Ashley Bennet – Slave
Part 3

by mrhungry

This is Part II of the Ashley Bennet series. In Part One, the readers were introduced to Ashley, a beautiful blonde administrative assistant to a fairly high placed Special Agent in charge of the FBI’s Organized Crime Task Force office in Philadelphia. Ashley had fallen victim to a con which preyed upon her desire to become an FBI field agent. The owners of a local strip club had conned her into believing she was being recruited to work undercover in the club to investigate a prostitution ring. In reality, her actions at the club were being recorded for use in blackmailing her into providing them with information. It turned out that one of the club owners was a front man for the powerful New York crime boss, Vito Gambini. While still believing her assignment was genuine, Ashley uncovered evidence of widespread blackmail within the FBI and in the local government. One of the men in the OCTF, Trent Richards, had begun to investigate Ashley when she suddenly went missing. The club owners had kidnapped Ashley and were planning on selling her to overseas slavers. In the end, Agent Richards saved Ashley and she became somewhat of a legend in the upper echelons of the Bureau.

**Beginning in Ashley Bennet – Slave, Ashley will at times be thinking as Jessica, her alter-ego. For the readers' convenience the author will enclose [Jessica’s thoughts in brackets].**

The author apologizes in advance for the French accent of one of the characters in this story, as well as the Japanese words (which are probably incorrect) used by another of the characters. Too, the author means no disrespect to Italians in the depictions of the Mafia characters in this story. This is fiction, and is not based on any real life experience.


Jessica woke up around 2 p.m. on the day after her surgery. She lay still for several minutes without opening her eyes.

[Where am I?] She opened her eyes but didn’t recognize the room. She tried to sit up but felt dizzy and lay back down. She felt the cuffs on her wrists. [I’m a slave. I’m in Master’s room.] She opened her eyes again and looked around to see that she was alone. Listening, she heard no one.

After a moment she tried to sit up again and this time she was able sit upright without feeling too bad. Still, she was groggy and her leg hurt. She looked down and saw the bandages on her left thigh and wondered what had been done to her. [Master will tell me if I need to know.]

Trent heard Ashley’s chain rattling in the bedroom and steeled himself for what he was about to do. Sheana was right. He had to take control of Ashley.

No! I have to take control of Jessica. I cannot think of this slave as Ashley. Jessica will submit to me. Jessica is the woman I watched being happily molested in the Golden Slipper. Jessica is the woman I watched have an orgasm while bound to the stripper’s stage. He knew it was time to put his last two months of training into practice.

Jessica heard movement in the other room moments before Trent entered the bedroom, crop in hand.

“Kneeling position slave!” he commanded. “When you hear someone nearby you will be kneeling and exposed unless you were told otherwise. Do you understand?”

Jessica slowly got into the proper position.

“Owww! Shit!” Jessica cried out as the leather patch at the end of the crop struck her breast.

“Do you understand?” He struck the top of her breast again with a harsh swat.

“YES Master! Yes!” Jessica sprang onto her knees and then spread them wide, placing her hands onto her thighs, palms up.

“No more trash mouth. Speak as a lady.” Trent swatted at her bare shoulder. “Put your hands behind your back.”

Jessica instantly complied, a warm feeling building in her loins.

Trent pulled two thin leather straps out of his pocket and looped the first around Jessie’s elbows, pulling them together until they touched. He heard a grunt escape her lips. He tied off the strap and went on to bind her wrists with the other strap.

Walking back out to the kitchenette, he picked up two bowls and brought them back to Jessie. One contained a serving of nutrition pellets and the other contained water.

“Eat quickly,” Trent said sternly and then left the room. He looked back to see that Jessie had already bent down to start nibbling at the pellets. With her arms pulled back tightly like they were her marvelous breasts stuck out in all of their glory. She had to press them into her thighs to get her head down far enough to reach her bowls. It was a delicious sight!

If I’m going to be anyone’s master, I’m glad it’s her! Trent peeked in to watch his slave girl gobble up her food. Sheana was right (of course). Jessica was very compliant when a firm hand was used. His hand would be very firm until this fucking mission was over.

Trent knew that human trafficking was a horrible atrocity and the enslavement of women for sexual servitude even worse. But he still could not help but feel a little resentful at being plucked out of his team to be re-assigned like he was. He had been against this operation from the start. It was way too risky for Ashley. And now he was being forced to act as her Master just to make sure she survived.

He watched the naked woman sucking in water from the bowl on the floor before her. How can she be so submissive? He had felt her sexual heat when he had spanked her at the table a few days ago. It’s just the way she’s wired, I guess.

Well, he was going to hard wire that submission into her. No one was going to doubt that she was a slave and he was her Master. He would have to let Dr. Dresser sort it all out if and when they ever returned.

When Jessica had finished with her meal Trent entered the room. Ashley immediately came up on her knees and assumed the proper position. Trent grabbed a handful of blonde hair and roughly pulled her head back so that he could clip the leash on with the other hand.

“Come.” He pulled up slightly on the leash and Jessica rose and followed her Master out of the studio apartment. Trent led her down to the courtyard for her to relieve herself.

Jessica was not happy as she squatted trying to have a bowel movement. The reunion with her master was not as pleasing as she had imagined. He had barely touched her and had not yet taken her to his bed. His demeanor towards her was one of anger.

[Master is not happy with me.] I’ve forced him into this whole thing and he resents me. [I’ll make him punish me. I’ll be difficult and he’ll beat me.] Maybe it would be good to get his frustrations out now, before we leave this place.

“OWWW! Master!” Jessica screamed and collapsed to the ground in pain as her collar shocked her.

“Hurry up and shit. I don’t have all day,” Trent growled.

Jessica got into a squat again and pushed and pushed. She knew she looked ridiculous, naked and bound in cuffs and collar, squatting in the courtyard trying to poop. It didn’t matter to her any more, she had been doing it for two months and was used to the humiliating feeling.

She also knew that, as always, the longer it took her the hornier she got. Was it because she knew she would be washed down afterwards? Surely, pooping in public wasn’t turning her on! She had to think it was the next step that she was looking forward to.

Finally Jessica was able to defecate. She went to stand but was stuck on the ass by Trent’s crop. He placed a pail on the ground, released her arms and wrists, and ordered her to crawl around the courtyard and clean up all of the shit that was there. It took her half an hour to patrol the entire courtyard, and her hands and knees were filthy by the time she was done. If he were trying to further humiliate her he had succeeded.

When Jessica had completed her task, he led her to the wet room and hosed her down, using the stiff horse brush to scrub her flesh. The bristles hurt and Jessica cried out for him to stop, but he continued on as if he didn’t even hear her. He lathered her up and then scrubbed her again.

Once rinsed, Trent had her stand. He took a hook that was attached to a rope that hung from a pulley overhead and attached it to Jessica’s collar. Then, selecting several long pieces of rope from a storage locker, he began to bind his slave. He tied her wrists behind her back and then passed the rope around her waist, coming back behind her to encircle her wrists and forearms. He spent five minutes binding her upper body so that her arms were totally cocooned in rope and a tight rope bra had been formed. The free end of the rope was eventually passed down through loops he had made vertically along her stomach and then up between her legs where it was tied off to her wrist bondage. Satisfied with her upper body bondage, he began on her legs.

Ten minutes later Trent led her, severely hobbled, down the hallway to the water bondage room. It took ten minutes to walk what normally took one. He walked her up to the largest tank and fixed a nose clamp over her nostrils.

Jessica was now very frightened. Her master was going to throw her in that tank and she was bound too tightly to swim! He was going to kill her! Where was Mistress Sheana!

“No… please master…” Jessica moaned. “Please don’t do this.”

“Silence, slave!” Trent shouted and swatted at her protruding breasts with the crop.

“OWWW, stop, please! Don’t hit me any… OWWW!” The pain was intense and Jessica tried in vain to turn away from the man as he swatted her.

The blows struck any skin that was not covered with ropes. Jessica felt tugging at the ropes across her back and felt herself being lifted off of her feet. Her master had attached a pulley chain to her bonds and was lifting her off of the floor towards the huge water tank.

“Please Master! I’ll behave. I’ll do anything… what do you want? I’ll do it. Name it, anything at all.”

“Shut your mouth then. If you want to do something for me then shut up.”

Jessica snapped her mouth shut. If that will make him happy, I’ll do it. [No sense in yelling anyway. Master will have his way with me. This is good. This is moving us in the right direction.] This was the last thought she had before her body was released into the tank.

The frightened feeling Jessica felt when she saw the tank was nothing compared to the terror that now gripped her. She had quickly sunk to the bottom of the tank and with her hands and feet so tightly bound could not do a thing except thrash around wildly. What little air that was in her lungs was quickly expelled.

Even though she was in a panic, she at least had the sense to keep her mouth closed. After what seemed an eternity she felt a tug on her bindings and was hauled up to the surface. She gasped for air as her head broke the surface and then lost nearly her entire breath when she plunged back below the surface. With no air in her lungs she felt her feet touch the bottom and was able to launch herself towards the surface but not far enough to get a breath.

The bound woman began to sink again but felt her master’s hand grip the ropes between her breasts and pull her to the surface. This time Jessica took a deep breath and held it as she was released back into the tank. She sank, but let herself go down gently. Now, with less turbulence in the water she was able to see out through the Plexiglas sides. She looked up to see her master standing on the platform watching her. The water was warm and still and Jessica suddenly felt calm.

[Master will not let me drown.] Her master had pulled her up three times now with no difficulty, even when she was at the bottom of the tank. She knew he would be able to pull her up. Even with the good breath she had taken, her air was beginning to run out and she was starting to get that same panicked feeling. She looked up for her master’s arm to enter the water but it did not. She hopped a little and then tried to jump up using her toes.

Finally she saw his arm come into the water and felt him snag the rope between her breasts. Trent floated Jessica on top of the water and clipped the pulley chain to her ankle bindings. He held her neck up and bent over to nibble on her nipples. Her flesh was cold and goose pimples rose on her breasts and nipples.

“Are you okay now, slave?”

Jessica looked over at him. “Yes Master.”

“Are you afraid of the water?”

“Yes Master.”

“Do you think I’ll let you drown?”

“No Master.”

Trent released his grip on her neck and Jessica sank into the tank. Her ankles, however, were still attached to the pulley line so she hung upside down in the water. Trent took the pulley control and began to lift her, feet first, out of the tank. When her chin and mouth cleared the surface he stopped the winch and then lowered her 4 inches. Jessica knew she was just below the surface and she was able to pull herself up enough to get a breath of air. She lowered her head under the water again and waited to see what her master was going to do. She was delighted to feel his lips on her breasts again. His warm hands held her bare ass.

Needing more air, Jessica lifted herself up to get another breath. When she lowered her head she felt the winch lowering her into the tank again where she hung for a long time.

When she was just about out of air she felt tugging on her ankle bonds and then she plunged to the bottom of the tank only to be snagged by her master and hauled to the top again. Jessica’s ankles were placed on the edge of the tank and Trent held his bound slave afloat by her nipples.

“Ow, Master!”

“Are you having fun yet, slave?”

She almost hated to admit it but she was. “Yes Master.”

“Are you ready to come out?”

“Please, do as you wish with me, Master.”

Trent looked down and saw Ashley Bennet, bound and helpless, in a pool of water, telling him to do what ever he wanted to her. Ashley Bennet, who just over a year ago had been the administrative assistant in his FBI office. What a weird turn of events led them to be in the positions they were now.

Never in a million years would the FBI agent have thought he’d be holding a beautiful woman afloat by her nipples in a tank of water. That idea was so totally foreign to his previous mind set.

But now, after undergoing two months of training, he could think of many more things he would like to do to her to bring her pain and pleasure. At the top of his list was to drag her out of the tank, lower her to the floor, and fuck her. He wanted her badly.

But… Ashley Bennet? Could he fuck her? He felt like he’d be taking advantage of her. This was a mission. You don’t fuck your fellow agent. Well, you don’t hang your fellow agent naked and upside down in a tank of water either. But Ashley was no normal agent, and this was no normal mission.

Trent had spent two years undercover in Miami working his way into the luxurious lives of the vacationing New York mob. It was dangerous and he had seen several people get brutally murdered. He knew this assignment was equally as dangerous. Not only was the L.A. mob involved, but international criminals as well. He and Ashley were bound together for the duration of this assignment, which might not even end with the Nicky’s rescue.

God, I hope Nicky is still alive. Trent cringed to think how Ashley would react to news that Nicky had been killed. He thought back to the gruesome pictures of the slain agent.

Trent braced himself and carefully lifted Jessica out of the tank and down the stairs to floor level. He carried her to a spot beneath an overhead hook and winch and attached the hook to Jessica’s collar. Then he worked the winch to ensure that she stayed upright.

Jessica watched her Master walk over to the cupboard and pick up three large towels. She knew he was going to dry her, his hands would be all over her and she waited in anticipation.

How long had she known her master? Four years? It was a long time. She’d known him when he was married to that woman, Christina. Christina had not made her master very happy. He was not always very nice in the office either.

She tried to think of his name and still could not remember it! This is so fucking insane! I know my master. I’ve known him for years. Why can I not remember his name?

Ashley had never thought about him in a sexual way because she had been so connected to her beloved Marcus. No man could take his place. Of course that was true and always would be true.

She thought about the day her master had dropped in on her at her town-home and she had been practically naked. It had been the same day she had gotten her nipples and labia pierced. Her hormones were out of control and there was no doubt that Jessica was driving her body that day. That had been the first time she actually looked at her master in a sexual way. How could she not? Even then she had been so turned on by him seeing her barely covered in her short belt-less robe. Had he seen her hairless pussy? She didn’t think so, but the thought of it turned her on for weeks afterwards.

She began to notice him more at the office too, and he seemed to be much friendlier towards her. Of course she hadn’t known that he was tailing her and suspected she was a mob mole.

I understand why he thought that and have forgiven him.

How could she not forgive him? After all, had he not done that she would probably be the slave of some wealthy Arab living in Egypt right now. He had saved her life. She owed him her life.

Now she watched him as he towel dried her short blonde hair. His square jaw was set and his green eyes were intent on his task. Jessica gazed at his arms and shoulders as he rubbed her head and then her neck. He was strong and very well built. His muscular body was mostly hidden in the suits he wore daily to the office, but not now.

Dressed in a tightly fitting t-shirt and slacks, her master was quite buff. Her gaze lowered even more to his tight abs and then… his crotch. There was no mistaking the rise in his slacks. Her master was hard. Jessica licked her lips. She wanted to ask him… she needed his cock in her mouth… after she was released maybe she could… maybe he would…

Ashley leaned forward, her mouth open, her tongue out. The desire for her master’s cock was overwhelming.

“Stop,” Trent said, a trace of disgust purposely added to his tone as he walked around her to begin untying her bondage. Embarrassed to have been caught as she was, Ashley closed her mouth and adjusted her position. Her face flushed red at the thought of what she had just done without even a conscious thought of doing it. But even now, she had to consciously control her desire to open her mouth for him again.

Jessica felt the ropes around her arms being untied. Bit by bit the ropes fell away, freeing her breasts and easing the strain in her arms. Then as her master worked on unwinding the ropes that bound her legs, Jessica looked down at her upper body. The ropes had left a wonderful pattern all over her flesh. The sensation was incredible!

It felt as thought the ropes were still there, tightly wound around her, but they were not. Only the intricate patterns remained. After being released of her ropes, Jessica placed her wrists behind her back so that she would be in the proper position.

Once he had his woman unwrapped, Trent set about drying her off. He softly patted her cool flesh from head to foot and then used the hair dryer to finish off her hair.

Trent attached his leash to Jessica’s collar and released the hook that was attached to the pulley chain. He reached behind her and connected her wrists cuffs. Then he retrieved her high heels and had her step into them so that he could lock them in place.

“Come.” Trent led her out of the room and down the hall to the cafeteria. He pulled out a chair and sat, pointing to the floor next to him where Jessica instantly knelt. Trent reached over and ran his hand through Jessica’s clean blonde hair. It felt really soft and wonderful.

Jackie came to the table and asked Trent what he would like to eat. Ashley recognized the voice and smiled but didn’t look up. She did, however, flare her nostrils twice quickly. It was a sign the slaves had worked out to say hello. She looked at Jackie’s feet and saw her toes wiggle and wanted to giggle.

“Master Richard, how are things going with the two of you?”

[Master Richard! Yes, of course! Try to remember, try to remember. Master Richard.]

Trent stood as Mistress Sheana approached the table with Mistress Felicity in tow. Trent looked behind her and saw his imitation Ashley slave standing there, eyes down, but obviously looking in Jessica’s direction.

“Sheana, hi, and Felicity, nice to see you again.” He sat when they had been seated.

Felicity sat next to Trent and had her imitation Ashley slave kneel right next to the real Ashley. Someone had cut the imitation Ashley slave’s hair exactly like the real Ashley’s hair. They could very well have been twins, but kneeling side by side revealed the real Ashley to be an inch or two shorter and with a little better muscle tone. Trent looked at both faces and saw that his Ashley was the prettier of the two, something that at the time he had not seen. Ashley’s breasts were fuller and rounder. Of the two, he would have definitely picked the real Ashley.

“Water bondage today, Master Richard?” Felicity inquired.

“Yes, it went quite well.” Trent stroked Jessica’s back and she sat up on her knees just a little straighter, feeling an instant flow of juices in her pussy.

“I brought Tammy to play in the tanks today.” Felicity stroked the imitation Ashley’s nude back with her riding crop. “Maybe you two can join us later.”

So that’s her name, or at least the one given to her. Trent’s food came and he dug in. “Sorry to eat in front of you, but we’re on a schedule here.”

“Quite all right,” Sheana said as she waved Jackie over and placed her order. “What do you have planned for today?”

“Well, as we discussed this morning, Jessie will be laid up for several days so I’d like to make sure she gets in a couple of hours of exercise today.”

[I’m going to be laid up? What does that mean?]

“Good idea. You can see Mistress Helena; she oversees the physical education rooms.”

Trent stabbed several pieces of lettuce and two olives with his fork and fed them to Jessica. After she had chewed for awhile he lowered his glass of ice tea and let her sip from the straw. He listened to the conversation at the table and continued to eat and feed his kneeling slave. He cut up one of his bread sticks and fed them to Jessica a piece at a time until it was gone. After her last drink of tea, Trent rose and excused himself, and with Jessica in tow, left the dining area.

“I’ll let you lead, slut, since you know where the exercise room is.” Jessica’s felt her pussy twitch at being called a slut. He fell in behind his naked slave and followed her down several halls within the warehouse.

The view of Jessica’s bare backside was marvelous. She was so well proportioned, and her skin so perfect. He loved the way her firm butt swung gently from side to side when she walked. Had she been trained to walk suggestively like that, or was that her natural walk? Her legs were slender and shapely, too. She certainly didn’t need to exercise to get into shape, but to keep up her fantastic muscle tone he would have to make sure she got plenty of exercise in the future.

Meanwhile, Jessie was steaming with lust. She knew her master was walking behind her, looking at her naked backside. And he was taking her to the one room that she always felt the most exposed in. [Will he ever fuck me?]

Jessica’s knees felt weak as she imagined herself on her back with her legs spread widely apart while her master thrust his cock inside of her.

When they reached the door, Jessica stopped to allow Trent to again take the lead. He led her into the room and spotted a tall blonde Mistress hovering over a naked slave on a rowing machine.

“Ah good, Master Richard, you’ve brought my favorite student back to me.” Mistress Helena came forward and shook Trent’s hand and then ran her hand over Jessica’s back and ass. “I’m Helena. Do you want a full workout today, Master?”

“Well, she just had a little to eat, so let’s not start her out too rigorously.” He handed the leash to Helena, who simply unclipped it and handed it back to him.

“Okay, she can start out on the bicycle.” Helen walked towards the stationary bikes and Jessica trailed dutifully behind her. “I’ll set it at two thirds normal speed so that her food has time to settle.” She patted the seat and Jessie hopped up onto the thin strip of plastic.

Trent noticed that the bicycle seats were narrow and had a ridge that ran down the center of the seat. The top of the ridge seemed to be metallic. Two straps hung at the sides which Helena used to secure Jessie to the bike.

“You see the ridge?” Helen ran her finger along the seat of the next bike over. “This strip can be electrified at any point along the ridge. It’s computerized. Its function is to let the slave know how fast to pedal. The faster she is to pedal the closer to her clit the shock is felt.”

Trent looked to see that the ridge on Jessie’s seat was buried between her pussy lips.

Helena was busy looping Velcro around Jessie’s wrists and ankles, securing her to the bike. She handed Trent a ball gag and he quickly and expertly gagged his slave. Helena reached over and pressed a couple of buttons and Jessica screamed in her gag.

“The designers should have built in a grace period when the cycle is first started,” Helena explained. “The slave is at a standstill and the machine is saying she should be turning the wheel at a certain rate. Of course it’s going to shock her until she pedals up to the correct rpm. But, then again, it gets her going quickly, doesn’t it?”

Trent watched his naked slave pedaling the stationary bike at what seemed to him to be a fairly fast pace.

“This is an excellent time to fondle your slave, sir. She must concentrate on maintaining her rpms or she’ll feel the electricity flowing. A little moisture down there will help with the conductivity, if you know what I mean.”

Trent was a little hesitant but he didn’t want to show it to the Mistress, so he stood behind Jessica and began to caress her back. He could feel her muscles work as she pedaled. He could also feel her respond to his touch. But then she yelped and started to pedal harder. Another yelp and she slowed just a tad.

Trent’s hands roamed down Jessica’s slender waist and around to her firm stomach. He felt her breathing become heavier, maybe from his touch or maybe from the exertion. She did have a ball gag blocking her airway, so all breathing would have to be through her nose or around the gag.

When he lifted his hands to fondle Jessica’s breasts he felt saliva there that had seeped around the edges of her gag. He massaged the spit into her breasts and heard her mewing softly behind her gag. His fingers touched her nipples and the mewing grew louder.

Looking at the bicycle’s control panel, Trent saw the control for speed and increased it two notches. Jessica cried out as electricity was sent to the metal strip pressed against her slit. The sound of the whirling motors increased as Jessica pedaled harder.

Trent stood very close to Jessica’s back and reached through to her pumping thighs and felt them. She was so well toned; every movement of her muscles could be felt. It was extremely erotic to be standing so close to a woman in such excellent condition. His hands came around the sides and under her firm buttocks, feeling how they moved as she pedaled.

Again, he had to fight the urge to un-strap her and fuck her right on the spot!

Oh Ashley! How will we get through this?

He wondered how she could handle the abuse and the arousal. He had heard her mews when he touched her and knew it was pleasure that prompted them. He didn’t want to over–arouse her, in fact, he really didn’t want to arouse her at all. But he felt he could no longer help himself. Ashley was fucking hot and he wanted to possess her. He wanted her to want him, and not just as a pretend slave, but as a woman wants a man.

Fuck it! As a real slave desires a real master!

There he’d said it. He wanted to possess Ashley Bennet. The thought of owning this goddess made his heart beat twice its normal rate.

His thoughts were mirrored in Jessica’s mind at that same moment. She had spent many hours on these stationary bikes so the shocks, although they hurt, didn’t bother her that much any more. It was the additional abuse that usually got to her. Most of the time a Mistress stood nearby with a whip, or a cane, or a crop.

Today though it was her Master, and what he was doing to her was much more sinister than any whip. He was driving her absolutely insane with his caressing! Jessie knew the little seat she was perched on was slick with her juices; she could feel it on her thighs. Her nipples were so hard they hurt. Her master’s hands felt so wonderful!

The mistresses that trained her knew how to touch her to get the response they desired. But this… this was so much more intense! It seemed impossible that anyone could touch her in a more sensual manner than Mistress Sheana, but her Master’s touch… Jessica shuddered and felt as though she was close to cumming. That was not a good thing even though it was what she most desired. She had not been given permission to cum, and while that was not something she normally had to worry about since arriving here, it had been drilled into her.

Trent felt Jessica’s heart rate increase and noticed the change in her breathing. Mistress Felicity had trained him well to spot the signs of a woman’s impending orgasm. The two of them had worked his poor imitation Ashley slave to frenzy for hours at a time, teasing her and playing with her until she was seconds away from orgasm. Afterwards he had taken her roughly on the floor and felt she was still not totally satisfied. He was, and that was all that mattered.

But what to do with Jessica? He wasn’t going to fuck her here in the gym, and hadn’t really decided if it would be proper for him to have sex with her at all. He dialed down the rpm’s on the bike and began to remove the straps. Sounds came out of Jessie’s mouth and her head shook from side to side. He knew she was protesting her lack of orgasm and also knew that her need at the moment was great. He also knew the need would pass with time.

Mistress Helena looked over from where she stood, next to her own slave in training, and pointed towards the rowers. “She knows how to do the set up on that equipment. Let her show you.”

Trent led Jessica over to a row of rowing machines and sat her down on one.

“Explain,” Trent said as he helped her bring the Velcro straps around her ankles. As he knelt down he could smell her strong scent. It was heavy and erotic and desperate. He looked at her face and saw concern. He saw raw captured lust.

Jessie pointed to the control panel and with a finger traced a line from zero to 80%.

“Run you at 80%?”

Jessica nodded. Then taking four wires she set two aside and pinched her nipples and then set the other two near her pussy. Jessica was so fucking horny now, telling her Master where to place the clips that she knew would torture her most sensitive areas. She could smell her arousal and knew her Master could as well. Her arousal continued to increase!

[Is there a limit as to how horny a woman can get? Fucking shit! I… I cannot frikking stand this!]

Trent set about connecting the clamps on the thin wires to Jessica’s nipples and bald pussy lips. He sat back on his thighs and reached for a soft white towel folded nearby.

“Your cunt is slick with your juices, slave. You haven’t cum , have you?” Trent wiped Jessica’s wet pussy with the cloth.

Extremely embarrassed by the question, Jessica shook her head no.

Trent took the cloth and transferred a large glob of Jessica’s pussy froth to the top of the ball gag forced into her mouth. This spot was directly beneath her nose, allowing her every breath to reek of her own juices.

Trent clipped the small clamps onto Jessie’s pussy and pressed the controller up to 80%. Jessica instantly began to row. As Trent watched he began to understand how the rower operated. The back and forth movement of the small seat Jessie was on was monitored by the computer. If the proper length of thrust was not correct a shock would be delivered to Jessica’s pussy. She needed to pull forward to a certain spot and then extend her legs to a certain spot. Then, her rowing speed was monitored and punishment rendered to her nipples if her speed was too fast or too slow.

It was devious and exciting. Trent let her row for fifteen minutes and then released her and removed the ball gag from her mouth. A stream of saliva came with it and he used a towel to clean it up. Looking at his watch, Trent decided he would try to hook up with Felicity and Tammy.

But first, he was sure that Jessica needed to relieve herself by now. He led her through the warehouse bay towards the courtyard. Seeing how dark it was outside he checked his watch again. When he opened the door he saw that it was overcast and raining. Trent clipped Jessica’s wrist cuffs together in front of her and unhooked the leash from Jessica’s collar.

“Go,” he commanded.

Jessica stood looking out at the rain. It looked cold and so very wet out there.

“GO!” Trent ordered, more sternly.

Jessica looked out and took a tiny step across the threshold. She really didn’t need to go to the bathroom that badly. Maybe it would let up in a little while.

Trent knew this was the disobedience that he had been waiting for. It had taken quite a bit longer than he had anticipated, which only confirmed Ashley’s submissive nature. He just hadn’t found anything that she wasn’t prepared to do for him, until now. He grabbed Jessica’s wrists and pulled her back into the warehouse and across the bay to the wet room. He quickly attached the link between her cuffs to the overhead pulley hook and pressed the up button on the winch controller, sending Jessie’s arms up over head very quickly.

It had all happened so fast that Jessica was still slightly stunned. She hadn’t wanted to go outside in the rain, but she was starting to get a bad feeling about where this was going, too. Her master had lifted her high enough that the heels of her shoes had left the floor, and now he was looking over the small selection of whips near the door.

“I’ll go Master. Please! I’ll go pee in the rain.”

“You’ll go pee when I tell you to.”

“Yes Master. Exactly. You say pee, I’ll pee. I promise.”

“Why didn’t you go when I told you to?” Trent picked up a multi-strand flogger. It had long heavy thongs of leather flowing from a heavy handle. This would make quite an impact against her flesh.

“The rain… it looked like… I didn’t…” Jessica hung her head. There was no good excuse to explain away her failure to follow the simple command. “Master?”

Trent pushed a metal frame ladder over to Jessica and then went to the wash basin and began to unroll the hose that was left there to rinse slaves after they peed.

The nozzle was unscrewed and left on the drain board and a large shower head was attached in its place. He pulled the hose over to the ladder and climbed up, reaching over head to secure the large end above Jessica. The rest of the hose he looped over hanging hooks to keep it out of his way. Trent pushed the step ladder back out of the way.

“Yes, slave?”

“Will you whip me now, Master?” A sense of honest sadness fell on the room and Trent felt his heart breaking. This was what he had been avoiding yet it had to be done. They didn’t have much time left here, and she had to submit to him totally.

Trent went to the sink and turned the cold faucet on most of the way. Ashley yelled out as the cold water hit her head and then soaked her body. Trent turned the hot water on one quarter turn and walked over to feel the water that was cascading down on the hanging woman. The water was ice cold, but in a few seconds began to warm up. He stood there for awhile longer to monitor the temperature and when he concluded that it was constant he went back and turned the hot water down just a little bit. Then he stood back behind Jessica and watched her.

Again, he marveled at the shear beauty of this woman. Her hanging form was the essence of femininity with her arms stretched over head. He admired her well-toned shoulders and back, her slim waist and hips, the round firm ass and slender legs. He stepped to the side so that he could see her breasts; full, firm, luscious beyond description. Her taut stomach; his gaze fell to her hairless pubic mound, her pussy.

Trent could not imagine a more perfect female form, and seriously doubted that he had ever seen one more perfect than the woman hanging before him. And I’m about to whip her as hard as I can.

He knew it was not in his character to do anything like this, but damn it any way, this was forced onto him and now he would see this mission through. He was not going to lose Ashley because he was too soft on her! She was not a federal agent. She was not a trained undercover operative. She HAD to do what he told her or they might both be killed once they left the safety of this building.

He brought the flogger back as he had practiced so many times and then quickly brought it around, snapping his wrist at the last second. The sound of the heavy leather thongs striking the tight flesh of her back filled the room. She stiffened but remained silent. Water streamed down the curves of her hanging body.

Thwack! Across her shoulders. Thwack! Across her ass.

Moving to his right, he brought the flogger back, knowing this lash would come around her side and strike her right breast. He let go and flicked his wrist. Jessica tensed, breathed in deeply through her mouth and exhaled slowly as the tips of the thongs released their fury on her breast. The wetness of her flesh amplified the whip’s power. She danced on her toes to avoid getting struck again but Trent was already setting his sights on her dancing legs.

Thwack! Ashley grunted and breathed in again.

The whipping continued. The fierceness of it finally broke Ashley’s silence and she cried out. Trent blocked it out as he targeted her right thigh. Throughout the whipping he made sure not to strike her inner left thigh where the micro-transmitter had been implanted.

Jessica had resigned herself to the whipping before it had even commenced. She knew she deserved it and she knew it was her master’s right to whip her at any time. Being whipped was not something she desired, but somewhere in her mind she knew that she would be whipped from time to time. It was inevitable.

I am his slave… his pain slut… his whore. Jessica began to block out the over-all pain of the lashings and focus on the warmth her body was feeling. The flogger was supplying that wonderfully warm feeling all over her body. She wanted more. She needed more. She longed for the heat.

Thwack! Thwack!

Jessie’s head went back. “Thank you Master,” she moaned. “More please.”

“You want more? Is that what you said?” Trent brought the flogger back further than he had previously held it.

“More please,” Jessie said more loudly, her desire and her need evident in her plea.

Thwack!! Thwack!! Thwack!!

Trent knelt on one knee and began to direct the blows against her crotch. Most of the weight of the strands struck her lower abdomen, although more than a few punished her crotch.

He reached up and delivered several hard lashes to her sides and then several glancing blows across her breasts. Her breasts bounced and jumped with each lash.

Jessie moaned and made little yelping sounds as the flogging continued. She responded to her punishment with a mixture of thanks and pleas for more.

Trent remembered talking with Sheana about branding Jessie when she had slipped and referred to her as MP. Could that stand for “more please”? It would make sense.

He stood and took the flogger in both hands and swung it around like a base ball bat, laying a hard blow to his slave’s lower back. He saw Jessie rise up on her toes, arching her back so that her deliciously firm ass stuck out even further.

“Thank you Master!” Jessie pushed her breath out through clenched teeth. “More please!” She turned slightly to present her raised ass to her master. “Harder please, sir!”

Desire swept through Trent like a wildfire in a drought. He moved in to hold Jessica’s suspended body, the heat emanating from her promising to scorch his hands. One arm went around her torso to hold her. He felt her sweaty back - firm and well toned. His other hand feeling the firmness of her hot, raised, ass. He saw her move against him, offering herself to him, spreading her legs for his pleasure.

“Spread your legs widely and close your eyes,” he whispered into her ear.

Jessica complied; steeling herself for what she knew was coming. Her master was going to whip her cunt. She closed her eyes and waited. She jumped slightly when she felt her master’s fingers touching the tender flesh of her bald labia. Instantly her body boiled with anticipation and a low guttural moan resonated from deep within her throat.

Trent continued to finger his whore, feeling her juices soaking him in response. How she could be this aroused after what he had just done to her was way beyond his comprehension. That his cock was painfully hard was also beyond his comprehension. Was it her unbelievably gorgeous body? How aroused she was? Or was it a reaction to the pain he had just inflicted upon her?

That he could even flog a woman as he had just done was a testament to the success of his training. Had they turned him into a Dominant? Or had he already been dominant and hadn’t realized it? Ashley had been submissive without knowing it. These were all thoughts he would have to ponder some other time.

“I would continue with my lesson, but I want to join Mistress Felicity in the tank room. Would you like to go for another dip?”

Without opening her eyes, Jessica whispered, “Yes Master.”

Trent brought the stairs over and climbed up so that he could release the hose from overhead. He turned off the water and replaced the shower head with the spray nozzle and pushed the stairs back out of the way. He winched her arms down and then released her from the line. Trent knelt down and unlocked the straps on her high heels and removed them from her feet. Jessica wobbled slightly and Trent supported her until she was able to stand on her own.

“Come,” Trent commanded, and led her bare footed and still a little weak, back out into the warehouse and over to the door that led to the court yard. The rain was coming down in sheets, lightning streaking through the dark clouds overhead.

Trent opened the door and said, “Go.” He pointed along the wall to his left said, “Over there, close to the wall.” He definitely didn’t want her to be struck by lightning!

Jessica quickly scurried out into the downpour and squatted, instantly releasing her bladder and bowels. When she was done she returned to her master and walked behind him, silently, to the wet room.

“Stand here.” Trent pointed to a spot over the floor drain and tapped her thigh. Jessica obediently spread her legs. Trent went to the sink and drew out the spray nozzle and laid it on the floor at Jessica’s feet. Then searching for the bottle of aloe foaming soap, he squirted a large quantity into his hands and began to lather his slave’s body.

Her flesh, although bumpy from the faint welts that were rising, felt sensational under his soapy hands. He felt her firm round breasts and then washed down her stomach. His fingers slipped between her thighs and then down each leg. It appeared that the heavy thongs of the flogger had not broken her flesh, but had left her body a very rosy red.

Finally, when he deemed her to be clean, he took the nozzle and misted her body to wash away the soap. After putting everything away he reattached the leash to her collar and led her down to the tank room.


Trent and Felicity played with their slaves in the various tanks. They left them both in the large tank that Trent and Ashley had seen on their first encounter with Mistress Sheana. It was a round tank with a grate over the top. Both slaves hung onto the bars over head so that they could stay afloat and breathe. Felicity and Trent talked out of earshot of the slaves.

“I see you whipped Jessica.” Felicity said.

“Yes, it needed to be done.”

“Mistress Sheana will be relieved. We’ve been a little worried that you wouldn’t be able to dominate her. Not that she can’t be dominated, but because you love her.”

Trent’s head whipped up. “I don’t…”

Felicity cut him off with a hand in the air, “Master Trent, um Richard, you’re not fooling anyone, except maybe yourself. I saw it on your face the first day I brought Tammy to you. You asked yourself right there if you would be able to dominate Ashley. There was doubt and there was concern.”

Trent shook his head. “I do love her. It’s the only reason I’m still here. I can’t let anything happen to her. I’m so afraid of what will happen to her if she tries this alone.”

“You have every reason to be concerned. We all know she would do anything to get her friend back, and we totally support you in your mission.”

“You know about my mission?” Trent asked, a little surprised.

“Yes, after everything that happened while you were at the ranch, Sheana had to fill me in. We’re pretty close to being partners in this business, and it was the right thing to do for your safety. She and I are still the only ones that know the entire truth.”

Trent sat watching the two slaves holding themselves up to the bars. Their naked bodies could be seen clearly through the Plexiglas sides of the tank.

“Have you made love to Jessica yet?”

Trent thought that a rather personal question, but at the ranch and at this facility there was nothing private and everything seemed to matter in the way of training. He had learned that nothing was taken personal here, and there were no secrets.

“Not yet.”

“Oral sex? You or her?”

“No, nothing.”

Felicity shifted slightly in her seat and faced Trent more directly.

“Master Richard, Jessica has been fucked at least three times daily for the past couple of months and has given more blow jobs than she can count. Besides her natural tendency towards deviant sex, she has been mildly brainwashed to become stimulated when she’s near you. Hell, she’ll become aroused by merely thinking about you. Anything that happens to her that’s humiliating will arouse her. How many days have you been here? Two, three? If you don’t fuck her soon I would say you’re being quite cruel to her. Is that your intention?”

Trent was stunned by what Felicity had just said to him. Here he had been debating in his head whether he should have sex with her when in reality not having sex with her was actually being cruel.

“I’m… I’m sorry, hell no, I don’t want to be cruel to her. What should I do? I mean other than the obvious… how should I go about this?”

“Listen, I promise you, she wants you now more than ever. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Earlier tonight you dominated her with the whip. The lashings must be tended, so tonight when you get back to your room you take the opportunity to use your hands on her body to soothe her flesh. This is going to make her unbelievably hot for you. You cannot imagine how ready for you she’s going to be by this time. When you take her, remember the techniques you learned at the ranch. She’ll still be steaming and ready for sex.”

“God! I can’t believe I am having this conversion! I feel like a 13 year old on my first date!”

“I hope not! That would be criminal!”

They laughed and got up to tend to their water logged slaves.

After being thoroughly dried off, Jessica was led back to her master’s room. She was exhausted and very sore. She saw that her body was covered with red lines from her master’s whipping. She dared not look up at Him, but wanted to in the worse way.

Once in the room Jessica expected to be locked to the wall and left for the night. But instead she was hung by her wrists cuffs to a rope attached to a hook screwed into the ceiling of the living room.

Her master went into the bedroom and returned naked! He held a container of salve and placed it on an end table. Even with her eyes cast downward she could see some things. She saw him dip his fingers into the container and scoop out a generous portion of the ointment.

[Master is going to treat my flesh!] Jessica knew that meant his hands would be all over her, and that thought caused her pulse to increase dramatically.

Why do I get so excited whenever he’s near me? Why am I so turned on by his touch? This isn’t right is it? [He’s my master! I’m giving myself to him. Even when we find Nicky and get her back safely, I’m staying with my master.] If he’ll have me.

Jessica melted when she felt Trent’s hands begin to cover her flesh with the soothing ointment. He began at her neck and worked his way up each arm. He covered the red lash marks on her back and ass, spending more time than was probably necessary on her firm butt cheeks. He noticed that Jessica had risen onto her toes so that she could arch her back, thus raising her hard ass to him. He came around in front of her and began to treat the welt lines on her breasts.

Now Jessica had an unobstructed view of her master’s torso. He was even better built than she had imagined and his cock was quite large and fully erect. Jessica trembled with anticipation.

[He wouldn’t be naked if he weren’t going to fuck me! Fuck me master! Please!]

Trent felt the heat coming off of Jessica’s body and knew that Felicity was 100% correct in her assessment of Ashley Bennet. This slave wanted to be fucked so badly! It was obvious. He looked at her nipples and saw that they were so hard he wondered if they hurt. As he spread the healing salve over her legs he felt her trembling. He wondered if he would be able to stop himself from cumming at her first touch.

Feeling fairly nervous now, Trent wiped his hands on a towel and returned to the motionless woman. He reached up and unhooked her wrists from the hook and let her arms fall to her sides. He was pleased to see her move her wrists behind her back, stand up straight, and press her chest outward to display her breasts. It was times like this that he was glad the slave was not allowed to look around, but to only stare at the floor before her. He didn’t want to her to look at him at that moment. He didn’t want her to see the look on his face, whether it be one of lust, or one of indecision.

“Kneel,” he ordered.

Jessica knelt in front of her master and looked at his erection. She was surprised and slightly embarrassed to find she was salivating. She realized she was consciously restraining herself from moving forward onto the cock. Her body and her mind were urging her to take it into her mouth. Unconsciously her mouth opened, her tongue extending as her head followed Trent as he walked. She leaned forward slightly, willing the cock into her mouth.

“Look at me,” Trent ordered and saw Jessica’s gaze shift up to his face, her mouth closing, her face flushing red. “I will allow you to pleasure me for five minutes, but you are not to make me cum. If I do, you’ll be chained to the wall and left for the night.”

He saw anguish spread across Jessica’s face and wasn’t sure if it was the threat or the task that was unsettling for her. Too, he wondered if five minutes was too long. Would he be able to hold out that long? At least if he shot his load he would merely punish Jessica and that would be the end of it. But punishment was not what this was supposed to lead to. Well, he had set the task and it was too late to change it now as he felt Jessica’s hot lips envelope his erection.

Her mouth was hot and wet and Trent felt like ejaculating right then. But, as Felicity had taught him, he found something else to think about. He had thought the “getting your mind off of it” trick was bullshit as it had never worked for him in the past. He’d never had any control over his ejaculations and sex had always been over quickly with his previous partners.

Felicity had shown him how to take it to a whole new level, though. He forced his mind to completely ignore the sensations in his cock and balls and focus exclusively on the next day’s event. Sheana had briefed him on the branding ceremony when they had been in the water room together. Apparently there were very few brandings at the facility, mainly because 75% of the women who were being trained were weekend slaves and their masters were too squeamish about branding their wives or girlfriends.

Sheana enjoyed these customers and would urge them to take their activities to the next level, but few of them took her up on it. Their money helped keep her training centers operational but she yearned for more serious clientele. The other 25% of her customers were serious owners and slaves, but quite often they preferred not to brand in case the slave was to be sold at a later date. Over the years she had developed a very nice branding ceremony and had excelled in after-brand care to ensure that the branding was maintained properly. She had been witness to brands gone badly from other sources and she was determined to prevent any of her girls from having similar problems.

Trent tensed as he felt Jessica’s tongue flick underneath his cock and then her lips tighten on his shaft. Her head slid forward and Trent felt his entire shaft slide down her throat. Quickly he shifted his concentration back to the branding to avoid thinking about the sensation of Jessie’s throat against the tip of his cock.

Sheana had told him about errors people made, such as branding an O into the slave. Usually within a month the center of the O would get infected and simply fall off, leaving a gaping hole in the skin. People tried intricate designs with similar results. A good brand is simple. An S is excellent, and is universally and historically recognized as a slave branding.

Sheana was having a branding iron made up that had an “r” on the top loop of the S. It would stand for Richard, but in the future he may be able to use his name properly and the r would stand for Richards.

Trent looked at the clock on the wall. It had been about four minutes. He felt Jessica kissing and licking his scrotum, and then felt her mouth moving back up his shaft to the tip. Her lips kissed the tip of his cock and he felt himself convulse.

“Enough!” Trent growled, “You’re boring me half to death, finish me off quickly.” He smiled at his wicked lie for he was anything BUT bored.

Jessica swallowed his cock, her nose pressed against his belly, causing Trent to cum hard.

Pulse after pulse of his semen shot down Jessica’s throat. He heard her labored breathing and knew she was ready to explode, too. When she had sucked him dry she licked his cock with her tongue until he was clean.

“Lay on your back,” Trent ordered. “Put your hands behind your neck.”

Jessica sank to the floor and lay on her back and cupped her hands together behind her neck. Her legs fell open, exposing her wet pussy.

Trent sank down to his knees and leaned forward, pressing his face against Jessica’s hot bald slit.

“May I cum Master?” Jessica panted.

“Not yet.” He knew she could easily have an orgasm right that second, but he wanted to see what sort of control she had over her orgasms.

“Please master… I… I don’t think…”

Trent looked up over her writhing body and told her to be silent. He could see her beautiful breasts wiggling and her head was thrown back, her jaw set. His tongue went to work on her slit and entered her pussy. He had devoured many pussies in the past two months, a thought that in itself made his cock hard again, but Jessica’s was by far the wettest he had experienced. Juices were literally seeping out of her pussy and he had his work cut out for him slurping it all up.

He felt her pussy muscles tense and quiver and he gasped, “Cum now, whore.”

Jessica screamed and Trent had to reach up and hold her hips down to keep her from breaking his neck with her violent thrusts. She screamed again as a massive orgasm tore through her body and racked her brain.

Trent lifted himself up and began to work his way upward on his slave’s body, kissing her as he went. He kissed her from her belly to her navel, continuing up to her sweaty muscular stomach and then to her breasts. He sucked on her nipples and kissed her breasts. Then he nibbled her ear as his cock entered her cunt. He thrust forward and Jessica cried out as her hands came around and encircled her master. She knew he had not instructed her to move her hands, but she could not help herself – she needed to hold on to her master right now; to hold him close and to feel him. He felt so powerful as he thrust into her with his hard cock. It felt as wonderful as she had imagined it would.

Jessica smiled and returned his thrust, making love to her master. Her head went back and she moved her hands down to his hard butt and pulled him into her even deeper, her legs rising up to encircle his tight ass. She couldn’t suppress her cries of pleasure as Trent continued to thrust into her lustfully. Even though he could take any slave in the compound, there was no one he longed to have more than Jessica. No one was more beautiful. No one was more sensual. She was the only woman he was interested in.

Jessica let out one more stifled moan as she climaxed again, feeling her master’s seed explode inside of her at the same time. The two continued to embrace and to kiss, passionately, for several more minutes before Trent collapsed onto the floor next to his slave. The bonding was complete.

The following morning Jessica awoke on her mattress, the chain connecting her collar to the wall. She heard the door open in the living room and quickly got to her knees in proper position. Her gaze went to her master’s bed but it was empty.

No memories existed past the multiple orgasms she had experienced the previous night. She surmised that her master must have put her to bed and was slightly embarrassed to have been so out of it. But, when she thought of everything she had been through the previous day… she knew she had probably passed out from exhaustion.

Jessica looked down at her naked body and saw a fresh sheen of the healing aloe lotion on her still reddened flesh. Her master, or someone, had already attended to her this morning!

She quickly looked down when she saw someone’s shadow approaching the bedroom door.

“Good morning, Jessica.”

It was Mistress Sheana. Jessica looked up to see her Mistress and two slave girls; Jackie and the one brought by the other mistress, Tammy. Jessica saw the resemblance to herself, even down to the hair color and cut.

“Good morning Mistress.”

“Did you enjoy yourself last night slave?” A wicked smile formed on Sheana’s lips.

Jessica’s heart pounded as she thought of making love to her master.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Uh-huh, I think we all knew the answer to that question.”

Jessica wondered what she meant by that as she watched Sheana unlock her chain and then clip the leash to her collar. She felt a slight tug on her leash and she stood and followed Sheana out of the apartment and down to the courtyard. Several slaves Jessica had never seen before were cleaning up the courtyard with Mistress Amy overseeing them. Jessica quickly took care of her business and followed Sheana to the wet room.

Jessica wondered where her master was as she had yet to see him. Sheana led her to the dining area and Jessica was disappointed not to see him there either. She knelt on the floor and leaned over to eat from the bowl of nutrition pellets Sheana left for her.

Fifteen minutes later Sheana led Jessica to the office/beauty salon where Mistress Amy, Jackie, and Tammy waited.

“Here is your customer, make her even more beautiful if that’s possible.”

“Look at that glow! Can you see it girls?” Amy said as she shielded her eyes at the sight of Jessica.

Jessica was still pretty confused at what everyone was talking about. She sat in the chair and looked down slightly towards the floor.

“I have some new recruits to handle, so I’ll leave you two to get Jessica ready.”

“Yes Mistress.”

After Amy left, Jessica looked up and asked, “Ready for what? What’s going on?”

Jackie looked around and then quietly said, “You don’t know? No one has told you?”

“No, what? Told me what?”

Jackie gripped Jessie’s arm and said, “Your master has requested the branding ceremony.”

“He has? What’s the branding ceremony?”

Tammy was the one to speak up. “Mistress Felicity told me about it last night as I brushed her hair. It seems that if a master wishes to have his slave publicly submit to him he can request the ceremony. You will be his property and be totally submissive to him.”

The thought of being branded filled Jessica with fear. My master wants to brand me? [He is my master! Of course I will wear his brand.] I’m afraid! The pain will be unbelievable, [but only for a while. After that can I can only imagine how wonderful the brand will be on my flesh.]

Jackie handed the hair brush to Tammy and came around in front of Jessica with some pink rouge and a brush to color her areolas and nipples. She grinned and looked into Jessica’s eyes, “You had a good night last night?”

“Why is everyone talking about last night?” Jessica demanded.

Both girls giggled and Tammy said, “It’s pretty quiet here at night, sweetie. How should I say this? Your lusty cries of passion filled the halls.”

“That sounds like a line from a trashy romance novel,” Jackie said as she dabbed at Jessica’s nipple with the brush.

“Oh my god! Everyone heard us?” Jessica’s face flushed red.

“Heard you,” Tammy corrected her double. “Don’t worry about it. I, for one, truly enjoyed hearing your passions expressed so vividly.”

The women all laughed, including Jessica.

“I would have masturbated if my arms weren’t trapped in that damn glove all night,” Jackie said. “It would have been worth the punishment. I’m so jealous of you!”

Jessica sat while the two continued to groom her and thought about the pleasure her master had given her the previous night. His tongue had been like a precision instrument used on her pussy and clit. She remembered how ferociously she had cum. And then when he entered her! His cock was so long and thick! She felt herself getting moist just thinking about that!

“It was fantastic, wasn’t it?” Tammy said.

Jessica looked up at her twin and could sense she already knew the answer from personal experience. “Yes. You know my master, don’t you?”

Tammy was startled by the question, only then realizing she should not have said that. She didn’t want to upset Jessica right before she went to the ceremony, yet she had to tell her fellow slave the truth.

Tammy held Jessica’s hand, “I was his slave at the ranch, Jessica. He used me to practice on so that he could be the best master possible for you. He’s a very good master, Jessica, and you’ll make him very proud to own you.”

Somewhere… deep inside of her maybe… Jessica thought she should be jealous. [She’s been with my master! He’s been using her instead of me!] But, honestly, she wasn’t jealous at all. What she said, that her master was using her to practice on and that he wanted to be the best master he could be… well, that made a lot of sense. Hadn’t she been practicing on Master Rick and the other masters and mistresses here so that she could be the best slave possible for her master?

She wanted to know how to behave before her master came to get her and she was very proud of how well she performed. Well, she was going to perform even better since master whipped her the previous day. She knew now that he must be obeyed if she didn’t want to feel that whip again.

The three women jumped when the door opened and Amy walked in.

“Is our celebrity ready? Let’s go girls, it’s show time.”


Mistress Amy led Jessica, Jackie, and Tammy in together by their leashes. As they walked past a formation of kneeling slave girls Amy unleashed Jackie and Tammy and had them join their sisters on the floor.

Jessica’s heart jumped when she saw her master sitting next to Mistress in plush high back chairs. Mistress Amy led her over and stood her in front of Master and Mistress and then retreated to join the rest of the staff. Jessica stood in perfect standing position, nervous, heart racing. She saw that her Mistress had risen and was standing in front of her.

“Jessica, please look up at us.”

Jessica raised her eyes to see Sheana standing in front of her and her master on his chair behind her.

“Do you belong to me?”

“I do, Mistress.”

Mistress Sheana motioned to Master Doug and the burley man rose and walked over carrying a device that looked a giant bolt cutter. He passed a clean white towel under Jessica’s collar and spent a minute adjusting it just right before slipping the thin rounded jaw of his tool under Jessica’s collar.

While Doug adjusted some setting on his tool, Mistress Sheana was busy removing Jessica’s wrist and ankle cuffs. Jessica felt movement on her neck seconds before hearing a clink noise. Doug gripped the collar and removed it from around Jessie’s neck, handing it to Sheana.

“With the removal of these bonds I release you from the program and from my care. Congratulations.” She reached over and hugged Jessica, holding her naked body close to her own.

“Thank you Mistress. Thank you for everything.” Jessica looked down at her cuff free wrists and felt her un-collared neck. She felt so naked without her bondage!

“You’re quite welcome, dear.”

The free persons and slaves all applauded.

“Now, everyone!” Sheana turned to speak and the applause died down. “We are privileged to witness something that is not all that common these days. For those of you who have not met him yet, I’d like to introduce Jessica’s new master, Master Richard.”

Trent stood up and joined Sheana standing in front of the assembly.

“Hello. I stand before you today so that you may witness a sign of my ownership of this slave, Jessica Brenner.”

Trent took Jessica’s hands and was about to speak when Mistress Sheana hushed him and said, “Master Richard is about to speak Jessica’s true name, would you all please cover your ears. I’ll motion when you can listen again.”

Everyone in the room covered their ears with their palms and Sheana nodded to Trent. He knew that Ashley’s real name had to be used to make it an official bond of slavery. “Ashley Bennet,” he said softly, Sheana motioned and the hands fell away from the ears, “I own you and you will now wear my brand upon your flesh as a sign of your devotion to me. Will you accept it?”

The use of her real name made Jessica think of herself again as Ashley Bennet. She wasn’t as bold when she thought of herself as Ashley. She wasn’t as sure of herself when she thought of herself as Ashley. But looking at the man in front of her… she still longed to submit herself to him.

As the seconds ticked by, Ashley considered who she was and what she was doing. The mission and finding her friend could all be accomplished without becoming this man’s slave. She had the training now and, even as Ashley, she knew they would be successful. It wasn’t part of the equation any more. The question before her was… did she want to belong, body and soul, to this man?

Every fiber in her body told her that she did. It seemed like everything that she had gone through in the past two years was a stepping stone on the path to this moment. Ashley could see that one part of her life was over and a new life was about to begin. If she didn’t take this step she wasn’t sure she would even care about her life anymore. It would feel as though she was incomplete. Just thinking about continuing with her old life made her feel empty inside. She longed to be dominated and as she looked at her master she knew she wanted him more than anything in the world, even if she could never seem to remember his name!

His request was not some show for the mission. It was unnecessary from that point of view. The man that whipped her the previous evening and then brought her to the most powerful orgasms of her life wanted her to be his slave. He desired her.

“Yes,” she said abruptly. Looking into Trent’s eyes, she continued, “I will serve you as you wish for as long as you desire me. As your property I will proudly wear your brand and submit to you in every way.

Master,” Ashley knelt before him in proper position, “I am your slave.” She gracefully slide forward so that her arms were stretched out in front of her, her forehead touched the stone floor, her knees were slightly apart, and her bare ass was in the air. It was the submission position that Mistress Sheana had taught her over a month ago. In this position cuffs and collars could easily be applied.

Again, Doug stepped up and handed Trent four leather cuffs and a leather collar. Trent bent down and slipped the bondage on his slave and then passed the small hardened locks through the clasps and locked them. Then he tugged very gently on Ashley’s collar and she rose to her feet.

Trent led Ashley to a wooden stand and backed her up so that the stand was behind her and she faced the assembly. All of the masters and mistresses present came forward and began to bind Ashley to the wooden posts with ropes. Her arms were bound horizontally out away from her body. Her torso was bound from her chest to her waist to a vertical post behind her back. Her right leg was securely bound to the same vertical beam, but her left leg was bound tightly at a right angle to her body so that her inner thigh was completely exposed.

Trent examined the area where the small incision had been made and saw that a very faint line was still visible. He would place the branding iron directly on that spot to hide the incision scar.

Ashley looked over to see Master Doug pulling a small iron bowl on wheels towards her. In his hand he carried a thin rod with the brand on the end. She fought the urge to empty her bladder for she was scared of the pain that she knew was to come. She had no thoughts of changing her mind, only concern that she would do something that would embarrass her master. She looked at her master and wanted to make him so proud of her. Ashley blushed as she felt a sudden desire growing in her crotch.

I’m about to be branded and I’m getting horny? [I’m about to get branded and I’m going to make my master so happy!] Jessica, Jessica, Jessica, I need to return to you. I need your strength and your resolve. I can’t let my master down. [Breathe normally. Calm down. This is going to hurt like hell, but it will pass with time. This is pain I’m suffering for my master. After this I am completely his forever.]

Now the strength of Jessica’s desire was burning as hot as the coals before her. She looked down to see her nipples as hard as pencil erasers.

Trent had the branding iron in his hand. He held it close to the coals and turned it slowly, heating the surfaces evenly. Mistress Sheana was using a powder brush to apply a fine black coating of powder to Jessica's thigh. When she was done she stepped back and nodded to Mistress Amy.

Amy had been speaking with the slaves and now they stood and formed a line. The girls approached Jessica and one by one kissed her cheek and wished her luck and other private wishes and congratulations. They were led around and positioned close to Jessica in a semi-circle.

Next the masters and mistresses processed by, holding her, kissing her, and giving her their encouragements and promises to always be there for her in the future. Jessica was nearly overcome with emotion as Master Rick held her and kissed her cheek, telling her how proud he was of her. Jessica knew the man would always have a special place in her heart, even as she was submitting herself to another.

Mistress Sheana was the last to kiss her on the cheek. “I know what you are feeling right now, and I am so happy for you.” The beautiful Mistress unzipped her leather top and pulled the leather to the side to reveal her left breast. Jessica was shocked to see an S brand on the side of her breast!

“Yes, I was once a slave, too. That’s what makes me the type of Mistress that I am. Someday we’ll talk, as sisters. Be strong now Jessica.” She kissed Jessica on the cheek and moved to the side and placed a hand on Jessica’s shoulder. Jessica felt a hand on her other shoulder and turned to see Mistress Felicity on her other side, smiling at her.

Trent had spent the morning practicing branding cuts of meat supplied by Sheana. Doug had been his instructor and the two of them had branded what seemed like the pieces of an entire cow. He had no doubts now of exactly how he was going to hold the iron, how he was going to place the iron, and for how long. Doug’s training had also included audio of a screaming woman. Over and over they had practiced until he could do it perfectly and not even hear the screams. He had to block that out. The brand was only in contact with the flesh for three or four seconds, but it seemed like an eternity when it was actually being held against the meat.

Now he approached his bound slave. With the support of the men and women present he felt more at ease than when he was being trained. Every one present was intent on one thing right now, the branding of his slave, Ashley. He stood before her and looked into her eyes for a second and then knelt, not wanting the iron to cool at all before he applied the brand.

Trent held the iron at the proper angle, taking into account that her leg was parallel to the floor – not vertical. He smoothly brought it against Jessica’s exposed thigh and applied a very slight pressure. Somewhere in his mind her screams were registering but his concentration was not broken as he counted the seconds in his mind.

When he removed the iron a perfect charred S with a little “r” on it was left behind in Jessica’s flesh. He handed the iron to Doug and the two men shook hands. Doug wheeled the coal pit out of the room and Mistress Amy led the slaves out of the room and back to their training routines. Mistress Sheana stayed with Jessica and held her close, wiping the tears from her cheeks and trying to calm her.

Felicity brought a gurney over and helped Sheana and Trent remove all of the ropes that had held Jessica pinned to the support posts. When she was freed they laid her down on the gurney and clipped her cuffs to the railings.

The pain in Jessica’s thigh was beyond intense. Even after preparing her mind for pain such as from a severe whipping, Jessica was shocked at how much worse this felt. By now the pain from a whipping would have subsided but her flesh still felt like it was on fire! She wanted to stop crying but somehow was not able to.

She was suddenly frightened as she began to experience the same sensations she had when she had nearly been killed over a year ago. The sights and sounds around her were somehow surreal and she couldn’t focus on any one thing. She had heard her master’s voice back then, telling her everything was going to be alright. Where was her master now? Was everything going to be alright now?

As if knowing his slaves thoughts, Trent leaned over the gurney and said, “Jessica, its over.” He placed one hand on her waist and the other cupped her cheek. “Shhh, it’s over Jessie, just breathe normal. Try to breathe. That’s right.” He stroked her cheek. “I’m so proud of you. I’m just so very proud to be your master.”

Jessica could feel that she was being wheeled away. She felt her master’s hand on her shoulder, his words filtering through her haze and clearing her mind. The surreal fog that had enveloped her mind was gone and she looked up to see her master walking beside her. [He’s proud of me! He’s proud to be my master!]

Jessica felt warmth spread over her. At first she thought it was her burning brand because it seemed to emanate from that area, but she knew it was more than that now. She felt so good when she pleased her master and she truly loved that feeling.

Now, feeling a new glow of contentment, Jessica’s sobs began to die down. The pain in her leg was still intense but Jessica reveled in its burn. [I suffer this pain for my master. It feels good. I want to feel this pain so that I can always remember it.]

Jessica was wheeled into the infirmary where Doctor Bishop waited for them. He brought an overhead lamp in and examined the brand.

“Oh shit, that’s an excellent brand. My god, it’s perfect. Who did this?”

He looked up and saw Sheana nod towards Trent.

“Very nicely done, sir. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one so frikkin’ clean.”

“Thanks, I’m just so relieved it went so well, you have no idea.”

“It really is an excellent brand Richard,” Sheana added. “Your slave is going to love it when it’s all healed. She’ll display it proudly.”

“Get some ice ready would you Sheana?” the doctor said as he brought a can of antiseptic spray out of his bag. Looking up at Trent he said, “I have four more of these cans right over there.” He pointed to the counter where Trent saw the cans. “Three times a day for the next two weeks. See here?” He pointed at the blistering red skin around the brand. “Looks really bad don’t it?”

Ashley lifted her head slightly to see what they were talking about but Trent shook his head and she lowered it back down.

“Don’t let this worry you right now. Of course the skin is going to look charred because, let’s face it, it’s charred! But the redness will go down and this skin along here,” he pointed to the flesh along the edge of the brand. “This skin will begin to flake off in a couple of days. Use a soft clean brush to help it flake away and for god’s sake, keep her hands away from this for at least a week. It’s gonna itch like hell, so make sure she can’t get at it.”

“That won’t be a problem.”

“No, I didn’t think it would be.”

Sheana had returned with the ice wrapped in a towel. Doctor Bishop leaned over and told Jessica to brace herself because he was going to spray her brand and it would sting.

Jessica closed her eyes as the spray hit her burnt flesh and she stifled a scream. The increase in pain only lasted a second and then mercifully the pain in her leg began to subside. It never went away completely but it was almost tolerable now.

“If it gets any redder than it is right now you call me immediately.” Doctor Bishop began to pack up his bag.

“We will.” Sheana promised as she led him back to the white panel van that was to take him back to his clinic.


Nicky slowly rotated in her tight rope bondage. She was suspended as she had been many times before; in a line of bound and suspended slaves. She waited for Tatsujin Ketami to make his grand appearance in the graduation room.

One of the guards, a thin Japanese man by the name of Yoshi, had just fucked her as she hung defenseless. Nicky’s arms were bound over her head and her legs were splayed wide by a spreader bar. Her breasts ached from the man’s brutal groping. Of course she hadn’t had an orgasm herself. That wasn’t allowed, and indeed, it was a punishable offense. Orgasms were to be avoided at all costs! The tortured woman dared a peek sideways to see that he was now using his small wooden baton to probe a woman two spots down the line.

The door to the room flung open and Ketami and four of his henchmen stomped in. Nicky heard urine hit the floor and instantly felt sorry for who ever had just released her bladder. Ketami waved his hand and Nicky heard a thud as a bound body hit the floor and then a scream as the woman was dragged out of the room, probably by her hair.

“So sorry to have my honmei petto return to her tatsujin.” Ketami walked the line of girls, each scared to death that he would stop in front of her yet certain that he would not. None of the girls hanging in the line believed herself to be the Tatsujin’s favorite pet.

Nicky was shocked when he stopped in front of her. I’m master’s favorite pet?

Nicky could not even process this revelation. He had tortured her mercilessly for… who knows how long? And she was his favorite? It had to be a joke.

“You are strong for gaijin. Much admire. If not belong to Carpelli would keep you here, with me. Take rope well.” Ketami looped his fingers in the tight ropes that bound Nicky. “But he want you back now. Important client, must not delay.” Ketami pulled a long knife out of a sheath tied to his pant leg and brought it up to Nicky’s lip. He pressed it hard against her lip and Nicky tasted blood. Then his hands rose up and Nicky felt the rope above her hands give way.

Expecting to drop to the floor, Nicky was surprised when she did not. Instead, she was being carried by Ketami. She had witnessed her Master’s strength on many occasions, but it still amazed her that he could carry the full weight of a woman so effortlessly. True, she probably weighed less than a hundred pounds now, but still, he was a block of muscle.

Nicky was lowered to the ground and then was amazed again as Ketami’s knife made, possibly, three swipes at the ropes binding her and the entire mass fell away. The frightened woman assumed the submission posture before the powerful slave trainer.

The knife clattered at her side. “I give you choice, saseko, finger or toe. You decide.”

Nicky recognized the Japanese word for whore but was totally unaffected by it. She was too stunned to have been given a choice. It was something she had thought a lot about and already knew she would sever her toe. Even though she knew walking would be difficult for some time, it was an injury that could at least be hidden later with a shoe, providing of course that she ever was allowed to wear a shoe again. She desperately wanted to keep all of her fingers.

Nicky rose into a kneeling position, careful to keep her head respectfully bowed.

“Toe, koishii tatsujin.” Nicky responded, referring to Ketami as her beloved master.

Ketami grunted and kicked the knife closer to her hand.

Nicky picked up the knife and positioned her right foot in front of her. She had seen three women sever their toes and two sever a finger. She knew what to expect. Nicky placed the knife tip on the floor between her little toe and the next toe over and without hesitation brought the razor sharp blade down, severing the toe in one clean stroke. She closed her eyes to prevent herself from seeing the blood and held the knife above her head with both hands for her master to take. She felt slightly dizzy, but maintained her breathing and dignity. The pain in her foot began to increase by the second. Nicky bit her lip to prevent any sound from escaping her lips.

“Take her,” Ketami ordered his men. Then turning to the other women Nicky heard him say, “Learn well, sasekos, you have seen a perfect demonstration. Pray that when you are called you can do likewise.”

Nicky blacked out as she was being carried away from the ceremony room.

The following week was a week of recovery for both Jessica and Nicky. Nicky’s wound had been cauterized and then attended to by a surgeon later in the day. Jessica had been placed in her cell and bound to prevent her from touching her charred flesh. By the second week they were both released from restrictive bondage and began to resume some sort of normal activity.

Jessica’s leg was bandaged, so she was unable to see the brand yet. She wanted to ask her master to let her see it but knew she must not ask for anything. Her master would show her when it pleased him to do so. She did know from the comments she had heard, that her brand looked very good. She was already proud to wear it and was anxious to display it.

On the thirteenth day after her graduation, Nicky was transported back to L.A. with her new master, Francis Carpelli. She had only briefly seen the Italian mob boss three months before when he had spirited her away to the Ketami training facility.

Nicky knelt on the floor next to Carpelli, showing excellent form. The man busied himself with paperwork and from time to time would look over at Nicky and smile.

There was a rap on the door and a man walked in.

“Mr. Tremonti, how nice to see you.” Carpelli rose from his desk to shake the visitor’s hand.

“Mr. Carpelli, I came as soon as I heard. Is this the girl?”

“Yes! Isn’t she exquisite?”

The man stood before Nicky and gazed at her. Nicky did not move but simply maintained her kneeling posture with her head down, looking at the floor.

“What happened to her foot?”

“She cut off her toe.”

“What? Why?”

“You have to understand the training she has undergone. It’s why the price tag is so high for her. She is so obedient that on the day she completed her training she was instructed to cut off her toe with a butcher knife and she did it without hesitation.”

“So if I told her to cut off her hand she would do it?” Tremonti asked.

“Yes, but why would you do that? I can’t see cutting anything else off a cutie like this.” Carpelli patted Nicky’s head and said, “Show us your crab, slut.”

In an extremely graceful motion, Nicky’s hands came up over her head and then the rest of her naked body followed. As she rose she bent over backward until her hands touched the floor behind her so that she was in an inverted crab walk. Her well toned body was on full display. Tremonti’s eyes went to Nicky’s bald slit.

“May I?”

“Sure, knock yourself out. Whatever you want, take her in the other room if you want to; I’ve got things to do here.”

The boss of the San Diego mob bent down and felt the smooth flesh of Nicky’s lower belly and then moved his fingers down between her legs. The woman’s hairless pussy felt so soft and smooth. His finger dipped into her slit and he felt the inner folds of her labia.

“Doesn’t get wet easily, does she?”

Carpelli looked up rather annoyed but toned down his response. Tremonti was pretty powerful, and snapping at him would not be a good career move. “Her function is to provide you with pleasure, not the other way around. Getting turned on is not in her vocabulary any more. She’s merely a cute little body with a bunch of holes to fuck.”

“Come on, holes, I’m going to give you a test drive.” Tremonti put his hand down and Nicky took hold of it allowing the short husky Italian to pull her to her feet. She followed him into the next room. Nicky walked with her head down but could see it was a storage room of some sort.

Tremonti turned around and told Nicky to blow him, but make it last. She silently went to her knees and reached up to unbuckle the man’s belt. She undid his belt and then pushed the button through and unzipped his fly. She pressed her face against his crotch and felt he was growing hard. Carefully she slipped her fingers into the waistbands of his slacks and underwear and pulled them both down at the same time.

The man was probably a hundred pounds overweight for his height, but some of the guards at the facility were larger around the waist than he was. Nicky disliked giving head to fat men, but she was a saseko, and would do as she was told. She knew what would happen to her if she were ever sent back to the Tatsujin. That was not going to happen. She got out of there with everything except one toe and considered herself one lucky whore to do that.

Nicky cupped the fat man’s testicles in one hand and gently massaged them as she took in his squatty little prick with her mouth. Using her tongue she gently messaged his cock while warming it with her breath. The trick worked and the man quickly became hard. Now that she had something to work with she began to move her head on his dick, making it nice and wet and making sure there was ample pressure to maintain an erection but not enough to cause him to climax.

She wondered how long “make it last” meant to the man. Tatsujin could maintain an erection for what seemed like hours and he loved to lay and watch his whores suck and suck on his dick. He conducted business and surfed the Internet all the while being serviced by one girl or another. He would take time out to whip his cock suckers while they worked on him, and then take a phone call from Japan.

Nicky had once made him cum before he was ready and had been thrown, fully bound, into the Koi pond. This having occurred after she had been in his “care” for two months, she simply held her breath and waited for someone to pluck her out. It took some time, but finally Master Yang had pulled her out and dropped her on the side of the pond.

Nicky felt Tremonti begin to pulse in her mouth and eased off on the pressure. “Come on bitch, I haven’t got all day,” the man grumbled.

Nicky’s mouth began sucking on the cock and she took it in all the way, forcing his ejaculation in less than 20 seconds after he spoke. She continued sucking until he was done and then cleaned him with her tongue before helping him dress.

He turned and left, leaving Nicky kneeling in proper position. He walked back into the room and said, “Come on then, get back in here.”

“Jesus Christ, Carpelli. It took her forever to bring me off and she doesn’t ever speak. Then she just kneels there like an idiot!”

Carpelli looked up at the man, irritated. “Did you tell her to get you off quickly?”

“Well I said make it last, but I didn’t mean take all day.”

Nicky, not wanting to go with the fat man, took a chance and knelt next to Carpelli.

“She can keep you hard all day, or make you come in seconds. You have to be more specific.” Carpelli looked up from his paperwork.

“Did you command her to follow you?”

“No, but…”

“She follows commands. She does nothing by her own free will except maybe breathe. Did you ask her a question?”


“Well then she had no reason to speak. She’s not here for small talk unless you tell her to become chatty. Listen sir, she has been trained to do one thing and that’s to pleasure you. Whatever sex you want she can give you. What ever tasks you give her she will do. You want small talk then talk to your wife.”

“Hey asshole, you better…”

“I’m sorry Mr. Tremonti, it’s just that I’m not sure you realize what this woman is capable of. She’s a professionally trained slave.”

“I get it. I’ll let you know what I decide.”

“I’m having other buyers in every day this week.”

“Good for you. If I want her you’ll sell her to me.”

The fat man stormed out of the room.

“Good job, honey.” Carpelli patted Nicky on the back. “Don’t worry, I would never sell you to him. It would be like selling a Lamborghini to an eight year old.” Carpelli went back to his work and Nicky maintained her position next to him.


Every day Trent removed the bandage around Jessica’s thigh and used the soft brush on the brand and sprayed it with antiseptic. At the end of the third week Dr. Bishop had taken another look at it and deemed it to be healed sufficiently that the cover bandage was no longer necessary. Trent told Jessica to close her eyes and led her over to the full length mirror in their suite.

“Okay slave, open your eyes.” Trent stood back so that he didn’t block the light.

Jessica opened her eyes and her gaze went down to her thigh. She saw a perfect S with a small r on the top part of the S branded into her flesh. The redness had all gone away and it looked fantastic.

Daring to speak, she asked, “May I touch it Master?”

“Yes, go ahead.” Trent replied and watched his naked beauty feel the branded flesh with her finger tips.

“What do you think slave? Do you like it?”

“Oh master! It’s wonderful! Thank you for doing such a fabulous job!” Jessica gushed, her excitement flowing out of her unrestrained. The brand looked fantastic on her thigh and she became super horny now looking at it! Her mind turned to sex and she turned to her master with lust in her eyes.

“I think you could thank the good doctor here for taking such excellent care of you.” Trent gave a slight nod which Jessica knew meant she was to satisfy him orally.

The beautiful blonde fell to her knees before the doctor and began to unbuckle his belt.

Just then the phone rang and Trent answered it. “Okay, I’ll be right down.” He hung up the phone. “I’ll be back in about half an hour. She’s yours till then Doc, and thanks again for all of your help.”

“Yes, well, um…” The doctor was flustered and embarrassed and incredibly erect.

Jessica pushed the button of the doctor’s slacks through the hole and then unzipped him. A moment later his pants and underwear were around his ankles and Jessica was brushing his scrotum with her lips.

“Thank you, Doctor Bishop, for caring for me,” Jessica said in a voice so sexy that it made Dr. Bishop’s knees grow weak.

The doctor had been under contract with Sheana for six years and seen many of her women as patients, but had never been a “client” until now. He knew what the women were, and had fantasized about this moment so many times. And now he looked down at the naked woman kneeling before him and couldn’t believe his fantasy was about to come true. He gazed down at her perfect breasts and then down lower at her bald pussy, spread wide by the placement of her knees.

“I really do appreciate everything you’ve done for my master.” The slave’s lips kissed their way up to the head of his cock and when she took him into her mouth he lost all control and shot his load. Jessica quickly pressed her head forward taking the man’s erupting penis fully into her mouth and sucked down on it, massaging it in her mouth with her tongue.

The doctor was dismayed that he had cum so soon! Besides being very embarrassed over his short duration, he didn’t want his time with this woman to be so short.

After Jessica had finished him off she asked the doctor if he would please inspect her brand again. She said it still itched and when she touched it she seemed to be very sensitive. The doctor went to pull up his pants and Jessica told him she would feel better if he stripped out of his clothes for the examination. She was naked after all, and maybe it was only fair that he be naked, too.

“Well, I guess that would be okay. I don’t normally examine my patients in the buff, but I can make an exception in your case.”

“Thank you doctor, for being so understanding.” Jessica got up from her knees and lay on her back on top of the bed. She brought her knees up and then spread her thighs with her hands. The fingers on her left hand lightly grazed the brand. Jessica could feel the imprint of her masters’ brand beneath her fingers and she felt a wonderfully warm sensation in her crotch.

“You see? It’s still very sensitive. Are you sure I’m healing properly? Can you inspect me again, please?”

The naked doctor looked at the woman on the bed. The slave on the bed, he thought. The sex slave on the bed. He stepped over to her and looked at how she lay there with her legs spread, her hairless pussy glistening with moisture. He saw how she traced the line of her brand with her fingers and then saw her luscious breasts begin to rise and fall more heavily. The woman was extremely aroused, and the doctor was just slightly embarrassed, but very happy, to feel his cock begin to swell.

“Doctor?” Jessica said softly, even with a little hesitation in her voice, “Do you think it’s possible for me to become aroused simply by touching my master’s brand?”

The doctor cleared his throat. “Well… yes, I imagine it’s possible. What do you think of when you touch the brand mark?” The doctor came up and sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over to inspect the woman’s branded thigh.

Jessica couldn’t help but to moan as she felt his fingers touch her thigh and trace over the edges of the brand mark. “I think about my master.”

“Before you were branded, did you get aroused when you thought about your master?” the doctor asked as his touches went beyond the borders of the brand and closer to her hot sex. Even from where he was sitting he could actually feel her heat.

“Yes sir. I always get aroused when I think of him. I’m not sure why, but I do. I just want to please him in every way and… honestly… it just… it just gets me so hot to just think about him using me. Oh please, doctor, would you please just fuck me right now? Please don’t tell my master I asked for something, but I… I just really… need you…”

Jessica’s hands went to her breasts and began to massage them, pulling on her nipples and moaning as her head went back into the pillow. “Please! Oh god… I’m begging you… I can’t believe I’m feeling like this!”

Dr. Bishop mounted the bed between Jessica’s widely spread thighs and pressed himself easily into her pussy. It felt like he had stuck his cock into an oven and he was startled when she suddenly gasped and climaxed. Her soft hands came around his back and she pulled his body closer, forcing his cock fully into her.

“Oh fuck!” Jessica exclaimed. “Thank you sir!” Jessica continued to grind on the doctor’s hard cock. Having just ejaculated, the doctor was happy to find that he was not ready to do so again quite yet and continued to fuck the blonde slave under him. Having just climaxed, Jessica was able to calm down somewhat and enjoy fucking this man.

Her fire quenched, Jessica began to think more clearly and looked up at the man ramming her pussy. He was virtually a stranger and yet she had just happily sucked on his penis and was now letting him screw her.

Oh my god, I’m a whore! [I’m master’s whore. I would do anything to please my master. Besides… this truly feels wonderful. I’d rather be fucking my master, but this feels good too!]

Jessica tried to balance her emotions. She thought about why she was at the facility.

-I’m being trained to act like a slave so that master can use me to find Nicky. It’s the only way. I volunteered to be the slave. Is it bad that I like being the slave? Are slaves whores? She didn’t think so.

She considered her emotions towards her master and again was perplexed by why she simply thought of him as “Master” and not by his name. It really was confusing to her why she could never think of his name! She wasn’t an idiot, she had a good memory… but his name continued to evade her! It was maddening. Maybe she should ask the doctor about it. She thought back to what Mistress Sheana had told her on the first day she had arrived, “It is not important that you know our names. We will tell you what is important. Anything we do not tell you is not important.”

Jessica suddenly realized that her master’s name was not that important. Really, what did it actually matter? She knew who he was, she recognized her master on sight. She trusted him with her life. They were going to get Nicky back and take her home. That was what was really, truly, important. What was important was that she do her part and be the best slave she could be. If the mission failed, and god help them that it didn’t, it wouldn’t be because she was not a convincing slave.

She made up her mind not to worry about her master’s name any more. It was driving her crazy and she needed to just move on and concentrate on pleasing him and being the best slave she could be.

Jessica realized the doctor was getting very close to climaxing again. She worried that she had not been attentive enough while she had lapsed into reflection these past few minutes. Kind of an odd thought, but a thought that crossed her mind none-the-less.

“Oh my gosh sir,” Jessica whispered into the man’s ear, “I don’t think I can take anymore! You feel so… so fucking good inside of me! You’re driving me insane.”

Jessica imagined her master fucking her. She thought back to the night before her branding when he had taken her and everyone in the building heard her screams of passion. Those thoughts made her horny and she felt herself responding now to the man’s thrusts. She gripped the doctor, feeling the nakedness of his back and the muscles tense.

He was very close now and Jessica clenched the muscles in her vagina in rhythmic pulses that massaged his cock into orgasm. She allowed her body to respond to his and climaxed as well.

When they had uncoupled, the doctor went into the bathroom to clean up while Jessica dragged the soiled sheet off of the bed and folded it so that the mess was contained inside. Then she placed the sheet on the floor and knelt on it, knowing that the doctor’s cum would soon be dripping out of her.

Soon after the doctor came out of the bathroom, fully dressed, there was a knock on the door. The doctor opened it and Trent walked in. He saw Jessica kneeling on the sheet, cum obviously dripping from her pussy.

“It looks like everything went okay here.”

“Truly an amazing woman, sir,” the doctor said as he put on his suit coat. “It has been a pleasure working with you both.”

“And thank you again for everything you’ve done for us,” Trent replied as her shook the doctor’s hand.

The doctor paused for a second and leaned towards Trent. In a hushed voice he said, “I’m not sure if I should mention this or not, especially since I just received the best sex I have ever had, but she seemed concerned that I not tell you that she asked me to fuck her.”

“She did?”

“Yes, but, well… you being her master, I thought you should know.”

“Thank you, it is something that I should know. I don’t mean to embarrass you, but could you relate what happened exactly? From a training standpoint it’s important.”

The men stepped outside into the hallway.

“Well, after you left she took down my trousers and how do you say… administered to me orally?”

“Gave you a blow job?” Trent offered.

The doctor smiled. “Yes, yes. Gave me a blowjob. I thought we were done and she asked me to have another look at her brand to…”

“My brand,” Trent corrected.

“Yes, exactly, your brand. She seemed to be concerned that it wasn’t healing properly because it still felt very sensitive.”

“So you inspected my brand and what did you find?”

“Well, first she suggested that I remain unclothed to perform the inspection. And then she lay on the bed with her knees bent and her thighs spread in a most provocative manner. I began inspecting her flesh and she asked me if I thought she could become aroused by touching the brand.”

“Do you think it’s possible?”

“I believe she associates the brand with you, sir. It’s the thought of you that arouses her, she as much as told me so. She understands the mark stands for your ownership of her and seeing it and touching it gets her off.”

“So, then she asked you to fuck her?”

“We were discussing her brand and when I asked her what she thought about when she touched her brand she said she thought about you. The more she thought about you the more worked up she appeared. She grew quite agitated… I have never seen anything like it, and suddenly she seemed to be pleading with me to, you know… fuck her. It became obvious that the whole notion of me inspecting her mark was a ploy to get me inside of her. I must admit she played me like a fiddle. I hope I didn’t overstep my boundaries.”

“No, you didn’t, but she did. Thanks so much for letting me know.”

“Well, again, the pleasure was entirely mine.”

Once back inside the room, Trent went to the bedroom and stood over his slave.

“You cannot go against your training without punishment, Jessica.” Trent walked around the naked woman kneeling obediently before him. “It’s a master’s right to give you pleasure or to withhold pleasure from you.”

He bent down and said softly into her ear, “You do not ask for it or scheme to get it.” He gripped her short blonde hair and pulled her head back, looked into her eyes and said, “You do not ask for anything. Do you understand?”

A little fearfully, Jessica replied, “Yes Master.”

Trent released her hair and went into the living room. When he re-entered the bedroom Trent had clips, chains, belts, and dildoes in his hands. He laid his gear on the floor and then reached over and pinched Jessie’s nipples; rolling them in his fingers until they stiffened. He opened the jaws on one of the nipple clips and then released the spring clip onto her tender bud. The pain made Jessica cringe but she remained silent, breathing in deeply to displace the pain.

A short length of chain was connected to the nipple clip and a second clip was on the end of the chain. Trent opened the jaws of the small clip and then closed it over her other nipple. This hurt a little more than the first one and Jessica moaned in pain. Trent reached over and picked up a weight that was attached to a small clip and used the clip to hang the weight between Jessica’s tortured nipples.

“All fours, slave.”

Jessica fell forward onto her hands, concentrating on maintaining the proper form for this position. It was better to think about keeping her back slightly arched than to think about the clips crushing her nipples. She could feel the weight swinging on the chain connecting her nipples.

Jessica felt a belt being placed around her waist. Her master pulled it quite tight and then locked it in place. She dared not look back, but kept her gaze on the floor three feet in front of her.

The smell of K-Y jelly hit her nose and she knew for sure her hind end was going to be invaded. She had seen two dildoes in her master’s hands, so it was a given that both her holes would be the recipients of the intruders. Even so, she lurched slightly when she felt the tip of the dildo against her sphincter.

Lessons taught by Master Rick were called to memory and Jessica relaxed her muscles allowing the large shaft to be inserted. She cringed at the size of the intruder and hoped her asshole wouldn’t tear. The dildo that was being pressed into her sex was equally as large. Jessica could feel she was tender inside after the fucking that Dr. Bishop had just given her.

[Why did I ask him to fuck me? He would have done it on his own! It was just stupid! Shit, now master has to punish me. And these dildoes hurt! I’ve got to learn to keep my mouth shut.]

Jessica thought of how fucking horny she had been and knew given the same circumstances she would beg to be fucked again. How anyone could not be reduced to begging when they’re that horny, it just seemed impossible! But just to be that horny seemed like an impossibility. [Stop thinking about it!!! ]

Jessica was getting horny again! She enjoyed being horny, but now being horny seemed to be getting her in trouble and becoming quite exhausting!

The tortured woman came out of it as she felt a belt being laid over her slit and asshole to keep the twin invaders in place. She felt a tug at the back of her waist belt and knew the crotch strap had just been locked into place. More tugging on the dildoes and the touch of her master’s fingers near the base of the dildoes caused Jessie to fear that the twin invaders were not just dildoes, but vibrators.

Seconds later her fears were confirmed as both shafts sprung briefly into action. An uncontrollable tremor coursed through Jessica’s over-stimulated body. It took all of her will-power to remain in position.

“Do not cum or your punishment will be doubled.” Jessica heard her master say as he sat down at the desk and began to write something. When he had finished writing he tore the paper off of the pad, folded it, and held it to Jessica’s mouth. She looked at it, and opened her mouth to let Trent place it between her lips.

“Deliver this note to Mistress Sheana.” Jessica began to get up and was rewarded with a slap of her master’s hand on her ass. “Crawl to her. You are not to get up for any reason. You have fifteen minutes to find her and deliver this letter. I’ve written the time on the letter. You will receive one lash for every minute over fifteen minutes that it takes you to deliver my message. Now go.”

Jessica crawled on her hands and knees out of the suite. Once she was in the hallway she heard the door slam behind her. The frazzled slave was despondent. [Not only have I disregarded my training, but I think my master is truly upset with me.]

Jessica set out down the hallway to the open stairway. Thanking the heavens that there was only one flight of stairs to descend she carefully waddled down the steps one at a time on her hands and knees. What an utterly foolish slave she must appear to be, crawling on hands and knees across the large open bay of the warehouse. Several maintenance workers crossed in front of her and commented on her condition. Jessica looked ahead and saw three naked girls going through afternoon aerobics on the large padded area of the bay. Mistress Amy was attending them, crop in hand.

Jessica moaned as the vibrator in her ass sprung to life, delivering a mild vibration to her ass but transferring most of its energy to her fully stuffed cunt. As Jessica got closer to the exercise area she felt the vibrator in her pussy begin to pulsate. It was an odd feeling the slave had never felt before. Not the common vibration but rather a short crescendo. The vibration started out slight and built up to something a little more powerful and then it would subside. Each time it seemed to build higher and subside less. Jessica knew drool was seeping from her mouth and she prayed her master’s note was not getting ruined. She held it in her lips and tried to keep it away from the edges of her mouth where most of the drool was seeping.

Jessica cried out as an intense vibration filled her hind end. It was as if both vibrators hit the max level simultaneously. She looked up and saw Mistress Amy approach with her class right behind her. She sank to her elbows, her ass in the air as the vibrations continued to rock her. Seconds later they ceased, but left Jessie panting and exhausted.

[Oh no! ] Amy’s crop was being raised into the air and then seconds later it struck her bare butt. Jessica raised herself onto her hands again.

“Where are you going slave?” Mistress Amy inquired, authority oozing with every syllable. This was not the same Mistress Amy that had styled her hair and helped her get ready for the branding ceremony. This was the dominatrix Mistress Amy.

When Jessica went to reply her master’s letter dropped to the ground. “Mistress! I have a message for Mistress Sheana from my master. I need to deliver it… huh? Oh noooo!” Jessica felt the vibration from her pussy vibrator hit a 75% level. She knew that was enough to force an orgasm, but she had to fight it in hopes that the vibration would be short.

“Owww!” Jessica cried out as Amy’s crop struck her naked side. Amy put her hand down and demanded to read the letter. When Jessica went to pick it up she was struck again and told to use her mouth. Jessica quickly bent down and picked up the paper in her mouth, knowing that she had severely creased the paper in doing so. The weight on her nipple chain swung freely, causing an increase in the torment of her poor nipples.

Thankfully the vibrator clicked off but her butt plug took over at about a 10% intensity. Jessica’s nerves were on fire and she felt pre-orgasmic. She prayed she would not get another high vibration again.

“Class, this slave’s master is following proper protocol in delivering his slave to Mistress Sheana for punishment. This is the type of punishment you may all expect for violating your training, so I implore you to pay attention and always stay true to your training. This slave is guilty of asking for gratification. What did you ask for slave?”

Jessica looked up at the girls staring down on her. A jolt of pure lust slammed through her body as an intense feeling of shame and embarrassment swept through her. Horny as she was when she committed her infraction, Jessica said, “I begged Doctor Bishop to fuck me, Mistress!”

Amy dropped the paper onto the ground and gifted Jessica with a hard slap on her ass with her crop as she turned and directed her class back to the mats.

Jessica heard her saying, “She has ten minutes left to find Mistress Sheana. Her punishment is to receive ten lashes, but she’ll receive one more for every minute she’s late in delivering her message. You see, her master is very kind to administer a strict punishment when the slave behaves incorrectly. He is wise to see that only a disciplined slave can be a happy slave.”

Jessica had picked up the paper again and was almost out of earshot but heard Amy’s voice quite clearly. “I hope she’s able to find Mistress Sheana in the maintenance shop. Now girls, pay attention! You are not to ask for anything, no matter how badly you want it. Your master will give you what you need!”

[The maintenance shop! I would’ve never looked there! Thank you Mistress! Oh thank you so much!], Jessica knew Amy had just saved her ass big time, but it was still a long way across the damn warehouse bay on her hands and knees.

Unbeknownst to Jessica, Trent was following behind her at a safe distance. He knew his girl wouldn’t turn to look back. She should have one goal in mind and should be heading towards it. He had also heard Amy’s comment and was silently thankful as well. He felt Jessica had probably already been punished enough for her mistake, and knew she would receive at least ten hard lashes. He really didn’t want her to be beaten much more than that, but he was going to make her cum before she got to Sheana and the note promised double the lashes if that were to occur.

Trent looked at the remote control in his hand and increased the intensity of Jessica’s pussy vibrator to 25%. He had been told this intensity would not invoke an orgasm, but would be very distracting. He only hoped Jessica was not too close to orgasm now because he was not ready for her to cum. He wanted her to be within sight of Mistress Sheana when he hit her with climaxing vibrations.


Nicky sat, naked and bound as always, in a hot tub across from Frankly Carpelli. She wondered how a person could enjoy sitting in scalding hot water for so long. She was very uncomfortable, but as usual, kept that information to herself. Carpelli had actually treated her fairly well since she had been with him. She knew that he had been behind her kidnapping and had overheard him telling his men that the fall of Peter Jeffries had opened up the doors to slavers in the Philadelphia area.

She had her friend Ashley to thank for that, of course. Still, she could hardly blame Ashley for her current situation. What Ashley had done was a good thing. How many girls had Jeffries processed through his torture chamber? It had made her cringe when she heard what Ashley had been through, although after surviving Tatsujin Ketami’s training camp Nicky knew that Ashley had had it fairly easy. She wondered what her friend was up to these days.

She noticed Carpelli looking at her with some intent and put her head down in the position of submission. He was not a bad looking guy at all, and had proven himself to be fairly good in the sack. If she had to remain a slave, Nicky would not be averse to staying with this man.

“What are you thinking, slave?” Carpelli asked, his manner quite serious.

The thought crossed Nicky’s mind to make something up quickly, but her training kicked in and she told the man the absolute truth.

Without looking up she said, “Honestly Master, I was thinking how wonderful you are in bed and that if I had to remain a slave that I wouldn’t mind staying with you.”

“Yeah, bullshit,” the Italian grumbled.

Her head still down, Nicky said, “My life is yours Master. If you believe I’m lying to you, please punish me.”

The mob boss looked at his slave and pondered her. “You was thinkin’ that about me?” He knew Ketami’s slaves where trained to tell the truth, no matter what.

“Yes Master.”

There was silence for a couple of minutes and then Carpelli said, “Lots of folks have heard about you, little Nicole. It’s rare for a Caucasian to actually graduate from Ketami’s school. To what do you attribute your survival?”

“I did as I was told and fucked my master like I thought it was the best thing in the world.”

“And was it?”

“No Master. I was in fear of my life every moment.”

“Are you in fear for your life now?”

“I don’t believe you’ll kill me, Master, because you plan on selling me. So no, I’m not in fear for my life at the moment.”

“Tell me something, Nicole.”

It somewhat amused Nicky to be called Nicole. Her name was actually Nicky, it wasn’t short for anything, but she sort of liked being called Nicole. Ashley had her Jessica, and maybe she could have her Nicole.

Carpelli continued, “Why would I be getting a lot of pressure from the Gambini’s in New York over you?”

“The Gambini’s, sir?” Nicky’s head whipped up, and then she lowered it again quickly. “I’m sorry sir, I really don’t know why anyone would be interested in me. I was just a waitress in a strip club when you liberated me.”

Carpelli laughed a full robust laugh at that. “I like you kid. I know what you’ve been through and to still have some sense of humor, you’re really something special.”

“Thank you for sending me there master, it’ll give me lots of material for my stand up routine some day.”

Carpelli reached over and pulled Nicky off of the ledge and the bound woman sank to the bottom of the hot tub. After about 20 seconds he reached in and plucked her out and deposited her back on the ledge. Dripping wet, she gasped for air.

“A sense of humor is one thing, disrespect is something else.”

“I apologize master, I was wrong to say that. Please punish me.”

“Maybe later. Right now I want you to think real hard, Nicky. I know news travels fast, especially in my circle of so-called friends. But when Vito Gambini heard of you he sent word immediately that he was willing to buy you. I know I got you from that club out his way. What went down there? What really did happen to the clown that ran the place?”

“Master, there was a waitress on staff who turned out to be an FBI informant, or an agent or something. I think she worked for the FBI, so maybe she was an actual undercover person, you know, like a spy?” Nicky thought about Ashley and wondered how she could have possibly been an undercover agent. She just seemed to love working there so much! “She somehow got the goods on Mr. Jeffries and his partner, Harry Wexler, and the FBI raided the place and carted a bunch of people off to jail.”

“Put the local outfit out of business for months, if I heard that right,” Carpelli added.

“I’m sorry Master, I don’t know anything else about that.”

“And you knew this informant, or agent?”

“Yes Master, we were friends. We worked together every night.”

“And you had no clue what she was up to?”

“I was really shocked, Master. We all were.”

“What happened to this agent?”

“Well Master, Mr. Jeffries had found out about her just before the raid and kidnapped her. He was planning to sell her as a slave, but then all hell broke loose at the club one night and she was rescued. I visited her in the hospital several times afterwards and we still hung out from time to time.”

“What’s her name?”

“Ashley Bennet, master.”

“Ashley Bennet huh? I wonder if that’s what this is all about?” Carpelli looked perplexed. “I got a feeling maybe old Vito was running an operation out of that club and your friend hosed him up good. The Gambini’s don’t like people hosing them up. It’s possible they’re after your friend. Maybe they think you could lead them to her.”

“Maybe that’s it, Master.”

“Do you know where she is?”

“No Master, I don’t know. She was moved out of her townhouse and we’d always meet at my place or some restaurant.”

Carpelli slid over to sit next to Nicky and held her head so that he could kiss her. His hand ran around behind her and he felt her firm hot ass. Leaning down he scooped her up and carried his little slave out of the hot tub.


Jessica’s knees were killing her! The cement floor of the warehouse bay was beyond hard. The crawling slave looked ahead in anticipation as she neared the door to the carpeted hallway. [That’s going to feel so good!]

But first, she was going to have a problem. There was a door and her master had told her that she could not get up off of her hands and knees for any reason. How would she open the door? At least it was a fairly well used entry point to the warehouse bay, so it wouldn’t be long until some one came through. Her problem was that the clock was ticking. She didn’t know what punishment was awaiting her, but what ever it was she didn’t want it to be doubled.

Jessie waited by the door and then felt an increase in the vibrations in her ass. The dildo that was stretching her poor anus was quite large and pressed against the walls of her canal firmly. The vibrations were intense and Jessica closed her eyes as she felt its erotic motion.

She had been told during her training that the walls of the anus were quite sensitive and contained a large quantity of nerve endings. That was why anal sex could sometimes be very stimulating. Jessie knew she was being stimulated right now and almost felt like she might climax. She lowered her head and sank to her elbows to try and withstand the assault.

She heard noise and looked up only to see that someone had just walked past her and right through the door! [Damn it!] The door was closed again.

Jessica looked down and saw that the door had closed but not tightly. She edged closer to the door, hoping no one came flying through from the other side and tickled the bottom with her fingers. Slowly the door inched open until she was able to get her head into the opening and then scoot her body through.

The carpeting felt wonderful on her knees! But the vibrating dildo in her butt did not. The vibration intervals had mercifully been relatively short up until now. This vibration seemed to go on forever and was making her unbelievably hot!

She made her way as quickly as she could towards the shop where Master Doug worked most of the time. She hoped Mistress was still there! If not, well, it was a big place! How would she ever find her? And crawling around with her bottom end buzzing and her tits hanging under her would sure attract a lot of attention in these hallways.

Jessica was just rounding the corner into the shop when she let out a slight yelp and dropped her Master’s note. The vibrator in her pussy started to vibrate, at first very faintly but it seemed to be increasing in intensity exponentially.

The worried woman quickly bent down to pick up the note with her lips. The weight on the chain between her nipples swung back and forth but she was barely aware of it. She had to find her Mistress and quickly!

The intensity of the vibrations continued to slowly creep up. It was too much! Jessica fell forward onto her elbows and cried out as the dual vibrators drove her to orgasm. The note floated to the floor before her eyes. Tears seeped out of the corners of her eyes as she cried out again. She had disobeyed another order from her master! But how could she not? No one could withstand the direct assault of two vibrators! She should have crawled faster!

Trent witnessed Jessie’s plight from behind. What a sight she was! He would have to find a slave who needed blow job practice and get some release soon! Trent saw Sheana and nodded towards Jessica. He held up the remote and then set it on the desk. Sheana waved and broke off her conversation with Doug.

Jessica heard the clicking of her Mistresses high heels and assumed the punishment posture. The vibrations in her rear continued as Jessica desperately tried to catch her breathe.

“What have we here?” Sheana said reaching over for the remote. “Up on fours slave,” Sheana commanded and Jessica went up to all fours again. “Let me have the note. Is this from your master?”

“Yes Mistress,” Jessie said as she bent her head down to pick up the note in her mouth, feeling the vibrations in her ass and pussy subside as she did.

“Okay, let’s see.” Sheana scanned the note and then looked at her watch. “Oh, not too bad. Six minutes over, so add that to the original ten, and double it because if I’m not mistaken that was an orgasm you just had. So 32 lashes.”

32! Jessica closed her eyes.

“Your master requests that Tammy administer your punishment.”

[Tammy? The slave who serviced my master while he was in training? She has to whip me?]

Jessica saw Sheana pick up a leash and then attach it to her collar. She felt the slight tug and quickly rose to her feet and followed Sheana out of the shop and down the hall. She was led into a training room and bound to an overhead hook by her wrists.

Mistress Sheana walked the wall of whips and selected the leather thong thrasher and set it on the floor before Jessica. “Don’t go anywhere,” she said as she left the room.

[If I ever become a Mistress I swear I’ll never say anything ridiculous like that. Don’t go anywhere!] Jessica pondered the S brand that Sheana had shown her on the day of her branding. [She’s been a slave. I wonder where and for how long? Who was her master and why is she free? Why did she give up being a sub to become a Domme?]

Her thoughts were disrupted when the door opened and Sheana entered with Tammy in tow.

“Now slave, you will do something that is rarely done.” Jessica watched Tammy to see how she would react. So far she simply stood like all good slaves stood, feet apart about shoulder width, chin up, eyes looking ahead to the floor, hands behind the back and shoulders back.

“It has been requested by this slave’s master that she be given 32 lashes as a punishment for asking for pleasure. Nod if you know who this slave’s master is.”

Tammy looked up to see Jessica hanging, naked, by her wrists and in an instant took in her other bindings. The waist belt and crotch strap indicated that she had dildoes inserted inside of her. She saw the nipple clamps and the dirty knees.

Tammy looked down again and nodded.

“Her master requested that you administer the punishment.” Jessica saw Tammy’s head jerk up as if she were going to protest or ask something and then saw her quickly regain her composure and bow her head again.

[Maybe this won’t be too bad.] But the thought of being whipped by this woman, the woman who had fucked her master for two months…[Damn It!] Jessie felt herself getting wet!

Sheana pointed to the whip on the floor and Tammy bent down to pick it up.

“Do you like it when a Mistress warms you up before being whipped, slave?”

“Yes Mistress.” An unexpected heat began to rise in the young slave’s crotch as she thought about how Mistress Felicity would sometimes cuddle her as she hung awaiting punishment. She thought about how mistress would caress her and fondle her, arousing her to near orgasm before withdrawing and treating her to the whip.

“You may remove her nipple clamps and then warm her up. Let me warn you slave, look at me.” Tammy stopped in her tracks and turned to look at Sheana. “You must deliver 32 lashes. If I deem that even one of them is not sufficiently hard, I will personally whip you an equal amount. Do you understand?”

Tammy bowed her head and said that she understood.


Tammy came up to Jessica and looked in her eyes as she removed the nipple clamps, both at the same time. Jessica cried out and then bit her lip to avoid further noise.

“I’m sorry,” Tammy whispered as she worked her hands up and down Jessica’s stretched out torso. “I don’t want to whip you, but I must.” Her voice was very soft and Jessica was sure that Sheana couldn’t hear her. Tammy went around behind Jessica and caressed her firm buttocks and then ran her hands around to her front, sliding her fingers down along the crotch strap and between Jessie’s legs.

“I know you don’t want to be whipped and neither do I. So I’m sorry that I have to whip you hard. You know it’s not my choice.”

“Are you talking, slave?” Sheana asked in a loud voice.

Tammy came out from behind Jessica and stood, head down. “Yes Mistress,” she said truthfully.

“Do you want me to whip you as well?”

“Yes Mistress, if you desire to do so.”

“Proceed with the punishment so that this slave can be returned to her master.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Tammy walked away several steps and then turned, whip in hand. She brought it up and then around and delivered an expertly placed lash on Jessica’s bare ass. Jessica had been hanging there considering whether to try and stifle her screams or not. She might be able to get this Tammy woman in trouble if it was determined that any of her lashings were too soft. Did she want her to get whipped, too?

All of that thought was moot as the pain in her ass cascaded through her nervous system and hit her brain. She cried out and instinct took over as she tried in vain to dodge the following blows. She wondered if Tammy had been taught how to whip as each stroke caught her exposed flesh and elicited a corresponding scream.

After 20 lashes Jessica was crying and begging for her fellow slave to stop but saw the whip being brought back up into position. Another flash of fire across her legs brought Jessica into a full unsupported hang. Her arms were on fire from being whipped and from supporting her weight. Another loud scream escaped her lips as she felt the sting of the whip across her breasts. She had long since lost count of the strokes.

The pain mixed with the left over exhaustion she felt after the orgasm she had had in the bedroom, the long crawl to the maintenance shop, and the intense orgasm she had had there. Her mind was screaming for it all to stop, but it was not stopping and she cried out as another lash struck her side. Jessica swore to herself that she would never ask for pleasure again. She was a slave and her purpose was to give pleasure, not beg for it like a whore.

Another lash landed and Jessica didn’t hear a scream and wondered why the slave wasn’t screaming any more. She heard the snap of a whip and thought she felt something hot on her stomach but what could it be? The slave was being really quiet now, it was good. All of that screaming anyway, what good did it do? Jessica felt so very tired and her arms hurt quite a bit. It seemed really dark and she wondered if it was night time already. And how quiet it had become all of a sudden. She didn’t remember going to bed, had her master put her to bed? She should sleep. Sleep seemed like a nice thing for this slave to do right now.

Sheana held Tammy’s arm as she was about to deliver lashing number 27. It was enough. Clearly Jessica had lost consciousness.

“Let’s get her down.” Sheana wrapped her arms around Jessica’s body and lifted so that Tammy could unhook the wrist cuffs from the hook. Sheana saw that Tammy’s cheeks were wet from tears.

“Not easy is it?”

Fresh tears rolled out of Tammy’s big blue eyes. “No Mistress.”

“Run to the infirmary and get a gurney.”

Tammy scampered out of the room and returned several minutes later to find Mistress Sheana on the floor holding Jessica’s head in her lap, caressing her short blonde hair. Tammy saw herself on the floor. It still amazed her how similar she looked to this Jessica woman!

The two women lifted Jessica onto the gurney and Tammy was dismissed. Sheana wheeled Jessica over to the suites, used the elevator, and knocked on Trent’s door. When it opened he looked horrified. “My god! How many?”

“Well it should have been 32 but she passed out after 27. It was too many, Trent.”

“Shit!” Trent pulled Jessica into the room and helped Sheana move her into the suite.

Sheana locked eyes with Trent and said, “Jessica has bonded with you totally. Severe punishments should not be necessary any more. You had an excellent plan with the crawling and the vibrators and the conditions, even bringing in Tammy was brilliant…”

“But I fucked up on the number of lashes.”

“Specially if you planned to bring her to orgasm before she reached me.”

“I hadn’t planned on it, but when she had made it that far and hadn’t cum, I…” He was lost in thought and self incriminations.

“You got over-excited and made her cum.” Sheana completed the sentence.

Trent nodded his head.

“Try to remember that a slave’s defenses will be considerably weakened after having an orgasm. If I’m not mistaken, she’s had at least two today, plus the stimulation as she crossed the bay. She was already in a very vulnerable state by the time she got to me.”

“I’ll be more careful in the future,” Trent said as he looked down at his sleeping slave.

“Okay, she’ll be alright, don’t worry about that. Now, going forward. This is how you must proceed.” Sheana outlined the post-punishment protocol for him.

The telephone in the room rang and Trent picked it up. “It’s for you.” He handed the receiver over to Sheana. He returned to Jessica and began to remove the belts and dildoes from her slumbering body. Each was thrown into a plastic bin to be washed and sanitized later.

“Yes?” Sheana listened for a while and then Trent heard her whisper, “Oh thank God.” She listened for a while longer and then said, “Really? She was given a choice? That’s unusual right?” More silence as she listened and then she said, “Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help.”

She replaced the phone and sat down in the chair next to the end table. “Your girl Nicky has left Ketami’s… alive.”

“Any word on where she is now?”

“The source said that Franky Carpelli was seen in the building about a week after Nicky had graduated. He probably came to collect her. The source was in the room when Nicky went through her trial of obedience.”

Trent’s face went white. “What happened.”

“Well, it appears that Ketami called Nicky his honmei petto.” Trent looked perplexed at the Japanese words. “His favorite pet. Then he actually offered her a choice on what she wanted to lose; a finger or a toe. She chose a toe and cut it off without a blink of an eye.”

“Oh my god. Is she alright?”

“The source saw her in recovery a couple of days later and she was obviously sedated, but otherwise healthy.”

“So maybe Carpelli has her now. How can we find him?”

“He’s a shadowy figure, Richard.” Sheana reverted to calling him by his alias. “Mob all the way. Lives in L.A. somewhere, but no one knows where. He’s pretty big on the trafficking side, so he won’t be easy to track down.”

“Maybe my people in L.A. can help.”

“Remember what happened in your office, Richard. Don’t think that the mob doesn’t have people inside every office.”

“Yes, I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks.”

“Well, you two will be leaving us soon then, I would assume.”

“Afraid so.” Trent stepped into the bathroom to retrieve the aloe lotion and sat down on the bed next to Jessica. “Do you think we could start out with one of your people so we can sort of get our feet wet?”

“Yes, of course. I was thinking that would be the way to start out, too. I’ll call the Westley’s. They’re well connected and highly respected. They told me they would love to have you stay with them. I haven’t told them anything other than the cover story we worked out before.”

“Mistress Sheana, I really cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us.”

“Yeah, well, don’t forget the cash.”

“No, I’ll have it wired over tomorrow. Can I use your communications room?”

“Yes, I’ll leave word to allow you access when ever you need it.”

Trent was finishing up on coating Jessica’s body with the aloe salve.

“Will you help me get her onto her mattress please?”

“Absolutely. Remember, pellets and water until tomorrow evening.”

Trent hooked his arms under Jessie’s armpits and Sheana took a hold of her ankles and they lifted her down to her mattress. Trent took the chain attached to the wall and locked it onto Jessica’s collar.

“Leave the lights out in the apartment and stay away for awhile. Let her wake up alone,” Sheana said as she placed the bowls of pellets and water down in reach of Jessica’s chain. Trent was just finishing cuffing her wrists behind her back.

“I’ll go contact my banker.”

“You mean, the government’s banker?”

“No Sheana, I mean mine. I am going to buy Ashley from you with my own money.”

Sheana stepped over to Trent and held him close. “I like you more and more all the time, Master.” She pressed her lips against his and they embraced in a sensual kiss.


Jessica woke up with a jolt. She cried out, thinking another lash was raining down on her exposed flesh. She was in darkness. She listened for a moment and heard no sounds in the darkened suite. Daring a look up to her master’s bed, she saw that he was not there.

Her body screamed with pain from the lashings she had endured at the hands of the slave, Tammy. She held nothing against her sister slave; she had followed her commands very well. She had even apologized before she started with the whipping.

Jessie could smell the aloe cream and knew that her master had tended to her flesh. She sat up as her eyes grew accustomed to the darkness and saw the shapes of her bowls on the floor. She realized her master had not fed her all day and she crawled quietly to her bowl and lay down on the cold floor. It felt good against her flesh and she put her head down to nibble on some of the tasteless pellets. She reflected on her situation and chewed her supper.

My name is Ashley Bennet. I am a slave. I have a master who I think I’m hopelessly in love with. She stopped to take sip some water. It was still quite cold, so her master must have recently put it there for her. She thought about what she had just thought. Do I love… my master? She decided not to torture herself over his name again. She felt her body responding to her thoughts of her master. I know I’ve been trained to respond to Him. But they haven’t tricked my heart into feeling something that’s not there. I know he loves me, I can see it in his eyes. And he’s so proud of me, too. Well, not today… but he’ll be proud of me again soon. I won’t let him down again!

Jessica continued to eat from her bowl and then rolled over onto her back and looked at the pattern of lights coming through the window onto the ceiling. Her arms were pinned under her and she knew her breasts were sticking up straight into the air. But it felt good. She felt good. Content like she had never been before. She wished she could touch her brand again.

[I wish I could touch my pussy!] Didn’t I just get whipped for seeking my own pleasure? [But the doctor felt so good inside of me!] And he was so fucking hot for me!

Jessica looked at the shadows in the room and on the ceiling. Her life had completely changed. She had been so independent when she worked at the Bureau. And she had been so naïve. How many times had she thought about what Harold Wexler had done to her? She knew he was pressured by his mafia partner, Mr. Jeffries, to recruit moles inside the Bureau, and that bitch Donovan had given him her name.

Everyone knew she wanted to be more than just an admin. Not that being an admin was such a bad thing. She had access to all sorts of secrets that the “agents” didn’t know about. She was Special Agent Umbridge’s sounding board. She would be taking dictation and he would run ideas by her to get her opinion. She felt vital. But she still had wanted to be an agent and be right in the thick of things, tracking down criminals, being in on the bust. Well, that desire had led to her demise. That was used against her to suck her into a con that nearly got her killed. But, at the same time, it opened up a whole new aspect of her that had lain buried below the surface. She still couldn’t believe that she had such a submissive personality!

Jessica rocked side to side and then flipped over again. She had misjudged the chain connecting her to the wall and was momentarily choked. Scrambling to her knees, she awkwardly rotated and ducked her head so that the thick chain fell on the correct side of her head.

[Master would be pretty upset with me if he came back and found that I had choked myself to death.] And he would have to recruit a new slave to help him find Nicky.

Taking another pellet in her mouth, Jessica slowly chewed it. She hoped Nicky was alright. She dreaded the thought of her being enslaved by some monster Japanese guy. She pictured her friend in her mind and smiled. She was thinking of a night at the club when she first started working there. Nicky had gone down by the stage and was dancing like a crazy person on speed. Her brunette hair whisking around her head and her tight little body gyrating to the beat. She loved to dance.

Jessica’s head whipped up when she heard a noise outside the apartment. She quickly took a sip of water and then rolled onto her side so that she could sit up. From that position she was able to get onto her knees. She cringed from the pain in her knees but was able to get back onto her mattress before the lights in the living room came on.

Jessica listened as her master moved around in the kitchen and then in the bathroom. He was whistling. [That’s a good sign, right?]

Suddenly he was in the doorway, looking in at her.

“Good, you’re awake.” Jessica noticed that he was naked, his large dong hanging loosely between his muscular legs.

Trent walked into the room and stood before his bound and naked slave. He really meant “His” too, since he had just emptied out his savings account to purchase this woman. She was worth it. The funds would be credited to Sheana by the morning.

He stepped closer and held his stiffening cock up to her and she lunged forward to take it into her mouth. He jerked back and said, “Easy girl, don’t chomp me off.”

Moving forward again he saw her restrain her movements and take him gently into her mouth. She licked his penis from top to bottom and deep throated him. Then moving back off, she kissed his hard shaft down one side, around his scrotum and back up the other side of his cock. This made his cock incredibly stiff.

Trent stroked Jessica’s hair with both hands. “I am very proud of you, slave. Everyone’s been talking about your little adventure today. I didn’t think so many people had seen you, but even those who didn’t have heard about you. I heard Tammy was caught with all of fingers in her cunt masturbating and Mistress Sheana ended up having to teach her a lesson, too. She’s recovering in a cage down in the cell block.”

Jessica continued to suck on Trent’s cock. He tasted so good and Jessica’s fire was really burning now. She longed to taste his cum and wondered if he was ready for her to finish him. Looking up she felt her heat increase as she saw a look of total satisfaction on his face in the dim light.

Now she couldn’t help herself. She deep throated his cock, pressing her nose against his belly. Working her throat muscles on the tip of his cock set him off and he came in huge spurts. Jessica took most of it straight down her throat but eased back towards the end so that she could coat the inside of her mouth with his sperm.

She used her tongue to clean him and he reached down with his key to unlock her chain. A slight tug on her collar and she was on her feet.

Trent stepped away and went to the dresser. Jessica assumed the proper standing position and waited patiently for him to return. She saw her master stepping into some jeans and a nice button up shirt. He slipped on some loafers and then picked up a leash to attach to Jessie’s collar.

Once down in the warehouse bay, he led Jessica across the huge cement floor to the courtyard. He unclipped her collar and released her wrist cuffs. Jessica had been holding her urine and stool for several hours and it was a huge relief to finally expel it all! She knew she had made a mess on herself, but what could she do about it? Nothing. She returned to her master's side as he turned and walked towards the wet room with his slave two steps behind him, unleashed.

Inside the wet room he patted the stainless steel table and Jessica hopped up onto it, getting on all fours as was required. She put her head down but could see her master taking down the hose and prepping the water. She looked over at the scrubbing mitt and a felt a thrill of excitement when he didn’t reach for it. She knew then that he would use his hands to wash her.

Trent made sure the water was nice and warm and then misted Jessica’s body, soaking her thoroughly, including her short blonde hair. He placed one hand on her warm back as he looked through various bottles of products on the ledge of the basin. Finding a good moisturizing shampoo, he squeezed some out into his hand and lathered his slave’s hair, massaging her scalp and thoroughly cleansing her hair. After the shampoo was thoroughly rinsed out he applied a cream rinse and let it set while he lathered his slave’s shoulders, back, arms, breasts and stomach.

He cringed a little at the welts that had risen from the whipping she had endured earlier in the day. Trent felt pretty bad about misjudging the number of lashes she would receive and promised himself that he would never whip her hard that many times again. Too, he would never have another slave whip her. While it was an erotic idea, it was dangerous to put a whip in an untrained hand.

He couldn’t resist spending a little more time than was necessary on her firm breasts as they swayed gently below her. He noticed that she seemed to squirm just a little bit when he massaged the outside area of her breasts near her arm pits. Maybe she was a little ticklish there, or maybe there was some raw skin there from the whip ends.

Jessica felt her body responding to His touch. Her master’s hands felt so incredibly good on her flesh! She closed her eyes as she felt her master bring the water back up to her head to rinse out the conditioner.

Returning to Jessie’s body, Trent rinsed what he had just washed and began to concentrate on lathering Jessie’s butt and legs. He noticed her knee move slightly to the left and recognized the subtle sign that she was anticipating his attention on her crotch.

I’ll save that for last.

Trent spent some time washing her tight butt and running his hands up and down each leg, coming so close to her exposed pussy. His fingers lingered over his nearly healed brand and he felt her react when he touched it. He tapped her leg and she allowed her bent legs to slide fully open so that her knees touched both sides of the basin. Trent saw that Jessica had opened her legs as wide as she possibly could within the confines of the shallow tub. This made him so aroused; he had to reward her with a good rub.

Trent rinsed off the soap on Jessica’s butt and legs and then shut off the water. Jessica’s head hung down and Trent heard a soft groan. She thinks I’m done.

He picked up the liquid soap and held it over the crack in her butt cheeks and dribbled a stream onto her. He put down the soap and waited for the stream of soap to flow down past her puckered asshole to the smooth flesh of her pussy.

“I’m going to wash your cunt now, slave. I’m going to fuck you later, so if you can refrain from climaxing now you can spend the night in my bed. If you cum you won’t be punished, but after I’ve fucked you you’ll sleep on your mattress.”

Jessica’s mind reeled. [I’m so fucking horny; I’m going to cum as soon as he touches me! But it would be so great to sleep in His bed tonight!] She could feel the soap oozing down her ass and onto her pussy. Even that felt sensational!

The tortured woman moaned and squeezed her eyes closed. Why was everything that happened to her so sensual? She knew she was constantly in a state of arousal and usually not casually. Now she was on her hands and knees, naked, and being washed by a man. The thought of his hand coming between her legs and touching her sex was driving her crazy with anticipation.

Trent began rubbing the trail of soap around Jessica’s firm ass. He felt her body react and let his hand roam to the area at the bottom of her ass where her thighs began. His hand came under and between her legs, softly rubbing her hairless crotch. He kept his fingers flat so they wouldn’t enter her slit and then washed the flesh around her crotch.

He had half expected Jessica to cum when he touched her, but somehow she had abstained. He could feel the heat emanating from her sex and knew she wanted to cum.

If she had elected to spend the night in his bed he wouldn’t torture her anymore. He reached over, took the hose, and began to rinse her down again. Helping his naked beauty off of the table, Trent wrapped her in a big towel and then took another towel to dry her hair.

“Stand with your hands clasped behind your neck.” Trent ordered as he reached for the aloe cream. Jessica saw this and felt another wave of pleasure course through her body.

Her cheeks reddened as she contemplated her emotions. She had agreed to be trained as a slave so that she and… her master… could find Nicky. Two months ago, when they were in Sheana’s office looking at the TV monitors, she sensed that the training was going to have a profound effect on her. She remembered looking at the women being trained and feeling… excited? Aroused? Scared? All of the above?

The training had been more intense than she would have ever imagined. Her Mistress was the most professional person she had ever met. And she knew how to train a female to do just about anything. She remembered being really scared that she was going to be raped again. But by the end of the first week Sheana had her almost begging to be fucked. The stimulation, both mentally and physically, had been intense. Then after the first month she began to really yearn for her master’s return.

Jessica blushed again as she thought of her master and how she thought of him as that now. He wasn’t her master when they arrived here, and really they were what… co-workers? Fellow agents? She supposed they were, but she wanted to serve Him.

A nervous feeling hit her stomach. What will I do when the mission is over? Will I just go back to my old life?

Jessica’s old life seemed so far away. She remembered her friends; Paula and Jackie, the people at the half-way house she volunteered at, the women’s shelter she helped to set up.

What will my master do with me? How does he see us now?

Jessica’s mind was really in turmoil as she felt his hands begin to massage the soothing lotion into her skin. She flinched when his fingers touched a few spots on her back that felt really tender. Imagines of Tammy swinging the whip that had inflicted the pain flashed through her mind.

Trent stood behind Jessica and brought his lotion covered hands up and around to her breasts. He felt their firmness and then watched her as he brought his hands around to the sides of her tits. There it was again, a slight inward moan escaped her lips as his fingers passed over that spot. He casually examined the spot and saw no whip marks. She’s very sensitive in that area. That’s a good thing to remember!

Trent finished up with his care of Jessie’s body and then led her to a sitting area and began to blow dry her short blonde hair. He tossed it so that it had a distinctly wild look to it. After she was dried off he had her kneel in front of him.

“Jessica, I have some news about Nicky. Look up at me please.” Jessica looked up at Trent. She was afraid of what he was about to tell her.

“Mistress Sheana got word earlier this evening that Nicky is no longer in training.”

The look on Jessica’s face was one of concern and she was searching Trent’s face for some indication of what had become of Nicky. “You may speak,” Trent said.

“Where is she? Is she alright?”

Trent relayed everything that Sheana had told him and also told her where they would be moving to in the next couple of days.

“I’m scared of leaving here Master,” Jessica said as Trent reached down to help her to her feet.

“It does feel safe, doesn’t it? But we have work to do now, don’t we?” Trent held both of her hands and couldn’t help but to gaze at her naked body.

Jessica blushed and lowered her head. “Yes Master.”

“I have to admit this has been the toughest pre-mission training I have ever had, and I know your training has been much more difficult than mine. But we’re ready now, and just in time.”

“How will we find her, Master?”

“We think she’s still with Carpelli, and your Mistress told me that the Westley’s see him from time to time in the clubs they frequent. I think it’s a good starting place.”

Trent clipped a leash to the collar around Jessica’s neck and led her out and down to the dining hall. When they entered, Trent saw the entire staff was there with their various slaves. They were met with a round of hello’s and greetings

Dinner was excellent and Trent fed Jessica a few items with his fork as they all dined and talked. Several of the masters and mistresses commented on how beautiful Jessica looked, albeit slightly reddened from the whipping. Jessica couldn’t help but glow with pride and satisfaction. She knew her master was very proud of her and that really sort of made her happy inside.

Plus, she was beginning to get excited about getting started on their actual mission. The training had gone on for so long and had been so tedious that she had at times pushed the mission way back in her mind. But now it was right up front and staring at her. They were leaving!

After the main course, Trent excused himself to go to the restroom. Mistress Sheana, who was sitting on the other side of the kneeling Jessica, bent down and stroked her neck and back.

Sheana whispered, “You are so beautiful, slave.”

“Thank you Mistress,” Jessica responded.

“I want you to know that I’m very proud of you for what you have accomplished here.”

“You are?” Jessica said, her voice cracking just a little from emotion.

“Yes, and I also wanted you to know that your master is not paying for you out of the fund your employer set up for him.”

Jessica knew that Special Agent Harris had set up a fund for her master to draw money out of. “But… how…”

“You have accepted his brand on your flesh, Jessica, and he is purchasing you with his own money. Take some time to think about what that means to you.” Sheana leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek as Trent came back to the table.

Jessica/Ashley didn’t need much time to think about it as she knelt next to her master, knees apart, hands behind her back, and chest out. She was right where she wanted to be and she belonged, heart and soul, to the man whose hand was now caressing the back of her head.

“Oh, by the way Sheana,” Trent said as he continued to pet his slave. “I believe MP stands for More Please.”

Sheana turned and struck her glass of Zinfandel with her fork several times to attract everyone’s attention. “Ladies and gentlemen, sluts, whores, and slaves, let it be known that Mr. Brent has passed his training course and shall now be addressed as Master.”

She raised her glass in salutation, “To Master Brent.”

Everyone at the table lifted their glasses towards Trent and congratulated him.

End of part 3

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