Ashley Bennet – Slave
Part 6

by mrhungry

This is Part II of the Ashley Bennet series. In Part One, the readers were introduced to Ashley, a beautiful blonde administrative assistant to a fairly high placed Special Agent in charge of the FBI’s Organized Crime Task Force office in Philadelphia. Ashley had fallen victim to a con which preyed upon her desire to become an FBI field agent. The owners of a local strip club had conned her into believing she was being recruited to work undercover in the club to investigate a prostitution ring. In reality, her actions at the club were being recorded for use in blackmailing her into providing them with information. It turned out that one of the club owners was a front man for the powerful New York crime boss, Vito Gambini. While still believing her assignment was genuine, Ashley uncovered evidence of widespread blackmail within the FBI and in the local government. One of the men in the OCTF, Trent Richards, had begun to investigate Ashley when she suddenly went missing. The club owners had kidnapped Ashley and were planning on selling her to overseas slavers. In the end, Agent Richards saved Ashley and she became somewhat of a legend in the upper echelons of the Bureau.

**Beginning in Ashley Bennet – Slave, Ashley will at times be thinking as Jessica, her alter-ego. For the readers' convenience the author will enclose [Jessica’s thoughts in brackets].**

The author apologizes in advance for the French accent of one of the characters in this story, as well as the Japanese words (which are probably incorrect) used by another of the characters. Too, the author means no disrespect to Italians in the depictions of the Mafia characters in this story. This is fiction, and is not based on any real life experience.


Trent led Bonnie back to his suite inside the mansion. On the way he passed Henry with Ellen and Donald with Marsha. It appeared that the masters with trained slaves were afforded accommodations within the mansion. Sort of a class system, but Trent was okay with it. Better than living in the motel setups. He liked the suite the Westley’s had given him to use.

Once inside, he stood Bonnie in front of the mirror in the oversized bathroom and unzipped the sleeves on the corset to free the woman’s arms. So far she had not spoken a word to him, and that pleased him. He slipped the key to her posture collar lock out of a small Velcro pocket on the back of the collar, unlocked the small lock, and removed the collar.

He gently messaged Bonnie’s neck and saw a look bordering on panic on her face. She was scared, he could tell. Trent wondered what the woman was thinking. Did she think he would throw her down and fuck her right away?

“Jessica has told me a little bit about your problem,” Trent said as he began to pull the laces through the eyelets of the corset. “I’ve been thinking about how I might help you and have already come up with some possible remedies.” He looked around to see a slight look of surprise on her eyes.

“Yes, there’s hope. There are ways to deal with people like this guy, and I know folks who can help us. It’s tricky though, I’ll tell you that up front, and not without risks for you.”

He pulled the long lace through the last hole and removed the corset, leaving Bonnie standing naked except for her ratty wrist and ankle cuffs. Her hands went up to cover her breasts, and then one went down to her pussy. She didn’t know what to cover.

“Honestly slave, instinctively you know that’s not allowed, don’t you?”

He waited patiently, watching her in the mirror.

“That was a question, slave. Do I need to get my crop?”

Bonnie’s hands slowly came away from her body and hung at her sides. “No Master,” she said softly, her cheeks bright red from embarrassment.

“No what? You don’t know any better, or you don’t want me to get my crop?”

“I don’t want you to get your crop Master, and I guess… no, I don’t know what to do.”

The woman looked so embarrassed; Trent really was at a loss as to what he should do with her. Well, they had to get ready for dinner and they both needed a shower, so he would start with that. Just take it one step at a time.

“Come,” he command as he stepped out of his clothes, opened the shower door, and stepped in.

Bonnie looked at the naked man as he stepped into the shower. She had only seen a few men naked in her entire life, and none of them were as fit as this man was. He was quite muscular and firm. The sight of his firm body only heightened her embarrassment over her own miserable body. Nervously, she stepped into the shower behind him.

Trent took one of her wrist cuffs and clipped it to a ring on the shower wall. Then he took her other wrist and clipped it to a ring on the adjoining wall so that she was spread out in one corner of the shower. She was fully aware that her naked body was on full display now, and there was not a thing she could do about it.

Turning the shower heads so that she wouldn’t be directly struck by the water, Trent turned on the faucets and adjusted the temperature. When he had it nice and warm he directed the spray onto the helpless woman and soaked her down, stepping into the spray to get wet, too. He noticed that she was checking out his cock and felt a little twinge in that area. He hadn’t really considered fucking this woman, but… he had to keep his mind on getting ready, boner or no.

“Put your head back,” Trent directed. When she did, he ran the water from the shower head behind her through her hair. Then, taking a hand full of a combined shampoo and body wash he lathered her hair and began to wash her neck and shoulders. As his hands continued to wash her arms and pits Bonnie must have been thinking of what would come next. The woman began to twist away from his touch in what little way she could.

“Stand straight, woman, I don’t have time to chase you.”

Bonnie stood straight and braced herself for his touch on her private parts. She looked down to see Trent’s large erection pointing at her menacingly. It was the largest penis she had ever seen!

Trent was thinking about his mischievous slave Jessica and how she had told Bonnie that he liked large breasts.

Why would she say that? Damn her! It must have been to put Bonnie at ease. I’m sure she’s a little bit self-conscious about her body. Even with her size and excess weight, Bonnie was kind of cute. And, as he began to wash her breasts he felt his penis grow quite hard. Breasts were breasts, but Trent had never touched any breasts quite this large and fleshy before. Maybe he did like large breasts and didn’t even realize it! He looked at Bonnie’s large areolas and then saw her nipples harden.

Quickly moving down he washed her torso and then down her fleshy legs. He had to admit that her body was turning him on, and he was somewhat surprised. Or was it that he had her bound in the shower? Was his dominance of her what was turning him on? Either way, he had to get his mind back on the shower and get this done. Standing up he said, “Spread your legs, slave.”

Bonnie looked at him with a look of sheer panic.

“I won’t hurt you, Bonnie. I’ll say please this once, and I expect you to obey. Please spread your legs.”

Reluctantly, Bonnie side stepped, allowing Trent to wash her pussy. He felt the stubble of new hair and reached over for his razor. “Stand still and I’ll take care of this.”

“No… please don’t…” Bonnie snapped her legs closed.

“Do not disobey me, slave.”

Trent’s harsh rebuke sent a shiver of fear through the bound woman. Bonnie thought of the welt marks on Jessica’s beautiful flesh and knew he would not hesitate to whip her fat ugly body. Close to tears now, Bonnie spread her legs wide.

“Thank you. Obviously you want to stay perfectly still until I’m done.” Trent knelt down and began to trace the razor over her labia and pubic area, feeling with his fingers to make sure all of the little nubs had been shorn off. When he was satisfied, he stood up and rinsed the soap out of her hair.

“Normally I have my slave wash me, but we’re short on time.” Trent quickly washed his own body and hair and then rinsed them both off.

The showers were turned off and Bonnie was released from the hooks. They exited the shower and Trent gave the young woman a towel to dry herself.

“I need to dress and get some things ready for you. Dry your hair and use Jessie’s make up on your face. But please… go very lightly on the make-up. You have a beautiful face and I don’t want it hidden behind a lot of makeup. Find her red lipstick, though, and use that. I want your lips red.”

“Yes Master.” Bonnie watched the naked man walk out of the bathroom and then looked back her own reflection in the mirror. He thinks I have a beautiful face? An incredibly warm feeling flowed through her body that she wasn’t sure she had ever felt before. What ever it was, she liked it. She still thought she was a fat pig, but now… she almost felt happy. She even smiled, as she looked through Jessica’s make up for something that would highlight her face... my beautiful face…and still be pleasing to her… her what? My master? No, to Jessica’s master. Well, my master for a night.

The thought of spending an entire night with this man sent a wave of panic through her. What will he do to me? If I’m not good enough, will he whip me like he did to Jessica? What if I do something wrong? She thought about how it would feel to be whipped like Jessica had been whipped. She had endured it, so how bad could it be?

After about five minutes Trent came back into the bathroom fully dressed. He wore khaki slacks and a white polo shirt. The shirt accentuated his broad shoulders and muscular build. Bonnie’s hands began to move to cover her nakedness, but she bravely stopped herself and sat still, deeply embarrassed.

Trent stood behind Bonnie and examined her face. “Very nicely done. You look sensational. Let me just finish up with your hair. I have an idea of how I’d like you to look.”

Bonnie felt another rush of that same heat she had felt earlier as Jessica’s master took the brush from her hand and used it on her. After brushing her strawberry blonde hair for a few minutes, he swirled it around, twisting it into a bun and asked her for three bobby pins. She looked down on the vanity and then held the pins up for him. A minute later she saw what a beautiful job he had done on her hair. It looked really nice.

“Okay, I’m sure you won’t like this, but I have to take care of your flesh. Please stand and face me, arms out.”

Bonnie stood and turned to see that he held a bottle of aloe. “I’m sure it never occurred to that dimwit to protect your skin out there today. Skin as fair as yours burns so easily. Just look at this.” Bonnie felt herself tremble slightly as Trent began to cover her shoulders with the aloe lotion. He moved around behind her and did the top of her back and then a little on the small of her back.

“Brace yourself, I’m going to touch your breasts,” he whispered in her ear.

Bonnie felt a little light headed all of a sudden and almost reached over to steady herself on the vanity. She felt the man’s hands come around from behind her and begin to lotion her large breasts, tweaking her swollen nipples as his fingers danced lightly over them. His hands felt so… so very wonderful now.

“I don’t mean to embarrass you, Bonnie, but your breasts are… um… they’re really very nice. I want you to be displaying them proudly this evening while we’re with the others. Will you do that for me?”

Bonnie was stunned, but could think of nothing else to say except, “Yes Master.”

“Good girl. Now,” Trent put down the lotion and searched around through Jessica’s makeup kit, “oh good, here it is. God, we’re running so late! But this… will be the perfect thing to really bring out your beauty.”

Trent took the cover off a small glass container, pinched inside with two fingers and then flicked his fingers at Bonnie’s breasts. The woman looked down and saw tiny silver flecks covering her breasts, chest and shoulders.

“Unbelievably sensual!” Trent exclaimed as he replaced the container in Jessie’s bag. “Come with me, quickly.” Trent walked out into the bedroom.

He opened a drawer and pulled out a silver collar. “This was Jessica’s collar when she was in training. I’ve had it altered so that it can be easily slipped on and off.” Trent removed the dog collar Bonnie had been wearing and tossed in the trash can.

“What a piece of shit that is. Now this one, when Jessie wore it, was completely bonded so that it was one piece. There was no way for her to take it off; can you imagine how that felt?”

Bonnie was mesmerized by her image in the mirror but jumped when Trent’s hand slapped her ass sharply.

“Always pay close attention when your master is speaking to you.”

“Um… no Sir, I don’t think I can imagine how that felt.”

“So you were listening after all.” Trent slipped a small lock through the ring at the back of the collar and clicked it shut. Then he quickly unbuckled Bonnie’s ankle and wrists cuffs and tossed them in the trash with the collar.

Opening the box of bondage gear he had received from the Westleys, Trent said, “When I saw this white leather gear I immediately knew it would look sensational against your skin. We’ll see if I was right.”

While he locked on Bonnie’s new cuffs and posture collar, Trent engaged her in idle conversation asking questions about food of all things! Which did she prefer chicken, steak, or seafood? What about vegetables? Did she eat them? Which were her favorites? How about deserts? Did she prefer ice cream or sherbet?

Bonnie was surprised and amused that he would be asking her these questions, but it did sort of take her mind off of the fact that she was naked and he was locking her into a complete set of bondage gear! It sure didn’t take her mind off of food! She was starving!

“Okay, now this will only be on for a little while, so don’t freak out okay? These are a little bit hard to get used to.” Trent stood behind Bonnie and placed a medium sized red ball gag against her lips.

“Not that I’ve ever worn one of course, but that’s what my slave says, open please… wider… there you go. That’s my girl.” Trent ran his hand down Bonnie’s naked side and noticed that the woman didn’t try to avoid his touch.

God, I like this domination shit!

“Almost done, what time is it… 6:30? Oh, that’s not too bad.” Trent took Bonnie’s arms and linked her wrists behind her back. “Now, look in the mirror.”

Trent turned Bonnie slightly so that she could see her profile a little better.

“I want you to notice the difference between the way you are standing now, and this,” Trent pushed back on Bonnie’s shoulders and inwards on the small of her back.

“Wow, see the difference. Go back… like you were.” Bonnie slouched again.

“See? This is a slouch and does nothing for you at all. But here?” Trent gave her the little adjustment nudges again. “Here you are saying ‘I am the beautiful slave of Master Brent, and I am so proud.’ This is how you will present yourself tonight. Do you understand, my beautiful slave girl?”

Trent saw Bonnie nod and then her lips sort of curled up on the sides in a smile.

“What’s that smile for? Do you feel good? You should, you’re frickin’ gorgeous.”

Trent went to the door and opened it. He reached down and picked up a pair of 3” high heels that he had called for earlier, while Bonnie was drying her hair.

“Let me slip these on you, and we’ll be on our way.” Bonnie lifted her foot to allow Trent to put the shoe on her foot. The same was done with the other foot.

Trent stood her in front of the mirror and her eyes went wide.

“I know it’s quite a difference. And with any luck, tonight will be the last time you ever have to wear anything like this, unless you want to, of course. Just so you know, I’m still thinking about your little problem and I’m thinking I can have it resolved within the next day or two.”

Bonnie’s head snapped over to look at Trent.

“Does that surprise you?”

Bonnie shook her head, yes.

“You’re going to like what I have planned, but there may be some sacrifices on your part, a sort of payment. Would you be open to that?”

Bonnie shrugged her shoulders.

“Okay, I can accept that answer for now. But when we talk later you’ll have some decisions to make. Okay?”

Bonnie nodded.

Trent clipped Jessica’s leash onto the ring at the front of Bonnie’s collar and led the woman out of the suite.

“Posture,” Trent said and watched as Bonnie corrected her slouch. “Try to keep that in mind at all times. God, you’re beautiful, I am so proud to have you for the night.”

Trent walked in front of Bonnie, unaware of the tears that rolled out of her big blue eyes.

* * *

Trent was relieved to see that they were not the last ones out to the west lawn. Several groups were still arriving from the hotel end of the mansion. He scanned the crowd and saw Adam and Taylor with their two new slaves, Connie and Jamie, and headed in their direction.

“Master Richard!” Trent looked to his left to see Alisa and Scott waving to him and altered direction to intercept them. He saw Jessica trailing behind the DeBurr’s on a leash. She looked spectacular as always. They had pulled her hair back into a short pony tail and had dressed her in cuffs, collar, and waist band with an attached crotch strap. No dildoes were visible, but the strap itself would have some effect on his lovely slave. Jessica was looking at Bonnie and had a huge smile on her face.

“What is it, slave? You seemed to be amused by something.”

“Your slave is so beautiful, Master!” Jessica gushed. “What a change!”

Bonnie’s cheeks blushed a deep red and she moved closer to Trent. It was the same posturing Jessie had seen earlier when all of the hunting parties were gathered on the lawn. Bonnie definitely felt safer near her master. That was good. Still, she could not get over the change in her new friend. From the fat toad to the beautiful princess. Well, the beautiful captive princess. And she detected some of her glitter on her breasts. Jessica looked at her master and saw a nice smile, and read his lips as he mouthed the words, “Thank you.”

Jessica nodded and moved closer to Alisa, “Thank you,” she mouthed silently and smiled.

“I’m starving, will you join us for dinner, Master Richard?” Scott asked.

“Maybe I can catch up with you, I’d like to have a word with Adam first.”

The groups split up and Trent continued moving towards Adam and Taylor. When they arrived, Taylor gushed over Bonnie.

Bonnie was totally embarrassed and tried to hug against Trent again but he had picked up on the same posturing that Jessie had and corrected her. Trent asked Taylor to take Bonnie for a moment while he had a word with Adam.

“Hey Richard, what’s up?” Adam asked, curious as to why Trent needed to pull him aside.

“There’s a situation here that I need to bring to your attention.”

“There is? What?” Adam looked around like he was expected to see a scuffle or something.

“See my new slave?” Trent nodded towards Bonnie.

“Shit man, you have a golden touch! She doesn’t look like the slave that came here yesterday.”

“That’s the thing. She’s not a slave at all. She’s an accountant that made a mistake and is being blackmailed by that shithead, Jimmy.”

“No shit. How did you find that out?”

“Jessica alerted me to it and asked me to try and help her get out of it.”

“And you’re going to get involved?”

“Absolutely. For personal reasons I’m going to fuck this guy up big time and I just want you to know it’s coming down. But besides the courtesy of informing you of my planned action, I have a proposition and a request to make of you. You’ll need to consult with Taylor I’m sure, so I’m not asking for a response right now.” Trent went on to explain himself.

After he spoke to Adam, Trent spoke with Taylor on a completely separate issue. Bonnie watched her new master intently, wondering what he was talking to the host and hostess about. She wondered if he was discussing her. She wondered if he really could free her from this horrible disaster she had made for herself. Really, why should he get involved? It wasn’t his concern. But he seemed to be doing a lot of thinking about it and even said he could fix it in a couple of days! How? Was it possible?

Bonnie saw him approaching and stood just a little bit straighter. She knew it made her big fleshy breasts stick way out in front of her, but somehow she didn’t mind so much when it was this man looking at her. She really was proud to be his slave. His beautiful slave.

As the dinner service was brought out by the catering company, the guests began to file through the line to fill their plates. Trent took Bonnie’s leash and tucked it into his belt while he walked down the line loading up his plate. It all looked so good! Whole grilled chicken breasts with red potatoes and green beans. Five different types of salad, baked beans, dinner rolls. It was a fabulous spread!

Trent led Bonnie over to a nice grassy area where Henry sat in a whicker chair with Ellen kneeling next to him, and Stephanie White sat with the gorgeous black haired slave, Kay, kneeling next to her.

As Trent sat he motioned for Bonnie to take her place next to him on the ground like the other slaves were. Bonnie was quick to imitate their kneeling posture.

“May I congratulate your new slave on her excellent performance today?” Trent asked Henry.

“You may speak,” Henry said.

“Thank you master. I owe it to your own slave, Jessica.”

Trent choked on his first bite of chicken and reached for his soda.

“Excuse me? What did Jessica have to do with it?”

Ellen looked at Henry and he nodded, taking another bite of his meal.

“I met Jessica on a trail early in the hunt. Another woman… um, slave… and I were trapped down a trail that dead ended at a big fence. We were terrified and I was wondering how I let my husband talk me into this whole thing. Jessica corrected me and said I was doing it to make my master happy.” She looked over at her husband, Jack, sitting a little ways away with his slave for the night, Vicky. “Of course she was right. That was the reason I agreed to do it in the first place, to make Ja… my master, happy. Jessie told me that I should do everything I could to make him really proud of me. And I’m pretty sure I did that today.”

“Oh yeah, you certainly did. Did you see him?” Trent asked Stephanie.

“Yes, it was marvelous,” Stephanie replied.

“May I speak, Mistress?” Kay asked.

“Yes, slave. What do you have to add to this conversation?”

“I was hiding in some bushes with the slave Connie watching your new slave,” she nodded towards Bonnie, “as she was tracked down by her real master. She really struggled well, but it was obvious that he was going to get her. Then, from out of nowhere, the slave Jessica came flying out of the forest and completely broadsided Bonnie's master, sending him right off of his horse. Jessica and your new slave ran for it. I made a noise that Jessica heard and they came and hid from the master with us.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Trent blurted out.

“God’s honest truth, Master. She told us she was trying to keep your new slave away from her master because… well I guess he’s not a good master. I’m sorry, slave,” Kay looked down, embarrassed to have said that last line.

“Is that it?” Stephanie asked.

“Well, Mistress, the slave Connie and I agreed that we should tell the trained slave Gretchen about this master.”

“Why?” Stephanie asked, leaning down to listen more intently.

“Because we were told that he wanted to humiliate his slave and we knew Gretchen really gets off on being humiliated. It seemed like a good fit Mistress.”

“And wouldn’t you know it, this idiot Jimmy, sorry honey,” he looked at Bonnie, “came in with Gretchen,” Henry said, shaking his head. “I really wondered how that could have possibly happened. I mean, I was shocked when I found that out.”

“Well, Master Richard, is it?” Stephanie looked over at Trent while she patted Kay on the head, “it certainly seems that your slave was very busy today. Is she normally this manipulative?”

“You don’t know the half of it,” Trent said as he scooped up a fork full of potatoes.

“Before the hunt started I asked her who she wanted to be nabbed by, fairly sure she would say by me. Instead she told me she wouldn’t mind if Mistress Alisa caught her.”

“Taylor’s daughter?” Stephanie asked.

“Well, what do you know?” Henry nodded past Trent and everyone turned to see Jessica being led by the leash by none other than Alisa DeBurr.

The entire group, including the slaves, burst into laughter and Trent covered his face with his hands.

* * *

A few minutes later Gretchen’s master, Donald, pulled up a chair and sat with Trent’s group. His new slave, Marsha, knelt next to him in the grass and accepted shrimp cocktail from her new master.

Donald joined in the conversation and while they were talking about training facilities, Donald surprised Trent by stating that he and Gretchen had spent a week with Heroshi Ketami. They had met at a club that specialized in rope work, and Ketami had offered to further his training in the arts. Of course, Gretchen went with him and was very happy with the abuse she received while there. The group laughed, now knowing a little bit about Gretchen’s desire for humiliation.

Trent coyly asked if he knew where Ketami’s facility was, but the Japanese torture master used the same precautionary techniques that Sheana did to protect her stable. He was certain that either Ketami or his people had the club under surveillance, always alert for slaves to steal, or masters to teach. After Trent learned the name of the club was The Knot, he changed the subject so as not to seem too interested in Ketami.

Bonnie knelt next to Trent and wondered when he was going to let her eat! She saw Master Henry feeding Ellen pieces of steak and potatoes. And Stephanie had finished with her meal, exclaiming that she couldn’t eat another bite. She had set her plate on the ground and Kay was eagerly scarfing up the remains, which really looked like an entire serving on its own.

But she was still gagged! How was she going to eat? And when?

“Quickly slave, up on your knees,” Trent whispered urgently to Bonnie, “spread your legs wide…even wider, good. Up straight, wench, proudly display those wonderful breasts.” He watched Bonnie comply with his requests and smoothed her blond hair, tucking a stray strand behind her ear. “Head up, eyes down. Good, now stay just like that, our boy Jimmy is coming this way.”

Trent caressed Bonnie’s shoulders and back, trying to look as though he was thoroughly enjoying his slave. It wasn’t hard to do since he really was enjoying his slave.

Everyone pretended to be doing something, but they were all watching Jimmy as he walked by. The man had almost passed when he turned and glanced at the group. He took one more step and then his head whipped back, his mouth completely open as he caught sight of Bonnie.

Is that… Bonnie? She looked beautiful And that man… he’s… he’s caressing her as if he likes her. He noticed the way she knelt, almost like she was proud of that fat, disgusting, body. But it didn’t look so disgusting all of a sudden, especially with the way her face looked… what was it?... happiness? Yes! Bonnie was happy.

He stopped short and Gretchen walked right into him, sending him sprawling on his face. “You stupid cow!” he blurted out. He got up, took one last peek at Bonnie, and then yanked Gretchen’s leash and struck her with his crop.

“You stopped short, beloved Master. I’m sorry; you don’t have to go all postal on me.”

“Shut up, cunt.”

“That’s not very nice, you take that back.”

The group could hear the two arguing until they were out of earshot. They all burst out laughing again.

“Okay princess,” Trent motioned for Bonnie to sit back on her calves again. “Thank you,” he stroked her shoulders and back again, “that was priceless.”

“I think I saw Gretchen plant a foot in front of his before she bumped him,” Henry said.

“She absolutely did, I saw it, too,” Trent said, wiping the tears from his eyes.

“She’s going to kill that kid,” Stephanie added.

“He’s going to wish she did,” Trent said so low that only Bonnie could hear him.

* * *

“Okay, well, that was a wonderful meal, and also wonderful dinner companions,” Trent said as he collected his things and stood. “Thank you all for a very interesting evening. Come.” He gave Bonnie’s collar a little tug with the leash.

Come? But… I haven’t eaten! What about me? Bonnie stomach grumbled as she got to her feet and stood next to Jessica’s master. She felt silly, fat, and very naked as everyone looked their way.

“Yes, good evening. It’s been a pleasure talking with you,” Henry said.

“Same here, good night,” Stephanie said.

“Hope to see you tomorrow,” Donald said, “Good night to you all as well.” He stood and motioned for Marsha to rise and led her towards the buffet line again.

Trent led Bonnie back into the mansion and up to their suite. He took her right into the bathroom and set her on the toilet. “Go pee.”

Bonnie looked up at him and said something through her gag.

“I’m staying right here. Now you go pee, and hurry up. I don’t have all night.”

The woman looked down and looked as though she was trying. Finally a stream of urine hit the bowl and she peed for a long time.

“I knew you must have had to go. I know I do. Here,” Trent took some toilet paper and dabbed her slit dry, tossing the tissue between her legs into the toilet. “Go back into the bedroom and wait for me. He proceeded to take care of his own needs and then washed his hands.

“Okay,” he said as he emerged from the bathroom, “I’m going to have some fun with you and then we’re going to talk. Kneel here, and observe.”

Bonnie knelt down on the plush carpeting and watched as Trent went to one of the large walk-in closets and picked up a duffel bag. He placed the bag on the bed and unzipped it, pulling out a large mass of neatly coiled ropes.

Working silently under Bonnie’s gaze, Trent began to lay the ropes out on the bed. He wove an intricate pattern of rope across the bed, making knots here and there as it suited him, and then taking the two ends of the rope he trailed them off the end of the bed. He took more rope and continued with more loops and knots a little closer to the foot of the bed. Again, the long ends of the rope were laid over the foot of the bed.

“Okay, up here on the bed please, at this end.” Bonnie stood and then crawled up on the bed close to Trent. “Slowly lay back in the center of the bed.” In doing so, Bonnie lay in the middle of the carefully laid out ropes. Trent pulled the looped ends of ropes so that they were all lined up to each side of the supine woman. He took a minute to make sure all of the ropes lay flat against her flesh.

“Now, bear with me, this will take a couple of minutes.”

Trent began to take the ends of his laid out loops and bring them up so that they surrounded Bonnie’s bent thighs and calves, binding her bent legs tightly together.

Ropes were passed through the loops at the ends to pull everything tightly together. Next he worked on the ropes at her waist, repeating the looping process until her waist was securely bound in the ropes coming up from her underneath her. Finally he pulled the ropes under her upper back up and over her chest, spreading them wide to go over and under her large fleshy breasts.

All the while, Trent watched the look of embarrassment on the woman’s face. He had to admit, and his cock verified it, that he was becoming very aroused at her reaction.

When he was done tying the ropes at her chest he stood on the large bed, happy that it supported their weight so well, and looped one set of ropes through a pulley bolted into the ceiling above the bed, and then threading the second set of ropes through another pulley, a foot in front of the first one. Trent went behind Bonnie and pulled her up into a kneeling position. The ropes hugged her body snuggly. The two sets of ropes lined up perfectly with her back bone as they were threaded through all of the loops in the ropes and rose up to the pulleys over head.

Now, getting back on the bed in front of Bonnie he began to pull the ends of the ropes.

Bonnie felt her rope harness getting tighter and suddenly she felt herself lifting off of the bed. She cried out through her gag, but Trent continued to hoist her up. When she was two feet over the bed he stopped and tied the rope off to the sturdy headboard. He looked at his watch and then took it off, setting it down on the bed stand.

Bonnie hung suspended over the bed in a kneeling position. She kept her knees pressed together, realizing that if she parted them her shaven pussy would be fully exposed. She watched Trent move about the suite, packing up his duffel bag and extra rope, whistling. There was a soft knock at the door and Trent walked over to answer it. He said thank you and pulled a cart into the room and then locked the door.

Bonnie wondered what he had asked for and wondered if it was some sort of torture device. She had never felt so utterly exposed in her entire life! What was he going to do to her? The bound and gagged woman watched as the handsome man stepped out of his clothes and then came to the bed, pulling the cart behind him. She saw that his cock was hard. It was so big, she hoped he wasn’t going to rape her, but yet, wondered if she was being completely honest with herself. Thoughts sweeping through her mind were considering what an experienced man would feel like inside of her. She looked down and was embarrassed by her protruding nipples, there for this man to see how aroused she had already become.

As he got closer with the cart, she could smell food! Trent got up on his knees in front of Bonnie and looked into her eyes as he reached around to unbuckle her gag.

“I was extremely pleased with how you conducted yourself this evening, slave Bonnie. I could not have asked for a more disciplined and poised slave to accompany me. And so I have asked that a special treat be prepared just for you.”

He removed her gag and the pooled saliva flowed freely down her chin before she could lift her head to swallow it. Trent picked up a towel he had by the bed and gently wiped her chin and the top of her breast.

He reached over and picked up the cover on the cart and Bonnie couldn’t believe her eyes! She saw a large plate with cut up chicken breast, asparagus, cubed new potatoes, and a large piece of Texas Toast, thinly sliced. Trent reached under the cart and removed a large glass of ice water.

“Okay, are you ready to eat?”

Was she ever! “Yes Master!”

“Ooo, now there’s some enthusiasm.”

Trent took the fork and stabbed the first piece of chicken and placed it into Bonnie’s mouth. The chicken was hot and wonderful and Bonnie doubted she had ever tasted anything quite so delicious before.

He had the meal made especially for me! Because I’ve been… I’ve been a good slave. He’s proud of me!

Bonnie felt on the verge of breaking out in tears. Her eyes watered and she fought to hold back the tears. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt this good about herself, and here she was naked and bound and suspended above a bed, being fed a delicious meal by a naked man. Bonnie realized that she had allowed her legs to separate and that she had been hanging there for who knew how long with her legs spread wide apart. She blushed and brought her knees together again.

The asparagus was tender and warm and the potatoes were seasoned to perfection. The meal could have been served in a five-star restaurant. Trent took his time feeding his slave, holding the straw up for her to sip ice water from time to time. He wiped her chin when she dribbled and the corners of her mouth when food stuck to her red lips.

When Bonnie was done and had taken her last sip of water, Trent reached down and pulled out a small frosty silver cup, shaped like a goblet. He removed the cover and showed Bonnie the serving of rainbow sherbet.

The perfect dessert for a perfect meal. Half way through the meal Bonnie remembered that earlier in the evening, while the man was locking the bondage gear onto her, he had been talking to her about food.

He’s had this planned since before dinner! He purposely didn’t feed me with the others so that he could feed me here in the room. All of the items she was eating now she had told him she liked. They were her favorite foods. There was no asparagus on the buffet, nor was there Texas Toast. Those were things she had told him about earlier. But how…?

Bonnie remembered that the man had talked privately to Mrs. Westley, and he had probably requested the meal then. But how did he know she would be a good… slave?

Because he’s a good master. That’s how.

Bonnie ate the sherbet as Trent fed it to her, a spoonful at a time. When it was gone he packed up the cart and rolled it out into the hallway. Then he returned to the bed and lay down under Bonnie’s suspended body. He turned onto his side, his bare hip touching Bonnie’s legs, and reached into his night stand and removed a vibrator with a large bulb head on it.

“You’re… you’re going to use that… on me?”

“Oh just a little bit. You’ve used a vibrator before?”


“Bonnie, you don’t respect me enough as your master to address me correctly? Would you like me to get out my crop instead of this vibrator?”

“Oh! Master, I’m sorry! Please… I…”

“Okay girl, settle down. I know you’re new to this.” Trent flipped the vibrator on and Bonnie could hear the gentle hum. Then she lurched when she felt it against her butt. The vibrations rattled her entire body.

“I’m sure you’ll want to resist doing this, but I would like you to stop holding your legs together. Your thigh muscles must be quite tired by now.”

A swarm of emotions swept through Bonnie’s mind. If I open my legs he’s going to use that vibrator on me. If I don’t, he’ll use a crop on me. He did ask nicely. What does it matter how he asked? I’m not opening my legs! How can I resist him? I can’t resist him. I don’t want to resist him. I don’t want to resist him? No… I don’t. I want to submit to him.

Her train of thought shocked her! Submit? Allow him to do as he pleases with my body? I can’t let him… I will let him… I have no choice any way, who the hell am I kidding! Bonnie opened her legs and then cried out as Trent held the vibrator against her slit.

“Okay, let’s begin.” Trent turned the vibrator down and stuck it up into the ropes surrounding Bonnie’s tummy. The large bulb head pressed against her abdomen, inches above her shaven slit.

Bonnie looked down to see the man with a pen and a small notebook. “Okay, what’s the twit Jimmy’s full name?”

“I think it’s James Reilly, Master.”

“And what is your company name?”

“H. K. Toulane and Associates, Master.”

“Toulane? I’ve heard of them. Real Estate, Mortgage financing, brokerage.”

“Yes, Master, all of those things.”

“Explain to me how and why you embezzled money and how much.”

Bonnie spent the next ten minutes telling Trent her story, and how Jimmy had stumbled across the accounting error that she had created to cover her tracks. He was an asshole, but a good auditor. She had been paying the money back each month, but at the rate that she had been paying it back it would have taken her ten years to do it.

Trent took the vibrator out and grazed her slit with it again. Then he replaced it in its rope holder and sat up. He wrapped his strong arms around Bonnie and gently nibbled on her erect nipples then kissed her large breasts. Bonnie tried to evade him, but the ropes prevented her from doing anything close to evasion. All it did was made her hot and sweaty.

“You have fantastic breasts, slave, did you know that?”

Breathing somewhat heavily, Bonnie said, “I’ve never thought of them as fantastic, Master.”

“Oh, but you should.” Trent kissed the underside of her right breast as it hung before him and Bonnie let out a slight gasp.

Trent moved back to his place beneath her and removed the vibrator again. He held it up to her nipple and let the vibrations work their way into her hanging mass. Bonnie’s head went back and she groaned aloud.

Trent removed the vibrator and said, “You may only have an orgasm while impaled on my cock. Do you understand, Bonnie?”

Bonnie’s head came forward and Trent saw a look of lust in the woman’s eyes. “Yes Master.”

“And you will only become impaled on my cock when you ask to be impaled. I will not force this upon you. Do you understand that, slave?” He messaged her other nipple with the vibrator.

“Yes, I understand Master.” He thinks I’m going to ask him to fuck me? Jessica told me I would beg him to fuck me. A bright pink flush colored her cheeks. I can’t do that! I could never ask him to do that! That would be too embarrassing. Yet, she had a desire building inside of her that was making her doubt her resolve even as she had these thoughts.

“And if you have an orgasm without my cock inside of you I’ll whip you, and you will not like that. Do you understand that, slave?”

“Yes Master. I understand that, too.”

“Okay.” Trent put the vibrator back under the ropes and made sure the head was positioned properly against her lower abdomen. He turned up the vibrations one click and got a lurching gyration out of Bonnie as a reward.

“Now, I can find this out myself, but it will be quicker if you know Jimmy’s home address and email address.”

Bonnie did know these things as she had been to Jimmy’s apartment many times and had sent him emails. The man wanted to know all sorts of things, all of which he jotted down in his little notebook.

Trent reached up and untied one set of ropes and held onto them very tightly. Bonnie could see the man’s muscles bulge as he held her weight. Then, slowly, he let out the rope. Bonnie tilted forward and let out a frightened cry.

“Don’t worry slave, I won’t let you fall.”

Trent continued to let out the rope, and Bonnie continued to tilt forward until her body was parallel to the bed. Trent scrunched down until his head was directly below Bonnie’s hanging breasts and then he began to suck on her huge nipples and breasts.

“Master! Please stop! Oh my god, that feels….! Oh shit! Master, please…”

The sensations rippling through Bonnie’s body was overwhelming. She had never been so horny in her entire life. She remembered Jessica telling her that she spent most of her time being horny and the rest of her time being screwed. If this is what she meant… oh god how could she survive it?

She felt the man below her working his way down her body. It was just a matter of time until he reached her unprotected cunt! Please don’t! Bonnie begged in her mind.

She already knew she would not be able to stop herself from having an orgasm. Not that she had had many orgasms. In fact, she was sure she had only had two in her entire miserable life. But she knew, one way or another she was going to have number three tonight. There was no longer any doubt in her mind. It was unavoidable. It was just a matter of when, and how much pain she was willing to endure. Was she going to ask him to fuck her? Probably.

Bonnie felt her master working his way down her belly until he was inches from her pussy. He kissed her all around her slit and on her thighs. She felt wetness dripping down her labia and undoubtedly onto the bed linens. Then she felt him pulling himself up until he was lying beneath her again. He reached up, unhooked the ropes and pulled her back to her upright position.

“Now,” Trent said as he tied off the ropes. “Give me the names of everyone in your email address book. Give me the names of your work associates and all of your supervisors and managers.”

Bonnie could barely think now, her mind was foggy with thoughts of her impending orgasm. She collected herself and listed off all of the information that he requested of her.

Again he took the vibrator and pressed it against her sex. She cried out. It was so intense and she was so very horny! Her mind was misty and her thoughts were pure lust. “Oh master! Please, I want you inside of me now.”

“What do you want slave, be specific.” Trent was reaching for a condom.

“I want your cock inside of me.”

“What do you want me to do to you slave?” Trent ran the vibrator over her slit and up her ass and pressed it hard against her asshole.

“Fuck me master! Please! Fuck me now.”

“Are you sure you’re ready?”

Bonnie was breathing hard, trying her best to hold back the orgasm that was just seconds away.

“I’m ready Master! Please ram me with your cock now! Please!” She was very close! “Please Master, oh god, please!”

Trent slipped the condom over his shaft and lowered Bonnie onto his erection. The woman exploded in orgasm and cried out, lurching and throwing her head back. Trent reached up and held her breasts, pinching her nipples and causing her to cry out again. Bonnie’s body slumped in the rope halter and then she came again with a powerful force, soaking Trent’s cock with her juices. She screamed. And then she fainted; the stress of the day, the arousal, and the orgasm – all catching up to her at once.

Rather pleased with himself, Trent lifted the woman’s slumped body off of his cock and tied her off. Then he extricated himself from beneath her and worked at lowering her gently to the bed. He spent the next ten minutes unbinding her and then went to get a damp cloth to wash her.

As Bonnie slept, Trent dug out his satellite phone and dialed Gary Larson’s secure number. He spent the next 20 minutes giving Gary the details and his plan for going forward. Gary had plenty of good ideas, too, and the two were in complete agreement when the call was terminated. Next, Trent picked up the house phone and dialed Adam’s extension. After apologizing for the call, he detailed his new plan and received a verbal agreement from the multi-millionaire.

All of Trent’s plans were coming together now as he lowered the lights and climbed into bed next to Bonnie. He positioned himself so that they were intertwined. This was how he wanted her to awaken; in his arms.

* * *

Jessica was on her elbows and knees, over Scott’s naked body, giving him a very gentle blow-job. She didn’t want him to cum just yet, until the DeBurrs figured out what they wanted to do. Things had been slightly awkward for the trio, but now that they were naked and in bed, everything was going more smoothly.

The naked slave let Scott’s erection fall from her lips and then said to Alisa, “Don’t forget you may do what ever you want to my body while I perform this task for you, Mistress.”

“Like what? What should I be doing?” Alisa laid on the bed next to them, watching Jessica deep throat her husband.

Jessica’s lips suckled the length of Scott’s cock and her tongue flicked at its tip.

“You could always use a crop on me, or a whip. You could torture me with plugs; I have two exposed holes just asking for something to fill them. You could play with my breasts and my nipples, clip them, tie them up. You could caress my slit with your tongue. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, Mistress.”

“And what if my imagination is limited?”

“Then I’d say, lets switch places here and put you in the hot seat!” Jessica smiled and patted the bed.

“I think she’s right, darling. You should be where I am,” Scott agreed.

Scott got up and Jessica positioned Alisa so that she lay across the bed. She asked her to scoot up even further so that her head just barely hung off the side. Now Jessica, who had become the director of their activities, prompted Scott to enter his wife’s mouth with his erection.

Alisa was asked to allow her husband’s cock as far down her throat as possible. She needed to work at it, to breath through her nose and try not to gag. Meanwhile, she would show Alisa what good cunnilingus felt like.

“Oh god!” Alisa said as she lay back and looked upside down at Scott. “I’m scared of how this is going to feel.”

“Have you been thinking about it Mistress?” Jessica said as she gently caressed the woman’s naked thighs. She felt an involuntary shiver pass through the young woman’s thighs.

“Yes,” Alisa moaned.

“Have you thought about when I told you I could please you in many ways, Mistress?”

Alisa’s chest rose and fell more deeply as her breathing became labored. “Yes Jessica, your words have been in my head since you said that to me.”

“And you want to have this slave’s tongue wiggle into your slit?” Jessica kissed Alisa’s white flesh near her slit and felt the woman arch her back.

Jessica nuzzled her face into Alisa’s trimmed pussy hair and then searched out the woman’s slit with her tongue. Her tongue traced a line along the length of Alisa’s slit and then dug in a little deeper to separate her lips.

Holding onto Alisa’s ankles, Jessica pushed them towards her butt so that her legs were now bent. She pressed them even further, rotating Alisa’s hips and forcing the woman’s pussy up off of the bed, bringing it upward to be displayed more prominently.

Alisa knew she was exposed, and she also knew her husband’s cock was down her throat. She had never deep throated anyone before, but in this position it was fairly easy to do. She lurched suddenly as she felt Jessica’s tongue flick her clit.

“Oh, I think you hit something there Jessica.”

Jessica looked up and said, “Master and Mistress, you must to refer to me as Slave and not by the name my master has given me. For tonight, you own me. You own my body. I am not your friend, come over to play. I am your slave whom you will use to satisfy you in every way. And if I don’t, you should punish me.”

“Shut up and continue pleasing your mistress then,” Scott said roughly. Jessica caught a little hint of a smirk on Scott’s face before he straightened it out and looked crossly at her.

“As you command, Master.”

Jessica’s tongue probed deeply into Alisa’s pussy and then stiffened it as she retracted it along the roof of her mistress’s hole. Alisa bucked as the sudden intense sensation caused a wave of heat to flash from her crotch to her brain.

Alisa gurgled on Scott’s cock and gasped, “Oh god!” Instinctively, her hands went down to Jessica’s head and tried to push her away. Jessica held onto Alisa bent legs and pushed against Alisa’s bottom with her shoulders, pressing her face more tightly against Alisa’s cunt. Her lips moved along the woman’s slit until they unsheathed her clit and then she sucked Alisa’s little bud while alternately flicking it with her tongue.

Alisa cried out as her orgasm crashed through her body. Scott had withdrawn his cock from her mouth and was bending over her now, kissing her breasts and stomach. When she had settled down somewhat, the man re-inserted his cock into his wife’s mouth and seconds later released his load down her throat.

Jessica collapsed on the bed next to Alisa and kissed her fully on the lips, parting her lips with her tongue, tasting Scott’s cum. With a wave of her free hand, Jessica directed Scott to come up between Alisa’s legs and, when he was able to, to start making love to his wife. This took only a minute, as he watched Jessica and his wife embraced in a passionate kiss.

Jessica’s hand roamed Alisa’s tight little body and then her fingers worked their way down to her pussy where they gently stroked her clit, while Scott slid noisily in and out of his wife’s super wet cunt. Again, he felt he was near a climax and to his surprise felt his wife’s pussy convulse as a second orgasm swept through her. He added his load to her pussy and then the three fell together, exhausted, on the bed.

“How much do you think it would set us back to buy you from your master?” Alisa panted, her arms just hanging off of the bed over her head.

“I don’t believe he’ll want to sell me, but you’re free to ask him, of course. My master has some $50,000 invested in me so far, I believe.”

Alisa’s stomach shook with laughter and then her whole body shook. “Jessie, I’m not serious.” She continued to laugh. “I would never take you away from your master.”

“Oh, okay, thank you Mistress,” Jessica said rather seriously.

For some reason this made Alisa laugh all the more. Maybe it was the leftover effects of the most mind blowing orgasms she had ever had in her life.

* * *

Trent felt Bonnie stir and pretended to be asleep. He felt her head come up and sensed that she was looking at him. Then her head fell back onto his chest and her arm crossed his body and she held him tightly. Involuntarily his cock began to swell. He willed it to stop because it was going to give away the fact that he was awake, but that wasn’t going to work. He felt wetness on his chest and felt Bonnie’s body convulse against his as the woman sobbed.

Now he had to ‘wake up’. He looked down at her head and then lifted her chin to look into her watery eyes.

“What’s wrong, slave? Did I hurt you?”

“No Master. You were wonderful. You are wonderful.”

Trent’s hands came up to hold the woman firmly in his arms.

“What is it then?”

Trent felt more tears streaming down onto his chest.

“Master… I haven’t been this happy in… in…” She held him even closer. “I’ve never felt this happy.”

“Things will be better for you soon, Bonnie. I made some calls while you rested and the wheels are in motion as we speak.”

Bonnie looked up at him. “They are? You made calls?”

“Yes, dear.” Trent stroked the woman’s hair with his fingers, and traced a line along her jaw and down her neck. “But remember I told you earlier that there would be some sacrifices on your part?” Bonnie nodded. “You can be free of all of your worries, and I mean all of them, if you agree to serve Master and Mistress Westley as their slave.”

“Master?” A series of looks passed through Bonnie’s eyes. “They would take me as their slave? Me?”

Her response surprised Trent. It wasn’t so much that she was shocked that he was asking her to become a slave, but she was questioning that they would want her.

“Bonnie,” Trent held her chin again so that she would look up into his face, “Mistress Taylor is quite taken with you. They told me they were looking for a fourth slave, and when I approached them with this plan Mistress Taylor jumped at it. She’s very excited right now. All I have to do is pick up that phone and it’s a done deal.”

Bonnie sobbed openly and heavily. Trent held her tightly and continued to stroke her head.

“Please call master. I will be their slave. But my job…”

“You’d continue to work, at least for awhile. With the Westleys, there may be better opportunities in the future that you would want to take advantage of. Or they may simply command you to make some changes in your life. For now, to start, it’ll be a weekend job for you.”

“How can I ever thank you?”

“So, your answer, slave?”

“I will serve the Westleys as their slave, Master.”

Trent picked up the phone and pressed the #1. “You have a new slave. Yes. Thank you. Yes, she’s very happy. Okay, I’ll tell her.” Trent hung up the phone.

“What Master, tell me what?”

“Bonnie. I know you’re excited, but this is the type of behavior you must control. I will tell you when I’m ready to. You must wait patiently. That’s what slaves do.”

“Oh! I’m sorry Master.” But Trent could see the woman was beyond excited.

“Okay, here’s the deal.” Trent went up onto his elbows and said, “You’ve agreed to become the Westleys new slave. In return, you’ve been added to their staff and will draw a weekly paycheck. Don’t forget they are millionaires. They pay their domestic staff very well. Your monthly salary will cover your mom’s room and board at the home, plus your car payment.”

“You know I have a car payment?”

“Sweetie, right now I know more about you than you do. Do you trust me?”


“Good. Now, by tomorrow morning the down payment for your mom’s rest home that you had to embezzle funds to pay for will appear to have been paid from the Westleys account.”

“You can do that?”

“No, but my friend and his friends can do that. And much more.” Trent picked up his watch and looked at the time. “They’ve already sent in a team to your former master’s home and accessed his computer. In less than two hours from now there will be nothing left on it that points to you. Also, when he gets home he will have some surprises waiting for him.”

“Like what?”

“I’ll let you read about it in the paper. But right now I need to get some sleep. So up you go, slave. Go and use the bathroom now.” He pointed off to the bathroom and then lay his head down on the pillow and waited for her to come out. When she did, he led her to the foot of the bed where he had pulled a thin mattress.

“But, Master… I haven’t satisfied you tonight. I can…”

“No.” Trent locked the chain onto the link at the front of her silver collar. “My own slave can take care of my needs tomorrow. You lie down and be quiet. I need to rest.”

“Yes Master.” Bonnie lay down on the mattress and pulled the little pillow under her head. Trent flipped off the lights and then turned over.

Ten minutes later, Bonnie softly said, “Master?”

“What is it slave?”

“Would you whip me tomorrow?”

“Whip you? Why would I whip you?”

“I felt Jessica’s welts, and I want to feel what it was like.”

“No you don’t, believe me. You don’t want to feel that.”

“It would make me very happy to feel it.”

“I don’t do things to make slaves happy.”


“Don’t disturb me again.”

Bonnie fell silent.

Trent was drifting off to sleep when he heard, “Master?”

“Damn it! I told you not to disturb me.”

“I know, but…” the woman trailed off when the light clicked on.

Naked, Trent was out of bed and over to Bonnie in a flash. He unlocked the chain from the bed and pulled the startled woman to her feet.

“Come.” He half dragged her into the bathroom and into the shower, quickly lifting her cuffed wrists up by the chain.

“Stand on your tip toes,” he ordered. “Stretch, higher… go higher.” He slipped one of the big links through the hook bolted into the ceiling of the shower. Then he stormed off into the bedroom only to return with the white ball gag and his flogger.


“But… arrgghhh.” Bonnie struggled against the gag but was quickly overtaken.

“Now you deserve this. I have no trouble whipping you when you disobey me. I’m going to give you double the punishment because I think you’re trying to manipulate me.” He stood back and swung the flogger, making sure his first lash was full strength and across her rear end.


A horrible pain flashed through Bonnie as she screamed into her gag and jumped around. The fear in her eyes was evident. The woman had no idea it would hurt that much!

He told me no, that I didn’t want to feel it. Now she knew he was right. She didn’t want to feel it again. What had she been thinking? She felt so stupid now.


Another flash of white hot pain spread across her lower back. Screaming and crying, Bonnie turned on her tip toes to face Trent, her master. She shook her head no, but he held the flogger back in the air. This was not Jimmy with his stupid belt, this was a man who knew how to whip a woman!

SMACK! A blow across Bonnie’s exposed breasts that left her hanging in agony from her wrists. When she looked up the man was gone. Terrified, she looked around and he was not in the shower at all. With some effort she got her toes under her and stood erect again.

Trent re-entered the shower carrying a hood and some nipple clamps. Bonnie shook her head and tried to duck away from Trent, but he quickly had her hooded. She cried out for him to stop, but he had no intention of stopping now. He roughed up her large hanging breasts and then pulled on her nipples until she screamed in pain.

Getting the desired response from her nipples he was able to apply the clamps and was pleased to see the woman shake her breasts to try and dislodge them. He then went over to the shower controls to use a function he had just discovered that afternoon. He turned the water on full, adjusted the temperature, and then pushed in on one of the control knobs.

The water shot out of a couple of the shower heads and then in 30 seconds switched to different heads. The force of the water was triple the normal force because the flow was being directed through three or four of the nozzles at once, not eight. The controller sent water out through the nozzles in random order.

Trent focused each of the shower heads directly at Bonnie’s hanging body. He came up behind her and pressed his erection against her fleshy ass.

“Don’t try to manipulate your master or your mistress. It will cause you a great deal of pain.” Trent reached around and squeezed Bonnie’s breasts until she cried out.

“When Master or Mistress Westley give you a command you will obey them at all times. Do you understand?” Bonnie quickly nodded her head. “You are going to be serving them, isn’t that right?” Another complying nod. “After what they are doing for you, you owe them a great deal now don’t you?” Another nod. “They’re very nice people, probably nicer than me, and you will be a good slave to them won’t you?” Another nod. “I’m going to finish punishing you now, and I want you to learn your lesson here tonight. You are the slave, not the master. Do not be manipulative. Understand?”

Bonnie nodded her head and then stood, waiting for the next lash. She winced as the jets of water struck her body from different angles. The jets actually hurt when they struck her flesh. She jumped to the side when a jet in front of her blasted directly at her pussy, and then jumped back when her master’s whip landed across her back.

Trent didn’t want to add any more marks to her fair skin, so he whipped Bonnie for a few more minutes without bringing his arm back and without flicking his wrists at the end of his stroke. These strokes would hurt, especially against wet flesh, but would not leave welts. He could see that Bonnie would end up with three or four good welts, which was perfect. She had wanted welts, and would end up with a couple good ones to tend.

Finally he grew tired of whipping her and left her hanging with the shower heads blasting her body. He dried off and went back to bed, setting his watch alarm for one hour. It had been a long day, and sleep came quickly.

An hour later he arose and went to the shower. Bonnie was still on her toes, awake. He had to admire her for that. He shut off the water and grabbed a towel. He walked up behind her and brought his hands around under her breasts. She leaned back into him and moaned.

“Brace yourself for some pain, slave. These will hurt more coming off than they did going on.” Trent pressed the spring clips on her nipples and the woman cried out into her gag. Trent put the clips on a shelf and then gently rubbed Bonnie’s flattened nipples.

He took the towel and began to dry her body from hooded head to her toes. He threw the towel in the hamper and reached for his bottle of aloe cream. Squeezing some out into his hands he began to lotion his slave’s welts.

“You’ll end up with a couple of very pretty welts, slave. Will this make you happy?”

Bonnie nodded.

“Good. Try to stretch up.” Trent put his arm around Bonnie and tried to help her stretch up so that he could unclip her chain from the overhead hook. It took some effort, but she was finally released. The exhausted woman sagged as though she was going to lie on the floor but Trent helped her get out of the shower and back to the bedroom. He lay her down on her mattress and kissed her breasts.

“Go to sleep now. We only have a couple of hours left.” He kissed her again.

Bonnie lay in the darkness of her hood, thinking about the lesson that she had just learned. It was possible for a slave to get what she wanted, but it was up to the master to give it to her. And it seemed as though the master could give out way more than the slave desired. There was a fine line, and she should not cross that line again any time soon.

She thought about what she was getting into with the Westleys and knew that it had to be better than being Jimmy’s slave. He was so disgusting, and the Westleys were rich. She couldn’t believe they were paying her bills like they were. That was so incredible. Now she just had to be their slave. She hoped she would be a good slave to them. Slowly, Bonnie drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later, Trent shook Bonnie’s shoulder to wake the woman up. He saw her head move and then she sat up quickly turning her hooded head back and forth, clearly disoriented. Trent placed both hands on her shoulders and held her firmly, and this quieted her down. Moving to the side a little he began to unbuckle the straps on the hood and had it off of her head in a minute.

“Go pee.” Trent ordered, leaving her arms bound behind her back. He got up and followed the woman into the bathroom and then used tissue on her when she had finished. He placed her in front of the mirror as he washed his hands. She was checking out her new welts and Trent could see a sparkle in her eyes.

“I think last night went pretty well, don’t you?”

“Yes Master.” Trent was rewarded with a smile. He picked up the jar of aloe cream and began to cover her sunburned shoulders and neck. He unhooked her wrists and she lifted her arms without being told to so that Trent could apply the cream to her flesh.

“I like the way the hood leaves the crease marks on your face. It’s so obvious you were hooded, and that’s what I want the Westleys to see on you this morning. It’s going to make them very interested in you. It’s not easy to sleep in a hood, so my slave tells me.” Trent continued to cover Bonnie’s new welts with the soothing cream.

“How did you enjoy your whipping? Was it what you thought it would be when you asked for it?”

Bonnie winced in pain as Trent covered the worst one across her ass. “After the first lash I knew I should have listened to you, Master. I didn’t know it would hurt that much.”

“Masters like the Westleys have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to how to handle a slave. They are experienced. Listen to them and do as they say and you will not have to learn this lesson again.”

“Yes Master.”

“I only gave you three real lashes because you’re not my slave. The rest were only playfully administered.”

Bonnie wanted to say that they didn’t feel very playful to her, but knew her place not to speak. Still, she was very happy with the deep red lines that crossed her breasts and waist. She watched the man work the aloe cream onto her naked flesh and blushed to think that he was doing that and she didn’t even try to move away. How obedient she had become in only one day. She realized that she would have hated to have Jimmy doing this to her, but now she was enjoying the attention.

Trent instructed her to wash her face and brush her hair while he dressed. He wanted her hair loose for breakfast. When they joined the others in the dining room he sought out the Westleys and handed the leash to Taylor.

“Oh my, Bonnie, you look simply wonderful this morning,” Taylor gushed as she removed Trent’s leash and attached her own. “Come, kneel here next to me, and let me see you.”

Bonnie knelt as she had seen the trained slaves do, and was rewarded with a stroke of Taylor’s hand across her back. Bonnie blushed as Taylor’s fingers felt the faint lines left by the hood on her face.

Bonnie looked up at her and Taylor said, “You should not look around, only at a spot on the floor a few feet in front of you.”

Bonnie corrected her head and looked at the floor.

“Good girl.” Taylor smoothed down Bonnie’s blonde hair. “I’m so excited to have you as my slave, Bonnie. You’ll stay the day with us, of course, and we’ll have you home by ten this evening. We’ll have lots of fun.”

Bonnie wondered what that meant and also wondered who would be having more fun, guessing it would be the Westleys and not her.

Other slaves were being led into the room and turned over to their real masters. It seemed that everyone had stories to tell and the conversation was very lively. Jessica was led in by Alisa and turned over to Trent. As she passed the leash to him, she leaned over and gave him a big hug and a thank you.

Trent looked down at his beautiful slave and stroked her hair. Jessica felt a familiar warmth flow through her body at the touch of his hand. Her nipples hardened and her pulse quickened. She had caught a quick glimpse of Bonnie kneeling at Taylor’s right and smiled when she saw the welts across her breasts and back. Her master had whipped her! She hoped he would tell her all of the details some time.

After some time it was obvious that Jimmy and Gretchen had not come to breakfast. Adam sent Augustine, who was dressed as a maid again, to knock on their door. A few minutes later the young woman hustled back into the room and whispered into Adam’s ear. He excused himself and asked Donald to come with him

Later, after everyone had departed, Trent learned that when Augustine opened the door she found Gretchen on the floor, naked of course, in a punishment position. Jimmy was bound, hooded, and gagged on the bed with a thick vibrator tied in his asshole. His cock was wrapped loosely in rubber bands and several clips were attached to his scrotum.

Gretchen had had her fun, but was expecting to be punished for it. Or rather, hoping to be punished for it. When Jimmy had been untied he let loose with a string of cusses and went completely off the wall. Adam had told him to shut up or he would leave him alone with Gretchen for the rest of the day. That threat actually shut him up. He was told to pack up and leave.

When he asked about his slave, he was told he no longer had a slave. That didn’t go over very well, but he packed his belongings and left the mansion.

* * *

The next day at work, Bonnie watched with everyone else as an FBI team entered the office and arrested Jimmy. Word made it around the office in a flash that the FBI had received an anonymous tip that Jimmy had been embezzling money and had an offshore account. Apparently there were lots of incriminating files on his home computer and he was looking at serious jail time. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer fellow, was the general consent around the office. Bonnie had been so nervous she had felt like throwing up, but several hours later she was happy as could be and looking forward to the following weekend.

* * *

Trent took Jessica to The Knot twice the following week. They were hoping that someone associated with Ketami would notice his rope work and invite them to the bondage master’s facility. To improve security for Jessica, Gary had talked Derek Harris into letting him join the assault team that stood ready at a safe house outside of LA. He had brought several large trunks of equipment with him and was monitoring Jessica’s GPS signal like a hawk.

On the fourth evening, while Trent played with his severely and intricately bound slave, he noticed four large men coming his way from different directions.

“We have some action coming our way,” he whispered to Jessica as she hung four feet off the floor by four strands of rope woven through her harness. After the men had positioned themselves near Trent, he saw the crowd separate in a wave, and then a large muscular Oriental man appeared.

He bowed and introduced himself. “I am Heroshi Ketami. I have been admiring your work here.” His hand went to touch Jessica but stopped. He looked at Trent with a “May I?” look in his eyes.

Trent waved graciously and said, “Thank you sir. My name is Richard Brent.”

Expecting Ketami to fondle his bound slave, Trent was surprised that Ketami instead caressed the ropes. He saw a look of satisfaction as the master felt how tight the bondage was and tried to get a finger between some of the strands. He couldn’t.

“I’ve been looking for a good rope slave. This one handles the ropes very well. How much do you ask?”

Now the large Asian took hold of Jessica’s breast and fondled it in his huge hand. Instant pain shot through Jessica’s breast and she tried to turn away, but was unable to do anything in her bondage. A cry could be heard through her gag, even in the noisy club.

Trent went to remove the man’s hand but his own arm was halted by one of Ketami’s men.

“I’m sorry; she’s not for sale right now. I would have to get another slave first.”

“I have plenty of slaves that you could choose from. I’d even offer you two for one.”

“It’s just not a good time.” Trent was trying to show he was not in a hurry to get to know this guy.

“Have it your way.”

Jessica’s eyes tried to warn Trent a second before he felt a pin prick in his arm. Seconds later he was lying on the floor unconscious and Jessica was in the back of a windowless van speeding away. Still bound in her master’s ropes, Jessica saw one of the big burly Japanese men take an aerosol can out and point it in her direction. The mist smelled like flowers and seemed very pleasant as she drifted off to sleep.

* * *

It was dark. And silent. Maybe she was asleep and this was a dream. If so, what did it mean? Was she feeling isolated? Had she allowed Trent to take over the mission completely and she now felt like she was not important? It’s funny how she could remember his name now that she was dreaming.

But Trent hadn’t taken over the mission. Without her, he couldn’t get into the places they needed to get into. Like the Knot Club.

Speaking of knots… her stomach felt like it was one big knot. Sudden images of violence in a crowded club flashed through her mind. The needle! [I have to warn my master!] The gag did not permit it. The image of her master falling to the floor and then… Heroshi Ketami, standing in front of her. Jessica lurched at the memory of the large Japanese man cutting her down.

“She’s coming around, tatsujin,” a voice said, somewhere out in the darkness.

Jessie’s mind replayed images of the club, of people looking away as she was being carried out, not wanting to be a witness to what was happening, maybe too scared to act. A last glimpse of her master on the floor, a few people bending down to look at him, to shake his shoulder.

There was a tightness on her body. She could feel it now. What was it? Ropes? Her master’s ropes still binding her? Yes, she could feel their familiar coils, the way he looped her limbs in an intricate pattern. No one had his style. But too, she was feeling intrusions in her ass and pussy. She tried to turn her body, to move in any way, but was held firmly in place. Her breathing was constricted, the rubber ball gag in her mouth, unmovable. The tightness on her skull and loss of sight and sound indicated a heavy leather hood.

But where was she? Fully awake now, Jessica knew she was in big trouble. That’s where she was.

There was no doubt that the Japanese master, Ketami, had taken her. But why? Why her? Did he know she was working for the FBI, or did he think she was really a slave? She would find out soon enough. The knot in her stomach had not gone away. Her thoughts were on her master now. She feared that he was dead. [Oh god! He can’t be dead! What was in the syringe? Surely they wouldn’t murder him right there in the club. It was probably not lethal. But he doesn’t know where I am. No one knows where Ketami’s facility is.]

Jessica felt a hand on her waist. It explored her flesh, running over the ropes at her waist and then down to her hairless pubic mound. The bound woman tried to close her legs but found they were held widely apart. Unheeded, the hand cupped her sex and fingers dipped into her cunt, pressing in beside the dildo that already filled her. Another hand came up her leg and caressed her thigh. It brushed her thigh and then stopped, going back to feel her master’s brand.

As frightened as Jessica was, the touch upon her master’s mark sent a wave of lust to Jessie’s brain. She felt her body glow with warmth as the fingers traced the S.

“This one is branded, tatsujin,” the man said in Japanese.

“Huh? Show me.” Jessica heard the deep voice of Heroshi Ketami, speaking in Japanese, and then felt vibrations as the man approached her hanging form.

“She’s already trained.”

Jessica felt the master’s rough strong hands take a hold of her thigh and turn her flesh to see the mark.

“It’s okay, she’ll be a good rope slave. I’ve seen that she can take the rope for a long time. We can use her. Remove her hood.”


Jessica felt tugging at the rear of her hood as the servant unlaced the ties. Further tugging and jostling, and then the hood was pulled roughly off of her head.

Jessie squinted in the bright lights of a small room. A cell really, with bars at one end and cold stone walls around her. The smaller man reached around and unbuckled the ball gag, removing it from Jessica’s mouth.

“Name,” Ketami demanded, speaking rough English now.

“My master has named me Jessica.” She stole a quick glance at the large Japanese master. He was not a tall man, but he was heavy. Not fat exactly, but large and muscular. Solid.

“I am your master.”

Jessica didn’t know what to say to that, so she remained silent.

“You not cry out? You not beg to be free?”

“I am your slave Master. I will not cry out.” Jessica quickly adapted to her new situation.

Ketami stood with one hand on his bearded chin, contemplating the woman hanging before him. “Who was master you serve before me?”

“Um…” Jessica thought really hard. She had just thought about him in her dream…had just thought about his name. Now… nothing.

“I don’t know his name master.”

“You don’t…” Ketami held Jessie by the chin and looked into her eyes, “You tell me you not know master’s name?”

“Sir! Please! I think I knew it once, but I can never remember it. I try, but… I can’t think of it.”

“Could be hypnosis master,” the other man with Ketami offered.

“Hai, most likely.” Turning back to Jessica he asked, “Who trained you?”

“Mistress Sheana, Master.”

Ketami nodded his head. “Sheana, huh. Interesting. You well disciplined then.” It was stated as a fact. “And where meet master?”

“Mistress Sheana sold me to my mas…my former master.”

A smile formed on Ketami’s lips.

The muscular man held Jessica’s breasts in his hands and gripped them tightly. The pain was instant and Jessica breathed in sharply and tried to hold back her scream. A slight sound escaped her throat before she cut that off too.

To his henchman, Ketami said in Japanese, “At least we can be pretty sure this one has no Mafia ties. Sheana has no connection to American organized crime and would not train a slave for them.”

That was one of the reasons he liked Sheana and had allowed her to operate in the same general area as he did. That, and the fact that they shared a fondness for rope bondage. His spies had located her facilities years ago, but he had never made a move on the woman. He knew who she was and knew things about her past that was not common knowledge. That they shared a dislike for the Mafia was another reason that Ketami tolerated her.

Franky Carpelli was the only man connected to the Mafia that Ketami had any association with. Maybe it was because they had known each other for many years, or because Carpelli was fiercely independent and secretive. In all of these years, he still hadn’t been able to locate Carpelli’s home base! While he knew Carpelli had direct ties to the L.A. Mafia, he knew the man was more of a slave trader than a Family thug. And, if he were to be honest, he simply enjoyed the man’s company.

“Give ten, then release. Inspect flesh. Thorough search. Feed.” Ketami turned and walked towards the cell door.

“Yes Master,” the other man said as he unhooked a three strap whip from his belt.

His arm came up and then around and Jessica’s waist and stomach exploded into pain.

Jessica tried to relax as her Mistress had taught her. Taking deep breaths as the pain registered in her brain, exhaling slowly to release the pain through her breath. It was a mental exercise, for surely a person could not release pain through one’s breath, but it seemed to work most of the time.

Her tormentor brought the whip around and Jessica felt its thongs attack her tightly bound breasts. No amount of breathing could stop her scream as her nipples were abused by the whip. She cried out even before the second lash struck her tightly bound breasts. Now she screamed, the pain intense and searing her flesh. The whipping continued until the ten hard lashes were delivered and Jessica hung limply in her bondage, still impaled on the twin dildoes. Through the pain, Jessica realized there was a difference between punishment and torture. While punishment was meant to be painful, torture was meant to inflict pain.

Unaware that she had even been lowered to the cold stone floor, Jessica realized that most of her bondage had been removed. She tried to clear her head and return to the present. The man was removing the last few coils from around her legs and then he went about picking up all of the pieces.

“Lay on back, arms, legs, out wide.”

Jessica groaned as she turned over onto her back and complied. The man started at her head, running his hands through her hair and inspecting her scalp. Behind her ears, in her ears, her nostrils, her mouth, under her chin, around her slender neck. Down he went to her arms, underarms, hands, fingers, between each finger. His fingers roamed her chest, her breasts, the base of each breast, her nipples, feeling them between his fingers.

Lying on her back, submitting to the groping of the guard, Jessica stared up at the ceiling. She didn’t want to look at the man, roughly groping her. Her head went back as the man unnecessarily pinched her nipples and she noticed a small red nozzle in the corner of her cell, near the ceiling. It appeared to be a fire extinguisher system. She had some knowledge of building codes from her days as a secretary and knew these were gas suppression systems.

Using it as an excuse to get her mind off the probing she was undergoing, Jessica considered the red nozzle. She knew that gas fire suppression systems were used in industrial areas that housed flammable materials. Had this remained from a time when this area was used for a different purpose and was never upgraded? Didn’t they know that if the system discharged it would flood the cells with gas? Everyone would suffocate…. Jessica felt a horrible feeling creep over her as she remembered Mistress Sheana once say that Ketami would kill all of his slaves if his compound were ever raided.

The guard continued inspecting her stomach, her navel, abdomen, and then her vagina, he spread her labia and inserted his fingers, driving them deep, not sexually, but probing, searching. Each leg was inspected, stopping at the brand mark and inspecting it closely. Her feet, each toe, between her toes.

“Over,” he ordered and Jessica painfully turned over onto her stomach. The search continued up her backside, her ass was probed with his thick fingers and then he examined her back and the back of her head again. Jessica hardly noticed the groping hands as she concentrated on the gas nozzle in her cell. She assumed that all of the cells had the nozzles. She would have to figure out how to neutralize the system.

“Eat, whore.”

Jessica heard the iron bars close and wondered what the fuck the guy had been looking for! Ticks? Fleas? She lifted her head to look around her new home. It was a cold bare cell. What was there to look at? No mattress, no can for a toilet. But food, scattered on the floor. Pellets. An inverted water bottle attached to the bars of her cell, close to the floor so she would have to have her head against the cold stone to get a sip.

Painfully, her arms tingling from hours in the ropes, Jessica reached over and picked up a pellet and placed it in her mouth. Does everyone buy this shit from the same vendor? Maybe they could trace down Ketami’s facility by tracing the food? Had anyone ever thought about that? She placed another pellet in her mouth and crunched it and then craned her head as she heard a woman’s screams coming from somewhere down the hall.

Jessica put her head down on the floor and chewed another pellet. The knot was still there, deep in her stomach. She had to believe her master was still alive and would come looking for her. He knew who had taken her, but no one had been able to find his facility before. How was her master going to do it now?

“She’s clean, tatsujin,” the guard reported to Ketami.

“You’re sure…no tracking devices implanted, no microchips? No cuts, no incisions?”

“No master. Her flesh is unblemished, well other than the brand mark and the lashes I just gave her,” he said with a smile.

* * *

“I’m going to have to contact the Westleys” Gary said to Larry Alderson, the captain that led the assault team.

“Still no response from Trent’s sat phone?”

“No, and Ashley’s signal has been off the grid for fifteen hours.”


“I know. This is not good.” Gary got up and paced the floor. “I think we should do a recon on the area where we lost her signal.”

“I’ll send Thompson and Edmonds.”

“They have to be invisible, Larry. No one can see them or Ashley’s life might be in even more danger.” He grabbed his jacket and said he would call after he talked to the Westleys.

Another four hours passed before Captain Alderson’s secure phone chirped. Gary informed him that he had spoken to Adam Westley and confirmed that Trent and Ashley, Jessica to them, had not been seen at the mansion since the previous evening. Trent had told them they were going out, but hadn’t mentioned where. Gary said he would be coming back to the control center and they could begin back tracking Ashley’s signal and trying to identify buildings or locations where the signal had been the previous evening. They needed a lead and they needed it quickly.

* * *

Dana Smythe looked up from her paperwork when she heard the tapping on her door.

“Excuse me Doctor; I have the results from the blood work you ordered.” The nurse handed her a thin folder and then left the office.

Dr. Smythe opened the file and skimmed down the results. The cause of her patient’s comatose state was now quite obvious. The gas chromatograph summary showed trace amounts of Tetrodotoxin, Puffer Fish toxin. In a way this was a relief. Since the patient was not already dead it was clear that the dose was not intended to be lethal. Skimming over the rest of the GC summary the doctor concluded that the solution injected into her patient had been carefully produced to achieve exactly the state he was now in. She closed the folder and picked up the phone and dictated the treatment to be administered via IV. She then went back to her paperwork.

* * *

Jessica heard the sounds of approaching feet and as quickly as she could, made her way to the front of her cell where she pressed herself against the cold bars. She was sore all over her body, but still, she knew what was expected of her as a slave. She knew she must present herself, like she had been taught by Mistress Sheana.

Taking a quick glimpse into the hallway, Jessie saw that three other cells contained slaves that were dutifully presenting themselves. She also saw four men, guards she supposed, coming down the hall. She turned her gaze to the floor in front of her and prayed they were not coming for her.

One of the men stopped and shouted something Japanese into one of the cells. The door to the cell was flung open and two of the men went inside.

“No please! Don’t hurt me! What did I do?” More Japanese was shouted out.

“I don’t underst…EEEYYYII!” the woman screamed and then Jessica saw her body being pressed against the bars. Rope was being passed around the woman pulling her tightly against the bars, her large breasts sticking out into the hallway, her legs spread widely apart and bound.

CRACK! The woman screamed as the whip crashed down on her exposed back.

CRACK! CRACK! A brutal whipping ensued.

The woman screamed and begged and pleaded and then was reduced to simply whimpering, crying, and moaning.

An order from one of the men in the hallway stopped the beating and the men continued down the hall towards Jessica.

To her dismay they stopped at her cell, unlocked the door, and opened it. The same two men that had entered the other cell entered Jessie’s cell while one of the men in the hallway roughly groped her protruding breasts.

“Sodekuchi yaku!” one of the men inside the cell said firmly.

Jessica didn’t know what to do. She was now faced with the same problem that the other slave had had… she didn’t speak Japanese!

“Sodekuchi yaku!” The man pulled her away from the bars and forced her face down, kneeling, against the floor.

Cuffing position. Sodakruchi yeakoo.

Jessica stretched her arms out in front of her and placed her forehead against the floor. She raised her ass into the air, arching her back to do so. As a reward she felt one of the men insert his fingers into her pussy, stroke her several times and then push harder against her hole until several of his fingers had worked their way inside of her. Jessica took a deep breath and tried to prevent her discomfort from being vocalized, as much as she felt like screaming out. He rotated his knuckles inside of her cunt and moved his hand back and forth.

The man in front of her took her wrists and brought them up behind her back, wrapping several loops of rope around them before saying something to the fist fucker. The hand was removed and Jessica was tugged to her feet by her collar. A short leash was attached to the ring at the front of her collar and she was led into the hallway.

The man who seemed to be in charge took his crop and beat the woman’s breasts that were now tied against the bars. She screamed and struggled to get free. He then unzipped his pants and held his cock against her closed lips, looking back he issued orders to the other three men and they continued down the hallway with Jessica in tow.

Just as they were leaving the cell area, Jessica noticed a red plunger button on an electrical box, about nine feet off of the floor. It was hard wired into some electrical conduit that went to the extinguisher system. It looked like it might be the kill button in case of a raid.

* * *

Captain Alderson’s phone chirped. He made the connection and had a short conversation and then closed the phone.

“That was Thompson,” he said to Gary, sitting next to him in the black pickup truck.

“They’re on a roof top, hunkered down. It looks like abandoned warehouses, lots of them. Hard to tell which one would be the target, so they’ll watch the area for awhile before proceeding.”

“Okay. Hey, we just passed a location they were at for a couple of hours, turn around and go back.”

Alderson checked his mirrors and then pulled a u-turn.

“Almost at the coordinates. Should be…”

“Right there, I’m sure.”

Gary looked up and saw a night club called The Knot. It was not well lit and they had driven right by it without even a look.

“Let’s go check it out.”

The two men walked across the street and up to the door. Inside a short hallway were two imposing bouncers.

“What’s the cover? Can we get in?” Gary asked.

“You alone? Where’s your woman?”

“Our woman?” Gary asked.

“You know, your slave. Gots to have a slave to get in here.”

“I told you we should have brought our slave, damn it,” Alderson kidded Gary, trying to make light of the fact that they had already fucked up.

“We’ll go get her.” Gary went to turn and then asked, “Say, I heard there was some trouble here last night. Is it safe to bring her here?”

“Oh sure. We got good security.”

“What happened exactly? Should I be worried?”

“Naw, some guy had heart problems or something. We dragged him out so the medics could get him.”

“Where’d they take him? Hospital?”

“I guess. They took him in an ambulance.”

“Well, thanks, we’ll be back.”

The two men ran back to their truck and punched in “hospitals” on their GPS.

* * *

Heroshi Ketami sat in a large wicker chair, pillows supporting his muscular frame. A naked woman, her back and shoulders red with welts, knelt between his legs with her lips around his cock. Ketami was on his phone, speaking rapidly and irritably. He looked up to see three of his men bringing Jessica into the room and motioned for them to leave her.

Jessica stood in proper form, legs apart, chest out displaying her ample bosoms, head slightly tilted down looking at the floor. She was terrified, yet oddly… horny.

Why am I horny? [This man is our master now.] No. Our master is still…the same. [We serve this man until our old master comes for us.]

Jessica stole another glance at Ketami’s cock as the woman’s lips rose and fell on it. She felt her knees weaken at the thought of his cock in her own mouth. She knew that was wrong, but also knew she wanted it.

Lying on the floor directly in front of the master was a petite young woman, bolted to the floor. She lay on her back with her arms stretched out above her head. Iron clamps surrounded her wrists and elbows, bolts held them flat against the floor. Bolted iron clamps also surrounded her neck, knees, and ankles, holding her legs spread widely apart. A mechanical piston machine was stationed between her legs, driving dildoes slowly into her cunt and her anus. A larger bar was bolted across her waist to prevent any movement. The woman was securely bolted to the floor.

Her head was inside a wooden box that had the cover removed, allowing the woman to stare up at the ceiling. But in her case she was looking at a large bowl that was slowly filling with water. The shape of the bowl was such that, as it filled it also began to tip. It was nearing that point now and Jessica stood by helplessly as the bowl dumped its contents into the box. The woman’s head was underwater for nearly a minute before it drained away through small holes along the bottom.

The men left Jessica standing in front of the bound woman. She stood with her head bowed until she heard Ketami say something to her, and then she looked up at him.

“Sukuwatto!” The master said, pointing at the kneeling woman before him.

Jessica knelt in her best kneeling position, hoping that was what he meant.

Ketami smiled. “Sakuwatto.” He took his crop and smacked his little cock sucker several times on her already red ass. “Faster whore. But do not make me cum.”

The woman’s head moved faster on the master’s cock.

Ketami threw a multi-strand flogger to Jessica and said, “Kakuhun.” He made a whipping motion and pointed at the woman bolted to the floor.

Oh no, don’t make me do that! But Jessica knew she had no choice.

Fighting back tears and remembering when her master had made Tammy whip her, Jessica picked up the whip and hesitated.

“Kakuhun…whip!!” Ketami roared and Jessica’s back exploded in pain as one of the Japanese master’s henchman whipped her from behind.

The frightened blonde lifted the flogger and brought it down on the bound woman’s stomach. The bound woman screamed in pain.

Jessica looked up at the Japanese master and saw a look of lust in his eyes.

“Kukuhun!” he ordered.

Jessica delivered another lash to the woman’s stomach.

“Do better sureibu. Over body.” He motioned left and right with his big finger.

Jessica laid a lashing on the woman’s legs, not wanting to turn her attention to her breasts.

“More hard sureibu,” Ketami said. “Eeyyi, dirty saseko, not ready!” The large man was looking down at the woman sucking his cock. He grabbed her head and forced her down until her face pressed against his muscular stomach, forcing his throbbing cock deeply into her throat as he came.

Gurgling and gagging sounds could be heard coming from the woman’s throat, but she was not released. All the while he was making rotating motions with his other hand, spurring Jessica on with the whip.

The water in the bowl was nearly at its apex and the bowl was beginning to tip.

Master Ketami thrust the woman on his cock aside like a rag doll and she merely cowered where she landed. He stood and looked down into the box at the woman bound there. Then he looked at Jessica and said, “Kusuguru… um… tickle.” He made little tickling movements with his fingers.

Jessica put down the whip and leaned forward, peering into the box at the terrified woman. She reached around and placed her fingers on the woman’s rib cage and began to lightly tickle the woman.

The bound woman struggled, an impossibly pained look on her face. “No, please don’t!” She whimpered. “Please…” then she started to laugh. But it wasn’t a normal laugh that a tickled person would give; it was a tortured laugh that someone gives when they’re scared.

The woman twisted as much as she could, trying to avoid Jessica’s fingers. Now Jessie began to work her way up the woman’s sides, towards her exposed underarms. Her fingers traced lightly over her flesh sending the woman into hysterics. She was begging for the tickling to stop and crying out, screaming. Then the water tipped and Jessica saw the box fill with water, submerging her head. She closed her mouth to conserve air.

“Kusuguru! Tickle or you whipped!” Ketami ordered and Jessie yelped as the man behind her laid a solid lash across her back and side.

Jessica put her fingers on the woman’s waist but held off actually tickling her, trying to bide some time for the water to recede. She jumped as another blow landed across her ass, wrapping around to her stomach. Finally she started to tickle the woman and saw bubbles coming up through the water as the woman reacted.

“Ah Hirsohi-san, there you are.” Jessica heard a male voice behind her.

“Royce-san, I did not know you were coming today,” Ketami said roughly.

“In the area and thought I’d stop in and see if you had any new girls for me? Who do we have here?” The man came around Jessica and gazed down at her. “Look up girl, let me see your face.”

Jessica looked up at the man. He was in his 50’s, well dressed, and had a scar along the ridge of his chin. His hair was thin and graying.

“Remove saseko,” Ketami said to the guard behind Jessie, pointing at the cock sucker that had brought him off too soon. “Sakujou saseko, come.” Ketami was motioning for Jessica to come up to him.

“This slave not for sale Royce-san.”

“No, no, I can see she is too fine. Trained is she? Where did you get her?”

Jessica considered standing to go to the master, but decided crawling would please him more. So she crawled on her hands and knees, head down, to the Japanese master.

Watching his new rope slave crawl to him was very pleasing to Ketami. Her white flesh was almost ghostly. He considered naming her Neesan Konpaku, Ghost Girl, and mentioned it to Royce.

“Neesan Konpaku, I like that Master Ketami. It has a nice ring to it and describes her perfectly.”

Ketami continued to admire Jessica and was becoming annoyed at this man’s unannounced intrusion.

“Busy now, Royce-san. Not good time. Welcome to play with other whores in cells.”

“Okay Master. I won’t spoil your fun with your ghost girl. I have cash today though, and have room for three of your whores if you have any ready.”

“Talk later.” Ketami motioned with his hand that the man should leave.

The man bowed slightly and left the room in the direction of the slave cells.

When Jessica got close enough to Ketami, he grabbed a hold of her collar and pulled her roughly towards his crotch.

“Clean saseko.”

Jessica leaned into the man’s crotch and began to lick his slumbering cock with her tongue. She placed her hands behind her back and kept her knees wide, using her stomach muscles to hold her body horizontally and to keep her head between his legs. The smell of his recent ejaculation was strong and Jessica’s own juices began to flow as the odor filled her nostrils. She could smell the raw sex of the man and sensed his manhood beginning to respond to her tongue. Instinctively she took his growing shaft into her mouth.

“Owww!” she cried out as Ketami grabbed her by her hair and jerked her head up.

“Did not say suck, only clean.”

“Yes Master,” Jessica said as she lowered her head and sucked on his hairy testicle, licking it clean of his juices and then moving to the other one. Again, wishing she could take his cock into her mouth, she licked the length of his fully erect cock.

“Is good. Come.” Ketami stood and jerked Jessica to her feet and half dragged her down the three steps to floor level. He sat his new slave on the floor of the large room and walked over to a large tool box. He grabbed the handle and dragged it over to where Jessica sat on the floor.

“Legs here,” he pulled Jessica’s ankles up against her butt. “Tuck head.” He forced the woman to place her head between her knees so that she was looking down at her breasts, stomach, and pussy. “Arms, hold legs.” He placed her arms around her legs so that she was holding them together, her head still between her knees.

“Do not move.”

Jessica heard a drawer on the toolbox open and then felt a rope being passed around her waist. The rope was drawn tight and then looped up through the open space between her breasts and then over her shoulder and down her back. Ketami spent the next half an hour threading ropes through and around her body until Jessica was tightly bound in the sitting position Ketami had placed her in. She heard a winch sound and then felt tugging at the ropes on her shoulders and felt herself being lifted off of the ground, a bundle of flesh inside a cocoon of rope. The only flesh actually exposed was her ass and pussy, which now hung openly exposed beneath her.

Jessica heard Ketami issuing orders and then saw hands beneath her with a tube of some sort. A moment later the tube was being inserted into her anus. She remembered the previous weekend at the Westleys, the poor women who were given enemas, and had a sick feeling she was about to experience it first hand. The thought of it was revolting and she was even more terrified because she hadn’t been allowed to potty since she had gotten there! She had to take a shit in the worse way!

She felt Ketami’s hand on her rope bound shoulder and could see the tube between her legs. A clear liquid had begun to flow down the tube and she felt her bowels getting warm. The pain was intense and she bucked in her rope bondage.

A pair of very strong hands kept her body still as the liquid continued to flow into her. Tears ran down her legs, her head still cocooned between her knees as the liquid flowed non-stop. Her bowels cramped and Jessica cried out in pain, but the liquid continued. Now her colon was full and it pressed against the ropes that had been bound tightly around her torso. No slack had been given to accommodate the large enema, and now her liquid filled colon pressed against the ropes.

Jessica felt nauseous and thought she might vomit, but was able to control the impulse. Still, the cramping and the pain were intense. Finally the hose was released and the woman forced herself to clamp her anus tight as the hose was withdrawn. Still, she could feel liquid dripping down her ass.

She heard whimpering from the woman who had been stretched out on the floor. As she swung slightly in her rope cocoon, Jessica caught a glimpse of the woman below her. She was hanging directly over the box the woman’s head was in.

Oh please, not that! Don’t make me do that!

Jessica cried even more and then lurched when she felt, then saw, the head of a dildo being pressed against her tortured anus. The dildo was forced in, inch by inch. There was no room in Jessica’s ass for the monster! But yet it was pushed upwards. Finally, the narrow end of the dildo slipped past the ring in Jessie’s anus and the monster was held in place.

The pain in Jessica’s ass and stomach was intense. She had never felt anything so horrible in her life and she cried out in agony. Ketami roared with laughter and spun his sakujou sureibu around. His new rope slave was exquisite. If only he knew who to thank for her, he might send him a couple of nipples some day.

* * *

“Thank goodness you came,” Dr. Smythe said as she led Gary and Captain Alderson into Trent’s room. “His vitals are good, improving rapidly in fact.”

The doctor picked up Trent’s chart and looked at the most recent data. “I’m fairly confident that he’ll regain consciousness today, any time actually. The poison has been flushed out of his system and we took him off of the blood filtration system about three hours ago.”

“Richard, can you hear me.” Gary was careful to use Trent’s mission name.

“He just stirred, did you see it?” Larry asked.

“I saw it,” Dr. Smythe said. “Speak to him some more.”

“Richard, it’s Gary and Larry. Oh that’s cute, Gary and Larry. Hey man, wake up.” Gary gently shook Trent’s shoulder. “Time to wake up, dude. We’ve got to find Jessie.”

Trent’s mouth began to move. His lips, dried and cracked, formed the word, Jessica.

“Yes, Jessica. You’ve got to wake up now.”

Trent eyes blinked open. He looked around, gathering information on his location and the people in the room. He motioned with his fingers for Gary to come closer.

“Ketami has her,” he said weakly. “Must find. Use her signal.”

Gary looked up at the doctor. “Can we talk with your patient in private? Do you need to do anything else with him right now?”

“I’ll give you a couple of minutes.” The doctor left the room and closed the door.

“We lost the signal last night. We have a general area and two of our guys are scouting it out. But we don’t have her exact location yet.”

“Oh god!” Trent worked his mouth. “Got to get out of here.”

“Sorry buddy, but you’re in no shape to move just yet.” Gary held Trent down and sat on the edge of the bed. “We got a whole unit out there ready to move when we have her location. There’s absolutely nothing you can do right now except get your strength back. You’ll be released in no time I’m sure. In the meanwhile let the team handle it.”

Trent’s body went slack as he processed the information. He knew he was too weak to move and he also knew the team was well equipped to locate Ashley.

The men spent the next couple of minutes filling Trent in on everything they had learned and what the team was doing to find Ashley. The last message from Thompson was that they had seen an SUV enter one of the warehouses and not come out. Gary was waiting to hear back from his recon team. The rest of the team was getting prepped for an assault.

* * *

Jessica hung in her cocoon of ropes for what seemed an eternity. The cramping had finally subsided but her need to expel the enema and contents of her bowels had only increased. She could see the face of the woman below her, sometimes their eyes would meet.

A flurry of words were exchanged in Japanese and Jessica sensed that Ketami had left the room. She saw the woman crane her head up as far as she could to look over the top of the box that surrounded her head.

She put her head back down and said, “You’re new here. Where are you from?”

Jessica didn’t really know how to respond to that. She didn’t want to say Philadelphia because that might give something away. She didn’t know this woman. Besides, Ketami could force her to repeat anything that was revealed to her.

“I have no home,” she finally said. “I lived with my master in L.A. before I was taken."

“I’m Diane. What’s your name?”


“Sorry to meet you like this.”

They shared a few minutes of silence and then Diane said, “He’ll make you empty yourself onto me. I know that. You’ll have no choice but to do it.”

“I don’t want to,” Jessica replied.

“But you will. Just do it. He’ll make you do it sooner or later, so save yourself the abuse and just do it when he tells you to.”

“I have to go so bad. I’m sorry.”

“Try not to blame yourself. I’ve been in your position, although not tied up like you are. You’re his new sakujou sureibu.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Rope slave. You have a special place among his human toys, I’m afraid.”

“Why do you say, I’m afraid?”

“The master loves to bind us in ropes, but he always has his rope slave nearby. You’ll be receiving his attention more than anyone.”

“Oh god.”

“I’m sorry, Jessica. I’m so sorry for you.” There was a moment of quiet and then Diane said, “Nice brand, by the way. Did your master do that to you?”

Jessica felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment. Of course the woman was looking right up at her exposed ass end. Her pussy was fully exposed and she could see her brand.

“Yes,” she relied. “That’s my master’s mark.”

“Must’ve hurt like hell.”

“Yeah, it was pretty painful, but only for awhile. It was worth it. I love it there.”

“I hope you get to see him again some day.” The words were said in sort of a sad, lower, voice.

“I will, and soon, too.”

Diane didn’t comment on that. She had no hopes of ever leaving this hell alive, and held out little hope for the new rope slave either.

Footsteps approached the women and then Jessica saw Ketami stooping down to peer up into her cocoon from between her ankles.

“How you do sureibo? Must need to relieve.” His hand jostled with the butt plug, rotating it and sending waves of agony through Jessica’s tortured ass.

“I remove. You no go. You hold. You go when I say you go. Understand?”

“Yes Master,” Jessica replied, her words muffled by the ropes around her.

“You say, Hai tatsujin. Yes master. Hai tatsujin.”

“Hai tatsujin,” Jessica repeated.”

“Sasuga. That mean good. Now hold.” Ketami rotated the butt plug and began to slowly remove it from Jessie’s asshole. Liquid leaked out, tiny sprays, but the bound slave was able to clench her muscles around the dildo as it was removed.

With the plug out, Jessica had to use every ounce of her strength to keep from relieving herself. The urge was so great, the woman broke out in a sweat from the strain.

Ketami’s hand caressed her bare behind and then his fingers came up and into her pussy.

“Why you wet slave?”

Jessica nearly died of embarrassment. She had been horny since coming into the room and seeing Ketami’s cock. She had been reprimanded for trying to suck him off, and now she was still wet while in this extremely humiliating situation! She didn’t know why she was so fucking horny! But the reality was she was usually horny. It was like a normal state of mind for her, and she knew it.

“I ask question, saseko. Why cunt wet?” Ketami pinched her clit between his fingers, squeezing hard.”

Jessica cried out and then said, “Your touch, master…um tasugi…tatsu….”


“It’s your touch, tatsujin. I don’t want to respond to it, but I can’t help it. You make me wet.”

“Is not normal response to my touch, but it pleases me. You may go.”

“Go mas…tatsujin?”

“Go. Relieve.”

Jessica looked down at Diane below her. She couldn’t do it to her! It would be so gross! She lurched when she felt Ketami’s hand spank her ass.

“Go now, saseko.” More hard spanks reddened Jessica’s ass.

“Go now or I use prod.”

Jessica looked down between her legs to the opening of the rope cocoon and saw the forked end of a Ketami’s cattle prod.

No please! Don’t! “EEEYYAAHH!” Jessica screamed as the prod touched her exposed ass and shocked her.

She clenched her ass with every bit of strength she had left. She was going to show this fucker what resolve was. Sweat dripped down her hot body as he zapped her again. Jessie screamed again but held the liquids in.

“Why not go? Why disobey tatsujin? Not make sense.” He pressed the prod against the flesh between Jessica’s asshole and pussy and pressed the button.

A solid stream of disgustingly chunky brown liquid exploded from Jessica’s ass and splattered violently onto Diane’s trapped head. She turned her head, but there was no escaping the onrush of stinky liquid.

Jessica’s body was wracked with extreme cramping as another gush of liquid was expelled. Her sobs could be heard outside the rope cocoon and her body shook as liquid continued to drain out of her ass onto the helpless woman below.

Finally her discharge was reduced to only a dribble and Jessica felt herself being lowered to the floor. She saw a knife appear near her ankles and felt the ropes begin to slacken as they were cut away.

As soon as her arms were freed they were jerked behind her back and her cuffs were linked together before the remainder of the ropes was removed. Jessie cried out as Ketami grabbed a handful of her hair and dragged her over to the box. With one hand he pressed her into a kneeling position with her head hanging over the box while he pressed the thumb of his other hand against her asshole.

The stench in the box was awful and Jessica nearly vomited. She was amazed that Diane hadn’t vomited already. Diane did not look over at Jessica, but only stared at the ceiling.

Jessie squirmed but was easily held at bay. She yelped as Ketami’s thumb pressed further into her rectum and then moaned as he pulled on her hole, moving his thumb back and forth and around.

Ketami picked up his flogger and turned it around so that he could press the small rounded tip of the handle against Jessica’s asshole. Leaning down, he spit several times, the saliva collecting in the small divot of her hole. The tapered end of the whip handle was pressed against Jessie’s hole and pushed forward.

“Aaaagghh,” Jessie moaned as she felt the object enter her ass. Slowly, it was pressed in, the handle widening as it went. Ketami rotated the handle like a joy stick, working Jessie’s sphincter. He playfully fucked her while readjusting his hold on her hair, causing her to grunt and squeal in an extremely pleasurable manner.

This foreplay was making Ketami extremely aroused. He was becoming more and more delighted with his new acquisition! Unable to wait any longer, the Japanese master removed the flogger handle and moved closer to Jessica, his hard cock in his hand, pressing it against her open hole.

Jessica felt his cock enter her and her body shuddered. She tried to break his grip on her hair but stopped, feeling like the man would rip her hair right out before he would loosen his grip.

Ketami seemed to be worked up into quite a frenzy and he began to slap Jessie’s ass as he fucked her. His fingers took in more of Jessie’s hair and pulled back on her head, and then pushed her head in the other direction towards the vile shit filled box.

On a basic, human level, Jessica knew she was being raped. It was a rape, classic definition. The large Japanese man was forcing himself on her, brutally ramming her asshole with his cock. But it felt so good! God! Jessica found herself closing her eyes and trying to take in every sensation, every little pain, every little pleasure, as her pussy cried out for the same abuse. She felt her breasts swaying beneath her to the rhythm of her attacker, occasionally striking the side of the box. She felt the pressure on her neck, at times causing little sparks to fly before her eyes as she felt close to losing consciousness. She felt the tugging at her matted blonde hair, his big hands just grabbing what hair he could to yank on her head. She felt herself nearing a climax.

Don’t do it! Don’t cum! [He feels so good, though. He didn’t say not to cum.] He’s not expecting me to like this! [It will surprise him.] He may not like surprises. [Fuck him then.]

Jessica’s breathing became labored and her skin flushed with perspiration as her brain responded to her body. The first wave of orgasm built up in her loins and was overtaking her.

“Huh?” Ketami’s rhythm was slightly thrown off as he realized what was occurring. He pulled her head back roughly and tossed her to the floor, slapping her face as her head passed by him. “You cum? You…you not to cum. I no say.”

Jessica tried her hardest not to laugh at the man. She really didn’t want to die just yet. “Tatsujin! My control is not that good yet! I’m not used to the power that I feel from you. It’s very stimulating. I’m sorry!”

Again, Jessica fought the urge to laugh. The look on the master’s face was priceless. He really hadn’t expected her to climax from being raped in the ass. Well, she hadn’t really expected it either, but the joke was still on him.

His large arm came up and he slapped her again, rage emanating from him like sonic booms.

Ketami bellowed something out in Japanese and a guard appeared in the doorway. Jessica was pulled to her feet and the guard tugged her by the collar back to her cell and thrown in. She lay on her side near the front of her cage, panting. Her cheeks stung from being slapped and her ass was on fire.

It took some time to calm herself but as she lay on the cold floor of her cell she caught a glimpse of the little red Kill button on the wall in the hallway. Somehow she had to disable the system. Somehow she had to get loose without her wrists bound behind her back. She couldn’t imagine that happening, but she had to be ready to act if it did.

Studying the box and all of the wires and conduits around it, Jessie tried to make sense out of them. She was no electrician, but the wires all had some purpose and it was possible that she might figure them out. One of the conduits coming out of the box ran down the length of the hall with branch lines running into each of the cells. Another wire line ran up to the ceiling and was met by four other conduits. Together, they went across the ceiling and then out of sight. It seemed that these lines were coming from other parts of the building and were all coming down here and going somewhere together. Probably to the source for the gas.

Jessie wondered what type of gas they would use. Not that it mattered. Any gas that replaced the oxygen in the cells would have the same effect: suffocation.

She laid her head on the cold floor and felt exhaustion sweep through her body. She smiled, now that she could, and thought about the look of astonishment on the Japanese man’s face. She had fucked his ego, and the smile disappeared from her face. It was probably not the smartest thing she had ever done.

* * *

Agents Thompson and Edmonds hugged the side of the building, staying in the shadow that a large pillar afforded them. They had just spent two hours in a low ditch on their stomachs crossing over from the adjacent building. Most surveillance activities were blown because people were too impatient and simply gave themselves away.

The two agents had long ago spotted the cameras sweeping the area. They knew the ditch provided excellent cover as long as they moved slowly and stopped when the cameras rotated in their direction. Now they were in a dead zone; an area the cameras could not see.

Edmonds hooked up Mr. Larson’s electronic gizmo to the small key pad next to the access door and pressed the little red button like he had been shown to do. The seconds ticked by and then a green light came on and they both heard a click. Thompson turned the knob and the men were in the empty warehouse. The leader reached into his jacket and took out his radio, pressing a button on the side twice. Across the street, two more heavily armed agents began their crawl through the ditch.

* * *

Jessica was startled awake by the clanging of her cell door opening. She sprang to her knees but not before a backhand across her cheek knocked her down again. Dazed, she lay on her side for a second before a tug on her collar caused her to propel herself to her feet. She was led into the hall where nine other naked women stood silently.

Jessica melted into them as they were led down the hallway. She sneaked a peek at the conduits over head and saw them disappear into the wall, high up near the ceiling. Once through the doorway, she saw a door on the adjacent wall. There was a good chance the wires were going into a room behind that door.

The women were led into a large wet room and their wrists were unlocked so they could raise their arms. The guards began to hose them all down. Jessica saw Diane and worked her way over to her.

“You took a chance angering the master like that,” Diane hissed.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Shit. I thought he was going to kill you.”

“Can you cause a diversion for me?”

“What?” desperation obvious in her voice. “Are you fucking insane?”

“Just fall down and pretend you’re injured or something.”

“Stay away from me.”

“Please. I have to do something.”

“I’ll fall down, but that’s it.”

Jessica moved away and stood with a couple of women that were closer to the door. Just then the guard turned the hose onto Diane and she fell to the floor. She clutched her ankle and cried out.

Jessie ducked out of the door and quickly backtracked to the door she had seen. She smiled when she opened the door and saw the two rows of large red tanks. CO2, just as she had suspected.

The conduits all came down to meet at one large box that was at the end of the cylinder lines. A large coupling was between the box and a switch box. Jessica looked around the room and spotted a large pipe wrench. Barely able to lift the wrench, she placed it on the coupling and tried to turn it. The fitting was tight and would not budge! She pulled with all her strength but wasn’t strong enough to turn the giant fitting. She moved the heavy pipe wrench up to a higher position on the coupling and hung from it, bouncing up and down. She felt the fitting move and she bounced even harder, hanging her full weight on the handle of the wrench. The fitting gave, dropping her painfully to her knees. She quickly stood up and began to turn the fitting by hand. Once she had the two parts separated she placed them loosely back together so that the break in the line was not noticeable. She slipped out of the room and made her way back to the wet room.

She looked through the crack in the door and saw one of the guards nervously counting women. She spotted Diane and saw that the woman was aware that she was standing outside of the door.

“Owww!” she cried out again, clutching her ankle.

Jessie immediately stepped into the room and took two more steps to be with the other women. She knew she only had one or two seconds to make her entrance before the guard looked back. He began counting again and then a look of relief came over his face. Apparently it wasn’t a good thing for the guards to anger the master either.

* * *

At one in the morning Trent’s satellite phone chirped. He flipped it open.

“We’ve found a way into the lower level and I’m picking up her signal again. We have a lock on her, buddy.”

“You guys be very careful, Gary.”

“We’ll be careful. Make your calls and stand by. I’ll let you know when the entire team is inside and ready to strike.”

“Ten four.” Trent pressed the end button and then dialed the number for the local emergency management team. They would need to mobilize a small army of medical teams and victim response personnel, not to mention police and fire. He had already made contact with the area coordinator, using an alias set up by Derek Harris in Washington, so that this call would not be out of the blue.

The coordinator had made arrangements for adequate staff to be on duty without any explanations of why. She had been told it was a secure operation out of Washington, and understood the need for secrecy. If all went well, Trent would see that the woman was rewarded in some way for her help.

* * *

“You want to cum. I make you cum.” Ketami had Jessica bound on a table top in his private quarters. She had been laboriously hog-tied with a mile of Ketami’s favorite clothesline rope and then flipped over onto her back so that her legs and arms were pinned under her naked body. Her welt covered breasts poked up through the ropes and her well toned stomach was left uncovered. These areas he planned on playing with later.

Her head was pulled back so that she looked back away from her body. A hard rubber dildo on the end of a rod entered her mouth and traveled back and forth, propelled by a softly purring motor. Similarly, her ass and pussy were being mechanically fucked by rather large dildoes. These two intruders would stop every so often and emit violent vibrations. Jessie had already had one orgasm and was building up to her second.

The bondage master smiled as he felt the ropes around his new rope slave. He was pleased that she remained still as he bound her. There was a certain amount of pleasure to be had by wrestling with a slave while he bound her, but to get nice neat coils of rope around the slave like this… Ketami felt his cock stiffen… the slave had to remain perfectly still. This slave had the ability to do that.

Reluctantly, Ketami climbed onto the bed with one of his younger slaves, Karen, and forced her head down towards his hard member. He gazed at his sakujou sureibu on the table and wondered if he had the pistons fucking her going fast enough.

He was torn over whether to make her cum endlessly or to deprive her of orgasm altogether. The choices he was forced to make! He loved his life!

Suddenly the sounds of dull thuds could be heard.

“What the fuck?” Ketami threw Karen off of him and leapt out of the bed, grabbing his sword as he went. After the man had left, Karen went to the door and peered out.

“There’s men all dressed in black with rifles…or machine guns,” she whispered.

“Hit kill button!” Jessie heard Ketami order from outside the door. He rushed back into the bedroom, knocking Karen down again, and opened his closet. Jessie saw a red button on the wall and watched as Ketami hit the button and then grab a gas mask that was on the shelf. A small tank on oxygen was attached to the mask.

“Good bye slave. Sorry not get to know you.” He put the mask over his face and ran out of the room.

[You have shitty security master-san.] Jessie would have told him, had the dildo not been filling her throat.

A moment later there was a short burst of machine gun fire, and then all hell broke loose for about ten minutes. The activities in the building did not stop the machines from fucking Jessica through several more orgasms.

During the brief periods where her mind was somewhat clear, Jessie wondered where the hell Karen had disappeared to and why she hadn’t helped her! But she couldn’t blame the woman. She was probably terrified at the invasion and too scared to think clearly. Jessica could barely think clearly, for entirely different reasons.

Suddenly the door burst open. “Another one in here!” A man called out. More feet ran into the room. “I think this is the one! Oh god! Get Mr. Larson!”

The men couldn’t believe their eyes as the mechanical fuckers plugged away at the bound woman on the table in front of them. None of them had actually seen Agent Bennet before, even though they were on the same team that had rescued her at The Gold Club the previous year. But they had heard about her beauty and had heard about what she had done to the mob in Philadelphia. To say she had become a legend would be an understatement. Well, a legend that was not known outside a select cadre of FBI agents like themselves.

They had heard whispers about the special training she had undergone and knew she had taken on the role of a sex slave for this mission. They also knew that she had just accomplished something that the Bureau had been attempting for many years. This was the crack in the wall that they had been waiting for, and maybe now the Bureau would have better luck against these human traffickers.

The dildoes stopped their travels and Jessica felt hands at the ropes that bound her. “Its okay Agent Bennet, we’ll have you free in just a second.” More tugging at the ropes and then the man said, “Raul, we can handle this, go find Gary, quick.”

“Yes sir. Lieutenant!”

Jessica heard the man run from the room. Now that the dildo had been removed from her mouth, Jessica could lift her head. She saw one of the men start to unbolt the mechanical fucker from the table. The rods still held the dildoes inside of her cunt and her need to cum again was still present. Her labored breathing did not go unnoticed by the agents.

Finally the machine was removed and Jessica felt a small stream of cum leak down over her ass and onto the table. Nothing she could do about that, unfortunately. She watched as the other man began looping the ropes back around her body, trying to untie her. There was so much rope, she knew this would take forever.

“In the closet… several knives. Cut the ropes. Quicker.”

One of the men ran to the closet and brought back a couple of knives. In a couple of minutes she was free and sitting up on the table. The men tried to avert their eyes, but the sight of Jessica’s naked body was hard to avoid admiring.

“Come on, let’s get you out of here.” They helped her down to the floor and then, after checking that the coast was clear, exited the room.

As they ran across the outer room, Gary entered and called out to her. Jessica ran to him and clung to his arm.

“Master Gary,” she sobbed, “Where is my master? Is he alive?”

Gary was taken aback, first at the sight of Ashley, naked, and obviously abused, and then at being called master. He hated himself for the erection that was growing in his pants, and tried not to think of the gorgeous blond hanging onto his arm. He was also aware of every other agent in the room watching her, watching them both. He felt very self-conscious that she would run to him like that and call him master.

“Your master is alive, but in the hospital.”

Jessica cried out and fell to her knees. “The hospital?”

“Jessica,” Gary knelt down next to her, “He’s fine. He’ll be out in a day or two.”

Through her tears Jessica looked up at him. “Really? He’s okay?”

Gary nodded his head. What a lovely face she had.

“May I stay with you Master Gary?”

“Um… I guess that would be okay. We can ask Richard when we see him later.”

This seemed to bring a bit of brightness to Jessica’s face. “We can see him? Today?”

“Well… it’s like three in the morning. I’m not sure we can get in. But in the morning we can. There’s still a lot to do here. Say, what are all the gas masks for?”

Jessica went on to tell him about the kill buttons and how she had just disabled the system a few hours ago. Gary couldn’t wait to write up the report on this incident. But first, he had to find something for his new slave to wear. Not that he wanted to, but it really was the right thing to do.

* * *

Later, in the safe house the assault team had been using, the team had dispersed to their own areas to catch some sleep. Gary had tried to put Jessica in her own room, but she would not leave his side.

Finally he had relented and allowed her to stay in his room where she curled up next to him on his bed. He lay down fully clothed, not wanting there to be any rumor of inappropriate behavior. Jessica fell asleep immediately, clinging to his arm. Later, Gary was awoken by Jessica tossing and turning. He figured the poor woman was having nightmares and was tempted to turn over and try to comfort her. But then he felt her get up and watched her as she walked past him to the bathroom.

When she came out, she was naked. She lay down next to him again and immediately fell asleep. He finally realized that after months of not wearing any clothes, it would take some time for her to be comfortable in them again. He closed his eyes and tried to get back to sleep. With a gorgeous naked woman hugging up against him, it was nearly impossible to do.

End of part 7

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