Ashley Bennet – Slave
Part 4

by mrhungry

This is Part II of the Ashley Bennet series. In Part One, the readers were introduced to Ashley, a beautiful blonde administrative assistant to a fairly high placed Special Agent in charge of the FBI’s Organized Crime Task Force office in Philadelphia. Ashley had fallen victim to a con which preyed upon her desire to become an FBI field agent. The owners of a local strip club had conned her into believing she was being recruited to work undercover in the club to investigate a prostitution ring. In reality, her actions at the club were being recorded for use in blackmailing her into providing them with information. It turned out that one of the club owners was a front man for the powerful New York crime boss, Vito Gambini. While still believing her assignment was genuine, Ashley uncovered evidence of widespread blackmail within the FBI and in the local government. One of the men in the OCTF, Trent Richards, had begun to investigate Ashley when she suddenly went missing. The club owners had kidnapped Ashley and were planning on selling her to overseas slavers. In the end, Agent Richards saved Ashley and she became somewhat of a legend in the upper echelons of the Bureau.

**Beginning in Ashley Bennet – Slave, Ashley will at times be thinking as Jessica, her alter-ego. For the readers' convenience the author will enclose [Jessica’s thoughts in brackets].**

The author apologizes in advance for the French accent of one of the characters in this story, as well as the Japanese words (which are probably incorrect) used by another of the characters. Too, the author means no disrespect to Italians in the depictions of the Mafia characters in this story. This is fiction, and is not based on any real life experience.


The sleek black limousine turned off of the main road and glided to a stop in front of a large iron gate. From the back of the limo, Trent saw the driver’s window descend and saw him speaking to the security guard on duty at the gate. The guard stepped into his small hut and the gate slowly swung open to admit them.

Jessica, sitting naked next to Trent, pressed against his side. She laid her cheek on his broad shoulder and would have clung to him had her arms not been securely bound into a soft red leather arm-binder.

Trent was nervous, but knew it was nothing compared to what Jessica must be feeling. At least he had his clothes on. He put his arm around his trembling slave and patted her shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Jessie. Mistress Sheana assured me that Master Adam and Mistress Taylor are very nice people. We’ll be fine here. You’ll be safe.”

Trent looked out of the windows at the passing scenery. The property was heavily wooded, although an occasional gap in the foliage permitted a breathtaking view of the ocean.

“Kneel in front of me slave, facing forward,” Trent said sternly. Jessica knew her master’s tone meant she should comply quickly. She left her seat and knelt as she was commanded, facing the driver’s compartment. They had already ascertained that the driver could not see into the rear of the limo, so she wasn’t concerned for her modesty.

Besides, she had lost practically all concern for her modesty over the past three months of her training as a sex slave. The only time she’d been allowed to cover her body in the past three months had been on the day she had been taken to see Dr. Bishop at his clinic. The purpose of that visit was still a mystery to her, but she thought it may have had something to do with her brand. She remembered being bandaged in the exact same spot as her master’s brand was later placed. Maybe her thigh needed to be prepped first.

Jessica saw the red ball gag come over her head and she opened her mouth widely to accept it. She had been wondering if she would be meeting the Westley’s in only her cuffs and arm-binder, but now she knew it was to be a full bondage display.

Her master pulled a hood over her head, adjusting it so that the nose holes lined up and the gag fit into the little bulge near the mouth and then quickly laced it up tightly in the back. There were no eyes or ear holes, so she was effectively deaf and blind.

Jessica felt something at her throat and knew she was being fitted with a posture collar. This made her insides go suddenly a flutter. Jessica had never told her master that posture collars really made her hot because… well, a girl has to have her secrets too, doesn’t she?

There were things that her master did to her that shot her lust factor through the roof. Besides posture collars, there was corsets and foot rubs. She didn’t think she had a foot fetish, but when her master rubbed her feet she got incredibly horny! Maybe because he always did that for her after she had been in her ridiculously high heels for a long period of time. Maybe his hands just felt so good when he touched her feet. She looked forward to having her feet massaged later that night since she’d been in her 6” stilettos all day.

Or did her master already know her secrets? She felt something brush against her midriff and then pull against her flesh. It was a corset! She felt the corset being positioned and knew exactly which one it was without even seeing it. This corset was red and pressed her 34C’s upward so that her nipples protruded obscenely above the stiff upper hem of the garment. She breathed in to allow her master to cinch the laces tightly, pulling her waist into a narrow hour-glass shape.

The bound and fully aroused woman knew she would have to begin controlling her breathing now and wondered how long she would be trussed up in this manner. She felt the thick strap attached to the top of the corset being pulled up between her breasts and buckled to her severely restrictive posture collar.

Without being told to, Jessica spread her knees a little wider on the limo’s plush carpet. She knew there was one more strap to fasten, and that would run between her legs and be locked to the end of her arm-binder. The only question remaining to the sightless sub was… just answered, as Jessica felt the tip of a dildo pressing against her permanently hairless pussy.

Jessica was not surprised to feel the ribbed shaft slide easily into her cunt. Her juices had begun to flow soon after the posture collar went around her neck. Something about the constrictiveness of the collar just got to her!

“Almost there,” she heard her master say. He must have been speaking very close to her leather covered ear. A tugging at the crotch strap buried the thong between her labia and another tugging at the arm-binder let her know that the dildo was not going anywhere until her master unlocked the strap.

In all, Trent took about seven minutes to completely outfit his slave. He felt that was pretty damn good. Looking out through the front window, Trent saw the Westley’s mansion. There’s some big time money here! It was a sprawling estate.

The limousine pulled up in front of the massive façade of the mansion. A man in a black suit emerged from the large white door and descended the eight marble steps to ground level. The limo driver put the car in park and came around to open the rear door. Trent stepped out and then leaned in to lead Jessica out of the car, lightly touching the back of her hooded head to guide her.

Once out, Jessica stood straight, knowing that her breasts would be prominently displayed for whom ever was there to greet them. In her present attire, she had to place her trust fully in her master. She could only imagine if things went badly, she would be totally helpless to protect herself or escape.

An almost indiscernible nudge on her collar alerted Jessica that she had just been leashed. The tug was not sufficiently hard to indicate that she should walk. Hours of hooded training flooded back through Jessica’s mind. Without sight, a slave had to be constantly alert to subtle touches and nudges. She had to realize when something was being done to her bondage and when she was expected to move or stop. The bound and sightless woman pondered how her thoughts were not on her situation, of being bound and naked at a stranger’s estate, but rather on her behavior and her need to be alert to her Master’s wishes.

Too, she had to trust whoever was responsible for her. The most pressing problem was that, once hooded and bound, she had no control over who was responsible for her. Her master could hand the leash to these people, hop back in the limo, and leave. How long would it be until she even knew that he had done that? For that matter, he may have already left.

Jessica trusted her master not to leave her, though. She had every confidence that he was still standing next to her, holding her leash.

The man in the black suit strode forward and offered Trent his hand. “Greetings sir, I’m Matthew Scott, the Master’s butler. May I help you with your luggage?”

Trent shook his hand and then motioned for the limo driver to pop the trunk.

“Thank you,” Trent said as he noticed the Westleys coming through the front door and descending the steps towards them. He held Jessica’s leash forward and with a slight tug, prompted the naked woman to walk. The dildo caressing her pussy made walking a little more challenging. She was at least thankful that it wasn’t vibrating. She was nervous enough as it was, and horny enough, not to have to worry about having an orgasm in front of their new hosts.

Adam Westley was tall, in his 40’s, with slightly graying hair, cut in a neat business style. He wore jeans and a blue blazer with an open collared white shirt beneath it. Taylor Westley looked to be slightly older than her husband. Her hair was dyed black and she wore maybe a touch too much makeup. She seemed to be quite fit and when they got closer Trent could see that she was very attractive.

“Mr. Brent, we’re so glad you were able to come out,” Adam said as he strode forward to shake Trent’s hand.

“Please, call me Richard,” Trent said. “Mrs. Westley, it’s a pleasure,” he turned to shake hands with the Mistress of the house.

“Well, let’s all use first names. I’m Taylor and this is Adam.”

“Thanks so much for allowing us to bunk down here for awhile. We’ll try to stay out of your way as much as possible”

“You’ll do no such thing young man.” Taylor turned to Jessica, “And this must be Jessica. Mistress Sheana has told me so much about her.”

“She has?” Trent asked. “May I ask what you’ve been told?”

“Well, she told me she has accepted your brand. May I see it?” Taylor was admiring Jessica’s well toned ass and looking for the brand mark on her rear.

“It’s actually in here, on her thigh.” Trent placed one hand on Jessie’s shoulder and then tapped her thigh with his finger. Jessica moved her leg to the side, separating her legs.

“Oh my, on her thigh?” Taylor gasped. “It must have been quite painful on that tender skin.” The woman bent to inspect the brand. “May I?” She indicated that she wanted to touch the branded flesh.

Trent nodded.

Jessica knew her naked body was being examined and it created a mix of emotions. On one level she was embarrassed, which of course heightened her arousal. Too, she was excited and confident that she was making her master very proud. She maintained her upright posture, helped of course by the arm-binder. She didn’t have to worry about presenting her breasts. With her arms pulled back as they were, she could do nothing but present them.

She could, however, slouch and that was something she had to consciously prevent. The touch on her thigh indicated that her master wanted her to display herself more fully. She anticipated a touch on her sex but instead felt fingers touching her master’s brand! The touch was soft and warm and Jessica could feel it was a woman’s touch.

[Mistress Westley.]

“You know, I’ve only seen two, maybe three, branded slaves in my life. This looks very nice, Richard.”

“Thank you, she wears it well.”

Taylor ran her hand over the fresh welts on Jessica’s hip and ass. “Recent?”

“Yes,” Trent replied. “Training is never completely over, it seems.”

Taylor stood straight and looked at the hooded slave and then ran her hand over the leather hood. “I can’t wait to see her! Sheana has told me she is quite beautiful.”

The three continued to chat as they moved inside the mansion. Jessica walked blindly behind Trent. When they came to the steps Trent reached down and tapped Jessica’s knee. He wished he had a riding crop to use, but his was packed away. When they reached the last step he tapped her knee again, signaling that there were no more stairs.

“I love to watch slaves trained by Sheana. They are so obedient!” Taylor gushed.

“I understand that you also own several women,” Trent commented as he looked around the spacious foyer of the mansion.

“Yes,” Adam replied as he motioned Trent towards another long curved stairway. Again Trent touched Jessica’s knee so that she knew they were climbing more stairs. He looked at her accentuated calves and slender legs as she coped sightlessly with the stairs.

“We have three girls right now and we’re looking for a fourth,” Adam continued, “this is a large estate and there’s so much to do. We use them on the grounds and around the house and, of course, in our dungeon.”

“Well, I hope you won’t hesitate to use Jessica to help out while we’re here.”

Taylor couldn’t help but to touch Jessie’s bare ass as she walked beside the bound woman on the staircase. Even blindfolded and bound as she was, Taylor could tell that Jessica was a little older than her girls. It would be nice to play with someone a little more mature for a change. She looked forward to a change in their norm.

Trent was shown to their suite where he left Jessica standing with her leash tied off to one of the large corner posts of the huge bed. Adam took him on a tour of the estate while Taylor went to see how her dinner preparations were coming along.

About an hour later Trent returned and unleashed Jessica. He prompted her to kneel and began to remove her bindings. He knew she had been in bondage longer than he wanted, but of course was unable to show any sympathy towards her for it. His training kicked in and he acted as though that was his intention all along.

“You’re pretty wet, Jessie,” Trent said as he let the dildo slide out of her pussy. She remained silent even though her hood was off and the ball gag had been removed from her mouth. Jessica continued to gaze straight ahead.

“Listen, slave,” Trent said softly as he unlaced the arm-binder. “I know you’re trained to keep silent unless you’re asked a question, but I want to change some things about how we interact.” He unclipped the straps around her shoulders and slid the sleeve off of her arms.

“Go ahead and stretch your arms out,” he said as he folded the sleeve and placed it in one of the drawers. Jessica was working her jaws and stretching her arms out in front of her.

Trent went into the adjoining bathroom and returned with a towel which he placed on one of the upholstered chairs. He patted the seat and Jessica sat down. As he began to unlace the corset he said, “You’re a very intelligent woman, Jessica, and to simply hear ‘yes master’ out of you 24/7 simply doesn’t cut it for me. It’s like looking at a sunset with a blindfold on. You know it’s there but you can’t appreciate it. I appreciate your intelligence, and I will not be denied normal adult conversation with you. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Yes, Ma…master?” Jessica caught herself and then said the word ‘master’ anyway.

Trent laughed as he pulled the corset off of her, folded it, and placed it in the drawer with the sleeve. “Am I your master or not?”

“Yes Master, you are.”

“You see, some things will not change. You will still address me as master, and you will continue to obey me in every way. If you do not, what will happen?”

“You’ll punish me, Master.”

“And why will I punish you, slave?”

“Because if this slave does not obey you at all times I deserve to be punished.”

“That’s right. And I will, you know that don’t you? You know I’ll punish you harshly if you disobey me?”

Jessica felt a shiver go through her body. [Yes, he’ll punish me. He’ll take his whip and he’ll destroy my flesh with it.]

“Yes Master, I belong to you. I wear your brand.”

“Good.” Trent stroked her hair and then bent down to kiss his beautiful slave on the lips.

They embraced in a long sensual kiss and then he knelt to unlock the straps on her high heels. Jessica braced herself for what she hoped would follow.

Trent placed the heels in one of the four closets in the room and then came to Jessica and held out his hand for her to stand. Slightly disappointed that she wasn’t getting a foot massage, Jessica followed him into the bathroom.

Jessica was amazed at the size of the bathroom. She wondered why anyone would need all of this space just to go to the bathroom and shower. Trent pointed towards the toilet and Jessica took the opportunity to sit and relieve herself.

Trent was looking into the shower, but when she had finished he came over and wiped her slit. Then she followed him over to the large glass enclosed shower and waited while he cranked up the water.

The shower was equipped with at least a dozen spray nozzles. Trent did his best to figure out how to get it down to two and then adjusted the water temperature.

“Okay, let’s try this monster out.”

Jessica couldn’t contain a giggle as she stepped in behind Trent. The water was nice and warm and her master’s naked body was very close to hers. Jessica felt her knees weaken as she stood close to Him. She wanted to fall to her knees and take him in her mouth but waited patiently for her master to command her.

Trent moved over to the large dials on the wall near the door and turned one clockwise. One by one the other nozzles came to life, spraying them from every angle including directly overhead. Jessica looked around the shower and saw heavy duty eyebolts everywhere!

[How many different ways can a slave be bound in here?] Jessica felt a surge of excitement flow through her.

“Look, Master,” Jessica decided to try out this new freedom of speech she had been granted. She reached up and grasped two of the eyebolts, each on opposite walls. Fantasizing that her ankles were bound, she spread her legs wide apart so that she stood spread eagle. Trent turned the other knob and the flow of water turned to a hard pulsating blast. Jessica, standing with her limbs outstretched in the middle of the shower, was assaulted on all sides by the pulses.

“Oh god! That feels sensational!” Jessica looked down and saw that Trent’s cock was rock hard. She looked at it hungrily and held onto the eyebolts that much harder, restraining her desire to sink to her knees before her master.

Trent pressed a button and the spray turned to a mist. “Oh good, this will be better for washing.” He took a wash cloth off of a rack that was high up on the wall and began to lather it with soap. “Stay just as you are.”

Jessica gripped the bolts and spread her legs a little wider. The anticipation of being washed filled every inch of her psyche. She knew the reason for a master to wash a slave was so the slave doesn’t touch her own body, and cannot give herself sexual pleasure. But it was so fucking pleasurable to be washed by someone else!

Now Jessica’s body was responding to her master’s touch. The wash cloth felt so good against her shoulders and her arms. Jessica suddenly had to focus on remaining on her feet and held on even tighter to the bolts in the wall as Trent’s hands came around from behind her to wash her chest and her breasts.

Her master’s hard cock was pressed against her ass. She felt the wash cloth draped across her shoulder and realized he was using his hands to wash her breasts. His hands came around just under her armpits and flitted lightly across the sides of her breasts. A sudden jolt of pure lust struck her brain and she inhaled sharply.

“You okay?” Trent asked, knowing he had just stroked her sweet spot.

“Y... yes, Master. I’m okay. I’m just so… fucking horny!”

“Now see? Isn’t it better to be able to express yourself?”

“Yes Master. But what will it get me?”

“Nothing,” Trent chuckled as he continued to lather down the nude woman. He knew she was horny and now he was working his way down her slender waist and onto her ass.

When she was clean he pressed against her again and moved his hands down her firm stomach to her crotch.

Jessica moaned aloud. “Master,” she purred softly. “Oh god. Can I cum, Master?”

“Maybe later, if you’re good.” He moved the wash cloth lightly across her cunt.

Somehow his answer didn’t at all surprise the lust filled slave.

Trent quickly worked his way down her legs and then stood to turn the water back on the heavy pulse mode. After Jessica was thoroughly rinsed he handed the wash cloth and bar of soap to her and turned the water back to a fine mist.

“May I use my hands, Master?”

Trent feared he would ejaculate at the first touch of her hands on his flesh, but he allowed it anyway. He stretched his hands overhead and grabbed a hold of an eyebolt screwed into the ceiling. He looked down to see his gorgeous slave washing his outstretched body with her soft slender hands. His cock stood at full attention, awaiting her caresses. Jessica’s hands felt so soothing on his chest and on his muscular sides. She was working her way down towards his erection.

“How does this feel, Master? You seem to be aroused. Should I tease you like you tease me?”

Jessica stood behind her master and lightly grazed his back with her nipples while she cupped his hard buttocks in her hands. Then her fingers traced along his hips and around to his penis, all the while her nipples grazed his back.

“Come around and catch my cum before it gets into the shower!” Trent said with urgency as he felt his cock spasm. Jessica quickly and joyfully complied, throwing herself onto his cock as the first jet of semen shot out.

Trent looked down to see that Jessica had gotten to it on time and was now fully engaged in swallowing his load. Her hands roamed his strong legs and up to his ass, pulling him into her and taking his cock fully into her mouth. When he was done she withdrew and resumed washing his cock and balls.

“My turn yet?” Jessica asked as she turned the water jets back to pulsate and began to wash the soap off of Trent’s body.

“You know we’re not taking turns.”

“Aww, come on.” Frustration was building in Jessica as her need began to grow.

Seeing that they were both well rinsed, Trent turned off the water. He handed a towel to Jessica and the woman began to dry him off.

“I’m beginning to reconsider this whole interaction thing already.”

“I’m sorry, Master,” Jessica said as she finished toweling Trent.

She got up and stood in the proper standing position with her head down. She honestly felt bad about what her master had just said and knew it was her comments that had precipitated the remark. She thought back to what she had said and wished she could take it back. Her heart ached; the pain actually seemed to radiate outward through her chest.

[Master is right. I don’t deserve to speak my mind. What was I thinking? Have I already forgotten all of my training?]

Jessica’s words bounced around in her head, driving her deeper into remorse. [Is it my turn yet? Is it my turn yet? Aww, come on. Is it my turn yet?]

Jessica fell to the floor and into the spanking position; her knees under her, butt in the air, forehead touching the floor, and arms out stretched in front of her. She deserved to be punished for her attitude.

[Who do I think I am? A free woman? A free woman who can say whatever she pleases?]

Jessica felt so distant from that person, the person who had manipulated the man who was now her master into pursuing her friend. Was it for her friend that she had submitted to months of training… or was it her own wanton desires that led them both down this path? Had she seen Sheana’s training rooms and, against her master’s warnings, plunged head first into peril to fulfil her own subconscious fantasies?

They were not in the safety of the training facility any longer. They were in the real world, on a real mission, in real danger. The fantasy of becoming a slave was yielding to the reality of being in danger.

“What have I done!” Jessica cried out. “What have I done to us!” Tears rolled down her cheeks and the young woman began to sob. “I’m sorry Richard. I’m so sorry.”

The use of his assumed name snapped Trent out of his own thoughts. He had just seen Jessica throw herself to the floor into a punishment position and was considering what he should do about her.

Maybe allowing her to speak was not such a good idea after all. He couldn’t allow her to become too flippant. Now she had recalled his mission name and Sheana had said that would only happen under extreme duress. Was Jessica in extreme duress? Trent knew he needed to regain control of his slave.

“Jessica,” Trent said into her ear as knelt next to her. “Pull yourself together right now. We haven’t come this far for you to melt down on me.”

He had to remember that this was Ashley’s first real undercover assignment. As assignments go, he had never heard of any female agent going through what Ashley had experienced in the past three months.

“I’m going… I’m going to let us down.” Jessica sobbed. “I’m going to get us killed.”

“You’re not!” Trent picked Jessica up by the elbows and brought her face up to his.

“You are going to do exactly what I tell you to do. Do you understand me?” Trent hissed quietly, not knowing if their room was under surveillance or not. “You will follow my orders to the T and I will punish you if you don’t. You wear my brand, mission or no mission. You’re here to serve me. Is that clear, slave?”

The sternness of her master’s rebuke was very sobering. She did wear his brand. Her master was right; her sole purpose was to serve Him. HE was the FBI agent that would find her little Nicky. HE was the person most experienced at being undercover. HE was the person who made the contacts.

And she? She was his willing slave. She was the woman who wanted, more than anything, to please him. She was the woman that, three months ago, had chosen this life style and was now living it. It’s what she had secretly wanted and now it was a reality. It was her reality and it was her master’s reality, because like it or not, he owned her.

“I understand Master,” she said quietly, not able to look him in the eyes even if it were allowed.

Trent lightened his grip on her arms and stood up, bringing Jessie with him. He dug into his toiletries bag and brought out the tube of aloe cream. Even if they were having a tiff her body still needed to be attended to. He wanted the welts to heal as quickly as possible. Not that they didn’t add some charm to her creamy white flesh, but it reminded him of the error he made in administering her punishment.

Jessica remained motionless with her arms outstretched and her legs spread, submitting herself to her master while he quickly massaged the silky cream into her flesh. As always, his hands felt sensational on her body, but her sulky mood did not allow her to enjoy the massage as much as usual.

When he was done he motioned her over to the vanity and instructed her to dry her hair and apply what little makeup she needed. He would allow her to do it because they were probably behind schedule for dinner and he didn’t want to keep their hosts waiting. Besides, the hair he could do, and even enjoy, but the make-up? Forget it. He busied himself with his own preparations.

Trent dressed in slacks and a button up shirt. He laid his sport jacket over a chair and went to attend to Jessica. He came up behind her and placed his hands on her bare shoulders. He liked the way she had done her hair, and her makeup was perfect. He could barely tell that she had been crying.

“Face me.”

Trent took a key out of his pocket and unlocked the locks on all of her cuffs. One by one they were removed, leaving Jessica absolutely naked except for her leather collar.

“Let’s go,” he said, lifting on Jessica’s hand. He reached over and took his sport coat and slipped it on.

“Like this, Master? I feel so… so naked!” She rubbed the areas on her wrists where her cuffs had been for so long.

“You look very naked, and very beautiful. Now let’s go.”

“Yes Master.” Jessica trailed closely behind Trent as he led the way down to the dining room.

It felt odd to the woman to be walking naked through the huge mansion. Even her feet were bare! Jessica realized she was not even leashed, yet she maintained the proper distance behind her master as if she were.

Silently they walked down the carpeted hallway and Jessica pondered how submissive she really was. Three months ago the thought of walking through someone’s home naked would have been so unbelievable. Sure, she may have fantasized about it, but would never actually do it. Now she was doing it, and her nipples grew stiff thinking about it. A shiver of excitement coursed through her body and she smiled.

[I am a slave! And I can do better than this. I can be a better slave if I can remember everything I was taught. I want to please my master.]

Jessica realized that she had all of the training she needed to be a perfect slave. [A perfect slave…that’s what I want to be.]

The thought of it filled her with a new sense of purpose. To be a perfect slave… is what she wanted deep, deep, down inside of her soul.

Unconsciously, Jessica moved her hands behind her back and clasped them there. She corrected her posture as she walked behind her master. Jessica displayed her breasts and held her shoulders back. Her gaze was at the floor a few feet in front of her. And she couldn’t stop smiling! She felt giddy and she didn’t know what to do about it! She couldn’t go any further without laughing.

“Psst, Master!” she whispered.

Trent stopped and looked at her. Jessica was standing in excellent form, but even with her head bowed he could see a big smile on her face.

He came up next to her and put his hands on her naked waist. “What is it? What’s going on?”

“I feel… happy master. I’m just very happy. If I can make one request of you master, this one time, could you hold me for a second? Right now?”

Trent pulled her against him and not only held her close but lifted her chin and kissed her fully on the lips. Their tongues met half way and then Jessica allowed his probing tongue into her mouth. His large warm hands held her naked back.

When they separated, Jessica whispered, “Thank you master. I haven’t forgotten the lesson you taught me the other day, so please forgive me for making this request.”

“I forgive you.”

* * *

“So what brings you out to California, Richard?” Adam asked as he took a sip of his wine. The Taylors had brought two of their slaves to the dinner table and the third one was servicing them.

“Well, I’ve heard so much about the warm climate here and I have some time on my hands, so I though now would be a good time to explore my options. I may want to relocate here permanently if there’s an opportunity to make the move.”

He noticed Taylor’s keen interest in Jessica. Taylor actually blushed slightly when she realized Trent was watching her studying his woman.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude by ogling your slave but my lord, she’s beautiful. Mistress Sheana understated that.”

Trent ran his hand over Jessica’s blonde hair as she knelt next to him. He wasn’t sure he had ever seen a slave with more perfect posture. “Thank you, I couldn’t agree more.”

“And you chose not to bind her tonight, except for her collar, because…?”

Trent noticed that the two slaves kneeling beside the Taylors had wide posture collars on. Their hands and feet were cuffed and their arms were pulled back and bound at the elbows.

“I wanted her to be fully exposed for your pleasure, Taylor. I wanted her to display her submissiveness without me guiding her and restricting her. She could make a dash out of here right now. She could scrounge up some clothing somewhere and not be worried about wrist or ankle cuffs locked onto her.” His hand went down to Jessica’s shoulder and she had to concentrate to avoid leaning into his touch.

“I can assure you that she will not make a run for it. She is right where she wants to be.”

“I like that, Richard,” Adam said lifting his glass in a toast. “Well stated. What better way to demonstrate her submissiveness than to give her the opportunity to leave.”

Trent suppressed a smile as he noticed a piece of steak fall off of Taylor’s fork, her mouth left open as if dazed by Trent’s comment. To Trent’s amusement, Taylor blushed again as she realized she had been caught agape.

Selecting a very lean piece of meat from his steak, Trent sliced off a portion of it and used his fork to feed it to Jessica.

“Thank you master,” Jessica said softly and then chewed the delicious morsel. Trent continued to eat and to feed Jessica from his plate. He requested a large ice water with a straw from the serving slave, Marsha. When it arrived he placed the glass on the floor in front of Jessica so that she could bend over and sip from it when she needed to.

He watched Marsha as she served their deserts. Of the three, Trent thought she was by far the prettiest. Probably around 22 years old, her slender body seemed quite graceful as she moved around each of the diners to place their portions in front of them.

Her breasts were perfectly proportional to her body size and her skin was a creamy white. She, as did the other two, wore their master’s collar around her slender neck. Adam’s collars were made of stiff black leather, adorned with studs and d-rings. The cuffs around their wrists and ankles matched. Marsha’s long black hair was tied back in a tight French braid.

Trent noticed that the slave Ulsa, who was kneeling next to Adam, was looking up quite a bit to see what was happening around her. He caught her several times glancing curiously across the table at Jessica.

The other slave, Susie, was more disciplined and only looked up once or twice during the meal. He had not seen Jessica look up once, but knew she would sneak a peek while taking food from his fork.

Ulsa’s skin was darker, as if she might be Greek or Italian. Her breasts were large and her face, while slightly angular, was very attractive. She appeared to be older than both Susie and Marsha, but only by a year or two at the most. Her long brown hair hung seductively over her shoulders.

Susie had the girl next door look about her. Blonde and freckled across her chest, she seemed to blush when ever Taylor fed her with her fork. Trent marveled at the size of the girl’s areola’s; they were quite large and covered nearly the entire tip of her B-cup breasts.

After dinner Trent left Jessica in the care of the kitchen staff, led by a large man by the name of Walker. Trent didn’t know if that was his first name or his last, but he knew how to control the slaves. The slaves seemed to jump when he directed them, so there must have been some disciplinary history between them all. Trent wasn’t worried about Jessica. She would do what she was told to do.

As he joined the Westleys on the expansive patio outside the dining room, Trent’s mind was still churning over the events of the afternoon. When he had mentioned that he was reconsidering allowing Jessica to speak more freely he was not anticipating the response he had gotten from her.

She had been out of line in the shower by pouting. But he hadn’t thought his rebuke of her had been so harsh that it would trigger that melt down. He felt so sorry for the woman it made his heart ache. How despondent had she been that she would break down like she did?

But then, something had happened to her after he had spoken to her. He had just wanted to assert his authority over their mission, to let her know that he planned on succeeding. To let her know what he expected from her. But he felt there was more to her sudden mood swing than that. He sensed a change in her attitude. Why was she so happy in the hallway? Why had she requested the hug?

Thinking of how she had presented herself the entire evening filled him with an unexpected sense of pride. Okay, that was weird for him to think, but call it what it was; he was so proud of Jessica. He was so proud of his slave.

“Helloooo, Mr. Brent, are you in there?” Trent snapped out of his trance to find Taylor standing next to him waving a hand next to his head. Her husband had stepped away to take a call on his cell phone.

“I’m sorry Taylor, I guess I was lost in thought there.”

“Want to talk about it?”

“Oh, it’s just that Jessie and I are relatively new to each other and we’ve been dealing with some issues.”

“I’m surprised to hear that. I wish my girls were as obedient as yours. I’ve been trying to train them myself, but may resort to asking Sheana to have a go at them.”

“Well, I’m trying to strike a balance between total domination and being too lax.”

“Why wouldn’t you want to be totally dominant?”

“You have to understand that I don’t have a relationship with another person like you have with Adam. You two can converse and do things together without regards to your slaves. I’m alone. Jessica must fill needs other than sex for me. It’s why I chose her, actually. She’s an intelligent woman, with experiences and knowledge that I find fascinating. I don’t want to keep her bottled up with only answering direct questions and never expressing her opinions. I don’t want to stifle her personality.”

“It’s obvious that she’s a mature woman just by the way in which she presents herself. I admire your courage in trying to manage such a woman.” Taylor looked out over the expansive lawn towards the dark woods in the distance.

“Foster’s is a done deal for the hunt,” Adam said as he rejoined Trent and Taylor.

“Oh good,” Taylor said, wrapping her arm around her husband and pulling him close.

“The hunt?” Trent asked, leaning back against the marble banister to look at his hosts.

“Yes, we sponsor an annual slave hunt here on the estate. It’s scheduled for a week from this coming Saturday, rain or shine. Foster’s is a catering company that will assist our own staff in preparing the post-hunt feast.”

“Sounds like fun!” Trent said.

“You and Jessica just absolutely have to join us!” Taylor said.

“You’ll love it,” Adam agreed.

“Sign us up then.”

* * *

“Boss, you need to get down here right away,” Carpelli heard his security chief shout over the phone. “We gots four black Suburbans pulling up to the dock right now. Some real muscle is piling out and it looks like they’re fully armed.

“Get your men down there now! Don’t let these guys past the dock!”

Carpelli reached over and hit a switch sealing off his slave pens. He hoped none of his guys were in there, but securing the merchandise was his number one priority. Opening his bottom desk drawer he pulled out his Heckler & Koch submachine gun, checking the clip to make sure it was fully loaded. He bolted for the door wondering what the fuck was going on.

On the dock the situation was tense. The fire power inside on the dock was sufficient to stall the advancing thugs. Then the invaders seemed to part as one man walked through them.

Carpelli arrived just in time to see the man emerge.

“Don Vito, yous could’ve called! You gave my guys the proverbial heart attack with that entrance.” Waving his hands he told his guys to stand down. Slowly all of the firepower was directed at the ground.

“Hey Franky, long time no see. Why are you hiding out here on the left coast anyway?”

“Haven’t you heard? The girls are all golden here.”

The head of the Gambini family climbed the steps up to the loading dock. “I’m only interested in one girl. And I hear you have her.”

It was as Carpelli feared. Vito had come for his Nicole, and he would give her to him or else… well, that really wasn’t an option at this point.

“Just so we’re clear, we’re talking about the slave called Nicky right? East coast, somewhere around Philly?”

“Yeah, she’s the one. Bring her out and I’ll be on my way.”

“No disrespect Don Vito, but I gots ten grand tied up in her training. She would go for one fifty minimum.”

“Yeah, I heard our friend Ketami got a go at her. What the hell were you thinking? If she had died in there I would have…”

“She’s fine, and docile as a kitten. I’ll bring her up.”

“I’ll go wit you.”

Carpelli felt an urgent need to piss. He didn’t want these goons walking in on Nicky just now. He had been playing with her down in the crypt earlier and she was still bound in a most unflattering manner. He had left her to stew and was planning on getting back to her about an hour ago.

“I got some steaks on the burner right in here Mr. Gambini, if you want to wait here for me.” Carpelli went to enter the room they used as a cafeteria but was guided away by the Don.

Two flights of stairs later they were entering the room Carpelli affectionately called the Crypt. Using pipes and steel bars, Nicky had been bolted into an extremely exposed position. She lay on her back on a very small plank with her legs spread wide apart and pulled back towards her head. Her head was forced back and down so she couldn’t see her body, or the army of men who had just entered the room.

Two dildoes slowly fucked her cunt and her asshole. They were connected to long rods that glided in and out of a machine bolted a foot away from her exposed ass. Wires ran from a box on the floor to the ends of the dildoes and to electrodes taped to her labia and nipples.

As the men came closer they could see lubricants oozing out of her crack and down her ass. A small puddle was forming on the floor beneath her.

“Having fun with her, are you?” Vito asked as he came up beside Nicky.

“Well… she is mine, Don Vito.”

“You’ll get your one fifty by tomorrow. I’ll even throw in an extra twenty for keeping her here for me. I really didn’t want to step on anyone else’s toes.”

The men heard a click and Nicky suddenly convulsed. The vibrators had switched to high and small shots of electricity were being pulsed through the wires. Nicky groaned as the pain swept through her body. At one time, hours ago, she thought she might actually have an orgasm, but it never happened. Some small window opened in her defensive shield though at the thought. Orgasm had not been in her vocabulary for a very long time now.

Carpelli’s hand went to the switch on the box but Vito waved him off. “Don’t spoil her fun, Franky. Let’s see the bitch squirm for awhile.”

Nicky had heard a group of people enter the room, but of course couldn’t see who they were. Now she knew it was her master and the Gambini guy he had been talking about.

She figured she would be leaving Carpelli now, and she was sort of sad about that. He was a pretty nice guy when it came right down to it, other than his slave trading of course, and he had some interesting games he liked to play. He didn’t fuck her very often, but had made love to her several times.

Even after her brutal training, Nicky could still tell there was a difference, even if she didn’t climax. She wondered what sort of a fucker this Gambini was going to be. Now, however, she was more worried about how long she was going to get shocked and what was going to happen to her when she was released from the bondage.

* * *

Jessica woke up on her mattress on the floor, chained to the foot of her master’s bed. Her wrists were locked behind her back and she realized she was cuffed at her wrists and ankles again. With some effort she sat up and looked around to find that she was alone in the suite.

She knew she had always been a very sound sleeper, but she was beginning to wish that it wasn’t the case. Thoughts of making love to her master the previous evening flashed through her mind and a soothingly warm feeling flowed through her body. Jessica could sense that the two of them had crossed some precipice. What was it? Was it love they were both feeling? Or was it that she had finally realized she was exactly where she wanted to be.

Thoughts of her husband, Marcus, crossed her consciousness. Jessica had remained celibate for many years after his death in Iraq, not wanting any man to take his place in her heart. But her master… she knew he cared for her as much as Marcus had, and she longed to be with him, too. When her master had taken her to dinner the previous evening without cuffs, it was a sign that he knew she was committed to him. What he had said at the table really had a profound effect on her.

Jessica noticed her bowls on the floor next to her. A piece of paper lay between them. Hunching over, Jessica saw her master had left a note instructing her to eat and that he would be back for her soon. Not knowing when “soon” would be she began to eat her nutrition pellets a couple at a time. As usual, they were dry and tasteless. She supposed they were made that way to deprive slaves of just one more pleasure. She hoped the pellets were actually meant for human consumption and weren’t just dog food or hamster food. It would really be demeaning to find that out. Maybe it was better not to know. Thankfully the water bowl was there or she wasn’t sure she would have been able to choke down all of the dry food.

Once she was done with her un-delicious breakfast, Jessica got up onto her knees and assumed the proper kneeling position in anticipation of her master’s return. Her thoughts were still on the previous evening's love making. When they had finally collapsed, exhausted, on the bed she remembered snuggling up behind her master and falling asleep. She knew she had fallen asleep first because she could still remember her master’s hand reaching back and caressing her ass and thigh.

But at what point had he moved her from his bed to her mattress? Had she spent the night in his bed, or had he moved her soon after she fell asleep? Was she that out of it that she didn’t feel him locking the chain to her collar? Even more, her wrists and ankles were cuffed! Well, if her master had wanted her to know he was returning her to her normal bondage he would have awoken her.

Fifteen minutes later, Trent walked into the suite. Jessica heard him moving about in the main living area, whistling, and opening curtains. He came into the bedroom and noticed the empty food bowl.

“Good morning, slave. How did you sleep last night?”

“Good morning, Master. I slept very soundly, thanks to you.”

“Me, what did I have to do with it?”

“You totally exhausted me with your cock last night, Master.”

“Mmmm.” Trent leaned over and gave Jessica a kiss on the top of her head as he unlocked the chain attached to her collar, attached his leash in its place, and gave it a little upward nudge.

Jessica rose to her feet and followed her master into the bathroom where she sat on the toilet and peed. Trent stood patiently by, watching her, until she was done and then used tissue to pat her dry.

Jessica stood behind him as he washed his hands, admiring him in the mirror. Her master was handsome and so well built. Again, her thoughts flashed back to their love making and how his body felt on top of her. She knew these thoughts were making her terribly horny and it was so early in the day for that! The slave blushed and looked down as she realized her master was looking at her in the mirror.

“What where you thinking just now, slave?”

Jessica’s blush deepened but she admitted that she was thinking about him, about the previous night, about how horny she was getting.

“You’re really quite a slut aren’t you, Jessie?”

Now she was seriously horny! “Yes, Master. Your slave is a slut.”

“Come slut, we’re taking a walk.”

“A walk, Master?”

“Yes, it’s an absolutely gorgeous day, and the Westleys have acres of property here. I’d like to explore the woods for a while. But first, let’s take care of you so that you don’t get burnt.”

Trent opened one of the cabinet doors and removed a can of aerosol suntan lotion. He covered her eyes with his hand and sprayed her face and then worked his way down her naked body from there. Jessica giggled as the spray tickled her flesh. Then he sprayed his own face, neck, and arms.

Trent picked up a small backpack and threw it over Jessica’s head so that it rested on her back. Taking the leash, he led the way out of the room and towards the back of the mansion.

Once outside, Jessica found that it was indeed a beautiful day. Sunny and probably 80°, there was only a slight breeze. They set off across the expansive and well mowed lawn towards the woods. The grass tickled Jessica’s bare feet as she struggled slightly to keep up with her master’s brisk pace. His legs were a little longer than hers and he seemed to be in a hurry.

Trent led them along the edge of the woods until he came to a well worn path. He pointed towards the dirt and said, “Horses. See the marks?”

“Yes, Master,” Jessie replied; looking at the hoof marks stamped into the trail.

They followed the trail into the woods. It was a few degrees cooler under the canopy of leaves, and even cooler on Jessie’s bare feet. Trent had motioned her over to the side of the dirt trail where the grass was still short. “This’ll be easier on your feet if you stay just to the side.”

Jessie thought that was pretty nice of him to point out, and even nicer to allow her to walk there. After about thirty minutes they broke the tree line and saw a hilltop up ahead. Once on top of the hill Trent stopped and looked around.

“Wow, you can see everything from up here.”

“It’s gorgeous here, Master.” Jessie looked back the way they had come and saw the huge mansion and the ocean beyond. Trent pointed out a barn and a large pasture next to it. A dozen or more horses grazed lazily on the short grass inside the fence.

“Just remember,” Trent said as he took hold of Jessie’s leash and started back the way they came, “If you can see everything, everyone can see you too.”

“I guess that’s true master.”

“A good view, but pretty exposed.”

Jessie pondered what her master was telling her. Was he talking about her? A good view, but pretty exposed? He seemed sort of cryptic. Oh well, she followed him back down the trail. She wondered where the trail would’ve gone had they continued in the direction they had been going.

Trent came across an intersecting trail but continued back towards the mansion. They walked for another ten minutes, backtracking. Jessica wondered why her master was passing all of the other cross trails. There were so many little trails that cut off into the woods on either side. About half way back to the mansion they came to a cross trail that was wider than most they had seen.

“Let’s check this one out,” and down the trail they went. The trail was rocky and there was not much room on the sides for Jessica to walk. The stones hurt her feet and after about a quarter mile the trail was choked off by briars. They turned back.

When they got back to the main trail Trent commented, “So, let’s see… this is the first big trail on the right. Remember not to let me go down there again. It’s too hard on your feet and has too many briars. Let’s try this one.”

They went straight across the main trail, following the cross trail to the left. The trail wound around and Jessica saw that the briars bordered each side but at least there was room to get through. Trent stopped them when he saw that the trail was going to end up back at the mansion’s vast yard.

“So, this just takes us back, and there’s no place to get off of this trail once you get onto it. It seems like the closer you get to the field, the more briars there are. Another one to remember not to take, can you remember that for me?”

“Sure master, I can remember that. First big cross trail is no good in either direction.”


Jessica followed her master back down the briar lined path to the main trail. Going to the left, away from the mansion, they came to the next main cross trail. They turned right onto it and followed it for about a mile before they came to a high chain link fence. The drive way leading up to the mansion lay on the other side of the fence.

“We’re not having much luck today are we slave?”

“No Master. This place is like a maze.”

“What trail are we on, do you remember?” Trent asked as he turned Jessica around and opened the pack that she had been carrying on her back. He removed a water bottle and took a swig.

Jessica thought for a second and then replied, “Second trail on the right.”

“Excellent,” Trent said as he held the water bottle up for Jessie to take a drink. “Let’s see where this one goes in the other direction.”

Trent replaced the water bottle in the pack, removed a baggie of fruit, and snapped the pack shut. Then he set out back down the trail with Jessica close behind. He fed his slave pieces of strawberries, grapes, and pineapple as they walked.

Coming back to the main trail they crossed and headed down the trail in the other direction. They came to a cross trail and Trent asked, “Where do think that would take you?” pointing to the right.

“Um…probably back to that hill we were on.”

“Agreed,” Trent said. “And how about that way?” pointing to the left.

“Hard to say Master, but the mansion is in that direction.”

“I think you’re right. This trail seems like a good one to stay on for now, and there’s soft grass on the side for you to walk on. You could probably even run here if you needed to.”

Jessica looked at the grass and stepped over to it. It was pretty easy on her feet and she supposed she could run if her master told her to.

“What trail is this one again?”

“Second main cross trail on the left.” Jessica knew her master was up to something, but hadn’t yet figured out what it was. Maybe it was just a memory lesson, trying to keep her mind sharp. Who knew? Whatever it was, she was thoroughly enjoying this time out with her master. She had really needed to get out and stretch her legs.

They followed the trail for another half mile until they came to a stream. Trent was surprised at how fast the current was, and how wide the stream was.

“Walk out there a little way for me Jessica. Be very careful.”

Jessica looked at her master and then, without delay, headed out into the cold water.

“Stop,” Trent said when she was out into it about ten feet. “What’s the bottom like?”

“It’s really rocky master.” Jessica felt sharp stones digging into her feet. “Some are really sharp. Ouch! Yes, it’s pretty hard on my feet.”

“Okay, come back carefully.” Trent motioned for her to return to the bank. “You wouldn’t want to run into there would you? If you fell with your arms tied it could be very bad, right?”

“It would really suck, Master.”

“Did you see any other trails?” Trent asked.

“Well, back there a little way on the left there was one. I think we’ve gone past that hill, so it probably doesn’t lead back there.”

“Let’s check it out.”

They back tracked a ways and then turned down the trail she had seen. “So, if you were coming from the main trail this one would actually be on what side?”

“On the right, Master.”


They continued down the narrow trail. “Not much for horse traffic, did you notice?”

Jessica looked down over her bare breasts to the narrow trail and saw only a few horse hoof prints.

“You’re right master. It doesn’t look like they bring the horses down here very often.” Jessica looked up and said, “Maybe this is why.”

Ahead of them was a large marshy area. The trail was on a raised strip of ground that wound through the marsh. They continued along until they came to a huge tree that had fallen over the trail. Someone had cut through the mammoth trunk to allow passage.

“Over there,” Trent pointed towards the huge root system that stuck up into the air like a large fan. They walked next to the trunk of the tree on fairly solid ground to reach the roots. Behind the roots was a large divot where the roots had once been.

Trent saw a large rock nearby and proceeded to roll it over until it rolled down into the hole. Then he spotted another rock, mostly concealed by ferns, and rolled that into the hole as well.

“Seats!” he said triumphantly. “Let’s take a break.”

He helped Jessica down and sat her on one of the large rocks. He glanced at his watch and then opened the pack his nude woman had been carrying on her back.

“Snack time.” Trent produced another baggie with sliced cheese and Ritz crackers. He set the water bottle down on the ground next to the rock he was sitting on.

“This is quite the little adventure Master,” Jessica said as she opened her mouth to take the offered cheese and cracker.

“I love to explore. Besides, there are times when a person just needs some privacy.”

He glanced at his watch again and then stood to reach into the pack one more time.

Jessica saw that when he sat down again he held the satellite phone in his hand.

FBI cyber guru Gary Larson sat alone in a communication booth at the Ft. Mead headquarters of the National Security Agency. The FBI and the NSA worked closely together on many top-secret projects and Mr. Larson was well known to them.

Originally out of the Philadelphia office, Gary had been reassigned three months ago to the Washington headquarters. His pals at the NSA had razed him for becoming a bureaucrat, but honestly they didn’t know what his role in the bureau was. All they knew was he was running someone, and needed a secure booth with satellite capability.

A red light lit on his console and he pressed the record button a second before he picked up the hand set.

“Red base,” he said.

“Red lead, how do you copy?”

“All systems green. How’s it going?”

“We’re settled in the first location. Do you have a signal?”

“Been keeping tabs on it since it went active. Nice and strong.”

“As we agreed, keep a time stamp on the signal. Do you have an address?”

“Yes, I know the asset’s exact lo…”

“Master,” Gary heard a hushed female voice over the link, it must be Ashley!

Gary’s mind flashed to images of the woman who had volunteered to go undercover for this mission. He had been the one who had uncovered the DVD’s made of her working at the strip club and the DVD that was made of her torture and rape at the hands of her kidnappers. He would also like to think that he had a small part in saving her life over a year ago, but he knew she would probably be dead if not for his friend Trent Richards, now her master.

Just the thought of having Ashley Bennet as his sex slave caused his cock to stir in his pants. The woman was drop dead gorgeous, even with clothes on. He envied his friend, while at the same time understanding the risk they both were taking. If discovered, Trent would be killed without a doubt. Ashley… well she would probably continue to be a sex slave, only not to an undercover FBI agent.

Still, he had to wonder what life was like for his buddy Trent. He had a beautiful woman pretending to be his slave. How far did she have to go? The first word he had heard from her had given him a small clue. She had simply called him “Master.” Not Trent, not Agent Richards. Just “Master”, and they were presumably by themselves where there would be no reason to keep up the façade.

“What is it?” Gary barely heard Trent whisper. He pressed his ear against the phone and strained to hear Ashley say, “I think I heard a horse whinny, Master, in that direction.”

“Shit. Gotta go Red Base. Plus four in six.”

“Roger that red leader. Take care.”

The connection was broken and Gary instantly looked at the digital clock in his booth. Six days from today would be Wednesday, and adding four hours would be five o’clock pm his time. He could, of course, track Ashley’s implanted GPS device from his own office in Washington, but he liked to get out of that office as much as possible. He hoped to some day join this crew at the NSA and liked to keep up his contacts.

Gary closed down the satellite link and removed his flash drive from the CPU. Oh well, back to the office.

Trent and Jessica sat absolutely still as the sounds of the horse came closer. A few snorts and the sound of a horse being walked along the trail could be heard in the calm of the forest. The seconds ticked by slowly until the horse, and presumably the rider, were well away down the trail. Trent heard the rider command the horse and heard the sound of galloping hoofs. Somewhere further up the trail it must open up where the horse could get solid footing.

“That was close, Master,” Jessica said; a frightened look on her face.

“Well, this turned out to be an excellent hiding place didn’t it?”

“Yes Master.”

“We’ll have to remember this location in case we ever need to hide again.”

Trent got to his feet and peered out from the side of the huge root system. They were alone and he motioned for Jessica to join him. On the opposite side of the up-rooted tree was a small path, probably created by deer. Trent led them down the path to rejoin the main trail.

They continued down the trail in the same direction that the horse had gone. The trail actually did get quite narrow as it wove its way through the muddy marsh, but then the ground solidified and the landscape opened up into a small meadow. To his right Trent could see a more worn path that looked to be heading back to the hill.

Sitting atop the hill on her horse was Taylor Westley. Trent waved. “Hello! I thought I heard a horse. Thank goodness, I think we’re lost.”

Taylor swung her horse around and galloped down the hill towards them. “We do have a lot of land,” Taylor said as she pulled the steed up beside them, “but you can only go so far before you run into one of the fences.”

“We did run into one. At least I think we’re heading in the right direction to get back, aren’t we?”

“Yes, and when you get to the top of this little hill you will see the house. Here, take this for your slave.” Taylor handed Trent a rope that he clipped to her collar and then let her leash fall freely down her chest. “Come on up, I’ll give you a ride back.”

She reached a hand down and helped Trent swing up behind her. She nudged the big golden haired horse forward and they set off around the hill, Jessica in tow on foot.

The next few days gave Jessica a chance to practice the domestic skills taught by Mistress Sheana’s staff. As luck would have it, the slave was having her second period since becoming a slave, something that still didn’t make sense to her. She was at first quite concerned when she missed her period at Sheana’s. Sheana had rebuked her, telling her that she would have a period when told to have one. This she knew to be totally ridiculous. But she had no explanation for it. She wasn’t pregnant, as she had feared.

As part of the domestic staff she was usually attired in white 4” stiletto’s, a wide waist belt with a crotch thong and padded chastity belt against her slit, a moderate posture collar with dual chains linking the collar to nipple clamps, a ball gag, and a foot and a half long chain between her wrist cuffs. Jessica discovered what a large estate they were living in. Each day she dutifully followed a maid and one or more slaves to a different section of the manor. A maintenance man by the name of Charley would go with them to set up and hold a tall ladder.

The first step in each room would be to dust everything from top to bottom. On the first day, the slave Susie climbed the ladder with her dust widget and dusted the light fixtures, the tops of cabinets, and window. Jessica noticed that Charley seemed to think that holding onto Susie’s bare legs was better than holding the ladder itself. For her part, Susie didn’t like it and let him know; shaking her leg to get his hand off of it. This quite often led to a slap on the leg by Charley and a rebuke by the maid, Augustine.

Meanwhile, Ursa dusted bookshelves, lower window sills, desks and tables. Jessica figured her job must have been the low job on the totem pole because she was relegated to crawling around on her hands and knees with a static free wipe and dusting all of the legs of all of the furnishings in the room.

Indeed, both Charley and Augustine took their liberties with Jessica, handling her hanging breasts as they swung beneath her, or stroking her thighs. Augustine had never seen a branded leg before and ordered Jessica to lay on the floor with her legs spread so that they could all take a good look at it. This forced the crotch strap even deeper into her slit, which seemed to delight everyone present.

In the evening she joined the serving rotation and served dinner to the masters and mistresses on a couple of occasions. It seemed that family members were already coming into town for the following weekend’s hunt. Jessica could sense a growing excitement over this hunt, but hadn’t yet figured out what they were going to hunt and where. She was confident that her master would tell her if and when she needed to know.

On Sunday evening Mistress Taylor’s daughter, Alisa, came home with her husband Scott DeBurr. Alisa was in her early 30’s and had her mother’s beautiful facial features. Her hair was jet black, but unlike her mother’s, it was still naturally black. Her eyes followed Jessica everywhere she went, causing Jessica to be very self conscious.

As Jessica was ladling the gravy onto Alisa’s potatoes and chicken, Alisa brought her heel down onto the tip of Jessica’s heeled shoe. Jessica gasped and tipped the tray holding the gravy ladle into Alisa’s lap.

Alisa jumped to her feet. “You stupid clod!” she shrieked. “Look what you’ve done!”

Jessica was mortified. She looked at the woman’s fine dress and saw that it was most likely ruined.

Trent had been observing Alisa since they had sat for dinner and could see her interest in his slave from the start. This turn of events did not surprise him in the least. He decided to let Jessica fly solo on this one.

“Punishment position, slave,” Trent said as he rose from his chair. Jessica immediately sank to her knees and bent over so that her bare ass stuck up into the air, her forehead touched the floor.

“Ms. DeBurr, please accept my apologies for my girl’s clumsiness. I will of course pay for the cleaning of your dress, and may I offer you my slave to be punished as you see fit?”

“Oh, Mr. Brent, don’t worry about it.” The pretty woman took a napkin and began to wipe the gravy from her lap. “I’ll admit it’s pretty embarrassing to be wearing part of my meal, but this dress was never going to be worn again after tonight. But your slave… now that’s another thing. I believe I will take you up on your generous offer. She can help me clean up and then I will punish her for my embarrassment.”

“Let me know if I can be of any further assistance,” Trent said as he took his seat.

“Come, slave.” Matthew, the butler, stood behind Alisa and moved her chair back allowing the woman to step away from the table. Jessica stood and followed Alisa out of the room and down the hallway to the family quarters.

Marsha and Ursa, who had been kneeling next to the Westleys, were instructed to quietly clean up the mess on the floor.

“What a terrible accident,” Scott DeBurr said.

“Yes,” Taylor agreed, winking at Trent, “How could such a thing happen?”

When they were most of the way back to Alisa’s suite she stopped and waited for Jessica to catch up. Of course Jessica stopped when she stopped, so she never did actually catch up. Alisa noticed that Jessica had been walking with her head bowed and her hands held behind her back.

“You’re well trained, aren’t you slave?”

“I please my master,” Jessica said softly.

“Mr. Brent? How did you hook up with him?”

[Mr. Brent! Yes! Richard Brent!] “Master bought me from Mistress Sheana following my training.”

Alisa turned and continued walking down the long hallway, Jessica fell in behind her.

“How does it feel to be sold like a piece of furniture, or maybe an animal?”

“I hadn’t thought of it exactly like that, Mistress. Master paid Mistress Sheana for the cost of training me and of course there’s going to be a mark up.”

“Listen to yourself, whore! A markup!”

The words stung a little. Jessica guessed there was no real way to rationalize her being sold into slavery. The embarrassment of it made her pussy tingle.

“Yes mistress. I am just a whore.”

Alisa stopped. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that.”

Jessica stopped, head still down, and then walked again when she saw Alisa walk.

“What’s your name again?” Alisa asked.

“My master has given me the name, Jessica. I’m very happy with that name.”

“What was your name before?”

“My name, Mistress?” Jessica didn’t know if she should give her real name, but then she was asked a direct question and she felt compelled to answer it honestly. “Before I submitted to my master my name was Ashley.”

“Ashley, I like that.”

“Please don’t call me by that name, Mistress.”

“Why not, if it pleases me?”

“It will not please my master.”

“Are you afraid of your master?”

“Of course. You see that my flesh is still not completely healed from the last time I displeased my master.”

“I noticed that.” Alisa had stopped in front of a set of double doors. She stepped back to Jessica and felt her side where traces of the welts still could be seen. “What did you do to deserve this?” Her hands roamed down Jessica’s hips and then back up to her sides and stomach.

“A doctor had been called to examine my master’s mark on my leg and when we were alone I lured him into fucking me. I begged him to fuck me.”

Jessica nearly burst out laughing when she snuck a peek at Alisa’s open mouthed expression. The woman opened the door and pulled Jessica inside.

“Tell me!” She led Jessica into the bathroom and then said, “As you undress me I want you to describe what you did and how you felt?”

Jessica reached up and began to unscrew the clasp on Alisa’s pearl necklace. “The doctor had finished with his exam and I was so horny from all of the touching that I thought I would explode.” The necklace fell away and Jessica placed it neatly on the vanity.

“My master had received a phone call and he had to leave the apartment. As he left he told the doctor that I was his for half an hour.” Jessica began to unbutton the woman’s dress at her neck. “I was on my knees and the doctor’s crotch was right there. I knew he wanted me to suck on his cock, so I removed it from his pants and took it down my throat. He exploded almost immediately and I gulped his cum until he was dry.”

Jessica felt Alisa tremble. “And how did you feel right then?”

“I was so fucking hot, Mistress! His cum coated my mouth and I had… I had a real bad need.”

Now Jessica’s hands trembled as she fumbled with Alisa’s buttons. “I felt that the doctor might have been embarrassed that he climaxed so soon, so I thought I’d entice him into fucking me. That way he would be happier and I would also get some relief.”

Jessica had managed to unbutton most of the buttons running down the back of Alisa’s dress. She placed her warm hands on the woman’s back and moved them gently to the sides, pushing the dress off of her shoulders.

“I asked him to inspect my master’s’ brand again and when he touched it I thought I would die of desire!” Alisa’s dress was on the floor around her ankles now and Jessica was working at slipping the hasp out of her petite lace bra.

“Does it arouse you when your brand is touched?” Alisa asked.

“Just thinking about my master’s brand makes me hot! Touching it… it’s so very sensitive, I can’t explain the sensation it gives me.”

“Do you touch it often?”

“I don’t dare, Mistress. I know how it will affect me.”

“But just thinking about not touching it is the same as touching it, isn’t it?”

Jessica let out a slight moan. “Mistress! Please stop! Are you purposely teasing me with this talk?”

“Maybe I am. Your master said I could punish you however I wanted to. Do you feel a great need to cum right now?”

Jessica took a deep breathe and sighed, “Yes Mistress.”

“Well, continue undressing me and finish your story.”

“As the doctor examined me I saw that his cock had recovered and he had a huge erection. I was beside myself now with desire and I begged him to fuck me! I pleaded with the man to ram me with his cock.”

“And did he?” Alisa stepped out of her panties as Jessica pulled them down her legs.

“He did. He fucked me good and then told my master on the way out that I had begged for pleasure.”

“And that’s wrong?”

“Oh yes, Mistress! My master will decide when I am to receive pleasure. It is his right because I am his woman.”

“Run the water in the shower, but continue to tell me how you were punished.”

Jessica stepped into the large shower and turned the knobs like she had seen her master do.

“Master gave me a note to hold in my mouth and then made me crawl across a huge cement floor to deliver it to Mistress Sheana. Two vibrators were forced into my bottom which my master controlled. If I had an orgasm before I reached the mistress my punishment would be doubled. I didn’t make it.”

“How many times were you whipped?”

“I don’t know, Mistress. I lost consciousness.”

“And Master Richard whipped you?”

“No Mistress, he had another slave whip me. That slave was told that if the whipping wasn’t hard enough she would be whipped too.”

“Ouch. Your master is pretty mean then?”

“Not at all, Mistress. Master is wonderful with me.”

“You seem to be contradicting yourself. Isn’t he the one who ordered you to crawl to Sheana and then have you whipped?”

“I deserved that for ignoring my training. I had no right.”

“You can’t let him control your body like that!”

Jessica took a wash cloth and soaped it up before beginning to wash Alisa’s naked body with it.

“I have submitted myself to my master. I’m not sure you can understand that because you have a dominant personality. I am the opposite. I find a great satisfaction in submitting to him in every way, in allowing myself to be dominated by him at all times. It makes me so horny and believe me, he is a fantastic lover.”

“Oooo, tell me more.”

“I shouldn’t. That’s sort of personal information about my master, not me.”

“He’s good in bed though? Girl to girl?” Alisa looked over her shoulder at Jessica.

“Yes.” Jessica smiled. “He’s very good.” She turned the water control so that a steady spray of water was coming out of each of the shower heads.

“I’ve never done this before you know,” Alisa said as she turned to let Jessica’s hands help the water jets rinse the soap off of her body.

“Done what, Mistress?”

“Been with a woman like you.”

“Like me, Mistress?”

“You know, a slave.”

“Oh. I thought…”

“That because my parents own slaves that I grew up with them?”

Jessica was silent. She had assumed something about this woman that may not be so.

“Adam is not my father. My father died ten years ago in an auto accident. I was at college when it happened.” Alisa stood outside the shower on the plush mat and allowed Jessica to towel her dry. “My mother married Adam a few years later. After college I came to visit mother and found that they had transformed my childhood home into a brothel. I was furious and didn’t speak to my mother for a couple of years after that.”

Jessica followed Alisa into the bedroom and laid out on the bed the clothes that the older woman handed her from her closet.

“After I met Scott and we were married he tried to get me to reconcile with my mom. He could tell that I still loved her and missed her. Maybe it was my pride, or I was just stubborn, but I couldn’t come back. Scott came here and stayed for a weekend, and when he returned he told me what was really going on. We searched the Internet together and my eyes were opened to my mother’s new world. Scott told me that Adam and my mother were both dominants and that they owned slaves. I read everything I could on-line about it and came to an understanding of where my mother was at.”

Jessica began to help Alisa dress and then said, “You command me very well. Your research was very thorough.” She helped Alisa step into her white cotton panties. “And now you’ve come home? It’s the first time in ten years?”

“Yes. But I’m not sure I can do this.”

“You let me bathe you. That seemed to go pretty well.”

“Well, like I said, I’ve done my homework and I know how I’m supposed to act. But, can I admit to you that I’m very nervous?”

“Didn’t you enjoy it? Didn’t my hands on your flesh make you warm inside?”

Alisa was silent as she considered Jessica’s question. She stepped into the skirt that Jessica held at her feet. “Yes,” she said softly.

“Isn’t it nice to have a woman here with you now, helping you dress? A woman to do anything you ask of her? A woman who wishes to please you in every way?”


“I think you’ll be fine, Mistress.” Jessica worked the button at the back of the skirt and smoothed it down over Alisa’s narrow hips.

“But what about the hunt? I can’t go out there and do that?”

“The hunt, Mistress? My master hasn’t told me what the hunt is yet. What do they hunt, Mistress?”

Alisa turned and cupped Jessica’s chin and looked into her eyes. “They hunt slaves.”

Jessica’s eyes went wide. “Slaves, Mistress?”

Alisa laughed. “Not to kill, silly! For fun. They set all of the slaves free on the grounds and then they take off on their horses and hunt them down. Whichever slave you nab is yours for the night.” Alisa slipped into her blouse and began to button it. Jessica reached up and smoothly replaced her fingers at the buttons.

“Please let me do that for you, Mistress.”

“I’ll have to share my bed with whomever we hunt down. I don’t know if I’ll like that.”

“And since you don’t have a slave it will be someone you don’t know.”

“Yes, and that worries me.”

Jessica pondered this revelation. [My master may end up with someone else’s slave!]

“If my master catches someone else’s slave I’d love to share your bed with you, Mistress. I’m getting hot just thinking about it now.” As proof to the statement, Jessica’s fingers began to fumble with the buttons.

“Seriously?” Alisa looked down at the naked woman kneeling at her feet, buttoning her blouse. “You’re getting hot thinking about sleeping with my husband?” Her face was a little red, like she might be angry.

“Oh!” Jessica’s face blushed a deep red. “I was thinking about you!”

Now Alisa’s face turned a brighter red. It was becoming a contest of who could blush a deeper shade of red.

“I’ve never been with another woman!” Alisa gasped.

“I would be gentle on you, Mistress. I am a trained slave. I can bring you pleasure like you have never imagined.”

“Jessica!” Alisa cupped her hands over her burning face.

With Alisa fully dressed, Jessica knelt in the proper position. “Shall we return to the table, Mistress?”

“Yes, I think we’d better.” Alisa held her hand down for Jessica to take and then she helped to her feet. Jessica expected her hand to be released, but Alisa continued to hold it as they left the suite.

“Would you really like to be my slave for a night?”

“If it would please you, I would love to be your slave, Mistress.”

“I’ll talk to Scott about it then.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Alisa wondered what Jessica was thanking her for. She was the one that was grateful. Jessica seemed like such a warm person and even now her body tingled with anticipation.

She can pleasure me like I’ve never imagined? She squeezed Jessica’s hand just a little harder as they re-entered the dining room.

* * *

“So you’re Nicky Donelli,” Gambini said as two of his goons held Nicky’s head up so she could look at the syndicate boss.

“Yes Master, that is my name,” Nicky said looking at the huge mass of muscle standing between her outstretched legs. She saw the wires running over her body to her most sensitive areas and suppressed the urge to empty her bowels. How many times in the past months had she gone through this exact scenario? For the most part, she could control herself.

“And you was working at the Golden Slipper when the feds raided the Gold Club next door?”

“Yes Master.”

“And you knew this Ashley Bennet woman personally?”

“I worked with her every night Master.” Please don’t ask me about Ashley!

“And outside of work, you spent time together, at her house?”

“She had a nice town home, sir. I was there maybe three times.”

“But she moved after the raid. Where did she move to, Nicky?” Nicky flinched slightly as Gambini placed his large hands on her thighs and then roamed up to her sweat soaked abdomen.

“I don’t know, Master. After the raid we only met at my place or at restaurants.”

Gambini’s hand went over to the black box and Nicky felt a tingling sensation in pussy and nipples.

“Come on Nicky, don’t fuck with me. Yous was best friends weren’t you? And you didn’t know where she lived?”

“It’s the truth Master!” Nicky said as she felt the tingling sensation increase.

“What part of town did you met in?”

“Um… west side mostly. She liked the Olive Garden.”

“Her car… what did she drive?”

Sweat rolled off of Nicky’s bound body as the shocking became worse. “Her car… it was… black… it was a… sporty thing like a… a Mazda or something. EEEIIII!” Nicky shrieked as a jolt of electricity spiked her body. “No please Master! Please! I’m answering honestly!”

The voltage was reduced. “I heard she drove a Mustang.”

“She did master! She did, before the raid. I didn’t see her for about a month afterwards, and then she had the black car.”


“I’m not sure sir, I don’t know the cars. They all look alike. It was foreign.”

“If you wanted to contact her how would you do it?”

“I can’t sir. She always contacted me. OWWW! FUCK! I don’t know! I can’t call her!”

“How do I find her?” Gambini yelled, turning the knob further up.

Nicky screamed as the voltage passed through her. Carpelli stepped forward but two of Gambini’s goons stepped in front of him.

“Mr. Gambini, please!” he shouted. “She don’t know nothin’ else, sir. Please don’t fry her.”

Gambini took the electrodes off her labia and jammed them up her cunt with his thick fingers.

“One more time Ms. Donelli. How do I find her?”

Nicky was in tears crying over and over “I don’t know where she is.”

“Fucking bullshit,” Gambini said as he pounded the table. “I’ll find that bitch if it’s the last thing I do.” He turned away from Nicky and Franky took a deep breath. “Box her up. I’m taking her with me.”

“You’re taking her?” Carpelli asked.

“We agreed on a hundred and seventy grand didn’t we? You’ll have your dough by tomorrow this time.”

The mob boss stormed out of the room with his goons in tow. Carpelli quickly began to undo the straps holding Nicky to the table. The he gently pulled the electrode leads out of her pussy and removed the clips from her nipples.

“I’m really sorry Nicole. This was not what I had planned for you.”

“I know that Master. I’m sorry I can’t stay with you.”

Under his breath he said, “That bastard.”

“Who can help you? Is there anyone I can call that you trust?” Carpelli scooped the tortured young woman up in his arms and carried her out of the room.

Nicky rested her head on Carpelli’s broad shoulder and whispered, “You’ll get in too much trouble, Master. Just let me go. I’m not worth it.”

“Shhh. Don’t say that Nicole. You’re worth a lot, and I ain’t talkin’ money.”

Carpelli laid Nicky down on her mattress and then wet a towel to cool her down and clean her up.

“There’s a guy in Philly that I trust master, but he’s a Federal agent, you know, FBI?” Nicky whispered. “But if you call him you’ll…” Nicky winced as Franky dabbed her swollen pussy lips with his towel. “…you’ll only be bringing the heat onto yourself. Please just let me go Master. I’ll be alright”

“I’ll decide that for myself, slave. What’s this guy’s name?”

“His name is Trent Richards.”

End of part 4

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