Ashley Bennet – Conned, part 4
by mrhungry

Chapter 5

Sunday morning found Trent Richards sitting in his car a block up the street from Ashley Bennet’s town home. He had already decided it would be his last day of surveillance. Not that he wouldn’t like to continue stalking the woman, but it was taking up a lot of his time and he had to face it – no one was forcing her to work at the club. What she did in her own time was really up to her, and she wasn’t breaking any laws. Besides that, the background check he had stealthily conducted on her turned up some very interesting information.

Ashley had married Marcus Bennet, a Marine captain, the year after she had graduated high school and moved around the country with him for a couple of years before he was stationed in Virginia with the 4th Supply Battalion. He was deployed to Irag and was unfortunately killed in action during his third tour of duty.

Three cashed-in insurance policies appeared to be the source of Ashley’s wealth. The first was a policy Marcus and Ashley took out on each other shortly after the marriage. A second policy was issued on the captain by the Marines immediately upon his departure to the war zone. A third policy was initiated by Capt. Bennet’s parents who it seemed loved their daughter-in-law very much and wanted her to be covered in the event of their son’s death. In all, Ashley collected 1.5 million dollars, most of which she invested with Fidelity Investments. More difficult to hack into but not impossible, Trent learned that she made wise investments and her portfolio had grown substantially, even in the down economy.

During her husband’s first tour of duty, Ashley had applied for a secretarial position with the Bureau in Arlington, VA and from there had systematically worked her way up through the ranks, changing positions to advance her career when she could. Along the way she had earned two degrees.

Then three years ago she had been recruited by Special Agent Umbridge to work in his Internal Affairs department in Washington and the two had worked together ever since. When Dick Umbridge had been assigned to the OCTF in Philadelphia one of his requests before accepting the position was that Ashley Bennet be allowed to go with him.

After spending two days sifting through the life of Ashley Bennet, Trent had come away with a new found admiration for the woman. He didn’t know where the idea that she was a ditz came from, and couldn’t even remember her acting in anything but a professional manner. And now he knew that she wasn’t even working for the FBI because she needed the money. Clearly she did not. And if he thought her town home was nice and she had a lot of nice things, well, with all of the money she had she was living extremely conservatively.

He had just settled back in his seat when he spotted her Mustang coming out of the underground ramp. He started up his car and began to follow her at a safe distance.

Looking at the clock he saw that it was only 8am. He knew her weekend schedule at the club would have had her getting home around 6:30am and he had to wonder why wasn’t in bed?

After driving for 10 minutes the blonde pulled into a Denny’s parking lot. Trent waited until she went in and then checked his own disguise. After taking his sound equipment out of its charger, he slipped it onto his belt and threaded the mike down his sleeve. He checked his disguise in the rear-view mirror one last time and adjusted his nose just a tad, pressing the compound smooth and blending it in. He dabbed a little makeup on that area and saw that the fake nose blended in perfectly now. Reaching into his glove box he withdrew the glasses that would probably get him fired if it was known that he’d removed them from the “vault” without authorization. The glasses cost about $4000 because of the miniature camera built into the frame.

Oh well, you only live once.

The diner was pretty busy with church folk taking up most of the tables. Trent spotted Ashley sitting in a booth and picked a booth on the opposite wall far enough away from her not to be recognized yet close enough for his mike to work.

About five minutes later, a man walked in and sat down. Trent was able to get several pictures of the man’s face before he got situated in the booth. Now he listened in to their conversation using his mic and ear piece.

“Agent Bennet, how are you?”

Agent Bennet? Who IS this guy?

“Hi Agent Cooper, I’m doing really well.”

“What’s going on? I assume you have something to report?”

Just then the waitress came by and took their orders and poured coffee into Wexler’s cup.

Ashley leaned in towards Wexler. “Yes, I made a startling discovery.”

Wexler jerked his head up, “You did?”

“Yes,” Ashley looked around and then in a whisper said, “The owners of the club are black-mailing people who go there.”

Harold Wexler nearly spit out his mouthful of coffee. As it was, he had to wipe his chin.

“They’re what?”

“I found tons of files of photos in the office of one of the owners, along with cashed checks, money orders, lots of other papers I didn’t have time to read.”

Ashley was a little perplexed that Agent Cooper looked as stunned as he did. Didn’t he think she was going to find something there? Wasn’t that why he had sent her in? Wasn’t that why she was putting up with the constant humiliation of working in that place? Displaying her body night after night, letting all of those lecherous people touch her all of the time. Of course she was going to find something.

“Um…well…that’s great work. That will really come in handy when we sweep in to bust them on the prostitution ring.”

“Black-mailing public officials is probably a little bigger catch than prostitution, wouldn’t you say?” Ashley sipped her orange juice. “Besides, busting people for prostitution is something the city police should be doing. Blackmail is more up our alley, don’t you think?” That had been a nagging question in the back of her mind for a couple of weeks now.

“Oh, sure, but we may as well get them for everything we can. I’d say you should continue with your original mission and then we can hit them with everything at once.”

“With all due respect sir, black-mail is very serious. One of the names I saw is now the Chief of Police. Another is an Alderman. Who knows who else is in those files?” Ashley stopped talking when the waitress brought their meals.

“And I’ve been in there working and going through hell if, you must know, for over a month now. I want to help you and Special Agent Umbridge out, God knows I owe so much to him, but I can’t keep this up for ever. I’m a mess at work and I don’t want to let down the people I support.”

“S.A. Umbridge knows this, believe me, and we wouldn’t be asking you to continue if it weren’t extremely important. Just hang in there a little longer, will you? Can we count on you?”

Ashley pushed her scrambled eggs around her plate with her fork before looking up and saying, “Of course, I’ll do what ever you need me to do.”

“We knew we could count on you, Ashley.”

Trent paid his bill and headed out to his car, wanting to leave before this ‘Agent Cooper’ did. He had never heard of any investigation into this strip club. And he didn’t think Dick Umbridge was running any investigation because he was too busy with the mob investigation. Any investigation into the strip club would be conducted by his own unit, the Criminal Investigation Division.

Trent knew a lot of FBI guys, even the ones out of D.C., and this one didn’t look familiar. It was time to change the focus of his investigation.

Twenty minutes later, ‘Agent Cooper’ came out of the restaurant and drove off in a very nice Lincoln. Trent followed him at a distance and took down the address of the house that he pulled into. He would do a little research on this guy as soon as he could get back to the office.

* * *

“Gary, it’s Trent.”

“Hey man, what’s up?”

“Do you think you could meet me at the office for about 20 minutes? I need you to run your DX-25 on a face.”

“Right now?”

“If it’s not too much trouble.”

“No problem, I’ll see you there.”

While he waited, Trent accessed the FBI intranet database and entered the address of the house that “Agent Cooper” went to after his meeting with Ashley. The computer screen showed a bald man, 6’2” tall, 245 lbs. by the name of Harold Wexler. He cross checked the name in the commercial data base and sat still staring at the screen when his friend came in.

“Here, this will only take a minute. I just want to verify something I think I already know.” Trent flipped him the digital drive from his glasses.

Gary plugged it into his computer and brought up the program. “This guy?”

Trent looked at the screen. “Yes, and I’m sending you the perp.” Trent hit a few keys on his computer and then heard a chirp on Gary’s.

“Okay, they both have the same build don’t they?”

“Yeah.” Trent agreed.

“Alright, it’s imaging now.” Gary sat back and watched his monitor. “And comparing structural points. Wow.”

“Wow what?”

“Wow, 237 matching points. These are both the same guy. Who is it?”

“It’s the owner of the Golden Slipper.”

“The strip club out on 62?”

“One and the same,” Trent said. “I’m going to do a wet-op on this guy. Can you set me up with a portable hard drive and a password wizard?”

“Sure, do you need me to tag along?”

“No, this is really wet, but I might need your expertise next week.”

“Just say the word.”


* * *

Ashley had just entered her town-home when her cell phone rang.


“Jessica? Hi, it’s Paula.”

“Oh hi! How are you?”

“Great.” Paula replied.

“What’s up?”

“Well…I was wondering…”


“Um, where did you get your piercing done?”

“You want to get pierced?”

“Yes, if you don’t mind that I copy you. Is that tacky?”

“No, of course not. I got it done at a clinic over in Bayport. I have a business card here someplace; I can call and get it set up. When do you want to do it?”

“Well, I have my nerve up today, do you think they’re open?”

“I can call and see. I’ll call you back.”


Ashley hung up and dug through her purse looking for Dr. Marshall’s card. “Here it is.” She looked at the card and then dialed the number.

“West Side Medical, can I help you?”

“Yes, good morning, this is Jessica Brenner, I came in a couple of weeks ago for some body jewelry.”

“Oh yes, Ms. Brenner, how are you doing?”

“I’m fine thanks. I was wondering if Dr. Marshall was in today and if she had any time available to help my friend get some jewelry.”

“Let me see…hmmm…yes, from noon to 3pm she’s open. Would you like to make an appointment?”

“Can we come in at noon?”

“Sure, we’ll see you then.”

“Is Dr. Marshall available? I’d like to speak with her.”

“Yes, please hold.”

Ashley listened to the muzak for a minute and then heard the phone ring.

“Dr. Marshall speaking.”

“Hi, this is Jessica Brenner, do you remember me from a couple of weeks ago? I came in with my friend Nicky?”

There was silence on the line and then Dr. Marshall said, “Yes, Ms. Brenner is everything all right with your piercing?” Ashley could sense some hesitation on the other end of the line.

“Listen Dr. Marshall, I’ve thought about that morning quite a bit and I really think you went out of your way to humiliate me.”

“I… I’m…” the doctor sputtered, not able to find the words she needed.

Ashley cut her off, “The way you strapped me to the chair so I couldn’t move and then had that male nurse come in and fish around in my vagina. I didn’t really need to have an orgasm right there in front of everyone to get my pussy pierced.”

“I’m sorry!” Dr. Marshall blurted out.

“Hey, it’s okay. But I want you to admit you did it on purpose.”

There was a long pause and then Dr. Marshall said, “Yes, okay? I did it on purpose.”

“Okay, now here’s what I want from you.” Ashley took a deep breath. “At noon I’m bringing in a friend for the same treatment. And I mean the same treatment, even worse if you can manage it. She won’t be as easy to humiliate as I was, so you may need to step up your treatment plan a little. Can you do that?”

“Yes, I think we can work something up for you.”

“Great, we’ll see you around noon.”

* * *

Trent looked over the schematics for the security system of the Golden Slipper Gentleman’s Club. A friend in City Hall had clued him into who had installed the system and Trent was relieved to learn that the company, JB Roalins, was one with whom he had worked many times. They actually had several large government contracts and the system designer was an ex-Marine. Trent had called him on his private line and asked for the schematics on the down-low. They arrived at the Federal Building within the hour. Now, however, he was not so excited when he saw the type of system they had installed.

He spotted Gary locking up his desk and said, “Well, I may need your expertise again.” He waved Gary over.

“I’m not up on cracking into these types of systems, have you seen it before?”

Gary looked over the plans. “Oh, right, the Gleason 345. It’s a tough one. But I’ve done two of those for our guys in the past four months. I’d have to be in on this one if you want in there.”

Trent looked a little pensive. “It’s really wet Gary; I don’t want you to catch any heat over this.”

“What’s it about anyway?”

“I’d rather not say just yet, but I think an informant has dropped a mother load of shit in my lap. I just have to get in to verify.”

“Can’t you get a warrant?”

“It would blow my informant. I have to be sure of the intel.”

“Well, count me in. When are we hitting them?”

“I need to do it immediately, but will have to wait until they close tomorrow night. Actually, it would be about 4:30 in the morning, Tuesday.”

“Okay, I’ll have everything ready.”

“Thanks man.” The two shook hands and Gary walked out.

* * *

“When did she get into your office?” Peter Jeffries asked.

“I don’t know. It’s not on any of the tapes. I doubt she knows it, but the door to the stairwell is not on any of the cameras. It’s a blind spot in the coverage that I’d never noticed before.”

“Well, I hope we can get that fixed.” Jeffries said.

“Already done,” Harold replied. “I’m thinking it was probably mid-week last week, but it really doesn’t matter. The fact is, she knows about our secondary business.”

“That’s really unfortunate, Harry, but she was going to find out about it pretty soon as it was.

“True.” Harold agreed.

“You don’t think she’ll tell anyone else, Umbridge for instance?” Peter asked.

“No, she’s still 100% hooked into the scam.”

“Well, I’d say let’s call her in under some pretense and then show her the DVD. Now we have to have her under our control as soon as possible.

* * *

“It’s great that this place is open on Sundays,” Paula said as she climbed out of Ashley’s Mustang.

Ashley ushered Paula into the lobby and up to the front desk.

“Oh hi, Ms. Brenner,” said the woman behind the appointment desk, “This is your friend?”

“Yes, Paula…”

“Gionni,” Paula offered.

The receptionist handed Paula a clipboard and some paperwork, “Just fill out these two forms and the doctor will be right with you.”

The two women sat down and Paula started filling out the papers.

Just as she finished the door opened and Ashley looked up to see Dr. Marshall standing there. She gave Ashley a slight nod.

“Ms. Gionni? I’m Dr. Marshall, how are you today dear?” The three women walked down a hallway to an open room.

“Now Ms. Gionni, may I call you Paula?” Paula nodded her head. “I understand you will be getting both labia and nipple jewelry. Will you also be getting a VCH?”

“Is that the clit ring?” Paula asked.

“Not a clit ring, but a ring placed in your clitoral hood. Clit rings are much more difficult to maintain and the stimulation received from a VCH is actually much more intense. I see more clit rings from couples who are into roll playing slavery,” Dr. Marshall replied.

“I’d like mine to match Jessie’s.”

“Okay, well, if you would please strip out of your clothes and climb up into this chair we can get started.”

“All of my clothes?” Paula asked with some trepidation.

“Yes dear, we’ll be operating on your bottom and your top, so we need your clothes off. I’ll be back in a minute.”

After the doctor had left Paula asked Ashley, “Did you have to strip?”

Ashley assured her that she did.

When the doctor came back in she patted the chair and said, “Up you go.”

Paula hopped up into the gynecologists chair and placed her feet into the stirrups. Feeling somewhat exposed she looked at Ashley for support.

“I see you still have pubic hair, unlike your friend here,” Dr. Marshall tipped her head in Ashley’s direction. “That will have to come off for this to be absolutely sanitary. First we’ll get you strapped in.” The doctor looped the Velcro straps across Paula’s ankles and thighs and then reached across for the waist belt.

“Strapped in? I have to be strapped in?”

“Yes, yes, don’t worry about it. I can’t have you moving about now can I? Imagine if you moved while I was piercing you?” The doctor pulled the straps tightly over Paula’s arms and wrists.

Ashley placed a hand on her shoulder and patted her gently. Paula looked up at her for reassurance.

“Now, I’ll have my nurse come in and remove this hair and then I’ll do the exam to make sure you’re a suitable candidate. I have two interns working with my nurse today so they’ll be attending and maybe helping out if they can.”

And with that the woman left the room.

“They’re going to shave me? I should’ve done that at home. I don’t want anyone shaving me.”

“If it’s the same nurse that she was working with before he’s very capable.” Ashley said as her hand moved down Paula’s chest toward her exposed breast.


Just then there was a light tap on the door and in walked two young men and a young woman. “Hello, I’m Stuart…oh hi, Jessica right?” Ashley nodded. “Good to see you again. Are you bringing us clients now?”

Stuart sat down between Paula’s legs. He pulled a pin on the left leg support and pushed Paula’s leg out to the side and then repeated the process with her right leg. Once the pins were back in place Paula looked down to see that her legs were splayed wide apart. Her face turned beet red as she saw how totally exposed she was.

“Oh god, Jess!”

“Shhh, it’s okay, don’t worry.” Ashley assured her as she stroked Paula’s hair.

“Okay,” said Stuart to the two interns, “as you can imagine, this is an extremely sensitive area to shave. Plus, no one wants to leave with nice vaginal jewelry and nicked up labia. So it’s very important to take your time and be very, very careful. Use only new razors of course. Larry, they’re in the second drawer down, Karen, run the water in the sink until it’s hot.”

The interns went about their tasks while Stuart scooted in and combed through Paula’s thin pubic hair with his gloved fingers.

“I always check for bumps or growths that might interfere with the shave. You can both perform an inspection.”

Paula tensed as Larry knelt down and touched her pussy.

“You made the client tense Larry; you need to be a little gentler. Sorry Ms. Gionni.”

“Um…it’s okay, I just wasn’t prepared for that.”

“Karen, show us how it’s done.”

The young woman blushed as she sat on the stool between Paula’s legs and gently brushed through her pubic hairs.

“Good, now I’ll place a towel on the floor here, and soak this other towel in the hot water. While that soaks I’ll trim off as much hair as I can. This patient keeps her pubic hair quite short already, so there won’t be much to do.” Stuart snipped away at Paula’s wispy pubic hair.

“Now we take the hot towel and soak the remaining hair and skin.”

“Oooo that’s hot!” Paula cooed.

Once the towel was removed Stuart moved in with the shaving cream and razor. “Please remain perfectly still, Ms. Gionni. Guys, come in and hold her legs still, please.”

Larry and Karen came up to Paula’s outstretched legs and each one held onto one of Paula’s legs.

Paula looked down to see the male nurse begin to shave away her remaining pubic hair. The sight of this happening while two other stranger watched and held onto he legs was so humiliating and so fucking hot! Paula understood that the humiliating was turning her on. She looked up at her friend and wondered if she had anything to do with this. She could she that Jessie was totally into it, and was watching the procedure carefully.

Paula knew that people didn’t normally get strapped into the chairs for procedures like these. This had to be planned to embarrass her, but even with that knowledge Paula was extremely turned on by what her friend was putting her through. She decided to go with it, and exploit it if she could.

Paula squirmed, “Ohhh, god. Please stop for a second and let me catch my breath.”

Stuart lifted the razor. “Are you okay? I’m almost done.”

Paula took a couple of deep breaths. “Okay, okay, go ahead, I’m alright.”

Larry and Karen maintained their hold of Paula’s slender legs as Stuart returned to shaving Paula’s pussy lips.

“Okay, there we go.” Stuart took another towel out of the hot water and washed Paula’s bare crotch with it.

“Let’s go find Dr. Marshall to let her know that the patient is ready.” Stuart stood up and let the team out of the exam room.

“Wow Paula, you look totally hot!” Ashley exclaimed as she moved around and sat on the stool between her friend’s legs. Rolling the stool closer, Ashley bent forward and kissed her friend’s bald snatch and then probed her shaven slit with her tongue.

“Jessie!” Paula whispered nervously, “They’ll come in! Oh god, please don’t! Shit Jessie you’re making me fucking hot! Come on, they’ll see you!” Paula squirmed in the chair, unable to close her legs or avoid Ashley’s attack on her freshly shaved cunt.

Ashley stood up and moved to the side as she heard footsteps approaching the door.

There was a light tap and then the door swung open.

“Okay, let’s see.” Dr. Marshall came around and stood between Paula’s legs. “Very nicely done Stuart. Nice and clean. Now, I’ll perform the examination and we’ll get started on the piercing.”

The doctor reached behind her and took two straps out of a drawer in a roller cabinet. She placed one of the straps around Paula’s left thigh, close to her hip, and the other around her right thigh in the same spot. Each strap had a small clip attached to it.

“Now, we’ll just use these clips to hold her labia apart so we can get a good look inside with the vagiscope.”

“Huh?” Paula gasped as she looked down to see the doctor take her labia and stretch it up to the clip.

“Ow, that sort of hurts, Doctor. Oh shit!” she exclaimed as the other labia was stretched and clipped.

“It’s only for a minute dear, and the uncomfortable feeling will pass in just a second.”

Paula’s face turned red as she saw that her outer labia were being pulled wide apart, totally exposing the pink skin of her pussy. She squirmed as the doctor placed a long thick instrument against her inner labia.

“That tickles!”

“Now, if the patient is ticklish, or won’t stay still you have a real problem on your hands. We do have an attachment for these chairs that can aid you in maintaining control of your patient. It isn’t used very often, but with Ms. Gionni’s consent I can demonstrate it for you.”

The doctor looked at Paula, “Do you mind? I’m trying to help these two pass their nursing course.”

“Well…I guess…if you need to.” Paula was sure this entire procedure was some sort of set-up now. And knowing this was making her warm inside. Her arousal was going through the roof.

Dr. Marshall reached behind her and opened the bottom drawer of the cabinet and removed what looked like a thin dildo on the end of a bent rod. She handed it to Karen and told her to lube it up with the K-Y on the counter-top.

Paula looked at the dildo and said, “Oh, I don’t know about that. You’re going to use that on me?”

“It’s only for a short time, dear. I want to demonstrate its use for the interns and then we can remove it.”

“Well,” she looked up at Ashley, “Okay, go ahead.” Paula braced herself as the dildo was pressed against her anus.

“Relax, Ms. Gionni.” Dr. Marshall said. “Just relax, okay?”

Paula tried to relax as the thin shaft was pressed into her anus. She looked down and caught Stuart adjusting his erection. He saw that he had been caught and his face turned red.

When the dildo was fully inserted the doctor attached the rod to the chair with four thumb screws. “Okay, now you can see that with this attached to the chair we no longer have to worry about the patient moving about. She is totally immobile.”

Paula tried to move, but she was held firmly in place by the dildo attached to the chair.

“That feels totally weird!” Paula said as she looked up at the ceiling.

“I understand, and we’ll try to get through this as quickly as possible.” Dr. Marshall returned to her stool.

“Okay, now we can see that exteriorly, the patient’s labia are suitable for piercing. Karen, come in here and palpate the fleshy folds, note any lumps or malformations you might encounter.” The doctor rolled the stool back so the young woman could come in and, with her rubber gloved fingers, gently massage Paula’s shaven pussy lips.

Paula gripped the sides of the chair as pleasurable sensations coursed though her body. All of this attention was beginning to make her very horny. Not to mention the thin rod probing her asshole!

“Now, we’ll examine interiorly, mainly to make sure the patient has no conditions she may not be aware of and that may adversely affect the piercing and subsequent infection control regimen.”

The doctor pressed the head of the vagiscope against Paula’s exposed vaginal opening and easily slid the device into her pussy.

“As you can see, the patient is sexually aroused and lubrication of the vagiscope is unnecessary.”

Even though the doctor spoke in a most clinical nature, pointing out that she was sexually aroused was pretty embarrassing! Paula noticed that both interns blushed, and Larry used his lab coat to cover himself as he adjusted his erection.

“Stuart, would you please place the nipple suction tubes on Ms. Gionni to get them ready for the syringe?”

“Yes, doctor.” Stuart replied as he turned to the counter and opened one of the drawers. He sorted through some tubes and then turned to Paula with two in his hands.

Ashley watched as he sized the tubes to Paula’s nipples and then selected two smaller tubes from the drawer. He placed one over Paula’s nipple and gave the tube a gentle squeeze. The suction held the tube over her nipple. The process was repeated on the other nipple.

Meanwhile, the doctor was probing Paula’s ever moistening pussy and discussing her findings with her two interns. Again, although everything seemed to be very clinical, the stimulation was driving Paula out of her mind. And now Paula watched as her nipples hardened inside of the clear plastic nipple tubes. The vacuum in the tubes seemed to be tugging at her nipples and they were becoming painfully erect.

Dr. Marshall took a clipboard and began checking off items. “I’m sorry that took so long Ms. Gionni, and thank you for allowing my interns to participate. This will be very helpful for them.”

“N…no pro…blem.” Paula was starting to get very warm. Sensing Paula was on the edge, the doctor put down the clipboard and directed Larry to dry Paula so she could begin the piercing.

Larry took the box of cotton swabs and began to swab Paula’s juices from the pink flesh of her inner labia.

“Make sure to get around her clitoris, especially under the hood. We want that dry.”

“Yes doctor.” Larry carefully lifted the little fold of flesh covering Paula’s clitoris and the bound woman moaned and then thrashed in a sudden orgasm.

“Jessie! Oh god! Make him stop…please!” Paula gasped between spasms.

“He’s got to dry you out, sweetie. Try to breathe normally.” Ashley said in a soothing manner.

Larry held Paula’s bud between his fingers and gently squeezed as he dried around it with a cotton swap.

“IIEEEE!” Paula tensed every muscle in her body, straining against the restraints. She clenched her rectum on the dildo and felt her head grow fuzzy as another more powerful orgasm swept through her naked body.

“Jess!” The fuzziness continued to grow and suddenly Paula’s body went slack.

The doctor felt for a pulse and then to Ashley asked, “Mission accomplished?”

“Yes, mission accomplished. Thank you.”

“We’re even?”

“Yes, we’re even.”

To the two young people she said, “Consider that your bonus, you can get back to straightening out those files.”

“Yes, doctor.”

After they had left Dr. Marshall said with a smile, “Not bad for accounting students.”

Ashley smiled.

“Well, now that she’s taking a little nap I’ll have this done before she regains consciousness.”

The doctor released the straps around Paula’s thighs and took off the clamps that held her labia. Then she took a syringe and carefully lined it up for the first hole in Paula’s shaved flesh. Twenty minutes later she was done with all of the piercing and had left Paula in Ashley’s care.

When Paula woke up she saw that she had been released from all of her bonds and that the dildo had been removed from her anus. She reached over to Ashley and said, “You’re the best friend I’ve ever had, Ashley.”

She looked down to see her newly placed nipple and pussy rings.

Ashley turned and cupped Paula’s face in the palm of her hand.

“How did you get them to fuck with me like that?”

Ashley gave her best surprised look and asked, “What are you talking about?

“Come on, there’s no way that was standard procedure. You told them to humiliate me, I know you did.” Paula was smiling.

“A very similar thing was done to me when I came in. I have a feeling the co-worker I came here with set me up, too. I didn’t come here with the intention of getting pierced, she talked me into it. And then I got a very big surprise, no dildo up the ass though. I had several mind blowing orgasms, but managed to stay conscious.”

They laughed.

“Well you’re stronger than me, then.”

“Come on, let’s get you dressed and back to my place,” Ashley said.

* * *

Several hours later, Ashley was woken by the phone ringing near her bed. She reached across Paula’s slumbering body to pick up the receiver.

“Hello?” she whispered.

“Jessica, is that you?” a man’s voice asked.

“Who is this?”

“Mr. Jeffries, from the club.”

“Oh sir, I’m sorry, what’s up?”

“We’re auditioning girls for the Gold Club this evening and wanted you to come down to try out.”

“Me? I just got promoted to Silver.”

“I know, that’s great, and you’ve done so well at bringing in clients that we wanted to offer you this opportunity to advance even further.”

“Well, when should I come in?”

“As soon as you could make it over here.”

“Okay, well, I can be there in about an hour.”

“That’ll be fine. See you then.” Jeffries hung up.

Ashley leaned over and kissed Paula’s breast. Paula began to stir as Ashley kissed her way down to Paula’s pussy. Earlier Ashley had bound Paula with straps she had brought with her. Paula’s legs were bound ankle to thigh and now her legs were spread wide, exposing her pussy. Paula’s wrists were locked to a tightly buckled waist corset and she wore a posture collar.

“Oooo Jessie, I like waking up like this.”

Ashley kissed Paula’s slit and said, “I’m sorry to say that I just got a call from work and I have to go in?”

“What? I didn’t think you had to work tonight. Ooo, that feels so good!”

“I’m going to try out for a position in the gold level of the club.”

“Is that good?”

“I think so. Any way, I’m going to see what it’s all about.”

Ashley started to unhook all of Paula’s bindings.

“I should get home any way. Jack’s coming home from his trip to Seattle tonight and I want to clean up the house a bit.”

“Wait until he sees these!” Ashley gushed as she fingered her friends’ new piercings.

“I know. He’s going to love them.” Paula said as she turned to allow Ashley to unlock the strap around her thigh and ankle.

An hour later, Ashley walked into the Golden Slipper Gentleman’s Club. She went to Fiona’s office and knocked on the door.


Fiona looked up from her paperwork. “Jezzica, what are you doing here on a Sunday night?”

“Mr. Jeffries asked me to come in and audition for a job in the Gold section.”

Fiona looked surprised. “He did? I had not heard about zat.”

“I’m sorry, I hope it’s okay with you if I apply.”

“Certainly mon cher, do you think you’re ready for zat?”

Ashley hesitated before saying, “I’m not sure, but he asked me to come in and I thought I should at least see what it involves.”

Fiona sat back in her chair. “I can tell you zat you would take a lot of physical abuse…sexual physical abuse. The gold section is a bondage club, Jezzie. You would be bound all of the time in some manner.”

Ashley looked down, “I’ve heard rumors.”

“Well, the rumors are true. But, zee customers, they are not allowed to really physically injure you and you only work every three day so you have time to recuperate. The money is good I guess.”

“I need the money, that’s for sure.” Ashley lied.

“Do you know where zee door to zee club is?”

“No ma’am.”

“There is actually a separate parking lot on zee other side of zee building. You have to drive around zee block to get to it. You will see zee door, it has what you call… peep hole. Just tell zem you’re zare to see Mr. Jeffries and zey show you where to go.”

“Thank you mistress.”

Fiona stood up and walked around to Ashley. She reached out for a hug and Ashley stepped into her arms.

“You’re one of my favorite girls, Jezzica. I really hate to lose you, but you have to do what is best for you.”

“Thank you mistress, I’ve enjoyed working for you.”

“If not for you, zen you come back and see me.”

“I will.” Ashley said as she left the office and headed out to get her car.

Ashley turned in to the parking lot and saw a dimly lit sign over a more dimly lit doorway. “The Gold Club.” This really was a separate club all together. After parking her Mustang she walked up and pushed a button on the door frame.

A rectangular slot opened in the door, but the person on the other side was silent.

“I… I’m here to see Mr. Jeffries…he called for me to come over. I’m Jessica from the Slipper.”

Ashley heard the bolt click and then watched the door open. No light escaped the open door. It was just as black inside as it was outside.

“In.” A gruff male voice said.

Ashley stepped into the darkness and heard the door close behind her. Faint evidence of light began to register.

“Straight ahead to the stairs on your right. Down two levels to an orange door. Wait inside the room for Mr. Jeffries.”

“Thanks.” Ashley said. Mr. Personality!

She inched her way forward, her vision picking up more details as her eyes adjusted to the dim light. The beat of loud music could be heard nearby, but the club entrance wasn’t visible yet.

Almost passing the stairs, she backed up and descended two flights to the orange door. Inside she found a well lit room with all manner of bondage equipment.

Butterflies erupted in her stomach as she sat looking at the equipment.

Shit! Can I do this? I’ll just see what they have in mind.

Ashley heard footsteps coming from across the room where there looked to be a hallway and saw Mr. Jeffries enter the room, followed by Maxine. The butterflies in Ashley’s stomach leapt for cover.

“Jessica, thank you for coming in. I’ve been looking forward to you joining us on this side of the building.”

“Thank you for the offer, sir.”

“Well, shall we start? I’m thinking we’ll go through some usual bondage scenarios, ones that you’ll probably encounter in the club. That way, if it’s too rigorous for you you’ll be able to find out up front. We’d hate for you to go in there unprepared.” Two men came through the door carrying camera equipment.

“Oh good, George and Bruce will be recording the session. We like to document everyone’s induction at the club. Pay no attention to them, though, just concentrate on what you have to do.”

“Yes sir.” Ashley looked at the camera men with embarrassment.

They’re going to record everything?

“So, after you’ve stripped down, let’s start with you up here.” Peter motioned for Ashley to climb a small set of removable steps that were in front of two long rows of four-foot tall metal pipes. Near the top of each set of pipes was a cross pipe bolted in place, joining the two pipes.

“I have to strip?”

“Hurry woman!” Maxine snapped, her riding crop smacking her own thigh. Ashley slipped out of her clothes and walked naked to the steps. At the top of the steps she turned and looked at Jeffries for instruction.

“Hold on up there,” he pointed at some iron bars that hung from the ceiling, “face me, there you go…okay now left leg up here and right leg up here.” Ashley could see that her legs would be on top on the cross pipes, spread wide apart.

“Okay, good. Now arms up here, and we’ll secure your wrists.”

Ashley’s arms were extended outward to rest on the iron bars. Maxine and Peter pulled step stools over and climbed up to slip smaller iron bars over some rails and lower the padded bars onto Ashley’s wrists.

Maxine took a wrench and began tightening some bolts. When she was done, Ashley could see that her wrists were bolted into place. The iron bars were solid and allowed for zero movement on her part. It was not a very comfortable position to be in.

This process was repeated on her legs, with three bars securing each leg; one at her hip, one at her knee, and one at her ankle. Ashley found she could not budge an inch and knew that it would take a person with a wrench to free her. It was a very uncomfortable feeling.

“Okay, good. Now we’ll attach the punisher.”

The punisher? Ashley didn’t like the sound of that.

Maxine went to a table and returned with a long iron shaft that had a large vibrator head on the end of it. She and Peter knelt down between Ashley’s legs and bolted it to the floor. They swung the shaft forward and pressed it against Ashley’s exposed slit.

“Good. That should do it.” Peter reached down and pressed a switch activating the vibrator. Ashley felt a low vibration against her sex.

“Now, Jessica, in the Gold Club you are not allowed to climax without permission. If you do you get punished. Punishment can be quite harsh.”

Ashley felt trapped. She knew she was totally helpless and it was impossible for her to free herself. She also knew she could not escape the vibrator. She tried to move away from it, but she could not budge an inch with her legs bolted between the rows of iron bars.

“We’ll check back with you in an hour. Remember, you must not climax. It is important to learn to control your body and its responses to stimulation.”

“I’ll try my best, ma’am.”

Jeffries and Maxine left the room leaving Ashley alone with the two cameramen.

It was extremely embarrassing to be bound spread wide open as she was and have two strangers with cameras filming her naked body from all angles. One of the men stood directly in front of her with the lens of his camera a foot from her face. She knew she had a pained look on her face as the vibrator hummed away against her slit and she tried to look as “normal” as possible.

Meanwhile, the other man was walking around her, bringing his camera in close to observe the contact point of the large vibrator head and her shaven slit.

The vibrations were subtle and Ashley was thinking that she probably wouldn’t have any problems controlling her responses. The two men filming her were definitely a turn off, as it was too embarrassing for her to in any way enjoy her captivity with those two lurking about.

Time dragged on for Ashley, and although she had thought that she was not able to move an inch, she found that over time she had relaxed. This realization came when she determined that the vibrator was more firmly pressing against her pussy, and was in fact pressing against her clit. Luckily she had figured that out in time to pull herself away from the vibrating head and return more to the position she had started in. She hadn’t realized it but she had been pulling herself up ever so slightly with her arms.

But, after a while longer she found that it was very difficult to maintain the strain it required to hold that original position. Ashley found that she was sinking lower and lower onto the vibrator head, allowing it to press against her sex more firmly. She wondered how long she had been held there, and also wondered when Maxine would come back.

“You should go get Maxine.” Ashley said breathlessly to one of the men with the cameras.

“Get her yourself, slut.”

“Hey, that’s not very nice.”

“Screw you.” The man leaned into the vibrator shaft burying the large head between the bare flesh of Ashley’s pussy.

The vibrations instantly attacked her tender flesh and Ashley squirmed and pulled herself off of it the best she could. Her pinioned legs did not allow for much movement, though.

“Pull it away! Damn you! Back it out where it was!”

“Don’t give me orders, bitch. You beg, you ask nicely, but you don’t give orders. Look at you, bolted into that frame. You aren’t in any position to be barking orders. I could shove this thing up your cunt and there’s not a damn thing you could do about it. Should I turn it on high?” The man pressed the thick shaft against her pussy again.

“No! Please don’t! I’m begging you!” Ashley tried to wiggle away from the vibrator.

“Why not?”

Ashley didn’t want to have this conversion. What was she going to say to this man? Beg him not to make her cum?

“Tell me why I shouldn’t turn this on high, cunt.”

“I can’t cum! Please…” Ashley shouted, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Please don’t make me cum. I was told not to.”

The man pulled the vibrator away and returned it to the position it was in before.

“You whores are all the same. Cryin’ bitches.” He shook his head in disgust.

Ashley hung her head, ashamed of her pleading to the man over something like that. Still, the vibrations – low as they were – were getting to her. Her arms ached from pulling herself up, staining against her iron bonds. Sweat dripped off of her body and she really began to doubt that she was going to make it through this trial.

Ashley grit her teeth and pulled herself away from the vibrator head. “Please sir, can you find Mistress Maxine? I don’t want to disappoint her. Please, sir.”

“Oh stop your whining,” the man said as her focused his camera on Ashley’s sweat soaked torso, panning around for a side view. “The boss will be down when she’s good and ready to come down.”

FUCK! Ashley could feel the orgasm building now. This was serious. What punishment would she get? Were they counting on her having an orgasm? She sure as hell didn’t want to have an orgasm with these clowns video-taping her.

Suddenly the door opened and Maxine and Mr. Jeffries walked into the room.

Thank God! Ashley thought as she watched the two stroll towards her.

“Well, Jessica, have you come?” Maxine asked as she pressed the vibrator against Ashley’s crotch.

Ashley screamed and then panted, “No… Mistress… I have… nnnnot cum!” she clenched her jaws against the onslaught of sensations assaulting her clit. Ashley knew she was seconds from an orgasm but she still resisted.

Maxine pulled the vibrator away. “Very good.” The dominatrix handed one of the wrenches to Jeffries and the two of them began to unbolt Ashley’s iron bindings.

“We’ll try you on another piece of equipment in just a moment.” Jeffries said.

“There’s more?” Ashley asked as she hung limply from the iron bars overhead.

“Oh, we’ve just begun.” Maxine said with what one could only classify as an evil smile.

Ashley’s heart was beating a mile a minute as she was trying to calm herself down after being so close to an orgasm.

When they had removed all of the iron bars pinning her in place, Ashley was helped down. She was led over to a crude wooden box and told to lie down on her back on top of the box. The box was really only big enough for Ashley’s torso, and Maxine helped her keep her legs bent up by her chest.

Ashley knew that her pussy was fully exposed with her legs up like that, but she barely gave it a second thought. She was much too worried about what they had planned for her next.

This was really way more than she had bargained for, and she was beginning to wonder if Agent Cooper would really expect her to submit to this type of abuse just to get information on prostitutes! It seemed so far over the top. Just raid the damn place!

I suppose they need evidence to get a search warrant though. But I already gave him a super good reason to raid the place already. What’s so important about a prostitution ring?

As she lay there, watching Maxine and Peter binding her to the top of the wooden box, Ashley was getting a feeling inside that everything she had been doing was somehow fucked up. She’d been so excited about getting the assignment that she’d never really thought that deeply about it.

She knew Dick Umbridge so well, why wouldn’t he come to her with the assignment? Why was she approached by someone who was a stranger to her? In all of this time she never got one indication from Dick that he knew what she was doing. Suddenly nothing she was doing made any sense. She shouldn’t even have to try and get promoted at the club any more. What she’d found was cause enough to end her assignment.

While Maxine held Ashley’s legs, Jeffries tied her arms to the sides of the box, effectively holding her down. Then with Maxine’s help, they began to wrap lengths of rope around her ankles. Another length of rope was tied between her bound ankles and a post about three feet away from the box. When they released her legs she found that they were held up by the rope attached to the post. It was uncomfortable and a strain.

“Okay, how’s that feel, slave?” Maxine asked.

Slave? “Um, am I supposed to hold my legs up, or let the rope hold them up?”

Maxine took a hold on Ashley’s nipples and roughly pinched them.

“OWWW! Stop!”

“You’d better start addressing us Master and Mistress or I’ll get out the whip!” Maxine hissed at the helpless woman.

Ashley screamed out in pain. “Mistress!”

“Relax your legs for a second as we take care of something else.”

Ashley watched as two cords were passed up through a pulley over head. One end of the cord was clipped onto her nipple ring, and then the other cord was attached the same way. Ashley didn’t like what she was seeing as Maxine reached down and supported Ashley’s legs, bringing them horizontal to the floor.

As Maxine held Ashley’s legs, Peter Jeffries tied the loose ends of the cord around Ashley’s big toes. Ashley could see right away that if she lowered her legs the cords would pull on her nipples.

“How am I suppose to hold my legs up, Master?”

“You can do it, Jessica.” Jeffries said.

“You’d better do it slave, or you’ll rip those rings right out of your nipples.” Maxine hissed.

“Please Mistress, this is too harsh.”

“Do you want a gag, Jessica?” Maxine asked.

“No ma’am.”

“Then shut up.” Maxine turned to the camera men and said, “Okay just position those so we get two good angles. Thanks guys.”

Ashley watched as the men set up tripods and left their cameras rolling. The strain of holding her feet up was already unbearable. Her tight abs were clenched as she gripped the ropes that held her arms to the side of the box for support.

Peter Jeffries stood next to Ashley and placed one hand on her naked breast and the other hand on her ass. His fingers inched towards her exposed pussy.

“Well, Jessica, I think it’s time to ask you some questions.”

Ashley looked first at Jeffries and then at Maxine. “What kind of questions, sir?”

“Mr. Wexler went into his office last Saturday night and found that someone had been in there snooping around.”

Ashley felt like puking now. How did they find out? Did someone see me?

She thought about her meeting with Agent Cooper. That was just this morning.

“Snooping sir? Who would do that?”

“That’s what we want you to tell us.” Jeffries fingers inched even closer to Ashley’s pussy while his other hand stroked her sweat covered body.

“I don’t know anything about that, please, believe me.”

Jeffries taped his fingers on Ashley’s straining stomach.

“I’d like to Jessie, but you were working the area right next to the office door, you’re telling me you didn’t see anyone go in or out of that door?”

Ashley thought for a second. “I saw Mr. Wexler go through the door several times.”

Ashley could feel the cords begin to pull on her nipples! It hurt something terrible! She lifted her legs again, but could only go so high because of the rope pulling her ankles towards the post.

“Someone other than Mr. Wexler.” Maxine said harshly.

Ashley’s mind raced. Who besides her had gone up there? Jeffries and Fiona had gone up there. She didn’t want to get Fiona in trouble, but she had to finger someone besides herself of course.

“You went up to the offices with Mistress Fiona, sir.” Ashley said in a strained voice.

“Yes but I was there, and I’m not the snoop and neither is your Mistress.”

“No sir…”

Is this what this is all about? Do they know I went up there? If I confess, what will they do to me?

“UUUHH!” Ashley grunted as Jeffries punched her hard abdomen. “Oh God! What…What are you doing! Please…!”

Jeffries punched her again causing her feet to jump and the cords to yank viciously at her nipples. “My nipples! Oh please! I didn’t see anyone, honest!”

Jeffries made his fist hard and jabbed Ashley’s side with a hard punch. The bound woman strained to resist jerking and to hold her legs up.

“Who else did you see?” Her tormentor asked.

“I didn’t see anything! Please don’t hit me again.” Her mind was reeling from the pain the punches created and the fact that Mr. Jeffries was actually punching her!

Ashley bit her lip. Jeffries fingers looped through the rings in Ashley’s pussy lips and pulled.

“NO! Please, I don’t want to get anyone in trouble.”

Jeffries pulled harder on her pussy rings and smacked her ass with his other hand.

Ashley jumped, sending a new wave of pain through her nipples.

“No more, please, stop! I can’t.”

Maxine leaned over Ashley and said, “Just tell us who you saw.”

The dom took hold of Ashley’s hands and pulled them away from the ropes so that Ashley didn’t have them to leverage herself against. Now her stomach muscles were the only thing working to hold up her legs. The pain was agonizing.

“Mistress Fiona.” Ashley cried softly.

“What?” Jeffries asked coming closer to Ashley’s head.

“When no one was up there, I saw my Mistress go up. She was up there for about fifteen minutes by herself. I’m sorry!” Ashley cried.

“What else? What else can you tell us that we don’t know about the club?” Jeffries smacked Ashley’s bare sweaty ass with his hand causing the young blonde to scream out in pain.

“Nothing! I don’t know anything else!”

Smack! Smack! Smack! Ashley was crying.


“What about Richie?” Maxine asked.

“He’s skimming money from the register.”

“What!!?” Jeffries came closer.

“All the time…” Ashley panted, the strain on her stomach nearly too much to bear. “I’ve seen him… twenties, tens… every night. Please! I can’t…”

“You didn’t say anything to anyone?”

“No sir… I didn’t want to… didn’t want to cause trouble… Uuuggh!” Jeffries landed another blow to her stomach.

“What else?”

Ashley thought… nothing. “Nothing else sir! There’s nothing else!”

“So you want me to believe that Fiona is snooping around Mr. Wexler’s office?”

“No sir, I’m sure she wasn’t snooping. I’m only telling you who I saw go through the door on Saturday night… that I can remember.”

“Let’s leave her here for a couple of hours and see what else she can remember.” Jeffries said as he gave Ashley’s bound body one more punch.

No don’t leave me like this! I can’t keep my legs up!

The pulling on her nipples was horribly painful as it was, and the strain in her legs and stomach was unbearable!

They turned to go and Ashley screamed out, “It was me! I went up there!”

Maxine and Jeffries turned back, “You? What were you doing up there?”

“Please! My nipples! Support my legs please!”

“You tell me why you went up there or I’ll cut your nipples off!” Jeffries shouted at her.

Through tears Ashley said, “It was slow. When I was up there… serving Mr. Wexler… I noticed empty glasses in his office. I… I went up… picked them up… some papers… some papers fell off the cabinet. Please I can’t…” Ashley struggled to lift her legs higher again. “I picked… picked up the papers… put them back, I know I shouldn’t have… have gone up there. Please!!” Sweat was dripping off the poor woman’s body as she cried.

“And that’s it? You picked up some dirty glasses?”

“Yes, Mistress! I swear! Owww! Fuck!” Ashley screamed as Jeffries landed another blow to her side.

“I think there’s more,” Jeffries stated.

“Please, Master… I’m telling you… everything.”

“You’re holding back something,” he insisted.

“Let’s go, Peter, give her some time to think,” Maxine said as she took Peter’s arm and led him towards the door.

In panic Ashley watched them go. The bound woman’s stomach was burning from the strain and the pain in her ribs from the punch’s felt like something was broken.

This can’t be part of the audition. Was that just a ruse to get me in here? What are they going to do to me? I can’t tell them I’m with the FBI!

Ashley knew she was in a very bad situation. It was bad enough that she was tied up in this basement, but her nakedness made her feel that much more vulnerable. Fiona knew she was here, and Paula knew she was here, but neither of them would suspect something this bad was happening to her. Neither of them was going to be looking for her any time soon.

Ashley felt truly helpless at that moment but was determined to not give up hope of coming out of this okay. Agent Cooper had the information she had given him that morning, maybe he would act on it and she would be freed.

How embarrassing would that be?

Still, she would rather suffer that embarrassment than to continue to be assaulted.

Moving her legs took a huge amount of effort, but Ashley was able to find a spot where she could push against the ropes with her feet and maintain balance. This was a godsend! It took so much of the stress off of her aching stomach and only pulled slightly on her nipples. How long she remained like that she didn’t know. There was no way to measure the passage of time.

Finally, after what seemed eternity, the door opened and Maxine walked into the room.

“So my little tramp, have you remembered anything else you may have done while in Mr. Wexler’s office?”

Ashley looked up at the dominatrix and said, “No Mistress! There is nothing else to say. I cleaned up and I left.”

“Uh-huh,” the woman said as her hands felt along Ashley’s firm trembling legs.

Maxine reached over and unclipped the cords from Ashley’s nipple rings and then began to unbind her arms and legs.

Oh thank god! She believes me! I’m being let go.

When Maxine was done she helped Ashley up and walked her to a group of iron pipes bolted to the floor. On the top of the pipes was bolted a small inclined platform.

“Place you feet here and bend over so that your stomach rests on that platform.” Maxine directed.

NO!! “Um, Mistress Maxine? I’m not too sure I want to get promoted any more. I think I’d rather stay in the other club.” Ashley said. “This is a little too rough for me.”

“I’m not asking you what you want, bitch, I’m telling you.” Maxine grabbed a handful of blonde hair and pulled Ashley towards the pipes and down.

“Hey! Oww! Stop!”

But Maxine was much too strong for Ashley and before she knew it she was bent over the apparatus and Maxine had pulled one of the pipes over her back, pinning her to the small platform.

Ashley struggled as Maxine threaded nuts onto large bolts on the frame, but with her torso sandwiched between the platform and the pipe she could not get free. In less than a minute Maxine had secured Ashley’s legs to the frame and began working on her arms. Ashley’s arms were pulled up roughly behind her and her wrists were locked into steel cuffs welded to the pipe across her back.

Ashley’s head was at about the same height as her knees, and her legs were forced wide apart. The bound woman knew that her bare ass was sticking up in the air, totally exposed.

“Please, Maxine, let me go. I won’t tell anyone about this.”

“Silence, whore!” Maxine shouted as she swatted Ashley’s ass.

“Owww! Oh God, please, Maxine!”

SMACK! “You call me Mistress!” Smack!

“Owww! Mistress! Please no more!”

Ashley waited for more abuse but only heard Maxine’s heels against the cold stone floor. After a moment of moving around, Ashley saw Maxine positioning a camera next to her. She could only imagine that the other camera was behind her.

“Now,” Maxine said as she caressed Ashley’s hyper-extended legs, “I want you to reconsider the lies you have been telling us. I want you to tell me what you were doing in Master Wexler’s office and what you took.”

What I took?

“Mistress! I didn’t take anything other than the dirty glasses!” At least that was the truth.

Ashley jumped when she felt Maxine lay a thin rod across her ass.

“Feel this, whore? This is a birch cane. It’s gonna hurt like hell when I whip you with it.”

Ashley started to whimper; begging Maxine not to whip her.

“Last chance, Jessica.” Maxine started to rap the back of Ashley’s thighs with the rod, not hard, just quick little swats up and down her vulnerable legs. Each swat stung like a bee sting.

“No please! Mistress! I’ve told you everything, honest. I didn’t do anything but pick up the glasses and knock over a bunch of papers. OWWW!” Ashley felt a hard smack of the cane against her leg, inches from her pussy.

“What was on the papers?” Whoosh! Smack!

Ashley screamed. “Don’t know! Don’t know! Didn’t read them… picked them up!”

Maxine knelt next to Ashley’s head. “You’re going to feel pain like you’ve never known before, Jessica.”

Ashley saw Maxine’s gloved hands reach up and caress her breasts, then she felt a sharp pain as the dominatrix released a clover nipple clamp onto her nipple.

“Nooo, please, Mistress,” Ashley sobbed. “Owww! Fuck!” The second clip was released on her other nipple.

“And this wasn’t the pain I was referring to,” Maxine cooed in Ashley’s ear. “This is nothing.”

Maxine stood and walked around behind Ashley and was silent. The only sound in the room was Ashley’s quiet sobs. Ashley jolted when she felt the tip of the birch cane touch her pussy. Then Ashley heard a whoosh sound and her ass was on fire.

The pain was so intense that at first Ashley’s brain couldn’t process it, but as the second and third blows came she began screaming out in agony. Maxine targeted the insides of Ashley’s tender thighs.

“Hey, how’s she doing? Has she told you anything?” Ashley barely heard a man’s voice through her fog of pain.

“No, the bitch is still holding back for some reason.” Maxine replied.

Through tear soaked eyes, Ashley saw Peter Jeffries squat down in front of her. He reached up and gave the nipple clamps a tap, rocking them back and forth and pulling on her nipples. Her nipples felt like someone was driving stakes through them.

“Jessica, Jessica. This is all so unnecessary.” The man pulled Ashley’s sweat soaked hair back and away from her face. “Admit you went through Mr. Wexler’s papers and tell me why, and this will all be over.”

Ashley was silent. I’m not admitting anything fuckhead.

There was no way she was telling him anything. If she could hold on a little longer… she hoped someone would stop this. Maybe Mistress Fiona would check on her. Or maybe Agent Cooper would act on the intel he had given him. If she just held out they would conclude that she was telling them the truth.

Just hold on…you can get through this. She knew that Marcus had been through some very tough times in Iraq. He had been strong, and she could be strong, too.

“Hey!” Peter shouted as he slapped Ashley across the face. “I’m talking to you bitch. Tell me what you were doing in that office!” He slapped her again.

“Master! I… I was… picking up… glasses. Th… that’s all. Please! Let me go.”

Jeffries stood up and Ashley felt his hand roam up along her inclined body until he came to her ass. She felt something hard press against her pussy, heard a click, and felt a very strong vibration attack her.

A vibrator! Oh God, no!

Ashley tried to move away from it but she was securely bolted in place. There was no escaping the vibrator being pressed against her. She could feel the large head being forced into her.

As horribly as she was being treated, the effect the vibrator was having on her could not be ignored. Ashley knew she was being driven very quickly towards an orgasm. She felt it building inside of her.

Then suddenly the vibrations stopped and the device was removed.

Ashley groaned aloud and then screamed as she felt the cane rap her ass. She received four hard whips on the ass and then the torturer began to strike her thighs with quick, sharp, painful, flicks.

Ashley lost all sense of time as her world became a series of painful blows mixed in with brief assaults from the vibrator, at times separate and other times together. Her suffering was extreme and went on and on until at some point, mercifully, she blacked out.

Chapter 6

Blackness surrounded Ashley. She turned her head and could see nothing. At least she thought she was turning her head.

Where am I? What is this place?

She tried to feel something, but her hands felt nothing.

Am I even lifting my arms? I can’t feel anything.

She called out but heard no sound. In her mind she could see her words escape her mouth, flowing out into the blackness, disappearing. A growing sense of panic was building up inside of her.

A light? Somewhere in the haze there was a brief light. Ashley couldn’t see it now, but it was there for a second. Whispering.

Is someone whispering to me?

She shouted “I’m here!” but heard no response.

She felt someone touch her and she tried to spin around, but felt as though she was planted in place.

I can’t move! I’m paralyzed!

There it was again, the whispering and the sensation that she was being touched. Washed, really. It felt like she was being washed.

The light again! It was growing brighter.

With a jerk, Ashley regained consciousness. She squinted as her eyes focused on the room that she had been beaten in.

Two naked women sat next to her, one on each side of her. Each wore silver collars with chains attaching them to rings bolted to the wall.

“Hello,” whispered the woman on Ashley’s left. The woman was in her early 20’s, had short red hair and a lovely smile.

“Welcome back,” said the other woman. Ashley saw that this woman was a little older, maybe 30, and had long brown hair braided tightly behind her head.

Ashley struggled against her bonds.

“Shhh, don’t waste your strength. You can’t escape these contraptions.”

“Help me get out of here! Please!” Ashley whispered.

“If only we could,” whispered the brown haired woman. “We have no tools, and as you see we can only go so far.” The woman held up the heavy chain connecting her collar to the wall.

“You can’t turn the nuts?”

The red haired woman scooted over and tried to turn one of the large nuts with her hands.

“No, I’m sorry, we’d have to use a wrench.”

“I’m also sorry, but we would be severely punished if we helped you escape. I, for one, do not want to feel Mistress’ whip.”

“Me neither!” whispered the red head. The two women continued giving Ashley a sponge bath.

When they had finished the red head knelt down next to Ashley and said, “We’re going to spread this salve all over your welts.” She held the container down so that Ashley could see it.

“It’s going to sting like crazy, but that feeling will pass and this is very important to do so that your wounds don’t get infected.”

“Is it…is it bad?” Ashley asked, feeling a burning sensation on her ass.

“Oh, not too bad. You’re really red, but there are only a few places where the skin was broken. This’ll heal in a day or two.”

Ashley grit her teeth as the two began to smear the creamy lotion onto her ass and legs.

“Who are you?” Ashley thought to ask.

“We belong to Mistress.”


“Yes, Mistress Maxine.”

“What are your names?”

“I’m generally called Pig,” answered the redhead, a cute smile crossing her face.

“And I’m Cow,” chimed in the brunette.

“What? No, I mean your real names.”

“Those are what we go by. Perhaps Mistress will give you a pet name.”

“It would be something like Swan, or maybe Colt,” Pig whispered.

“Oh yeah, because she’s so beautiful,” Cow said thoughtfully as she coated the welts on Ashley’s thigh.

“Well I think she’s clean. Let’s wait for Mistress to return.” Cow whispered as the two women sat down on the floor, legs under their thighs, arms on the tops of their thighs with their palms upward.

Ashley noticed that they each had the same posture, with their bent legs spread wide to expose their hairless pussies.

What a fucked up situation! What am I going to do?

Ashley looked at the two women and wondered what they did to become…what? Slaves? Pig and Cow, great. I’ll be Dog or Hen. Shit! How am I going to get out of this? Struggling was useless.

Wait ‘till I tell Paula about this! She’ll cream her panties just thinking about it. If I ever see her again. No, don’t give up. I’ll get out of this. Next time I’m free I’m going to run for it, no matter what!

Ten minutes later Maxine entered the room and walked over to the naked trio.

“Nice and clean.” Maxine stated as she ran a hand over Ashley’s exposed ass. She reached over and unhooked the chains holding the girls in place and said, “Go help Mistress Corinne in the storeroom.

Both women sprung to their feet. “Yes, Mistress,” they replied in unison.

Once they were gone Maxine turned her attention to Ashley.

“So, have you had a nice nap and bath?”

Ashley remained silent.

“You realize we can start where we left off yesterday.”

Yesterday! It’s Monday already?

“When I ask a question you will answer immediately.”

They’ll miss me at work and then maybe Dick will start looking for me.

Maxine reached down and pulled Ashley’s hair out of the way and then looped a leather collar around her neck. She slipped a lock through the d-ring and clicked it shut.

Walking over to a tool chest she worked the combination on the lock, opened a drawer and removed a wrench. She spent the next five minutes removing all of the nuts and bolts holding Ashley to the small frame and then helped her to stand up.

Ashley stretched out her aching muscles. When Maxine turned to replace the wrench Ashley saw her chance and bolted for the door. She flung the door open and headed out into the hall only to run right into Peter Jeffries.

Jeffries grabbed a hold of Ashley’s arm and jerked her back towards the room. “Whoa, girl, where are you going in such a hurry?”

Maxine appeared in the doorway and helped escort the struggling woman back into the room.

“You can’t keep me here!” Ashley screamed. “You’d better let me go.”

Jeffries slapped her hard across the face, causing Ashley to see stars.

“Let’s take her into the next room.” Jeffries told Maxine.

The room they led Ashley into was more like a cell with its cold stone floor and walls. In it was one iron pipe t-bar bolted to the floor. Ashley was made to kneel on the floor with her legs spread wide as her knees and ankles were bolted to the floor with iron shackles.

Then, stretching her arms up and out away from her body to the sides, her wrists were bolted into steel cuffs at opposite ends of the t-bar. Chains were looped around her arms at her shoulders and locked, holding her upper body against the horizontal bar.

Having secured Ashley, spread eagle, and of course still naked, to the t-bar, a metal ram rod attached to the vertical portion of the t-bar was pushed forward into the small of her back. The ram rod was pushed further and further out until Ashley was bowed out away from the t-bar, pushing her breasts and pussy outward, and pulling on all of her other bondage.

“So what are we going to do with you Miss Ashley Bennet?”

The words shocked Ashley. They know my real name? How? Oh shit!

Ashley cried out, “How? How do you know?”

“Because I told them.” Ashley looked over to see Agent Cooper come through the door.

“You? You told them? Why would you do that?”

Agent Cooper came up next to Ashley and removed his wig, exposing his bald head. He continued to remove his Agent Cooper disguise.

Ashley could not believe what she was seeing! It made no sense!

“You? Mr. Wexler? Why… Why would you do this to me?” Tears streamed out of Ashley’s eyes. A simple disguise? Ashley couldn’t believe she hadn’t recognized him! She suddenly felt so stupid.

“Because you’re going to be our new set of eyes and ears in the Organized Crime Task Force.” Wexler said as he removed the last of his disguise.

“I’m what? You’re out of your mind!” Ashley screamed. “I’m not fucking telling you shit!”

“I know you believe that now, and we know from the past 18 hours that you’re a much tougher nut to crack than we had anticipated, but in the end you’ll do what we want.”

“Never!” Ashley shouted.

Was this what this whole thing was about? Tears formed at the edges of Ashley’s blue eyes. I’ve been doing this for nothing? Now they’re going to blackmail me? Fucking idiots! I’d quit before I ever betrayed Dick.

Ashley looked over to see Maxine pulling a cart into the room that held a TV monitor and a DVD player.

“I have a little show for you to watch Ashley.” Wexler said as he plugged the cord into an outlet high on the wall. “It’s a little DVD I put together of your time here with us at the club. It’ll make a nice present for those closest to you. Your parents maybe, brothers and sisters, co-workers, oh, Dick Umbridge for sure. You watch yourself in action and then we’ll talk again.”

Harold picked up the remote and pressed play, and then the three kidnappers left the room.

Ashley looked up at the monitor and saw herself standing in Mistress Fiona’s office.

This is when I first applied for work!

An image of her waiting the tables in the club came up on the screen. She wore her green uniform and was waiting on the table with her college boys. She was clearly visible and she remembered it like it was yesterday. She bent over the table, her shaved pussy plainly visible from that angle! Those cameras in the ceiling were much better than she imagined! And judging by the different angles, there were many cameras in the club that she never knew existed!

Tears streamed down her cheeks as Ashley watched her first performance with Penny.

My first orgasm, caught on video. Who will see this? Not mom and dad, thankfully they’re dead. Not my dearest Marcus. I have no brothers or sisters.

Ashley suddenly felt more alone than she ever had in the past. Even though she had no family left, she had never felt lonely.

The people at work. What do I care? I liked working there, but has anyone other than Dick ever been nice to me? Not really. Is it me or the job? Everyone is always caught up in some high drama case. It’s not their fault really; it’s the job and the stress.

Ashley watched images of herself in the shower and then was shocked to see herself at the clinic!

Oh my god! That whole thing was recorded?

Ashley watched as the young intern dried her pussy. The camera angle was perfect for capturing the entire process, even as her body was wracked in orgasm for everyone to see.

Was Nicky in on this?

Ashley thought about Nicky and everything she had said and did. Why did Nicky take her with her that morning really? Did she really not know that she had to ask permission? The perky little vixen had become one of her only real friends, other than Paula. She knew their friendship was no act. Whatever Wexler had done to get Nicky to take her to the clinic, Ashley could never be mad at Nicky. Ever.

Oh my god! Paula! She had taken Paula to the same clinic!

Ashley hoped that her procedure wasn’t caught on video as well. She would feel so bad if someone tried to blackmail Paula, too.

These thoughts flashed through Ashley’s mind in seconds as she watched herself on the video. More footage from the club followed. Segments from different nights spliced together.

Whoa…who was that man?

Ashley hoped to see if another shot of a table by the door would be shown. There was something very familiar about a guy sitting alone…not in her section…no one that she had ever waited on. That angle was not used again though.

Later, during clips of her work in the Silver section she spotted him again, sitting just off of the stage in the bronze section. He was watching her work…something shiny in his sleeve… just a glint of metal… that hair, is that real? Who was that? He looked vaguely familiar.

The video ended with her repeat performance with Penny. What a mess she was!

Ashley watched the white screen in front of her until Peter Jeffries finally came in and turned everything off.

“So you see; we have quite a nice DVD there. Would you like us to send it out, or will you agree to be our little mole?”

“Send it out, I don’t care.” Ashley said defiantly.

“You say that now, but how will you feel when everyone sees this material? You have to agree that you seem to be a willing participant.”

“No one will believe I did that on my own. I’ll tell them that I was tricked into doing it. They’ll believe me.”

“Oh I’m sure they will. But then again, you are naked throughout most of the video and those scenes at the clinic…won’t they just love that? Such good clear shots of your hairless cunt getting pierced.”

Ashley blushed and muttered “Fuck you.”

“I’ll give you some more time to think about it.” He turned to leave the room.

“Hey!” Ashley called after him. “I have to go to the bathroom! And I’m hungry! You don’t want me to starve to death before I can be your fucking snoop do you?”

The door closed behind him and Ashley began to worry that she was going to let go any time. After about 40 minutes the door opened and the two slaves entered, each carrying buckets.

“Swan! It’s you!” Pig said as she rushed over and hugged Ashley’s naked outstretched body.

“We were told to bring food here and take care of some sanitary needs.” Cow said.

“Good because I really have to go,” Ashley admitted.

“Um, you have to eat first, Swan.” Cow showed her the buckets. “This one has food, and when it’s gone you can use it as a toilet. This other one is clean water that we’ll use to clean you up afterward.”

“Can’t you dump out the food and let me go now?”

Pig and Cow looked at each other. “Sorry Swan, Mistress gave us exact orders. I’m not going to get whipped because you can’t hold your pee.”

They sat down with their buckets and began to feed Ashley from the first bucket. There was plenty of vegetables and some crackers, and even some cheese slices. As she was eating the cheese Pig said, “Maybe we should call you Mouse!”

“Swans are more beautiful than mice,” Cow interjected.

“Yeah, you’re right,” agreed Pig.

“I like Swan,” Ashley chimed in, feeling sort of foolish to even get involved with this idle chatter. Still, these women were trying to be nice to her and Ashley appreciated it.

Finally, Ashley ate the last of the carrots. “Okay, I gotta go! Set it down and get out of here.”

“Oh no, that’ll make a mess and guess who gets to clean it up?” Cow said. “I’ll hold it and you go.”

Ashley looked down to see Cow holding the bucket in front of her slit. She had to go so badly she barely hesitated and just let loose with a solid stream of urine.

“Move it to the back quickly!” Ashley gasped as she felt a bowel movement kick in.

After a few moments Ashley relaxed and emptied her bowel into the pail. It was so humiliating to go that way, but what could she do? And then she saw Pig dipping the wash cloth into the water and was further humiliated when the young woman began to wash her crotch.

“Okay, Swan, you’re clean. I don’t know what you did to Mistress but she’s steaming mad.” Cow threw her towel back in the pail and the two slaves got up to go.

“Hey,” Ashley said causing the two to stop and look back. “Thanks a lot.”

Cow looked surprised and then said, “You’re welcome, Swan. Good-bye.”

Ashley saw that neither of the women smiled. Do they know something I don’t? That good-bye sounded sort of final. Ashley got a bad feeling in her stomach.

Hours passed and Ashley grew exhausted from her kneeling position. Her knees ached, her thighs ached, her shoulders ached, and her back ached. Hell, her whole body ached.

Finally, Peter Jeffries came back into the room. “Well, Ashley? Will you cooperate with us?”

“No.” Ashley said flatly.

“You’d let this video get out? How embarrassing that will be for you.”

“I thought I looked totally hot, can you make me a copy?”

“That’s funny, Ash.” Peter walked around behind Ashley and started tinkering with the device she was bolted to. “I have to admit I underestimated you. Doesn’t happen often. Hell, it’s never happened. If you don’t cooperate with me I’m afraid things are going to get worse for you.”

Ashley remained silent. What words could she say that would get the man to release her?

“I’m going to sell you to some very bad people overseas. They’re flying in right now to see you. Please keep up your attitude, Ashley. These people, specially the ones from the Arab countries, love women with attitudes. It makes breaking them so much more fun. In the bidding, you’ll sell way above the normal price.” Peter removed some bolts and lowered Ashley’s upper body so that her hands touched the floor, bending her body backwards so that her breasts pointed upwards.

Ashley could feel the cross bar between her wrists being bolted to the base of the T she had been bound to. She lifted her head so that she could see down her body. As she suspected, her pussy was front and center, totally exposed!

Peter reached over and picked up a gag he had brought with him and began to force it into Ashley’s mouth. The woman struggled but without the use of her hands was really no match for the much stronger man.

Without too much difficulty Jeffries had forced the wide ring gag between her teeth and tied it off behind her head. Ashley was now unable to close her mouth, the gag held her jaws wide apart.

“You’re a very sensual person, Ashley, and I’ve really enjoyed watching you these past few weeks. This may be one of the last times I’ll get to play with you, and maybe the last time you ever experience pleasure. Those Muslim men are not big into pleasuring women, it’s all about them.”

Ashley heard the click and the loud hum seconds before she felt the large round head of the vibrator touch her pussy.

“NO! Please don’t!” Ashley cried out through the gag.

“Oh come on, you’re going to love this.”

Ashley braced herself as Peter pressed the large head directly against her clit. He twisted it around, burying it inside of her wet hole and then pulled it back so that only the large round head was inside of her. The vibrations were intense and it took Ashley all of three minutes to come to a boil. She bucked and twisted in her bonds as she came hard, knocking the breath out of her.

Peter kept the vibrator near her clit, not allowing her any respite.

“AagghhNOOO!” Ashley pleaded, the sounds coming out of her stretched open mouth sounding oddly foreign. The pressure of the vibrator against her sex was very quickly driving her towards another explosive orgasm.

“ee op!” Ashley begged him to stop. But he didn’t.

This wasn’t the first time Peter Jeffries had had a naked woman bound to this frame. It was his favorite position to have a woman in. So exposed. So helpless.

He turned off the vibrator and placed it on the floor and then unbuckled his belt and unfastened his slacks. Soon his pants were around his knees as he knelt between Ashley’s legs and pressed his hard cock against her wet hole.

Ashley felt him enter her and she looked down in horror as the man began to rape her. She shook her head no, but knew she would not be able to stop him. Even though she clenched her vaginal muscles as hard a she could, his large cock slide effortlessly inside of her.

Jeffries thrust again and Ashley tried to rotate her hips away him, denying him a smooth thrust. Jeffries countered by holding her hips. Then he pinched her nipples between her fingers as he thrust again and again. Finally she felt his cock begin to convulse, but he withdrew and stood up.

Ashley looked up to see that he was shuffling over towards her head and with one hand grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Then with the other hand he was jacking off.

His purpose suddenly became apparent to Ashley and she tried to turn her head. Jeffries held it firmly in place by the handful of hair he grasped and his load shot into her ring gagged mouth. Ashley felt the hot cum hit the roof of her mouth and drip down her throat. She gagged as she tried not to swallow, but she couldn’t stop it. More squirts of semen struck her cheeks and nose, the smell assaulting her senses.

When he was done he took her hair and wiped off his cock and then pulled his pants up and left.

It was over so suddenly Ashley was stunned. I’ve been raped! Ashley cried, knowing this would not be the last time.

What have I done?

Ashley cried even more as she thought about everything she had gone through and how it was all some stupid con, some stupid plan to get her to betray the Bureau. She couldn’t do that. But what were they going to do to her? Where they really going to sell her? It was believable; she knew there was such a thing as human trafficking. She just never thought it would happen to her! Maybe she could be a double agent. The thought calmed her down somewhat.

What if I told them I’d cooperate and then told Dick everything? I could feed them false information. Ashley knew there was dozens of people who they had already blackmailed though.

What if there were more people in the Bureau that they already had under their thumbs? They would blow me out of the water.

Ashley’s predicament was dire. To make matters worse, the door to the room opened and Maxine walked in.

“So, you’re not going to work with us. Frankly I’m glad.” She tapped Ashley on the side of her torso with a leather riding crop. “I would rather use you as a fuck toy than an informant anyway.” She pulled back on the end of the crop and then released it, smacking Ashley’s ribs with a loud crack.

Ashley screamed as the pain radiated outward. Maxine continued to rain down blows against Ashley’s tightly bound body. When she was finished she looked down at Ashley and said, “I’ll send in the boys to keep you company. I wouldn’t want you to get lonely.”

Moments after Maxine left, the two cameramen, Bruce and George, came into the little room.

“Oh yeah, what do we have here?” Bruce said as they approached Ashley.

“Somebody needs a little fucking I hear.” George said as he began to unbuckle his pants.

Ashley struggled uselessly against the steel bonds. The steel ripped painfully into the soft flesh of her wrists.

Oh god, they’re going to rape me!

Seconds later George pressed his hard cock against Ashley’s hairless slit and plunged inside of her, not caring if she was lubricated or not. He slapped at her bound legs as he fucked her, being as rough as he could.

Ashley was jolted in her bonds with every painful thrust as the man worked his way to orgasm. Like Jeffries, he came around to Ashley’s head to release his load. This time, however, another man was there to hold her head up and to the side.

With her mouth forced wide open by the ring gag, George was able to put his cock inside her open mouth before shooting his load. Ashley gagged on the shaft forced into her throat and she thought she would throw up but he withdrew it enough to stop her gag reflex. Having recovered, she was shocked when he again forced his cock down her throat. This continued for several minutes until he was completely sated. He made sure his final few squirts landed on Ashley’s face.

Then it was Bruce’s turn to force himself on the poor naked woman. His cock was not as large as George’s and it took considerably longer for him to reach orgasm. This frustrated him and he took it out on Ashley’s tender breasts, striking them over and over again.

By this time Ashley was crying hysterically, but the men showed her no mercy as Bruce came around to cum on her face. When they were done they began to unbolt the pipes that held her down.

When they had finally released her, Ashley collapsed, completely exhausted onto the cold stone floor. While George removed the ring gag, Bruce began locking wrist and ankle cuffs on her. When they pulled her to her feet Ashley’s legs wouldn’t support her, so they dragged her out of the room by her arms and down a dark hallway.

Inside another room was a small cage with iron bars. Ashley’s arms were bound behind her and then her wrists were locked together. Letting her drop to the ground, Bruce opened the barred door to the cage and the two kicked her inside, slamming the door shut behind her.

Ashley heard the lock click shut and then felt her wrists being pulled up behind her. Another click was heard and she found she could not move her wrists; they had been locked to the bars overhead.

Ashley felt tugging on both of her ankles as they were pulled outward against the sides of the cage. Two clicks later and her ankles were locked in place. Seconds later the lights went out and Ashley was alone.

* * *

Trent walked by Ashley’s desk for the third time as he entered Special Agent Umbridge’s office.

“Where’s Ashley today?” he asked as he flopped down in one of the chairs in front of Umbridge’s desk.

“Oh, she’s sick. Her friend, Stephanie, called in this morning and said Ashley had the flu and that she had asked her to call in for her.”

“Stephanie? I don’t remember Ashley ever mentioning her before?”

“No, me neither, but then again I’m sure I don’t know all of Ashley’s friends.”

The two got to work on the mob convention which seemed to have all unraveled at the last minute. Instead of the bosses coming as was planned, it turned out to be little fish with nothing much to talk about except whores and gossip.

Still, Trent was troubled by Ashley’s absence, especially after witnessing the previous day’s meeting with that Wexler character. He debated whether to tell Umbridge about it right then, but decided to wait until after he had more information.

He didn’t want to get Ashley in any sort of trouble if it was true she just had the flu. He wasn’t about to blow her night job over nothing, besides, he was still on schedule to break into the club later that night. That might give him more information to go on.

* * *

Ashley lay exhausted in the steel cage. Her whole body was wracked with pain from the beatings she had been taking and the raping she had just endured. Her position in the cramped cage was unbearable, denying her rest. But after many hours her exhaustion over came every other sense, and she drifted off to sleep.

* * *

The alley across from the Golden Slipper was dark. Trent Richards had made sure of that with a rock thrown with precision at the bulb of the solitary streetlamp. It had been an hour since the last car had left the small lot next to the club. Trent and Gary, dressed in black, left the car and scrambled towards the side of the club. A small box, low to the ground was forced open and Gary set about connecting his electronics.

“If this doesn’t work in 20 seconds we’re out of here. The system will know it’s being accessed in 5 seconds, and if the code isn’t entered in next 15 seconds the alarm will trip,” Gary whispered.

The two men watched the seconds tick by. 18 seconds. Green light.

“Thought I was gonna shit there.”

“Good work, you can get back to the car.” Trent said.

“Bullshit, I’m coming with you. I can work the decoder faster than you.”

“Okay, but you’re on your own if shit hits it.”


The two men went to the side fire door and Trent took out his access kit. Two agonizingly long minutes later they were in the club. Hesitating briefly to see if any other alarms had been tripped, Trent led the way across the club to the door leading up to the offices.

Gary touched Trent’s arm and pulled out a small box that looked like a stud finder. He passed it around the edge of the doorway, but no lights came on. He nodded and Trent opened the door.

Sprinting up the stairs they checked each room until they found Wexler’s office. Trent pointed towards the computer and Gary set about hooking up his external hard drive. Several minutes passed while his portable decoder scanned through thousands of passwords and then Wexler’s computer monitor lit the room. Gary was very good at what he did and by the time Trent had located the secret stash of files the computer hard drive was half way copied onto the external drive.

* * *

Ashley stirred and then slowly woke up. At least she thought she was alive. She could see nothing, total blackness. But she could hear something moving. Then a pen light lit up right in front of her, startling her.

“Shhh, Swan, it’s me,” the light went up on the red-haired slave’s face, Pig.

“What’s going on? Where am I?” Ashley whispered.

“You’re in your cage, nice and safe.” Pig’s voice was sweet and she said that like it was the most desirable thing in the world.

“Oh look at you…you’re a mess. I’m sorry I can’t clean you this time or Mistress will know someone’s been in here. I have some water for you, here, drink.” The pretty young slave held a water bottle up so that Ashley could suck on the nipple. “Try not to spill.”

Ashley carefully sucked the tip of the bottle. The water tasted so good!

“I have to go to the bathroom. What should I do?”

“Just go. Mistress expects that, unless you were told to hold it.”

“I wasn’t.”

“Just go then. It’ll stink, but everything falls through the cage and gets collected underneath.”

“This sucks.” Ashley whispered.

“Well, what can you do? Anyway, here’s some of our food that we saved for you.” She held her hand through the bars and shown the light down. Ashley looked at what appeared to be Cheerios and trail mix and moved her head down to eat the cereal out of Pig’s hand.

“Cow wouldn’t come, she’s too smart. Me, I’m a stupid pig, I don’t know any better. Hopefully I can get back without getting caught by Mistress Corrine. She’s not a strict Mistress like ours, but she’ll tell Mistress Maxine and I’ll get lots of little lines on my rump like yours. Let me see.” Pig showed the light on Ashley’s backside.

“I think I have time, how long have I been in here, ten minutes?”

“No, more like three,” Ashley said.

“Seems longer.”

“That’s because you’re taking such a risk.”

“You’re smart, like Cow. I like you Swan.”

Ashley saw Pig sweep the floor with the little pen light until she came to the small container of salve. She grabbed it and quickly scooted over to Ashley.

“Try to turn a little bit my way.” Pig whispered. “More…I know it hurts your arms…right there…okay hold on. I’ll rub this in and no one will ever be able to tell. Cow says these need to be tended right away.”

Ashley held the very uncomfortable position while the young slave covered her welts with the salve, working it into her flesh. After a minute she moved back into her previous uncomfortable position and then said, “Get out of here my lovely little pig.”

“No, you need to eat more, keep your strength up.”

“No time!” Ashley whispered urgently. “Just let me have another sip of water please.”

Pig held the bottle through the bars and Ashley sipped.

“Ah, that’s good, now get out of here, please!” she whispered. “And thanks again for everything. Thank my favorite cow, too.”

“I will. Bye Swan.”

The light went out and Ashley heard Pig shuffle off towards the door. The hallway must have been dark, too, because Ashley only saw a brief outline of the naked slave as she opened the door and exited the room.

Ashley settled in again, somewhat refreshed, and tried to get some more sleep.

* * *

Meanwhile, four floors up, Trent directed his flashlight on the files and snapped pictures of several of them. The names he saw astonished him. The pictures astonished him even more. People and their secrets! Too bad secrets were rarely kept secret.

“Done.” Gary whispered.

“Okay let’s get out of here,” Trent said as he closed up the secret files.

Ten minutes later they were at the car and heading back to Gary’s.

When Trent let him out he said, “Thanks man, I owe you a big one.”

“You sure do, see ya!”

Trent didn’t get any sleep that morning as he sorted through all of the data files from Wexler’s hard drive. There was tons of shit having to do with the running of the club. Distributors, order lists, cost/profit ratios, all of the standard business shit.

At 8am he called Umbridge and told him he had some personal business to take care of and would probably not be in, oh and had Ashley come back yet?

He was told that her friend called in for her again.

She must really be sick to miss two days of work. He was so used to seeing her there every day. Trent continued to search the copied hard drive for hidden files.

At 1pm he found the folder he was looking for. It was well disguised in a mass of seemingly useless application folders and was fairly large.

He began opening the sub-folders and was blown away by what he found. There were 47 folders with videos from the club, all of them most likely used for blackmail. These were the finished, edited, copies of what would then have been burned onto a DVD. He scanned the names, saw Franks, and opened that one. Barry Franks, one of the agents in Trent’s Criminal Investigations Division was the star of the video. Fuck!

Trent continued scanning the names. Paulson, sounds familiar, shit! He recognized the face, a guy working in Gary’s unit – Cyber Ops. Donovan! Please don’t tell me! Now he knew how the mob meeting got blown. Cheryl Donovan! This was big!

Bennet! Here it was, updated just yesterday.

Trent clicked on the icon and began to watch Ashley’s DVD recording.

* * *

Ashley had been awake for several hours. When she had first woken up she had to relieve herself so badly her bowels were cramping. Now the smell of the urine and feces was overwhelming, but she couldn’t have held it any longer. Her muscles were sore and cramping from being in the tiny cage for so long.

She couldn’t imagine how hungry or thirsty she would have been had Pig not come in and taken care of her. That young woman was brave. Cow was probably brave too, but not willing to take the chance of being caught. Still, she had shared her food, and for that Ashley was grateful.

The door to the cell opened and the light was flipped on.

“Oh you just stink!” Maxine exclaimed. “I already have a pig, so maybe you can be my dog. My dirty dog, I sorta like that.” She stepped out of the room and shouted, “Bruce, get over here! And bring your gloves and the bin.”

Ashley remained silent, not wanting to provoke the bitch.

A minute later the man entered with his gear and went about pulling the large pan out from under the cage. He hoisted it up and dumped the contents into a large rolling bin and then closed the lid. He stood the pan against the wall and then left the room for a moment, returning with a large hose. Opening the nozzle, the man sprayed down the pan and then turned the hose on Ashley.

The bound woman screamed as the blast of freezing cold water struck her naked flesh. Tied as she was in the cage she was at his mercy. Bruce moved around behind Ashley and directed the spray at her ass hole and pussy. After he determined she was clean he sprayed down the floor of the room, and pushed all of the water towards the drain in the center of the room.

Ashley shivered as Bruce left the room and Maxine and George re-entered. Ashley heard the cage door being unlocked and then felt her legs and arm bindings being unlocked. In a few minutes Ashley was pulled from the cage and forced to stand up. It was quite painful for her as her muscles stretched out and they allowed her to lean over onto the cage as circulation was restored to her limbs. Maxine checked her fingers and toes for blood flow as she patted her dry with a large towel. A leash was attached to her collar and she was led out of the room.

“You’ll spend the day out here, but tonight my feisty doggie, you’ll be taken to the club for some previews. Two of our clients have arrived, and more will arrive tomorrow. Tomorrow you’ll be auctioned off. I’m hoping you’ll be bought by Sheik Fahimi. He’ll turn you into a pony girl.”

“A what?” Ashley asked.

“You’ll find out, now get down on the floor.”

Maxine and Bruce forced Ashley down to the floor on her back. Maxine lifted Ashley’s hands over her head while George held down the struggling woman. Maxine quickly pinned her wrists using iron pipes bolted to the floor. Two more iron pipes rose from the floor on either side of Ashley’s waist. A sturdy pipe was lowered onto these two pipes and pushed down until it crossed over Ashley’s stomach. This cross pipe was bolted into place, effectively pinning Ashley to the floor. Then each leg was pulled out to the side and up to be bolted to into pipe frames. Ashley legs were held wide apart, totally exposing her bald pussy.

Fuck! Not again!

Ashley feared being raped again, and with her legs held so widely apart it was certainly inevitable. She watched Maxine move about, searching drawers. When the dominatrix returned she had two cords in her hand. The stern woman went on to tie each cord between Ashley’s nipple rings and her feet and big toes. Any movement of her feet would pull on her nipples! Lastly, George held Ashley’s head as a spider gag was fitted into her mouth. This gag held Ashley’s mouth wide open, similar to the ring gag she had worn before.

“That should hold you for awhile,” said Maxine as she stood and surveyed her handiwork.

“I got a terrible itch, Ms. Maxine,” George said as he adjusted the erection in his pants.

“Not now, George. You go sanitize that room and then get the one next to it ready for my herd. Work first, play later.”

Disappointment was all over George’s face as he turned to go back into the stinky room. He stopped at a cabinet and removed some gallon jugs and a mop. He crossed over and entered the cell Ashley had just been taken from.

Maxine stood over Ashley’s head and looked down. Ashley could see the woman salivating and then just turned her head as a large glob of saliva dripped from the dom’s lips. Had she not turned her head it would have gone right into her open mouth.

Maxine kicked her in the ribs. “Fucking whore.” The woman walked off and slammed the door behind her.

Ashley looked at her surroundings. The room she was in was more like a large hall, with doors to other rooms or cells leading off of it. She knew that the door at the far end that Maxine had just walked through was the “orange” door she had first entered the sub-level through. Through that door was the way out. Ashley could hear bass and thumping, and figured the club was directly overhead, albeit two floors up.

Ashley knew her chances of escape were slim. And now even “Agent Cooper” wouldn’t be rescuing her. Tears welled up in Ashley’s eyes and escaped down her cheeks as she considered that Special Agent Umbridge had no idea what she had been doing, that there had been no special assignment, and all he knew was that she hadn’t come in to work the past two days. Had he called her phone? She had brought it with her when she came here. Who had it now? Still, she had to conclude that no one at work was going to come to her rescue because no one knew she was here.

Paula knew she was here, but no one at work knew Paula. And even if Paula was looking for her, she didn’t know she worked at the Federal Building. She didn’t even know her last name.

Ashley felt even more defeated.

Just then the orange door opened and Maxine came through followed by Pig and Cow.

They looked truly radiant with their hair brushed and tied up, wide leather posture collars with leashes held by their Mistress, tassels on their nipples, corsets around their waists, and nice cuffs on ankles and wrists.

As they walked by, Pig glanced down for a millisecond towards Ashley with a weird and twisted look on her face, causing Ashley to smile. I love that girl!

“Pig!” Maxine shouted. “What are you doing? Did I tell you to look at the whore?”

Startled, Pig looked back at her Mistress and fell to the floor on her knees.

“Mistress did not tell her pig to look at the whore!” She stated matter-of-factly. “Please punish your worthless pig that cannot follow even a simple instruction.”

“If you are so fond of the whore, you may suck on her hole until she cums. But you have only two minutes, after which time you’ll ride my iron horse.”

Pig let out a tortured whine, “Thank you Mistress! I will not disappoint you.”

The slave buried her face in Ashley’s slit, sucking and probing with her tongue. Ashley was not prepared for the sudden onslaught, but the fierceness made her juices flow instantly. Pig homed in on Ashley’s clit, twirling it with her tongue and sucking gently on the tender bud.

A sudden rush of pleasure washed over Ashley’s body, centering in her loins and spreading upward at the speed of light. When it hit her brain she was unexpectedly hit with a massive orgasm!

“Good little piggie, now come along.” Maxine jerked Pig’s leash and the young slave leapt to her feet, leaving Ashley wreathing on the floor, chest heaving, breathless.

Ashley looked up to see the trio leaving the room. “Oh my god, what was that… 20 seconds? Ashley was still not fully recovered two minutes later. Pig is good with that tongue, oh my god! It was unbelievable to go from embarrassed, lying tied and naked on the cold stone floor, to full orgasm in 20 seconds.

Ashley smiled again when she thought of the face Pig had made as she walked by.

What possessed her to make that face?

Ashley felt like laughing but was afraid her laughs would get Pig into more trouble. Still, it was hilarious.

Her good mood vanished when George walked back into the room.

“So, the whore awaits.” George said as he unbuckled his pants.

Ashley shook her head no.

“What do you mean, no? A whore like you should love this.” George dropped his pants and got down between Ashley’s legs. “A little fuck is good for you, keeps the blood flowing.”

With no resistance possible from Ashley, the goon began to roughly fuck her. He noticed she was already hot and very wet, but he figured that was because she was turned on by him. He couldn’t blame her, because he was a real man, Italian, you know. He was a stud, and he knew it. Hell everyone knew it. That’s why they had him working down here in this hell-hole. Sure he had to clean up the shit every so often, but it was his fucking ability that put him apart from the others idiots like Bruce.

And he was going to fuck this whore good today. Who knew when he would get another chance?

The rough fuck rocked her body back and forth, pulling viciously on her nipples as her legs bounced. Ashley sobbed.

“Stop that crying you stupid bitch.” George slapped her breast, sending another jolt of pain through her tortured nipple. It only made her crying more intense.

It took the man forever to finally shoot his load inside of the bound captive. After he left her, Ashley could feel the semen flowing out of her onto the floor between her legs. That was truly disgusting!

Afterwards, Ashley lay limply on the floor, waiting for the next person to come along.

* * *

Trent had a list of six names who worked in the Federal Building and a longer list of public officials and private citizens. He picked up his cell phone and dialed Special Agent Umbridge’s private cell number.

“Uh, hello?” Dick Umbridge said, surprised to be getting a call on that line in the evening.

“Dick, it’s Trent. Meet me in half an hour at the place we had coffee when I told you I was getting a divorce.”

There was silence on the line for three seconds and then Dick Umbridge relied, “See you there.” The line went dead.

* * *

When George and Bruce came into the room together Ashley knew it was not going to be a good thing. The two men spent ten minutes groping her and torturing her sore nipples before finally getting around to unbolting her from the iron piping.

When they had finished they dragged her back into the room that had the cage in it and hung her by her wrist cuffs to a hook hanging down from the ceiling. Her toes barely touched the floor.

She expected more abuse but was relieved when they turned and left. As time passed her toes began to hurt from supporting herself. She had to come off of her toes, even if it did stretch her body out and cause a strain on her arms.

Finally she heard noises outside and then the door opened and Cow entered pushing a small cart in front of her. She parked the cart just inside the door and then went back out, only to re-emerge with the hose.

Oh shit. Ashley remembered how cold the water was last time.

Ashley could hear Cow humming softly as she rummaged through her cart and took out a coarse sponge. Then, holding the hose with one hand she directed the nozzle towards the wall and squeezed the trigger. The woman adjusted the nozzle so that the spray was not a hard stream like Bruce had used on her, but a soft mist.

Ashley twisted under the cold spray but once her body was wet Cow turned off the spray and lay the hose down.

Cow picked up a bottle from her cart and squirted some of the yellow liquid onto her sponge and then began to rub Ashley’s body with it. The sponge was rough, but the massage felt so good.

Cow leaned in towards Ashley’s head and whispered, “I like you, Swan. You’re strong and you don’t give in easily. But if you get my little Pig in trouble I will not help you again.” The brunette continued to scrub Ashley’s flesh, down her stomach, around her hips to her ass, up between her legs. “It’s very dangerous, and I love Pig.”

Ashley couldn’t respond with the spider gag still in her mouth, but Cow got the message when she stood and looked Ashley in the eye. Tears rolled down Ashley’s cheeks and Cow wiped them away with a finger.

“You care too, I can see,” Cow whispered. “I’ll try to keep Pig safe with your help.”

Ashley nodded her head.

Once Cow had finished washing Ashley head to foot, she turned the water back on a fine spray and rinsed her off. She rolled the hose up and took it out of the room and then pulled a big fluffy towel out of one of the cart drawers. She dried Ashley head to foot and then proceeded to brush out her long blonde hair.

“I love your hair, Swan. I thought I would dye mine blonde once…but that was long ago.” Ashley could tell Cow was thinking of a past life, one where she was free to do as she wished.

After that was done, Cow brought over a makeup kit and began to apply eye liner, mascara, and a little bit of powder to Ashley’s face.

“You’ll be on display tonight. Do not anger Mistress. You must pretend to be a slave.” Cow whispered sternly. “Good luck, and I hope to see you again. And by the way, Pig says you cum too easily, and she thanks you for being that way.”

Ashley saw the first smile she had ever seen on Cow’s face as she pushed her cart out, humming as she went.

* * *

When Trent pulled into the coffee shop near the 3rd Precinct on Kennedy Avenue, Dick Umbridge was already there.

“Jesus Christ, Trent, I haven’t had a coded message in what…10 years? What’s going on?”

Trent motioned for the waitress to bring two coffees as he pulled a thick folder out of his coat. “We have big problems, Dick, and I mean major.” He waited until the waitress left and then handed the file over to the head of the Organized Crime Task Force.

“The mob has six moles inside our building that I’ve found so far.”

Umbridge nearly spit out his coffee. “What? How did you come across this information? Who’s your informant?”

“My informant is Ashley Bennet, but she doesn’t know she’s informed me.”

“Ashley? Now just a damn minute Richards! If you think for one minute that…”

Trent was motioning with his hands for Umbridge to settle down and quiet down.

“It’s a long story, Dick, and it starts like this.” Trent took a sip of his coffee as Dick opened the file to see a picture of Henry Paulson getting a lap dance from a very naked dancer.

“Remember a few weeks back, we were called in on a weekend and no one could get a hold of Ashley?”

“Yeah, you were dropped off at her place and the two of you came in together.”

“Right. Well when I was in her town-home waiting for her to get ready I was sort of looking around her place. Have you been up there? I’ll tell you what, she has a really nice place. Along with that Mustang she drives, I wondered how she could afford it all. This job, you know, makes a person question everything.” Trent shook his head, looking down at his coffee cup. “I staked her out for a couple of weeks after that.”

Umbridge’s face suddenly grew quite red and he slammed the papers down. “Listen here you son of a bitch,” Umbridge growled. “I’ve known Ashley since…”

“Sir… sir… please,” Trent looked around to see some of the other customers looking their way. “I know Dick, I know everything, about her husband, about her insurance money, about her.”

Dick straightened his shirt out.

“Okay, don’t get mad, but I found out she’s a waitress at the Golden Slipper.”

Umbridge looked up, but had his anger under control this time. “She’s what? Are you sure? I can’t believe that. Ashley?”

“Yes, I used a disguise kit and went in. She never suspected. It’s a long story and I actually have a disc here that the owners plan to use to blackmail her. The others in these files all have blackmail DVD’s.”

“So she’s been blackmailed into working there?”

“No, at least I don’t think so. I think the owner conned her into thinking she was working undercover for him and you.”

“What? That’s incredible.”

“Not really. I’m sure Donovan gave them Ashley’s name and told them that she wanted to become an agent. They played on her ambition and got her to believe she was going in undercover.”

“Why would you think that?”

Trent filled him in on the meeting he eavesdropped on.

“So where is she now?”

“That’s what we have to find out, sir. I tried calling her, but her phone goes straight to voice mail. I mean I’ve called her twenty times. No answer.”

“Where can she be? How could this have happened?”

“I’ll tell you on the way over to her place, if you’d like to go with me.”

“Damn right I’m going.”

End of part 4