Ashley Bennet – Conned, part 2
by mrhungry

Chapter 2

“How did I end up on the floor?”

Ashley was asking Nicky about the events of the previous evening. She certainly remembered being bound to the stage by Maxine’s two bouncers and she certainly remembered becoming part of Penny’s erotic routine. Of course she remembered how turned on she had become when Penny massaged her breasts with the syrup and honey, and even now her face blushed at the thoughts. She could picture Penny in front of her, massaging the gooey mess all over her own naked body. Then things seemed to fuzz out on her.

“Well, first off, you can thank Maxine for saving you from impaling yourself on that shaft.” Nicky said as she took her little green uniform out of her locker.

“I can?”

“Yes, she may be a bitch but she wouldn’t let any of her girls get hurt. When she saw you were going to have the big one, she ran down to the stage to hold you up. Otherwise you would have come crashing down on that big boy so hard you would have really hurt yourself. Christ, girl friend, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone cum so hard. Is it always that way with you?”

Ashley looked a little embarrassed and then said softly, “It was my first time.”

“What?!” Nicky exclaimed, then a little softer, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know. Well that sorta explains it then. We all thought it was an act at first, Maxine must have sensed something was up though.” Nicky continued getting dressed. “Anyway, Karl and Manny rushed down to unclip you and take off the straps, and then they just laid you on the floor. Everyone was coming by and dropping money on you like a passed out hooker. I was told to go to the locker room and go home or I would’ve helped you, honest.”

“I know.” Ashley finished putting on her outfit and sat down on the bench in front of the lockers.

One of the Silver level waitresses, Deidra, came through the door to the lounge just as they were leaving. “Hi Nicky, Jessica,” she said. “Fantastic show last night Jess! That was like, super good,” the waitress gushed. “I was all over my guy when I got home this morning,” she called out as she continued into the locker room.

“Thanks,” Ashley said, embarrassed, but not knowing what else to say. Nicky put her hand on Ashley’s shoulder. “See, you’re a celebrity all of a sudden. Let’s get out there.”

Ashley couldn’t move from the bench. I have to go back out there in front of all of those people? I…I can’t! Some of them probably saw me last night! The thought of walking out into the club in her tiny uniform, knowing people out there had seen her practically naked and struggling on top of the dildo…she couldn’t go out there again!

“Jessica, what is it, what’s wrong?” Nicky said at the door, waiting for her new friend to get up and follow her.

Jessica put her head down into her hands and began to sob.

Nicky ran over to her and held her around the shoulders. “What’s wrong? Sweetie, is it something at home? Your ole’ man? What’s going on?”

Ashley continued to cry. She knew she had to pull herself together, but her feelings of shame were so overpowering that the sobs just continued to rock her body. Having Nicky’s warm arms around her was very calming, but she felt so humiliated all of a sudden. Finally she began to get a grip on her emotions and wiped her tears away.

“I’m sorry.” She buried her head in her hands again. “I’m just so embarrassed. What happened last night…”

“Oh, you’re worried about that?” Nicky hugged her a little closer. “It was a great show, the clients loved it!”

“But…but I didn’t. What if it happens again? I don’t want to be humiliated like that again!” She began to cry anew.

“Shhh, there there,” Nicky stroked her back. “Just tend to your tables and don’t watch the show on stage and you’ll be alright. You only get punished if you deserve it.”


“Really. Now let’s go before we both get in trouble.”

Jessica looked up with shock and realization that if she stayed in the locker room any longer she might get punished again!

She got up and held Nicky’s outstretched hand and was led out into the club.

>>Ashley looked up from her Denny’s menu to see Agent Cooper slide into the booth across from her.

“Good morning, Agent Bennet,” he said. “How’re you doing?” Ashley had been sitting there for the past half an hour deciding how she was going to answer that question. She was certainly wasn’t going to tell the FBI agent that she was having difficulty coping with what she had to do at the club.

“I’m doing really well.” She sipped her orange juice. “As you predicted, I’m not learning anything of value yet, but I’m in and there’s some talk of moving up a level in the club.”

Cooper looked around and said, “That’s terrific. Tell me what you’ve been doing.”

Ashley started to speak, but then stopped as the waitress approached and took their orders. After they were alone she said, “Oh, just waiting tables at this point.”

“And how are you dealing with the nudity in the club? Are you okay with it? You’re not getting molested by the customers are you?”

“No, no, nothing like that.” The staff is a little out of control, but the customers are fine.

“The nudity is not really a problem. It’s really tastefully done. I might be a little uncomfortable if the place was a gross slime bucket, but it’s actually pretty classy there.”

“And the employees how are they to work with? Do you think any of them may have information about the prostitution ring?”

“Oh, the employees are pretty decent people, but so far I haven’t picked up on anything at all going on that’s illegal.” She had already decided to not bring up the improper touching by the owners yet and definitely not mention being tied to the stage and molested.

“No. No you wouldn’t yet. That’s why it’s so important for you to work your way up quickly. Fill me in on the management.”

Ashley did her best to relate all of the information she could think of while they ate their food. When she was done, Agent Cooper gave Ashley instructions on how they would contact each other in the future. Rather than have scheduled meetings, they would each post a personal in the Philadelphia Daily News if one of them wanted to get in touch with the other. The FBI imposter had already started a subscription for Ashley and she would be receiving the paper daily at her town-home.

After the meeting Ashley went home and collapsed on her bed, exhausted. Her first week of undercover work was complete. She was so exited to be finally doing real field work, and yet totally exhausted from the hours. It would be worth it though when those smug agents at the office found out the important mission she had been given. And they had all been clueless about it!

Ashley fell asleep with a smile on her face.

>>Over the next couple of weeks Ashley fell into the routine. She worked and she slept.

She found that her work at the office was becoming a drudge, and her thoughts constantly drifted to the club. Her initial embarrassment, although not completely gone, seemed to have lessened. It was becoming very exciting there for her and oh so stimulating.

While Ashley didn’t have any further run-ins with Maxine, she had begun to fantasize about having one. She even worked herself up to an orgasm one evening at home, thinking about purposely screwing up so that Mistress Maxine would punish her.

The following evening she got herself extremely horny thinking about Nicky, Penny, and Tammy, and even Mistress Fiona, who Ashley thought was incredibly beautiful. She was fingering herself through her trimmed blonde bush, feeling the little nubs on the area of her labia that had been shaved.

Since it was just a little over an hour before she needed to be at the club, she decided to get up and begin getting ready for work.

Stepping into her shower, she ran the water as hot as she could stand it, warming her body up. She bathed, further increasing her excitement as she ran the soft hand towel over her breasts and down her firm stomach to her sex. Lathering her crotch with her perfumed body wash, Ashley took her razor and carefully ran it over the “bikini” line area that she had been keeping cleanly shaven. She touched the skin and felt her knees weaken.

I wish I felt this way all over, was the last thing Ashley thought before she carefully brought the razor through the remaining unshaven hair on her pussy. Five minutes later Ashley looked down at her completely bald pussy and wondered what the fuck she’d been thinking!

The young woman quickly washed her hair and then stepped out of the shower and toweled off. Standing before the vanity mirror, Ashley couldn’t pull her eyes away from her bald snatch! She was trembling from excitement as she looked at her body from all different angles. She felt truly ashamed, yet so fucking turned on!

Dressing for work at the club, Ashley slipped a light dress over her head and stepped into some 4” heels. Heading towards the door she barely thought about the fact that she was naked under the short dress, not bothering with a bra or panties.

Sliding into the leather seat of her Mustang, Ashley lifted her skirt so that she could feel the cool leather of the seat against her bare fanny.

Ashley arrived at the club early and the locker room was abandoned. After slipping into her skimpy uniform Ashley stood before the mirror and examined her reflection. Still incredibly horny from her shower earlier, she raised her hands high over her head forcing her teeny top to pull up over her large breasts. She pulled her top back down and then faced away from the mirror and bent over. Peeking back, she saw that her bald pussy was plainly visible. She practiced bending at certain angles to see how far she could go without her pussy showing.

Looking up at the clock, Ashley decided to head out to the club and hang out at the bar until her shift began.

This display was also seen in Harold Wexler’s office, via the camera bubble in the locker room. He buzzed Fiona and asked her to come up to his office.

Ten minutes later Ashley jumped when Fiona spoke into her ear. “You are here early, Jezzica.”

Ashley turned in her bar stool to see Fiona standing next to her. The French woman was stunning in a white leather jacket and mini-skirt.

“Yes, Mistress,” she replied. “I guess I was bored at home, and decided it would be more fun here.”

Fiona smiled at her and said, “You look fabulous tonight, Jess. Would you consider allowing me to braid your hair?”


Fiona laughed at the quizzical look on Ashley’s face. “You know, braid?” Ashley’s manager moved her hands in a hair braiding manner.

Ashley laughed and blushed, “Yes, ma’am, I know what braiding is. Umm…sure if you’d like to, that would be great.”

Fiona took Ashley by the hand and led her back to the employees lounge. The boss disappeared into the locker room and then emerged with a brush and some other items that she laid on the sofa next to her.

“Okay, you are going to like zis. It is going to be very tight, whis doesn’t zound nice, but you will find zat it will feel sensational.”

Fiona began to brush Ashley’s long blonde hair and then she separated it into four sections. Ashley felt tugging and then felt her scalp pulled back. She also felt something hard brush against her shoulders once in a while.

The door opened and Nicky and Tammy came into the room on their way to the locker room. Greetings were exchanged along with surprised looks. “Okay, zat should do it.” Fiona helped Ashley up and held out a hand mirror for her to take. Ashley stood with her back to the wall mirror and looked at her reflection in the hand mirror.

Fiona had expertly woven a perfect braid, with a silver ring at the bottom of it.

“The ring is attached to four leather straps zat are securely braided into your hair.” The woman tugged on the ring, forcing Ashley’s head back. “Believe me, zis will not come out.”

“But why…”

“Oh, it is just something to excite zee customers,” Fiona said as she opened the door to the club for Ashley. “Now go out and make us some money.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Ashley said as she went out to start her shift.

>>Looking back at that evening, starting with her fantasizing at home and shaving her pussy, to getting dressed and coming in early, it would seem that this was the night that Ashley’s world changed. She didn’t think about it at the time, but not once during the entire evening did she consider that she was an undercover agent working for the FBI. She was totally absorbed in the job and she was truly having a good time.

Ashley met up with Nicky at the bar and had shared some customer stories, having a good laugh over that. Nicky was especially bubbly and Ashley found herself returning her friend’s enthusiasm. They stood next to each other with their arms around each other’s waists, waiting for their drink orders to be filled. Ashley didn’t even flinch when Nicky’s hand roamed down her ass and pulled up her short skirt so that she could caress her naked butt. It felt natural. It was welcomed. And Ashley was totally horny! Besides, she had a secret that Nicky didn’t know yet - she had a bald pussy!

Ashley knew her snatch was wet because she had been horny all evening. About an hour into her shift she saw the same group of college guys that were in her section a few weeks back, but twice the number this time. The club was packed, even for a Saturday night, and they weren’t seeing any tables open so Ashley waved at them and pointed to two tables in her section.

The tables were towards the back of the room, poorly lit, but still had a good view of the stage and dance floor. One of the guys saw her and motioned for his fraternity brothers to follow him.

“Hey! Nice to see you guys again.” Ashley beamed as she hurried to find two more chairs from nearby tables for them. “These tables are sort of way back here, but at least you’re all together.”

“No, this is great! Thanks…Jessica, right?”

“Oh my gosh! How did you remember that?”

One of the other guys from the previous evening leaned in, “Are you kidding? After the show you put on by the stage…we’ll never forget your name.”

Ashley blushed, memories of her first orgasm came flooding back.

“Oh, how embarrassing! I learned my lesson, that’s for sure. No more watching the floor show for me. Strictly work!” Ashley saluted the guys as they found their seats.

“I’m Greg, by the way, and this is Hank, Troy, and Roger. We were here together last time.” All the guys waved. “These other guys are from our frat house, too.” He pointed at each one as he said their names. Ashley waved at them all.

Ashley felt a hand on her thigh. “It’s pretty dark back here, but be careful with the hands okay?”

“Sure.” The hand continued to caress her thigh and Ashley moved a little closer to the table so it wouldn’t be so obvious. This only allowed Greg to run his hand up under her skirt to caress her firm bare ass.

Ashley moved away and the hand fell. “Okay, enough of that for now, what can I get you gentlemen to drink?” Tease, please, and get them to spend money, right?

The drink orders were taken and as she left the tables Ashley heard one of the guys telling another one “That’s the girl I was telling you about.”

“Yeah, you’re right. She’s totally hot!”

Ashley walked up to the bar with her drink order. Richie had his back to the club and was standing very close to the register. One hand was positioning a bottle of Scotch on the shelf above while the other hand was discretely in the register drawer. Ashley saw him pull a couple of twenties out and tuck them into his pocket.

He’s frikkin’ skimming! Ashley thought. Should I tell Fiona? Better not, I don’t want to call attention to myself in any way. Ashley moved down to the other end of the bar and set her tray down at the waitress station.

“Hey Richie,” she said.

“Oh, Jessica, how’s it going? It seems to be picking up a little doesn’t it?” He appeared nervous.

They continued to make small talk as Richie filled her drinks order.

It was a very busy night and Ashley was totally in the zone. The past several weeks had turned her into an excellent waitress and Nicky’s perky attitude had rubbed off onto her. The tips were sensational…and then there were the guys. Most of her customers were totally into the stage acts, some were mixed groups that were hitting the dance floor quite a bit. But back in the shadows was her group of frat brats that seemed to be there for her. She made sure to stand at different areas around the two tables so that everyone had a chance to feel her up. As the night went on she allowed more and more touching.

Around midnight she had gone back to the tables and was talking to the guys when one of the guys across the table said something she couldn’t hear. She leaned forward so that she was actually stretched across the table with her elbows on the table and her ass in the air. She knew her bald pussy was totally exposed in this position, but she was so horny she didn’t even care. She felt fingers on her shaved pussy lips and one or two entered her hole. Then suddenly the fingers withdrew and everyone was looking behind her.

Ashley looked up to see Fiona standing there with her riding crop in one hand. Some chain and clamps were in her other hand.

Ashley quickly stood up. “Mistress! Um, sorry, I couldn’t hear his order. I… um…”

“Gentlemen, I recognize some of you so I know zat you know zee rules. For zee others, zis is no touch level of zee club. If you want to touch zee servers you must be seated in zee Silver level at extra charge. For our servers safety zee rules are strictly enforced. I’m afraid there are no second warnings and I will have to ask you to leave.” Fiona pointed to the door.

Some of the guys began to rise from their chairs, a confused look on their faces.

“No!” Ashley blurted out. “Mistress, please. It’s not their fault; I encouraged them and let them go too far.” Ashley looked back at the guys. “They’re having a good time; please don’t ask them to leave.”

“You’re telling me zat you allowed zem to break zee rules?”

“Yes Mistress Fiona” Ashley looked down, “I…I acted like a slut merely for my own pleasure. I’m so sorry.” She looked up to see Fiona force back a smile. Ashley felt heat in her cheeks as she blushed deeply. Did I just call myself a slut? Oh my god, I’m so fucking horny!

Sternly Fiona said, “Come over here,” and pointed her riding crop at her feet.

Ashley saw one the guys nodding to his friend and the others caught on that something was about to happen to their waitress. The guys that were standing quickly sat back down again.

Ashley stood before Fiona and watched as her boss lifted her tank top over her breasts. She saw that the guys were all craning their necks and moving into better positions to see. Looked down so that she wouldn’t have to look at the guys, Ashley watched as Fiona took a small clip with a chain attached to it and released it right onto her left nipple.

“Oww!! Mistress, that really hurts!”

“Quiet, bebe, zis is your punishment. Now you take it or zee gentlemen leave.”

“Oui…Mistress. Owwie!” She cried out as the right nipple was clamped even though she was so pleased with herself for throwing in a French word.

Ashley saw that the chains attached to the nipple clips met at a longer chain that had five or six little balls centered on it. A thin wire came out of the last ball and was wound through the chain ending at a small black box at the end of the chain. At the end of the box was a clip.

Fiona pulled Ashley’s top back down over the nipple clips and her breasts. The chain hung out of the bottom of her short top. Moving behind Ashley, Fiona knelt down and reached between her legs, pulled the chain up and attached the clip at the end of the black box to the ring she had earlier braided into her hair.

“Oh my, Jezzica, I like what you have done down here,” Ashley felt Fiona’s finger tips lightly graze her shaven pussy.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Ashley replied, deeply embarrassed.

How very convenient! Ashley thought. She’s been watching me all night for a chance to do this to me! The thought turned her on so much her knees felt suddenly weak.

She felt Fiona making adjustments and then felt a tug near the small black box positioned near her waist in the back. She felt the little balls touching her crotch and instantly felt them vibrating! Further adjustments brought the first two small balls right in so they were just barely touching her slit near her clit. The other balls lightly grazed her slit. The vibrations were slight, but she could definitely feel them.

“Okay, return to work,” Fiona ordered. “And pick up tables 23 through 27, too.”

Five more tables? Shit! “Yes Mistress.”

Ashley moved away from her frat boys and began servicing her area. As she walked she could feel the little vibrating balls grazing her slit. It was a tremendous turn-on, but the vibrations were not that intense since the balls barely touched her flesh.

When she got to the first table she looked down to speak and felt the tug on her braid. A second later she felt the little balls come into full contact with her pussy and her clit.

Ashley gasped as a wave of pure lust swept through her.

Oh my God! Now she knew why her hair was braided so tightly. Any downward movement of her head would pull the balls against her shaven pussy! There was no play in it at all.

She could hardly take orders with out looking down. She couldn’t bend forward. If she squatted her whole ass would be exposed from the rear and it would probably bury those damn balls inside of her.

Ashley went to the bar and dropped off her drink order.

“Oh Jessica,” the bartender, Dirk, said. “Take this up to Mr. Wexler while I make your drinks. He’s in his office.” The college kid pushed a large Long Island Tea across the bar towards Ashley.

“Me?” Ashley was suddenly embarrassed, or should she say, more embarrassed, about her predicament.

“Yes you. He’s been waiting for ten minutes! Why haven’t one of you girls been over here? Go! Go!”

“I don’t even know where his office is!” Ashley countered.

Dirk pointed to a door on the far end of the Silver level. “Over there. Now hurry back so you can get these drinks out to your tables.”

Ashley set the drink on her tray and carried it through the club, up past the Silver level and to the door Dirk had pointed to. Behind the door was a dimly lit stairwell. The wall on her right was tinted glass and as she climbed the stairs she was able to see into a part of the club she had never seen before.

This must be the Gold Club I’ve heard about!

Even at this late hour, the club was packed. Ashley noticed that some of the waitresses were dressed in tightly fitting leather outfits. Others were completely naked except for leather cuffs at their ankles, wrists, and necks. There was really too much to take in in the short time she had because there was so much going on in the large, dimly lit room. It looked like all hell was breaking out in there! In fact, it looked like hell. Girls were tied up and being abused all over the place. Were these the prostitutes she was looking for? Did these girls go home with the clients? She had to find out more, but right now she had to get the drink up to Mr. Wexler.

As she reached the top of the stairs she saw several doors along the hallway, but only one with light coming from it. Harold Wexler, seeing Ashley’s approach on his monitors, had closed the cabinet doors to hide his surveillance and recording equipment.

“Ah, Ms. Brenner,” Harold said as Ashley stood outside his office door. “Come in.”

Ashley stepped inside the office, extremely self-conscious of the way she was bound.

“Dirk sent me up with this drink for you, sir.”

“Thank you, Jessica. Set it down right there will you?” The bald man pointed to a coaster on the corner of his writing pad.

Although he appeared to be nonchalant, Wexler was extremely pleased with what he saw before him. Ashley obviously had an extremely submissive personality. True, she believed she was on a secret mission for the FBI, but come on; she was totally into this role. She loved working at the club. He decided to push her a little more.

Ashley set down the drink and turned to go.

“Do I detect a hum? What’s going on with you tonight? Have you been getting into trouble?”

“Um, yes I guess I have.” Ashley turned back towards the owner.

“Let me see, please.” He motioned with his hand for Ashley to lift her top as he took his drink and sat back in his chair.

Ashley hesitated.

“You do want to advance to Silver with Nicky, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes sir, I do.”

“Well, you’ll need to instantly respond to customers requests when you’re working Silver. Lift your top and come over here.” Harold pointed to the floor next to his chair.

Ashley set the tray down and stood next to Harold. Using both hands she eased her short halter over the nipple clips that pinched her erect nipples.

“Mmm, I see. And where does this go?” Wexler tugged at the chain going down to Ashley’s crotch, pulling on her nipples and pulling the vibrating beads up into her pussy.

Ashley saw he was motioning for her to lift her skirt.

“Oh yes. Did Mistress Fiona do this to you?” Harold ran his hands over Ashley’s bare hips and ass.

“Yes…sir…” Ashley’s knees felt weak as the man’s warm hands explored her naked flesh.

“What did you do to deserve this? Tell me in detail what you did and how you felt as you did it.”

“Well, um, I…” Ashley blushed a deep shade of red as she began to recount her story.

“There’s some guys at tables 18 and 19 that have been here before. They’re students, you know, from the college.”

“And you’ve served them before?” Harold broke in.

“Yes sir, about three weeks ago I think.”

“Do you think they came back looking for you?” Harold’s hands roamed freely up to Ashley’s large breasts and caressed them lightly sending a wave of pleasure to her brain.

“Oh I’m sure of it. There were four of them, but they brought like seven more buddies with them tonight.” Ashley tried to maintain her composure as the pleasure of her boss’s hands feeling her up registered in her head.

“Excellent!” Harold squeezed her breasts and pushed up on them, driving the beads harshly against her clit.

“Oh sir! Please don’t…”

Harold’s hands roamed down Ashley’s slender waist to her hips and thighs. “Go on with your story, woman.”

Mr. Wexler’s tone of voice sent a shiver through Ashley’s body. “Right away one of them, Greg I think his name is, started to touch me.”


“On my leg, and up under my skirt.”

“Your ass or your cunt?” Harold’s tone was curt.

“Um, my rear end, sir.”

“Your ass, then. Say your ass.”

“Yes, my ass.”

“And then?”

“I let him touch me for awhile and then told him he’d better watch himself.”

“Why did you let him touch you? You know that’s not allowed.”

“Well, I…I wanted him to touch me. I know it’s against the rules, but…”

“Were you horny?” Harold asked as his fingers roamed the inside of Ashley’s thighs.

Ashley unconsciously moved her left leg a step to her left, spreading her legs to allow Harold easier access to her pussy, a movement that did not go unnoticed by the man. The blonde woman was so frickin’ hot now she wondered if she was dripping on the carpet. She wished he would finger fuck her, but was frustrated when he just continued touching her thighs, legs, and ass.

“Yes, I was horny. I’ve been horny all night.”

“Why, because you shaved your cunt?”

Ashley looked down, driving the beads against her clit. She quickly looked up.

“Yes sir, I think that’s the reason.”

“Why are you horny?” Harold asked, bringing his fingers even closer to her shaven pussy.

“I’ve been really horny since I shaved my pussy, sir.”

“Your what?”

“My cunt, sir, my cunt.” My CUNT! Stick your fucking fingers in me!

“Good, now continue with your story, please.”

By this time, Ashley’s head was in a fog. She both desired and feared an orgasm.

“Later, when I came back to get their drink orders I purposely leaned way across the table so I could hear what one of the guys was saying to me.”

“And why did you do that?” Harold was rubbing the tips of Ashley’s clipped nipples with the flat palms of his hands.

“I knew my ass would be totally exposed like that, and I wanted someone to touch my cunt.”

“And did they?”

“Yes, sir. I felt two or three fingers touching my hairless cunt and then enter me.”

“How did that feel?”

Now Ashley was extremely embarrassed. This was going too far! Why should she tell this guy all of this shit?

“Oww, sir, please!” Ashley twisted in pain as Harold squeezed her breasts.

“How did it feel to have their fingers in your cunt? Were you wet? Did you climax?”

“It felt great! Okay? Yeah, I was wet, I was sopping fucking wet. Okay?”

“And did you climax there on the table like a slut?”

“No, suddenly everyone stopped touching me and when I turned around Fiona was there.”

Mistress Fiona?” Harold corrected her.

“Yes, Mistress Fiona. She was going to kick them out but I begged her not too.”

“Why did you do that?”

“Because I let them touch me. I encouraged them to touch me.”

“You’re telling me you were a sopping wet horny slut at the time and you wanted them to finger fuck you?”

Ashley didn’t know if she could be any more humiliated than she was at that moment. Yes she was a sopping wet horny slut!

“Yes, sir. That’s what I’m telling you.”

“Okay.” Harold backed away and motioned with his hands for her to lower her top and skirt. He picked up his pencil and his calculator and looked like he was getting back to his work. “That’s all I needed to know. I think you’ll do fine in the Silver section, get back to work.” He motioned for her to leave.

Ashley stood there in a haze for a second before realizing she had been dismissed.


Zombie-like, she turned, took her tray and made her way out of the office and back down the stairs. She felt a trickle of her own juices running down her leg as she descended the stairs and entered the club.

Once Ashley was out of the office Harold turned to his console and turned off the recorder for the tiny camera that had recorded the last five minutes of conversion with his new girl. That was fucking priceless!

Ashley’s drink orders were ready at the bar and she ran them out to her tables and then finally made it back to “her” guys.

“How are you guys doing back here? Do you need any drinks?”

Hank looked around, and pointed at a couple of empties.

“How are you doing?” Troy asked. “What’s going on with those balls?”

“They freakkin vibrate!” Ashley gasped. “It’s totally driving me out of my mind.”

“Oh god,” Roger said as he adjusted his erection though his jeans.

The other guys leaned in as Ashley lifted her little skirt and showed them her hairless pussy and the little balls lying along her slit.

“When I lower my head it pulls on my braid and on my nipples. The balls are pulled against my slit and my clit.” Ashley demonstrated for them while holding her skirt up.

“Oh my god! I can only stand it for a couple of seconds.”

“How are your nipples holding up?” Greg asked.

Ashley lifted her head and said, “They’re fine. I can feel the nipple clamps but it doesn’t hurt like when she put them on.”

“Look down again,” Troy said.

“Really? You know what that will do.”

“Yeah, and we want to see it again.”

“I’ll give you a dollar for every ten seconds you hold your chin against your chest.”

“Me too,” Hank chimed in.

“I’m in” said one of the others and then all of the others responded too.

That’s about $10 every ten seconds. Holy shit, I could make $60 in a minute.

“Who’s going to time me?”

“I will.”

Ashley jumped at the sound of a female voice next to her. It was Fiona! Where the fuck did she come from?

“Mistress…I’m sorry…I know I should be out there…” she nodded towards the other tables.

“I think zee gentlemen have made you a business proposition. Are you willing to do as zey request? Zese are the type of requests zat you will be asked to perform if you were working ze Silver level. Are you up to it?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Ashley glanced over to the raised second level. “I’m totally up to it.”

“Okay, I want you to stand right over here,” Fiona pointed to a spot in front of, and between, the two tables where an over head light made it a little bit brighter. “Okay, lift your skirt and hold it up until zis is over.”

Ashley could see that her little show was beginning to attract attention from the other tables nearby as well. “Legs apart little bit further…good, right zere.”

Fiona held out her wrist and looked at her watch. “Chin on your chest in five, four, zee, two, one, go!”

Ashley lowered her head until her chin touched her chest and she felt the vibrating balls press firmly against her clit and sink between her hot wet pussy lips. She let out a little squeal as a sudden wave of pure pleasure swept through her.

“You can do it!” Greg said.

“Ten seconds,” Fiona said.

Oh…my…God! Ashley knew she wouldn’t be able to hold her head down much longer without climaxing.

“Twenty seconds.”

“Go! Go! Go! Go!” the guys chanted.

Ashley wanted to tilt her head back but she was determined to hold it down as long as possible. For the first time that evening she remembered what she was doing there! She was an undercover agent and it was imperative that she get promoted to the Silver level.

She grit her teeth and pressed her chin even harder against her chest in determination. Maybe not the best thing to do because it pressed the vibrating balls even harder against her clit.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl for Ashley as her orgasm crept up on her. She didn’t hear the sounds of the club, the guys at the tables, or Fiona counting the seconds. Her mind was focused on the sensation those little balls were creating against her exposed sex. Her orgasm struck with a fierce intensity that made her cry out, but still she kept her chin down. Two of the guys held her arms as she sank to her knees, head still down, her body twitching in orgasm.

Finally she raised her head and a huge cheer sounded out all around her. Tens and twenties flew onto the table. Later she found out she had gone a minute and a half and had earned about $180.

“Okay, your break is over. Get back to work.” Fiona commanded.

Ashley lifted herself up onto her shaky legs and steadied herself against the table.

Work? Oh yeah, work. She picked up empties and made a note of what she needed to get at the bar. What about these damn balls? She’s not taking them off of me?

“Hey girl, was that you causing all that commotion over there?” Nicky asked as she leaned against the bar and handed her drink order over to the bartender.

“Yes, it was me climaxing my way to $180.”

“Oooo, lucky you. But what’s our Mistress going to say about that?”

“Our Mistress was standing right there supervising the whole thing. Look.”

Ashley lifted her skirt.

“Jessica! You shaved your lady lips!”

“Not that! The damn balls! They vibrate.” Ashley pulled her skirt down.

“Your thighs are sticky with your juices, girlfriend.”

“No shit.”

“So if you look down it forces the balls against your pussy?”

“Against my clit, Einstein. Against my clit, and right now my clit is so engorged it’s like three times its normal size.”

“Thanks,” Nicky said to the bartender as put her drink orders up.

Turning back to Ashley, she said, “Hey, I was going to ask a favor of you.”

“Sure, what is it?” Ashley started moving drinks onto her tray.

“I’ve got an appointment to get pierced after work. Would you go with me, you know, for support?”

“Um…” it was Sunday, so she had no plans other than to sleep, “sure, I can go with you. Is there someplace open at that hour on a Sunday?”

“Yeah, I heard about a place not too far from here that’ll be open. So, thanks a lot! I really appreciate it. I’ll meet up with you later in the locker room.”

Both women went to their respective areas.

The rest of the morning was relatively uneventful. The frat boys cleared out around 2am, leaving $300 tip for Ashley. All-in-all she made over $1000 in tips and winnings.

Around 5am Fiona came over and removed the vibrating balls from between Ashley’s legs. The nipple clips hurt like hell when they were removed. But it was all worth it when Fiona told her she was very proud of how well she worked that evening and that three of the frat boys had purchased Silver memberships before leaving.

Fiona also was happy to learn that Nicky hadn’t been told yet of her promotion to Silver. Fiona wanted to tell her herself Wednesday night before the shift started.

At 6am she met up with Nicky in the locker room and they both took showers. After getting slimed on her second night at the club, Ashley had learned to bring a towel to work in case she needed to shower before leaving. Nicky was right about one thing; her thighs were a total sticky mess!

“Hey, thanks a lot for coming with me to this appointment. I’m a little bit nervous.” Nicky said as she pulled out of the club’s parking lot.

The cute brunette reached down, opened her ash tray, took out a partially smoked joint and lit it up. “Here, help me with this. It’ll help settle my nerves.” She handed the joint to Ashley.

Ashley had never smoked pot before, but right now she would have done anything Nicky had asked her to do. After the night she’d just had she was still very horny and very vulnerable. After about ten minutes of driving, Nicky pulled into a clinic on the west side of town. Ashley had never heard of the Westside Medical Procedures before. It didn’t seem to be associated with any of the big outfits like Allina or HeathEast.

As they entered the clinic Ashley said, “Couldn’t you have gotten this done at a Claire’s or something?

Nicky gave her a look like she was crazy and then her expression softened into a smile. “Oh, sorry, I never told you what I was having pierced.” She cupped her breast and pointed down at her crotch.

“What?” Ashley exclaimed, “Shut up!”

“Have you seen this woman, Gretchen, at work?”

Ashley thought for a minute. “I don’t think so. Who is she?”

“She works mostly days now because she has her kids living with her again, but she has her ladies pierced and it’s by far the most sensual thing I’ve ever seen. Way better than tattoos.”

“Really? It’s going to hurt like hell isn’t it?”

“Well…I guess it hurts pretty badly for a minute, but then it’s just an ache after that. I expect to be sore for a couple of days, but maybe by Tuesday it won’t be too bad.”

Nicky checked in at the desk and they sat down in the waiting area. A minute later a female in a white smock opened the door and called her name. The three women walked back to a room and the woman introduced herself as Doctor Marshall. She asked Nicky to strip down to her underwear.

“Opps, I forgot to put any on this morning.” Nicky winked at Ashley, who was trying to keep a straight face.

“Okay then, I guess it’s au natural for you then my dear.”

Nicky striped out of her clothes and sat naked on the gynecology chair.

“Lay back, feet in the stirrups, please. You can sit next to her if you’d like to, just pull up that chair.” She nodded to Ashley, pointing to the chair in the corner of the room.

Ashley pulled the chair over next to Nicky and sat down. Nicky held out her hand and Ashley took a hold of it.

“You didn’t need to shave. Your hair wouldn’t have interfered with this procedure.”

“Ooo I told you I didn’t need to shave,” Nicky looked over at Ashley. “You’re in big trouble now girlie.”

“So you’ve requested a VCH and two outer labia’s. Let’s see…” The doctor sat on a stool between Nicky’s legs and palpated her shaved pussy lips and then inspected her clit hood area.

“What’s a VCH?” Ashley whispered.

“It’s a clit hood piercing.”

Ashley covered her eyes and gasped.

“Don’t worry ! It’s going to feel fantastic when it’s done and healed.”

“You’re a suitable candidate for both procedures; this will be very easy to perform. Now I’m going to apply an antibacterial gel that doubles as a hair removal agent. You won’t want to be shaving here for quite some time. It’s a new product, so I don’t have any specifics on how long it will take before hair grows again. But it is completely safe.”

The doctor took a tube of clear gel and applied the gel liberally to Nickie’s pussy lips and pubic mound.

“Well, let’s get started on these nipples,” the doctor reached over and picked up a piercing needle and lined it up horizontally on Nicky’s left nipple. It took her about a minute to line it up perfectly and then push the needle through. Reaching behind her she took a small ring and inserted it onto the end of the needle holder and pulled it back through the new hole. The ring was rotated through until the gap was centered in front and then a small bead was threaded on, completing the circle. Two minutes later her right nipple was pierced and ringed.

Then, moving down between Nicky’s legs, the doctor worked on her labia and one after another pierced her two times on each of her lady lips, leaving a small gold ring behind each time.

“Now this will only feel like a pin prick.” The female doctor took a plastic needle target stick out of a sealed envelope and attached a new needle to her piercing tool. The target stick was inserted under the flesh of her clitoral hood and then inspected with the over head magnifying lamp for position. Reaching up, the doctor inserted the needle through the clitoral hood, watched it emerge an eighth of an inch above the insertion point and then she removed the needle. She quickly looped a gold ring through the piercing and threaded on the closing beads.

Nicky looked down and said, “Wow that looks fantastic! What do you think?”

Ashley stood up, getting a head rush from the pot she had just smoked, and looked at her friends pierced pussy and nipples. “I agree, it looks fabulous.”

“I have time to do you if you’d like,” the doctor said as she sterilized her equipment.

Ashley was still incredibly horny from her action at the club and seriously stoned. Her first thought was Yeah right, lady! No fucking way. But then she looked at Nicky and felt her pussy get very wet! Her friend was so fucking drop dead gorgeous…if she could look so good she would do anything. Without thinking, Ashley’s hand fell onto Nicky’s bare shoulder and then traced a line down her chest onto her breast and along to her newly pierced nipple.

“Oh God, that feels so good, Jessie,” Nicky said in a low voice. “Wouldn’t that be hot if we both were pierced?”

Ashley looked at her friend’s body again and made a decision based more on her sexual frenzy at the time than on logic.

“Okay, I’ll do it, too.”

“Oh wow! This is going to be great!”

The women exchanged places. The doctor didn’t seem too surprised when Ashley pulled her dress over her head and was naked underneath.

Ashley sat in the gynecology chair and closed her eyes. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, but she wanted her body to look as hot as Nicky’s when they went to work on Tuesday.

“Okay, feet up here please.” Ashley looked down to see the doctor with her hands on the stirrups. Ashley lifted her legs so that her knees rested on the supports. “For you, since you’re obviously high as a kite, I need you to sign this form and I have to take extra precautions against you moving.”

The doctor handed her a form on a clip board, “It’s a waver to release me from any claims you bring when you sober up. Do you agree you are getting your nipples, vaginal lips, and VCH pierced of your own free will?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Ashley said as Nicky held her hand.

“Well, sign on the dotted line then.”

As Ashley signed the paper, the doctor adjusted the leg supports so that it forced Ashley’s legs quite wide apart and then pulled straps across her knees to hold her limbs in place. Then she pulled another wide strap across her waist and buckled it to the side of the chair.

Ashley looked down and blushed at her extreme exposure.

“Shit man!” she exclaimed. She was beginning to get the same sensation she had when they had strapped her to the stage a couple of weeks ago.

“Please relax, Miss…” the doctor looked at the form, “Brenner. This is for your own protection.” She reached down and brought up a strap from the side of the chair which she quickly looped around Ashley’s left wrist. Going to the other side she repeated the procedure with her right wrist. Ashley was now totally immobile.

Ashley struggled a little but Nicky laid a hand on her bare shoulder calming her down.

“Shhh. It’s okay. That’s just so you don’t move around and injure yourself.”

Nicky was getting seriously horny looking at her friend, strapped into the chair. The doctor must have known she was high too because they both reeked of pot. Why did she strap Ashley to the chair? She thought it was sort of odd, along with making her sign the papers. Whatever, maybe it was nothing.

“I see I have a little cleaning to do before I begin.” She sat on a short stool and brought her inspection light in close. Ashley could feel the heat of it on her pubic flesh.

“I’m going to have one of my nurses come in and perform the cleaning. He’s currently enrolled at the University, but hasn’t had an opportunity like this to practice his technique. She rolled herself over to the desk and pressed a button on her phone.

“Stuart, would you join me in Exam Room 4 please?”

“Yes doctor,” a voice replied.

A moment later there was a knock at the door and a young man in a pale green lab coat entered the room.

“Stuart, this is Ms. Benner. She’s going to be getting some genital jewelry today and I’d like you to prep her.”

“Yes, doctor.” Ashley blushed and tried to close her legs as the male nurse sat down on the stool between her outstretched legs. Her strapped legs could not close even an inch, though.

“Um, is this normal, Doctor?”

“No, and that’s why I asked you in here. There’s an abnormal amount of mucus and vaginal fluid residue all over this area and inside. If you separate her labia…” Ashley felt his fingers probe her slit and then separate her bald pussy lips, “you’ll see that there is a lot of moisture still present.” The doctor handed the young man a forceps and a cotton swab.

“Have you had intercourse this morning, Miss Brenner?” The doctor asked as the nurse used the swab to clean along Ashley’s slit.

“No, ma’am,” Ashley replied.

“Hmm, her clitoris is obviously swollen as if from prolonged stimulation, and even her labia seem flushed with blood.”

Ashley jumped as the nurse’s rubber covered fingers separated her clitoral hood and fingered her swollen bud.

“Stop! Please…don’t touch me there.” Ashley pleaded. “Nicky, please…this is too..”

“Shhh, sweetie, it’s okay. They have to examine you. Don’t worry, it won’t take much longer.” Nicky stroked Ashley’s hair, calming her.

Stuart moved his gloved fingers lower and palpated her labia. Ashley looked down to see him using the forceps and cotton to swab her pussy opening. She was beginning to get very turned on, which made her suddenly light headed. She closed her eyes and put her head back down while Nicky continued to caress her hair.

“Okay, good, let me take a peek.” Stuart moved to the side as the doctor knelt down and fingered all of the areas that the nurse had just cleaned out. The flicking of her clit and the probing of her vagina only served to further stimulate her.

“Now we have an additional problem, Stuart,” the doctor said as she reached for more cotton. “The patient is sensitive to our cleaning and the procedure has heightened her arousal, thus as you see here…” Ashley felt the forceps and swab being directed along her bald slit, “there are more vaginal fluids being generated. I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to remain while I perform the procedure so that you can maintain dryness.”

“Yes, doctor.” Ashley looked down to see that the young man was blushing furiously. She also saw him quickly adjust his erection. Maybe that’s why he’s blushing so much! Ashley felt Nicky’s hands on her shoulders and she looked up to see her friend standing over her, now dressed again. “Just relax, sweetie, you’re too turned on. Think of something else maybe.”

“Oh God Nicky, how can I think of anything else. He keeps probing my slit with that cotton swab and it’s just driving me crazy.”

“I know, I know. Just breathe normally and try not to focus on that sensation.” Nicky could see that the doctor was drawing this out and purposely stimulating Ashley.

It looked like the assistant was very uncomfortable with the whole situation, besides being obviously turned on by it. But why was the doctor doing this to her? Looking at the distressed look on Ashley’s face, Nicky wished she was strapped into the chair!

“Oh my God!” Ashley’s back arched and she strained against her bonds as the doctor took a small cotton swab and looped it around her clitoris, drying the area. Ashley strained against it, but a massive orgasm swept through her body causing her to cry out.

After a moment she relaxed somewhat and the room came back into focus. She couldn’t remember being any more humiliated in her life!

“I’m…I’m so…sorry. Shit! I didn’t mean…”

The doctor was at her side now, “Shhh, it’s fine, Ms. Brenner, don’t worry about a thing. That was probably the best thing that could’ve happened. Now that it’s over you will more likely be able to relax. All of that sexual tension is gone now.”

Looking over to Stuart she said, “Hurry up and dry her so we can begin.”

“Yes doctor.” Stuart began to use the forceps and cotton on Ashley’s slit once again.

“We’ll have to cool you down somewhat.” She scooted her stool over to a small metal box on rollers and withdrew a pad of some sort.

Scooting back between Ashley’s widely outstretched legs; the doctor placed the pad directly over her bare pussy.

“Auurgh, that’s cold!” Ashley tried to wiggle in her seat, but found she was too securely held to the chair to move.

“It’s just for a moment.”

Following the same procedure used on Nicky, Ashley’s nipples and pussy lips were pierced. Then with great care the doctor pierced her clitoral hood and inserted the ring.

Ashley looked down to see her new nipple rings and further down to see the five rings in her pussy.

Oh my God, what have I done?

Stuart was finishing up with his after procedure cleaning and the doctor nodded for Nicky to help undo the straps.

When Ashley sat up the doctor put her hand on her shoulder and said, “Well young woman, that was an ordeal you’ll not soon forget, but you’re going to find it well worth it.”

“I hope so doctor.” Ashley replied.

“Now here are some brochures for keeping your new piercings clean. Please, please, follow these instructions to keep from getting any infections. Laura, at the front desk, will have some pain killers for you to take home and she will be able to make some follow-up appointments for you.”

“Thank you doctor,” Nicky said as she helped Ashley on with her dress.

“Thank you for starting my day out with something somewhat interesting.”

“Our pleasure!” Nicky said as smiled and took Ashley’s hand.

“Here,” Nicky said as she pulled a credit card out of her little purse, “I’m paying.”

“What? I couldn’t let you…”

“Nonsense, after the show I just watched, it was worth every penny.”

“Oh you…!”

After the girls left, the doctor peered out through the crack in the door to make sure they had left the clinic. Moving back into her exam room she opened a glass case and removed the tiny digital recorder, removed the disk, and placed it in a padded envelope. She picked up the phone and dialed a number.

“It’s me. I have what you wanted. Will I get what you promised?” She listened, and then said, “And you’ll never ask me to do this again?” More listening, “but…they aren’t being blackmailed right? Legit? Really? If you want to send me more business that’s legit, I’ll work with you.” “Oh, well thank you, I guess…no, no, I’m fine with it. Okay the package will be at the front desk, I think you’ll be very pleased. Bye.” She hung up the phone.

After dropping Ashley off at her car, Nicky called the number on the back of the pre-paid credit card that Mr. Jeffries had given her. It was totally unexpected that he would pay for her piercing. She had only mentioned it to Mistress Fiona yesterday to make sure she was okay with it. There was a possibility that the piercing would interfere with her productivity if she was really sore, so she wanted her to know about it.

Her Mistress was very happy with her for the heads-up. Then out of the blue, Mr. Jeffries came up and handed her the charge card and says that if she could get Jessica to have her-self pierced she could keep what ever balance was on the card. He had also specified the clinic she was to go to.

Nicky wondered what his interest in Jessica was, but she figured Jessica was the new girl, and very beautiful, so maybe he had a thing for her. She didn’t know, but she had a feeling what had just occurred had been ordered by Peter Jeffries.

Jessica was really cool, and becoming a good friend. What Nicky had just seen at the doctor’s office was such an incredible turn-on! If she hadn’t just gotten her pussy pierced she would be looking to get laid. As it was, she would see what she could do herself when she got home.

When prompted, Nicky entered the numbers from the back of the card and found that the balance was $675. “Freakkin’ awesome!” Nicky thought as she sped away towards her house and the end of a pretty freakkin’ awesome day.

Ashley’s mood was somewhat more subdued. The young woman drove home in silence, exhausted and somewhat ashamed of what she had just done. Her poor nipples and vagina still hurt like hell! Still, she was pretty pleased with herself for not screaming when that needle went through her nipples. God did that hurt! But Nicky hadn’t made a big fuss so she sure wasn’t going to. At least she had the pain killers to take when she got home.

Had she been that high? Sure, she had never smoked marijuana before, but come on! She had just allowed herself to be pierced in her most private parts! She knew it wasn’t the pot. It was Nicky. That woman could talk her into doing anything, she was sure of it. She was just so…bubbly, so energetic; so fucking cute! The sight of her naked body with its new little rings was so fucking erotic. And then Nicky had seemed so excited about the two of them having matching piercings. Ashley knew she had done it for Nicky. And now she had pierced nipples and a hairless pussy with five rings piercing her. Well, no one had to find out about that any way. That would always be her little secret; a bonus for a job well done.

But what job had she done so far? She hadn’t learned even one thing about prostitutes working out of the club. She had just a passing glimpse of the Gold Level. She had asked Nicky about it one night and Nicky told her you don’t see inside of the Gold level until you get stationed there. It was totally partitioned off from the rest of the club. When asked what went on there, Nicky told her she had heard once that it was a bondage club. It was where their Mistress spent most of her time while at the club. Nicky suspected Mistress Fiona and Mistress Maxine were dominatrixes.

It was nearly 10:00 in the morning by the time she pulled into the garage of her condo unit. The tired young woman stripped off her dress and collapsed onto her bed, wincing at the pain in her nipples as they touched the sheets. She turned onto her side and fell asleep almost immediately.

Chapter 3

Ashley spent the morning having the most erotic dreams. Most of them revolved around the strip club the Golden Slipper, at which she was working undercover.

In one dream she was performing on stage with Penny, one of the strippers that she found to be extremely hot. They were doing a routine when suddenly they met mid-stage in a passionate kiss.

Ashley remembered thinking that this wasn’t part of the routine that they had practiced and didn’t even know how they had come to be this close together on the stage. But they had, and now she was locked in a passionate embrace with the gorgeous brunette, Penny’s smokin’ hot body crushed against her.

Even in her dream, Ashley could feel the heat from their bodies and could see the sweat dripping from them…or was it something else? Who could tell? Knowing how Penny liked to use random liquids in her act, what was dripping off of them could have been anything.

The dream that woke her was not so pleasant though.

She was at the office and something had occurred which had prompted a big investigation. All of the agents had been taken to the holding cells, but they weren’t the holding cells that she knew were in the basement of the Federal building because these were just like big cages made with iron bars. Each person was stripped as they were pushed into the cell.

The agent who had been sent from Washington to coordinate Ashley’s secret mission into the strip club, Agent Cooper, was in charge. Maxine, a dominatrix from the club, was his assistant. When it was her turn to enter, Ashley fought to retain her clothing.

She couldn’t let them see her naked! They would see her shaven pussy and her piercings! Ashley braced herself against the bars of the door frame, frantic to remain outside the cage.

One second she was outside the cage fully clothed and the next she was inside and naked. She attempted to hide herself, but one of the other agents held her arms behind her back and her bald and pierced pussy was in full view of Special Agent Umbridge and the other field agents. Se tossed so hard she woke herself up.

Waking up naked on top of her bed, Ashley pulled the sheet over her and lay on her back. Her nightmare still fresh in her mind, her breathing still heavy, she laid thinking about the dream.

Ashley realized that the dream could have many meanings. Maxine’s presence in the dream might point to the fear that her undercover role at the club would be exposed. But Ashley felt a more realistic analysis of the dream would be that she feared her excitement for her work at the club would be exposed to Special Agent Umbridge and the other agents in her office.

Her desperation in hiding her nudity from Dick and the other agents was not so much due to the fear of her nudity but of displaying her bald pussy and all of her piercings. How would she explain what she had willingly done to herself?

Ashley’s newly pierced nipples and pussy ached. Gingerly she touched her nipples and felt that they were fully aroused. She carefully looped her fingers through the small gold rings and gently pulled upwards. It hurt like hell while at the same time felt sort of nice. She messaged her generous breasts and felt her nipples again.

Ashley’s hands roamed down her firm stomach to her hairless crotch. Very gently her fingers approached her labia until she felt the four gold rings. Again she carefully looped her fingers through the rings and pulled outward. She felt a little sore there, but not the pain that she felt in her nipples. Her pussy lips separated and she felt her clit hood ring touch her clit. A sudden wave of pleasure washed over her. Gently touching her clit ring sent more pleasurable sensations through her.

Oh God, how am I going to be able to function?

She already felt herself getting really, really, horny. Her middle finger traced a line along her hairless slit and then dipped into her already moist cunt. A second and third finger quickly followed and she closed her eyes and began to finger fuck herself.

Bzzzz, Bzzzz. Ashley’s eye’s popped wide open at the sound of her door buzzer.

Who would be at my door on a Sunday morning?

The naked woman got up and threw on a short silky robe she had on a hook on her door before running over to the speaker unit on the wall of her living room.

“Yes? Who is it?”

“It’s Trent, Ashley, are you okay?”

“Yes…yes of course. What’s going on?”

“Can I come up?”

Ashley pulled her skimpy robe around her body more tightly. Come up? Why?

“Are you there, Ash?”

“Um, yeah, come on up.” She pressed the button to buzz him through.

She considered bolting into the bedroom to get dressed, but it wasn’t going to take Trent that long to get to her door if he didn’t have to wait for the elevator.

Sure enough, a minute later there was a soft rap on the door.

Ashley opened it slightly and peeked out.

“What’s going on Trent?” Ashley asked as she nervously adjusted her short robe. She wished now that she had dashed in to change or asked him to give her a minute. The robe was so short on her that it barely covered her butt, and it didn’t even have a belt to keep it closed in front.

This didn’t go un-noticed by Agent Richards as he took in the blonde secretary’s shapely body.

Holy shit! Trent thought as he admired Ashley’s near naked body through the partially opened door. I knew she was hot, but my God, she’s smokin’.

“Can I come in, or are you going to leave me standing out in the hall?” Trent asked.

Hesitantly, Ashley opened the door to let her co-worker in.

“Are you just waking up?” Trent asked as he looked Ashley up and down. He had never realized just how large the woman’s breasts were. Maybe because she was obviously not wearing a bra at the moment there was nothing restraining them. And her legs were so firm with not an ounce of fat or cellulite on them. Ashley’s hair was smooched up like she had just woken up.

“Yeah why, what time is it anyway?” Ashley held the front of her skimpy robe together, aware that her aroused nipples were about to poke holes through the satin fabric.

“It’s close to 3:00.”

“In the afternoon?”

“Yes, Ashley, in the afternoon,” he said in a slightly mocking manner. “They tried to call you but your phone kept going to voice mail. Didn’t the boss talk to everyone about keeping cell phones charged and on?”

Ashley felt like an idiot. “Yes. It’s Sunday though.”

“You know we’re a 24/7 unit don’t you?”

Now Ashley was getting a little ticked off. “Okay, okay, you didn’t come over here to tell me that did you?”

“The boss has called everyone in. Overnights from Gorman Street have given us a lot of new info on the up-coming mob pow-wow. We now know the where and the when so we’re going to be setting up surveillance and schedules. There’s a lot of work that has to be done before tomorrow because it’s happening sooner than we expected.”

“Oh, wow.” Ashley said as she re-opened her front door. “I’ll be there as quickly as possible.” She held the hall door open to allow Trent to leave.

“Oh, would it be okay if I got a ride in from you?”

“You need a ride? But how…”

“I dropped my car off at the shop last night to have some work done. Pepper dropped me off here. She’s taking her kids over to get hair cuts.”

Ashley knew Trent called his sister Pam, Pepper. She thought that was kind of cute, and wished she had a cool knick-name like that. Trent was recently divorced and Ashley thought it was great that he had a sister he could rely on to help him through it.

“Well, okay, make yourself at home I guess. I’ll be out in a jiff.”

Ashley turned away from the agent and walked, still barefoot, to her room. She could feel Trent’s eyes following her as she went. ‘Buy a new robe’ just went to the top of her shopping list.

Ashley knew she would have to skip her shower, and was thankful that she never really needed much in the way of make-up. But her hair was a mess, and she needed to get dressed of course.

As Ashley got ready, Trent admired the view from her living room window. It must be nice to be single AND have disposable income, he thought as he looked around her tidy town-home. So much of his income now went to his bitch of an ex-wife.

Ashley seemed to have a lot of nice things; leather furniture, framed artwork, large wide-screen TV. That alone would’ve set her back $6000. And how much is the mortgage on a place like this I wonder?

Meanwhile, Ashley quickly read the doctor’s instructions for cleaning her piercings. No emergency at work was worth getting a nasty infection in her nipples or pussy. Using cotton swabs and hydrogen peroxide, Ashley quickly cleaned all of her piercings and rings. Then she applied an anti-bacterial cream around each area and moved the rings back and forth. Setting all of her supplies aside she went to work on her hair and make-up.

Trent sat in one of the comfortable leather arm chairs and looked around the spacious apartment.

I wonder where she gets her money? This seems a little over a secretaries means.

But then again he didn’t really know how much a secretary makes. Was she in a union?

Standing in her walk-in closet, Ashley pondered what to wear. It wasn’t a normal work day, so casual would probably be alright. She saw that Trent was wearing jeans and a shirt, not his normal suit. Ashley dropped her robe and pulled on some white panties and then her Calvin Klein jeans.

She slipped into her black bra and adjusted herself so that her new nipple rings hung below her nipples. The rings pulled slightly on her nipples so she adjusted the bra again until she got them just right. It hurt too much! Ashley went back into her bathroom and got a couple of Band-Aids to place over her new piercings. That really helped!

Still, her nipples were fully erect and pressing against the soft fabric of the bra. Ashley hoped her arousal would diminish as she got used to wearing the bra. She pulled a black sweater over her head and then stepped into her new running shoes.

“Okay, sorry it took so long,” she said as she came out into the living room.

“You have a nice place here, Ash,” Trent said as he stood up.

Ashley figured that that was probably the first nice thing he had ever said to her.

“Oh thanks, I really like it too.” She giggled and then kicked herself for giggling.

As they made their way to the elevator, Ashley realized that her jeans were quite snug in the crotch and was pressing her clit ring against her clit.

Oh my God, that feels so good! But she realized right away what a fucked up deal this was going to be. Unfortunately, they were already at the elevator and it was too late to go back and change. She would just have to endure the stimulation today and wear looser fitting clothes after this.

By the time they had gotten to her Mustang, Ashley wondered if her panties were already wet. She hoped not, but there was nothing she could do about it now any ways. They hopped into the car and Ashley almost screamed as the seam in her jeans crotch pressed even harder against her pussy.

“You okay Ashley? You look flushed.” Trent observed as he buckled his seat belt.

“Oh sure, I’m fine. I just haven’t had my morning coffee yet.” She backed up the powerful car and sped off out of the underground garage.

“You must have had a late night.” Trent probed.

Ashley wasn’t going to get into any conversations about her off time with anyone from the office. She didn’t want to start thinking up stories of what she had been doing or where she’d been. Those things were too hard for her to keep straight and she didn’t want to slip up and tell anyone about her undercover work. She didn’t want to disappoint Special Agent Umbridge or Agent Cooper.

“Mind if we do a drive through at Starbucks? It’s on the way,” Ashley said.

“That’d be fine; maybe I’ll get one too.”

Trent sat back and wondered just what a woman like Ashley Bennet did in her spare time. The previous evening was Saturday night. Did she go out with friends? Where did she go? Did she like clubs? If so, which ones?

It didn’t appear that she had brought anyone home with her and she appeared to have woken up alone. Too, she didn’t appear to be hung over at all, she had just slept in late. So she wasn’t sleeping in because she’d been up late drinking.

Trent glanced over at the blonde in the driver’s seat. The cotton sweater she wore was tight fitting and accentuated her breasts. Her jeans were straight cut and hugged her shapely hips and thighs. Was this the same Ashley Bennet that he had been working with for the past six years? How well her normal business attire hid her curvaceous body!

Maybe it was the divorce, or maybe it was seeing her in her own environment. What ever it was, the Ashley Bennet he saw this morning was making his cock hard. He shifted in his seat as he considered that his new perspective on this woman was wasted time. He could never ask her out. The other guys at the office would tease him mercilessly. Ashley was seen as quite the airhead at the office, but after seeing her this morning in her apartment he began to consider that there was a more serious side to the woman that he had somehow missed.

Ashley was at the office until 11pm, and by that time she was just plain frazzled. Besides being dead tired, she was exhausted from her nipples being erect for the past eight hours and her clit being massaged by her jeans. She really didn’t know what she would do about her nipples for the next three weeks while they healed, but she was sure as hell not wearing those jeans again!

As soon as she walked through her apartment door she began to shed clothes. Her blouse and bra were the first to come off, and then she pulled down her jeans and panties, throwing everything in the direction of the hamper. She went straight to her shower and ran the water hot.

Fifteen minutes later she was refreshed and still horny as hell. She lay on her bed and massaged her breasts and tender nipples. It was a truly wonderful sensation! She loved how firm her body still was, not that she was old, but she wasn’t a kid any more. Her figure was still great, and now and with her bald pussy she felt so sexy! She fingered her wet pussy with one hand while continuing to massage her breasts with the other.

As her fingers brushed the rings in her pussy, Ashley felt her cheeks burn. I can’t believe I did this! She could still picture Nicky, sitting naked in the gynecologist’s chair with her legs up and her newly pierced nipples and pussy.

Nicky is so damn cute as it is. The sight of her was so erotic! I could’ve just done my nipples, or maybe two rings down here. She tugged up slightly on her clit hood ring. I could take this one out and it would just seal itself up in a couple of weeks. But she knew she wouldn’t. It was so stimulating, and she desperately wanted to be stimulated.

I wish I had a dildo, or a vibrator! There’s a store, what’s it called… Jeremy’s… about three blocks away if I cut through the alley and go down to Jackson Street.

She glanced over at the clock; 1am. Probably deserted there…except for the perverts. Wouldn’t they like to see me now? Ashley thought she might climax at the thought of going there and looking around. Really, what harm would come from just looking around anyway? She didn’t have to buy anything. And she wasn’t that tired now that she’d had her shower.

Ashley sat up on the bed. Would I really go over there? Why not? After all I am an adult. And I’ve always been curious as to what it’s like inside the store.

The young blonde rolled out of bed and went to the closet. Rummaging through her clothes she decided on jeans and a zip-up sweatshirt. Horny as she was, she opted to wear only those two articles of clothes and her shoes. The jeans were slightly baggier than the ones she had worn earlier in the day. Hopefully they wouldn’t press against her clit ring quite so hard.

Taking her keys and locking the door behind her, Ashley left her apartment and rode the elevator down to street level. Once outside she breathed in the cool May night air. It was refreshing.

Maybe I should just take a walk and forget about Jeremy’s. She headed down the alley behind her building in the direction of Jeremy’s, not knowing if she would actually go all the way or turn off some place. I don’t have to go in there.

Still, she had passed it plenty of times and wondered what type of things they sold. And I really do need a vibrator. She accepted the fact that once inside she would probably be too embarrassed to actually buy anything. She couldn’t picture herself asking some scruffy old pervert behind the counter to show her the vibrators.

Ashley turned left on Jackson Street and saw Jeremy’s on the right. It was open but the place looked deserted. There were no cars on the street or in the small parking lot.

Encouraged by anonymity, Ashley took a deep breathe, opened the door, and entered the building. She looked around to see that the place was totally deserted. There weren’t even any employees visible. That was sort of spooky so she called out, “Hello, anyone here?”

A woman with very short brunette hair shot up from between two isles of videos with a surprised look on her face.

“Oh hi,” she said as she emerged from the row. “I didn’t hear you come in, you kinda startled me there.”

“I’m sorry,” Ashley said, totally relieved to find a woman working instead of the lecherous old man she had been imagining.

“No, no, don’t worry about it. I’ve wanted to put a bell on that door but the owner won’t do it. He says guys don’t want to draw attention to themselves when they come into the store.”

“That sorta makes sense, I guess,” Ashley said as she looked around.

“Well, I’ll be over here if you need anything. I have to get all of these videos re-stocked.”

“Thanks.” Ashley wandered off towards some magazine racks. There were lots of gay magazines, Playboys, Penthouse, and Hustler. There were magazines for all sorts of sexual preferences. Beyond that, Ashley found shelves with sex toys and clothing racks with a variety of leather and rubber clothing.

On one of the shelves Ashley spotted an assortment of nice leather bondage gear. She picked up some of the cuffs and placed one around her wrist. It felt really good! Ashley felt her heart rate quicken as she felt the leather strap around her wrist.

A noise behind her attracted her attention and she turned to see the store employee working her way over to her.

“That stuff just came in,” she said as she approached. “My name is Paula by the way. Here, let me show you. Are you interested in bondage gear? This is really a super good deal. I think the owner, Jeremy, will probably double the price on these when he gets a better look at them. They’re way better than the usual shit he gets in, he just doesn’t know it yet.”

“It feels really strong.” Ashley said as she tugged on the wrist cuff.

“Oh yeah, these won’t break, believe me. Here. This goes through this little ring.” Paula inserted a small pad lock through a ring and clicked it shut, effectively locking the cuff onto Ashley’s wrist.

“And then this one is the same of course.” Paula helped Ashley with the other cuff and locked it on.

Ashley held up her wrists and admired the leather cuffs. “You do have the key to these don’t you?”

“Hmmm, they’re around here some where.” Paula pretended to look around on the neighboring tables.

“Just kidding!” She held up a small ring with three keys on it. “All of the keys are the same; you just get three of them so you can have spares. These are not keys you want to lose.”

“What’s the rest of this stuff?” Ashley asked as she picked up some other belts.

“Okay, obviously these are the ankle cuffs, pretty much the same as the wrists ones. Would you like to see how they feel?”

“Umm…okay, I guess so.” Ashley didn’t want to appear to be too anxious but her quickening pulse told her she was excited to find out how they felt around her ankles.

Paula knelt down and locked a cuff onto each of Ashley’s ankles then stood up again.

“This one is a posture collar. I’m surprised to see that with this set, they’re normally sold separately. That’s one reason I think Jeremy has this set way under priced. The other is this hood.” Paula held up a black leather bondage hood. “These are never included in a set. This thing is, though.” She held up a wide leather belt with D-rings all around it.

“Is that for the waist?” Ashley asked.

“Yeah, it’s a beauty, too. Locks in back in two places. Plenty of rings.”

Ashley was still admiring the hood. What would this feel like over my head?

Paula stepped a little closer, checking out the expression on Ashley’s face. “We have a demo area right over in that corner, see the curtain? We can totally outfit you so you can see what the whole package feels like. No one will see.”

Ashley blushed and looked at her watch. 1:30 in the morning.

“Come on, it’ll be fun. Besides, I don’t have anything else to do now.”

“Well, I guess I could try some of it on just to see what it’s like.”

“Super!” Paula said as she scooped some of the gear. “Grab the hood and let’s go.”

The area behind the curtain contained some bondage equipment. There were some racks that a person could be bound to, a saw horse, and a table. Hanging from the ceiling was a spreader bar.

“Okay let’s start with the hood. You’ll pony your hair and stick it through this hole in the top.” Ashley accepted the elastic Paula held out to her and pulled her long blonde hair into a pony tail. Then, with Paula’s help she pulled her hair through the hole and began to pull the soft leather hood over her head.

“Okay, good. Now pull it around so all of the holes line up.” Paula helped Ashley tug on the leather until she could see out of the holes. “And you can breath?”

Ashley breathed through the holes in the nose of the mask. “Yes.”

The leather hood felt good on her head. It was snug, but not too tight.

“Okay,” Paula took Ashley’s hands and guided them up to the rear of the hood. “Right back here is the straps. You pull them until you get the mask as snug as you want it. You’ll find that over time you’ll want them tighter and tighter. But for now, just pull them so the mask is snug.”

Ashley pulled each strap and felt the mask press against her head a little tighter each time. It felt wonderful!

“Okay, here are the locks. Slip one through each of the holes and lock them.”

Ashley looked down to see the locks in Paula’s hand and took them. Feeling with both hands she was able to locate the rings they went through and she clicked each lock closed.

“Great, how does that feel?”

Ashley felt her juices beginning to flow. Her mind flashed back to the night in the club that she had had her first orgasm. I was bound then too. She was definitely getting horny!

“It feels good.”

“Now, lift your arm straight up.” Ashley complied and felt Paula clip something to her wrist cuff. When she let go of her wrist Ashley’s arm stayed up in the air. Paula had attached her wrist to the end of the hanging spreader bar.

Paula lifter Ashley’s other arm and clipped her other wrist to the opposite end of the spreader bar.

“Wow, you look fantastic…I’m sorry, what’s your name any way?”


“Jessica, I like that. Now Jessica, if you’re going to start getting into bondage there is one very important lesson you need to learn right off the bat, and I’m going to teach it to you this morning.”

“What’s that?” Ashley asked as she tested the strength of the wrist cuffs.

“Never, ever, let someone you don’t know tie you up.”

“Huh?” Ashley looked down at Paula.

“Yeah, it’s like, right now…once your wrists are immobilized there’s like nothing you can do to stop me from doing what ever I like with you. Let’s face it; you’ll hang there until I release you.”

Ashley began to understand what she had just allowed herself to get into and began to struggle.

“Struggling is really cute, but you and I both know that it’s not going to help. Now don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you and in a little while I will let you go, I promise. You seemed interested in doing this, and it’s been a long time since I met a bondage virgin. So this will be fun for both of us. You okay with it still? Just relax for a sec. Want to have some fun?” The young woman picked up a wide piece of leather and held it up so Ashley could see it.

Ashley was scared, but also extremely horny. She took a moment to calm down and then said, “Yes, get on with it. Do what ever you want.” Probably the boldest words she had ever spoken.

“Wow, Jessica, you’re brave. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you okay?”

Ashley nodded her head.

“Okay then, this is a posture collar.”

The wide stiff leather collar was placed around Ashley’s neck, forcing her chin up. After it was locked on, Ashley found she could barely turn her head and could not look down. It pressed against her neck and made breathing a little difficult, too.

“Now, let’s anchor those legs of yours for a minute.” Paula knelt and clipped Ashley’s ankle cuffs to rings on the floor. “And we’ll raise the bar a little bit.” Paula stood and went to the wall and pressed a button.

Ashley heard a whirling noise and then felt her wrists being pulled upward, stretching her out.

“Great! Is that okay?”

Ashley nodded.

“Okay, part of your lesson here. Now I’ve told you you’re not going to get hurt, but just imagine that I’m someone else that you don’t know and you were in this position.”

Ashley felt Paula tug on the zipper of her sweat shirt and heard the sound of the zipper being pulled down. She felt the air against her skin.

Oh my god! I’m not wearing anything under this. She’ll see my pierced nipples!

“No! What are you doing?”

“Oh, I like that. Not wearing much tonight I see.” Paula looped her fingers through the nipple rings and tugged slightly.

“OWWW! Please be careful!

“You look a little bit red, are these new?”

“Yesterday morning.”

“Oh, okay, I won’t fuck with them then. They look really nice though.” Paula’s hands roamed Ashley’s naked flesh, though. “You have a really nice body Jessica, you work out a lot?”

“I try to, but my schedule hasn’t really allowed it lately.” She tried to move her body away from Paula’s hands, but no matter where she moved the hands stayed with her.

“Mmmm, really nice. Well, anyway, let’s continue.” She held up the wide leather waist belt. “This goes around your waist. Besides the hood, it’s probably the most expensive part of this package. There’s a lot of leather here.” She pulled it around Ashley’s waist and buckled it tightly and then locked it in place.

“Okay that’s it. How does it feel?”

After getting over the shock of Paula opening her sweat shirt to expose her tits, Ashley continued to get even hornier than before. She had to admit it felt great and she was getting really turned on by being at this stranger’s mercy. What would she do to her next?

Ashley knew she was right, she should have never let a stranger tie her up. She could do anything she wanted to her right now. What if she decided to pull down her jeans? What if she called all of her friends and they came over and raped her? She knew she was completely helpless at the moment and had to trust that Paula was sincere in her promise not to hurt her.

“It feels pretty good.” Ashley replied.

Paula looked sad. “Pretty good, that’s it? Last time my boyfriend tied me up like that it felt fantastic. Maybe you’re not into it after all.” Paula sat down and cupped her chin in her hands.

“Well, I’ve never done this before, so maybe I have to get over the nervousness.”

“The nervousness is what makes it exciting and fantastic. The problem is you’re not nervous enough. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you I wasn’t going to hurt you. Hey, can I take off your jeans?”

My jeans? No, I don’t think so.

“I’m not sure I’m ready for that.”

Paula had knelt down in front of Ashley but Ashley’s posture collar prevented her from looking down. She felt Paula doing something with her ankles and then felt her right ankle being unclipped. Paula moved Ashley’s ankle over and clipped it to the same ring that her left ankle was clipped to so that she was now standing with her legs together.

“Well, I’m in charge, and I say we take them off.”

“No please don’t.” Ashley begged.

“Oh, you just reminded me of what we’re missing here. I’ll be right back.”

Paula got up and went through the curtain only to return in a few seconds opening a package as she came back through the curtains. When she had it open she removed a large red ball gag.

“What are you going to do with that?”

“What do you think? I’m going to make you nervous!”

Paula went around behind Ashley and put the gag up to her lips. Ashley kept her mouth closed and refused to allow the ball between her lips. Suddenly Paula smacked Ashley’s ass with her hand and when she cried out Paula quickly pulled the gag into her mouth. Seconds later it was securely locked on.

“And that’s how that’s done. Now, let’s see here…” Paula unsnapped Ashley’s jeans and pulled down the zipper. Ignoring Ashley’s muffled pleas, the young woman began to slowly inch the jeans down over her captive’s hips.

“Oh, now I see why you were against it. Lookee here, we have a nicely shaved and pierced pussy. My gosh, Jessica, this is a nice job. Yesterday morning, too?”

Ashley didn’t respond because she was too busy trying to free herself.

Paula continued pulling the jeans down until they were bunched around Ashley’s ankles.

“Lesson time.” Paula gently spanked Ashley’s nude ass with her hand. “Pay attention. This is how you take off someone’s pants in this situation. One leg at a time you release them and remove that leg.”

Paula released her right ankle and pulled her jean leg off and then re-clipped the ankle to the original spot on the floor, away from the left ankle. Ashley tried to kick her and prevent her from removing the pant leg, but with only one leg to deal with it was easy for Paula to manage her. She repeated the process with the left ankle and Ashley suddenly found herself tied nearly naked and spread-eagled.

“See? Now you’re in a very vulnerable position. I have easy access to your cunt and can do anything I want with you. Shall I get one of our whips? Oh, I know, the riding crops are great – a little painful. Oh shit, I said I wouldn’t hurt you. But I don’t think a vibrator will hurt you.” Ashley jumped when she felt Paula’s hand touch her pussy.

“Oh, you’re really wet. I think we just went from pretty good to great. Let’s see if we can’t find fantastic.” Paula went over to a wall cabinet and opened a drawer. She returned with a rather large dildo.

Holding the dildo up so Ashley could see it she said, “This was made for women with pierced labia like yours, and I have a feeling the person who pierced you very accurately placed these rings with this in mind. See these?” Paula showed a wide eyed Ashley little rings on the base of the large black dildo. “I’ll lock these rings to your rings. And this one…” she point to a stiff rod coming off of the front of the large dildo base, “This one attaches to your clit ring. I’ve heard this one will really get to you because it’s stiff like this and easily transfers the vibrations directly to the ring. Oh, and by the way, all of our equipment is totally sterilized after each use, so don’t worry about this stuff being clean okay? It is.”

Paula knelt down and Ashley continued to struggle. She heard a buzzing sound and then felt Paula’s hand on her thigh.

“Shhh, come on now, settle down. Remember, you can’t free yourself, so just calm down. Struggling is cute, but all it’ll do is tire you out. Now brace yourself, because here it comes.”

Ashley’s legs stiffened when she felt the tip of the vibrating dildo touch her pussy. She attempted to clench her pussy but the dildo easily slid into her. Her pussy was so wet there was no resistance at all. She felt Paula’s fingers gently touching her smooth flesh as she attached the base of the dildo to her labia rings. She had seen how large that dildo was and couldn’t believe it had slid inside of her so easily. The vibrations were not too intense, but Ashley could definitely feel them. Then she felt a slight tug on her clit ring and a sudden wave of pure pleasure flooded her body.

Ashley squirmed against her bonds. Oh my god! Oh shit, that feels good.

A sudden noise in the store prompted Paula to shoot upright.

“Shit” she whispered, “Someone’s come in. Shhh, be quiet, I’ll have to see who that is. Don’t make a sound.”

Ashley whimpered but Paula shushed her again. “Quiet, I’ll try to get rid of who ever it is, just be still.”

Paula slipped through the curtain leaving Ashley naked and helplessly tied spread eagled. The low vibrations in her cunt were very stimulating but the vibrations to her clit were maddening!

“Oh hi Jeremy, what are you doing here at this hour? I’m still straightening up those videos in the second isle, so I haven’t gotten to the magazines yet.”

The owner! What if he sees me?

Ashley knew it was useless to try and get free but she instinctively tried anyway. She moved her wrists and made a metallic sound and immediately stopped moving.

Oh god, what if he hears that. She would have to be still until he leaves.

“Are you here alone?” Jeremy asked.

“Oh yeah, it’s been dead since around 11:30 for some reason.” Paula said.

“You should go home and get some sleep. I can stay until Pete gets here at five.”

Ashley panicked. NO! What if Paula gets sent home? I’d be stuck here and he’d find me sooner or later. Oh shit. Not only that, but the fucking vibrator is fucking driving me insane. Oh shit, oh shit, I’m going to come! No please! But it was too late and there was no stopping it.

The climax hit Ashley hard and she bit into the gag and held her breath as she stiffened her body and tried not to make a sound. A second wave hit her and she tried not to scream out. It was intense! She tried to focus on the voices but could barely hear them over the pounding of her heartbeat in her hood covered ears. She felt drool escape the corners of her mouth and drip down onto her breasts as a third wave punished her outstretched body.

Ashley knew the voices were coming closer but through her haze she couldn’t concentrate on what they were saying. She even saw the curtain ruffle.

They’re right outside the curtain!

The vibrations to her clit were continuing to drive her out of her mind with lust and she had no way of stopping them. She thought she heard a door close just before she exploded in her fourth orgasm.

Suddenly the curtain parted and Paula rushed in. “I am so sorry Jessica! Are you okay? I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” The young woman hurried to unlock the vibrator from Ashley’s clit ring and labia rings and to remove the dildo from her dripping hole.

“Oh my god Jessica, what a time for Jeremy to come in here. I had to beg him to let me stay… he probably thinks I’m nuts now.” Paula switched off the vibrator.

“Shit, you’re absolutely dripping. I’m sorry, I don’t know if you’re cool with this or not, but I’m going to eat you out and finger fuck myself while I do it. You’re just too beautiful and it’s not every day I get a woman as fucking gorgeous and as helpless as you are.” Paula got down on her knees and held onto Ashley’s outstretched legs with her warm hands.

“You can have me arrested later if you want, but I have to do this. This whole thing has made me so fucking horny!”

Ashley sobbed into her gag as she felt Paula’s face press into her hot pussy. She arched her back as she felt Paula’s tongue begin to probe her cunt, her nose pressing her clit.

Ashley’s head went back as she felt yet another orgasm building in her loins.

This can’t be! I’m going to come all over her face! NOOO! But her orgasm couldn’t be stopped.

“Oh my god, oh man, give it to me sweetie, oh yes.” Paula’s tongue worked Ashley’s cunt and she lapped up Ashley’s hot juices as she came. Paula pressed her face into the hot flesh and drank and licked and sucked.

Meanwhile, she had pulled her jeans down and her fingers were buried deep inside of her own pussy, working herself up to an orgasm. Finally Paula collapsed on the floor, still fingering herself as she climaxed over and over.

When she was spent, she got up and removed the ball gag from Ashley’s mouth and then started to release Ashley from the floor rings and the spreader bars.

“I’m sorry Jessica, the sight of you there was too much for me. I know what I did was wrong because we hadn’t agreed to it.” Paula began to cry as she sank down to the floor. “I’ll understand if you want to call the cops.”

Ashley sank to the floor next to her and lay down, exhausted. She didn’t even consider covering up her near nude body.

“Holy fuck, Paula. I came like five times. I have never felt anything so intense in my life! I…I just…I don’t know what to think about what just happened except that it was a total mind blower.”

Paula looked over at the blonde, “Really? You came that many times?”

Ashley was still catching her breath. “Yes, now help me get this hood off and we’ll talk.”

Paula rolled over and began to unfasten the hood. After removing the locks and the helping Ashley pull the hood off, Paula unlocked and removed the posture collar. When they finally got it off Ashley stood up and helped Paula to her feet. She zipped up her sweatshirt and reached down to retrieve her jeans.

“Here’s what I’m going to do.” Ashley said as she snapped her waist band and then stepped into her shoes. “I’m taking everything you used on me and I’m going home with it. You’re paying for it. And I’ll never tell anyone about what you did to me. Deal?”

“Deal.” Paula said, ecstatic that this woman wasn’t going to call the police on her. What had she been thinking to totally molest a customer like she had? Paula began to tremble now that she thought of what she had just done.

“Okay, I think I’ll be going now.”

“Will you come back sometime? I’d love to see you again.” She hoped she wasn’t pushing her luck now.

Ashley looked at the young woman, her face still smeared with pussy juice. “I might. Now you should go wash your face before someone else comes in here.”

They both laughed as Ashley rolled up the mask and shoved it into her sweatshirt pocket. Paula condensed the spreader bar and the posture collar and put them into a bag and then handed over the keys to the pad locks to Ashley.

“Here’s my card, it has my cell phone number on it. Call me if you ever need any thing.” Paula drew a heart on the back of a business card with a red marker and handed it to Ashley. “Do some on-line research on self-bondage before you use those locks, okay? It can be very dangerous if things go wrong.”

“Okay, I will. Thanks for showing me the ropes.”

“Bye, Jessica. I hope to see you again some time.”

Ashley walked back down the alley towards her building, still wearing the waist belt and cuffs under her clothes. Physically and mentally exhausted as she was, Ashley couldn’t help but to fantasize about being trapped in the alley by some roving gang of hoodlums. Once they had her trapped they would quickly disrobe her only to discover her waist belt and cuffs. Her arms would be secured to one of the rings in the back of her belt and she would be helpless to stop them from groping at her breasts and pussy. She imagined the leather clad men pulling her into the shadows and fucking her while she was forced to perform orally on each member of the gang. Finally she would be left in the dirty alley, naked and bound, leaving it to her to make her way back to her building and to gain access.

Of course, none of this happened and Ashley was happy about that. All she wanted to do was to get home and get into bed. It was already 3:30 in the morning and she had to be back in the office at 8 am to take notes at the meeting Special Agent Umbridge had set up with liaison officers from DEA and ATF regarding the pending surveillance operation.

It had been a long, long day, but at least she didn’t have to be back at the club for a couple of days.

End of part 2