Ashley Bennet – Slave
Part 1

by mrhungry

This is Part II of the Ashley Bennet series. In Part One, the readers were introduced to Ashley, a beautiful blonde administrative assistant to a fairly high placed Special Agent in charge of the FBI’s Organized Crime Task Force office in Philadelphia. Ashley had fallen victim to a con which preyed upon her desire to become an FBI field agent. The owners of a local strip club had conned her into believing she was being recruited to work undercover in the club to investigate a prostitution ring. In reality, her actions at the club were being recorded for use in blackmailing her into providing them with information. It turned out that one of the club owners was a front man for the powerful New York crime boss, Vito Gambini. While still believing her assignment was genuine, Ashley uncovered evidence of widespread blackmail within the FBI and in the local government. One of the men in the OCTF, Trent Richards, had begun to investigate Ashley when she suddenly went missing. The club owners had kidnapped Ashley and were planning on selling her to overseas slavers. In the end, Agent Richards saved Ashley and she became somewhat of a legend in the upper echelons of the Bureau.

**Beginning in Ashley Bennet – Slave, Ashley will at times be thinking as Jessica, her alter-ego. For the readers' convenience the author will enclose [Jessica’s thoughts in brackets].**

The author apologizes in advance for the French accent of one of the characters in this story, as well as the Japanese words (which are probably incorrect) used by another of the characters. Too, the author means no disrespect to Italians in the depictions of the Mafia characters in this story. This is fiction, and is not based on any real life experience.


It had been six months since Ashley Bennet had resigned from her administrative assistant’s position with the FBI’s Organized Crime Task Force. Her boss and long time mentor, Special Agent Dick Umbridge, had convinced her to take an administrative leave rather than quit the bureau altogether. She still had some time to think about going back to work, but wasn’t sure she ever would.

Even though she had been assured that no one would ever know that she had fallen victim to a sadistic con artist and blackmailer, she knew. She knew that she had posed as a waitress in a strip club and had been tricked into working practically naked and had been recorded doing so. She knew that she had been kidnapped, raped, and nearly sold to Middle Eastern slavers. She knew that, except for the efforts of FBI agent Trent Richards, and the actions of a client from the club by the name of Rosalyn Tanner, she’d probably be dead.

She knew, and she couldn’t bring herself to go back to that office and pretend that she had been a hero, a real undercover agent who exposed the Mafia tentacles within the Bureau and City Hall. Oh yes, she had done all of that. But she had been duped by a blackmailer into thinking she was on a real mission. Fortunately, she had had enough nerve to slip into the blackmailer’s office and discover his secrets. She had also been extremely lucky that Agent Richards had been investigating her. Her expensive townhouse and comfortable furnishings had made Agent Richards suspicious of her, thank God. Nobody except her boss, Dick Umbridge, had known that she was independently wealthy and didn’t work for the Bureau out of the need for money.

She knew that not a day went by that she didn’t think of what she’d gone through while working, supposedly undercover, at the strip club. She had experienced her first ever orgasm in front of a packed house while bound to the stripper’s stage at the club. She had allowed men and women to touch her naked body, to explore her hairless pussy with their fingers as she willingly bent over their tables. She had purposely disobeyed the rules of the club so that she would be sexually punished.

She knew, deep inside, that she became aroused when she was naked and exposed in front of strangers. She knew that she became aroused when she was tied up and abused. She knew that she seemed to enjoy having sex with other women.

All of these things she knew.

Her therapist knew as well. Today was her last session with Dr. Marianne Dresser, the FBI therapist who had been assigned her case. Ashley could’ve easily paid, she was a millionaire after all, but was content to let the Bureau pick up the tab for what she had thought was a complete waste of time. But she could see their point, she had been brutally raped.

The problem was, she got wet when she thought back to the rape. Wet in her most private parts. When she thought back to the time when she had been held prisoner, stretched out naked with a vibrator pushing her towards orgasm, she had to slide her fingers into her panties (if she were even wearing any) and stroke her clit.

So many erotic things had happened to her during her stint as a fake undercover operative. Ashley was sure Ms. Dresser had to change her panties after several of their sessions. Ashley delighted in describing her ordeals in vivid details just to see the pretty red-haired therapist squirm in her seat.

As it turned out, her therapy sessions were very helpful. Ashley found that Marianne Dresser was indeed an extremely intelligent woman, and a very knowledgeable psychologist. Their first session was really a “break the ice/get to know each other” type of meeting. It hadn’t really gone that well. But by the third session they were talking opening and honestly. Ashley felt comfortable talking to Marianne about absolutely anything that was on her mind. The psychiatrist was never judgmental and was very attentive to Ashley’s concerns and emotions.

Dr. Dresser had determined that Ashley had a very submissive streak in her. That was all made painfully obvious by her antics at the club. Ashley loved to have other people in control of her, or put another way: she loved to have no control over herself or her senses. She loved to be dominated.

Dr. Dresser told Ashley that this was nothing to be ashamed of or even hidden away like some dark secret. But, she warned, she needed to be aware of it when dealing with people. Her submissive nature might allow her to be taken advantage of and she needed to be on her guard.

The pretty therapist surmised that Ashley was easily drawn into the con that had nearly cost her her life because it played on her need to serve. Even her administrative assistant position could be seen as a role of serving men. Not that all admin’s are submissive, but the best are. They constantly put their boss’s needs before their own.

“What about Jessica’s attraction to other women?” Ashley asked. “I was happily married to a wonderful man, but this past year Jessica has slept with other women twice.”

Dr. Dresser took Ashley’s mention of Jessica into account as she formulated her response. Several months ago the two women had come up with a plan to call the part of Ashley that wanted to be dominated, Jessica. Not that Ashley was schizophrenic, but it made it easy to talk about that part of Ashley’s personality. It was a part of her that Ashley never thought could ever exist.

Jessica, of course, was the name Ashley had been given by the blackmailer and the name she used when she worked at the strip club, supposedly undercover. It was quite typical for Ashley to speak about Jessica as though she were a different person. She knew it separated the bad things that had been inflicted onto her, and was a mechanism for dealing with those atrocities.

“Can you see yourself loving another man someday?” Dr. Dresser asked, knowing the history of Ashley’s husband.

Ashley thought about it. No one could take Marcus’ place in her heart. Since his death in Iraq, Ashley hadn’t been interested in any other men.

“I don’t want to say I would never love another man.” Ashley responded, uncertainty evident in her soft voice.

“Simply put, Jessica doesn’t see having affairs with women as cheating on Marcus. I know from what you’ve told me of him that he loved you very much. Don’t you think it would break his heart to see you unhappy, and wouldn’t he be thrilled to see you love again?”

Ashley knew she was right, but there were no other men in her life at the moment to love anyway. Although, Trent Richards was single again and he was what you might call ruggedly handsome. He had been really kind to her, especially after her abduction and enslavement. It was sweet that he had spent so much time at the hospital the first week after he’d rescued her. Too, she felt a special bond with the man and thought about him often. But now he was back to his normal work routine at the Bureau and probably not really giving her a second thought.

“Whether you believe it or not, you’ve built an additional emotional wall because of being raped, Ashley. Don’t let the actions of a few deranged men ruin it for all of the men out there that are capable of giving you real love and real tenderness.”

“I understand what you’re saying Dr. Dresser, and I… I agree with you, too.”

Ashley looked down at her hands folded in her lap. “I’ll try not to exclude men from my life any more. I know I have in the past because I didn’t want to get too close. I can see that now.”

“Ashley, you and Jessica are the same person. We’ve been talking for months now as though Jessica was some other person. A naughty you, maybe a dirty you. Jessica is not naughty or dirty. Jessica is the submissive you, but also the part of you that is daring and brave and ready to reach out. She’s a state of mind, not another person. We each have our own Jessica inside of us. You have to embrace Jessica and recognize her as a part of you. She’s your friend.”

After talking for another half hour the session ended. Dr. Dresser told Ashley to come and see her if she ever needed help in the future.

Ashley returned to her town-home to find her friend Paula making lunch. After “the incident” at the club six months ago she had moved in the dead of night to a new, more secure, town-home in the hills. There was some concern about Syndicate retribution and no one could be too careful. Paula was the only person other than Trent Richards who knew where she lived.

“Hey babe, how’d it go today?” Paula said as she stirred the pot of pasta on the stove.

“Pretty good. It was my last session, you know.”

“Oh wow Ash, that’s really great. Do think it was at all useful? I know when you started you thought it was stupid, but it got better didn’t it?”

“Yeah.” Ashley plopped herself down in one of oversized easy chairs and picked up the TV remote. “Dr. Dresser is fantastic. She’s helped me so much.”

“That’s great sweetie,” she picked a piece of pasta out of the pot and popped it into her mouth. “This is almost ready, will you help me get the table set?”

Five minutes later they were sitting at the table eating.

“How are things going with Jack?” Ashley asked Paula. Jack and Paula had been together for three years and were living together in an apartment half a mile away.

“We’re good. You know him, he’s pretty wild sometimes but he loves me, I can really feel it, and I love him right back.”

“Wow Paula, that’s so nice to hear. I’m so happy for you.”

They ate in silence for some time before Ashley spoke again. “Remember about two months ago you asked me to come and spend the night with the two of you?”

Paula put down her fork and looked over at her friend. “Of course, I thought you were considering it, but…”

“I know… I let you down, but…”

“Please don’t say that Ashley,” Paula interrupted her, “you didn’t let us down at all. It was just that we were concerned about you and didn’t want you to be alone during that time. You know we both love you so much.”

“I was going through a very difficult time, with my anniversary and all. But you weren’t really talking about just staying over were you? You were talking about actually going to bed with the two of you.”

“Yes, that’s what we were hoping for. It’s cool Ash. We were never offended that you declined the offer. Has this been bothering you?” Paula looked concerned that her friend was still thinking about that stupid offer. What had she been thinking?

“No, no, nothing like that at all.” Ashley took a sip of her wine. “Actually, my talk with Dr. Dresser today has given me a new perspective. I’d… um, like to take you up on your offer it it’s still available.”

“You’re asking if you can drop by and fuck my boyfriend?” A sinister smile crept across Paula’s face.

“Only if I can have my tongue in your pussy while I do it.” Ashley licked the sauce off of her fork in a very seductive manner.

“How fast can you pack an overnight bag?”

The two friends giggled and finished their meals.


When Jack got home from work that night, Paula took him aside and quietly told him that Jessica was staying the night with them. Jack knew that the use of the name Jessica had special import.


“Yes, but let’s be very gentle with her, okay? We’ll take things at her speed and let her ease into it.”

“Sure hun, where is she now?” Jack looked around the apartment and saw no sign of his lover’s beautiful friend.

“She’s soaking in the tub. And then she’s going to bed. Come on, I’ll fix you some dinner and then we can take a soak together.”

Two hours later the couple emerged from the tub and dried each other off. Jack’s cock had been hard the entire time, but they had been careful not to over-excite him. Still, the sight of Paula’s naked body never failed to arouse him. Her pierced nipples and pierced hairless pussy along with her knock-out body was such a turn-on. Jack considered himself to be the luckiest man alive.

As they entered the bedroom they saw Jessica lying asleep. The delicate features of her face radiated beauty even while the woman slept. Her long blonde hair cascaded over her bare shoulders, disappearing under the comforter. They quietly slid in on either side of her and cuddled up. It was nice and warm under the covers as Jack pressed his erection against Jessica’s firm buttocks. Paula scooted down just a tad and began to nibble on Jessica’s pierced nipples. She swirled her tongue around Jessie’s pink nibs and then began to kiss her firm 34C breasts.

Jessica began to stir and slowly woke up.

“Oh you guys, this feels heavenly.” Jessica purred as she reached behind her to pull Jack even closer. She took his arm and pulled it over her, leading his hand down to her hairless pussy.

Paula rose up and began to kiss Jessica on the chest and neck. Jessie arched her back as a wave of pleasure washed over her. After a few more minutes, she rolled over on top of Paula and began kissing her breasts. She felt Paula responding to her kisses as she worked her way down her friend’s well-toned abs to her pussy. Paula responded to this with little squeals of delight as her blonde friend suckled her clit.

Jack had moved down and was now positioned behind Jessica on his knees. His hard, condom covered cock was poised at the entrance to Jessica’s wet pussy and she felt it touch her. Suddenly an image of Marcus flashed into her mind and she froze.

No… no… this isn’t right. Marcus! My love! I need you so badly. I miss you so much!

Jessica collapsed on the bed next to Paula.

“I… I can’t! I’m so sorry Jack.” Jessica began to sob.

Jack lay down on the other side of Paula and reached over, stroking Jessica’s bare shoulder. “Shhh, Jessie, it’s okay. We’ll just lie here together. It’s okay.”

The three friends lay together for a few minutes while Jessica cried quietly. Paula and Jack held her and comforted her the best they could.

“Can… can you two go on… without me?” Jessica asked, her voice barely a whisper.

“Make love now, while you’re with us?” Paula asked.

“Yes, would that be alright?”

Paula pulled Jack over on top of her and he entered her, moaning as Jack’s cock sank fully into her hot sex. She turned her head and gazed at Jessica, nudging her head in her direction. Jessica nestled closer and kissed her friend on the lips. She could feel Paula bounce as Jack entered her again and again. It was totally making her hot!

Should I try again? Jessica was torn. It was what she had come there for, but… was she ready for it? She hadn’t had a man inside of her since she’d been raped seven months ago, but she knew the rape wasn’t the reason. She never looked back on the rape as a tragic event. It was just sex she wasn’t in control of and that… that sort of turned her on when she thought about it.

Not yet. I’m not ready.

Jessica continued to kiss Paula and then lifted herself up on her elbow to kiss Jack. Her hand caressed his back and then ventured down to his tight buttocks as he pumped her best friend’s cunt. Paula looked up at her beautiful friend kissing her boyfriend and cried out as she climaxed. She felt Jack’s cock stiffen even more, impossible as that seemed at the time, and he exploded inside of her.

All three fell onto the bed in exhaustion and cuddled in each others arms. The sheet was pulled up and sleep came to them one by one.

Ashley woke sometime around 2 AM. She reached over and felt Jack’s naked body lying next to her. He was a handsome man and a really nice, laid back guy. She was happy that Paula had found him. She ran her hand gently over his muscular torso, gently venturing down his body to his penis. He stirred in his sleep as Ashley fondled his testicles, his penis beginning to respond. Ashley could hear Paula’s heavy breathing and knew her friend was soundly asleep.

Jack’s cock was fully erect now as Ashley slowly put one leg over him and lifted herself so that she was straddling his awakening body.

“Jessie… what…”

Ashley lay forward and kissed him, “It’s Ashley turn, make love to me Jack.”

Jack reached over to the dresser and pulled out a condom. He handed it to Ashley, who removed the skin and quickly fitted it over Jack’s erection before guiding him into her already wet pussy.

“Wake her up.” Ashley whispered, nodding towards her slumbering friend. Jack reached over and gently shook his girlfriend’s shoulder.

“Huh? What?” As Paula came awake she saw her friend on top of Jack.

“Ashley wants you to join in.” Jack whispered so that Paula would know what state of mind her friend was in.

“Ashley, you’re fucking my boy friend. Are you sure you’re not Jessie?” Paula got up on her knees and bent in to kiss Ashley’s breasts.

“No, Jessica’s asleep. I want this for me.”

Paula leaned in to Ashley and kissed her friend with passion. “Oh Ashley, I love you so much,” she said, her voice hushed but strained as though she was suppressing her emotions.

Ashley rocked on Jack’s cock. He felt so good! So warm, so friendly, so comforting.

Jack’s hands roamed her toned body along her sides and down to her tight butt. He helped her move, sometimes holding her down so that he was fully inside of her. She felt his cock stiffen inside of her and she was sure he was going to cum, but he kept moving under her.

Paula had swung herself around behind Ashley and was now kissing her neck from behind while cupping her ample breasts with her warm hands. She rolled Ashley’s nipples in her fingers, while gently tugging on her small nipple rings.

Ashley was lost in her thoughts as the feelings of pleasure washed over her. She could clearly picture her Marcus under her on the night before he had been deployed. They had made love just as she was now. In her mind her darling husband was looking up at her and telling her it was okay, that she had to go on with her life. That she should let herself love and be loved again.

The blonde wasn’t even aware that her orgasm had begun but was soon shaken from her thoughts by the intensity of it. She screamed out, startling everyone, but kept riding Jack’s throbbing cock as she shuddered in orgasmic fits.

Paula, who had been fingering her own pussy for the past five minutes was holding on to Ashley with one hand and bringing herself to orgasm with the other. She held her sweaty body close to Ashley’s and the two were as one as Ashley continued to ride her boyfriend.

A few exhausting minutes later the three lay together on the bed, too spent to even pull the covers up.

Ashley was gone when Jack and Paula woke up the next morning. Paula picked up a note on the kitchen table and handed it to Jack.

Thank you both for a wonderful night. I love you! -Ash

“Well I guess that worked out pretty well,” Jack said with a smile.

“I guess it did!” Paula reached over and pulled Jack towards the bedroom.

The next round was about to begin.


Ashley spent her days divided between the gym and working with several charitable groups around the city. The insurance payouts from the death of her husband relieved the need for Ashley to actually have a job to supply income. Her investment manager had also wisely invested funds that had doubled her net worth in the past three years.

It was a good life, and her routine helped her to get past the humiliation she had suffered at the hands of Harold Wexler and Peter Jeffries, both of whom were serving long prison terms.

Her dilemma was that some of the things that had happed to her during those months were the most erotic things she had ever experienced. Ashley had taken possession of two DVD’s that were made of her during her ordeal. One was the DVD that Wexler had made of her as she worked in the strip club, The Golden Slipper. That DVD had been produced to blackmail her into becoming an informant for the mob.

The other DVD was put together while she had been held captive in the basement of the Gold Club, the members-only bondage club that adjoined the Golden Slipper. This was more painful to watch because it showed her in her most desperate state; naked, bound, abused, and eventually raped. She had requested the DVDs from her rescuer, Trent Richards, the FBI agent who had figured out where she was being held and had led a team to bring her out.

Of the two, the Golden Slipper DVD was much more enjoyable to watch and she usually couldn’t get through it with out fingering herself to orgasm. The friends she had made there were good people.

She loved to watch her friend Nicky prance around the club, enthusiastically serving her customers. All eyes would be on the petite brunette as she walked through the club.

Fiona, even though she may have played some small part in Ashley’s humiliation, was a beautiful French dominatrix who loved to torment her servers. She now managed the club under new ownership. Ashley hadn’t been back to the club but heard through Nicky that it had been renovated.

Ashley lay on her couch watching her DVD. As was the norm, her fingers were playing with the rings that pierced her pussy lips. One of her favorite parts of the DVD was when it showed her and Nicky getting their nipples and pussies pierced. She remembered that day like it was yesterday even though they had both been higher than a kite. She remembered how hot she had gotten watching her friend get pierced. Nicky had urged her to do it, and maybe because she was high and incredibly horny, she had allowed herself to be coaxed into the chair.

Ashley had learned that Peter Jeffries had approached Nicky with a bank card and told her that he would pay for the procedures if she could convince her to have it done too. Nicky didn’t know the entire visit would be recorded. Nor did Nicky know that customers of the Golden Slipper were being blackmailed. It was just a fun and exciting job for her.

Ashley considered returning to work at the Slipper, but it never got as far as actually going back. On the screen she saw her other savior, Ms. Tucker. On the night that Ashley had been abused and nearly sold into slavery, Ms. Tucker had almost killed one of Ashley’s abusers and had guarded her bound body while the FBI rounded up the criminals holding her.

Two months after the event, Ashley had requested that Trent give her Ms. Tucker’s address. Then one evening Ashley paid the Tucker’s a visit.

Ashley had arrived on their doorstep wearing a rain coat, high heels, a choker collar, and cuffs on her wrists and ankles. She remembered looking at the house and again at the address written on the paper she held. The house was surprising large, set on at least twenty acres of property. Not at all what she had been expecting!

The Tuckers had always struck her as simple folk, although they did tip very well! She rang the bell and when the door was opened by Ms. Tucker, Ashley looked down and said softly, “Your slave has been bad Mistress. Please punish your slave.”

Ms. Tucker opened the door wider to allow Ashley to enter. Once inside, Ashley dropped the coat to the floor leaving her standing naked in the front hall. Mr. Tucker had come to see who had rung the bell and said, “My oh my, look who’s come a callin’.”

Ashley sank to her knees and hugged Ms. Tucker’s stocky legs. “I owe you my life Mistress, you may do with me as you please.”

“Come into my parlor Jessie dear, I believe you’ve been a needin’ a good spankin’ for some time.”

Ashley knew that Ms. Tucker loved to spank with her hand. She was not interested in whips or paddles; she liked the feel of the flesh on her hand. She liked the sound of the spank and the reaction of the flesh underneath it.

The large black woman sat down in a big red crushed velvet chair and Ashley lay across her knees. Ms. Tucker caressed Ashley’s naked ass and then up and down her taut legs. The woman’s hands roamed over Ashley’s muscular back and then over her butt again, dipping down between her legs to her hairless pubis. Ashley spread her legs slightly to allow access for the woman’s chubby fingers.

Her fingers rubbed Ashley’s quickly moistening slit and then dipped into her pussy. The fingers were removed and Ashley felt her juices being rubbed into the flesh of her buttocks. She grabbed hold to the legs of the chair as the first blow was delivered to her firm ass.


Ashley jumped but did not cry out.


It really stung, but Ashley tried to control herself.

WHACK! “Jessie girl, you done nearly git yo-self kilt. You gots no business in dat bad club when your Ms. Tucker be waitin’ on you in de udder club.”


“Your slave is sorry Mistress! Please punish your slave Mistress! OWWW!”

WHACK! Now the pain was increasing and Ashley’s buttocks felt as though they were on fire. She had allowed Ms. Tucker to spank her in the club but it had never gone past two or three swats because it simply wasn’t allowed.

WHACK! “Your Ms. Tucker was so worried about her Jessie girl. Why you put ol’ Ms. Tucker through dat?”

Ashley felt hands on her ankles and knew that the gentle Mr. Tucker was holding her down so she wouldn’t fall off his wife’s lap.


Tears began to stream out of Ashley’s eyes. “I’m so sorry Mistress!” Ashley sobbed. “I never meant to upset you.”

“I know dat now girl, but when you was a missin’, so was we. We don’t see our Jessie girl. We come a lookin’ fo you.”

WHACK! Whack! Whack!

Ashley felt Ms. Tucker lovingly caress her reddened ass with her large hands.

“Okay Jessie girl, you git on up now and hep us wit our dinner. Can you stay awhile?”

Ashley looked down, not making eye contact with the large woman to whom she owed so much.

“This slave will leave when you wish, Mistress.” Ashley had no conflicts; she had nothing scheduled until later in the week.

In the kitchen Ashley was surprised by the presence of a cook. The woman looked Ashley up and down when she entered the kitchen.

“Dis be my girl Jessica, Darcy. She be servin’ the dinner.”

“Shall I set another place ma’am?” the woman in the white chef’s outfit asked.

“No, dat won’t be necessary. Jeesie girl, you help here with Darcy if she need you. Bring the food out when I call for it. We be ‘spectin’ guests in fifteen minutes, will things be ready by then Darcy?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Guests? Ashley wondered what she had just gotten herself into. She suddenly felt very naked! She watched as the large woman turned and walked out of the room.

Turning back to the cook Ashley said, “May I help you with anything, Mistress?”

“Hey, I’m just the hired help here; you don’t need to call me Mistress.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I guess you can watch the penne, don’t let it overcook.” Darcy pointed towards the pot boiling on the stove. “Over there…” she pointed towards am apron hanging on a hook, “Put that on. You’re a little exposed to be that close to boiling water.”

“Thanks.” Ashley smiled and took the apron down and slipped it over her head, tying the waist strips loosely behind her back. She gently stirred the penne and looked over at the black haired chef. She seemed to have taken Ashley’s nakedness pretty well and Ashley had to believe she’d seen naked women in the Tucker household before.

The two went about their business. Darcy was finishing with the preparation of four dinner salads. She had also sliced up some Italian sausage that she now began to brown on the stove top. The oven was on and Ashley could feel the heat against her bare legs.

“You know the Tuckers then?”

“Yes ma’am,” Ashley replied

“So are you the new slave? You’re a little older than the previous girls, but very beautiful. How did you meet the Tuckers?” Darcy was checking out Ashley’s exposed backside.

Previous girls? The Tuckers have owned slaves before? Very interesting.

“Um, I don’t think I’m at liberty to discuss it, but I can tell you that I owe the Tuckers a huge personal debt and this is my way of repaying some of it.” Ashley didn’t think it appropriate to reveal how she knew the Tuckers. They might not want their chef knowing they frequented a strip club.

“Was it a loan or something?”

“Again, I can’t say, but it’s much more personal than that. Please forgive me for being elusive, but it’s not my place to talk about this.”

“Okay, I understand.” The cook nodded her head knowingly.

Ashley took the spoon, removed one penne and tasted it.

“This is tender ma’am.”

Noise from the front hallway indicated that the guests had arrived and Ashley felt a flutter in her stomach.

“Use that strainer to drain the pasta and then put it in that baking dish. We’ll cover it with the sauce that’s there on the stove. I have the sausage here and the cheese over there. Mix all of this first and then cover it all with the cheese.”

“Yes ma’am.”

The kitchen door swung open and Mr. Tucker poked his head in. “We’ll get started now, Jessica. Will you bring in the salads please?”

“Yes Master.” Ashley said as she went to pick up the salads.

“Eh-hem,” Darcy cleared her throat. “Do you think you should lose the apron?”

Ashley looked down and blushed, “Thanks.” Reluctantly, she stripped out of the protective covering of the apron. The idea of going out into the dining room naked embarrassed her, but she gathered what courage she could and picked up the salad plates.

In the dining room, the Tuckers sat at the ends of the long table and another couple sat in the middle, across from each other.

“Oh Rosalyn, who have we here?” the female guest inquired.

“This is Jessica, not her real name mind you, but one she uses when she’s working at that little club down on highway 62. She’s here for the day to help with domestic chores, sort of a courtesy to Anthony and me.”

Ashley was immediately taken aback by Ms. Tuckers change in speech. The old Negro talk is an act? Oh my god!

“Jessica, this is Mistress and Master Evans.”

“Pleased to meet you both,” Ashley said as she set the salads down in front of each person. She couldn’t remember feeling more naked as the elegantly dressed foursome watched her with intent.

“You refer to the Golden Slipper? They’ve recently redone that whole place haven’t they?” Mr. Evans inquired.

“Yes,” Tony replied, “Have you been in there? It’s very nice, and a lot of the same girls have been retained to serve.”

“We’ve never been, but wasn’t there some trouble there some time ago?” Mrs. Evans asked.

Ms. Tucker motioned for Ashley to come and kneel down next to her on the floor.

Ashley knelt down and sat on her calves, back straight, hands on her thighs as she had seen her friends Annabelle and Clair do many months ago. The conversation went on as though she were not even present. She couldn’t help notice the Evans’ checking her out though. Occasionally, Mistress Tucker would reach over and place her hand on Ashley’s bare back, and once she even fed her a black olive from her salad.

When they had all finished with their salads, Ms. Tucker instructed Ashley to clear their plates and bring the entrees. As she was leaving she heard Mrs. Evans whisper to Ms. Tucker that, “your girl is gorgeous honey, do you think she would come and serve us some time?”

“How’s it going in there?” Darcy asked as Ashley entered the kitchen with the salad plates. “Are they ready for the penne yet?”

“Yes ma’am, Mistress sent me in for it.”

“Okay, well let’s get this served. Be careful the bake ware is very hot.”

“I’ll be careful ma’am.” Ashley said as she helped Darcy dish out the portions onto the fine china dishes.

“You are a polite young thing Jessica.” Darcy complimented as she finished garnishing the plates.

“Thank-you ma’am.” Ashley replied as she picked up two of the dishes. “Whom should I serve first?”

“You always serve the guests first dear.”

Ashley took the plates and backed through the door into the dining room. As she set the first plate down in front of Mrs. Evans she felt the woman’s hand come up on her bare behind and then feel her up the side of her body. As she moved around to Mr. Evans, Mrs. Evans said, “What a wonderfully toned young woman.”

“I just love her to death.” Ms. Tucker said. “Ooh, I’m so sorry Jessie dear.” Ms. Tucker said as she put her hand to her mouth, thinking back to when Ashley had nearly been murdered.

“My life is yours Mistress.”

The Evans’ looked at each other like what is this all about?but were too polite to ask.

Ashley returned to the kitchen to retrieve the other two plates and Darcy followed with the bread and chilled wine. When the entrees had been served Ashley returned to kneel next to her Mistress. Again conversation carried on and Ms. Tucker continued to feed Ashley from her plate.

“So Rosalyn, is Jessica staying here for awhile?” Mrs. Evans asked.

“No, no,” Ms. Tucker stroked Ashley’s blonde hair. “Jessie just stopped by to say hello. It was our good fortune that she chose today to drop in on us.”

“I’ll say,” Mr. Tucker agreed.

“Have you heard from Tania or Georgina lately?” inquired Mrs. Evans.

“Yes, actually Georgina stopped by just last week. You know she’s a surgeon at East Memorial now?”

“Oh Rosalyn, that’s wonderful!”

Ms. Tucker looked down at Ashley and fed her another bite of penne. “You see dear, Tania and Georgina were both students at Bently University. We helped each other out. They were my slaves and I paid for their education. Both fine young women, now out there in the world, educated, happy. I miss them dearly. You reminded me of them when I met you in the club. That’s why I took a shining to you.”

“Besides, you know how to please your Mistress,” Mr. Tucker chimed in. “We could see that right away. Truly submissive.”

“Ah yes, the girls were both naturally submissive, just like you dear.” Ms. Tucker ran her hand down Ashley’s chest, feeling both of her breasts.

They saw something in me that I had to learn from a psychiatrist.

Ashley straightened her back so that her large breasts would poke out even further. Still, she couldn’t help but to blush, even more so when she saw the looks of delight from the four sitting at the table.

When the meal was finished the couples withdrew to the living room while Ashley helped Darcy clean up. Afterward, she joined the couples in the living room and went to kneel next to Ms. Tucker’s chair.

Darcy came in and served coffee and Ms. Tucker asked her to go up to her room and retrieve her kit.

“Stand there next to Mistress Evans, girl.”

Ashley obediently stood next to the woman, facing towards the center of the room. She felt the feminine hand on her bare leg, moving lightly up to her ass and hip. Mrs. Evans caressed Ashley’s naked body, first with one hand and then with both. Warm feelings began to spread through Ashley from the attention she was receiving from not only Mrs. Evans but from everyone in the room.

Darcy returned and handed Ms. Tucker a small leather case. She turned to leave and Ms. Tucker said, “Oh Darcy, if you would dear, help me with these please.”

“Ma’am? You want me to help?”

“Do you mind? I can’t move right now. My oh my, that was a good meal, girl.”

“Thank you ma’am. I don’t mind at all, what would you like?”

Ms. Tucker handed Darcy two little weights with short chains on them and pointed towards Ashley’s nipple rings. Darcy walked over to Ashley and, feeling slightly clumsy, held Ashley’s left breast while she clipped one of the chains to her nipple ring. When she released the weight Ashley’s nipple was pulled down. Darcy saw a grimace pass over Ashley’s face but then it was gone. The other weight was clipped to Ashley’s right nipple ring and released.

Next, Ms. Tucker handed Darcy five more weights and nodded towards Ashley’s hairless pussy.

Hesitantly, Darcy knelt in front of Ashley. This was very awkward for her to do, and she was a little shocked that her employer was having her do this. She was the cook, and although she had seen many young women come through this estate, she had never really been asked to get involved. What was so special about this woman?

Ashley separated her legs to allow Darcy access. She jumped slightly at the touch of her cold fingers as she attached the weights, one to each of her rings. The final weight hung from her clit hood ring.

“Does that feel good Jessica?” Ms. Tucker asked.

“Yes Mistress, it feels very good.”

“Are you turned on by it?”

“Yes Mistress, your slave is becoming very aroused.”

Ms. Tucker handed Darcy three carabineers and had her put one through the d-rings on Ashley’s wrist cuffs and then link the two in front of Ashley's body with the last carabineer.

“Thank you Darcy, that’ll be all for now.” Then turning to Ashley she said, “Stand there next to Master Evans for a moment and let him enjoy that fine body of yours.”

Ashley moved over so that the man could explore her body with his hands.

“Very nice Jessica, what’s your exercise routine?”

“At least three days a week Master. Mostly aerobics, some free weights.”

“Well keep it up, you have fantastic muscle tone.”

“I will, thank you sir.”

Ms. Tucker reached into her leather case and removed a rather large dildo. “Take this, lie down on that carpet and pleasure yourself while we watch.”

Ashley blushed, “Mistress?”

“Did I not make my request clear? Do I need to deepen the red on your behind?”

“No ma’am, I understand. Please forgive me Mistress.” Ashley took the dildo and lay down on the carpet in the middle of the room. She spread her legs and pressed the dildo easily into her pussy. She was so wet and so frickin’ horny!

“You will not have an orgasm with my permission.”

Ashley blushed again at that statement. Oh fuck! Ashley was already extremely turned on! She pressed the dildo into her pussy and quickly withdrew it. She closed her eyes and prayed she wouldn’t get too overly excited too soon.

“Eyes open girl. I want you to know that we are watching you.”

“Oh, Mistress… I… I think I’m going to…”

“You had better not!” Ms. Tucker said firmly. “You can stop momentarily, but the head must remain inside of you.”

Ashley pulled the dildo out of her hole until only the head remained inside. That was incredibly torturous! She could feel its large bulbous knob stretching out her wet lips, pressing up against her clit.

She shuttered and felt an orgasm building.

“Mistress! Please! I’m not sure I…”

“Continue fucking yourself Jessica.”

Ashley moaned aloud as she sunk the dildo into her cunt. In and out she slid it, feeling her juices run down the crack of her ass, worrying that she was ruining their carpet.

“May I cum Mistress?” Ashley asked.

“No, you may not. Hold it inside of you now, all of the way in.”

Ashley complied.

“Let go of it and pinch your nipples with both hands, do not allow the dildo to slip out of your cunt. Clench it with your cunt muscles.”

Ms. Tucker’s crude language was adding additional humiliation and stimulation for Ashley. She looked at the four people, all neatly dressed, sitting in their chairs while she masturbated on the floor before them.

“Mistress! May I cum? Please!”

“No. Remove the dildo and use your hands to masturbate.”

Ashley let the dildo slide out of her pussy and then dug her fingers into her dripping hole. One hand roughly rubbed her clit while the fingers on her other hand slid into her pussy. She smeared her juices over her hairless mound. Her wrists were still linked together with the carabineers.

Ashley was now wreathing in pre-orgasmic ecstasy. Even though she had been told to keep her eyes open, she had them tightly closed.

“Stop now, Jessica. Hands above your head.”

The words jolted Ashley from her bliss. What?

“Hands over you head now, girl.”

Reluctantly, Ashley removed her hands from her crotch and placed them on the floor over her head. Her chest rose and fell with each breath, so close to an orgasm was she.

“Now get up and go to the staircase in the hall.”

Ashley rose to her feet and walked out into the hall, the others following behind her.

Ms. Tucker pulled Ashley’s wrists up and clipped the joining carabineer to a hook in the banister about waist high. She moved Ashley back and had her bend over at the waist so that her torso was horizontal to the floor, her weight supported by her arms. Ashley knew that her bare ass was prominently exposed and knew what was coming.

Ashley felt two sets of hands holding onto her ankles and legs. She looked back to see both men holding her. They moved her legs out, spreading her even more.

“You may have the honors, Ms. Evans.” Her Mistress said.

Ashley braced herself as the first hand struck her ass.


The blow jolted Ashley’s body. The weights attached to her most sensitive areas bounced and pulled. She braced herself for the following blow.

Ms. Evans spanked her for several minutes and then she stepped over to caress Ashley’s slender body.

Ms. Tucker took over the spanking. Her blows were considerably more severe and well placed. Ashley’s ass was on fire, but to her surprise her pussy was equally hot! She felt a drip of her juices on her inner thigh and knew she was extremely turned on.

The spanking continued and Ashley closed her eyes as a maddeningly sensation of pure lust spread through her body. She whipped her head back and let out a low moan as she was unable to stop the heat from coursing through her. Her ass was beyond pain now and was just a constant heat that was attacking her senses with lust. Many times she had felt the sting of Ms. Tucker’s hand in the club, but she had only received two or three spanks at a time. Never this many, or this severe!

Ashley gripped the banister and cried out as her orgasm climaxed. The men held her legs rigid so that she didn’t collapse. Ms. Tuckers fingers dipped into Ashley’s bald slit and massaged her clit, while her fingers explored her pussy.

“Oh my god! Mistress!” Ashley cried out. “Stop! Stop! I can’t… oh shit!” Ashley’s orgasm was intense and she began to see stars.

“No! Please, I’m going to pass out!” Ashley remembered what the evil dominatrix Maxine had once told her; You pass out too easily.

But she forced herself to stay conscious. She shook her head and breathed deeply as another lustful wave soared through her sweat soaked body.

Finally she hung limply by her arms from the banister, exhausted. The men helped lower her to the floor and the four of them retired to the living room. Ashley just sat on the cold wooden floor with her arms up over her head, still attached to the banister.

About 20 minutes later Darcy came and unhooked her wrists and led her upstairs towards the master suite.

“Sometimes I envy you girls,” Darcy said. “Believe me; I have never had an orgasm like that! What must that be like?”

“It’s pretty intense.” Ashley said as she followed Darcy up the grand staircase, holding onto the banister for support. “More so because it’s forced onto you and you have no control over it. I never imagined I would have an orgasm while being spanked!”

“I’ve seen her do it to the other girls. You have to be prepared properly.” Darcy said. Ashley knew she was talking about what she had been made to do before the spanking.

“Sometimes I wish Ms. Tucker would spank me!” Darcy said. “Well, here’s the bathroom. Do what you need to, take a shower or a bath, relax, stay up here until your Mistress and Master come up.”

“Thank you ma’am.”

“Um, I’m a little embarrassed, but, well, can I kiss you?” Darcy said, a little red coming to her cheeks.

“You want to kiss me?” Ashley asked, surprised by the request.

“Maybe because you’re older and I don’t feel like I’m taking advantage of a kid, but what I just saw has made me so frikkin’ horny. Oh god, I can’t believe I just said that!”

Ashley reached over and pulled Darcy towards her, positioning the chef’s arms around her and then took the cook in her own arms. Darcy held Ashley’s naked body close and the two joined in a passionate kiss.

“Wow, thanks.” Darcy said as she stepped back and turned towards the door. “They’ll be up in an hour or so.”

“Thanks,” Ashley went into the little toilet area and closed the door.

After showering, Ashley reclined on the bed for a couple of hours, fell asleep once during that time, and watched a little TV. She thought about what a slave would be doing and decided a slave would not be reclining on the Master’s bed watching TV. A slave would be waiting patiently for the Master to come in; probably on the floor or something.

The nude blonde got off of the bed and pulled the covers tight to eliminate any wrinkles that would reveal that she’d been on the bed. She sank to her knees and waited there for the Tuckers to come up. She spent the time contemplating what she was doing and felt warm inside.

I’m acting like a slave girl! And the Tucker’s are cool with it. They’re treating me like a slave. It was all very exciting to Ashley to be used as she had been that evening.

Ashley was glad she had thought of getting off of the bed when she did because the two African Americans came through the door not five minutes later.

“Will you be going now Jessica?” Ms. Tucker asked.

“I don’t need to go Mistress. I can stay the night if you’d like.”

“Oh,” Ms. Tucker said. “Our girls never really stayed the night. They were more like servants than house guests.”

“I can go if you’d rather me do that. But I would be very happy to stay. I would love to spend a little more time with you both.”

“What do you think Tony?” Ms. Tucker asked her husband.

“I’m okay with her staying here tonight, but it’s up to Jessie. I think she’s more than shown us a good time this evening already.”

“I would like to stay Mistress.”

“That would be nice Jessie, now let me just take a quick bath.” Ms. Tucker headed towards the large bathroom.

“May I help you Mistress?” Ashley asked.

“Why, I… I guess you could… but…” Ashley sensed the large woman was embarrassed about her size and having Ashley see her.

“Come,” Ashley took her hand, “let me run your water, do you like it hot?”

The two women walked into the next room and Ashley began to run the water in the large tub. She looked over the bottles lining the counter and selected a strawberry scented moisturizing bubble bath and poured some into the stream of hot water. Soon the tub was filled with hot soapy water.

Ms. Tucker came out of the toilet area and Ashley, still on her knees, reached up and began to unbutton Ms. Tucker’s dress. Ms. Tucker seemed slightly uncomfortable as Ashley gently eased the dress down over the large hips. Standing now, Ashley went behind the woman and unclasped her bra, letting her huge fleshy breasts fall free. She gently looped her fingers into the woman’s panties and lowered them to the floor leaving the large woman standing naked.

“I’m sure you have not seen anyone as grotesquely fat as I am.” The woman said sadly as she stepped into the hot water.

Ashley helped her into the water and then took a soft wash cloth and dipped it into the water, squeezing it out over the women’s shoulder. She leaned over and let her lips brush against Ms. Tucker’s neck before kissing her tenderly on that spot.

“Ms. Tucker, you were always my favorite client at the club.” Ashley said softly as she continued to massage the woman’s back and shoulders with the wash cloth. “I have never thought of you as fat or grotesque. Nor have any of the other girls.”

“No?” Ms. Tucker asked.

“I can tell you that everyone was jealous of me.” Ashley soaped the cloth and washed Ms. Tucker’s chest and then down to massage her large fleshy breasts. “Why does she always go to Jessie’s section? They would ask. They would beg me to switch sections when you came in. You see, for us, we wanted something different. It’s usually just the guys. You come in there and put your hands on me and I melt. Your touch made me wet every time Ms. Tucker.”

“It did?” Ashley sensed an improvement in the woman’s spirit.

“Do you remember the time Nicky won that dance competition on stage?”

Ms. Tucker thought about it. “Oh yes, I do remember that. I began to give you a proper spanking for not winning but that gentleman came over and had words for me.”

“Do you know why Nicky tried so hard to win that competition?” Ms. Tucker shook her head and looked back at Ashley. “She told me later that she wanted to win so that she could come to your table.”

“Is that the truth, Jessie girl?”

“God’s honest truth ma’am. She wanted what we all wanted.” Ashley reached in the water and pulled up one of Ms. Tucker’s large hands. “She wanted this hand on her ass.”

“Oh Jessie, you know how to make me smile.”

“And I love to do it. Now don’t let your size get you down. Use it to your advantage.”

“You’re sweet.” Ms. Tucker said. “Now you run along and see if my husband needs any help. I can finish up here.”

“One last thing ma’am.” Ms. Tucker looked over at her. “Darcy thinks she could use a good spanking from time to time, you know, just to make sure she’s doing things correctly.”

Ms. Tucker looked surprised. “She said that?”

Ashley nodded, “Not in so many words, but yes.”

“Hmmm.” Ms. Tucker looked like she was picturing something in her mind, a wicked smile creeping across her face.

Ashley rose, gave Ms. Tucker a quick kiss on the cheek, and went into the bedroom. Mr. Tucker had just come out of the adjoining shower area and was putting on his night clothes.

“May I ask you a personal question, Master?”

“Sure Jessica, what would you like to know?”

“Do you and Mistress make love?”

“Not for some time. Honestly, she doesn’t think I’ll be able to enter her because of her thighs. It is difficult, I have to admit.”

“Can we try something tonight, are you up to it?”

“Well… sure, if you’d like, I’d try anything to pleasure her again. Are you staying?”

“Yes, sir. May I use your phone?”

Mr. Tucker waved his hand towards the handset.

Ashley dialed and heard Paula’s “Hello.”

“Hey, you busy?” Ashley listened. “Good, I need some supplies pronto. Here’s what I need and here’s the address.” She gave Paula the information and then listened again.

“Yeah, it’s pretty close, ten minutes? Great, thanks sweetie.”

Eight minutes later the door bell rang and Ashley ran down, naked, to answer it.

“Whoa girlfriend,” Paula said as she took in Ashley’s naked body. “Need any help?”

“Just gimme the shit and get lost!” Ashley said with a smile. Paula laughed and turned on her heels and headed back to her car.

Ashley sprinted up the stairs and back into the bedroom. “We’ll work up to this okay? Just follow my lead,” she whispered to Tony.

When Ms. Tucker came out of the bathroom she was wearing a silky negligee. “I hope this is okay,” she said.

“You’re as beautiful as ever dear.” Mr. Tucker said. “Come to bed.”

Mr. Tucker got into the bed and rolled down the comforter for his wife.

“What about Jessie?”

“I’ll come in behind you Mistress.” Ashley said as she took a hold of Ms. Tucker’s nightie. “But you won’t need this under the covers.”

“Well… okay.” Ms. Tucker was still not too sure about this whole thing.

The three got into bed and Mr. and Mrs. Tucker cuddled. “You feel so nice Tony.”

“So do you Rosalyn.” They began to kiss as Ashley slid in behind Ms. Tucker, her warm hands coming around the large woman and holding her close.

Five minutes later Ashley heard Ms. Tucker’s breathing deepen as she became aroused.

“Mistress, I want you to put something on.”

“What is that Jessie girl?”

Ashley pulled a plush blind fold out of the bag and placed it over Ms. Tucker’s head.

“Just for a little while. Please wear this.”

“Oooo Jessica, where did you get this?”

“A little birdie dropped it by while you were in the tub. Now I’m going to have your husband put some cuffs on your wrists, will you allow it?”

“I’ve come this far,” said the blindfolded woman. “I’d like to see what you have in mind.”

“Well, I think you’ve been a bad girl this time Mistress. I think you need some discipline.”

“You’re not going to spank ME are you?”

“No ma’am, your punishment will be much more enjoyable.”

Once the cuffs were on, Ashley took out the final two pieces of gear and handed one to Tony. “Now this is going to feel odd, but don’t worry about anything, okay?”

Tony and Ashley both held a zip up corset. Ashley indicated to Tony that they were going to enclose Ms. Tucker’s thighs in the corsets and zip them up.

“Oh my, that does feel very strange Jessie.”

Ashley got up. “Now scoot down here so your legs are off the foot of the bed.”

Ms. Tucker did as she was asked as Ashley went to the head of the bed. She took Ms. Tuckers bound wrists and pulled them up over her head, holding them together. She nodded to Tony and then began to kiss Ms. Tucker on the cheek and neck. Tony came up naked between Ms. Tuckers legs and leaned over her body to kiss her huge nipples and areolas.

“Oh, now, yous gettin’ Ms. Tucker a might bit steamy. You sure you be wantin’ to do dat?”

Tony was hard now and cupped his hand against his wife’s vagina. His middle finger worked its way inside and Ms. Tucker squirmed.

“You think you can git in dare Tony. I be hot now fo’ sure.”

Ashley continued to kiss Ms. Tucker and moved over her, kissing her breasts now that Tony had moved lower. Ashley lowered her chest so that her breasts hung down and brushed Ms. Tucker’s lips. The black woman sensed Ashley’s nipple graze her lips and nudged her head up to kiss it and lick it.

Tony was fully erect and at Ashley’s nod pulled a rubber over his cock and moved in to enter his wife.

“Oh god Tony, you feel so good. Dat you inside o’ me?”

“That’s me Rosy.”

Ashley continued to kiss Ms. Tucker’s breast as she held onto the woman’s wrists, not allowing her to lower her hands.

A few minutes later Ms. Tucker was squirming with delight, her huge body perspiring. Low moans could be heard in her throat as Tony made love to her, and then suddenly she was moaning out loud as she and her husband jointly climaxed.

Minutes later the three of them were in the bed together, Ashley between the two.

Ms. Tucker had been released from the corsets and blindfolds but Ashley insisted she remain cuffed.

Ms. Tucker held Ashley close to her and cooed, “Thank you Jessie, that was the most wonderful thing you could have done for me.”

“For me too,” Tony chimed in.

After awhile they were all happily asleep.


Ashley had visited them twice more after that night. She was delighted to see that Darcy was wearing a short maid’s outfit, and when she was alone with Ashley she had lifted her skirt in back to show off her pantiless, reddened ass.

Ashley served them, naked as before, but did not stay the night again.


The ringer on her cell phone snapped Ashley out of her reminisces. Very few people had her cell number, and she didn’t recognize the in-coming number.


“Iz zis Jezzica.”

“Mistress Fiona? Is that you?”

“Oui, may I speak?”

“Yes, how are you? Are you okay?”

“Jezzica, I am so worried about my little Nicky…” Fiona blurted out, obviously distressed.

“Nicky? What’s going on, what’s wrong?” Ashley asked.

“She iz gone. I don’t know where. Iz big trouble. Can your FBI help maybe?”

“I’m not really with the FBI right now. What’s the problem?”

“Can ve meet? Iz there someone to bring from your FBI?”

“I’ll see what I can do.” Ashley said, noting the urgency in her former manager’s voice. “Where and when can we meet?”

A place and time was agreed upon. “Iz zat okay?”

“I’ll see you then and I’ll try to get someone to come with me.”

“Thank you Jezzica.” The line went dead.

Nicky missing! She dialed Trent Richard’s number from memory.

When he answered Ashley asked, “You said I could call you if I ever needed anything?”

“Yes of course Ashley, anything at all. What’s going on?”

Ashley detailed Fiona’s call and Trent agreed to meet with them.

Trent felt his pulse quicken as he packed the documents he had been working on into his desk drawer and locked it. He hadn’t seen Ashley in ages but the young woman was never far from his thoughts.

He still felt guilt over believing for one moment that the beautiful admin had been taking bribes from the Mafia. True, he hadn’t known about the sources of her wealth, but still... to suspect Ashley! Well at least he had been there for her when she needed help.

To say he was fond of her would be an understatement. Trent would find himself thinking about her and realize that his pulse had quickened. What was it about her? Sure, he’d seen her naked in the club and seen what she’d gone through while trying to maintain her cover. God, she’s so frikkin’ gorgeous! But there was more to it than the physical attraction.

Ashley had an inner strength that maybe she didn’t even realize she had. Thoughts of her ordeal at the mercy of the Mafia man, Jeffries, and his hired Dominatrix flashed through his mind. Ashley had never given up, had never broken her cover, had forced them to spend so much time trying to break her that in the end they had to try to get rid of her because they had run out of time. She taunted them and swore she would never betray Agent Umbridge.

That was loyalty. That was integrity.

Trent felt that same ache in his heart that he felt every time he spent too long thinking about Ashley. He wished he had the nerve to call her and ask her out, but he feared that his presence would only remind her of the humiliation she felt over the abuse she had suffered.

Two hours later the three were sitting together at a table in the food court of the local shopping mall.

“Okay,” Fiona started, “Two months ago I saw four scouts in ze club. I not like them in ze club and had Manny and Karl keep ze close eyes on zem.”

“Scouts, what sort of scouts?” Trent asked.

“For ze girls. They look for ze girls and then ze girls dizappear. Just like my little Nicky has dizappeared. We never had zat problem before with ze mob protection. But now we are ze fair game?”

“Like kidnapped?” Ashley asked.

“Oui. Zeis guys, I zeen them before. They are slavers. I know zay got Nicky. Zay were watching her. Zen, last week, saw them in ze club again, now she gone.”

“When was the last time you saw her?” Trent asked.

“It was last week. She was to be in Tuesday night, here iz Thursday, no Nicky. Not like her. Can’t call her. I’m very worried.”

“There’s a task force out of D.C. that deals specifically with human trafficking and sex slave issues. I can contact them and see what they can tell us. I know the commander of the unit quite well actually, Special Agent Derek Harris. Pretty good guy.”

“Zat would be wonderful.” Fiona said.

The three sat for another half an hour while Trent collected information from Fiona.


Special Agent Harris was delighted to hear from his old buddy, Trent Richards. It had been many years since they had served together in the bowels of New York tracking down bank robbers. Those were the days. Now, SA Harris was mostly confined to his office, albeit a large one with a good view. Without going into details he ran down a list of operations his unit was conducting along the borders to shut down human trafficking conduits. Other operations were focused on the slave trade within the U.S.; something most Americans didn’t even know existed.

Derek listened with growing interest as Trent detailed his conversation with Fiona.

“She doesn’t know who the slavers were or where they were working out of?”

“No,” Trent replied.

“These groups are incredibly difficult to crack into. At that level it’s a closed society and all outsiders are suspected of being feds. We’ve sent in several people and not many have returned. The men have been lucky to get out alive, the women… not so lucky.”

“What do you mean?”

“One female agent was killed after being sexually abused and tortured, and the other two? Well, we don’t know what happened to them. We’re still looking for them.”

Trent was silent for a moment and then said, “I may have an idea of who would know who these slavers are. I’ll get back to you.”


Maxine sat down in the chair and picked up the phone. She gazed through the glass divider at Trent Richards seated in the opposing chair.

“Agent Richards, what brings you to my humble abode?” Meaning the Clarksville Federal Penitentiary for Women, where she was currently serving time.

“I’m looking for information,” Trent said to the former Golden Slipper dominatrix.

“About what?”

“About some slavers who happened through the area.”

Maxine thought for a moment and then asked who they were.

“That’s what we’re trying to figure out.” Trent gave Maxine the descriptions that Fiona has supplied.

“Yeah, yeah, I know who they are. What do I get out of this for cooperating?”

“I have a written statement of cooperation that will go into your file for review at your first parole hearing. I know that’s not for some time, but it’ll definitely be in your favor to cooperate with me now.”

“That sounds acceptable, but I’d also like to be transferred to C block. I know people there and it’s sunnier.”

“I’ll honestly try to make that happen, but no promises.” Trent jotted it down in his little notebook.

“Okay,” Maxine said. “Those guys work for Carpelli, minor L.A. syndicate but big time traffickers. The big blonde is a German guy by the name of Geuter. The other guy, the bald one, is Geraldo Pennilli. They’ve worked together for several years.”

“So they’re out of L.A.? Is that where they would take someone?”

“Hey… who did they nab?” Maxine suddenly realized this was not general information Richards was after.

“Nicky Donelli.”

“They took Nicky?”

“We think so. Where would they take her?”

“Oh, they’d go back to L.A., but how long ago did this happen?”

“Last week.”

“She may still be there, but they’ll move her to a training facility pretty quick if she’s going to be a slave, otherwise, maybe they’ll just hook her and put her on the streets.”

Trent knew that “hooking” her had double meaning – hook her on drugs, heroin or meth, and then make her hook tricks on the street.

Trent got several more specifics from Maxine before he asked, “Who runs the training facilities? How could we get in there?”

“There’s a couple in L.A. that the mob uses. I wouldn’t go near those if I were you. They’d sniff you out in a second. It would be better to work through an independent. They sometimes hear of new women going through the system. Here, write this down, Mistress Sheana. Riverdale, some building on West 76th street. Your people out there probably know about her. She’s a legit Mistress, has done a little slave trading on the side in the day, but always consensual. She’s a top notch trainer though, really respected in the trade, doesn’t get involved with the mob.”

“She can lead us to Nicky?”

“Probably not, but she could help if someone was going in undercover.”

“The people in D.C. have tried that with disastrous results.” Trent shook his head.

“But were they just pretending to be slaves and slavers, or were they trained? A slaver can spot a cop in a second, but someone who’s been trained may be able to slip through.”

“We’d have to find an agent willing to submit to that.” Richards thought out loud. “That wouldn’t be an easy assignment.”

Richards was surprised by Maxine’s laugh through the handset. “What?”

“You have someone already. That Bennet bitch could pull this off with no problem. She’s a natural submissive and damned if I could break her.”

“Ashley’s on leave from the Bureau, thanks to you and your friends. I don’t think she’s going to want any part of this,” Trent said.

“She’ll do it for Nicky. Those two were always hot for each other. You should ask her anyway.”

“This has been more helpful than I imagined. I’ll personally speak with the warden about your accommodations.”

“Yeah, you do that.”

Shortly after leaving the prison, Trent was on the phone discussing his conversation with his friend, Derek.

“So what do you think about the Bennet woman? Do you think she would actually go for this?”

“I don’t know and I’m not going to find out. There’s no way, after what she’s been through, that I would insert her into a situation like this.”

“Yes, the Director had me read the report on her entire ordeal. I’m not sure what you were thinking sending in an untrained operative, but she did a fantastic job for you and her mission was a huge success. Still, if what you say is true and she is a natural submissive, this could be the break we’ve been looking for.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Trent growled angrily, while inwardly pleased that his cover story protecting Ashley concerning how things had really gone down was still holding up.

“Well, you know we haven’t had any success in running an operative inside any trafficking organization, but we haven’t had the right type of agent either.”

“Ashley’s not an agent.”

“But she could be with some training.”

“Out of the question.”

“You should ask her.”

“Forget it. There has to be another field agent that we could utilize.”

“You know these broads,” Derek said quietly so as not to be overheard. “They’re all macho tomboys. Not a single submissive woman among them. Just ask her please?”

“Sorry Derek, it’s not happening.”

The next day Trent was called into his boss’s office. He was motioned towards the two plush chairs near the window. Special Agent Randy Winter, dressed in an expensive navy blue suit, sat down across from him.

“I just received a call from Jackson Melchior,” his boss stated.

“The Assistant Director?” Trent asked. “What did he want with you?”

“He doesn’t want me, he wants you.”

“Me? What does he want with me?”

“It’s got something to do with slave trade. Do you know what’s going on?”

“Son of a bitch,” Trent swore. He filled his boss in on his past few days of activities surrounding Nicky’s disappearance.

“Well I’m sorry son, but this now has the attention of the Assistant Director of the FBI. You have to try and persuade Ashley to be our mole.”

Trent shot out of his seat. “Are you fucking insane? She’ll be torn apart by those animals.”

“Listen Richards, I’m still your boss and you still wear the badge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If this line of work is too much for you maybe you’ve reached the end of your career.”

“It’s not me, its Ashley I’m worried about.”

“Trent, just talk to her and see what she says.”

Trent stormed out of the office, as upset as he’d ever been since starting at the Bureau.


“So no one’s been able to get inside these slavery rings?”

“None of our people.” Trent told Ashley as they reclined on the terrace of her town home.

“But as Maxine said, they had never gone through the training and were too obvious. The boys in their suits in Washington now think that with the proper training they could insert an agent.”

“Who would do a thing like that?” Ashley asked as she reached over to refill their iced teas.

“Maxine thinks you would be the perfect candidate.”

“ME?” Ashley asked, surprised.

“I’ve already told them to forget about it, but it seems my job was actually on the line if I didn’t come here and discuss it with you.”

“They would fire you if you refused to talk to me about this?”

“Yes. It may have been a mistake to go to Derek with this. He didn’t have any useful information for me other than to tell me that three female agents have been either killed or wound up missing trying to infiltrate the traffickers. And now he’s passed the info up the chain until my boss is getting calls from the AD.”

“I’m so sorry, Trent.” Ashley reached over and placed her hand on Trent’s arm. “I’m the one who’s got you caught up in this whole affair.”

Trent looked over at the gorgeous blonde, “That’s okay Ash, I told you once that I would help you if you ever needed it and I meant it.”

“Maybe we should go out to L.A. and talk to this Sheana woman. She may have some idea where Nicky is. Can we go and just talk to her Trent?”

Looking into Ashley’s blue eyes made refusal impossible.

After Trent left, Ashley thought about what he had proposed. This was actually a legitimate undercover assignment; something she had always wanted. But to be trained as a sex slave! What would that encompass? Would she be abused and raped constantly?

She had read online stories and some of them sounded dreamy while others sounded pretty brutal. How would she report if she was chained up all of the time? There were so many questions. Images from the DVD containing pictures of her being raped in the cellars below the Gold Club came to mind.

I survived that. But this will be much harsher I’m sure. I could do it. I have to do it. Oh Nicky! Sweet little Nicky!

Still, after meeting with this dominatrix in L.A. they might get some of the answers they needed. Also, maybe she already knows where Nicky is. At least they could talk to this woman.

Ashley thought about what needed to be taken care of as far as her town-home went and knew that Paula could take care of her plants and mail. She realized she had pretty much decided to go ahead with this. Now that she knew where this dominatrix was, if Trent refused to do it she could still precede on her own. Nicky needed her and she hoped that she wasn’t already too late.

Two days later, with information provided by the agent in charge of the L.A. field office, Trent and Ashley walked up to a building on West 76th St. and rang the bell next to a nondescript metal door with a sliding peep hole in it.

The rectangular cover slid to the side and Trent asked to see Mistress Sheana. The door opened and he was directed to the woman’s office. A tall woman with kinky red hair dressed in a tight leather outfit rose from behind a desk and came around to greet them. Her five inch high heels clicked on the wooden floors.

“I’m Mistress Sheana, what brings… the FBI to my door?” she asked as she examined Trent’s credentials.

“I’m Trent Richards and this is Ashley Bennet. We’re here to ask you some questions and hopefully get information about a friend of ours who was abducted two weeks ago.”

The three talked for an hour and had a fairly open exchange of information. Sheana had not heard anything about Nicky, but there were people she trusted that she could ask.

Sheana thought the idea of training an agent had merit and agreed that it was really the only way to safely get inside the organization. Ashley jumped on it and said she wanted to be trained and how soon could she start?

“Ashley!” Trent hissed. “We’re talking hypothetical here still. No one’s suggesting you go through with this right this second.”

Ashley looked glum and even sort of angry.

Trent knew then that Ashley was set on going through with this and he cursed Derek under his breath.

“But what of her Master? Who will fill that role? You, Agent Richards?” the fiery red-head asked from behind her desk. Her gaze fell upon the FBI agent.

“Um… I don’t know. I hadn’t considered it, what would that involve?”

“Well, here’s my train of thought based on past experience. You can’t just throw a female agent into servitude and expect her to be able to get out by herself. Outsiders have no concept of what a slave’s life is like. Believe me, slaves have very little freedom.” Mistress Sheana stood up and paced the floor. “So Ms. Bennet, you were a waitress at this club, the…”

“Golden Slipper,” Ashley chimed in.

“Right, the Golden Slipper. You get involved with one of the clientele, or maybe one of the managers – someone you can trust to hold up a story. They send you here for training but plan to sell you off once the training is complete. You, Mr. Richards, are on the other side of this deal and make yourself known to me that you’re interested in purchasing a girl. I pair you two up and then although Ms. Bennet here is in servitude, you are free to do what ever you want. Your slave will be your ticket through many doors.”

“That sounds plausible. How can I be a Master though? I know nothing about this.”

“I have trainers for Masters and Mistresses too.”

“So I could be trained right along with Ashley?”

“You would each be trained in separate facilities. Slaves are always trained by a third party. You couldn’t be tough enough on her to achieve what will be expected of her. Plus, we have the time issue. Ashley’s training will have to be condensed, say three months.”

“Three months!” Richards exclaimed.

“First, I have something to show you, Miss Bennet. We’ll see how strong your resolve is. Once you agree to the training you will be trained as any other slave is trained if you want to survive this plan of yours.”

The tall muscular woman led them out into a hallway and down several fights of stairs.

The descent reminded Ashley too much of her descent into the torture chambers of the Gold Club. She felt her nerves begin to unravel but pulled herself together when she thought of poor Nicky.

They entered a room that had large monitors on the wall in front of a control panel. A pretty woman in a dark gray business suit sat at the controls.

“Hi Tammy,” Sheana said. “Would you bring up some feeds from the warehouse, please?”

“Yes Mistress.” The dark haired beauty leaned forward and clicked some icons on her computer screen and the images before them changed to show a variety of rooms. Most of the rooms contained a naked woman in various degrees of bondage.

Mistress Sheana led them to one monitor where they were looking down on a naked woman strapped to a chair. Leather bands held her at her throat, elbows, wrists, thighs, and ankles. Her mouth was held wide open using a large spring clamp; a separate clamp was attached to her tongue. A vise of sorts was on her chest, between her breasts. A horizontal bar was attached to the chest piece and the woman’s nipples were attached to the bar by clamps. It appeared that if the vise screw was turned the clamps would be moved further away from the woman’s breasts, thus pulling harder on her nipples. As it was, the woman’s nipples were being tugged rather harshly.

Ashley noted that two clips were clamped onto the woman’s labia, pulling her pussy lips outward. The clamps were held in place by elastic bands around the woman’s thighs. Centered on the woman’s crotch was a large vibrator. Drool covered the woman’s chin and was dripping down onto her chest. Ashley wondered how long she had been bound like that.

It was an ingenious torment and Ashley could only imagine the sensations in the woman’s body.

Oh god, that vibrator must be driving her insane. And her open mouth! She is so vulnerable! Ashley pictured a large cock being forced into that open hole.

Involuntarily, Ashley squeezed her thighs together. She felt a twinge in her own pussy and unexpected, unwanted, warmth.

Turning to look at the next monitor, the trio observed a naked and gagged woman with her wrists tied to an overhead t-bar. Below her feet were two blocks of ice, partially melted from the warmth of her feet. It was obvious that she had been standing on the blocks for some time and that her toes must be freezing. She shifted from one foot to the other as the freezing cold wore on her feet. The ice had melted to a point where she needed to stand on her tip-toes if she didn’t want to hang freely by her arms. It was only a matter of time before the ice melted and she would be forced to hang from her arms anyway. Ashley unconsciously licked her lips.

Still another monitor displayed a naked and chained woman in a tank of water. The tank was filled and the woman held onto the bars at the surface with her bound wrists so that she could breathe. A Mistress sat atop the tank and would periodically whip the bound woman’s hands with a riding crop until she let go. The naked woman would sink into the water and then have to struggle to get to the surface for air. Sometimes the mistress would let her get a hold of the bars, other times she would swat at her fingers.

Ashley squirmed and turned red with embarrassment. That could be me in there! But for some reason the prospect seemed enticing.

“Oh Ash, I don’t know about this.” Trent was holding his hand to his mouth, not quite believing what he was seeing.

Sheana had not been watching the monitors, but had been watching Ashley’s reactions very closely. “I suspect Miss. Bennet is quite intrigued by what she sees, is this not so, slave?” She noticed that Ashley could not tear her gaze from the monitor, nor did she react to being referred to as slave.

“You’ve already pictured yourself down there haven’t you? You’ve already wondered how exquisite the pain and the pleasure would be, haven’t you, slave?”

Ashley let out a very soft moan and knew she was becoming aroused. She turned to the red haired dominatrix and said in a soft, brutally sexy voice, “Yes, Mistress.”

“I accept your proposal for training this slave. From what I have seen of her so far I believe she will accept the training quite rapidly. It comes down to what the terms would be. Shall we go back to my office?”

Trent held Ashley back a little. “This is more than I anticipated Ashley. I can’t ask you do this and I can’t do this to you. We’ll find another way to get Nicky back. Not this way.”

“I’m doing it with or without you. We don’t have time to look for someone else!” Ashley snapped back. “If Nicky is out there somewhere in trouble I’m not going to walk away because it’s going to be too hard to get her back. I’ll find her, and I will get her back. I’d rather do it with you. Will you be my Master?”

Mistress Sheana had stopped at her office door.

“Do you trust this man to be your Master, slave?”

Ashley looked at Trent. He had been there for her in the past. “I trust him with my life, totally, Mistress.”

A little part of Trent melted. Oh god, don’t let me fail her!

“You’ll need to, because your very life will be in his hands.” She opened the door and ushered them back into the office. Once inside she picked up the phone and dialed a number.

“Sara, it’s Sheana. Hi, how are you?” She listened for a moment. “I have something to ask you, but privately. Yes. Have you seen a little brunette come through in the past week or so? Sort of short hair.” She looked at Ashley who nodded and pointed at her shoulder. “Oh, and a crescent moon tattoo on her left shoulder.” She listened again, “Okay, no, that’s okay, don’t ask around, it’s just between us. Thanks sister.”

She turned back to her phone and dialed another number and had the same conversation with someone named Claira, then Tiffany, then Yamisan, then Laura.

“You have? At Ketami’s? Last week? And you’re sure she’s in the program? Cool! Hey, thanks a bunch, just between us okay? Love ya.”

She turned to face the Ashley and Trent. “I’m so sorry. Ketami is one of the worst Masters to be trained under.”

Ashley’s face turned white and Trent held her hand to steady her. “What do you mean?”

“He’s from Japan and is a master of rope bondage. But also, he has a large inventory of kidnapped girls and a taste for blood and brutality. Not every girl that goes into his facility comes out alive, or in one piece.”

“On my god,” Ashley said in horror. “What happens to them?”

“I’ve heard he’ll kill a girl for being slow or disobedient. The graduation ceremony includes the cutting off of a body part, usually a toe or a finger.”

“He cuts off the girls toes?” Trent asked, shaking his head.

“No, the girls cut them off of themselves.”

“We’ve got to get her out of there!” Ashley was on her feet.

“I don’t think it’s possible.” Sheana said. “For one thing the location of his facility is a closely guarded secret. It’s highly secure and the girls would all be killed immediately if there were a breach. It’s better to wait until she comes out and is sold. If she can be tracked it would be easier to get her away from her buyer. Meanwhile you two can go through with your training.”

“But in three months…” Trent thought about the time requirement.

“At least we’re only a week or so behind your friend, the timing may work to our advantage if we start right away.”

The three sat down and discussed the terms. Training normally cost several thousand dollars, but again Trent had come with enticements from the L.A. office. Even though Sheana’s facility had been under surveillance, every old record would be eliminated and she would start off fresh. As long as she kept her business legit, she had nothing to fear from older legal abuses. This would take a great pressure off of the woman.

One last item of business was that Trent had to commit to purchase Ashley for $50,000 when her training was complete. This had to be done to create the necessary paper trail in case of investigations later on. Trent knew that Derek Harris had more money in his budget than that, so there were no problems with that figure.

Ashley and Trent went back to their hotels to make some calls and get their affairs in order. Training would start in the morning.

End of part 1

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