Ashley Bennet – Slave
Part 8

by mrhungry

This is Part II of the Ashley Bennet series. In Part One, the readers were introduced to Ashley, a beautiful blonde administrative assistant to a fairly high placed Special Agent in charge of the FBI’s Organized Crime Task Force office in Philadelphia. Ashley had fallen victim to a con which preyed upon her desire to become an FBI field agent. The owners of a local strip club had conned her into believing she was being recruited to work undercover in the club to investigate a prostitution ring. In reality, her actions at the club were being recorded for use in blackmailing her into providing them with information. It turned out that one of the club owners was a front man for the powerful New York crime boss, Vito Gambini. While still believing her assignment was genuine, Ashley uncovered evidence of widespread blackmail within the FBI and in the local government. One of the men in the OCTF, Trent Richards, had begun to investigate Ashley when she suddenly went missing. The club owners had kidnapped Ashley and were planning on selling her to overseas slavers. In the end, Agent Richards saved Ashley and she became somewhat of a legend in the upper echelons of the Bureau.

**Beginning in Ashley Bennet – Slave, Ashley will at times be thinking as Jessica, her alter-ego. For the readers' convenience the author will enclose [Jessica’s thoughts in brackets].**

The author apologizes in advance for the French accent of one of the characters in this story, as well as the Japanese words (which are probably incorrect) used by another of the characters. Too, the author means no disrespect to Italians in the depictions of the Mafia characters in this story. This is fiction, and is not based on any real life experience.


Jessica closed her eyes and tried to rest. Although she kept up the appearance of being relaxed and in control, inside she was exhausted and not feeling in control of much at all. Her eyes opened slightly as the airplane dipped in the air current. Her body shifted forward but the dildoes she was perched on held her firmly in place.

“Just a little air pocket I guess.”

Jessica turned her head to see the young woman sitting next to her, gripping the armrest in unabashed fear. It was her first time flying, and she was still trying to comprehend how something so large could fly through the air.

While waiting to take off, Jessica had learned that the woman, Julie, was 22 years old, single, and had never been outside of California. Her dad had moved to New York City the previous year and she was on her way to visit him.

The girl had not been shy at all to talk to Jessica about her perceived disability. She had accepted Jessica’s story that she had been in an accident a year ago and had lost her arms and legs. She was glad to hear that Jessie was on her way to see a specialist, and that maybe there was some hope that she could be fitted with prosthetics.

“I learned all about traumatic amputation in my pre-med class,” she had proclaimed before rattling on about her classes at SCU. Jessica chalked it up to pre-flight jitters.

When Dr. Dresser had passed by them on the way back to her seat she stopped to make sure Jessica was okay and not in any discomfort. Julie, seeing that her new seat mate had a friend on board, had asked if she wanted to change seats with her.

Dr. Dresser, who’d been informed of Jessica’s “special” wheel-chair, had declined, saying she was sitting with another patient that needed her care, but, if she wouldn’t mind, would she sort of help Jessie out if she needed it?

Julie assured her she would and smiled brightly when Dr. Dresser handed her a couple of twenty dollar bills and told her to buy whatever they both needed during the long flight. Food was no longer free, even on cross-country flights.

Jessica closed her eyes and put her head back against the headrest. Her master and Master Gary had built the chair she was in especially for this trip as a little surprise for her. After the events of the previous week when she had allowed herself to be kidnapped by a masochistic doctor by the name of Royce, Gary had wanted to abandon the wheelchair in L. A. but her master had said no. His slave would be securely strapped into the wheel chair for the flight. End of discussion.

Jessica had enjoyed seeing Dr. Dresser again. She’d been a wreck after being rescued from the insane doctor, Royce. The rape by Royce’s assistant had seemed brutal at the time, although as usual she didn’t think of it as such now. Maybe she looked at things that happened to her in a detached way that made it seem like it had happened to someone else. [Yeah, like me. But you know I like it rough!]

But, the killing of the torturer was another thing. Obviously, Ashley had never killed another person before. That’s not the type of thing someone can do and just go on with their life unaffected.

Ashley was shaking for hours after they had brought her out, clinging to a slightly embarrassed Jamil, who had been given the task of protecting her, and taking care of her, as the team leaders hashed things out with Detective Martin. She was very grateful for the way he held her hand, and at times put his arm around her, always making sure she was covered with the blanket. Too, other members of the team had come to sit with them from time to time before being called off to do something else.

As soon as the team had brought her out of the house and he knew she was safe, her master was on the phone with her therapist. The woman had jumped at the opportunity to hook up with Ashley again and had been on a Bureau Lear jet the same day. Within an hour of her landing at LAX, Trent had briefed Marianne on the mission and Jessica’s role in it.

Since it’s pretty much standard procedure to have an agent sit with a therapist after an incident like Jessica had been through, Trent figured Dr. Dresser should be the one to council her. That Jessie had killed a man made it all the more important.

At first the psychiatrist was appalled both as a woman and as Ashley’s therapist. But given time to think it through, she came to see the benefit to having “Jessica” working with the team, and also agreed that she would have tried to find Nicky on her own.

She also knew it was hard, if not impossible, to say no to the Assistant Director of the FBI.

It was plainly obvious that Ashley was happy in her role and it was also obvious that there was a special bond between her client and the handsome Agent Richards. Dr. Dresser was very happy to see that. She saw how Trent spoke when discussing Ashley and knew the man had deep feelings for her client, possibly even love. She would have to see the two of them interacting to follow up on that hunch.

Jessica had told her therapist that she had played the incident over and over in her head. The deranged man lunging at her, his hands closing in on her neck, crushing her windpipe, her freed hand coming up with the scalpel, stabbing the flesh of the madman’s neck over and over.

She still didn’t know what she had struck, but how the blood flowed out of him was a horrible memory! She doubted she would ever forget the feeling of that hot blood flowing out over her hand and then her arm, down onto her chest. As she tried to push the dead weight off of her she only managed to smear more of his blood across her naked flesh. Jessica couldn’t get that out of her mind, and she was thankful that the lights had gone out so she never got a good look at the carnage she had created.

But as Dr. Dresser had pointed out, she hadn’t been the cause of the carnage. None of that would have happened had the man not abducted her in the first place.

Marianne suggested that Jessica start a tally somewhere of how many women she had saved so far. Thinking that was a good idea the two women sat together and cut two inch strips of brown leather and tied little slip knots in the ends. Then Jessica counted out the women that she had helped save so far… besides Pig and Cow, there were nine at Ketami’s and five at Royce’s.

Jessie let Marianne loop the leather strands on the same collar ring that Agent Isleman’s silver heart charm was on so that the charm was surrounded by the strands. Jessica had broken down in tears when she looked at her collar adornments in the mirror and had turned to bury her head in her friend’s shoulder.

“You know you could count that girl Bonnie too. You saved her from a terrible life.”

Jessica straightened up and wiped her tears. “You’re right. Go ahead and add one more.”

The two women talked for two more hours and then more the following days. By the end of the week Dr. Dresser had deemed Jessica ready to return to duty.

Jessie wondered if she was ready for duty. She had killed a man!

[I had to do it or I’d be dead right now.] But all that blood! It was horrible, and he was going to choke me to death. [I did what I had to do. The man was a beast, and he tortured women for excitement.] Look at what he did to me and I was only with him for five hours.

Jessica thought about the thin silver cylinder that had been pierced into her clitoris. She thought about the pain it generated when turned on. But then she thought about the pleasure it generated as well. Even a mild signal was enough to force an orgasm on to her while she was being raped in the ass. The thought of that was so erotic that Jessica had refused to allow her master to try and have it removed. It was very small and well crafted as to not interfere with how her clit sat in her slit. It actually looked quite nice, having the appearance of two small discs on either side of her clit.

But most important to Jessica was how she felt when she had gone back inside and retrieved the remote control from the doctor’s office and handed it to her master. She had talked to Dr. Dresser about her intense excitement when her master took the remote from her.

Her therapist had asked her if she knew why that had been so exciting to her. Jessica knew it was because she was handing her master the power to give her pleasure or pain.

“Not only that,” her friend told her, “but a woman’s clitoris is the most private and sexual part of her body. To allow Trent to have complete control of your clitoris is to give him complete control of your body.”

Jessica’s face had flushed a bright red when she heard this.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” Dr. Dresser had asked. “Are you sure you want to relinquish all control over your sexuality.”

“Yes, I want him to control me… all of me.”

* * *

“Something to drink ma’am?”

“Diet Pepsi, if you have it,” Jessica heard Julie reply.

Jessica opened her eyes to see the flight attendant bending over her to hand Julie a plastic cup. She also noticed her take a peek down at her. The bound woman knew that she was displaying a lot of cleavage. With her hidden arms bound tightly behind her, her 34C’s were straining to bust free in front. Jessica worried that her blouse would pop open because instead of buttons there were two magnetic tabs holding the blouse together in front. She had expressed some doubt that the magnets would hold, but Trent had shown her that they were actually quite strong and it took two hands to pull them apart.

“It’s only held together in two places!” Jessie had exclaimed when she had first tried the blouse on. If I bend like this,” she bent over at the waist, “everything shows through the gaps.”

“Don’t bend over like that then,” was her master’s reply.

Then there was the question of whether Jessica could stand having her arms bound severely behind her for the entire flight. What if there were delays? And her legs were bought up so that her ankles were bound to her thighs.

After her legs had been bound, Gary and Trent had lowered her torso onto the lubed twin dildoes. Her knees were the lowest part of her body while in the chair, and they simply hung under her. The cloth that they had stapled in place hid everything below the seat. This meant that all of Jessie’s weight was on her crotch and the twin dildoes. She was truly impaled on them.

“And for you ma’am?” the attendant asked. “Oh, I’m so sorry, that was so inconsiderate of me, it’s such a habit to ask each guest.” The poor woman’s face blushed red as she realized Jessica had no arms or hands. The blouse and the way she sat in the chair completely concealed her bound arms. A ruffled skirt covered the bottom of her torso, hiding the area where her legs went through the seat. This gave the impression that she had no legs.

Jessica was about to say it was okay but Julie spoke up first. “What do you want Jessie? I told the doctor I’d help you. Go ahead and get what you want.”

Jessie looked over at the chipper young woman. “Are you sure?”

“I’d love to help you. You can’t go the whole trip with out eating or drinking.”

“Well, okay then…I’ll have a Diet Pepsi, too.”

Her drink was handed to Julie and the attendant moved on.

“That’s so sweet of you, thank you.”

“It’s nothing really. Here, have a sip.” Julie held the plastic cup up to Jessica’s lips just as the plane took another unexpected dip. A small amount of Pepsi spilled over the rim and right down Jessica’s cleavage.

“Oh no!” Julie whispered, “Shit, let me…” she took one of her napkins and dabbed at Jessica’s chest and then slipped it down between her breasts. “Oh crap, can I just…” she glanced around at the other passengers and then took another napkin and came up from the bottom of Jessica’s blouse to wipe the spilled soda. “Sorry, I think I can get it before it ruins your blouse. Sorry, really, I know this is embarrassing.”

It had all happened so fast that Jessica just sat there with her mouth agape with surprise.

“Oh sorry, you’re not wearing a bra? I didn’t mean to touch you like that. Are there wire’s attached to your breasts?” The woman took her hand out and wadded up the napkin.

“Um… yeah, they’re to monitor my um, you know, vitals.” Jessie looked at the woman to see if she would accept that.

“Oh god, I’d be orgasmic if I had to sit here with wires stuck to my titties,” the woman whispered and then giggled. “Should we try it again? This time we’ll be more careful.”

“Sure.” Jessie bent to take a sip. Her internal fire had been stoked. She knew it. She felt it. Deep inside, in her body and in her brain, this silly girl was getting her aroused.

“I’m sorry Julie, I think I need to close my eyes.”

“Oh sure, it’s no problem. Let me know if you need anything.” She took her book out of the pocket in the back of the seat in front of her and opened it to a dog-eared page.

The two sat quietly for awhile as Jessica tried to calm herself down. The pressure of the dildoes was beginning to wear on her a little bit. She was starting to wonder if she could take being impaled on them for that much longer, and they were less than an hour into the flight.

She couldn’t help thinking about the young woman sticking her hand up her blouse and accidentally touching her breasts! What must she be thinking right now? Jessica’s breasts felt like they were tingling and she knew that she was must really be horny. But it was more than that… her breasts were tingling. It was a really odd sensation; almost like… electricity, or…[the electrodes! Oh no, Master has begun to play with me.] Jessie hadn’t been thinking about the purpose of the wires, even when Julie had mentioned them.

The slight current that was being emitted through the small electrodes served one purpose; they created a sensation. They were not meant to shock Jessica, only to arouse her, to make her aware of her breasts. Trent and Gary had carefully determined the correct voltage to create the sensation that Jessica was feeling now. Then, Gary had opened the remote and placed a tiny fuse in line that would blow if the voltage was increased beyond that point. They were not taking any chances that Jessica would be injured.

“Uhhhugh,” Jessica moaned as she felt the dildo in her pussy begin to vibrate.

Julie turned and looked at her. “Are you okay? Do you need anything?”

“, no thanks, I’m f...fine.” She was anything but fine. She was beyond fine.

[Oh god!] A wonderful feeling was emanating directly from her clit. [The implant! Oh no, don’t make me cum right here!] Jessica tried to suppress the warmth that was building up in her loins.

“And how are we doing up here?” Jessie heard Dr. Dresser whisper, more to Julie than to her, since her eyes were clamped shut.

Jessie’s eyes popped open and Marianne saw a look of sheer lust, and almost a look of panic.

“Oh Jessica, you’re awake. How are you feeling dear?”

“I…I’m feeling really warm, Doctor. Maybe even hot.” She hoped her meaning would be heard by the doctor.

“Why didn’t you say something?” Julie asked as she reached up to turn the overhead air nozzle for Jessica, “I could’ve turned this on for you.”

“That’ll help I’m sure,” Marianne said as she looked towards the rear of the plane. “Well, if you two are getting along okay I’ll just get back to my seat. There’s a charming young man across the aisle from me that I’ve been talking with.”

Jessica saw Marianne’s hand come up and noticed that she was holding something. She passed whatever it was into her other hand and Jessica caught a glimpse of it. She had the clit implant remote in her hand! “He’s been telling me the most fascinating stories.”

As her therapist disappeared behind her, Jessica felt the stimulation in her clit increase!

[Dr. Dresser’s going to make me cum right here!]

Beads of sweat began to form on Jessica’s forehead. The feeling in her groin was intense and she knew she would cum pretty soon. She tried to think of what she would say to Julie if she noticed. She was afraid that everyone around her was going to notice!

Jessica’s entire body was charged now. The sensations in her breasts were driving her insane and now her clit was on fire and the vibrator in her pussy was humming away.

She was close. She felt sweat rolling down between her breasts. And then it stopped.

Jessica looked up and around. All of the sensations had suddenly been cut off.

She put her head back and tried again to get her respiration under control. [Dr. Dresser is playing with me!] The thought of that made her so frikkin’ horny!

“Aaaauuu,” Jessie moaned as she felt something attacking her nipples! [Oh fuck!]

The smooth metal clips that surrounded her nipples were emitting something that Jessica could feel. She didn’t know if it was electrical or what, but she knew that her nipples were responding to a stimuli.

“Jessie, I’m worried about you,” Julie said as she took her napkin and patted Jessica’s forehead. “You’re burning up.” The young woman tried to adjust the air nozzle so that it hit Jessie’s head.

“That’s good right there, Julie. That feels good, thank you.”

“Do you want more Pepsi?”

“Yes, thank you.”

Julie held the cup up to Jessica’s lips and let her get a sip.

Jessie saw the dinner cart roll up next to her and the attendant asked if they wanted anything to eat. Julie ordered a hot turkey entrée’. Jessica’s mind was on her aroused nipples and the orgasm she had narrowly avoided. Food was way down her list of things to think about. She just shook her head, no.

“We won’t be there for another four and half hours Jessie, you should eat. I’ll help you. What else do you have?” Julie asked the flight attendant.

The attendant listed off the menu and Julie stopped her at cheese ravioli. “How does that sound Jessica? I bet that would be good, and easy to eat.”

The sensations working on Jessica’s nipples were so distracting that she barely heard any of what was being said around her.

“What? Uh-huh, sure that would be great,” she said, not really knowing, or caring, what Julie had just asked her.

The attendant bent down and retrieved a tray and handed it over to Julie. She took the twenty that Julie gave her and returned the change to her.

Jessica’s nipples were so engorged now they ached as they pressed against the solid metal o-clamps. She looked at the young woman next to her and wondered if she could ask her to take the clamps off. But how would she ask something like that to a total stranger? And how would she do it without everyone around seeing?

No. She couldn’t do that. Besides, her master had put the clamps on her and only he could remove them. She would have to endure it, no matter what was forced onto her.

“Mmm, the turkey’s good. Are you ready for some ravioli? Look, this actually appears to be pretty appetizing.”

Jessica looked over at the meal Julie had ordered for her and her stomach growled. She was hungry after all. The last time she ate was… some pellets her master had left for her in her bowl that morning. Of course her master had to fuck with her, [humiliating me is one of his specialties these days!]

She and her master had been staying in a hotel room near the airport, the other team members and Marianne having their own rooms, too. Trent had leashed Jessica, naked of course and properly bound, to the bedpost the previous evening. After he had gotten up and showered he had left a bowl of pellets and some water for her to eat with instructions that it be gone in fifteen minutes, and then said he was going out to eat with the team.

A few minutes later there was a soft knock on the door and Dr. Dresser walked in! Jessie was so embarrassed that the psychiatrist was seeing her in slave mode. Embarrassed, naked, and chained to the bed post, Jessica had still risen onto her knees to display herself as a good slave is required to.

“Oh Jessica! I’m sorry, I didn’t realize when Trent…” She stepped into the room and closed the door. She looked pretty embarrassed herself and then said, “Trent had asked me to look in on you, but I must have come too soon.”

Jessica saw through this immediately. “Mistress, my master knew full well that you would find me like this. I’m in bondage. I’ll be in bondage until he releases me. So obviously, no matter what time you dropped by I would still be like I am now.”

Marianne sat down on the bed. “You’re right dear.” She had a look on her face that told Jessica that her shrink had been set up. She had been genuinely surprised to find her client in the nude.

“May I continue to eat Mistress? I’ve only been given fifteen minutes to eat all of this and I don’t want to be punished today.”

Again, Marianne blushed. “You called me mistress.”

“I know my place when I’m in bondage, Mistress. You know me better than anyone else in the world, ma’am, and you know I would serve you in any way you ask.”

“Yes Jessica, I know you would.” Marianne leaned forward and stroked Jessica’s blonde hair. “Go ahead and eat dear, I wouldn’t want you to be punished either.”

Jessica leaned forward and began to crunch on the tasteless pellets.

“Do you like that food?” Marianne had asked.

Jessica looked up and said, “I neither like it nor dislike it, Mistress. It has no taste. It’s nutritious, so I know that eating it is good for my body. And I’ve learned that it contains a birth control additive that helps minimize my cycles. Plus, I have a habit of being raped, as you well know Mistress, so I’m glad I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant as long as I continue to eat this regularly. So, yes, I guess you could say I like eating it after all.”

She bent over again to munch some more, knowing that her therapist was watching her intently. She glanced down at her hanging breasts and saw that her nipples were rock hard. The thought of her therapist seeing her like this was definitely making her aroused. This was what her master had assumed would happen.

“Are you ready for some more?” Julie was asking as she held another ravioli up for Jessica to eat.

“Yes, Mistress,” Jessica said without thinking, but immediately realized her slip. She had just been thinking about talking with Dr. Dresser earlier.

“Oh shit! I’m sorry, I was…” Jessie wished she could bury her face in her hands, but of course she couldn’t do that. The blush in her cheeks grew redder by the second.

“Mistress?” The look on Julie’s face made Jessica laugh.

“I’m… I’m sorry. That sort of slipped out by accident.”

“I’ll say.” Julie placed the ravioli into Jessica’s mouth. Then with her voice a lot quieter she said, “There’s something weird going on here, I can sense it.” She took a bite of her own food and chewed it, a contemplative look on her face.

“That woman, the doctor, she’s not really a doctor is she? Is she your mistress? Are you two into some mistress-slave thing? Because if you are, I’m totally cool with it. I’ve read a lot about that on-line.”

Now Jessica didn’t know what to do or say. Julie just told her she was cool with it if she were a slave. But should she admit to it? It might make things easier if she didn’t have to pretend to be an invalid. What would her master want her to do?

It would be more humiliating to admit to the young woman that she was the slave of a man. Even thinking about it made her hot. Maybe it was the way her brain was wired, but just the thought of the humiliation she would feel at admitting she was a slave and then maybe letting Julie in on the torment her master was inflicting on her made her whisper, “Yes, I’m a slave, but not to the doctor. She really is my doctor, but not a physician; she’s my psychiatrist.”

“Holy shit!” Julie whispered, looking around to see if any of the nearby passengers could overhear them. “You mean, like a real sex slave? Not just playing at it?”

Jessica leaned over as best she could and said, “Yes a real slave. I’m submissive.”

“Your psychiatrist knows you do this?”

“Yes, of course. Why would I hide it from her of all people?”

Julie chewed a slice of her turkey and then washed it down with a sip of Pepsi.

“So who’s your mistress?”

“My master is seated back there someplace with my shrink.”

“And he left you up here by yourself?”

“Yes. He knows that I’ll have to depend on a stranger during the flight. It sort of backfired on him that I got put next to someone as nice as you, though.”

“Huh? Why is that?”

“Because you were so willing to help me, there wasn’t an awkward period where I had to get up the courage to ask you for help.”

Julie fed Jessica another bite of ravioli and then wiped some sauce off of her lip.

“I can’t wait to tell my friends about this when I get home!”

Jessica looked at the young woman and smiled, “Yes, it’ll make an interesting story, I’m sure. Do you think they’ll believe you?”

“Who cares? I just know it’ll make them horny though!” Julie exclaimed as she wrapped up the empty food trays and got ready to hand them to the attendant as she came by.

“Oh shit!” Jessica said under her breath and clenched her eyes closed.

“What is it Jessica?”

“Those wires you felt earlier… they’re stimulating my breasts.”

“They are? How is it controlled?”

“The electronics are in the wheel-chair, but the controller is in my master’s hand.”

Jessica’s breathing became somewhat heavier.

“What? He’s doing this to you from back there some place?” Julie sat up to look over the seat back at the faces behind her. She spotted the doctor lady and looked across the aisle. A handsome dark haired man was chatting with the doctor. A man on his left was joining in the conversation as well.

“Is he really handsome and have short dark hair.”

“Yes, that would describe him.”

“Wow, I would let someone like him control me too.” Turning back to Jessica she asked, “So… like, what does it feel like?”

Jessica looked over at the wide-eyed young woman. Really? We’re going to have this conversation? Suddenly both vibrators hummed to life.

Jessica groaned, a look of panic crossing her face.

Julie reached up and turned off her overhead light and then leaned over towards Jessica. “I can feel your chair vibrating. What’s going on?”

“I’m sorry I lied to you earlier about my condition, Julie. I still have both arms and legs, they’re just tied up. My body is balancing on two you-know-what’s, and they both just started to vibrate.”

Even in the relatively dark compartment, Jessica could see Julie’s face flush red.

“No way!” she whispered. “Vibrators?”

Jessica nodded her head and closed her eyes. The sensation was overwhelming.

“You can’t move your arms to get off of them?”

“No. My arms are in an arm binder, securely holding them together behind my back.”

“I saw one of those on-line. It looked terribly uncomfortable.”

“It is.”

“And makes the wearer, like, totally helpless. There’s no possible way you can free your hands is there?”

Stop talking about how helpless I am! Jessie knew those types of thoughts only added to her arousal!

Julie was digging around in her backpack, pulled something out, and kicked her pack under the seat in front of her again.

“So, if I were to start playing around with these two snap thingies on your blouse there really wouldn’t be anything you could do to stop me, right?” Julie’s fingers went up the front of Jessica’s blouse to the lower magnetic snap.

“No!” Jessica hissed quietly. “What are you doing? Please don’t….”

“Oops, I think it came undone,” Julie said as she slid her hand inside the cotton fabric.

“Julie!” Jessica felt the girl’s warm hand on her stomach.

“Wow Jessica, you feel really firm.”

Jessica couldn’t believe what was happening to her! This college kid was fucking taking advantage of her! She felt Julie’s fingers trace a line down to her pussy and she thought she was going to cum.

“Oh wow, you shave!” Julie’s voice was quivering, like she was getting really excited.

“My hair has been permanently removed. Please Julie, this isn’t a good idea.”

“I can feel the vibrations. Oh! Here is your clit. What’s this?”

Jessica clamped her eyes closed as Julie touched her clit and her fingers felt the little silver implant. A wave of passion flushed through her and Jessica climaxed. She bit her lip as the orgasmic sensation passed through her.

“Stop, please! Not here,” she whispered, desperation in her voice. “Someone will see.” Jessica saw something bright and looked down. The girl had a little penlight and was looking inside of her blouse.

“Julie! Someone’s going to see!”

“Everyone’s asleep, look around. Besides, I only want to take a peek. God you’re wet, Jessica. Did you just cum?”

Humiliation just didn’t quite cover what Jessica was feeling right then. And now she was getting even more aroused just thinking of the predicament she was in! Another wave of pure lust swept through her.

Suddenly all of the vibrations stopped, but there was something happening in her clit and nipples. Sensations. Arousing sensations. Jessica was thankful that it was pleasurable, but she had just barely been able to contain her last orgasm and direct stimulation of her clit and nipples was going to be hard to manage. She feared she would have a screaming fucking orgasm if her master upped the attention to her most sensitive parts.

She knew her master was aware of the different settings on the clit implant. He had tied her to his bed the previous evening and they had gone through the various settings on the remote. Starting at zero, Trent had pressed the button on the remote to move the LED readout negative. A small horizontal window displayed the LED lights as the increase and decrease buttons were depressed. With the unit at zero, the window had only one vertical yellow bar displayed. As the decrease button was depressed, more and more vertical red LED’s lit up to the left of the single yellow bar. Jessie’s clit seemed to grow warm, but then she could feel that it was not actually heat, but pain.

She had thought about the pain she had felt in the evil doctor’s house when he had tortured her clit, and this discomfort was nowhere near that pain. So Trent had continued lowering the digital number on the remote until Jessie told him that it was beginning to really hurt. Pressing the button again made her cry out. She felt like her entire crotch was on fire. The pain was intense. Alternately, her master pressed the increase button and the pain quickly disappeared only to be replaced by a very pleasant sensation. He kept increasing it, causing green LED’s to light up to the right of the yellow bar, until she cried out again, but this time from the sheer pleasure that was centered on her clitoris. Her master had made tiny etch marks on the remote with a knife so that he would know her limits.

“What is it? What’s he doing to you now?” Julie was like an eager little kid, demanding to know everything.

“That little stud thing you felt in my clit receives some sort of signal from my master’s remote and stimulates my clit.”

“Oh fuck me,” Julie gasped as she lifted Jessie’s blouse and directed the penlight down there again. Her hand snuck in and pulled back on the skirt that was bunched around her waist. Her fingers snuck down to part Jessie’s pussy lips so that she could feel the cylinder.

“Oww, shit. I think I got a shock.”

“Welcome to my world.”

“You’re being shocked?”

“It doesn’t feel like a shock to me, just a sensation.”


“Not only that, but he’s directly stimulating my nipples, too.”

Julie’s hand rose to so that she could feel Jessica’s nipples.

“I don’t feel anything on the outside, but your nipples sure are bulging! Wow, Jessica, if this is what being a slave is like I’d like to sign up.”

Jessica couldn’t respond. Her brain was being overwhelmed with erotic sensations.

Finally she whispered, “It’s too intense, Julie. It’s just so… fuck! I can’t stand this much longer.”

“We have to tell him to stop.”

“No, I can’t do that. Obviously I can’t move anyway.”

Julie was digging around in her pack again and came out with a pencil and a paper.

“I’ll write him a note.”

Jessica’s head snapped around. “What?” she whispered. “No! Don’t do that. I can’t ask my master to stop.”

“Maybe I can.” She set about writing something on the paper.

“No, please don’t Julie. I’ll get punished. Oh god!” Jessie’s head snapped back as a lustful surge passed through her. She moaned softly, hoping no one else could hear her. Oblivious now to what was happening around her, only concentrating on not crying out.

“Look, it’s going to be pretty embarrassing if he keeps stimulating you like this. You’ll have a massive orgasm; right here in seat 5C.”

Shut the fuck up girl!

“I’ll take this note back and hand it to him on my way to the rest room. It says, Jessica would like you to dial it down a little, she’s afraid she’ll have a mind blowing orgasm any second.”

Jessica’s mind could not even comprehend the wording of that note. Are you crazy?

“No, Julie, you cannot give my master that note. He’ll punish me for sure. I can’t say things like that to him!”

“Come on, he’s not going to punish you. What could he do? It’ll be okay, you’ll see.” The young college student got up and slid by Jessica’s chair.

“Julie! Don’t please, I’m beg…” The girl had disappeared behind her.

Julie approached Trent and Marianne.

“How’s she doing Julie?” Trent whispered as Julie knelt down in the aisle next to him. “Has she cum yet?”

“Yes Master, she just came. Here, it’s a note I wrote to you. She begged me not to give it to you because she knows she’ll get punished. I told her you probably wouldn’t, but of course I know you will.”

“You’re brilliant. Thanks so much for doing this.”

“Hey, it’s been a blast so far. I really do have to go to the can, so I’ll be back in just a sec.”

The young woman stood up and headed further back in the plane to the restroom.

Marianne leaned over and asked, “You know that girl?”

“Of course, I got her through the Westleys. She was one of their girls and is in college now but had the weekend off. She volunteered to baby sit our girl.” He pulled out his pen and began to write on the back of the paper that Julie had given him.

“So she’s set Jessie up for punishment?”

“Exactly. That was the goal, but we didn’t know if it would get this far. This has worked out better than I had hoped.”

“You’re really getting into your role, aren’t you Agent Richards?”

Trent looked over at the FBI psychiatrist and began to wonder if he had just made a career error. Nobody knew Ashley as well as Dr. Dresser, though. If anyone would understand it would be she.

“Yes. And maybe we should have a little sit-down sometime soon. But yes, I totally enjoy playing with Ashley, and you know damn well she enjoys it too.”

“Let me see the note.” Marianne’s hand extended across the aisle and took the note from Trent.

Your punishment will begin at the setting that we stopped at yesterday. When you’re ready for it to begin, have your friend turn on your overhead light. Make sure the light is illuminating your face. If your light is not on in ten minutes I’ll begin your punishment and it will continue until the plane lands.

“This is going to be pretty painful for her isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’ll hurt pretty badly, but I’m not going to actually have it as high as we established her limit to be yesterday. It will be much less. It’ll probably feel worse than it is because she’s expecting pain.”

Dr. Dresser thought about having something deliver pain directly to her clitoris and began to feel nauseous. That would be a horrible pain, and Jessica was about to experience it while securely bound in that wheel-chair. Marianne knew she was touching the rim of a world she knew very little about. From a clinical standpoint she was very interested in how Ashley’s mind worked. How a submissive personality functioned. From a strictly female standpoint… she was very uneasy with the whole thing.

The doctor handed the note back to Trent. “She loves you, you know that don’t you?”

“Yes. But how much of it is her need for what I give her?”

“I’m not sure.”

“I love her too, and a certain amount of that I’ve come to see is because of how she reacts to how I treat her. But also I have such a huge amount of respect for her courage, strength, and intelligence. Oh, here Julie,” Trent stopped the young woman as she walked past. “Give this to Jessica and thanks again.”

“Sure thing, Master,” the young woman smiled and made her way down the aisle.

* * *

Julie slipped in next to Jessica.

“How are you doing? Has he stopped it yet?”

“It stopped just a minute ago but not before I came again,” Jessie whispered.

“Shit girl! I cannot believe this is happening! I thought this sort of thing only happened in those fake on-line stories! But maybe they’re not all fakes after all. Oh here, that guy… your master, gave this to me as I went by.” Julie took the paper and opened it up and then shown her little pen light on it.

“Okay, let’s see what it says…” Julie read the note to Jessie. “He can’t be serious. What’s he talking about ‘the setting we stopped at’? What setting?”

“Oh god Julie! This implant is new. We were testing it out to see how much I can take.”

“So he’s going to turn it up higher than he just did so that you have what… uncontrollable orgasms?”

“No, damn it!” Jessie hissed. “It’s the pain. He’ll go the other direction and the implant will make my clit hurt so badly. Oh no, oh no, shit, shit, shit. I asked you not to do that. I told you he would punish me. I’m a slave. I don’t make demands of my master.”

“Holy shit Jessie. I didn’t know he could make you feel pain. I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I feel terrible.” She went to get up. “I’ll go tell him it was my….”

“No!” Julie could hear the terror in Jessica’s voice. “Sit down!” she whispered. “You’ll only make it worse! Please, sit down and buckle in. How long has it been?”

“A few minutes.”

“A few minutes? You have to turn that light on soon. I can’t take the pain all the way to New York. If we turn it on soon maybe he’ll be merciful.”

“Merciful? Are you sure you want to be with this guy?”

“Oh… sure, of course I do. He’s a wonderful master. But he does punish me when I deserve it.”

“You don’t deserve this.”

“But I will submit to his punishment. He never really needs a reason to punish me.”

Jessica closed her eyes and remembered the pain she felt the previous evening. [He’s going to start at that level of pain! Good lord, if he goes higher I’ll be screaming! I have to submit. I have to submit. I have to take the pain.]

“Please turn the light on Julie, make sure it shines on my face.”

“Oh Jessica, I wish I could take your place. I’m so sorry.”

“Quickly, before I lose my nerve.”

Julie reached up and clicked on the light and Jessica yelped as a sudden intense pain hit her clit. She drove her head back into the headrest cushion and clamped her eyes shut.

The flight attendant got up from her seat by the cockpit door and asked if everything was okay. Jessica didn’t even hear her.

“She’s having some pains, but she said it’s not abnormal. She’ll be okay, thanks,” Julie assured the attendant.

“Maybe I can talk to her doctor.”

“No!” Julie panicked, “Its okay, really, thanks.”

The attendant went back to her seat and buckled in.

“Thanks,” Jessica whispered. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she strained to keep herself from screaming. The pain was so intense! How long will he punish me?

She felt as though the pain had gotten worse! She worried that she would release her bowels. They hadn’t made any accommodations for her sanitary needs since she had been emptied prior to being placed in the chair. She assured them that she would be able to hold it for a long time after that.

Still holding in the scream that wanted to escape so badly, Jessica moaned. Sweat beaded on her forehead and before long droplets ran down her face. The sweat was plainly visible with the light shinning on her.

“I’m sorry Jessica,” Julie apologized again. “What can I do?”

The pain in Jessica’s clit was overwhelmingly intense. The young woman gritted her teeth and clenched her hands together inside the single mitt they were encased in. Suddenly she felt movement in her ass! The dildo had begun to rotate. Not vibrate, but to rotate on its axis. Jessie could feel the ribbed projections along its surface rubbing the inside of her anal cavity. It was not a pleasant feeling.

Jessie gasped as she felt a sudden pain in her nipples. The pain was there, fairly intense, for maybe two seconds and then it stopped. She groaned when she began to feel the same brief pain on another part of her breast, and then the other breast. The patches scattered around the surface of her breasts and nipples seemed to be randomly shocking her. Each little shock was extremely painful, but only lasted a second or two.

[What can she do? She can place her hand under my blouse and try to make me feel good.]

“Would you um… like, reach in under my blouse and hold me, or caress me? Would you mind, owwww, um doing that for me?”

“Under your blouse? Um, touch you where, on your stomach?” Jessica could see that the young woman was embarrassed. She saw her look around at the other passengers nearby. “Sure, I guess I could do that if it will make you feel better. What’s he doing to you now?

Jessie leaned over a little and whispered, “My clit is in agony Julie. I can’t even describe the pain. But he also made the dildo in my ass rotate. It hurts so much!”

“Oww, fuck!” Julie cursed under her breath as her fingers grazed over two of the electrodes taped to Jessica’s breast.

“He’s randomly shocking my breasts.”

Julie’s hand gently caressed Jessica’s stomach and sides, going down close to her hips and pubis. Her hand and fingers felt incredibly sensual and it helped keep Jessie’s mind off of the pain that was being forced onto her.

A sudden burst of vibration in the dildo resting in her pussy made Jessie jump and groan.

Her master was using every means of torturing her now and Jessica knew she was getting hornier by the second. That she would be getting horny while being abused like she was surprised her a little. But she knew she was being mind fucked more than anything.

When she really withdrew into her mind and focused her senses on each individual pain, they were not really that painful. It was the perception of pain, linked with her feeling of utter helplessness and vulnerability, combined with the threat of humiliation if she cried out and drew attention to herself that fueled her arousal. The feeling of Julie’s hand on her skin helped as well.

The bursts of vibrations in her pussy continued to assault her while the dildo in her ass began to rotate back and forth in short, one quarter turns. The electrodes on her breast began to emit their short shocks in a circular pattern, going around and around each breast and ending on her nipples.

“Cover my mouth with your hand,” Jessica whispered.

Julie looked at her and saw that the helpless woman was about to cum. She reached up and clamped her hand over Jessie’s mouth and placed her other hand over the back of her chair, wiggling her fingers.

This was the sign Trent had been waiting for and he quickly powered everything down.

Jessica’s eyes flew open. [Oh god, no! I’ve got to cum master… please!]

She tried to move on the now dead dildoes, trying to force herself over the edge, but she was bound too tightly to the chair to really get any leverage.

“What happened?” Julie asked. “I don’t feel anything vibrating any more.”

“He stopped everything.”

“You were about to have an orgasm, weren’t you?”

Jessie nodded her head and then put her head back, exhausted. How did he know?

Jessica’s blood pulsed through her veins, her heart still racing, her breathing still labored. Beads of sweat rolled down her chest and back.

Her thoughts turned to Trent, her master. She loved being his slave. She loved it so much she couldn’t begin to describe how it made her feel. What he had just done to her was so fucking spectacular. How had he ever conceived the idea? The idea for the wheel-chair, the dildoes, and the electrode patches.

Jessica looked over at Julie, reading her book again.

[And Julie. How convenient it was to have a young girl sitting next to me doing everything that she did to me? She was the one who made sure I got punished. Surely this was no coincidence.]

Jessica was beginning to understand that her master left very little to chance.

“How long have you known my master, Julie?”

Julie’s head whipped up, a surprised look on her face.

“Wh… I don’t know him. What are you talking about?” Her face had transformed itself to show a more quizzical look rather than the surprise she had originally expressed.

“It’s okay. I won’t rat you out. Just tell me you’re in on this and you can get back to your book. How do you know my master?”

Julie leaned over and said, “Adam Westley was my master for two years while I was an undergraduate in L. A. They called me this morning and asked me if I wanted to spend the weekend in New York, first class on them.”

“Thank you,” Jessica put her head back on her headrest. “You earned your airfare and more. Thanks a lot, you were fabulous.”

“You’re fabulous Jessica. I could never do what you’re doing. This is so far over my comfort level, even as a slave. I would never have the courage to do it.”

“I don’t have courage; my master’s been playing with his slave. I only submit.”

There was so much Jessica wanted to say, but she couldn’t even put it all into words. She let her mind drift off, thinking about her master and how she hoped he would allow her into his bed tonight. She yearned to fuck him. Her body ached with desire as she thought about him, naked, hard, and ready. She felt herself growing horny all over again and wished the vibrators buried deep inside of her would suddenly spring to life. She wished the little implant that was cruelly and permanently pierced through her most sensitive body part would activate. Pain or pleasure, she didn’t care. Either one would make her orgasmic. Either one would satisfy an urgent need.

* * *

Jessica awoke when she felt the car leave the road and heard gravel crunching under the tires of the black sedan. Sleepy eyed, she looked around. They appeared to be in the country somewhere.

Trent pulled off onto the shoulder and put the car in park. He hopped out, pocketed the keys, and went around to Jessie’s door and stood. He made a motion with his finger and she stepped out of the car to stand before him. As she got out she saw the leash in his hand and felt the familiar rush of excitement that accompanied the sight.

What his plans were, she didn’t know. She hoped it had something to do with relieving herself because now that she was awake, the urge was great!

“Come,” Trent commanded as he set off down the incline towards the open field that lay below them. Jessie fell in behind him, slightly off balance in the six inch heels that she wore, but was still able to maintain the proper distance so as to not allow the leash to pull tight.

A custom van and a shiny black Lincoln Town Car pulled off the road a little ways behind them. Jessica knew that Marianne and the rest of the team were in those vehicles. She and her master had driven alone in the rented Audi.

Trent looked around and told Jessica to empty her bladder. She pulled up the short dress she wore and spread her legs, squatting just a little in an attempt to pee without splashing herself.

She had been forced to relieve herself in front of other people for months during her training period, but had never really gotten used to the humiliation of doing it that way. Now, with Trent standing right there holding in his hand the leash that was attached to her collar, it was even more humiliating than ever! She just knew that it was expected of her, and that failure to follow the command would result in punishment.

As usual, with the humiliation came the arousal. She knew she was one sick puppy to get turned on this way, but she had come to realize that it always happened. Every damn time! She willed herself not to become aroused when she knew she was going to be embarrassed by something – but there was no stopping it. She could feel her nipples harden and her breathing become shallower.

As they pulled off of the road some distance behind the Audi, Marianne watched her young patient and her friend climb out of the car.

“What’s going on here? Are we stopping?”

“Trent’s probably letting Jessie relieve herself,” Gary said from the back seat.

Now that she thought about it, she hadn’t seen Jessica go to the bathroom since they left the hotel that morning. She knew Jessie had good bowel control though after the long day she had had the day before. The young woman had gone over ten hours without relieving herself on the trip out.

The shrink turned her head towards the glass to avoid anyone seeing her blush. The thought of what Jessica had gone through on the plane had been playing out over and over in her head all afternoon. But what made her blush was the knowledge that when she had gone to the bathroom at the airport, she saw that her panties were stained with her own juices. She had gotten quite horny being a witness to Jessica’s torment. She may have to go see her own shrink and mentor, Dr. Rissenthal, when she got back to D.C.

Marianne watched as Jessica stood and faced the road and squatted, her legs spread widely apart. After a few seconds a long string of feces fell between her legs, followed by a stream of urine. She squatted down even further, holding the hem of her floral print dress around her waist and defecated some more. Trent stood next to her, watching her.

“Is this normal?” Marianne asked, being the new member of the team.

A loud horn blaring scared everyone in the car as a semi truck sped by on their left side.

Captain Alderson looked up from the map he was reading and said, “It’s the way she was trained, but Trent lets her use a bathroom for the most part. Still, we are out here in the middle of nowhere and he’s always aware of when she last ate and when she last relieved herself. She was definitely overdue for this and I’m sure he was looking for a place for her.”

“We passed so many places she could have gone.”

“It’s Trent’s decision,” Gary said, sitting back so at least he was giving Jessie some privacy.

Marianne watched as Trent led Jessie back up to the car. The woman held her dress up around her waist, probably so that it wouldn’t get soiled. As they neared the car, the trunk popped open and Trent reach in to get a towel and a large bottle of water. Jessie bent over the trunk of the trendy sedan as Trent wet the towel.

He proceeded to wash Jessica’s legs. Marianne saw her friend lift her ass as Trent’s hands went between her legs and then her head went down so that her forehead touched the metal of the trunk. Marianne could see that Jessica’s slender legs were bent and the young woman was leaning against the car now, lifting her bare behind even further against the touch of her master’s hand.

The psychiatrist knew what she was witnessing was unbridled lust on Jessica’s part and total control on Trent’s. She had to turn away, and when she did she saw that Captain Alderson was looking at something in his rear view mirror, and in the back seat Agent Edmonds was flipping through some application on his phone while Gary Larson was sitting back with his eyes closed, resting. None of the men had been watching Jessica as she took care of her sanitary needs.

This didn’t surprise her in the least. Since she had joined the team in L. A. she had noted in her journal several instances that reflected the men’s protective nature towards Jessica, as well as their acceptance of her submissive personality traits. Never taking advantage of her and always being supportive and courteous, the men treated Jessica with the utmost respect.

Not that they didn’t sometimes have to adjust erections after watching her walk into the room. Not that they didn’t sometimes play with her, as the men, and even Jessica, called it.

Mr. Larson had talked to her one evening about what he had had to do when Trent was in the hospital recovering from the poison attack. By the description Gary had given her she didn’t think that he had left out any of the details. It was obvious that Jessica considered Mr. Larson to be her second master.

More and more, Jessica was becoming submissive to the entire team. Had it not been this particular group of men, Marianne might have worried about that development. But these were the same men who had rescued her in the Gold Club raid. She had known them for some time and they had rescued her three times now. She trusted them with her life and that helped them all form a very special bond.

And the men all knew about the training Jessica had to endure to pull off her charade, while realizing that the only charade was that Jessica was employed by the FBI. The fact that she was a slave was not the charade. They understood Jessica’s needs more than the psychiatrist would have thought possible for a group of commando trained warriors.

She looked forward again as the Town Car pulled back onto the road. Trent and Jessica’s Audi was a dot in the distance. They passed a sign for St. Lawrence County and Dr. Dresser knew they were nearly at their destination.

Agent Theo Shaw, the logistics man on the team, and Raul DePaul had come out to New York nearly a week ago to arrange for lodgings for the team as well as warehouse space to use as a command center. They would stop in Canton, the largest town in the county, where the team would stay. Trent and Jessica would go on to Potsdam where their rented house was located. This was as close to the location of the pony ranch that the slaver Carpelli could pinpoint. The exact location was unknown.

Gary’s phone rang and he answered. After a short conversation he informed the Captain that Trent had received a short call from Mr. Carpelli with information that would likely change the mission. Everyone would be updated at the warehouse.

* * *

The warehouse bay that they had rented was one of hundreds in a five square mile industrial complex that Theo had determined was a distribution hub for cross-border trade into Canada. It was very well maintained and security at the complex was tight.

Trent and Jessica had brought several pizzas and a cooler of beverages with them when they had arrived at the bay, some forty-five minutes after the team had arrived. They expected this to be the last time they would all be together until after the mission. The group of men seemed to be a little livelier than normal as they seemed to be closing in on their quarry: Nicky Donelli.

“So, what’s going on Trent?” Gary asked as he pulled up a stool and sat down, his pizza on a plastic plate on his lap.

Everyone had formed a small circle amid the crates of equipment that had arrived the previous day. Trent sat on a low box, Jessica knelt at his side. He had already informed Gary and Captain Alderson that when they arrived in New York he and Ashley would be resuming their cover roles as master and slave. They hadn’t come this far to become lax and forget who they were supposed to be.

Jessica wore a simple sheer white T-shirt that hid very little of her shapely body. Her leather collar and cuffs adorned her slender neck, wrists, and ankles. White 5” heels were locked onto her feet. Her arms were bound behind her back, leather straps around her elbows, but not pulled too tightly, and locked mitten gloves were on her hands. Trent had brushed her long blonde hair out so that it hung around her shoulders and down her back.

“Just outside of town I received a call from our friend Mr. Carpelli. I’m really beginning to like that guy.”

“What did he have to say?” Barry Thompson asked as he sat down on the floor next to Jessica and Dr. Dresser.

“He called to warn me that the Gambini’s and a lot of their people are at the pony ranch right now.”

“Oh, that can’t be good,” Agent Husson said, shaking his head.

“Thought they weren’t set to arrive for another couple of weeks,” Larry said.

“Well, for whatever reason, they’re there now.”

Trent held his slice of pizza down for Jessica to take a bite. She chewed it as she gazed at the floor a few feet in front of her.

“Shit man,” Gary said, “you can’t show your face around there, Trent. Vito and most of his guys would recognize you right away. Rico might even remember you, and me too, for that matter.”

Trent nodded his head in acknowledgement of that statement. They had both been active in the New York field office years ago and had testified against the Gambini’s in a couple of failed attempts to put them behind bars.

“Besides that,” Trent said with trepidation, “with Vito so close it’ll be far too dangerous for Jessie to go in there. He’s been after her for close to a year and would recognize her in a flash.”

“How long are they going to be at the ranch?” Larry asked.

“Well, that’s the thing. Frank’s sources have told him they have rooms and will probably be there for some time. Little Rico is probably keeping tabs on Nicky’s training. Even if the bosses weren’t there, there are too many guys from the Family still hanging around that would remember us. We’ll have to figure out another way to get Nicky out of there.”

“Why don’t you just go in the middle of the night and bring all of the women out?” Marianne suggested.

“For one thing, it’s better to know the layout before making an assault,” the Captain said, always using his military background to analyze tactical problems.

“And secondly, we don’t know their security arrangements; remember what Ketami’s security arrangements were?” Gary asked, seeing the look of revelation on the doctor’s face.

“Oh.” That thought brought Marianne’s suggestion up against a brick wall.

“That’s why we needed Jessie to go in first and take a look around,” Trent said as he fed his slave more pizza.

Barry looked over and then held his napkin to Jessica’s face to wipe sauce from her lip.

“What about disguising her?” Marianne suggested. “Cut her hair and dye it brunette and Gambini wouldn’t recognize her if he saw her from a distance. I’m not sure about a close up inspection, but he’d be looking for her as she appeared at the Golden Slipper. You have to admit, even now, she’s been transformed”

Jessie blushed as everyone in the room looked her over and nodded.

“I think that might work, Trent,” Gary said as she nodded his head. “Gambini is not going to be looking for a brunette. He won’t give her a second look.” He paused to think about what he had said and continued, “But who can take her in? We were going to have you make arrangements for your slave,” Gary pointed out. “But that’s out now. There needs to be another reason to take her there other than regular pony training.”

“One of us could pose as her master,” Barry offered, his hands up to indicate the rest of the men sitting there.

“Too dangerous,” Trent said, shaking his head. “Unfortunately none of you could pass as a master under any kind of real scrutiny. Believe it or not, there’s a knack to abusing women that takes a lot of time to perfect. Isn’t that right, slave?” Trent ran his hand down the front of Jessica’s loose T-shirt, grabbed a hold of her breast and squeezed hard, making Jessie close her eyes and grimace.

“Yes Master!” her voice betraying the pain she was processing.

Trent continued as if what he had just done was the most natural thing in the world. “So we need something totally different.”

Jessica’s face blushed as the pain in her breast lessened. Trent had totally shocked her by abusing her in front of the men. But his point was well taken. Who among them could just reach down and do what he had done as if it were nothing? None of them could. If they were in a situation where they had to abuse her she doubted any of them could do it. Other than Master Gary, of course. He could probably do it, but he can’t get close to the compound, either.

The group discussed various scenarios for the next hour as frustrations grew and the group started throwing out any thought that crossed their minds.

“How about a revenge scenario?” Lt. Gore suggested.

“Who’s getting revenge?” Trent asked.

“Let’s say you’re married and your wife finds out you have a mistress.”

“Yeah,” Jamil picked it up. “And your wife is pissed and sends Jessie to the ranch to be trained as a pony girl.”

“How does she find out about the pony farm? Is she just a normal person?”

“We have to find a way for them to contact her.”

“What about Jessica’s brand?” Trent asked. “They’ll know she’s a trained slave the moment they see that.”

“But the wife wouldn’t know anything about that. All she would know is that her husbands been cheating on her with Jessica.”

“Maybe the husband owns her and keeps his slave up here in the boonies, away from his wife. But his wife thinks he’s keeping his mistress here.”

They tossed the idea back and forth, excitement growing as a workable scenario was formed. The show stopper always was who to bring in to be this mythical wife. Trent thought they could contact Special Agent Harris in Washington and see if he had a female agent available for the part.

“I could be the wife,” Marianne spoke up.

Everyone turned to look at the pretty brunette, who up until this point had simply been listening to the discussion.

“You?” Trent asked. “You don’t have the training for something like this.”

“If you’re really considering this scorned wife set-up, I know I can play that part. Ten years ago I caught my husband cheating on me and I divorced him. Believe me, the memories will help me play this part to a tee.”

“It’s too dangerous!” Lt. Gore pitched in. “What if they start asking a lot of questions? How will you respond?”

“No matter who goes in there’ll have to be a cover story. I can learn that as well as anyone. I’m already up to speed on what our mission is, and I know Jessie better than someone coming in cold. Besides that, my lack of training will allow me to act more naturally. I can do this!”

Marianne looked around and saw some of the guys nodding their heads.

Trent still had a look of concern on his face.

“I just don’t know, Marianne. Think of what happened to Jessie when she went into The Golden Slipper. She was nearly killed! Now you want to do the same thing, go in with no real training?”

Dr. Dresser crossed her arms and suddenly got quite a stern look on her face. “Jessie was flying solo. I’ll have this team backing me up and will only be at the ranch for short periods of time. It won’t take that long to find Nicky, I’m sure. It’s hardly the same thing. I can do this Trent. I want to do this.”

The room was silent while everyone thought about what Marianne had just said.

Finally Trent spoke up. “We’d have to spend a couple of days going over your cover story and it’ll take at least that long to set things up electronically for you to become Mrs. Marianne Brent.” Trent looked over at Gary. Marianne uncrossed her arms and breathed out a long sigh.

“Yeah, I’d need to get my computers up and running and then create a complete history for you. I’d have to bring Norbet in to create the ID, that’ll take three days right there.” Norbet Styler was a close friend of Gary’s in the Bureau who had helped with fake IDs for himself and Trent in the past.

“I think that would be okay because I’d like Jessica to get up to the house and get settled, maybe make a few appearances in Potsdam,” Trent said.

“Without you, Master?” Jessica looked up at Trent, a worried look on her pretty face.

“Yes. You’ll be there waiting for your master to come up, but hopefully you’ll be taken and we’ll be able to follow them to the ranch.”

“What if they get to me before you guys get up there?”

“Have we lost you yet, slave?”

“No Master.”

“Do you trust us?”

“Yes Master.”

“Okay, let’s really start brainstorming this scenario and solidify our plans. I want to get Jessica over to the airport in Montpelier so she can rent a car from there.”

“I’ll need a driver’s license and insurance,” Jessica said.

Trent opened his wallet and withdrew a plastic card. “We got this from Harold Wexler’s desk at the Golden Slipper. He never got around to giving it to you.”

Jessica took the license and looked at her picture. Where did he get this picture? Probably a cut and paste from footage shot in the club.

The team spent the remainder of the evening hashing out the details of the upcoming operation and busied themselves with setting up their equipment.

The next day, Trent received another call from Franky Carpelli. The man sensed there was a possibility that Nicky could be liberated from the Gambini’s and had taken a real interest in supplying information to Trent. Trent had cautioned him on being seen as too nosy, but he had assured him that his people had grown to like Nicole as well, and were happy to help her when they could.

The new information helped reduce the stress level considerably. It appeared that new pony-girl trainees were taken to what was referred to as the upper, “training”, ranch, while the Mafia stayed mainly at a ranch on the other end of the property, usually referred to as the lower ranch because it was down in a valley. There was very little interaction between the two ranches except for an occasional trip to swap out pony-girls. There was some sort of system for how many girls could be at each ranch at a time. His contact had been pretty vague on those details.

Vito and Rico had already been up to select trained pony-girls for the lower ranch, and wouldn’t have any reasons to go back up there for awhile. Nicky seemed to be a special case, as her training was being conducted at the lower ranch.

A few days later, Jessica and Trent left for Vermont and Raul DePaul drove Marianne back to Manhattan so she could get a hotel room in the City. While there, she would meet with Trent to train for her part in the mission, and wait for her documents to arrive.

* * *

Jessica walked around the little cottage that was to be Trent’s mistress’s hideaway. She pictured living here with her master someday. It was quaint, and private. She could be naked here all of the time and no one would ever know. Maybe they could buy the adjoining properties, either one of them could afford it now that Trent had an offshore account with Ketami’s money in it.

Her master had instructed her to go into town and have a look around, see if she saw anyone who looked out of place, someone who had greasy hair and wore dark sunglasses at night. So stereotypical! They had both laughed at that as they parted ways in Vermont the previous evening. She was looking for gangsters in Potsdam. Shouldn’t be hard to spot.

There were several bars in town and several restaurants. She spent some time in each one of them until she found what she was looking for. She had to laugh because, as she her and her master had laughed about, it was so stereotypical. The restaurant was named “Little Italy”, and the man was a rather rotund Italian who everyone called “Meatball.” Jessica stayed in the shadows of a corner booth, separated from Meatball by lattice sitting atop a half-wall separating the bar from the dining area. It appeared that Meatball was well known in the restaurant, and judging by his round stomach, spent a lot of time there.

Jessica ate her meal slowly and waited for the man to finally leave. Then she went to her car and called her master on the satellite phone her had given her.

* * *

Three days later, Marianne pulled into town. She got a suite at the Marriott Inn and went to several restaurants and clubs asking people if they had seen a single petite blonde woman in town the past few days. Some people had seen her and one even knew that she was staying out at the old Stevens place on Highway 11 just outside of town.

That evening, her stomach churning with nervousness like she had never experienced before, she entered Little Italy and went to the same table as Jessica had sat at. She saw the fat Italian sitting at a table on the other side of the lattice, just like Trent told her he would be. He had a large plate in front of him with a few cannelloni remaining on it.

She placed her order and then her phone rang. Hours of training with Trent the past few days helped keep her nerves from springing out of her body. She was to pretend she was speaking to one of her friends, but she would actually be speaking to Trent. When she acknowledged that her mark was close by, Trent would help her construct a conversation that might interest the man.

“Jenny, you won’t believe this, but I think I’ve found her.” Marianne peeked over to see Meatball lean just a little bit closer to the lattice and also felt her heart pump a little faster.

“I told you he was having an affair and I was right. He’s set her up in some cottage up here.” She listened to Trent’s instructions.

“Yeah, I saw her. She’s young of course, and pretty.” She hesitated, pretending to listen. “No, more than pretty. He’s snagged himself a real cutie. But this is going to cost him plenty. When I divorce his ass I’m… huh?” She pretended to listen again.

“Of course I want half of his…” Silence. “Oh sure, I would love to screw that little bitch up too. But what can I do to her?” She sat for a long time and then said, “No, no, no, it would be better to do something like take her back to Boston and hand her over to some pimp or something.”

She listened and then laughed. “Oh I’d love to see that skinny little ass walking the street giving $5 blow jobs. Oh Jenny, you’re so vicious.” Silence, and then, “Huh? No, you’ve got to be kidding, I have no idea how to do something like that, but wouldn’t it be sweet? If I could just make her disappear… oh yeah, Richard would freak. Totally. He said he has a business trip next week, but you and I know he’s… yeah… hell no, I’ll have to wait for him in this back water town until he gets here and then… damn right I’ll confront him… yeah I’d rather make her disappear because that would be a big blow to his ego. Yeah, oh okay, well call me back tomorrow.”

Marianne hung up her phone and took a bite of her salad. She was so nervous that she could barely swallow. Did he hear me? Will he take the bait?

Through the lattice, Marianne saw the shadow of the large man move away from his table and then saw him lumber over to the bar.

He’s not going to come over here! Maybe he didn’t hear my call.

She saw that he was talking to the bar tender; joking a little while the man behind the counter made him a drink. Meatball seemed to be looking over at her.

Marianne’s dinner came and she began to pick at it, too nervous to take a full bite. Out of the corner of her eye see saw the Italian stand up and start to head for the door.

Marianne’s heart sank and then she was startled when she looked up to see him standing in front of her table.

“I’m sorry to intrude, lady, but I couldn’t help but overhear your phone call.”

“What?” Marianne tried to look surprised, and then stammered, “Oh, um, well, I didn’t mean any of that stuff. I was just egging on my friend.”

“Didn’t really sound that way to me ma’am. And I think I’ve seen this hot little number around town. Believe me; you don’t want her near your man.”

Meatball motioned to the chair and Marianne nodded.

“If yous really wanted someone like this pretty little missy to disappear, I may be able to help you out.”

Marianne looked at the man with curiosity, just as she imagined a scorned wife would do.

“Oh I couldn’t really do something like that. But I will make that bastard pay,” she growled under her breath.

“Look lady, this husband of yours must be completely insane to stiff a beautiful woman like you. I’d say, let me take this little filly off his hands so he can concentrate on you. We’ll make it look like she left him. You know, leave a note.”

Marianne took a sip of her drink and contemplated the man’s words. A smile crossed her face. “Yes, she would leave him. I like that.” Marianne studied the bubbles in her drink. “I like that a lot. It would be such a blow to his huge fucking ego to have that pretty little thing leave him.”

She thought some more. “But what would you actually do to her? I wouldn’t want to be involved in…” she looked around, “anything, you know, illegal. You wouldn’t kill her, would you?” she said almost in a whisper.

“No, no, nothing like that. I’d just have a little talk with her and get her into a training program I know of that deals with women like this. I would take care of everything.”

“How much will this cost me?”

“Not a dime. Someone as pretty as you? I’d do this for free.”

“What will you do with her? Force her into prostitution?”

Meatball looked at Marianne and grinned. Marianne wasn’t sure she had ever seen anything so sinister in her life. A shiver ran through her body as she looked into the man’s evil eyes.

“Are you sure you want to know?”

Marianne shifted in her seat uncomfortably.

“You do want this little whore to pay for stealing your rich hubby, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah. I do want that alright.”

“Well, I know a ranch where they take pretty little whores like her and turn them into pony girls. She’ll be in a constant state of torment and will learn discipline at the end of a crop. You can even go and see her as her training progresses. In fact, I think it would be best if you was there when she starts her training so she knows who put her there and why. We can’t have little whores stealing your rich and successful husband now can we?”

“A pony girl?”

“Yes. You’ll see. It’s quite fitting that she be trained to be an animal, don’t you think?”

Marianne lifted her glass and said, “I think you’re right.” Animals is something you should know quite a lot about.

* * *

It was dark and stuffy and really, really, hot in the closet. Marianne peeked out into the store through the horizontal slats of the folding doors, afraid to make even the slightest sound.

She had just gotten out of school and was cutting through her daddy’s store to get to the back stairway that led up to their apartment. A sudden loud crash could be heard coming from in front of her where the back door was, while at the same time several large men in trench coats burst in through the front door.

Her daddy grabbed her by the collar and threw her into the broom closet, telling his little Annie to be as quiet as a mouse.

“Mr. Gambini, sir. I was just getting things ready for you.”

“If you mean my money, I’m wondering why you didn’t stop by this morning to drop it off.” Marianne saw her daddy moving away from the closet, out into the center of the store.

“I… I needed …a little more time to try and get enough. I got twelve hundred, and tomorrow…UMMMPPHH!”

The big man she recognized as Alfredo Gambini punched her daddy so hard in the stomach that he doubled over in pain.

“It’s two thousand, and I want it now!” the man roared, hitting him again and sending him to his knees.

Daddy was looking up at him, “Tomorrow, sir, I have to have the sales first! I don’t have any other money to give you.”

“You’re a piss-poor businessman, and a perfect candidate to send a message to the others on this block. Vito, take care of this loser.”

“My pleasure,” a thirty-year-old Vito Gambini said as he and his men closed in around her daddy.

Marianne stood and watched from the closet as the men beat her daddy to death. A message had been sent.

Dr. Dresser woke with a start and was not surprised to find her body soaked with sweat. It had been at least a year since she’d had the re-occurring nightmare, and she was not surprised that she would have it again at this time. The psychiatrist had wondered why it had taken this long.

When Assistant Director Melchior had told her that Trent’s team was flying to the east coast and that Nicky was in the hands of Vito Gambini, Marianne had begun to plot how she could join the team. The thought of being there when her father’s murderer was taken down was one of the reasons she had signed up with the FBI in the first place.

True, her career path made the prospects of actually being in on the bust a long shot to say the least, but just to be in the organization that took him down would seem appropriate.

When she had been asked to fly to California to council Ashley, she couldn’t believe her luck and had hopped on the first available jet. Now she had been given the golden opportunity to avenge her father’s death. She would have a personal role to play in the destruction of Vito Gambini.

* * *

Three nights later, around two o’clock in the morning, Jessie was awoken by a sound in the kitchen of her little cottage. Light footsteps could be heard slowly approaching the bedroom.

Pretending to be asleep, Jessica steeled herself for what was to come. Her master had told her to resist. In fact, during the car ride back to Vermont where she was to rent her car, her master had talked to her at length about what she was about to do and what he expected of her.

“Do you remember how some of the women acted in Master Westley’s cages?” he had asked her.

“Yes Master. They didn’t know how to behave at all.”

“And Bonnie in particular. You certainly remember how she spoke to the twit and how she cowered. That’s how I want you to be. I want you to be defiant.”

“They’re going to see that I’m a trained slave, master.”

“Not their trained slave. Besides, they won’t know how well you were trained or how submissive you truly are.” As if to demonstrate his statement he reached over and trussed her short brunette hair, pulling it roughly in back and forcing her head back harshly.

“Thank you master,” Jessie had replied as he released his grip and she pulled the sun visor down to straighten out her newly colored locks. She admired her new look in the mirror and thought about how the women at the salon had fussed over her. They had even dyed her eyebrows, the attention to detail that they displayed causing the procedure to take up three hours. It had been a very exclusive salon that had advertised hair coloring that was guaranteed to last up to six weeks. For what they had charged Trent, it should last a year!

Trent continued, “Remember, a lot of the women at the Westley’s were just doing it for the fun of it. They weren’t serious slaves like you. Anyway, I’m hoping you’ll be able to find out where Nicky is fairly quickly and figure out what the security situation is. We’ll need to figure out how Dr. Dresser can get in to see you, but I think we may have a plausible way figured out already.”

Jessica remembered thinking about what her master had been saying to her and the nervous feeling that had started in her stomach.

She rarely even thought of Him as Trent Richards any more. He was her master. He disciplined and abused her and she loved it.

“You’re going to really need to watch yourself though, Jessie. These people are vicious and you’re going to be in as much danger as you were at Ketami’s. We’re really pressing our luck with Gambini being this close to you, and I don’t like this one bit. This whole thing got screwed up when Gambini made his early appearance. I’d just hate to wait and then lose Nicky again, but right now I’m more concerned with losing you. I want you to get information out to us as soon as possible.”

Jessica was shaken out of her thoughts as she heard soft footsteps in the bedroom. How many? Two at least, maybe three.

She still had time to think about how wet she had become when she had seen the pictures of ponygirls on-line as Gary and Trent had been doing their research. Women, tied to carts, being whipped on their behinds, forced to pull carts and do other types of labor. She remembered how hot she had become looking at those images. And now she was going to experience it. She fought every urge to just stand up and tell the men to take her. No, she would wait for them and do as she was supposed to do.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her neck and the sheet being pulled back. Sleeping naked as always, Jessica knew she was fully exposed. She “woke up” with a shock.

“Richard? Is that…Owww!” A hand slapped her hard across the face. Jessica scrambled to pull up the sheet but her arm was grabbed and then her other. Both arms were pulled forward and in an instant her wrists were immobilized with a plastic zip-tie.

“Stop! What are you doing? Who are you? Uhhh!” A blow to her stomach knocked the air out of her for a moment. She kicked out with her feet, landing a blow that brought a howl of pain to one of the men.

“Tie the bitch’s feet, damn it! Fuck!”

Jessica twisted away and actually made it to her feet before she was tackled.

“Look,” one of men said as Jessica felt fingers grab her collar.

“Playing slave are we?”

“Where’s your boyfriend?” another man asked.

“He just went into town; he’ll be back any minute,” Jessica replied, still struggling against her captors.

“You won’t be here. You’re going to write him a letter. A good-bye letter.”

“I am not! Get the fuck out of my house!”

Jessica felt something touch her side and then heard a click. A jolt of electricity flowed through her body and she screamed, collapsing onto the floor.

“Get up! Here’s a pen. You write what I tells you.” Jessica was dragged to the desk and forced into the chair. The flashlight was shone onto the paper and with a shaking hand she wrote what the man told her to, eyeing the taser fearfully. It took some effort with her wrists bound together but she was able to write:

Richard, I don’t want to be with you any more. I’m leaving. Please don’t try to find me because I won’t come back. Sorry to end it this way, but we’re over. Goodbye.

“Now sign it.”

Jessica thought about how she would feel if she were writing the letter for real and was able to bring up real tears. She forced herself to think about how despondent she would be without Trent and began to sob.

“Shut the fuck up bitch,” one of the men said as a strip of duct tape came across Jessie’s mouth sealing it off.

“Okay, let’s check her out.”

“Come-on,” said one of the other men, “She’s fucking naked, what’s she going to hide?”

“You fucking idiot. She could have a tracking device stuck up her ass or her cunt. Maybe it’s in her ear or her nose. Do you want the feds to follow us to the ranch?”

Jessica thought about the search she had undergone at Ketami’s and suddenly understood why she had been so thoroughly searched. They thought she may have had a tracking device in her some place!

With a sudden burst of realization she remembered being taken to the clinic after her master had first come for her at Mistress Sheana’s. She had been implanted! She remembered the pain in her bandaged thigh and then after it was healed she never really thought about it again. [Besides, something I love is placed directly over that spot. My master’s mark!] The thought made her suddenly sullen.

[Did my master brand me to hide the mark, or because he wanted to claim me as his own?]

Tears formed in Jessica’s eyes as she considered that Trent had used the brand simply to hide the scar of her implant.

[Maybe he doesn’t really want to own me. This will all come to an end soon. When Nicky is found we’ll be disbanded.] I know how he treats me, though. What we do in private is not necessary for the mission. It’s real. He paid for me with his own money.

That thought brought the squirming woman back to her senses.

He paid for me with his own money. He owns me.

She thought about the plane trip out to New York and knew that she really had a master, one who would not abandon her when the mission was over. Her strength returned and she began to struggle to free herself from the grip of the men searching her. She kicked out again with both feet bound together and knocked someone over. The flashlight went flying across the room.

“Damn it! Hold the bitch down!” shouted one of the men. “Give me the prod.”

Jessica screamed under her tape gag and shook her head for the men not to use the prod on her again and then lay perfectly still while they roughly rolled her over and pulled her legs over the edge of the bed. She felt fingers spreading her ass cheeks and then her pussy. Hands roamed her flesh until they came to her brand.

“Oh boy! Meatball, look at this.”

Meatball is here? It was too dark in the room to see any facial features. Jessica could picture the large muscular mobster and felt a sudden warmth between her thighs. That the man was powerful she had no doubt. To be held captive by him… well that made her hot.

“What the… you a real slave bitch?” The man grabbed a fistful of black hair and jerked her head up, looking into her eyes. Jessica shook her head, no.

The man ripped the tape off of her mouth. “Why the brand and why the collar then?”

“My boy friend gets off on it, that’s all mast...” She stopped herself before she said master, “I do it for him.”

“She’s fucking with you Meatball, she was going to say master.”

“It doesn’t really matter; we’ll let them sort it out at the ranch.”

“What ranch?” Jessie asked. “You’d better let me, mmmmpphh!” The tape was re-applied over her lips.

* * *

“Red One, Red Leader come in, over?”

“Red Leader, Red One, status, over?”

“Light is green, repeat, light is green.”

“Roger that, out.”

* * *

Lt. Gore put the caps onto his night vision binoculars and backed down into the ditch he had been laying in for the past seven hours. He gave Agent Phelps a nudge to wake him up and the two men made their way quickly to an access road where their Dodge Ram was hidden.

Both men were silent, knowing that Jessica had just been taken from them. How much they had come to admire the young woman, neither would ever vocalize. Both were confident that the submissive agent would succeed in penetrating the enemy camp. Both were confident that she would find a way to gather the intel they needed before the Doc went in.

The quicker she learned what the layout of the ranch was and what security measures were employed, the quicker they could make their assault and shut the place down. As they drove back to Canton, both men thought about what Jessica was likely to go through.

The entire team had watched a short presentation given by Gary Larson on what pony girl training was all about. They had to know what to expect when they entered the compound. What they had seen was shocking and maddening. Forcing women to take the place of ponies was, obviously, inhuman.

They all knew that Jessica’s friend, Nicky, had been at the ranch for two weeks. Who knew what condition Jessie would find her friend in, and that was a concern to everyone who cared about Jessica. The entire team hoped they could get into the compound as quickly as possible and get this operation over with.

The team had joined up with Trent and Jessica two months ago, after their three month training had been completed, and they had been following leads towards getting Nicky back since then. Now that they were so close, the men began to worry about what condition Nicky would be in and how it would affect their girl.

* * *

Jessica thrashed around in the back of the van as it sped down the road going north from her cottage. A black sack had been thrown over her head and she had been hogtied and placed roughly on her back on the floor of the van. Her legs and arms ached as her weight pressed down on them. Meatball had taken the opportunity of the ride to play with her sopping wet pussy.

Jessie groaned loudly through the tape gag and tried to avoid the man’s fingers. She was unsuccessful.

“Plenty of spirit in this one,” the mob scout said. “She’ll be fun to break.”

The van turned off onto a dirt road and the bumps jerked viciously at Jessica’s tightly bound limbs. After ten minutes the van came to a quick stop and the doors were flung open. Jessica was grabbed by the arms and pulled from the van.

The captured woman screamed through her makeshift gag to be let go, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. With her legs still tied up so that her ankles met her thighs, Jessica’s knees dragged painfully across the gravel as two of the men hauled her away from the van.

When she was released, Jessica fell into what felt and smelled like hay. She heard the men talking and laughing as they walked away, leaving Jessica hog tied on the hay. She struggled to find the knots in the ropes that bound her, but the bondage was very professionally applied and none of the knots were within the reach of her fingers. She was helpless.

Finally she relaxed and accepted the fact that it was useless to try and escape.

“Whew,” a soft female voice startled Jessica. “Your attempts at escaping were truly inspiring. Not that you had a chance at it. But it’s always so much fun to watch.”

Jessica felt tugging at the strings of the sack that covered her head and then gazed up at the speaker as the sack was pulled from her head. The woman was in her mid 40’s, and had straight black hair cut in a bob. Her face was stunningly beautiful and as Jessica focused on the woman she could see that she had a body to match. In her hand was a long stiff riding crop.

The woman sat on a stool, the spiked heel of her leather riding boot hooked on the cross rung of the stool that ran between the legs. Jessica looked around to see that they were in what looked like a horse’s stall.

“Please be quiet,” the woman said, bringing the crop up to lay it across her lap. “There are many girls sleeping around us, and they would not take kindly to being disturbed. As you will find out, sleep is a precious commodity here.” The woman reached down and pulled the tape off of Jessica’s mouth.

“Can you let me go? These ropes really hurt,” Jessica said softly as she worked her jaws and licked her lips.

“Not yet. We have to have a little talk first.”

“Where am I? Why did you bring me here?”

“I’ll ask the questions. You are not to speak unless I ask you to. I’ve been told your thigh is branded, are you a trained slave? Let me see your thigh.”

Jessica clamped her thighs together. “That’s nothing. My boyfriend did that to me last year. He wanted me to be some sort of slave but I told him I didn’t want to do it.”

“So you’ve never been trained by a slave master?”

“A what? Hell no.”

“What about the collar you have around your neck? You’ve had it for awhile, I can see that it’s well worn.”

“Well, my boyfriend is very insistent, so after he tricked me into getting the brand I sort of consented to wear this stupid collar. It really turns him on, if you know what I mean.”

“And what about the charm and the little leather strips?”

Jessica felt her heart beat increase. “They’re all from my mas…boyfriend, just trinkets.”

“I still want to see the brand. Either open up your legs or I’ll open them for you, and I don’t play nice.”

Jessica looked up at the woman and then with great hesitation, parted her legs.

The woman got down from the stool and knelt next to Jessica, examining the brand mark with her fingers. Jessica attempted to close her legs but the woman held her knee up.

“It was professionally done. Where did you get it done?”

“We, um… he just did it, um… well, you know, he just did it in his back yard at his fire pit.”

“Your boyfriend?” the woman studied Jessica’s face, but Jessica looked away, not making eye contact. “Look at me, slave. Your boyfriend did this to you?”

“Yeah, like I said, he did it in his back yard one night.”

The woman ran her hands over Jessica’s body. Jessie tried to turn away but the woman held her firm with one hand.

“How do you keep your body hairless? Do you wax? There’s no stubble on your cunt, when did you last shave? Before you went to bed?”

Jessica really wasn’t prepared to answer these probing questions. The team had surmised that she could get in and pretend to be just the average, run-of-the-mill, mistress to a rich dude and not be given any special attention. But she had been inside the compound for less than a half an hour and this woman was peeling her story apart like an onion.

Everything pointed towards her being a trained slave, but she would continue to try and steer the woman in another direction.

“I let my boyfriend talk me into having some laser treatment done. I think it cost him a fortune, but he seems to be pretty happy with the results, and I’m glad I don’t have to shave my legs any more.” Jessica looked at the woman, “Can you let me go, please? I won’t tell anyone, I swear. This must be some sort of mistake, isn’t it?”

“No. It’s no mistake.” Jessica lurched and tried to squirm away when the woman’s fingers separated her labia and then explored north to her clit. She bent down further, inspecting Jessie’s clit.

“And this piercing here? What is that?”

“It’s…it’s just a little stud. Richie and I got totally fucked up one night and the next day I had that. I didn’t speak to him for a week, I was so mad.”

“Why do you leave it in?”

“The fucker is flanged and, like, cemented together or something. I can’t get it out without, you know, surgery. That’s why I was so mad at him. Anyway, I’m used to it now and even sort of like it.”

The woman got back up onto her stool and laid the crop on Jessica’s naked hip. “Tell me about your boyfriend.”

“Richie? What do you want to know?”

“Last name, who he is, where he works, when did you expect to see him again.”

“Why? What’s that got to do with you letting me go? Is this a ransom thing?”

Jessica saw the crop rise and then, swoosh! Smack! The leather end struck her exposed breast.

“Oww! God! That hurt. Why are you doing this to me?”

The crop came up again but was held in the air over Jessica’s naked and bound body.

“Whether you’re trained or not, you will start addressing me as Mistress. You will answer my questions and you will not speak unless I ask you to. Now we can do this here, quietly, or I can have you brought to a special room where you can make all the noise you want. Which will it be?”

Jessica tried to wiggle away from the reach of the woman’s crop. “W..what di..d you want to know again?”

“Your boyfriend, tell me about him. And don’t forget to call me Mistress again or you’ll feel my crop.”

“Oh, um, sorry Mistress. His name is Richie, or Richard I guess, Richard Brent. I guess you could say he’s like an entrepreneur or something. He looks for things to invest money in, you know like companies and businesses, and then he gets people to go in with him to invest money. He’s older than me I think, maybe late thirties. Really handsome. He has a big fucking dick, if you’re interested in that type of thing. He gives me all sorts of stuff and takes care of me. I follow him around the country and we go lots of places together.”

“What about his wife?”

Jessica gave the woman her best “shocked” looked and then said, “Richie isn’t married. In fact he told me we were going to get married next year. He proposed to me last month and everything.” She saw the crop come up and then added, “Mistress. I mean he proposed to me Mistress.” The crop returned to the woman’s lap.

“So you would be surprised to find that he does have a wife?”

Jessica shook her head. “There’s no wife, Mistress. I would know if he had a wife.”

This time the woman shook her head, “Sorry dear, but there is a wife, and she’s the one who has made the arrangements for you to be here.”

“What? I can’t believe it. I didn’t know. You have to let me go. I didn’t know Mistress.”

“Regardless. You’re here. And you will be trained.”

“Trained? To do what? OWWW!”

“Silence,” the woman hissed and then stood up. “I don’t believe your story. None of it. You’re a bad liar. I won’t waste any more of my time with you right now. You’ll tell us the truth soon though, believe me when I tell you that.” The woman stood and turned to open the stall door. “Gag her, John, and turn out the light when you leave.”

“Yes ma’am.” Jessica heard a male voice and then saw a large muscular man enter the stall. He must have been standing outside the stall, out of sight, the entire time.

The woman left and the man came into the stall and took a large ball gag off of a hook on an overhead wooden beam.

“Okay little missy, open wide.” He knelt down next to Jessica and held the gag up to her face. Jessica shook her head and moved away from the man. He grabbed the rope binding her arms behind her back and held her fast, “Open your mouth or I’ll whip you.”

Jessica continued to struggle but the man reached over and pinched her nose hard. She fought the pain, but finally had to gasp for air, knowing the man would take the opportunity to push the gag in. Seconds later she was securely gagged.

The man turned Jessica on her side and roughly mauled her breast while running his other hand down her stretched and taunt body. His fingers felt her pussy lips and then down her slender legs.

“Mmmm, you are sweet. There’ll be a lot of interest in you.” He rolled her back onto her stomach and said, “Try to get some sleep little beauty; you’ll need your strength in the morning.” He stood up and left the stall, locking it when the gate was closed. Jessica heard a click and the overhead light went out.

* * *

“What are your impressions, John?” the woman asked as the stable master came into the office and sat down in a chair facing the mistress’s desk.

“Well, there’s defiance, that’s for sure, but there’s no real panic.”

“Agreed.” The woman tapped her leg with her crop, deep in thought.

“That brand is too clean to have been done at the back yard pit. That, together with her lack of terror, tells me she’s been trained. Besides, she nearly said master a couple of times when talking about her boyfriend.”

“I noticed that too. So why the deception? And why now? I have to find out who she is and where she came from. There’s too much at risk for all of us right now to have some wild card thrown into the deck.”

“When are the bosses coming in?” John asked as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“They’ve already arrived! So we need to get this sorted out quickly. What about the woman?”

“The wife? Her name is Marianne something. Meatball is having one of his guys check her out, and the husband, too. It seems that Meatball is quite taken with this Marianne woman. He’s even asked to bring her over to see the slave in training.”

“Make sure he sweeps her thoroughly, and I’ll get more information out of our girl tomorrow.”

“I’m sure you will,” John replied.

The next morning Jessica woke up and screamed out through her gag. Her arms and legs were on fire from being held in a hog tie for so long. Tears streamed down her cheeks and then she began to calm down as she heard noises around her. Commands were being issued. “Walk”, “Foot”, “Whoa”.

Jessica rocked her bound body back and forth to get closer to the stall gate. Between the slats in the gate she could see bound women being led past her stall towards an open door at the far end of the barn. Many of the women pranced elegantly by, while a few were being pulled by reins attached to bits in their mouths while the men leading them whacked their bare hind ends with paddles and crops. She heard a zap and a muffled scream come from somewhere out of view and then saw two men leading a frantic girl past her.

Jessica noticed the women all wore high-heeled boots with thick soles, and then a variety of body suits, harnesses, hoods, and bridles. Some had eye blinders. Some wore tails sticking out from their asses. All had their hair cut quite close to their heads, with a single strip of longer hair standing up in the center, front to back, like a Mohawk… only on these women it looked like a horse’s mane! Jessie had to admit they looked damn sexy with their hair cut that way!

Suddenly two sets of boots appeared right in front of her face.

“Good morning pet. Have a nice sleep?” It was the woman who had questioned her the previous evening.

The gate swung open and John entered to remove the ropes around Jessica’s arms and legs. She cried out as the blood returned to her extremities. John examined her feet and hands to see that her blood flow was returning to those areas and then he pulled her up by the collar to a standing position.

Jessica collapsed and was hauled up again and leaned against the wooden slats on the side of the stall.

John took Jessica’s wrist and went to put a large shiny chrome-plated wrist cuff on her but Jessica snapped her wrist away, shaking her head. John backhanded her hard across the face, causing Jessie to collapse onto the hay bedding again. The ranch hand reached down and captured Jessica’s slender wrist in the cuff and snapped it shut. He repeated the process with her other wrist and then dragged her to her feet once again.

Reaching up, the man pulled on a hook overhead and brought it down a foot so that he could loop it through one of the d-rings in Jessica’s new wrist cuff. Realizing what he was doing, Jessica struggled to keep her other wrist away from the man as she attempted to free her wrist from the hook.

Finally tired of struggling with her, the stable master firmly gripped Jessica’s wrist and used his superior strength to force her wrist upward until he had the cuff secured. He took one step to the right where he was able to reach the winch control panel and press the green button. Jessica’s body slowly lifted upwards until her feet left the ground.

John retrieved another wide chrome-plated cuff and took hold of Jessie’s right ankle. He was about to slip it over when Jessie delivered a severe kick to his side with her left foot.

As John straightened up he delivered a punch to Jessica’s extended side, knocking the wind out of her. Now he was able to get cuffs on both of her ankles without any problems and went on to attach heavy chains to the cuffs.

He pulled one chain out to the side and secured it to a hook on the heavy wooden slat of the wall. Taking the other chain he pulled her other leg so that she was now hanging painfully spread eagle.

“Hit her again, Master John,” Jessica heard the woman say.

She looked up to see John make a fist and deliver a punishing blow to her left kidney. Jessie cried out in pain, the sound being muffled by the tape gag, still covering her mouth.

“Well, slave, we’ll begin where we left off last night.” The woman nodded at John and he left the stall, leaving Jessica alone with the dominatrix. The woman reached up and quickly peeled the duct tape away from Jessica’s mouth.

“Oww! Shit! That hurt.” Jessica looked at the beautiful black haired woman before her. “Please lady, let me go. Don’t hurt me any more.”

“What is your name, slave?” the woman asked sternly.

“Jessica, Mistress.” Jessica clamped her mouth shut knowing her training had directed her response. Damn it!

The woman stepped closer and ran her gloved hands over Jessica’s outstretched body.

“I think we can dispense with the lie that you are not a trained slave. Isn’t that right, Jessica?”

Jessica hung her head and wished she could take her response back. She saw the black gloves work their way up to her freely hanging breasts to test their firmness. The rubber clad fingers held her nipples between them and Jessica could feel the pressure build. She twisted in her bondage, trying to avoid the torture, but there was really nowhere that she could go that the fingers didn’t follow.

Finally the pain grew intense and Jessica shouted, “You told me to call you mistress! I’m only trying to do what you told me to do. Please! Don’t hurt me any more.”

The gloved hands roamed down Jessie’s hips and continued down between her legs. Jessie whimpered and tried again to avoid the touching, but was totally helpless to prevent the woman from doing as she pleased.

Images flashed through her mind in split seconds. Tied to the stripper’s stage in the Golden Slipper, breasts coated with slimy, oily, liquids, climaxing in front of the entire club. Tied in the dungeon beneath the Gold Club as her favorite Piggie tongued her to a massive orgasm. Tied to Mistress Tucker’s banister having an orgasm after being spanked. Having an orgasm as Heroshi Ketami fucked her in the ass. Every instance being tied and helpless.

Jessica looked at the shapely woman before her and melted just a little bit inside. This woman was going to give her what she most desired. But she knew she had to resist the urge to simply submit. She truly feared that she would become so aroused that she would lose control over her senses and say something that would endanger the team. She had to keep her submissiveness at bay!

“When were you trained to be a slave, and by whom?” the woman asked as she stroked Jessie’s inner thighs.

“I never was… please don’t…” Jessica squirmed, trying to avoid the touches that were coming so close to her exposed sex.

The woman’s fingers grazed Jessica’s slit and a low moan escaped her lips before she closed her mouth to stifle it. The woman looked at her wet fingers and then up at Jessica’s face, detecting an instant of pure lust before Jessie was able to change her expression to fear.

“I’m sorry, I never introduced myself last night,” the woman moved closer to Jessica, her voice soft and her fingers returning to lightly stroke Jessica’s exposed pussy. “My name is Mistress Olivia. I oversee the pony-girl training here at the farm.”

“What’s a pony-girl, mistress?”

“You’ll see in a little while.” Olivia moved around behind Jessica and felt her well-toned back and waist. Her fingers traced a line down Jessie’s spine, ending at the dimples on her shapely ass.

“I see little lines here Jessica. Whip lines aren’t they? Welts that have healed but not completely disappeared. Who whipped you and when?”

Jessica had to think. When was the last time she was whipped? Could she answer without giving anything away? She knew the last time she had been whipped was when she was taken to Ketami’s facility. That had been about a month ago, but she damn well couldn’t utter a word about the Japanese slave master.

“It was about a month ago Mistress, my boyfriend did it to me.”

“Still claiming he’s your boyfriend are you? Why not admit he’s your master?”

“Why should I? Even if it were true, what would I gain by saying it?”

“We’re building a rapport, you and I. I’d like to believe the words that come out of your mouth. It’s not good to lie to your Mistress, especially in the position you’re in.” Olivia was standing directly behind Jessica, her hands coming around to cup Jessie’s firm breasts.”

“You’re not my Mistress, Olivia, no offense. I don’t have a mistress or a master. I’m not into that at all.”

Olivia gave a chuckle and squeezed Jessica’s breasts causing the bound woman to cry out.

“All of that struggling earlier, that has to stop. You need to obey Master John, my stable boss. He doesn’t take kindly to pony-girls talking back or acting badly. He has full reign to discipline the stock as he sees fit.”

“I don’t plan on being here that long mistress.”

Olivia stood back with an amused look on her face and said, “Where will you be going?”

“I’ll find a way out of here sooner or later.”

“You seem very confident. I’ll go find John and send him over here to change that attitude.”

“What, so he can beat me some more?”

“No, so you can be properly collared. That will change the way you see things, I’m sure.” Olivia left Jessica hanging and walked out of the stall.

From her hanging position, Jessica could see around the barn much better. It was a large barn with what looked like twenty stalls. Not all of the women were out of their stalls. There was one woman directly across from her, standing in her stall. The woman wore a black leather hood that completely covered her head. Her arms were drawn back and up in a prayer position. Jessica knew that would dislocate her arms if she were left like that for too long.

A noise at the end of the barn attracted Jessie’s attention and she turned her head to see John walking towards her with several items in his hands.

“So, my beautiful new pony, I hear you’re in need of a new collar.” He took his little bolt cutters and sliced through her master’s lock on the back of her collar. He threw the lock in a pail and then removed her master’s collar. Jessica watched with a huge lump in her throat as the man threw the collar with it’s adornments in the pail.

My master’s collar! Agent Isleman’s charm! These items were irreplaceable to Jessica and she fought the urge to speak out. She didn’t want the man to know how precious they were to her, but she also dreaded losing them.

John reached in his sack and brought out a rounded chrome plated collar that matched her cuffs. With a little effort he stretched the metal out until the gap was large enough to slip it around Jessica’s neck. Then he pushed the ends together until a loud click was heard.

“Okay, let’s have a little training session here, Miss Jessie.” John picked up a remote and pressed a button. Instant pain attacked Jessica’s neck and the poor woman lurched about in her suspension. The pain stopped and Jessica gasped for oxygen.

“Should we try it again?”

“No! Please don’t! God no!”

A new surge of pain coursed through her neck. Jessica remembered the shock collar that Mistress Sheana used, but she had never received a shock this intense! She grasped the chains holding her wrists and pulled herself tighter in her suspension, trying to come to grips with the intense pain of the shock collar.

“How should you address me?”

“Master!” Jessie shouted. “Please Master!” Jessie screamed as the shock increased.

Sweat dripped down her body as the current was reduced and then turned off.

“That’s the manual control. You’re number 56, can you remember that?”

“Number fifty-six. Yes I can remember that Master.”

“Good.” He held the remote up so that Jessica could see the little LED read out. A red 56 was in the window.

“How about 47, shall we see what that does?”

Jessica heard the muffled sound of pleading and looked up to see the hooded woman across the aisle begin to jerk and thrash around in her stall.

“It has really good range, too. I’m very proud of this little baby.” John moved a switch on the remote. “Now I’ll show you another feature. This one will help you to remain silent when you can’t seem to do it on your own.”

John unhooked a riding crop from outside the stall and brought it around to strike Jessica on the breast.

“Hey! That…Owwww! Fuck!” The collar sent a sudden burst of pain into her neck.

“Don’t cry out! Try to be quiet,” John warned her as he brought the crop up again. He didn’t hit her so hard this time and Jessica was able to remain silent. She still feared being shocked again, but nothing happened.

John whispered, “Not so bad if you stay quiet is it?”

Thinking it was safe to whisper, Jessica whispered back, “No,” and was instantly shocked. She screamed out and was shocked some more.

A big smile came across John’s face. “It’s not sound activated; it senses movement in your vocal cords. Any movement of your vocal cords will trigger it, so don’t whimper, don’t cry, and don’t speak. Got it?”

“Yes, mas…OWWW!” the collar was still active.

“Oh, sorry.” John couldn’t suppress his smile and Jessica knew he had done it on purpose. She looked at the remote in his hand and saw the number 56 in the window and knew her collar was still activated.

“One last lesson.” John reached up and picked at the collar, and then pulled two thin wires out of a hole they were nestled in and touched Jessica’s nipples.

“Tell me your name slave,” John commanded.

“Jessica Master!” Jessie shouted, knowing she would feel the current shock her nipples.

“Okay, get it?”

Jessica looked down to see that the wires were not touching her and then nodded, yes.

“Now let’s get you over to the vet, my little beauty.” The stable boss lowered Jessica to the ground and began to unclip the chains from her cuffs. He let the chains fall and turned to unhook a leash from a hook on the overhead beam when Jessica pushed him hard into the boards and rushed for the stall gate. Flinging the gate open, she ran out into the center aisle and started running towards the open door at the end of the barn.

She had made it fifteen yards before a searing pain in her neck brought her crashing to the straw covered floor writhing in agony. Her fingers went to the collar but its smooth, rounded, contours fit so snugly that her fingers could not even penetrate the gap between the collar and her neck. She gasped for air, feeling the pain spreading through her upper body.

When it finally stopped, John stood over her with a leash and a hood. He knelt down and rolled Jessica’s naked body over, securing her wrist cuffs behind her back. Then he pulled the leather hood over the top of her head. She saw a large cock gag and turned her head so that it could not be inserted into her mouth. John pressed his knee into her back and Jessie gasped in pain.

The gag was expertly shoved between her teeth and then it was no problem for the man to pull the mask onto her, forcing the gag fully into her mouth. She still tried to kick out at John, but his knee was firmly planted in the middle of her back and she was really helpless to do any further damage to the man.

“You have to try, I understand. It’s okay, but I won’t make the same mistake twice. I actually prefer to go this route anyway.” He pulled hard on the laces of the hood, making it hug Jessica’s head quite firmly.

Jessica felt a tug on her collar and heard John telling her to get up. When she cried out she felt the pain around her neck increase letting her know that the collar was still active.

Awkwardly scampering to her feet, Jessica waited in silence for the man to lead her. She had been hooded many times and knew how to cope with the terrifying sensation of being sightless and robbed of most of her hearing. She felt a very gentle tug on her collar and began to walk forward, further giving away an indication of her level of training.

She tried to tell herself that these little mistakes would not go un-noticed by these people. From everything she had seen so far, they had a lot of experience in handling slaves like her. This seemed to be a highly professional outfit. Information she would like to relay to her master.

Resist when you can my master told me. It was not an ideal time because she was unable to see where she might be going, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t cause trouble for the stable master.

Jessica stopped and turned, pulling the leash free of John’s hand. Jessica took one step and felt John’s flogger strike her bare ass. She cried out and was rewarded with a shock to her neck that brought her to her knees. John continued to flail at her bare back with the flogger until she got to her feet. She felt the tug on the leash and followed the man out of the barn.

A gentle breeze blew between Jessica’s naked thighs, confirming what her bare soles told her; they were out of the barn. Jessica followed his lead for what seemed to be a lengthy walk and then felt a tap on her left knee. This time she was consciously thinking about what that meant and decided not to obey. She knew she would walk into a step, but she allowed herself to stumble. The blinded woman fell hard into the steps and grunted, causing her collar to shock her neck.

“Up, you silly bitch. Step up when I tap your knee.” She could barely hear John’s commands.

Pressure on her collar made her stand up and then she felt the tap on her right knee. She walked forward and struck the step again but John caught her.

“Step up girl.” She heard him more clearly this time. Jessica regained her balance and stepped up with her foot, and then began to climb the stairs. She felt the tap of John’s crop on her knee but stepped up as though she were expecting another step. This made her leg come down in an awkward manor.

“Damn.” She heard John mutter, half under his breath. “Maybe she hasn’t been trained.”

Ha! It may be working! She hoped she was planting some seeds of doubt.

Jessica could feel cool tiles beneath her feet as she was led down several corridors. Finally she was stopped and two hands on her shoulders guided her back. Jessica felt a padded seat behind her and she sat down on it. Her arms were released from behind her back and she felt two pairs of hands holding her. Her arms were pressed against arm rests and she felt straps being brought around them. She knew she was being strapped to a chair, and this was something she really didn’t want to happen.

Images of Royce’s medical lab flashed through her mind and she began to struggle against her captors. She knew she would be helpless once strapped to the chair and they would be able to do unspeakable things to her like Royce had done. She would have no part of it.

The men holding her had her firmly gripped, but they still could not manage to strap her in. Through the leather hood she heard some commands and then felt something pressed against the front of her mask. She turned her head to the right and then to the left but the pressure continued.

[Oranges! Oooo, it smells so nice. It’s a gas of some sort! Don’t breathe!]

But it was already too late when she thought of that, not that she could have held her breath that long anyway.

Jessica felt her strength leaving her arms and was aware that she had been pushed further back into the chair and her arms were getting so heavy. She couldn’t even lift them now, let alone struggle against the men. In fact, her entire naked body seemed to be getting really heavy. Couldn’t even feel her legs, if the truth was told.

She could feel tugging at her hood and thought maybe that hunk John was tightening it. It had been a long time since she had last worn a hood, but even she could tie a hood tighter than he had done.

Jessica shook her head to clear the cobwebs that were filling her mind. She had just woken up; she shouldn’t be feeling this tired already. [The gas! They’re putting me under!]

A new sense of sheer panic griped Jessica as she struggled anew to free herself from the chair. In her mind she was twisting and turning, but in fact her body barely twitched.

Her head suddenly felt really cool and the sun seemed to be brighter. She thought maybe she was outside again. Jessica didn’t even realize the hood had been removed from her head. Seconds later the bound woman was sound asleep.

Three hours later, Jessica lay in her stall on a fresh bed of straw. A heavy chain linked her chrome shock collar to a ring on the back wall of the stall. Her hands were entombed in leather mitts that were locked around her wrists. Her shiny chrome wrist cuffs were locked to D-rings on the sides of the leather belt that was locked around her waist.

Locked onto her feet were black 5” stilettos. The small portion of the sole that would touch the ground under the ball of her foot and toes was shaped like a horseshoe. It flanged out a little wider than the top part of the shoe to give a little extra balance.

Olivia, John, and the doctor, Gregory Avonavich, watched the young brunette as she slept.

“What can you tell me, Doctor?” Olivia asked.

“Well, she’d been pierced some time ago, maybe a year, it’s hard to say. Two holes were detected in each labium, very well placed for holding in equipment. Then, each nipple had piercing holes, mostly closed up, but not entirely. New rings were inserted into those existing holes. I wouldn’t have changed their locations at all. I also detected piercing holes in her clit hood. As you requested, I pierced her clit and inserted a ring.”

“What about the stud that’s already in her?”

“I analyzed that with the x-ray. It’s got some electronics in it, but…”

“What?” Olivia’s head whipped up, “Electronics? It’s so small. Is it a tracking device?”

“No, no, in fact it’s the opposite. It’s a receiver. I was able to stimulate it using a walkie-talkie, but the frequency settings were off somehow and I couldn’t really get it to respond properly. There’s no possible way it could be used to transmit, though.”

“A receiver? What possible use…”

“My guess is that her clit could be directly stimulated via remote control. I’d need to do more tests to get the exact frequencies.”

“Holy shit,” John said.

“My bet is that boyfriend of hers, or whoever he is, probably has a controlling device of some sort.”

“Also, as you requested, I pierced her septum.”

“Thanks, Doctor,” Olivia said as she put her head on top her hands resting on the stall gate and gazed in at the sleeping brunette slave. “No pain killers, right?”

“No ma’am, also as you requested.”

“That will be all then, thank you.”

The doctor turned and walked out of the barn as Olivia and John entered Jessica’s stall.

Olivia set a brown leather satchel on the floor and unzipped it, pulling several lengths of chain out and handing them to John. The two went to work on Jessica’s slumbering body.

* * *

As Jessica began to wake up, she felt her arms still restricted. An overwhelming sense of claustrophobia set in and she struggled to break free of her bondage. Instant pain registered through the fog in her brain. What fog was there quickly cleared, allowing the pain to be felt in its full intensity.

Jessica lay perfectly still except for her rasping breathing. Where am I? What have they done to me? Her head felt cool and she leaned against the wooden wall of the stall to touch her head to the boards. She could tell that her hair had been shorn short to resemble the other women.

She clamped her eyes shut trying to block the awful pain that seemed to wrack her entire body. As she lay there she concentrated on the pain and realized it was localized to specific, and predictable, areas of her body.

My nipples, labia, and clit are all throbbing. She was afraid to open her eyes, knowing what she would find.

[Master will love these piercings! He never got to play with me while my pussy was pierced!] Master is not here, these people are not playing. They’ll use these piercings to hurt me. [I’ll really be at their mercy. This will be so fantastic.]

Jessica opened her eyes and looked down at her naked flesh. As she expected, her nipples were adorned with shiny chrome rings. A thin sturdy chain linked her left nipple ring to a shiny silver ring nestled between her full breasts. Another chain linked the ring to her right nipple. Attached to the center ring was another chain that went up to her nose. Now there was a reason for the pain she was feeling in her face.

Looking further down she saw another chain descending from the center ring to her crotch. A very gentle upward movement told her this chain was attached to her clit.

Fearing the worse, Jessica hunched over a little so that she could see the new ring piercing her clit.

Oh god no! Not my clit! She looked again to see that the little silver implant was still in place. So many ways to torture me now!

Part of Jessica wanted to cry, but a more powerful force was making her feel wetness between her thighs.

The pain was in no way diminishing and Jessica just lay quietly trying to find a way to deal with the pain that was attacking her every nerve.

“Oh good, you’re awake.” John’s voice startled Jessica making her grunt. The movement of her vocal chord sent a slight shock into her neck, a reminder of the collar.

John entered the stall and locked the door behind him. “There’s still plenty of time to begin some basic training. Come pony, up you go.” He attached a leash to the ring in Jessica’s nose and gave it a little tug.

An instant searing pain flashed through Jessica’s nervous system.

“Owww!” Her throat erupted in white hot pain causing her to clamp her mouth shut.

John squatted down next to Jessica and ran his calloused hand down her silky smooth waist to her ass.

“You are partly in control of how much pain you have to endure, pony. If you do as you’re asked, the pain may not be so great. If I have to drag you every time I make a command I’m afraid you’ll experience a lot of pain. Which will it be?”

Jessica scrunched up her legs and forced herself to a sitting position. The chains tugged mercilessly on all of her piercings causing her to whine slightly. She could feel the pain in her neck but it was not a full force shock. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she forced herself to bring her left foot under her, and then her right. Slowly as to not tug anything tender, Jessica stood wobbly on her 5” heels. She felt terribly out of balance and jolts of pain coursed through her body.

Jessica stood, tears running done her cheeks. She knew that in her present condition there was any number of ways that the man could inflict pain upon her. The thought was both terrifying and stimulating. She stood still, waiting for his command.

John reached over the top board of the stall gate and retrieved some sort of a halter. Jessica watched as he straightened out the straps and chrome rings. She began to recognize it as a harness with a bit. Edging over towards the stall railing, Jessica lowered her head to avoid the harness being fit over her head.

“One command you will hear quite a bit is the word, stand.” John caressed Jessica’s back in a very tender way. “It means that you are to stand straight up and not move. If your hands are free you will put them behind your back. You will stand straight with your breasts displayed and your legs shoulder width apart. I’d like you to do that for me now. Stand,” he said with a little more authority in his voice.

Jessica cowered even more into a defensive posture.

“I don’t want to hurt you pony. Honestly, I don’t. But you need to cooperate, or I’ll have to make you feel pain.” Again he stroked her back, not really in a sexual way but in a way that might calm her down.

Jessica looked up at his face and saw that his demeanor was relaxed and almost caring. She stood up a little straighter and lifted her head.

“Oh, good girl. There you go, up a little more. Look at you.” John held her by her shoulders. “Good, now feet… uh huh, there you go, a little wider please. Good girl, and your chest… I know it’s embarrassing, but you must learn the proper form to avoid getting punished. The master loves to punish.”

Jessica looked at the stable boss. [The master?]

“Now, try not to freak out pony. This is uncomfortable at first, but you’ll get used to it. And you may not believe me, but this is a very mild bit. There are far worse ones than this, ones that will torture your mouth something terrible.”

John fitted the leather harness over Jessica’s head, buckling the strap under her chin and then another behind her head. His fingers went to the top of Jessie’s head and flicked her short mane out from under the straps so that it stood up straight. He brought up the rubber coated bit and pressed it against her lips.

“Almost done, my little beauty, just open please.”

Jessica pressed her lips together and turned her head. Instinctively John held onto her nose chain and Jessica cried out, forcing a painful shock to her neck.

“Shhh, shhh,” John urged. “Don’t struggle with me. This is going in your mouth pony, so please stop resisting. You’re only hurting yourself.”

Jessica stopped and tried to catch her breath. The resistance she had just mounted was felt in every sensitive part of her body. He nose, her nipples, and her clit were all in agony. She turned slightly, teetering on the punishing heels, and then stood straight for the stable hand.

“There you go, good girl,” John smiled and stroked her hair and then down to her shoulders. “Now open up so I can slip this in… there you go. Okay, I’ll tighten these little straps and we’ll be off to see Master Darios.”

John tightened the straps, pulling the bit deep into Jessica’s mouth so that it forced her teeth apart and then rested in the extreme back corner of her lips. Jessica could not close her mouth and felt saliva already beginning to pool.

John picked up the reins and opened the stall gate.

“Don’t try to pull anything like you did earlier.”

Jessica stood still when the reins tightened, causing John to look back at her. Jessica moved her hands slightly towards her crotch and then bent at the waist slightly, giving a pained look.


Jessica nodded.

“Sorry, it’s been a long day. Usually you will go where ever you are at the time unless told not to. Because this is your first time with Master Darios I’ll let you go here and I’ll clean up while you’re with him. You’ll get no privacy, so just go now.” The man stood, leaning against the railing with the reins in his hand, expecting the woman to take a long time and many prompts.

Jessica looked at him and sighed, spread her legs and squatted. A stream of urine splashed in to the straw bedding and then a long brown log of feces streamed downward to the floor. She closed her eyes and pushed, concentrating on maintaining her balance on the awkward heels. Finally she stood up and walked closer to John.

Her lack of discipline makes me think she’s not a slave, but not many women would be able to shit like that on command. She must be trained.


Jessica assumed the position she had just learned.

“Good pony. Now I’ll say walk, and obviously you’ll walk. If you were pulling a cart I’d probably say step, because stepping is a more rigorous activity than simply walking. And when I want you to stop I’ll say whoa. Got that?”

Jessica nodded her head.

“You may not always be able to move your head to nod, so I want you to start using your hoof to communicate yes or no. One stomp with your right hoof means yes, two means no. Simple, yes?”

Jessica nodded her head.

“No, use your hoof. Tell me with your hoof, Jessica.”

Jessica looked down and the pool of saliva poured out onto her breast. She lifted her foot and stomped it once onto the floor.

“Good!” Jessica felt a sudden rush of lust as the man showed his pride in that one simple accomplishment.

He is not my master! I will not get horny by pleasing him!

“Walk.” John held the harness reins loosely and turned, expecting Jessica to come after him. Not wanting the reins to tighten, Jessica took her first tentative steps. For all intents and purposes, she was walking on her tip toes in the heels. It was very stressful on her legs, but she managed to keep up.

John led her down the center aisle toward the open door. He diverted her into the last stall before the door and then said whoa. Jessica stopped.

“This is not a horse command, so I always feel funny saying it, but I want you to squat so I can clean you before presenting you to Master Darios. So, squat.”

With a little effort, Jessica squatted. John turned on a hose and brought the water up to Jessica’s anus. The water was cold and Jessica cried out, getting a shock for the noise. She felt the man washing her ass and pussy with the water and a rough mitt, and then he dried her rump and legs.

“Okay, now something that will be extremely pleasurable for me but not for you, stand.”

Jessica assumed the correct position and saw John reach for a bottle of sunscreen. She felt her heart rate increase, knowing his hands would soon be all over her naked flesh. Little did he know that it would be pleasurable for her too.

He started on her face and ears, and worked his way down to her neck. Adding more lotion to his hands, he took care of her back and down to her firm ass. Moving around to her front, he applied the lotion liberally to her aroused breasts and nipples, and then down her stomach to her crotch. Finally he coated each of her lovely legs.

Noticing how well she had stood for that he commented, “You’ve had more training than you’ve let on pony. But I’ll keep that information to myself. No need to tell the mistress right now.” He stood up and took the reins. “Walk.”

Jessica realized what she had just done and kicked herself, mentally, for having submitted to the man’s hands without a fuss. She was not good at hiding her submissiveness!

John led Jessica out of the barn and into the yard. The sun was already beginning it’s descent for the day, and the air was cooling.

“Master Darios is a stern taskmaster, pony. His job is to train you girls, and do it quickly. Obey him, or you’ll feel his whip.”

With increasing trepidation Jessica followed the man across the grassy yard to a round corral with white railings. John opened a gate and led her through, taking her to the center of the corral where a tall pole was mounted on a heavy piece of equipment. A long arm protruded from the pole at about chest height. A short chain with a clip on the end was at the end of the arm. Jessica could guess what was about to happen to her.

John had just finished clipping a short chain between a ring in the back of her collar and the end of the extension arm when a voice behind them said, “Signore John, you have my new pony?”

“Si, dominare,” John said as he stepped behind Jessica. “How are you today sir?”

“Oh, capo, I am feeling anxious. So many ponies to train in so little time. This is the slave Jessica?”

The men came around in front of Jessica and she got her first glimpse of Master Darios.

He was tall and ruggedly handsome. His hair was full, wavy, and jet black. A thin mustache graced his upper lip. He wore black slacks and a white button up shirt, tailored to fit his muscular physique. In his hand was a coiled whip.

“So Jessica, you will undergo training, no? Do you know what will be expected of you?”

Jessica looked at John who moved his foot slightly.

Answer with my foot! Thank you John. Jessica stomped her right foot twice.

“No? I will be teaching you the basic commands you will need to perform your duties here.” Turning to John he said, “Thank you John, I will return her to you when she has completed today’s lesson.”

“As you wish dominare.” Jessica watched John leave and felt suddenly very naked and vulnerable.

“Has the boss taught you any commands yet?”

Jessica stamped her foot one time.

“Let’s see.” Darios stood back and said, “Walk.”

Jessica took a step and stumbled on her heel. She scrambled with her other foot to catch up, tugging viciously on her new piercings as she did. She stifled a moan and then was able to walk properly. The long arm guided her as she began to walk in a circle.

“Do not slouch pony,” the Italian trainer called out and touched her with the coiled whip.

“Straighten up your back, chest out. More! You are to display your tits at all times. Shoulders back.”

Jessica complied, thrusting her chest out and pulling her shoulders back. She continued like this for at least fifteen minutes. Her legs began to grow tired and her feet ached. Finally the trainer called out whoa, and Jessica stopped.

“Now you will learn to trot, but I will attach this to your front side.” Darios stepped in and unhooked the chain from the back of her collar and reattached it to the ring in the center of Jessica’s chest; the ring that all of her private parts were attached to.

“Since this is your first time out I will set the training machine to a very slow trot. You must keep up, no matter how tired you get. Just so you know there will be an end, we will set ten minutes as a time.” Darios reached over to the center column and pressed some keys on a keypad.

“When I say trot you should begin moving. Ready?”

Jessica looked terrified and stomped her foot twice. She was absolutely not ready!


The machine hummed to life and the bar in front of Jessica moved away. The chain tightened and Jessie felt a sharp pain in her nipples and then her nose and her clit! She moved her foot and tried to balance but began to fall. She felt Darios’ strong hands grasp her arms and steady her and then help her move forward, almost carrying her until she got her feet under her.

“Catch up pony. You can do this. It is not fast at all. One hoof in front of the other, don’t let the chain go taut again. There you go. I’m going to let go. Keep your head up and your posture correct.”

Jessica felt the trainer’s hands slip away and she moved on her own. It was a little more than a walk, but less than a run. She was trotting! And she was beginning to get uncomfortably aroused! She wasn’t sure if it had been the trainer’s hands on her, or the fact that she was being trained like a horse, but something was making her terribly aroused. After several minutes she thought her legs were going to give out.

[I’ve let myself get out of shape! I need to spend more time on the treadmill.] As she came around each time Jessica saw the handsome trainer leaning against the corral railing. He was watching her intently.


Jessica slowed to a normal walk, but the arm continued to pull on her. She started to trot again and the trainer called out, “Walk.”

Again she slowed to a walk only to have the arm pull painfully at her chains. Turn down the machine! How can I walk when it’s pulling on me like this! She began to walk faster and then trotted.


Jessica jumped and nearly fell when the sound of a whip cracked right next to her. She slowed to a walk, feeling the strain applied to her private parts once again.

In agony now, Jessica walked the circle ten more times before the trainer called out for her to trot again. Relieved to lessen the pain to her clit and nose, Jessica trotted. After a couple of minutes the machine clicked off.

Darios walked out to the center of the corral and lifted a plastic water bottle to Jessica’s lips and squeezed.

She drank greedily as the water squirted into her semi-open mouth. Unable to close her mouth, the dust she had been kicking up had made her mouth incredible dry.


Jessica looked at the man, unable to take a step. He lifted his whip and lashed the ground next to her with a frightening crack. Startled, Jessica moved forward, pushing the bar with her chest, right below her breasts. She continued to walk for several minutes until he said whoa.

And thus the training continued for the next two hours. By this time the sun was setting and Jessica was both sweating and cold at the same time. Her body was covered with dust, some of which was really almost mud from mixing with the sweat.

During the last half hour she had seen quite a few women being led back to the barn. She watched intently to see if she could spot Nicky. She knew that Nicky was being held at the lower ranch, but there was always a possibility that she might see her here, too. What she saw amazed her as the women came in pulling their carts in all different modes of bondage.

First there were several women who came in pulling small carts behind them. Seated on each cart was one person holding the reins. The riders were a mixture of men and women and the carts varied in size.

One cart was quite large and held four people! Pulling the cart were two of the most beautiful women Jessica had ever seen. They were tall and lean, and their muscles were incredibly well toned and glistening with sweat. They wore magnificent red halters, straps that surrounded their large breasts and then down their torso’s to their hairless pussies. Their arms were encased in shoulder high red leather sleeves that were bound to the arms of the carts and their heads were adorned with red leather tack with brilliant red and yellow feathers sticking up from their foreheads. Their hair was shorn close to their heads like the rest of the women, but their manes were long and gorgeous. Behind them trailed long beautiful tails of the same color as their hair. They had come into the yard at a gallop, both sets of powerful legs working together to make the cart go so fast that the riders were hanging on to the sides.

“Walk,” the woman with the reins called out and the two women slowed instantly to a walk. Jessica saw them strain to hold back the cart which was still going at a much faster rate. She saw all of the bindings pull taut and then the two women pulled the cart slowly to where John was waiting for them.

The riders got out very excited about their adventure and without even looking at the two bound women, made their way towards what looked like a large ranch house. As she made her next revolution, Jessica saw John and another man un-strapping the women from the cart and then guiding them towards the barn.

“Magnificent, no?” The trainer’s voice in her ear startled Jessica. “You must pay attention to what you are doing and not be looking around. Must I get out the blinders for you?”

Knowing it would cause her pain, Jessica said, “No master.” Said softly, the pain was not too intense. Jessica was learning that the shock collar interpreted vocal movement in odd ways. Some words said softly did not invoke the same response from the collar as others.

“You will train an additional fifteen minutes because you have allowed yourself to be distracted. We will use the prancing trainer. Whoa.”

Jessica stopped, despondent that her session was being extended. Darios grabbed her breast and pulled up on it. “Stand correctly pony!” he said tersely. Jessica stood erect, pulling her shoulders back.

She watched as Darios attached a long plank to the central core of the machine and adjusted it downward until it was level with her belly button.

“As you walk, your knees must push against this wood, or you will receive a shock.” The trainer pulled a long cable out of the machine and clipped it to the center ring of Jessica’s bondage. She realized that, assuming the chains were all conductive, any voltage sent to the ring would be transferred to all of her tender parts!

Darios pressed a few buttons on the control panel and then told Jessica to walk. It was a struggle for the exhausted woman to lift her legs, let alone lift them that high. But she forced herself to comply and pressed her knees against the wooden paddle with every step. The first time she didn’t quite press the wood she got a taste of the punishment and let out a short scream. This set off her collar which nearly made her collapse in pain and caused her to miss her next step which caused another punishing jolt to her nose, nipples, and clit.

She could see that it would become a vicious cycle so she forced herself to take the pain silently. Sweat continued to roll off of her as she made her way around the torturous machine. She spotted two more women coming in, even though it was rapidly becoming dark. These women were pulling a low cart that had a large plow blade on top of it. Both women were filthy dirty and when Jessie came around the next time she saw that their reins were attached to the plow, not the cart.


One of the women collapsed to the ground and was quickly flogged by a woman who had just come out of the barn. It was Mistress Olivia. John was by her side and went running to the fallen woman. Meanwhile the bound woman next to the fallen one was trying to help her to her feet but her own bondage prevented her from doing too much. More lashes rained down from Olivia’s flogger and Jessica could hear stern words.

“Owww!” Jessica cried out, sending intense pain to her throat and the rest of her nervous system. Her trainer had struck her ass with the tip of his long whip. The pain seared her soft flesh.

“Trot!” He repeated. Now Jessica could remember hearing him issue the command, mad at herself for being distracted again. “Ten more minutes!”

[Oh god no! No more, please!] Pay attention! Don’t look over there any more. I’ve got to get through this.

Jessica lifted her legs high with each step. The setting seemed to be even faster than the last time she had had to trot. A few times she thought she would fall over only to catch herself at the last moment and continue to trot round the machine in her ridiculously high heels.

Her mouth felt so dry so was unable to even swallow any more. Gasping for air, she felt the vibrations of the machine die down and the trainer said, “Whoa.”

Jessica slowed to a stop and stood, fully erect and on display.

Darios came close to Jessica and sprayed water into her mouth and then dropped the bottle and ran his hands over her sweat soaked body. She felt his erection through his slacks and felt her own body respond. His hands went up to her heaving breasts and he gently massaged them. He unhooked the wire from her bondage and let it retract into the machine. Then he unhooked the chain that attached her to the arm, and hooked his finger into a ring on her collar.

“Walk.” Darios led Jessica to the gate and then across the yard to the barn. Olivia came out to meet him.

“Pellets and water only. Turn off her collar. Bathe her in the morning, but of course tend to her piercings tonight.”

“Yes Master,” Olivia said as she took Jessica’s leash and led her through the center aisle to her stall.

Jessica could see the hierarchy of the stable. Obviously Master Darios was in charge, followed by Mistress Olivia, and then the stable boss, John. Jessica wondered who Darios reported to.

As Olivia opened Jessica’s stall she said, “You must have pleased the master, pony.” She removed the head harness and bit and then removed the sleeves and mitts from her arms and hands. She then took two clips and connected Jessica’s hands to the side rings of her collar.

Jessica looked at her with some surprise. Pleased him? I don’t think so.

“Normally he leaves the collar turned on and would have you in a hog tie. That way when the cramps set in you would be tortured all night.” Olivia removed the leash and locked the heavy chain onto Jessica’s collar.

“Lay down here and let me tend to you.”

Jessica lay down in the hay and opened her legs when Olivia applied pressure to her knees. The woman took a cloth from her vest pocket and wet it from the water bottle positioned near the stall gate and then cleaned around Jessica’s swollen clit. She repeated this on her labia, nipples and nose. Then she removed a small tube from another pocket and dabbed some of the ointment on each of the newly pierced regions.

“Not a bad first day. I know it will be hard, but try to get some sleep.”

Hard! Are you kidding? I’ll be asleep before my head hits the hay.

After the gate was closed and locked, Jessica looked down at the floor near the gate and saw a bin full of nutrition pellets. She hadn’t even thought about food but now she realized she was famished. She knelt down, pulling the heavy chain so that she could get closer and put her lips up to the inverted water bottle strapped to the stall wall. Water dripped down into her mouth and she sighed in sheer delight. Bending further, she stuck her tongue into the bin and sucked in three pellets.

These damn pellets! Oh well, I had a couple of months of good food. If I have to eat these for a while it’ll be okay.

Jessica ate and drank until she was full and then felt the urgent need to relieve herself.

John had come and cleaned up her mess from earlier, leaving fresh straw down in her stall. She hated to mess it up, but judging from the odor she could smell in the barn, others had done their duty already. Besides, she only needed to pee.

Jessica went to the other side of the gate and pushed some hay up into the corner with her foot. Then she backed up into the corner and squatted, sending a stream of urine into the straw.

“Hey!” Jessica heard someone whisper on the other side of the wooden slat wall.

Jessica moved closer to the wall. “Hey back,” she whispered.

“You’re peeing right next to my food bin.”

“Oh my god!” Jessica said.

She heard several voices shushing her.

“Keep your voice down damn it,” her neighbor said in a voice that was even quieter than a whisper.

Jessica tried to stand but the chain would not allow it, so she knelt and pushed the urine soaked hay towards the center of the gate.

“Where do you go to the bathroom?” Jessica whispered.

“Try to go while you’re outside, but if you have to go in here go right in the center of your stall. That way it won’t leak into someone else’s stall.”

“Okay, thanks for the advice. I’m so sorry about that.”

“It’s okay. How were you to know?”

“I’m new here.”

“No shit. You woke most of us last night when you were brought in.”

“Again, I’m sorry. Is there a way to get out of here? Has anyone ever escaped?”

“Shut up!” someone whispered from the other side. “We’ll get punished if we even think about that.”

“She’s right,” said the woman Jessica had been talking to. “We’d better stop. I’m Hanna, by the way.”


“Jessica, yeah, we heard it all last night. Well, welcome to hell, Jessica.”

“Thanks,” Jessie said, not knowing if that was the proper word to say or not.

Jessie lay back against the far wall of her stall and looked up at the ceiling. She thought about the last time she was in bondage at Ketami’s and she had looked up at the ceiling. Had she not done that who knows how she would have ended up saving the women who were enslaved there? She knew she had to keep her eyes open and try to get all the intel she could before the team made contact. She wondered how they would ever be able to get in.

She lay there and thought about everything she had seen that day. The layout of the barn, the ranch house nearby, the number of women she had seen come back to the barn in the evening. She felt like calling out Nicky’s name just to see if she would answer, but had a feeling any loud noise would bring a negative consequence.

There had to be a way out of this place, but more importantly, she had to find Nicky! She knew she had to find her way to the lower ranch, and that would be extremely dangerous. There were a lot of things she needed to find out.

Jessica nestled into the hay and tried to relax. It was her first full day at the farm, so she knew she wouldn’t have all of the answers yet. That was ridiculous. But she was so anxious to uncover something that would be useful to the team.

She was really beginning to worry about being seen by Vito Gambini. It hadn’t seemed very likely when she was with her team, but now, alone and chained in the stall, the thought sent shivers up her spine. He could walk through that door at any moment.

She lay and thought about her master, disappointed that he had been forced out of the mission at the last second. Her heart beat raced when she considered what might have happened had that guy, Franky, not called to warn him.

A real sense of gloom washed over her at the thought of losing Trent. She loved him so. And Master Gary too. And Master Larry, and Master Chris, and Master Jamil and Master…” Jessica fell asleep.

End of part 8

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