Ashley Bennet – Slave
Part 2

by mrhungry

This is Part II of the Ashley Bennet series. In Part One, the readers were introduced to Ashley, a beautiful blonde administrative assistant to a fairly high placed Special Agent in charge of the FBI’s Organized Crime Task Force office in Philadelphia. Ashley had fallen victim to a con which preyed upon her desire to become an FBI field agent. The owners of a local strip club had conned her into believing she was being recruited to work undercover in the club to investigate a prostitution ring. In reality, her actions at the club were being recorded for use in blackmailing her into providing them with information. It turned out that one of the club owners was a front man for the powerful New York crime boss, Vito Gambini. While still believing her assignment was genuine, Ashley uncovered evidence of widespread blackmail within the FBI and in the local government. One of the men in the OCTF, Trent Richards, had begun to investigate Ashley when she suddenly went missing. The club owners had kidnapped Ashley and were planning on selling her to overseas slavers. In the end, Agent Richards saved Ashley and she became somewhat of a legend in the upper echelons of the Bureau.

**Beginning in Ashley Bennet – Slave, Ashley will at times be thinking as Jessica, her alter-ego. For the readers' convenience the author will enclose [Jessica’s thoughts in brackets].**

The author apologizes in advance for the French accent of one of the characters in this story, as well as the Japanese words (which are probably incorrect) used by another of the characters. Too, the author means no disrespect to Italians in the depictions of the Mafia characters in this story. This is fiction, and is not based on any real life experience.


Ashley and Trent arrived at Sheana’s office the following day and were met by Sheana and three other people; a tall attractive woman and two men. The woman, introduced as Mistress Heather, took Trent by the hand and led him to a windowless panel van. One of the men patted him down, relieved him of his cell phone, and then passed a metal detecting wand over his entire body. He was seated in the rear section of the van and the door was closed. Trent figured that the lack of windows was to ensure that he wouldn’t be able to see where he was being taken.

As the van pulled away, Sheana took Ashley by the hand and led her into to her office. The woman’s desk was clear with the exception of two items: a black leather hood and an envelope.

Looking at Ashley, Sheana said, “Now that Agent Richards is gone, I want you to take a moment to consider what you truly want to do and make a decision. The course of action you say you want to take is very dangerous and may even be fatal for you. In this envelope is $2000 that you can use to buy a ticket back to Philadelphia. The hood represents your decision to surrender yourself to me, to become my slave. Just know that no leniency will be given you because of who you are. In fact, the opposite may be true. I’ll wait for you in the next room.”

Ashley heard the door click shut behind her as she looked at the hood on the table. She wondered if the butterflies in her stomach were from fear or excitement. She didn’t even glance at the cash filled envelope as she picked up the hood and felt the soft leather. Holding it to her face, she breathed in its aroma, feeling her body warm to its scent.

By handing her this hood I will become her slave. Is this what I want? A million thoughts swept through her mind, among them; fear, desire, lust, embarrassment, and Nicky.

I have to do it for Nicky. I’ll do anything for Nicky.

Ashley turned, opened the office door, and handed the hood to the Dominatrix.

Sheana accepted the hood and held it up, opening the bottom. Ashley stepped forward and the fiery red-headed Dominatrix began to work the hood down over Ashley’s head. When it was in place and laced up in the back, Ashley was led out of the building to a second van. Once inside, one of the men accompanying them bound her hands and feet with rope. The van drove for over an hour before Ashley felt it come to a stop and was helped out.

When the hood was removed Ashley saw that she was in a warehouse with Mistress Sheana and the two men. Sheana instructed the men to wait by one of the doors leading out of the warehouse bay.

“Ashley, while you’re in this facility you belong to me. You’re my slave. You will address all free persons here as Mistress or Master. It’s not important that you know anyone’s names. We will tell you what is important. Anything we do not tell you is not important to you, do you understand slave?” Sheana untied the ropes holding Ashley’s hands behind her back and then untied the ropes around her ankles.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good. As you just did, you will always address me as Mistress. You will not speak unless you are asked to do so. You are nothing now, a property only, of less consequence than even a pet.”

“Yes Mistress. OWWW!” Ashley was swatted on the arm with a long thin crop that had a stiff leather rectangle on the end of it.

“I did not ask you to speak,” Sheana barked. “Stand still. Do not try to avoid my crop.”

Ashley cringed as the crop struck her arm again.

“Remove your clothing, slave,” Sheana ordered.

Ashley looked at the men watching her from a distance and began to slowly unbutton her blouse.

“Hurry slave!” Sheana ordered. “Do you think your Mistress has all day to wait on you?”

Ashley began to fumble with the buttons, trying to get them through the holes more quickly. “SHIT!” The crop struck her shoulder.

“Your Mistress asked you a question slave! Answer!”

“What?” She asked me a question? What was it? Ashley was flustered trying to get the blouse off quickly and think of what Sheana had been talking about.

“OWWW, fuck!” The crop struck her bare shoulder as she removed the blouse and let it fall onto the cement floor.

“Pay strict attention to what your Mistress is saying to you at all times. And you drop the cuss words right now. You will learn to conduct yourself as a lady at all times, with grace and poise.”

Ashley stepped out of her heels and slipped her skirt down over her hips, letting it fall to the floor. Having stopped wearing panties and bras some time ago, the young woman was now naked.

“Look at me, slave.”

Ashley looked at the red haired beauty who was now her Mistress.

“We have a lot of work to do and I need to know that you’ll try your hardest to learn as quickly as possible. Will you put everything you have into this training?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Seriously slave, your life and that of Master Trent’s may depend on how well you perform. When you are done here you will need to behave like a slave in every way. To accomplish this you will become a slave. Your responses must be immediate, ingrained, and your emotions and desires must be consistent with what is expected of a slave or you will be suspected. The people who have your friend are experienced slavers and ruthless killers. I will be audited sometime after you leave, meaning people will come to question me and my staff about you to see if you check out. I’m the only one who knows your true identity; everyone else will believe and recount what I tell them. Anyway, we’ll talk more on this another time. Let’s get you started.”

Ashley’s heart was beating fast as she took in Sheana’s words. I will behave like a slave in every way. Oh god, this is what I’ve wanted to do for so long! Still, she was extremely nervous of what was to come.

Sheana nodded for Ashley to follow her towards the door that the men had been waiting by.

“Have you had your pubic hair removed?” Sheana was looking down at Ashley’s bald crotch as she walked.

“I was given a cream to apply when I had my piercing done, Mistress. I used it several times but have never had any hair grow there since I was pierced.”

“Well, I’m assuming the rest of your hair still grows, on your legs and pits?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“We’ll take care of that first off. We use a laser procedure here that takes a couple of hours, but is quite thorough.”

Ashley was led into a small white padded room with a single plastic t-bar hanging from the ceiling. She recognized the room as being similar to an x-ray room in a hospital. Sheana motioned towards a window in one of the walls and a young woman came out from behind the wall. The woman wore wrist and ankle cuffs and a shiny metal collar around her neck, but was otherwise naked. In her hand she carried four cuffs.

“Take care of her ankles and secure her properly.”

“Yes Mistress,” the woman responded as she handed Sheana two cuffs and then sank to her knees to cuff Ashley’s ankles.

Once the cuffs were on, the woman tugged gently at Ashley’s right ankle and secured the cuff to a ring in the floor. When Ashley looked down she saw that the floor around her was cut in a circle, so that she could be rotated. Soon she was bound upright and spread-eagle. Sheana waved her hand and the slave scurried off only to return with a black leather hood.

“Oh, get me the shears and the bolt cutters,” Sheana said as she set about pulling the straps loose on the hood. “We’ll keep your facial hairs, but I think,” she took the shears from the woman and gathered Ashley’s long blonde hair above her head, “most of this should be removed for now. It’ll only get in our way.”

The Mistress cut through the bulk of Ashley’s blonde mane with one snip, messed it up with her fingers, and then cut more off here and there as she saw fit. Ashley cringed as her beautiful blonde hair fell around her shoulders and then onto the floor at her feet.

“Stand up straight slave!” Sheana growled. “Posture is crucially important.”

Ashley stood straight again, pushing her chest out in front of her.

When the dominatrix was satisfied with her crude chop job, she pulled the leather hood over Ashley’s head and began to pull the straps tight in back. Ashley was dismayed to see that there were no holes for her eyes, thus leaving her sightless. She could feel the tugging on the hood straps as the woman bound her head in the hood.

Sightless now, Ashley felt a tug at her left nipple and the coolness of the bolt cutters next to her nipples.

“Your jewelry must be removed for this procedure, and will not be replaced while you’re here. I’ll want your flesh readily available, but not with these stupid rings.”

Ashley felt a tug, heard a click, and felt the ring being threaded out of her nipple. This process was repeated on her right nipple, her labia, and her clit hood.

“Someday your future Master may decide to re-pierce you, but most likely not.”

A slight whirling sound was followed by a tugging at Ashley’s wrist cuffs as her wrists were pulled higher over her head.

“Now slave, you’ll be scanned by the laser for the next two hours. You’ll feel only a slight warmth on your flesh.”

Ashley heard their footsteps retreat behind the wall and the hum of some distant motors. She assumed the lasers were scanning her naked flesh.

At least I won’t have to shave my legs again! she thought. She felt the floor vibrate and could sense that she was being turned slowly like a chicken on a spit.

After what seemed an eternity, the hum of the motor stopped and Ashley felt her restraints being removed. When her hood came off Ashley looked down to see a fine white ash on her flesh. She was led through a door into a small shower room and instructed to wash herself. When she did, the ash rinsed off, leaving her skin slightly pink and silky smooth. Her breasts looked so different without the rings that had adorned her nipples for the past year.

“Now we’ll proceed to your very first lesson in pain.”

Ashley felt a twinge in her stomach as she was led naked and cuffed down the hallway. They walked by several doors before entering a room with a single hook hanging from a rope that passed through a pulley attached to an I-beam on the ceiling. Along the walls Ashley saw racks of equipment meant to inflict pain.

Sheana lifted Ashley’s wrists up and clipped each cuff to the overhead hook. She turned and walked to the wall and turned a winch, raising Ashley’s arms up until only her toes touched the floor. Sheana chucked the winch and then walked along the rack contemplating which instrument of pain she would select. Her eyes came to rest on her favorite punisher: a medium length multi-strand flogger.

“I want you to understand that I can do this to you at any time, for no reason at all, for as long I wish. I want you to know that if you disobey me, or any free person, you will receive this punishment. If you obey me at all times you may never feel this punishment again. Do you understand my words, slave?”

“Yes Mistress,” Ashley responded, knowing she was going to be severely whipped. She thought back to the times that her kidnappers had whipped her in the cells beneath the Gold Club and how painful that had been. She suspected she was in for much worse.

Ashley heard a whooshing sound seconds before her back exploded in pain. The nude woman hung by her wrists, too shocked and breathless to even scream. Sheana waited for her to recover and to find her footing before striking her again. This time Ashley did scream, and kept screaming as another blow was delivered to her creamy white thighs. The pain was intense and all-consuming. Sheana waited for Ashley to quiet somewhat before delivering her next series of blows. She didn’t want the lashings to become a constant pain; she wanted Ashley to recover her senses so that she would be alert for the next jolt of pain. She wanted her new slave to feel each stroke of the multiple strands.

The next three strokes landed across her firm ass and hips. Sheana turned slightly so that the ends of the strands would reach around Ashley’s front side near her unprotected pussy. This elicited a fresh series of frantic screams, no words, just wild screams of pain. Careful not to let the strands strike Ashley’s face, Sheana whipped her arms and shoulders. Moving around in front of Ashley, Sheana waited for her bound subject to settle down again.

“Stand up straight, slave.”

Ashley was fully hanging from her wrists, sobbing uncontrollably.

“I will repeat myself this one time since it is your first day. Stand up straight, slave.”

Jessica, are you there? I need you now. From deep within her, Ashley felt a soothing presence, [You know I’m here. We can do this together, I’ll help.]

Ashley moved her legs below her until her toes touched the floor and she pulled herself erect. As soon as she had all of her toes on the floor the whip ends bore down against the tender flesh of her breasts.

Ashley’s screams filled the room.”

“Stay up slave!” Sheana yelled.

Ashley managed to maintain her footing as the pain in her breasts tore at her. Another lashing struck her right side and then her left as Ashley continued to scream. She willed herself not to cry out, but when the pain came there was no stopping the scream.

The assault on her breasts, stomach, and legs continued for what seemed an eternity.

Finally Ashley sensed Sheana near her and she managed to open her eyes, not even realizing that she had had them tightly closed. She felt Sheana’s strong arm encircle her waist and steady her.

“Now you know the sting of the whip. I have many different whips that will hurt you in many different ways. Would you like to feel some of them?” Sheana held Ashley by the chin and raised her head up so that she looked into her new slave’s eyes.

“No Mistress,” Ashley said weakly.

“The proper response is for you to say, 'Yes Mistress, if that would please you'.”

Ashley hung from her wrists, barely conscious of what Sheana was saying.

Sheana backed up and touched Ashley’s crotch with the thick, leather covered handle of the flogger. Ashley whimpered, saying no…

“The proper response is, yes Mistress, if that would please you,” Sheana repeated as she pressed the rounded tip of the handle more firmly against Ashley’s hairless crotch. Ashley stood up on her toes now, trying in vain to avoid the hard handle that was being pressed against her pussy.

“Would you like me to select a more stringent whip, slave?”

Ashley tried to think past the pain she was feeling, tried to focus her thoughts on what Sheana had just said to her and then said, “Yes Mistress, if that would please you.”

“Excellent. I think I will.”

Ashley raised her head and watched in horror as Sheana went to the wall and replaced the flogger. She took her time looking over the various whips and canes, handling several before returning to Ashley’s suspended, sweat streaked, body.

The Domme held a stiff reed cane before Ashley and said, “This one is quite painful, especially across the breasts, would you like to feel it?”

Every fiber of Ashley’s tormented soul screamed out NO! But her mouth responded with, “Yes Mistress, if that would please you.”

Good, Sheana thought as she brought the cane up sharply to strike the undersides of Ashley’s hanging breasts.

Ashley jolted in pain.

“You will thank me for your pain with each stroke, slave.”

“Thank you Mistress,” Ashley said dully.

“Don’t you think I know when you’re not being truthful with me? Would you offend me with your insincerity?”

She bent the cane back and released it under Ashley’s freely hanging breasts once again causing Ashley to cry out, “Thank you mistress!”

“Would you like to feel it again?”

“Yes Mistress, if that would please you!” Tears rolled down Ashley’s face as she strained to regain her footing.

Sheana was very impressed. Most new slaves, when subjected to this first severe lashing, were hanging blubbering idiots by this time. This woman had stamina.

Her goal was not really to break her, but to strengthen her. Having achieved the goal of this first lesson, the Mistress went to the wall and slowly turned the winch to lower Ashley to the floor. Her legs had no strength and the whipped slave merely lay down as she was lowered.

Sheana lowered herself to the floor and lifted Ashley’s head so that she could slip under her and place her new slave’s head in her lap. She reached over and unhooked Ashley’s wrist cuffs from the pulley and then ran her fingers through Ashley’s newly shorn hair.

After awhile Ashley’s sobbing died down to a whimpering. Sheana continued to comfort her and wipe the tears from her face.

“Will you remember the lessons you have learned today, slave?” Sheana caressed Ashley’s sweaty hips and ass, feeling their firmness.

“Yes Mistress, I will remember,” Ashley said softly, feeling the soothing caresses of the woman as she lay there with her head in her lap.

“I hope to never strike you that hard again.”

Ashley remained silent, not knowing if her Mistress wanted a response or not. She wanted to say thank you, but her Mistress’s last sentence was not a question but rather a statement. Her lessons on obedience had already begun to register in her mind.

* * *

When the van door opened Trent looked out to see a nice ranch house sitting in the middle of a large rich field of plush grass. Beyond the house was a large barn, and beyond that was a spectacular view of the ocean.

Mistress Heather waited for him to climb out of the van and led him towards the house. As they approached, the front door opened and a stunningly beautiful woman walked out onto the porch with two naked women on leashes in tow.

“Ah, Master Trent,” the woman said as she gracefully descended the four steps to ground level. “I’m Felicity; welcome.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Trent said as he shook the offered hand.

Felicity did not release his hand after the shake but rather turned and guided him back towards the house.

“Mistress Sheana has sent word that you wish to improve your skills as a Master. I admire that. May I speak freely, sir?

Trent wasn’t sure what was occurring here, but did remember Sheana telling him that no one but she would know that he was with the FBI.

“Of course,” he replied.

“No offense to you sir, but many men believe they can be the Master of a slave merely by wielding a whip and barking out commands. This leads to a very shallow and unfulfilling experience for both the Master and the slave. Most new Masters and Mistresses also do not understand the commitment that is required to properly own another person.”

“No offense taken. I’ll confess right up front that I have no experience at all, and if Mistress Sheana said I was here to ‘improve’ my skills then she overstated my abilities.”

Felicity looked over at Trent and smiled. She already liked this student. Humility was such a breath of fresh air compared to the arrogance she quite often received from the men coming to her ranch. She wouldn’t need to humiliate this man before he would begin to learn. He had come to learn.

The auburn-haired woman led Trent to a cushioned wicker bench on the porch and motioned for him to sit down. She handed him the leash to one of the naked women, a rather petite woman with short blonde hair and A-cup breasts, wearing nothing other than her collar, cuffs, and rather high stiletto heels.

When he sat, the woman gracefully knelt at his side. He noticed both women knelt in the same manner with their legs bent under their thighs, thighs spread widely, backs straight with bosoms prominently displayed, hands on their thighs with palms up, their chins up and their eyes cast downward.

“Have you ever owned a pet, Master Trent, such as a dog for example?”

“Sure, my ex-wife and I had two Labrador Retrievers. Very nice animals.”

“A dog owner, good, you’ll like my example then,” Felicity reached over and stroked the long black hair of the woman kneeling next to her. The woman remained perfectly still, gazing at the floor boards three feet in front of her.

“Did you feed these magnificent animals, and make sure they had clean water to drink? Did you provide a warm and safe environment for them? Did you exercise and play with them to keep them healthy? Did you bathe them when they were dirty and groom them to keep their coats shiny?” She grabbed a handful of black hair and roughly shook the slaves head from side to side. “Did you scold them when they misbehaved, sometimes taking a hand or a newspaper to their hind ends? Did you love these beasts with all of your heart and feel their love for you as they pranced next to you or lay at your feet?”

“I think I see where you’re going with this analogy,” Trent said as he looked at the young slave kneeling beside him.

“All of these things could be said about your relationship with your slave. Sometimes I wonder who the slave in the relationship is, though. Your slave will be completely dependant on you. Your slave will do nothing of her own accord, you must make every decision. It sometimes seems that the slave is freer than the Master.”

The enormity of the Master’s role was beginning to dawn on him.

“Let me ask you this, sir. Continuing with our discussion about the relationship between, let’s say, a dog and its owner. Which is more desirable, that the pet complies with every command because it strives to feel the praise of its owner or that the pet complies out of fear of what the owner will do to it if it does not comply?”

Trent thought for a moment and then asked if it were a trick question. Felicity shrugged her shoulders.

“I could tell my dogs were happy when they followed my commands. They knew I’d pet them and give them treats afterwards.”

“A submissive slave is no different.” Felicity removed the leash from her slave’s collar and then commanded, “Mindy, pee.”

The woman kneeling next to Felicity bent forward and crawled on her hands and knees across the porch to the steps, waddled down to the grass and squatted. Within 10 seconds Trent saw a stream of urine flow out of her crotch. When the stream stopped the woman shook her ass slightly, turned, and waddled back up the stairs to her Mistress where she remained on all fours. Felicity stood up and walked to a canister off to the side of the porch and withdrew a cloth. She returned to the bench and sat down.

“You see, now I must care for my pet. I don’t want her to touch her own body; her body is for my enjoyment only. I will clean her.” The woman ran the soft cloth over the slave’s thighs and then up to her crotch. “I will feed her and see to her needs. She is my responsibility.” She reattached the leash to the woman’s collar.

“But not all Master – Slave relationships are this way,” Trent observed. “I know that some relationships are based on fear of punishment.”

“True enough. Even our training begins with fear of punishment. As a Master you must always be prepared to punish your slave, sometimes severely. But a well trained slave desires to please her Master and punishment is rarely needed for other than entertainment purposes.” Felicity lightly touched Mindy’s ass and the woman assumed the kneeling position.

“Potty your slave, and then we’ll go inside. She responds to the name Dana.”

Trent reached over and unhooked the leash from the woman’s collar and commanded her, “Go pee, Dana.”

His little pet waddled off to the same area as Mindy had, squatted, and peed. As she came back up the stairs Trent rose and walked to the canister to retrieve a cloth. Dana had been heading back towards the bench but changed direction to follow Trent. She stopped next to him, motionless, still on her hands and knees.

Feeling somewhat awkward, Trent bent down and wiped the woman’s inner thighs like he had seen Felicity do to Mindy and then carefully wiped her crotch area. When he was finished he reattached the leash he held to her collar.

Felicity had risen to show Trent where to discard the cloths. “Do not be quite so gentle with your pet. They like to be handled roughly, don’t you girls?”

“Yes Mistress,” both women responded in unison.

Felicity looked at Trent and gave her leash an upward tug. Mindy rose to her feet. Trent did the same to Dana and the foursome entered the house.

* * *

Ashley was led to a well lit room that resembled a work shop. She was told to stand on a large red dot on the floor and she complied. Sheana stepped away to speak with one of the men working there and then looked back at Ashley.

Ashley had looked down to see what damage the whipping had done to her flesh and was horrified to see that her flesh was covered with bright red stripes.

“Slave!” Sheana shouted as she walked briskly back to where Ashley stood.

“What? OWWW!” Ashley cried out as the Mistress’ crop struck her breast.

Ashley went to cover her nudity when the crop struck her arm.

“Arms down. You will never move to cover yourself.”

Ashley hesitantly lowered her arms, but slouched away in an attempt to hide her nakedness.

“When you are left standing you will stand erect,” Sheana firmly pulled Ashley around and pressed her lower spine forward while holding her shoulders back. “Chest out… further, you want your breasts to be displayed for my pleasure at all times. Chin up, eyes looking downward.”

The Mistress used two hands to position Ashley’s head. She stepped ahead of Ashley and pointed with the toe of her leather boot to a spot on the floor, “Looking forward to a spot about this far away. Spread your legs about shoulder width apart. Good. Now, hands behind your back.”

Ashley assumed the position she had been directed to hold.

“Excellent form slave, this is the standing position. Remember this position and also remember that you are not to look up or around you unless instructed to. You are not required to know what is going on around you. You are required to wait for instructions. You are required to obey instructions. Do you understand, slave?”

“Yes Mistress,” Ashley responded, her heart racing as the reality of her situation began to really sink in. I’m being treated like a slave girl! She had to suppress the smile that was waiting to burst out upon her lips.

Again, Sheana went to talk with the man. A minute later Ashley saw the two returning to her and her hands instinctively came around to cover her naked pussy. This was immediately rewarded with a swat on the arm from Sheana’s crop.

“Arms back, now!”

Ashley hesitated for a second and then yelped as she felt the crop strike her ass.

“Shall we return to the flogging room? Will you disobey me so soon?”

“No mistress!” Ashley quickly placed her hands behind her back, not wanting to be whipped again, yet embarrassed to be standing naked before the man.

The man came closer and looped a measuring tape around her neck. He walked away as Sheana walked around Ashley, inspecting her. She tried not to flinch when the woman cupped her breasts and squeezed her nipples between her fingers. Some touches made her flinch involuntarily, but she recovered quickly and maintained her position.

The man returned with a shiny silver collar and placed it around Ashley’s neck. The two free persons carefully inspected the fit before the man pressed the metal collar together with a loud click. He pulled a cloth out of his rear pocket and wove it between Ashley’s neck and the collar and then pulled a tool out of his other pocket that looked like a large vice grip.

Ashley felt some tugging on the collar and felt the man applying considerable pressure on her neck. Sheana pressed back on Ashley’s shoulder to help her maintain position and then she felt heat around her breast bones. This heat was followed by a crinkling – crunching noise. Ashley could smell a faint burning odor and the man began to blow on the area around her new collar.

After a thorough inspection the cloth was removed from under the collar.

“That looks great, Doug. Would you measure her for heels while we’re here?”

Ashley had her eyes cast down but could still see the muscular man moving about his work room collecting things that he would need. He came back and knelt at her feet with a Brannock device, a foot measuring tool like Ashley had seen at the shoe stores at the mall. She jerked her leg back when Doug placed his hand on her bare calf.

Sheana gripped Ashley by the hair. “Submit!” she growled.

Humiliated, Ashley allowed the man to take hold of her bare leg and guide her foot into the Brannock device and begin to adjust the device to expertly measure her foot. The same was done with her other foot.

Ashley was embarrassed by the way the man just nonchalantly handled her legs, but she submitted to the touches rather than feel Sheana tug at her hair again. More urgently, she didn’t want to feel that whip again! Her body was still in considerable agony from the whipping she had just received.

“Okay, got it.” Doug stood up and addressed Sheana, “What would you suggest, three inches to start out?”

“Please. Let’s make them red.”

Doug disappeared from Ashley’s limited view and reappeared moments later with a pair of bright red high heels. Again, he knelt down before Ashley and guided her foot into one of the heels, buckling the ankle strap around her ankle. A small gold padlock was slipped through a ring on the strap, locking the heel onto her foot. The same process was repeated on her other foot.

Ashley hadn’t worn heels since she stopped working at the club. The highest pair she owned had a two inch heel and she rarely wore them. Now she was being forced to wear three inch heels! She already felt like she was teetering on top of the stiletto heels. Like it or not, she was going to have to learn how to balance herself on them.

Sheana took the leash that Doug offered her and attached it to a ring on Ashley’s new collar.

“Come,” she commanded and Ashley was led out of the room.

Ashley followed Sheana through the hallway of the large building. She struggled to keep up in her new high heels and could already feel a slight pain in her toes and in her calves.

Screams of pain could be heard coming from some of the rooms they passed. It was pretty frightening, to say the least. Her spirits had been high when they had confirmed that Nicky was in fact alive and at one of these training facilities, but now, well… she was just plain scared. I’m going to be here for three months? She felt a slight tugging at the leash attached to her collar and moved her hand up to hold onto it.

Suddenly she felt an awful pain in her neck! Her hands went to the collar and she yelped as her fingers were shocked. The pain grew in intensity, forcing her to her knees. Again, reflexively her fingers flew to the collar, trying to remove it. Her bowels released and she soiled herself, lying on her side on the cold stone floor.

The pain stopped but Ashley continued to convulse. She felt the Mistresses crop strike her hip, but she did not respond.

After a moment or two the pain passed and she heard Sheana telling her to get up onto her feet.

Dazed, Ashley tried to lift herself up.

“Stand,” Sheana commanded.

Ashley struggled to get up onto her high heels, a look of utter fear in her eyes as she saw Sheana standing before her with a remote control in her hand.

Again, Ashley felt a tingling in her collar. She made a slight whimpering sound as she was sure the woman was going to send another electrical charge into her body.

“How are you to stand slave? Have you forgotten already?”

Ashley quickly assumed the standing position she had just been taught. “No Mistress,” she responded.

“Would you like to feel the wrath of your bondage to me again?”

Ashley was about to say no but luckily remembered her earlier lesson.

“Yes Mistress, if it would please you.”

“Good girl,” Sheana said as the tingling ceased and Sheana ran her hand down Ashley’s bare back to her ass and then up again.

Ashley was acutely aware of her nakedness now as Sheana’s hand caressed her flesh. Instinctively she wanted to turn away from the woman, yet she knew that wouldn’t be allowed. She was beginning to understand what true submission was.

Sheana spoke softly into Ashley’s ear. “When I lead you, you’ll keep up so that your leash does not go taut. You will walk with your eyes down, like they are now. You do not need to know where you are going; I’ll take you where I want you to be. When your hands are not bound they’re to be crossed behind your back.” Ashley quickly moved her hands around behind her and crossed them.

Sheana adjusted Ashley’s hands so that they rested on the small of her back rather than across her ass.

“You see slave, your hands are to be positioned here so that they will not interfere with my crop if I have a desire to strike your ass.” The Dominatrix brought her crop around and swatted Ashley five times on each ass cheek. Ashley wrists balled into fists as she held her position flawlessly.

“Excellent.” Sheana felt the hot flesh on Ashley’s ass. “Only, don’t make a fist.” The red-head used her fingers to pry open Ashley’s hands. “This might be seen as an act of defiance or a threatening stance. Your hands are to be open, palms out, so that I may strike them if I wish.” Sheana used her crop and tapped the flesh of Ashley’s open palms.

“Good girl.” Sheana was impressed by Ashley’s control. She took a small carabineer and looped it through the rings in Ashley’s wrist cuffs, holding her wrists securely behind her.

“Come.” Ashley was led a little further down the hall before they turned down another short hallway. This hallway was dimly lit and had narrow doors that reminded Ashley of prison cell doors. Each door was made of metal and had small covered holes at shoulder height and along the floor. Each door had two large iron beams crossed over them, padlocks looped through eyebolts.

Sheana stopped in front of one such door and moved the two beams out of the way so that the door could be opened. The cell was dimly lit, but Ashley could see a small cage on the floor. Sheana led her into the room and removed the leash from her collar and commanded her to kneel in front of the cage.

Ashley sank to her knees and moved up against the cold iron bars of the cage.

“Repeat the words, I am a slave, until I return,” Mistress Sheana commanded.

“I am a slave, I am a slave, I am a slave, I am a slave, I am a slave” Ashley began to repeat over and over again as she listened to Sheana’s heels click away down the hall.

* * *

Heroshi Ketami watched the bound women before him. They were all in strict rope bondage, naked of course, and struggling to wiggle their way across the rocky courtyard to the other side. He knew the pain of the small jagged rocks tearing at their exposed flesh would be great, and he relished that thought. He already saw the streaks of blood oozing from their shoulders, arms, and breasts. He had purposely tied their breasts in tight loops of hemp rope to make sure they could not help but drag their ballooned breasts over the jagged surface of the courtyard.

It was exquisite, and his rock hard penis was a testament to his enjoyment of the afternoon’s entertainment. The last two bitches to cross the courtyard would be lowered onto his iron horse and left there for the night. The horse itself loomed before the women on the side of the courtyard that they so feverishly crawled towards.

The first woman had already managed to cross the courtyard.

Ah Nishimi, she is a sturdy one, Ketami thought as he admired the young Japanese girl from San Francisco, her front side a mess of dirt and blood. She had been under his tutorage for four months now and would soon have a buyer. Her friend, Kimmo, was close behind.

That left three women. They were not that close to finishing. If they didn’t hurry Ketami would have one of his men go down there with a whip to urge them on. Shit, he should just do it anyway.

He motioned to one of the men cheering on the women and tossed his long leather bullwhip down to him.

The man, Din Yang, a Chinese national, caught the whip and moved closer to the women. He lifted the bullwhip behind him and brought it around with a flick of his wrist.


The lash landed expertly across the ass of the new girl, Nicky. A scream could be heard through the ball gag that was securely buckled into her mouth.

Oh she’s a delight! Carpelli will be very happy with his purchase when she is returned. The money he received for training these bitches didn’t even matter to the Japanese bondage master. He would do it for free, he loved it so much. But that was a secret he didn’t let get out.

CRACK! More screams as the last girl, Mary Beth, dragged her bloodied body further towards her goal.

Mary Beth! I can’t even say that gaijin name. What the fuck is a Mary Beth? Ketami made a mental note to change her name in the morning. Once she is off my precious horse. Ketami knew the pudgy little blonde would not finish before Carpelli’s girl. It was really between this Nicky girl and the pretty Irish girl, Nellie.

Ketami sort of liked Nellie because her skin was so milky white. Well not now, but normally. He looked at the trail of darkened stones behind each of the women.

Ketami’s dick got even harder. Oh to hell with it. Patience was not one of the Master’s strong suits. The large Japanese man rose from his chair and bounded down the steps to the courtyard. He reached down as he strode and looped his fingers in the ropes crisscrossing Nellie’s back and merely lifted her off of the ground and carried her across the courtyard to his suite. He waved at his men to take care of the other bitches and disappeared, package in hand, into the house.

Once inside he threw the bound woman on his bed and quickly pulled his silk robe aside. His giant hands grasped her dirty white thighs and pressed them apart, entering her cunt with his throbbing cock. The woman bit her lip in fear of crying out and bit even harder as she tried not to utter even a whimper. She didn’t want to be beaten senseless like she had been the last time this man had raped her.

In the court yard, four men descended on Nicky and Mary Beth. Two men grabbed Nicky’s bound legs and dragged her backwards across the remainder of the courtyard. The jagged stones dug mercilessly into her stomach and the undersides of her breasts.

The men picked her up and deposited her on top of the iron horse. They moved her about until she was positioned properly and then a rope was lowered from above and attached to her collar. Her legs were already bent back and tied so that her ankles were pressed against her thighs. In this position the hard sharp edge of the horses’ A-frame dug deeply into her tender pussy. The pain was instant.

Seconds later, Mary Beth was similarly bound, facing Nicky. The men left and picked up the two winners, taking them towards the holding cells.

Nicky looked at the poor woman before her and cried, knowing she must look exactly the same way. The pain in her crotch was intense, but Nicky knew it would only get worse.

* * *

“I am a slave, I am a slave, I am a slave.” Ashley repeated over and over. Her knees were killing her, but she managed to stay upright. She heard the clicking of high heels approaching and hoped that it was Sheana.

The foot steps stopped outside her door and she heard the slat in the door open.

“I am a slave, I am a slave, I am a slave…”

“Back straight, slave. Chin up.”

“Yes Mistress.” Ashley corrected her posture. “I am a slave, I am a slave…”

Ashley heard the slat close and foot steps walking away.

Tears streamed down Ashley’s cheeks as she continued her mantra.

* * *

The triangular shape of the iron horse prevented Nicky from closing her legs or using them as leverage to relieve the pressure on her pussy. She was correct in assuming that the pain would get worse, and it had. To make matters worse the woman bound in front of her was screaming non-stop.

True, the gag filling her mouth muffled the noise, but she was over the top hysterical.

Nicky saw the woman’s eyes go wide with fear as she began to lose her balance and topple forward. With their collars hooked to the overhead rope, Nicky knew there was a real danger of strangulation if she were to fall forward and not be able to get back up.

Mary-Beth was seriously losing her balance and began to lean forward. Nicky saw only one way to save the woman and leaned forward herself. Timing it perfectly, she met the other woman half way so that they leaned into each other. Nicky gasped as her full weight was transferred onto her clit. The other woman screamed all the more.

Oh great! I should have let her hang herself, or maybe I should just hang myself instead.

The agony in her pussy was horrible and she tried to concentrate on anything else she could think of. Song lyrics. Tunes from the club. She pictured dancers from the club that she liked, and imagined them prancing around stripping. Images of Jessica flooded her mind.

Ashley, right? She couldn’t believe that Jessica was with the FBI and that Wexler and Jeffries, her ex-bosses, were trying to blackmail her.

The pain in her crotch seemed to get worse and Nicky was shocked to realize that she was making herself horny thinking of Jessica, or Ashley, or whatever her name was.

Ashley was so frikkin’ beautiful. She had seen her not that long ago. Of course she had visited her in the hospital after that crooked FBI bitch had almost murdered her, and she and Ashley had remained friends since that time too. She was very grateful to Ashley for clearing her name in the investigation that followed the big bust.

Nicky realized that the woman leaning against her had stopped screaming. It had become so quiet she wondered if the woman had suffocated. She moved a little, causing shots of pain to radiate from her groin, and heard the woman’s muffled moans. She’s alive.

Nicky wondered if she would ever see Ashley again. She wondered if she would die here, alone. She didn’t think she had any tears left in her eyes, but felt wetness drip down her cheeks. She couldn’t imagine being rescued from this nightmare, but she could hope, right? She could hope for a miracle to occur.

Nicky hadn’t been to church in many years, but some of the prayers she used to repeat as a child began to filter through her mind. She repeated them to herself as she hung by her neck, leaning against another poor soul caught in the same nightmare as she was.

* * *

“Okay, now as you can imagine, the slave will react no matter where you flog her,” Mistress Heather said as she walked around Mindy’s exposed body. The slave’s wrists were hooked to a rope over head and her ankles were tied to opposite ends of a silver spreader bar.

Heather walked over to Trent and, with both hands, pressed his hand around the whip handle. “Nice firm grip sir. Good. Now depending on where you want to strike the slave, you hold your arm out and then rotate your wrist.” Heather had brought Trent’s arm out and towards Mindy’s suspended body. “Rotate.” She helped Trent rotate his wrist and the flogger stands flipped over the top towards Mindy but fell short. “You try it now but not in slow motion. Try aiming for this area right here.” She ran her hands over Mindy’s naked upper back and then stood back.

Trent brought his arm forward and quickly rotated his wrist. The flogger strands flew around and landed firmly against Mindy’s naked back. A loud crack filled the room and Mindy grunted.

“Hey, that looked pretty good. How did that feel Mindy?”

“Excellent Mistress.”

“Did it hurt?”

“No Mistress.”

“So if you’re just whipping to have a little fun that’s good form.”

Trent couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He felt that he had struck the woman pretty hard!

“Let’s try it a little harder this time. Aim a little lower. Don’t strike the same area right away or the slave will begin to just feel a constant burn. Mix it up so each area has time to recover and feel fresh pain the next time.”

Oh shit, she’s gotten this down to a science. Trent brought his arm back and then, with more force, swung forward and flicked his wrist.


Mindy’s body bounced around on the end of the rope.

“Better Mindy?”

“Yes Mistress, that was painful.”

“Okay.” Turning to Trent, “Do you remember how you did that one?”

“Yes, I just really concentrated on bringing my arm around quickly and flicking my wrist at the right time.”

Trent could not believe he was doing this! He had never even fantasized about whipping another person before. The whole BDSM thing was totally off of his radar. And now he was more than a little embarrassed to be sporting a totally hard cock in his jeans. He hoped that it wasn't noticeable.

He walked around Mindy’s lovely suspended body and aimed at her stomach.

CRACK! The multiple strands of the flogger struck the hanging woman exactly where Trent had aimed his blow.

“This is going to be hard for you at first, but you cannot avoid the breasts or the crotch. The back and ass are the areas most often flogged, but the tits, stomach, cunt, and thighs are certainly not off limits. You must be able to control the whip in these areas,” Heather instructed.

“Won’t that hurt too much?” Trent asked as he practice swung the flogger.

“The purpose of a flogging is to inflict pain. Not to injure her body but to control it. This is your slave. She’s your property, you own her and can do whatever you want to her. A well trained slave will not respect a Master who doesn’t know how to properly wield a whip, who doesn’t keep her in line, who doesn’t completely control her. These women want to be controlled, they want discipline. You are the Master.”

Trent brought his arm up quickly and laid a lash between Mindy’s legs. The woman cried out.

“Good,” Heather said, “again. And then her ass.”

Trent brought the whip up sharply striking Mindy’s hairless pussy again and then stepped to the side to bring the whip crashing down on her reddened ass. Mindy screamed.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry.” Trent said.

“Never apologize to a slave,” Heather reprimanded her trainee. “Command her to be silent. She may not be able to, and that’s usually okay, but you never want to tell her you’re sorry about punishing her. She deserves to be punished, if it’s stricter than you wanted it to be; she doesn’t need to know that. Let her think you meant to be that strict.”

Heather took the flogger from Trent and began to inflict repeated blows on the helpless woman. Her body twitched and gyrated and her screams filled the room.

Trent watched the dominatrix at work and saw she was building up quite a sweat as she placed lash after lash on the poor girls’ flesh. Finally she stopped and walked over to the hanging woman and held her close, kissing her on the neck and face.

Mindy rolled her head towards her Mistress, and then back as if she were delirious with pleasure.

“Thank you Mistress,” Mindy cooed.

Heather continued to caress the slave’s body, cupping her freely hanging breasts, rolling her erect nipples between her fingers.

Finally the Mistress walked to the wall and used the winch to lower the woman to the floor. Trent helped release her wrist cuffs and the girl sank to her knees.

“I believe the master is in need of relief, slave.”

Mindy’s hands came up and went to Trent’s belt. He was about to stop her but stopped himself as Heather’s hand came up in a halting manner.

“Please use my mouth for your pleasure, Sir,” Mindy said as her hands went to Trent’s belt again.

The FBI agent looked down and watched Mindy unbuckle his belt, unbutton his waistband, and lower his slacks and underwear. His face reddened as his erection spilled out only to be quickly enveloped by Mindy’s lips. She took in his entire cock and then moved back and forth on it. He felt her tongue massaging it from underneath and felt an immense suction around his entire shaft.

Trent had received an occasional blowjob from girlfriends in the past, even by his ex-wife when they had first dated, but he had never felt anything like this! He knew his cock was rather large compared to some of the other men he had seen in his life, and while this could be seen as a blessing, it had also been a curse. His ex-wife bitched that he was too big for her, and didn’t want to get “all stretched out”. And blowjobs? After a while his ex wouldn’t even try it any more. Not that she ever got it down her throat like Mindy was now doing with great skill.

When he looked down and saw the slave that he had just flogged and the red lash marks across her bare back and ass he exploded into her mouth. Had she not been holding him tightly around the legs he would have withdrawn, but now he was pumping his load down her throat and she was greedily sucking him dry. When he had been drained, Mindy licked his shaft clean and redressed him.

Trent looked at Heather and saw that she was smiling at him and his face reddened even deeper.

“Leash your slave and we’ll tend to her flesh.”

Trent retrieved Mindy’s leash from a hook on the wall and attached it to her collar. He reached around and clipped her cuffs together behind her back. Looking up, he received an approving nod from Mistress Heather. He was beginning to understand how a slave felt when they made their Master happy. It felt good when Heather was pleased with his actions. Oh sure, that could be said about any every day thing that a person did that made someone else happy. There’s always a certain amount of pride that goes into a job well done. But this was much different. It was sexual.

He led Mindy through the barn and into a very neat and clean room. Heather pointed to a hook overhead and Trent released Mindy’s wrists only to lift them up and clip them onto the hook.

“The heels that we make for the girls have special soles to accommodate them getting wet. Also, the soles help to massage their feet. This allows them to wear the heels longer without damaging their feet. I’ll go into how to protect her feet in more detail later. Bottom line is that we can leave her heels on while she is washed and she won’t have any difficulty walking in them afterwards.”

Damn, so many things to consider!

“Now, a touch on her inner thigh will prompt this action.” Heather lightly touched Mindy’s thigh and the slave spread her legs apart.

“You’ll use warm water to rinse her down. Then you’ll use the soap on her. Depending on your mood and how well the slave reacted to the whip, you can use your hand; which is most pleasurable for you and your slave, or use a washing mitt,” she pointed at a scrubby mitt on the drain board. “Or you can use a horse brush. They’re pretty rough and I don’t recommend them after a flogging because it may tear the skin. Today, I would like you to use your hands.”

Trent rolled up his sleeves and took the spray nozzle of the hose over to Mindy.

“Spray it into the sink there first to regulate the temperature. You don’t want to accidentally scald your slave. Remember, she’s your property and to damage her in any way merely increases your own work and diminishes her re-sale value.”

Trent sprayed the water into the sink and was alarmed that it was way too hot. My god I would have scalded her!

He adjusted the water temperature and then turned to hose down the hanging woman.

“Now use the liquid aloe body wash. The reason I want you to use your hands today is because this slave performed very well under the whip for us and I want her to feel especially good about that. As you cover her with soap I want your hands to caress her lovingly. I want her to respond to your touch, long for your touch. You need to let her know through your touch how well she performed and this will in turn encourage the same performance in the future. Your slave wants more than anything to make her Master happy, to fulfil your needs in every way.”

Trent’s cock was already hard as a rock as he began to wash Mindy’s flesh with his hands. The woman’s well-toned body felt spectacular. He soaped her arms and her pits, around her shoulders, and then down her back. Stepping around her, he soaped her waist and then up her marvelous stomach to her B cup breasts. He spent a little extra time on her breasts and felt her nipples grow quite hard under his fingers.

Working his way down again he washed her firm buttocks and down her trim legs. Coming back up he noticed she had spread her legs even wider.

She wants me to wash her pussy.

He looked up at Mindy’s face and saw a look of sheer lust in her eyes as he began to wash her hairless pussy. Her eyes closed and she rolled her head back as he massaged her slit.

“Don’t go too far if you don’t want her to have an orgasm right here,” Heather warned.

“Do I want her to, or not?” Trent felt a little foolish asking such a question. Still, he didn’t know about these things and needed to learn.

“It’s up to you, she’s your slave. Has she really done that much that she should be rewarded with an orgasm? Or should you arouse her and let her stew in that arousal for awhile. Maybe you’ll take her to your bed later and you want her to remain aroused until then. It’s up to you really. Ideally a slave should not have orgasms too frequently.”

Trent stopped massaging the woman’s pussy and stood up.

“Wise choice, you may use the hose and your hands on her to rinse off the soap.”

Trent followed the instructions and then retracted the hose.

“Excellent. You’re a very good student, sir.”

“Thanks,” Trent said, thinking this was by far the most insane thing he had ever done!

As Heather released Mindy from the overhead hook she asked her how the wash felt.

“It was fantastic, Mistress.” Mindy gushed.

“Did the master arouse you?”

“Absolutely. Sir,” Mindy turned towards Trent but kept her head bowed, “when your hands went down my back to my ass I almost came, but having not been told I could, I suppressed the urge. But when you came up my legs and touched my cunt! My god!”

“This brings up an important subject, Master Trent,” Heather added as she led them out of the room and back into the barn. “You must learn where the most sensitive spots on your slave’s body are. You need to learn what turns her on and what turns her off. The spots that turn her off can be used against her as punishment. Her hot spots can be used to torment her into a sexual animal. Mindy’s hot spot is her ass, specifically in this area.” Heather touched Mindy on her upper ass where there were two slight dimples. “Did you notice how she parted her legs for you as you approached her cunt?”

“I did.”

“That, of course, indicated she wanted you to wash her cunt, to touch her there. Are you at her beck and call? Does she tell you what will please her? Pay attention to your slave’s body language so that you’re always in control. What it wants the most must sometimes be denied. You give pleasure to your slave when you want to.”

“I’m really glad I’m taking this training Heather. This has really been very enlightening.”

“And we’ve just begun to turn on the light, sir.” Heather led Mindy into a straw covered stall and removed her leash.

“Chain her with that chain over there.” Heather pointed to a huge iron chain bolted to the wall. He picked up the smaller link at the end that had a lock on it and clicked it shut on the d-ring on Mindy’s collar.

The stall door was closed and the two free persons walked away.

“I am very impressed by your performance today sir, but do you agree that we need to work on your stamina?”

Trent blushed, knowing she referred to how quickly he had cum.

“Well, yes, I guess I pretty much failed in that category,” he admitted, his cheeks burning a little bit.

“Don’t worry sir; most men have never been professionally serviced by a trained slave. If you don’t mind me saying, with a cock like yours you’ll be a favorite around here before long. You’ll get plenty of practice here and will be your own Master by the time you graduate.”

* * *

“I am a slave, I am a slave, I am a slave.” How many of hundreds of times had Ashley repeated the words? Over and over. Tears ran down her cheeks from the pain in her knees.

She jumped when the viewing slot in the door slid open.

“Posture!” she heard a female voice order. It didn’t sound like Sheana, and she hadn’t even heard anyone come down the hall. Ashley realized she had slumped over against the cage. She straightened herself onto her tortured knees and continued her mantra.

Now she heard the clicking of the heels and talking outside her door. The door swung open and the heels walked up behind her. She felt the stiff leather end of a riding crop on her side but continued to chant, “I am a slave.”

“Silence!” Sheana barked.

Ashley closed her mouth, frightened, and remained as still as she could be.

“Who are you?”

“I am a slave, Mistress.”

“Yes you are.” Sheana clipped the leash to Ashley’s collar and tugged on it to get her to stand. “I’m taking you to the courtyard now to go to the bathroom. This will be embarrassing to you but you must get over it quickly. I don’t have time to wait around while you go to the bathroom, so you will go on my schedule. If someone comes to let you pee, you had better pee or you’ll be punished. If you go to the bathroom without permission you’ll be punished. Understood?”

“Yes Mistress.”

The bound woman was led across the warehouse to a door that led out to a large grassy area. Ashley imagined in its hey-day this had been a break area for the workers. Now it served as her bathroom.

“Now, you’ve seen dogs potty haven’t you?” Sheana asked.

“Y... yes, mistress,” Ashley replied.

“You will squat in a similar manner.” She waited for a second and then stuck Ashley’s thigh with her crop. “Now! Squat. Legs apart more, you don’t want to splash your legs. If you can shit do that too.”

Ashley squatted down, feeling her heels sink slightly into the grass, and tried to pee but was unable. She knew she had to go too, even poop, but she couldn’t do it with someone standing right behind her.

“Do it now because you’ll be caged for several hours while I attend to other matters.”

Ashley pushed and was extremely humiliated when a long string of shit burst out of her ass. When she was done she peed for what seemed like several minutes, but of course was less than one minute.

Sheana patted her short unruly blonde tufts and said, “Good girl. Very good girl. I’m very happy with you. Stay right here on all fours for just a second.” Sheana stood back to look at her new toy.

Ashley stopped and assumed an all fours position.

“Tisk, tisk, chin up, eyes down, looking about out to here.” Sheana touched a spot on the ground three feet ahead of Ashley. “And bring your lower back down just a little bit so it arches slightly. Good. Now you appear to be presenting this tight little ass to me, which of course you are.” Ashley adjusted her posture to emulate her instructions.

Sheana’s hands roamed Ashley’s bare ass, squeezing her, slapping her, messaging her. Ashley tried to maintain her position even though she felt like squirming away from the woman’s advances.

“Oh! So good. I’m very happy with you!” Sheana bent down and hugged Ashley’s naked body and then moved her hands around to caress and massage her hanging breasts. Ashley’s nipples got hard and she felt her pussy respond. I can’t be turned on by this!

But she knew she was. Sheana’s touch felt so frikkin’ good! And she was glad that Sheana seemed so happy with her! Just because I was able to take a crap in front of her?

“Okay, when I tug up on your leash like this,” Sheana tugged up on Ashley’s leash, “you’ll quickly get up on your feet. It may be a very slight tug so you have to pay attention to my every movement.” She gave Ashley’s leash a very slight tug and Ashley got to her feet.

“Good girl. Now I have a little more time for you, so let’s go through some other prompts. When I touch you on the thigh right here,” Sheana touched Ashley’s inner thigh near her pussy, “you’ll spread your legs. I may use a crop, or a whip, or just my hand. You may not want to spread your legs because you fear you’ll be whipped here, but you must spread your legs immediately. If you don’t, you will definitely be punished.”

“Okay, let’s try it.” Sheana touched Ashley’s inner thigh with her crop and Ashley side stepped to stand with her legs apart.

“Good, and if I tap you again?” She tapped Ashley’s thigh and she took another step to the side.

“Very nicely done. Now down.” Ashley went down on all fours.

“Descend and ascend with grace. Correct your posture!”

Ashley straightened her back and then put just a slight arch in it to lift her ass. She looked down at the ground three feet in front of her.

“You’re not to be looking around. You stay; you look only where you are supposed to be looking; straight ahead at the ground three to four feet in front of you. It’s my job to make sure you’re safe, so you must trust me to make sure nothing happens to you while in my care. Do you trust me slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Ashley felt the slight tug on her collar and she rose to her feet, looking down at the ground as she had been instructed. She felt the tap on her thigh and spread her legs apart.

Sheana walked in front of her and headed for the door, Ashley followed obediently behind making sure the leash did not become taut. She still struggled to maintain her balance in her new heels.

Once inside, Ashley was led to a small room with a large hose rolled up. She was ordered to her hands and knees and Sheana opened up the hose onto her ass. She was scrubbed down using a soft cloth and rinsed off again. Sheana picked up a large clean towel from a stack against the wall and dried her slave from head to foot and then had her stand.

Sheana went to the shelves and selected a small round container and returned to Ashley. The mistress removed the top and began to rub the ointment all over Ashley’s body, coating the painful red welts.

“This’ll help heal these up in no time.”

A few minutes later Ashley found herself locked in the cage in her cell, alone. She could hear some sound, but didn’t know what it could be. She tried to calm herself.

Why am I so worked up? Ashley knew her heart rate was elevated and she felt really charged up. She suddenly realized she was super horny!

I’m horny? Oh god, I’m so fucked up! Jessie are we fucked up? [No, we just get turned on by being treated this way. Remember what Dr. Dresser told us. We’ll be okay.]

Ashley thought back to all of the times at the Golden Slipper Gentlemen’s Club where she had undergone the most humiliating things and found herself to be incredibly horny afterwards. Her therapist, Dr. Dresser, had warned her against her submissive nature. During the sessions, Ashley had acknowledged that being controlled by other people turned her on. It’s what made her work at the Golden Slipper so exciting for her.

Well I’ve never been so out of control as I am now! Ashley strained against her wrist cuffs. Her pussy was on fire as she attempted to achieve a comfortable position within the cage. The cage was small, and her arms were bound behind her so comfort was not easy to achieve. She wished she could get to her pussy! But she found that was impossible. She wondered where her friend Nicky was, and hoped that she was okay. Nicky might be submissive, too, but the place she’s in does not sound very nice.

Ashley’s heartbeat had settled down somewhat and she leaned against the side of the cage and shut her eyes. It’s the ocean! I can hear the ocean. It made no sense to her because she knew the warehouse had to be a good ten miles inland. But, none-the-less she could swear she could hear the softly rolling waves in the distance.

Nicky! Ashley thought back to what Sheana had said. Nicky was in a horrible place where women were killed for no reason. Tears began to trickle down her face as she thought of her perky friend. The tears led to open sobbing at the thought of what her friend must be going through. She didn’t think her day was so bad now.

From her office in another section of the warehouse, Sheana watched her new slave adjust to her cage and settle in. A camera high in the corner of Ashley’s cell had infrared capability and worked quite well in the dark. She was a little concerned that Ashley was sobbing the way she was. She hadn’t really expected that from her. But it was her first day, after all.

Sheana reached to her side and adjusted the volume setting on the audio equipment. She checked the label on the 8-track cartridge she had inserted to make sure it read “I am a slave.”

8-track? Yes, it’s like the dinosaur of magnetic media, but it allows for continuous play. The system had been in use for many years, but still worked perfectly. Her slave would be subjected to 7 hours of subliminal training.

* * *

“Good morning sir,” Felicity greeted Trent as he came through the door into the dining room. “May we offer you breakfast?”

“Coffee and a bagel of some kind would be great if you have it.”

“Certainly sir,” Felicity waved her hand and Mindy bounded off towards the kitchen to retrieve the items.

“I have someone here for you to meet, sir.”

Felicity nodded and Heather entered the room with a slave in tow. Trent looked up and did a double take as he thought for a second that Ashley had just been brought into the room.

“Ah, I see she’s had the desired effect on you. I went through our inventory and found this slave at one of our other facilities. She closely resembles your own personal slave, does she not?”

“It’s incredible!” Trent looked at the woman. She had blonde hair, long like Ashley’s, very similar facial features, about the same height and build. They could have been twins.

This, however, was also very troubling because it made him realize that in a couple of months he was going to be Ashley’s master! How was he going to deal with that? How could he do to her what he’d been doing to these women?

Again he felt that this whole mission was not only inappropriate, but extremely dangerous, even deadly. All of the warnings that Derek Harris had given him seemed to be so much more real now. One female agent had been tortured and killed. Two other female agents were missing and presumed dead; yet possibly still alive and serving as sex slaves.

And he was bringing Ashley into this? No, actually Ashley was bringing HIM into this. He had tried to stop the whole operation but Ashley had told him in no uncertain terms that she would do it with or without him. He knew her better than anyone other than maybe her shrink and knew she would go through with her threat to go it alone. He could not allow that! He would not allow Ashley to pursue Nicky by herself. He might lose her!

Trent felt his heart actually ache as he realized how deep his feelings were for Ashley Bennet.

Sheana was right. The others had been caught because they tried to infiltrate on their own. He had seen the slaves here. Once enslaved, there was no possible way to make contact again. A woman unprepared for what was to come would break… oh god, to be whipped like he had seen Mindy whipped yesterday! Most women would be offering up their most precious secrets to make that stop. He only hoped that Ashley was taking her training well. Based on what he was experiencing here he knew that she was in very good hands.

“Sir? Are you okay? Should we take her away?”

“No, no, I’m so sorry, Heather. I really spaced out there, thinking about my own slave. Come, bring her over and let me inspect her more closely.” Trent noticed Felicity wink at Heather.

“Now, this slave is nearly completed with her training so when you take possession of your own slave she will be at roughly the same competency level.”

The slave was brought over and her leash was handed to Trent. He pulled his chair back slightly to get a good look at the woman. How beautiful!

He reached out and touched her back, running his hand down to her ass. Very firm. Her legs, equally as firm, were slender and had nice muscle tone. Her black, 5” high heels accentuated her shapely calves. He turned her towards him and felt her sides up to her breasts. The woman’s nipples were fully aroused, and her breasts were firm and perfectly shaped.

“She’s acceptable. Kneel.” Trent commanded and the slave knelt next to his chair in the manner that all of the slaves he had seen knelt: calves against thighs, knees spread, head up, eyes down. Her arms were still bound behind her back but not in a way that Trent had seen before. Her elbows were joined and her wrists were tied. This forced her breasts to stick out even further than they naturally would.

Felicity sat down and motioned for Dana to come kneel next to her. “Now I‘ve been told your slave hasn’t eaten since last night. It’s of course up to you if she eats now or not. A slave can go several days without food, like anyone else, but must have liquids to remain hydrated. Would you like to practice feeding her?”

“Yes,” Trent replied as Mindy walked in with his food. “Bring water.” Trent was getting used to NOT saying please when he spoke to a slave. It wasn't easy for him to ignore a lifetime of using manners.

“Yes sir.” Mindy set his food down, bowed slightly, and turned to go back to the kitchen.

“With a straw Min,” Felicity added.

“Yes mistress,” she responded.

“Now you eat first. The slave is not to know if you are going to feed her or not. She will be hungry and she will be hoping you will feed her. But she won’t know if you will. Don’t feed your slave every time you eat. You have to mix it up so there’s uncertainty.”

“This is much harder than I ever imagined.”

“I’m pleased that you recognize that. It’s important that you see the big picture.”

Mindy returned with the water and set it down next to Trent.

“Never ask the slave if it’s hungry. For that matter, never ask the slave if it’s cold or it’s hot. For those things you can observe her body to get your indications. Even if the slave is not hungry and you feed it, it must eat what it’s given.”

Trent noticed that Felicity continually referred to the slave as “it”.

After he’d eaten half of his bagel he went to feed his slave.

“You can have her bite into a big piece like that, but again, you are allowing it to choose how big a bite it takes. You should control the portion size. Cut a piece with your knife and feed it to her with your fingers or your fork. A fork would be more appropriate for social situations, while fingers are fine when it’s informal like this. You can also place it on the floor and let it eat it from there. That’s a little more humiliating.”

Trent cut a small piece and fed it to the woman with his fingers. He watched as she chewed the piece carefully. He cut several more pieces and fed them to her one at a time.

“Have you seen the pellets that we often feed our girls?” Felicity asked as she fed Dana a strawberry with her fork.

“No, not yet.”

“I’ll be sure to show them to you later. They’re called nutrition pellets and have been specially formulated for female slaves. I’ll give you the information for ordering them.” She fed Dana another strawberry and smoothed her short black hair as she chewed.

“They contain all of the daily vitamins and minerals that are required, plus a birth control substance called Lybrel. This drug will reduce the slave’s menstrual cycle to one light period every three months. Each slave should have at least a cup of pellets a day, or every other day at a minimum. A pregnant slave can be a major inconvenience.”

Trent took the water glass and held it down so that his imitation Ashley slave could suck water in using the straw.

“Your slave took food in very well and did not spill or drop any crumbs. You may show your pleasure by stroking her hair, or putting your hand on her back. Remember that if you can reach a pleasure zone of your slave from there, it would be a good time to touch it. Don’t go out of your way though if it’s lower and you have to move too much to reach it.”

Trent reached over and smoothed down the woman’s straight blonde hair. He brushed his hand across her cheek and actually thought he heard her purr. A vibration came from her that suddenly made his cock hard.

“Did you feel it?”

Trent looked up, red in the face. “Um, yes, I felt something.” He was pretty embarrassed. She can read me like a book!

“The slave responded to your touch because she knows she’s made you happy. You felt her aura, her sexual aura, reaching out for your attention. She wants to please you, she longs for your touch.”

“When you’re finished you can bring her outside to potty her and then meet us in the back of the house for today’s lessons.” Felicity took Dana and left the room while Trent continued with his breakfast. He ordered another bagel and ate half while feeding his slave the other half a little at a time. He was beginning to like this more all the time!

* * *

Ashley woke up and tried to stretch out but found the hard iron bars restricting her movements. Oh yeah, I’m a slave. The thought came to her and then sort of surprised her when she thought about it.

Why should that surprise me? I am a slave. I am a slave. She felt like repeating it over and over and thought about how she had been commanded to do just that the day before.

That must be what I was thinking about. I’m not a slave… I don’t think. Am I?

She was feeling sort of confused. I came here to learn how to behave like a slave. That doesn’t mean I’m a slave, I’m only acting like one. But I think I’m a slave. Yeah, I am a slave. Is that right? Why can’t I think straight? I’m hungry and I have to go to the bathroom. [I hope Mistress comes to potty us soon.] Why am I thinking like this? I could use a toilet. But I am a slave. [Definitely].

Ashley felt good once she thought the word, definitely. She had a clear picture now. She was a slave. Again, she sensed confusion in her mind. I’m a slave? In one day I’m a slave? Has it only been one day? Yes, and I’m a slave. There it was again… she felt really calm when she thought that with some determination.

Ashley jumped when she heard the slat on the door slide and the door open. She looked over to see her Mistress enter the room. Her Mistress was holding a long wand like thing with two silver points at the end and was poking it through the bars of the cage. When it touched Ashley’s skin she received a terrible shock and she cried out.

“Do not look up when someone enters your cell. You look ahead, at the floor. You will be told what to do when it is time to do it.”

Sheana knelt down and removed the lock from the gate and opened the door. Ashley went to get out and received another jolt. She screamed.

“Did I say to get out?”

“No mistress!” Ashley cried, panicked now that she not feel that thing zap her again!

Sheana walked out of the room and Ashley nearly cried out. I really have to potty Mistress! [Your slave needs to potty!] The thought of that prod thing touching her again made her keep her protests to herself.

Sheana re-entered the cell with a leash and attached it to Ashley’s collar. “Out.”

Ashley crawled out of the cage and stood, her feet still locked into the 3” red heels. She was led out to the courtyard and released from her leash. “Pee, slave.”

Ashley ran to the grass and squatted down to release a strong stream of urine.


Ashley didn’t need to poop.

She felt the tip of the prod touch her flesh. “Poop now or I’ll shock you.”

Ashley strained but felt nothing moving.

Zap! Ashley cried out in pain as she was shocked again. She bear down and pushed and pushed. She knew she looked ridiculous, but she didn’t even care. She was a slave after all. Finally a little bit of a turd fell out of her ass, and then some more followed. She was amazed that she had succeeded but at least she wouldn’t get shocked again.

“Good girl.” Sheana re-attached the leash and led her back to the cleaning room. Ashley trailed behind her, happy for the compliment.

Good girl, that’s me!

In the wash room, Ashley could not help but to feel embarrassed as Sheana hosed her naked body down. She had been instructed to climb up on a counter that had raised edges and a drain at one end. Sheana took the water hose and sprayed her with it.

Ashley felt ridiculous up there on her hands and knees, dripping wet, while this woman lathered her body with soap and then used a textured mitt to clean her. She maintained her kneeling position, looking down at the magic spot three feet ahead of her, and tried not to react to the woman as she scrubbed her.

Ashley reflexively moved her legs together when Sheana ran her gloved hand up between her legs and received a hard slap on her bare ass and a sharp rebuke in return. She parted her legs to allow the Domme access to her private parts and then felt tugging on her feet as her heels were removed. Sheana began to scrub her feet, paying special attention to her soles and between her toes. Ashley didn’t think that her feet had ever been as clean as they were now.

After she had been rinsed and dried with a large soft towel, her Mistress stroked her hair and asked, “Why did you cry last night? You asked for this training. Do you think you can complete the training?” Sheana had taken the small tub of aloe salve and was coating Ashley’s welts with the cream.

Ashley looked surprised. She saw me crying? How? She thought back to the previous evening.

“Oh Mistress, I wasn’t crying about my training. I was thinking about my friend. I’m so worried about her.” A tear leaked from her eye and Sheana dabbed at it with her towel.

“Try not to worry and concentrate on your training. There’s nothing that can be done for your friend right now.”

Sheana sat Ashley down and massaged her feet and ankles. The attention to her feet felt so good after spending so much time in the torturous heels.

The Mistress stood and took Ashley’s leash and gave it a slight tug. She linked the naked woman’s wrists behind her back and said, “Come.”

Ashley was led down the hall to a well furnished living area. She couldn’t see very much of it with her eyes trained down, but she assumed this was where the staff lived while on site.

Ashley’s stomach grumbled as she smelled food. Finally!

Sheana went to a table and sat down and then pointed to the floor where she wanted Ashley to kneel. Ashley sat down on her ass next to Sheana and felt a sudden jolt of pain in her neck. The collar! Shit!

She couldn’t reach up with her hands bound behind her back, not that it would’ve done any good anyway. But the pain! She lurched forward and lay on the floor.

The shocking stopped and Mistress Sheana said calmly, “Unless instructed otherwise, when you are motioned to the floor you will kneel. Do you remember the posture?”

“Yes Mistress.” Ashley quickly assumed the proper kneeling position, eyes looking down correctly. She wondered how many amps she had received and where the power supply to the collar was. It was an ingenious device.

The free persons at the table talked amongst themselves and Ashley could hear the clanking of silverware and smell coffee and bacon. She waited for some scrap of food to be offered to her. Just drop it. I’ll eat it off of the floor!

But to her dismay her Mistress stood up and Ashley felt a slight tug on her collar. She obediently rose and followed her Mistress out of the room and down the hall to her cell. Ashley noticed that a thin mattress had been pulled into the cell.

“Kneel,” Sheana ordered as she pointed to the mattress. Ashley knelt and Sheana clipped her leash to a hook on the wall. The tall redhead left the room for a minute and then came back and set two bowls down on the floor near the mattress edge.

“You have ten minutes to eat, and I expect it all to be gone when I come back. No messes on the floor either.”

Sheana turned and left the cell, locking the door behind her.

Ashley looked at the bowls. One contained water and the other some sort of pellets. She bent down and sniffed but the pellets gave off no odors. She was starving and she figured they wouldn’t be feeding her anything that wasn’t good for her so she bent down and picked a couple of pellets up with her lips and began to chew them.

The pellets were crunchy, but tasteless. After smelling the coffee and the bacon, this was a bitter disappointment, but she ate it none-the-less. There seemed to be a lot of water in the bowl, but she remembered her Mistress saying she wanted it all to be gone so she set about sucking some of the water down. She knew it was going to make her want to go to the bathroom again, and she cringed at the thought of going into that courtyard to pee in front of Sheana like a dog. That was by far the most humiliating thing she had been forced to do so far. Well, being washed afterwards was pretty bad, too. But that also felt sort of good. So, definitely the peeing was the worst thing. But then again, she was a slave right?

When Sheana came back she praised Ashley for completing her meal on time and stroked her shaggy hair.

* * *

Several weeks passed as the training of Ashley and Trent proceeded on schedule.

Ashley spent her days learning new ways to display her body for her Master’s pleasure. There were lots of different positions she could strike depending on what her Master or Mistress wanted to do with her. She endured long bondage sessions where she was tied and left alone, tied and whipped, tied and fucked.

Yes, after the first week she was fucked every day. She never realized that she didn’t know how to fuck properly! She was happy her Mistress was showing her the best ways to please her master. After all, it was just so important that her master enjoy her body and use it however he pleased. No, she really didn’t need to have pleasure herself, although it was very pleasing to her when her master or mistress was happy with her. Oh, that made her very happy… and horny.

Ashley couldn’t believe how horny she felt most of the time, even though nearly everything she did was humiliating to her. She knew she would never submit herself to such humiliation if it weren’t for Nicky’s sake. At least that’s what she told herself.

There were two men in the compound who assisted Mistress Sheana in training Ashley to please a man. One was Doug, who ran the maintenance shop, and the other was Rick, a man whose main job was to take care of the water areas of the facility. He maintained the wash rooms and the tanks in the water bondage room. He also had a nice big penis that Ashley had begun to yearn for. He certainly had a way with women, and his manner made Ashley hot each time he took control of her.

Maybe it was how he humiliated her and the things he forced her to say. Day in and day out he reinforced the fact that she was a worthless whore. She now looked forward to the day she would become her Master’s worthless whore. She was required to offer her holes for his pleasure, to beg for him to use her holes. That was really the only reason for her to have holes in her body in the first place… for a man to use for his pleasure.

Her body was to be presented to a master or a mistress for their pleasure at all times. He taught her how to arch her back in order to present her ass for abuse, standing on tip toes to tighten her leg muscles. Sure, the tightened muscles meant more pain when the cane or the flogger struck them, but she knew how much more pleasing that would be for her master. Her body was an instrument of pleasure for her master’s use. She knew that now, and understood how important it was to present herself in the most pleasing way.

She learned how to take Rick’s large cock down her throat. It had been very difficult for her to do at first because of her slender neck. But she learned how to relax her jaw and throat muscles and to keep her tongue out of the way, using it instead to massage the cock she was attending to.

Many times she was told to hold her mouth open and extend her tongue in anticipation of her master using her mouth as a fuck hole. At first she did it so that she would not be struck with a flogger or a crop, but she soon found that if she did it, Rick would reward her with his cock! How she had come to love his big hard cock in her mouth. He told her that he enjoyed fucking her mouth and that made her feel so warm inside! It began to give her great pleasure to have a cock in her mouth, and she made sure her mouth was open and available when a master was near.

She learned how important it was that she try to satisfy every free person that was near by. If her holes were filled she still had two free hands she could use. It all made such sense to Ashley, and she learned to thank Master Rick and Master Doug for the lessons they were teaching her. At first her thanks were said to avoid punishment, but as time went on she thanked the men in earnest, happy to please them, hoping to please them even more.

Sheana was delighted in the progress that Ashley was making. She had not seen a more submissive woman pass through her facility in quite some time. Her desire to train Ashley so that she would succeed in her mission was beginning to take second place to her desire to make Ashley into the ultimate slave. The thought of that made her palms moist as she considered what she was doing!

These two FBI agents had come to her with a plan to train them both so they could pass in the underground slave markets as being authentic. She knew that Ashley would already pass as a slave. There was very little else she needed to be trained in.

But now, the thought of manipulating Ashley’s mind so that her entire consciousness was focused on serving her master and her only desire was to submit and obey was too delicious to pass up. A true submissive such as Ashley was too rare a commodity to let an opportunity like this pass.

Sheana worked on additional subliminal messages that played throughout the night in Ashley’s cell. She called Felicity and requested clothing and towels that Trent had used, preferably ones that he had used to work out in. Using the soiled items, Sheana initiated a program that incorporated the items along with sexual stimulation to program Ashley to anticipate sexual arousal when she smelled Trent’s aroma. After two weeks she had seen amazing results from the program.

Every day, Ashley repeated a mantra. Of course, she was a slave. She knew that now. But also, she loved to please her master. She had spent days repeating that over and over and now it just seemed so logical! Of course she would want to please her Master! She was hungry for her master’s cock. She loved her master’s cock. She was aroused by the sight of her master. She was aroused when she was fed by her master. She was aroused at the sound of her master’s voice. Punishment made her hot. Humiliation made her hotter.

Trent is going to be my Master. When will he come for me so we can go get Nicky? Mistress will let me know. [ We don’t need to know anything that our mistress doesn’t tell us.] I am my master’s whore.

And taking a master’s cock in her mouth… just thinking about it now made Ashley so fucking horny. She tried not to think about it, because she knew it was going to make her hot.

By the end of the first month she was very experienced at giving head. She could not wait to take her master’s cock in her mouth and give him pleasure.

He deserves pleasure! I will give him pleasure!

The thought that that person was going to be Trent Richards was an embarrassing thought, but she always felt so frikkin’ horny after thinking about it.

Maybe I’m hot for Trent after all!

Ashley thought back to the time he had seen her nearly naked in her town home and how horny that had made her feel at the time. Then she found out that he had been stalking her at the club and had seen her do the most erotic things. Thinking about that never failed to make Ashley’s pussy wet.

Besides learning how to please men with her mouth and her body, Ashley was trained in performing domestic duties such as cleaning, nutrition, and cooking. She was a slave, and there was more to it than just sex. There would be days when her master may be gone all day and she was not going to be merely lying around the house with nothing to do. She would be quite busy with making her master’s house comfortable for him. These duties would most likely be performed in the nude and in bondage, so that was how she was trained. There were many different ways that she could please her master, and she was eager to learn as much as she could.

Her days normally started with using the courtyard to empty her bladder and wet room cleanup, then she went to some combination of exercise room, bowls of nutrition pellets, bondage sessions, domestic training, sex training, posture training, and mantras. Each day was long and busy. The young trainee had no idea being a slave was so involved.

Ashley was also moved from the cell to a cage. The cage was the same size as the cell but was without solid walls. This afforded her no privacy, but also allowed her to converse, quietly, with other slaves that were in training.

The cages were made to allow the woman to expose themselves when a master or mistress entered the room. At the front of the cage the bars bumped out in sort of a small box that formed the outline of a woman with her legs spread apart. Ashley was shown how to scoot forward into the molded bars so that her breasts stuck out through the bars and her head poked out above that section of the cage.

Scooted forward as far as possible, Ashley’s legs fit into an inverted V shape of the bump-out section. She saw that there were no bars at the apex of the V, so her pussy would be available for use. Additionally, her head was actually outside the cage and allowed her to give oral service if required.

When a mistress or master entered the cage area, all of the slaves would rise to their knees and scoot into their exposure positions, pressed up against the front of their cages. This would continue until the lights were dimmed or turned off. After that, the women could remain lying down. Slaves that still wished to be used would scoot against the front of the cage as often as the door opened, but after lights out no slave would get punished for not scooting forward.

Trent had come a long way too. He was not embarrassed now by his constant erections. In fact, he couldn’t remember ever being so aroused so much and so often in the past. He had no problem having his imitation Ashley slave remove his cock from his pants and suck him dry. His stamina had greatly improved as well. He was taught how to modify his slave’s technique so that it didn’t bring him to climax so fast. He fucked his imitation Ashley slave day and night as he saw fit.

He practiced knot tying with Heather and device bondage with Felicity. He whipped his slave with a multitude of whips, perfecting his abilities and increasing the pain he could inflict without it bothering him. When he saw how the slave reacted to his abuse it only made his desire stronger to bring her the pain she sought. Afterward his slave radiated her sexuality as he tended to her.

Trent found himself looking forward to his sessions with his imitation Ashley slave. He lay awake at night making plans for how he would abuse her the following day, sometimes not being able to wait and taking her in the middle of the night to satisfy his urges. This was not only tolerated by the staff of the ranch but encouraged.

During the seventh week of his training, Mistress Sheana arrived at the training facility. She and Felicity watched from a mirrored window as Trent worked on his imitation Ashley slave.

“How’s he coming along?” Sheana asked; pleased with the rope bondage that he was subduing his slave with.

“As you can see, he has a knack for knots. He seems to really like the ropes and is content to spend considerable time weaving intricate patterns of rope around his girl. It’s really quite artistic. And after the ropes come off the patterns remain on the girls flesh like tattoos for hours. I’ve talked to the slave in private and it says the bondage is tight, but feels sensational. He manages to hit all of the right spots with the knots.”

“Interesting. And the basics?”

“He got those down right away. Master Trent is very intelligent and has an excellent memory. I rarely have to tell him anything twice and he deduces many things on his own. There was a little bit of trouble at first getting him to really work on the girls, but he’s gotten past that now.”

“Excellent. I’ll want to talk with him when he’s through here.”

“Yes Mistress,” Felicity said with a slight bow as Sheana left the room.

An hour later Trent knocked softly on Sheana’s door and heard her say to enter.

The red haired dominatrix rose when Trent walked in.

“Mr. Richards, how are you sir?” Sheana asked as she reached out to shake his hand.

“I’m doing very well. How’s Ashley? Is everything alright?”

“Oh, yes, yes, your slave is doing very well. There are no problems with her training at all and we’re right on schedule.”

Sheana could see the relief on Trent’s face and motioned for him to take a seat.

“So now that you’ve been in the program for awhile how do you feel about your mission?”

Trent sat back and thought about that question. He was scared shitless! “Well, to be honest, I wasn’t too keen on this whole idea but Ashley…” he shook his head, “She’s not going to rest until her friend is found and I just can’t let her… I need to be there to help her.”

“You care for her very much, don’t you sir?”

“I didn’t know how much I cared until I came here. The thought of her being out there as a slave with no one to look out for her… it’s just too dangerous.”

“I think your plan has a great chance of success,” Sheana said as she gently touched Trent’s leg.

The man looked up and said, “You do?”

“Yes, I’ve given it considerable thought and the two of you working together will have no problems in the “community,” the Mistress used air-quotes. “You have both excelled in your training. It really comes down to your cover stories and your ability to keep Ashley.”

Trent looked up. “What do you mean, keep Ashley?”

“I came here today to talk to you about security. There are many types of players in the community. A lot of the people who own slaves are very nice and it’s just a novelty for them. It’s the husband and wife who play at it and maybe swap partners on weekends. I actually offer a short course for those players because it amuses me. Others are more serious, and I think you will fall into this category.”

“From what you’ve told me, you plan on working yourselves into the community so that you can be established when your friend is released from Ketami’s. I’ll try to help find out when she’s been released or sold so that you can keep an eye out for her. You also indicated that you would be making arrangements to shut down traders as you come across them. Is this still true?”

Trent nodded his head, “Yes, there’ll be a team here to move in on them as we identify them.”

“Another thing you should consider is changing your name.”

“I’ve been thinking about that, too, since I’m going to be undercover as well. I hadn’t really thought of what name I should use though.”

“Well, I have an idea and I say this because I’m pretty sure with the right subliminal messaging I can get Ashley to believe it’s your real name.”

“What could it be?” Trent asked, sort of stumped at what Sheana had come up with.

“I think your new name should be Richard Brent.”

“Oh, that’s fantastic!” Trent said. “It sounds perfect! It comes off of your tongue naturally. And you think you can get Ashley to call me that?”

“Ashley will only call you Master. Regardless of what popular novels and movies show, slaves never use their owner’s names. In fact, if I could erase your name completely from her memory I would do it, but memory loss is not in my repertoire. Confusion is. I’m certain I can confuse her enough so that if she were asked, she would repeat your new name, even if she thinks it’s wrong.”

“Excellent.” Trent said as he looked up at the ceiling, a look of contemplation on his face. “What about a hypnotist? She could be hypnotized to forget my name.”

Sheana thought about it for a minute and then laughed. “I actually did call in a hypnotist about 6 months ago to help me with a slave who had been a heavy smoker. Duane Hicks is his name. Really a very good practitioner. I could run it by him if you’d like.”

“Yeah, let’s see what he says.”

“Now from what you’ve told me, you’re really trying to target the next level up, the slavers and the traffickers. This is much more dangerous, and the closer you get to them the more at risk Ashley will be. She’s a beautiful woman and is becoming a very good slave. She’ll be a very tempting target to these men. They’ll ask you to sell her to them. When you don’t comply they may attempt to steal her.”

“What?” Trent asked with astonishment.

“You’d be surprised how often it occurs. Usually the targets are women in the novelty level, but real Masters have reported their slaves stolen as well. Oh, no one knows where they are, but that’s a lie. These slavers have no morals what-so-ever and no one’s slave is safe around them. They really don’t care where they get their money, and a trained slave is much more valuable than an untrained slave.”

“What about tracking devices? We could implant something for safety.”

“A metal detector would pick it up right away. It’s been tried.”

“One of my buddies has developed a tiny transmitter that can transmit a low frequency satellite signal and the material that it’s made from is non-metallic.”

“What about x-rays?” Sheana asked.

“If it was implanted on or near a bone it would probably blend in.”

“How about the scar left from the implant?”

“Well, I guess that might give it away.”

The two sat for a while in thought.

Sheana sat foreword and said, “I was going to suggest to you that Ashley be branded before she is released from the program. It would solidify the cover that you two have been together for some time and also reduce the risk of kidnapping. Branded slaves are a little bit more out of bounds to slavers.” The truth was she had been thinking about it because it would further her ultimate slave fantasy. Even a Mistress such as she was allowed to have fantasies!

“You want to brand Ashley? Where?”

“It’s usually done on the inner thigh. But done correctly, which it will be, it would cover the scar of the operation.”

“I’d have to ask Ashley first.”

This received a disapproving look from Sheana. “Master Richard, you’re still not thinking like a Master and until you do you’re not ready to proceed on this mission. You will decide what’s to be done to your slave. Believe me, when the time comes, MP will accept any command you issue. Any command.”

Trent put his hand to his mouth. “I think I’m going to be sick.” He looked around and Sheana reached over and grabbed a trash can and handed it to him.

“Take a couple of deep breaths, Richard.” Sheana looked at the man with intent, using his new name to try and get used to it herself. “If you’re going to protect Ashley you have to be her rock. She has to know that you are firmly in control. She must feel that you will protect her at all times. In fact, in a couple of weeks I want you to return to the city so that you can participate in some training that will teach her that she can trust you with her life.”

Trent put the trash can down, having momentarily suppressed the need to vomit.

Trent thought about what Sheana had just said. MP will accept any command? “What did you mean, MP?”

Sheana actually blushed. “Oh that sort of slipped out. It’s what we’ve come to call Ashley at the warehouse. When you figure out why we refer to her like that you’ll be ready to graduate.”

Sheana stood up. “Call your friend and get the tracking device. Felicity will give you an address to send it to, and then it will be routed several times before it reaches me. I will examine it and have my team test it out. After that you will be brought for the branding ceremony and the additional training.”

When Sheana left the room she sought out Felicity.

“He lacks confidence and is in love with his slave,” Sheana said as the two walked to her car.

“Well, love I can’t do anything about,” Felicity said as she stooped down to speak to Sheana through her car window. “But confidence - that I know how to deal with.”

“Good.” Sheana put her car in drive and then added, “We’re changing his name to Richard Brent. Please have the staff refer to him that way so that he gets used to it.”

“See you soon.” Sheana blew Felicity a kiss and pulled her car out of the driveway.

* * *

Ashley had been having a difficult day. She knew in the back of her mind that she wanted to please her trainers. She knew it. Of course she would want to please her trainers and she knew if she did she would feel really good about it.

But she didn’t feel good at all. She had been told that they were going to begin opening up her ass hole so that she would be ready for anal sex. She felt silly, but she really didn’t think that was a good idea and had vigorously avoided the training. This had gotten Master Rick very mad and he had taken the flogger to her.

At least she felt better after that. Lately it seemed that a good flogging, although it really hurt, made her so fucking horny. Some part of her mind told her that was ass-backwards, but hey, if you feel really horny after getting whipped then it must be a good thing.

[I am just a slave after all. I can expect a good whipping if I’m not a good girl.]

But the feel of the butt plug bothered her and she pouted and kept screwing up her positions.

How can I hold a position with this damn thing rammed up my asshole?

Even though she had gotten quite used to wearing the ridiculously high heels, she still teetered on them from time to time. Her heel height had been increased three times since she had arrived. She was losing her concentration and looking around, distracted by the ever increasing sizes of the butt plugs Rick had subjected her to. Several times she had collapsed to the ground in pain as her collar was activated to punish her.

She had been taken to the wet room, bound, and hosed down. Master Rick had put a spring clip in her mouth to hold it wide open and then had used the large water hose on her.

She was held in a crouching position, bolted to a table about waist high. A dozen or more straps were used to hold her in place against a metal frame. She had tried to move but Master Rick was too good at his bondage to allow any movement.

[Don’t worry we’ll get through this. Just relax, it’ll be fun!]

Ashley knew she had issues with thinking there was another part of her named Jessica inside of her, but thinking of herself as Jessica somehow helped her get through difficult times. She easily became this fictional Jessica when she needed to. She enjoyed being the fictional Jessica. Vixen of pain and pleasure come to me.

Master Rick had somehow misjudged her arousal and had left the jet of water trained on her pussy too long. Before he knew what was happening she had been overtaken with an orgasm. That really pissed him off. He had used the long flogger on her wet skin and damned if she didn’t cum again!

Since she was very tightly bound he had ripped out the butt plug and pressed an even larger one in its place. Ashley had screamed bloody murder at the intrusion and Rick had whipped her back as he fucked her.

This had a maddening effect as Ashley moaned for him to strike her harder. A week prior to this day, Rick had informed Sheana that Ashley had practically stopped all screaming as she was being flogged. She had finally found that inner space that allowed the punishment to become pleasure. Not that she didn’t grunt and coo, and cry. It still hurt. But the woman was obviously processing the pain quite well now.

Rick had begun the day dealing with Ashley, but had no idea that her alter-ego had taken over a couple of hours into their session. In her present state of mind, everything he was doing to her was turning her on more and more.

The harsh fucking Rick was giving her didn’t go well because Ashley came again before he did. He was losing it now. He retracted the large water hose and reeled out four garden hoses. After arranging the hoses around the tightly bound woman he attached lawn sprinklers to the ends of the hoses and clamped them down to the stands before turning the water on.

Each sprinkler was set to a fast oscillation so that the jets of water striking Ashley’s body were a series of fast hard blasts. If she wanted to cum all day he would let her. Non-stop orgasms could be a bad thing after awhile.

He set one hose behind her so that its pulsating spray was directed at her exposed pussy.

One hose was directed at her right side and another at her left side. Both jets of water blasted her sides and freely hanging breasts.

The final sprinkler, set further away, blasted towards her head and her open mouth.

Within minutes Ashley came hard. She bucked against her bonds and swallowed a lot of water. Then she came again. The blasts of water against her pussy were very stimulating and small jets of water were surging through her crack and up to her clit. It was unrelenting and non-stop stimulation.

Soon she had lost count of how many times she had climaxed. After awhile she wished she could relax her head, or at least turn away from the on-coming spray. The sprays hitting her breasts and nipples were no less stimulating. Not that she ever knew what time it was, but she had absolutely no concept of how long she endured this water torture.

Nor did she realize it when the water was turned off. She sort of came around when she felt the straps being taken off of her arms and legs. She didn’t look up, merely stared at the floor three feet in front of her.

Master Rick attached a leash to her collar and helped her down off of the frame.

“Stand,” Rick commanded and Ashley summoned up the strength to balance herself on her 6” stiletto heels, although she was trembling with fatigue and over-stimulation. She assumed the standing position while Rick cuffed her wrists behind her back. He picked up a large warm towel and dried her off.

[Nice and warm. Oh thank you Master Rick.]

With her eyes cast down she could see his crotch. Mmmm, I bet he’s warm in there. Will he allow me to pleasure him? She felt a growing need arise in her loins. She held her mouth open, her tongue extended, hoping he would see that her mouth was ready for his cock if it pleased him to use her.

Ashley melted in his care. The towel felt so good. She had come to love Master Rick and although she knew she would soon be in the care of her real master, she recognized Rick as her first master. It would be sad to leave his care, but the thought of being controlled by Trent instantly filled her with more emotion than she felt capable of processing.

Ashley had been disappointed when Rick had taken her to her cage and locked her in. A bowl of pellets was left on the floor and a water bottle was attached to the bar overhead so that she could get to it.

A short while later Mistress Sheana came into the cell and sat down on the floor next Ashley’s cage. The lights had already been dimmed and Ashley was lying down on her thin mattress. Sheana put her hand through the bars and gently caressed Ashley’s back and shoulders.

“What happened today, slave?” she asked quietly.

Without thinking, the caged woman said, “Ashley was stubborn Mistress. I’m so sorry. Please tell Master Rick I’m sorry and I’ll perform perfectly for him next time.”

Sheana sat up straight. “Ashley was stubborn? Who are you, slave. What’s your name?”

Ashley laughed, “Mistress! Are you messing with me? OWWW! Mistress!” Ashley cried out as the pain in her neck was intense.

“What’s your name?”

“Jessica! Mistress! My name is Jessica of course!” The pain stopped and Ashley collapsed on the floor of her cage.

“What happened to Ashley? Your Master calls you Ashley.”

“Oh yeah, right, I use that name too sometimes, but not here. Not now. We’re stronger this way. Everything will be okay Mistress, I promise.”

“You go to sleep now slave. We’ll talk about it again tomorrow.”

Sheana left the cell and Ashley settled in for the night.

You shouldn’t have told her your name was Jessica. [She’s my Mistress, I’m not going to lie to her.] She’s going to think we’re nuts and then what? She’ll probably call Trent and this whole thing’s going to be called off. [Big frikking deal. We’ll do it ourselves.] We need Master Trent. [Then you need to let me handle the heavy stuff.] I will, I promise, but you have to let me do the talking. You’re not real remember? [Ya, ya, I’m real enough when we’re getting whipped and you start getting turned on.] Shut up!

Mistress Sheana made her way up to the security center on the third floor of the warehouse. She went into a soundproof booth and placed an 8-track tape into the recorder, scooting her chair up to the control panel.

Bringing the computer on-line, she clicked on the program that monitored Ashley’s electronic collar. As far as Ashley knew the collar’s only function was to shock her when she misbehaved. But it was more devious than that. Another function of the collar was to interact with the subliminal training that Ashley underwent nightly.

The subliminal messages did not merely say “Pleasing Master makes me hot”. Another message would be interwoven with that one that said something like “I disobeyed my Master.”

The collar interacted with the broadcast signal so that when the positive message was being sent, an extremely low frequency vibration and tone was emanated from the collar. It was quite pleasing. However, when the negative message was sent the vibration and tone were turned off and a very mild, yet uncomfortable, shock was administered. Because the collar could sense when Ashley was asleep through pulse and respiration input data, the punishment program only worked the collar when she was asleep.

Sheana leaned up to the microphone and spoke softly into the foam padding.

“My master is Richard Brent. My master is Richard Brent. My master is Richard Brent.” She repeated it for a minute and then flipped a switch. “My master is Trent Richards.” Switch flip. “My master is Richard Brent, my master is Richard Brent.” She recorded five repetitions of this mantra and then stopped. Each flip of the switch was an electronic pulse to activate the proper collar response. Using this as her master tape, she made the computer loop the mantra as it was recorded onto the 8-track.

When it was completed, Sheana removed the tape and took it to her office where she inserted it into her system and hit the play button.

* * *

Trent was woken by a sharp rap on the door of his room. He flipped back the comforter and swung his legs out bed. He saw his imitation Ashley slave next to him on the floor awaken and rise to her knees in the proper kneeling position. He patted her on the head and opened the door to find Sheana standing in the hall.

“Mistress Sheana, what’s going on? Is it Ashley?”

“No, it’s Jessica. Can we talk?” She nodded for him to come out of the room.

Trent ducked back inside and grabbed the robe that hung on a hook behind the door and slipped it on.

“Sleep,” he commanded his imitation Ashley slave and the woman lay back down on her thin mattress. He closed the door behind him and said, “Jessica? I don’t understand?”

“Do you know Jessica?” Sheana asked in a hushed voice.

“I’ve seen Ashley as Jessica in the strip club. Are you telling me she thinks she’s Jessica now?”

“Yes. She let herself be known to me tonight. I’m not sure how long she’s been Jessica.”

“Shit. I had no idea.” Trent was deep in thought. “We should call Dr. Dresser, her therapist.”

“She was in therapy, for what?” Warning bells clanged loudly in Sheana’s head.

“Come on, let’s go downstairs and talk in the study. I’ll fix us some drinks.”

For the next hour Trent filled the Mistress in on the entire history of Ashley and Jessica.

“Ashley didn’t think she needed therapy but then changed her mind and went along with it. Her last session was only a week or so before we came out here.”

“Do you think it’s too late to call this therapist?” Sheana asked, looking at the clock.

“No, absolutely not. She’d do anything for Ashley, and I’m sure she’ll cooperate fully.”

Trent took out his cell phone but Sheana waved him off and stood up. “We have a secure phone in another room. It’s got encryption.” She led him down the hall to a small study filled with electronics.

“I’m impressed,” Trent said as he looked around.

“We’re very careful and totally committed to the security of our girls.”

“I see that. Okay, here’s the number.” He took the doctor’s card out of his wallet and handed it to Sheana. A moment later they had the doctor on the line.

“Dr. Dresser, it’s Trent Richards.”

“Oh hi, Agent Richards, what can I do for you?”

“Well, I’m calling about Ashley Bennet.”

“You are? Is she alright? Has something happened?”

“We think so, and we’d like your thoughts. I have a friend here with me, her name is Sheana.”

“Hello Dr. Dresser,” Sheana said.

“Hi, so what’s going on?”

“Dr. Dresser, I can’t really go into details about the situation here but earlier this evening when Sheana was speaking to Ashley, Ashley identified herself as Jessica.”

“Jessica? That’s… have you told Sheana about Jessica, Agent Richards?”

“Yes, she’s up to date on the whole story.”

“What did she say precisely?” Dr. Dresser asked.

“Well Ashley had had a hard day here…” Sheana began.

“Hard day? What do you mean? What’s she doing?” the Doctor interrupted.

“We can’t go into specifics, doctor,” Trent cut in, “But I can say she’s involved in some very vigorous training.”

“Well okay, please continue Sheana.”

“Okay, as I was saying… I went in to speak with Ashley about what had gone wrong today and she told me she was sorry and that Ashley had been stubborn today. She asked me to apologize to the trainer and that she would be perfect for him next time.”

“She said that Ashley had been stubborn?”

“Yes doctor. I asked her who she was and she asked me if I was messing with her. Um…” She didn’t want to tell this woman that she had given Ashley a shock to the neck.

“She told me her name was Jessica. When I asked her what happened to Ashley she told me that she uses that name too sometimes, but not now and not here. She said, and I quote, we’re stronger this way, and assured me that everything would be okay.”

“Well, I can’t discuss Ashley’s sessions with you, but I can tell you that she uses the Jessica persona to rationalize the part of her personality that is at odds with what she perceives as being normal.”

“If you’re talking sexual preferences and things that occurred at club, Sheana has been briefed on that and we can talk openly,” Trent said.

“If what Ashley is going through now is in the same line as what she went through at the club, then I would say that she’s using the Jessica persona to cope. Is she okay physically?”

“Yes, she’s very healthy and in good spirits,” Sheana answered.

“Other than having a bad day today.”

“Yes, her training today was stressful and she did not perform well.”

“I wish I could speak with her.”

“That wouldn’t be possible at this point in her training. I just need to know if this split personality is going to affect us down the road, as Ashley becomes more involved with the actual work at hand.”

“Well, I never diagnosed her as being schizophrenic. There were no signs that she had assumed another identity altogether. She knows who she is and because she used the name Jessica at the club she associates acts she would otherwise deem as deviant behavior as something Jessica would do. We’ve talked about her use of Jessica to handle her emotions and she understands it. I think what you need to do is talk to her more about it. If she’s Jessica now, ask her about Ashley. If it seems like she’s talking about a totally different person or doesn’t know Ashley then there’s a problem. It’s really difficult not to have access to her.”

“Well, I’ll call you if I find any other problems I can’t deal with. I do have some background in psychology, so I’m not totally clueless here, but not up to your standards, I’m sure.”

“Well, keep me informed if you would.”

The connection was broken and Trent said, “I’m really sorry Sheana. I had no idea about any of this.”

“How could you? It really doesn’t change anything for us. Regardless of whether it’s Ashley or Jessica, she’s going after her friend. I don’t see us stopping her. It sounds to me that Jessica would be the better person to send in. I’ll have a talk with her in the morning.”

“Can you call me?”

“Yes. Good night sir, and thanks for the help.”

“Thank you, too.”

* * *

Ashley heard the rattling of the door locks in the hallway outside the cells and immediately presented herself at the front of her cell, setting her gaze on the floor a few feet out into the aisle.

[I will be on my best behavior today. Mistress will be so proud of me!] Oh us! [Yes Ash, of us. We’ll be on our best behavior.]

Mistress Sheana walked towards Ashley’s cell with a leash in her hand. She noted that the slave’s posture was perfect.

“Is it Jessica or Ashley this morning?”

“I will be whoever pleases you Mistress.”

“Slave, I need to know whom you would call yourself this morning.”

“Ashley Bennet, ma’am.”

“And what about Jessica? You told me last night your name was Jessica.”

“I’m sorry about that Mistress. It’s a long story and yesterday was a long day. I’ll tell you everything if you ask me to…”

“No. I talked to your Master last night and he told me everything I need to know.”

“My Master?” [Master Richard]. “Master Richard?” Ashley looked somewhat perplexed when she said the name. Master Richard? That doesn’t sound right. [Of course it’s right! Pay attention to Mistress!!]

“Yes.” Sheana smiled, hearing that the subliminal training seemed to have taken hold. “I need to talk to Jessica.”

“I am Jessica when I need to be, Mistress. We’re not two separate people. A friend of mine told me it’s a state of mind.”

“Dr. Dresser?”

Ashley looked surprised. “Yes Mistress, Dr. Dresser.” She wondered how Sheana knew her therapist's name. [She spoke to our Master last night about us!] Yes, that made sense.

Sheana knelt down and unlocked Ashley’s cage and motioned her out.

“Well slave, what you are so dead set on attempting is very dangerous and I would prefer you think of yourself as Jessica from now on.”

“You would?” Ashley was surprised. Her Mistress was accepting her need for Jessica and not acting like she were a lunatic? [She’s spoken with Dr. Dresser.]

“Did you speak with Dr. Dresser, Mistress?”

Ashley cringed when the crop struck her side. Oh shit, I’ve already fucked up!

“Do not question me, slave. But yes, we had a nice talk and I agree with your assessment last night when you told me that everything will be okay. Jessica will see to that. When I see you now I’ll be thinking of you as Jessica and I want you to think of yourself first as a slave, and second as Jessica. Can you do that?”

“Yes Mistress. I am a slave whose name is Jessica.”

“Good. Let’s go.” Sheana gave the leash a very slight tug and Jessica rose to her feet and followed Sheana out of her cell towards the courtyard.

“Today I will teach you how to properly please a Mistress.”

[Finally! I’ve been looking forward to this!] Paula will love this when I get back!

Jessica was getting horny just thinking about being close to Sheana, and she hadn’t even had breakfast yet.

Later in the day Mistress introduced Jessica to a really nice master. She hadn’t seen the man at the facility before and she wondered if she would be allowed to suck his cock. After spending several hours pleasuring her mistress she suddenly had a yearning for a hard cock in her mouth. Curiosity overrode her training as she followed his movements with her eyes as he moved about the room, her mouth falling open several times to accept his cock if it pleased him to use her.

This new master had instructed her to lie down and she did so, spreading her legs widely so that he might use her cunt. She was surprised when he instructed her to close her eyes and told her that her eye lids were getting really heavy. Jessica thought this was a pretty silly thing to say but was surprised to find that he was right! How did he know? She was feeling pretty sleepy, another thing he somehow knew. It would be nice to take a little nap, just like he was suggesting.

But then for some reason she was waking up and the master was talking to Mistress.

Jessica felt really rested and hadn’t heard Mistress come into the room, so maybe the new master had let her take a nap. It was all sort of bizarre! But she seemed to have gotten a little nap out of it in the middle of the day, so goody for her!

* * *

Nicky hung in a line with seven other women. All were tightly bound with what seemed like miles of rope. Somewhere near her shoulder blades the loose end of the rope rose up to where it was tied to a beam overhead. A table was set in front of the girls.

Nicky felt like peeing when Master Heroshi Ketami walked into the room and wished she’d been allowed to urinate after she’d been woken up. She watched his every movement, waiting for a long whip to appear in his hand. What she saw sent sheer terror through her mind. He was carrying a large butcher knife.

Kill me first! her mind screamed out. Of course she remained silent, not only because of the spiked gag that pressed against her tongue, but because she feared he would not kill her fast enough.

Three days ago she had seen the life blood flow out a girl, maybe 20 years old, who had failed to arouse him. She was bound in a strict hog tie as he sliced her sides with the razor sharp edge of his long curved sword. The girl had bled to death right in front of him while he laughed and had another girl take his huge cock in his mouth. All the while he made tiny slices in her back with the tip of his sword. When she had finally made him cum her back was dripping red with blood.

Nicky chanced a glance to her side and saw the girl hanging several spots down, her eyes blackened and her face bruised. Her hair was chopped in freakish spikes.

Ketami walked to the table. “One of you will be given chance to graduate my school today. I have order for one slave.”

Ketami walked up and down the row of hanging women, stopping to feel each one’s breasts as he went. When he came to Nicky he pinched her nipples hard between his vice-like fingers. Nicky remained silent.

Ketami turned and walked back down to the third woman away from Nicky. “This one.”

A trainer came up behind the woman and cut her loose, causing her to drop like a sack of potatoes to the floor. Her ropes were quickly cut away and she was led to the table.

“Do you wish to graduate, slave?”

“Yes Master, if that is what you wish for this worthless whore.”

“Take this knife and cut off the little toe on your left foot.”

Ketami set the knife down onto the table. The woman looked at the knife and then up at Ketami. Her face showed looks of confusion and then fear. She picked up the knife.

“My toe, Master?”

Master Ketami backhanded the slave and she fell to the floor. “Cut off your toe!” he bellowed, causing several of the hanging women to whimper behind their gags.

The woman held the knife in her shaking hand and put her left foot out in front of her. She put the tip of the knife near her foot and then looked up again. Ketami’s heavy boot slammed into her side and she fell over with a sickening thud.

He took the knife, placed it across all of the woman’s toes on her left foot and pressed down on the blade, severing all of her digits. The woman bellowed a scream that was cut short as Ketami kicked her in the head in what proved to be a fatal blow. He kicked her again just to be sure. He was glad that was finally done. This woman was never to leave the facility alive anyway; it just wasn’t in the cards for her.

“That one.” Nicky saw his giant finger pointing in her direction and her bowels released.

A stream of piss leaked out through the bottom of her rope bindings and splattered noisily onto the floor beneath her. Nicky felt sick as she knew she would be punished for urinating without permission.

One of Ketami’s men went to cut Nicky down but Katami shouted, “Not that one,” and pointed to the woman next to Nicky.

The rope holding the bound woman up was cut and she fell to the floor, landing in the pool of Nicky’s urine.

The woman’s ropes were sliced away and she knelt with head bowed, ass in the air, and hands out in front of her on the floor. The whipping position of absolute submission.

Nicky heard the knife clatter to the floor.

“Cut off the pinky finger on your left hand, slut.”

“Yes Master.”

The woman reached over, took the knife into her shaking hand, and then rose to a kneeling position. She placed the tip in between her pinky and ring fingers and quickly brought the sharp blade down, severing the finger from her hand. The woman passed out as blood seeped from the stub. Two of the attending masochists dragged her out of the room.

* * *

Jessica was awake and kneeling on her mattress when Sheana unlocked the door to her cell. She had heard her Mistress approach and had assumed the proper position. Her knees were spread wide so Mistress could touch her cunt if she wished, her breasts were offered for her hands or her whip.

“Good morning, slave.” Sheana said as she clipped the leash to Jessica’s collar. “Your Master has decided to come and check your progress today. We’ll prepare you for him now.”

Jessica nearly jumped to her feet, but managed to maintain her position until her leash was nudged.

[Master comes today?]

Jessica was completely unprepared to hear those words. As much as she had longed to hear them, the thought of actually being in the presence of her true Master was a little unsettling.

[This is what we’ve trained for. To please our Master.] And to find Nicky. Remember, Master… Jessica stood stunned. What is master’s name? The confused woman searched her memory and came up empty.

[Don’t worry! Master will tell me his name if I need to know it for some reason.]

Still, it was unsettling to have forgotten her master’s name! They came together and she was sure she knew his name before. Of course I know his name, that’s ridiculous! But still she drew a blank. It was extremely confusing and unsettling to her.

“Come,” Sheana commanded and led Jessica out into the courtyard for her morning pee.

After cleaning her up, Sheana led Jessie into another of the many rooms she had never been in. A Mistress that Jessie had only seen working with new girls was there with two naked slaves. She recognized them as Jackie and Laura, both of them close to graduation.

“Sit here Jessica,” Sheana patted a cushioned chair. “Mistress Amy is going to give that blonde mop top of yours some shape, and these two mutts have volunteered to work on your nails and makeup. You’ll be presented to your new Master in one hour.”

A shiver went through Jessica’s body. [One hour!] She felt her body respond.

“May we talk, Mistress?” Jackie asked after Sheana had left the room.

“Because of the special nature of this day for the slave Jessica, you may talk freely.”

Amy didn’t normally allow the women in her care to speak, but once in awhile even she needed to hear voices other than her own. Being a Mistress was a taxing job, and although she had a domineering personality and thrived on forcing hapless and spineless men and women to submit to her every whim, occasionally she just wished nothing more than to simply be a woman.

“What’s your master like, Jessica? How long have you been with him? Is he handsome?” The questions came at her quickly and she didn’t really know how to respond.

Don’t tell them the truth what ever you do! [I know.] Remember, I’m not supposed to even know my master yet.

“I haven’t met my master yet. Mistress Sheana told me he’s very handsome though. ”

She pictured her master in her mind and felt warmness spread through her torso. Now if only I could remember his name! What am I going to do? [Calm down, master will tell me his name if he wants me to know it.]

She jumped slightly when Mistress Amy touched her nipple. “I think this slave is excited to meet her Master, and to please him.”

Jessica moaned as the thought of pleasing her Master passed through her mind. She imagined herself kneeling in front of him, taking his cock in her mouth. She pictured herself on all fours while he entered her from behind.

“Yes Mistress! I’m excited to finally have a Master. I’ve waited so long!”

“We’re all very proud of you slave,” Amy said as she expertly trimmed away at the blonde hair that had given Jessica that wild untamed look these past two months. It was time for the beautiful slave to emerge.

“Didn’t you have a Master before? How did you end up here?” Jackie asked as she shaped Jessica’s fingernail with an emery board.

Jessica reverted to telling the cover story they had devised about her mistress contacting Sheana to have her slave trained. “I was told when I came here that I would probably end up with a new master after I was trained. I’ll miss my Mistress, but am really excited about my new master.”

“I’m here to learn to please my master,” Laura said. “He’ll come soon, I hope. I’m just dying to see him again.”

Jackie looked a little lost in thought.

“What is it Jackie?” Jessica asked, “What’s wrong?”

“My master’s not coming back for me.”

“What? Why not?”

“He said he doesn’t want to be anyone’s master. But I want to be a slave… I want to submit myself to someone. He refused and thinks I’m… demented! But, he did find Mistress Sheana for me; at least that was nice of him to do.”

“Listen,” Amy bent down slightly and whispered. “Don’t say a word to anyone else, but Mistress Sheana has scheduled a showing for you next Thursday. There are two men and one couple coming to interview you. They’re all experienced Masters, very rich, and successful. They’ve all been clients here for some time.”

“Is this true Mistress?” Jackie asked, looking up, her eyes wet with tears.

“Yes dear. And you’ll make Mistress Sheana very proud when one of them buys you and takes you home with them.”

“What if they don’t want me?”

“You are an exceptional slave, Jackie. They’ll see that in an instant. By this time next week you’ll have your very own Master who’ll desire you very much.”

Tears streaked down Jackie’s cheeks. “Oh Mistress! I’m… I’m so sorry to have ever thought…”

“Jackie, Mistress Sheana loves all of her girls and no one is forgotten, even girls with no masters. She loves those the most and places them with the best masters.”

Laura reached over and hugged the sobbing slave.

Jackie hugged her back and then gently pushed her away. “Enough! Enough about me! This is Jessica’s day, not mine.” Jackie wiped her tears away and went back to filing Jessie’s fingernail into perfect shape.

The three women went to work on Jessica in earnest.

* * *

Later in the day Trent rode in the back of the very same white panel van that took him to the training facility known as “the ranch.” When they pulled up inside the warehouse he looked around to see if he could see Ashley anywhere. He was very nervous. Ashley! Where are you, and what have they been doing to you?

Mistress Sheana came out of one of the doors with a beautiful naked slave on a leash. The slave had short blonde hair and a really fine figure. The bound woman walked elegantly atop 6” red high heels. As they approached he was shocked to see that the slave was Ashley! She looked gorgeous with her hair cropped like that. And her naked body, with the chrome collar and cuffed limbs… damn!

“Master Richard, it’s so good to see you again. May I present this slave for your pleasure?” She handed the leash to Trent and he thought he would cream his pants.

[Master Richard! Of course.] The name sounded right and Jessica knew that was her master’s name! She felt so happy now.

“Thank you.” Ashley was so hot! And he could tell she was trained well. This entire time she had not looked up once. She silently waited by her Mistress’ side.

“Come,” he commanded.

Jessica walked over to stand next to her master. [It’s my master! Oh god!]

Jessica felt her limbs weaken as a sudden wave of pure pleasure washed over her. She dared not look up but she saw a bulge in his pants as she walked over to Him. An involuntary shiver went through her body when she saw how large his bulge was! She imagined his cock in her mouth and felt herself get wet. Just standing next to him… smelling his scent… seeing the bulge in his pants… she felt light-headed.

Trent! That’s right, Trent. She felt very nervous when she said the name. It was almost… nauseating. [Master Richard. MY Master Richard.] The nausea passed. We came here together. We’re going to get Nicky. [Me and MY Master Richard. I hope he fucks me right here on this dirty floor.] Trent? Isn’t that his name? He’s with the FBI.

Ashley felt her stomach tighten at the sound of that name. [No, no that was before he was my Master, before I wanted to suck his cock.] But what about the name, isn’t it backward? [We know his name! My master is Richard Brent.]

Ashley tried to concentrate on the name but kept coming up with Richard Brent. It sounded so right. She found she was thinking about his cock in her mouth again. Ah yes, I’ll soon be sucking his cock and I know it’ll be hard. My master… damn it! Now the name wouldn’t come to her again. She thought, Master… Master… several times but no name came afterwards.

“Let’s go back to my office. We have some catching up to do.”

Trent followed Sheana inside and Jessica followed her master. Walking three feet behind her master, Jessica breathed in his aroma and felt herself becoming even more aroused. She sensed that he would fuck her soon! The thought made her incredibly horny.

He will use me and I will pleasure him with my holes. I am his slut, his whore. Jessie fought to contain her exuberance, and to conduct herself as a lady.

When they entered the office Sheana rounded her desk and sat down. Trent took a seat in a comfortable chair. Jessica stood dutifully beside him. Unconsciously, Trent reached over and caressed Ashley’s bare back and then her firm ass. She was a spectacular woman! His hand felt warm and he knew that Ashley’s body was responding to his touch. He had become accustomed to feeling his imitation Ashley’s sexual aura, and what he felt being emanated from the real Ashley was red hot!

He gave the leash a slight tug and Jessica knelt beside him in the proper fashion. He looked down to see her hairless pussy glistening and knew she was wet with desire. He was struck by her position as it was obvious that she was offering herself.

From his limited experience he had seen slaves take different kneeling positions depending on their moods. A slave whose head was not in the right place, or was sullen, would sit on her heels with her knees barely apart. This usually earned her a slap with anything handy. A slave who was being attentive would sit on her heels with her legs spread wide. This allowed for easy access to her cunt from the front. A slave who wished to allow her master access to her pussy from the front or the rear would have her legs spread wide and hold her ass off of her calves. This put a strain on her thigh muscles but the slave’s desire to please her master almost forced her into this position. A slave with a strong desire found herself in this position without consciously striking the position. It came from the desire.

Trent felt his cock grow hard as he saw that Ashley was in this last position.

“What is your name, slave,” Sheana asked.

“Jessica, Mistress, if that pleases you.”

“It does. I’ve decided to call this slave Jessica and if it pleases you, you may call her that or make up a name of your own for her.”

“Jessica sounds very nice. I’ll give it that name as well.”

[He likes Jessica! My Master is happy with my name.] Jessica felt a drip of moisture on her thigh. The embarrassment of it only served to make her hornier.

Why do I get so horny when we get embarrassed? [Remember the mantra? Humiliation makes me hot?] Oh yeah, a little brainwashing. [Certainly worked didn’t it?] Pay attention to what Mistress is saying! Jessica was not stupid. She understood from the beginning the purpose of the mantras, and knowing that, put everything she had into concentrating on them. She had wanted the mantras to have their full effect on her from the beginning.

Speaking directly to Trent, Mistress Sheana said, “We received the item we talked about and have thoroughly tested it. It seems to work quite well, so that should be addressed immediately.”

“Where?” Trent asked.

“We have a person on contract that will do the procedure nearby. I’ll make the necessary calls and we can have it done tomorrow. In the meantime, why don’t you take your slave out to the courtyard to empty and then we’ll get something to eat.”

Trent and Sheana stood, but Jessica stayed in the kneeling position until Trent lifted her leash. The naked woman stood and followed them out and across the warehouse to the courtyard.

“Go,” Trent commanded and Jessica walked out into the courtyard and squatted down.

I can’t go with master standing there watching me! Jessica was getting really, really horny! [Master said go. I can pee and poop right now, I know I need to. And it’s so humiliating] I can feel it.

Jessica hunched her back and pushed. A large expulsion of shit passed through her anus, and then she peed without getting anything on herself. This really made her happy because she knew her Master would be proud of her.

Jessie turned and walked back to her waiting Master.

“Very nice. Where’s the wet room?”

Sheana escorted them to the clean-up room. Trent led Ashley to the center of the room where the drain was and had her kneel down on all fours. He took the hose, tested the water temperature, and sprayed her naked flesh. He found a rough scrub mitt and soap to wash her body with and set about his task.

By this time Jessica was so horny she could barely stay up. Ever since her master had arrived she had been horny. This was her master from her old FBI office. His name still managed to elude her and it was really bothering her. It was so silly of her to not remember what his name was!

He was still an FBI agent and she used to work as a secretary in the office he worked in. And now she was stark naked and he was her master. She had just squatted and gone to the bathroom right in front of him and now he was washing her naked body with soap and water using a rough mitt.

The sensation on her flesh was in itself very stimulating as he ran the soapy mitt over her back and around underneath to her hanging breasts. He washed her arms and her legs and down her back again to her ass.

[He’s getting closer!]

He came down the crack of her ass and cleaned her out and then just quickly grazed over her hairless pussy. With the other hand he began to rinse her off.

[No Master! My cunt! Please!] Jessica wanted him so badly now she was beside herself with lust. She spread her legs even further apart and arched her back so that her ass was prominently displayed. She knew her cunt was fully accessible to her master.

Sheana nodded appreciatively. She saw that he scrubbed her down, hitting all of the erogenous zones and then just passed over her pussy enough to clean her. She knew that Jessica must be insane with desire by this time. She handed him a towel and he dried his slave from head to foot.

“Up,” he commanded and Jessica rose to her feet and gracefully into the standing position. Trent took a small ring and passed it through Jessie’s wrist cuffs, pinning her wrists behind her back.

“Let’s eat, I’m starving.”

Sheana led the way to the cafeteria and they sat down, Jessica kneeling dutifully by her Master. Two servers attended them and soon they were eating and discussing current events.

While he ate, Trent placed a hand on Jessica’s bare shoulder and stroked her blonde hair. At one point he reached down and fingered her pussy and found she was sopping wet. He lifted his finger to her mouth and let her suck her own juices.

Trent used his napkin on his mouth and looked at the remaining food on his plate. Two slices of turkey breast, half a serving of mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans. He set the plate on the floor in front on Jessica and commanded her to eat.

His new slave bent at the waist and began to lick the food up off the plate, chewing through the meat slices and licking up the mashed potatoes and gravy. It was a good meal and she felt all warm inside after consuming it, both from the heartiness of it and that it was from her master’s plate.

After Jessica had finished and returned to a kneeling position, Trent reached over with his napkin and wiped her face. Looking down he spotted a green bean on the floor.

“You waste my food slave?” he asked.

“Master?” Jessica said, “I didn’t know…”

“Spanking position, now.”

Jessica scooted back so that she could assume a position where her forehead touched the floor, her ass in the air. Normally her arms would be out in front of her but they were still locked behind her back.

Trent couldn’t help but to run his hands over Jessica’s firm rear end. He had to forget that this woman used to be the secretary in his office and that she was still on the FBI’s payroll. He had to think of her as his slave now. He had to treat her as his slave for this insane mission he had been given.

Already he knew that she was submitting to him. Conversations he had with Dr. Dresser came to mind. “She will willingly submit to any person who shows domination towards her. It’s in her nature.” The slaves he had trained with at the ranch displayed the same characteristics, and he understood what Jessica was feeling right now.

He knew she was becoming aroused by his touch. He knew she would get aroused when he disciplined her. It was part of her training. He’d also been told that Sheana was using subliminal re-enforcement on Jessica to expedite her training.

His fingers slipped down the crack of her ass and he felt her muscles tighten and felt an intake of air as if she were holding her breath. His fingers slid into her pussy and Jessica moaned softly.

“Silence,” he commanded sternly. He continued to finger her wet pussy for a moment and then brought his hand up and sharply down, spanking her rounded ass. The tight flesh barely moved and a very slight yelp escaped Ashley’s lips.

[Oh fuck, Master can spank well! Shit that hurt. Don’t move! Don’t cry out again. Master will be pleased. I want to please my Master. His fingers felt so good!]

Again, Trent’s fingers explored Jessica’s pussy, soaking them completely.

“Slave, why is your cunt so wet?”

“Master!” Jessica cried out, beyond frantic with desire. “You tease me with your fingers. I cannot help that I’m aroused by your touch.”

“Shall I continue spanking you?”

“Yes Master, if that will please you.”

Trent continued to run his hands over her ass, bringing his fingers close to Jessie’s pussy but not touching her again. Heat was radiating from her raised ass now, physical sexual heat. Trent marveled at Jessie’s reaction to his touch.

Bringing his hand up, he slapped her ass again and again. Jessie held her position and didn’t cry out even though Trent knew that these were quite hard slaps.

“Eat what fell off of the plate,” Trent commanded.

Jessie leaned forward to probe around the edges of the plate until she found the bean that had dropped onto the dusty floor. Using her tongue and lips, she picked it up and ate it. It was cold and dirty so she simply swallowed it whole.


Jessica came up into a kneeling position and Trent stroked her short blonde hair.

“Well done, I’m very proud of you.” He saw a look in her eyes that bordered on anguish and knew her sexual frustration was high. She had pleased him and that, he knew, was a sexual stimulus for her.

As it was, Trent’s cock was straining for release. This didn’t go unnoticed by Sheana.

“Perhaps you would like to be shown to your room. The two of you have some catching up to do as well.”

Trent rose and gave the leash a slight tug causing Jessica to rise to her feet. The three left the dining area and crossed the warehouse to an area that Jessica had seen but had never been to yet. They climbed a set of stairs and entered a long open hallway with doors on one side and a view of the warehouse bay on the other. At the third door Sheana stopped and ushered them into the room. It was a large suite with a living area, kitchenette, bedroom, and bathroom.

“Let me know if you need anything. Dinner will be served between 6:00 and 7:30 this evening, otherwise a short room-service menu is on the dresser.”

“Thank you, this is very nice.”

Sheana left the room, closing the door behind her. Trent looked at Jessica and saw that she maintained a perfect standing position. He reached behind her and unclipped her wrists, allowing them to hang freely. In less than two seconds she returned them to their proper place, behind her back.

“I can see your training has gone very well, Ashley.”

“Thank you Master,” Ashley said as she blushed. She had known that her master had been leading her around by the leash all afternoon but now she suddenly felt self-conscious about her nudity. She fought the urge to cover herself, and instead maintained her correct posture. She realized her master had called her Ashley and wondered if this was the reason for her sudden embarrassment. Jessica wasn’t so embarrassed about being seen naked.

Trent sat on one of the barstools and took Ashley’s hand in his own. “Look at me, Ashley. What is my name?”

Ashley looked up, her cheeks glowing red. “Your name is… Master.”

“That’s it? Master?”

“Well…” [FUCK! What is his name? They said it earlier when He arrived. It was Master…,] “Mistress instructed me to call you Master. I’m not to know your name unless you tell me.” The warm feeling that passed through Jessica when she spoke to her master did not go unnoticed.

“Tell me what we plan on doing after we leave here.” He wanted to make sure she wasn’t a mindless drone and still knew what they were doing there.

“We’re going to search for Nicky, Master.”

[Don’t be so embarrassed! He’s our master.]

Trent stood up and went behind Jessica and re-attached her wrist cuffs. Then he led her into the bathroom and sat her down on the toilet seat facing the sink. He opened the vanity and found a new toothbrush and removed the wrapping. Running the water into the sink he wet the brush, applied toothpaste and had Jessica bend over the sink so that he could brush her teeth.

This began to make Jessica very horny! It was crazy and she felt silly there with her head over the sink and her master brushing her teeth! But, he was her master after all, and he was taking care of her. Master Rick used to do that for her but now her real master would do it!

Jessie glanced over towards his crotch. He didn’t seem to be erect, but she thought she might be able to smell him. She knew his cock would be big. She longed to have it in her mouth; to suck him dry.

Trent brought Jessica into the bedroom and saw that there was a thin mattress in one corner. As much as he wanted to take Ashley into bed and make love to her, he still had reservations about it. He took her over and attached the chain to her collar and told her to lie down. He laid down on the bed and quickly fell asleep.

Jessica lay awake for some time. [Master is not happy with us!] We didn’t do anything wrong. Master said our training has gone well. [Why am I not in his bed? Being fucked.] Yes, being fucked. [I need to be fucked.]

Ashley’s hands were not bound and she thought about fingering herself. [No! Don’t do that! Master has not given us permission.] She tried to ignore her sexual frustration and settled in on the thin mattress. Being chained naked on the floor while her master slept in the bed was humiliating enough at it was, and that only added to her arousal. It took quite awhile, but she finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Jessica woke up and wondered what happened to supper the previous night. She had fallen asleep and had not woken up all night. Had her Master gotten up for supper and not awoken her? She looked up at the bed and saw that her Master was not there. There were some sounds coming from the other room and Jessica hurried to present herself in the standard kneeling position and await her Master.

A few moments later her Master came into the room along with Master Rick. Rick carried a big box that he placed on the bed.

“Today you wear clothes. We have to go out,” Trent said as he lifted the top of the box.

Jessica looked at the box. [Out? Where are we going?]

Rick was busy releasing Jessica from her wrist cuffs and from the wall chain.

Trent picked up a glass of water and handed Jessica two pills.

“Swallow these,” he ordered.

“What is it?” Jessica asked.

Trent was shocked that Jessica would ask a question and not immediately obey his command. His training had been very thorough and he reacted as he should have. He reached down and pinched Jessica’s nipple hard between his fingers causing her to cry out in pain and twist to the side.

Trent retained his grip on her and ordered her to be still. The sternness in his voice froze her and she returned to the proper position. Her juices boiled and she felt herself moisten between her legs.

Jessica reached up for the pills and placed them in her mouth and then accepted the water and drank it.

“Go relieve yourself,” Rick ordered.

Where? In the bathroom? Jessica’s surprised look made Rick laugh.

“Yes, in the bathroom. You do remember how to use a toilet, don’t you?”

“Yes Master, I mean, yes sir.” Master Rick had counseled Jessica on how to address free persons now that she was graduating from the training program. Theoretically, the only person whom she would address as master would be her Master. All other free men would be addressed as Sir or by the name they instructed her to use. Still, if a man held a position of dominance over her that she respected, she could call that man master as well, understanding that he was not her Master, but “a” master. Jessica trotted off to the bathroom to pee in an actual toilet for a change. Trent followed her in and when she had finished, he wiped her.

As she returned to the bedroom, Jessica saw the outfit she was to put on was a simple white dress and white high heels. She pulled the dress on and Trent zipped it up in back. It was short and fit quite snugly, showing ample cleavage in front. The heels were 4” high and had cute little locks on the ankle straps.

“Let’s go, we’re running late.”

Jessica wanted to ask about breakfast but knew she shouldn’t ask any questions.

[Master will tell us what we need to know.]

Mistress Sheana was waiting in the van. When Trent and Jessica approached the side door to the van opened and they climbed in. It was a short ride to a nearby clinic where they entered through a back door.

“Ah Sheana, good to see you again my dear. And who have we here?” The man in the light blue scrubs looked at Jessica.

“This is the woman I was telling you about. We won’t use names if it’s okay.”

“Sure, it’s the usual security, I understand. Do you have something for me?”

Sheana handed the doctor a thick manila envelope which looked to contain a couple thousand dollars.

“Come right this way dear.” He ushered Jessica into another room. “Please remove your clothes and sit up on this table.”

Jessica looked at her master.

“Follow the doctor’s instructions,” Trent ordered.

Jessica, feeling very uncomfortable now with this turn of events, complied with the doctor’s request. She slipped out of the dress and sat up on the table to remove her heels. Now totally naked, she wondered what they were going to do with her.

[Don’t worry, Master is here. He’ll make sure nothing bad happens to me.]

“Okay, now lie back here. There you go.” The doctor adjusted her head in the seat and brought a small plastic oxygen mask up and over her mouth and nose. He adjusted the flow on a nearby tank and the sound of gas could be heard. After about two minutes Jessica was sound asleep and the doctor reduced the flow of gas to her mask.

“So, if you’ll wait outside I’ll implant your device.” He motioned for his assistant to come and help him while Trent and Sheana made their way out into the waiting area.

“My god Doctor Bishop, she’s gorgeous,” the young assistant said.

The doctor looked around to make sure no one could see.

“Yes, they always are. Now move her leg out onto that stirrup. We’re going to implant this little bugger right here.” He pointed to a spot on Jessica’s inner thigh. When her leg was pulled out Jessica’s hairless pussy was totally exposed. The assistant couldn’t take his eyes off of Jessica’s pussy.

“You rarely see anything as perfect as that, Michael, even when they come from Sheana. But we need to be professional and tend to the business at hand. Now pay attention and get ready with that suction tube. There will be some blood here as I use the micro-scalpel.”

The doctor swung the high intensity light over and then made a tiny incision into Jessica’s thigh. Blood oozed out of the cut and Michael busied himself sucking it up. The doctor took the small transmitter and inserted it into the tiny hole. He flipped down his magnifying lenses and peered into the hole.

“What is that thing?” the assistant asked.

“We don’t ask questions, that’s part of the arrangement. Pass the adhesive please.” The doctor said as he held out his hand.

Michael took a thin fiber optic and applied a dab of adhesive to the end of it and handed it to the doctor.

“What about these marks on her skin? It almost looks like she’s been whipped. What do you think?” Michael asked as he looked at the faint welts on Jessica’s flesh.

“I think there’s $3000 in that envelope for you to just help me get this in place and stitched up. Do you think you can do that?”

“Yes doctor, but it looks like she’s been abused, and recently, too. Shouldn’t we report it?”

The doctor held his hand steady and looked up at his assistant. “Sheana is a dominatrix. It’s what she does, okay? Now let’s get this done so we can get her out of here. The longer she’s here the more risky this becomes for us.”

Michael focused his attention on the operation at hand and helped direct the overhead light onto the incision.

“Thank you,” the doctor said. “Now, just a dab of the glue there, and let this little puppy go. Oh, that’s perfect. Now, suction in the opening for just a second.”

Michael tipped the suction tube down and heard a glob of something go into the tube and then he raised it out again.

The doctor looked into the teeny hole again and said, “Perfect. Let’s close her up.”

He held out his hand and the assistant handed him the needle and suture. A minute later Jessica was all stitched up. The doctor turned off the gas and removed the mask from Jessica’s face. He took a syringe and extracted 50cc of a liquid and injected it into Jessica’s arm.

“I’ll go and let them know she’s ready for the x-rays,” the doctor said as he turned to leave the room. Once outside he went into his office and flipped on his monitor. He had a camera in one corner of the lab for just this purpose. He hit the record button on his digital recorder because he already knew that the kid would not be able to resist.

He watched as Michael looked at the door and then down at the beautiful woman on the table. His hands came up and he felt her naked breasts, touching the nipples, and then felt the bulk of her breast again. His hands roamed down her body to her hips. He seemed to linger there, looking at the door and then he touched her hairless pussy with his shaking fingers.

The doctor stopped the recording. That was all he would need to make sure that kid never talked to anyone about this operation. He had just committed medical practice suicide. The doctor went out and motioned for Sheana and the man to come over. He moved the door to the lab slightly to warn the kid that they were coming back in. When they opened the door the kid was at the work bench cleaning up the adhesive.

The three walked over to where Jessica lay and observed the incision point.

“That is fantastic, Doctor Bishop!” Sheana exclaimed. “It’s a very tiny slit isn’t it?” She looked at Trent, who was examining the stitches with the overhead magnifying light.

“Yes, very well done.” He moved the lamp away.

“I’ve given her 50 cc of barbitoltetrahyzine. She’ll be out of it for the rest of the day. Probably around midnight she’ll be awake enough to use the bathroom and you should give her two more of these tablets. She’ll sleep most of the day tomorrow. After that she should be able to carry on with normal activities.”

The doctor and his assistant busied themselves with lab work while Trent and Sheana watched Jessica. The doctor came back with some sterile bandages and wrapped Jessica’s thigh with it.

“The stitches will dissolve in a day or two and she’ll be good as new,” the doctor said as he brought a gurney up next to his operating table. He had Michael give him a hand transferring the sleeping woman onto the gurney.

“This type of surgery is practically non-invasive and the recovery time is quite short. When she’s more alert tomorrow, give her two of these a day for the pain until they run out, although I’m sure her tolerance to pain is quite high.” The doctor started to hand Sheana the bottle of pills but she nodded towards Trent and the doctor handed the pills to him instead.

“Can she get wet? Could she, let’s say, go into a pool?” Sheana asked.

“Oh sure, the incision is completely sealed. Water won’t affect it at all. The stitches are only there for extra re-enforcement, the flesh itself has been glued together.”

“Let’s go take an x-ray of our handy-work,” the doctor said as he covered Jessie’s naked body with a sheet and wheeled the cart out of the room.

Minutes later they were in the doctor’s office studying the pictures.

The doctor pointed to a dull gray smudge on the x-ray. “That’s it right there, but if you didn’t know it was there I don’t think you would suspect that it was anything.”

“It just looks like a slight blur on the image,” Trent said as he examined the x-ray closely.

“This is a high quality system I have, too. Most systems have far less resolution than this. This wouldn’t show up on 90% of the systems out there. What is this material?”

“It’s not on the market yet doctor, so I’m afraid I can’t reveal its composition. Well, honestly, I don’t even know what it’s made out of, so it’s a secret even to me.”

“Well, thank you doctor.” Sheana waved Trent towards the door and they rolled Jessica out to the waiting van.

Jessie was still unconscious when she was returned to Trent’s room and chained to the wall. They left her sleeping on her small mattress.

* * *

“Okay,” Sheana said as she led Trent into a large room. “This is our water bondage area.”

Trent looked around to see several large tanks of water. Some were cylindrical Plexiglas tubes. Some were vertical semi-circular Plexiglas tanks.

The door opened and a mistress brought in a slave on a leash.

“Thank you Katie,” Mistress Sheana said as she took the leash and the slave from the other woman.

“I’ve been told you are quite good with the ropes, Master Richard. Would you mind binding this slave? The style should be a basic hog tie, but feel free to expand upon that in any way you see fit.”

“It would be my pleasure,” Trent said as he motioned the slave to lie down on the cold stone floor. He walked over to the wall and removed several coils of medium width rope and returned to the woman.

“Get on your stomach with your hands gripping your ankles,” Trent ordered. He took two coils of rope and flung them out into the room so that they were laid out straight. Slip knots were made in the end of each rope and then the loops were placed over the slave’s ankles and pulled tight.

Taking the right ankle, Trent began to loop the rope around and around the ankle and the wrist. After the rope encircled both body parts he began to loop the rope in a figure eight pattern so that it went over her arm, through to the inside of her thigh, under her thigh and then up and back through the middle to the outside of her arm.

He didn’t pull the rope very tight because that would put a strain on the woman’s arm. Rather, the figure eight pattern would completely encapsulate both the woman’s arm and her legs to make those parts solidly attached to one another. Upon finishing that task he took another rope and began looping it around her upper chest, criss-crossing around her breasts to make a rope bra and working the loops into the ropes encircling her arms. When he was done, the woman couldn’t budge an inch.

Sheana returned and admired his work. “Very nice, I’ll just add this nose plug so that she doesn’t have to worry about water going up her nose.” Sheana fitted the small spring clip over the bridge of the woman’s nose to pinch her nostrils.

“Okay, help me get her into the tank.” The two of them hoisted the woman up and balanced her on the edge of the semi-circular tank.

“Now, once we push her in she’s your responsibility. You can let her sink to the bottom but you must be able to pull her up. I don’t care if you have to jump in there yourself, you obviously may not allow this slave to drown.”

“I won’t let her drown.”

“But you can come close. The slave must from time to time run out of air. It’s essential that she know that her life is in your hands. Even when she’s down for a long time, she must know that you’ll pull her up before she drowns. But she must feel the fear of drowning and the relief of being saved. When you do this to Jessie it’ll strengthen her bond of trust with you. She must do what ever you say without question for her own safety and this will help achieve that goal."

“Understood,” Trent said.

Sheana nodded and pushed the slave into the water. “Be ready to pull her up using the ropes at the top of her bindings; the ones at her shoulders.”

Sheana watched the slave through the Plexiglas. “Okay now. The first few times you won’t leave her under for long.” She watched as Trent’s arm plunged into the luke-warm water and pulled the woman’s torso up so that her head was above the water line.

“Let her catch her breath this time, but later you’ll bring her up for a second and then let her go under right away. It’ll teach her to catch a breath as soon as she surfaces.”

Trent waited a second or two and then released the woman. He watched her sink to the bottom, her bondage not allowing her to help herself at all. She was securely cocooned in several feet of ropes. Quickly running out of oxygen the woman began to struggle. Trent reached down and pulled her to the surface and then released her, allowing her to sink once again to the bottom of the tank.

“Did you see that she didn’t get much of a breath?” Sheana asked.

“Yes I did.”

“So, don’t leave her under too much longer.”

Trent reached in and grabbed a hold of the ropes, pulling the woman upward. She gasped for air as her head broke the surface.

“No! No more!” she cried out.

Trent released her and then caught her toe. He held onto it allowing the woman to sink head first. Trent lifted her feet out of the water and slapped the bottom of her feet with his hand.

The woman lurched and jerked as she tried to bring herself upright. Trent saw a burst of bubbles and then brought the woman up so that she floated on her back. The woman cried out.

“Please Master! Don’t let me go.”

Trent fondled the woman’s breasts and stroked her nipples. Then he held onto her nipples with both hands so that he was holding her up by her nipples. This did not go unnoticed by the woman, who understood her predicament. His pinch was very painful, but if he released his grip she would sink to the bottom again.

Finally he released his grip and saw that the woman was able to take a large breath of air before she submerged. Trent knelt down to look at the woman through the Plexiglas. She rested on the bottom of the tank unable to do anything but that. As the air bubbles escaped her mouth she began to look more and more frantic. Trent waited until her movements had settled down and then leaned into the tank to lift her to the surface.

The next time he released her she sank to the bottom and did not struggle. He waited and waited and then pulled her up. The slave had come to trust that he would pull her up in time.

The next time he released her Mistress Sheana said, “See? You can sense that she trusts you now can’t you?”


“Okay, let’s get her out and dried off. Are you okay from here?”

“Yes, we’ll be fine.”

“Good. Return this slave to cell 23 after she’s dried off. There’s a hair drier in the second drawer down. Don’t take her back with wet hair.”


Trent stood on a platform on the back of the tank and lifted the woman out so that she was bent over the edge of the tank. He swiveled her so that she rested on top of the tank and then he turned her so that he could place her over his shoulder. Once on his shoulder he lowered the woman to the floor and began to undo her rope bondage. He admired the patterns the ropes left on her water logged flesh and explored them with his fingers.

“Was that fun, slave?”

“Yes sir.”

“Tell me the truth.”

“Not at first sir, but towards the end I honestly enjoyed it.”


“I knew you were strong enough to pull me up and I knew you wouldn’t let me drown.”

“Very good. I’m proud of you for understanding a master would never harm you.”

“Thank you sir.”

When the woman was unbound, Trent ordered her into an all fours position and he toweled her dry. Then he had her crawl to a spot next to a chair by the wall where there was as outlet. He had her kneel and began to dry her short blonde hair.

When she was perfectly dry he attached a leash and walked her out to the courtyard where she peed for him. He used the towel he had dried her with to clean her, and then led her back to her cell.

Once inside her cell, Trent removed the leash and locked the woman’s collar to the chain on the wall, allowing her to rest on the thin mattress. He looked outside the door and found the food bin, scooping a fair portion into his hands and depositing it on the floor next to the naked slave. He checked her water bottle and saw that she had plenty of water.

Trent sat and watched the woman eat for a moment and stroked her short blonde hair. Her body was soft and warm; her nipples painfully erect.

After a while Trent rose and left the cell, locking the door behind him.

* * *

Nicky had spent the week since she had urinated without permission in tight bondage.

She had been bound in a peculiar manner, though. One of the rooms in the giant complex had a square hole in the wall that had a thick wood panel in it. The panel was split in two horizontally and had a hole cut into the center so that, when removed, the panel could be separated. This panel had been locked around Nicky’s neck and then had been securely inserted back into the hole in the wall. This placed Nicky’s head sticking out into the hallway and the rest of her body in the room. Before being locked into the wall, Nicky was shown the contents of the room. It seemed to be a storeroom for torture devices. There was every sort of whip, crop, and cane. There were needle pin wheels, clamps, spreader bars, cervical spreaders, dildoes, vibrators, and cattle prods. Nicky’s eyes were wide with fear.

After her head was secured, the handler went into the room and began to bind her body. Her arms were tied together at the wrist and elbows, pulling her arms severely together. Then a rope was attached to her elbow bondage and pulled straight up. Nicky felt tugs on her ankle cuffs and knew that ropes were being threaded through the d-rings. She felt her ankles being pulled up off of the floor and struggled against the pull, but knew she was helpless to stop it. A terrible strain was placed on her throat as her weight was transferred to her neck enclosed in the wooden hole.

After her legs had been brought up, Nicky could feel that her body was horizontal to the floor with her arms and legs held up above her. She felt her elbow bindings being pulled up even higher and that took the pressure off of her neck.

Rope was passed around her waist and looped many times before she felt it being passed through the loops and then felt her waist being raised upwards.

A hand roughly took hold of her knee and Nicky felt a rope being wound around it. This rope was pulled out to the side, separating her thigh from her other thigh. This was repeated on the other thigh so that her thighs were spread widely apart. This came as no surprise to Nicky as total exposure was the name of the game in this hell-house. She knew her pussy would be brutalized; she would be raped, and whipped. She also knew that she would be serving many men with her mouth.

Nicky lurched as she felt the man in the room roughly insert his fingers into her pussy. He rotated them and jabbed them in and out sending spasms of pain through her body. Three fingers and then four, and then his whole hand plunged into her cunt. He balled his fist and fucked her hard, reaching over to maul her breast with the other hand. He pulled on her nipple and flicked it, causing Nicky to cry out as he brutalized the flesh where her nipple ring had, weeks ago, been removed. The skin had barely had time to heal with the constant abuse her nipples received. Her labia had not healed any faster.

Tears stained her cheeks as a flash of memory reminded her of her first day in captivity when Master Katami had tied her spread eagle and had, one by one, cut off her rings. It was not done gently and Nicky had feared he would simply tear the rings out with his huge hands. She had soiled herself and thrown up all over herself. When it was over she was simply thrown, bound and naked, into a dark stinky cell and left for two days.

Nicky screamed as her face was slapped. Her reminisces had distracted her to the point that she failed to see one of the security guards standing in front of her. He was pulling his erection out of his pants. Nicky focused on the man’s erection and opened her mouth as he came near.

She fought the urge to bite into it, knowing she would be pummeled for such an action. If she thought the beating would be fatal she might try it, but the thought that it would not be fatal prevented her from attempting it. She still held out some slight hope for rescue and didn’t want to be a vegetable if she were ever freed.

Nicky knew this was her life for the time being. If she performed well maybe her Master would have mercy on her. Tears continued to flow from her eyes as she sucked the cock being rammed down her throat, for she knew mercy was not in her Master’s vocabulary.

* * *

“Master Richard!”

Trent turned to see the woman Sheana had earlier called Katie running towards him.

“Sir, you have an urgent call in Mistress Sheana’s office, will you follow me please?”

Trent ran behind the young woman into the office area of the warehouse. Mistress Sheana ushered Trent in and dismissed Katie.

“What is it?” Trent asked.

Sheana had confiscated Trent’s cell phone from him when he arrived at the warehouse and was now handing it back to him.

He looked at the screen and saw Special Agent Harris’ name in the prompter.

“Derek, it’s Trent, what’s up?”

“Bad news. The body of one of the other agents, Janet Isleman, has been found. I’m sending you pictures, I’m sorry you have to see them, but I think you need to.”

“Oh god. What happened? Where was she found?”

“Her naked body was found under the docks at Peterson Point, just south of L.A. She had been pretty badly abused and missing all of the toes on her left foot. Those injuries seemed to be quite fresh as did three broken ribs and a serious dent in her skull. The coroner has determined that the head wound was the cause of death and that she was alive when the other injuries were inflicted.”

Trent looked at the pictures Derek had sent to his phone and cringed.

“Needless to say, your mission has taken on new urgency. This is not just a sex ring, or a human trafficking case, its murder. Maybe even serial murders.”

Trent looked at Sheana who mouthed, “Ketami.”

“We think we know who’s responsible for this, a slaver by the name of Heroshi Ketami. We have information that he has Nicky, so we will definitely be trying to track him down.”

“Well, you just be careful. Remember, I have an assault team standing by when you need them. You are not to engage anyone directly, do you understand?”

“Yes sir, I understand.”

“And, Ashley’s security must be guaranteed at all times.”

“That goes without saying,” Trent retorted.

“I know. I’m just worried about both of you. I know you’ve got a lot of undercover experience, but Ashley’s raw. How’s the training going, by the way?”

“The training is going well. We hope to be ready in a week or two.”

“Good to hear. I’ve transferred considerable funds into your account and I’ll text you with a few addresses of safe houses we have along the coast. These are drug repo’s, all quite large. You can use them as you need to. Also I’m sending our newest version of a satellite phone to the address we sent the transmitter to. It’s got extremely good encryption and not even the NSA can listen in on our conversations.”

“Okay thanks.”

Trent hung up the phone and handed it back to Sheana.

“I don’t envy you your mission, Agent Richards,” Sheana said as she locked the cell phone in her desk. “You have to forget that Ashley is working with you on this assignment. You must be her master.”

Trent shifted uneasily in his chair.

“This is your mission. She is simply your ticket into my world. She must be the perfect slave and it’s now fallen to you to make her one. The next few days will be hard on you because you must very quickly make her your slave. You need to be especially hard on her now and everything that I’ve trained her for and done to her for the past two months will manifest itself in her.”

“Believe me,” she continued, “I’ve done this countless times and this is the most critical point in her training. Be too soft on her now and she will not submit to you totally. There will be a lingering uneasiness in the back of her head that will allow her to feel she’s still in control of her actions. A firm hand now will lock her submission to you, I promise. How you will ever unlock her, well, I’m not too sure how that will be accomplished. You may need your Dr. Dresser for that.”

Trent stood up. “I won’t lie and say I’m not scared shitless about this assignment. I’m scared for Ashley. How can I make her do these things?”

“Before you beat yourself up over it, remember you’re not doing anything to her that she doesn’t already crave. I’ve spent over two months with her, and believe me she thrives on her submission. Of course the subliminal training helped quite a bit with that, but I thought it was essential to re-enforce her training in her subconscious. You will see as you work with her that she honestly wants to be dominated. As Dr. Dresser has told her, it’s who she is. She’s a natural submissive. Use that to your advantage, but do use it.”

Trent’s look changed to one of determination. “I will.”

“Oh, and I asked Jessica what my name was and she never said it. She had the look that she wanted to, but then just said she was told to call me Master unless I told her my name. I think it worked.”

“The hypnotist told me that he programmed her to forget your name even if she hears it said out loud. She’ll remember it briefly but then it will fade away. He also thought it was best if she remembers your new mission name if she were to be tortured for it. It’s pretty unbelievable that she wouldn’t know your name if she were your real slave. She will have to be in serious duress, though, for her memory to kick in.”

Sheana took Trent’s hand and led him out of her office. “I want you both to succeed. People like Katami must be stopped. They’re murderers. I’m going to make some calls and see if I can’t rustle up some Masters and Mistress’ that can provide lodging and references to you as well. It would be best if you stayed with our people.”

“I would be very grateful for any help you can offer us.”

End of part 2

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