me at a bondage club my master took me to.”

“And your master let him take you?” Seville had heard many stories about the sadistic Japanese master. It was well known that he kidnapped women all of the time, even trained slaves were taken if he wanted them.

“He was injected with something that knocked him out. I swear I thought he had been killed, but he wasn’t. A couple of days later he was able to get me out of there.”

“Quite a feat, considering the location of Ketami’s base was a closely guarded secret.”

“That’s… that’s not true, mistress! Owwww, please!” The pain in Jessie’s exposed pussy was becoming intense. “It’s not… the FBI, mistress, they had already learned of the location and were in the planning stages of a raid. My… oww, fuck! My master has a lot of money, I guess, he was able to find the right people to help him get me back.”

“Did you know that Nicky had been at Ketami’s, too?”

Jessica looked up at Seville, “She was? I didn’t see her. I thought I had seen all of the slaves, mistress.”

“No, not when you were there, before.”

“No mistress, I didn’t know.”

“A coincidence then?”

SWISH…SNAP! A hard strike to her side. Jessica grunted and pulled up on her arms.

“He kidnapped me mistress! I didn’t want to go there! We were planning on leaving for the east coast in a couple of weeks.”

Tap, tap, tap… the thin stiff cane continued it’s punishment of Jessie’s red and swollen pussy.

“Let’s say I believe you so far, although I don’t, just so you know, but let’s say I do… how in the hell do you explain ending up at the same ranch as your friend Nicky? I mean, come on slave! It’s too unbelievable!”

Jessica knew that the only time she would’ve seen Nicky was the last time she had been raped by Rico and his gang. In reality, she could get away with saying she hadn’t seen her then, either.

Summoning up every scrap of courage she had hidden inside of her naked and tormented frame, Jessica looked up with a wild look of surprise and blurted out, “Nicky? She’s… she’s here? At the ranch?” She broke down and cried, letting everything out that she had been holding inside for the past hour.

“Noooo, nooo, she’s not here!” she screamed out, “You’re just saying that to… I don’t believe… Nicky’s not here.”

Jessica hung from her wrists, acting as though she was defeated. Every ounce of will power drained from her body. Her head, matted with sweat, hung to her chest as she mumbled, “Not here, cannot be here.”

For once, Seville was completely baffled. The woman before her was totally devastated. As unlikely as the slave’s tale sounded, Seville was in a quandary. On one hand she had Vito Gambini, a very powerful mob figurehead, telling her this Ashley Bennet is an FBI mole, while her every gut instinct was telling her that these seemingly blatant coincidences were just that.

That the woman was a submissive, Seville had no doubt. Her body confirmed it with every test. True, she had worked for the FBI, but Seville knew all about the stupid con. Those idiots! You don’t take someone who works for the FBI and con them into spying on yourself! What did they think was going to happen? It was ludicrous.

Of course the woman would be too embarrassed to go back to work in the same office. She probably felt like such a fool and humiliated over what she had been tricked into doing. But the time she spent at the strip club had brought out the submissive tendencies that this Ashley woman became fixated on.

Being trained as a submissive slave would be the next logical step, providing that her FBI career was over. It was true that Ketami had kidnapped her. But was it a setup? How could she find out if the FBI really knew Ketami’s where abouts? Maybe Gambini could help get that information from his people. Meatball’s people had verified that this Brent guy lived in New York. His wife, Marianne, had been spending a lot of time up here. That was an interesting track to follow. What’s up with her? What’s her interest in Bennet?

Okay, nice Domme time. Seville walked over to the table and pulled several tissues out of the box and returned to Jessica.

“Okay slave, up you go. Back on your feet. You’ll pull your arms out of their sockets, come on, that’s a girl.” Seville pulled the spiny floor boards away and helped Jessica to her feet. She had stopped crying but had a distant look in her eyes. Seville had seen it before. The woman was mentally exhausted. That didn’t mean she would stop questioning her. In fact, it may be the best time to question her. The defenses would be down.

“Yes, your friend is here. She’s well, too. Very fit and as beautiful as you remember her to be.” Seville wiped Jessica’s nose and used another tissue to clean her face and wipe the tears from her cheeks.

“She is? She’s okay?” Jessica asked in the softest, cutest voice she could muster.

“Yes dear. You may get to see her if you answer a few more of my questions.”

“What else can I tell you, mistress?” Seville noted the change in Jessica’s speech. She had become very calm and soft spoken. Submissive. The average woman having gone through what she just put Jessica through would not have calmed down so quickly.

“This Marianne woman. What do you know about her?”

Jessica’s head snapped up a little too fast. Shit! Not Dr. Dresser! Oh my god! What do I say?

“Who?” Jessica looked at Seville with her eyebrows slightly raised, and then, “Oh, fuck, my master’s wife!” She started to cry again. “I didn’t know, I didn’t know. But… but… if my master bought me… I would submit to her if she… why didn’t he tell her about me? I’m not his… his mistress, you know, like he’s having an affair! How could he keep me a secret from her?”

Seville could see all of the emotions running through Ashley’s head and coming out through her mouth. That was what questioning a fatigued person rendered. Sometimes the right words slipped out.

Seville took a vibrator off of the table and turned it on as she knelt down in front of Jessie. She pressed the large round head against Jessie’s pussy and held it there. Fantastic vibrations leapt into Jessie’s hungry pussy.

Whipping her head back, Jessica cried out. “No, please! I can’t take that right now!”

“You’re a very unlucky person, slave.”

“I am?” Jessica’s head rolled around so that it was resting against her up-stretched arm, her eyes looking down at the Domme between her legs.

“Well, let’s see. You get involved in a massive con. You’re hunted by one of the most powerful mob bosses in the country. You get sold as a slave to a married man who keeps you a secret from his wife. You get kidnapped by a fanatical Japanese torture specialist. You get kidnapped again at the request of your master’s jealous wife and trained to be a pony-girl, and then the mob boss finds you and here you are with me!”

“You’re right, mistress! I am very unlucky!” Jessica started to giggle and then laugh.

She couldn’t help herself. Listening to the past several months of her life strung out in a long succession like that sounded so incredible… yet that’s exactly what had happened to her. She’d even been hunted like an animal. Jessica was slowly catching her breath.

“Oh my god. I can’t believe what I’ve been through. Shit.” She twisted a little to help line up the vibrator on her clit.

Jessie’s head went back as she moaned, “Mistress…oh fuck! Oh fuck, right there!”

Jessie came hard, bucking, trying to get off of the vibrator, but Seville kept it pressed against her slit, nudging it against her pierced clit. Jessie came again, screaming hysterically.

“What’s with the silver thing?” Seville relieved the pressure against Jessie’s pussy.

“Fuck!” Jessica panted, coming down from her orgasms. “More bad luck!” Seville adjusted the head of the vibrator and it touched Jessica’s clit. “Stop please, Mistress! I can’t come again!” Seville dropped the vibrator away from Jessica. “Oh god, thank you mistress.”

When she came back to Earth, Jessica told her how she had been kidnapped by Royce but the guy she had been with at the time was with the FBI and was able to trail them. She was only with this mad doctor for a couple of hours but in that time he had pierced her clit.

“And the controller?”

“My master still has it, I guess.”

“Why hasn’t your master come for you this time?”

Jessica suddenly got very quiet. Tears came to her eyes, but she said nothing.

Seville stood and moved very close to Jessica, looking into her blue eyes. “Do you think your master has abandoned you?” These were the types of emotional questions that would tell Seville a great deal about her subject. She felt Jessica was in a state of mind that she could delve into the slave’s psyche.

“Master Darios told me that I’ve become an embarrassment to my master. That he was never planning on leaving his wife.” Seville noted how she talked and acted like a true slave at this point. Mentioning free people with the term “master” flowed out of her mouth naturally, as if that were their true names.

“Do you believe that?” Seville traced a line around Jessie’s nipple with the tip of her long fingernail.

“I… don’t want to but… but where is he? Why hasn’t he come? His wife knows I’m here… but it doesn’t mean he knows it. I don’t think he knows where I am.”

“His cottage isn’t that far from here, is it?”

Jessica looked at Seville. “I don’t even know where I am! I don’t know where his cottage is. I don’t even know what town it’s in. We’re in New York, right? How should I know?” She started to sob.

“Shhhh, shhh, it’s okay. Forget about that question.” Now the woman was beyond exhaustion and further questioning would probably not be very productive. Time to take a little break. She wanted to get a line on this Marianne woman, see what she had to say for herself. She knew that Vito had a lot of intel with him, and she needed to take some time to read through it.

Seville picked up a house phone and a minute later two men were helping Jessica back to her stall in the barn.


Trent paced back and forth in front of the conference table they had set up in the warehouse bay. Seated at the table were Captain Alderson, Lt. Gore, Theo Shaw, and senior representatives from the ATF and FBI from the Albany headquarters. Seated behind these men were Dr. Dresser and the rest of Alderson’s assault team.

They were in hour three of their planning session. All possible scenarios had been put on the table, utilizing every scrap of information that Jessica had supplied to them, along with visual surveillance provided by the team and satellite images taken from space. Two additional teams had already been dispatched; one to the building that housed the theta wave generator and one to the house where the electronic key to the collars was kept.

“So, we have a total of thirty women being held here?” a tall man in a suit asked, pointing at the Mafia ranch. Trent looked at Special Agent Mark Styler, a little perturbed that the man had shown up half an hour late and missed part of the meeting. But he was the Agent-In-Charge of the closest FBI office, and a vital ally in this assault. Jessica’s desperate sacrifice to pass that last intelligence report to him necessitated bringing in more personnel. This had suddenly become even more of a serious situation.

True, they could be going in right now to get Jessie and the other women, but nabbing Vito Gambini with a ton of drugs – now that would be priceless! But it would take considerably more resources than they had. One call to Special Agent Harris in Washington had given them complete access to the Albany office.

“No sir, the women are split between the two ranches. Dr. Dresser has learned that there’s a quota system where they train the women at the upper ranch and then the lower ranch can have half of the women. They trade them out every month or so.”

“Fucking bizarre.”

“Yes sir. Now our operative should be up here and will move these women to safety. Another woman that our girl has contacted at the lower ranch will move these women to the guest houses.” Trent pointed to the locations on the map as he spoke. “These guest houses will be our primary concern when we go in. Six men will be assigned to them.”

“Six men! Isn’t that overkill? What about Gambini? What about the drugs?”

“We’ve promised our operative the guest houses will be secure. It’s non-negotiable.”

“Excuse me, Agent Richards,” Gary said, holding his hand-held GPS up.

Trent felt a sick feeling in his stomach whenever Gary drew attention to his tracking device.

“I have our girl at 44.7 by -75.0 and change. That’s off. It’s after ten o’clock.”

“You’ve got a tracking device on her?” Special Agent Styler said incredulously. “Isn’t that terribly dangerous?”

Trent totally ignored the man as he hunched over the large map with Agent Shaw.

“Oh god Trent,” Theo was tracking a latitude line with his finger. “She’s at the lower ranch.” He pulled the blow-up of the Mafia ranch over to the light and followed the cross patch of lines. “She’s in their barn.”

Trent sat down and Marianne came up to stand behind him, her hands resting on his shoulders. “The Mafia barn? At this time of night?”

“What is it? What’s going on?” Styler asked, seeing a look of concern on every one of the assault team member’s faces.

“There’s no reason for our girl to be down there. We have to assume that she’s been blown.”

“How could that happen?”

“Gambini has been looking for her for months. We were hoping that the separate areas of the compound would keep him from spotting her, but now… it would appear that he has.”

“We should go in now then, and get her and the other women out.”

Trent stood up. “No! It’s not what she would want. She put herself through hell to give us the intel on the drugs and the meeting. It would destroy her if we went in early.”

“You don’t know what they’re doing to her now though. She may not make it another two days.”

“She’ll be fine,” Lt. Gore said.

Styler looked around at the assault team members and saw that they were all nodding their heads in agreement. How they could possibly know that he couldn’t figure out. Obviously they knew their operative but still…

“Okay,” Trent took over the meeting again. “This changes nothing except for the increase in stress.”

The leader of the ATF team leaned forward and asked, “What about the women in the upper ranch? Now that your operative isn’t there any more, how will they get to safety?”

“She’s already made arrangements for their safety and we were told to concentrate on the lower ranch.”

“You place an awful lot of confidence in your operative,” Styler commented, almost a little snidely.

“She’s proven herself over and over again,” Captain Alderson said. “This woman has a way to make things happen in the most difficult situations. You have no idea, sir.”

“I’m looking forward to meeting her,” Styler said.

“Me too,” said Augie Burns, the ATF agent.

“You’ll get your chance on Monday,” Trent said. “I think that about covers it. We all have our assignments, so let’s get on with the next phase. Good luck to everyone.”

The meeting broke up and everyone went their separate ways. Trent and the assault team began to pack up their equipment. They would be moving out later in the evening towards Potsdam. They had a long trek through the forest ahead of them, toting their weapons and equipment. Gary and Professor Simons from the University of Maryland had the theta wave generator broken down into five large pieces that would have to be carried to the forward camp and re-assembled. His enthusiasm bolstering the teams’ moral, the elderly professor was being allowed to accompany them and to help re-assemble and operate the generator.

By 2 AM the warehouse was deserted except for Marianne. She lay on the cot in the office watching the TV and feeling rather useless. She had been given instructions by Trent that she was to remain in Canton until the mission was over. They would all come through and pick her up on the way out.

Her adrenaline was still flowing from the excitement of the planning session. Not that she ever wanted to be an Agent, but it was very invigorating to be in the thick of the action like she had been. Now though, she was stuck doing nothing. Her frustration at not being with the team when her father’s murderer was taken down was gnawing at her.

I could go and collect my things from the Holiday Inn. They’re not going to want to go back to Potsdam after all of my stuff when they get back. It’s out of the way.

Still, Trent had told her stay put. She should follow his orders.

I don’t really work for Trent. What would it hurt to go out there and get my stuff? I’ll be back in a couple of hours and I’ll still have to sit around here for another full day!

Marianne turned off the TV and collected her keys and purse and was out the door.


Vito looked over at Ashley Bennet, tied face up, naked, and spread eagle on a small wooden table. Only the middle of her back actually touched the table top, the rest of her body hung over on all sides. Chains pulled her arms and legs tightly towards the base of the block. He knew it was extremely uncomfortable, probably even painful. That was good.

“How long did it take to break her?” Vito asked his new dominatrix.

“There’s nothing to break. She is who she is.”

The mob boss turned and looked at the beautiful brunette. “What’s that supposed to mean? She’s undercover, you got her to admit that didn’t you?”

“I don’t believe she’s undercover. She’s a submissive. She’s become a sex slave.”

“You’ve got to be fucking insane! She’s fooled you.”

“Her reactions to certain stimuli is too ingrained. It’s not an act. Believe me, I can tell. I pushed her very hard and she was screaming bloody murder before I was through with her. But her story is plausible, if not fantastic. I pulled it from her in bits and pieces, pointing out the flaws. She didn’t try to weave any logical explanations, simply told me how things had gone in an innocent and honest manner. She didn’t seem to be scared like someone who has something to hide would be. She was at ease with the questioning and truly surprised to learn that Nicky was here.”

“Well, I don’t believe it. She’ll confess to me, and when she does, you’re done.”

Seville looked at the pudgy little Italian and fought the urge to kick his flabby ass. The guy who looked like The Hulk, sitting by the door with a gun in his belt, sort of squashed that idea though.

She looked through the window at Ashley and had to admire the woman. She had really kept it together earlier. It was pretty impressive. Seville had come across a couple of her former slave’s protégé’s in the past, and they were all equally as impressive. It had been ten years since she had last seen Sheana, but the fiery redhead was never far from her thoughts.

Vito had gone through the door into the small mirrored room. Seville reached down and flipped a switch that activated the speakers in her observation booth. She watched as Vito turned a knob on a control box and then saw Ashley’s body convulse. Wires running from the box were attached to various parts of the bound woman’s body. Some even appeared to be inserted inside her vagina.

“So Ashley, you’ve fooled my Domme but you haven’t fooled me. I’m giving you a chance to avoid a whole shit load of pain right now. I’m still going to fuck you, but you’ll live through that, probably. Just tell me what you’re doing here and who else knows you’re here.”

“Mr. Gambini, sir, I already told Mistress Seville my entire story. I don’t even want to be here. I didn’t know Nicky was here, honest. I was forced to come here. Do you think I want to be a pony-girl? Please, you have to believe me! No! No please! No more!” Jessica felt the current increase. “I swear! No one knows I’m here, just my master’s wife. But she doesn’t know who I am or anything. Please master!” [SHIT! I wasn't going to call him Master! Oh well, too late now.]

Vito picked up on it too. “Master now is it?”

“That just slipped out Mr. Gambini, sir.”

“Why would you show up now?”

“I’ve been here for weeks, sir. I was taken weeks ago, it seems like maybe a month.”

Gambini turned the knob and Jessica screamed and kept screaming. Seville came off her chair and banged on the window. “Stop it!” she screamed through the glass.

Gambini turned the knob and Jessica stopped screaming. He walked over to the door to the observation room and said, “What’s your problem?”

“Frying her fucking brain isn’t going to get you anywhere. She’ll be useless to you. At least come out of this with a good cum-whore. Here, use this flogger on her.” Seville handed over the leather flogger hoping it would give him enough pleasure to simply whip the poor woman.

The door to the hallway opened and Enrico came in. He walked into the mirrored room and spoke into his father’s ear.

Vito smiled and nodded his head. Enrico exited and Vito lowered his pants.


Marianne was nearly through packing up her things. She didn’t have too much at the hotel, just enough to look like she was there to stay a few days. She pulled up the handle on her compact suitcase and looked around the room once more. It was empty of her personal affects. Turning off the lights, she opened the door to see Gavino Petrocelli and three of his buddies filling the doorway.

“Good evening Mrs. Brent.”

“Um. Gavin, what are you doing here so late?”

“Checking out are we?”

“Oh, I was just going to put this in my car. I wasn't leaving just yet.”

“It’s like two in the morning Marianne. That doesn’t even make sense. You need to come with us.”

“Huh? Where…Gavin, I don’t want to go out now. Like you said, it’s two in the morning. We can go out tomorrow.” Marianne turned to go back into her room but Gavin wrapped his big beefy hand around her arm.

“Gavin, you’re hurting me. Please…”

“We’ll use my car. My boss was thinking he’d like to meet you.”

“Your boss? He’s here, in Potsdam?”

Marianne began to sweat. His boss? Veto Gambini? Oh shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! She knew that Gambini would never recognize her, she was only 15 years old when she had seen him kill her father. And they had never seen her on that horrible day. Still, she was hoping to see his face after the raid, certainly not before!

“Near by, now bring your bag, that’s a girl. Close the door now. Let’s go.”

The men closed in around Marianne as they made their way down the stairs to the parking lot.

Why didn’t I listen to Trent and stay put? Fuck, fuck, fuck! What am I going to do?

Her mind was reeling; a million possible scenarios playing through but not many good endings presenting themselves. Once in the car she expected to see the hood come over her head but it didn’t. When she asked Meatball about it he told her she wouldn’t need it anymore. That didn’t sound too encouraging.

Twenty minutes later they were pulling into the compound. Nothing looked familiar.

“Where are we Gavin?” Marianne linked her hands around Gavin’s strong arm, still hoping to play on their past relationship. He moved his arm up to dislodge her hands and then opened the door.


Marianne got out of the car and followed the large man towards a building attached to the barn. All of the lights in the barn and the ranch house were out, but the building was well lit.

The frightened woman was led down a hallway and then into a room.

“Wait in there.” As she passed through the doorway the door was shut behind her, the click of the lock sounded like a rifle going off.

Marianne was shocked to see a woman tied on top of a small wooden table. Her sweat-covered body was stretched out in a most painful manner. She noticed something on the woman’s thigh and realized it was a brand. Jessica! Oh my god! She went to run to her friend when Jessie’s head came up. Her eyes went wide.

“You!” she shouted out. “Get away from me!”

Marianne was shocked by the outburst but it stopped her in her tracks.

“Haven’t you done enough to me already? I didn’t know he was your husband!” Jessica struggled in her bondage. “You had them bring me here! You had them do terrible things to me! Fuck!” Jessie panted now, out of breath. “You had your fun driving me all over this fucking place!” she continued to struggle, then began to cry. “He bought me,” she said through her sobs. “I’m his property. I would’ve served you, too! You could’ve been my mistress. Please, make them stop. I don’t want to be a pony.”

Marianne moved towards Jessica but she freaked out again, “Get away! Stay away from me!”

Marianne backed against the wall and sank down until she was sitting on the floor, head in her hands. Holy shit she’s convincing!

“I didn’t know they would do this to you,” she screamed at Jessica. “I didn’t know who you were or why you were with my husband!”

Both women were in tears.

“Well? What do you believe now?” Seville asked the Don as they observed the meeting from the observation room.

“Throw them both in the barn, separated of course, and see what you can get out of this woman tomorrow. I’m tired.”

“As you wish.”


The next day Jessica woke to see Vito and Rico Gambini looking over the top slat in the stall gate at her. Next to them was a handsome man in a business suit.

“This is the female you spoke of?” The man spoke with a heavy Spanish accent.

“Yes,” Vito said as he snapped his fingers. Two stable hands came running over and Vito waved them into Jessie’s stall. “She’s a fed. Not sure yet what her mission is, but we have time to figure that out later. Now though, she’ll give us a ride up to the other ranch to collect her friend.”

“She is beautiful, no?” The man admired Jessica’s body as the young men helped her to her feet and led her out to the grooming stall. The three men followed. “How much for a woman like this? Will she pull us in one of your carts?”

“One like her would go for half a mil, and yes, she’ll pull us where ever we tell her to.”

The stable hands brought her into the grooming stall and under Vito’s watchful eyes they brushed out her short mane and applied sunscreen. Her flesh was still quite red from the sunburn she had received while running wild in the pasture. Whip and cane marks streaked every which way over most of her body.

Jessica stood in the proper position, with her legs spread and her arms crossed behind her back. She closed her eyes and soaked in the wonderful feeling of the man’s hands as he massaged the sun block into her flesh. Her head jerked as a man behind her expertly braided her hair.

Jessie’s body ached from the abuse she had suffered at the end of Seville’s cane, but her insides were warm when she thought about her session with the Domme.

[The pain! Her technique was exquisite. Wow, don’t get to use that word that often. Exquisite! I loved it!]

She thought about the way Seville had kept her on the edge with the constant tapping of the cane against her flesh. Then she would strike her hard and make her jump and cry out.

It was so wonderful. And then when she used the vibrator on me she knew exactly where to place it. She worked my body so well.]

Jessie squirmed a little as the stable hand brought a crotch strap between her legs and began to work a dildo into her ass. The dildo that was centered over her pussy easily slid into her cunt. No lubrication was needed there. The thong was pulled up sharply, burying both intruders deep inside. She breathed in when she felt the corset come around her waist. Logic would have her breath out so that when it was laced up it wouldn’t be as tight, but Jessica longed for the feel of a tight corset. She wanted to feel its constriction against her diaphragm. She knew she would be run hard today and she wanted to test her own limits.

The stable hand continued to work on Jessie. He clipped her wrists to the waist of her corset and then went to put her headdress on. Jessie ducked her head to avoid the harness and the man shot her an angry glance.

“I belong to Master John. I will wear his colors.”

The man looked over at his boss.

“What’s the matter?”

“She refuses to wear our colors, sir. Says she still belongs to John.”

Vito entered the stall. “You’ll wear what I tell you to wear, whore. Put her in our colors.”

Again, Jessica ducked the harness.

Vito grabbed Jessica around the neck with his thick hands and held her so tightly she thought she might collapse from the lack of oxygen. The stable hand roughly pulled the harness over her head and locked it on.

“Give her that bit,” he pointed up to towards a group of bits hanging from the rail. The man reached up. “No, two over.” The man retrieved a rather odd looking bit.

He attached the bit to one side of Jessie’s harness and then went to stick it into her mouth. When she didn’t open up, he grabbed her nipple and pinched it hard. Jessie opened up and a large rubber coated tongue like a shoe horn was inserted into her mouth. Jessica found that it pressed firmly down onto her tongue and prevented her from swallowing correctly. The tip of the bit curled slightly to extend down the back of her throat. She gagged and pushed against the bit but it wouldn’t budge.

Feeling suddenly claustrophobic, Jessie puffed and snorted through her nose until she could manage the phobia. She shook her head but Vito only laughed.

“See, Senor Ramos, it takes the littlest things to bring these bitches under control.”

The stable hand guided Jessie’s feet into the over the knee, zip up boots and then presented the reins to Vito.

“Come little pony. Come do what you were trained to do. This is your job now, to pull us where we need to go. Other than fucking and blowing us, this is what you will do for the rest of your life. Come pony.” Vito led Jessica out of the barn.

A four seat buggy stood in the yard and Vito handed the reins back to the stable hand so that he could tether her. Once she was backed in, a bar was brought across, between the two shafts, so that Jessica could be secured to it.

I can’t pull this thing by myself! She resisted being placed between the long arms, moving to the side and then forcing herself away from the shafts.

“Whoa girl,” the stable man said. “Back up, git. Damn!” He reached up and took a hold of the fine chain hanging from Jessie’s septum piercing and pulled down on it. Jessica cried out and followed his hand down until she was on her knees.

“Okay, let’s try this again. Do not resist.” He pulled up on the chain and Jessie rose to her feet. He backed her up and quickly attached her wrists cuffs to the cross beam. Jessie protested and stomped her feet.

“Whoa now, easy girl.” Jessie stepped forward and made a run for it. The cart nearly ran over the stable man and he had to reach up and grab the back of the empty buggy to prevent Jessie from getting away.

“Damn it!” He ran forward and set the brake and then ran forward to grab onto Jessie’s septum chain again. “No one told me you were wild!” He pushed on her and forced her to side step over to a railing were he took a rope and clipped it to her nose ring.

“That’ll hold you.” He released his grip and then said, “Looks like this little pony will need some disciplinary tack today.” Jessie watched as he headed back to the barn.

Moments later he returned with a posture collar and some other items. He fitted the collar onto her and Jessica’s chin was lifted high into the air. Then he attached blinders to the sides of her halter, near her eyes. He knelt in front of her and clipped a short chain between her ankles so that he could begin adjusting her crotch strap without the fear of getting kicked.

Jessica felt a tug at her clit ring and instinctively knew that the man was pulling the ring through a hole in the leather crotch thong.

In a low voice he said, “I wasn’t going to do this to you, but when you tried to run me over, well, now I don’t feel so sorry for you.”

Jessie felt tugging at her labia and then felt the man pulling them out so that the thong would slip more deeply into her slit. She then felt her labia being pulled so that they touched and then pulling on her four rings. Her labia had been locked together so that the thong was captured under them. Jessica knew that the strap was going to rub her pussy mercilessly.

The man stood with two large bells in his hands. He took a bell and attached it to one of Jessie’s nipple rings. When he released it she cried out through her bit as it tugged against her nipple. She protested again when he attached the second bell. Her breasts, while firm, were dragged downward, the large cow bells swinging beneath them.

“Okay, now you’re ready. You’ll wait here for your master.”

The man disappeared from Jessica’s view and she was left standing, tied off to the railing by the rope hooked to her septum ring.


Marianne lay on the floor of the stall, more scared than she had ever been in her life.

She’d been crying since she had woken up half an hour ago, but that was finally passing. She had to try and be brave, like Ashley. She looked at her surroundings and knew that Ashley had been living in a stall like this for weeks now. Fear began to build up inside of her again. She moved her fingers behind her back, trying to reach a knot in the ropes that bound her wrists. It was useless. She felt more drool seep out from the corner of her mouth, around the ball gag that had been forced between her teeth.

What are they going to do to me? Is Ashley’s cover really blown? I can probably figure it out by the questions they ask me. They’ll try to trick me though. I’ve done it to people.

She thought about times that she had been called in to question suspects. She often used one suspect against another, telling one that the other had confessed. I’m pretty smart. I have a lot of experience with interrogations. Just not on this side of one.

The pretty psychiatrist had to go to the bathroom so badly. She knew that Jessica just went wherever she was, but Marianne was still fully dressed. I can’t shit in my panties!

She felt hungry too, but was so nervous that she knew she probably wouldn’t be able to keep anything down even if she were fed.

A door opened somewhere in the barn and Marianne heard footsteps approaching her. The gate of her stall was opened and Marianne saw a tall black haired woman and two large men enter.

“Ah, Mrs. Brent. So pleased to meet you. We’re going to have a little chat, you and I.” The men pulled the terrified woman to her feet.

The need to relieve her bowels was so intense now; Marianne groaned and looked at Seville with pleading eyes.

“Ah, you need to relieve yourself?”

Marianne nodded.

Seville walked over to Marianne and lifted her skirt over her hips. Then she lifted the hemline on her own skirt and pulled a small knife out of a garter on her upper thigh. She used the knife to cut Marianne’s panties off.


Marianne looked at the faces of the people standing in the stall. I can’t go with all of these people watching!

“Go! I don’t have all day and I want you to go here so someone else can clean it up. Hurry up!”

Tears came to Marianne’s eyes as she squatted down. She looked down at the floor, not wanting to see them looking at her. She knew they were, but… could do nothing about it.

After a couple of minutes and several more prompts by the black haired woman, Marianne was finally able to let her bladder go. The black haired woman left the stall and returned with a towel that she used to clean the doctor’s bottom.

“That wasn't so bad now, was it?” The woman helped Marianne up and then led her out of the stall and then out of the barn.


“Holy fuck!” Raul gasped in a hushed voice.

“What? What do you see?” Special Agent Styler brought his high powered, camouflaged, binoculars around to the area that Agent DePaul was viewing.

“Down by the barn. On the far right end. That’s Dr. Dresser. Somehow they got her.”

“This whole thing is going down a shit hole. You people are a bunch of royal fuck-ups.”

Raul turned to look at the office jockey. “What the fuck are you talking about… sir?”

“First your operative gets blown, and then one of your team gets taken by the perps.”

“Hey, we don’t know that Jessie’s been blown. And technically, Dr. Dresser in not on our team.”

“Jessie huh, that’s her name? I suppose that’s her over by the railing to the left of the barn?”

“Huh? Where?” Raul swept the area with his binoculars, bringing them into focus. He spotted a pony-girl tied to a buggy. The woman was about the right size to be Jessica. Her flesh was sunburned and was covered with welts and lash marks. With the halter and blinders on it was difficult to make a positive ID. But it looked like Jessica.

“It looks like her. Can’t really be sure though.”

“She looks totally in control of herself,” Styler said with sarcasm in his voice.

“Sir, if that’s Jessica, she’s doing exactly what she should be doing. Playing her part. In fact, if that is Jessica it might indicate that her cover is not blown. At any rate, I’m not worried about Jessie, I’m worried about the doc.” His binoculars swept back to see the shrink being led into the large building between the barn and the ranch house.

Raul reached down and clicked on his radio. Into his headset he said, “Forward One to Red Leader, over.”

“Red Leader go.”

“Be advised, have observed Psycho at location, over.”

There was a long silence and then, “A guest?”

“Negative Red Leader. The opposite.”

“Roger that Forward One. Red Leader out.”

“Agent Richards will be going in now for sure. Should’ve done it last night.”

“He won’t. He’ll wait for the trucks.”

“Doesn’t he care about his people?”

Raul turned to look at the man. “Of course he cares! He knows Jessica’s okay, and the doctor is one smart cookie, she’ll pull through this okay, too. We need Vito Gambini to go down and go down hard. It’s personal.”

Now Styler looked at Raul. “How can you say your operative is okay? Look at her! Look at what they’ve done to her, god, you can see it all, she’s fucking standing out there fucking naked tied to a cart like a horse. You call that okay?”

“Calm down man, I mean sir. You don’t know our girl like we do. Believe me, she’s fine. This is nothing that she can’t handle.”

“Damn.” Styler focused his binoculars on the bound woman again. You don’t know our girl like we do. What’s that mean? Who is this agent? In fact, where the fuck did this team come from? I get a call out of the blue from Assistant Director Melchior telling me to contact this Agent Richards and to give him anything he needs. How long have they been in the area? Our office was kept out of it. Still… here was a whole fucking hundred acres of Mafia land that they didn’t know anything about either. He knew that the Gambini’s went somewhere every summer but they had never been able to figure out where. Somehow they always manage to shake their coverage. But now the secret had been revealed.

Now there was a major bust coming down and his team was going to be in on it. Even if he weren’t in charge, this would go into his jacket. A successful outcome would look good on his record. It would probably be better if he went along with things and let the chips fall where they may. If it all blew up it would be on this Richards guy’s dime.

“Sorry Agent DePaul, you’re right.” He settled in and focused again on the naked woman tied to the rail.


Marianne was led into the same room that Seville had interrogated Jessica in the previous evening. The Domme had them stand her up against a large flat slab of wood bolted to the wall. A padded backrest was attached to the board about waist high. Marianne’s arms were held while Seville adjusted a board that fit around the back of her neck.

Once it was in place, and pegs in its back pushed into holes in the wood backboard, the front half of the board was matched up to it so that Marianne’s neck was now encircled by the two halves. Seville reached down and picked up a cordless drill and drove two long screws through the wood, holding the two halves together and firmly attached to the backboard.

Marianne’s arms were lifted high over her head and half circle wooden blocks were screwed to the wall around her wrists, holding them in place.

Seville instructed the men to pull the woman’s legs to the side, and when they were spread far enough Seville screwed more restraints over her ankles. With her legs spread, the pull on Marianne’s arms grew much tighter. She protested through the gag but was totally ignored. Seville reached behind the frightened woman and began to turn a knob behind the padded backrest. The backrest began to move away from the wall and soon pushed against Marianne’s waist. Seville took hold of Marianne’s belt and pulled her away from the wall so that the backrest could be extended further.

When she was released, Marianne could see that her body was bowed outward, pushing her hips well away from the wall. It was very uncomfortable and she tried to make that fact known through her gag.

Having secured the woman, Seville and the men left the room.


Jessica had been standing in the morning sun for over an hour. She had peed herself, but otherwise was just plain bored. Streams of drool flowed from her mouth and onto her chest, the severe bit still holding down her tongue. She had seen a couple of buggies going past her, up the road to her right. The hill was steep but the road traversed it in a switchback pattern that made it easier to climb. Finally she felt movement on her draft shafts and then felt her reins tighten. The yard master ran over and removed the hobble chain connecting her ankles. Jessica yelped when she felt the end of a long switch crack against her back.

“Walk.” It was Vito. At least he knows the command. Jessica stepped out but was held in place. Shit! How many people are in that buggy?

“Walk!” Another crack on the back.

“Senor, is this a brake?” Mr. Ramos asked.

“Ah, that’s the problem.” Vito pushed down on the handle and the cart began to roll.

The two men in the back seat looked at each other and shrugged. They had been out with the boss many times, and he still didn’t know how to drive a buggy.

Jessica strained against the weight behind her. It was too much for one woman to pull but the whip striking her backside prompted her to try. The dildoes held inside of her made themselves known with each step. It was just as punishing as Jessica had imagined it to be, and that made her smile.

This is going to be hard! [And I’m going to be whipped and driven to my limit.] I can do this! I have to do this!

Half a mile away, in a covered blind in the forest, DePaul and Styler watched Jessica through their binoculars.

“There’s no frickin’ way that woman is going to pull those guys around in that buggy. Shit, it’s got to weigh a ton! Did you see the size of those guys? Hey wait a damn minute. That guy in the front next to Gambini, see him?”

“Yeah, white shirt, nice hair. You recognize him?”

“Son of a bitch, that’s Philip Ramos, the head of the Colombian drug cartel, El Puño Del Poder, the Fist of Power. They’re a new force in the Colombian drug trade and making inroads all over the East Coast. Quite violent.”

The pair of agents watched as Jessica leaned into the crossbeam on the draft shafts and pushed with her legs. Glistening in perspiration and sunscreen, Jessica’s leg muscles strained to push her body forward. The cart began to roll and Jessica adjusted her gait to accommodate it.

“Holy shit!” Styler whispered. “She’s got it going! How in the hell could she do that?”

“If you ever get the honor of knowing Agent Bennet you’ll ask yourself that question over and over.”

“Wait a minute, Bennet? Ashley Bennet? This is Ashley Bennet?”

“Yeah why, do you know her?”

“No, but I’ve heard of her, I know what she did in Philadelphia. I was under the impression that she had quit the Bureau after that whole thing went down. Went into witness protection or something.”

“Well then, now you know why Gambini has been looking for her. That was his operation she took down.”

“Why would you put her in danger of being found then?”

“We weren’t after Gambini, we were after one of the women he has here, Nicky Donelli. As with most operations Ashley’s involved in, it starts out being one thing and turns into something much bigger. She has a way of rooting out trouble and we just need to keep up with her and take care of what ever she digs up.”

“Again, it seems so dangerous for her.”

“Again,” Raul put his binoculars to his eyes and looked out at Jessica, “We just try to keep up with her. She’s the reason we’re all here. We’re on her team.”

Styler was muttering something but Raul couldn’t make it out. Then he said, “They’re heading for that hill. I’ve got to see this.”

“Me too,” Raul admitted. Even he had to wonder if Jessica could pull the buggy up that hill.


Marianne was sweating. Not that it was that hot in the room, but she was scared out of her wits. What were they doing? Why did they leave her there? The psychiatrist in her knew it was all mind games. They were giving her time to think about where she was and how helpless she was. She tried to just stand there like she didn’t care, but after a few minutes she began to test the strength of the bondage. She had seen the long screws that held the restraints against the wall. She knew they were secure. But still, a person has to try.

Marianne jumped when the door opened and the black haired woman entered. She was now dressed in a form fitting black leather cat suit. She wore 4” heels on her feet and carried a pair of scissors and a small round stiff leather paddle.

“Had a chance to brew?”

Marianne remained silent. She wasn’t going to give this woman anything damnit!

Seville pulled her hand back and then the leather paddle whacked against the side of Marianne’s left breast.

“Oh God!” Marianne screamed in pain. She tried to straighten out but was held in the bowed back position. She never would have imagined that one stroke could be so painful!

Seville stood in front of her helpless charge. “This is the way this works. I ask you a question and then you answer it honestly. That’s not too difficult to do is it?”

Marianne was still reeling from the blow to her breast. The pain was so intense and that blow was delivered with such speed and accuracy.

SMACK! Her right breast was struck.

Marianne screamed “No! Please don’t!”

“I’ve asked two questions and have not received an answer from you yet. Not a good start for you. Do you understand English?”

Do I understand English? The question seemed ridiculous. Marianne saw the leather paddle come up and she blurted out, “Yes! Yes, I understand English. Please don’t hit me again!”

“Oh good, that saves time with the interpreter and all,” Seville spoke very calmly. “I’m going to get to know you on a more personal level and then we’ll get started.”

She took the scissors and cut the buttons off of Marianne’s blouse. It hung open, exposing her white bra covered breasts.

“Get started with what?”

“I have a few rules.” Seville touched the lace along the top of Marianne’s bra. “I ask the questions and you answer them. You don’t get to ask questions. Do you understand that rule?” She held up the paddle so that Marianne would answer quickly.

“Yes, I understand.” Marianne’s chest rose and fell quickly, her breathing fast and shallow.

Seville pulled a few strands of Marianne’s brown hair back and tucked it behind her ear, sort of caressing the side of her face as she did it.

“Good girl. That makes me happy when you understand me and do as I ask. One more thing that would make me happy is that you address me with respect. I am the one with the paddle after all. If you would please address me as mistress or ma’am it will really help me get past other issues that I may have with you. Will you do that for me?”

“Yes ma’am,” Marianne responded, feeling a little bit foolish and blushing because of it.

“Oh that’s cute, look at the blush. You’re not used to being subservient are you?”

Subservient? Is that the right word? Yes, I guess it’s… “OWWW! Shit! No! No I’m not used to it… please no!” The paddle had landed on her right breast again.

Marianne saw the scissors come up and cut the sleeves of her blouse so that the dominatrix could remove it. “Is this a Playtex bra?”

“Yes ma’am,” Marianne responded quickly.

“I like it, it’s really cushy.” The scissors came up between Marianne’s breasts and easily cut through the fabric that held the two cups together. Marianne couldn’t look down with the board under her chin, but she could feel cool air on her breasts and knew that they had been exposed.

“Oh, nice tits. How old are you?”

“Thirty nine, ma’am.”

“Really nice.” Marianne jumped when she felt the woman’s hands on her bare breasts. If she weren’t so damn scared she might even have thought the woman’s touch felt good. It started to feel not so good though when the woman began to crunch her twin orbs in her strong hands.

Marianne whimpered, afraid to make too much noise.

“Oh stop it. This is nothing.”

Marianne felt fingers in the waistband of her skirt and then felt the scissors.

“No please! Please don’t cut them off.” She knew that once the dress fell, she would be naked. Not only that, but she had trimmed her bush down to practically nothing! Just a slight wisp of brown hair remained.

Seville caressed Marianne’s bare stomach as the scissors cut through the fabric of the skirt. The fabric was pulled away and thrown onto the pile of torn clothing on the floor.

“Okay then, let’s have a look.”

If by that she meant, let’s have a feel, it would have been more accurate. Seville’s hands roamed Marianne’s naked form, eliciting squeals and attempts at avoiding her touches.

“Nice body Mrs. Brent. Is that your real name?”

“Yes,” Marianne said quickly. “Yes of course it is.”

Seville held up the paddle and touched Marianne’s pubic mound with it.

“Ma’am! Yes, ma’am!”

Seville smiled. “I know it’s hard to remember. Your friend Ashley did so much better. But she’s a trained slave. You knew that didn’t you?”

Marianne didn’t know how to respond right off the bat to that question. The woman had said Ashley, letting on that she knew who Jessica really was. But if she were to maintain her cover, she wouldn’t know who Ashley was.

“Ashley, ma’am?”

“Oh right, Jessica. You know, the woman you sent here to get trained as a pony.”

“I don’t know that much about her ma’am.”

“Only that she was screwing your husband?”

“Yes ma’am, I knew that.”

“Her real name is Ashley and she’s an FBI agent.”

“What? Oh my god! I didn’t know! What was she doing with my husband?”

SMACK! The paddle came down against Marianne’s thigh. She screamed.

“Only I ask the questions, do you remember that rule?”

“Yes ma’am!” Marianne whimpered.

“I read a lot of reports on this Ashley Bennet this morning. Really a fine example of creative writing when you know the truth about certain events. But it gave me a lot of insight into the personnel that Ashley worked with last year.” Seville ran the paddle over Marianne’s naked thigh, across her pubis, and down her other leg.

“I’m going to ask you some questions about a few of the things I read about. I know you won’t want to tell me the truth so I’m going to let you feel something you might never have imagined you would feel. It’s pretty painful, so brace yourself.”

Seville brought the paddle down sharply on Marianne’s thigh and the bound woman screamed. The pain was so intense! But it didn’t stop with one. It continued up a little further, closer to her crotch, and another right over her pubic bone. Marianne screamed and cried and begged. She pleaded. Snot ran freely from her nose and tears streaked her face. More screams filled the little room as Seville worked her way down Marianne’s other thigh.

When she stopped, the Dominatrix rose and took some tissue from the box.

“Shhh, shhh, okay, that’s all I wanted to show you. Come on now, it’s over for now. That a girl, come on, blow.” She held the tissue up to Marianne’s nose and the psychiatrist blew.

“Good girl, again?”

Marianne shook her head no.

“Stand up straighter, here you go, don’t hang yourself on that shelf.” Seville guided her naked captive up so that she was fully erect again.

“Would you like to feel that again?”

“No mistress.”

“I’m your mistress now am I?”

“Um… I don’t know why I said that. I meant ma’am.”

“It’s okay. Now,” Seville stood against the wall next to Marianne and reached over to tap the bound woman’s breast lightly from the side, “After the whole Gold Club incident our girl Ashley spent months in therapy with an FBI behavioral psychiatrist by the name of Marianne Dresser. Have you ever heard of this woman, Marianne?”

“No ma’am.” Marianne winced at the constant tapping on her breast, a few of which struck her tender nipple.

“And Ashley’s case officer, a man named Trent Richards, ever heard of him?”

“No ma’am.”

“Darn it anyway! I thought this would be so easy to get to the bottom of. Oh well.”

Seville brought the little paddle down sharply against Marianne’s breasts and the woman screamed in pain. The dominatrix stood in front of her victim and began to swat the firm breasts before her on all sides. Her technique was impeccable, firmly applying quick hard paddle strokes to both breasts and nipples equally.

Marianne was beside herself with pain. Her brain was close to shutting down when the paddling ceased.

“Uh-uh, no, open your eyes Ms. Dresser, don’t pass out on me. Your name is Marianne Dresser isn’t it?”

Marianne shook her head, “Brent, ma’am, Marianne Brent.”

The paddle began its rotation around her breasts again as Marianne screamed and yelled and pleaded.

“Yes! Yes! Dresser!” She couldn’t take any more abuse to her poor breasts and nipples.

The paddling stopped.

“Oh, I wish you could’ve just said that to begin with. Don’t you?”

“Yes ma’am,” Marianne cried.

“Don’t be ashamed. That was quite a bit of pain you just put up with. You did quite well.”

“Thank you ma’am,” Marianne didn’t know why she said that, it just sort of came out.

“And your husband, Richard Brent, what’s his real name?”

“That is his name, ma’am, I… I took his last name.”

“Oh come on, none of it makes sense. These fools down here can’t put two and two together to make four, and I’m betting they didn’t even read the reports that carefully in the first place. But I can see Richard Brent, Trent Richards, it’s pretty obvious to me.”

Marianne was shaking her head. “No… no… it’s Richard Brent.”

“Okay, I like to use this, really I do,” she held up the stiff little paddle. “It’s okay with me, but if you’re going to just change your answer later you may as well just tell me the truth now.” Seville waited.

Marianne could see the logic in that. She realized that she was totally vulnerable to this woman’s abuse and the woman was obviously an expert at inflicting pain. Still, she couldn’t reveal too much.

I can’t be the person who blows the mission! Oh god! Why did I leave the warehouse!

“I can see you’re thinking it over.” Seville ran her hands over Marianne’s squirming body, her long fingernails etching white lines into her flesh as she went. “I wish I had a lot more time to play with you. Really, I do. I could string this out for days, letting you think you were fooling me and then getting another tidbit out of you, slowly unraveling your lies. Inflicting lots of pain as we went.” Marianne jumped and then yelped as Seville’s fingers pressed against her crotch and then entered her pussy.

“But you see, the man who’s brought me here to question you is one of the most powerful Mafia bosses in the country, and he really doesn’t have as much patience as I have. He really wants answers now, and I must try to supply those answers to him.”

Seville’s hand stroked in and out of Marianne’s slit. The action did not make the bound woman wet. She was much too frightened.

“So, you’ve had time to think it over. Will you tell me if the man you claim to be your husband is really Trent Richards?”

She’ll get it out of me sooner or later, and already knows it anyways.

“Yes ma’am, he’s Mr. Richards.”

“There. Now that wasn’t too hard was it? See? No pain.” Seville’s hands caressed Marianne’s body, around her waist and up her sides.

“So, let me get this all straight in my mind.” The dominatrix took her little paddle and began to gently strike Marianne’s legs with it. The strokes hurt a little bit, but not enough to elicit a response from her victim.

“Ashley got conned into working at the Golden Slipper where she surprised everyone by uncovering a massive blackmail operation which included local officials and even several FBI agents. The whole ring was dismantled and Ashley resigned from her position. She went to see you, an FBI psychiatrist, for several months and then one of her best friends, Nicky Donelli, turns up missing. Next thing we know, our little friend is being trained by the dominatrix Sheana in California. We both know our little friend has a very submissive nature. How hard was it to talk her into volunteering for this mission?”

“I… I don’t, um, know anything about th… that, ma’am.”

“Sorry, that was sort of a rhetorical question, but nice to know your answer. Very good, I’m happy that you’re following along.” Seville caressed Marianne’s breasts gently, pulling her nipples out a little bit.

“A few months later she’s kidnapped by Heroshi Ketami, the very same training master who had trained Nicky, and while Ashley is there the FBI raids his facility and he’s now in prison. All of his slaves were freed. Wasn’t that wonderful?”

“Yes ma’am, it was.”

“But, knowing that Trent Richards is running Ashley, it’s not a coincidence at all, is it?”

“I guess not.” Marianne closed her eyes. She’s so well informed. Where did she get all of this information? Did Ashley give it to her, or was it all deduced from the reading she says she did? I can’t believe Ashley talked. But still, even she must have her limits.

“I found out from another source that another man who saw our little friend at Ketami’s sees her, kidnaps her, and ends up what? Raided by the FBI? It’s a team I would imagine, led by Trent Richards, and using Ashley as bait. I have to admire her courage. There’s really no guarantee that she’ll be rescued. She must have a great deal of confidence in Mr. Richards.”

She knows so much about Ashley, but does she know the real relationship between Trent and Ashley? I’ll give her that, maybe she’ll think I’m cooperating and will believe me when I lie later.

“Ashley does whatever Trent tells her to ma’am. She doesn’t even consider the consequences any more. She simply follows her master’s commands and strives to please him.”

“That makes me all warm inside, Marianne.” Seville stood up and held a water bottle up to Marianne’s lips and squeezed. Water gushed out into the shrink’s mouth and down over the wooden ledge that surrounded her neck. “It’s fantastic really when you stop and think about what they did to Ashley. They made an FBI employee a sex slave to an FBI undercover agent. They took a woman they knew to have a submissive personality and ordered her to submit to slave training. And now Mr. Richards has his own personal sex slave. As her therapist, how do you feel about this? Surely you objected.”

“First off ma’am, I knew nothing about it. No one asked me for my opinion. Secondly, from what I understand, Ashley was going to search for her friend with or without the Bureau’s help. Trent was roped into this from the beginning by people over his head, hoping to finally get an agent inside the human trafficking syndicate. No one forced Ashley to undergo the training. From what I’ve learned, Trent did everything he could to prevent Ashley from going forward, but even as a submissive, she can be very aggressive at times.”

“What a contradiction. A strong willed submissive. And Mr. Richards took the role as her master?”

“Someone had to do it, and Ashley trusted him.”

“Yes, he was the one who saved her in the beginning wasn’t he?”

“Yes ma’am. And he couldn’t have her trying to find Nicky on her own. He knew she’d be taken and would disappear, too. He was in training at the same time as Ashley.”

This made Seville look up into Marianne’s eyes. “You’re telling me that Trent Richards is a fully trained master?”

“Yes ma’am. They decided that both of them had to be trained in order to make it as real as possible. They were told that the people they were hunting would be able to spot an imposter in a second. It’s why no previous operations had ever succeeded.”

Seville was becoming excited. “You’ve seen the two of them together, what’s it like? How does he control her? How does she act around you and other people?”

Crap! Now it’s going too far. I can’t be going on and on about this! But really, maybe it’ll just fill the time. She’ll be in jail with everyone else tomorrow. It probably doesn’t matter.

“I’ve only been with them since they came out here from California. She does everything a slave would do for her master. She kneels by his side when he eats and she does all of the domestic work. I assume she performs sexually for him when he requests it. I know she has her own mattress on the floor and I’ve seen her tied to his bedpost, naked and fully bound. She told me that he’s very good with ropes and she loves the way he binds her, so they must do that in their spare time. She never wears clothing. I’ve seen her naked around him a few times and she’s completely unashamed to be naked around him. She refers to him as Master at all times.”

“What about punishment? Have you ever seen her disciplined?”

“No. She doesn’t do much that she would need to be punished for. I’ve heard some stories and I know that he has punished her in the past. But it’s not a common need.”

Seville stretched and then said, “Okay, you’ve had your little break. Are you feeling okay? Not light headed or anything?”

“My breasts still ache pretty badly, but I guess I’m okay ma’am.”

“Good. We’ll continue then.”

Continue? Oh no, not more questions!

“Let’s talk about your current mission. First, how did the FBI discover the ranch?”

Marianne watched Seville as she walked over to a large rack on the wall and browsed the assortment of whips and crops. She picked up a long bullwhip and hefted it as if to judge its weight. She returned it to the rack and then selected a medium length leather flogger. The leather thongs hanging from the handle were about a foot long. She turned and looked at Marianne and brought the flogger up over her shoulder.

“That was a question Marianne. Have you forgotten my rules?”

“No ma’am. I’m thinking.”

“Thinking isn’t too good. Speaking is good. When you think too long I begin to suspect that you’re not going to tell me the truth.” Seville brought her hand down and the leather thongs struck the tops of Marianne’s breasts.

“Oh god! Fuck!”

Before Marianne had recovered from the pain in her breasts, Seville brought the flogger across the bound woman’s mid section, first from the right and then back from the left.

Marianne cried out. “No more! No more! I’ll talk!”

Seville stopped, but kept the flogger resting against Marianne’s chest, the thongs hanging over her breasts.

“I don’t know the answer though ma’am. I only know that Trent made arrangements to come here with Ashley, and he had asked me to come with them.”

“Why did he want you here?”

“Ashley had been raped when they were in California. I was called out there to be with her, you know, for her to be able to talk to someone. We all came out here together.”

“By we all, you’re referring to the three of you and the team?”

“The team? No. There’s no team. It was just the three of us.”

Seville jiggled the flogger so that the thongs moved around on Marianne’s breasts.

“Come on, slave. There has to be a team working with Trent. Both occasions we’ve talked about involved a well-coordinated assault.”

“That’s true, but I think they use what’s available locally.”

“So it’s just the three of you out here? He hasn’t assembled a local team yet?”

“No, why would he?”

Seville’s flogger went to work on Marianne’s breasts, back and forth with a good deal of muscle put into each pass.

Marianne was hysterical with pain as she screamed and pulled on her wrists and tried to avoid the punishing blows.

Seville held Marianne’s head by her cheeks and said, “You’re asking questions again.”

“Sorry! I’m sorry Mistress!”

“Why are you here Marianne? How did you become involved in an operation? You’re a psychiatrist, not an agent. It wasn’t very smart was it?”

Marianne was still sobbing and trying hard to catch her breath. She knew she had to answer the question, but she could barely get her thoughts together to formulate an answer. She was frightened that she would say something she shouldn’t. She saw the flogger come up and she blurted out, “No! I’m talking! I’m talking! Please…”

The tortured woman took a big breath and said, “Somehow Trent learned that Nicky was here, but he also… he also found out… that Vito Gambini and lots of his guys were here too. He couldn’t be seen by them.”

“Why not?”

“He worked undercover in New York City years ago and was sure that Vito and some of his guys would recognize him.”

“So he used you to be the contact with Ashley once she got inside.”

“Yes ma’am, I volunteered. We figured that it might be better if I wasn’t an agent because I would seem more genuine as a jilted wife. I think it went pretty well.”

“You had a lot of people fooled, so I guess it was a success.” Seville began to stroke Marianne’s thighs with the flogger and Marianne began to whimper and beg softly.

“Something’s troubling me a little bit Marianne.” The flogger was lifted a little higher and brought down hard against Marianne’s stomach. After the screaming died down, Seville said, “When Mr. Petrocelli brought you from Potsdam, he told Mr. Gambini that you were packed and about to leave. Why would you be leaving when Ashley was still at the ranch?”

Oh god! I’ve fucked this up so badly! It’s a good question. How can I answer it?

“I wasn’t leaving! I was just taking some things to my car.”

Then Marianne experienced a pain like she never imagined she could feel. The flogger was brought up sharply between her outstretched legs. Not once, but twice.

Her screams could be heard outside the building. Several stable hands stopped and looked towards the building and then nervously went back to their work.

Seville got very close to Marianne and said in a soft, soothing voice. “When is the team coming in Marianne. I need to know.”

Marianne shook her head and cried. She pulled on her wrists and tried to lift her feet out of the wooden shackles that held them fast.

The Domme stroked Marianne’s pussy lightly with the ends of the flogger thongs. “I need to know when the assault team is coming in and how big a force it will be.”

Through her teary eyes, Marianne looked over at the black haired woman. She had not even broken a sweat while Marianne knew she was a sweaty sobbing slob. She had been reduced to raw nerves waiting to be abused. Not the men. I can’t tell her anything else. I can’t!

“EEEYYIII! No please! Noooo!” Marianne felt her tormentor’s fingers in her vagina. It felt like she was peeling back her labia and exposing her pussy. She continued to whimper as Seville stood back and held the flogger out to her side. With a smooth motion Marianne’s world exploded into pain. The flogger landed on target and left a series of red marks across Marianne’s fully exposed pussy.

“Dozens! Dozens of men! Tomorrow! Please, no more!” But Seville’s hand was already coming across in the other direction. Marianne screamed and screamed, sobbing uncontrollably.

She felt Seville’s hand pulling her matted hair away from her face. Softly she said, “That many? A couple of dozen?”

“Yes mistress. Yes. It’s a large force, maybe even more.”

“Who is involved? Local cops? FBI? Who?”

Marianne blew snot out of her nose so she could breath. “FBI and ATF.”

“ATF? You’re sure?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Thank you.” Seville put her flogger on the table and left the room only to return a moment later with a television on a cart. Seville pressed a button on the DVD player and said, “As Ashley’s therapist, I think you would be interested in seeing her session with me. She’s a very good liar.”

Seville left the room again as Ashley’s image filled the screen.


Styler and Raul had watched Jessica’s progress over the past 45 minutes. It was an agonizing thing to watch. She had been ordered to trot, and had gotten the cart up to a pretty fast speed when they began their assent up the hill. The way that the road switch backed made the grade about 20°, but it was still a grade. Jessie seemed to be doing well until the first turn. The slowing of her momentum was difficult to regain.

On the second switchback she had slowed to a crawl. Raul winced as he saw Vito flick his long whip continuously to get Jessie moving. About half way up the switchback she had gotten a little momentum and was at least walking forward. But the next turn slowed her again.

As the buggy straightened out for the third switchback, Jessie came to a stop. The men watching through their binoculars could see the young woman leaning against the crossbeam, her legs pushing against the packed dirt road. One foot slipped and she nearly went to her knee, but caught herself. The whip flew out, catching Jessie around the leg that was supporting her and she screamed. The echo of the scream reached the men a moment later.

“Holy shit!” Styler gasped, “They’re going to kill her.”

“I doubt Gambini would let it go that far,” Raul said. “I’m sure he has lots more planned for her. Look she’s got it moving again.”

“How can you watch this?”

“You know what? I’ve been thinking about tomorrow, when we get her back, all of the things I might do for her. She’s going to need care, and probably the doc too. Some of us will be given responsibility to tend to her while Trent and the captain and Chris and the others help clean up the mess here. There’s going to be lots of women to process, but it’ll be men from our team that will be caring for Jessica. I hope I’m one of them.”

“You’re really attached to her, aren’t you?”

“We all are. She saved our lives once, we owe her a lot. And the things she’s been through, we just couldn’t ask more of a person. And she never complains, never says no. She’s one of the most optimistic people I’ve ever met.”

“She’s got some stamina, I’ll give her that. I would never have gotten as far as she has up that hill. Look! Son of a bitch, she’s moving again.”

Sure enough, Jessica had gotten the buggy moving and was on the final switchback. Twenty minutes later she disappeared over the crest of the hill.


Marianne stood in the uncomfortable position she had been placed in over three hours before. Her legs were tired and her breasts were still on fire from the beating they had taken. The video of Ashley’s interrogation had ended and Marianne stood there thinking about what she had seen.

Ashley had not given away too much. She had admitted to being a trained slave, but had held to her story that Richard Brent had bought her and that she didn’t know that Nicky had been in the places she had been. In a way, it jived with what she had said, if one was to believe that Trent was the one getting the information and that Ashley was simply following her master’s directions.

Still, this woman, Seville, knew everything now. Marianne expected Gambini to enter at any moment and shoot her. I’m no use to them now.

Marianne’s thoughts went back to the video. She saw Ashley’s reaction when Seville’s hand came close to her brand, and heard the desperation in her voice when she admitted that she would cum if Seville were to touch her there. That was not an act. Marianne trembled slightly as her own body responded to such as strong mental stimuli.

I can’t imagine feeling like she does! To be so sexually charged. To feel aroused at the thought of Trent, or even his mark on her leg… she must be constantly aroused.

Not a bad thing if you’re a sex slave. Marianne thought back to when Ashley had come to her for counseling. They had not hit it off very well in the beginning because Ashley saw it as a waste of time. And why not? While people who knew what had happened to her were all sure she was in need of mental health, she had already dealt with it and was ready to move on. Her submissive self had already processed the events and was looking back on it with pleasure.

What Marianne had found Jessica needed help with was understanding why she felt this way. These feelings were new to her, and she needed to know that there were words to describe them. Words that Marianne had helped her say. They had become close friends and she even suspected that Ashley had purposely described events in her life in vivid detail to make her horny. It had worked too. Several times Marianne had to wipe herself after Ashley had left her office. Her stories were so erotic.

Marianne also thought of Ashley’s interrogation video when Seville had used the vibrator on her. Ashley had given herself over to the sensations and had directed her pussy so that the vibrator hit her just right to push her into an orgasm. There was no embarrassment at all that she was doing it in front of Seville. She was just wantonly acting as though it were a normal occurrence.

The bound woman adjusted her stance a little in hopes of relieving the strain on her legs. Her hands were becoming numb from being held up high for so long and she worked her fingers to try and circulate the blood.

She wondered how long they would leave her there, while at the same time thinking it to be the same amount of time that she had left to live.


Once on the plateau, Jessica had a much easier time pulling the buggy. That didn’t stop Vito from whipping her hind end with the long rod. Jessie was exhausted but totally happy with her performance. Hauling that damn cart up the hill had been the hardest thing she had ever done. The dildoes held deep inside of her were excruciating, yet she had cum hard beginning on the second switchback. She would just get over one orgasm when another would take its place. The heavy bells hanging from her nipple rings swung back and forth, continuously tormenting and exciting her nipples. Her breathing was heavy and labored thanks to the exertion and the cruel bit holding down her tongue. She was so thirsty now and so hot! She yearned to reach the ranch soon in hopes of getting a drink!

Jessica knew the paths well up on the open range now, and knew that she had only a half a mile at most until they were at the upper ranch’s boundary. As they came across the top of a small hill Jessie saw the ranch. She smiled to see her sisters in the yard, some parading around the large corral, one pony-girl in the training corral with Darios, and off in the distance, a woman hooked to the plow.

She saw John by the plow and noticed that he had spotted her coming down the path. John quickly unhooked his pony and ran in front of her, leading her towards the yard by her reins.

“Whoa,” Vito called out as they pulled up next to the training corral. Jessica came to a stop.

“Mr. Gambini,” Darios called out, “So good to see you sir.”

“Hey, Darios, nice day eh? I’ve come for my pony-girl, Nicky. Is she ready for me?”

“Yes sir, I’ll send someone for her.” He motioned with his hand to Connor and the kid slid off of the rail and headed for the barn. “Harness and all, Connor.” Connor waved back at him.

John had just arrived when he saw Jessica. “Good lord! You didn’t make her pull you up that hill!”

“She was really slow Johnny,” Vito said with disgust, “You need to work on those leg muscles. Make ‘em stronger.”

Jessica’s face was red and she was sweating profusely.

“Let me water her and cool her down a little, okay sir?” John hoped his kowtowing to the man would be rewarded.

“Yeah, go ahead, but make it quick. I gots to get back.”

“Thank you.” John quickly unclipped Jessica’s wrist cuffs from the cross bar and led her towards the barn. Once inside the grooming stall he called out to Sam to come help him remove Jessie’s tack and hose her down. When her bit was off John held the water bottle up for her and then splashed her face with it.

“Dear lord! Jessie, are you okay?”

Jessie put her lips up for more water and then said, “Yes master, this pony is fine, thank you.”

“You pulled them up that hill! My god! I’m so proud of you!” He threw his arms around her and hugged her tightly.

“I hoped you would be master. Making you proud is what kept this pony going.”

“Oh Jessie! I’ve never been prouder of one of my ponies.”

“Thank you master.” The last of her tack had been removed and John commanded her to all fours. Once on her hands and knees he dismissed Sam and began to rinse her off with the hose. He held it over her head and smoothed out her hair with his hand.

“Do you have food master? This pony is starving.”

John got up, reached over the rail, and pulled a food pail over; setting it off to the side where Jessie could reach it. She bent her head down and took several pellets in to her mouth and crunched away.

“I got your message from Dani,” he said in a low voice close to her ear. “Is it true? Is there going to be a raid tomorrow?”

“Yes master. It’s still on. My master will be here with enough force to retake your farm. You’ll be free.” She munched on another mouthful of food and then accepted more water.

“I doubt I’ll be free. Or my people. We’ve done a lot of bad things for these people, Jessie. I’ll gladly take what ever prison time is given me knowing that the women will finally be free and these ass wipes are behind bars.”

“Just make sure you’re all underground when the assault takes place and then let my master sort things out afterwards. Dani and Felicity will take care of my sisters.”

“Thank you Jessica, for everything that you’ve done for us, regardless of what happens tomorrow.” The man put his arms around her waist and held her close.

“Try not to worry about your family sir, my master has promised me they’ll be protected.”

“Again, thank you.” He kissed her shoulder.

They both looked up to see Nicky being led by. She looked as beautiful as ever.

“Okay, get me ready master. I have to get back down there. Good luck tomorrow.”

John waved Sam back and the barn hand began putting Jessie’s tack back on while John coated her scarred flesh with a fresh coating of sun block.


An hour later, Vito pulled into the yard in his buggy pulled by Jessie and Nicky. The two had worked well together as a team and Jessica was horny as hell from working next to her naked friend. The entire trip had been fantastic for her and she almost felt sorry that she would be leaving the following day. The idea of being teamed up with Nicky was a very appealing thought!

As soon as they were in the yard, Vito jumped down from the buggy and headed towards the interrogation area. The Colombian had headed back to his room to take a shower after spending so much time out in the sun.

Vito found Seville just as she was about to re-enter the room that Marianne was in. Marianne had actually begun to doze off, but when she saw Vito and Seville enter the room she closed her eyes and pretended to actually be asleep.

“How the fuck does a person fall asleep in a position like that?” Gambini asked.

“A person can sleep in nearly any position if they’re exhausted enough.”

“What did you learn from her?”

“Well she certainly had no idea what she was condemning Ashley to when she let Gavino bring her here.”

“You’re telling me she’s really this guy Brent’s wife?”

“Yes, of course, Mr. Gambini. Your men have already determined that. She’s just some rich broad that was upset that someone was moving in on her sugar daddy.”

“So she didn’t know Bennet was with the FBI?”

“No. And don’t forget, Bennet isn’t actually with the FBI any more either. She’s simply found her true calling.”

Marianne couldn’t believe what she was hearing! The dominatrix was completely covering for her. Not a single word she was telling the mob boss was true!

“A fucking sex slave!!” Gambini rolled in laughter and Marianne began to stir, rationalizing that even an exhausted person would wake up with all of that noise.

“Huh? Who are you? Can you help me?”

Seville lifted her crop.

“Sorry mistress! I’m sorry I spoke! Don’t hit me!”

Vito laughed. “Oh you’re good, Seville. Hit her anyway. I want to see her jump.”

Seville looked at the grossly overweight man with a look she hoped wouldn’t be seen for the disgust she felt.

“Do it! Let her have it on those tits.”

“She really hasn’t done anything wrong, Mr. Gambini.”

“Fucking work those tits over or I’ll have my men work you over. Which will it be?”

Seville turned to Marianne and the woman began to mumble her pleas.

“Wait!” Gambini shouted as Seville’s hand had come up. “Gag her first. I love the sound of a gagged woman being beat. All of the saliva and the snots. Give her a big penis gag.”

Seville went to the table and selected a penis gag that had a lot of width but not a lot of depth. She knew Marianne couldn’t take one down the throat and didn’t want to force something like that on her with Gambini in the room. She returned to Marianne and very quietly said, “Open up. Breath through your nose, okay.” She saw Marianne’s eyes open wide as she shook her head. “Are you a good actress?” she asked, mostly under her breath. Marianne shrugged her shoulders.

“I’m going to try not to hit you very hard but you need to act like I’m killing you. Can you do that?” Marianne nodded a little bit.

Seville stood back and then brought the crop down on Marianne’s breast. The woman jumped and began to beg through her gag. Tears streamed down her cheeks as blow after blow landed on her breasts. Seville moved her crop around so that it didn’t keep hitting the same place and Marianne continued to scream and beg and sob.

Gambini was very happy with the show but then ordered Seville to punish other areas of Marianne’s body. When the Domme complained, Vito grabbed her by the throat and brought her to her knees. “Fucking whip her pussy!” He yelled at the dominatrix.

Seville, red faced, stood and began to lay lashes against Marianne’s pussy. The bound woman screamed and it was no act. Gambini was in heaven as he watched the tortured woman’s face. Her breathing was heavy, more than her nostrils could handle, forcing her to breathe around the cock gag. Saliva shot out around the corners and snot ran freely from her nose. Her face was totally tear streaked. She was a sight! Gambini felt his cock grow hard and knew he wanted to fuck something. Nicky’s lovely little body sprung into his mind and he was out the door in a flash.

As soon as the door closed Seville lay off the crop and ran to unbuckle the cock gag.

Marianne was still screaming and Seville tried to calm her down.

“Shhhh, it’s over, shhhh, come on, breath, there you go, good girl. Shhh, quiet now slave.” She pulled the gag out of Marianne’s mouth and threw it towards the sink.

“Can you let me go mistress? Have I told you everything?” Marianne tried to control her breathing.

“You’ve told me everything I need to know, but I can’t let you leave the compound. I’ll try to protect you until your friends arrive.”

“Thank you mistress,” Marianne sniffed and began to cry again. “I’m in your debt.”

“I’ll be happy when they arrest Gambini. He ruined my life and stole my business. I hope they fucking kill him tomorrow.”

“I do too, maybe he’ll put up a fight and we’ll get our wish.”

Seville wiped Marianne’s nose and then asked if she was okay. Marianne sniffed again and then nodded that she was.

“Are you hungry? Do you think you could eat?”

Marianne nodded yes, and Seville began to unscrew the wood blocks holding her against the wall.


Half a mile from the compound, deep in the forest, a large force of men had assembled and were busy pitching tents and setting up their gear. Based on the sighting reports from Special Agent Styler and Agent DePaul, a second FBI assault team had been called in and Trent was busy briefing them. Pictures of Jessica, Nicky, and Dr. Dresser were passed around so that each man would know who specifically to keep an eye out for.

“Remember, Gambini will want these two women to die before he does. The problem is, he knows where they are and we don’t. So we have to go in fast and go in hard, and we have to isolate these three and bring them out. Now, we’ll have an approximate location on our operative before we go in and I’ll communicate her last location to you. Hopefully they will all be together. Where are the six men who will hold the guest houses?”

Six hands came up in the back and Trent walked back to them. “Now you six have one of the most important assignments. You need to hold a line against anyone trying to access this area. These are all innocents back here that the mob may try to eliminate. No one gets past you. No one. Our people have been told to avoid this area or they’ll get shot. No one gets by, understood?”

He got six “yes sir’s.”

On the other end of the valley, Captain Alderson was holding a similar briefing for a much smaller contingent of men. The upper ranch couldn’t be ignored during the raid. There were Darios and Olivia and the stable hands to take into custody and then there were the women and the staff to protect. Larry would have plenty to deal with while the main assault against the lower ranch was under way.


Marianne knelt naked beside Seville’s chair as the dominatrix ate her supper in her suite. The psychiatrist’s arms were bound behind her back and she had been shown how to kneel with her legs parted to display her pussy. She recognized the position from seeing Ashley that way beside Trent.

It was humiliating to be down there on the floor waiting to get a bit to eat now and then, although Seville seemed to be very accommodating and Marianne was beginning to get full. She had once seen Trent eat an entire meal and never give Ashley one bite. As far as she knew, Ashley had gone the entire day without eating, only to be given a handful of those pellets before bed.

If only the humiliation would make her horny like it did to Ashley! But it didn’t.


As night fell, both camps grew silent and the troops settled in. In the compound, lights began to go off and activity began to subside.

Jessica lay in a stall, bound tightly and gagged. Her body ached and agonizing cramps rippled through her tired legs and up into her abdominals. She screamed into her gag, not wanting to disturb her sisters but not being able to stop herself either. The woman in the stall next to her started a chant that spread quietly throughout the barn. It was the prayer she had heard in her dream.

Nicky Goddess of Pain
Visit our sister tonight
Comfort her as only you can
Oh Goddess who keeps us sane.

Nicky Goddess of Pain
Stay with our sister tonight
Take away her fear
Oh Goddess whose life is pain.

The prayer had a very calming effect on Jessica as she listened to the repeated mantra. The voices were low and in unison. Jessie heard one small voice singing a tune that fit nicely with the prayer and the combined sound slowly put her to sleep.

The woman next to her looked over the top rail of her stall to see Jessica asleep and waved off the women around her. Slowly the chanting stopped, the women accomplishing their goal. By this time they had all heard about the hogoshu pulling a buggy of four up the hill and to the high ranch. It was unbelievable, yet witnessed by no less than four of the sisters. The Goddess herself had been teamed with the hogoshu for the return trip. If anyone doubted that the hogoshu’s master was great had no doubts now. Only a great master could control such a slave as this.

Without knowing what the others were doing, each woman in the barn silently prayed for their hogoshu’s comfort.

Marianne lay beside Seville in her private suite. Naked and scared, she tried to relax. After the dominatrix had fed her she had been allowed to use the bathroom and then led into the shower where Seville had gently washed her. Afterwards, Marianne stood while Seville dried her and spread a very nicely scented cream all over her cold, naked, body.

Marianne tried to resist the sensations that the woman’s hands were having on her, but the tenderness of it had made her horny. As unbelievable as that sounded, it was a fact.

She had not expected that kind of tenderness from the dominatrix. It was possible that she was trying to get on Marianne’s good side, knowing that the compound was going to be raided the following day? Whatever the reason, Marianne was grateful for the tender treatment after her horrendous day.

Now though, she wondered what the woman would do to her. She had never slept in the same bed as another woman before, and she was naked. Her wrists were clipped to a wide belt that was locked around her waist and a chain attached to the silver collar she wore was clipped to the headboard. She feared the collar was the same type that all of the pony-girls wore, knowing that if Gary wasn’t successful in producing a second theta wave, she would probably not survive the following day.

Marianne jumped when she felt Seville’s fingers on her stomach.

“Easy girl. I won’t molest you. I just want to feel you for a minute, will that be okay?”

“Yes mistress,” Marianne said softly, steeling herself for what was to come.

“You may have a little submissiveness in yourself, have you felt it today?”

Seville had hit upon something that Marianne had been thinking about for the past three hours.

“Yes mistress.”

Seville’s fingers came up Marianne’s stomach, causing her to suck in a breath to keep from trembling. The hand closed in on her breast and held it for a second. It was nice and warm and very comforting.

“I like you Marianne. You held up very well today and I’m very proud of you.”

Marianne couldn’t help taking a deep breath as Seville’s words ran through her mind. What should have been disgust was… what? Happiness? Pride? Desire? Did she desire to please Seville? Was it the Stockholm Syndrome? She didn’t think so. She hadn’t been there long enough to want to associate with her captor.

But still there was a feeling that came over her when Seville told her she was proud of her. In some small way, she knew it was maybe a fraction of what Jessica felt when she pleased her master.

Seville’s hand was removed and she said good night as she turned over and faced away from Marianne. Marianne said, “Good night mistress,” and tried to close her eyes.


Around 4 AM, Agent DePaul gently shook the shoulder of the sleeping Special Agent Styler. Styler turned over, saw that it was still dark and then sat up. Raul was holding a pair of night vision binoculars up for him.

“Second truck just pulled in. First one came in five minutes ago. Gates weren’t locked when they closed them.”

“Probably waiting on another truck then,” Styler swept the area with his lenses.

He saw the truck driver jump down from the cab and get swept with a metal detection rod. Men were crawling around and under the truck, presumably looking for surveillance devices. Finally the driver was released and escorted to the ranch house.

“Why don’t you sleep for awhile. I feel pretty rested,” Styler said.

Raul retreated to the shallow nest they had made in the leafy forest floor and settled in for a few hours sleep.

Three hours later, two more trucks arrived and this time they did lock the gates.

“Forward One to Red Base, over.” Styler had the radio in his hand.

There was a little static and then, “Red Base, Forward One go ahead.”

“Be advised, cargo is in place, over.”

“Roger that Forward One. Anything else?”

“Negative Red Base, light is green here.”

“Acknowledged, Forward One. Waiting on more primaries.”

“You should…” Styler felt a kick on his boot sole and looked down to see DePaul shaking his head with a finger to his lips. Shhh!

“Roger that Red Base, out.”

Putting down the radio, Styler looked at Raul. “What are they waiting for! They’re all half asleep in there.”

“You heard, they’re waiting on primaries. Remember our girl said they had been lining up buyers. We want to let a few of them arrive before we go in. The more the merrier at this party! Any pony-girl activity yet?” Raul rolled around and picked up his binoculars and focused them in on the ranch, half a mile away.

“No, it’s been quiet. A few men have gone into the barn, but nothing has happened outside.”

“Looks to be another hot day. I hope they all stay inside and that those buyers show up soon. I’ve about had it with our little bivouac here, no offense.”

“None taken.”

They lay in silence for awhile and then the radio squawked quietly.

“Red Leader, Forward One, over?”

“Forward One copy.”

“Relief for MS coming towards you. Return to base, over.”

“Roger that Red Leader, out.”

Styler was being called back to base camp.


With Vito busy with the shipments and his visiting guests, Seville took the opportunity to play some more with her two new pets. Knowing that the shit would hit the fan sometime soon, she reasoned that nothing she did was going to make much of a difference in her treatment when they arrested her. She was probably fucked either way. So why not have a little more fun?

Seville had the two men that had been assigned to her haul several crates into the room she had been using to question her captives. The lids to the crates were pried off and the Domme set about assembling her toys. Marianne sat up against a wall, her collar chained to a ring bolted to the wall next to her neck.

“Had many orgasms in your life, Marianne?”

“A few, mistress.” Marianne had become somewhat accustomed to calling the dominatrix Mistress. She had been grateful that the woman had left her relatively unmolested during the night and awoken only once to feel the woman’s arm around her. The next time she had woken up the arm had been removed and the Domme was facing the other way again.

“You’ll have a couple more this morning. I can guarantee it. Would you like that?”

“No, mistress. What is that thing?” Marianne looked at the half circle, leather covered device. Seville had mounted it on a stand about a foot and a half away from the wall. The bound woman couldn’t help but notice the rings bolted to the floor on either side of the stand.

“It’s called a Sybian. It’s said to be the most powerful vibrator available. I’ve never seen one bigger or more powerful, that’s for sure. Come, I’ll let you try it out.”

Marianne shrank back when Seville came towards her.

“No, please mistress! Don’t make me,” Marianne began to whimper.

“Mark!” she called out. “A little help in here, please.”

One of her assistants came into the room and Marianne’s immediately went to cover her nakedness.

“We want her up and over this saddle. I’ll unlock her, you get ready.”

The man stood over Marianne ready to grab her if she tried to get away. But the woman just hunched down closer to the floor, covering her chest with both hands.

“Now, now, Marianne. I can get my flogger, it will just take me a second to get it. Is that what you want?”

Marianne looked up at the black clad beauty and shook her head.

“Alright then, up you go.” Marianne sat up straight and then got onto her knees as Seville unlocked the chain from her collar. “Good girl, now drop the hands, let Mark hold you, okay? Come on now, I know you’re naked, but Mark’s seen hundreds of naked women here.”

Marianne rose to her feet but could not move her hands away from her privates.

“Okay, that’s fine, just straddle my little hummer here and we’ll secure your feet. It’s okay, you can cover yourself for now.”

Marianne looked down to see chains being clipped between the rings on the floor and the ankle cuffs that Seville had locked around her ankles earlier that morning. Once that was done she knew she wouldn’t be able to get off of the saddle.

“Okay Mark, thank you. I can take it from here. Go and collect the pony named Ashley, bring her here please. Fit her with a spider gag.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Once Mark had left, Seville held onto Marianne’s arm and pulled it back behind her. She placed the wrists between two iron bars that were bolted to the wall and began to tighten two nuts, bringing the top bar down over her wrist. Soon it was secured tightly and Marianne could not withdraw her hand.

“Don’t struggle too much, you could actually pull you arm out of the socket.”

Seville had just gotten Marianne’s other arm secured when Mark came back with Ashley in tow. As ordered, her mouth was held wide open by the spider gag. Her arms were bound at the wrists behind her. Other than her collar and cuffs, she was naked.

Ashley glared at Marianne, but was otherwise docile.

“Thank you Mark, that will be all.”

Mark left the room as Seville began to bind Ashley over the second Sybian unit.

“Marianne and I had a very good talk yesterday, Ashley. I’ll let her tell you about it in just a minute. First, I’ll get you gals ready to have a nice little ride on my vibrators.”

Having secured Ashley, Seville went back to her boxes and pulled some things out.

Going to Marianne, she held up a light tan rubber pad that had lots of nubs all over it.

“This ought to feel good against your cunt. It’ll be moving all around and making you squirm with delight.” She placed it over a rod that had been sticking up through the pleather cover of the seat. “Now I’ll just adjust this so that the entire surface is in contact with your crotch.” Seville raised the half circle box until it was pressed firmly against Marianne’s privates and then locked it in place. The bound woman squirmed and tried to get off of it but couldn’t budge. At the angle that her arms were pulled up behind her it felt as though her pussy was being forced down towards the rubber cover. She was firmly pressed against it.

She watched as Seville repeated the process with Ashley. Marianne noted that Ashley didn’t try to pull away, but remained docile. What did I expect?

“Okay, I’ll just warm you both up and go check and see what other projects I have assigned to me. I’ll see how much I can get in before the action starts.”

Ashley’s head whipped up to look over at Marianne. She was alarmed to see her friend’s head go down, a look of shame on her face.

She told them everything. A feeling of deep empathy flowed through Ashley as she looked at the other woman. Her body was covered with red strips of angry flesh, signs that she had been worked over pretty well. In particular her breasts were still quite red and a few areas were purple with apparent bruises.

Oh Dr. Dresser! No one will blame you! It’ll be okay. My master will still come for us.

Ashley jumped at the sudden blast of vibration under her outstretched legs. She watched as the dominatrix reached over and turned the control knob for Marianne’s Sybian and then saw her friend’s head come up in surprise.

“No mistress! Please! Oh god!”

Ashley was delighted to hear Dr. Dresser refer to Seville as Mistress! Oh that was precious! Welcome to my world, doc!

The feelings centered on Ashley’s privates were also precious. She knew that Dr. Dresser was experiencing the same sensations. The question was; who would cum first?

While Ashley was uninhibited and already very horny, the vibrations might surprise and stimulate the doctor more quickly.

Once Seville had left the room, Marianne confessed, “I told her everything Ashley! I told her everything! She knows about today’s raid.”

Ashley tried to tell her it was okay, but the sounds coming out of her spider gagged mouth were not intelligible.

“I have a feeling she’s not telling anyone though. We may still have a chance.”

Ashley tried to shrug.

Dr. Dresser looked down. “I couldn’t take it Ash. I couldn’t take the pain and she broke me. I know you were able to take it, but I couldn’t. I’m so sorry.” The woman was suddenly wracked by sobs as she broke down in shame for what she had done.

“I should have stayed in Canton where your master told me to stay. Now… now I’ve… I’ve put everyone in… in danger,” she cried out through her tears.

The sobbing woman tried to adjust her position but only managed to grind her clit into the rubbery nubs. “Oh God! Oh no!” Her head came back as she climaxed.

“Oh god!” She cried out once more. Then she simply moaned for several minutes as she came down off of her orgasm. “I’ve ruined everything Jessie. Everything you worked so hard to do. I’m so sorry.” She hung her head and began to cry again.


When Styler made it back to the base camp he was directed to Trent’s command center.

“Oh good, Agent Styler, welcome back sir.” Trent reached out to shake the station chief’s hand. Mark looked around the table that had been set up to see the leaders of the various groups assembled for the assault. Captain Alderson was to Trent’s left, and then Lt. Gore, the ATF leader Mr. Burns, FBI assault team #2 leader Jerry Leightner, and then some more of Trent’s team. Trent motioned Styler to an empty chair to his right.

“You’ve spent the night and this morning watching the compound, have you observed any increased security on the other side of the fence?”

Styler thought about what he had been seeing and shook his head. “No, nothing.”

“Do you think it’s possible that Dr. Dresser was able to maintain her cover?” Augie Burns asked.

Trent stood up and paced. “Knowing what they’re capable of, what my own operative has been through, I doubt it.”

“I tend to agree with Agent Richards,” Styler said. “I’ve witnessed very harsh treatment of the women inside the fence. I can’t see the doctor holding up very well.”

Trent sat back down and leaned forward, looking at the group. “But still, the trucks were allowed in and there’s no increase in security. Maybe they haven’t questioned her yet.”

Trent heard a squawk and looked over to the far end of the tent where Barry Thompson was monitoring the radio.

Barry stood up and announced that three car loads of men had just arrived at the compound.

“Ask if they’re muscle or buyers.”

A second later he relied, “No weapons observed, standard arrival sweeps. They look like buyers.”

“Radio Red Two that it’s a go at,” Trent looked at his watch, “1030 hours.”

“Gentlemen, it’s time.” Turning to Alderson, he shook his hand and said “Good Luck, Larry.” The captain was out the door and headed back to the upper ranch.

Trent’s heartbeat quickened at the thought of being re-united with Ashley. He had missed her so much the past few weeks. He prayed everything went as planned and went to check with Gary and Professor Simmons.


Seville came back into the room and observed Ashley sitting atop her Sybian, a smile on her face, eyes closed.

“Have you cum yet, slave?”

Ashley jumped, startled out her fantasies by the Mistress’ voice. She shook head, no.

Through her gag she said, “Whip me mistress. That will help.”

Seville smiled and caressed Ashley’s breasts and stomach. “I can do that. But this is a very low setting. I just wanted to see what it would take for you to climax. Not high enough for you, I see.” Then turning to Marianne she said, “And how about this slave, has she cum yet?” She lifted Marianne’s chin and saw a look that told her everything she needed to know.

“When will they come, any idea?”

Marianne shook her head.

“The trucks came early this morning and a lot of men have just arrived. It should be soon. Don’t worry, I’ll be nearby.”

Seville began to unroll some twine and then bent in and sucked on Marianne’s nipples. The bound woman tried to back away but her arms wouldn’t allow it. The movement was felt instantly in her pussy and she quickly stopped moving.

“What are you doing? Please… please don’t.”

“Now Marianne, I’m a dominatrix, this is what I do. Do I need to gag you, too?”

“No mistress.”

Seville pinched and rolled Marianne’s nipples until they became aroused and then she tied little slip knots in the end of the twine and slipped the ends around the hardened nips. She pulled the loose ends down to a ring at the front of the Sybian’s saddle and tied them off. She tested the tautness of the twine and then adjusted the knot, making it a little bit tighter.

Marianne groaned and tried to adjust herself to relieve the pain the twine was causing her nipples but felt the vibrator touch her clit and quickly leaned back. That pulled even harder on her nipples and she cried out.

Seville went across to Ashley and quickly removed the spider gag.

“Thank you Mistress.” Ashley flexed her jaw a few times. “My master will be here soon. May I ask a question, mistress?”

“Yes,” Seville said as she tweaked Ashley’s nipples to hardness.

“Have you told anyone that my master is coming?”

“No, slave. It’s our little secret.”

The relief Ashley felt nearly brought her to tears.

“Thank you mistress. Thank you so much. I… I can’t thank you enough.”

Seville caressed Ashley’s face and looked into her eyes. “Your master will be okay, slave. Try not to worry.”

Now Ashley cried. Seville had read her so well. My master will be okay.

“There, there, slave. We’ll try to keep you distracted until he comes for you.”

“Thank you mistress. Will you cane me? Please mistress? You are very good with the cane.”

“Did you enjoy our little talk the other day?” Seville was pulling the cords tight and noticed Ashley leaning forward so that they could be tied tightly, forcing her forward over the vibrating nubs while straining her arms behind her.

“Yes mistress. I did enjoy it.”

“I thought so. And may I add that you had me completely fooled! You were superb.”

“Thank you Mis… Eeyyiiie! Oh God!”

Seville had reached down and hit a button and the tone of Sybian got much louder and lower in tone. The vibrations attacking Ashley’s crotch were incredible. Then it was silent.

“NO! Oh god, oh please Mistress! That felt wonderful!” Ashley gasped; her breathing quick and shallow.

Seville reached over to Marianne’s control box and turned her machine up three notches. She looked up into Marianne’s eyes and saw fear. She then turned Ashley’s machine up to match the doctor’s.

Both women struggled on top of their personal vibrators. Marianne to avoid it and Ashley to press herself against it. Seville stood and retrieved her cane from the table and walked over to Marianne. She lifted her hand and began to tap the tops of Marianne’s breasts.

The bound psychiatrist cried out and begged her to stop. A few of the strokes caught her stretched breasts hard and the tortured woman cried out even louder. Seville moved the cane to tap the tender sides of Marianne’s breasts. She twisted away and leaned forward, only to feel the full impact of the Sybian’s powerful vibrations on her clitoris.

“Ahhhrrrgggg! Oh fuck!” Marianne cried out as she came again hard. “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” She gasped as Seville stroked the top of her ass with the cane. The sensations were so intense! The pleasure of the vibrator and the agony of the cane against her flesh.

Seville walked over to Ashley and saw a look of pure lust in her eyes. Ashley’s eyes were closing as she anticipated the feel of the cane against her flesh. Marianne watched through half open eyes as she came down from her own orgasm.

“Do you want to feel my cane, slave?”

“Yes mistress, if that would please you,” Ashley whispered.

“Would it please you?”

“My pleasure is yours to give, mistress.”

“So it is, so it is.”

She dropped the cane and it fell noisily to the floor. Ashley opened her eyes and saw the cane on the floor. Her pleading eyes looked at Seville. A look of hunger stared out at the dominatrix.

Seville looked over at Marianne and winked. Turning back to Ashley, the Dominatrix said, “Jessica!” in a very harsh manner.

Startled, Ashley looked at her mistress.

“Your master’s brand! It’s pressed against the vibrator. Do you feel it slave?”

Surprise, realization, desperation, lust, all flashed across Ashley’s face in an instant.

“IIIIEEEYYYEE!” Ashley cried out as a flood of emotions surged through her body; all seeming to emanate from her branded thigh. An orgasm ripped through her as though ten orgasms had been waiting to explode inside of her. Seville reached up and stabilized Ashley’s body so that she wouldn’t harm herself or her tied nipples.

“Aaaarrghhhh, IIIEEYYY!” Another massive orgasm shook the woman. A stream of juices burst from Ashley’s pussy as she squirted.

Suddenly, the women all heard commotion in the hallway outside the room. There were some shouting and then a few shots were heard.

Seville leaned in and whispered, “Your master comes for you Jessica.”

Jessie nodded her head and had another orgasm.


The assault went like clockwork at both ranches. At the Mafia ranch, the guesthouses were quickly surrounded. The six man team that guarded the houses was stunned to see a stream of naked women run from the barn and hide behind the houses. The women wore silver collars and cuffs on their wrists and ankles.

Several team members guarded the trucks while others swept into the barn, tying down barn hands and workers as they came across them. Lt. Gore’s team swept into the ranch house and encountered stiff resistance. A gun battle ensued on that front.

FBI assault team #2 swept into the large building between the barn and the ranch house and encountered an even stronger armed resistance.

Vito Gambini swore and ducked into the main command center for the compound.

“Blow the fucking collars!” he screamed at the technician sitting at the large console. “Blow them bitches!”

The man looked at Gambini, gun in hand, and flipped a switch on the panel. He looked at an oscilloscope, reached up, and flipped the switch back and forth several times.

“Nothing sir! They’re still active!”

“What?” He pushed the man out of the way and flipped the switch himself. “Fuck! Blow the upper ranch, all of it!”

“But… but our people…”

Gambini pointed the gun at the man’s head and said, “Blow the training ranch now.”

The man brought up his monitor and began typing commands. Off in the distance, several loud booms could be heard.


Back at the command tent in the forest Theo Shaw’s face went white. “Oh God, Trent. The barn and the ranch house at the training ranch were just demolished.”

Trent ran to the monitor that showed a live aerial view from an FBI drone positioned a mile overhead. Nothing remained of the structures; several people were lying on the ground nearby. Trent felt like puking but kept it down. Larry! My guys!

Then to his relief, Trent saw a line of men creeping slowly forward from the parking lot. Larry’s group had further to traverse before entering the compound from that end. The extra time had saved their lives. That was way too close! But the women! The staff! Jessica will be devastated!

“I’m heading over to the compound, keep me apprised of any developments.” He patted Theo on the shoulder.

“Sure thing boss.”

“Come on Mark, let’s get over there.”

Trent and Styler ran out of the tent and through the forest towards the compound.


Vito ran from the command center, ducking a hail of bullets that came from the other end of the hallway. He ran into the room that the three women were in, gun leveled at Ashley.

“You! God-damn you! You fucking whore!”

Seville, shaken from the dramatic entrance of the mob boss reached over and took her long whip from its place on the rack and quickly looped it around Vito’s neck from behind and pulled it tight.

The gun clattered to the floor as he reached up with both hands to grab at the leather around his neck. He jabbed his elbow back, catching Seville in the side and making her cry out. She held the whip tightly and tried to bring the bull of a man down. It wasn’t easy!

She leaned back and the two fell to the floor. Hands groped for the weapon and Vito almost had it but Seville began to bash his head against the floor. She reached out and grabbed the gun and cocked it, holding it firmly against the mobsters head.

“Kill him!” Marianne moaned, seeing Seville with the barrel of the weapon pressed against her father’s killer’s temple. “Kill the son-of-a-bitch!”.

“NO!” Ashley yelled. “Mistress! Don’t do it! I’m begging you!” Ashley took a deep breath, her orgasms still rolling through her. “My master will be here soon. Don’t shoot him.”

There was a lot of noise in the hall way and then three men dressed in fatigue uniforms with ATF written on the backs, entered the room.

One of the men secured Gambini while another zip cuffed Seville and lay her face down on the floor.

Seville lifted her head and said, “Kill the machines. The controllers, black buttons.”

The third man hit the switches and the Sybian’s ground to a stop.

“Holy fuck!” The men looked at Ashley and Marianne and shook their heads.

They moved towards Ashley and she said, “Her first, please, get her off of that thing.”

The men looked at her and then recognized her from the photos, it was Agent Bennet. Everything they had heard about the famous operative swept through their minds as they took in her naked body. The bruising on her face had not gone down that much, her lips still split from her days in the sun. Her flesh was still a dark red and covered with lash marks. Still, they obeyed her command and turned to free the second woman they recognized as Dr. Dresser.

The gunfire outside had died down and five minutes later Trent rushed into the room.

Ashley was sitting on the floor next to Seville, stroking her back. She looked up and saw Trent and cried out, “Master!” with her hands held up to him.

“Darling!” Trent scooped her up and held her close. “Are you okay? Oh god I was so worried about you.” He kissed her on the lips and then withdrew slightly when he felt her wince in pain. Ashley grabbed his head and forced his lips against hers again even harder, kissing him passionately. “Thank you for coming Master. Have you found Nicky? Is she okay?”

“Nicky’s fine. We have all of the women…” He turned to see Marianne sitting on the floor, knees up to her chest, shivering.

“Get one of those robes in here,” he called out to one of the ATF agents. “They’ll have a bunch of them in the barn for the other women.”

“Yes sir.” The Agent turned to go and then looked at Ashley, “Shouldn’t I get two?”

“Just one, thanks.”

The Agent looked a little perplexed but took off out of the room.

Trent and Ashley went to their knees next to Marianne, comforting the distressed woman.

“It’s okay now Marianne,” Trent said as he wrapped his arm around her. “Everything will be okay now. We’ll get you a robe and you’ll be nice and warm and safe.”

Marianne began to sob. “I’m sorry I left the warehouse, Trent.”

“Shhhh, everything’s okay, you’ll be okay.”

“Not me!” Despair in her voice. “I let down the team! What will they think of me?”

“We’ve all made mistakes, Mistress,” Ashley said as she smoothed down her friend’s hair. “I’m so proud of you for how well you held up! You were awesome!”

Trent’s radio squawked. “Agent Richards, we need you at the guest houses.”

“On our way,” he replied into his radio.

Trent and Ashley helped the doctor to her feet and they ran out of the room. Along the way they came across the ATF man returning with the robe. The traumatized woman wrapped herself in the warm cloth while she observed Ashley running naked behind Trent without a care in the world.

When they got to the guesthouses they saw all of the pony-girls huddled behind one of the houses, in perfect kneeling positions. Trent observed some of the men he had assigned to the houses standing with their weapons trained outward, still holding the perimeter. One of the men motioned for Trent.

“All of the people who were inside the houses have been moved back there where it’s safe,” the man pointed to an area back towards the fencing where several armed ATF agents guarded a small group of people, “but these women,” he motioned towards the pony-girls, “they won’t budge and they won’t put on the robes we brought for them.”

One of the women looked up to see Ashley. “Hogoshu!” she cried out.

All of the women looked up and saw Ashley and the man next to her.

“Master!” one of the women called out. “We submit to you!”

All of the women bent over into the submission posture, hands outstretched before them.

“Call for the busses,” Trent said. “When they get here move the families into one of them. I’ll move these women into the other.”

“Then we’ll go get the others up the hill?” Ashley asked.

Trent looked at Ashley and his heart broke. Shaking his head he held her and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. “Ashley, there were explosions up there. I’m… I’m afraid no one made it. I’m so sorry.”

Expecting to see his slave devastated, he was surprised to see her looking at him and then she caressed his cheek.

“Master, I’m sure they’re okay. Who do we have up there?”

“Captain Alderson has a team there.”

“Can you call him and tell him my sisters and the staff are in a tunnel between the barn and the house? I know there’s an entrance at the far west end of the barn. Have them concentrate their efforts there first.”

“Oh god Ashley!” Trent hugged his slave. “I love you so much!” Trent unclipped his radio and relayed the information to Alderson. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out Ashley’s leather collar, with all of the new leather strips attached, and held it up. Ashley knelt before her master to allow him to place his collar around her neck where it belonged.

Suddenly all of the women knelt and placed their heads against the ground, arms outstretched before them. Trent looked over and saw Lt. Gore walking towards them with Nicky by his side. He smiled as she walked up and sank to her knees before him and assumed the submission position.

“I submit to you, Master,” she said humbly.

Trent reached down and caressed her naked back and then pulled her brunette hair aside so that he could squeeze the device under her silver collar and press the unlocking button. With a click, the collar separated and Trent tossed it to the ground.

“I free you, slave.”

“Thank you Master, but as a free woman I wish to serve you.”

“Stay with me now then, and I’ll decide later.”

“Thank you master.”

She rose and was instantly embraced by Ashley.


It took an hour to completely secure the ranch and begin to transport the arrested people out. Team members arrived with the device that unlocked the silver collars but the pony-girls would not allow them to touch their collars.

Finally one of the men that were guarding the area pointed Trent out to them and told them to give the device to him. Trent turned and instructed the pony-girls to obey the agents and each girl knelt and then submitted in the correct posture. The agents in the area noticed how the women reacted to Trent’s commands and also how firm Trent was with the women.

Their first instincts would have been to coddle the women and treat them as abuse victims while Trent seemed to do exactly the opposite. Their amazement grew when the women repeatedly called the Agent, Master, and hurried to obey any command he issued.

More amazing was Agent Bennet, who helped Trent with each of the women as they came to them. The naked brunette woman, although obviously badly beaten and abused herself, helped comfort each woman as Trent maneuvered the devise over their tight collars and unlocked them.

With each woman, Trent would remove their collar and then say in a strict voice, “I free you, slave.” When the collars were all off, including Ashley’s and Marianne’s, Trent instructed the women to stand and allow the response personnel to put them on the bus.

Trent got the women moving towards the bus again and Ashley, Nicky, Marianne and he got on behind them. The bus took them up to what was left of the training ranch. The bus with the families was right behind them.

On the way they were alerted by Captain Alderson that survivors were found in the tunnel, just as Ashley had said. When the buses entered the training yard, a large group of people were seen to be standing under the big tree near where the ranch house used to be. Members of Alderson’s team guarded six staff members and fourteen still naked pony-girls. Darios, Olivia, and three ranch hands sat with their hands cuffed behind them, leaning against the tree.

When the bus stopped, Ashley was the first off, followed by Nicky. They ran to the other women and hugged them all.

Ashley felt two strong arms come around her and then felt her feet leave the ground. She looked over her shoulder to see Danielle’s smiling face and she put her head back on the brunette’s shoulder. She felt someone press against her and looked to see Felicity giving her a hug.

“Welcome back, Jessie!” They all giggled and hugged and hugged. They put Ashley down and the women watched as the families came off of the second bus and ran to their loved ones. There was no shortage of tears that afternoon.

The End of Part II

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