Ashley Bennet – Slave
Part 7

by mrhungry

This is Part II of the Ashley Bennet series. In Part One, the readers were introduced to Ashley, a beautiful blonde administrative assistant to a fairly high placed Special Agent in charge of the FBI’s Organized Crime Task Force office in Philadelphia. Ashley had fallen victim to a con which preyed upon her desire to become an FBI field agent. The owners of a local strip club had conned her into believing she was being recruited to work undercover in the club to investigate a prostitution ring. In reality, her actions at the club were being recorded for use in blackmailing her into providing them with information. It turned out that one of the club owners was a front man for the powerful New York crime boss, Vito Gambini. While still believing her assignment was genuine, Ashley uncovered evidence of widespread blackmail within the FBI and in the local government. One of the men in the OCTF, Trent Richards, had begun to investigate Ashley when she suddenly went missing. The club owners had kidnapped Ashley and were planning on selling her to overseas slavers. In the end, Agent Richards saved Ashley and she became somewhat of a legend in the upper echelons of the Bureau.

**Beginning in Ashley Bennet – Slave, Ashley will at times be thinking as Jessica, her alter-ego. For the readers' convenience the author will enclose [Jessica’s thoughts in brackets].**

The author apologizes in advance for the French accent of one of the characters in this story, as well as the Japanese words (which are probably incorrect) used by another of the characters. Too, the author means no disrespect to Italians in the depictions of the Mafia characters in this story. This is fiction, and is not based on any real life experience.


Gary and Jessica visited Trent in the hospital the following day. Trent was horrified to see the beatings that his woman had taken. Guilt wracked him at having lost her so easily.

Jessica sat on his bed and stroked his hair. Softly she said, “Master… we didn’t plan it this way, but if we had, it would have been the same plan. I had to go in and you had to follow. The worst part was that you were almost killed.”

She took his hand and held it between her hands. “What would I do without you?” Tears rolled down her cheeks and then she straightened up. “Luckily we have Master Gary on our side. He knew what to do. He found you, and he found me. And he saved all of the women.”

“You saved all of the women, Ash,” Gary interjected.

“How’s the intel retrieval going?” Trent asked Gary.

“Harris has his boys all over Ketami’s base. They already have enough evidence to lock Ketami and his crew away forever. Plus, about an hour ago I got word that they’ve found a large database with intel on other traffickers.”

“What about Carpelli?” Trent asked while gazing at Jessica. She was wearing a simple dress with spaghetti straps over her bare shoulders. The dress was short and light and it was obvious she was naked underneath. She wore 4” heels to match. He wondered where she’d found the dress. Then he spotted the red marks across her arms and could see more red lash marks through the fabric of her dress.

Gary had been talking, but Trent had not heard anything he was saying. His thoughts were completely wrapped around Ashley, his slave. He knew it wasn’t right to think about her like that, but their mission was by no means over. But what about times like these when they weren’t exactly under cover? Were they to suddenly stop their charade? Could they just turn it on and off? Ashley couldn’t even remember his name, and continued to call him master. She even called Gary, master.

Trent worried that this mission was going to cause irreversible damage to her mentally. She wasn’t a sex slave. But he sensed that she filled the roll all too convincingly. He was sure if he told her to drop her dress to the floor and walk out into the hallway naked that she would do it without hesitation. He could flip back the covers and ask her to blow him and she would do it right there in front of Gary.

He wanted her so badly! He wanted to go back to how it had been. He felt his cock stiffen at the thought of controlling Ashley, at the thought of Ashley complying with his commands. Looping the ropes around her wrists and pulling them up behind her back, hearing her breathing grow heavy, feeling her pulse increase, smelling her arousal.

“Hey, dude,” Gary was waving his hand at Trent, “You’re lost man, should we go so you can get some rest?”

Trent blushed, “Sorry Gary. I did sort of go off thinking about something else, sorry, what about Carpelli?”

“They haven’t found him yet Master,” Jessica chimed in.

“But we will.”

Trent saw a dark red mark on Jessica’s leg and raised her hem to look at it.

“You need attention Jess. These are deep and I don’t want them to get infected.” He thought for awhile and then said, “You’ll get the best care at the Westleys.”

Looking at Gary he said, “Do you think you could take her there and stay with her for a day or so until the doc lets me out of here?”

“Do you think it’ll take that long?”

“She told me that this poison can sometimes hide in a persons system for a couple of days and then suddenly release. I could slip back into a coma, but it’s not likely. A couple of days more would be best for observation. This shit’s really deadly I guess.”

Gary was lost in thought. “Um, sure, I can take her there… but what am I suppose to do with her? Sorry Ashley, I don’t mean to speak as though you’re not here.”

Jessica reached over and touched his hand. “Whatever my master decides is what I’ll do. Don’t worry about me.” Looking back at Trent she said, “I think the Westley’s would be best, too. I’m comfortable there. We can use our room. Besides, they have a gym and I need to work out.”

“Who did you say you were when you went there looking for me?” Trent asked.

“I just said I was a friend looking you up while I was on the left coast,” Gary smiled.

“Well, I don’t think there’ll be a problem with you staying with Jessica, don’t forget her cover name please. I’ll give them a call and tell them you’re coming.”

They all chatted for several more minutes before the doctor came in and chased them out so that she could do what doctors do best, run tests and run up the bill.

* * *

“Oh my god, Jessica!” Taylor ran down the steps to the driveway and hugged Jessica. “I was so worried about you! Are you alright dear?”

“Yes Mistress, I’m fine.”

“And your master, he’s still in the hospital?”

“Yes ma’am. He’s fine too.” Jessica looked down at the ground and said, “You’ve met Master Gary? He’s looking out for me until my master returns.”

Taylor looked over her shoulder towards the car that had brought Gary and Jessica. Adam was talking to the man and they were both looking their way.

“Do you know this man, Jessie?”

“He’s a good friend of my master’s, but no, I don’t really know him. He’s not one of us, you know, a Master or anything, so he doesn’t know what to do with me. It’s sort of awkward, Mistress.”

“I can imagine. Well, go stand with him as you would your master.”

“Yes ma’am, and may I ask a favor of you, Mistress?”

“What is it, slave?”

Jessica turned and lifted her dress to reveal the dark welts on her backside. “Will you tend to my flesh?”

Taylor winced, “Ow, of course, we’ll see to that right away. Now go, slave.”

Jessica turned and went to Gary’s side.

“Ah, here is your slave now, Master Gary. So good to have you back with us Jessica.”

“Thank you sir,” Jessica said, not lifting her gaze from the pavement.

“You’re slightly overdressed, aren’t you, slave?”

“If you say I am, Master.”

“I do.”

Jessica hesitated for only a second. It wasn’t like Gary had never seen her naked. He had been the one to sift through hours of video of her being raped and abused in the underground dungeons of the Gold Club. He was the person who had digitally altered her records to make it appear that she had been on an assignment all along. And he had seen her just the other day when he had saved her in Ketami’s facility.

But now she was going to strip and submit to him. She couldn’t help but feel somewhat embarrassed, and as she pulled the ties of her spaghetti straps and felt her dress fall to the ground she felt a very welcome sense of arousal sweep over her.

“Looks like you’ve had some fun while you were away.”

Jessica remained silent as this had been a statement, not a question.

Taylor walked up and said, “I have to take care of these welts, Adam. I’d like to show Mister Larson how to do it so that he can tend to her in the future.”

Jessica felt her pulse quicken at the thought of Master Gary treating her wounds.

“Okay, I’ll be back in awhile. I want to check on the new colt down in the barn.”

Taylor led the way back into the mansion. “So, did you know that your friend had a sex slave, Mister Larson?”

These were the types of questions that Gary hated. What should he say? He hated to lie; specially to people that were being so helpful.

“Um…” he still searched for the right words to say.

“Let me ask you this,” Taylor stopped dead in her tracks and looked at Gary. “Did you know your friend was an undercover operative for some sort of police or federal agency?”

Gary and Jessica both whipped their heads up.

“Wh… my Master? Police?” Jessica shook her head, “Mistress…I…”

“Silence slave! I’m speaking to Mister Larson.”

Jessica lowered her head and stood perfectly still in proper form.

“Yes,” Gary decided to go the truth route… as far as he could. “We’re both with the FBI, ma’am. I’m sorry for the subterfuge.”

Taylor lit into him with fury, “He shows up here with his slave, and then three weeks later the entire Ketami network is unraveled. We’re not idiots. Oh, we couldn’t be happier than to see the demise of that demon. He was a horrible man and everyone on the west coast was terrified of him.”

Taylor turned and resumed walking up the steps to the front door. “We checked him out soon after he arrived. He paid Mistress Sheana for his training and then purchased this slave from her so that he could infiltrate our community. Thank goodness we have nothing to hide here, or I suppose we’d be under arrest as well.”

Gary stopped. “Again, I’m sorry for our methods, and not to use this as an excuse, but Richard and I were drafted into this whole thing by the Assistant Director of the FBI. We’re searching for a woman by the name of Nicky Donelli who’s a person of interest in an ongoing mob investigation. We had reason to believe she was brought out here and then got word that she’d been in Ketami’s facility. Now we believe she’s with a man named Franky Carpelli.”

“And this slave?” Taylor asked angrily, pointing at Jessica. “You’ll risk her life trying to find some witness?” It was obvious that Taylor was very upset about using Jessica in the operation.

Gary looked up at Taylor and took a gamble. “Richard loves this woman. He would never do anything that would endanger her life.”

Jessica felt tears building up in her pretty blue eyes. [My master loves me.] I know he does and I love him. The tears rolled down her cheeks and onto her bare breasts.

“She was taken by the most ruthless torturer of women on the coast!!” Taylor screamed. “A fucking murderer! How can you say he would never endanger her?”

Gary didn’t have a response. It made no difference if Ashley was a slave or an FBI agent. Taylor was right. They were risking Ashley’s life in this operation. He wanted to tell her that it was Ashley that had initiated this entire operation, but so far Taylor didn’t seem to suspect that Ashley was also an FBI agent.

“You’re right Mrs. Westley. There’s nothing I can say that will change the fact that we put Jessica’s life in danger, that we’ve used her. We paid for her, and we used her. Well, Richard paid for her, I guess. I never did see any money expensed for that.”

“Is this true? Jessica, do you have any knowledge about this?”

Jessica could not bring herself to look up, to show that she had tears in her eyes. “My master bought me with his own money. I heard him make arrangements with his bank.”

A small lie, but she knew it was the truth as far as where the money had come from. Her master had bought her with his own money because he truly wanted to own her. She had thought about that many times and felt that that fact had made her bond to her master much stronger. He could have used FBI funds, and probably should have. But he didn’t.

There was no getting past that singular fact. He wanted to own her free and clear, and he did. “I belong to him mistress. I will do as he asks, no matter what. And if he’s a policeman… I will still do as he asks. He’s… my master. I’m happy that I helped him with his job. I’m happy to belong to him.” Tears ran freely down her cheeks and Taylor pulled her against herself, hugging the naked woman.

“Let’s get you inside. Come with us, Mr. Larson.”

Gary followed the women into the mansion not knowing what the fallout of this would be. Maybe he wasn’t cut out for this undercover shit! He wasn’t sure he had handled that correctly, but it was what it was now.

All he was sure of was that everything Ashley had just said had come from her heart, not from her mission cover. The woman belonged to Trent Richards, heart, fucking gorgeous body, and soul.

* * *

Standing in front of the mirror in Trent and Jessica’s room, Mistress Taylor reached for Trent’s jar of aloe cream.

“I’ll say this for our dear Master Richard. He is a good master. I’ve been very impressed with him since he came here, both in his treatment of our little slave here, in his ingenuity, and his compassion for other people. I think I can forgive him for his deceptiveness, but it may take a little bit of time.

"This,” she held up the jar, “is one of the most important things a master can own.” She dipped her fingers into the jar and Jessica automatically raised her arms and placed her hands behind her head.

Taylor began to rub the cream onto the red lash marks on Jessica’s back. A few spots made the naked woman twitch. “It really helps fight infections caused by the whip. These lines are deep, and will take a couple of weeks to totally go away. Others like these will be gone in a week. But the cream needs to be applied twice a day, every day.” She finished coating the welts on Jessica’s ass.

Taylor held out the jar to Gary and said, “Richard gave you responsibility for his slave, did he not?”

Gary took the jar and his throat went dry. “Yes, but…”

“Maybe it’s important that you get an appreciation for what he has taken on. You may think owning a beautiful woman is a fantasy come true, and in many ways it is. But being responsible for another person’s life, every decision, every minute of the day and night is a great responsibility as well. Now take this cream and tend to your slave’s flesh. Do a good job or the infection may scar her for life and may result in costly hospitalization.”

Gary’s hands shook. The weight of what Taylor had just said to him hit him like a ton of bricks. He was now responsible for Ashley.

His cock was rock hard already, there was nothing he could do about that, but now he had to touch her. He felt like he had never touched a woman before. It was ludicrous, but he felt so… so… fuck it, he couldn’t even think of the words to express his own feelings at the moment.

He knelt down and dipped his fingers into the creamy goo and used his fingers to apply it to the red marks on Ashley’s stomach. Her flesh felt silky smooth away from the welt, but hot and angry where the redness marked her. He could only imagine how much pain Ashley had endured. He covered her flesh with the cream, gaining a new sense of admiration for the tone of her abdominal muscles.

Now he knew he had to go up to her breasts, or down to her hips and her…pussy. His nerves were on edge as he stood up and dipped his fingers into the jar. Cautiously he began to apply the cream to Jessica’s firm breast.

Jessica, standing straight and proud, looked in the mirror at Taylor standing behind her. Taylor had a grin on her face and then shaped her face and mouth to give the impression that she was getting turned on, that maybe she was getting hot. She nodded her head, sort of looking at Gary.

A wicked smile crept across Jessica’s face as she understood the mistress’ intent. “Oooo,” she cooed softly.

“Oh, um, I’m sorry Jessie. I’m trying to be gentle.”

“It feels wonderful, Master. Can you do my other breast at the same time? That would feel so good.”

“Well, um…” Okay, now my cock is going to split these jeans right down the front. “I guess I could.”

He dipped his fingers into the goo and began to cover the welts on Jessica’s other breast. Now both of his hands were working the aloe cream all over her luscious breasts. He felt her nipples grow hard and thought he might actually cream his shorts. God, her breasts felt sensational!

Jessica let her hips sway slightly, causing her slender waist to bend. She pulled her elbows to the front and let her head fall back a little, while letting out a soft, sexy, moan.

This scared the hell out of Gary, who suddenly realized Ashley was getting aroused by his hands on her breasts.

“Okay, that should be good,” he said, his hands shaking again.

“Are you sure, master? I wouldn’t want my titties to get infected. Maybe you could use a little bit more on them.”

“I think they’re pretty well…”

“Please Master Gary. Please make sure.” Jessie put her head back and let out a big sigh.

Gary dipped his fingers into the goo and moved back towards her when Taylor stepped in. “Mr. Larson, I’m sorry to interfere, but your slave is manipulating you for her own pleasure. You cannot allow this. Move on to her legs and try to think of how you will punish her.”

Gary stopped and then knelt down in front of Jessie. He was now at eye level with her smooth, hairless, pussy. “Punish her?”

“Yes, of course. You must maintain discipline or it will be you who is the slave. You will be bowing to her every whim, pleasuring her whenever she desires it. You will undo months of training and I’m sure Master Richard will be most unhappy with you, even if he is an FBI agent.”

“Shit,” Gary muttered, half under his breath.

He took his already goo covered hands and covered the welts on Jessie’s legs.

“Ooo master, that feels good, too.”

“Just stop that, Jessica. Just stand there and let me get this done with.”

Taylor had to turn away from the flustered federal agent, and Jessica fought hard not to smile or laugh out loud.

Gary quickly tended to the lines around Jessica’s legs. When he got to her left thigh he got his first good look at the brand mark. He had been pretty surprised when Trent told him he planned on branding her, but now he could see that it hid the incision mark perfectly. His fingers touched the mark and he felt Jessica tremble.

He was about to reprimand her but she said, “I’m sorry Master. That spot is incredibly sensitive for me. Honestly.”

“Like it still hurts?” Gary swallowed and dabbed a few spots on Jessica’s labia that had been struck with the whip.

“No Master, like erotically sensitive.”

“Oh.” He just didn’t know what else to say. Erotically sensitive? Shit!

Gary stood up and handed the crème back to Taylor.

“When is the last time she went to the bathroom? When is the last time she ate?” Taylor questioned him. “She will not ask for these things. You must decide when it is time. When does it fit into your schedule?”

“Okay! System overload! I’m not up to this job. Good lord! Richard does all of this?”

“Yes, and quite well. Do you have a better feel for what your partner has taken on?”

“Yes. I never knew it was like this for him.”

Turning to Jessica, Taylor asked, “Does your master satisfy you sexually, slave?”

“Yes Mistress, when it pleases him to do so.”

“Does he satisfy you every time you get aroused?”

“No Mistress, he does not.”

“And does he command you to satisfy his sexual needs?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And how do you feel about that?”

“Nothing gives me more pleasure.”

Looking back at Gary, Taylor said, “Now you know all you need to know about their relationship.” She clipped a leash onto Jessica’s collar. “I’ll take this slave off of your hands for awhile.”

She led them out into the hallway and pointed towards the back of the mansion. “At the end of the hall there’s a stairway down to a rear door. You’ll see the barn. I’d appreciate it if you would come clean with my husband, Adam. He’ll appreciate your honesty as well.”

“I’ll do that.” He took a couple of steps and then said, “We’ll leave if you would prefer that.”

“I don’t think it should come to that. Jessica is better off here with me until her master fully recovers. You are welcome to stay with her, as her master requested.”

“Thank you.” Gary continued down the hall to comply with his hostess’ request. He wasn’t looking forward to what he had to do, but he needed to man-up. Still, he thought about what Jessica had just said… he had to start thinking of her as Jessica, too… nothing gave her more pleasure than satisfying Trent sexually.

God I need to go somewhere and jack off!

Later that evening Gary went to visit Trent at the hospital. Jessica had wanted to come, but he asserted his authority and commanded her to stay with the Westleys. She had not argued with him, and simply knelt naked on the floor next to Adam.

He had never been that much of a control freak, but he had to admit… it felt sort of good to just order Ashley to do something and have her immediately obey him. Maybe he could see what Trent liked about it. The Westleys had three slaves of their own, which sort of blew him away. Actually four, if he counted the woman who he had helped Trent with a week or so back.

Trent was pretty upset over the whole Westley affair. He really lamented upsetting Taylor, whom he held in high regard. Gary assured him that everything was going to be alright. He then went on to tell him about the aloe incident and that lifted his spirits.

“Taylor was fucking with you, man!” Trent laughed.

“What? No, it was Jessie!”

“No. Jessie wouldn’t have tried that on her own with Taylor standing right there. Believe me, Taylor put her up to it.”

“Shit, man.” Gary shook his head. “I cannot believe what you’ve been through. I just got a taste of it today, and it’s hard work.”

“It is… but it also has it’s rewards.”

“Don’t get angry with me, but I got a feelfor those rewards today, too.”

“That wouldn’t make me angry,” Trent said. “It’s really complicated. You know I love her, but I’m also very proud to own her. As her master, it pleases me that you find her desirable. It really does.”

“Well, she looks damn good naked.”

Both men laughed and then got down to business discussing the mission.

After Gary had returned to the mansion and had updated the Westleys on Trent’s condition, he took Jessica back to the suite. He asked her what the sleeping arrangements should be and she told him she would sleep where ever he told her to.

“I don’t always sleep with my master. Sometimes I sleep on my mattress here.” She kicked the mattress that was tucked under the bed. “He pulls it out and chains me to the bed post.” She kicked the bedpost at the foot of the bed.

“And you sleep there?” Gary asked.

“Yes. It’s quite common. I think it’s appropriate, if you don’t mind me saying so, Master Gary.”

“And I chain you up?”

“You can if you want to. Again, it’s up to you. My master would.”

“Where would you go if he didn’t?”

“Nowhere. It’s a control thing. I like it. Makes me feel all cozy inside.” She held her arms around her waist and hugged herself.

“Okay, I’ll do that then.”

“Pardon me for saying this, but… you need to coat these welts again sir.”

“Can’t you do it?”

“I could, if you command me to. But my master, like all masters, don’t allow slaves to touch their own bodies. I shouldn’t even have my hands loose like they are now, master. I can tell you if my master were here I’d be so horny now I’d be fingering myself as soon as the lights were off.”

Gary blushed at Ashley’s blunt talk. “And that’s not allowed either, I suppose.”

Jessica shook her head. “Absolutely not. I’d be punished.”

“What’s the usual punishment?”

“There is no usual punishment. My master comes up with new and inventive ways to punish me all of the time. But, for fingering myself? Maybe spending a day in an arm binder, not having the use of my hands for a day to even scratch an itch. Maybe a spanking, maybe even a whipping, but not if my flesh looked like it does now.”

“Okay then, into the bathroom.” Gary ushered her into the next room.

Once they were in the bathroom her asked Jessica if she needed to go to the bathroom.

“I can go if you’d like me to.”

“I guess you’d better, then.”

Jessica sat on the pot and let loose with a forceful stream of pee.

Gary had stepped out of the room to give her privacy but could still hear the pee.

“Damn, you really had to go!”

“Yes, master. Thank you for allowing me to relieve myself.”

Gary remembered Taylor saying that Jessica wouldn’t ask for these things. That he was to set a time for them. He made a mental note to get her in the bathroom first thing in the morning. There was so much to consider!

When he came back into the bathroom Jessica was still on the toilet.

“Sorry, you’re not done?”

“I’m done master. My master usually wipes me.”

“He does?”

“I’m not allowed to touch myself, remember?”

“This is too much Jess.”

“I’m sorry if I’m too much trouble master. I feel sort of bad to be putting you through all of this.”

“It’s not your fault, Jessica. I haven’t had the training that Tre… your master has. I’m sure it’s much easier for him.”

Jessica spread her legs wide so that Gary could dab her slit dry with some tissue. She felt a surge of lust pass through her pussy as he touched her there. She could feel her nipples stiffen at the thought of him rubbing her body with the aloe cream.

Jessica watched as Gary removed the lid to the aloe cream. She looked up and saw a hook overhead and said, “Would you like to link my cuffs to that hook up there, Master?”

Gary looked up. “Um, why?”

“I’d really like to be bound while you do this, and it would be good practice for you.”

“I thought you weren’t suppose to ask for things.”

“You’re right Master, and I apologize.”

“Richard would do it though, I’m sure.”

“I’ve hung from that hook many times, Master.” Jessica swore this would be her last lie.

She really was becoming very manipulative, and deep inside she knew that wasn’t right. [I’m a slave…a good slave. I should not be manipulating any master or free person.]

“Master Gary… I lied to you just now. My master has never hung me from that hook. I’m sorry I said that.”

Jessica looked down at the floor, embarrassed over her misbehavior.

“Why did you say it then? What’s going on with you?”

* * *

Adam and Taylor sat at a console in a little room secreted in the back of the large walk-in closet in their private quarters. Adam turned a knob on the console that adjusted the volume to his headphones.

They had not used the listening devices for any of the rooms for a long time. Years, actually. But now, they felt compelled to listen in on their FBI guest. After all, they had their staff and their slaves to look out for.

It was painfully obvious that this Gary guy was not in the loop as far as the whole master-slave thing went. If he was a good friend of Richards, why was he so clumsy around Jessica?

And Jessica was being so manipulative! Taylor could not believe it. Was it because she knew Gary wasn’t up to the task? But still, her training should be guiding her. At least she had confessed to a lie just now. Gary should punish her, but Taylor knew he wouldn’t. He didn’t have the skills to do anything.

“Here Ashley, put the cream on yourself,” the Westleys heard Gary say. They looked at each other with raised eyebrows. Ashley?


“Ash, I can’t do this master shit. It makes me really uncomfortable. I know for the mission you and Trent have to do it, but… look I know you two are in love, and now I’m supposed to be putting my hands all over you and seeing you naked all of the time?”

“Trent?” Ashley asked.

“Yes Trent, you know, your master? Trent Richards.”

Yes, Trent Richards. That sounds good. That sounds right. “Why do I keep thinking it’s… um… shit.”

“They did something to you at Sheana’s so that you can’t remember his name. Lord knows what else they did to you.”

“Mistress Sheana prepared me for my mission. She taught me how to be a good slave so that… what’s his name again?”


“So that Trent could help me find Nicky. I don’t remember anyone hypnotizing me to forget his name, but that’s what Ketami’s man thought may have been done to me.”

“Well she did a damn good job on both of you.”

“We’ve survived longer than any of the other agents that have tried this.”

“Well, considering they’re all dead and you’re not, yes, and I guess you guys can be pretty proud of yourselves so far. I know the boys back in Washington are doing fucking back flips.”

Taylor and Adam looked at each other and listened to a deafening silence in the guest suite. Taylor scrunched up her lips and shook her head. Jessica was an FBI agent, too. She’s a good actress! She was thinking of Jessica’s words on the steps as she confronted this Gary fellow. Jessie seemed to be unaware that Trent was an FBI agent. She not only knows, but is an agent herself!

“Listen Ashley, I’m super proud of you both too. I know I was a little miffed when I was pulled out of my unit and given this assignment and to tell you the truth, Trent wanted to help you but he resented being jerked around by the top floor guys in Washington. I think we both resented you for awhile because of the way you pressed on when it was so obvious to everyone else that this was a damn dangerous mission and you didn’t even realize it. Or if you did, you weren’t thinking straight about it.

“I’ve seen the pictures of the agents who’ve tried this, and they still haunt me. I know you love Nicky and the thought of her being out there was tormenting you. But Jesus Christ woman, you could have been killed and that’s what Trent’s been trying to avoid this whole time. Do you know how hard it was on him when he found out you had been taken? I’ve known him since we worked undercover in New York together and I’ve never seen him this worried about anything. The only reason he ever agreed to this mission was because he feared you’d do it on your own and get killed or worse.”

Ashley shot back, “I know! I used him. And I’ve tried to make it up to him by being his dream come true sex slave. I’ve given him my body to do with what he pleases, just so he can find Nicky and bring her back safely. And now all of the other women that we can save have become equally important to me. But… somewhere between Philly and here I’ve fallen in love with him. I think it was at Sheana’s soon after he came for me. The way he controlled me. He was so firm, almost mean. I guess he was still angry with me for forcing him into this. But his skills at being a master filled a need in me that I can’t explain to you. I submitted myself to him. I fell in love with him. I need him now so much.”

“You really found out you had this submission personality at The Golden Slipper, didn’t you?”

Ashley blushed at the thought of what she had gone through at that club. “Yes,” she replied. “At first I was really embarrassed, but then, the more I did it, and the more humiliating things I did, the more I started to get turned on by it. I really looked forward to going in every night and working there.”

“But it sort of turned bad for you at the end.”

“I’ll tell you something that even… my master doesn’t know, Gary.” A couple seconds of silence followed. “When I think back to what they did to me in that dungeon I get super horny.”

“Ash, um, I’ve seen the video. They were pretty hard on you.”

“I know, believe me, I know. And it was horrible at the time. But now, I look back and… god, I was so alive then. My mind was so attune to everything around me.”

“Have you talked to Dr. Dresser about this?”

“Yeah, we talked about it. She said it was normal for a submissive like me to think of being treated badly and rationalizing it to fit in with the way I see things. She helped me to see the way I change my memories and I understand it.”

“But what about Trent? I don’t think he ever thought of himself as being dominant,” Gary said, “But he has certainly pulled this off, don’t you think?”

Ashley smiled. “Yes Master. Oops! I’m sorry Gary. I think my master is a very rational man who knows what needs to be done and how to do it. He’s really smart and analytical in his thinking. I think he went through the training because he knew that not only did I have to be seen as a real slave, but he had to play his part just as perfectly. It’s just that, I do believe he enjoys it now. I think he enjoys being my master.”

“So you two fell into these roles, but they’re no longer just cover rolls any more are they?”

“No, I think it’s real.”

“And you really want to be a slave? To be used like you’ve been?”

“I’ve never been happier, honestly. I’ve never been happier than I am right now.”

There was another moment of silence and then Gary said, “I know you guys keep up the pretense even when you’re alone. So I guess we should, too.” Another moment of silence and then he continued, “I’m sorry for unloading all of this on you Ashley… I mean Jessica. But I actually feel better now.”

“I do too master. It’s good to clear the air. And I’m sorry I got you into this.”

“Don’t be sorry about it, not any more okay? We’ve made a real dent in operations out here, and you should be very proud of what you did at Ketami’s. You saved all those women when you disabled that CO2 system. How did you think to do that? They would have all been killed when that system released. Hell, we would have all been killed too. We didn’t have oxygen with us.”

“I was lying on my back in the cell they had me in. Some Japanese guy, one of the guards, was searching me for something. I was naked! What did he think I had on me? Anyway, as I looked up at the ceiling I spotted the CO2 system and knew it was the wrong type of system for a place with people in it. Then I remembered Mistress Sheana saying that Ketami would kill all of his slaves if his facility were ever raided. I just put two and two together.”

“Well it was really brilliant.”

“I was very lucky.”

Taylor looked at Adam and he read her lips, “Wow!” He nodded and listened to dead air.

“I want to be his, even after the mission is over,” Jessica said softly.

“His slave?”

“Yes, his slave.”

“Is it the sex?”

“Yes, of course, the sex is unbelievable. But it’s unbelievable because of all of the other things he does to me. The little humiliations, the control, the submission. It makes me want him so badly. He knows my body so well now, he can sense when I’m aroused, and he uses it against me to make me even more aroused. He’s so intelligent, and so… so, um, in control. My heart races when I’m near him.”

“Shit man, my heart races when I’m near you.”

“Does my body please you, Master?”

“Cut it out, Jessica!”

“Do you find me attractive? Is my flesh smooth and my body firm?”

“I’m warning you, slave. I’ll use one of those gags on you.”

“You’re beginning to make me hot talking like this, Master Gary.”

“It’s late we should get to bed.”

“Will you tend to my flesh as my master would want you to?”

“I’m not sure my heart can take that.”

“Please? I’ve been thinking of how your hands will feel on my naked skin. I’m really quite wet right now, see?”

Taylor could picture Jessica dipping her fingers along her wet slit and holding them up for Gary to see.

“Okay! Stop it. Against my better judgement I’ll do it. Come here and lift your arms up high. Higher, see the hook? You have to… there, okay. Too bad you’re not an inch taller. Can you stand like that?”

“It doesn’t matter master. I will be like this until you release me. That’s how it goes. That is your control over me.”

“And this makes you hot?”

“Yes Gary, this makes me very hot.”


Taylor reached over and pulled the cord to her headphones out of the socket and placed her headset on the consul. She flipped a switch sending the audio from the guest suite to the speakers on the wall and then she knelt on the floor in front of Adam. She loosened his belt and unzipped his jeans. Adam lifted his ass so his wife could lower his pants and watched as she took his hard cock into her mouth.

“Ooo master Gary, your hands feel so good on my skin. Owwwie, that spots hurts, is it bad?”

“It looks pretty red, I’ll be more careful.”

“No! Rub me harder, make it hurt. I want to feel the pain, to remember the whipping.”

“You do?”

“Yes, it was wonderful. I was so scared. Alone, in the cell with a man I didn’t know, standing behind me with a whip. I hung naked, still in my master’s ropes. I was impaled on two dildoes, my feet not touching the ground. And then the pain! It ripped though my mind and it was all I could think about. Owww! Yes, Master, like that. My breasts, please! Do not be gentle Master.”

“I feel you’re manipulating me, Jessica.”

“Make me stop then. I’m hanging by my wrists, at your mercy.”

Even through the speakers, the Westleys could hear Jessica’s breathing. She was very aroused. They heard a loud smack and Jessica moaned. “Thank you Master,” she said softly.

“Be quiet now slave,” Gary said equally as softly.

The Westleys could hear Jessica moaning, whether out of pain as Gary rubbed the aloe cream over her welts or out of pleasure from the same action, they couldn’t tell. Most likely it was a mixture of the two. Adam’s cock convulsed twice and then he exploded into his wife’s mouth. She dragged her teeth along his thick shaft and greedily swallowed his cum, licking him clean when he had exhausted himself.

A few minutes later Gary said, “Up you go… can you unhook them? Okay… try again... there you go, now into the bedroom, lie down there.”

Sounds of chains could be heard and Taylor knew he was chaining Jessica to the bedpost.

The Westleys returned to their bedroom and climbed into bed.

“Quite a story,” Adam said as he held his wife close.

“So Jessica, or Ashley, is an FBI agent, too?”

“It would appear so.”

“It sounds like she started this whole thing…”

“Because her friend got taken by someone…”

“Like that Ketami?”

“Somehow she ended up with Ketami. I wonder where she is now?”

“I hope they can find something about her in Ketami’s files.”

“I’m glad he’s been taken out.”

“Me too,” Taylor snuggled up to her husband. “Gary has got to have blue balls by now. Should I send Ursa and Marsh down there to take care of him?”

“Do you think he would let them in?” Adam asked.

“One way to find out.”

“Go ahead.”

* * *

It was dark in the room but Gary’s eyes were becoming accustomed to it. He could hear Jessica snoring quietly and wondered how she managed to get to sleep so quickly, especially as aroused as she had been.

He thought about everything they had talked about and felt much better about being with her. It was good that he had finally vented. He had had a sort of pent up anxiety for some time, and now he felt the air was clear.

His cock was still hard from what he had just done to Ashley. The way she talked drove him insane with lust for her. He had felt her responding to his hands as he rubbed the cream over her flesh. And I have to do it again tomorrow. I’ll see if I can do it without it becoming a sexual thing.

His heart jumped when he heard a soft knocking on the door to the suite. He quietly slipped out of bed and went to the door. Opening it a crack, he looking out into the hall and saw two of the Westleys' slaves outside his door, naked of course.

“What is it?” he whispered.

“Can we sleep with you, Master Gary?”

“With me?”


Gary’s head did two, maybe three, summersaults. “In here?”

“If it would please you, we would like to spend some time with you.” Marsha held up some condoms and smiled.

Gary opened the door and they slipped past him, grazing his bare chest with their fingernails as they passed. By the time Gary had the door closed they were already in his bed, waiting for him. He climbed in and they snuggled up to him.

He didn’t know how this was going to work, but had an idea it would be a night to remember.

* * *

Trent walked beside Charlie and Matthew as they toted his belongings out to the waiting car. Gary and Jessica stood next to the open trunk talking to Taylor and Adam.

Jessica wore the same light dress she had worn to see Trent in the hospital.

“I wish you would reconsider Richard,” Taylor said. “You’re still welcome here.”

“I appreciate your hospitality Taylor, believe me you have both been fantastic. But we have a furnished safe house available to us that we can use.”


“Our stay was to be long enough for Jessica and I to get our act together in the real world, and we have accomplished that now. We’re ready to go it alone. Thank you so much for everything, and again, I’m sorry for the deception.”

“It’s quite understandable,” said Adam as he shook Trent’s hand. “You certainly meant no harm to us, and in fact, your stay benefited us.” Trent knew he was referring to Bonnie.

“I’ll be very interested in how that develops.”

“Well stay in touch, and if it’s not classified, I’d be interested in knowing how your endeavor turns out, too.”

“We’ll let you know.”

As they drove away, Gary looked up and saw Ursa and Marsh waving to him from one of upstairs windows. He smiled and waved back. Wouldn’t mind having them on my leash full time.

* * *

The safe house was close to Ketami’s facility and for the next two weeks they assisted the Washington team in sifting through the files and records that the Japanese man had compiled. He must have thought his facility was impregnable. Or he was just so narcissistic that he needed to have a visual record of every woman he had ever enslaved, maimed, or killed. Personnel from law enforcement offices throughout the state and neighboring states dropped in to look at photos trying to close out some of their missing persons files. Quite a few were closed out with the most tragic resolutions.

There were also nine women to process. As expected, all of the women had been abducted and taken there for training and then for sale. Half the women were already well indoctrinated into the life of a slave. Those women would require special therapy to reverse the damage done to them. The others were less damaged and would be able to go back to their lives more quickly.

Also, during this first week, Jessica had been thoroughly debriefed on her brief time in captivity at Ketami’s facility. Trent had his woman describe in minute detail everything that had happened to her and everything that she had seen. When that was over and the Washington team had taken over the search of the Ketami facility, things finally calmed down for Trent, Gary, and Jessica.

The two men sat at the kitchen table in the safe house poring over some financial documents they had found, while Jessica struggled to vacuum the living room in a pair of 6” heels. The short chain that linked her new high heels to one another only allowed for very short steps. A rope had been passed around her elbows, keeping them held against her naked waist, and pulled back slightly. This thrust her beautiful breasts outward and made pushing the vacuum rather difficult. The whiffle ball gag in her mouth made breathing easy, but did nothing to stop a steady flow of saliva from dripping out of the holes, down her chin, and onto her breasts. When the men got fatigued from looking at all of the numbers they would take a break to watch Jessica. It was definitely more interesting than the numbers.

Having finished with the vacuuming, Jessica got a soft cloth and got down on her hands and knees near the wall. She began to wipe down the baseboards, which in her present state of bondage was pretty hard to do.

“Look at this string right here,” Gary said as he pushed a print out towards Trent and moved his computer closer. He brought up his browser and began typing in an IP address.

“What is it?”

“See these numbers right there?” He pointed at the paper. “That’s an off-shore account with 3.7 mil in it. The only place it’s even listed is on this one little scrap of paper.” He held up a full sheet of paper that had a two inch square piece of paper taped to the back of it.

“Mmm, I don’t remember seeing it referenced anywhere else either.”

“It’s not. We’ve been through this shit how many times? Paul has already transferred everything out of Ketami’s accounts and has it all sitting in escrow until the trial is over. This has been completely overlooked.” He removed the small piece of yellowed paper and looked it more closely. “I’m not sure Ketami even remembers it. Look,” he tilted his computer towards Trent, “there’s been no activity on this account in eight years, except interest. He’s forgotten about it.”

“So the government is satisfied it has all of Ketami’s funds?”

“Yeah. So I’m thinking this money will never be missed.”

“It won’t,” Trent said, pushing the papers back to Gary. “And I’m not against retirement funds.”

“Neither am I. We could split it three ways.”

“I don’t need the money, Master. Split it two ways,” Jessica said from the next room.

“I’ll decide what you get, and you’re going to get a spanking right here on my lap if those baseboards aren’t spotless in exactly 30 minutes.”

“Yes Master.”

Gary smiled at Trent and tilted his chair back so that he could see Jessica crouched on the floor inching her way along the wall. Her elbows were still tied back, so she had to bend her body at an almost impossible angle to reach the wood. He tilted back down and shook his head. “Holy shit, Trent,” he whispered.

The men worked for another hour and then Trent got up to see where Jessica was. He came back and sat down. He leaned towards Gary and said, in a low voice, “I had a visit from Taylor last week.”

Gary looked up. “You did? You didn’t mention it.”

“I needed to talk to you alone.” He looked back towards the living room. “You and Jessie broke security in their house that first night you went back there with her.”

“Oh shit. We did have a long talk. They heard us? How?”

“I wondered if the suites were under surveillance, but we had never broken our cover rolls, so I never gave it much thought after that.”

“They heard everything we said?”

Trent nodded his head, “She gave me the tape.”

“Oh god. You’ve listened to it?”

“Yeah. And, while I’m a little upset that you both talked so openly in an unsecured location, I’m really glad you guys had a chance to get everything out. Jessie really, really needed to talk to someone. I’m glad it was you.”

“You are?”

“Hell yeah. She’s had these feelings bottled up inside of her for who knows how long. Dr. Dresser is 3,000 miles away. We’re looking for her best friend. I’m her master. She didn’t have anyone to talk to. Thanks for being there for her.”

“I did a little unloading of my own.”

“Yeah. Felt good too, didn’t it?”

“Yeah. How about you? Do you need to unload anything?”

“No I’m good.” Trent smiled. “I have a beautiful woman who will do absolutely anything I ask of her, and a really good friend that will always watch my back for me. I’m doing a job I’m actually excited about for once. And I’m about to have 1.8 million in the bank. I’m good.”

“I rubbed that cream over her naked body with lust in my head, man,” Gary confessed.

“You did a good job taking care of my slave, Gary, and I really appreciate it.”

“Shit! You actually have a slave. Trent, it’s still unbelievable to me.”

“Me too sometimes, but you heard it out of her own mouth. It’s what she wants.” He looked into the other room and then said, “You know I love her, and I’d marry her right now. I think we’ll always be together now, maybe as husband and wife, but always as master and slave.”

“I guess you are good.

* * *

The next day, Trent got a call on his satellite phone from Captain Alderson.

“You know we’ve been trying to find this Carpelli dude for you, right?”

“Yes, did you find him?”

“He found us.”


“Actually he called the Philadelphia office and was routed to headquarters. I just got off the phone with Harris. Seems the only person he’ll talk to is some Trent Richards guy.”

“Yeah, I know him,” Trent laughed because he knew the entire team knew his real name. “Where is he, in Philly?”

“No. He’s in L.A.”

“He’s a fucking chameleon then. How did he get my name?”

“Won’t say anything else. Just asked to speak to you.”

“Great. When and where?”

Alderson passed the information along and Trent hung up the phone.

“I need you to watch my girl for a couple of hours,” Trent said to Gary. “They’ve located Carpelli and I’m going to go meet him.”

“Okay, what’s she need, anything?” Gary was getting used to taking care of Trent’s slave, and knew the questions to ask now.

“Shouldn’t need anything. Put her on the pot if I’m gone more than a few hours. Feed her if it gets too late. But I shouldn’t be gone too long.”

“Roger that.”

* * *

Trent walked along the sidewalk that paralleled the white sandy beach near Finnegan’s Cove. He saw a man sitting on a park bench feeding popcorn to some gulls.


The man looked up. “Richards?”

Trent sat down. “You’re a hard man to find, Mr. Carpelli.”

“Thank you for the complement.”

“You wanted to talk to me?”

“Hey, I know yous guys been lookin’ for me. So let’s cut the bull and get down to bidness.”

“What is the bidness?”

“The business is a little hottie named Nicky Donelli and my future freedom.”

“Keep talking.”

“I want to walk away from here a free man. In return, I will never work in my past field of expertise and I will give you Ms. Donelli’s whereabouts as of 7am last Thursday.”

Trent thought for a moment. “Sounds doable. How do I know you’ll live up to your end of things?”

“I’ve been in this business too long already. I want to get out and have already unloaded all of my girls. I have a nest egg and a quiet place to retire picked out. I would really like to be able to do that. I need a deal.”

“Where’s Nicky?”

“First, I’ll tell you how she got taken from me and then where she went.” Carpelli went on to tell his story. Towards the end Trent asked him why he hadn’t contacted him earlier.

“The Gambini’s would’ve suspected I was the rat if you came for her too quickly. But now she’s not in my direct control. Word could leak out from any number of sources. It was the very first chance I had and I contacted you. She said she could trust you, and now I’m trusting you.”

“You didn’t really need this deal to disappear, Franky, why are you really giving me this information?”

“Hey, I liked the kid. A lot, actually. She’s something special, that’s for sure. Got a good head on her shoulders, a real survivor… Christ, she made it through Ketami’s training. I’ve been sort of helping her out, even after Vito got his claws into her.”

“How’s that?”

“Some of his guys used to work out here. I know them pretty well. I asked them, kind of as a favor for old times sake, to watch out for Nicole. Sort of make it easy for her if they could. It’s helped I’m sure. I’m really sorry to have lost her.”

“Well, I see no reason why the information you’ve given me would be false, so I would say we have a deal.”

“You can make that decision?”


“Good bye then, and take care of my little Nicole when you get her back.”

“I will.”

* * *

When Trent entered the safe house he was amused to see Gary sitting in the living room watching a baseball game on the big screen TV. That wasn’t what was amusing though, it was his naked foot stool. Jessica was on all fours in front of Gary so that he could rest his feet on her back.

“Oh dude, the Angels are just a run down from the Twins in the bottom of the ninth.”

“Sounds exciting. Hey little darlin’, I have good news,” he sat down next to Gary and felt Jessica’s bare ass and then down her thigh.

“We finally have a lead on Nicky!”

Jessica stood up on her knees and turned around to see Trent. Gary’s popcorn spilled all over the couch and floor. “Where…”

“Down!” Trent ordered. “Get back down there. You know better!”

Jessica quickly sank down onto her hands again and looked forward. She spread her legs a little in anticipation of Trent’s fingers touching her sex. Instead he gently tapped her ass with his hand.

“I just spoke to that low life Carpelli, and he turns out to be not as low as we thought. Seems Nicky charmed the rat and he’s been waiting for an opportunity to contact me. She gave him my name. Anyway, he found out last week that she’s been sent to a horse ranch in upstate New York.”

“A horse ranch! What the fuck?” Gary said, surprised.

“Well, more like a pony farm. You know, like women that are trained and used like ponies?”

“Oh shit, yeah, I’ve heard of that. Seen it on the Internet, actually. Nicky’s being trained?”

“It appears that she was taken away from Carpelli by none other than our old friend Vito Gambini. He’s had her at his mansion just outside of New York City up until last week. He’s been looking for my little slave here to extract some vengeance for her past intrusions into his affairs.” Trent’s fingers dipped into her Jessica’s slit and she felt her knees grow weak.

“Is she alright? What happened to her?” Jessica was glad that Master Gary was asking the questions she wanted answered too.

“Carpelli knows some of Gambini’s people and he’s had them looking out for her when they can. They reported that Gambini had been pretty rough on her at first, but after it was apparent that she really didn’t know where Ashley was, he just kept her around to… you know… screw.” Trent continued to finger Jessie, feeling her juices beginning to moisten his fingers. “Carpelli laughed at that because he knows that Nicky could take a lot more abuse than Gambini would ever imagine. She survived Ketami’s facility, she could survive about anything. Just being around for a screw would be like being on vacation for her.”

“So where is this ranch and why did he send her there?” Gary was still picking popcorn up off of the couch and putting it back in the bowl.

“Carpelli’s spies told him that Vito gave Nicky to his oldest son for his birthday.”

“Who’s that… oh don’t tell me… Rico? Is it Rico?”

“Bulls eye, Fredrico Gambini. Not a nice guy these days I hear. Remember little Rico when we was tailing that bunch?”

“Yeah, he was sort of a spoiled little mama’s boy.”

“Yeah well, they can turn out to be pretty nasty sons of bitches when they get older.”

“Always trying to prove they’re man enough.”

“Right. Well, Carpelli has just learned from his sources that the East Coast mob has a ranch in upstate New York near the town of Potsdam that has been converted to a pony-girl training facility. The Gambini’s spend a lot of time up there in the summer and own several pony-girls, and now Rico has sent Nicky there for training.”

“Are the Gambini’s out there now?” Gary asked as he threw another handful of popcorn back into the bowl and then placed the bowl on Jessica’s back.

“Carpelli reports they’re still in New York City, but he’s heard they’ll be leaving for the ranch by the end of the month.”

“That only gives us a couple of weeks… we are going out there, aren’t we?”

“I’m going to go over to the command center and give our boy Derek a call right now, if you wouldn’t mind tending my whore a little longer. Do you mind if Master Gary plays with you a little longer, whore?”

“If that will please you Master, I will try to entertain this imitation master. OWWW!”

Trent gave Jessica a hard slap to her ass. “You be respectful of my friend or I’ll give him my flogger.” Trent winked at Gary. “Now lay across his lap face up until he tires of touching you. I’ll be back soon.”

“Yes Master.”

Trent went to the bathroom and then into the bedroom for a moment. When he came out he saw his naked beauty lying across Gary’s lap, her head resting on her hands, her hairless pussy right in Gary’s lap. Gary had his hands, one on Jessica’s well toned stomach and then other on her thigh. Trent tossed him a plastic baggie full of clothes pins and said, “Here, you can administer the punishment for her poor behavior. Use every one of these on her and then send a picture to my phone when you’re done. Head to foot, okay?”

“Sure thing boss.” Gary took the baggie and opened it up, holding one over Jessica’s head so that she could see it. They both heard the door close as Trent left the house.

Jessica shook her head and gave Gary her best worried look. She hoped her pencil hard nipples and wet pussy didn’t give her away too quickly!

“Holy shit wench, there must be a hundred clothes pins in this bag. Your master is a wicked, wicked man. Oh well, best to get started. Let’s see…where to begin.” Gary took a clothes pin and traced it along Jessica’s skin from her thigh, close to her prominently exposed pussy, across her stretched stomach, and over her right breast. Her flesh twitched and muscles cringed as he swept over them.

“Nipples first, I guess.”

“No, Master Gary, not there! IIYYYEEE, shit! Oh that hurts.”

“Are you going to do that each time I put one on you?”

“Well, it does hurt.”

“It’s suppose to. Now stick out your tongue.”


“Stick out your tongue! Don’t make me repeat myself!”

Jessie felt her nipples grow even stiffer! Master Gary was being firm with her! She was very happy with her master, but to have two masters! The possibilities were endless. There had been times when her master was gone and Gary was there with her that she was almost bored. She wouldn’t mind even more attention than she was getting.

“OWWWW!” Gary had taken her unclipped nipple between his fingers and pinched it quite firmly. She had been daydreaming and had not stuck out her tongue yet. Now her cunt was wet, she was sure of that. This was a new Master Gary!

Jessie stuck her tongue out as far as she could and Gary placed three clothes pins on it. One on the end and one on each side. It was impossible for her to pull her tongue back into her mouth without dislodging the clips.

“If these fall off I’ll put double the amount back on, understand?”

“Ah huh,” was all that Jessica could say.

“Good girl.”

Gary proceeded to place a pin on Jessie’s left nipple and then began pinching skin along her stomach and sides, leaving clothes pins as he went. He had gone through about a third of the bag by the time he got to her pussy. He held the bag over her head and said, “I’m going to use the rest of these on your cunt. It’s going to hurt like hell. Maybe I’ll even attach one here.” Gary’s fingers explored the top of her wet slit until they uncovered her swollen clit.

“Oh yeah, it’s big enough. Jessica, your clittie is so swollen.” He rubbed the little nub with his finger, bringing her wetness up from her cunt to make it moist and Jessica’s body stiffened in a sudden orgasm.

“Oh fuck! I didn’t mean to do that!”

“Arrghh!” Jessica moaned, saliva flowing out of the corner of her mouth and down the side of her face. The orgasmic woman arched her back and Gary could smell her raw sex. He held her firmly so that she wouldn’t fall off of his lap and this only served to excite her even more.

“Aaah od! oh aster!” Jessica’s elbows came up to hold her head and she lifted one knee as a second wave of pure heat rushed through her body. Little sounds of lust escaped her throat and Gary thought he might cum. Jessica’s hard ass was grinding into his crotch.

“Don’t make me cum Jessica!” Gary shouted. But the feeling of Jessica’s ass on his crotch and her flesh under his hands… not to mention the wetness of her pussy was like total sensory overload.

Gary felt his cock convulse and knew there was no stopping his ejaculation.

Jessica must have felt it too because she lowered her ass into his crotch and flexed her ass cheeks, squeezing his cock.

“orry aster,” Jessica said as she laid her hands lazily over her head on the sofa.

“Yeah, I bet you are. Here, heads up.”

Jessica lifted her head and saw Gary holding his phone up, pointed at the two of them. The little flash went off and he showed her the picture. She thought she looked good with the clothes pins pointing up all over her body. She nodded her head and Gary hit the send button.

“I gotta clean up. Shit man, how does your master put up with you?”

Gary began to pinch the clothes pins to release the flesh between their jaws. Jessica groaned as some of them came off rather painfully. When he had them all off he helped her up and led her to the bath room he had been using downstairs. It was smaller than Trent’s, but he didn’t feel right using his shower.

Together they showered each other, hands roaming freely with the soap and the wash cloths. Gary grew hard again but didn’t allow Jessica to stroke him. She tried on several occasions to entice him but he warned her not to go any further or he would be forced to reveal it to Trent.

His fingers passed over her wet skin where her welts were finally healing and told her it would be a shame to add new welts over these. That pretty much put the kibosh on her attempts to get laid. But she knew the desire was there. She knew that Master Gary had found a tiny place in a heart that was already filled with her love for her master.

They dried each other off and then Gary told Jessica to whip them up a salad and some pasta. He sent her on her way and went to work rinsing out his underwear and jeans.

* * *

After hanging up the phone in the communications center, Trent called Captain Alderson into his makeshift office and informed him that the unit was pulling up stakes and heading to New York. He had two days to make the arrangements. A secure location would need to be found in the Lake Champlain area for the team and a suitable safe house found for him and Ashley.

Alderson wasted no time in calling in his logistics man and getting him started on the new orders. Calls went out to team members who were still at Ketami’s and police liaison officers were being called.

Trent excused himself and headed back to his own safe house, eager to see what Gary and Jessica were up to. The picture he had received looked very interesting. Jessica had that look that indicated she had climaxed. What would you say that look was? Frazzled? Maybe that was it.

But first, he wanted to stop by the Westleys and give them an update and to make one final request of them. He wanted to invite them over for a going away bang.

When he got to the mansion he was greeted by Matthew Scott. So much like the first time he had come there. Taylor and Adam had come out onto the front steps to greet him. A naked and somewhat embarrassed Bonnie stood next to Taylor on a short leash.

Trent could not take his eyes off of the slave as he walked up the steps towards the trio. Her hair was done up in a nice bun at the back of her head and she wore the same white collar that had been given Trent after the hunt. She wore the matching white cuffs at her ankles and wrists.

Taylor had bound Bonnie’s large breasts in 3” wide rubber bands so that they stuck far out from her body. They were not so tightly bound as to turn them purple, but they were a nice shade of red. Her large areolas covered the tips of her breasts and her nipples were a deep, deep red.

The white waist belt surrounded her plump waist, a thin strap running down her belly and between her legs. Trent could see a fullness to her flesh where her legs met and knew the strap held at least one dildo inside the woman. On her feet were 4” white heels. He saw that she still tended to hug against her mistress as she had done with him.

As Trent approached Taylor turned her head and said something to Bonnie. Bonnie instantly stood straight and presented her breasts, her eyes down at the correct angle.

“How good to see you, Master Richard,” Adam said as he descended a couple of steps to shake Trent’s hand. “What brings you to our humble abode?”

“Well, we have a lead on our missing girl, and we’re off to the east coast to continue our search. I need your advice on something and also want to ask you all out to our place for dinner tomorrow night.”

“Come in then, come in.” Trent stepped up next to Taylor and she took his arm and led him into the house. Bonnie followed close behind.

“How do you like my new slave girl?”

Trent looked over and saw Bonnie’s face flush deep red.

“She’s beautiful, mistress. Absolutely stunning.” Trent smiled as the woman’s face flushed even more!

“We love her. Thank you so much for sending her our way.”

“The pleasure is really all mine. How do you like your arrangement so far, slave?”

“I… I’m very happy Master Richard,” Bonnie said without looking up. “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”

Trent reached over and touched her bare shoulder. “You’re very welcome.”

“Did you hear about that guy in her office that stole all of that money?” Adam asked.

“Yeah, I bet he was surprised to find out what he had done, too.”

Everyone laughed as they sat down in the living room and Trent began asking them what they knew about pony ranches and ponygirl training.

* * *

The next day was spent preparing for the dinner party. The house itself was already in immaculate condition thanks to all of Jessica’s hard work. Trent kissed her passionately and thanked her for keeping everything so neat and clean. He brought out a new dress for her to wear and some new 5” heels. Little straps with small locks on them went around her ankles. Trent locked the straps and pocketed the keys.

Around her neck Jessica wore a one inch wide choker collar. A small lock was passed through the ring in the back and clicked shut. He removed her wrist cuffs and then brushed her blonde hair out. It had grown quite a bit in the past month and he wondered if he should allow it to continue growing or cut it short like it was when he had purchased her from Sheana.

That decision could wait for another day. Right now he just wanted to look at his woman. She was beautiful and sexy beyond words. The dress was not so low in the front, but dipped very low in the back. Obviously a bra could not be worn with the dress. Its hem was a little higher than mid thigh with small appropriate slits on the sides. Her legs looked sensational and the heels accentuated her well toned calves.

As they drove away from the safe house he took her hand and kissed it. “We’ll be going out a lot more once we leave here, I promise. I want to take you out clubbing and out to dine. I’m sorry that you’ve been cooped up in the house so much.”

“That would be very nice Master.”

They rode in silence for awhile and then Jessica said, “It really bothers me that I can’t remember your name, Master. I remember Gary’s name and Adam’s. Taylor, Captain Alderson, Bonnie, Sheana, everyone’s except yours. I know there was some good reason, but now it’s like an insult. I’d like to be able to remember your name. It’s really starting to drive me crazy.”

Trent looked over at his woman. She was looking down into her lap, a serious look upon her pretty face.

“I’ll think about it,” was all he would say. He knew better than to give in to her immediately. Besides, he really would have to think about it. If she told someone under pressure what his name was, they might recognize him as an FBI agent. His name was still probably well known in New York City. She could be putting herself in danger.

Too, if she were able to remember his cover name it might satisfy her need to have a name to call him other than master. It might make socializing a tad bit easier, and he had just told her he wanted to start taking her out more. He’d call Sheana later and get her opinion on the issue and maybe get the name of the hypnotist she had used.

As they came to a busy business district, Jessica turned and looked at Trent and said, “May I ask you for something, Master?”

“You ask, I’ll decide.”

“That woman that helped me in Ketami’s, I think her name was Diane…”

“Yeah Diane, we got her statement, she went through hell in there.”

“If it wasn’t for her, causing that distraction, I would’ve never been able to slip out of the room. Can we send her some of that money, you know, as sort of a thank-you?”

Trent reached over and patted Jessie’s leg, “Sure, that’s a great idea. I’ll drop in on her and see what she needs. I’m sure there’s something we can pay off for her.”

Jessica sat back and watched the store fronts as they passed by, a smile on her face.

Trent stopped at a rather upscale grocery store he had passed by earlier and parked the car. He opened Jessica’s door for her and they entered the store. They were certainly not overdressed for the store, but still they drew more than their fair share of stares. Well, most likely it was Jessica who drew the stares. She looked sensational in her short dress. Her bondage was visible but hard to really tell what was going on there. Those looked like locks but were they merely decorative? It was hard for someone to tell without a closer inspection.

Trent could tell the attention was having the desired effect on Jessica. They spent a good 45 minutes in the store and then had a boy load the groceries in the back seat while Trent took Jessica next door to the flower shop. They ordered five very nice arrangements and paid to have them delivered to the house later in the day.

On the drive back, Trent asked Jessica what had happened earlier with Gary.

Jessica looked over at her master and told him that Master Gary had made her cum, and then he had cum in his pants. Trent laughed and pressed her for details. When she told him about the shower afterwards, she asked him if that was okay to do.

“Jessica, I left you in his care. You will follow his every command without hesitation. I trust Master Gary with you.”

“Yes Master.”

“Do you like Master Gary?”

“I do, sir.”

“He’s come along way in the past couple of weeks, hasn’t he?”


“Like what, for instance? Give me an example of how you feel he’s progressed.”

Jessica thought for a moment. “Well, today when he told me to stick out my tongue he said, ‘And don’t make me say it again’ in like, a really stern voice that made my nipples harden and my heart skip a beat. It was said with real authority. I sort of spaced out because of the way he had spoken to me and all of a sudden he pinched my nipple really hard. I screamed!”

“That’s a good example,” Trent laughed. “Another good example is how he was using you when I came back from the command center earlier.”

“As his foot stool?”

“Yes. How did that make you feel?”

“Sort of foolish, but for some reason it was making me hot knowing he was using my body for something. He was being very nonchalant about it too, like it was normal. Even when you came in, he only spoke about the stupid baseball game.”

“Yeah, that was well done.”

They pulled up to the house and Trent said, “Bring all of this stuff in and put it away. Wait on the main floor for the flower delivery and then go to our room and put on your wrist cuffs and your lace up hood. I want that fucker on tight too. Use the largest penis gag we have. Then wait for me in the bathroom in the position of submission.”

“Yes Master.” Jessica watched Trent go inside and then opened the back door to start carrying the groceries inside.

Why does he want me to wear a hood if we’re having dinner guests tonight? [He’s having dinner guests. I’m just a slave.]. He got me this nice dress and I can tell he really likes it on me. [He didn’t say to get out of it did he?]

Jessica had a nervous feeling in her stomach and at the same time a familiar twitch in her crotch. Her master was up to something. It always made her nervous when her master was making plans, because it usually meant she was in for some abuse. I haven’t done anything wrong. He was okay with me taking a shower with Master Gary today. [I asked him to let me remember his name…maybe that’s it. I should never have asked him that!] He said he would think about it. [Maybe that means no, and this is going to mean - don’t ask for things.]

Jessica had just taken in the last bag of groceries when the door bell rang. She opened the door and a teenage kid, probably 19, was standing there with a cart with all of the flower arrangements on it.

“Brent residence?”

Jessica drew a blank on the name of course! But she knew those were the flowers her master had picked out and she nodded yes and opened the door. The boy hustled the flowers into the kitchen and then stood for a moment in the doorway.

Fuck! A tip! Jessica didn’t have any money! Should I run and ask my master? No he left me in charge of this.

“Um… I’m sorry I wasn’t given any money to tip you with. I hate to stiff you like this. Um…” Jessica thought what she could give him… a kid his age, almost an adult. He blushed a little when Jessica looked at him because he had been standing there entranced by her. She was quite a beautiful sight in her short dress and high heels.

“I could lift my dress and you could feel my body for like a minute, would you like to do that? Would you accept that as a tip?”

The kid looked at the woman in front of him and couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

The woman was like, drop dead gorgeous, and she would let him feel her up? It was the most bizarre thing he had ever heard on this job so far. He was sort of used to getting stiffed for tips in these ritzy homes. They had so much money but they were so inconsiderate of the “little people.” He looked around and past Jessica into the house.

“Don’t worry, no one will come up. Would you like to see me first before you decide?” Her voice was silky smooth and erotic.

“S… sure, I guess I should see it first.” The young man still couldn’t believe this was actually happening to him!

Jessica reached down to the hem of her dress and wiggled slightly as she drew it up to her arm pits.

The guy’s mouth went dry as he looked at the naked lady standing in front of him. Wait until he told his friends about this!

“Sure, I’ll take your tip. And I can touch you anywhere I want to?”

“Yes, young master, anywhere. Don’t be embarrassed, here let me do this so that you won’t feel that I’m watching you.” Jessica pulled her dress up so that it covered her face. “Now you decide what a fair amount of time should be. I won’t say a word.”

The young man touched Jessica’s side and she managed not to budge an inch. His smooth hand roamed her tight abs and then up to her breasts. She could feel moisture now on his hands and knew he was sweating a little bit. His fingers traced over her nipples and they hardened. He liked that and he ran his fingers over them again. Then his hands roamed down to her waist again and around to her tight little ass. His fingers explored her upper ass where it met her back. A very sensitive spot and Jessica moaned slightly when he touched it. Then his hands came around to the front of her hips and he hesitated. Jessica’s left leg took a step to the side.

“Go ahead, touch me there,” she whispered.

She felt the kids shaking fingers touch her hairless pussy lips, a finger dipping between her labia, feeling the moisture there.

“Jessie, did I hear the door bell?”

It was her master! The kids finger fell out of her pussy and he was about to make a run for his van. Jessica caught him by the arm and pulled him close, kissing him on the cheek. “Thanks for the excellent service.”

Red faced, the young man tore off and jumped into the van and sped off.

Jessica straightened her dress and turned to see her master in the doorway.

“Why did he run like that? I was just thinking that I didn’t give you money for a tip? I hate to do that to delivery people.”

“I gave him a tip, master,” Jessica said as she passed him to start putting the groceries away, “a couple of them actually.”

Trent turned and watched his slave walk by, her dress a little out of kilter in the back, and wondered what the fuck had just gone down.

* * *

Jessica knelt on the cold marble floor, her hooded forehead touching the floor, her arms straight out before her, her ass in the air. Her dress was short enough that she knew it had risen up and over so that her entire ass was exposed. She could feel the cool air on her flesh.

She’d been in position for quite a while and had begun to wonder what her master had planned. If she were going to start dinner they were running out of time! But still, she knew things would proceed on her master’s schedule, so she just pushed her concerns aside. One of the perks of being a slave was she didn’t have to worry about things like that. She thought she had heard the doorbell ring, but wasn’t really sure. Her hood muffled most sounds, especially those far away.

Downstairs, Trent had opened the front door and welcomed the entourage from the Westley estate. Adam and Taylor had brought three of their slaves; Marsha, Suzie, and Bonnie, along with their chef, Mr. Walker.

Taylor had informed Trent when he had visited them that Ursa was in training with Mistress Sheana. Since Trent was inviting the Dominatrix to their farewell dinner too, she would be bringing Ursa with her.

Trent left Mr. Walker in charge of preparing the dinner and then led Taylor up to the master bathroom.

“She’s recently had a pretty cruel enema at Ketami’s, so I’d like this to be as painless as possible.”

“We’ll be very gentle with her,” Taylor whispered as they entered the room to see Jessica in perfect position.

Taylor began to set up her enema bag and fill it with solution as Trent went to Jessica and began to unlock and remove her heels.

Jessica jumped slightly when she felt hands on her ankles, but then relaxed. Her master had finally come for her. After her heels had been removed, she felt her dress being pulled forward over her hips and then over her breasts. Her master nudged her to lift her body up so that he could pull the dress over her head, and then another nudge to let her know to return to her position. Now she was naked and in the submission position. Her feeling of impending doom was overpowering, as was her arousal.

Why did I ask for something? If he wanted me to remember his name he would’ve said so. Now I'm was going to be punished for it!

Trent scooped his finger through a jar of KY jelly and then placed his other hand on his slave’s back. His lubed finger touched her ass hole and Jessica jumped. He heard her whimper when his finger entered her anus and she began to squirm and shake her head.

His finger continued to probe and lube Jessica’s ass and he bent down and shushed her. He knew the woman was fully aware of what was to come and it was obvious she wanted no part in it.

Jessica was freaking out now. Not an enema! She remembered the pain she had felt at Ketami’s when he had forced a gallon of liquid into her tightly bound torso. But, still, her master was intent on doing this to her, and she would submit. That didn’t mean she would do it without protest.

Suddenly Jessica felt another hand on her bare ass; a woman’s hand! Who was here with her master? She felt the tip of the rectal tube touch her anus and she clenched her muscles. She felt something warm on her bare rear end and then felt lips gently kissing her! A warm sensation shot through her quivering body.

“Relax, Jessica. Take your punishment like the good whore you are,” she heard her master’s voice near her covered ear. Jessica relaxed slightly at the sound of her master’s voice and it was all that the woman behind her needed to insert the tube.

Jessica groaned through the cock gag that filled her mouth and began to lift her ass.

“Easy girl,” her master said soothingly as he held her down with one hand and held her around the shoulders with the other. “You still need to learn not to ask for things. I will decide when you may remember my name.” Jessica cried out as the tube traveled further up inside of her. It didn’t hurt, but she knew the hurt was going to come.

“Settle down a little,” Jessica heard her master’s voice, very soothing in her ear. “This isn’t going to be like Ketami’s enema at all and it’ll be over as quickly as possible. Try to relax.”

Jessica felt herself responding to her master’s voice as well as his caresses. She was also very aware of the woman’s hand on her ass. Who is that? Who could he have over to do this to me? A nurse? That seemed unlikely. The only person she could think of was Mistress Taylor. Jessie knew the mistress was able to administer an enema, she had seen her do it after the hunt.

Jessie felt her bowels fill with the solution. A feminine hand had reached down to her abdomen and was gently massaging her. She felt a cramp coming on and cried out, only to feel the solution stop entering her. The hand continued to massage her belly and the cramping feeling subsided. After a couple of minutes the enema continued to flow into her. Jessie felt full and whimpered softly inside of her hood. Her master continued to caress her and to hold her still. He was right; it wasn’t painful at all. In fact, other than the full feeling, it felt rather good. Erotically good.

[I really am an abuse slut now if I can say that I’m enjoying this!]

Still, she couldn’t ignore the lustful feelings growing inside of her loins! Little by little she felt her pussy dampen. And then, much to her embarrassment, she felt a slender finger trace a line down her exposed slit. Then two fingers slid in between her moistened labia and stroked her pussy. Her body responded as her breathing deepened and her heart rate climbed.

Inside her hood, Jessica’s eyes were closed. Her mind was on fire from the attention her pussy was receiving. She heard her master tell her to clench her ass and hold the enema inside of her and then realized that the tube was being extracted. She did as she was told and clenched her ass, all the while feeling the fingers inside of her wet cunt. She felt a trickle of wetness on her thigh and forced her anus even tighter.

After several minutes she felt her master pull up slightly on her collar so she rose to her feet. She was led to the toilet and guided onto the seat. “Go,” she heard her master say and she released her bowels. The expulsion hurt a little, but it was not too hard for her to endure the pain. When she was completely empty, she was led into the shower and washed clean.

After being toweled dry, Jessica was led into the bedroom where her arms were bound behind her back. Leather bands were locked around her elbows and then the opposite wrist was secured to the opposite elbow.

Jessica was eased backward until she felt a body behind her. Male hands came around to hold her naked stomach and to help guide her back. When she was fully pressed against the man, she felt the head of his penis against her anus. Now she realized why she had been given the enema! Her master was going to fuck her ass!

He had never done this to her before, even though he knew she had been trained for anal sex. She thought it was because he wasn’t into it, but now… now he was going to fuck her like that! Was it part of her punishment? Didn’t he remember that she had told him about Ketami ass fucking her? Yes, he probably did, and remembered her admitting to having cum. This was so totally unexpected!

Then Jessica was shocked to feel another pair of hands feeling her waist as her master’s hard cock slid into her freshly cleaned out anus. She felt his wide hard cock being gently forced past her anal ring and then slide deep inside of her.

The second man’s fingers stroked her pussy and Jessica knew she was sopping wet. The fingers withdrew and were replaced with the tip of a cock. Pure lust swept through her as the man easily slid into her. She had never been fucked by two men at once, although it had been the fodder for many fantasies. Now her master was making this fantasy come true!

The delirious woman felt a tugging at the snaps that secured the penis gag to her hood and then felt the gag being pulled out of her mouth. She forced herself not to cry out or let her excitement be known, but was blown away when she felt her head being turned to the side and a hard cock being pressed against her lips! A third man! Jessica opened her mouth and gladly took the man’s cock into her mouth.

Adam had to really force himself to focus his thoughts on mundane things so as not to cum right away. Jessica’s lips on his cock felt sensational, and the eagerness with which she took him in told him that she was totally turned on by what Trent had arranged for her. He tried not to look at Trent’s friend Gary, who was banging the slave’s pussy, but it was hard to look away. Underneath the woman, Trent was feeling the most friction from his slave’s tight ass hole. As hard as he tried, he knew that he would not last much longer. The sight of Jessica getting fucked in all of her holes was way more than his mind could endure. Suddenly he exploded into her ass and felt his woman clench her ass muscles in response. Jessica was cumming, and cumming hard. Her climax set Gary off and he exploded into her pussy.

Adam quickly withdrew and held onto Taylor who was standing next to him.

“Oh God! Oh fuck!” Jessica cried out. A string of unintelligible sounds came from her throat as she continued to cum. Gary pulled out of her dripping pussy and went around to insert his half limp cock into Jessica’s mouth. She tasted her own juices mixed with the man’s semen. Nothing had ever tasted so good to her, and she greedily licked the man’s cock.

She jumped slightly as something hard, yet fuzzy, was pressed into her pussy and twirled gently in a circle. She felt her body being pulled upward slightly and then felt her master slide out from under her, only to be replaced by one of the other men. His hard cock pressed against her anus and soon he was deep inside of her.

The hands on her waist felt like her master’s, and then she felt his lips on her belly. Soon afterwards she felt his hard cock enter her pussy. She could tell by the width that it was her master’s cock. It took only a minute for the second wave of orgasm to sweep through her, but the pounding she was receiving in her ass and her pussy did not let up for her to even catch her breath. Too, she felt gentle lips suckling her nipples and knew that the woman was using her as well.

Through her orgasmic mind, she reasoned that if it was Taylor who had administered the enema, then one of the men fucking her now was Adam. Too, there was another man in the house, and that would be Gary.

The man who was fucking her ass suddenly came and Jessica could feel his hot seed filling her ass. She was still cumming, and gurgled as she continued to suck the cock fucking her mouth. She allowed the cock to go deeply down her throat and began to really work it with her throat muscles and her tongue. She felt the cock grow even larger, and wondered which master this was! He must be hung like a horse!

Jessica realized that, while it was she who was being fucked, her master had arranged this entire episode to pleasure her. How did he know this was her fantasy? Or was it his fantasy, too? Her body responded to this thought with passion and heat. Small beads of sweat glistened on her flesh as she moved on the penises lodged in her ass and pussy. The mouth kissing her breasts had kissed their way up her damp chest to her neck and was now kissing her hooded head.

The man under her withdrew, having spent himself in her ass. Now both men in her pussy and mouth seemed to be throbbing and Jessie concentrated her efforts into making them cum. A minute later they both released and Jessica arched her back as she climaxed once again in unison with the men. They continued to fuck her, and she continued to climax. Little fuzzies danced around her head, but she was determined not to pass out! She did not want this to end!

The men withdrew and Jessica felt herself being pulled up onto the bed. She could feel cold plastic under her and knew that it had been placed there to protect the bed linens. Trent and Adam took Jessica’s ankles and brought them up against her bare bottom. Taylor and Gary wrapped leather straps around Jessica’s bent legs and then buckled the ends so that her thighs were pressed against her calves.

Taylor went out of the room and returned with Suzie, Marsha, and Bonnie. Of the three, Bonnie was the most wide eyed. First, there were three naked men in the room who all had the appearance of just having had sex. Their cocks were red and dripping cum! Then, on the bed was a woman who could only be Jessica, with a black leather hood laced onto her head. Her suspicions were confirmed when she spotted the S brand on the woman’s thigh.

Taylor instructed Marsha and Suzie to suck out her pussy while Bonnie was told to kiss Jessica all over her body. Bonnie was glad that she didn’t have to suck out Jessie’s pussy, but as she began to kiss the bound woman she could hear the other two going at Jessie’s pussy and began to wonder if maybe she did want to help them. The three slaves were instructed to clean Jessica up and then start in on her with the two dildoes she left on the bed. She and the three men were off to get cleaned up.

Jessica was beside herself with lust now as she felt tongues inside her pussy slurping at the juices inside of her. The tongues felt so good, and the kisses she was receiving on her breasts were so gentle and sensual. Who was doing this to her now? It felt different from before and purely feminine. Again, she reasoned that if it were Taylor and Adam earlier, it was probably their slaves now. Jessica felt the tongues withdraw and then felt something hard press against her anus. A dildo!

“No please…” Jessica whimpered through the opening in her hood. “Don’t…”

“Sorry slave,” she heard Marsha’s voice next to her ear, “We have our orders and I’m not going to be whipped for disobeying.”


“Yes, slave. And Suzie is here and our new sister, Bonnie.”

“Bonnie? Is it you kissing me?”

“Yes Jessica,” she heard Bonnie’s voice next to her ear and then felt kisses on her hood.

The dildo pressed past her anal ring and then sunk into her ass. Then, she felt another dildo at her pussy and felt it sink easily into her.

“We were told to use these on you slave. It looks like you have already been used quite a bit.”

“Who? Who was it that used me?”

“It was your master…” Bonnie started to say.

“Quiet sister,” Suzie admonished. “If her master had wanted her to know she would not have been hooded.”

“Oh.” The kisses continued. “But we just told her who we were.”

The women giggled, “You’re right sister! We fucked up! Don’t tell the masters.” They continued to giggle and to fuck Jessica with the twin dildoes. Jessie didn’t think she had any strength left to get excited, but the gentleness of how the girls were treating her seemed to be making her as hot as when the masters were fucking her! Her breathing was definitely getting deeper and her body was heating up.

About ten minutes later the door to the bathroom opened and Trent emerged, naked, with a towel around his shoulders. “Unbind her and take her into the shower. Use the hooks to spread her out and then wash her. You may remove the hood when she is clean and then shampoo her hair. Dry her and bring her downstairs naked.

“Yes master,” the three girls said in unison.

When Trent made it downstairs he found Taylor and Gary talking to Sheana in the four season porch at the rear of the house. Kneeling on the floor next to Sheana was Ursa, bound and gagged. The black-haired beauty watched Trent as he crossed the small room and kissed Sheana on the cheek.

“How’s my favorite slave doing these days, Master Richard?”

“Well, she just got gang banged by three men and a woman and then molested by three other female slaves. I would imagine she’s happy as a clam.” They all laughed.

“I’m so glad to hear it.” Sheana placed her hand on Ursa’s bare back and massaged her gently. “I hear you put Ketami out of business.”

“Yes. The operation went very well.”

“And the device went undetected and worked well?”

Taylor’s head whipped around. Trent shook his head slightly and said, “Some reception problems at first, but we were able to pick it up in time.”

Sheana grasped that Taylor wasn’t in on the GPS, so she said, “Well, I can’t wait to see her.”

Trent heard the door bell ring and nodded for Gary to answer it. When he came back he had a man with him. “A Mr. Hicks to see Sheana?”

Sheana stood and motioned for Mr. Hicks to come into the porch. “Richard, this is Duane Hicks, my on-call hypnotist.”

Trent smiled widely as he shook the man’s hand. “Pleased to meet you Mr. Hicks. May I say you do excellent work?”

“Thank you,” the man said as he took a seat. “I’ve never had a complaint.”

“So you’re the guy who made Jessica forget Richard’s name?”

The man nodded.

“Boy did that ever work. Although it’s really sad what it did to her.”

“What do you mean?” Sheana asked.

Gary went on to tell them how tormented Jessica was that she couldn’t remember her master’s name, and then Trent had to confess that she had more or less begged him to let her remember. She knew that his name had been hypnotically blocked, and she wanted to recall his name so badly.

“So you don’t think she’ll let it out under torture?”

“No. After what she’s been through, I don’t think anyone can get anything out of her that she doesn’t want known. She’s tough, and she’s smart.”

“Jessie will be down pretty soon, why don’t we take Mr. Hicks into the den and I’ll bring Jessie into see him.”

Several minutes later they all heard giggling coming from the stairs and they all exchanged smiles. Trent stood up and went to the hall and the giggling suddenly stopped. The girls were obviously suppressing smiles, but they were doing their best to be good slaves, eyes lowered as Trent approached.

“Go to your mistress on the back porch. Jessica, you come with me.”

Jessica fell in next to her master and wondered what he was going to do to her now. She already had had a wonderful day. Could it get any better? She walked with him down the hall and into the study. A man was seated there, but she could not look up to see his face.

“Ah Jessica, you must be so tired after your exciting day. Please master, lay her down on that sofa right there.” Trent lay Jessica down and then stood up. “Thank you sir, she can rest here for a moment before dinner.”

Jessica heard her master leave. Why was she being left with this man? What was he here to do to her? [I trust my master not to let me be harmed. Don’t worry about it!]

“I understand you’ve had a full day, and it’s not half over! You should take this short time to relax. I mean, close your eyes and really relax while you listen to my voice.”

Jessica sort of remembered this voice from the past, but couldn’t quite place it. It was a very soothing voice. She wanted to look back to see who the man was, but knew it wasn’t her place to do something like that. It was doubtful that she could relax after what she had just been through. The girls had worked her up even more in the shower. They seemed to delight in making her horny while she was bound in the shower and unable to resist their sexual play with her body. And then she had to sit while they dried her hair and put on her make-up.

It was ridiculous to think that she might be getting tired, although it did feel damn nice to be lying here with her eyes closed. She could hear the man’s soothing voice and wondered at how dark the room had seemed to get. The voice seemed so distant now and she wondered if he had gotten up and moved away from her. No, the voice was still there, but what was he saying? She tried to listen more intently… something about being asleep. Again, she didn’t think she could possibly sleep. But it sure felt good to relax like this. She had to admit she was very relaxed, and honestly, sort of sleepy after all.

Jessica felt a little pressure on her shoulder and her eyes opened.

“Hey, sleepy head. It’s time to wake up. Dinner’s being served.”


“It’s okay, I let you take a little nap, don’t you remember?”

“No Trent, I…” The realization that she had said his name made her eyes pop wide open. She sat up quickly. “Trent! Oh master! I remembered your name!” She jumped up and hugged her master and began to sob. “You’ve made me so happy!”

Trent had been ready for a positive response, but Jessica had taken him by surprise with her emotional outburst. He hugged her naked body closely and rocked her gently in his arms.

“Come, I have a surprise for you. Stop crying now or you’ll ruin your make-up.”

“Yes Master.” Jessica wiped her eyes and put her head on his broad shoulder.

Trent led her out into the hall and down to the dining room. When they entered, Jessica saw all of the people standing there and they all broke out into applause and greetings.

Jessica blushed a deep shade of red as the memories of the past several hours flooded back into her mind. They had all been a part of this day, and had all pushed her to new heights of arousal she had never experienced before. She buried her head into Trent’s chest and cried. And then she felt everyone come around to hug her and she turned to hug each person back. When she saw Mistress Sheana she cried again and held her closely, not wanting to ever let her Mistress go.

“Okay. Let’s eat!” Trent said, peeling Jessica away from Sheana. “Darling, I want you to serve Master Gary since he’s just an imitation master. I will be served by Bonnie.”

Jessica looked at Gary and blushed again, knowing that he had been one of the men who had just used her. She didn’t consider him to be an imitation master any more. She went to his side and knelt, taking his hand and kissing it gently. Adam directed Bonnie to kneel next to Trent. Jessica smiled widely as she remembered her master’s name once again. Trent Richards!

All of the slaves were ordered to the kitchen where they picked up the plates and drinks for the master they were to serve during the meal. After setting the plates down they knelt again at their masters’ sides.

Jessica knelt proudly with Gary on one side and Sheana on the other. She received attention from both sides of her and was fed by Gary, who had seen Trent feed her many times and had done so himself once or twice.

About half way through the meal, Taylor had been talking about the wonderful meal and how pretty the flower arrangements were. Trent told them that he and Jessica… “Well, I think we can all call her by her real name today… Ashley…” had been out shopping earlier this morning.

“After we got home I heard the doorbell ring and knew it was the flower delivery. A few minutes later I realized that Jes..Ashley didn’t have any money for the tip. No pockets on her outfit, as you can see.” Everyone laughed. “I sprinted upstairs, but the delivery boy was hauling ass to his van. Ashley said she had given him a tip already. I would like to know what happened before I came upstairs, Ashley.”

Ashley looked up and said, “I have to tell you now, Master?”

“Yes. I want to hear what happened and why the kid ran like he did.”

Ashley looked around and then said, “As you know, I didn’t have any money to tip the kid, so I asked him if he wanted to feel my body as a sort of tip.” There were murmurs around the table and giggles from the girls.

“He seemed a little hesitant but I told him no one would see. I asked him if he wanted to see my body first and then decide and he said he guessed that would be okay. So I lifted the dress my master had put me in, and displayed myself to him. He agreed to touch my body in lieu of a tip and then I pulled my dress up over my face so that he could touch me without feeling as though I was watching him.”

Ashley looked down again, feeling that that was the end of her story.

“Where did he touch you and how did it make you feel?” Trent asked.

Again, Ashley looked up and said, “He started touching me on my stomach, sort of lightly. I think he liked how tight my abs are. But then his hand moved up to my breasts. I must admit that the thought of what he was doing was making me horny and my nipples stiffened when he touched them. His hands stayed on my breasts for a little while and I felt his hands get sweaty. Then he touched me on my sides and waist again and then around to my rear. I could tell he was really nervous and excited. I was getting very horny. Then his hands came around to the front and I knew he wanted to touch my bald pussy, but he wasn’t sure if he could get away with that.”

Everyone looked at each other, smiling and enjoying the story they were hearing. “I told him in a soft sexy voice that he should go ahead and touch me there, and he did. Just a finger along my slit at first, but then two fingers, dipping into my slit, feeling my wetness.”

“Oh god,” Gary breathed out.

“Yes Master Gary, I was so wet.” Ashley looked down and then said. “Then my master came upstairs and the kid got ready to run but I grabbed his arm and kissed him and thanked him for the good service.”

Everyone clapped and laughed. Trent looked over at Ashley and smiled. What a wonderful slave he had!

The following day was spent at the command center preparing for their move to the east coast. A small cargo plane was flying in that evening to move their equipment to the new command center near Albany, New York. The leased space they were in needed to be cleared out and cleaned.

* * *

Ashley stood, leaning against her broom, as she watched Trent and Gary walk out the door towards their car. A few minutes earlier, Ashley had been with Trent in his office, kneeling on the floor next to his desk helping him pack up his files and personal effects. He had called out for Captain Alderson, and when the tall commando entered the office Trent informed him that he and Gary had an errand to run.

“We shouldn’t be gone too long,” her master had said. “Would it be okay if Ashley stayed here with you and the men?”

“I don’t see any problem with that, sir,” the army man in civilian clothes said as he looked down at Ashley.

Even though she wasn’t naked, she felt like it. Earlier, her master had tossed her a T-shirt to wear while in the command center, but it wasn’t doing a very good job of covering her up. For one thing it was tight. Why he had given her a small size she didn’t know.

Besides, it was a man’s T-shirt. It wasn’t cut with size 34 boobs in mind. Her breasts strained against the fabric. Also, it just seemed like cheap material, it was very thin, nearly see-through. And it was, after all, a T-shirt. The southern hem just barely covered her bare ass, and she was forever pulling it down to keep it from riding up. This action usually pulled the fabric against her nipples and she found that action to be very stimulating. The thin fabric hid nothing, least of all her protruding nipples. She wasn’t given shoes of any sort and still wore her master’s collar. At least her wrists and ankles weren’t cuffed.

“Great, I leave her in your care, then. We’ll still use Channel 25 on the radios right? I think that has a high enough band that no one will be monitoring it.” Trent pulled his chair back and stood up, motioning with his fingers for Ashley to stand, too.

“Stay here with Larry, and maybe help the guys with cleaning or what ever they need, okay Ash? Follow his instructions until I get back.”

“Sure Master.” Ashley blushed, having called Trent master in front of Captain Alderson. She felt suddenly horny, having embarrassed herself.

And now her master(s) were gone and she was left behind with the eight man assault team. True, they were all quite busy with cleaning their weapons and crating up their equipment, but they had plenty of time to keep an eye on her as she cleaned.

Ashley knew the team members were aware that she had been trained as a sex slave, and that made her slightly uneasy being alone with the men now, especially in her present attire. Not that she thought they would, in any way, make advances towards her but just that they knew her role in the mission was primarily sexual made her blush. Her embarrassment, as always, seemed to stoke her internal furnace. Needless to say, Ashley was getting increasingly horny!

“Eh-hem.” Ashley was shaken from her thoughts by Captain Alderson standing next to her. His lieutenant, Chris Gore, stood next to him. The two men were the only military men in the outfit of FBI agents.

“Oh, Captain, I’m sorry,” Ashley said, slightly red in the face while she tugged at the damn T-shirt hem. “I’ll get busy, should I start over there now?” She nodded to an area where a large console had just been crated up.

“Um, no, Agent Bennet, we um, we haven’t had an opportunity to talk to you without Agent Richards around and we’d just like to say thank you for saving our collective asses during the raid last month,” the Captain said.

“Yes ma’am,” the young lieutenant added, “we really screwed up by not having our O2 with us on that raid. We might all have been killed had that CO2 system gone off as it was designed to.”

“Oh…”Ashley didn’t know how to respond. “Well, you’re welcome.” She knew that Lieutenant Gore was one of the men who had burst into Ketami’s suite and had found her bound to the table. He had seen her in a most exposed position. “And, thank you, Lieutenant, for coming to my rescue. You were very professional and gentle with me when I was feeling very vulnerable.”

Gore’s face turned crimson as the memory of Ashley bound naked in a tight hog tie on the table came to mind. She was being fucked by three piston driven dildoes, and had obviously had several orgasms.

The embarrassed young man was rescued by one of the other team members who came up and said, “Miss Bennet? I’m Ricky Edmonds, and I worked with Agent Isleman in the Houston office for two years. She had gone undercover earlier this year to try and get inside like you did.”

Ashley’s face went white, “Oh my god, was she the one…” her hand came up to her mouth as she saw wetness in the eyes of the young agent. “I’m so sorry for your loss.”

Choking back the tears, Ricky said, “I just want to let you know that everyone here is proud to be working on your team ma’am, and we’re behind you one hundred percent. Thank you for helping us take down Janet’s murderer.”

“Yeah really, we couldn’t have done it without you,” Alderson chimed in.

Ashley heard several of the other men say “Here, here,” in agreement.

Again, Ashley blushed, embarrassed by the sudden attention. She knew all eyes were on her now, and she felt as though her nipples were going to tear holes in the light T-shirt, they were so hard.

Moving a little closer to Captain Alderson, who was her de facto master at the moment, Ashley looked at the floor in front of her and said, “I’m only brave enough to do this because I know I have you guys to save me, like you have twice already. Otherwise, I don’t think I’d have the nerve to do what I have to do.” She knew she’d feel much more isolated without the backing of the unit.

“Miss Bennet,” Agent Edmonds said as he stepped closer and dug into his pocket. He took out a fine silver chain and held it up. On the end was a silver heart. “The guys and I would like you to have this heart.” He began to unhook it from the chain. “It was among Janet’s personal effects in her desk.”

Ashley’s eyes teared up. “Agent Edmonds… I… I can’t…”

“Please ma’am, it would mean a lot to us for you to have it, and Janet would want you to accept it.” By this time all of the men had come up to stand near Ashley.

Ricky took the delicate heart and laced the ring it was on through one of the side rings on Ashley’s collar. When he was done, Ashley broke down in tears and laid her head on Ricky’s shoulder, holding him as she sobbed. Ricky hadn’t expected the flood of emotion that came from the agent, but he held her and whispered in her ear that it was okay. Ashley felt hands on her shoulders as the men comforted her. One by one they went back to the tasks they had been working on.

Finally Ashley got herself under control and let the young man go. “I’m sorry sir, I… I just…” Ashley wiped her tears away. “That’s probably the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.”

“We just want you to know that we really respect you for what you’ve gone through for the Bureau, and we’re here for you.”

“Thanks,” Ashley said, putting on a brave face. “I’d better get back to work.” She picked up a broom and looked around for someplace to use it.

“Why not start in that corner where everything has been cleared out and work your way over to us, Ashley,” Captain Alderson motioned to the far corner of the room.

“Yes sir.”

It took five minutes or so to clean up the mess the wooden crates had left on the floor and then Ashley stood watching the unit go about their tasks. A feeling of calm had come over Ashley like she hadn’t felt in some time. Like everything she had gone through in the past two years had been leading up to this moment. She really felt that she was a part of something bigger than herself.

The men, all seasoned FBI agents, really an elite team of agents, had accepted her as one of them. They were proud to be working on her team. She felt a torrent of emotion sweep through her and she had to place her hand against the wall to steady herself. This mission was sanctioned and directed by the Assistant Director of the FBI. She had realized her dream of becoming a field agent. All while living out her wildest fantasy as a submissive slave!

Life couldn’t get any better than this!

* * *

“You’re really going to put Ashley into this thing?” Gary asked as he looked at the modified wheel chair that they had been working on for the past half an hour.

“Absolutely,” Trent said as he pulled the fabric around the base of the chair and then used a screw to secure it to the frame.

“You do realize she’s an employee of the FBI, don’t you?”

“You’ve been around her long enough to know what she craves.”

Gary thought about all of the shit he had seen Ashley go though, most recently her session with three men fucking her into oblivion, and then further abuse by the three slave girls. He knew that she had several serious orgasms during that time.

Yes, he knew what she craved. Sex. And not what you might call “normal” sex. Sex that was forced onto her. Sex that was denied her. Sex that made her hot and anxious for release. She may not have fully understood what she was getting herself into when she agreed to be trained by Sheana, but her training had exposed all of her submissive traits and fine-tuned them. Yes, he knew what she craved.

“Should we get a bigger vibrator?” Gary looked down at the twin dildoes attached to the seat of the wheel chair.

“I think that should be big enough,” Trent said. “I don’t think she’s taken one in quite this big before as it is.”

“I wasn’t serious dude. I’m not even sure they make ‘em any bigger than that do they?”

“It was the largest one I could find without driving all over town.”

“I’m sure she’ll enjoy it,” Gary said as he helped wrap the fabric down into the holes in the seat where Ashley’s bound legs would go. “And how exactly are we getting her past security in this thing?”

“The Westleys made a call to a friend of theirs who works at the airport. We’ll be able to bypass the entire security checkpoint and come in another way. She’ll meet us at the ticket counter and escort us through.”

“Okay, do you want to check the remote now that we have those two monsters bolted down?” Gary handed Trent the remote and then knelt in front of the wheel chair. He saw the twenty leads running to small round pads and began to flip them all upside down on the small seat. “Hit it.”

Trent pressed a button. “Front vibe activated. Okay, back vibe activated. Good. Do some pads. Un-huh, these eight went off, are those for her breasts? This leads here…weren’t you going to attach a nipple clip to them?”

“Oh yeah,” Trent dug into his pocket and tossed him two clover clips.

Gary wound the tiny wire around the end of the nipple clip and then gave the thumbs up. He held the clips in his fingers. “Oww! Shit, I think that’s too much current.”

Trent took out a marker and made a little mark on the remote and then hit the button again. “Better,” Gary said. “Okay, these others are humming now, too.”

“Well, that’s good then. Let’s go get something to eat.” Trent said.

“What about your slave?”

“She’ll be fine with the guys. Probably trying to figure out how she can get them all to fuck her.”

“She is a little schemer, isn’t she?”

The men laughed as they wheeled the chair out of the shop and hoisted it up into the rental van.

* * *

The truck had come to pick up the crated equipment and a large hoist on the back was working hard to load the equipment. Three more crates were still in the bay and one of the team members, Kenny, was trying to get a strap to fit underneath.

“Can I help, Kenny?” Jessica asked as she stood over the young agent.

Kenny looked up and blushed as he caught an unobstructed view of Ashley’s bald pussy, barely covered by the short T-shirt. Ashley didn’t try to cover herself up, but rather said, “I can try to grab the strap from the other side.”

“Um, sure Ashley, that’ll help a lot. I can’t get it to go through for some reason.”

Ashley knelt down on the other side and looked under the crate, reaching under it to locate the strap. “It’s hung up on something… if I can reach it…” She bent down even further to reach under the crate, knowing full well that her little T-shirt was not covering anything below her breasts now. She heard a man say “Damn!” and then heard Ricky say, “Just pay attention to the hoist, this equipment is sensitive.”

Ashley figured it was the truck driver who had said “Damn.”

“But, would you look at…”

“Come on man, give it a rest,” Ricky said in a quieter voice. “You’re not being paid to ogle our woman; we’re on a schedule here.”

Our woman! I’m their woman.

Ashley heard some muttering and then felt a tug at her T-shirt as someone tried to cover her up with it. “It’s okay Ash, let me see if I can get it free,” Larry said.

“Ummph, I’ve got it sir, just a second and I think…” Ashley turned on her side exposing her entire torso to the young Captain. She was finally able to free the strap and pull it through. She handed it up to Alderson who thanked her and passed it over the top of the crate to Kenny.

“Okay, let’s get this last one on board and we’ll break for lunch.”

The hoist operator swung the boom arm around and Kenny jumped up on the crate to pull the strap through the hook on the end of the boom. A minute later the crate was on the truck and the truck door was closed and locked.

The operator was met with more than one hostile stare as he continued to check Ashley out.

“You know where to take this load, right?” Alderson asked the man as he stepped in front of Ashley to block the man’s view.

“Um, yes, of course.”

“Have a nice day then.” The Captain hit the button on the wall that lowered the overhead door.

Ashley got busy sweeping the floor where the last crates had sat.

“You’ll come to lunch with us, won’t you Ashley?” Alderson asked.

Ashley looked at the floor. “Trent asked me to make sure the place was clean. I’d better take care of that.”

“Trent told you to follow my instructions, too. And I’m not leaving you here alone.”

“Yes, sir,” Ashley responded.

“Hey, we’ll help. This can get done in no time.” Two off the agents had found brooms in the back room and were carrying them over to the area that Ashley was in.

“Oh good! Thanks guys!” The three of them made quick work of the dirty floor and before they knew it everyone was outside climbing into their cars.

They drove for about ten minutes and came to the same strip mall where the grocery store and flower shop were located. Further down the mall was a large Italian restaurant that the Captain had eaten at and had promised everyone they would like. As they drove by the flower shop, Ashley saw the kid that had delivered the flowers standing outside with three other guys about his own age.

“Captain Larry, could I catch up to you guys in a minute. There’s a guy over there I want to say good-bye to.”

Larry slowed the car and looked over at the kid, and then stopped the car.

“That kid? You know him? Don’t tell him where you’re going Ashley, that’s an operational thing.”

“I won’t, thanks for mentioning it, though. Do you have ten bucks I can have?” Ricky’s hand came from the back seat with a crisp ten spot in it.

“Thanks Ricky. I’ll have my mast… Trent pay you back.”

As the car stopped, Ashley climbed out and waved as they pulled away.

The kid was having an animated discussion with his friends, but his hand stopped in mid air and his jaw dropped. His two friends stopped their yacking to see what he was looking at and their jaws dropped as well.

Ashley waved. “Hi, do you remember me from yesterday.”

The kids face immediately flushed. “Of course. I doubt I’ll ever forget you.”

Ashley smiled. “What a sweet thing to say.” She held out the ten dollar bill and said, “I still feel that I owe you that tip.”

The kid put his hand up and said, “No way, what you gave me was way better than that money.”

“Wa…this is the lady?” one of the other young men asked as he checked out the beautiful woman standing in front of them wearing nothing but a short T-shirt.

Ashley looked at the delivery boy. “You told them about the tip I gave you?”

“I’m sorry lady, it’s not like I thought I’d ever see you again.”

The kid looked around and then noticed both of his friends awkwardly adjusting their cocks through their jeans.

“Well at least give me another hug,” Ashley said as she stepped closer to the kid. She put her arms around him and felt his hand came around to hold her firm ass.

Ashley kissed his cheek, and said, “We moved out today, so this is goodbye I guess. Thanks again for delivering the flowers.”

“You’re welcome.” He watched as Ashley walked away, adjusting her T-shirt. She heard the kid behind her saying, “Am I full of shit now? I told you it really happened.”

His friends were too stunned to speak.

“What was that all about?” Larry asked as the men joined her at the entrance to the restaurant. Ashley held the ten dollar bill out for Ricky to take back.

“Oh, just some unfinished business taken care of before I leave.”

The men looked at each other and shrugged.

“Hey, I don’t have shoes on!” Ashley whispered.

“We’ll sneak you in, just stay close,” Kenny whispered back as he shielded Ashley from the hostess. Dressed in the thin short T-shirt, Ashley felt totally exposed. They sat at two tables and ordered their meals and when the salads came Ashley sat still for a long time looking at it.

“What’s the matter Ash?” Larry asked. “Not hungry?”

“I’m starved! It’s just that…well, you’re going to think this is insane, but I haven’t fed myself in four months at least.”

“Your master feeds you?” Larry was pretty much up to date on the relationship between Trent and Ashley.

Ashley nodded her head.

“Do you want me to feed you?”

This caused Ashley to look up at Larry and then around at the other patrons.

“Thanks, that’s sweet, but I think that would probably attract too much attention to us. I’ll do it myself if you let me.”

“That’s fine, go ahead.”

Ashley picked up the fork and dug into her salad, a big grin on her face. “I prefer to let my master feed me, but in a pinch I guess I can do it myself.”

There were smiles all around as the men enjoyed Ashley’s humor.

“Oh my god!” Ashley whispered as she ducked low, her eyes on a man that just walked through from the bar into the restroom.

Larry looked around and just caught a glimpse of the man as he went through the door.

“What is it, Ash? Do you know that guy?”

“Holy shit,” she whispered, “it’s the guy I saw at Ketami’s, ummmm, something like Bryce or…Royce. Yeah, Royce. He wanted to buy me.”

Larry moved his chair away from the table and went to get up.

Ashley caught his arm. “Where are you going, Master?”

“I’m going in there and…”

“No! Let me think!” The men sat silently watching Ashley and the door to the bathroom.

“He said he had room for three more women, which means he probably has other women captive somewhere. We’ve got to find out where, and get them out.”

Ashley ducked again as the man came out and passed by them on his way back to the bar.

“What can we do? Follow him?” Chris whispered.

“We have to make sure he goes back to where he keeps his women,” Ashley said. “I’ll get him to take me there, and you guys follow.”

Larry was already shaking his head. “I don’t know Ashley, that seems pretty dangerous to me.”

“You have three cars; he’ll never suspect he’s being followed.”

“She’s right,” Kenny said. “We could switch lead cars every mile or so.”

“Call my master; tell him what we’re doing.” Ashley scooted her chair back. She looked around at the guys at the table. “Agent Thompson, you have the longest hair of anyone, would you be my date?”

Barry Thompson looked at the other guys and then got up with Ashley. “You guys go out and wait in the cars. I’m sure he’ll recognize me, and I’m going to come running out of here. Barry, you may get knocked around but you have to let him take me.”

Thompson nodded as the other men got up. Larry left a wad of cash on the table and then they all filtered out of the restaurant as Ashley took Barry by the hand and led him into the bar.

They went to an open table and Barry sat down while Ashley went to the bar to order drinks. She purposely faced away from the gray haired man.

“What’ll it be?” the bartender asked as he came over to Ashley.

“Hi! Can I get a margarita and a Bud Light?”

“You bet.”

Ashley saw the reflection of the man in one of the mirrors behind the bar. He was definitely checking her out. Her heart beat increased when he stood up and started to make his way over to her.

“Moshimoshi, sureibu,” the man said as he came up behind her.

“What?” Ashley turned, “Excuse me?”

“Hello, slave.”

Ashley looked at the man with as much of a blank stare as she could manage and then let her face show realization. “You!” She turned to run back to her table but the man grabbed her arm and held her tightly. “Barry!” she called out.

“Not so fast, whore. I’d like to have a word with you, outside.”

Barry turned his head and started to rise but the man had already taken three steps towards the table, Ashley still in his grip, and struck Barry in the side of the neck with the edge of his hand. To Ashley’s horror, Agent Thompson slumped over in his seat, his head hitting the table in front of him.

“Barry ! Hel…” A firm hand came over her mouth and then the bartender stepped in.

“Don’t even think about it.” The gray haired man pulled a gun out of his jacket and held it against Ashley’s throat. He backed out of the restaurant with Ashley in his grip and half dragged her to his car. Popping his trunk from four feet away he tossed her in and slammed the lid shut. Ashley heard the car start and then pull away. She hoped that Barry was alright and that the Captain was ready to tail them. In the trunk, she would be unable to see where she was being taken and if they were being followed.

She tried to imagine what she would do if she were really being kidnapped and started banging on the trunk from the inside and yelling for help. She knew it would do no good because she could feel that the car was travelling at highway speed already.

Four cars back, Chris Gore was on the phone with Trent.

Trent looked over at Gary and said, “Please tell me you have your tracker in your case.”

Gary unbuckled and headed into the rear of the van. “I never leave home without it.” He returned to his seat and switched the instrument on.”

“Thank god!” Trent exclaimed. Then into the phone he said, “Okay guys, back off a little. We have her signal. We don’t want to spook this guy.”

“All of our shit is on the way to the airport,” Larry said.

“Damn,” Trent said. He thought for awhile and then said, “That guy Phillip Martin from the LAPD seemed like a stand up kind of guy. Maybe he can help us.”

Gary agreed and started making calls to try and track the detective down. In five minutes he had Detective Phillip Martin on the line and was giving him the details of what was going down. He agreed to provide the team with bullet proof vests, helmets, and weapons and would get in touch with his department to obtain additional equipment as it was needed.

Ashley’s felt the car slow down as her kidnapper took an exit ramp and drove another ten miles. The car stopped several times and then a final time as the engine was turned off. Ashley heard the sound of a garage door closing, and then the trunk lid popped open. She was ready for that and sprung out of the trunk trying to evade the two burley men she found standing near the car. One of the men snagged her by the arm and the other slapped her hard across the face, knocking the wind out of her for a second.

The two men held Ashley tightly between them as the man called Royce came up to them. “She’ll go right downstairs into a 25 by 14.”

“Yes sir.”

“I’ll be down in a minute.”

One of the men opened a door and they dragged Ashley down the steps. She twisted and tried to break their grip on her, kicking them and protesting every step of the way. Once downstairs she saw that the basement room was a very large area with many different types of water tanks; some filled, some empty, some containing naked women.

Ashley was led to a row of tall narrow tanks. A tall tank in front of her held a naked woman standing upright in a cage.

“Help me, please,” the woman cried out weakly. “Please… I can’t hold on much longer. I don’t want to die like this.”

“Shut up bitch,” one of the men said as he rapped the side of the tank the woman was suspended in. Ashley could see that the cage the woman was in had been lowered into the water so that there was only a narrow space at the top of cage that she could tilt her head up to get air.

“Hey! Stop!” Ashley grabbed at her T-shirt as she felt it being torn from her body. The thin fabric ripped easily, leaving Ashley naked. She held her hands over her breasts and pussy, hoping to hide herself from view, but the men roughly manhandled her into one of the tall narrow cages and locked the door.

“So we meet again.” The tall man with the scar on his chin approached Ashley.

“What…what do you want with me? Why did you bring me here? Who are these women?”

“Come on now, sureibu, we both know you’re a trained slave. You know full well what’s going on.”

Ashley thought about her predicament and wondered how long she would have to stall before Captain Alderson and the team would be able to rescue her and the other women.

“I may be a trained slave, but I am not your trained slave.”

“Where is your master then?”

“I haven’t been able to find my master since I was freed from that Japanese madman. I don’t know where he is.”

“You couldn’t call him? He didn’t come looking for you after the raid?”

“I don’t know his phone number, hell, I don’t even know his name.”

“Yes, Ketami-san told me that. Hypnosis probably. Who was that with you in the restaurant?”

“That kid?” Jessica asked. “He works for the FBI, one of the guys that helped process the women that were rescued that day.”

“An agent?”

“Him?” Ashley laughed. “No, just a pencil pusher of some sort.”

“You seem very relaxed. You’re not concerned that you’ve been kidnapped again? Look at these water tanks. You know you’re going in don’t you?”

“I guess you wouldn’t have squeezed me into this cage if I weren’t going in. And as you pointed out, I’m trained. I’ve been in tanks before.”

“I may not be as nice to you as the last person who submerged you.”

“Who said the last person was nice? I was being punished, and I thought for sure I was going to die that night.”

“You’re kind of a smart ass aren’t you? Does your master let you talk to him like this?”

“I would never talk to my master like this. I respect him too much.”

“I’m not sure I like you, slave. You may not last too long after all.”

“I’d rather be dead than serve you.”

“You’re challenging me now. You don’t think I can make you submit to me? An interesting challenge. A trained slave who refuses to submit. Haven’t come across this before…yes, you may prove to be an interesting challenge after all.”

“I’ve been abused by the best, even Ketami. Did you know I had an orgasm the first time he fucked me in the ass? Totally ruined his day.”

“Abuse? You don’t know what abuse is. You still have all your body parts intact. How will you feel when I start removing limbs? Will you stop talking back when I remove your clitoris and replace it with an electrode that shocks you when you pee?”

“I doubt it.”

“Well, not that I don’t enjoy sparring with you, but it’s time to play.”

Royce took the winch control and pressed a button. The cage Ashley was crammed into began to rise off of the floor. It swung up over an empty tank and then with the help of one of men who brought her downstairs, the cage was lowered into the tank. The water was icy cold and Ashley shivered as she was lowered into the tank. Her bravery dissolved as the water rose higher and higher. She wondered if she had pushed the old man too far.

The cage was tight around Ashley’s nude body. Her hands were at her sides, making it impossible for her to pull herself up to the top of the cage. She tried to pull herself inward to take up less space, and then took a deep breathe before her head was submerged.

Her body inched up maybe two inches, but she was still not at the top of the cage. Hooking her toes around the bars, Ashley pressed down, lifting her body up another inch. Inch by inch she raised herself until her head hit the top of the cage. She felt cold air against her wet hair and knew there was some space there for air.

Ashley tilted her head back and felt coolness against her lips. She opened her mouth to get air and the cage dropped to the bottom of the tank. Water rushed in to her mouth before she could close it, and she coughed it up violently, expelling the oxygen with it. She struggled to get back to the top of the cage, using her hands behind her on the cage to push. But the cage was fully submerged and even if she were to get to the top there would be no air for her there.

Blocking out the pain in her lungs, Ashley remained perfectly still, trying not to exert one ounce of energy. She looked out past the bars and through the Plexiglas to see Royce standing with the controller in his hand, watching her. Ashley closed her eyes, not wanting her fear to be seen through her eyes. The pain continued to build as her body demanded oxygen.

[Hang in there. We’re doing great. He won’t kill us yet.] I’m glad you’re back Jessica, I missed you. [You know I’m here when you need me.] Yes I know.

Jessica’s fear seemed to drain away, but her lack of oxygen was growing critical. She was beginning to feel odd sensations in her head and wondered if the old man was really going to kill her!

As if to answer her question she felt the cage pressed against her jerk and she opened her eyes to see that the cage was being pulled upwards. In a couple of seconds she felt coolness on her head again and tilted her head back to suck in oxygen.

The top bars of the cage were even with the water surface, so she had to press herself against the bars to lift her face out above the water surface. The tightness of the cage did not allow for much movement, let alone movement that would help her get any leverage.

She took a good breathe of air and then tilted her head back so that she could press herself against the bars easier. She couldn’t imagine doing this for long, but when she looked out into the room she saw the old man had gone, leaving the controller swinging on its cable. She would have to hold out until he came back.

* * *

“I’m sorry Trent, it all happened so fast.” Captain Alderson was walking fast to keep up with Trent.

“Don’t worry Captain, this is the way it’ll go quite often I’m sure. If she hadn’t acted quickly this scumbag would’ve most likely gotten away. As it is, we know where he is and where he’s got Ashley. Now it’s just a matter of getting in there quietly and seeing what he has going on.”

“I’ve got Jamil and Kenny up in trees on either side of the estate. They’ll monitor traffic for a few hours and take note of any trends and personnel. Chris is working with the detective to get schematics of the layout inside. And Barry is sorting out the ordnance.”

“Good. I’ll work with Gary on the alarm systems and we’ll plan on going in around 2 am if we don’t hit any snags.”

“10-4,” the Captain said as he dropped off to head back towards the cleaning supply van that the LAPD used as a mobile command center. As he entered it he saw Detective Martin hunched over a blue print with Lt. Gore.

“And this woman… Jessica? She disabled the CO2 system?” Martin was asking Chris.

“Yeah it was amazing that, first, she thought to do it, and second, she was able to do it. Remember, she was bound nearly every moment.”

“And how did she end up here? And how were you guys able to find her?”

The Captain was ready to interrupt before Chris gave away any secrets but a glance from Chris stopped him.

“I guess she and one of our guys, Agent Thompson, have seeing each other a couple of times since she was processed through the victim’s unit. They were at lunch when this guy saw her and grabbed her. Agent Thompson went to assist her but the perp got in a jab that temporarily disabled him. He came around in time to run to his car and follow them, though.”

“I don’t remember seeing this Jessica woman with the others after the raid…”

“Hey, are these the blueprints?” Alderson thought he’s better step in and get the discussion away from Ashley. The LAPD was not told that Ashley was with the FBI and he didn’t want it known now either. The fewer people that knew Jessica’s real identity the better.

Jessica felt much calmer now, although she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold her position indefinitely. It was a strain on her muscles to hold herself pinned against the bars like she was. But that was the only way she could get to the air above the bars of the cage.

Twice her toes had cramped and she had to release her grip of the bars to flex them. Her hand had slipped once, sending her several inches lower in the tight cage before she could stop her descent. She feared that if she were to sink to the bottom of the cage she wouldn’t be able to shimmy up the sides to the top again, in which case she would drown.

Time ticked by slowly and she really had no idea how long she had been in the tank of water. She half expected her master and the boys to come bursting through the door any time, but that had not occurred.

Jessica had to consider the possibility that the man, Royce, had lost the tail on the way to wherever it was he had taken her. It didn’t seem possible really, with three cars and all, but in reality he could have eluded them. In which case she was fucked.

Although, they had found her at Ketami’s and no one had ever found that place before, so that kept her hopes up. Jessica had wondered about how she had been found at Ketami’s many times, but was reluctant to ask her master about it. She trusted him to keep her safe, and now she was trusting the unit to keep her safe, too. She knew they would do everything they could to save her, and the other women held captive here. It was just a matter of time. Tick, tick, tick.

Jessica was startled out of her thoughts by the jerking of her cage. It suddenly plummeted to the bottom of the tank and rested on the floor. Jessica’s lungs were full of air, so she stayed calm, trying to conserve her oxygen. The jolt had loosened her grip on the bars though, so she began to inch her way back up the bars so that if she were pulled up in time she could get some air.

It took a minute, but she finally felt the bars against her head. The cage lifted off of the floor of the tanks and then fell roughly back. Jessica pressed herself against the bars, trying to avoid dropping to the bottom of the cage again. Again the cage ascended only to come jarringly back to the bottom of the tank. Jessie knew that Royce was trying to keep her at the bottom of the cage, away from the air. Each time she worked at pressing her way to the top of the cage.

Finally, with her lungs close to bursting, the cage was lifted so that a foot of the bars were out of the water. It took the exhausted woman another 10 seconds to press her way up the bars before she could gasp at the air.

Breathing deeply, Jessica looked up to see Royce on the platform overhead.

“Having fun yet, slave?”

“Yes Master.” [Shit! Round one goes to the creep.] Jessica’s training had foiled her plan to resist the old pervert.

“Ready for more?” He jerked the cage using the winch.

“Go for it, asshole.”

Jessica saw a long wand extending down into her tank and screamed when it touched her breast and shocked her. Again, she felt the current flow into her wet breast and she cried out.

“I find it troubling that you were Ketami’s new girl and then he was raided. I’m not a big fan of coincidences.”

“Owww! Shit!” The man jabbed Jessica’s back with the prod and released the current. “What are you saying? That I had something to do with the raid?”

“Did you?”

Jessica made a sound of disgust, “I was in no position to help anyone, much less myself.”

“Still, it does seem odd that you arrive on the scene and the kill system mysteriously fails to operate.”

“What kill system?” Jessica gasped for more air. “What are you talking about?”

“I think you know what I’m talking about.” He reached down into the tank with the wand and Jessica could feel it near her hip and then closer to her navel. She tried to avoid the end, but the cage was so cramped she could barely wiggle in it.

Zap! “Owww! Please, no more!”

“Oh come on. You can take more than that. What happened to ‘I’ve been abused by the best?’” He pulled the trigger again and Jessica lost her footing and slid down into the tank. Another 20 seconds passed while she inched her way up to the top. During this time Royce prodded her naked body several more times.

Finally Jessica’s head broke the waterline. The wand hung menacingly in front of her face.

“Wonder how this would feel on a person’s eyeballs? It would be most unpleasant.”

Jessica remained silent.

“You don’t know anything about Ketami’s kill system?”

Jessica looked at the two prongs of the cattle prop in front of her face. Time to let him win another round.

“No Master. I only remember when all hell broke loose, Tatsujin Ketami yelled for someone to hit the kill button. He ran out and then rushed back in where he hit a big red button that was in his closet. He said goodbye to me, and that was the last I saw of him.” She paused briefly and then said, “I didn’t know what he meant, and I was too frazzled to even think about it until now.”

Royce seemed to consider what she had just told him and then he sat back a little. “Well don’t expect any dramatic rescues here. I have booby traps all over the grounds as well as inside. If my alarm system goes off you will all be electrocuted instantly.” He lowered the cage so that there was only an inch between the water surface and the top of the cage and then he left.

The impact of Royce’s statement hung heavily in Jessica’s mind.

What if they set off the alarms by accident? All of the women will be killed. [Master Gary won’t let that happen.] Maybe they’ll get killed trying to get in here. He said there were booby traps. [They’re not boobies, so the traps won’t work.] Jessica smiled. I think I’m finally losing my mind.

“We’re going to die here aren’t we?” Jessica heard a woman’s voice, faint, and far away. Another woman was crying quietly.

“Don’t give up hope sisters,” Jessica called out, her ears going underwater before she could hear any response. She pressed herself against the bars to gain altitude once again but her legs were so tired now that she was having difficulty maintaining her position.

“Who’s that? The one they just brought in?”

“Yes. My name’s Jessica. Who are you?”

“Helen. I’ve been here for a couple of weeks I think.”

“Longer than that I’m afraid,” another woman said softly. “I’ve been here for a couple of weeks and you were here before me.”

“I’ve been here a couple of days, and my flesh is so water logged… does it get really bad?”

“Shhh!” one of the women said, “Someone’s coming in.”

Sure enough, the sound of keys preceded the door to the subterranean dungeon opening. A short balding man came into the room and used the power winches to pull the cages out of the tanks. He opened the first cage and escorted the woman over to a can where she was allowed relieve herself. A loud squawk was heard and the man pulled a walkie-talkie off of his belt and said something into it.

When the woman was done he pushed her against the wall and used a hose to wash her down. The woman was then returned to her cage and put back into the tank. He held a short cattle prod to ensure that the women complied. This was repeated for each of the women until he came to Jessica.

Jessica had spent the last ten minutes getting her courage up for what she planned to do. She had to get word out to the team and when she heard the man’s walkie-talkie she knew exactly how she could do it. That she would be punished severely was more or less a given. But it was crucial that she act now. The man hoisted Jessica’s cage out of the tank and set in on the floor. As he reached over to flip the latch on the cage door, Jessica kicked the door, crashing it into the man. The heavy bars of the door struck him on the forehead and he went down like a sack of potatoes.

Quickly, Jessica knelt at the man’s side and unclipped his radio. She looked at all of the knobs and didn’t know what to do. Finally she spotted the frequency knob, checked to see what it was set on, and then turned it to Channel 25, the channel she had heard Trent mention earlier.

She pressed the transmitter button on the side and whispered, “Red Leader, are you there?” She waited a second and then tried again. “Master, can you hear me?”

A loud squawk startled her and then she heard Captain Alderson’s voice. “Jessica? Is that you?”

“Yes sir. Listen, I’ve learned that there are booby traps all over the grounds and in the house. Our cages are rigged to electrocute us if the alarms go off, tell Master Gary. There’s five of us in the basement in water tanks, not sure of any others. At least three perps besides Royce. Maybe more, I don’t know. Are you close?”

“We’re here, but it will take some time to get in. Are you okay?”

“For now, but we need help soon.”

“Roger that. Hang in there honey.”

“Gotta go.” Jessica turned the knob back to the previous setting and replaced the radio in the man’s holster.

“Who was that?” Helen asked.

“One of my friends.”

The bald man on the floor seemed to be regaining consciousness so Jessica started out of the room.

“Hey, what about us?” one of the women called out.

“I don’t stand a chance in hell of getting out of here and he’s going to punish me for knocking that guy out. You’re better off in here until my friends arrive. Please don’t tell anyone what I just did and we may just make it out of here alive, and soon.”

“Okay, good luck,” Helen said.

“Be careful!” another woman whispered.

Jessica reached for the door handle only to find that the door was locked. She ran back to the bald man and saw a ring of keys attached to his belt. She tried to get it off but couldn’t. Suddenly he reached up and grabbed her arm in a grip that Jessie thought was going to break it off. She cried out seconds before he backhanded her, sending her sprawling across the floor and crashing into one of the tanks. Her head struck the Plexiglas and this time it was she who lost consciousness.

When she woke up, Jessica found herself strapped into a chair much like Dr. Marshall had in her souped up piercing room. She was securely bound to the chair, and her legs were spread widely apart.

“Welcome back. Did you think it would be that easy to get out of my lair?”

Jessie’s vision was still blurry but she recognized Royce’s voice. “I thought I’d at least give it a shot, sir.” Jessica knew it would be disadvantageous to anger the man any more than she had already. Too, she knew now that the team was out there and she just had to hold on a little longer. There was nothing to lose by playing along now.

“I’m glad you did. Gives me something to do this evening.”

Royce pulled a pin on the chair and pushed Jessie’s legs even further apart.

Jessica pulled on her arms but found they were securely strapped to the arms of the chair. Leather belts held her down at the neck, waist, and knees. She was barely able to budge an inch. Sweat beaded on her firm stomach as she tried to steel herself for what was to come.

Like Ketami, this man was obviously a sadist. They ran in the same circles. So far Jessica knew that Royce was into water and liked to use a cattle prod. But what other tortures did he get off on?

The gray haired man rummaged through several drawers pulling out different types of instruments, laying them out on a clean white towel he had placed on the counter. He placed another white towel on a moveable stand and laid a few items on it. He was humming quietly as he wheeled the tray over next to Jessica.

A rapidly growing sense of panic was building up inside of her as Jessica looked at the tray and recognized a large vaginal speculum, several different types of scalpels, forceps, clamps, and several items she didn’t recognize. She squirmed in the chair and tested the strength of the wrist bindings.

“Oh don’t worry dear,” Royce said in a very calm voice. “You’re nice and secure so that you won’t move too much while the surgery is performed.”

“What are you going to do to me?” Jessica asked, trying, but failing, not to sound hysterical.

Royce wheeled a lamp over and directed its fluorescent light onto Jessica’s exposed pussy. He sat on a short stool and adjusted the lamp so that he could see through the magnifying lens in the center of the round light. Jessica lurched as she felt the man’s fingers touch her. Lifting her head, she saw Royce pick up the vaginal speculum.

“No please sir, I won’t be any more trouble. I swear.”

The man looked around the light fixture at Jessica. “Oh this has nothing to do with the little fuss you caused. That was a good lesson you taught my man Daniel. He was getting way too lax with the whores.”

“Uuuuhh, no please…” Jessica whimpered as the cold metal touched her outer labia and then pressed inwards. The device was pressed fully into her vagina and then Jessica felt it begin to expand. She cried out as the metal flanges pressed outward against the walls of her vagina.

“No, no, this has nothing to do with that,” Royce continued. “This is just a hobby of mine.” He began to hum again. “Do you remember me telling you I could replace your clitoris with a device that will shock you when you pee?”

Jessica did remember that, but thought he was bluffing. Now she wasn’t so sure.

“Oww!” Jessica felt the cattle prod being inserted into her puckered asshole.

“That was a question, slave!” Royce said with a little more emotion than he had been displaying thus far. He pressed the button on the wand and Jessica screamed.

“YES! Yes master, I remember you telling me that!”

“Well,” he left the prod in place and continued to examine Jessie’s pussy, “I’ve developed this device that I insert through the clitoris,” he held up a tiny little cylinder for her to see, “It has a tiny battery that I have yet to see run out of power. Amazing new technology. Nano technology permits a wide range of programmable functions to be utilized.”

“What are you talking about, Master? I don’t understand what you’re saying?” Jessica’s fear was beginning cloud her mind

“No matter, you’ll find out soon enough.”

Jessica could only whimper now as she lay helplessly in the chair.

Royce, however, couldn’t help himself from going on about his invention. It was the fear that he instilled in his victims that most turned him on. “You see dear, once this is implanted I will be able to cause a great deal of pleasure or pain to your little bud here.” Royce’s fingers splayed the flesh surrounding Jessie’s clit and then took a hold on her clit.

“It will shock you if I want it to or make you cum. It has an internal antenna that can pick up my signal a full 20 yards away!” Royce was clearly beside himself now with pride in his accomplishments.

“Then, I plan on lining the walls of your vagina with this conductive thread,” he held up a spool of white thread so that Jessica could see it, “and that will receive signals from my device through the walls of your cunt. They will be sewn in, dozens of them. You won’t feel them, nor will I when I fuck you, but they’ll be there, sewn into the walls of your cunt, waiting for my signal to punish you or please you. I’m not much into pleasure, though. Not yours anyways.”

Jessica couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She thought back to when Trent had first approached her about the possibility of the mission. She had been in her new town-home and had thought about being a slave. She remembered thinking that she had seen all sorts of awful pictures on the Internet of women who were treated cruelly. The gruesome pictures flashed in her mind now as she lay strapped to the chair.

Jessica laid her head back on the headrest of the chair and prayed that her master would come to her rescue soon. Not that she wanted him to rush, god no, he had to be careful. That she was able to get word out to the team still amazed her. What a fucking stroke of luck that had been! Had the bald guy’s radio not squawked when it did… well, thank god it did. And that he had released her last was another miracle. She had needed every minute of the time she had to realize that she might be able to use his radio, to work out a plan, and to get up her courage.

If even one thing had gone differently she wouldn’t have been able to warn the guys. She knew they were working on getting to her; there was no doubt about that. [Captain Larry called me honey!] What an odd time to think of that because this madman was going to do horrible things to her. She hoped they would get there soon!

Jessie heard a clinking noise and lifted her head to look down across her naked and profusely sweating body. The mad scientist was crouching between her legs, his fingers drawing her clitoral hood back and away from her clit. He ripped off a piece of surgical tape and flattened down the folds of skin on one side of her clit and then repeated the process with the other side. Then he ripped off a third piece and pulled the flesh back above her clit. From her vantage point, Jessie could see her clit standing straight up, totally exposed and accessible.

Royce looked up to study Jessica’s face. Seeing a look of sheer terror, he smiled and picked up his a large needled piercing syringe. Keeping his eyes on Jessica’s face he pinched her clit, not seeing the reaction he wanted he pinched harder. Now Jessica couldn’t help but grimace in pain and the man smiled again.

“No need for any anesthesia, this will be over in just a flash, although I usually run the needle through several times to make sure the hole is clean. That will be quite painful.”

“AAAHRGGHH!!” Jessica’s fists clenched as the needle was pushed through her clitoris. “OH god! Please stop!!” Jessica screamed, bucking her legs and arching her back.

Royce attached his device to the end of the syringe and when he pulled it back through the device followed and remained in her clit. He picked up the other end of it and carefully coated the inside with contact cement. Moving the lamp to Jessie’s crotch, Royce bent over and carefully inserted the end into the tiny cylinder poking through Jessie’s clit. Using a small vise grip he squeezed the two parts together and then dabbed up a few spots of cement that had oozed out.

“There!” Royce exclaimed. “Step one is complete.”

Jessica wept openly, not able to control her sobs.

“Have I managed to surpass any abuse you have had in the past?”

Jessica barely heard his question but knew its import. Had she ever been in more pain? For sure the pain she had experienced at the Gold Club was more intense. “N… no master. I…have felt m… more pain than… than this. But it was magnified by d… drugs to make it worse.”

This disappointed Royce. “More pain than this? I don’t believe it!”

Jessica was regaining some control over sobbing now. She took a deep breath and said, “This was horribly painful master. It’s still painful and I feel like my whole crotch is on fire. I can’t even begin to describe the pain.”

This seemed to perk the pervert up somewhat.

“Dr. Hardy,” a voice squawked over the walkie-talkie on the counter. Royce leaned back to retrieve it and then said, “What is it Daniel?”

“You said I could fuck her. I’ve been waiting.”

The doctor pressed the button, “Yes, yes, come up. This is as good a time as any.”

“I need a break any way,” he said to Jessica. “So you show him a good time and I’ll be in the other room, maybe ten or twelve yards away.” Jessica noticed a strange glint in his eye as he pulled the instrument table away from the chair and then released the tension on the speculum and removed it.

Jessica felt empty when it was removed and wondered how Igor was going to enjoy his little fuck since she was probably all stretched out now. She watched as her tormentor left the room and she lay quietly trying to get her nerves under control. She glanced down at her crotch to see that her flesh was still taped, leaving her pierced clit standing out in the open. The flanged ends of the tiny cylinder were visible. She wondered how difficult it would be to remove it later.

The door opening startled her and she looked over to see the short bald man, Daniel, scowling at her. He had a black eye and a painfully large knot on his forehead.

“I’m going to fuck you good, bitch. Look what you did to me, you fucking tramp.”

“It’s an improvement, you ugly toad.”

Daniel reached over and grabbed Jessica’s tit and squeezed it like a foam ball causing her to scream out in pain. That only excited him more as he grabbed her other breast and squeezed it too.

The man let go to come around between Jessie’s outstretched legs and loosen his pants. He turned slightly and opened a drawer in the cabinetry and took out a large dildo that had a cord attached. He plugged the end of the cord into an outlet on the base of the chair Jessie was strapped to.

[Oh goodie, a power vibrator.] Jessica felt Daniel’s cock at the entrance to her ass and then felt him begin to press himself into her. He was going to fuck her ass!

It took several minutes for him to work his cock inside of her but once he did he began to fuck her in earnest. Jessie braced herself the best she could and then was surprised when she felt the dildo being inserted into her pussy.

Jessica heard a click and then a terrible pain inside of her cunt. The dildo wasn’t vibrating but seemed to be shocking her. “Hey dickweed! It’s shorting or something. It hurts! OWW! Fucker!”

Daniel had slapped Jessica hard across the face. “It’s not a vibrator, you dumb cunt.”

Jessica realized that the large object he was ramming into her pussy was designed to emit electrical shocks. These guys were really into electricity. Her objection to the sensation only fueled the man’s desire to fuck her.

Jessie’s back arched again as an awful pain radiated outward from her pussy.

Suddenly, she felt a glow of warmth… like pleasure! [I know I’m a pain slut…but how?]

Royce had purposely mentioned that he would be 10 yards away after telling her earlier that the range on his little clit plug was 20 yards.

[He’s stimulating my clit!]

She certainly didn’t want to get aroused right now with the little toad fucking her ass, but she was helpless to stop the overwhelming feeling of pleasure that was radiating outward from her clit. She felt her pussy scream out in pain as more current flowed through the walls of her vagina, yet over and above that was the feeling of pure hot sex.

In an instant Jessica was climaxing. She cried out as she came, feeling her wetness ooze out of her pussy and down her crack. She looked down to see her body, soaked in sweat now, her chest heaving as another wave of white heat swept over her and doused her in another mind blowing orgasm.

Suddenly the pleasure stopped only to be replaced by a horrible pain! Jessica screamed and screamed as her clit erupted in a burning sensation that would not stop. She twisted and pulled at the straps that held her firmly to the reclined examination chair.

Now Daniel was banging her violently with each thrust. He knew full well what his employer was doing to the bitch. He saw the little silver ends of the clit implant and knew she was feeling the voltage surging through her. He felt dizzy with the excitement of the moment and shot his load deep inside Jessica’s ass.

Jessica was still screaming as her vision seemed to grow dark around the edges. She felt sure she was going to black out but then the pain subsided a little. The darkness was still there but she was still fully aware of the man pumping his disgusting load into her and the terrible pain in her pubis.

The tortured woman tried to control her breathing but was unable to catch her breath. She figured she was probably hyperventilating and tried harder to calm herself. After a couple of minutes she realized that the pain in her clit had subsided and that the asshole must have turned it off.

Suddenly the room went black and silent. All of the air handlers had stopped working and there wasn’t a sound in the room. “Doc?” Daniel was feeling his way around the room. “Did you do that?”

The door burst open and Royce said, “Get down to the basement and get that generator started.” She heard him moving about and then saw a light click on. It was a battery operated emergency light. He looked at Jessica and said, “If anyone comes in this house you’ll all fry. I have it all worked out.”

“Ketami had it all worked out too, didn’t he?”

“Shut up!” the man growled.

Royce dug around in the drawer and then went to a small safe, turning the knob in the dim light. When it was open, he reached in and withdrew a large dildo shaped object. He twisted the top and Jessie saw a red glow. He took three steps over to Jessica and roughly shoved the dildo into her pussy. He tore the tape off her flesh near her clit and used it to hold the dildo in place. Then he ripped off the other two pieces of tape and applied them over the first piece.

He pressed a button on the bottom of the dildo and Jessica felt pressure inside of her pussy.

“Spring loaded,” Royce said as he held the battery powered lamp over so he could see Jessica’s face. “If the pressure on the springs is relieved, the C-4 inside will detonate. You won’t survive.” He stood up and gathered a few things and said, “The timer’s set for fifteen minutes so you better hope I make it back by then.”

Seconds later Jessica was alone. She looked around in the dim light for something she could use to get out of the chair. When Royce had come back into the room in the dark he had bumped into the instrument table, pushing it up against Jessie’s chair on the left side. She pressed herself as far right as she could and moved the fingers on her left hand, reaching for the edge of the tray. Her finger tips brushed it and she pressed herself further to the right so that her left hand was pulled further up. Her fingers were getting cold and she knew she was cutting off the circulation to her hand, but she had to move the table down and closer.

Suddenly she had a finger on the lip of the tray and then two. She eased herself upright again and relaxed her hand, leaving her fingers on the lip of the instrument tray. After a few seconds she worked at moving the tray back and then jiggled it until one of scalpels was in reach. She was able to get three fingers around it and began to pull it off the table when it dropped to the floor.

[Shit!] Don’t worry there’s two more. [Now you’re the calm one.] I can be of help sometimes, too. Jessie shook the tray with her two fingers until she felt the handle of the second scalpel.

Carefully now! She worked the handle around until she had it in her hand and then she reversed it in her palm so that she could start cutting the strap around her wrist.

She had been working at it for about a minute when the scalpel cut through the band and Jessie was able to move her arm. Her joy was short lived as Royce burst back into the room. He picked up the walkie-talkie and barked, “Daniel! Where are you? Get those generators going.”

“Sorry man, your flunky didn’t make it. And we’re coming for you now.”

It was Captain Larry! They were in!

“Son-of a-bitch!” Royce screamed. He turned to Jessica, “You fucking whore! It was you! You led them to Ketami and now to me! I’ll kill you myself!” He lunged at Jessica, wrapping his strong hands around her neck, but in doing so he failed to see her hand coming up with the scalpel in it. He felt a terrible pain; his hand went to his neck and came away a purplish red. He looked at Jessica, eyes wide, and then collapsed on the helpless woman. He was dead in less than a minute.

Jessica screamed, unable to lift the dead weight off of her with one hand, and not able to reach across with the scalpel to cut her other wrist band. His weight was crushing her and she was also well aware of the ticking time bomb inside of her! She screamed even louder, now near hysterics. She tried to push the dead man off her chest, but didn’t have the leverage.

After what seemed an eternity she heard voices in the hallway.

“Go away! Get out of the house,” she screamed. She expected the C-4 charge inside of her to go off any second and she didn’t want any of the team members killed.

“It’s Jessica!” she heard Jamil Husson’s distinctive voice.

“Get Trent on the horn.” Jessie recognized Chris’s voice and then the door opened slowly.

“Get back! There’s a bomb in here!” Jessica cried, her face soaked with tears.

Chris and Jamil entered the room, the flash lights attached to their gun barrels sweeping the area. Chris’s light shone along Jessie’s naked body and Chris cried out, “Oh my god Jessie!” All he saw was a dark figure lying across Jessie and a lot of blood dripping off of her and onto the floor.

“Lieutenant, there’s a bomb in here that’s going to go off any minute! You have to get every one out of the house” Jessie cried, still trying to lift the dead man.

Chris and Jamil rushed to Jessie and pulled Royce’s body onto the floor. Jamil checked for a pulse but with the amount of blood all over Jessie and the chair he doubted he would find one.

“Where is it? Do you know?”

“He stuck it inside of me! There’s no time, Chris!”

“Oh fuck! Jamil, get outside the room and get the captain on the radio.”

Jamil pulled out his radio and raised the captain as he ran out of the room.

“Kenny will be here in 20 seconds,” Jamil shouted into the room.

“When he gets here, you leave.”

“Roger that,” he shouted back.

Jessica was calmer now. She looked down to see Chris kneeling down between her outstretched legs. The rest of her body was dark with blood. She was thankful that it wasn’t hers.

“How much time? Can you see?” Jessica asked.

“Still got eleven minutes, Jess. Plenty of time. Kenny will know what to do.”

Just then the door opened and Jessica saw Agent Phelps, Gary, and her master enter the room.

“Master!” Jessica cried out.

“Jessica! What’s going on? Are you hurt? Did he hurt you?”

“I think I’m okay, but he rigged me, Master. Oh god! You’ve got to get everyone out of here!”

“There’s still time, Jessie,” Chris said. “We’ll all leave together as a team.”

Kenny got down on his knees and looked at the end of the device. “What can you tell me, Jessie? Did he say anything?”

Jessica was looking up at Trent, tears in her eyes. She couldn’t bear to think of him being killed. “Please, Master, get everyone out.”

“Jessica!” Trent shouted. “Do not disobey Agent Phelps. He asked you a question, slave.” His tone was very firm.

Her master’s tone instantly snapped her out of it. [Yes master!] “He said it was C-4 and that the device was spring loaded. If the springs lose tension it’ll go off. I can feel something pressed against me, inside.”

“I’ve got to touch you Agent Bennet. Sorry, but…”

Jessica felt the man’s fingers exploring the edges of the device. He saw that Jessie’s pubic area was quite red from abuse and was grossed out to see what looked like cum oozing out of the woman’s anus. She had obviously been raped.

Jessica looked down to see the captain pointing his flashlight at her crotch so that Kenny could see. The captain turned to his second in command and said, “Go and make sure everyone is out of the building. Inform Lieutenant Martin of the situation and have him send that bomb squad up here.”

“Yes sir.” Chris ran out of the room leaving Jessie alone with Kenny, Larry, and Trent.

“Ten minutes.” Larry said.

Jessica could feel Kenny pulling her pussy lips apart and his fingers exploring along the inside of her pussy. She knew she would probably be dead in ten minutes but she also knew that the man’s fingers inside of her were making her hot! She closed her eyes and willed her body not to respond to the sensations building up between her legs. She could clearly picture her naked body, red with the mad doctor’s blood, her legs still spread widely apart. Larry and Kenny were crouched between her legs, probing her cunt with their sticky fingers. She knew that she was wet, that her juices were still flowing from when the butcher had made her cum. The implant was still in her clit, waiting to be activated.

No! These thoughts are only making me hotter! I can’t get aroused right now. [I’m aroused right now. I can’t stop my senses from feeling this stimulation.]

Trent, standing next to Jessica holding her hand, felt the rise and fall of her chest as he watched the two men work to disarm the bomb. He looked down at his woman and saw that her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly apart.

Oh no, this is turning her on! I can’t believe her! I hope they hurry!

“Nine minutes.”

“Okay,” Kenny said as he withdrew his fingers. “I think if we keep the springs depressed as we withdraw it from…if we can…” The young agent looked around the room and then pointed at the vaginal speculum. “Let me see that thing right there, sir.”

Captain Alderson passed him the speculum and he began to tinker with it. He dialed it wide open and then adjusted it some more.

“Is there lubricant around? Anyone see a tube or something.”

“Won’t need it, Agent Phelps,” Jessica moaned softly, “Just do it!”


“She’s trying to help out by making it herself,” Trent said as he stroked Jessica’s hair, “Just hurry and do what you need to do, she’ll be fine.”

“I have to remove this tape Jessie, brace yourself.” He took hold of the top piece of tape that Royce had used to hold the device inside Jessie’s cunt. “Place your finger on the face plate to hold it in sir.”

Jessie looked down to see Larry reach over and place his finger on the device. She felt it sink a little deeper inside of her and she turned her head and groaned quietly.

“Aarrhg.” The tape was pulled off of her bare flesh.

“Sorry, here we go again… number two.” Kenny stripped back the tape and heard another gasp come from the naked agent.

“Eight minutes Kenny.”

“Last one, Jess.” He pulled back on the last piece of tape and then lifted the speculum to her pussy.

“Relax your muscles Agent Bennet, and what ever you do, do not push. This isn’t a baby waiting to come out.”

“Okay Kenny, I’ll try,” Jessica whispered, trying hard now to suppress the sensations that were tearing at her mind. Trying to stop thinking about how her bald pussy was the focus of every man in the room. Trying to ignore the feeling of the speculum sliding easily into her hot wet cunt.

“Master…” she cooed softly.

Trent bent down and said as quietly as he could, “You will not cum, slave.”

“No Master,” she replied, mostly under her breath.

“Okay! I have the thing secured… I think.”

There was some noise outside in the hallway and Trent ran to see what was going on. He saw two men in full bomb squad gear stomping towards him with a large box.

“Where is it, in there?” one of the men asked, his face protected by a heavy Plexiglas shield.

Trent waved them in and helped to maneuver the box through the door.

“Holy shit!” one of the men exclaimed.

“Damn,” the other one said as they set the box on the floor and opened it. “What have we got?” He couldn’t avoid looking at the naked woman in the chair. Her body was dripping with what looked like blood and her legs were splayed wide apart. Two guys were kneeling between her legs and the man instantly knew where the bomb was.

“Holy fucking shit.” He moved in next to Kenny and said, “What have you got there, son? Is it secure in that contraption?”

“Yes sir, but we have to make sure the grip doesn’t fail as we remove it. It’s spring loaded.”

“Gotcha. Okay, I’m reaching in to take the grip. Move off slowly. I have it. Okay you can release it, I have it.”

“Help me with these other straps,” Larry shouted, “We have to be ready to move her out quickly.” Kenny and Trent began to loosen the remaining straps holding Jessica to the chair.

The exhausted woman felt the device sliding out of her and then felt a cool emptiness.

“Out now!” the bomb expert said curtly. “Everyone out, we have it.”

Trent pulled Jessica out of the chair and led her out into the hallway. Once they were out of the room, Trent scooped Jessica up into his strong arms and carried her. Larry and Kenny followed as they made their way downstairs to where the rest of the team was assembled. Jamil stood ready with a blanket to cover Jessica. After she was covered, Trent lowered her to the ground and Jamil sat down next to her.

Suddenly they heard a muffled explosion.

“They got it in the box in time,” Alderson said.

“How many women?” Jessica said as she looked up at Jamil.

“We found three in the basement and two on the main level, making lunch. Can you believe it?”

Jessica looked over and saw Trent and Gary talking to the LAPD detective, Phillip Martin. She reached over and took Jamil’s hand in hers and closed her eyes. All of the stress of the past several hours seemed to drain away as she knew she was safe again.

The events that just took place rolled over and over in her mind. She realized that she was already looking back on it as if it were one of stories she had read on the Internet. The titillating details passing through her thoughts and into her memory. She knew from past experience that the pain and the terror would forever be logged in her consciousness and someday she would fantasize about it, just as she did with all of the other things that she had experienced since her time at the strip club. It was who she was. And now she had a new piece of body jewelry.

[Just wait until master sees this!]

End of part 7

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