Ashley Bennet – Conned, part 3
by mrhungry

Chapter 4

Nicky stood in front of Harold Wexler’s desk, feet apart, chest out. She was dressed in her green server’s uniform. Her Mistress stood behind her, crop in hand. She was a little nervous as to why the owner had asked to see her in his office.

“Your Mistress tells me you had your nipples pierced the other day.” Wexler said, leaning back in his large arm chair.

“Yes sir.”

“Well, let me see.” The large bald man motioned with his hand for Nicky to lift her halter top and she did so immediately, exposing her breasts and her pierced nipples.

“That looks very nice Nicky, and how about your cunt? Let’s take a peek.”

Nicky pulled up her little skirt to expose her hairless pussy with its new jewelry.

Wexler motioned for Nicky to stand next to him. She immediately moved next to him and assumed her position with her hands clasped behind her back. She hoped her boss would touch her, and he did. His thick fingers felt good as they traced a line along her hairless labia and then simultaneously gave the rings a little tug.

Nicky stifled a moan and felt her pussy get wet. She had spent the weekend wet, and had masturbated herself to countless orgasms. Her boyfriend was away on business, so he had yet to see her new jewelry.

Wexler continued to finger the young brunette. “I understand you were able to coax Ms. Brenner into undergoing the same procedure.”

“Y..yes..s..sir.” Nicky said, feeling slightly weak in the knees from the pussy massage she was receiving. She could hear slurping sounds as her boss’s fingers slid in and out of her pussy.

To Fiona he said, “Make sure Nicky gets a good bonus in her check this week.”

“Oui, monsieur.” Fiona answered.

“Now, Nicky, I have a special request to make of you.”


“I know you and Jessica have become friends, but I need you to keep it a secret that we know about her being pierced and that Mr. Jeffries paid for it all. Will you do that for me?”

“Sure, of course, if that’s what you want, sir. I used the card Mr. Jeffries gave me, but Jess doesn’t know it wasn’t mine.”

“Good, keep it that way. Tonight, when Ms. Brenner comes in we’ll ‘discover’ what she’s done and will punish her according to paragraph 4 of the employment contract.”

“Paragraph 4, sir?”

From behind her, Fiona said, “Paragraph 4 of your contract says zat you may not alter your body in any way wizout advance permission from Golden Slipper management. Failure to obtain advanced permission is punishable by any means desired by management. Failure to submit to punishment will result in immediate termination.”

“Oh wow, Mistress, I’m certainly glad I spoke to you about it beforehand.”

“We are too,” Wexler said as her dropped his hand from Nicky’s pussy and motioned her to cover up.

“But… she sort of had permission didn’t she, sir?”

“Yes, but don’t you want to see her punished?”

A sinister smile crept onto Nicky’s face. “Well, yes sir, I would like to see that.”

“Okay, keep your mouth shut and we can all have a good time. You are not to ever tell her we knew about it. Understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good, now have a good evening, and congratulations on working your way up to the next level. You’re going to make a lot more money now, and you’ve really earned this opportunity. Good luck!”

“What? I’m going to Silver?”

“Yes, you and Jessica both.” Wexler opened his drawer and took out two zip lock baggies with the red g-string bikini uniforms in them and handed one to Nicky and the other to Fiona.

“Thank you sir.” Nicky was dismissed and she headed back down to the locker room.

Nicky had worried a little bit when her Mistress had called her in early and then taken her to Mr. Wexler’s office. She couldn’t think of any thing she had done wrong. She knew she hadn’t shorted them or any thing like that. She was very happy with the money she made at the club so she never even thought about skimming any money from them.

Then when Mr. Wexler had told her that she was promoted, it was terrific! And… she would get to see Jessica punished. Oh what a night this was going to be!

No sooner had she gotten into the locker room than Ashley came in.

“Jessica!” Nicky gushed. “Guess what? We’re both being promoted to the silver level!”

“What?” Ashley pretended that she hadn’t already heard the news. “Are you serious? This is great!” The two women hugged.

“How are things going with know…” Nicky wiggled her finger towards Ashley’s tits and then crotch.

“Oh, Nicky… my nipples hurt like hell but I can’t keep my hands off of myself. It’s totally demented.”

Both women laughed. “I know what you mean. My clit ring is like totally stimulating me 24/7.”

“I can’t stand it.” Ashley cried and they laughed some more.

Just then Fiona came into the room and gave Ashley a glance. “So you have heard zee news?”

“Yes…Mistress. It’s great, thank you so much.” Ashley winked at her.

“Oh you have quite earned it. Now here is zee uniform Jezzica, get dressed quickly.”

“Yes, ma’am,” They both responded. Ashley took her bag and went to her locker while Nicky stripped out of her green uniform.

Ashley looked at the skimpy red string bikini and thought back to when she had started at the club. She swore she would never be caught dead in this little, almost non-existent, bikini, and here she was getting ready to put it on. She knew how exposed she was going to be out there starting tonight, and the thought brought butterflies to her stomach.

“Oh, Nicky, how did things go at Doctor Marshall’s Saturday morning?”

“It was very easy, just like you said it would be. She’s such a good doctor. See?”

Nicky quickly stripped and displayed her piercings to her manager.

“Oh yes, she does such good work.”

“I had mine done too Mistress, see?” Ashley said with excitement as she stripped out of her clothes.

“What?” Fiona spun around, startling Ashley. “You did what?”

“I...I had myself pierced just l…like N…Nicky.” She stammered, not expecting that type of response from her manager.

“Who gave you permission to get pierced? It was not me. I heard nothing about zis!”

“I…I didn’t…I needed permission?” She looked at Nicky who shrugged her shoulders.

“Of course, didn’t you read your contract when you signed it?”

“I read some of it…”

“It specifically says you must obtain permission before altering body in any way. We are in zee flesh business here and your flesh belongs to us as long as you’re employed here.”


“Nicky came to me on Friday and told me her plans and I gave her permission and told her where to go to have it done. No one told me you were going too. Nicky, you let her do zis knowing full well she had to ask me first?”

Now Nicky was startled. “Um, yes, Mistress…I wasn’t thinking of that at the time.”

“Okay, you will both decide right now if you will submit to punishment or be terminated.”

This wasn’t going as Nicky had anticipated, but then again Mr. Wexler had only asked if she wanted to see Ashley punished. Had this been their plan all along? Regardless, she liked being punished; it was like a perk of the job to her.

“I’ll take what ever punishment you give me mistress,” Nicky said as she knelt naked before Fiona, head bowed.

Ashley was still in shock. She couldn’t lose her job here! She had just worked her way up in the club. She couldn’t terminate her mission now!

Kneeling like Nicky had, Ashley said, “Punish me too, Mistress. I’m sorry I didn’t read my contract. It was my fault.”

“Very well, stay in zat position until I return.”

“Yes Ma’am,” they both responded.

After Fiona left the room Ashley whispered, “What’s she going to do to us?”

“Quiet sweetie, or you’ll make it worse for us.”



Just then Deidra and Carly burst into the locker room followed by Sindee. “Oooo, what’s going on here?” Sindee said at the sight of the two naked women kneeling on the floor.

Ashley was embarrassed to be seen like she was, but she wasn’t about to move or respond unless Nicky did.

“Little Nicky’s in trouble,” Deidra teased.

“Come on Dee, or you’ll be in trouble too,” Carly said as she hooked her friend’s arm and pulled her towards her locker.

The women quickly dressed and then left the locker room. After what seemed an eternity Fiona returned with leather belts and dildoes.

“Stand.” Fiona commanded. After the two women stood she handed them each a belt and told them to put them on nice and tight. She then inspected them to make sure they were tight enough. Ashley was told to pull hers one hole tighter. Then she handed them the dildoes which were threaded onto thin crotch straps and told to put them on and get to work.

After she left Ashley said, “We have to work in these?” She held up the thin strap and inspected the dildo. “This isn’t even a vibrator.”

“Right, we’re being punished. Vibrators would be pleasurable. This isn’t meant to be pleasurable. So I’ll attach your belt in the back and then you do mine.”

Nicky took Ashley’s crotch strap and buckled it to the rear of Ashley’s waist strap and then handed the end to her. Ashley took the end of the dildo and pressed it against her sex.

“It won’t go in, I’m too dry.”

“Here, let’s use some on this on the tip.” Nicky opened her locker and took out a jar of K-Y. She dipped her fingers in and then lubricated the tips of both dildoes.

“Okay, try again.”

This time Ashley was successful in working the thick dildo into her pussy.

“Okay, pull it most of the way tight, but not quite.” Nicky instructed. “Good, now see this slit?” She pointed to a small slit in the thin crotch strap, “Gently pull your clit ring up through that slit and pass this little strap through it. Good. Now snap it here and pull your strap tight. Tighter, it has to sink in between your labia. Pull your pussy lips out so the strap goes between them.”

Ashley followed her mentor’s instructions, pulling the crotch strap tight and adjusting her labia so that the strap separated them. The dildo was forced even deeper inside of her.

“Oww, Nicky, we have to work this way?”

“Yes, and don’t forget,” she said as she worked on her own strap and dildo, “Beginning tonight we’re going to be touched a lot. You can’t shy away or refuse, no matter who the customer is. If they’re paying, they can touch.”

A giant pit formed in Ashley’s stomach.

I can’t go through with this! People are going to be touching me all night and I’ll be nearly naked? How far does Agent Cooper think I’m supposed to go? Does he really expect me to do this? I know I’m suppose to work my way into the club, but does he know what goes on in here? I haven’t seen any prostitutes in this club; maybe he’s got his information wrong.

But then she thought about the scene she witnessed in the stairway going up to Mr. Wexler’s office. The Gold Club is where the action is. Judging from the open display of sex that she saw, those women were being paid for sex and that’s prostitution.

It’s taken me a month to get this far, how long will it take to get to Gold, another month, two months?

Ashley felt exhausted. The long days, little sleep, and sexual frenzy was wearing at her. She needed some time off.

Maybe after this bust goes down at work I can take some vacation and sleep every day for a week.

“Okay, I’m ready,” Nicky announced as she finished buckling her crotch strap in front. “Let’s get to work. We need to see Deidra for our assignments.”

The two made their way through the crowded club and up the steps to the Silver level.

* * *

Trent Richards sat in his beat up Malibu in the darkened parking lot of the Golden Slipper. Having followed Ashley Bennet here half an hour ago, he was now hesitant to go inside. He had begun staking out Ashley’s condo on Monday evening.

At first he figured it was a total waste of time because, come on let’s face it, it was Ashley Bennet. What could she be doing that was in the least bit shady?

But, something in the back of his head was nagging at him. There were always rumors in his office about people on the take, and Ashley seemed to be living pretty well up there in her town-home.

Or, maybe she was just hotter than he imagined and he was just stalking her. That made him laugh, but she was hotter than he had imagined and maybe his interest in her was something more personal.

Nothing happened on Monday and Tuesday nights anyway. She didn’t go anywhere and as far as he could tell she had no visitors. He had pretty much figured out which windows were hers, and noticed that both evenings her lights were out at 8pm. Kind of early, but she had been looking rather tired lately at the office. Just catching up on sleep he imagined.

Wednesday night was the same, only her lights never came on after she got home from work – until 9pm. Had she fallen asleep right after work and finally woken up? He was a little surprised when he spotted her Mustang pull out of the underground garage at 9:45pm. But that was nothing compared to his surprise when she parked in the employee lot of the Golden Slipper.

Trent watched as the bouncer greeted her and opened the door for her; chatting her up the whole time. Obviously she was known to the staff. But now… what to do? He could wait until she came out. Surely she wouldn’t be in there that long. Or he could go inside. That was too risky, though. For one thing, he didn’t know the layout inside. Would he be conspicuous? What if he walked in and she saw him? How would he explain his presence?

True, he was single now, and true, it would be slightly more expected that he be in a strip club, than her. If spotted, he could act surprised and ask her what she was doing in there. Then too, in his present position on the crime task force, it probably wouldn’t be advisable for him to be seen inside a strip club. But that raised the question, what was she doing in there?

He decided to wait in his car until she came out.

* * *

>>“Mistress Fiona told me you two were coming up here.” Deidra said as she leaned against the bar. She looked Ashley and Nicky up and down, admiring Ashley’s large breasts under her red bikini bra.

“So I see you’re both wearing crotch straps. Holding something in are they?”

“Yeah, just for tonight hopefully.”

“Yeah hopefully, are they vibrating?”

Nicky shook her head.

“Ouch, well do your best okay? I’ll try to help you guys out if I can.” The 6’ blonde stood up straight and stretched. “Jess, you have this section back here and Nicky you’re actually on the other side of the stage. That used to be Sophie’s area; she was pulled tonight to go work someplace else. Good tips if you work it hard.”

The women split up and got to work. Ashley found it very uncomfortable walking with the dildo trapped between her legs. Even though it wasn’t vibrating, it still rubbed against her. Besides that, every movement tugged on her clit ring, which in turn brushed the ring against her clit. Half an hour into her shift she was already beginning to get very horny.

Besides the crotch strap, she was experiencing a new work environment. In the Silver section, customers could touch her all they wanted too anywhere except her genitals.

This first night Ashley didn’t have to worry about that anyway because her pussy was already blocked off. But the strap seemed to be drawing a lot of attention and she had several men pull up on the strap, forcing the dildo deeper inside of her cunt. But going from table to table and having the customer’s hands all over her nakedness was really beginning to get her hot!

One table had three truckers who looked as though they hadn’t bathed in a week. Not that they stunk, but they had big rough dirty hands. Ashley sort of cringed when she first went to their table, but they turned out to be the nicest guys and called her ‘darlin’. When they touched her smooth clean flesh with those big rough hands she felt an unexpected warmth flood throughout her body.

Also sitting in her section was two of the ladies that Tammy had teased on the table way back when. She had seen that group in the club a few times since then, always in Tammy’s section. Ashley had first seen the entire group in the Bronze section and then two of the women who had upgraded their memberships had moved up to the Silver section.

“Good evening ladies,’ Ashley said as she came up to their table. “I’m Jessica and I’ll be serving you this evening.”

“Mmmm, I’ve seen you before, Jessica, but always down there,” the woman pointed to the Bronze level while running her other hand up Ashley’s leg and over her ass. The woman’s fingers went under Ashley’s bikini bottom and felt the crotch strap.

“I got a promotion. Please, ma’am, keep your hands outside my bikini. I don’t want any trouble okay? I’m already in enough trouble if you can see what I mean.” Ashley touched the belt and the top of the crotch strap.

“Yeah, what’s up with that?” the other woman asked as she placed her hand on Ashley’s slender waist and caressed her bare back.

“Oh, I had some piercings done last week and didn’t ask permission.” Her fingers went up to make quotes in the air as she spoke those last two words.

The first woman’s hands continued to caress Ashley’s ass, over her suit. “You have to get permission to do that? From whom?”

“My boss I guess. It’s in my contract but I didn’t read that part. I think I’ll read the whole thing when I get home tonight.” Everyone had a good laugh. “So, what are you drinking tonight?” She took their orders.

Two other tables were populated by a large group of black men and women. They appeared to be couples, some probably related – like sisters or cousins. It just seemed like family. They all insisted Ashley sit on their laps as they ordered, even the women. Even after waiting on the two women from the other table whom Ashley had seen groping Tammy, it still seemed weird to have women touching her body in a sexual way.

These black women really seemed to like having her come over and sit in their laps. They called her ‘sugar’ and felt her breasts up and held her around the waist like a little kid. One of the women was quite large, and Ashley at 5’5” felt like a toddler in her lap. The woman’s huge fleshy arm came around Ashley’s waist while her other hand went up to palpate her breast.

Ashley cringed when the woman pinched her nipple. “Oww, not too hard ma’am, I just had my nipples pierced a few days ago.”

“Let me see that, sugar.” The woman said, joined by requests by the other guests.

Ashley looked around and then lifted her top over her breasts, displaying her new nipple rings. The woman reached out but Ashley avoided her touch.

“Sorry, ma’am, house rules.” She pulled her skimpy top down over her breasts. “But now you can touch me. Just be gentle with me please,” Ashley implored the woman.

The woman still groped her tender breasts roughly, but Ashley allowed it. With hands that big maybe it was hard to do anything gently.

As the night wore on, Ashley was in both heaven and hell. The constant tugging at her clit ring, mixed with the pressure of the ring against her swollen bud was keeping her on the brink of an orgasm. Yet, the pain from walking on her high heels with the dildo rammed up her cunt kept her from relaxing enough to climax.

Ashley looked around at the tables in the Silver level and noticed that Deidre’s section and Carly’s section were not that populated. How was it that her section was so full? She suspected her Mistress had something to do with that. My Mistress? Shit, I must be delirious, I mean Fiona.

By closing time at 3 am Ashley had collected several hundred dollars in tips. As she left she didn’t see the old Malibu pull out and follow her back to her condo.

* * *

Trent now had two theories: Ashley worked at the club, or knew someone who did. In the time he sat outside the club he had devised a plan in the event that she went back there. He had full access to surveillance equipment at work, and he had plenty of experience with disguises. If she went back he would follow her in and see what she was up to.

The thought of her working there caused his cock to swell in his pants. He was sure that was probably not the case. Still, things seemed to be pointing that way.

But why? Why would she be working at a strip club?

He couldn’t imagine that she was stripping, although he would definitely pay to see that, so maybe she was bartending. At any rate, he would find out. He would do a little investigating on his own, and if the need arose he would call in one of his partners from the CID.

Maybe it was because of his specialty, but Trent was smelling blackmail all over this. If she wasn’t already being blackmailed, she was setting herself up for it. He began to worry that the Task Force may have been compromised, and now had to decide whether to bring this to Umbridge’s attention. He would have to dig fast. The eavesdropping operation on the mob was going down in a week and he needed answers before that. Not that this club had any overt connections to the mob, but he didn’t know what covert ties there were. He might need to do some late night wet work. Trent’s pulse quickened at the prospect of actual covert ops.

He pulled his car over to the curb and watched Ashley pull into the underground-parking ramp. Moments later her lights when on and then off again. He didn’t figure she would be going out again, so he took off for home to get a few hours sleep before going in to the office.

* * *

Ashley felt fine when she was behind her desk, but when she got up to walk someplace her crotch ached! Five hours of torment the previous evening had made her so sore between the legs. She had even taken one of the pain killers Dr. Marshall had given her the previous weekend. It helped.

“We’ll never learn anything if we don’t take some risks.” Frank Crawford said as he came out the boss’s office. Special Agent Umbridge walked next to the criminal investigation agent.

“I agree, but we’ve got to be careful not to spook them.”

“I can go in after hours and do a quick look through their shit and leave my little bugs as I go.”

“And these cannot be detected, right?”

“Right, they’re 100% neo-plastik with super-low frequency wave-length.”

“All right, I’ll okay the entry.”

The two continued talking as they walked into one of the conference rooms where Trent and some guys from the ATF were huddled.

Ashley thought Trent looked a little pale, and had seen him drink down four cups of coffee so far. He seemed just a little friendlier than usual, which Ashley had to chalk up to his unexpected drop in at her town home the past week-end.

Ashley felt her cheeks redden. I should’ve gotten dressed before I let him in!

She also thought about what Frank had said as he walked by her desk.

I’ll never learn anything if I don’t take some chances.

Somehow she had to dig up something to give to Agent Cooper. Maybe she could sneak into the Gold Club or if she went into that stairway leading up to the offices she could see who was working in that part of the club and talk to them. Maybe there was something of value in the offices, but she didn’t know if she had the nerve to go up there. Things were going too slow for her, though, and she was sure Agent Cooper would be running out of patience with her soon.

Later that evening Ashley’s stomach was in knots as she drove out to the club. Even though she had no plans or thoughts of what she might do, the idea that she needed to do something made her nearly sick to her stomach.

“Hey Jess,” Nicky said as she entered the locker room.

“How’s it going tonight Nicky?”

“I’m great, although I’m really sore. How about you?”

“Shit, man.” Ashley cupped her crotch and both women laughed.

“I’m really sorry about that. I didn’t even think about the permission thing when we were over there. And I really didn’t ask permission, I just told Mistress Fiona that I was going to have it done. I guess that was all I needed to do. If she didn’t want me to, she would've said so.”

“Well, I’ll be okay. And now that it’s done, I’m very happy with my new jewelry.”

“Grrrr.” Nicky growled as Ashley stripped down and slipped on her bikini bottoms. “You are friggin’ hot sister.”

Ashley blushed, “Not compared to you.”

Both women finished dressing and then walked hand in hand out into the club.

Ashley looked around the club and saw that the tables that Nicky had waited on the previous night were right next to the door leading up to the offices.

“Say, how was your area last night? Was it busy?”

“Yeah, but tonight is Thursday… you know, the slow night. It might not be so good tonight.”

“Could we switch areas?”

“You'd probably do better in tips where you were.”

Ashley thought for a second and then said, “I’m feeling a little tired tonight, I wouldn’t mind at all if that area was slower.”

“Well, if you don’t mind taking a hit on your tips, I’m fine with switching areas.”

“Great, I’ll see you later then. And Nicky?” she waited until Nicky turned to look at her, “Don’t get us into any trouble tonight.”

Nicky smiled, and mouthed “Love ya,” as she walked away.

From a table towards the back of the Bronze level, Trent Richards watched Ashley and Nicky walk by.

What the fuck is she doing?

Trent could not believe what he was seeing. Ashley Bennet in a strip club dressed in an almost non-existent bikini and four inch red high heels. He looked down at his drink to avoid making accidental eye contact with her. Not that she would ever recognize him because he had completely changed his facial structure using a kit from the office. His eye brows were bushier, his hair long and a little ratty, and his nose had a broken look to it.

The disguised agent looked up again as the gorgeous blonde passed by and marveled at her well toned body. What he had seen in her apartment was just a teaser for what he was seeing now. The bikini hid very little and the secretary was all but naked. She seemed happy enough, not the way someone who was being coerced would act. The cute little brunette with her was a frikkin knockout as well.

Maybe she was just making extra cash, but at a strip joint? Prim and proper Ashley Bennet? He would’ve never believed it if he wasn’t looking at her right there in the flesh. Really, in the flesh.

He watched the young woman wait on her tables, saw how the customers ran their hands over her body; holding her, spanking her. He watched as she moved closer to some, allowing easier access to her fabulous body, playfully teasing some of the women, scolding men who tried to move her bikini bottom.

After watching her for an hour Trent saw that she was actually an excellent waitress, and was handling the customers very well. He was really impressed with what he saw, although he was still having problems getting his head around what he was seeing. It made no sense to him at all.

While Trent was watching Ashley, Ashley had been watching the door to the offices all evening. Mr. Wexler had been up there for most of the evening. He had come down once and went over to talk to Johnny, the Silver level bartender. While he was at the bar having a drink Fiona went through the door and came back out 15 minutes later. Mr. Wexler went back up about 10 minutes later and then Mr. Jeffries and Fiona had gone through the door together about half an hour ago.

Ashley had just finished bringing out a full round of drinks for her customers when she saw all three of her bosses come out of the door. The trio crossed the club and stopped to tell Manny something before they left the club.

Forcing the bile back down her throat, Ashley took her tray and slipped through the door and quickly climbed the stairs to Mr. Wexler’s office. Once inside the office she began opening drawers as quietly as possible. Mostly junk in his desk. She turned to a long, low file cabinet and opened the drawer. Just employment records.

The file cabinet itself seemed to move, which seemed odd because it should have been too heavy to move. Ashley took hold of the cabinet and pulled on it. To her surprise the cabinet swung easily away from the wall as if it were on wheels.

Behind the cabinet Ashley found a large built-in wall cabinet. She pulled out one of the large drawers and saw it was stuffed with file folders. She pulled on two of the files, left one partially out and removed the second. Taking it over to the desk where there was better light she saw that the folder contained pictures of someone in the club. The man in all of the pictures was an older guy, slightly balding, suit, drinking, touching the waitresses. She looked at the name on the folder: Jason Mattingly. The name was familiar to her. She looked at another picture.

Oh my God! Alderman Mattingly – city council member and one of the Mayor’s inner circle.

Ashley put the file back behind the partially withdrawn folder then removed that folder. Chief of Police George Blume was clearly visible fondling a waitress. He looked really young. It must have been taken before he became the chief. She looked through the other papers in the folder and saw copies of cashier’s checks for hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

They’re blackmailing customers!

Ashley’s heart just about jumped out of her throat as she pushed the folder back into its place and closed the drawer. Opening another drawer she found similar folders with photos, canceled money orders and checks, and details on dozens of people. Some of the names were familiar to her, many were not.

Even though she had only been in the office five minutes, it seemed like an hour. She backed out of the space and pushed the file cabinet back into place. Glancing around the office she looked to see if anything else was out of place. There was an old dirty glass on top of a file cabinet, so she picked it up and headed back down to the club. As she approached the door she brought her tray up and placed the dirty glass on it. When she came out of the door she walked confidently as though she had just gone up to pick up empty glasses.

From across the room, Trent noticed the door open slightly and Ashley slip out into the club. He had been wondering where she had disappeared to. He had been caught watching the stage show a little too long and when he looked back she had disappeared. Now, with an empty glass on her tray, she was crossing the floor towards the bar.

As Ashley approached the bar she spotted Mr. Wexler, Mr. Jeffries, and her Mistress enter the club and head off towards Fiona’s office. Ashley thought her knees would give out and she held onto the bar for support. That was close!

A moment later Katie’s stage show ended in a fairly weak round of applause.

“I’d like to thank all of you folks for coming out tonight,” the DJ said from his booth next to the stage. “All of us here at the Golden Slipper really appreciate you stopping in and spending some time with us.”

The DJ cranked up some Motley Crue. “We’re going to have a little fun with our waitresses right now, so if you could all come up on the stage…Come on girls..yeah, you too Carly…Jess, get up here, bring little Nicky with you.”

Ashley looked over at Nicky, who shrugged her shoulders and headed towards the stage, meeting up with Ashley on the way. Once they were all on stage the DJ said, “Okay, we’re going to have a little dance off and the winner will have a chance to be auditioned for a promotion. So let’s go girls… shake your money-makers! Come on every one, cheer them on!” He cranked up the music another five dB’s.

Carly and Nicky started dancing right away. Deidre joined in, followed by Ashley. Ashley blushed, knowing all eyes were on them up there on the stage, but she danced the best she could. In her tiny bikini, Ashley could see that her 34D’s were bouncing all over the place. Looking over at Carly, who was equally stacked, she could see what she probably looked like. She only hoped her bikini top was up to the stress!

Ashley tried not to look down at the faces of the men and women along the edge of the stage looking up at her. She had only been working in the Silver section two nights, she didn’t see how she would ever be promoted to Gold this quickly. But, then again, wouldn’t it be sweet if she did?

Embarrassed as she was, Ashley began to really work her hips and even held onto one of the poles to spin around. That was pretty weird for her since she had never touched a stripper’s pole in her life. But now that she was into it she was going to give it her best shot. Who knew what might happen?

As the song wound down the DJ cut in, “Okay, I think we can all see who our winner was there. Does everyone agree it was Nicky?” The crowd, such as they were, let out a thunderous, “Yes.”

“Okay Nicky, if you would meet Ms. Fiona in the lounge, and everyone else back to their stations, we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming.” Again a cheer went up from the crowd, mainly the crowd of guys seated along the edge of the stage.

Ashley went back to her area and began bussing out drinks. She blushed when her customers complimented her on her dancing and then proceeded to touch her sweaty flesh. She was surprised to find that many of the people at her tables really wanted to hold her close and touch her in her over-heated condition.

“Come over here sugar,” said the large black woman, Ms. Tucker, who had become one of her regulars. Ms. Tucker and her husband had apparently upgraded their memberships when they found out that Ashley had begun working in the Silver section.

“You should’ve won that contest, little Jessie. Now I have got to spank you, come right over her and bend over this table.”

Ashley bent at the waist over the table, her breasts falling into the hands of Ms. Tucker’s husband, Tony. “Now mamma, you be gentle with this flower.”

“She should know I’m disappointed that she didn’t win that little contest. She would be wise to try harder next time.”

“I will ma’am, I promise.” Ashley said as she braced herself for a swat from that big hand. Ashley felt the woman caressing her white flesh and then Whack!

“Ouuu, Ms. Tucker, that hurts.” Whack , whack.

“I’ll thank you to try harder next time, sugar.” Whack.

“Excuse me ma’am.” Ashley turned to see Manny going to one knee beside Ms. Tucker. “You are not permitted to strike our wait staff, ma’am.”

“I’m teaching this girl a lesson, son.”

“I appreciate that ma’am, but the rules must be obeyed. There are no rules in the Gold area, if you'd like to up-grade I can send Ms. Fiona over.”

The large black woman caressed Ashley’s firm, slightly reddened ass through her bikini bottom.

“Mmm-mm, I believe I’ll follow the rules right here with my little Jessie girl.”

“Thank you, ma’am.” Manny rose and gave Ashley a wink. “I’ll have Jessica bring Nicky over when she returns. You can help audition her.”

Ms. Tucker looked at Ashley and Ashley could only shrug since she didn’t know what Nicky would be doing when she came back.

As the next stage act ended, the DJ lowered the music and said, “As many of our regulars know, Nicky was just promoted to service our guests in the Silver level.”

Nicky came out onto the stage, naked except for wrist cuffs that bound her hands behind her back, ankle cuffs, a moderate posture collar, and her high heels. Hanging down from a ring in the collar was a leash and a whip that had a dozen thin leather straps. A robust round of applause came from the section that Nicky had been serving all evening.

“Thank you out there.” The DJ shielded his eyes against the spot lights so he could see up into the club. “So that means she'll he auditioning for a position in the Gold area of the club.” More hoops from her fans.

“As many of you know, anything goes in the Gold level short of actual intercourse. Now to help Nicky out I’m going to ask our new girl, Amanda, to be her escort…Amanda, where are you?” Ashley looked out into the Bronze section and saw a black haired girl in a green halter top and skirt waving towards the stage.

“Okay, over there in Carly’s section. Come on over here and take Nicky’s leash.”

The new girl reluctantly went up to the stage and shyly took the leash attached to Nicky’s collar.

“Okay… go,” the DJ motioned for her to take Nicky away. “Show Nicky off to every table in this club.”

Ashley looked over towards Nicky’s section and knew she would have to serve some of her tables. Deidre would be picking up some of the extra work, too.

Ashley watched as Amanda led Nicky along the row of chairs next to the stage. The customers sucked her in and began to fondle her in any way they pleased. One man pulled her back against himself and kissed her neck while the man next to him began to finger her hairless pussy. Nicky rolled off of the one man and onto the next, making her way slowly down the line of chairs ensuring that everyone had a chance to molest her for a moment. Amanda stood close by and collected tips from the customers as they used the bound waitress.

It was a bizarre sight, but Ashley felt herself getting wet. Nicky was so cute, and watching the men grope her soft shapely body was quite a scene. She sort of felt like running down there and joining in on the fun. But she returned to her duties instead.

An hour later, Nicky finally made it up to Ashley’s tables.

“Oh god, Jessica, this is so intense!” Nicky gasped.

“Is it good or bad?” Ashley asked as she put her arm around her friend’s naked waist and hugged her.

“Good! Are you kidding me? I’m totally hot right now!” She turned and kissed Ashley fully on the lips; a kiss that Ashley returned.

“Come with me, I want you to meet two of my regulars.” Ashley took the leash from Amanda and led Nicky over to Ms. Tucker and her husband.

“Master and Mistress,” Ashley said, feeling a little bit silly but trying to play the part she was hoping they would tip big for. “This is my friend, Nicky.”

Ms. Tucker looked up and down Nicky’s naked body. “Uh-huh, I saw you two kissing over there.”

“I’d like to see you two a kissin’ right here while we git to know your friend here a little better,” said Mr. Tucker as he laid two $20’s on the table.

Ashley handed the leash to the black woman as Nicky turned and pressed her lips to Ashley’s. In seconds they were locked in an erotic French kiss, Ashley holding the naked woman around the shoulders.

Mr. Tucker caressed Nicky’s bare ass and hips and then his large fingers slid between her legs and into her pussy. Nicky’s kisses became even more passionate as she felt the man fingering her piercings.

Ashley was somewhat startled by the ferocity of the kisses, but she was determined to not let her friend down. The truth was, she had never kissed anyone this passionately before, and the fact that it was a woman sent mixed signals through her head. For one thing - it’s a woman, but secondly - it was fucking intense!

“Oooo, you two are hot.” Ms. Tucker said as she pulled the leash to guide Nicky’s head closer to her husband and her ass towards her. The woman caressed Nicky’s back and ass, and then her thighs and back up to her ass.

“And I can spank this girl?” she asked Ashley.

“Yes, ma’am.”


“Ooo, mistress!” Nicky exclaimed, giving Ashley a wink.

Smack! Nicky bent over to allow Mr. Tucker easier access to her hanging titties.


“Do you want to use the whip, Mistress?” Ashley asked as she went to unclip the whip from Nicky’s collar.

“No, girl, I like to use my hand.”

“Um...time’s almost up, ma’am, I need to move her to another table soon.” Amanda said shyly as she took hold of Nicky’s leash.

“Okay, just let me hold this child for one minute.” The large black woman pulled Nicky into her lap. It looked like she was holding a large doll. Well, a large naked doll.

Nicky semi-curled up, holding onto the large woman and nestling into her large floppy breasts.

The woman nodded to her husband, who pulled another twenty out of his wallet and added it to the money on the table.

“Thank-you girl, that was most sweet of you.”

“Thank you, ma’am.” Nicky kissed the woman on the cheek and then got up. She was led away by Amanda to another table.

Ashley wished it were her break so that she could go and dry herself off. As she walked to the next table she felt her juices dripping down her leg.

* * *

The next day, Friday, during her lunch hour, Ashley paid for an ad in the Sun Times personals section. She was setting up a meeting with Agent Cooper for Sunday.

Friday evening, with the club packed, Trent was lucky to find a small unoccupied table towards the back of the stage area. As he looked towards the front entrance of the club, the stage was on his right and Ashley’s area of the silver level was on his left. His table was a little closer to Ashley’s tables for his liking, but his table was not well lit so he wasn’t too concerned about being seen.

Two waitresses made their way through the crowd to his table.

“Hi there,” the younger of the two said uncomfortably. “I’m Amanda and I’ll be your server tonight. Can I start you off with anything to drink?”

Trent knew that it was required that the customers have a drink at all times, so he ordered a Mich Draft. He would nurse that as long as possible. Once the two left he inserted an ear piece into his left ear and reached down to his belt to adjust the volume on the controller for the directional microphone sticking slightly out of his right sleeve. He pointed the tip of the mike at the two waitresses and heard the older one tell the younger one, “Don’t ask if you can start them off, ask what can I get you to drink? They have to have a drink. You make it sound like they have a choice.” He aimed the microphone towards Ashley and fingered the fine tuning knob.

“Hey guys, how are you tonight?” Ashley was greeting a middle aged couple as they scored a table along the railing over-looking the bronze level and the stage.

“Oh hi, Jessica,” the woman greeted Ashley, “We’re fine, how about you?”

Jessica? Trent thought to himself.

“I’m doing great!” Ashley said flirtatiously. “You’re going to have so much fun tonight. Did you know at midnight there’s going to be a live band?” Ashley had leaned way over on their table so that her elbows were in the center. Trent watched as the man and woman ran their hands over Ashley’s tight ass and legs. Her legs were apart so they could easily touch her inner thighs.

“No dear, we didn’t know that.” The woman replied.

“I know you guys like to dance, so be sure to stick around for that, okay? I’ll get a reserved placard so you don’t lose your table.”

“That would be great, thanks.” The man said as he cupped Ashley’s hanging tits in his hands.

“Okay, so a Screwdriver and a Tom Collins?”

“You got it.”

“I’ll be right back with those.” Ashley stood up straight and placed a hand on each of their shoulders and then headed towards the bar.

“Hey Jess!” Trent saw Ashley stand on tip-toe to look through the crowd, and then wave. Trent followed her gaze to a group of five young guys making their way up to her area.

Ashley looked around and then pointed towards the back of her area. “Over here!”

The group made their way towards Ashley.

“Hey Troy!” Ashley hugged one of the guys. “Roger, how are you?” She went from guy to guy with brief hugs. Trent watched as each guy hugged her and held her against himself.

“Greg, how’s it going? Good to see you. And um…oh don’t tell me… don’t tell me…um…Hank?”

“Right!” The last guy got his hug and feel in. “And this is another of our brothers, Paul.” Hank pulled an embarrassed young guy out of the crowd and over to Ashley.

“Hi Paul,” she held the kid close to her and pressed the side of his head against her full breast. The kids face turned an even deeper shade of red and everyone laughed.

“I’m Jessica and I’ll be serving you tonight.” Turning to the others she asked if they all wanted their usual drinks and then got Paul’s order.

After Ashley had left, Greg sat next to Paul and asked, “Is she great or what?”

“Yeah, you were right, she’s totally hot.”

“When she comes back, don’t be afraid to touch her. She’s really used to it and won’t say anything.”


“Yeah, we’ve been feeling her up since she was working down there,” he pointed to the bronze level. “And down there you’re not suppose to touch the waitresses, but she would let us touch her.”

When Ashley came back Greg pulled his chair away from the table a little and nodded with his head towards Ashley. After she placed all of their drinks on the table she went around and sat on Greg’s lap. His hands came up around her waist and began to caress her well toned abs and then ventured up to her breasts.

After getting the nod from Greg, Paul began to stroke Ashley’s firm legs and thighs.

“Ooo, Paul, you have a nice touch.” Ashley cooed. “That feels really nice right there.”

The caressing of both guys felt really good and was beginning to make Ashley tingly all over. Then, unexpectedly, Greg planted a big kiss right on Ashley’s lips. She pulled back and looked around.

“Uh-uh, can’t do that, okay?” She had a worried look on her face and got up. “I should see to my other tables, I’ll be back in a little while.”

After she had gone Troy said, “What the fuck was that? You’ll get us kicked out.”

“Or she'll get punished.”

“Yeah you'd like that wouldn’t you?” asked Greg.

“We'd all like that,” Roger agreed.

“But we could also get kicked out,” Troy pressed his point, “Oh shit.” The others turned to see what he was looking at. Manny had just pushed his way through the crowd and was standing over the table looking at Greg.

“You guys are regulars and I think Miss Jessica is sweet on you, so I’ll take that into account. Follow the rules or you’re out of here.” He was looking right at Greg.

“Okay, okay, sorry.” Greg said.

“Alright, have a good evening.” The huge man made his way back to his post near the front door.

“How did he see that?” Paul asked.

“He didn’t, but someone did.” He glanced up at the little black security bulbs on the ceiling.

Trent looked up too and focused into the blackness of the ceiling. Ah yes, of course.

Of course there would be security cameras. And they could be watching him right now too. He was pretty confident that his disguise was more than adequate. He was after all an experienced undercover agent with the FBI. He had been in much more dangerous places than this joint.

As the evening progressed Trent began watching the stage acts more and watching Ashley less. It appeared to him that Ashley was just working a second job. It just blew him away that she was working THIS particular job. It definitely was a secret life, and secret lives for employees of the FBI were most often a bad thing.

He just thought she was setting herself up for being blackmailed, but maybe she was making so much money here that she could quit her day job. Maybe her day job was her second job and she wouldn’t care if she lost it. In that event, blackmail wouldn’t work on her.

Trent looked back at Ashley sitting in the lap of a very large black man, his hands roaming her near naked body while her head was lying back on his shoulder. His touches made her squirm and made Trent adjust his erection for the um-teenth time of the night. Ashley’s white flesh was such a contrast to the blackness of the man who held her.

A really good rock band had been playing for the past half an hour while dancers had come out on stage to perform their routines. The dance floor was just bouncing and the place was vibrating with energy.

I don’t blame her for working here, it’s a hellova lot more fun than the OCTF office!

As the next song started, a chant started up from the five guys at one of Ashley’s tables.

“Jes..sie, Jes..sie, Jes..sie, Jes..sie.”

Trent saw Ashley’s head spin around just as two large bouncers came up behind her and took her by the arms.

“Oh, I see we have a special request for Penny’s routine,” the DJ said over the PA system.

The guys at the table hooted and hollered, being joined by many others in the club.

“Back by popular demand, our orgasmic princess, Jessica!” The crowd erupted in cheers and the band kicked into high gear with the dancer Penny on stage, gyrating and flowing with the music.

Trent swung his right arm around so that his directional mike was pointing in Ashley’s direction.

“No! Please, guys…Karl, don’t, please!” He could hear Ashley pleading with the bouncers.

“Sorry, Miss Jessie, your Mistress has ordered you up.”

“No…please…I can’t go through this again.” Her voice seemed to trail off as she struggled to break free of the two large bouncers.

Trent watched from his perfect vantage point as Ashley was led up to the edge of the stage. By the time Ashley reached the stage her bikini had been stripped off, leaving her naked. Trent was shocked to see her bald pubic area and what appeared to be pierced labia. He caught a glimpse of light reflected off of her breasts and saw that she wore nipple rings as well.

Okay, well, now it’s apparent Ashley’s been working here for some time.

He watched as the two men strapped her wrists to the edge of the stage and then bent to strap her ankles to the floor. He got up and moved around to a place in the crowd where he could get a glimpse of the bound woman from the rear and saw that they had inserted a large dildo inside of her pussy and had clipped it to her labia rings, thus holding it inside of her.

One of the men attached a cord to the bottom of the dildo and passed it up to his cohort on the stage. This man unrolled the cord and walked over to the band. Kneeling down in front of the bass drum of the drum set, he attached the cord with a suction cup to the head of the drum and then gave a thumbs up to the other bouncer.

The next time the drummer struck the bass drum Trent saw Ashley jump. A panicked look came across her face. The dildo obviously gave off some sort of vibration or shock or something when the bass drum was struck with the kick pedal.

He went back to his table where he could see Ashley from the front. The dancer on stage was still gyrating to the beat of the music. She had pulled four clear plastic liquid filled squeeze bottles out of the pockets of her leather jacket and set them on the stage in front of Ashley. When the dancer’s jacket came off, Trent saw the plastic sheet wrapped around her waist. With a quick motion, the plastic came off and was rolled out onto the stage in front of Ashley.

The crowd went absolutely wild and Trent wondered what they knew that he didn’t. The drop-dead gorgeous stripper continued to dance around the stage, strategically removing articles of clothing until she returned to Ashley stark naked.

For her part, Ashley was trying to break free of the cuffs. The effort looked entirely sincere, as did the look of sheer panic on her face.

The two burley men then took thin wires with clips on each end and connected Ashley’s nipple rings to small rings set into the floor of the stage. This severely reduced the amount of struggling Ashley mounted as every movement now pulled on her nipples.

The healing process had just begun on her tender nipples, so nearly every movement sent a jolt of pain through her breasts. Lastly, one of the men pulled a bright red ball gag from his pocket and pulled it roughly into Ashley’s mouth. Once the gag was secure the two men stood back leaving Ashley bound helpless and naked to the stage.

Meanwhile, the stripper had lowered herself onto her plastic drop cloth directly in front of Ashley. The dancer sat back on her heels with her bent legs spread widely underneath her. Picking up one of the squeeze bottles, she held it upside down and squeezed it over her firm breasts and then dribbled the liquid down her stomach to her hairless crotch before dribbling a thick line over the tops of Ashley’s large breasts.

Ashley knew where all of this was going but she was determined not to have an orgasm this time. If she could remain calm, maybe she wouldn’t be subjected to this abuse again. She knew she was just a rookie last time they had done this to her, but this time she knew what to expect. It’s just syrup and stuff, nothing to get excited about.

Trent watched as the stripper began to massage the liquid over her own body, rubbing her hands all over her breasts and stomach and down to her cunt. Then reaching forward, she thoroughly coated Ashley’s breasts. With her nipples tied to the stage by the two wires, Ashley could not pull away or avoid the stripper’s hands. It was a pretty fucking erotic sight and the crowd responded accordingly. Bills of all denominations flew onto the stage.

Ashley knew how good Penny’s hands were going to feel on her breasts and she tried not to think of that. The solid pounding of the bass drum was sending a continuous vibration into her pussy. She tried not to think about that either.

I am not going to climax!

Boom, boom, boom, boom.

Oh god! That dildo is terrible! It’s attached to my pussy rings so there’s no getting away from it! Don’t think about it! Try to ignore it!

Ashley felt Penny’s hands massaging the oil into her breasts. She sniffed but couldn’t pick up any discernable odor. But she was feeling heat. What ever Penny had massaged into her flesh was getting hotter and hotter. She knew that Penny had already coated her own body, including her pussy, with the cream so she figured it wasn’t going to be unbearable. But still, it was very hot and made her breasts super sensitive.

Penny gave her a wicked smile from the stage and Ashley would have smiled back at her had she not been gagged.

Boom, boom, boom, boom.

Penny picked up the second squeeze bottle and began dribbling a runny brown liquid onto her own body. Again, Ashley could not pick out a smell but thought it smelled like… cars. Sure enough, when Penny applied it to Ashley’s breasts, Ashley could see that it was motor oil. Ashley felt Penny’s sensual fingers massaging the oil all over her, not just her breasts which were already on fire, but her shoulders and back and down her stomach.

It felt so fucking good! Ashley’s face burned with embarrassment as she realized how turned on she was becoming.


Ashley watched helplessly as Penny picked up the third bottle and squeezed some liquid into her cupped hand. She brought it close to Ashley’s nose and she smelled berries. Spreading the syrup onto booth hands, Penny rubbed the sticky syrup onto Ashley’s breasts and then took the squeeze bottle and dipped the syrup all over her breasts and shoulders. Then she coated herself with it, working it into her smoothly shaven pussy inches from Ashley’s face.

Boom, boom, boom, boom. A steady beat of the bass drum and a steady vibration deep within Ashley’s cunt.

The young blonde squirmed as the sensations attacked her sensitive zone. She could not suppress the lustful feelings growing stronger and stronger within her loins. The constant tension on her nipples added to her arousal.

Hold on, this will be over soon.

Penny held the last squeeze bottle up and dribbled its golden liquid over her own well-toned and naked body. From where Ashley was tied to the stage she could smell honey.

Oh God, not honey.

Ashley knew how difficult that would be to get off. It was so sticky!

What a mess I’m going to be. But I am not going to cum. No way!

NO! NO! Oh God! The bass drum was beating like a heart beat… boom, boom… boom, boom… boom, boom… and was picking up speed. Ashley felt her own heart beat rise and a little bit of fuzziness creeping in from the edges of her consciousness.

Penny held the squeeze bottle over Ashley’s breasts and squeezed out a thick line across her tits. Drool escaping from the sides of Ashley’s gag dripped down onto her heaving chest as Penny continued dripping the sweet smelling goo over her body.

Ashley felt someone pressing up against her from the rear, someone warm and fleshy. Then she felt two hands come up, caressing her bare sides and then around to her stomach.

Boom, boom… boom, boom…

Ashley turned a little to the side and through the haze saw Nicky face, just as Nicky’s soft hands came up to massage the honey into her ultra sensitive breasts. She felt Nicky’s warm breath on her neck and then her lips as she sucked on her flesh.

No, oh fuck NO!!

Ashley screamed into the gag and thrashed her head as she burst into orgasm. She could faintly hear a cheer from the audience as the band cranked up into Penny’s signature song, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Nicky’s hands came up to Ashley’s nipples and quickly unclipped the taunt wires as Penny leapt up and began dancing to her song. Another stripper, Bethany, came out and scurried around the stage floor scooping up the tips.

Nicky continued to hold Ashley close to her, massaging her sticky breasts and body as a second and third unrestrained orgasm swept through her friend’s body. The two bouncers came down and unhooked all of Ashley’s restraints and unclipped the dildo. One of them handed Ashley’s bikini to Nicky.

Several minutes later the fuzz left Ashley’s head enough for her to realize where she was and that it was over. She saw Nicky standing next to her by the stage with her bikini in her hand. She took her “uniform” and slipped into it and then Nicky helped her back to the Silver section. All of her tables needed attending, and Ashley began to make her rounds. All of her customers, especially the college guys, wanted to feel her slimy, gooey, body.

Trent just wanted to get out of the club before the cum in his underwear soaked through his jeans.

* * *

When Ashley got home she quickly stripped off her clothes and climbed into bed. The sheets felt so wonderful against her flesh. Her hands stroked her crotch, feeling the still hairless flesh of her vagina. It didn’t take much to get her horny these days and it seemed like she was constantly aroused.

Rolling over and opening the door in the bottom of her night stand, Ashley took out the bag containing all of her bondage gear. She had experimented several times since bringing the gear home from Jeremy’s, although she had yet to snap a lock shut.

As she buckled the wrist cuffs around her slender wrists Ashley thought about what she had just been through at the club. The humiliation of being forced to orgasm in front of all of those people made her cheeks burn with embarrassment… and her pussy hot with excitement. The two emotions seemed at odds with each other but Ashley knew she was still aroused. She took out the little lock, looped it through the ring, and pressed the parts together.

Click! It was done.

Ashley closed her eyes and just tugged on the lock and the cuff. It felt wonderful. She repeated the process with the other wrist and then her ankles.

Ashley sat up on the edge of her bed and buckled the wide leather belt around her trim 23” waist. She stood up and decided to pull it one notch tighter and then slipped the small sturdy lock through the clasp.

Click, it was locked. Even though this was only the lock on the belt, the sound of that click sent a shiver of lust through her body.

Ashley sat for awhile holding the posture collar, and then decided she would feel cheated if she didn’t use it on herself. The previous times she had dressed up in the gear she had only been able to wear it for a little while because it really made her feel claustrophobic.

Today she was determined to submit. When she was locked up she wouldn’t be able to take it off until she got to the keys. Not that she had thought about what to do with the keys yet, but she would. She figured she would just put them somewhere that she would have to crawl to retrieve.

Ashley took the leather hood, bunched her long blonde hair and threaded it through the hole in the top of the hood. Then she went about tightening and locking the straps in the back. The tightness of the hood was probably the most erotic part of her gear. Ashley loved the way that the tight hood felt on her head.

She rummaged through the bag and pulled out several small straps with clips on the end. She found one that was just the right length for her to clip one end to one nipple ring, thread it through a ring on the front of her posture collar, and attach the other end to her other nipple ring. Now when she moved her head she tugged on her nipples. It was a little painful but the sensation was incredible!

Finally, Ashley opened the drawer of her night stand and took out her vibrator. She needed no lubrication to slide the thick shaft into her pussy. Ashley shuddered with intense pleasure as she slipped all of the clips onto the adjacent pussy lip rings.

Now for the keys, she thought.

Ashley took the keys and walked with a little difficulty out into her living room. There were plenty of places she could put them. Maybe by the door, that would be exciting. She went over to the door, and decided against dropping the keys there. She did, however, unlock the door. This made her heart race a little bit faster.

Looking out at her living room she got an idea. She would put the keys on the top of the back of the easy chair so she would have to stand upright to get the keys. Even though she was on the tenth floor, she figured someone with a decent pair of binoculars could still see her from another building nearby.

Ashley placed the keys on the chair back and scurried back into the bedroom. Lying on her bed, the naked woman took a lock and locked her ankles together. She reached down and felt around the base of her vibrator for the little mode buttons.

I’ll have to remember to have this already set next time.

Finally she felt the one she was looking for, the random vibration button, and pressed it. The vibrator kicked on for about five seconds and then shut off.

Oooo that felt nice!

Putting her hands behind her back, Ashley reached for the last lock and threaded it through the rings in her wrist cuffs.

Okay this is it? Do I do it?

Click! There was never really any doubt this morning that she would go all the way. She was so frikkin’ horny! She lay back on her bed and rolled onto her side.

Maybe I’ll just fall asleep like this. But then the vibrator suddenly kicked in on a higher setting.

Oh my god! Ashley wasn’t sure she had ever used that high of a setting before.

I didn’t even know it went that high! The self-bound woman suddenly felt light-headed.

No! don’t make me cum so soon!

As if her vibrator heard her thoughts, it kicked down to a much lower setting, allowing Ashley to catch her breath.

Half an hour later Ashley decided to make her way to the keys. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and put her cuffed feet on the floor. Standing was a little harder than she thought it would be, but walking was damn near impossible. Only the teeniest of steps were possible.

Deciding to try crawling, Ashley sunk to her knees - a maneuver that pulled viciously on her nipples - and then onto her side on the floor. The bound woman wiggled around trying to scoot across the carpet only to find that it was not any easier.

Suddenly the vibrator kicked into high and Ashley let out a scream. She quickly closed her mouth as she was scared that her scream would be heard by her neighbor. Imagine if they heard the scream and came to investigate? They would walk right in on her, bound and naked!

But still the large cock vibrated inside of her. It didn’t shut down and Ashley could do nothing to stop it. The helpless woman shook her head to clear the fuzziness out, but before she knew it her body shook in orgasm. Minutes passed before she could catch her breath again and suddenly she was rocked by a second, more intense, orgasm.

Five minutes later she began to wiggle towards her bedroom door and out into the short hallway leading to the living room. The carpet pulled mercilessly on her breasts and on her nipples. The pain was intense, but she had no way to remove the clamps that bound her nipples together. She just had to get to the chair! She wiggled onto her side and was able to make some good progress moving that way.

Half way across the living room Ashley felt the vibrator kick in. It was a medium-high setting, not enough to cause an orgasm, but high enough that it was really turning her on. She had used that setting on herself a couple of nights ago and it drove her insane with desire. She hoped it wouldn’t last that long, but also she hoped it wouldn’t kick in higher either.

Ashley’s wishes were not respected though, for as she approached the chair the vibrator kick in high gear again forcing yet another massive orgasm on her weary body. When she had recovered somewhat, Ashley pushed the chair against the kitchen bar to help her get to her feet. It took several minutes, but she was finally able to stand. Moving slowly around the chair she reached up with her bound hands behind her and reached for the keys.

The back of the chair was higher than she thought, and when she did finally brush against the keys they fell down onto the chair seat. Movement was very difficult for Ashley, and every time she had to move around it took her forever. When she finally made it to the front of the chair she saw that the keys had fallen between the back of the chair and the cushion.

Damn my luck!

Ashley had to kneel down with her back to the chair to remove the cushion. She turned around to see where the keys had gone and saw them right at the crack of the bottom and the back of the chair.

Why didn’t I take Paula’s advice and put one of the keys in an easier place to get at?

Ashley sat in the chair and felt around behind her for the keys. Her finger tips felt the metal and then she couldn’t find them again. She stood up and turned around and to her horror saw that the keys had fallen down inside the bottom of the chair! There was no way for her to get them out of there with her wrists cuffed together!

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! What am I going to do? Ashley thought she was going to throw up. What am I going to do? I am so fucked!

The frightened woman sat down in the chair and tried to force her fingers down the crack but she couldn’t get them very far down. The keys were much lower.

Just then the vibrator kicked up one notch.

No, please! No more.

She knew it was ridiculous to even beg with the vibrator. Nothing she said was going to stop it, obviously. How long before the batteries die I wonder?

Ashley was now on the verge of another orgasm.

What am I going to do?

She pictured herself, bound and naked, crawling to the neighbor’s town home and banging on the door. She would die of embarrassment! Who could she call? Paula had warned her to be careful.

Paula! I can call Paula!

Ashley stood and inched her way to the kitchen counter where she had tossed her purse earlier. She dumped it out on the counter top and felt around, with her hands still locked behind her, for a business card. Finding one, she placed it on the counter and turned to look at it.

Thank god! It was the card Paula had given her. She memorized the number.

Turning again to the pile of crap from her purse she located her cell phone. She felt around on the keypad and then dialed the number. Placing the phone on the counter she turned around and looked at the numbers she had entered. It wasn’t right! She saw where the delete key was and turned to press it three times. She looked to see that she had done it correctly and then turned once more to enter the last three digits over. When she saw that she had done it correctly she bent over and pressed the call button with her leather covered nose.

After five rings the phone was answered.

“Hello?” said a groggy voice.

“Paula, is that you?”

“Who’s this please?”

“Paula, it’s Ashley.”

There was a silence. “Um, Ashley?”

She must remember me! “Oh shit, I mean Jessica, you know from the other night… last week.”

“Jessica! Yeah I remember, of course. Why did you say Ashley?”

“It’s a long story. I’m in trouble! Please you’ve got to…Ohhhh noooo, pplease P…P…Paula I ne…need he…elp.!” The vibrator kicked in full again sending Ashley into yet another orgasm.

“Sounds like you’re having fun.”

It took a minute for Ashley’s orgasm to subside.

Breathing heavily, Ashley said, “Could you come over to my place? I really fucked up.”

“Sure hun, tell me where you live and I’ll be right over.”

Ashley gave Paula her address and the code to the underground garage. Once inside the garage she could take the elevator up. Her town-home door was already unlocked.

Ashley sank to the carpet, totally humiliated and totally exhausted. And, with the damn vibrator still humming away, totally stimulated.

Half an hour and two more mind crushing orgasms later, Ashley heard the door open.

“Jessie?” Paula whispered.

“Over here.” Ashley called out from behind the chair. She had lowered herself there, out of sight to await Paula’s arrival.

Paula shut the door, dropped a leather bag on the floor, and went over to find Ashley bound and naked on the floor.

“Girl! What have you gotten yourself into?”

“Paula, thank god! I’m so embarrassed!”

“Where did you put the keys?”

“They fell into the back of that chair right there.”

Paula stood and bent over the side of the chair, pressing her hand down into the lower section of the chair. A moment later she stood up with the keys in her hand.

“These the ones?”

“Yes! Unlock me, quick, before that damn vibrator kicks in again.”

“Not so fast, girlie. I think we need to make a deal of some sort.”

Ashley felt the vibrator kick into a medium speed. “A deal? What sort of deal.” Her voice was thick with desperation.

“Well now, you’re in a very vulnerable spot aren't you? I could… let me see…I could drag you out into the hall and lock your apartment door. Or, maybe… put you in the elevator and press all of the buttons so that the door would open on each floor. Mmmm, that would be so embarrassing if someone was waiting for the elevator. Maybe a family with teen-aged boys.”

“No please, just unlock me.” Ashley felt like crying but was able to keep herself together.

“Uh-uh. You don’t get out of this scot-free.” Paula knelt down next to Ashley, and unclipped and removed the strap between Ashley’s nipple rings.

“Owwwww!” Ashley cried out. “What do you want? I’ll do anything, just please release me.”

“I think I want to play with you today.”

“Oh, Paula, I am so tired! I worked until six this morning and now all of this. I have to get some sleep.”

“I had just gotten to sleep when you woke me up.” Paula said with some grit to her voice.

“I’m sorry about that, but you were the only person I could call.”

“No, no, I’m glad you did and I’m glad you’re okay.”

Paula caressed Ashley’s hips and ass as she thought.

“Okay, since we both need sleep, I’ll stay here with you and we’ll spend the day together. Do you have any plans for today?”


“My boyfriend is having friends over to watch a basketball game, and They’d be disturbing my sleep any way, so it works better for me to stay here. I’m going to release you so you can go to the bathroom, and I’ll call Jack and tell him I’m staying at a friend’s house. Then we’ll go to bed.” Paula used the keys on Ashley’s ankle and wrist cuffs.

“How about the rest?” Ashley tugged at the locks on the back of her hood.

“We’ll leave the rest locked for now; now hurry along to the bathroom.”

Ashley went into the bathroom and shut the door. She could hear Paula talking softly on her phone.

After she hung up, Paula picked up her bag and went into the bedroom. Placing the bag on the bed, she removed several lengths of rope.

“What’s all of this?” Ashley said as she came into the room.

“I’m still going to play. You owe me. Now take that hood off, we’re going to make a change.” Paula tossed Ashley the keys.

The bound woman struggled with them for a minute and then said, “Could you help me? I can’t do this.”

“Jessie, you have to do it. What if I wasn’t here? You need to concentrate and picture it in your head. It’s only a lock. The key only goes in one way. You have to be able to unlock these locks at any angle and in any position. Your life might depend on it.”

Ashley redoubled her effort and in a minute she felt the key go it and she was able to turn it.

“Good,” Paula said. “Now unbuckle all of the straps and take it off.”

Ashley did as she was instructed and shook out her long blonde hair.

“Oooo, look at your pretty face!” Paula cupped Ashley’s face with both hands. “Your skin is so warm and you have all of these cute little crease lines.” Ashley looked in her mirror and saw how terrible she looked.

“Oh god, I’m hideous.”

“No, Jessie, you are so frikkin’ gorgeous! Look at you! These lines mean you had the hood on tight. I’m so proud of you. These lines tell me you’re serious about your bondage. So, let’s take it up a notch.” Paula handed Ashley two ear plugs. “Roll these in your fingers until they’re small and then insert them in your ears.”

Ashley did as she was asked and then took her hood from Paula and pulled it over her head. Once her hair was properly pulled through the hole in the top of the hood Paula adjusted the hood and pulled the straps tight. The hood felt so snug against Ashley’s head and now she couldn’t hear any sound at all.

Paula picked up a whiffle ball gag and motioned for Ashley to turn around. She then proceeded to gag Ashley’s mouth.

The bed covers were pulled all of the way down and Ashley was led over and helped to lie down on her back in the center of the bed. Taking one of the ropes she had laid out, Paula doubled it, forming a loop at one end. The two ends were passed over the back of the headboard and then pulled through the bottom near the mattress. The ends were passed through the loop and then pulled tight, securing the rope to the headboard. Taking the two ends of the rope, Paula tied one end to each of Ashley’s wrist cuffs. Ashley pulled on her arms but found that they were securely tied over her head.

Paula took two more lengths of rope and went about tying Ashley’s legs spread eagled to the foot of the bed. Ashley felt extremely vulnerable in this position. The entire front of her body was completely exposed and she had no way to protect herself. She trusted Paula, but what was she in for?

Ashley watched as Paula dug around in her bag and pulled out two little leather circles. Paula got onto the bed and then straddled Ashley’s tightly bound body. She took one of the leather circles and placed it on the left eye hole of Ashley’s hood. Ashley shook her head and said no through her gag.

Paula reached over and pinched Ashley’s nipples really hard.

Ashley screamed through the gag. She saw Paula’s lips say “Don’t say no.” But she couldn’t hear a thing.

Paula placed the other leather patch over the other eye hole, effectively blinding the bound woman. Ashley felt Paula press the patches against the hood, sealing them with the thin strip of Velcro that ran around the holes. Ashley had seen the Velcro there before, but hadn’t put two and two together for some reason.

Now Ashley was beginning to feel claustrophobic. She had an extremely limited range of motion, and could not see or hear anything. Sensing Ashley’s growing panic, Paula removed her right eye patch and made a motion with her hands to settle down. She formed a Shhh with her lips and held Ashley’s head with one hand.

“Shhh, it’s okay. Shhhh.”

Ashley took a deep breathe and tried to calm down as Paula dismounted and then leaned over the prone woman.

“Okay?” Paula asked.

Ashley gave a small nod.

“Good girl.” Ashley could read her lips but couldn’t hear a word. She saw Paula holding the eye patch up and gave a nod. Go ahead.

Once again Ashley’s world went black. Never had she felt so vulnerable, even during her first encounter with Paula at Jeremy’s. Ashley had no way of knowing what Paula was doing at the moment. She had gotten off of the bed, but what was she doing?

The minutes ticked by and then Ashley felt Paula mount the bed between her outstretched legs. She felt the bed at her sides depress as Paula leaned over her on all fours. Then she felt warm breath on her breasts, seconds before she felt Paula’s lips close over her right nipple.

A tingling sensation rippled through Ashley’s body. Paula gently sucked on Ashley’s nipple and then her mouth brushed over her chest to the other nipple. Ashley felt something warm brush against her stomach, and then felt it again.

Paula’s breasts! Paula was naked, too!

Slowly, Paula’s mouth worked its way down Ashley’s firm stomach, kissing as she went, until Ashley felt Paula’s hot breath on her pelvis.

Waves of pleasure surged through Ashley as she struggled against her bonds.

“No!! Oh please Paula, no!”

Paula continued her descent until her tongue traced a line along Ashley’s bald slit.

Ashley cried out against the gag as she felt Paula tugging at her labia rings, separating her soft folds of hot flesh out away from her pussy. Ashley knew her vagina was fully exposed and with her legs tied widely apart there was no way to stop Paula’s advance.

Ashley arched her back and exploded in orgasm as she felt Paula’s face press into her cunt. It was possibly the most erotic thing she had ever felt in her life. Ashley was sure that her heightened state of arousal had a lot to do with it, but Paula’s approach, her tenderness, and the way she used her face and tongue was much more than Ashley could withstand at the moment.

Paula continued to clean out Ashley’s cunt with sweeping laps of her tongue. Another sensual wave of pleasure washed over Ashley. She had now lost count of how many orgasms she had had that morning!

Finally, Paula withdrew from Ashley’s crotch and worked her way up so that she lay next to her on the bed. Ashley felt the sheet and blanket come up and cover them both as Paula snuggled in next to her, one arm over Ashley’s waist.

It took at least five minutes for Ashley to calm herself down and in that time she felt Paula’s breathing relax. She had fallen asleep.

Ashley found it hard to relax with her hands tied over her head and her legs pinioned wide apart. Even bound as she was, Paula’s warm body snuggled in next to her felt so damn good. But after another five minutes the fatigue of the past twelve hours had taken over and she too fell asleep.

When Ashley woke up she was so disoriented.

Where the fuck am I? Why’s it so pitch black? And so quiet? And why is my head so… oh shit. Her lack of mobility brought back all of the memories and imagines of the previous day.

Wait, what day is it? Where’s Paula? She didn’t feel her friend in the bed. She called out through her ball gag, but had no way of knowing if anyone had responded.

Panic set in and she tossed and turned as much as her bonds would permit. She was still bound with her hands over her head and her legs spread eagle. The air was cold on her skin and she knew that the blankets had been pulled down leaving her totally exposed.

“Paula!” she cried through the gag.

She felt the bed sag on her right side and then felt a warm hand touch her naked hip. The hand caressed her side and then moved down to her thigh. It felt so good and had a very calming effect on Ashley.

Ashley felt a tug at her eye patches and blinked when she saw the sunlight flooding her bedroom. Paula was looking down at her with a big smile on her face. The woman began to untie the ropes holding Ashley’s wrists and then her ankles. She tossed the keys on the bed and pointed to her head, neck and waist. Ashley knew that meant she was to unlock herself from her self-imposed bondage.

Five minutes later Ashley emerged from the bedroom in her teeny robe.

“Oh my god, Paula. You’re the devil.” Ashley walked over to Paula and planted a kiss on her lips.

“Glad you had fun, I know I did.”

Ashley sank down on the sofa next to Paula and sighed.

Paula looked over and asked, “What’s wrong? You look disturbed about something.”

Ashley looked down at her hands folded in her lap. After a moment she said, “I feel really lost right now. I’m not sure where I’m going or what I’m doing. I’ve been so alone for so long, seven years now since my husband was killed in Iraq.”

Paula reached over to take one of Ashley’s hands. “I’m so sorry honey. That must be a really hard thing to live through.”

Again there was silence as Paula waited for Ashley to continue.

“On a lark, I applied at the Golden Slipper to make some extra money.”

“The strip club?” Paula asked, a surprised look on her face.

Ashley nodded. “I only waitress there, but it’s become much more than that. They do things to me… to all of the girls working there really… sexual things.”

“Umm, like what? Can you talk about it?”

Ashley thought for a moment and then looked at Paula and said, “You know, I really loved my husband, Marcus, and we had great sex but I never had an orgasm with him. He was a great lover and we were so close.”

Paula sat silently, waiting for Jessica to continue. Her friend was obviously in turmoil over something and she thought it best to just let her talk and work through it.

Ashley paused and then continued, “On my second night working at the club I was sort of mesmerized by the act on stage and this manager named Maxine decided to teach me a lesson. She had two of her goons, I shouldn't say that because they’re super nice guys, she had two of the bouncers tie me to the stage and I became part of the act.”

“What do you mean part of the act?”

“They made me straddle this pole that had a vibrator on the end of it. And then this dancer named Penny did an act that involved all of these liquids like chocolate and honey, and syrup. She smeared her own body with them and then she coated my breasts and chest. Nobody has touched my breasts in so long, and the added stimulation from the vibrator… well I had such a mind blowing orgasm I guess I passed out.”

“Holy shit!” Paula exclaimed. “You passed out?”

“I woke up on the floor like half an hour later, a total mess. People had thrown money on me like I was some drunken whore.” Ashley buried her head in her hands.

“What did you do, did you quit?”

“No, I still work there.” The words sounded ridiculous coming out of her mouth, but she couldn’t tell Paula the real reason she hadn’t quit.

“Has that person done anything else to you?”

“No not her, but my manager Fiona has.”

“Well, do you need the money that badly? Maybe you should quit, besides, is that legal? Maybe you should sue them or something.”

Ashley shook her head.

“What is it?” Paula asked with concern.

“I… I really like it… and… sometimes I even do things there that I know will get me in trouble. It’s really humiliating and I get so frikkin’ turned on and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had orgasms right in front of people I don’t even know.”

“Christ, Jessie, you’re making me horny just listening to this!”

“Oh, my real name is Ashley by the way. I go by Jessica at the club.”

“Oh yeah, the phone call. I was going to ask you about that.”

“I was so frightened and frazzled from cumming that I didn’t even think about it.”

“I’m just glad you thought to call me.” Paula said.

“I was thinking of the advice you had given me about the keys and how I had ignored that advice. I didn’t know how I was going to get those keys and then I thought of you. I knew I could trust you and that you knew I had the gear.”

“That was smart.” Paula said.

“I think maybe I feel guilty that I’m so sexually active now and I couldn’t even climax when I was with Marcus.”

“Did he ever say he wasn’t satisfied?” Paula asked.

“No never. I think I satisfied his needs.”

“And desires? Did you deny him anything he wanted to do sexually?”

Ashley blushed. “No, we both liked the same things.”

“Were you guys into bondage?”

“No, we never tried that.”

“Well it appears to me that it’s the bondage and the humiliation that gets you off.”

“Oh god.”

“How were you to know? Hey, come on; don’t feel guilty about that any more.”

Paula gave Ashley a big hug.

“Well, I think we should get something to eat and then I’d like to teach you how to put a key in an ice cube and maybe some other self-bondage techniques.”

Ashley sat up. “So you don’t think I’m weird?”

“You? No, hun you’re not weird. Far from it. Humiliation can be very stimulating. Pain can be very stimulating. There’s nothing weird about any of what you’ve told me. Do you have any other stories?”

“Do I ever. Once I went to a sex store late at night and got tied up, stripped, and molested by an employee there!” Both women burst out laughing.

“Now that’s a little unbelievable, maybe you can tell me about it later… in bed.”

* * *

Around 4pm Ashley woke with a start and sat up. Where am I? Oh, at home.

Vivid dreams still crowded her consciousness. Paula was sleeping soundly, bound and gagged, next to her in the king sized bed.

Ashley leaned over and kissed Paula’s breast. Paula began to stir as Ashley kissed her way down to her pussy. Earlier, Paula had demonstrated some self-bondage techniques with straps she had brought with her. Paula’s legs were bound ankle to thigh and now her legs were spread wide, exposing her pussy. Paula’s wrists were locked to a tightly buckled waist corset and she wore a posture collar.

Paula groaned and Ashley could hear Paula’s breathing grow heavier.

Ashley kissed Paula’s slit and said, “I’ve never done this before, so forgive me if it’s a little awkward.” She tried to remember how Paula had kissed her shaven slit earlier and had made her cum. Ashley’s tongue darted in and out of Paula’s moistening pussy, probing areas around her clit. Bound as she was, Paula could not stop Ashley from attacking her cunt with her tongue.

Minutes later, Ashley felt Paula arch her back. Her breathing was erratic, and wild grunts and groans could be heard through the gag.

I did it! Ashley was relieved to know that she could satisfy her friend. She continued to probe and suck on Paula’s hot pussy, holding onto her hips to force her to stay in one place.

After she felt Paula had cum several times she stopped, allowing Paula to catch her breath. She then began to unhook all of Paula’s bindings.

When the gag came off Paula asked the time and said she should probably get going home.

“Jack’s friends should be gone by now.”

“We’ll have to do this again sometime.”

“You mean, you tie yourself up so you can’t get free and I come over and save your ass?”

“Yeah, that’s what I mean.”

* * *

Peter Jeffries stopped in the hallway of the Golden Slipper and backed up slightly to look in at Harold working in his office.

“Working on Bennet’s disk?” he asked.

Harold looked up at his partner, “Yeah, I have it nearly all edited. It just needs to a little more material from her work in the Silver section.”

“Good because my people are getting impatient to get her under control.”

“She’s not going to be a very good source.”

“Are you kidding? She’s Umbridge’s secretary, he trusts her explicitly and she’s in on every meeting. She’s in on things Donovan can’t even get near.”

Wexler considered his partner’s words. “I wish we didn’t have to do her. She’s a good kid.”

“Don’t go all soft on me Wexler. The bitch is a Fed and with her in place the Family will have moles in every major division of that building.”

“They already have Donovan.”

“She could be pulled out of the task force at any time by her boss. Umbridge is a major player and he'll take Bennet with him where ever he goes.”

“What if she won’t play ball?”

“She will. I’ve seen the antics she’s pulled here. She won’t want her family and friends, not to mention every one she works with, getting copies of that DVD in the mail.”

Wexler knew he was right. Ashley would be crushed when she saw the DVD he was putting together of her time at the club. The visit to the clinic with Nicky made for some of the best porno he had ever created.

Still, he had come to like the woman and hated to see her life fucked up as a result of this. But he was a little more concerned with his silent partner’s silent partners. Using mob money to finance the club was probably the worst mistake he had ever made in his life. But without it he knew there would be no club.

Now he was in it up to his neck. Thankfully his off shore accounts were overflowing with cash, so if he did end of in prison he would have something when he got out. Anything short of murder would result in a fairly short term. Hopefully it wouldn’t come to that.

Wexler went back to editing the night’s entertainment. Damn, Ashley Bennet was hot!

End of part 3