Ashley Bennet – Slave
Part 5

by mrhungry

This is Part II of the Ashley Bennet series. In Part One, the readers were introduced to Ashley, a beautiful blonde administrative assistant to a fairly high placed Special Agent in charge of the FBI’s Organized Crime Task Force office in Philadelphia. Ashley had fallen victim to a con which preyed upon her desire to become an FBI field agent. The owners of a local strip club had conned her into believing she was being recruited to work undercover in the club to investigate a prostitution ring. In reality, her actions at the club were being recorded for use in blackmailing her into providing them with information. It turned out that one of the club owners was a front man for the powerful New York crime boss, Vito Gambini. While still believing her assignment was genuine, Ashley uncovered evidence of widespread blackmail within the FBI and in the local government. One of the men in the OCTF, Trent Richards, had begun to investigate Ashley when she suddenly went missing. The club owners had kidnapped Ashley and were planning on selling her to overseas slavers. In the end, Agent Richards saved Ashley and she became somewhat of a legend in the upper echelons of the Bureau.

**Beginning in Ashley Bennet – Slave, Ashley will at times be thinking as Jessica, her alter-ego. For the readers' convenience the author will enclose [Jessica’s thoughts in brackets].**

The author apologizes in advance for the French accent of one of the characters in this story, as well as the Japanese words (which are probably incorrect) used by another of the characters. Too, the author means no disrespect to Italians in the depictions of the Mafia characters in this story. This is fiction, and is not based on any real life experience.


On Friday, the day before the hunt, a dozen or so people showed up at the estate. Taylor explained that for $600 the participants could stay overnight at the estate. The wing of the estate closest to the barn was set up like a hotel, with small comfortable rooms. The money raised by the room rentals was used to offset the cost of the event.

Trent took Jessica out on her leash and walked with Adam around the grounds.

“Our guests are mostly weekenders,” Adam explained as they walked. They were just normal people who dabbled in bondage mostly on the weekends. They watched a man tying up his woman on the grassy lawn. “They’re a good bunch of folks and we have a lot of fun while they’re here.”

They passed another woman tied up naked to the flag pole. She wore a full hood and had large weights attached to her nipples. Adam stopped to caress her breasts and then traced his fingers along her slit. The woman, not knowing who was touching her, tried to elude the touches but failed.

“By noon tomorrow we’ll have about twenty five slaves here and thirty to forty owners. We’ve been getting more couples the past few years. Still, a couple can only capture as many slaves as they bring.”

As Adam led Trent and Jessica past the small group of bondage aficionados the group grew quiet and watched Jessica with interest. She was outfitted with her most severe posture collar, a red ball gag, a red corset with crotch strap and double dildoes, and 4” red thigh high boots.

Even though Jessica loved the corset, she was thankful that her master didn’t cinch it super tight. Her wrist cuffs were clipped behind her back to a strap that ran between her legs and buckled to the bottom of her corset in front. The strap had long ago dug its way between her labia. She felt a little self-conscious with all of the attention and then derided herself because if she had been walking properly, with her eyes cast downward, she wouldn’t have noticed the people staring at her.

Adam greeted a couple of the guests, shaking hands with several. Introductions were made for about half the group that Adam had never met before. It seemed that involvement in the hunt was mainly by word of mouth.

“We’ll get a few more serious contenders arriving tomorrow; people who own trained slaves like Jessica. Typically the masters and mistresses are much too busy to spend the night here, but they wouldn’t miss the hunt for anything. I think the Grisoms will be here in a little while with their slave, Connie. She was trained by Mistress Katrina in San Francisco. Excellent facility there, similar to Sheana’s.”

“So what are the rules of the hunt, Adam? What’s the bottom line?”

Jessica listened intently as Adam explained that there were few rules. Basically the slaves would be bound in much the same manner as Jessica was now, except that the collars would not be as severe, the corsets have been modified to hold the arms, and they would be barefooted.

“We try to make this as safe as we can for the slaves. High heels would be so erotic, but we’d have a dozen sprained or broken ankles every year. Bare feet are safer. Also, the corsets are not tied too tightly so that there are no internal injuries. The corsets are specially made to hold the arms to the rear. However, as you’ll see, the arms are not pulled back severely; they’re held almost at their sides.”

“Another safety feature?” Trent asked as he looked towards a bound woman on her knees before a circle of people, cum dripping off of her face.

“Exactly. You know that single glove sleeves can damage a woman’s shoulders?”

“Yes, I’ve been warned. Just as high heels can damage their feet and tendons.”

“Right. We had these corsets made so that their arms are held back enough to make their breasts prominent, but not so far back that it might injure their shoulders.”

They walked up to the fence and looked over at the horses in the field. “Do you ride?” Adam asked.

“Yeah, but I may be a little rusty.”

“Let’s go over and get you up on a horse for a little while. It’ll be good to feel the saddle under you before tomorrow.”

The three strolled around the fence line towards the barn door.

“So basically,” Adam continued, “the slaves are released and then after a ten minute head start the hunt begins. We have blood hounds brought in from a kennel and they help us track down the slaves.”

“You use dogs?” Trent asked, a little surprised.

“We have a lot of land, Richard. Once the slaves get off of the trails and into the woods they’re actually quite hard to track down, especially on horseback. Anyway, the first five slaves returned are usually humiliated in some manner. There are prizes for the last three slaves to be hunted down.” Adam pointed them towards the stable and a man standing outside one of the stalls. “Well, the prizes go to the slave’s owners of course, and usually consist of training certificates or quality bondage gear.”

“It sounds like a lot of fun.”

“Plus, whoever you catch is yours for the night.”

“So you don’t go after your own slave?”

“Oh hell no, unless you want to of course. But you’ll see; there are many really fine looking slaves in the contest. Not many to match yours, of course, so in your case you may want to catch Jessica yourself. But remember, you’ll have competition. I can imagine more than a few hunters will be out to nab her for the night.” Adam ran his hand over Jessica’s bare back and across her shoulders. “I certainly wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to rope her.”

Trent’s mind reeled at the thought of Jessica being used by some stranger.

Jessica held her head down, listening to the men discussing her and feeling a growing sense of panic. Without looking up Jessica said, “You’ll hunt for me, won’t you Master?”

“I don’t know, slave. I think I’ll check out the stock before I decide.”

Jessica knew he was fucking with her, but still, if there were other pretty slaves why shouldn’t he hunt them? He could do as he pleased. [Besides, if he catches someone else that leaves me free to be caught by Mistress Alisa!]

Jessica blushed slightly at the thought. She knew to scheme was wrong… but maybe she could get away with it this time. She thought about the last time she schemed and winced. Maybe she better just let things happen naturally.

The thought of dogs tracking her down was terrifying! [My arms will be tied back. What if they jump on me? Will they bite?]

They had reached the man who was standing in the stable; he was stroking the forehead of a beautiful brown Quarter-horse.

“Richard, I’d like you to meet our foreman, Jerry Mitchell. Jerry, Richard.”

The two shook hands and Adam asked Jerry to get Trent outfitted for a short ride and to take care of his slave.

Jerry took Jessica’s leash and looped it over a rail and tied it off, and then opened the stall gate and walked the horse out.

Jessie stood still, head down, feeling very much like an animal herself. To have her leash just casually tied off to a wooden rail and then left standing on the hay covered floor was rather embarrassing. Jessica noticed her nipples growing hard and she felt a sense of excitement growing within her. Was she going to be left standing there? What would this Jerry guy do with her once her master was gone? Would he use her? Jessica blushed at the thought of being used by the stranger and at the realization that she hoped she would.

She was beginning to become comfortable with thoughts such as those. Somewhere inside she sort of knew that it wasn’t “normal” to be thinking like that. But it made her so frickin’ horny!

Once the horse was saddled and Trent was mounted, Jerry untied Jessica’s leash and led both Jessica and the Quarter horse out to the corral. Again, Jessica was tied off to the railing and left there while Jerry opened the corral gate and allowed Trent to pass through. After the gate was closed and Trent had galloped off, Jerry returned to Jessica and untied her leash again.

“Come,” he said curtly, walking away, leash in hand as though he knew Jessica would follow behind him. Of course Jessica did follow him closely so the leash would never be pulled taut. The man led her to a place along the fence where a wooden pillory had been constructed.

“Okay, little missy, place your feet right here on these two pads.” The man pointed down at two rubber pads about shoulder width apart, right in front of a wooden beam that had two half circles cut into it. After Jessica placed her feet on the pads, Jerry brought another piece of wood around and fit it against the first piece, effectively locking her feet into place.

“Now just bend down and place your neck here.” He pointed to a half circle in the wooden rail. On both sides of the half circle there were two smaller half circles where normally a person’s wrists would go. Once she had bent over and rested her neck on the wooden rail, Jerry placed the matching beam over her neck and locked it into place.

Jessica was now secured in place and she looked out into the corral to see her master riding the horse in the distance. A metal cage protected her head against anything from inside the corral striking her.

“Now hopefully your master won’t be long or that will start to get a little uncomfortable on your neck. If I undo your wrists it will take the pressure off of this strap right here,” Jerry ran his hand up along Jessica’s hot slit, his fingers tracing the strap buried deep inside her fleshy labia., “and I don’t want to do that.”

Jessica reacted to the man’s touch by thrusting her ass upwards as far as she could.

“Like that, do we?”

Jessica could only mew through the large ball gag and wave her ass back and forth.

Jerry continued to stroke Jessica’s dripping slit while reaching up and kneading her hanging breast with his other hand. He liked the firmness of her breasts and the way her nipples poked straight out.

The feel of the man’s hands on her privates was sending Jessica into fits of lust. She worked herself up even more by picturing his dirty rough hands handling her body. Jessie moaned loudly as his hands roughly man-handled her ass, spreading her cheeks and then gripping her firmly. He explored her legs and then held her up as her knees went weak.

“Don’t cum now, little missy. I don’t reckon your master has given you permission to do that, has he?”

Jessica shook her head no, not knowing if the man was looking at her head or not.

Jerry continued to caress her captured legs. His calloused hands felt sensational as they felt up one leg to the top, near her aching pussy, and then up the other, and then back to her bare ass.

Drool was dripping down her chin and Jessica felt on the verge of an orgasm. She hoped that Jerry would stop caressing her because the sensation of his hands on her flesh was too much for her!

“Nice ass, huh Jerry?” Jessica faintly heard Adam say as she felt another pair of hands on her ass.

“I’ll say. This is one nice filly right here.”

She heard a galloping sound and only then did see realize that she had her eyelids clamped tightly closed. She looked up to see her master astride the horse, the horse’s nose coming close to the protective cage around Jessica’s head, sniffing her.

“Well,” Trent said, smiling down at Jessica, “it’s like riding a bike, I guess. I haven’t forgotten how it’s done, so I’ll let you come and take this beast from me, Jerry.”

Trent hopped down off of the horse and walked over to the railing.

“Looks like you’re having fun, slave. Shall I leave you there for awhile while I go eat?”

Jessica couldn’t say anything with the gag in her mouth, so she assumed it was a rhetorical question.

She felt Jerry, or someone, begin to unlatch the wooden beams holding her in place and then felt rough hands helping her stand upright. Trent reached over and untied the leash from the railing and led her back through the barn towards the other guests. They walked past the group and into the mansion via the back door and up to their suite. Trent allowed Jessica to use the bathroom and then laid out some new bondage for her to wear for dinner.

Dinner was served chuck wagon style. The Westleys and all of the assembled masters, mistresses, and slaves were gathered in the open yard to the west of the barn and horse field.

Jessica wore a leather strap halter that Trent had not shown her before. One inch straps encircled her breasts, causing them to balloon slightly but not enough to cause discoloration. Another strap joined the two breast straps in the middle. Her erect nipples were clipped, but again he chose not to torture her with stiff clamps but rather to tease her with clips that were strong enough to stay on but not hurt her. Swinging from the clamps were light weights that would not cause the clips to spring off, but would pull on Jessica’s nipples when she moved. A thin strap ran from her collar to join the cross breast strap.

Jessica looked around at the other slaves. A couple of the women were pretty plain and well, sort of frumpy; housewives, most likely. Jessica smiled at the fun they were having. They really did seem to get into humiliation as they were made to crawl around on their hands and knees while the men around them struck them with whips and crops. Three or four of the women were young and quite attractive. Their shapely bodies looked fantastic in their various degrees of bondage. All of it was in fun and no one seemed to be getting hurt.

“Oww! Damn it, Jimmy!” Well, mostly everyone was having fun.

“You call me master.”

“Come on! That hurt.” SMACK!

Jessica leaned back and looked at one couple sort of on the side of the main group. The woman seemed to be in her early twenties, shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, naked except for ratty looking cuffs and a collar. From where Jessica sat, the collar looked like a cheap dog collar, not a master’s collar.


“Okay! Okay! Master. Please stop hitting me.”

“That’s better. Now get down on all fours, dog.”

The woman, more than a few pounds over weight and a little on the flabby side, got down on her hands and knees.

“Okay now, follow me around. We’re going to take you over where they’re having all of the fun and get you involved.”

“No please, Jimmy. Don’t do… OWWW! I mean Master! Master don’t take…”

“Shut up, you cow. You’ll do this or you know what will happen.”

Jessica heard the woman mutter something and then she began to crawl over to the other guests. She watched the woman get in line with the other women and then wince as riding crops began to strike her on her large, fleshy tits.

Jessica saw that her pubic hair had been shaved off and she had bra and panty marks on her flesh. In the light of the campfire she saw that the woman, although slightly overweight, was actually quite pretty. Brush out her hair and she would look even better.

She wondered why the woman was being such a brat! She was not at all trying to please her master with her undisciplined speech and actions.

“Would you like to join them, slave?” Trent asked Jessica.

Jessica lowered her head and said, “If it would please you, I will join them Master.”

“Well, some of these slaves appear to be into humiliation. I think it would be pretty humiliating for them if I put you in there and you begin to draw all of the attention away from them. But it’s almost time for you to be put away for the night anyway.”

“Put away, Master?”

“Yes,” Trent said. “All of the slaves will be bunked down in the Westleys' dungeon tonight. It’s part of the package. I guess it adds to the slave’s anxiety over tomorrow’s hunt. It alienates them.”

Jessica felt a slight tug on her leash and immediately fell into step behind Trent. Surprisingly, she was being led away from the mansion, towards the barn. Once inside the barn Trent led his woman to an empty stall and motioned for her to lie down in the hay. He lay next to her and unclipped her wrists cuffs and then moved down so that he was between her long slender legs.

“There’s no rule that says I can’t leave you with something to think about tonight while you lie there all alone in your cell.”

Jessica’s mind went into hyper-drive as her master’s tongue flicked along her thigh and circled his brand. His strong hands held her legs apart as he moved up and began to suckle her pussy. His tongue darted into her hot sex and she cried out, and then stifled herself lest the others hear her.

As Trent approached her clit with his tongue Jessica could barely keep silent. She held onto his broad shoulders as he moved up her belly and then knelt over her, unbuckling his pants.

Jessica’s eyes locked onto His cock as he pulled it from his pants. She was ashamed that her mouth was watering even as she longed to have his cock in her mouth.

Trent lowered himself onto Jessica and entered her easily, thrusting fully inside of her and remaining there. Jessica tried to move on him but he held her naked body still. Placing his lips against hers he kissed her, feeling her lustful response. Her arms went around his neck and her legs came up around his butt like she knew he liked.

The two found a rhythm and fucked each other with more passion than either had ever experienced. For a fleeting moment Trent considered that he was fucking Ashley, his fellow agent, and that he probably shouldn’t be taking advantage of her. But her wild thrusts and moans of sheer pleasure assured him that he certainly was not taking advantage of her and that she really wanted this as badly as he did, maybe more.

He was becoming convinced that Jessica/Ashley truly desired everything that he was doing to her. In the back of his mind he had already begun to wonder what they would do when this mission was over. He had paid for her with his own money, which was sort of a spur of the moment emotional thing. He probably had screwed himself out of half of his life’s savings since after Nicky was located and the mission was over, Ashley would probably stop wanting to play slave.

But another part of him told him that that would not be the case. He had branded her fucking thigh for Christ’s sake! How was he going to explain that to the boys back in D.C.? What would her former mentor, Special Agent Umbridge, say about that? He doubted he could ever face Umbridge again after what he had done to Ashley.

Don’t forget this wasn’t my idea. The thought brought him little solace.

Trent realized his own master training had kicked in. He found that when he mounted Jessica, or she had her lips around his cock, his thoughts strayed rather quickly to other pressing matters. Not that he wasn’t feeling the sensational effects her hot body was having on him, but his staying power had quadrupled. It still amazed him how long he could last now, even with the hottest woman he had ever laid going down on him in the most erotic manner.

Oops, thinking too much! His cum exploded into Jessica and she covered her mouth with both hands to stifle her cry as she joined him in orgasm. Trent felt her body stiffen as she was totally engulfed in her orgasm. He felt like his whole insides spurted out of his dick as he continued to ejaculate inside the writhing blonde. He felt his come shooting back out as Jessica continued to pump him. Now that her initial orgasm had subsided the naked slave had grabbed a hold of her master’s waist and pulled him into her as deeply as she could.

“Master! Oh god Master! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Jessica moaned quietly, her hands coming down and then just flopping into the hay above her head. “Thank you,” she said softly and closed her eyes.

Trent looked down at the gorgeous woman and felt his dick begin to stiffen. Enough! As much as he wanted to take her again, she needed to get settled in. Tomorrow would be a big day for her.

* * *

Trent and Jessica were met at the entrance to the Westley dungeon by the maid, Augustine, only she was not dressed as a maid this time. To Jessica’s surprise, Augustine was dressed in a skin tight black latex outfit, high heels, and held a long thin riding crop. She was every inch a Dominatrix.

“Augustine? I would hardly recognize you!” Trent said as he handed Jessica’s leash over to the woman.

“I get to play mistress once in a while just for the fun of it. Do you like it?” The woman turned around to show off her latex covered ass.

“I do! You look sensational.”

“Thank you, mas.. Mister Brent.” She took Jessica’s leash and went to turn around, but then asked, “She has eaten, correct?”

“Yes. She’s good for the night. Can you see that she gets water, though?”

“Absolutely, and you can check on her later if you’d like. Most masters come down before lights out at eleven to check on their slaves and to view the other slaves that are here for the night,” Augustine said. “Come, my little pet.” The woman led Jessica through the door and down a flight of stairs. Trent could feel the cool air coming up from the basement and made a note to bring a blanket back with him when he came.

Jessica was led into a large room that looked like it came right out of the Middle Ages. Fully stocked in antique looking torture racks and apparatus, it looked like the kind of place that you would normally hear screams coming from. It was quiet that night though.

Off to one side of the room was a hallway with rows of cages on both sides of it. The cages were identical to the ones used by Mistress Sheana, only twice as wide. She noticed the bump-out iron bars that allowed slaves to present themselves for use, or abuse. There were two such bump-outs per cage, so Jessica assumed that there would be two slaves per cage.

Augustine stopped in front of an unoccupied cage and turned Jessica to face her. She began removing Jessie’s breast bondage and harness, leaving her wearing only her collar and cuffs.

“In you go, doll,” Augustine said as she gave Jessica a pat on her bare butt. The two entered the cage where Augustine picked up a heavy chain from the floor and locked it onto Jessica’s collar.

“Sleep tight.” Jessica, head still down, heard the door creak and close behind her. She looked around the cage and saw two thin mattresses and a pail with a lid on it for going to the bathroom. There was a slight odor of feces about the place, but it wasn’t too overpowering.

Jessica heard noise coming from the outer room and quickly sank to her knees and waddled her way into the exposure enclosure at the front of the cage. She pressed her chest against the bars to make sure that her breasts stuck out into the walkway through the holes provided for them. Her legs were spread wide apart by the inverted V shape bars. Jessica knew her hairless slit was readily available for anyone in the hallway. She could also feel her master’s semen dripping out of her.

Augustine appeared with another slave in tow. The slave was one of the middle-aged housewives. Jessica looked straight ahead at the floor in front of her cage. The housewife was placed in a cage two doors away on the other side of the aisle. After Augustine had left, Jessica looked around the room to see that there were already five other slaves in the cages. She was surprised that none of them were in the proper display position in their cages, but then realized they were not trained slaves. They probably didn’t even realize what the bump-out sections were for.

Jessica didn’t even have time to move out of the bump-out before she heard Augustine returning. It seemed as though all of the slaves were being brought in now, so she decided she would just stay there on her knees in the proper position. Jessica saw that Augustine had three slaves in tow, and when they passed her she glanced up to see that it was Marsha, Ulsa, and Susie. They were all put into separate cells. Of the three, only Susie came to the front of the cage but looked around, rather than kneel correctly in the bump-out.

The next set of legs that passed by her were slender and silky smooth. Jessica couldn’t help but look at the slave after Augustine had passed by. The slave was hooded and wore a black form fitting corset. Her arms were tied back in a strict arm binder and on her feet were 4” black heels. It took Augustine five minutes to unbind the slave, and when the hood came off Jessica was surprised to see that the slave was completely bald.

When the slave was released into the cage, she instantly assumed her position in the exposure bump-out.

Once Augustine had left, Jessica looked over at the new slave and asked, “Excuse me, are you Connie?”

The woman rotated her head and looked up at Jessica. “I am. Do you wear your master’s brand?”

Jessica was surprised at her question but answered, “Yes.”

“Jessica then, I presume. I overheard the Lady Westley speak of you to my master.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Likewise,” Connie said. “I see you’ve been in cages like these before.”

“My training mistress has identical cages. I’m looking forward to receiving attention.”

“As am I.”

The chatter stopped as another slave was brought down and placed in the cage next to Jessica. After she was chained to the ring on the side of the cage and Augustine left, Connie said, “First hunt for you?”

“Yeah. I didn’t even know what was going on until just the other day.”

“One word of advice. If the dogs overtake you, lie on the ground and clamp your legs tight.”

“What!” Jessica gasped. “What will they do?”

“Well, the worst is if they think you’re in heat, they’ll try to mount you. But otherwise they’ll probe you with their noses.”


“What? There’s dogs?” One of the other women asked, wiggling her way to the front of the cage so see could see Connie and Jessica.

“Yes,” Connie replied. “Bloodhounds. It’s quite terrifying the first time you hear them coming after you.” Connie smiled at the effect her words were having on the women around her. Having been through this before, she knew something about the hunt they all did not.

“Fucking shit!” Jessica heard another woman exclaim from a cell down on her side, across from Connie. “I’m not too sure about this now.”

The first woman said, “I’ll talk to my husband, Mike. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all.”

“Calm down slaves,” Connie said. “We will all be hunted tomorrow. No one leaves before the hunt, so just get used to the idea. Just try your best not to be one of the first ones caught.”

Jessica heard someone coming and said, “Shhh,” and then looked straight ahead at the floor.

Augustine came in with the slave who was causing problems for her master earlier in the evening. As luck would have it, she was tossed in Jessica’s cage and chained to the opposite wall. After Augustine left Jessica saw that the woman didn’t come to the bump out, so she backed into the cage and said, “Hi, I’m Jessica.”

In the dim light she could see that the woman was curled up into a ball half onto her mattress. She looked to be crying.

“Are you alright? What’s wrong? Is it your master?”

“Just leave me alone!” the woman snapped.

“I’m sorry,” Jessica said, feeling a little uneasy about her first encounter with this slave. The woman had a serious attitude problem. No wonder her master was being harsh on her.

She returned to the exposure enclosure, pressing herself against the bars and stuck her head up out of the bars on top.

“Connie, what happens to the first one’s who are caught? Can you tell us?”

“Nothing good, I can tell you that. Last year the five that were caught first had to take turns crawling through the cow’s waste trough. You know, the gutter that is right behind the cows in the barn? Two of the slaves puked all over the place before making it even a quarter of the way down. The other three had to crawl through that as well as the shit that was already in the trough.”

“Oh that’s too gross!” one of the housewives cried out.

Augustine returned with two more slaves in tow. One was placed with Connie and the other in the cage next to Jessica. As Augustine passed by Jessica she paused to fondle her breasts.

“Thank you Mistress,” Jessica said as Augustine moved on. She stopped and looked into the next cage and then went back out into the dungeon.

Several minutes passed and Augustine didn’t return. Several of the slaves were talking amongst themselves, so Jessica retreated into her cage and sat on her mattress. The woman was still curled up into a ball but seemed to have stopped crying.

“Will you tell me what your master has named you?”

“He’s not my master. He’s just some creep.” The woman began to cry again.

Now Jessica was sensing that there was something very wrong going on, but then she heard noise in the hallway and moved on her knees to the enclosure.

A tall, good looking man entered the hallway, a blanket tucked under his arm. He looked into two of the cages before reaching Jessica’s. He stood admiring her and then knelt down to reach through the bars and caress Jessica’s hips and ass.

“Hello Jessica. Master Westley told me there was another trained slave here this year. I’m Master Henry, have you met Connie yet?”

“Yes Master, we’ve introduced ourselves,” Jessica said, delighted that the man could tell she was a trained slave just by looking at her.

“Good. There’ll be two more of you coming tomorrow. I look forward to hunting you, though.”

“I look forward to you hunting me, Master.”

“Ah huh, and what should I do with you if I capture you?”

“You should do what ever you wish with me, Master.”

“Anything?” Henry slid his fingers between Jessica’s labia and stroked her slit.

“I’ll serve you in any way you ask, Master. May I pleasure you with my mouth right now, Sir?”

“Oh, not right now, okay? Are you a good fuck? You seem to have been fucked very recently.”

“I please my master many times a day.” A white lie, but an appealing one.

“Yes, I’m sure you do.” Two of his fingers sank into Jessica’s hole and pulled up. Jessica remained motionless, allowing him full access to her cunt.

“Well, it was a pleasure meeting you.” Henry removed his fingers from Jessica’s dripping cunt and held them near her mouth for her to suck them dry.

Henry stood up and moved to the next cage. “And who do we have here?”

He looked into the cage, “What are your names? Come closer so I can see you.”

Another master and mistress entered the hallway on the opposite side and were peering into the cages. They were trying to entice the women to come closer to the front so that they could see them. At one cage the master said, “Come on, Mary, see this slave?” he pointed at Jessica. “See how she kneels at the front? I want you to kneel out here where we can feel you. We want others to be able to touch you, too.”

Jessica saw the woman walk forward and then kneel down so that she could enter the bump-out. She stuck her head through the bars at the top of the bump-out and the mistress stroked her short black hair.

The man’s wife said “Good girl, now you stay there and let the masters touch you however they wish. We are showing you off, don’t embarrass us.”

“Yes Mistress,” the woman said softly.

One of the women next to Jessica walked to the front of her cage and looked out. “Why do you let them feel you up like that?”

Jessica turned and looked over at the woman. She was really cute; blonde, short, and busty. “Why are you here?”

“My husband… well, my master, brought me.”

“And you want to please your master, don’t you?”

“Um, yes, I guess I do, sure.”

“If he came in now, do you think he’d want to see you cowering at the back of the cage, or up here, proudly displaying yourself for him?”

The woman moved on her knees into the enclosure, pressing herself against the bars so that her breasts stuck out into the hallway.

“Wow, you look fantastic!” Jessica whispered. “Don’t you feel… sexy?”

“Not really, I just feel naked and exposed. Anyone can touch me now.”

“Oh my gosh, yes. Anyone. And just wait until they do!”

Jessica turned and looked forward at the floor again as a mistress approached. She ran her hand through Jessica’s blonde hair and then stopped in front of the next cage.

“Who have we here?”

The woman who Jessica was just talking to looked up at the mistress and said, “Jamie.”

The mistress bent down and squeezed the slave’s nipples between her fingers.

“Owww! Owww! Stop it!”

But the woman didn’t let up. “Address me as mistress.”

“Mistress! My name is Jamie, Mistress.”

The woman let go and then fondled Jamie’s large breasts. “I like you, Jamie. I like these large breasts. I’ll be looking for you tomorrow.”

“And I’ll be avoiding you, Mistress.”

“Good. That will make the hunt so much more exciting.”

As the woman walked away Jamie hissed, “That didn’t feel very good.”

Jessica saw one of the women directly across from her get into position as Henry came back from visiting with Connie. “What’s your name, slave?” he asked the woman.

“Vicky, Master.”

“Why did you come to the front just now?”

“I…I saw the other women…”

“Slaves,” he corrected.

“The other slaves at the front, and thought I should be up there too.”

“What about you, slave?” Henry looked into the back of the same cage.

“I’ll stay back here.” Jessica heard the woman say.

Jessica saw another man enter the hall and recognized him as the guy, Jimmy, who was with her cell-mate.

“It’s your master!” Jessica whispered. “Come up here quickly.”

The woman sat up but went further back against the wall, holding her knees against her chest. Jessica saw that that position totally exposed her shaven pussy from underneath.

The man peered in and hissed, “Get up front here, you fucking cow.”

“Go away, Jimmy. Just leave me alone.”

“Okay, if that’s what you really want, Bonnie. I’ll leave you alone. I’ll be going now, going back to my place, to my computer.” The man turned and stepped to the side of the cage so that Bonnie couldn’t see him.

“Wait! Jimmy!” The woman rose to her feet and stepped to the front of the cage looking down the hallway in the direction that Jimmy had gone.

“Jimmy! I’m up here. I’m…” Jimmy stepped back so that she could see him.

“I thought you’d do as I asked when push came to shove. And what did I tell you to call me, slut?”

“Master,” Bonnie said softly.

Jessica saw Jimmy undoing his belt and then the snap to his jeans.

“Move into the bars like this whore and suck me off.” He nodded towards Jessica.

Bonnie got on her knees and waddled into the enclosure, pressing herself against the bars and sticking her head up through the bars. Jimmy stood before her with his dick hanging out of his pants at head level.

“No please, Jim… Master. Not like this… not in front of all of these people.”

“Just shut up and do it, bitch.” Jimmy came closer. “And after I shoot my hot cum into your mouth I want you to hold it there until this whore lies down and you pass my load into her mouth. And then you two are going to kiss like you’re madly in love.”

“No! Please, don’t make me!” Bonnie sort of backed up away from the man’s advancing erection.

“Do it now,” he said sternly.

Bonnie looked down at his prick and leaned forward to take it into her mouth. She sucked on the tip and maybe a quarter of an inch down his shaft. It sounded like she was gagging on it as Jimmy held her head and tried to force her further down on his shaft.

Jessica heard Bonnie cry out as Jimmy exploded into her mouth. Knowing what her master had asked Bonnie to do, Jessica backed out of the enclosure and lay down on her back and opened her mouth.

“Don’t you dare swallow that load, you stupid cunt.”

Bonnie turned with a look of utter disgust on her face and was surprised to see Jessica lying on the floor behind her. She shook her head no.

Jessica put her hands up towards Bonnie and motioned for her to bend down to her, and then she opened her mouth, all the while moving her fingers to indicate she should come to her.

Bonnie bent down and Jessica guided her head towards her open mouth. When their lips touched, the woman opened her mouth and Jimmy’s cum drained down into Jessica’s open mouth. Bonnie gagged and began to pull away but Jessie held her so she didn’t go too far away. When she had stopped gagging, Jessica pulled her head back down and began to kiss her on the lips. Jessie’s hands held Bonnie’s back and caressed her shoulders.

“Yeah! That’s what I wanted to see. Now you’re acting like the whore I know you are.”

“What’s going on here?”

Jessica heard her master’s voice.

Jessica broke the kiss and scrambled to her knees and into the enclosure, thrusting herself against the bars.

“Master! Hi. I was just, um, helping my sister slave please her master.”

“Good for you!” Trent said as he pushed a large blanket through the bars at the side of the cage. He reached down and caressed Jessica’s breasts, pulling gently on her nipples.

Jessica moaned, “That feels so good, Master. Will you be checking out the other slaves, now?”

“I thought I’d at least take a look.”

Jessica nodded towards the last cell, “That’s Connie down there. Maybe you’d like to hunt for her tomorrow. She’s beautiful, Master.”

“I’ll go check her out.”

Trent kissed Jessica on the cheek and walked away, checking out the other slaves.

Jimmy was also checking out the other slaves, rudely molesting their breasts and feeling their pussies.

Bonnie had retreated into the cell and was quietly crying into her mattress.

Jimmy came back across and said, “Get back up here and kneel against the bars so other masters can feel you up. Do it now, or else.”

Bonnie looked over at Jimmy and then crawled over to the front of the cage and knelt in the enclosure. He pinched her nipples and then walked out of the room.

Bonnie looked over at Jessica and said, “I’m so sorry Jessica. I’m sorry he made me do that to you.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not the first time I’ve had cum in my mouth.”

“That was so gross, though. He’s so gross.”

Jessica looked around and saw that only one mistress remained in the hall, so she nodded for Bonnie to join her back in the cage. She backed out of the enclosure and then sat down on her mattress facing Bonnie. In a low voice she said, “Will you tell me what’s going on with you and your master?”

“I can’t. I can’t say anything.”

“He’s making you do this, isn’t he? And you don’t want to be here at all.”

Bonnie looked down at her naked body and started to cry.

Jessica crossed over, pulling the heavy chain with her, and put her arm around the sobbing woman. “Please, tell me. Maybe my master can help you. He can do things we can’t do.”

“I’ll only make it worse if I tell anyone. And I don’t want to drag you into this, either.”

“Honestly,” Jessica said. “You can trust my master with any problem you have.”

Bonnie sat and sobbed quietly, trying to calm herself down. Finally, in a hushed voice she said, “I work as an accountant in a big company in LA. I had to put my mom in a home last year and I needed money, so I… borrowed some from my company.”

“Embezzled?” Jessica said very softly.

“Yes.” Bonnie looked like she would start to cry again and Jessica reached over and held her trembling hand.

“I was already paying it back but Jimmy came across it on an audit. He could have gone to the boss and I would have been fired and probably prosecuted, but he didn’t.”

“He made you his slave instead.”

“Yes, and it’s made my life hell. He makes me do all sorts of disgusting things and even makes me wear things to work that I would never wear. Short skirts and halter tops, things like that. I have to clean his house and cook for him on weekends, and now this.”

“So he has records of what you… borrowed?”

“Not only that, but since he started to fuck with me, he has digital photos of me doing disgusting things. He has them on his computer along with e-mail addresses of everyone I know. If I don’t do what he orders me to...”

“He’ll send out the photos.”


“My master can help you, I swear. Let’s try to hook you up with him tomorrow during the hunt.”

“How can we do that? Besides, Jimmy has already told me he’s going to catch me right away and then I’ll be one of the ones who are humiliated in front of everyone.”

“Don’t worry; I’ll help you be one of the last ones caught.”

“But how…?”

“Leave it to me.”

Jessica heard noise near the door and went to the front of the cage but then the lights went off, leaving the hallway dark except for two dim overhead safety lights.

“Lights off, get some sleep slaves,” Augustine called out as she closed and locked the door.

Jessica returned to her mattress and rolled out the blanket her master had brought to her. She went to lie down and saw Bonnie curled up on her mattress.

“Let’s push our mattresses together in the middle so we can share my blanket.”

“Um… I don’t…”

“It’s going to be cold. I won’t bite, I promise. I won’t touch you, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Bonnie hesitated and then got up and pulled her mattress to the center of the cage. The two naked women lay down and Jessica pulled the blanket over them.

“I’ll face this way, okay?” Jessica faced away from Bonnie, giving her privacy.

A minute passed and then Bonnie quietly asked, “You’ve been trained to be a slave?”

“Yes, I just finished my training about a week ago.”

“What’s your um… you know… master’s name? Is he nice to you?”

“I don’t know my master’s name. I used to, I’m sure of it. But now… I just can’t ever remember it for some reason. So I simply call him master. And he’s very nice, but he must be obeyed at all times.” Jessica sounded very serious.

“Why do you say it like that?”

“Just feel my skin along my waist and on my back and you’ll see why.”

Jessica waited until finally she felt Bonnie’s fingers touching her waist.

“A little lower…right there. Feels those little ridges?”

“Yes, what are they?”

“They’re what’s left of welts from the last time my master had me whipped.”

“Oh my god, he had you whipped? For what?”

“I begged to be fucked.”

Bonnie’s fingers continued to explore Jessica’s flesh, tracing welt lines on her back.

“It must have been so painful,” Bonnie whispered, removing her hand.

“It was. I passed out.”

“Why…why do you stay with him? Are you being blackmailed, too?”

“Oh no, nothing like that at all. It’s a long story, but the ending is that the mistress who trained me sold me to my master and I have sworn to obey him. I even wear his brand.”

“What? He branded you?”

“Yes. It was a wonderful ceremony and the brand looks so good.”

“Where is it?”

“Here on my thigh.” Jessica lifted her leg to feel the mark with her fingers. It felt so good when she touched it, and knowing this she removed her fingers and lowered her leg.

“I don’t understand you at all, but you seem to be happy.”

“Yes, Bonnie, this slave is very happy. I’m sorry you’re being forced to do this. For me it’s fun. I think most of the women here will have fun tomorrow. But, you… I just feel so badly for you being forced to go through with this.”

The two women lay silently for a long time and then Bonnie said, “Good night Jessica.”

“Good night,” Jessica said quietly and then fell asleep.

* * *

Jessica woke up in the morning nice and warm under her master’s blanket. She felt Bonnie’s warm naked body up against her back and Bonnie’s arm over her waist. Not wanting to disturb the sleeping woman, Jessica lay quietly thinking about how she was going to get Bonnie together with her master. She also had to figure out how she was going to stay free long enough to make that happen and get caught by Mistress Alisa. She hoped her master would agree to catch Bonnie and to help her.

Bonnie stirred and Jessica pretended to sleep. The woman woke up slowly and turned so that she lay on her back. Jessica felt the blanket move and then felt Bonnie’s finger trace one of the welts across her hip and over her bare ass. She stirred and Bonnie quickly removed her hand.

“Huh?” Jessica looked back and then said, “Oh Bonnie, good morning. Did you get any sleep?”

“Yes,” the embarrassed woman replied. “Thanks a lot for sharing your blanket with me.”

“You can thank my master for both of us when you see him later today.”

“About that… Jessie, it’s not fair to… your, um… master that he get stuck with me.”

“Stuck? What are you talking about?”

“I mean… look at you and then look at me. Who do you think he would prefer? Jimmy is right about one thing, I’m a fat cow.”

“Nonsense!” Jessie admonished her, flipping over onto her side, facing Bonnie.

“My master will go wild with delight at the sight of your breasts! Oh my gosh, he loves large breasts. And mine, well, they’re nice right? Perky even. But large? I wish they were bigger so I could please my master even more, but he won’t allow me to have anything done to them.”

“Your breasts are perfect Jessie.”

“I’m happy that they please you. Anyway, the whole point of trying to get you together with him is for him to hear your story and help you.”

“I know you say that, and I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit, but what can he do? How can he help me out of this mess?”

“I’m not sure what he does, but he has connections; the kind of connections that make things happen with only a phone call.”

“Okay, I’ll trust you know what you’re talking about.” Bonnie snuggled into the blanket a little more. “I gotta go pee. When do you think they’ll let us out of here?”

“That’s what that can right there is for.” Jessica pointed at the can against the wall.

“We’re supposed to pee in there, with everyone looking?”

“No one’s looking, besides I have to go too, and poop. So you should go first, I won’t watch.”

“Oh god, this is so humiliating!” Bonnie flung back the blanket and walked over to the can. She took off the cover and sat down. A minute later Jessica heard the pee hitting the bottom of the can. “Shit. I can’t believe I’m doing this. It’s worse than fucking camping.”

Jessica looked over at the wall and saw a water bottle hanging there. She pulled it from its holder and took it to Bonnie. “Here, rinse your hands.” She held it over the can and squeezed it so that Bonnie could rinse.

“Okay, now I gotta go. Sorry if it stinks, but I don’t want to have to poop when I’m out in the woods being hunted.” Jessica sat down and quickly emptied her bowels. All of that training came in handy now when she had to poop quickly. She reached down and retrieved the roll of toilet paper so that she could wipe, and then rinsed her hands with the water bottle Bonnie now held. Once she was rinsed she placed the cover back on the pail.

Bonnie was sitting on her mattress. “I’ve never been naked for so long. It feels really weird. All of us women in here naked? This is so sick.”

“It’s a different life style than you’re used to, but I don’t think it’s sick. Personally, I enjoy it. It makes me happy.”

“How can being naked all of the time make you happy? Well, maybe if I had a body like yours I’d be happy to be naked.”

“Just wait until my master has you in his control. You’ll see what happy is.”

“Oh god! I didn’t think about that part! What will he do to me? Do you think he’ll whip me? He’s used to having a real slave, not some frickin’ accountant from Hoboken.”

“You’re from Hoboken?” Jessica had a really goofy look on her face that totally cracked Bonnie up.

When she was able to talk again she said, “No silly,” and started to giggle again, her big breasts giggling on her chest.

Jessica pointed at Bonnie’s bouncing balloons and smiled, “My master is going to love you so much! I’m so happy for him already!”

Bonnie held onto her breasts with both hands to keep them from bouncing and then tried to catch her breath. “Stop it, I can’t breathe! Oh my gosh!” Bonnie calmed down a little. “Seriously, what do you think he’ll do to me?”

“If I had to guess, I’d say that for sure he’ll tie you up with ropes. He loves ropes. And he’ll be touching your titties. Other than that, I don’t think he’ll do anything you don’t want him to do. He won’t force himself on you once he knows your story. But I will predict that you’ll want him to fuck you before the night ends. You’re going to beg him. He has a large cock, too, so don’t be frightened when you see it.”

“I don’t even know him! How can you say that?”

“It’s just a prediction.”

“Sorry, I don’t see that happening. And what about you? If I’m with your well hung master, who will you be with?”

“Can you keep a secret?”

“Yes, of course.”

“I mean it. My master cannot find out about this or he’ll me whip again.”

Bonnie could tell Jessica was deadly serious. “What? What’s the secret? I promise not to tell a soul.”

“I’m planning on being captured by Mistress Westley’s daughter, Mistress Alisa.”

“Why her?”

“She’s here with her husband and they don’t have a slave. She’s worried about bringing a stranger into their bed and I told her that she should try to capture me.”

“So she knows you?”

“Well we’ve spent a little time together. I told her that I could please her in many ways and now she’s had time to think about that statement. I have a feeling she’ll be looking for me.”

“And you can? You can do that to her?”

“I’ve been trained to pleasure both men and women.”

“Oh god,” Bonnie gasped, thinking about how closely she slept to Jessica the previous evening and about how she might have been the recipient of that pleasure if only she had a more open mind. “I think everyone will be looking for you.”

Jessica picked up on Bonnie’s body language. “You see? We…” Jessica waved her hand to indicate the women in the cells around them “are not that sick. We’re fucking horny sluts that cannot get enough sex. I spend most of my time horny as hell, and the rest of my time being screwed. I can’t get enough. I love it.”

Bonnie blushed as she felt her body grow warm.

“Bonnie,” Jessica had the same goofy look on her face again, “Why are your nipples so rock hard right now?”

Bonnie covered her nipples with her hands and blushed a very deep red. “Shut up!”

Suddenly the door opened and the lights flashed on. Jessica sprang to her feet and entered the exposure bump-out section of the cage. She looked to the side briefly to see Bonnie press herself into hers as well. In fact, all but two of the women were quickly in place. The other two slowly came forward and pressed their body parts against the cold iron bars.

“Good morning slaves,” Adam Westley said as his wife, Alisa, and Augustine joined him.

“Morning master,” several of the slaves replied.

“This is a very impressive display!” he said as he walked between the rows of cages.

“We’ve never had a group like this. Can it be you have all learned something from our two special guests? Please consider asking your masters to send you to a training facility. As you can see, you will survive the training, and it will help fulfill your every fantasy.”

Adam stopped to smooth down Jessica’s unruly blonde hair. “If you are interested in taking that next step, have your master contact me and I’d be happy to make recommendations.”

He walked to the next cage and bent down to caress Jamie’s breasts. He did so gently and saw her nipples stiffen under his fingers.

Jessica had been looking straight ahead but noticed someone standing next to her now. Her eyes flashed up for a second and saw that Alisa was looking down at her. Jessica felt the woman caress her head and then saw her move over to where Bonnie was kneeling.

“As you know, today is the great hunt. After you have eaten a light breakfast and attended to your sanitary needs, you’ll be outfitted by your masters and mistresses. More of our guests have been arriving all morning, and we are expecting to have record attendance this year. This is going to be a great hunt and I thank you all for being a part of it.”

Lady Westley leaned over and whispered in Adam’s ear.

“Oh yes, thank you. My wife reminds me of the stretching exercises prior to being outfitted. Mistress Augustine will lead you in the front oval. Okay then. Have a great day and we’ll be seeing you in the woods.”

Alisa, Augustine, and Walker began shuffling bowls of nutrition pellets and water into the cells. There was plenty of grumbling over the tasteless pellets. Jessica looked to the end and saw Connie’s bald head in her bowl munching away. She smiled to think that someone besides herself feasted regularly on the pellets. She looked the other direction and saw Bonnie sitting in her half of the cell looking at the pellets.

“Eat. You may not get anything else for a long time,” Jessica said.

“What is it? Dog food?”

“I don’t know, but I eat it nearly every day. It’s supposed to be nutritious, like all of the vitamins and minerals you’ll need in a day. Healthy bones and all of that. It has no taste but it will fill you up.”

Bonnie picked up a piece and put it in her mouth. “It’s horrible.”

“Well, I’d advise you to eat it anyway.” Jessica continued to munch on her serving.

After half an hour Augustine and Walker came back in and began to unlock cages. The slaves were herded out and around the side of the house to the front entrance where there was an oval patch of grass surrounded by the driveway.

The women were placed in rows and then Augustine led them in some basic stretching exercises. She worked their hamstrings and backs. Then she stretched out their sides and stomachs. All the while more slaves were joining them in progress. In the end there were five rows of six women. Jessica hadn’t imagined there would be so many slaves participating.

The sun was getting pretty high in the sky by the time the women were led around to the back of the mansion. They saw that all of the horses had been brought out and lined up along the fence. An almighty racket was coming from a building south of the barn. Someone had brought the dogs.

The masters and mistresses were on the lawn and greeted their slaves when they arrived. Each had the gear to dress their slaves in and any other items they felt they needed.

Jessica looked for Trent and finally found him in the crowd. Matthew Scott was herding everyone into a straight line paralleling the expanse of lawn that bordered the mansion and ended at the forest.

Trent gave Ashley a hug, holding her naked body against him for a second. Then he took out a plastic bottle of sunscreen and squeezed some out into his hand. He began to lotion her well-toned shoulders and then applied some of the lotion to her face, ears, and neck.

“Master,” Jessica said softly, “I need to talk to you about something.”

Trent looked into her eyes and saw she was nodding her head away from the lineup.

Trent stepped a few feet away and Jessica came up beside him. He continued to lotion her back and ass and then turned her around so that she was facing away from the others while he rubbed lotion onto her breasts and stomach.

“What is it?”

“Did you see the slave that shared my cage?”

“Yes, the blonde girl, sort of heavy-set.”

“That’s her. Her name is Bonnie.”

“What about her?”

“She’s being blackmailed into being a slave.”

“Oh, somehow I’m not surprised. I had the misfortune of sitting near that guy, Jimmy, that brought her and he’s a real piece of work. Took everything I had not to knock his teeth in.”

“Can we help her?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, this is what we’re doing right? Our mission? To weed out bad people?”

“Well, I think it was more like the people who run slavery rings and kidnappers, but I’m certainly not opposed to fucking up a blackmailer. We’ve done it before, right?”

Jessica thought of Harold Wexler and Peter Jeffries. “Yes Master.”

“You’ve obviously thought about this, what’s your plan?”

“Well, if you were to capture Bonnie then you could get her entire story and figure out what the best way to, as you put it, fuck up this guy.”

“You want me to capture the fattest girl here?”

Jessica hadn’t thought about it that way, but that was what she was asking her master to do. She hadn’t thought how that might ruin his experience. Then when she looked down at him as he applied lotion to her legs she saw that he was smiling up at her.

“What?” she asked.

“Of course I’ll do it Jessica. It’s what we do. I was just kidding about the fat thing. Besides its best that I get her if she’s being blackmailed and isn’t a willing participant. She may not confide in another master and things may go badly for her.”

“I told her you love big breasts, and that you would probably tie her up.”

“You did, did you?”

“I hope that was alright.

“I have to punish you, you know.”

“For what?”

“For scheming.”

“I’m scheming?”

“What would you call it? You’ve got this all planned out. Who are you scheming to be caught by?”

“I’m not…” Jessica’s eyes went wide with shock that her master was one step ahead of her already.

Trent grabbed her arm and pulled her back to the line and then past them a foot into the grass.

“Tell me.”

“Mistress Alisa.”

Trent smiled, “Good choice. Now get down on all fours and face Bonnie. I want you to make eye contact with her as I spank you. This is going to make your ass really red.”

“Thank you master.” Jessica got down on her hands and knees and found Bonnie in the line-up. She had her corset on and the asshole Jimmy was strapping her arms into the arm bondage. Bonnie saw her and twisted around to see what was going on.

Smack! Trent spanked her naked ass. “Don’t cry out or I’ll add five.”

Smack! Jessica saw Bonnie struggle with Jimmy like she was trying to get away and run over to her.

Jessica shook her head, no. Smack!

Most of the people in the line stopped what they were doing and turned to watch Trent deliver another seven spanks and then went back to their business when Jessica got up and started being outfitted by her master. He held her by her reddened ass for a second and then cooed into her ear, “You make me so fucking horny, slut.”

He suddenly had to hold Jessie up as her knees started to buckle.

“Master,” she whispered. “Oh god.” The spanking had already turned her on and when Trent said that to her she actually felt light headed.

Trent worked the laces on the back of Jessica’s corset, knowing the corset itself would be a huge turn-on for her. She had never said anything to him about wearing corsets, but the few times he had laced her into one he had noticed the change in her breathing, the quickening of her pulse, and yes, the dampness of her slit.

“You know,” he whispered in her ear as he pulled the lacing tighter at the top and then took hold of the laces in the next eyelet and pulled them a little bit tighter, “we were told these corsets were mainly for show. The arm binders are attached to it of course, but the corsets themselves don’t need to tied tightly. Would you like yours to be loose like everyone else?”

[No! Tie it tight! Oh master, tie it tight!] “If that’s how you would like it, Master.” Jessica looked at the corsets on the slaves near her then whispered, “They look sort of sloppy when they’re too loose, Master. And the arms aren’t very well secured, either.”

“So you’d like it tighter?”

“I think the sight of my body in a tighter corset will be more pleasing to you, Master.”

Trent gave the next lace a pull and heard Jessica breathe in sharply. He eased up just a little bit as he quickly tightened the remaining laces.

“Can you breathe okay?”

“Very easily Master.”

“Okay, let’s slip this on.” Trent looped the wide posture collar around Jessica’s slender neck and locked it in place. “And then the arms.” He placed her left arm in the sleeve attached to the waist of the corset and zipped it up. A small lock went into place at the top of the zipper. This was repeated with the top of the right arm. Trent admired the way Jessica’s breasts were displayed. They were certainly gorgeous breasts!

Jessica moved about in her bondage, testing her limitations. “We’re not going to be gagged?”

“No, I guess it’s more fun to hear the screams.”

“Oh god!” Jessie murmured.

“Don’t worry, you’ll do fine.”

“Attention!” Adam stood on the grass in front of everyone with a bullhorn.

“What a wonderful day for the hunt! Thank you all for coming out today. I want to go over the rules since we have everyone with us now. There are only two; you may only bag as many slaves as you brought with you, and no slave is to be injured in any way. So if it looks like a slave may be hurt by your pursuit you are to break it off. If a slave is in danger you are to help that slave. If a slave is injured accidentally you are to break off your hunt to assist the slave. Slaves… anything goes. You are being hunted with the sole purpose of using you sexually until tomorrow morning. You will be at the mercy of whoever catches you. You are ordered to avoid capture in any way you can. To make the hunt interesting we have a policy that the first five slaves caught will be publicly humiliated at the end of the hunt. You do not want to be one of these slaves.”

Jessica saw several of the slaves turning towards their masters and shake their heads. She wondered if they were still trying to get out of the hunt.

“When I shoot my starter pistol the slaves will run across the yard and into those woods. Ten minutes later we release the dogs and the hunt is on.”

“Good luck, Jessie,” Trent whispered as he watched Adam raise his gun into the air and fire.

* * *

It was quite a sight as thirty naked and semi-bound women ran across the large expanse of grass towards the woods. The masters and mistresses stood and watched in fascination as the bare asses and tits jiggled away as fast as they could.

A few masters turned and headed towards the horses. Trent stayed to watch Jessica, eager to see if she went in the woods on the right path. He hoped the walk they had taken was still fresh in her mind and she remembered which paths not to go down. He also scanned the running slaves for this Bonnie woman he was suppose to take down.

How the fuck am I suppose to get her? I certainly don’t want to take her quickly. It would really suck to submit her to whatever humiliation Adam has in store for the losers.

The dominant side of him wished he could nab one of the other trained slaves. Connie was absolutely beautiful with her shaved head! The others, Gretchen and Kay, were also very beautiful. He had seen them come in earlier in the morning.

But, Jessica had rightfully alerted him to a more pressing need than to satisfy his dick. It would give him a great deal of personal satisfaction to crush that little twit Jimmy. He was a braggart and liar. Trent doubted he had done even a fraction of the things that spewed out of his mouth the previous evening. And in the time since Jessica had told him about Bonnie, Trent already had begun to formulate his plan of action.

“Oh Richard, hi!” Taylor said as she came up to him. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, I can’t wait.” Trent turned to walk with his stunningly beautiful host. “I saw all three of your girls out there; will you be nabbing three slaves?”

“Two,” Taylor said as she waved at one of the other mistresses already atop her steed.

“One slave will be for Alisa and Scott. I’m so excited that they have come to hunt. It’s their first time.”

“Really?” Trent was surprised.

“I’ll tell you about it later. Well, have fun hunting Jessica down. I hope you get to her before someone else does.”

“I’ve already told her that I won’t be hunting for her.”

“Oh?” It was Taylor’s turn to be surprised.

“I wanted her to know ahead of time that she will be someone else’s slave tonight.”

“I think that’s quite devious of you, Master Brent. I’ll certainly be hunting for her then.”

“Good luck. I have a feeling she won’t be easy to catch.”

“I hope you’re right!”

Trent untied the reins of a beautiful brown quarter horse and climbed up into the saddle. He heard the dogs barking and turned to look, but saw no dogs.

Taylor laughed as Trent turned to look at her. “We only have two dogs and they’re released towards the end of the hunt if we need them to track down the last remaining slaves. The whole dog thing is just to make the slaves frightened. We have speakers hidden throughout the woods that will make it seem like a pack of dogs are right behind them. It’s fantastic!”

“Now that’s devious!” Trent smiled back.

* * *

Jessica ran into the forest with several of the other bound women. The overall emotion was one of fear. While they knew that they weren’t going to be hurt, the idea of actually being hunted down like an animal was quite frightening. The women felt very exposed and helpless and could hear the dogs barking as they ran down the dirt paths.

Jessica saw three women run down the first trail to the right and knew they were in for some rough ground underfoot and briars on either side of the path. A couple of others ran the other way and Jessica knew they would come back out to the grassy lawn.

The bound blonde giggled when she realized she knew where most of these paths went, thanks to the walk her master had taken her on. Remind me not to go down there again. Which path is this again? His seemingly poor memory was not intended to remind him of anything; it was meant to remind her. She felt a little twinge in her heart as she thought about her master.

[Where’s Bonnie? I have got to find her and quickly!]

Jessica continued down the main trail. The sound of the dogs seemed to be right behind her now, but she hadn’t spotted one yet.

Suddenly she heard hoofs behind her and she quickly ducked into the next trail on her right. She knew the trail dead-ended at a fence, but she had to get out of sight. She heard a scream back on the main trail and feared someone had just been nabbed. Jessica rounded a slight corner in the trail and was startled to find two slaves cowering together.

“We’re trapped! There’s no way out of this trail.”

“I know,” Jessica said as she approached, “but the hunters are coming down the main trail now. Let’s cut into the woods.”

“Are you sure?” one said.

“What if we get lost?” the other said.

“The entire property is surrounded by high fencing. We can’t leave the property. Besides, those dogs will find us sooner or later.”

“Oh god! Why did I let my husband talk me into this?”

“Your master?” Jessica corrected.

The woman stopped and looked at Jessica. This is one of the trained slaves! “Yes, my master.”

“You’re doing this because it pleases your master. You agreed to do it because he wanted it and you wanted to please him. Isn’t that right?”

The woman nodded, “I…I guess you’re right.”

“Well, now you’re going to do your best to make him really proud of you, aren’t you?”

Not waiting for an answer, Jessica headed to her right into the bushes. She knew she was heading away from the mansion, but had to be careful not to come out at the hill, although she knew it was a good ten minutes away by trail. Somewhere she had to start moving to her left and get across the main trail.

Jessica stopped for a moment to listen for horses. She waited for the two slaves to catch up to her and then introduced herself and asked their names. The woman who had wondered why she had let her master talk her into coming was Ellen, and the other woman was Sally.

Now with both women in tow, Jessica ran with her head down, avoiding the low branches of the trees. She heard another scream coming from her left and the sound of multiple horses.

“No Jimmy!” It was Bonnie!

Jessica stopped and waited for the other two to catch up and said, “Try to cross the main trail off there to our left, there’s more property on that side that you can hide on. Don’t go too far up the main trail or you’ll be exposed on a hill. Good luck!”

“Wait! Why can’t we stay with you?” Jessie could hear the desperation in Sally’s voice.

“I’m heading back to the main trail to help someone, it’s too dangerous. Now go!”

Jessica turned and ran off towards the main trail, wincing as a tree branch scratched her arm. She heard the horse again and veered slightly to her left. Now she saw one of the smaller horses with the stupid red headed guy atop it. He was bent over, away from Jessica, and obviously grappling with someone on the other side of the horse.

Jessie could see the legs of the woman on the other side, struggling to push away. As Jessica came up on them she planted her foot, jumped, and propelled herself into the asshole, Jimmy. Anything goes, right?

“Hey!” he shouted, completely blindsided. His foot came out of the stirrup and the man lost his balance, falling out of the saddle. His other foot remained in the stirrup and was held high in the air.

“Bonnie!” Jessica shouted as she turned to run down the main trail towards the hill, “This way!” She turned to see her new friend struggle to maintain her balance and then start running after her.

“Jessie! Wait for me!”

Jessica heard a “Pssst” sound and turned to see two slaves huddled about twenty feet into the woods on her right. There were several large bushes that sat amid a large grove of white birch. Jessica turned and led Bonnie to the cover.

They hunkered down in the bush just as Jimmy had regained control of the horse and climbed up onto it. He looked around and then took off towards the hill at full speed. They could hear him cursing.

“Hey Jessica, glad to see you’re still free.” It was Connie.

“Plan to be that way for some time too.” The women couldn’t hug, so they just leaned into each other. “This is Bonnie; I have to keep her away from her master.”

“Why?” asked the other women, a tall black haired beauty.

“Oh Jessica, this is Kay. She’s one of the other trained slaves.”

“Hi,” Jessica said, nodding her head.

“Was that her master, that red haired dude?” Kay asked.

“Yeah, only he’s a real creep. Not really a master at all. More like a minor.” The women laughed quietly. “Unfortunately he wants to catch Bonnie here right away so that he can watch her being humiliated after the hunt.”

“What a fucker,” Connie said.

“Too bad he couldn’t find Gretchen first,” Kay said.

“Gretchen?” Bonnie asked, “Who’s that?”

“She’s another trained slave that’s attending today,” Connie said.

“And she LOVES to be humiliated,” Kay chipped in.

“Oh god, does she ever get off on that! Quiet!” Connie said as she ducked down a little lower behind the large shrub. A horse’s snort could be heard and then several sets of hoofs approached rather quickly only to stop yards away form the hiding slaves.

“Seen anyone?” It was Mistress Taylor!

“No,” Jessica heard her own master say. “They scattered really well didn’t they?”

“Yes, I think only two have been caught so far,” Taylor said. “And now they’ll start to be very quiet. So be alert to any sounds in the forest.”

“Think I’ll try up here a little further,” Trent said as he pulled the reins and directed his horse down the main trail towards the hill. “Hey, right in there,” he pointed off to his right. Jessica hoped it wasn’t the two slaves she had come across earlier.

Taylor sprinted off after him and then slowed as she guided her horse off the trail and into the woods.

“I’ve got to get Bonnie over to the other side. I’ll see you two later. Nice meeting you Kay.”

“Pleasure’s mine. We’ll try to find Gretchen.”

“Don’t make her go with Jimmy,” Bonnie whispered.

“Don’t worry sister, Gretchen will eat up that clod and shit him out her asshole.” Big smiles on Kay and Connie’s faces told Bonnie that the women had everything under control.

Jessica waited for a moment and listened. She could hear her master and Taylor cracking branches off to her right, but nothing else. “Come on, this way.”

The bound women headed down the main trail towards the mansion and then took a right on the trail that she knew led to the creek. They had gone about a quarter of a mile when they heard the sounds of hoofs approaching quickly from in front of them.

Jessica jumped off of the trail and dove behind some low ground cover. Bonnie fell right next to her, huddling as close to her as she could. While really frightened that all of their crashing about would be heard, Jessica could not ignore the feeling of Bonnie’s naked body against her own. Bonnie had not taken any thought to her nakedness in her attempt to hide from the approaching hunter and her soft fleshy body was pressed fully against Jessica. She felt wonderful!

The hunter slowed down to a trot and then stopped. Jessica saw that it was Connie’s master, Henry. He looked very handsome atop his steed and Jessica had to fight the urge to stand up and surrender to him. She was sure he knew how to treat, or mistreat, a slave and the thought of him using her was very enticing. But she had other plans, so she lay there silently and hoped he would move on.

After a couple of minutes he did move on and Jessica heard a couple of screams and more crashing through the trees. Off to their right, Marsha emerged from some thick brush, streaks of red on her legs as though she had recently run through a patch of thistle.

The black haired woman ran across the trail and into the trees on the other side. A moment later a horse’s whinny was heard and then the two hiding slaves saw Gretchen’s owner, Donald, cross the trail on his horse in pursuit of Marsha.

“Let’s go,” she said as she got to her knees and then to her feet. She waited for Bonnie to get up and then headed back to the trail.

Jessica ran as fast as she could towards the stream. At one point she was on the verge of losing Bonnie and had to wait for her to catch up.

Bonnie came up panting next to Jessica. “I’m sorry; I’m just not in as good a shape as you are… obviously.”

“You’re doing great Bonnie. Let’s take a short breather. Our hiding place is just up ahead another half mile or so.”

“Fuck,” Bonnie said as she went down on one knee, her large chest heaving. More screaming could be heard off to their right. “How do you know your way around out here?”

“When my master found out about the hunt he brought me out here for a walk. I didn’t know why was doing it at the time, but now it’s obvious. He wanted me to have some knowledge of the trails.”

“Wouldn’t that make it harder to catch you?”

“I don’t think he ever planned on catching me.”

“Oh, sorry. That must not make you feel very good.”

“Don’t forget, I have plans of my own.”

“Oh yeah, the daughter…” Bonnie was still breathing heavily, but showed signs of recovering from the strenuous exercise.

“Yeah, Alisa. I haven’t seen her yet and I’m beginning to worry that I won’t get caught by her.”

“Say, why did your um… your master… spank you when we were all lined up?”

“It was my punishment for scheming.”

“So your master knows about me?”

“Yes. He said he’d try to find you.”

“I didn’t want you to get in trouble over this.”

“I’m not in trouble any more. He’s punished me already, so that’s behind us.” Jessica stood up and peered down the trail behind them. “He ordered me to tell him who I wanted to be caught by, though.”

Bonnie looked up at her beautiful savior. “He did? How did he know you had someone in mind? I didn’t tell anyone, I swear.”

“I know you didn’t Bonnie. He’s a pretty smart guy, I can tell you that.”

“Oh Jessie, I’m so worried about what he’ll think of me! I feel so… so fat!”

“I told you not to worry about that. You can certainly please my master if you want to try. Be respectful and remember he’s a master… a real master, not a Jimmy master.”

“Okay,” Bonnie said softly as she rose to her feet. “I can go on now.”

“Good, our trail is just down a little further.”

* * *

Jessica stopped as she rounded the corner by the fallen tree. She listened and heard nothing. “This is our spot. Just stay close to the tree and we’ll get down behind those roots.”

Bonnie followed Jessie along the huge trunk and then down into the cavity left by the upturned roots.

“Wow, what a great hiding place.”

“Shhh,” Jessica heard a horse approaching very quietly and peeked through the roots.

“Shit, it’s Jimmy.”

The two sweaty women sat perfectly still and then “ACHOO!” Bonnie sneezed, scaring the bejezzus out of Jessica. She knew Jimmy had to have heard the sneeze.

“You stay here until my master comes for you,” Jessica said as she shot up and ran to her right, through the marshy water towards the trail.

Jimmy kicked his horse and pursued. Jessica ran right across the trail in front of the horse and into the marsh on the other side. The cold water splashed her as she dodged small tree trunks and boulders.

“Hey fuckhead!” Jessica turned to see Connie and some other woman running past them on the trail heading back towards the creek. Jimmy, given the choice of chasing someone through a fucking swamp or chasing someone on the trail chose the easier of the two and chased Connie and the other woman. Jessica continued into the swamp and then headed to her right a little, towards the open area that led to the hill. She found a good spot that wasn’t completely under water and lay down on her side to rest. The bushes around her provided an adequate cover.

Moments later Jessica saw several men and women ride by towards the open field, and then there were no hunters for a long while. Off in the distance she could hear people yelling and horses stomping. But in their little part of the woods it was very quiet.

Jessica wondered what Bonnie was thinking. The poor girl was probably nervous as hell. Naked and bound, she was waiting for her knight in shining armor to come rescue her. A stranger that might possibly help her out the mess she was in. But how would she act in the presence of her master?

She knew her master would tie Bonnie up. But would he play with her? Would she, in fact, beg to be fucked? Jessica wished she could watch the two of them, but knew she would have her hands full with an inexperienced master and mistress. She wondered what her own evening was going to be like.

Bonnie sat on the boulder, trembling, in the shadow of the huge upturned root system. She wasn’t cold, she was terrified. It seemed okay when Jessica was with her, but she had been alone for what seemed to be a long time now. What if Jessica’s master had caught someone else? What if someone else found her first? What would happen even if Jessica’s master found her? How would he treat her?

Bonnie trembled even more as she thought of being taken by a man who actually owned a slave like Jessica! A serious man, no doubt. A man who knows how to control a woman. Bonnie looked down at her soft fleshy body; the slight rolls of flab around her waist and her thick legs. While she knew she was overweight she had never felt as ashamed of her body as she did right now. She was picturing her body as though through the eyes of Jessica’s master. What a pathetic sight she would be to him compared to his own slave. Tears ran down Bonnie’s cheeks as she sat there alone, awaiting her fate.

Finally a solitary horse and rider came quietly down the trail. Jessica picked her head up off of the mound of dirt she had been resting it on and peered over the clump of fan ferns she was hiding behind. It was her master. Trent stopped his horse at the fallen tree and dismounted, coiling the reins around a branch. He walked along the trunk and then stepped around the root base to look into the hole. He was expecting to find Jessica there, but was surprised to see the girl, Bonnie, instead.

“Bonnie, I presume?”

“Yes Master,” Bonnie said, too ashamed to look up at him, her hands covering her nakedness.

“Come.” Trent turned and returned to his horse.

Bonnie was petrified! Come? It was a command. A command he expects to be followed. The naked woman was so scared she felt like puking, but with a great amount of courage she never knew she possessed, she stood up and climbed out of the crater.

When Bonnie finally approached him, Trent asked how she came to be in that particular spot. She told him that Jessica had left her there. Now he saw his slave’s manipulations in play.

“Where is Jessica?” Trent asked.

“She ran out of here to protect me after I sneezed and gave us away,” Bonnie said as she watched Trent clip a long rope onto her posture collar and then hop up onto his horse. “I don’t know where she is now. I hope she got away.”

“You should include the word master while speaking to me. Never forget your place.”

“Yes Master.” Bonnie kicked herself mentally. She remembered that Jessica had asked her to be respectful. She would try to do better in the future. “You haven’t seen her, Master?”

“Please do not initiate conversation, slave. If I want to hear you speak I will ask you a question.”

“Yes Master.”

“I didn’t ask you a question,” Trent said sternly. “It’s sort of like Simon Says, have you ever played that game?”

“Yes Master.”

“If it’s not a question, you just listen.”

“Ye..” Bonnie clamped her mouth shut.

“Very good. You’re catching on.”

The two proceeded slowly along the trail towards the open field and the hill.

Jessica watched them go and smiled. Everything was going to work out for Bonnie.

Now she had her own capture to orchestrate. Where was Alisa? Should she go out and try to find her, or wait? Maybe Alisa and her husband had already captured a slave.

As if to answer her questions, she spotted the two hunters she was waiting for sitting on their horses at the edge of the small field. Jessica got to her feet and slowly moved away from them, paralleling the path through the marsh. She found a place that looked quite muddy where there didn’t appear to be any rocks or branches and threw herself down, making a big splashing noise. Feeling the mushiness of the muck she had just propelled herself into, Jessie couldn’t help herself as she rolled around in it, totally submerging her naked body in the swampy water. Spotting an area that looked like pure mud, she pushed with her legs until her chest, breasts, and stomach were squishing through it.

She heard the sound of galloping hoofs on the trail and then “Over there, in the swamp. I see someone.”

Jessica looked to see Scott riding his horse into the swamp, carefully choosing his route. “It’s Jessica!” he called back.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe we found her!” Alisa called from the trail. “Are you alright, Jessie?”

Jessica struggled to her feet, delighted to see that her flesh was completely covered in muck. “Yes Mistress, your slave is fine, just a little on the yucky side.”

“What’s she mean?”

“She’s a mess, Lise. Totally covered in nature. Come out of there, slave. Consider yourself caught.”

“Yes Master.” Jessica walked over to Scott and then walked beside his horse back to the trail.

“Oh Jessie, you are an absolute mess. Let’s get you back.” Scott jumped down and attached his rope to Jessica’s collar. As he was putting his foot into the stirrup to remount his horse, Jessica tore off in the direction of the open field.

“Wha…? Alisa! She’s getting away!”

“Shit! Get her!” Alisa was on the wrong side of Scott on the narrow path to give chase. She had to wait until her husband had mounted and kicked his steed into action. By this time Jessica was on solid ground and was streaking across the open field, towing Scott’s rope behind her. She knew the hill was on her right so she purposely headed that way. She didn’t want to lose the DeBurr’s, just make it interesting for them.

The sound of hoofs came up on Jessica quickly and then out of nowhere a rope flew over her head and then down around her body stopping her dead in her tracks. She fell to the ground and realized she had been lassoed!

Jessica looked up to see Alisa atop her horse holding the other end of the rope.

“I grew up on this farm, Jessie. I know how to use a rope.”

Jessica just lay on the ground panting heavily.

“Are you okay, slave?” Scott asked.

“Yes Master, just out of breath.”

Alisa pulled on the rope, “Up you go girl, and no more funny business.”

* * *

As Jessica was led across the lawn towards the mansion she saw dozens of people milling around on the lawn near the guest rooms. Another slave was ahead of them just reaching the crowd. Jerry Mitchell had gone out to take charge of the horse and lead it towards the corral. Jessica recognized the slave as being Jane, the cell-mate of her neighbor, Jamie, from the previous night.

Scanning the crowd Jessie saw Connie, her bald head obvious in the crowd. She spotted Sally, the woman she had met in the woods at the beginning of the hunt. Towards the far end was Bonnie with her master. Not far from them, Jessica caught a glimpse of Jimmy with the brown haired slave she had seen earlier with Connie. She would most likely be Gretchen.

Jessica smiled as she thought about how much maneuvering the bound and naked slaves had done during the hunt. It really was like a sisterhood.

As she was led across the expanse of neatly mowed lawn, Jessica’s mind flashed back to when she had been held captive by the blackmailers the previous year. Two slaves had tended to her and risked severe punishment to give her food and water. Pig and Cow, they had been called by their sinister mistress. Annabelle and Clair, slaves of the sisterhood. Jessica wondered where they were now, having been set free and administered to by the FBI’s victims unit.

Jessica snapped out of her daydreams by the sound of applause as she was led in. Alisa dismounted and handed her reins to Mr. Mitchell.

Master Westley came over and shook hands with Scott and Alisa. “Congratulations! You have caught slave number twenty eight. Now the prize actually goes to the slave’s master, where’s Master Richard?” Adam scanned the crowd and then waved Trent over.

When Trent and Bonnie made it over to him, Adam said, “Your slave provided us with a very good hunt, Master Richard. You should be very proud of her!” He handed Trent a box which contained a complete bondage outfit: cuffs, belts, corset, posture collar, ball gags, and various straps.

“Is that my slave under there?” Trent asked to the laughter of the people standing around them. Jessica was still caked in mud and gunk from the swamp. He crinkled his nose at the foul odor coming off his slave and noticed she was leaving a trail of muck wherever she stood.

Jessica looked over at Bonnie and saw that she was standing very close to her master as if she felt he was protecting her, like she was using him to shield her nudity from the people around them.

Bonnie appeared to be somewhat sunburned on her face, shoulders, and the tops of her large breasts. Jessica looked around the crowd and saw a couple other women in similar condition. She was happy that her master had been trained to think of the little things like that to help protect her body. Or more to the point: protect his property!

There were two more slaves still unaccounted for but several people were pointing out towards the forest. Jessica turned and saw two horses and their riders. The slave was behind them but not in sight yet. As they got closer the riders were recognized as the owners of the slave Mary, who had been across from Jessica’s cage the previous night. As they turned slightly to head towards Adam, everyone could see the slave being led behind them was the trained slave Kay. She was number twenty nine. One more to go!

A murmur arose from the crowd and everyone craned their necks to see five slaves being led away. Three of them Jessica knew were Mary, Sally, and Gretchen. The other two she would learn later were named Tracy and Megan. Apparently they were the first five slaves captured.

Another cheer came from the crowd as Kay was led in, and then some people pointed again towards the woods as the last hunting party emerged onto the lawn. The male rider sat tall in his saddle and was easily recognized as Master Henry. Jessica smiled as she saw that his captured slave was Ellen, the woman she had met in the woods who Jessica had told to make her master proud. She had certainly done that!

A big round of applause welcomed them and many of the masters patted Ellen on the back and shoulders as she was led through the crowd.

“Where’s Master Abrams?” Adam asked, looking around for Ellen’s husband. “Jack! Over here!”

The crowd split to allow the beaming young man through. When he got to Henry and Ellen he rushed forward and gave his slave wife a big hug and a kiss.

“Ellen! I can’t believe it! You’ve won the hunt! Oh my god!” He picked her up and swung her around, kissing her again. The crowd cheered.

“Okay, okay, you’re manhandling Master Henry’s slave there buddy.” The crowd laughed as Henry dismounted and came forward to shake Jack’s hand.

“She never gave up. She got away from me twice and really made me work. It was an excellent hunt, thank you for bringing her, sir.”

Jack smile was so wide; he was obviously the happiest guy in the group. Jessica looked over at Ellen and saw tears running down her cheeks. Seeing her husband so very happy had a surprising effect on her. It made her feel so good, deep down inside she felt a love she had never really felt before. She knew she loved Jack, but the feeling she got from making him this happy was beyond anything she had ever felt before. It was so deeply emotional.

“Due to the size of our group this year, and the number of guests who stayed with us last night, we were able to purchase a very nice gift for our winner’s master.” Adam held up an envelope. “This is a certificate for a two week training session for both master and slave with Mistress Sheana.”

There were a lot of murmurs in the crowd and then everyone broke out in applause.

Ellen looked shocked at first and then smiled broadly as she saw how happy Jack was with the news. He held the envelope in the air and waved it around as people clapped him on the back and shook his hand.

“Okay, get your new slaves situated and we will have the pubic shaming of the losers in just about half an hour.”

“Um, what should we do about Jessie?” Alisa asked Scott, pointing at her mud caked body.

“I’m not sure,” he whispered back.

“May I speak, Mistress?” Jessica asked.

“Yes, yes, go ahead,” Alisa responded.

“My master would most likely take me to the barn where they groom the horses and wash me down there, if you’re thinking of cleaning me, that is.”

“I don’t want to bring you into the mansion this dirty, so it would probably be a good idea to wash this muck off of you,” Alisa said. “Okay, well let’s go.”

The newbe mistress took her lasso rope in hand and led Jessica towards the barn.

Meanwhile in the basement of the mansion, in a tiled room off of the main torture chamber, Mistress Taylor was administering to the five losing slaves. Each slave was strapped to tables which had then been tilted so that the women were at 45° incline. At the side of each table was a cart with a pole, on top of which was a large rubber bag. Hoses ran from the bottom of the bags and at the ends of the hoses were enema nozzles.

All of the women except for Gretchen were pleading with Taylor to let them go.

“I’ll let you go alright.” She lubricated each woman’s asshole and then expertly inserted the enema hose into each of them, turning the valves on the hoses so that the liquid would slowly flow into their bowels.

“Now when I remove the hoses I want you to hold that liquid in as long as you can. The first one to let go will get to feel my crop.” The mistress whacked her hand with her crop and then said “Owww!”

Taylor closed off all of the hoses and then moved from woman to woman, removing the hoses. Everyone including Gretchen moaned as they felt the urge to expel the liquid. Finally Tracy could hold it no longer and released a stream of brown chunky liquid followed by the contents of her bowels.

“Oh god! That’s gross!” she cried out. Suddenly Mary and Sally released their bowels, followed by Megan and then Gretchen.

“Okay, Tracy? Five strokes on those wonderful tits of yours.” Taylor swatted Tracy’s tits five times and then reached for the hose again.

“Oh no, not again!” Tracy cried out.

“I need you all to be very clean. Now we’ll do this over and over until you have been thoroughly cleaned out.” Taylor went around and inserted the tubes into each woman’s asshole and then turned the valve on each enema bag. When a quart or so had drained in, she closed off the valves and removed the tubes. The women did a much better job of keeping the solution in until finally Megan released. As if on cue, the others followed suit.

After Megan received her five strokes with the crop, Taylor repeated the process again. This time, when the women released, the solution appeared nearly clear.

“See that? Your bowels are empty and you are nearly clean inside. It’s like taking a sausage liner and flushing it out. You know sausages are sometimes encased in animal intestinal linings don’t you? They’re totally cleaned of course.

“One more time and we’ll be done.” Taylor re-inserted the hoses and let the remainder of the liquid drain out of the rubber bottles.

“Then we can go back to our masters?” Mary asked.

“No, you have to go through your punishment first,” Taylor said as she caressed Gretchen’s breasts.

“I thought this was the punishment!” Mary cried out.

“Good heavens no. I’m just preparing you. You have to be punished in front of everyone, remember? Public humiliation?”

“Shit!” Tracy exclaimed as she released the liquid in her bowels.

After they were done expelling, Taylor led the women to an area of the room where she told them to rinse each other off with a hose. Taylor went back to where she had given the enemas and used a larger hose to wash the shit down into a large holding tank. She would have her staff come down later to sanitize the floor.

“Okay then, let’s go upstairs. Your audience awaits you.”

* * *

“Okay, everyone, if I could have your attention!” Adam called out through his bullhorn. “Let’s make our way to the barn, right this way.”

He led the crowd past the corral and into the barn. In the middle of the barn were the five women. Mary and Sally were hanging by their wrists from ropes tied off overhead. Tracy, Megan, and Gretchen were bound to tables around them. The three bound women were on their backs with their legs pulled back to the sides of their heads, totally exposing their naked asses. All five women were gagged with ball gags.

When the crowd had completely surrounded the women Adam said, “So here we have our five losers. In the middle are Mary, who was caught first, and Sally who was caught second. On the tables are, in order of capture, Tracy, Megan, and Gretchen. I’m a little surprised at you Gretchen, but we all know that anything can happen during the hunt. Wrong place at the wrong time and all of that.”

Jessica smiled with the knowledge that Gretchen tried to get caught early and had also selected the person who had caught her.

Mistress Taylor motioned for Augustine to join her and Adam stepped over to join his wife as well. Taylor pulled back the towel on a utility cart to reveal three 4 quart enema bags. “Each slave will be given a 4 quart milk enema and will be required to hold it inside as long as she can. The slave who releases first will be spanked until her bottom is red.”

Tracy and Megan struggled against their bonds. Loud mewing noises could be heard through their gags. Gretchen lay calmly awaiting the embarrassing enema, her pussy already glistening with moisture. Clearly she was getting off on the mistreatment.

Taylor, Adam, and Augustine each took their milk filled bags and hung them on the poles next to their respective slave.

“The milk has been heated to 107 degrees and is probably now at a comfortable 100 degrees Fahrenheit,” Taylor said as she picked up an inflatable anal nozzle. “We use inflatables so that the girls don’t have to worry so much about retention. The nozzle will be only slightly inflated.”

The end of the nozzle was coated liberally with K-Y jelly and then Taylor inserted her jelly coated finger inside Megan’s hole to lubricate her there. More sounds of displeasure escaped through Megan’s gag. Similar sounds were coming from Tracy.

Taylor inserted the tip of the inflatable nozzle into Megan’s anus and gently pushed it in until her anal ring closed around the tube. All the while Taylor rubbed and messaged Megan’s tummy. Megan mewed into her gag, tears running down her cheeks.

At about the same place in the process, Augustine had reached up to unclamp the tube near the bag to allow the milk solution to flow into Tracy’s ass. Tracy cried out through her gag as she felt the warm liquid flowing into her.

Gretchen fought off the urge to have an orgasm as she looked at all of the people watching her receive her enema. She had received enemas before, but not 4 quarts! That truly seemed like a lot. She looked forward to the fullness she was about to feel. She also knew that when she and the others released their enemas, the girls hanging between them were going to get coated.

Gretchen had witnessed forced enemas before and she knew how explosive they were. The thought of the girls being coated with the enema milk turned her on even more!

“This will take some time because we want them to feel as little discomfort as possible. As you know, cramping can occur and we have to stop every so often to allow the girls to rest.”

Ten minutes later Gretchen had emptied her enema bag. Tracy followed her and then finally Megan took her solution in.

“Now girls,” Taylor said. “We’re going to deflate the inflatable nozzles so starting now you must concentrate on clamping your anus tightly. We’ll be sliding the nozzles out and then it will be up to you to hold the enemas inside. Can you do that?”

Taylor looked at each of the wide eyed women and received a nod. The nozzles were slowly removed and the three administers stood back, taking the enema equipment with them.

“Master Donald has let slip that you would probably enjoy this little bit of humiliation,” Adam said as he looked down into Gretchen’s eyes. “Is this true, slave?”

Drool was leaking from out from the edges of Gretchen’s gag. The woman nodded, yes.

“So, if I were to run my fingers up your slit you would probably be wet right now?”

Again, Gretchen nodded yes and then jumped slightly as she felt his fingers slide between her labia.

“Oops, you’re leaking a little. Better clamp down on that tight little asshole of yours. Or have you been fucked up your ass so much it’s not tight any more? Have you been fucked up your ass you fucking whore?”

Gretchen shook her head no but his coarse language and his fingers in her pussy were driving her crazy with desire. Her pussy convulsed and a small jet of milk shot out of her asshole hitting Sally on the leg.

Sally jumped and looked down at the milk on the floor by her feet. Suddenly she became aware of what might happen if one of the girls let loose her enema. What Gretchen had just released was just a miniscule fraction of what she held in her bowels.

Adam continued to finger fuck the slave with one hand while massaging her belly with the other. “You’re pretty full of milk, I can feel it here.” He pressed slightly with his fingers and then looked to see milk seep out of her anus and drip down her crack.

“Oh, that looks good. Look everyone, when I press here it seeps out there.” To demonstrate he pressed again and Gretchen felt the warm milk flowing out of her anus and down her ass. It was so fucking humiliating and was making her so fucking hot!

Adams fingers grazed Gretchen’s clit and the woman exploded in orgasm and at least two quarts of milk shot out of her ass with explosive force, splashing Sally and Mary. The two hanging women freaked out and tried jumping to the side, but there was little they could do to avoid the enema splash.

“You lose,” Adam said as he bent down and kissed Gretchen on the forehead.

While this was going on Taylor and Augustine were both caressing their slaves’ stomachs while simultaneously toying with their pussies and there breasts. Of the two, Sally was breathing the hardest. Drool coated her cheeks and Augustine could tell she was on the verge of an orgasm.

“How can you be turned on right now?” Augustine said to Tracy. “Are you some sort of sicko slut? Look at you for Christ’s sake! Naked, tied to a table with your legs up while you’re holding four quarts of warm milk up your poop shoot. Oh, everyone can see the little dribbling here,” Augustine’s index finger traced a line through the film of discharge under Tracy’s puckered asshole. Her finger flicked at the skin of her anal ring and a small stream of white liquid squirted out.

“Oh! Sorry I did I do that? I shouldn’t touch you here, I think you’re sensitive. Oops!” Augustine had pressed her finger to Tracy’s tightly clenched bunghole and another stream of milk squirted out.

Tracy groaned behind her gag and then suddenly released a hard stream of milk, hitting Sally briefly before the hanging woman jerked around so that Mary was now facing Tracy. Mary screamed into her gag and tried to turn back but Sally was not having any of that.

Not that it mattered because Megan could no longer hold her load inside and just totally relaxed her anus, allowing a couple of quarts of milk to shoot out of her ass in a steady white stream.

Now Adam, Taylor, and Augustine gently pressed down on their slave’s stomachs, sending more milk squirting out of their asses and splashing against the two hanging women. It took several minutes before all of the enemas were expelled. When they were done a thunderous round of applause was given by the assembled group.

Adam, Taylor, and Augustine bowed deeply and then raised their hands to the five tortured slaves, like a conductor would do for his orchestra. There was more applause and then the din died down.

“Wow! That was great!” Adam exclaimed, moving his hands down to quiet the crowd. “It’s a beautiful evening so we’re going to be assembling on the west lawn in about an hour for dinner. Please take your new slaves back to your rooms, clean them up if need be, prepare them and yourselves for dinner, and then make your way to the west lawn. Thank you.”

Taylor and Augustine were busy un-strapping their three hapless enema victims, caressing them and consoling them as they did. “You were marvelous girls!” Taylor said. “I am so proud of you all.”

“That was a fantastic show!” Adam gushed. “Gretchen… you were just… what can I say? You were so fantastic!” He had removed the gag from her mouth and the slave was working her jaws. “Did you enjoy it?”

Gretchen looked up and said, “Master, you made me so fucking hot! God, that was sensational! Thank you.”

Jimmy was standing nearby waiting to take his slave and feeling very much the idiot. He had no idea what he was going to do with this woman. He had been counting on abusing that cow Bonnie all night but now he had this woman, this Amazon that could hold a four quart enema, have an orgasm, and then say the whole thing was sensational! What was he going to do, ask her for a blow job later? He suddenly felt sick and inconsequential.

Megan was crying softly as Taylor untied her bonds. The mistress leaned over and kissed her cheek. “Shhh, sweetie it’s over, here’s Mistress Helen to take you back to her room and clean you up.” Taylor leaned down and whispered, “She’s a very gentle Mistress, I’ve known her for years. Be very courteous, though, show her respect and that you know how to be a good slave, alright?”

“Yes Mistress,” Megan said softly, wiping the tears from her cheeks.

“Good girl. I’m very proud of you, now up you go.” Taylor waved to Mistress Helena who came up and helped Megan off of the table.

By this time Master Duane had come in to collect Tracy and two other couples were helping release Mary and Sally from the overhead hooks that they had been hanging from.

The Westleys and Augustine retired to the mansion to clean up.

End of part 5

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