Ashley Bennet – Slave
Part 9

by mrhungry

This is Part II of the Ashley Bennet series. In Part One, the readers were introduced to Ashley, a beautiful blonde administrative assistant to a fairly high placed Special Agent in charge of the FBI’s Organized Crime Task Force office in Philadelphia. Ashley had fallen victim to a con which preyed upon her desire to become an FBI field agent. The owners of a local strip club had conned her into believing she was being recruited to work undercover in the club to investigate a prostitution ring. In reality, her actions at the club were being recorded for use in blackmailing her into providing them with information. It turned out that one of the club owners was a front man for the powerful New York crime boss, Vito Gambini. While still believing her assignment was genuine, Ashley uncovered evidence of widespread blackmail within the FBI and in the local government. One of the men in the OCTF, Trent Richards, had begun to investigate Ashley when she suddenly went missing. The club owners had kidnapped Ashley and were planning on selling her to overseas slavers. In the end, Agent Richards saved Ashley and she became somewhat of a legend in the upper echelons of the Bureau.

**Beginning in Ashley Bennet – Slave, Ashley will at times be thinking as Jessica, her alter-ego. For the readers' convenience the author will enclose [Jessica’s thoughts in brackets].**

The author apologizes in advance for the French accent of one of the characters in this story, as well as the Japanese words (which are probably incorrect) used by another of the characters. Too, the author means no disrespect to Italians in the depictions of the Mafia characters in this story. This is fiction, and is not based on any real life experience.


Marianne was startled by the ringing of the phone on the desktop next to the bed. She reached over and answered it.

“Mrs. Brent, it’s Gavino Petrocelli.”

“Excuse me?”

“Um, you know, Meatball.”

“Oh Mr. Meatball. Is everything all right? I haven’t seen the whore around town.”

“She’s been taken care of Mrs. Brent, ma’am.”

“Not dead though, right? I couldn’t live with that.”

“No ma’am. But I gots the clearance to bring you over to the ranch if you’d like to see her.”

Marianne was silent. Trent had prepped her thoroughly on this particular conversation many times. She was not to appear to be too anxious.

“Oh, Mr….”

“Petrocelli, but just call me Gavin, ma’am.”

“Gavin, I don’t know if I should go there. What would I say to her?”

“She was stealin’ your man, wasn’t she?”

“Yes, but…”

“You don’t have to talk to her ma’am. Just see that she’s getting what’s coming to her.”

“Really? I don’t have to say anything?”

“No. I just want you to see that she’s taken care of and you don’t have to worry about her messin’ with your man any more.”

“When do you want me to go?”

“I’ll pick you up at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon.”

“Okay… I guess that will be okay, thanks.”

The connection was broken and Marianne ran for the bathroom and threw up her supper. She had never been so nervous in her life.


Jessica woke up and it was dark in the barn. She could hear the gentle snoring of her sisters around her. Her left leg was severely cramped! The pain was intense. How many hours had she stood on the stupid heels? Even now they were still on her feet. She tried to get up but the chain was too short. She turned around and pressed her foot against the solid wall at the back of her stall. She pushed so hard that a little chunk of wood split off the corner of one of the boards. Then the other leg began to cramp. She grit her teeth and suppressed a scream. Now she knew what Olivia had meant about the cramps. She knew what torment the heels would bring to her.

The pain was intense and she couldn’t help but to whimper. Another cramp settled into her upper thigh and she rolled over, still pressing her feet against the wall.

Jessica heard a noise behind her and she saw her stall gate swing open. In the semi-darkness she saw a young man in a jean bib-overall enter the stall. He approached Jessica and whispered, “Big John asked me to keep an eye on you, missy. Thought you might need some help with the cramps tonight.”

He went down on one knee and said, “Swing yourself around here and let me have your leg.”

Jessica moved around so that her legs were facing out towards the kid. He took her bare leg and placed it on his lap and began to massage it.

It wasn’t a tender massage, though, it was rough. Jessica was about to complain when she realized that the cramp in her calf was gone. He worked the entire leg and then switched to her other leg. It took ten minutes but he was able to relieve her cramps completely.

“What was that worth to you, pony?”

“What would you like sir?” Jessie knew exactly what the guy was hinting at.

“I would like to feel your lips on my cock.”

“I would like that too sir.”

The kid couldn’t believe this babe was actually going to do it without any problems. Usually he had to whip these bitches to get anything out of them, and this one was a new girl, too.

Jessica got on her knees while the kid unbuckled his overall and pulled it down. His keys fell noisily to the floor and he swore quietly as he stuffed them back into his pocket. Then he pulled his underwear down to expose his erection.

Jessica leaned forward awkwardly. Her wrists were still clipped to the sides of her collar, so it made the entire process of leaning over very uncomfortable. The kid’s cock was not very large, but it was really hard and pre-cum had already leaked out of the tip. Jessica’s lips suckled the moisture off and she made a low humming noise as her lips touched the side of his cock. Her tongue flitted over his erection and she felt the first spasm. She quickly engulfed his cock with her mouth, taking him all of the way up to his belly.

“Shit!” the kid exclaimed as his sperm shot out into Jessica’s mouth. He was shocked that he had cum so quickly but that sensation on the side of his cock was totally unexpected.

Jessica sucked and sucked until there were no more spasms and then she leaned back and rested on her knees, licking the cum off of her lips.

“Thank you, young master. That was fantastic. Would you come and see me again soon?”

The kid was flustered, not only because he had cum so quickly but now this total fox was asking him to come back.

“Um… if I can, I will.” He adjusted his overalls. “Are you okay now? Your legs and all?”

“Yes I’m fine. Thank you, sir.”

The kid backed out of the stall, carefully latching the gate as he left.


The following day started out with a trip to the end stall with Master John for a cold shower. He washed her scalp, rinsed her down, and then toweled her off. He took special care to have her wrists secured and her collar tied off at all times to prevent her from making any dashes for freedom.

“You have to understand pony, you cannot leave here alive on your own.”

Knowing her collar was not activated Jessica said, “I can’t? What if I escape? You know I’m going to try.”

John laughed. “Others have tried, but no one has succeeded. I can tell you this because you will not be escaping, but also,” he looked around to see who was nearby, “I think you’re probably the prettiest pony we have here other than Danielle and Felicity. I really wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.”

“Like what, sir?” Jessica turned to make it easier for John to dry her slender leg.

Again, John stood for a second to look around, and then said in a softer voice, “If you go beyond the fence your collar will lose its theta-wave signal and will start a timer that will kill you within ten minutes. I’ve never liked the system because you could be killed if there’s a power outage at the transmitter location. The ten minute delay factor was set so they can start back-up generators, but still… well, hopefully you’ll be sold off before that ever happens.”

“Sold off?” Jessica whispered with a tremor in her voice. “I’m going to be sold?”

“Of course,” John looked at the nervous brunette, her eyes wide with fear. “You didn’t think you’d live here forever, did you?” The barn boss chuckled as he led her to a drier section of floor and dried her foot with the towel.

John looked behind him. “I shouldn’t be talking to you about this at all, but I want you to understand your situation. Please don’t try anything. It will not end well for you.” He started to dry her other leg, starting at the top near her crotch. Jessica stepped to the side, offering her pussy to him. He ignored that and went on to dry her leg.

“The locking mechanisms in your collar and cuffs are inside the cuffs themselves. As you can see there are no keyholes. Everything is internal. It’s possible to cut them off I suppose, but I’m not sure how with the way they are so tight against your flesh. No, you need to have the electronic device that operates the mechanism.”

“Where is that kept?”

Again, John laughed, “You’re a piece of work, aren’t you pony? I’ll tell you only because it helps me demonstrate how useless your train of thought is. The electronic key is not kept on site. In fact, I don’t know where it is; only that it takes about an hour and a half for it to be delivered once it’s called for. So it’s not nearby.”

Jessica thought about that for awhile and then said, “Thank you, Master John, for being honest with me. I understand what you’re saying to me.”

She forced herself to think about the night that Ketami had kidnapped her from The Knot and how she saw her master on the floor of the club. She thought that he had been killed. This instantly brought tears to her eyes and she allowed herself to start sobbing. What if my master had been killed that night? What would I do without him?

Tears streamed down Jessica’s cheeks as she wept. John mistakenly thought Jessica was sobbing because she now understood that she could not escape. He stood and un-clipped her chain from the wall hook and held her naked body against his.

“Jessie, shhh, I know. It’s a lot to take in. You have to accept what has happened to you. You can’t escape while you’re here but maybe later…” his voice trailed off.

Jessica buried her head in his broad shoulder and moved slightly so that her breast pressed against his chest.

“You need to do your best at being trained so that you can leave this place.” He whispered into her ear. “Then maybe you’ll have a chance at getting away, understand what I’m saying?”

“I understand sir.” Jessica straightened up and allowed John to wipe the tears from her cheeks. “How long will it take to be trained, master?”

John pulled the harness down from its peg and slipped the straps over the top of Jessica’s head, fluffing out her short mane as he did. The chinstrap went under her chin and then the longer strap went around the back of her head. He held up the bit, which was larger in diameter than the one she had worn the previous day, and Jessica obediently opened her mouth to accept it.

“It’ll take a couple of weeks at least for you to gain the strength needed to pull a heavy cart. In the meanwhile you must do your best to learn all of the commands and to be obedient. You’re doing very well for it being only your second day.” He gave her a wink and despite the painful bit, Jessica smiled back.

“Let’s get you lotioned up so I can take you on a little walk. What do you say?”

Jessica nodded.


Jessica looked at him and then remembered, stomping her right foot once on the floor.

John smiled and unclipped her wrists from her collar and re-clipped them behind her back. Then he reached up for the sunscreen tub and Jessica felt her fire ignite.

She didn’t know if John’s gentle treatment of her was his way of getting her to cooperate or if he really was a gentle man. If so, why would he be doing this job? How could a nice man be involved in something so criminal and so degrading to women?

If he was trying to make her like him, he had succeeded. She did like him. Did this make her want to please him and to obey him? Yes, she supposed it did. Had he recognized how submissive she was and had he used this to manipulate her emotions? Maybe.

Jessica could tell that Master John was very good at what he did. He was truly a master at controlling women.

As expected, the man’s hands on her naked flesh were extremely arousing. Could he tell? Probably. He was a man who could tell something like that by sensing her respirations and any slight body movement that would indicate her growing desire.

After her flesh was protected, John led her out into the yard. Jessica could see Master Darios with a young brunette in the circular training corral. The woman was not doing well and the tall Italian master was spanking her with his open hand, pointing with his other hand. The woman was having trouble walking on the ridiculous heels and had stumbled twice since Jessie had begun to watch her.

Movements in front of her made her turn and look as two carts sped past going quite fast. It appeared to be a race and the two drop-dead gorgeous women Jessie had seen the previous evening were each pulling a separate two-person cart.

“Oh, there go Danielle and Felicity. God, just look at them, they’re sensational.”

Jessica had to agree. The women were like Amazons or something. The one had long red hair, her mane freely flowing under her bridle, while the other had a long brunette mane, tied tightly in a ponytail. Their legs muscles glistened with sweat as they ran in high heels that Jessica noted had no heels.

The rider of the brunette’s cart lifted her whip and flicked her wrist, sending the end of the whip towards the brunette’s straining naked body. The snap could be heard and the woman lurched forward without a sound escaping from her mouth. Drool slobbered out of the corner of her mouth as she pressed on, followed closely by the redhead, who had just received a lash across her ass, too. The carts disappeared around the far end of the barn.


Jessica stepped forward on her heels, moving straight ahead.

“I’m going to walk behind you pony, with the reins in my hand. When I tug on the right rein you’ll go to the right and of course, when I tug on the left rein you’ll go left. It’s pretty easy, but after awhile you’ll be able to respond with very slight tugs that will hardly be noticeable, so you have to pay attention at all times. Now let’s try a left turn. After we’ve turned as far as I want you to, both reins will have equal tension.”

Jessica felt a slight tug on the left end of her bit. It pulled it back into the corner of her mouth a little bit. She turned and walked to her left until she felt an equal tension on her bit and then she walked straight. She was heading right for a large bush and she felt the pressure increase on the left side of her bit again. She turned to the left until she felt the tension increase on the right side. She turned right until the pressure evened out and then she went straight forward.


Jessica stopped and John came up next to her and stroked her shoulder.

“Very well done Jessica,” the man beamed. Jessica looked at him with wide eyes, wondering what she was going to be taught next.

I’m learning to be a pony-girl! This is so exciting! Jessica’s cheeks blushed as she could smell the distinct odor of her arousal.

“We’ll run through some gait commands while Master Darios finishes up with Terri. We’ll do trot, canter, and gallop. Each one is faster than the last. So, walk!”

Jessica stepped out and walked, feeling a steady pressure on both reins.


Jessica took off at a run and felt a backward pressure at her reins, pulling her head back.

“Easy. Not so fast. Trot is just like a fast walk. When I say easy, that means to slow down. Now let’s try it again. Trot.”

Jessica walked faster, feeling a pull on her right rein and directing herself slightly to the right. The pull increased and she turned more to the right.

“Good girl.”

She walked at a brisk pace along a hard packed dirt trail. As they approached a cross trail she was told to walk and then felt a pressure indicating a right turn. Once on the new trail John told her to canter, which would be like a very easy run. Jessica nearly lost her balance as she began to run in the 6” heels, but she regained her balance and ran along with John holding the reins right behind her.

“Now we’ll turn to the left and you’ll gallop over to that fencing to the left of Master Darios. This will be a run as fast as you can go without tripping yourself up.” Jessica felt a pull on the left side of the bit and then she heard John call out “Gallop”

Jessica picked up her speed and ran as fast as she could towards the white fenced corral. Master Darios was standing against the rail of the training corral watching her approach.


Jessica came to a stop, her chest heaving from the exertion. Sweat rolled down her chest and back.

Jessie stood and looked out over the large open corral.

“This is the show corral, and we also use it for daily exercises. Every so often there will be an assembly of people from another part of the ranch who will come here to see all of the trained pony-girls. They might want some of them for their own use. Or they might reject some of them. I’m afraid the rejected ones are sent somewhere, but I’m not sure where. I heard it was South America once, and another time I heard it was someplace in Africa.” John held Jessie’s reins and brushed her brunette mane, correcting the manner in which it stood up around the top of the harness. “Please take your training very seriously, pony. You do not want to be rejected.”

“Very nice, Capo!” Darios came walking over and held a water bottle up to squirt water into Jessica’s open mouth. “And only her second day, very nicely done. You should be a trainer.”

“I’m very happy with what I’m doing now dominare,” John replied. “What would you like me to do with Terri?” John looked over at the exhausted woman in the training corral.

“Do what you were doing with this pony. It’s good practice for her.”

Darios took Jessica’s reins and led her over to the practice corral. Jessica remembered what she had been through the previous evening and was not looking forward to repeating it. But then, she was not really being given a choice in the matter.

“Today we will use the blinders no? You are so easily distracted.”

Darios reached forward and snapped a large stiff leather patch to the right side of Jessica’s harness so that she could really only see what was right in front of her. She twisted her head to avoid the second one being put on but the master held the reins tightly with one hand as he pressed the snap together with his other hand.

“Good. Walk.” Jessica moved closer to the machine and was guided around to where the long metal arm had stopped. “Whoa.”

Darios fixed the chain from the arm to the center ring in her bondage.

“How are your piercings doing? Let me take a peek. Wouldn’t want anything to go wrong here would we?” The handsome man pulled up slightly on Jessica’s nipples rings while he inspected the holes and the rings. He rotated the rings slightly to make sure they were moving freely within the holes. This caused Jessie to jump slightly. He knelt down to look at her crotch and Jessie backed up awkwardly, trying to avoid his touch.

“Whoa girl, steady now.” He held the chain attached to the ring between her breasts.

Jessica lifted her leg trying to block his advance toward her crotch.

“Stand!” Darios said firmly. “Don’t make me hurt you, pony.”

Jessica settled down and stood still while he inspected her labia. She felt his fingers probing her slit and knew his fingers would be feeling her earlier arousal. She felt a very uncomfortable tugging at her clit and cried out.

“You’re quite wet pony. Has the boss excited you this morning?”

Darios waited for her response, and then slapped her ass hard when none came.

“An answer is required, slave. Has my Capo aroused you this morning?”

Jessica stomped her foot once.

“I will not be so nice to you. You were very distracted last night. You will behave much better today, no?”

Jessica stomped her foot once.

“Good.” Darios stepped over to the control panel and entered some numbers. Then he dug into his pocket and took out a remote control, lifted Jessica’s chin to look at her collar, and then pressed the keypad of the remote. Jessica looked down to see the number 56 lit up. Then he took the wooden prancing panel and placed it in its slot so that it stuck out in front of Jessica.

“Walk. Remember to push against the board with each step.”

Jessica stepped out, beginning her torturous journey around the stupid machine. She lifted her leg with each step to push against the board. The noonday sun beat down on her naked flesh and she soon felt sweat dripping down her body.

“I have a half hour timer on the trainer. If you go too slow you will be punished. I have some business to attend to; if I’m not back when the trainer shuts down you are to continue walking. Understand?”

Jessica stomped her right foot.

Darios turned and walked off towards the ranch house that Jessica had seen on the hill.

Jessica had to turn her head to see anything to her side because of the blinders. It made her feel a little claustrophobic so she just looked straight ahead and concentrated on stepping correctly and keeping her body positioned properly. Her knees came up to strike the board with each step. It was very exhausting, but she took deep breaths and continued at the same pace.

Jessica had walked around the circle a dozen times when she saw Darios and his stable boss, John, on the hill between the ranch house and the barn. Darios was standing very tall, his muscular arms behind his back. John was saying something to him but Darios was simply shaking his head. Then Darios was pointing a finger towards John to make a point of what he was saying and John bowed slightly and turned on his heels and headed towards the barn. Jessica wished they had been closer so that she could’ve heard what they’d been talking about.

After what seemed like an hour, but was only really 20 minutes, she saw two people walking towards her from the direction of the barn. One was a very large man and the other was a woman.

On the next rotation Jessica recognized the large man from the restaurant, Meatball. What a ridiculous nickname! Oh my God! Dr. Dresser! Jessica’s knee didn’t hit the board and her body jerked with the sudden jolt of electricity to her sensitive parts. She cried out and was given an additional jolt to her neck.

Straightening up, Jessica bit down on the rubber coated bit in her mouth and straightened her posture. Her heart raced as she strained to catch another glimpse of her friend.

What is she doing here? It’s too soon. I haven’t found out anything yet!

The next time Jessica rounded the machine she saw the Italian man, Meatball, standing at the rail with her psychiatrist. Marianne was standing against the rail watching her, when suddenly her eyes went wide and her mouth fell open as she realized it was Jessie she was looking at! She hadn’t recognized her at first! On her next revolution, Jessica looked at her friend and feared she was going to pass out.

Gavino must have thought the same thing because Jessica heard him say, “Marianne, are you okay? Is it the heat? What’s wrong?”

“I…I… wasn’t, um, prepared to see… oh my, what have they done to her? Poor thing.”

“Poor thing? This is the bitch that was trying to steal your husband! Don’t take pity on her now Marianne.”

Jessica whipped her head around like she would if she really was Richard’s mistress and didn’t know he was married. She missed a step and received a shock to her nose, nipples, and clit. She screamed and received a jolt to her neck causing her to buck and miss the next step. Another punishing shock was sent through the wire attached to her chains.

“Oh my god! What’s happening to her?”

“My dear woman,” a male voice from behind her caused Marianne to turn away from Jessica.

“Oh, um, Master Darios may I present Mrs. Brent?” Gavin said.

The Italian man clicked his heels together and bent at the waist to kiss Marianne’s hand.

“You are every bit as lovely as Mr. Petrocelli described you. No wonder he’s smitten with you. I am Darios Gorvetti, the master trainer at this facility. I’m so pleased to meet you.”

Marianne turned back towards Jessica, observing her walking around the odd machine in the middle of the corral.

“Those chains, are they, um…”

“Attached? Yes indeed,” Darios said. “The young adulteress was fitted yesterday with fine jewelry to enhance her training experience. The septum and nipple piercing is quiet obvious, and her clitoris and labia were pierced as well. They are all still quite sensitive I can assure you.”

“Her clit?” Oh no! Ashley! How horrible!

“Yes ma’am. It doesn’t take much energy to persuade a pony to respond when you have her clit on a short leash. And here, in the training pen, she can be disciplined via electrical shocks when she doesn’t perform up to expectations.”

Marianne’s expression turned to one of disbelief and almost horror. Jessica prayed she wouldn’t break down. Suddenly the idea of what might happen if the doctor freaked out came crashing in on her. The entire mission could be blown right here! And they might both be in danger of being blown. Maybe Trent should have been more forceful with his objections to Marianne’s role in the mission!

It felt odd, but suddenly Jessica felt like a seasoned agent! She quickly straightened her stance and lifted her legs properly so she wouldn’t receive any further punishments. She had to let her friend know that she was all right.

“Let me demonstrate.” Darios waited until Jessica was right in front of them and called, “Whoa. Stand.”

Panic screamed in Jessica’s mind. Stand? No, master please no!

“Stand!” Not a shout, but firmly stated with a crack of his whip to re-enforce the command.

Jessica stopped and the current instantly hit her nose, nipples, and clit. She arched her back and cried out, then bent over as much as she could, screaming through the bit sending waves of punishing current into her neck. The pain the tension caused her new piercings was intense!

“Walk!” Darios shouted over the noise of Jessica’s anguish.

“Oh my god, that’s horrible. I had no idea.” Marianne was clearly tortured by what Jessica was being put through.

“No, no, of course you wouldn’t my dear lady,” Darios said with affection. “Don’t concern yourself with our training methods. I can assure you that our young pony does not feel that too often. At any rate, the electrical charge is an extremely low amperage discharge and is not dangerous to the pony. It only feels horrible because of the sensitivity of the flesh where the little shock is delivered. If you were to get shocked on your arm, it would not even hurt. The pain she is experiencing is more likely due to her new piercings, not the electricity.”

They stood and watched Jessica for a moment and then he added, “She is in fact a very quick learner. Watch as I put her through her paces. For your sensitive feelings I will disable her shock collar.”

“Sh… sh… shock co… collar?”

“All of the pony-girls get collars, Marianne,” Gavin explained. “Inside is a device that detects movement of their vocal cords so that every time they speak or even grunt or groan, they will get a shock. Keeps the noise down, that’s for sure.”

Marianne watched as the trainer went into the corral and entered something on a keypad and then said “Whoa” to Jessica.

Jessica was standing right in front of her now, looking straight ahead. Because of the blinders Marianne couldn’t see her eyes. Maybe that was a good thing. The therapist wasn’t sure she wanted to make eye contact with Jessica right now. The poor woman! Pierced in all of those sensitive places! Her clitoris above all else!

She knew Jessie already had one piercing in her clit, the tiny implant. She looked at her friend standing perfectly erect, sweat glistening on her tender flesh, fresh whip marks on her back and rear end.

How erotic she looked with all of the chromed bands encircling her neck and limbs, delicate silver chains linking the ring centered between her perfect breasts to her nose, nipples, and clit. On her feet were the most insane heels she had ever seen! Laced up to mid calf, the boots looked absolutely punishing all by themselves. She looked her scalp to take in the sight of her closely cropped hair, the little tuft of a mane running down the center of her head. Unknowingly, they had further disguised the young under-cover woman.

“Okay, we will see two minutes of walk, and then trot, and then canter, and then gallop.”

Turning to Jessica, the master said, “I know we haven’t practiced canter and gallop, pony, but I think the boss had you do a little earlier. Do you remember it?”

Jessica stomped her foot one time.

“Good girl. Remember, canter is like a nice easy run, but gallop is much faster. I’ll run next to you to catch you if you fall, but the power will be on, understand?”

Jessica stomped once.

“Good girl, I’m so proud of you.” He reached over and pressed the control panel.

Jessica didn’t wait to be told, she just began walking. She felt a slight tug on the chain attached to her center ring and felt a shock hit her clit, nipples, and nose. She quickened her pace. It was a faster walk than she had been doing before. Darios had walked to the side rail near Gavin and Marianne and leaned against the rail.

Jessica caught herself gazing at the master at each revolution instead of the other two.

[He’s so handsome and such a good trainer. I wonder how he is between the sheets.]

Jessica felt herself grow wet and had to force herself to get her mind off of that. She had no intention of fucking the training master! Although she was sure he would be terrific. She imagined he was hung like a horse. [I wonder if I could fit his entire cock in my throat, or would it pierce my stomach?] Aachh! She was doing it again and just making herself hornier and wetter!

“Ready pony, trot.”

Jessica felt the tug and the shock and moved her feet a bit faster. It was too fast to be a quick walk like master John had shown her. She had to sort of shuffle her feet, almost at a run. This tripped her up a couple of times but she managed to get the rhythm of it down and didn’t receive any further discipline.

Now Jessica was trying to catch Marianne’s eye as she came around each time. She waited until both men were discussing something and then she looked straight at Marianne, winked, and smiled the best she could with the bit in her mouth. The next time around, her therapist had just made sure the men weren’t looking and she mouthed, “You okay?”

Jessica nodded quickly and then waited until the next time around to wink again. The next time around Jessica could see that Marianne was visibly relieved. Her stance was more relaxed and she stood with her arms resting on the rail watching the pony show.

This greatly relieved Jessica because she was terrified that the doctor would give them away. She seemed to have passed the first test.

Darios looked at his watch, then excused himself and walked into the ring.

“Be ready, pony. Okay, now canter. Move the feet, come on girl, you can do it.”

Jessica picked up her pace and was doing it but then stumbled, caught herself, got shocked, ran faster, leaned too far forward, almost lost her balance, righted herself, got shocked, and ran again, getting her footing finally.

“Good, you’ve got it Jessie. Keep it up.”

“Go pony go!” Gavin shouted from the rail.

“She’s doing it!” Marianne cheered from beside the Italian slaver. She hooked her hand through his arm and held on to him.

An unexpected surge of energy passed through Jessica from her crotch to her brain and back again. She heard the cheering and was suddenly proud of herself as well. This was not easy! But she was doing it! Second day out and she was at a canter. She thought of how she must look, especially to the doctor who had not seen her naked too many times.

In her own mind she pictured herself and knew she looked good. Really fucking good. She vowed to work on toning her body even more. She would be the best-looking ponygirl at the ranch.

But when she thought of those two women, what were their names… Felicity and Danielle? She knew she would never equal them. God they were so frikkin’ gorgeous! She didn’t have their stature and there was no way she could match that. She was too petite.

She caught a glimpse of something next to her and turned her head to see Darios running next to her. She had forgotten he said he would be there in case she fell. She stumbled and felt the current hit her sensitive areas and then thought she would fall and cried out.

She felt the master’s hands on her waist, holding her up and heard a gasp come from Marianne. But she was back on track and running on her own again.

“Don’t look to the side like that,” the master said. “It will throw you off balance and trip you up. Keep your focus in front of you at all times.”

They made two more laps and then Darios said, “Get ready for this now. It’s going to be fast.” Another half a lap and then Darios said, “Now! Gallop!”

Jessica ran as fast as she could but tripped and fell. The pain to her privates was instant and then she found herself in Darios’ arms being carried around the machine until they reached the panel where he reached over and hit a big red e-stop button. The machine stopped, as did the shocks that Jessica was receiving.

Jessie was still twitching a little as he set her back onto her feet and began to remove the wires from her center ring.

“What happened? I thought she was going to do it?” Marianne exclaimed excitedly.

Darios was busy unhooking Jessica from the machine and then walking her to the gate.

“It’s too fast for the circle. I rarely ever have a pony galloping in there because it’s too tight of a circle.” He closed the gate behind her and tied a rope to a ring on Jessie’s collar. Then he did something that shocked both Jessica and Marianne, he dipped his fingers between Jessica’s legs and held them up.

“You see how this has excited her. You’re quite aroused right now, are you not?”

Jessica’s face blushed a deep red.

“Answer me now slave. Have you become aroused?”

Jessica stomped once.

“That means yes,” Gavin whispered into Marianne’s ear.

Darios held the water bottle up to Jessica’s lips and she drank, water spilling out of the corners of her mouth and running down over her sweaty tits.

“Do you know who this free woman is, Jessica?” Darios asked, motioning towards Marianne.

Jessica looked at Marianne and stomped her foot two times.

Gavin leaned over and said, “That means no, when she stomps her hoof twice.”

“You’re sure you have never seen this woman before?”

Jessica stomped once.

“This is your lover’s wife, Marianne Brent. You have not known about her?”

Jessica both shook her head and stomped two times. Tears flowed from her eyes.

“You see, your lover has lied to you. He never intended to marry you. He is already married and he will not come looking for you. You are an embarrassing complication to him now. I am sorry to have to tell you these things, Jessica, but I fear they are so true.”

Jessica shook her head and stomped two times.

“We have agreed to take you in on the request of this fine lady. Otherwise you would be on the streets alone and in danger. I believe you must now lie on the ground and kiss her pretty boots to thank her for bringing you to us.” Darios untied the rope from the railing and held onto the loose end.

Jessica cried and turned away only to receive a terrible shock in her throat. She cried out and twisted away, then sank to her knees and flopped down on her side, groaning. The shocks stopped and she looked up to see a terrified look on Marianne’s face. She quickly rolled over onto her stomach and began to kiss Marianne’s dusty boot.

“Clean them up for her; can you not see how dusty they have become? Your lover’s wife, the true mate to your former master, yes, I see you are very thankful to her. She is welcome to come back in a few weeks and then you may have the privilege of showing her the grounds as you pull her buggy. Now do a good job, pony.”

Jessica thought she might have an orgasm as she licked Marianne Dresser’s boots. She was certain she didn’t have a foot fetish, but holy shit! Kissing and licking Marianne’s boots sent sensations to her pussy that she couldn’t even describe. Or maybe it was the after effects of the shocks and the fall to the ground and the brutal tugging of the connecting chains. There was always that to consider!

Regardless, Jessica was hot, and not just from the sun. She pushed with her knees to get closer so that she could lick the other boot clean. Her mouth was so dry that she began to have a hard time getting her tongue wet enough to lick anything off. It just dragged dryly across the fine leather surface.

“Stand,” Darios commanded.

Once Jessica had made it to her feet he tied her off at the railing and then turned with the others and walked away. Jessica turned and watched them as they didn’t even give her a second thought as they talked amongst themselves. Finally, Marianne turned and Jessica made a kissing motion with her mouth and then quickly turned away when Meatball turned around to look too.

Jessica stood, tied to the corral railing. She watched as Darios split off and headed towards the ranch house and then saw Marianne stop and talk to the large Italian, Meatball. Her therapist was asking him something and then they turned and went towards the barn. Jessica noticed that she had her hand on his arm the entire time. Five minutes later they emerged from the barn and continued walking towards the parking lot.

After about fifteen minutes, John came down from the ranch house and collected her. He took her back into the cool barn and hosed her down.

Again, Jessica made herself cry but John didn’t comfort her further. He was a little more brisk with her than he had been earlier in the day. Maybe he was still upset over whatever Darios had been reaming him about earlier. Whatever it was, she could sense a little different mood in the barn.

Minutes later, after her piercings had been sanitized, she was returned to her stall and released. Her ankle cuffs were linked by a short hobble chain and her wrists were linked behind her back, otherwise she was free to roam around her stall. John removed the bit from her mouth before slamming her stall door closed.

The first thing she did was to take a big drink of water out of her hanging bottle, and then eat some pellets. She was dead tired and just lay down next to her food and slept.


“Red One, Red Leader come in, over?”

“Red Leader, Red One, status, over?”

“Psycho is clear, over?”

“Roger that, out.”


Lt. Gore and Agent Phelps lay quietly in the woods overlooking the compound. The tree-covered hills provided excellent cover for surveillance. Chris scanned the vast valley that the ranch was nestled in and wondered what freak of nature carved it out of the rolling hills around it. Never having had the occasion to travel to up-state New York, he was surprised to find it so heavily forested, and so sparsely populated. As a Midwesterner, he only thought of New York City when thinking about New York.

Through his binoculars, Chris could see the high barbed wire fence surrounding the acreage. Atop the wire was spooled razor wire. It was an immense tract of land. Several building tops could be seen, one appeared to be a large barn, the other, sitting atop a small hill, was a house of some sort.

Further away, down towards the forest on the other end of the valley was another small barn and farmhouse, all enclosed in its own rectangle of barbed wire. That was quite far away and not too discernable from their vantage point. They had picked this spot so that they could watch the doctor come and go.

They had both breathed a huge sigh of relief when they saw her emerge from the compound. Even with the black sack over her head, they could see by her clothes that it was she. They could have switched clothes with someone else to fool any onlookers, but the odds of that were pretty frikkin’ low.

Chris wished the road out had been at a better vantage point to see into the compound itself. He was dying to see what was going on inside the compound, and specifically see if he could spot Jessica. Now he was itching to get back to base so he could be in on the debrief, but he had orders to remain in place for at least ten minutes before heading back to the Ram.


“Red Two, Red Leader come in, over?”

“Red Leader, Red Two, status, over?”

“Psycho is perched, over?”

“Roger that. Is Psycho alone?”

“Psycho is alone and losing lunch, over.”

“Red Leader out.”


Jamil looked at Barry and shook his head, frowning. Their headphones were plugged into the electronics that were monitoring the bugs in Marianne’s room. An image on the video screen in front of them showed an empty living room in the hotel room the shrink was renting.

A few minutes ago they had seen the door open and Marianne enter the apartment. The big Italian guy had tried to come in but she told him she was very tired and would call him. They had made plans to go out for dinner later. Once the door was closed the woman had dashed to the bathroom and thrown up.

It was a horrible sound, both because the poor woman was puking her guts out and because the reason for it was not yet known. Did it have to do with Jessie? Was their girl okay?

They put the equipment on record and headed out to the cars. They would trail Marianne to the rendezvous location to make sure that she wasn’t being followed.


“Stand,” John said as he nudged Jessica in the ribs.

Jessica moaned and rolled over, not wanting to wake up.

A sudden pain in her throat made her scream.


She scurried to her feet, cowering against the railing. Even without the bit in, Jessica was afraid to make a sound for fear that the collar would shock her. It was a pain she hoped she would never feel again.

John attached a tether to her collar and pulled her out into the center aisle. Jessica was shocked at the change in John’s demeanor towards her.

“Take her.”

Jessica looked up to see a rather muscular woman with purely Germanic facial features take the lead from John and say, “Walk.”

The still sleepy woman followed the German woman. She had to take short steps because the hobble chain had not been removed from her ankles. She was led down to the other end of the barn, through a connecting glass covered hallway, and into a brightly lit gym.

Jessica looked around to see all sorts of exercise equipment. She hadn’t seen this type of set up since leaving Mistress Sheana.

Stopping next to an inclined treadmill the woman tied off the tether to one of the railings and said, “I am Mistress Karla. I’ll be overseeing your exercise program.” She pressed some buttons on the treadmill control panel and the incline became steeper. Maneuvering Jessica around to the back of the treadmill, she led her up so that she was standing on the rubber base.

“You will start with a walk.” Karla pulled a stiff cable out of the panel. At the end of the cable was a round ball with a groove around it. The ball was pressed against the ring centered between Jessica’s breasts until it popped into place. The majority of the ball’s surface was pressed against Jessica’s chest. Jessica saw some lights flash on the control panel and could see that her vitals were being monitored.

Another wire was pulled out of the panel and clipped to her clit ring.

Oh fuck, of course. Hey! I need to exercise anyway… I’d do it without the pain.

Karla pressed a button and Jessica felt an uneasy feeling grow in her clit.

“Walk!” the woman urged. “You are to power it.” She leaned over and pointed at the digital readout as Jessica began to walk. “This number must not go below 85 beats per minute. That is your heart rate.”

This said, the woman turned and went to adjust the controls on a bench press that another woman was strapped to. Jessica tried to see who it was, but couldn’t see enough of her.

The pain in her clit subsided as she hit the required bpm’s. This gave her time to think about what she needed to do. It was only the second day, but she had to make progress quickly.

As appealing as this pony training was to her, she could not waste any time. She had to find Nicky and she had to find a way out. The collar situation was a major hurdle to cross. First, they were impossible to get off without that key thingy, and second, if the signal were interrupted they would all be killed.

Plus, she was always bound. She had to overcome that obstacle first, but she had already devised a plan to deal with that.

A growing pain in her clit made her look at the LED readout. 83. She picked up her pace. Hearing some noise to her left, she looked over and saw Karla removing the straps from the other slave’s wrists. When the woman stood up, Jessica gasped when she saw that it was one of the two Amazon pony girls; the brunette. Her body glistened with perspiration and her muscle tone was magnificent. She wore a yellow tank top which hid very little of what lay beneath it.

Karla seated her on a lateral pull-down machine and strapped her wrists to the bar over head. She said a command and the woman began to pull the bar down to her chest. Jessica saw the muscle strain both as she lowered the bar and then let it move back up. Karla stepped forward and lifted the yellow tank top over the woman’s breasts, exposing her large firm tits.

Jessica felt her crotch dampen as she gazed at the straining woman. She was, without a doubt, the most beautiful and well-toned woman she had ever seen. Everything about her was perfect! Her legs were so powerful and every muscle in her body was firm and sculpted.

Jessie felt the growing pain in her clit and picked up her pace. [How am I going to concentrate on my workout with her here?]

She turned her head away and closed her eyes. It really didn’t help because she could still picture the woman just as plainly as if she were looking at her. “A pretty sight, isn’t she?”

Jessica opened her eyes and nodded, not being able to stomp her foot on the treadmill.

“Her name is Danielle. She has free rein of my gym. Oops, a little faster please.”

Karla had noticed the light on Jessica’s control panel indicating an electrical pulse was being delivered. “I rarely have to discipline her. She is proud of her body and wants to be fit. Are you proud of your body, slave? It’s very nice.” She placed a hand on Jessica’s sweaty butt, feeling her muscles as she moved her legs.

Jessica nodded her head.

“Would you be willing to work hard to sculpt it even more, to become even more beautiful?”

Again, Jessica nodded her head.

“It requires hard work on your part. If you show you are sincere, I will soon be able to remove any punishments from your routine. I believe that rewards are greater inducers than punishment. But I cannot be easy on you today, orders from the boss. Did you mean to get him in trouble with the master?”

Jessica turned her head sharply to look at the woman. Her look of surprise was not lost on Karla.

“No, mistress,” she cringed at the sudden pain in her neck. “How… did… I…?” She couldn’t go on, the pain was too great.

“I hear you told the master that the boss pleasured you. That he aroused you. We are forbidden to do that to new slaves for at least a month while the master trains you.”

“He… didn’t…” Jessica had to concentrate on keeping up her pace. Karla reached over and toggled the pbm scale upward to 90 and Jessica felt a growing pain in her clit until she was moving fast enough to equal that heart rate.

Karla pulled her remote out of her pocket and held it up to show Jessica that she was turning off her collar. She leaned in and said in a low voice, “The staff here is a small but dedicated group. We have each other’s back; do you know what that means?”

“Yes mistress.”

“You tell me now if Master John aroused you this morning; the truth.”

Jessica thought back to the mornings outing with the barn boss and to what she had told master Darios.

“I was aroused by the way Master John controlled me, mistress. He did not directly arouse me. I am a submissive.”

“That was not indicated in your file.” The woman paced a few feet away and then returned. “Mistress Olivia did not include this information. It is important that the staff knows this. I will have to file an amendment.”

“May this pony suggest that Master John make the amendment, mistress?”

Karla seemed to be contemplating this request. “Yes, that’s a good idea, I will tell him.”

“May this pony be allowed to confess to Master John herself?”

Karla stopped her pacing and looked at Jessica. “You are not the typical trainee, are you now? What do we have here?” She stared at Jessica with a piercing look that seemed to bore right through her soul. “Yes indeed, what have we here? You hold secrets close to your core, and why not? That is where secrets belong. Yet here, secrets are not kept this long. You are quite strong. Do you promise to divulge your secrets to Master John at the next opportunity?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Very well, you have my permission to do so. Do not disappoint me.”

“Thank you mistress.”

Karla held up the remote to show that she had powered on Jessica’s collar and then went to check on Danielle. The two women went to another area of the gym, leaving Jessica alone to contemplate what she would do when she next met up with Master John.


The team was assembled at the command center in Canton. Marianne was seated with her back to the wall while the others formed a semi circle around her. She felt like she was on trial, even though the men had done everything to make sure she was comfortable. Theo had even scrounged up a pillow for her to lean against. That had made her laugh.

The first thing everyone wanted to know was how many Mafia people she had seen around Jessie and if she had seen any of the Gambini’s. Her answer to that settled a lot of nerves right away. Their nerves were further settled when she described Jessica’s new haircut and the fact that she hadn’t immediately recognized her own friend.

“So as you all know, Jessie is alive and in place,” Marianne took a deep breath and steeled herself for what she was going to say next, knowing how much the men cared for Jessica.

“What is it doc? She’s okay isn’t she? Are they beating her? What is it?” Barry asked; a really worried look on his face.

“Easy now, Agent. Let’s let Ms. Dresser tell us,” Capt. Alderson said.

“She’s… been… well, they pierced her in a few very sensitive areas.” She looked around at the men and continued. “Her nose,”

“Oww,” said Kenny Phelps, touching his own septum.

“Her nipples and her… labia, and… through her clitoris.”

Several of the men cringed.

“That had to hurt,” Chris said, looking around at the other men.

“Oh my god, she must be in such constant pain,” Marianne said, wringing her hands. “There are chains connected to all of her piercings that meet at a central ring right about here,” she pointed to point between her own breasts. “Any movement tugs on the chains and then on her… sensitive areas. Oh, and here,” Marianne opened her purse and pulled out Jessica’s collar, “I believe this belongs to you?” She handed the collar to Trent and his heart felt like it was going to burst. Ashley!

“I’m sure you’ll want to give it back to her when you see her next time.”

“What was she doing when you saw her?” Trent asked.

How could she say this? “Well, she was in a circular ring, or um, corral, I guess. There was a machine that forced her to walk around in a circle. She had a leather bridle over her head with a bit forced between her teeth. Her arms were cuffed behind her back. She was wearing boots that have like a 6” heel on them. The bottom part of the sole sort of flanges out to give her more balance, but she is always walking on just this part of her foot.” Marianne showed the men the front portion of her sole. “Then they made her go faster and faster until she couldn’t keep up any more!”

“Of course she’s cuffed and collared. The collar sends out some sort of electrical pulse that shocks her if she speaks or makes any sound at all. Plus, there was a cable connecting that ring I told you about,” she pointed to the center of her chest again, “to the machine. If she fails to move at the right speed it sends electricity through the line.”

“And all of her other chains connect to that ring,” Alderson said.

“Yes, exactly. I saw her get a few shocks while I was there. Poor thing. But then this trainer… Master Darios, made a point of showing us that Jessica was aroused.” The doctor’s face blushed red.

“Okay,” Gary stood up. “So, you’re telling us Jessie is in pretty tight bondage, unable to speak or complain without being punished, and being trained to be a pony-girl?”

Marianne looked down, unable to look at the men, knowing what they had all, including her, forced Jessica into. She quietly said, “Yes.”

“I’d say she probably thinks she’s in heaven then,” he said as he turned to the group. “Does someone want to help me with this console here? I can’t seem to get it seated on the base correctly.”

“Yeah man, where’s it hanging up?” Jamil stood up and went with him over to the unit.

“Hey Barry, I need you to finish stowing the weapons on that rack over there, standard configuration, okay?” said Lieutenant Gore.

“Yes sir, I’ll get right on it. It’s great that Jessie’s okay.” They laughed and got on with their tasks.

Marianne looked at the men go about their business as if they hadn’t heard a word she had said.

“Doc,” Trent said. “Gary’s right and you know it. You even reported that after all you’ve seen that she’s been through, Jessica was still aroused. Believe me, she’s soaking this up. I just hope she can stay on task and doesn’t get totally absorbed in her role. When are you going to see her next?”

Marianne’s face blushed even redder when she realized that the men in the unit had seen reality when she, Jessica’s therapist, had not. Who knew her patient better; her or this special ops team? Well, technically she did.

She had just thought that when Trent told her, “You need to take a step back, doc. Remember your diagnosis. Try to put your personal feelings for Ashley aside for awhile and concentrate on this mission. This is like any other mission except that everyone here loves our little mole. It makes it more personal, but does not change the way we operate.”

“Understood, thank you Agent Richards.” The psychiatrist shifted in her seat and Larry moved his in a little closer.

“Mr. Petrocelli is going to call me next week and take me back. The training master has already invited me back to have Jessie pull me around in a wagon or something.”

“Oh nice,” Trent said.

Marianne looked at him with what might have been considered disgust. “I don’t want that poor girl pulling me in a wagon!” A couple of the guys turned to look over at her.

“It may be a good opportunity to get Jessie alone, Ms. Dresser. Remember, we need to get information very quickly and get Jessie out of there. Having Gambini so close by is just too nerve wracking!”

“Oh! Yes, you’re right.” She hadn’t considered that. “What about Gavin? How do I lose him?”

“Gavin?” Larry asked?

“Yeah, Meatball. He’s quite enamored with me. Doesn’t let me out of his sight.”

“I don’t think Jessie could pull you both,” Trent said. “Doesn’t this guy know you’re married?” He smiled at the pretty brunette.

“Yes, but apparently he doesn’t care.”

The three went on to discuss plans for the next time Marianne was allowed into the compound.


Jessica wasn’t too sure how much longer she would be able to keep up the pace required of her. She was so tired and her feet ached.

Finally Karla came and shut down the machine. Standing naked behind the gym mistress was Danielle.

“It’s time you two met. I think you have great potential, Jessica. You may use Danielle as a mentor.”

Jessica looked at the floor before her, holding her wrists behind her back, legs parted correctly. “Thank you mistress.”

“Help her with those boots; I think she’s had them on too long. Massage her feet and then you both may shower here. I’ll call Master John when you’re done.”

Danielle bowed deeply, “As you say, I will obey, mistress.”

Karla turned and walked back to the equipment, taking a clean cloth and a spray bottle to sanitize it.

Danielle motioned for Jessica to come with her to one of the mats and sit down. Jessica had never been self conscious of her looks or her body, but she felt like the ugly toad squished on the road by a semi truck next to this woman.

“I’ve seen you in the yard with Master Darios. You looked sensational, and did surprisingly well for your first time out.” The stunning brunette sat down on the mat and indicated that Jessica should sit across from her.

[She was watching me? She thought I looked good?] Jessica couldn’t control the blush that reddened her cheeks. Danielle reached over, took Jessie’s boot, and began to unlace it. Jessie began to work on the other one.

“Uh, uh,” Danielle wagged her finger at Jessica. “Mistress instructed me to do that. You will sit back and rest.” The woman continued to unlace the boot as Jessica went back on her arms, her wrists still cuffed, and gazed at the brunette.

“Everyone is talking about you.”

This got Jessie’s attention. They are? Everyone?

“What?” she whispered, feeling only a slight shock to her neck.

“Oh you know, new girl on the block. Sassing mistress Olivia. Trying to escape. Giving Master John a bruise on his thigh from a kick. It gets around.”

I bruised Master John?

Danielle pulled the boot off and started in on the other. “I tried to escape once, a few months ago,” she lowered her voice, “nearly made it. Of course I would have died had I made it, the collars won’t let it happen.”

“I know,” Jessie said softly, barely feeling the shock.

Danielle looked up surprised. “Only what, two days, and you know that? It’s a guarded secret. What big ears you have my dear.”

Jessica giggled but this really set off the collar.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll try not to make you laugh.” She pulled off the other boot and inspected Jessie’s feet. She took her left foot and started to massage her sole. Jessie pulled it back and made a face.

“Dirty!” she winced as her neck felt the pain.

“Nonsense, you have wonderful feet. Here…” the woman pulled Jessie’s foot back and leaned over, putting Jessie’s big toe into her mouth and sucking on it. “Hmmm.” The vibrations that Hmmm made traveled up Jessica’s outstretched legs and right to her pussy.

Jessica yelped and tried to retract her foot, but Danielle was much stronger. “I could make you cum, but of course I’d be punished. It’s surprising really how little I actually get punished any more. I’m afraid that means I’ve submitted myself to them. But that’s the facts. I don’t want to die here. I want to get out of this prison someday. But me and Felicity have sort of become their prize stallions.” She began to massage Jessica’s foot again. It felt so good!

“Really, after I tried to escape, they left me out in the pasture until I begged to be let back in. I wandered around out there for days. It’s not really that nice, Jessica. I was pretty scared, especially at night. I came crawling back to them, dirty, hungry, and thirsty. Really, barely alive. And they didn’t let me back into the compound right away either. I had to beg them. It was terrible. I never tried to escape after that. I figure, either the authorities will discover this place or they’ll finally sell me. I’ll get out sooner or later. We’ll get out.” She tried to sound reassuring.

She worked on Jessie’s foot for fifteen minutes, massaging her sole, and her heel, and her toes. Pressing in on her instep and rubbing life back into the top of her foot. Then she switched and began on her right foot.

“Oh wow, bitchin’ tattoo.” Daniella had noticed Jessie’s brand mark for the first time.

Jessie shook her head. “Master’s…” (pain) …“brand.” She took a deep breath.

Danielle leaned forward, her impressive breasts pressing into Jessica’s leg. She reached over and felt the mark with her fingers. “Holy Toledo. That is really cool. You had a master? A real master?” Danielle seemed to be totally energized with this information. Jessica realized the woman was probably starved for new information about just about anything.

Jessie nodded her head, yes.

“Someday I want to hear all about it.”

Jessie nodded yes.

When she was done she helped Jessica up and ran her through some easy stretching exercises. The entire time Jessica could barely keep her eyes off of Daniella’s smoking hot body. Then they went to find Mistress Karla.


When Karla returned Jessica to her stall, she requested to be bound only with the heavy chain to her collar. Karla told her that she should bind her wrists, but if she promised no funny business, she would allow it. That meant, no masturbating!

“As you say, I will obey, mistress,” Jessica repeated the words that her new mentor had said.

Karla stroked Jessica’s head and then gently caressed the tops of her breasts. “I like you pony. I hope we see a lot of each other.”

“Thank you mistress.”

Karla left Jessica and latched the gate behind her.


An hour later, John came back into the barn with several pony-girls. Jessica watched the comings and goings from a kneeling position. It looked like most of the women were being brought in for the night. The kid she had sucked off the previous evening was helping put down fresh bedding in the stalls before the women were brought in. She looked at her own stall and saw that it had not been freshened. Nor had she been allowed to go to the bathroom.

Her need to go was quite urgent, but she waited, not wanting to foul the air.

Jessica remained on her knees waiting for John to come and check on her, but he did not come. She saw the boy come by, dumping food in bins and changing out water bottles, but he passed Jessie’s stall and went to Hanna’s.

Jessie crawled over to her bin and saw a hand full of pellets on the bottom and reached in and scooped them out. Had her hands not been free she wouldn’t have been able to get at those last scraps. She chewed one sullenly and sat back against the wall.

“Are you right there Jessica, against my wall?” someone asked quietly.

Jessie put her head back. “Yes. What’s your name, I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself.”

“It’s okay. We all know who you are. I’m Tricia. Well, Patricia, but I like to be called Tricia.”

“Hi, pleased to meet you.”

“Are you okay? What’s going on with you? Are you being punished?”

“What have you heard? Do you know anything?”

“I noticed Master Connor skipped you, and really, there’s been a lot of whispering about you.”

Jessie didn’t like the sound of that.

“Like what, can you tell me?”

“Oh, that you’re a trained slave and that you’re going to be trouble. I heard Master Connor with you last night and I think others did too. There’s talk that you got Master John in trouble with Master Darios and that he fucked you this morning.” The sound of her voice was getting quite ugly.

Jessica couldn’t believe her ears.

“Tricia, that is not true. Master John didn’t do anything to me. As to the other things, I will make things right with Master John the next time I see him. I’m not trying to get anyone in trouble, but I do want to get out of here.”

“We all do, but it’s not happening sister, so don’t make things worse for us by causing trouble. We’ll make things difficult for you if you do.”

“Are you the spokesperson for all of these pony-girls? Is that what you want to be… a pony-girl? Hauling these assholes around all bound up, trotting, and galloping around. Not me. I’m getting the fuck out of here and if you try to stop me you’ll regret it.” [Who the fuck do you think you are?]

There was no reply. Jessica moved away from the wall and sat against the far wall. This wasn’t how she needed things to go! She didn’t want the others to be against her. She decided she needed to correct things quickly with this Tricia woman.

Forcing herself to think about her master again and how he might have been killed and how she felt when she saw him on the floor of The Knot, she was able to bring herself to tears. She realized how lucky she was to have learned this trick as she now sat sobbing quietly. She moved quietly over to Tricia’s wall.

“I’m sorry about what I said to you. I promise I’ll be no trouble to you or anyone else here.” She sobbed some more, wiping her tears with her forearm. “I’m scared and tired and hungry and…” she put her head down and sobbed some more, trying to muffle the sound of it so that it would appear that she was trying to hide that fact that she was crying.

“Hey, lighten up on her,” a voice from across the center aisle called out.

“Yeah,” another one further down said. “You don’t speak for me, Patricia.”

“Please, everyone,” Jessica said, loud enough for everyone around her to hear. “Tricia is right. I’m not getting off to a good start here, and I’m sorry. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble and I… I just don’t know what to do! I’m so scared. Please don’t tell anyone about the kid, Connor. He’s sweet, and I want to see him again.”

“Yeah, he’s pretty cute,” Hannah chipped in. “I’d do him if he came anywhere near me.”

That got a lot of positive responses. There seemed to be more than one horny woman in the barn.

“You be careful around him,” came a stern voice from further away. “He’s not as nice as he seems.”

Jessica heard that and wondered who had said it and why. “Anyway Tricia, I’m sorry and I’ll just sit here in my own stink and sulk.”

“Okay. I’m sorry too.”


The barn was quiet for awhile and Jessica sat against the wall of her stall thinking about the other women around her.

“Tricia, are you still awake?” she whispered.

“Yeah,” came the quiet response, the woman obviously lying close to the boards on the other side.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, but… why are you here? Do you mind if I ask?”

There was a long silence and Jessie began to regret asking, but it was a question that had been nagging at her.

“I was kidnapped a few weeks ago, right out of my bedroom. There was no ransom demand or anything, I was simply taken. I can’t imagine what my parents, or any of the parents, are going through, and I cry every night thinking about it.”

“Oh Tricia, I’m so sorry.”

“Thanks,” Tricia replied, a little quieter still. “Most of us have been abducted, a few, like Janet and Lauri down at the other end were actually at different pony-girl ranches by choice but got brought here against their will. They were told it was a mix up, but they were never sent back so now we all think there was some back door dealings with the ranch they were at.”

“This really sucks,” Jessie said as she lay down against the wall of her stall.

“How about you?” Tricia asked. “We heard you were sent here by your boyfriend’s wife. Is that true?”

“I guess so. I can see how she would be pretty upset. But I can’t really see how she could be so mean as to have me brought here. Who would do this to another person?”

“I know what you mean,” Tricia said.

Neither woman spoke after that and soon the quiet snoring of the other women could be heard throughout the barn.

Jessica rolled over and went to sleep.

Hours later she was awoken by the door pushing against her. It was Connor.

“Hey little pony, I have some food for you. What would you do for it?”

“What would you like, young Master?”

“I’d like to stick my dick in your hole.”

“I’d like that too young master, did you bring a condom?”

“Um, no, but… the feed… it has, you know, birth control shit in it.”

“But how do I explain cum dripping out of my cunt in the morning? They’ll want to know who it was that fucked me. What do I say?”

The kid thought for awhile. “Okay, a blow job then.”

“As you wish sir. Can I have some food now?” She was glad that he didn’t think to say he could fuck her and then cum in her mouth.

“No, you take care of me first.”

[Being assertive now. A master in training.]

“As you command sir.”

Now, with the use of her hands, Jessica was able to help with disrobing the kid. He wore the same grungy overalls, which she unclipped and slid down his skinny body. She lowered his white cotton briefs and took his hard penis in her mouth. This time she was able to cup his balls in her hands as she sucked him off. Too, she made sure he didn’t cum right away.

Jessica tried to be quiet so as not disturb her fellow captives. The kid, however, could not keep his pleasure to himself and let out several loud grunts and groans, especially when he shot his load down Jessica’s throat.

“That was nice, pony. I’ll be sure to bring rubbers tomorrow night.”

Jessica looked up at him as she refastened the clips on his overalls. She wet her lips in anticipation of her food. Seeing her hungry look, the kid said, “Lie down and spread your legs for me.”

Jessica immediately complied. Connor took several pellets and pushed them into Jessica’s cunt. Then he reached into his pocket and threw a handful of pellets down onto the floor. “Good night pony,” he said as he exited the stall.

Jessica dug into her wet hole and retrieved the food pellets. They were wet from her juices, but that was barely noticed as she crunched down on them. Then, digging around in her soiled hay, she searched for the rest of her meal.

Throwing her food on the old hay was a pretty degrading thing to do, but not something Jessica was surprised at. Her only surprise was that the kid had done it, but then remembered the warning she had received earlier. Maybe he wasn’t such a kid after all. He certainly knew how to mistreat a woman. She wondered how long he had worked there, and also wondered if her plan for freedom was going to work. The kid that may not be a kid was an important part of her plan.

The following morning Jessica woke up bright and early. It was her third day and the first time she had not gone to sleep the previous evening totally exhausted. She was still very sore, especially her calves and thighs, but she felt like she had a lot more energy.

She stood at the back of her stall hoping to see John. The cramping in her bowels told her she couldn’t wait to defecate any longer and she resigned herself to squatting in the center of her stall. Afterwards, she covered her shit the best she could with straw.

As she stood at the back of her stall she finally got a glimpse of her neighbors. Hanna was a short woman with a long frizzy sandy blonde mane. She had a really cute face with freckles. Her breasts were rather petite, but her areolas were large and dark. Tricia, on the other hand, was tall and had large breasts that hung low on her chest. She appeared to be about 19 years old. Her body was in very good shape and her face was beautiful, even without make-up. She turned once and spotted Jessica looking at her and gave her a slight nod of the head, like, “Hello,” before being led away by a man she had not seen before. In fact, there were three new faces among the handlers.

“Move ‘em all out, let’s get ‘em cleaned up and out to the corral asap.” Jessica heard John’s voice. He was coming closer to her stall, swatting women on their butts to make them move faster towards the cleaning stall.

Jessica sank to her knees, avoiding the hay pile where she had shit, and assumed a picture perfect submission posture. John looked over the top of her stall gate and saw the beautiful woman prostrated: her arms, unbound, stretched out in front of her and her shapely ass sticking up in the air. While not a position taught at the farm, he recognized the submission posture from dealings with slave traders who occasionally brought stock in. He opened the gate and entered Jessica’s stall.

“What are you doing pony?”

“This unworthy pony asks permission to speak, Master.”

John noted her wording and knew this was not the same Jessica he had been dealing with the past couple of days. These were not words that the average woman would say after being at the facility for only three days. It usually took at least a couple of weeks to train a woman to speak in this manner.


“This unworthy pony wishes to apologize for this pony’s words and actions, master.”

The barn boss felt his cock harden. Holy shit! She’s IS a trained slave…I was right all along.

“Apology accepted. How do you wish to make restitution?” John wanted to see how she responded to that. Did she think it would end at an apology or did she expect to be punished? Her response would tell him a lot about the depth of her previous training.

“This pony wishes to address Master Darios and Mistress Olivia, and then this pony willingly submits herself to any punishment that would please you, master.”

The boss dug in his pocket for his key ring and then knelt down to unlock the chain from her collar.

“Alright,” he said. “I’ll let you speak with the master, but if you fuck me over you’ll regret it.”

“Thank you sir.”

Jessica lifted herself up to her feet and then followed John out into the center aisle. The last of the women were being led by, and John called out to one of the men herding them.


“Yes boss,” a sturdy man with close cropped blonde hair said.

“Get some heels and a ball gag on this one and take her up to the house to see Master Darios and Mistress Olivia. Tell them she’s asked to speak with them and that I have allowed it. Hurry because they have training to do and a show to put on today.”

“Yes, boss.” Sam took Jessie’s lead and said, “Trot.”

Ten minutes later Jessie had been put into her punishing boots and gagged and was being escorted up to the ranch house. Her heart was beating a mile a minute knowing that she was going to confess that she was a trained slave. She was about to submit to them. It was the only way to clear the air between her, John, and the rest of the staff. She could see that the staff was a separate group from the ranch administrators. She hadn’t figured out why, but there were divisions here that needed to be explored. Regardless, she had to be on good terms with the staff. That meant making John’s life easier.

A large woman with long curly black hair came to the door of the ranch house and looked at Sam and Jessica.

“What do you want, boy? Why did you bring this thing here?”

“Johnny asked me to bring her up, says she wants to speak to Darios and Olivia. Gave his approval.”

“You’re not bringing that filthy animal in this house. Park it over there and I’ll let them know you’re here.”

“Yes, mum,” Sam said, pulling on Jessie’s lead. “Walk.” He led her to an area under a tree where they could be out of the sun. He stood behind her, unbuckled her gag, and removed it from her mouth.

After a few minutes Darios and Olivia came out of the house and down the steps to where Sam and Jessica stood. Jessica knew she should address Darios since he seemed to be the superior of the two. She stood erect, breasts out, legs spread, looking at the ground.

“What is the meaning of this? Ponies do not have the freedom to request an audience with us,” Olivia started out with, noting Jessica’s posture.

Jessica sank to her knees, pulling the tether from Sam’s hand. He went to retrieve it and Darios waved him off and signaled him to back off and go up to the porch.

Jessica fell directly into the submission posture and said, “This unworthy pony wishes to speak, master.”

Darios and Olivia looked at each other with puzzled looks.

“On your knees, speak.”

Jessica came up onto her knees, “This unworthy pony wishes master to know that she is a trained slave. This pony was trained as a slave under Mistress Sheana in Los Angeles six months ago. This pony was purchased by Master Richard Brent three months ago and wears his mark. This pony understands that she is now your property.”

Darios was at a loss to speak while his mind spun around this confession.

“Why are you telling me this now?”

“Master, when you asked this pony yesterday if Master John had aroused me I indicated that he had. What I meant, but couldn’t say because of the bit, was that I became aroused while Master John was working me. He never touched me, master. I am submissive by nature.”

Darios thought back to when he had finished running her in front of Gavin and his guest and Jessica had been moist between the legs.

“I suspected as much but wasn’t sure if you knew it yourself.”

“What do you mean, Dar?” Olivia asked.

“I’ve picked up her odor several times while working her. At first I passed it off but yesterday there was no mistaking that she was aroused.”

Turning to Jessica he asked, “So as a pony with submissive tendencies, your treatment here has been arousing to you?”

“Yes master.”

To Olivia he said, “This really is good news Libby, because she can be moved to level two training immediately.”

“That’ll help you meet your deadline, won’t it?”

“Yeah,” turning back to Jessica he asked, “That still doesn’t really explain why you’ve come forward with this confession, Jessica.”

“Master, the only way you would believe that I became aroused by how I had been treated rather than by Master John actually physically exciting me was to admit to you that I am a submissive, and a trained slave. I am confessing to clear Master John of any suspicions.”

“Again, why?” Olivia asked.

“I… I like Maser John. I like how he treats me. Obviously I am aroused when he comes near me.”

Darios and Olivia looked at each other. Darios nodded and gave Olivia a thumbs up. He motioned for Sam to come back and pick up Jessie’s lead.

“Take her back to the barn and clean her up. Leave her by the wash stall, tied up.

“Yes sir.” He tugged on the lead and Jessica stood up. She didn’t look up at them, but kept her gaze at the ground as a good slave should.

An hour later Jessica saw John enter the barn. She stood with her head down, waiting for him to approach.

“Well pony, I don’t know what you told Master Darios but he called me to apologize for doubting me. What I don’t understand is why you told him that I had aroused you in the first place.”

Not looking up, Jessica said, “It was a misunderstanding, sir. As I told Master Darios, I meant that your treatment of me aroused me.”

“So you outed yourself to get me off of the hook.”

“Yes sir.”


“I respect you as a master, sir. Yesterday in the gym I met the pony Danielle and Mistress Karla has made her my mentor. She made me understand who I will become and my hope is that you will be my guide, should you wish to take this unworthy pony under your lead. My deception stood in the way of that.”

John stood and looked at Jessica and then said, “Yes pony, you certainly are a piece of work.” He untied Jessica’s lead and said, “Walk.” He led her into the wash stall and took down the tube of sunscreen.

“You know, I believe you are a very intelligent woman, Jessica, and that you’re playing us somehow. I’m telling you now that I am going to be paying very close attention to everything you do and say to try and figure out what you’re up to.”

“Thank you for the warning sir. I will be especially cautious now.”

John poured more sun block into his palm and spread it around on Jessica’s naked back. He turned her around and began to lotion her upper chest and down to her breasts. He saw Jessica’s eyes close as his hands massaged the cream into her breasts and then down her stomach and around her hips. He knew now what he had suspected before when he washed her or applied sun block was correct. She got off on him doing this to her. He never did feel the resistance that he always felt with the other women when they first came in.

John put the lotion back and then fitted a harness over her head, adjusting the rubber covered bit between her jaws and pulling all of the straps tight.

“You’ll learn to pull some weight today, pony.” He led her out of the barn and down a dirt path that ended at a half plowed field.

“As you walk on this turned dirt you need to plant your feet firmly with each step to avoid turning your ankles. We’ll walk over to that blade.” He pointed out into the field where a big plow blade was sitting. He walked behind her, guiding her with the reins down the best rows to get there safely.

“Whoa.” John turned Jessica around and said, “Back.” She backed up until he said “Whoa” again. John came around behind her and placed a wide leather belt around her waist, buckling it tightly behind her.

Jessica breathed in; noting the constriction the belt caused her diaphragm. Then she saw two long wooden arms come up on either side of her and watched as John secured each wooden arm to d-rings on the sides of the waistband. She was now bound to the blade.

“These are called the cart draft shafts,” John said. “You’ll hold onto these and pull the blade with them. Now hold on to them with your hands.” When she did, he clipped hooks from the shafts onto rings on her wrist cuffs. She was further bound to the big steel plow. She tested her grip and found that the arms moved very little when she tried to lift it.

[Does he expect me to move this thing? It’s too heavy!]

“Okay, now that you’re secure, I want you to step.”

Jessica leaned forward and lifted her foot but nothing happened. She strained, planted her other foot and pushed, but it wouldn’t go.

“Step!” He struck her naked back with the crop he had taken out of a holder on the plow structure.

Jessica lurched and twisted but the draft shafts kept her securely in place. She tried harder and felt it nudge forward.

[Fuck me! You have got to be kidding me! I can’t move this blade!]

“Getting started is the hardest part. I’ll help you, but after it’s moving you have to keep it going.” John got in front of Jessica, facing her, and took the ends of the shafts and pulled.

He gazed at the bound woman in front of him and his desire for her grew a thousand fold.

A true submissive? He hadn’t seen one of those in months. A woman who would do anything you asked and get aroused doing it. How rare. Sweat already glistened off of her body. The woman was really trying to move the blade, which was obvious by the tautness of her well-toned muscles. He pulled on the shafts until the blade begun to move through the already plowed dirt. Plowing unbroken ground required at least two pony-girls.

Once the blade was moving John stood aside and shouted encouragement to the straining woman. She moved it another four feet before getting bogged down. John reached into a box that was strapped to the back of the blade and took out a wide brimmed straw hat and a pair of leather gloves.

“Here,” he said putting the hat over her harnessed head, “We’ll try to shade your face and let’s slip these on so you don’t get blistered too badly.”

After Jessica was outfitted, her ordeal continued with John helping to get the blade moving and then standing aside. She pulled it a good ten feet one time before bogging down. John used the crop on her sparingly and offered encouragements often.

This went on for three hours before he finally untied her and took her back to the training yard to cool off. He looked at his pony, red from exertion, sweat dripping down her body. He cooled her off using a hose near the back of the barn and let her dry naturally in the shade of a large oak tree. Looking at his watch he told her to stand and then trot over to Master Darios’ training corral.

“How did the blade training go?” Darios asked as he took the lead from John.

“It went well sir, for a first time.”

“I feel so much better since we cleared the air this morning. As a reward, I will not activate your collar for this session.”

Jessica was grateful for that!

The next two hours were spent walking, trotting, and cantering, keeping her knees up as she stepped. Her legs were dead tired and her crotch was on fire. The constant exertion and commands had been working on her for hours now. Her helplessness and desire to please her new masters was stoking her deepest needs. She wondered if she had found her true calling – to be a pony-girl.

Jessie knew this was all leading up to her pulling a buggy, and now the thought of that was making her friggin’ hot. To be used as an animal! It was too erotic to even wrap her mind around. As tired as she was, Jessica put even more effort into her training.

At the end of the session, Sam was sent to collect Jessica and escort her to the gym.

“Word has already spread through the gossip mill that you set things right with Master Darios,” Karla said as she clipped Jessica’s hands to the lateral pull down exercise machine. “I’m pleased that you honored your promise to me.”

The trainer helped Jessica lower and raise the bar, testing the weight, and then adding ten pounds. Danielle came in from the locker room and gushed over the news that she had heard.

“I heard you acted like a real slave! You were on the ground in some position… something to do with submitting…”

Jessica held the bar firmly as it went up, not allowing it to pull her arms with it, as Karla had shown her. When she got it to the top she said, “Yes, the submission posture. It allows a master to easily cuff me, or abuse my body, specifically my rear. It’s an extremely exposed position to be in.” She noted how quickly information passed through the facility. It was high security, but at the same time low security.

“That’s why they call it a submission position, because you are truly submitting yourself for punishment,” Karla added. “Now Dani, I’d like you to monitor Jessica’s movements. You know the proper form. Make sure she lifts up and down.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Add weight as necessary and see how much she can take. Record it on her chart.”

“Yes mistress.” After Karla had retreated to her office, Danielle said, “It’s great that mistress is letting us train together!” They worked together on the lateral pull downs for half an hour and then Danielle moved them over to the leg press.

Jessica strained to push the weight that her mentor had placed on the pegs, concentrating and trying to please the woman she was trying to emulate.

“So this is Jessica.”

Jessica opened her eyes and looked up to see the other half of the dynamic duo, Felicity, standing over her.

“Jessie, this is my friend Felicity.”

“Hi,” Jessica said as she returned the sliding bench position to a squat. “I’m pleased to meet you.” Jessica took in the sight of the red haired beauty. Her complexion was flawless and her muscle tone equaled Danielle’s. Her breasts seemed even larger than Danielle’s, but just as firm and luscious. Her entire body radiated power.

Felicity came around Jessica to look at her. Jessie blushed under the woman’s gaze.

“Oh, how cute Dani, look at her blush!” Felicity giggled. “You are simply adorable.”

“Now, now, Felice…we’re working it here. But, come over here a sec and feel her muscles as she does a couple of reps. Go ahead honey, just like the last one.”

Jessica blushed even more as Felicity knelt down on the opposite side of Danielle and the two drop-dead gorgeous women placed their warm hands around her thighs.

“Especially under here, the biceps femoris.” Danielle moved her hand under Jessie’s thigh as she pressed her body away from the platform using her legs.

“Ooo, you’re right. Jessie, you have really good tone. How about her lat’s?” Felicity moved her other hand to the outside of Jessica’s thigh. “Do you feel that, Dani?”

Danielle’s hand came around to the outside of Jessie’s thigh.

“Yeah, it’s firm. Bring it back hon so we can feel the strength. Oh god, feel that Felicity?”

Jessica felt it! She felt a bead of moisture run down her butt from her pussy. What were these two doing to her? Touching her like they were! Damn it! For these two women to be commenting on her body when they were in such fantastic form made Jessica close to delirious.

“I hear you’re naturally submissive Jessie.” Felicity’s free hand touched Jessica’s straining abs and then roamed slightly downward near her navel.

Jessie could only look at Felicity with wide eyes that displayed the lust that was growing inside of her.

“It took me a long time for me to come to grips with that part of myself. But now I savor it, maybe not as much as you do, but I’ve learned to love it.”

“You submissive? Give me a break!” Danielle cackled. “You’re still way too aggressive to be considered submissive. I’m the submissive one here.”

“Right,” Felicity said as she pushed Danielle, toppling her over onto the floor.

“See what I mean?” Danielle got back up into onto her knees.

“Are we working, girls?” Karla called over from where she was doing some exercises on a Pilates ball.

“Yes Mistress!” they both called out.

Felicity stood up. “I have some presses to do today, so I’ll be right over here if you ever care to be with me again.”

“Stop it!” Danielle hissed. And then to Jessica she whispered, “I love her so much.”

“I heard that,” Felicity called out as she picked up a twenty-pound weight and placed it on the bar.

Karla came over and helped Felicity add weights and then spotted the woman for a half an hour as she pressed.

After Felicity went to the showers, Karla came over to check on Jessie’s progress. Seeing that everything was going well, she sent them both to the showers and then called for an escort to take them back to the barn. Jessica learned that Danielle and Felicity were housed in the first two stalls at the opposite end of the barn from her stall.

Later, Connor came by and brushed Jessica’s hair and sprayed her down with sunscreen. As the kid fixed her harness and bit she noticed many of the other girls being brought in and cleaned up and then taken back out of the barn. Connor pulled Jessie’s hands behind her back and fastened her wrist cuffs to bands on the opposite elbows. He took down a wide white posture collar and fitted it snugly around her neck.

As he led her out into the yard Jessica noticed other trainers and stable hands leading pony-girls out into the yard as well. The women wore different tack, some being fitted with white posture collars like hers, others with black posture collars, and some with full headdresses attached to the head harnesses and tails attached to crotch straps. Everyone was being led in the same general direction and Jessie saw that they were being released into the large rectangular show corral. Once inside they were free to move about as they pleased. Men and women stood around the corral watching the pony-girls, and some sat in bleachers overlooking the corral.

There seemed to be a lot of pony-girls in the corral, more than what Jessie normally saw in the barn. There were, possibly, fifteen girls in the barn, but almost double that in the corral. Jessie stood looking around at all of the girls and then suddenly yelped as the tip of a long whip snapped her unprotected ass.

“Move it pony! No standing around!” She noticed that all of the girls were walking and some were trotting and cantering. It was some sort of show for the people standing and sitting around the corral, and Jessie remembered what John had told her the function of this corral was. Now she realized that the tack they were wearing was an indication of the level of training.

Jessica walked towards the bleachers to see if she recognized anyone and then turned abruptly when she saw Vito Gambini, the head of the New York mob. She recognized his photo from the file that her master had in his brief case.

If Vito is here…!

Jessica began to move through the crowd of girls, eyes scanning the faces. She passed by Hanna and Tricia, and saw several other girls from her end of the barn. Of course, Felicity and Danielle towered over everyone as they pranced, legs high, in front of the stands, beautiful full tails trailing behind them.

Jessie’s heart practically leapt out of her chest when she caught sight a slender woman with a short brunette mane. Before the woman turned away Jessica caught a glimpse of a small tattoo on her shoulder. Tears came to her eyes as she made her way through the crowd.

Coming up behind her, Jessica recognized the familiar body of her long lost friend. She noticed the red cane marks on her back and ass and saw that she had been severely beaten recently. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Jessica said, “Nicky,” through her bit.

Nicky’s head turned slowly and looked up into Jessica’s face. Jessica saw that her jaws were stretched wide with a punishing gag and that her breasts and stomach were red with cane marks as well. It took several seconds for her to focus… to recognize her… and then her eyes went wide and she shook her head, NO!

Nicky turned and ducked between two larger women and they closed ranks around her, blocking Jessica. Jessie looked to get around them but they moved as she moved.

A short stocky Italian man moved around the corral fencing and snapped his finger. “Get over here bitch. What are you doing? Move that fat ass of yours. Let me see you do some galloping.”

Jessica watched as he the man grabbed hold of Nicky’s hair and then twisted her painfully, nearly bringing her to her knees. When he released her she quickly rose to her feet and took off in a sprint, running around the edge of the corral.

Jessica went to run after her but the two larger women seemed to always be in her way. The minor skirmish attracted the attention of Danielle and Felicity and suddenly they were standing next to Jessica. They pressed in on the two women who had been blocking Jessica and the women were forced to back up.

Felicity had a look on her face that Jessica would not soon forget, nor would the other women. They back stepped several paces and then galloped around the trio to join up with Nicky. As Nicky came by she didn’t even glance at Jessica.

“Come on, over here,” Danielle said through her bit, nudging Jessica towards the other end. She left with Danielle and Felicity and were soon surrounded by more of the women from her friend’s end of the barn. “You belong over here; you’re not trained yet and should not be blocking the others from view.”

“Prance,” Felicity ordered.

All of the women in the group began to high step around the area on Felicity’s command. Jessica looked over and saw John admiring the women, nodding his head in satisfaction. He moved his hand to indicate that they should circulate and Danielle lead them in a trot around their end of the arena.

From in front of stands, Vito was pointing at certain pony-girls and handlers were pulling them over to the railing for the mob boss to inspect. Suddenly Jessica realized that it might prove disastrous if she were to be reined in. He would surely not expect to find her at this ranch… but to take a chance would be stupid. She moved around and stood behind her two large friends.

Gambini looked out over the women. He was sure he had seen a rather pretty little pony out there, but now he couldn’t spot her. There were the two Amazon women, but he knew they were off limits. He could take them of course, but that would sour the relationship he had with the staff here at the ranch.

He counted his girls, instructed his man to call in all of his pony-girls, and then pointed out three that he sort of waved off. Jessica peered around Danielle to see that all three were similar to the rest in that they showed signs of physical abuse. He pointed at three of the others that Jessica knew from the barn, including Hanna, and they were moved over to join Gambini’s stock.

Again, a count was taken. Gambini stood and looked out over the remaining pony-girls. Pointed at one more from Danielle’s group and then one more of the abused pony-girls was waved away. He said something to Darios while shaking his head and the one he had just removed from his stock was led out of the corral and tied off to a horse trailer.

Having made his selections, Gambini turned and walked to a waiting cart. Two of Gambini’s new girls that had tails were tethered to the draft shafts and the rest of the girls were tied in pairs behind the cart.

Gambini took the buggy whip out of its holder and shouted out a command as the whip lashed out, catching one of the girls on the ass. She nearly jumped out of her hoofed boots and took off, half dragging her companion with her. Finally the other pony-girl caught up and the cart moved swiftly away, two strings of pony-girls prancing along behind it.

Another cart followed, and Jessie caught a glimpse of Nicky between the draft shafts, pulling the large cart by herself. Seated in the buggy with a long riding crop in his hand was Rico Gambini.

John called in all of the girls in the corral and as they came up to him he released their bridals and removed the bits from their mouths. Sam and Connor were filling the trough with water and throwing nutrition pellets out into the corral.

Jessica headed over to the trough and knelt down to get a drink of cool water.

Sated, she went to the side where there was some grass and sank to her knees to pick at some of the pellets that had fallen there. Felicity came over and knelt down behind her. The tail protruding from the crotch strap prevented her from actually sitting.

“Well, would you mind telling me what that was all about? If I’m going to get whipped for causing a commotion I’d like to know why?”

“I could’ve sworn I knew one of those girls.”

“One of the mafiosa girls?”

Jessica pretended she didn’t know anything. “Mafiosa? What’s that mean, like, the Mafia or something?”

“Yeah, who do you think runs this place, the Humane Society?”

Jessica looked over at the red head, “The Mafia? THE Mafia?”

“Yes. They have their own ranch house and barn, and obviously their own stock. They don’t interfere with the operations up here, it’s part of the deal. But they do come every so often for replacements. As you could see, they’re not as concerned about the girls’ well-being as the staff is here.”

“I can see that,” Jessie replied. “What about that one that was led out to the trailer?”

Felicity looked around, “She was let go, probably sold off. She must have done something that they didn’t like. We won’t see her again.”

A pit formed in Jessie’s stomach as she leaned over, her head down low, “So what’s the deal on our friendly staff? They aren’t a bad sort, are they?”

Felicity leaned over as though she were trying to pick up a morsel. “No. They were the original owners of a pony-girl club, fetish and bondage enthusiasts. They own all of this land.” She picked up a nugget in her lips and made a show of chomping on it, then lowered her head to search for another one.

“The Mafia caught wind of the farm, tortured and killed several people to uncover its location, and then moved in. There are guest houses at the other ranch where the families of our overseers live.”

“Oh my god… you mean, Master John’s family? And Olivia’s?”

“No, Olivia and Darios are with them. But John, Mistress Karla, and the staff at the ranch house. They have all been held hostage for the past three years.”

“What about the other stable hands?”

“They’re playing for the other team.”

“Thank you for telling me this, Felicity. I’ll be sure to be even more cooperative with Master John in the future.” Jessica grazed and thought for a minute. “So… where do you and Danielle fit into all of this? Why are you protected?”

“We belonged to two of the original members who were murdered by that band of Italian slime. We were here when they swept in and are the only two ponies that started out wanting to be here. Our boyfriends both helped start the business that this ranch would become.”

“My God, you’ve been here three years?”


“Oh Felicity! That’s horrible.”

“Like I said earlier, I’ve come to accept my submissive side, and am content to be here. I’m only afraid that someday I may lose my protection. I sure would like to see those bastards pay, though. It’s my dream.”

“Some dreams come true, Felice.”

Felicity looked up at Jessica, “And some do not.”

The two fell silent as they picked away at the food in the grass.


The following week and a half went according to a set regime. Jessica was taken out by John in the morning and exercised, turned over to Darios around noon, returned to John for plow training, sent to work out in the gym for three hours, and then put to pasture in the large corral for an hour or two before being cleaned up and returned to her stall. In this time she had become accustomed to pissing and shitting where ever she was at the time that the urge struck her. It was pretty damn embarrassing at first, but she had seen how the other girls did it with no concern. It actually made things so much easier for her, but she was not too happy with the smell. It was impossible to walk and shit and not get it on her legs and boots. But it made the evening scrub down that much more enjoyable. Karla also required her to shower before using the equipment.

Also, one of the new girls from the Mafia ranch had been moved in next to Jessica where Hanna used to be. The girl’s name was Brittany, and she was very quiet. The women in the stalls around her were very courteous to her and made special provisions for her when they could, but she would not come out of her shell. They agreed to let her have her space.

Jessie was making very good progress with her plow training. She could lug the damn hunk of steel about sixty yards on a good day before stalling out. After taking a break for water, she would pull it another fifty to sixty yards. Her legs muscles were increasing in strength and she was getting the hang of the initial pull that set the entire thing in motion.

John was beginning to work on her stance more, making sure she was in proper form with the presentation of her breasts and the height of her prance. They worked with various corsets and waist belts, mixing up the ways that Jessica could be strapped to the draft shafts. He began to put her in different harnesses, binding her so that leather tethers ran through her clit ring, or the ring in her septum.

Several nights Jessica was visited by Connor. She had come to realize that Connor was not a very nice kid. Knowing now that he was from one of the Mafia families, she could see the arrogance that made him think he was better than any of them. Not knowing why he had seemed nice at first, their sessions at night were becoming more and more violent. If he had not been crucial to Jessica’s plan she would have tried to find a way to discourage his advances.

On one hot sunny day, Jessica was taken directly from Darios’ training session back to the barn. John took her into the wash stall and stripped her down to total nudity before scrubbing her down. He told her to she was to be driven by her former master’s wife, Marianne Brent. Jessica shook her head, no, but John told her there was no getting out of it. It was meant to humiliate her and John told her to be strong and not let it show, no matter how bad it was. “Don’t give her the satisfaction, Jessie.”

Jessica told him she would make him proud and pull the bitch where ever she wanted to go. The stable boss laughed and gave her a big hug. Jessica nestled her head into his broad shoulder and hugged him back.

John took his time in dressing Jessica after she had been dried off and coated in a creamy sun block that made her muscled body glisten in the light. Tiny silver bells adorned her pussy and nipple rings, a tight corset was laced around her slender waist. Her arms were encased in red leather sleeves and her hands slipped into finger-less leather gloves. The straps from the sleeves were buckled to the red leather harness that was fitted over her shoulders and around her breasts.

In the mirror that John had positioned in front of them, Jessica could see how the harness straps fit snuggly around her 34C breasts, forcing them outward more than was normal. A thin strap was buckled onto the bottom of her corset and then brought between her legs. The strap was pulled tight until a small hole was properly positioned over Jessie’s pierced clit. Her clit ring was pulled through the slit and then the strap was locked at the front of the corset.

“Oh, Master John! I won’t be able to stand this! Do I have to be exposed this way?”

Jessica could feel the pull on her sensitive bud. She tensed her ass when John fit the tail onto the strap.

“Sorry, Jess. I was told how to present you. It’s not my choice to make.”

Jessica knew arguing would not change anything so she submitted, knowing that what she was about to experience would probably be the most demanding thing she had been made to do at the ranch so far.

Even though she knew it would be Dr. Dresser who was going to be controlling her, or maybe because Dr. Dresser was going to be controlling her, her nerves were totally frazzled. Her knees felt weak and she began to tremble. When John fit the bridal over her head, Jessica nearly fainted. The stable boss held her up and then leaned her back against a support beam as she relieved herself. He reached down and quickly wiped her crotch, washed her boots and then finished fitting the harness and bit.

Jessica stood up and John presented her to the mirror.

Jessica could see the handlers moving all of the women who were in the barn out, and wondered where they were going. She stood and looked at herself in the mirror and trembled.

“Jessica, you are so beautiful,” John cooed in her ear. “Look at you! My god, you’re sensational.”

Tears rolled out of the corners of Jessica’s eyes as she looked at her reflection in the full length mirror. Totally fitted out as a pony-girl, complete with the fan of red and yellow feathers standing tall at the front of her headdress. She felt the gentle nudge of John’s hand on her hip and she pressed herself upright, thrusting her breasts out in front of her.

“Be proud of yourself, Jessica. You’ll put this bitch to shame, if she were to ever think of comparing her own body to yours. Ha! What a joke she is. You are a woman.”

“Thank you master, I will make you very proud of me today,” Jessie said through her bit.

“You already have.” He attached the leash to her septum ring and said, “Walk.”

As he led her, John leaned in and said very quietly, “Remember Jessica, only obey the commands you have been taught. Do not obey any other commands such as go, or stop, slow down, or this way. You make her say the right commands. Drag her through hell if you can.” Jessica looked over at the stable boss and he was trying very hard to suppress a smile.

Jessica strutted behind her stable boss, knees coming up in a proud strut. As she exited the barn she saw two rows of pony-girls lined up on either side of the walk. Her entire barn had been turned out to see her first presentation. She felt a surge of emotion that promised to overcome her, but she fought it back – not wanting to have Marianne see her in tears for all the wrong reasons. She might misinterpret her tears as ones of grief, not what they were – extreme happiness.

She really nearly lost it at the end of the rows when she came to Felicity and Danielle. Each stomped their hoofs in a steady beat. The other pony-girls took up the beat.

At the training corral, Jessica saw that Master Darios was giving Marianne a lesson in how to steer a pony. She was sitting atop the double-seated carriage holding the reins. As Jessica approached all activity at the corral stopped and Darios, Olivia, Marianne, and Gavin could only stare with their mouths agape.

John dropped the leash and Jessica high stepped the remainder of the distance on her own. When she got to the carriage, she bowed deeply and stood, looking down at the ground in front of her.

Marianne’s face flushed. Oh my god! Jessica! She looked so beautiful and, if possible, more muscular and toned than the last time she had seen her, only two weeks before!

Her submissive friend looked so gorgeous, but she couldn’t even begin to fathom what she must be thinking and feeling now. Was she in heaven, as Gary had said, or in hell?

She looked at how Jessica was standing: straight, proud, presenting herself. She felt her pussy grow damp at the understanding that Jessica was presenting her naked and bound body to her to do with what she wanted. She watched as Darios backed her between the long arms of the carriage and linked the wooden arms to her tight corset. Her half gloved hands were buckled to the draft shafts and she gripped the wood with her exposed fingers.

The long leather tether attached to her septum was threaded down through her clit ring and then up behind her. Darios ran it through an eyebolt and tied it off to the dash rail. Long reins were attached to the ends of Jessica’s bit and also looped over the dash rail.

With Jessica firmly secured to the buggy, Marianne was helped up to the padded seat.

“Now remember ma’am,” Darios said, “all of the commands are here on this note card.” He pointed to a 3x5 card in a holder on the dash rail. “Here is your crop, I’m sure you will want to get that out to prompt your little pony along.” He stood back, “She is all yours, enjoy your ride.”

Marianne took the long crop out of the holder and said, “Okay, let’s go.”

Jessica stood still, her eyes diverting briefly to see John lower his head so that his grin couldn’t be seen.

Jessica jumped slightly when she felt the crop strike her bare ass.

“Go I said!” Marianne said a little more sternly.

“Use the commands Mari,” Meatball urged quietly.

“Oh yeah, um, walk!” The nervous woman struck Jessie on the ass again with the crop.

Jessica stepped forward, set to make the initial pull to get the buggy rolling and was nearly thrown to her knees from the buggy pushing her.

“Easy!” John called out and then he abruptly curtailed any more outbursts.

Jessica quickly realized that pulling one person in a buggy was so much easier than tugging that fucking plow blade! She could go all day with this little weight! It took every ounce of restraint not to just take off at a gallop!

Now that she knew that pulling her mistress was to be no problem, Jessie concentrated on form; keeping her knees up and her breasts out.

Marianne directed Jessica away from the barn and out along a hard packed dirt trail.

After they were far enough away that no one could hear her, Marianne called out, “Jessie! I can’t believe this! You’re pulling me! Oh my god! I can’t believe it! Wait ‘till your master hears about how well you’ve done. He’ll be so proud of you.”

At the mention of her master, a tremor ran through Jessica’s body. [Marianne will tell my master how well I’ve done and how beautiful I am!] The thought brought a tingly warmness throughout her body.

Marianne studied the path they were on and when a fork in the path presented itself she pulled slightly on the left rein to direct Jessica to the left. She had spent hours going over the satellite photos of the compound and had memorized every twist and turn of the paths and the elevations of the surrounding landscape. She knew that the path to the left would head out through an opening in an inner ring of barbed wire fencing, while the fork to the right stayed inside the fencing. Theo had determined where the best places were to stop and talk to Jessica and team members had been sent to monitor them when they stopped.

“Can we go faster Jessie? We have to be at a certain spot in, um,” she looked at her watch, “like three minutes.”

Jessica smiled to herself and continued walking, enjoying both the ease at which she could pull the buggy and her mistress and that she was trying to force her mistress to use a pony command. She felt like giggling!

“Jessie! Oh, um,” she looked at the commands, “Trot.”

Jessica picked up speed, nearly to a run. The trail was hard packed dirt and she had no problems in her 5” heels getting good footing. They rounded a corner and the trail took a dip into a shallow hollow.

“Okay, whoa.” Jessica slowed to a walk and then stopped.

“Holy shit Jessie! I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Marianne jumped off of the buggy and ran to Jessica, throwing her arms around her and hugging her. “How are you? Are you okay?”

Jessica nodded. “Get bit out!” she urged awkwardly and then was surprised at how quickly her therapist accomplished it. Little did she know that Trent and Gary had worked her hard, practicing that very task. They didn’t want her to lose precious time trying to figure out how to remove and replace a bit.

“Do you have information? Captain Alderson and Agent Edmonds have a long-range directional mike on us right now. Start talking and if I need to ask something I’ll do it at the end.” She turned Jessica slightly so that she was facing the forest on the other side of the high barbed wire fence, then she scanned the hillside behind them for any movement from the ranch.

Jessica started talking. She told them she had seen Nicky and exactly what had happened when she approached her. She told them she had seen the Gambini’s and how she had managed to stay out of sight. She talked about how many girls were held at both of the ranches and about everything she had found out about the collars and the security system. She told them about the Mafia ranch and how they selected the pony-girls.

Marianne looked at her watch nervously. “Okay, time’s up.” Startling Jessica, she quickly took the bit and reattached it to the harness. She ran to the buggy and said, “Trot.”

Jessica took off, pulling the buggy up the other side of the little hill and onto flatter ground. Marianne looked around and saw the top of the barn in the distance and then briefly saw the training area. A few people were standing there and she knew they could be seen.

They were approaching a cross trail and Marianne ordered Jessica to walk and then guided her to the right, heading back towards the ranch. Jessica panicked, thinking Marianne was taking her back. She still had information to pass on and requests to make! Seeing the line of high fencing approaching she began to shake her head and turn the cart.

“What are you doing?” Marianne said, startled. “Jessie! Go forward! No!” Without thinking she flicked the crop, striking Jessica hard across her back.

“Oh my god! I’m sorry!”

But Jessica quickly straightened out and trotted forward. [Dr. Dresser whipped me!]

Jessica couldn’t believe it had happened like that. Her friend had disciplined her to make her obey a command!

Once they were through the gate in the inner barbed wire fence there was another cross trail and Marianne directed Jessica to the left and across a long open plain. There was a fork in the trail and Jessica was guided to the left again. The trail went back through another gate in the fence and then took a dip down a rather steep incline and at the bottom the trail turned near the outer fence line.

“Whoa.” Marianne jumped off of the buggy as it came to a stop. She ran to Jessica and released the bit.

“We have this all planned out Jessie, just do as I say.”

“Yes mistress.”


Jessie started talking about the staff at the farm and the guesthouses. She told them about the Mafia take over of the ranch.

“That’s all of the information I have. Now my requests, I need to have some keys made. I remember from class there being some paper, like a copy paper, that can be used to make impressions of keys. You need to smuggle some in to me. Then you can smuggle the keys back in to me after they’re made.”

“How can I do that? They use a wand on me each time and search me.”

“My master will know what to do,” Jessica said quickly. “I need them right away, so you’ll have to get your boyfriend to bring you back, like tomorrow or later in the week.”

The psychiatrist looked at her watch, “Anything else Jessie?”

“No mistress, that’s all.” Turning to the tree line she said, “I miss you guys. This is really difficult, but I’m holding up okay. See you all soon I hope. Love you master.” Turning to Marianne she said, “Mistress, I need you to do something for me.”

Marianne stood with Jessie’s bit in her hand, “What is it? I’ll do anything for you, you know that.”

“You need to start whipping me more. Remember, I tried to steal your husband and you’re plenty mad about that. Also, when we get close to the training grounds I need you to make me gallop. Drive me hard but come in screaming that I won’t stop. Try to forget the ‘Whoa’ command. Can you do that?”

Marianne looked startled. Whip her? “Um, okay. Yeah, I’ll do it, if you want me to.”

Jessica stood with her mouth open to accept the bit. When Marianne was in the buggy Jessica took off at a good pace. She lurched slightly when she felt the crop strike her exposed backside.

As they got closer to the ranch, Marianne began to really lay some good strokes down on Jessica’s bare back and ass. The therapist could see the thin red lines coming up to the surface. Then she was nearly toppled out of her seat as Jessica picked up speed and began to run at an incredibly quick pace. She was amazed that she could do that in those punishing heels!

She saw the ranch up ahead and several people standing near the railing of the larger corral. All of the pony-girls were walking around in the corral, but they were beginning to congregate near the railing as the buggy approached.

Marianne began to shout “Stop! Slow down! Damn you!” She let fly with a couple of lashes that landed much harder than she had anticipated. Jessica was running full out and Marianne was being bounced around in the buggy like a rag down.

“Stop her! She’s out of control!”

As they approached the yard, Darios and John both ran in their direction shouting, “Whoa!”

John came up to Jessie and said “Whoa girl, there you go. Good girl.” He stroked her hair. “There you go.” He began to unhook the draft shafts from her corset and her wrists cuffs. He unhooked the long tether from the dash rail, happy to see that the woman hadn’t even thought about torturing Jessica with it. He used it to guide Jessie away from the buggy and then watered her.

Jessica stood tall and proud, her chest heaving from the exertion and her muscled body glistening with sweat. She could hear the stomping of her fellow pony-girls in the corral.

“Silence!” Darios commanded and the stomping ceased.

Darios stormed over to Jessica. “What is the meaning of this? You nearly injured your rider. That is unacce…”

John held up his hand. “Master, this pony was not commanded to stop using the commands that she understands. This pony should not be punished for performing as you trained her. I believe it’s the rider who needs to be trained.” John held onto the tether connected to Jessica’s nose ring, careful not to apply any pressure on the strap. Jessica stood erect, head up, eyes down.

“Just a minute here,” Meatball said, finally deciphering what John had just said and realizing his new girl friend had just been slammed. He took a step towards John and Darios stepped between them.

“My barn boss has made a good point. It is not the pony’s fault the proper commands were not issued. I would like to offer the lady additional instructions on how to control a pony such as this. Would you be interested in this ma’am?”

“On this one? She’s wild!” Marianne exclaimed.

“Allow me a day or two to tame her, and you could try again, here, in the yard.”

Marianne couldn’t believe her ears! She was being invited back in a couple of days. It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly!

“Well,” she looked at Gavin who was giving her the look that said he wanted her to accept. “I guess I could try it again. It really was a nice ride up until that last stretch when the bitch went crazy on me.”

Jessica heard some stomping from the corral and fought back a smile.

“And you want to show her who’s the boss, too, right Mari?” Gavin prompted her.

“Yes, dear, I certainly want her to know that.”

“It’s set then. Mr. Petrocelli will contact you on the exact day this week.”

After Gavin and Marianne had started back to his car, Darios instructed John to tether Jessica’s clit ring to the training machine. When the stable boss began to object Darios quickly silenced him and took the tether from him. He ordered John to bring the other girls around the training corral and tie them off, if he could manage to do that without objecting. Then he inserted the prancing board into its highest fixture and attached the punishment cable to Jessica’s nipple chain.

In a loud voice he said, “You will not endanger your masters or mistresses. I don’t know what you thought you were doing, but regardless of your training, you know what you did was wrong.”

He pressed a button and said, “Canter.”

Jessica felt a horrible tug on her clit as the arm began to move. She hurried to catch up as the shocks hit her nipples. At the fast pace, it was very difficult to lift her legs up high enough to hit the board. Finally she got into a rhythm, although it was a punishing, jarring one that tortured her feet and continue to ravish her clit and nipples. Her legs felt like they were on fire after having pulled Marianne all over the countryside, and now to prance in such a dramatic fashion was extremely difficult.

She barely noticed the other pony-girls tied to the railing watching her. When she noticed Danielle she saw that she had a serious look on her face, her lips pursed over her bit, her head nodding as if to tell her, Go, Go, Go. It gave her strength.

After twenty punishing minutes, Jessica was released and returned to her stall. She was stripped naked and bound with her wrists behind her back. The harness remained on her head, bit intact, and she was chained to the wall.

Later that night as Jessica lay in her stall fighting a horrible cramp in her leg she heard a quiet rapping sound coming from the side of her stall; from Brittany’s side. In considerable pain, Jessica rolled over and rapped back.

“Are you okay Jessie?” Brittany whispered.

“My legs…they’re cramping really bad.”

“Scoot up against the side of your stall and put your legs up. Press them into the wood as hard as you can.”

Jessica turned around so that her butt was up against the wall and lifted her legs up, pressing them against the wooden slats. In a minute or so the pain began to subside and in a little while the cramps went away.

The exhausted woman let her legs fall to the side and she fell asleep where she landed. Her snoring may have disrupted someone’s sleep, but not one of the ponies in the barn would’ve disturbed her. As she drifted off to sleep a quiet prayer seemed to be drifting in and out of her consciousness,

Nicky Goddess of Pain
Visit our sister tonight
Comfort her as only you can
Oh Goddess who keeps us sane.

Nicky Goddess of Pain
Stay with our sister tonight
Take away her fear
Oh Goddess whose life is pain.

Our Father who art in heaven

Nicky! Why did you turn away? Did you see it was me? Why did you look at me with such horror? Why did you run away?


The team met in the warehouse in Canton hours after Marianne left the pony farm, following the same security procedures as before. They listened to the audio and smiled at the end when Jessica said hello to everyone and confirmed their assessment that she was okay and enjoying herself. They also had video shot from the blind that Alderson and Ricky were in and from the hide-a-way that Chris and Barry were in. Both showed Jessica in fine condition, really, spectacular condition.

The information about the facility security was extremely valuable and Gary was already busy getting authorization to alter satellite orbits to scan spectral arrays for the upper New York State region. He would have never thought about theta waves. It was a relatively new technology, but one that he had studied and understood. He had to figure out where the theta waves were generated, how they were disseminated within the compound, and how to create his own to replace the existing system. They had to know that if the Mafia cut the power that their own system would keep the girls from being killed.

Trent and Larry were busy trying to track down the location of the key to the collars. They had a map on which they had drawn a number of circles. Each circle indicated the distance from the ranch at an approximate speed. They had calculated average speeds for combined city and highway driving and had a very good idea of the zone in which they would concentrate their efforts. Part of the zone went into Canada, but they agreed that going across the border might be a disadvantage to the mobsters, so they could ignore that part of the circle.

Theo had left to visit the local hospital to speak to the administrator on a strictly confidential matter. After which he would be paying a call to a friend of his in the FBI’s Albany headquarters. He would try to line up some assault troops for an undisclosed secret op in Massachusetts. He hated to mislead his friend, but Jessica’s life, and the lives of all of those women came first. A real debriefing would come en route when the time came.

Agent Phelps and Dr. Dresser had tracked down the key impression paper and were trying to figure out how to get it into the compound. It wasn’t magnetic, so that wasn’t a problem, but that damn Olivia woman practically strip-searched Marianne before allowing her in. She had searched her purse and her clothing and made her lift up her blouse and lower her pants. It was very embarrassing and Marianne had complained, but it was either that or not getting in. Marianne was also busy cutting new little leather strips and adding them to another ring on Jessica’s collar. 30 more strips.


Nicky struggled to pull the cart with her master and three of his buddies in it. The man, Hugo Estrates, had the whip and was pummeling her sides with its barbed ends. The buggy rolled forward and Nicky pushed hard to maintain the momentum and keep it going. The bastards probably weighed 250 pounds each. That was a thousand pounds not counting the buggy itself. Her feet ached in the pointy ballerina heels she had been put into. The bit between her teeth held her tongue in a tight clamp, not allowing her to swallow properly. She cried out as her master, Rico Gambini, pulled on the cord that was attached to her nose ring.

But Nicky felt very little of the pain was being inflicted upon her. Her pain was internal.

Jessica! Nicky’s heart ached. What are you doing here?

The tortured woman knew that what she had endured these past couple of months would be nothing compared to what Vito Gambini would do to Jessica if he ever caught her. She felt a terrible pain in her heart and thought for a moment that she might actually be having a heart attack. Although she had prayed to die many times since being kidnapped and enslaved, now she needed to live. Now she needed to stay alive to help Jessica. But how?

Why is she here? Could it be a coincidence? It could… if she had been kidnapped by the mob. But if she had, then the mob would know who they had and Vito would have her on a spit over hot coals.

No, the mob didn’t know she was here, or at least that Ashley Bennet was here. Maybe they had kidnapped Jessica Brenner and didn’t realize who they had yet. Vito had her picture, she had seen it in his room. His hatred of Ashley was beyond any sane infatuation. It was insane. But the Jessica she had seen in the corral looked quite different

Too, Ashley could be undercover like she was before. But if so, how was she going to do anything as a pony-girl? Nicky knew well enough the bondage regime of the farm. The amount of time that a pony girl was not in strict bondage was… oh yeah, zero. Maybe she had thoughts of coming to the farm undercover, but was now trapped. How horrible.

Still, it might mean that she had backup. The possibilities rolled over and over in Nicky’s head as she picked up speed and began to trot with the heavy cart dragging behind her. An object whizzed past her head and a beer bottle broke on the path in front of her.

Go ahead, knock out your horse, fucking idiot.

Nicky felt a tug at her right nipple and she directed the cart to the right. A downward incline made the woman grip the draft shafts hard and hold tight lest the buggy overtake her and run her over. She stumbled and fell causing the draft shafts to drag her along on the rocky path until they all arrived at the bottom of the little hill. The men were rolling in laughter and Rico got out to retrieve the nose tether that had been pulled out of his hand when Nicky fell.

The stocky little man grabbed Nicky by the neck and pulled her to her feet.

“Get us out of here, cunt.”

“Yeth, mathter,” Nicky said, her tongue useless and dried out in the clamp.

“What a worthless whore.” Rico climbed back in the buggy and took the whip from Hugo, lashing Nicky’s legs and ass with it. “I’m going to check out some of those new girls they brought down yesterday.”

“I’ll take this one here,” one of the other men said.

“Fuck you will,” Rico shot back. “This one is still bait. She’s stays with me.”

“Bait, for what?”

“Just you keep your nose outta it if yous know what’s good for yous. It’s family bidness.”

That pretty much shut everyone up.

Nicky knew she was bait… for Ashley. She had overheard the elder Gambini making plans to plant her in Philadelphia at the end of the summer to lure Jessie out of whatever hole she was hiding in. But it appeared that the prey had found the bait sooner than he had anticipated.


“You awake Jessie?”

It was Tricia.


There was a moment of silence.

“Are you okay? Everyone is worried sick over you.”

“What time is it? Is everyone here?

“It’s late. I’m to be taken to the vet in awhile. I’m scared.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I hope it’s just a check-up or something.”

“Everyone is out doing their normal routines.”

“Why wasn’t I woken up? I have training to get in today. I have to get to the gym.”

“Easy girl. Master John let you sleep. He is so pleased with you, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him this happy. Check your bin, we all got beef jerky! It’s so good!” The delight in Tricia’s voice was clear.

“Hey, what about Brittany?” Tricia asked. “All this time she’s been quiet as a mouse and then she just opened up last night?”

“She did? What are you talking about?”

“You didn’t hear her? She was like praying and chanting for you all night?”

“I thought I was dreaming. What was she saying?”

“It was still very quiet, but I heard the Lord’s Prayer and the Hail Mary, but also one that had to do with some Nicky Goddess of Pain.”

Jessica jumped up and then was yanked backwards by her chain. “Arrghhh!” she cried out. “Damn that hurt!” Scrambling on her knees to Tricia’s wall she said, “What was the prayer, do you remember how it went?”

“No.” Then after awhile she said, “Something like ‘Nicky Goddess of pain, visit our sister tonight and keep us sane’. The she would repeat the first part but it changed to ‘take away our fear oh goddess who lives with pain, no… um, whose life is pain’. Something like that.”

Jessica felt her stomach cramp and bile hit her throat and she retched. Nicky Goddess of Pain! Nicky! Oh my sweet Nicky!

It was too terrible to think about and Jessica broke down and cried like she hadn’t cried in years. The tears wouldn’t stop and no amount of consoling by Tricia seemed to help.

It’s all because of me. They wouldn’t have her if Gambini wasn’t looking for me! No wonder she looked at me with horror, she hates me! I am the cause of her suffering. It’s because of me that she has become the Goddess of Pain.

Jessica was despondent. John had come into the barn, heard the crying, and came running down to her stall. Unsure of what was wrong, and unable to console her, he quickly untied her, threw her over his shoulder, and high-tailed it up to Doc Avonavich.

“Put her on the table,” the doctor said.

He held up a little device and turned a knob.

Jessica felt a growing warmth in her pussy, specifically in her clit and she began to settle down. It was a good feeling, a feeling she hadn’t felt in some time. It was pleasure.

Lost in her self-incriminations she didn’t know where she was or what was happening to her. Life outside of her tear soaked eyes was a blur.

“Master! I saw Nicky! She’s here,” Ashley shouted out to no one in particular.

John and the doctor looked at each other, confused at Jessie’s outburst.

“Because of me she’s the goddess of pain. All because of me.” She broke down again sobbing and the doctor tweaked the controller sending more pleasure directly to Jessie’s clit. Again, it quieted her down.

“I only know of one Nicky and they got her over in mob-town.”

“Oh yeah, I remember her, she never really spent any time here. Darios trained her over there. Cute kid. True sub if I remember right.”

The doctor shook his head. “No, she came out of Ketami’s training camp.”

John’s head jerked up. “Ketami? I’ve heard about him.”

“As brutal as they come, I hear. Of course I examined the girl when they brought her here. She was missing a little toe on her right foot. She had cut that off herself in order to be allowed to leave that monster.”

“She must have been in the corral yesterday during the selection…”

“And Jessica saw her,” the doctor completed the sentence.


The men looked at Jessica, lying on the table, eyes closed, responding to the sensation in her pussy. Her fingers were pulling gently on her hairless pussy lips, tugging gently on the rings pierced through her labia, stroking her clit and pulling on the ring there.

“I need to find out what’s going on between Jessie and this Nicky kid. I know Jessie’s up to something. What it is I haven’t figured out yet,” John said.

“I could call her up here for a physical, or some shots or something. Give them some time together in the room back there,” he nodded towards one of his exam rooms.

“Good idea! Make the call.”


Marianne’s cell phone rang and everyone in the command center fell silent.

“Hello? Oh hi Gavin,” she looked up at Trent and then saw that everyone was standing still so as to not make any noise. “I miss you too.” She made a scrunched up face. “Uh-huh… oh I know, she was terrible to me. She will? You’re sure? Oh, I forgot about that. That would really hurt if I pulled on that though. Uh-huh, yeah, I see what you mean. You really know a lot about these things, don’t you Gavin?” She listened for a minute. “Tomorrow? So soon? I wouldn’t want to become a nuisance over there? Really? They don’t mind? Okay then, pick me up around noon. Bye.”

The psychiatrist ended the call and said, “Well I’m in again tomorrow.”

“What about the key paper? Have you got any ideas?”

“Well,” Kenny started out tentatively, “Dr. Dresser has an idea, but it’s, well…”

“We’ll put it in a balloon and stick it up my you-know-what,” Marianne said. “Then I can transfer it to Jessie while we’re on the trail.”

“It’s a great idea because the balloon can be partially inflated to hold it in place,” Kenny added. “Plus, if Jessie gets wet before she’s able to get to the papers they’ll be protected.”

Suddenly Marianne’s face blushed when she considered that every man in the room was envisioning exactly how that might be done.

“It’s a good plan, unless we can think of a better one by tomorrow,” Trent said.


Jessica sat in the exam room, finally quiet. The doctor had shown her that he now had a working remote to control her clit implant and ordered her to be calm. It took all of her will power to comply with that command, but she knew the doctor could cause her a great deal of pain if she did not; not that she didn’t deserve pain after what she had put Nicky through. She almost started crying again, but was able to control herself. She looked around the room and was a little surprised to see a riding crop and a flogger on the counter. But, in this place? Maybe not so surprising.

The door opened and Jessie heard the doctor say, “Right in here, you have half an hour. No strings attached.”

“Yes master, I still don’t…”

“You will, now in you go.”

Jessica heard Nicky’s sweet voice and sank to her knees before prostrating herself in the submission position. If Nicky wanted to whip her ass until her skin was flayed, she would not say a word.

“What? Jessica? Is it you?” She sank down to the floor next to the prostrated woman, instantly recognizing the position her friend was in.

“Oh my god, Jessica! I can’t believe it! What are you doing? Come here!” Nicky threw her arms around Jessica and began to cry. “I missed you so much!” She continued to sob, her tears rolling down onto Jessie’s naked back.

“You… you missed me?”

“Of course! I love you so much! How could I not miss you!” Nicky sobbed. “Thinking of you is the only thing that’s gotten me through all of this.”

“Thinking of how you’ll make me pay?”

“Pay?” Nicky picked her head up, “Pay for what sweetie?”

“For getting you into all of this, for putting you through so much.”

“Sweetie, this isn’t your fault. I never blamed you… come here, please. Let me see you.”

Jessica lifted herself up and looked at her friend. “I’ve been looking for you for so long, Nicky! I can’t believe I’ve finally found you!”

Nicky looked startled. “You’ve been looking for me? Jessie! What have you done? You know half the fucking mob is here? You saw Gambini yesterday, he’ll fucking kill you if he figures out who you are! Why, Jessie?”

“Quiet! Shhh, Nicky, I’m not an idiot. I have backup. My master is making plans right now, as we speak.”

Nicky looked at Jessie. “Your master? Are you…”

“A slave? Yes, look,” Jessie sat up and offered her thigh to Nicky. “My master’s mark.”

“Holy shit, Jessica! I have a mark of my submissiveness, too. But it’s not as pretty.” Nicky’s fingers touched the S brand on Jessica’s inner thigh.

“Your toe? Oh god, Nicky, that must have been horrible.”

“You know about my toe?”

“Like I said, I’ve been one step behind you for the past six months.” Jessica leaned in and said in a low voice, “We put that bastard Ketami away for fifty years. All of his henchmen too.”

“How Jessie? Your old employers?”

Jessica winked. “Yes, my master has connections. I chose a master with powerful friends so that I could find you.”

“Who’s your master?”

Jessica looked around the room, wondering now if too much had already been said.

Nicky caught her look and a look of panic crossed her face. Each thought back to what had already been said. The comment about Gambini would be very hard to explain.

“Oh you’ve met him, at the hospital. He saved my life, remember?”

Nicky knew it could only be one man. She smiled, “Ohh Jessica, you picked a good one! But how…”

“We’ll be able to catch up later. Right now, let’s hug!”

The two women flew into each others arms and began to cry, but this time tears of joy.

After awhile, Nicky whispered into Jessica’s ear. “What’s your master going to do?”

“I don’t know yet, but he’ll find a way to deal with Vito and his bunch, and if I get my way, which I usually do, the ranch will be returned to its rightful owners.”

Nicky looked at Jessica. “How long have you been here?”

“A couple of weeks.”

“You sure know a lot of shit, girl. You know about the guesthouses?” she whispered.

Jessica nodded her head, “Master knows too.”

“Damn! I’m actually optimistic. What a funny feeling!”

“Come here, I’ll give you a funny feeling.” Jessica wrestled Nicky to the floor and began to tickle her.

“Eh-hem,” someone clearing his throat brought both women to their knees quickly.

The stable boss was in the doorway.

“Conjugal visit’s over ladies.”

“Thank you Master John.” Jessica lifted her wrists to show she was submitting to his bondage. Nicky followed suit and lifted her wrists.


Both women stood and John secured their wrists behind their backs as the doctor came into the room with a hypodermic needle. “Better make this look official, Goddess.”

“You know my nickname, Master?” Nicky asked, a little surprised.

“We hear things too.”

Nicky and Jessica looked at each other with dread on their faces. Did this mean they heard everything they had just talked about? Both women realized it was highly probable.


Much later that evening, John walked through the barn, checking latches on stalls and seeing that all of the ponies were bedded properly. As he reached the far end of the barn, just past Danielle’s stall, he pressed in on a board and pulled on a latch. A door opened and he stepped inside, closing it behind him. Descending a circular metal staircase, he reached the bottom and clicked on a light switch. Stepping into a small vehicle that resembled a golf cart, he turned on the navigation light and sped off up a narrow tunnel, just tall enough to allow the cart with him hunched over in it.

Moments later he emerged in a brightly lit room under the ranch house. He saw that Karla was already there, along with Dr. Avonavich, the maid Jenny Dobson, and the two cooks, Walter Tremont and Bree Edwards. Their hushed arguments told John that they had already played the video of the girls meeting.

“Okay, where are we at?”

Greg put his hands up to quiet the group. “Jenny and Walter think we should hand the tape over to the thugs, the rest disagree.”

“Why not hand over the tape?” John asked. “What are your arguments for holding anything back from these murdering thugs? Why should we risk our loved ones for these ponies?” He was clearly asking for information, not because he held these views.

“If they find out, whose husband or wife… or daughter will they make an example of?” Jenny asked.

“Yeah, let’s not forget about Doug and Tanya,” Walter added.

Bree made the sign of the cross over her chest.

The doctor stood up, “Listen, it sounds like there is a real plan being formulated to end this nightmare. How long will we live under their thumbs, the rest of our lives?”

John stepped into the light, “I agree with Greg. It has to end. You heard Jessica, her master, who ever he is, is in the planning stages. They know about us, they know about our families. They know about security.”

This comment got a few stares from the group.

“Security? How…”

“I told Jessica about the collars and the theta-waves. I could see she was hell bent on escaping, and needed to impress upon her how impossible it was. I’ve got to believe this information has already made it to her master.”

“Who is this master and how does she communicate with him?”

“The messenger has to be Meatball’s new girlfriend, Jessica’s boyfriend’s wife. How convenient that she would show up, supposedly tracking down her husband’s mistress. Luckily the boys down the hill are too busy with their own ‘bidness’ to think things through.”

“And Darios is so arrogant that he’ll do anything to impress a pretty woman. He’s practically falling over himself inviting her back.”

“The master has to be the guy who rented the cottage she was picked up at,” John said. “Meatball’s guys have already checked him out and he came up clean. Some sort of entrepreneur. Also, I got a peek at his report this morning and it verified that Jessica was trained in California by a Mistress Sheana.”

“How’s he going to stage an operation like this though?” Walter asked. “These assholes have a lot of guns down there. I’ve seen them.”

“And they’ll blow those collars!” Jenny stressed. “Billy and Jill are wearing those things just like your kids are, John.”

“I know, I know. Now that we’re on to them, let’s let Jessica run with this and see how far it can go. We can always jump in at the last minute and out her. We would probably win a big favor from Gambini for turning Jessica over to him.”

This got favorable nods from the group.

“What could she have done to him that has the Goddess of Pain so worried?” Karla asked. “I’m just dying to find that out! Our little Jessica did something so bad to Vito Gambini that he is still furious over it.”

The meeting ended with an agreement on their own plan of action.


Jessica stood, perched high atop her 6” heels, waiting. The day was hot, the sun high over head. John had come by twice to squirt water into her mouth. Some of the water just drained down over her perspiring body. It felt good. The bit forced between her jaws did not feel good. Darios had called for one of the fatter bits. It had little ridges along its surface which, while not exactly sharp, felt very uncomfortable on Jessica’s tongue when it touched it.

Marianne had been listening to Darios explaining the commands for the third time. He took every opportunity to show off his skills and to press in close to his student. Gavin stomped around outside the training buggy while Marianne threw him exasperated looks to show that she wished she was with him instead of Darios.

The truth was, the balloon in her pussy was making her horny and she desperately wanted to get the hell out of there so she could get it out of her. She had been hopelessly horny since Trent had bent down between her thighs and puffed a little air into the open end of the balloon. He had suggested that he wear one of Jessie’s blindfolds so he wouldn’t be looking right at her crotch, but that had made it even more ludicrous as Marianne had been forced to guide his head between her legs and then dig around for the end of the balloon. She had felt his nose touch her pussy several times and knew he could smell her arousal. Hell, even she could smell her scent!

Jessica’s arms already ached from holding onto the draft shafts for the past half an hour. She had been outfitted in the same manner as the previous time, except that a tail had been fitted to a crotch strap. Her clit ring had been pulled through a slit in the front of the strap so that it tugged on her little bud with every step. It would be a punishing walk. Jessie only hoped that Dr. Dresser had been able to get what she had requested. It had only been two days since she had been there for her first ride.

Finally, Jessica felt the buggy move behind her and felt more weight on the shafts she was chained to. She felt some tapping on her rear from a crop and then Marianne said, “Are we going to have a good ride today, pony?”

Jessica stomped her hoof once.

“Good. I’m looking forward to this. Walk.”

She looked over at Darios and got a big smile that she had given a good firm command. Gavin stood a little further off and Marianne waved to him. This seemed to perk up the big lug.

Before they got too far away, Marianne ordered Jessica to trot. Jessica began to move her legs faster and as she did she felt the clit ring pulling on her clit with every step. It was painful and stimulating at the same time. She wondered how long she would be forced to run this way.

After they had cleared the first hill and went through the gate in the inner fence, the barn was no longer in sight and Marianne called out for her to walk again.

“Sorry about that Jessie, I just wanted Darios to think I was going to run you.” She let Jessie pull her another half a mile and then said, “Whoa.” She looked around and said, “Okay I’ve got to get this out of me now!” She hopped down and ran to Jessica.

“I have the key paper, it’s in a balloon. She lowered her jeans and panties and dug her fingers into her hair-covered slit. Jessie saw her tug on a little pink knobby thing and then saw that it was the end of the balloon. Her friend gave it a tug and the balloon popped out of her pussy.

“I think Agent Phelps put, like, fifteen papers in there, do you think that will be enough?”

Jessica stomped her foot once.

Marianne looked around and then said, “Okay, we’ve got to get these inside of you now. Um, let’s see.” She hadn’t been prepared to have a crotch strap directly over Jessica’s vagina, nor had she been prepared to have to maneuver Jessica’s clit ring, but now she was forced to deal with both of these if she were going to insert the balloon where it needed to go.

Embarrassed, but under a severe time constraint, Marianne knelt down and began fumbling with the buckle of the crotch strap. Once it was unbuckled she tried to pull it down enough to slip the paper filled balloon into Jessie’s pussy. As she pulled down on the strap Jessica cried out in pain. The strap was pulling down on her clit!

“Shit! I have to pull this through, too. Sorry! I’ll try to be gentle.”

Jessica felt Dr. Dresser’s fingers next to her pussy, trying to push the little clit ring through the slit in the leather thong. It felt like her clit was being jostled this way and that, sending arousing sensations through her entire pussy.

Jessie could not remember the last time she had had sex, and her body had been craving an orgasm for a long time. Her constant state of bondage and the training she had been going through had kept her in an almost continual state of arousal. Now, to have Dr. Dresser’s fingers so close to her sex… Jessica worried she wouldn’t be able to hold back! Her pussy was hot and she knew she was sopping wet with desire. Even the thought of how wet she must be made her all the more horny. It was a vicious circle.

She barely heard Marianne say she had gotten the strap off and was going to insert the balloon. She felt a hand on her thigh, pressing out and then Marianne talking to her.

“Jessica! Come on! Open ‘em wider. I need to get this in!”

“Huh?” Jessica looked down and saw Dr. Dresser on her knees in front of her holding the balloon. She stepped to the side to present her pussy and when Marianne pressed the balloon against her bald pussy, Jessica climaxed.

Biting down on the punishment gag, Jessica cried out and closed her eyes tight as the orgasm swept through her. Her chest heaved as she took in air in gasps.

“Oh Jessie! Not now, oh shit!” Marianne was really worried about the amount of time this was taking. She had to keep trying to insert the balloon into Jessica. The balloon slipped in easily and when Marianne went to retrieve the thong, the balloon popped out.

“Oh shit! You’re so wet it’s not going to stay inside!” Frantic, she untied the end of the balloon, holding the end so no air would escape, and then re-inserted it into Jessica’s dripping pussy. Then, putting her extreme embarrassment aside, the psychiatrist leaned in and blew more air into the balloon.

Jessica felt all of this and cried out in pleasure as another orgasm shook her to her core. The sensation of the balloon inflating inside of her and the fact that Dr. Dresser had her face buried in her cunt blowing into her was so overpowering! She felt tugging on her clit and she thought her knees would buckle as the next orgasm racked her tortured body.

Jessica felt light headed as she gasped for air. Her head fell forward and saliva rolled down her chin. Looking down she saw that Marianne had pulled the clit ring tether through the hole in the thong and was beginning to thread her clit ring through the slit.

Jessie couldn’t tell if she was feeling pleasure or pain any more. It was just pure sensation.

Marianne said “Easy girl,” and Jessica exploded in another massive orgasm.

[Dr. Dresser’s giving me pony commands!]

Marianne had just finished buckling the crotch strap when she heard sounds coming from on top of the little hill.

“Down! Pony! On the ground right now!” Marianne stood behind Jessica and pushed her roughly to the ground. Jessie cried out as her arms bent at a horrible angle, putting a great deal of stress on her. Marianne grabbed Jessica’s foot and pulled it under the draft shaft, pinning it down.

Marianne looked up and started to wave her hands. “Over here! Help us!”

Olivia and John were in a buggy being pulled by Danielle. They headed down the little incline and stopped next to Marianne’s buggy. John was out of his buggy before it had even come to a stop.

“Oh god! We came down that hill and I think I was driving her too fast! Is she all right? I can’t get the cart off of her, she’s stuck somehow.”

John worked at freeing Jessica’s leg and then pulled up on the draft shaft relieving the pressure. “You okay, pony?” He looked into Jessica’s eyes and saw a look of pure lust. He began to suspect something had been going on here, and not by accident. He pulled up gently and Jessica came up to her knees.

“Is she okay?” Olivia called out from her seat in her buggy. “Can she go on? How’re her ankles?”

John helped Jessie to her feet and then felt along Jessica’s heeled boots. He looked up along her dirty legs and noticed something pink sticking out of her thong. “The ankles are fine, she’s pretty lucky. Let me just adjust her here and they can be off again.”

John pulled the thong down just a little bit with his fingers and said, “Easy girl, don’t move too much.” Then he looked closely and saw it was the tied end of a balloon. He stuck his finger under the thong and pressed the tied end of the balloon into Jessica’s pussy so that it stayed inside of her and then he pressed harder, sending the balloon even deeper into her vagina. He pulled the strap back into place and stood up. His fingers were soaking wet from simply touching Jessie’s pussy. She was extremely aroused.

He wiped some of the pebbles off her sweaty skin and said, “She’s fine. Let’s ride together. It’ll be better if we’re nearby in case there’s a problem.”

“Oh thank you so much,” Marianne said as she climbed up into the buggy. “I really think I’m getting the hang of this. Oh god, I’m so glad you came along!”

Marianne said, “Walk,” and Jessica started out, still light headed but definitely sated!


Jessica lay in her pile of fresh hay, thinking about what she needed to do that night. It had been a long, long, day with her early morning training session with Master Darios, pulling Dr. Dresser around in the buggy, having several orgasms! Jessica smiled at the thought of what had occurred on the trail. She had been so aroused that she had ended up not even caring what she may have looked like as she stood there enveloped in her orgasms.

What must Dr. Dresser think of her now after seeing her like that? She must think I’m a total fucking whore. [She knows me so well though, I’m sure she understands.] She would be interested to see how her shrink acted the next day when she was to come back for more riding lessons.

She smiled again when she thought about how Marianne had flirted with Darios after returning from her ride. Meatball had been called away by his boss and wasn’t there to intervene. Marianne had graciously accepted the master trainer’s invitation to return for another private lesson before taking Jessica out again.

After the buggy pull, Master John had quickly taken Jessica back to her stall. She had been terrified because there was no doubt that John knew she had something hidden in her pussy. She fully expected the stable boss to take it from her, but to her surprise her collar was locked to the chain on the wall while he dumped some nutrition pellets in her bin and replenished her water. He told her he had something to attend to and latched the gate behind him when he left.

Left alone, Jessica fished the balloon out from between her legs, deflated it, and carefully deposited it into a hole in the wooden wall at the back of her stall. Matching the broken piece of wood to the hole out of which it came, Jessica pressed it firmly in place. She looked at the wall and could not see the break at all. Tossing loose hay in the area completely concealed the little hiding place.

Ten minutes later John returned and her day continued on schedule. Jessica knew then that John was on to her and that he was giving her free rein. She had an ally in the enemy camp!

Later that night, Jessica heard a noise at the barn door and held her breath. Half expecting Connor to open her stall gate, she was surprised when the footsteps continued towards the other end of the stable. Holding her chain so that it wouldn’t make any noise, Jessie stood up and looked over the top of the railings. She saw Master John walking towards the far end of the barn and then stop to listen. He stepped to the right and was gone.

This totally surprised Jessica. [Where the fuck did he go?] He hadn’t gone out the door that led to the gym. Did he enter Felicity’s stall? She hadn’t heard the latch or seen the stall gate open. Another sound behind her startled her and she turned to see Connor enter the barn.

Quietly, she lay down and pretended to sleep. Seconds later he heard the sound of her gate opening and a boot nudged her bare ass.

“Wakey, wakey,” he said. “I have a special treat for you tonight.”

Jessica rolled over and looked up. Connor held a wrapped condom. Fighting extreme revulsion, Jessica swooned softly, “Oh young master, I was hoping you would find one. Is it big enough to fit you? It’s extra large, right?”

“Yeah bitch, it’ll fit.”

Illusions of grandeur. What a fucking moron.

Jessica slid up to him, kissing him on the lips. [Yuk, hope he learns how to use a toothbrush in prison.] He stuck his tongue down Jessie’s throat and he mistook her gag as a reaction to his aggressive kissing.

Jessie unbuckled his dirty coveralls and slipped them down his torso. As she did she reached in his pocket and palmed his key ring. As she lowered his coveralls to the floor she slid her hand into the hay on Brittany’s side of her stall and carefully left the key ring there. Then she continued to undress the kid.

Jessie ran her hands up the kids’ bare flesh, feeling his muscular body. He was an asshole, but actually a well built one. She took his erect penis in her mouth and began to give him head. Up and down his shaft Jessica licked and sucked, bringing him fully erect.

“Now, sir? Will you fuck this pony now?” she asked eagerly.

“I want to taste your cunt first. On your back.”

“Ohh, thank you sir, I will gladly obey that command.” Jessica rolled over into the straw and spread her legs widely for the kid. She watched as he knelt down on all fours and pressed his face into her pussy.

As repulsed as she was, Jessica could not help but respond. His ministrations were lacking any sort of continuity and on their own were completely unsatisfying, but it still felt somewhat good. Jessica forced herself to breathe heavily and to act as though the kid was fulfilling her every desire.

When she started saying, “Oh sir, oh god,” he stopped and went up to his knees.

Jessica made an effort to sound as though he had left her hanging seconds before an orgasm, but the fact was she was barely aroused by his futile offering.

Connor pulled the condom over his puny erection and pressed himself into Jessica’s pussy. She held onto his tight little buns and forced him into her like a crazed sex kitten… or maybe a pony in heat. She didn’t know, and she didn’t care. Up until this point Jessica had been fighting off the urge to just throw up in his face, but now her engine was primed and she realized that, slime ball or not, she had an opportunity to get laid!

She tried to force Connor’s image from her mind and to think about her master, but when the kids’ short skinny penis entered her that image disappeared. Not able to pull any other images up, she imagined someone was teasing her with a short skinny dildo. Maybe it was a punishment, fucking her with something that wouldn’t even bring her off.

Again, she was left to pretend that he was giving her immense pleasure and several minutes later she felt him convulse and cum into the skin. Jessica breathed heavily, clinging to him, her hands wrapped around his muscular back, hoping her acting was as good as she thought it was.

“Oh sir, that was wonderful, thank you,” she cooed into his ear.

Jessica helped him with his bib overalls and he slipped out of the stall, latching the gate behind him.

Once he was out of the barn, Jessica quickly opened her secret hiding place and withdrew the carbon papers. She dug around for the keys and began to press each key against a paper: front side, back side, and edge. Flipping to the next key; front side, back side, and edge. Flipping to the next key, the process continued. She skipped the car keys and copied the next two keys.

When she was finished she scooted forward as far as the chain would allow and reached towards her stall door. She couldn’t quite reach but with a little prayer she tossed the keys towards the opening between the first two slats of the gate. The keys caught on the wood and she thought she would die, and then the weight forced them over so that they plopped over onto the floor outside her stall.

She quickly retreated into her stall and placed the papers back into the balloon and hid everything in her little hole in the wall.

Covering the area with hay, she quickly lay down. Her heart was beating a mile a minute as she heard the barn door open.

“Psst, pony,” she heard the gate begin to open and then, “Oh good, never mind. Good night.”

“Good night sir.”

The kid had served his purpose and Jessica prayed it was the last time she would have to service him. Now she just had to wait until Dr. Dresser’s next visit.


By the end of the next day, Trent and Gary had come back to the command center with the replica keys. It had taken $2000 in under the table “contributions”, but they had convinced a guy at the Home Depot in Albany to make the keys using hard plastic blanks that Gary had produced after hearing Jessica’s request for the key carbon. They also had one of Trent’s keys copied so that they could test it out on a lock. It worked perfectly and didn’t break when turned. Being plastic, the keys wouldn’t set off the metal detector should Marianne be searched as she normally was.

To her delight, Marianne wasn’t even strip-searched the following day. They could have had regular keys made and they wouldn’t have been found. Regardless, the keys had been placed into a balloon and were uncomfortably wiggling around in Marianne’s vagina. This time she had blown the balloon up herself, and wrestled with it until she had forced it into herself. She didn’t want a repeat of what she had gone through the first time!

Her face still turned beat red when she thought about Agent Richards blowing up the balloon while it was inside her pussy! Oh god, that was embarrassing! Still she might be required to pump it up a little for Jessica, but hopefully Jessie would not be as aroused this time around. She realized that the woman was probably having a lot less sex at the farm so any little stimulation would probably set her off. Poor thing.

After being driven to the ranch by Gavin, Marianne had walked down to the corral to wait for Darios. Gavin was extremely irked to find that he was being summoned to the Family quarters again. He was beginning to suspect that Darios was orchestrating his absences so that he would have Mari all to himself. Regardless, he had to go.

As Marianne waited she saw the buggy she was always given and went to pull it out towards the training corral. She lifted on the draft shafts and expected to take off with it and was shocked to find that it was relatively heavy!

How the hell can Jessica pull me in this thing? I can barely lift it up, let alone pull it.

Thinking she must be somehow mistaken, she leaned forward to pull and with a lot of effort, got the buggy rolling. It wasn’t so bad once it was moving, but the weight of it made her arms ache.

“My dear, Mrs. Brent!” Marianne looked up to see Darios striding down the hill from the ranch house. “If only I’d known that you would rather be trained as a pony-girl.” A sly smile crossed his face.

Marianne put the shafts down on the ground and wiped her palms.

“Oh, Mr. Gorvetti, how embarrassing. No, I was simply bringing the buggy over closer. I had no idea it was so heavy! How do the ponies pull these things?”

“It takes training, obviously, and incentives.”


“If they don’t want to be whipped, they pull.”

Marianne swallowed hard.

“Oh good, here comes your favorite pony.”

Marianne turned to see the stable boss leading Jessica out of the barn. “Do you think she resents being driven by her former lover’s wife?”

“I can’t imagine that she likes it. It must be very humiliating for her.”

“And how do you feel driving her?”

Marianne turned to Darios and said, “I love it! Last time I had her out I was telling her what Richard and I had done last weekend. We had such a romantic trip around the islands in our sailboat. Oh, and I told Richard that I was interested in buying a pony and he thought that was a wonderful idea.”

Darios looked at Marianne and said, “Hopefully you are not referring to this pony.”

“Goodness no,” Marianne laughed. “One less broken in.”

Darios had to laugh at that one. “You have learned very well, Mrs. Brent. I trust you learned some lessons the other day?”

“Yes, I will slow the pony down when we get to a hill, that’s for damn sure. I could have been hurt!” Marianne was far less nervous than she had been during her previous visits. Even with the plastic keys bouncing around in the balloon lodged in her vagina, she had a lot more confidence in her role. Now she was able to ad lib a little and have some fun with her part. She remembered Trent’s warnings though not to get too cocky and go too far. The team leader still spent a lot of time each day counseling her and making sure she was prepared for each day’s task. Marianne knew that without Trent’s disciplined instructions, she would not have gotten this far.

“What’s this, Capo?” Darios asked as he looked at the wicker basket that John had placed on the back of the buggy. He opened the top and looked into the basket.

“I put together a little snack for the lady, and some feed and water for the pony, too. Maybe they can stop by that little pond over in the south end. That would give my little pony a really good workout.”

“I wouldn’t go past the pond though,” Darios said, knowing that the Family ranch house was not that far from there.

“No, they should turn back after they’ve had their snack. Oh, and don’t let the pony drink, or go in the water. It’s pretty but it’s stagnant. Okay?”

“Understood,” Marianne said as she mounted the buggy. “Well my little promiscuous pony… are you ready for a good workout?”

Jessica stomped her foot twice, shaking her mane in the wind.

Marianne held the reins tightly and reached forward to lay three good lashes down on Jessica’s ass. “How about now? Are you ready?”

This time Jessica stomped once and Marianne smiled at Darios, who nodded appreciatively.

“Canter!” Marianne flicked her wrist as Darios had shown her and the thin leather strip cracked against Jessica’s bare hip. Jessie stepped forward moving the buggy with her.

Another lash was laid down on her bare hip near the first one and Jessica picked up speed. Her knees rose to waist level with each step as she pranced along the dirt trail, leading her mistress and the buggy away from the training grounds. Once over the hill Marianne ordered Jessica to walk. They wound around the fields for a good hour before coming to the little pond that John had mentioned.

“Whoa.” Jessica came to a halt.

Marianne dismounted the buggy and looked around. The pond was in a little recess created by the natural terrain on the area. They couldn’t see any of the buildings on either end of the vast property, and no one could see them.

On one side of the pond’s bank was a large drainage pipe with a heavy iron grill covering the opening. It was heavily welded so the grill could not be removed. It looked like the pipe was there to handle the pond level should the water rise too high. As hot and dry as it had been, that wouldn’t be a problem any time soon.

“First things first, sweetie,” Marianne took one last look around and then lowered her slacks and panties and pulled the pink balloon out of her pussy. “Uugh, thank goodness! I hope I won’t have to do this again!”

Jessica was not bound as she had been the previous time out either. While still wearing the crotch strap with the attached plumage on her rear, the intent this time was not to punish her clit. It was quite easy for Marianne to unbuckle the strap and insert the balloon into Jessica’s pussy. Her crotch strap was re-buckled and Marianne adjusted it to cover Jessie’s pussy.

“Can you kneel here? Would that be more comfortable?” Marianne reached over and unfastened the bit and removed it from Jessica’s mouth.

“Thank you Mistress! There are a lot of things I like about being a pony-girl, but the bit is not one of them. It really hurts, specially being guided by them.”

“I’m sorry dear. How should I guide you then?”

“You can guide me that way; just don’t be yanking me like you’ve been doing. Just little nudges is all it takes. Gentle, tender nudges. I’ll sense them and react.”

“Oh Jessie, why didn’t you say something earlier?” Marianne felt terrible that she had been unintentionally hurting her friend.

“I haven’t had a chance.” Jessie knelt down on the grass, the draft shafts going down with her. “Is there water in that basket for me? I’m so thirsty.”

Marianne took the basket down and set in front of them. Opening the lid she saw the water bottle and held it up to Jessie’s mouth, squirting a steady stream.

“Thank you mistress. Any word from my master? How are the guys?”

“Your master says hi, as do the guys. We’re all so proud of you for the work you’re doing. Gary has identified the location of the theta wave generator in Canton. He’s working with a professor from the University of Maryland to build a portable generator that can be used to send its own signal into the compound. Also, your master has tracked down the electronic key. When the operation goes down there will be agents at that location ready to confiscate it. Captain Alderson and Lieutenant Gore are devising the assault plan and are in the final stages of preparation. We’re looking to make the assault in four days. Everything should be in place by then. Will that give you enough time?”

“It should. I’ll have to try to get out of the barn tonight and see how far I can get.”

“I’m just worried sick about you Jessie. Don’t get caught!”

“I’ll be careful. I plan on moving all of the girls to a safe location,” Jessica said. “I’m not sure where yet, but maybe the barn would be the best place to be anyway. I have to get down to the other ranch to see what the layout is there. That’s why I had you make the keys for me.”

“No Jessie! That would be too dangerous with Gambini there.”

“It’s absolutely necessary, Mistress. Nicky needs to be told what’s going on so that she can get her girls to safety.”

“Be careful sweetie.”

“I will. But tell the captain to concentrate mainly on the lower ranch house. I want the staff at the upper ranch where I am to be in a safe location too. They are not to be arrested. And those guest houses must be secured quickly.”

“I’ll tell the captain.” Marianne dug into the basket and pulled out a sandwich wrapped in Saran Wrap. “Hmm, sliced turkey breast. You can have it, I’ll eat later.”

She held it up to Jessica and the young woman bit into it.

“Oh god, that’s so good!”

“Steady diet of those pellets?”

Jessica took another bite and chewed. “It’s that or nothing. Sometimes it’s nothing.”

“God, Jessica, you look fantastic!” Marianne gushed. “I can’t wait until Trent sees you!”

Jessie looked down at her sweat soaked body. “I’m a mess, Dr. Dresser.”

“No, no, your body tone… good lord, your muscles are so defined.”

“I’m on a good work out regimen and have a couple of good partners in the gym.”

“We should probably go,” Marianne said.

“Ohh Mistress, one more bite, pleeeese.” Marianne fed her the last of the sandwich and then gave her a big drink of water. Jessica stood and the two women pushed the buggy back up to the trail, with Jessica forced to walk backwards to do it.

Once they got started Jessica looked down the hill towards the Mafia farm. It was set up in much the same configuration as the upper barn and ranch house. A few men were standing down there, on the other side of a corral, looking up at them so she made the turn and headed back down the trail in the direction they had come.

Fully refreshed, Jessica ran with vigor towards her own barn.

After the lights had been turned down for the night, Jessica lay in her stall waiting to see if Conner was going to come for his nightly blowjob or fuck. Not having a clock made it difficult to judge the time, but based on the light from the moon that streamed in the window far overhead, Jessie determined she was safe to move out. She dug into the rear of her stall for the loose wood block and then reached in to retrieve her set of plastic keys. She quickly found the key that fit the lock that secured the chain to her collar and then silently scaled her stall gate.

Moving stealthily along the main aisle towards the gym end, Jessica stopped to look at the walls where she had seen John disappear. It was too dark and she didn’t have time to spend there, so she continued on. Passing through a doorway in the middle of the hall leading to the gym, Jessica was outside. The night air felt cool against her skin and the dew-covered grass wet her bare feet.

Jessica knew she had a lot of ground to cover in a short time so she set out running towards the Mafia ranch. She hoped the late hour would aid her in approaching undetected. Without a buggy to pull she felt light and free.

Twenty minutes later she hugged the hill near the pond she had stopped at with Marianne and looked down into the valley at the Mafia ranch. She spent ten minutes looking for any sign of life, and saw nothing moving. She crept over the apex of the hill and set out running towards the gate in the barbed wire fence surrounding the compound.

Juggling her plastic keys, Jessica tried three before the lock opened. She closed the gate behind her and crept towards the barn. Another locked door took her 20 seconds to open but then she was inside.

Silently, hardly even breathing, she crept along the stalls looking over into each one. Finally she saw Nicky and climbed over the gate. She placed her hand over Nicky’s mouth and her friend awoke with a start.

She struggled for a second before realizing who was with her. Then she reached up and hugged Jessie.

“What are you doing here? How did you get in?” Nicky whispered.

“Listen,” Jessica whispered, “My Master is raiding this place in four days. You have to be ready.”

“Four days?”

“Yes. Wait, it’s after midnight… three days then.” Jessica said as she looked around Nicky’s stall. “Hey, aren’t you guys chained up at night?”

“Shit, we get beat so bad if we’re caught out of our stalls. No one would dare try it. They kicked one girl nearly to death three weeks ago because she was hanging over her gate talking to someone.”

“Well, that’s to our favor because I only have one padlock key.”

“Three days?” Nicky was thinking. “Today’s Wednesday, right? That would make the raid on Saturday?”

“I guess so.”

“Shit, that’s too bad.”

Jessica looked up at her friend who was nervously looking towards the end of the barn.

“Why? Why do you say that?”

“I overheard my mast…, oh um, Rico talking to his guys that there’s going to be some kind of meeting here next week. Lots of bosses. Lots of drugs.”

“Really? When specifically, do you know?”

“Everyone’s coming in this weekend but the trucks won’t show up until Monday I guess. Plus, some hotshot from Colombia is showing up on Sunday. I’m to be his pony, Rico has told me twice I’m going to be a Colombian pony.”

“Oh shit. I have to tell my master! It would be great if they could raid the place while these people are here. But they’ll need more fire power.”

“Hey, there’s going to be a ton of dope here, you know that. Rico’s friends have been lining up buyers for the past several days.”

“Monday, for sure?”

“Yes sweetie, Monday for sure.”

Jessica gave her a big hug and then said she had to get back.

“Be careful.”

“I will be. Listen,” Jessica held her friend closely. “When you hear gun fire you get all of your sisters out of here and over to the guest houses. My master will be securing them first.”

“What about these collars?”

“Hopefully that will be dealt with as well.”

“Yeah, hopefully.”

“Take care, Nicky. I love you.”

“You too.” She watched her friend scale the gate and drop down to the center aisle.

Jessica was deep in thought as she made her way back up to her end of the valley. She had to tell her master about this new information. It would be so much better if they could delay the raid. But they would need more men, too. It all had to happen very quickly and she wasn’t expecting Dr. Dresser to return before the raid.

As she approached the farmhouse she looked around and then crept up onto the porch. She peered thought the windows and rounded the house along the painted boards of the porch. She saw the kitchen and tested the window. To her delight it opened and she crawled through the opening.

She opened cupboards and pantries, looking for anything to take back to her sisters. On the counter was a big pan of brownies! She found a large baggie and began to fill it with the chocolate gold. Placing the pan back where she found it, Jessica quickly exited the farmhouse and high-tailed it back to the barn.

Sneaking in, she began to open stalls and place the brownies on each woman’s feed box. Terri was awake and looked startled as Jessica opened her stall door. Jessica put her finger to her mouth and handed the brownie to her neighbor. Terri smiled and bit into the brownie, making a look of sheer pleasure. Jessie continued up the aisle, depositing brownie’s on food boxes until she came to Danielle’s.

Danielle sat cross-legged in the center of her stall. Her arms were moving in a slow rotation in what Jessica recognized as yoga.

“Come in, Jessica. We wondered when you’d be back.”

“You knew I was outside?”

“Felicity and I have been awake waiting to see how you would make out.”

“Do you want a brownie?” Jessica held up the bag.

“No.” The gorgeous brunette changed her arm position and exhaled. “Tell me you didn’t go to all of the trouble of escaping your bonds so that you could steal a bag of brownies?”

“No, it was much more important than that. Listen; do you know where Master John goes when he disappears down here?”

“You’re very observant. Should we tell her, Felicity?”

From across the aisle Felicity said, “I think we should. I think Jessica is the Angel that we’ve been waiting for.”

“Felicity will show you.” Danielle, changed arm positions again, her full breasts glistening with sweat from her workout.

Jessie stood up and went across the aisle where Felicity was standing in the corner of her stall closest to the solid wall of the hallway. Her arm came over the top and she felt along the edge. Jessica heard a click and then the wall opened up.

“Where does it go?”

“To the farm house,” Felicity said. “My master built that when he designed the farm. It’s a secret tunnel.”

Jessica looked through her keys and took off the one that opened the pad locks that locked them to the walls of the stalls.

“All hell is going to break loose soon. It will be either in three days, which is Saturday, or this coming Monday. When it does, you need to get all of the girls down into that tunnel until my master, or one of his men, comes for you.”

“What about you? Where are you going to be?”

Where will I be? “I… I have to get word out to my master. Something very important has come up that he needs to be made aware of.”

Now Danielle came up to her gate and looked over. “How will you tell him? Can you tell us?”

“Have you seen anyone with Walkie-Talkies, or do you know if there’s a short wave radio around?”

Jessie remembered Trent talking to her about contacting him when they drove to the airport to pick up the rental car she needed to drive back to Potsdam. He had asked her if she’d ever seen the kids cartoon The Rescuers. Not only had she seen it but it had been one of her favorite movies when she was a kid. Trent told her that if she needed to contact him over a walkie-talkie again that she should take the name Bianca, after the female mouse in the Rescuers. He would be Bernard, the male mouse. They had both laughed about it and Jessie had told him she couldn’t wait to use the name! Now she might have the chance.

“We had one once, but they smashed it about a year and a half ago,” Danielle said, shaking her head.

Jessie leaned against the side of the stall, deep in thought.

“Remember you told me they put you in the pasture when you tried to escape?”

“Yes but, you’re not thinking of…”

“I have to try, if my master figures out I’m out there he’ll try to find out why. If I can get close enough to the forest maybe he’ll be able to hear me.”

“It’s been so hot Jessica,” Danielle said. “It’ll be really brutal out there. Can’t you wait until it cools off some?”

Jessica shook her head. “The plan is in motion. There’s no time. But even if I fail, you will all be rescued. It’s just that it will hurt the assholes down the hill so much more if I can delay the raid until Monday.”

“If you stay close to the fence there may be shade from the forest you can stay in during the day,” Danielle said.

“What can we do to help?” Felicity asked as she bit into her brownie.

“This is a lot to ask, but if I know our sisters are safe it will take a big load off of me. Will you get them into the tunnel?” She held up the key.

Felicity reached up and took it. “Yes. You can count on us. The ponies will all be safe and sound.”

Jessica turned to Danielle. “You should warn Master John on Saturday morning to expect trouble and to get the staff into the farm house tunnel if they hear anything.”

“Okay, I can do that.”

Jessie handed Danielle the remainder of the keys. “Hide these in here someplace. They open just about every door around here.”

“How did you get these?” Danielle asked as she took the keys from Jessie and looked at them.

“I wasn’t fucking Connor for the fun of it,” she gave Danielle a sly smile.

“But you had copies made, how did…”

“I’ll tell you all about it some day, but I’ve got to get going pretty soon here.”

She stepped up against the boards of Danielle’s stall and hugged her. “In case this is goodbye, thanks for everything. Good luck.” She moved over to Felicity’s stall and reached over to hug her. “I hope to see you again real soon. Maybe we can all work out together in a real gym.”

“Good luck Jessie. You can rely on us to do our part.”

“I know. Luv you guys.” Jessie slipped out the door towards the gym and then out the door into the training yard.

Jessica stood at the corner of the barn and looked up at the farmhouse. Lights were on. She walked towards the training corral and then turned on the path that took her through the gate in the inner barbed wire fence. Once out onto the plain she took off at a trot towards the second fence line. Looking back she saw a figure making his way down to the barn. It would be John.

The sun was coming up quickly behind her as she cleared the second fence line and ran through the gate. Jessie headed down towards the little valley where Dr. Dresser had stopped her the first time in hopes that someone was there monitoring the area. She didn’t know if the guys were always watching the farm or not. Before going down the slope, she had looked back to see that the barn lights had come on. It was just a matter of time now.

As she approached the outer fence she began to call out, “Master! Are you there? Anyone! Hello! Is anyone out there?”

She ran along the fence line calling out. No one responded. Maybe they’re at the other location. She continued to run along the fence trying to recall where Marianne had stopped her the second time. It all looked the same, but then the dirt buggy path came down from the top of the hill and she knew she was close to the area.

Again, Jessica called out but got no response. A sound above her made her turn just as three horses appeared on the crest of the hill above her.

“Over there!” It was Olivia. The riders turned their horses as Jessica ran back the way she had come. She looked back to see Master Darios take his whip off of his saddle.

“YEEaah” he called out and his horse sped down the hill after Jessica. Jessie zig-zagged up the side of the hill, temporarily thwarting Darios, but not Olivia, who was riding along the ridge. A rope flew through the air but flew over Jessica as she fell to the ground to avoid it.

A second rope came from behind and closed around her ankle. She reached down to pull it off, struggling with the loop in the lasso. John backed his horse up and Jessica was pulled across the dry ground. She screamed and then fought to free herself from another rope that caught her under one arm and around her neck.

They had her.


Jessica hung from her wrists from a rope, thrown over a limb of the huge tree in front of the ranch house. She screamed in pain as Darios’ long whip cracked around her waist. Jessie had never been whipped by a bullwhip before and the pain was horrible!

“How did you free yourself Jessica?” Olivia asked as she came up to the hanging woman. Sweat rolled down her naked body and blood red lines crisscrossed her flesh from the whip.

“The lock was never fully closed Mistress.”

“Where did you think you were going?”

“Out of here. Away.”

“You haven’t heard about your special collar?”

“My special collar? No mistress. What are you…?”

“If you go outside the fence line your collar will lose a very important signal and you’ll be put down.”

“Put down, mistress? Like… like dead?”

“Yes, dead.” Olivia grabbed Jessica’s hair and pulled her head back. “You’re telling me you hadn’t heard that?”

“No mistress. I didn’t know.” She sure as hell wasn’t going to bust Master John.

“We have a special punishment here for runaway ponies, Jessica. One you won’t like very much.”

“I’ll submit Mistress.”

“You’ll be set free, Jessica.”

Jessica looked up at Olivia. Set free? “You’re… you’re going to let me go, mistress?”

Olivia laughed. “Yes pony, you’ll be free to roam the entire upper regions of the pasture. There are acres and acres of land for you to run in. Of course, you’ll be on your own. No one to tend to you. No one to protect you or feed you. But that’s what you want right? Freedom? Our training program is too restricting for you is it? A pony like you needs to be free to run the land.”

“For how long, mistress?”

“Until you understand where you belong, pony.”

“I belong here at the barn, mistress, I know that already.”

Olivia untied the rope holding Jessica’s hands up and allowed her to lower her arms.

“No, I don’t think you truly understand it yet, pony. Walk.”

Jessica was led down to the barn where Master John waited for them.

“Outfit her and take her out, John,” Olivia ordered.

“Yes ma’am.” John turned and retrieved a leather waist belt from the stall railing. He watched Olivia walk away and then under his breathe asked, “Why Jessie? I told you you couldn’t make it out of here. It was just stupid to try anything like that.”

Jessie was silent and stood tall and proud so that John could lock the waist belt around her. She held her hands stiffly as he pulled on leather mitts, encapsulating her hands in the soft leather pouches.

“I’m sorry it’s going to end like this for you. I had hopes that whatever you’ve been up to would succeed.” He pulled her arms close to her waist and clipped her wrist cuffs to o-rings on the sides of the waist belt. “I’ll do what I can to help Nicky. I know you two are close.”

Jessica had to speak now. “Master John, why do you speak like this? Won’t I be out for a few days and then they’ll take me back in?”

“You’re being sent out into the upper pasture, Jessica. It’s totally exposed. Our neighbors from down the hill run their ponies there all of the time. You’ll have to watch out for them. There was some long grass up there last week, see if you can lay in it. I don’t think they can take you back with them because it would break their quota, but…”

“Isn’t she ready yet?” Olivia startled them both when she came around the corner of the barn.

“Almost ma’am, just need the boots.”

John picked up a pair of the standard boots and Olivia waved her finger at him. “No, go with the heelless.”

“This pony hasn’t been trained in those yet ma’am.”

“Now’s a good time to begin her training then.”


“DO IT!”

“I don’t think...”

Olivia pushed John away and he fell backward against the rail. He got up quickly, menacingly, and then stopped when Darios came around the corner.

“Tend to your ponies, Johnny. Bring Tricia out to the corral.”

Jessica saw a look of pure hatred on John’s face, but the man turned and walked into the barn.

“Don’t drink the water, Jessica,” he called back.

“I’ll remember, master!”

“Shut up, slut!” Olivia pulled down on the chain hanging from Jessica’s septum, making the woman cry out in pain and bend at the knees to follow her hand.

“Let’s get her done and out of our hair,” Olivia said to Darios as she handed him a posture collar. Jessie’s head was forced back as the collar was fitted under her chin and buckled in the back. The collar was stiff and held Jessie’s head up high.

Olivia took a chain and threaded it through the ring in Jessie’s nose and then looped clips through the end links. These clips were attached to Jessie’s nipple rings. Then, the long chain that was attached to her septum ring was brought down, through a ring on the front of the waist belt, and attached to her clit ring.

Darios took a wide strap and threaded it under Jessie’s elbows and then brought it around and buckled it so that it pulled her elbows in towards one another. This forced Jessica to push her chest out, exposing her milky white breasts.

Finally, Jessica’s feet were laced into calf high boots like she had seen Danielle and Felicity wearing once. They were 6” heels without the heel. Jessie strained to stay up in the odd boots. It was just like walking on her tip toes at all times. Once they were laced up and locked on, Darios ordered her to walk. She stepped out and fell backwards, crashing hard to the ground. He nudged her with his coiled whip and told her to get up.

Struggling with her arms bound to her side and her nipples and clit linked to her nose, Jessie tried to get up. She leaned against the railing of the yard fence and pushed herself erect. Hobbling on her toes, she stepped out and then brought her other foot forward. Each step was awkward as she teetered towards the gate in the inner fence. It took ten minutes to cross what normally took one. Once at the gate, Darios left Tricia and came to the gate. As he closed it he said, “If I see you around here I’m going to whip you until your hide falls off. Now get on.” He closed the gate and locked it.

Jessica stood outside the fence looking in. The upper pasture? I won’t get close enough to the forest for my master to hear me!

Slowly, she turned and walked away from the fence, out towards the open field. She followed the dirt buggy path around towards the fork and found that the gate in the second fence was closed and locked. The road to the lower pasture was closed to her. The fence could have been three feet high instead of ten feet and it wouldn’t have mattered. She couldn’t scale any fence, bound as she was.

Where do I go? What will I do? A crushing sense of helplessness washed over the frightened woman. The sun was coming up fast and the heat of the day was already making itself felt. Maybe I can find that long grass Master John had mentioned.

Jessica set out on the punishing heel-less boots away from the farm. Each step was agonizing and her poor toes felt each step. She walked for half an hour and looked back only to see the farm relatively close. That was disheartening.

As she turned to continue on she stumbled and fell to one knee, crying out as her piercings were pulled roughly. She collapsed in pain on the hard dirt road. She felt moisture on her lip and licked it with her tongue and tasted blood.

Panting, exhausted, and hot, Jessica slowly rose to her knees and then forced herself up onto her feet. She wanted to go back to the gate and beg for mercy, but she still had hopes of contacting Trent somehow.

Two hours later, Jessica looked at a slight dip in the terrain to see an area where the grass was actually a little longer than the surrounding short stubble. She went down on her knees and then lay over onto her side. It was very uncomfortable, but maybe two degrees cooler. The grass, while not long by any means, provided a small amount of shade to at least one side of her.

After her long night out, Jessica soon drifted off to sleep.


Felicity pulled the blade through the unbroken ground as John stood on the rear of the blade platform. He marveled at the strength in the woman’s legs. He hopped off and came up next to her.

“Okay babe. That’s good enough. It’s hot; let’s go back up to the barn.” He stroked her back and felt the rippled muscles.

“What about Jessie, Master? We can’t leave her out there. It’s too hot.”

John looked out over the field, wondering where the brunette pony had gone. “It’s out of our hands, babe. I’m not sure what we can do to help her without bringing ourselves a lot of grief.”

Felicity knew he was right, but her heart yearned to do something for the little pony she had grown so close to. She backed up so that John could disconnect the heavy plow blade from her harness and then followed her master’s lead back to the barn. With increasing guilt she drank cool water from the hose as he held it for her. She wanted to tell him what Jessica had said about the coming raid, but decided to hold off for another day or so. She would follow Jessica’s instructions and pray that in a few days they would all, at last, be free.


Vibrations on the ground woke Jessica and she peeked up out of her little depression in the landscape to see two buggies coming along the trail, pulled by pony-girls. The drivers were not sparing on the crops, as both men were laying vicious strokes on the hind ends of the girls pulling the buggies. She lay back down and turned onto her stomach, trying to lay low.

It didn’t help.

“Whoa! Hey Donny, look over there.”

“What the fuck? Hey whoa, bitch.” Jessie heard the second buggy come to a stop. She looked up and saw both men jumping down from their buggies.

“What’re you doin’ up here little pony?” the man asked as he approached.

“It ain’t one of ours, Hatchet,” the man called Donny said, “we shouldn’t fuck with it.”

“Screw that! Look at her, my god Donny, she’s fuckin’ gorgeous. Come here little pony.”

Jessica painfully scrambled to her knees and then onto her feet. She teetered on the soft ground and then stepped out onto the firmer soil.

“Please sir, don’t hurt me,” Jessica begged.

“Come here then, don’t make me chase you.”

Jessica looked in the man’s eyes and saw pure lust. She continued to back up.

“Go around that way Donny, don’t let her run. You know these ponies are fast.”

Jessica saw the younger man coming around on her right side. She turned and began to run only to be dragged down by the man called Hatchet.

“Whoa now, girl. There you go.” The man grabbed a hold of Jessica’s arms and flipped her over onto her back. Her head, supported by the wide posture collar hit the ground with a dull thud, making stars flash in front of Jessie’s eyes.

Hatchet’s hands held her legs apart as they kneaded the flesh of her thighs.

“What’s this? Donny, did you see this bitch is branded? Were you a slave?” He slapped her face several times. “Were you?”

“Y…,yes, sir, before I became a worthless pony, sir,” Jessie cried out.

Before she knew it, the man had his pants down and was pushing his cock against her cunt. She tried to resist but Hatchet slapped her hard across the face and held her flat against the ground.

“I’m not sure you should be doing that, Hatch,” Donny said as he backed up a little and looked around nervously.

By this time Hatchet was thrusting fully into Jessica’s pussy. Unable to defend herself against the assault, Jessica fought to turn herself over or move out from under him. Each movement pulled painfully on both her septum ring and her nipples. This didn’t work and the man continued to rape her. She brought her legs up and wrapped them around his waist and pulled her ankles into his back with all of the muscles she had in her legs.

“Aaauugh! Fuck! Get her legs down!” Jessica continued to squeeze his back towards her. “Donny! Help! Fucking bitch!” He reached up and slapped Jessie across the face, sending her head back hard against the dirt. Her grip slackened and the man scrambled up. He staggered backward and then came forward and kicked Jessie in the side. Jessie doubled up in pain as the man reached down and rolled her onto her stomach.

“God-damn whore!” He pushed against her back, driving her tits painfully into the ground as he entered her cunt from the rear. The assault continued as the man rammed Jessie from the rear while holding her head by her hair. He pulled her head back and the pain in her nipples grew in intensity. When he was done he kicked her again and asked Donny if he wanted to use her.

Donny was all for getting the hell out of there, so the men boarded their buggies and whipped their ponygirls into action.

Jessica lay where she was for another ten minutes before summoning up the strength to sit up. She looked around and saw a larger buggy with four passengers heading across the field below. Somehow she had gotten too close to the Mafia ranch. She crawled on her hands and knees away from the crest of the hill and headed to her left.

Her body ached both from the beating she had just suffered and the terrible pulling the chains had inflicted on her nose, nipples, and clit. Worried that the buggy she saw below might come her way, Jessica forced herself up onto her wobbly feet and tried to trot away. She desperately looked for some low ground that she could hide in.

The sounds of shouted commands came from off to Jessie’s right and she squatted down and then rolled onto her side next to a low lying shrub. It wasn’t much in the way of cover, but it was the only thing available. The ground was hard and hot, and Jessica lay her head down as best she could to wait out the buggy’s passing.

Overcome with exhaustion, Jessica passed out, awaking several hours later as the sun was beginning to set. Now hungry and thirsty, Jessica wondered what she was going to do out there, alone. She was scared to go back to the ranch. Even if she could, she still needed to somehow contact her master.

Forcing herself onto her feet, Jessie continued in the direction she had been heading in hopes of finding an area that was closer to the forest. Feeling an overpowering urge to shit, she squatted and emptied her bowels where she stood, wishing a master were there to clean her afterwards. After a half an hour she came to a high fence and looked through it to the forest. It was a good quarter of a mile away.

“Master!” Jessica shouted. “Can you hear me? Are you out there?” She waited, listening, watching. “Give me a signal!” She squatted down next to the fence and sat back against it. Looking up, she saw the stars twinkling over head. It was a beautiful night.

When’s the last time I took the time to look at the stars at night? It’s been so long. Jessica leaned back and sighed. It’s okay. Tomorrow is Thursday, and then it’s only a couple of days until Nicky will be saved. All of the girls will be saved. I don’t care so much about the drugs.. That would’ve been a nice present for my master though.

Jessica looked up at the stars and thought about Trent. She pictured his handsome face, the way he looked at her. Really, he gazed at her. His look was never casual, it was focused.

He looks at me and I know he’s thinking about what he’s going to do to me. I can see it in his eyes when I’m pleasing to him, when he’s proud of me. And he’s plotting what to do to my body.

Jessica shivered, not so much from the cooling of the evening air but from the thought of Trent’s hands on her body. She thought about the ropes and the way her master loved to weave them thorough her limbs, making it impossible for her to move even an inch.

Then he does things to me. Wonderful things.

Jessica felt her juices begin to flow as she thought of Trent’s hands on her flesh. Caressing her bound breasts, tweaking her nipples. She struggled against the clips securing her wrists to the sides of her waist belt, desperate to free her hands and pleasure herself. It wasn’t happening. She felt like crying, her lust had been bottled up for so long and release was so seldom. Even the sex earlier in the day had not allowed her release; it was so violent and over so quickly. She closed her eyes and pictured Trent, her master.

Where are you now, Master? With Master Gary? With the guys making your plans? Are you thinking about me? I’ll see you soon.

Jessica was ashamed of the way she looked, all beaten, dirty, and sweaty. A sudden rush swept through her body. I’ve been used. Taken. Discarded.

Jessica opened her eyes and looked down at her filthy body.

I’m a used whore. A slave. A pony-girl. A damn bad pony-girl, being punished.

A tortured cry escaped her lips as she got even more aroused, pressing against the fence and then falling over slowly onto her side, unable to stop herself. Jessie cried out again. “Master!” She heard her yell echo into the still night air. “Trent,” she said much softer as she lay drained against the fence, looking up at the stars overhead.

“My Trent, I miss you.”

The next morning, Jessica awoke before the sun rose in the east. It was cold and the bound woman shivered uncontrollably. She had slept soundly through the night and felt well rested, albeit very sore. How sore became apparent when she tried to get up. Her legs muscles were instantly on fire as she pushed herself up using the chain link fence for support. She looked around and tried to think where she might go that would be safe and where her master could see her.

High ground would be good, but then everyone could see her. She decided to continue around the fence line. It was lower in elevation and maybe there would be a place closer to the forest. Also, she began to look for places where she might even wiggle under the fence.

After walking for an hour she gave up on that idea. Jessie could see that the fence enclosing the upper pasture never came close to the forest and every gate she came across was securely locked. At the last buggy path she came to she headed to her right, towards the opposite side of the pasture, closer to where Dr. Dresser had driven her the day they had made contact with the team. To her alarm, she heard a buggy approaching. She was in the open, with no cover available.

Jessica moved to the side of the path and sunk to her knees. She spread her knees apart and lowered her head as much as the stiff posture collar would allow. Let them do whatever they want to this slave.

The buggy came over the top of the small hill and down the path.

“Whoa, ponies, whoa.” Jessica saw two pair of black pony boots on the path in front of her.

“Who’s that? Do you recognize her?” a female voice asked.

Jessica heard the buggy creak and then the sound of feet hitting the ground.

“No,” another female voice answered. “Who are you pony? What are you doing out here?”

“This unworthy pony’s name is Jessica, ma’am. I’ve been sent to pasture for trying to escape.”

“Sent to pasture? Out here? How long have you been out here?”

“This pony has been here for one day, ma’am.”

The woman stood in front of Jessica. She put her hand under Jessica’s chin and lifted.

The action pulled on the chains connected to the bound woman’s nipples and clit. Jessica looked up to see a dark haired woman, maybe 45 years old. In her hand was a stiff riding crop. She wore a riding suit, complete with a derby and brown leather boots.

“Come see, Brenda. A wild pony.”

Another set of boots hit the ground and Jessica’s eyes shifted to see a younger woman approach.

“Why’s she out here, mom?”

“She tried to escape and they’ve turned her loose up here.”

“Where does she stay? Who feeds her?”

“She’s on her own.”

“That’s terrible!” The girl said as she reached down to pull some grass out of Jessica’s scraggly mane. “Look, she’s a mess. Can we take her back with us?”

“No dear. She belongs to the trainers. It wouldn’t be right.”

“Can we give her some water or something?”

This got Jessica’s attention. Water! Yes! Please!

“Oooo, I see the pony would like some water.” The woman walked back to the buggy and returned with a big plastic squeeze bottle.

Jessica’s mouth was so dry. She came up on her knees straighter, presenting her breasts to the woman.

“Look how she offers herself to us, Brenda.” The woman laid her riding crop across Jessica’s breasts, and then gently began to tap them. “Would you like her to do anything for you dear? She’ll do what ever you ask.”

“Make her pleasure one of our ponies if she wants a drink,” the girl said enthusiastically.

Jessica was shocked that the girl would suggest something like that! It caught her completely off guard.

“Which one; Karen or Isabelle?”

“Isabelle,” she said quickly.

“I might have guessed.” The woman looped a finger around the chain connected to Jessica’s septum and pulled up gently. “Come, little scruffy pony. Come earn your drink.”

Jessica stood and followed the woman around in front of the two ponies. To her surprise she saw that the pony she was led to was a black girl, maybe 20 years old. She was exquisitely beautiful and wore a head dress of yellow and gold feathers. Her large breasts were encircled with tight leather bands causing them to balloon severely. Her nipples were pierced and linked in fairly heavy chains to the white woman, Karen, standing next to her. Tight corsets around their waists were linked to the buggy draft shafts.

Jessica was pushed down in front of the black girl.

“Make it quick, whore.”

Jessica looked up at the girl and the girl took a step backward.

“Whoa, Isabelle. Stand!” The woman commanded as she came up and took hold of the chain dangling beneath Isabelle’s septum ring. This stopped the girl from backing up any more but didn’t change the look of panic in her eyes. Jessie moved closer on her knees and saw that the girl’s legs and thighs were covered with welts. This girl had been severely beaten not too long ago.

I will give you pleasure, slave. You will feel something nice for a change.

The girl continued to step back and then cried out at the pain in her nose. Jessie leaned in and gently kissed the girl’s milky brown thigh and saw her legs move wider apart. With better access, Jessie continued to kiss the girl, bringing her dirty cheek against the dark flesh, rubbing her. She breathed gently on the hairless slit in front of her and then kissed the woman’s labia. She sensed a tremor in the woman as her tongue dipped between the woman’s pussy lips and traced a line up to her clit. Pressing her face more firmly against the soft hot flesh, Jessie pressed her tongue more deeply into Isabelle’s cunt, causing the woman to groan aloud.

Jessie barely heard Brenda ask her mom for the crop before she felt its sting on her exposed ass. Her reaction drove her face harder against Isabelle’s crotch, the woman’s scent filling Jessie’s nostrils. Isabelle’s body was responding to the stimulation, a fact that Jessica’s tongue was confirming. The slight moisture she detected had become a wetness that Jessica greedily drank. Brenda began to strike Jessica’s ass and back repeatedly.

“She likes it mom, look, she likes it when I hit her!” The girl was getting excited, “She’s not trying to get away, and she’s really eating out our pony.”

Jessica sensed Isabelle’s knees weakening. Without the use of her hands, she was helpless to help the girl stand up; she could only press harder with her face. This made Isabelle squirm and yelp out loud as her orgasm was approaching.

“Enough!” the older woman shouted. “That’s enough, get back, whore!” She pulled Jessica away by her harness, sending her tumbling back on her ass.

“Mom! She didn’t finish! Isabelle was going to cum, I wanted to see it!”

“No dear, Isabelle will cum when I tell her to. Later.”

“Aww, mom.”

“Here, give the wild pony a sip. Don’t let it touch her mouth! That would be disgusting.”

Brenda came over to Jessica, who was struggling to get up off of the ground and onto her knees. She held the water bottle up and when Jessica was properly positioned on her knees, she held the bottle over her and squeezed it.

Jessie gratefully drank. The water was cold and delicious.

“Okay, that’s enough. Let’s get going.”

Brenda looked down at Jessica and said, “Maybe we’ll see you again, little slut.”

The girl turned and walked back to the buggy and climbed aboard.

“Walk,” the mom said as she flicked her crop across Karen’s rump. They drove off and Jessie heard the command for trot.

Jessie stood and walked in the direction the buggy had come from. When she reached the top of the incline she looked down in the valley to see the Mafia ranch. There was a lot of activity in the yard. Girls were being led around by their reins; some were being attached to buggies while others were prancing around inside of corrals.

To her left, Jessie saw the stagnant pond sitting in its little recess in the hill. She walked over to it and sank down on her knees. A small amount of shade was afforded her on the one side of the dusty bowl and Jessica lay down in it. She could see that her skin was turning a bright red and knew that the sun had burned her the previous day. She would hug this shadow as long as she could.

All this water and not a drop to drink. Her stomach grumbled and she tried to take her mind off of her hunger. Too bad that drainage pipe has that stupid grate over it. Shit, I’d crawl down that fucker and be out of here. It was precisely for that reason that the heavy iron grate was welded onto the drainage inlet.

Jessica looked at the pipe. Still, if the other end is open, someone could crawl up the pipe. Oh my god! Someone could crawl up the pipe! Tears formed in Jessie’s eyes and dripped down her cheeks. Someone could crawl up the pipe.

Lying in the thin strip of shade, Jessie wondered if her master knew what had happened to her. How could he know? Maybe Dr. Dresser had tried to get another ride. Doubtful. She hadn’t planned on coming back until after the raid.

Thoughts of the times Marianne had come out to drive her filled Jessica’s mind. She smiled at the thought of her FBI therapist riding in the buggy behind her, looking at her naked and bound patient pulling the cart she was sitting in. Using her crop on her bare behind and holding the reins that were attached to her bit. Giving her commands that made her naked patient pull her cart.

Jessica felt her arousal build. This is no time to be thinking about this. It’s only going to make me horny. Still, she couldn’t stop thinking about that and other times in the past weeks that she had been bound and humiliated, even about the night that she had been taken from the cottage.

Meatball! What a frikkin’ goofy name. She remembered how Meatball had insisted that she be searched even though she was naked.

[Master’s brand is covering a scar.] Do I really have a tracking device inside of me? [How else does Master continually find me? It’s not luck. Master would not leave my safety to luck.] Master is so smart. Master will find me if I stay right here. She wondered how precise a tracking device could be. Would it be able to distinguish between a mile or a half a mile?

Jessica looked up at the fluffy clouds over head. She wished there were more of them to block the sun. It was already getting quite hot and she wasn’t looking forward to another day in the sun. Time passed slowly with nothing to do but look at the clouds. Sleep helped pass an hour or two and when she awoke she found that her shade had disappeared. Sweat dripped from her body in the stifling heat.

Groggy, Jessie came up to her knees and looked out over the gently rolling fields of the upper pasture and then down at the Mafia ranch far below in the valley. There was plenty of shade down there on her side of the fence. The thought of going down there made her tremble.

Master will be here in…she had to think…what day is it? Um… Thursday. Two more days. Even if they took me, I would only have to hold out for two days. What would they do to me? What would Vito Gambini do to me? No. I have to believe that master will figure out I’m here and come to me. It will be my present to him. Jessie wanted more than anything to please her master.

But it was hot up on top of the hill, even in the little divot that the pond rested in. She had to move. She had to get back to the longer grass.

Getting to her feet, Jessica climbed out of the little cavity the pond was in and headed out across the dried grass towards the fence line. Her body was hot and her muscles ached.

She heard activity off in the valley and turned to see three buggies being brought out into the yard. Jessie quickened her pace to try and reach the grass. Off to her left she saw something dark against the fence and realized there was a large tuft of tall grass growing there. It was closer to the edge of the hill than she wanted, but the shade it offered was too hard to pass up.

A few minutes after she had settled in, all three carts came by. Jessica peeked out to see the carts reach the top of the hill and suddenly realized how easy they had it at the trainer’s ranch.

The hill leading down to the Mafia ranch was quite steep and these pony-girls had to deal with it every time they came out to the pasture. The three buggies were all different. One had a single seat cab, pulled by one pony-girl. The second had a two-seat cab and was pulled by one girl. But the third was a full size buggy with four occupants, yet pulled by only two pony-girls. Jessie’s heart fell when she saw that one of those two ponies was Nicky.

But how beautiful she looked in her yellow and gold-feathered headdress! Her brunette hair, longer than Jessie remembered it from her days at the club, was tied back into a tight ponytail where it came off of her head in the back. The reins held by Rico Gambini were attached to the gold nipple rings that adorned Nicky’s pierced nipples. Little golden bells reflected the noonday sun as they swung beneath her nose and pussy. All of the girls were similarly adorned and the sound of their bells sounded like a chimes in the wind. Once they were all out onto the flat land Rico called out for a gallop and the girls all adjusted their gait. Flying whips prompted them on. Jessie watched them disappear in a cloud of dust.

An hour later the sound of approaching buggies could be heard in the distance.

“Easy bitch, back it off a little.”

“Where did you see her Hatch?”

“Right over there, near the fence.”

“Well maybe they brought her in.”

“Shit man, she was frikkin’ gorgeous.”

“You saw her too, didn’t you Donny?”

“Yeah boss. He’s right, this broad was a stunner.”

Jessica lay her head down and tried to squish herself flat against the ground.

“Huh, well she’s gone now.”

“Let’s head back boss, it’s frikkin’ hot out here.”

“Stop your bitchin’ Paul. Hey, what’s that? Is there someone over there? Hatch, take your bitch over there and tell me what’s in that grass. I think it’s her.”

Shit! I’ve been seen. Even though she was unbearably horny, she didn’t want a repeat of yesterday’s rape. Jessica poked her head up and saw the buggy coming towards her. She pushed against the fence and rose to her knees and then to her feet.

“It’s her!” Hatchet called out. When he turned, Jessie ran off to her right, away from the Mafia farm.

“Hey! Look out fool! She’s running!” Rico shouted.

Donny turned and shouted, “Trot!” and laid a quick lash onto his pony-girl’s flank.

The girl, not wanting to assist her rider in catching the wild pony-girl, turned slowly.

“Go, damn it!” Whack! “Giddiup!” Whack.

Jessie found her balance in the punishing no-heel boots and was able to run fairly quickly. All of her chains were pulling at her sensitive parts, but she pushed that pain back out of her thoughts.

More shouting behind her made her smile as she imagined the pony-girls being slow to take up the hunt. I’m being hunted again! She wished she were in the woods like the last time she’s been hunted because there was nowhere to hide out here. She knew it was only a matter of time before they caught her because really, where could she go?

A buggy came up beside her and she felt a whip catch her hip. The pain was searing but she didn’t slow down. Nicky’s buggy passed the other buggy and Rico reached over and grabbed Jessie’s hair. The woman ducked down forcing him to loose his grip, but she fell doing it.

“Whoa!” Rico yelled, pulling back on the reins in his hands.

Nicky and her co-pony yelled out as the reins tugged painfully on their nipples.

Rico was off the cart and onto Jessica in a flash, holding her down on the dusty trail.

“Easy girl! Easy.” Rico was catching his breath. He held Jessie by the hair and jerked her head up. “You look a little familiar… have I seen you around here before?”

Jessica panicked! Oh fuck, no! Please don’t say you recognize me!

“She was probably in the pen the other day we was up at the training ranch,” Paulie offered.

“Oh yeah,” he tossed her head back down to the ground, “I forgot, yeah, you’re right.”

Hatchet and his friend were climbing down from their buggies.

“Yeah man, that’s the one. Look at her Paulie, ain’t she a beaut?”

“She’s a fucking mess man, look at her face… what is that shit? It’s like dried on, what?”

Jessica blushed when she realized the only thing it could be was Isabelle’s juices, dried on.

“Yeah, but if you cleaned her up, can you imagine?”

“She’s getting burnt up out here man.”

“Why did they leave you out here bitch?” Rico asked; his face close to Jessie’s ear.

“This pony tried to escape, sir. This pony needs to be punished.”

“We’re going to punish ya right now, aren’t we boys!”

“Hell ya!” came the cry from all of the guys as they came closer.

Rico turned Jessica over and while unbuckling his belt said, “Ooo you’re going to be one dry fuck.” He forced her legs apart and kneaded the flesh of her thighs roughly as he moved in against her. His fingers touched Jessie’s brand and he felt her arch her back, lifting her ass towards him.

“So this is the brand, huh? Are you somebody’s slave, bitch?” He held his cock against Jessie’s cunt and pushed forward.

“No… sir… I am a worthless pony, sir!” Jessie cried out as she thrust her hips against the man and wrapped her legs around his back.

“Watch her legs boss! She’ll crush your spine.”

“The fuck you talkin’ ‘bout? This little colt doesn’t have the strength to put up much of a fight now does she?” Rico slapped Jessie’s face and then forced himself into her again.

“Oh yeah, God she’s tight.” He grabbed her breast and squeezed it, causing Jessie to scream.

“Yeah, scream loud, cunt. We’re going to fuck you good.”

“Thank you master!” Jessica cried out, surprising Rico and prompting him to ram her harder. “Come on, fuck me!” Her desire for release had just overcome her ability to keep her mouth shut.

Rico held onto Jessica’s posture collar and jerked her head up and down as he fucked her. She felt like he was going to bash the back of her skull into the ground with each blow until finally she felt his cock begin to throb.

“My mouth master! Give it to me in my mouth, please!” More than anything, Jessie was desperate for moisture. Rico complied and pressed his body up towards Jessica’s head so that his load squirted towards her mouth. She hungrily gulped down what sperm landed on her mouth and lips, jerking her septum chain to try and catch as much as she could.

“God, you’re a cum whore. Look, she can’t get enough.”

“Let me give her some more,” Donny said as he moved forward, lowering his pants as he did.

“Up on your hands and knees, cunt,” Rico ordered as he unclipped her wrists from her waist strap and unbuckled the strap holding her elbows behind her. When Jessica didn’t move he said, “Do I need to get my whip?”

“Yes master, if that would please you. Please whip this worthless pony.”

“Fucking shit, get a load of this bitch! You guys get in there and fucking do her.” Vito went to the buggy and took the crop out of the holder.

On her hands and knees now, Jessica took Donny in her mouth while the other man, Paulie, fumbled with his zipper behind her. A minute later she felt his hard cock enter her pussy and begin to fuck her.

“Do you like this bitch?” Donny asked, pulling his cock out of her throat.

“It’d be great if you both weren’t so tiny, but yes, it’s still very enjoyable.”

“Damn you!” Donny grabbed her hair and scrunched it in his fist, pulling fiercely. “You fucking cunt! Give me that crop boss.”

Rico handed the crop to Donny and he started to beat Jessica on her back and ass with it.

“Better? Is that better?”

Jessica came off of his cock long enough to say, “Yes master, thank you, that’s better.” Then she took him down her throat so that her pierced nose pressed up against his stomach. She massaged his cock with her tongue, pressing it firmly and sucking it at the same time and Donny came in convulsive spurts.

“Holy shit! Damn!” Donny came so hard it almost hurt. Paulie continued to bang Jessie’s pussy but wasn’t getting the friction he needed. Jessie was hot now, sexually hot. Being used like she was had triggered her normal reaction of being humiliated. Just like the last time Hatchet had raped her, and like times in the past, the men forcing themselves onto her repulsed Jessie, but her mind began to work in an odd way. She began to picture herself, naked and helpless. She looked good. She looked beautiful. The men, or women, were attracted to her, wanted to use her, needed her for their pleasure. They wanted to torment her because she was beautiful. She deserved it. She needed to be punished because she was rich and beautiful. She needed to be humiliated.

[Fuck me! Oh god, fuck me good now boys, don’t be gentle.]

Sensing Paulie’s frustration Jessica cried out, “Fuck me in the ass you idiot! That little pecker isn’t any good in my cunt.”

Everyone looked at Jessica, stunned. She had sunk to her elbows, her forehead resting on the ground. Her outburst had even surprised herself!

Hatchet came around in front of Jessica and lifted her chin. “You get off on this, don’t you pony?”

Jessica’s eyes weren’t even in focus as she looked up at the man before her. Without thinking she spit in his face. Mucus, cum, and spittle struck his cheek and he fell backwards causing his friends to laugh.

“Damn you!” Hatch got up onto his knees and slapped Jessie hard across the face. She started to topple over but was caught by Paulie, who was still ramming her asshole. His hands dug into her waist and his cock exploded into her ass. Reaching forward, he mauled Jessie’s hanging breasts as he continued to pump his sperm into her hole.

Now Hatchet was on his knees in front of Jessie and pulling his cock out of his pants. As he pressed his cock against her lips he took a hold of the chains that came from her septum piercing and held them together below his balls. He could feel them rubbing on either side of his cock.

“You try anything…I swear…I’ll fucking rip your nipples off.”

Jessica opened her mouth to take his cock down her throat. His was a real cock, not a toy like Donny’s. It was still only half the width of Trent’s, and not being her master’s cock, did not give her the satisfaction that she really sought. But it was a cock, and it was in her mouth. This was a waste of a good cock.

Jessica came off his cock, head hanging, and said, “Fuck my cunt, master.”

“Wh.. what?” Hatchet looked down at the dirty pony.

Without looking up, Jessie said, “Don’t waste it on my mouth, master, fuck me good with it.” She sank down on her elbows again, her ass in the air.

“Fuck her pussy, Hatch,” Rico said. “Let’s give the pony what she wants. Here,” he tossed a pair of gloves down from the buggy where he had been sitting watching the whole episode. “Hey, Jackson, get down there and give her something to suck on.”

The man in the back of Rico’s buggy looked at the poor woman being gang-banged and shook his head. “I don’t know boss, I got a wife and kid and all. This ain’t for me.”

“You fucking pussy, get down there or it’ll be your wife next. What’s here name? Delores, Florence? Huh? What is it? How old is that daughter of yours anyways?”

The man’s face went white as he sat frozen in place.

“I’m not askin’ again, go get your dick wet or we pay a visit to the little woman.”

The man climbed out of the buggy and walked over to Jessica. Sinking to his knees, he lowered his pants and underwear.

Jessie looked up at him and smiled. She nodded her head as if to say “It’s okay, come on,” and then closed her eyes. Her mouth hung open as she moaned softly. She felt the tip of Jackson’s limp cock in her mouth and she kissed it gently. Her tongue came up underneath and teased it into an erection. Looking up, she saw a look of anguish on his face and she smiled again at him. Then she jumped as she felt something sharp on her ass.

Closing her eyes, Jessica dealt with a new pain. [I’m a good slave. I will not look back! I will not resist. I will take the pain.] The gloves that Rico had tossed to Hatchet were lined with tiny needle points. The amount of damage and pain depended on the force exerted on the gloves. Hatchet was just slightly touching her, so far.

Jessica continued to suck on Jackson. The man was quite hard now and Jessie looked up to see that his eyes were closed. Maybe he was imagining his wife sucking him off.

Another set of hands began to fondle her breasts, and Jessica looked up to see another man from Rico’s buggy kneeling next to her. The fourth man was walking down to join the fun as well. It was a free for all and Jessica’s mind went into overload, sending her helplessly into one massive orgasm after another.

Half an hour later Jessie had serviced all of the men and lay on her side in the dust, her wrists having been hooked again to her wide belt. She looked up at Rico and said, “Thank you, master. Do you have any food for this worthless pony?”

Rico looked around in his buggy. “Hey Hatch!” he called over to the other buggy, “You got any of that Jerky left?”

“Yeah boss.”

“Toss it to the whore.”

Jessica looked up to see Hatch toss several strips of dried beef down onto the ground before whipping his pony-girls into action. The rear wheels of the buggy rolled over the food and the buggies all pulled out, heading back towards the Mafia farm.

On her knees, Jessie hobbled painfully over to the strips and picked one up in her mouth and began to chew on it. It tasted so good! She ate for a while and then collapsed face down in the grass, exhausted, and passed out.


Nicky could hear whispering all around her. She tried to ignore it but the noise grew and grew.

It was late, and her sisters should have been asleep long ago. She moved to the side of her stall and listened to her sister pony, Cheryl.

“I heard she’s a white woman, brown hair, and like super pretty. She’s wild.”

“What do you mean she’s wild?” It was Chiantra from across the aisle.

“Like, she’s free to roam the fields and do what ever she wants.”

“But… where does she bed down at night? Who feeds her? Does she have water? How can she just be out there?”

“I don’t know. She’s just a free spirit.”

“Didn’t I hear someone say she got raped?”

Nicky’s neighbor Erin chimed in, “Amy saw it all! She said that Master Rico and his men caught the pony and raped her but that she really liked it and…”

“Enough!” Nicky said in a loud, firm, voice.

Conversation in the barn instantly ceased.

Nicky flew out of her stall and those women closest to her sank to their knees and assumed the submission posture in their stalls. Not one of them would dare to leave their stalls for fear of punishment. Only the Goddess was brave enough. Only the Goddess was without fear.

Walking down the aisle, Nicky addressed the women. “We have all heard stories now of the wild pony in the pasture.” Women sank to their knees and bent down as Nicky approached.

“I know this woman well. She is our madonna, our saviour, our hogosha, that is: our guardian. It is she who will set us free.” Nicky turned to walk back down the aisle. She looked to see her sisters, prostrated to her. “Her master will be our master,” she said in a loud voice.

“Who is she, my Goddess, that I may worship her?” A feeble voice came from one of the stalls. Nicky recognized the voice as belonging to the smallest of her sisters, Beth.

“Do not speak of her again!” Nicky shouted. “I will not utter her name. But hear me sisters, when I behold her Master and prostrate myself to him in servitude, you will bear witness to my submission and will submit to him as well. When we are bound to him, we will answer to no other. The master of our hogoshu is the hand of justice that will free us from our bondage. Thus say I.”

“Thank you Goddess.” Nicky heard the murmurs throughout the barn and then it was silent.

Nicky smiled as she lay back in her stall. It was sort of fun being a Goddess. Every once in a while she would give her sisters a fire and brimstone speech just for the fun of it. She threw in some Japanese words that she had learned just to remind her sisters that she had endured Heroshi Ketami’s death camp.

Of course, being Rico Gambini’s whipping horse placed her at the top of the list for time spent being tortured. But so far the grease ball had not even approached what she had endured under Ketami-san. Gambini was a rank amateur, and Nicky had become an excellent actress. Even under the mildest torment, she could convince the harshest critic that she was enduring the worst pain imaginable.

Obviously she had fooled her sisters as well. She sort of liked being in charge and having all of the pony-girls looking up to her. And times like this, when she just wanted a little peace and quiet so that she could think, it was nice to have the authority to make it happen.

Nicky had been horrified to see her best friend out in the pasture. Even more disturbing was her appearance. Her heart broke when she saw the evidence of abuse that Jessica had been subjected to. Not only was she quite sunburned, but her beautiful mane was a matted, tangled mess, and her lovely body was marred with bruises and cuts. Her face, usually so delicate and fresh, was dirty, bruised, and bloodied. Dried blood clung to her upper lip from her nose piercing and her lips were split in several places.

But watching as the thugs beat her and raped her… it was almost more than she could bear. Still, she had to keep herself from laughing several times as Jessica insulted them and made them do as she wished them to do. No real master would fall for those antics! She had exposed them for what they were, idiots with whips.

Nicky winced when she thought of the mess the pin-studded gloves had made of Jessica’s flesh by the time all of the men had finished with her. Not that the gloves would cause long term damage to her flesh, but short term, the tiny needles had punctured blood vessels in the upper layer of Jessie’s flesh and had turned her flesh red from surface bleeding. Having endured that particular torture in the past, Nicky knew that most of the pain would be felt later, after the cells had aerated.

But then…even as she had admonished her sister Erin for saying so, Jessica had seemed to enjoy the fucking and the beating that she had received in the pasture. At first she thought that Jessica was simply saying those things so that her beatings wouldn’t be so bad. But when she told Hatchet to fuck her cunt, Nicky sensed that she wanted him to do it. The orgasms her friend had had were not faked. There was no faking the way she came or her cries of pleasure. No, Jessica had been in the zone.

Most assuredly, who ever set her out to pasture would not be happy that she’d been given food. Nicky smiled as she thought about Jessica’s plea for food. She was so smart. And to have the men cum in her mouth, Nicky knew Jessie was taking in moisture when she did that, too. She’d be okay.


“Well,” Trent said as he sank into the chair next to Gary, “Can you think of anything I may have missed?”

“I don’t think so.” Gary was fiddling with his console, a wire lead connecting it to the hand held GPS that was tracking Jessica’s signal.

“You know, this has been bothering me since this afternoon, so I’ve made a trace here of Jessica’s position. It doesn’t seem right.”

Trent sat up in his chair and looked at the monitor. “What are you talking about? What doesn’t seem right?”

“Well, every day she’s out and about right? But today she’s been out all day. I mean from early this morning to right this minute. Look at these coordinates. It’s like way out here some place. Let me get the big map so that I can plot these more accurately.” Gary got up and pulled a large relief map of the valley over to the table and then swung his lamp over.

Trent got up and went to the door. He saw Dr. Dresser playing cards with Ricky and Theo and asked her to come into the office for a minute.

“What’s going on?” she asked as she came through the door.

“I need you to look at this map and help us understand where Jessie is and why.”

Gary was plotting coordinates off of the spreadsheet on his monitor.

“And going back to yesterday,” Gary continued, “I see they are all out here. At no time does she seem to go back to the barn area.”

“What?” Marianne cried out. “She’s been out in the field since yesterday? My god it’s ninety degrees out there. They wouldn’t be running her all day in this weather.”

“So, right now she’s right here.” Gary stabbed a point on the map with his finger. It had several dots already there. “Of all of the places she’s been yesterday and today, she’s spent the most time right there.”

Marianne bent over the map and asked, “What are all of these little lines?”

“Okay,” Gary said, moving around to Marianne’s side of the table. “These are topographical lines. They tell us what the terrain is like, you know like altitude? So out here it’s pretty flat but over here, near where she is, the lines get closer together indicating that it’s a hill or something. She’s actually in some sort of little bowl.

“The pond! She’s in the little hollow that has this stagnant pond. Oh god, I hope she hasn’t drunk any of that water!”

“Does she know it’s stagnant?”

“Yes, the stable guy, um, John, made a point of telling us not to drink it or even go in it.”

“She won’t drink it then. But what else is there for her there? Is it shady? Are there trees or bushes?”

“Can she see the Mafia ranch from there?” Gary asked.

“Okay… wait… no there’s no shade at all, but there’s a big drainage pipe that comes up to it.”

“How big is it? Could we send someone up into it?” Trent asked.

Marianne thought back to her little rest stop and pictured the pipe. “Yes, someone small could fit in there.”

Trent flew out of the room. “Larry, Ken, and Jamil, you’re with me. Gary will brief the rest of you. We’ll be on channel 103.” He held up the radio. They went into a storage room and came out with a toolbox and an acetylene torch and then exited the warehouse.


Darkness had descended over the valley and just a little light was left to see her surroundings atop the hill. The stars were already twinkling overhead as Jessie lay and chewed on her last piece of jerky.

Two full days as a wild pony. Jessica wondered if they had expected her back by now. They certainly hadn’t come to check on her. One more full day, if I don’t hear from Trent. At least she would have a good view of the assault from up here.

While thankful for the jerky and deliriously happy and astounded that the fool had tossed four whole pieces of jerky down for her, she was thirsty. Oh fuck was she thirsty. She got up and walked up the incline to the flat land of the field. It was amazing how well she was able to walk in the heel-less boots now.

Walking a little distance from her night-time cubby hole, Jessie squatted and pooped. She cringed when the fecal matter passed through her tortured asshole. She feared the men had torn her anus when they raped her earlier and now she would get infected. Not a very nice thought.

One more day. It shouldn’t get too bad in one day.

She’d give anything for some tissue and free hands to wipe with.

Sinking back into her little bowl, she considered her bondage. The wide posture collar had probably saved her life three of four times. They probably would have broken her neck by now without that support.

The chains connecting her nipples and clit tugged on her constantly, but after she was able to deal with the pain of it she had begun to feel the pleasure. It must certainly not be their intent, but then they didn’t know her either.

[I like the pain, you morons!]

She never thought she would be able to walk in the heel-less boots, but she had mastered them. In two days! The cruelest part of her bondage was how Darios had bound her elbows. Not that they were pulled back severely, she could be thankful for that, but it made getting comfortable so much more difficult.

Even now she was struggling to find a comfortable position to lay back and gaze up at the star filled heavens. She dozed off for a while and then woke some time later. The lights in the valley were nearly all off so she figured it must be late. The air was chilly and Jessie huddled down a little closer to the water.

Jessica suddenly sat upright. There was a sound nearby. A million thoughts ran through her mind. What kind of animals could be out here at night? Wolves? Bears? Oh shit! I’m going to get fucking eaten!

Jessica peered over the top of the divot and looked around. Nothing. It was dark, but not pitch black. She could see all around her, but couldn’t see the source of the noise.

The terrified woman sank back down into her hole and listened.

It’s coming from the pipe! Holy mother of god!

Jessie got up and walked over to the pipe and lay down next to the opening, listening.

“Hello? Is there someone there?”

“Jessie? It’s me, Jamil. I’m coming up.”

“Oh Master Jamil! You’re here! I’m so glad. Is my master nearby, can I talk to him?”

“I have a headset, just give me a minute to get up there. I can barely get through here and it’s so disgusting. I’m sorry to be complaining.” Jessie could hear him huffing and pushing himself up the pipe.

After another five minutes Jessica saw Jamil’s hands grab the grate. She leaned over and kissed them and cried. “Oh young master, I’m so happy to see you!” Jamil reached through and caressed her face.

“Jessica, what’s happened to you? You’re… you’re all beat up… your face, my god, what have they done to you?”

“Is it bad master? Are you ashamed to look at me?”

“No, sweetie, you’re as beautiful as a flower. I’m so happy to see you too. Come here, come closer. Okay, you can speak into my mike and everyone will hear you.”

Jessie quickly explained how she had purposely gotten herself caught trying to escape so that they would put out into the pasture. She thought she would be able to get near the fence to contact the team, but had been confined to the upper pasture. There was no way for her to get close to the outer fence.

Jamil put up his hand to silence her and listened to his ear bud and then said, “Trent is very sorry that he hadn’t thought to post someone in the woods to monitor you. That was his fault and he’s very sorry.”

“Not important!” Jessica said. “I have to tell you something master. I learned from Nicky that there’s going to be some huge meeting at the Mafia ranch. There’ll be a lot of bosses and even some big shot from Colombia. Lots of drugs. They’ll be bringing in lots of drugs on Monday and Rico has been lining up buyers for weeks. Is there a chance that the raid can be delayed for a couple of days?”

Jamil listened, then said, “He’s on the radio with the team right now to see how a delay would effect logistics. Do you need anything Jessie? I have water, I ha…”

“Oh god yes master! Water, please.”

Jamil poked the small canteen through the grate.

“I can’t hold it, my hands, they’re in these mitt things, and my arms are bound.”

“Oh sorry, here,” the canteen went back through the bars and then came out again higher up and uncapped. The agent tipped the canteen into Jessica’s waiting mouth like a mother bird feeding her chick.

“Oh thank you, that tastes so good.”

“Here, I think I have a Granola bar somewhere if it’s not too smashed up.” Jamil’s hand retreated through the bars and Jessica heard a lot of rustling around.

“I don’t care what condition it’s in, I’ll eat it.”

“Okay here you go.” Jessica saw his hand come through with the flattened bar sticking out of the wrapper. She leaned over and took a bite and chewed it. “Yummy!” She took another bite.

“Oh, yes sir, okay I’ll tell her. Your master said it’s a go for Monday and to tell you this is really really huge.”

Jessica fought the urge to break down in tears. It had all been worth it! All of the pain and suffering she had endured had been worth it.

“May I speak into your mic again, Master Jamil?”

Jamil held his headset through the bars and Jessie leaned in.

“I’ll be heading back to the ranch and will hopefully be allowed back in. Don’t worry too much about the training ranch. I think I have a good plan in place with a couple of sisters that I would trust with my life. They know what to do even if I’m not there. Nicky is going to move all of the Mafia ponies to the guesthouses when you come in. So that area of the compound must be protected from the beginning. Okay master? Please protect the pony-girls and the families that are being held in the houses. If the ponies aren’t at the houses they’ll still be in the barn.”

Jamil pulled the headset back and put it on his head.

“Your master promises that your instructions will be followed. He says no discipline will be given for your manipulations this time. Does that make sense Jessie?”

Jessica smiled, “Yes Master Jamil, it makes sense. Thank you so much for coming up here for me.”

“It was Gary who figured out that you were out here, and Dr. Dresser who told us about this slime coated mucky pipe.”

“Tell them I owe them both a big kiss.”

“They heard you,” Jamil replied. “Is there anything else Jessie?”

“No master. That is all.”

“Okay then, I’m out of here. Take care of yourself. We’re all very anxious for this to be over and have you back with us.” He stuck his hand through the grate and caressed her face and she kissed it tenderly.

“Oh shit, excuse my language…here,” Jessie heard a lot of rummaging in the darkness of the pipe and then Jamil’s hand came through the bars with an uncapped stick of Chapstick.

Jessica giggled, “Master! That is so sweet, thank you!” She leaned in and Jamil did his best to coat her dried out lips. “Oh god, that feels so good! You’ll get a kiss too.”

“I’ll be waiting for it. Bye. Keep up the good work!”


Jessica lay by the pipe opening and listened to the sounds of the agent sloshing back down the pipe. After awhile she couldn’t hear anything and assumed he was clear and the team was on their way back to base.

Now Jessie couldn’t stop the tears as she broke down and sobbed. She was so happy that the raid was being delayed and that Nicky would be safe at last. But also, she cried because she felt the end was near and the uncertainty of what her life would be like in five days scared her. She had become so close to the guys on the team, she wished they could always be together. And then there was her master, Trent Richards. Would he still want her or would they drift apart?

When finally no more tears would come, Jessie sat up. She felt so much better now that she’d had a good cry. In fact she smiled. She looked up to see the stars but instead saw that the sky had become dark with clouds. Thinking she would rather walk to the ranch in the cool night air rather than the heat of the day, she set out in that direction. Ten minutes later she felt the first sprinkles and before long she was walking in a full downpour.

The bound woman stood, looking up, and laughed. The rain felt so good on her dried out flesh! She needed a shower so badly! And now she was getting it.

Trudging on, Jessie stayed on the buggy path and walked for an hour before coming to the training ranch fence. The gate was locked of course.

Looking around, she saw no signs of life. Everyone was asleep. Sinking down to her knees, Jessica put her head down and rested. She had to think of how she would ask to be let back inside. She didn’t know what Darios would do when he saw her there. Would he really whip her severely? Maybe she should just lay there and not ask to be let in. Or maybe she should beg. For sure, she had to pretend that she was nearly on death’s door. There was no reason for them to know that she had eaten twice today, wasn’t hungry, or thirsty.

She let herself slide over onto her side so that she could rest on her side. The rain splattered the ground near her and she could feel her body being splashed. Thoroughly soaked, and feeling a little bit chilled now, Jessie tried to close her eyes and get some rest. Her mind was too busy though and it took another hour before she finally drifted off.


“Hey! Pony!” Jessie felt something kicking her back. “What are you doing here?”

It was Darios!

Jessie rolled over onto her back and looked up into the morning sun. Her body ached as it had for the past two days. Looking to her left she saw Darios on the other side of the chain link fence dressed in his usual training attire. Painfully, and assumedly weakly, Jessica rolled again until she was on her knees and then bent down so that her forehead touched the ground.

“I told you not to come back here.”

“This slave begs for your forgiveness, master,” Jessica said weakly and hoarsely.

“Go away pony. You don’t appreciate all that we do for you here.”

“Master!” Jessica forced tears into her eyes. “I do! I swear it! I do appreciate it.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Thank you master, thank you.” She heard him walking away.

Jessie didn’t move, just tried to go back to sleep in the position she was in.

When she woke up, Jessica found that she had toppled onto her side. Righting herself into her modified submission position she saw that the large show corral was on the other side of the fence and that most of her sisters were milling around in it. Her movement attracted the attention of some of the pony-girls and a few stepped lightly over to the corral rail and looked through the fence at her.

“Jessica, are you okay?” It was Terri.

Suddenly a whip cracked near them and Darios was shouting for them to get away from the rail.

Later, the sound of hoofed feet was heard trotting by and Jessica imagined that Darios had the girls trotting around the corral. Jessica remained in her bent over posture for hours. She had to relieve herself and simply allowed her poop to flow out of her ass and pile beneath her. Additionally, her urine puddled in a pool near her ankles.

The sun beat down mercilessly on her bare back, but Jessica thought nothing of these inconveniences. Her mind was a million miles away. She was thinking about the night that her master had arranged for the party at their mansion in L.A. She was thinking about being used by three men at once, not a rape like Rico and his boys, but three men that were really there to give her pleasure.

Despite her uncomfortable position, Jessie smiled as she thought of how that evening had started. She was sure that Trent was going to punish her for asking to remember his name. He had even subjected her to an enema. But when she felt Taylor’s hands on her, massaging her stomach and making sure her discomfort was as little as possible, she began to suspect she was not being punished.

She remembered her surprise when Trent took her in the ass. He had never done that before, or even showed an interest in it. Later, in bed while they cuddled, Trent had told her that he had decided that it should be he who penetrated her ass so that she would enjoy it. He knew that whatever he did to her body she would enjoy. Hearing him say that had sent such a wave of passion through her body that she had felt light headed.

Even after all she had been through during the evening her body began to crave her master’s cock once again. Her breathing and pulse changed, alerting her master to her growing desires and much to his credit his erection grew and he pulled her over on top of him. They made love as though it was the first time in a month until, spent, they lay in each other’s arms until morning.

A sudden pain in Jessica’s neck brought her out of her pleasurable fantasies and quickly into the reality of the here and now. Someone had activated her shock collar!

[I will not move! I will not cry out. I will submit to this pain, no matter how great.] Brave words, but Jessica could feel the pain increase.

The intensity continued to rise until Jessie thought she was going to pass out. She breathed deeply and willed herself to withstand just a little more, just a little more, just a little more. And then it stopped.

“Pony 56, don’t you feel the pain of your bondage?” Darios questioned.

“The pain is terrible, master.”

“And you do not cry out?”

“I was not given permission to cry out, master. I will submit to you in all ways.”

It was quiet, but Jessica could hear rustling around her.

“Observe ponies, how well you have it here in our care. This pony wanted to run free, out there in the pasture. But freedom has its cost. See how this pony was abused without our protection. See how this pony was burnt by the sun and ravished by the elements without our protection. Consider this if you have thoughts of your own to run free.”

Jessica felt the training master’s crop on her exposed ass. “Kneel pony, and present yourself.”

Jessie rose to her knees and saw her sisters standing in perfect posture around her. The staff stood behind the women, most with faces that revealed their shock at Jessica’s appearance. Karla stood with her hand covering her mouth as she saw her beautiful student in such poor condition. John, too, had the look of utter rage and Jessie saw the cook, Walter, place a hand on John’s arm as if to stop him from charging Darios.

“Would you like to feel the sting of my crop across your breasts, Pony 56?”

“Yes master, if that would please you,” Jessica replied by rote.

“If you can endure ten lashes without making a sound, you will be permitted to return to my ranch. Will you submit to that?”

“Yes master, if it’s your wish that I return.”

“It is.”

Darios brought the crop back, holding the leather thong so that the shaft of the crop bent like a bow and then he released it. The smack of the thong across Jessica’s dirty breast was so loud it startled several of the women and caused them to jump, even to cry out.

Jessica remained silent, but the force of the blow brought tears to her eyes.

SMACK! [Oh God! Help me survive this lord!]

SMACK! [Nicky, Goddess of Pain, be with me now!]

SMACK! [Master Trent, I will take this pain for you my love!]

SMACK! [OWWW! My nipple! I’m going to kill you someday soon Darios!]

SMACK! Jessica opened her eyes and looked up at Darios. Her face set in stone, but with tears streaming down her cheeks.

SMACK! Jessica trembled as she saw a look in her punisher’s face that told her that he did not like her silence. Even though he said he wanted to admit her back, he was a sadist and was beginning to feel threatened by her silence. She knew the worst was yet to come.

SMACK! The side of her breast was struck sending waves of pain straight to her brain. [Nicky, Goddess of Pain, be with me now. Only a few left now I’m sure. Help me!]

SMACK! Across the nipples again. [I won’t crack, you bastard!]

SMACK! [Fuck me! Oh my god, that has to be ten!]

Jessie felt her resolve melting away. Her breasts were on fire and the pain in her sensitive orbs was so great that she though she might pass out. [As long as I don’t cry out as I pass out, maybe he’ll give it to me.]

“Would you like ten more, Pony 56?”

“Yes master, if that would give you pleasure.”

Darios turned to the assembly. “The staff will return to the ranch house. The ponies will take #56 into the barn and tend to it. There will be no more training today.”

Darios turned and walked towards the women. They parted as he approached and Jessica saw a buggy teamed by Danielle and Felicity waiting for him. The other women ran to Jessica but she shook her head and groaned loudly, startling them, and causing them to back up.

Darios stopped in his tracks and turned to see Jessica stumble to her feet and step through the gate. One foot in front of the other, wobbly as she could make it without falling over, she moved under her own power towards the barn. She sank to one knee and shook her head as hands came to support her arms.

Again, she rose to her feet and began to make her way to the barn. Finally she entered the barn and rounded the corner, out of sight of Darios. She turned to her sisters, all of whom had the most concerned looks, many of whom were crying, and said, “Do you think he bought that? God, he’s such a prick.”

She smiled, and then laughed as she saw the looks on their faces go through several fazes of concern, disbelief, surprise, joy, hope, and mainly back to surprise.

“Unhook my wrists quickly sisters, so that I can give you all a big hug!”


The next day Nicky hung by her wrists in Vito’s private quarters. Isabelle and Caroline hung beside her. They all had little round patches taped to their bodies in the most sensitive areas. The wires ran to a control box sitting on a table in front of them.

Sweat rolled down Nicky’s body as she watched the mob boss tinker with a control knob on the box. He flipped a switch and Nicky’s body jerked. The pain went through her body instantly and then it stopped.

“Where did this woman come from? I thought that I saw her in the corral last week, and then I didn’t see her. Yet, my boys seen her in the pasture. You all seen her too. Isabelle, you seen her. What did she look like?”

The black girl trembled. She had tried to be strong like the Goddess, but the pain! The pain was so horrible she just started talking, “Master! She was on the side of the buggy path, just kneeling there looking at the ground. Mistress stopped us and spoke to the pony and then the young mistress made this pony pleasure me with her tongue.”

“AAYYIIE!!” the girl screamed, wondering how the Goddess endured the pain.

“I didn’t ask you what she did to you, I asked you what she looked like!”

“Well, she’s brunette, AArgHHH!” her body jerked violently.

“I know she’s a brunette!”

“B…blue eyes, kinda petite, sunburned over most of her body and face, but really white skin in some areas.”

“White skin?”

“Yes master! In the areas that weren’t burned I could see her skin was very white.”

“And you, Caroline, when you were out with Nicky, did you see anything else?”

Caroline, too, had tried to emulate her Goddess but three or four painful jolts made her release her bladder and sing like a bird. “A brand on her leg master, right on her thigh, um, her left thigh.”

“You didn’t notice this Nicky?”

“No master, I was looking straight ahead as I have been trained to do. I didn’t even see the pony.” Her body jerked and she pulled up on her arms to make her body stiff.

“Why don’t I believe you? Is there some reason you don’t want to talk about this woman?”

“I’ve told you everything I saw, and I’m afraid that is nothing. Am I to disregard my training to look at some whore on the side of the road?” Caroline and Isabelle both knew that Nicky had seen the woman. Why hadn’t they thought to say they were looking straight ahead, too? Both still held the secret of the Goddess’s speech the other night. Neither would dare divulge that. They only hoped this pony’s master would show up soon.

“One of the bosses from the west coast arrived here this morning. He’s told me some very interesting rumors, Nicky. He’s said your former master, Heroshi Ketami, is in prison, that his facility had been raided. He sent one of his guys over to talk to him in prison and was told that Ketami had warned them about a slave he called his Neesan Konpaku. Do you know what that means Nicky?”

Nicky rolled the words around in her head. “Konpaku is girl…um, something girl, neesan, neesan, it’s like spirit…”

“Exactly, Ghost Girl. She was your former master’s sakujou sureibu.”

“His rope slave, master.” That explained a lot to Nicky. Only someone who is very submissive could be a rope slave to Ketami. To endure hours of rope bondage… Nicky wasn’t sure even she could handle that.

“Yes, and her flesh was so white he called her his Ghost Girl. He said the woman was blonde and had a brand in the shape of an S on her left thigh. He was quite excited about her and wanted to know where they had taken her.” Vito picked up a cattle prod from the desk. “We know a woman, a white blonde woman, who has very white flesh, don’t we Nicky?”

“Ashley? You think this pony is Ashley Bennet? How could you possibly make that connection? The woman seen in the pasture is a brunette!” She could see that Vito’s insane infatuation with Ashley had inadvertently hit a bull’s eye by accident.

“Hair color can be easily changed,” Veto said as he held up the photo in front of Isabelle and saw her eyes widen.

“Is this the woman you saw in the pasture?”

Isabelle made a decision that she knew would probably end her life. She would not let the Goddess down again.

She looked at the photo and shook her head, “I don’t think so, Master. That really doesn’t look like… AAYYIIEE!!” The woman screamed as the cattle prod was pressed against her breast. “It’s not her! It’s not her! Please Master!”

Vito held the photo up to Caroline. Realizing what Isabelle had just done gave her the courage to do the same. She denied seeing the woman in the photograph and received the same torture. Both women hung crying as Vito returned to Nicky.

“Let’s go see for ourselves, shall we?”

End of part 9

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