Ashley Bennet – Conned, chapter 1
by mrhungry

This is Part I of the Ashley Bennet series and the author’s first attempt at writing a story of any kind, let alone one of a sexual nature. Please forgive the author for the lame French accent of one of the characters and for the many other flaws (mainly grammatical) that you’ll encounter while reading the story. With that in mind, the author hopes you’ll enjoy the adventures of Ashley Bennet.

Harold Wexler sat in his air conditioned Ford Escalade watching the main entrance to the Samuel T. Johnson Federal Building. It was nearly 5:15pm, and a steady stream of federal employees was exiting the building. Wexler used a pair of powerful Zeiss Victory binoculars to scan the faces of the employees as they headed home for the day.

Glancing down to a photo copy of an employee application form in his lap, he was sure he would be able to spot the woman when she came out. His informant had assured him that the employee came out through the main doors around 5pm. So where was she?

The information on the application, filled out just the previous month for a field agent position with the FBI, stated that the woman; Ashley Bennet, was 5’5” tall, 110 pounds, blonde, blue eyes, and unmarried. She was currently employed as an administrative assistant in the office of the FBI’s Organized Crime Task Force, in other words; she was a secretary. In a previous analysis of department personnel, his informant had listed each of the task force members and any information available on them. After reading Ashley’s profile, he deduced that his informant thought Ashley was somewhat of a ditz. Blonde and a ditz; what were the odds? The informant added that she didn’t think Bennet had a chance in hell of getting the field agent position because she seemed to be a klutz with a weapon and just couldn’t seem to hit a target. Wexler didn’t care because he wasn’t after the woman for her shooting skills, he was after information.

“Shit, that must be her,” Wexler muttered and sat up straight when he spotted the blonde emerge from the building. He focused on her face and his cock got hard. The photo in the dossier must have been taken at the end of a long hard day. The woman he watched through his binoculars was freakin’ gorgeous. The young woman walked across the parking lot and got into a fairly new Mustang and drove off towards the exit of the parking lot. Wexler pulled out into traffic and drove slowly, allowing his prey to creep up next to him. At the traffic light he looked down into the lower vehicle and feasted on the sight of Ashley’s long legs. When the light turned green he allowed the blonde to take the lead and then followed her from a safe distance.

The rest of the day was spent tailing the young woman as she went home, to the gym, to several stores, to the grocery store, and back home. Wexler tailed her for the next several days and found that she lived a fairly routine life outside of work and that her schedule was fairly predictable.

Deciding that it was time to make contact with the young woman, Wexler followed her into a Target store and approached her as she browsed the CD’s in the music department.

“Miss Bennet, may I have a word with you?”

“Um… excuse me?” the pretty blonde replied.

Harold looked around and then in a more hushed voice said, “My name is Agent Larry Cooper. I’m with the FBI out of D.C., working undercover on an operation with Special Agent Dick Umbridge.”

At the mention of her boss and mentor, Ashley relaxed a little bit. “I’m pleased to meet you,” Ashley shook the gentleman’s hand. “Special Agent Umbridge didn’t tell me he was working on any undercover projects.”

“No, no, he wouldn’t have mentioned it to any one. This operation is part of a larger operation being run out of Washington.”

“Oh, I see. So what do you want to talk to me about?”

“Dick said you may be interested in an assignment.”

Ashley looked around very nervously, “An assignment? Me?” The blonde blushed, and then looked like she was going to faint.

Wexler took hold of her elbow, “Miss Bennet, are you okay?”

“Yes I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me… Special Agent Umbridge told you I wanted an assignment?”

“Yes, but you don’t seem to be too keen on the idea, maybe I misunderstood him.”

“No! No, he’s right, of course,” Ashley blurted out, and then put her delicate hand over her mouth and giggled. “Sorry,” she whispered, “It’s just that I haven’t been able to pass the exam to become a field agent yet, and this has really caught me by surprise.”

“Well, this is such a special mission that Mr. Umbridge thought it best to recruit you outside of the office. In fact, this investigation is top secret. We don’t want our investigation to be known by anyone, especially anyone in your unit. It’s for our own protection.”

“Really, well… when would I start?”

“That’s up to you. I’m not even sure you’re going to want this assignment, and Dick wants you to know that he’ll completely understand if you turn it down.”

“Turn it down? I wouldn’t turn down a real assignment!” The blonde protested.

“Don’t be too sure. And again, you’ll have 24 hours to give me your answer. I don’t even want your answer today. Your assignment is to infiltrate the Golden Slipper and find who’s running the prostitution operation there.”

“The strip club?” Ashley blushed again. “How am I going to do that?”

“We were hoping that you could get a job there so you could be our inside person. The important thing is to get inside and then start making friends with the girls. Sooner or later, preferably sooner, you’ll be able to learn who’s running the prostitution racket and then we can move in to make the arrests. But remember, you would be deep undercover. I would be your only contact with the outside. Even Special Agent Umbridge is out of bounds to you. You’ll have to protect your cover at all costs. So you’d be working your normal job during the day, not letting on to anyone that you have an assignment, and then working at the Golden Slipper at night. This may take a couple of months, but it would be great for your career.”

“Would it ever!” Ashley gushed. “Mr. Umbridge is so terrific to recommend me!”

“You may say that now, but we don’t know what you’ll have to do to get hired, or to gain their confidence, or to get the information that the task force needs. Remember it’s a strip club, and it’s run by some pretty tough characters. You’ll not only have to be an agent, but be a superb actress at all times. The key to any undercover job is really putting yourself into the role you are pretending to be in.”

Ashley looked like she was deep in thought, although Wexler wondered if she was considering what shade of nail polish she should do her well manicured nails next. He almost laughed when the gorgeous blonde actually began to admire her fingernails.

“Okay, I’ll go over there and try to get a job.”

“Whoa, not so fast,” Harold looked around again. “Think about it over night and meet me here tomorrow at 6pm with your decision.”


Returning to his Escalade, Harold Wexler pulled out of the parking lot and into traffic heading west. After making several turns he checked his mirror for a tail but saw none. Turning down a residential street, Harold removed the glasses he was wearing. He didn’t need them; they were just clear glass after all. Next he removed the false mustache and dark hair piece he had been wearing. Lastly, he tore away the fake nose he had carefully applied over his own nose earlier in the day and rubbed the adhesive off of his face. He was certain that Ms. Bennet wouldn’t recognize him as Agent Cooper when they eventually met. The bald co-owner of the Golden Slipper turned left and headed into the hill country where he lived. His partner, Peter Jeffries’, plan was working perfectly so far, and he had to admit that the thought of this woman’s impending humiliation was certainly delectable.

This wasn’t the first time he and Peter had worked together on this type of project, and Harold felt just as exhilarated as he did every time. It was an even greater rush than watching a new stripper performing for the first time. And each time they had worked to create a more elaborate set-up. In the end, like all of the others, they would blackmail the woman into providing information for them. He hoped to string out the ending to this set-up for several weeks, if not months. Ashley was a stunning woman with little between the ears; his favorite kind of woman.

The following day at the office Ashley was a nervous wreck, especially when Special Agent Umbridge was around. He’d know that Agent Cooper had contacted her, but neither of them could mention it of course. It was their secret, like Larry had said, for her protection. She had always liked her work at the Bureau, but now… she sensed a new excitement that she hadn’t felt in years. As the other agents walked past her desk on their way in to see her boss, she fought the urge to whisper to them that she was going to take on a mission. But she didn’t want to let down her boss by saying anything about it. She would show him that she could keep a secret, especially an important one like this. She would make him proud of her, and happy that he had trusted her with this assignment.

After work Ashley made her way over to the Target store and located Agent Cooper looking through the DVD’s. She stood next to him and whispered, “Okay, I’ve thought about it and I still want to do it.”

“I thought you would. From what Mr. Umbridge has told me, you’re definitely up for this challenge. I met with him early this morning and he assured me that if you take this assignment you won’t let us down. He’s really counting on you.”

“He won’t be disappointed,” Ashley beamed, feeling a rush of excitement at the thought of doing something that would please her boss.

“Now remember, it may take you several weeks to become trusted in there. Don’t think you can go in and start asking around about the prostitutes. That’ll blow your cover right away. No, you have to get in and become one of them and earn their trust before even thinking of asking questions or learning anything of interest. The S.A. knows that. He’s not expecting any details for well over a month, okay? Don’t move too fast.”

“I won’t.” Ashley promised.

“Also, you’ll need a cover identity.” The fake FBI man pulled an envelope out of his pocket and handed it to Ashley. “This is a social security card for one Jessica Brenner. I’ll try to get a drivers license made for you, but this should get you in the door.”

“Okay,” Ashley took the envelope and slipped it into her purse.

Harold smiled. “Meet me for breakfast at Denny’s at 7:30 on Saturday to be debriefed. And good luck, Agent Bennet.” Harold turned and walked towards the exit.

Agent Bennet! That sounds so great! Ashley beamed as her stomach knotted into a bundle of nerves. Come on, this is what I’ve wanted. Now the S.A.’s counting on me. I should go over there right now and apply. Ashley had the sudden urge to pee and had to run to the bathroom. She was so nervous!

An hour later she was pulling her Mustang into a parking spot at the Golden Slipper. She sat in her car for half an hour working up the nerve to get out and walk across the parking lot to the club.

Dick is counting on me to do this. If I ever pass my Field Agent test this is the type of thing I’ll be doing all of the time. I have to do it! She looked over at the strip club and willed herself to get out of her car.

Finally Ashley swung her car door open and stepped out. She crossed the parking lot and approached the door to the club. A huge man with big muscles stood at the door, watching her as she got closer.

“Could you direct me to the manager, please? I’d like to apply for work.”

“Don’t need no girls right now.” The man replied gruffly.

What! Ashley panicked. They weren’t hiring? She had to get a job!

“Could I just fill out an application, please?” She gave the man her sexiest smile.

He looked her up and down, a gaze that sent shivers through Ashley, and then he opened the door. Loud music and flashing lights escaped out into the parking lot for a second as they passed into the club. “Over there,” he pointed across the room, “That office. Miss Fiona, she’ll help you.”

“Thanks.” Ashley moved, trance-like, towards the office. She had never been inside a gentleman’s club before. She saw the waitresses in their skimpy outfits, and couldn’t help but see the dancers on the stage, one naked, one nearly naked. She was struck by how pretty the women were.

Ashley knocked on the door to the office and pushed it open. Seated behind a huge desk was a petite woman with her blonde hair in a clipped bun on top of her head. She wore wire rim glasses half way down her nose, and a black business suit.

“Excuse me.”

The woman looked up. “Oui, my dear, may I help you?” Her little voice was silky all over, and Ashley blushed with the sensuality she felt with those few words.

“I’m sorry to disturb you,” Ashley looked at the pile of receipts the woman was going through, “I can see you’re terribly busy, but I was wondering if I could fill out an application.”

“For what position? I am afraid we are not hiring right now.”

“Anything…I’d do any…” She fell silent as the telephone rang and the woman put her finger up to shush her.

“Oui, zis is Fiona… de nouveau? Tracy, I have warn you many time.” The woman listened, shaking her head. “Non,” she said curtly in what Ashley decided was a very French accent, “absolutely not.” Silence, and then, “Well I am sorry too Tracy, but you know zee rules. I will send zee check, and for you a little something extra to help you get through this.” She looked ready to end the call and then said, “You’re welcome, cher, good luck.” Fiona put down the phone, and Harold Wexler put down the phone on the other end. The pretty manager didn’t know who this woman was or what the club owner planned to do with her, but as usual she would do what ever he asked and would not ask questions. The less she knew the better off she’d be. She only hoped she wouldn’t be asked to do anything illegal.

Fiona looked up at Ashley and asked, “Have you ever been a waitress?”

The hours were perfect, not that they would be appealing to most people, but they were perfect for Ashley. Fiona had asked her to work Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10pm to closing at 3am, and then Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm to 6am. Since her “normal” work day was from 8am to 4:30pm she would have five and a half hours after work before she had to go to the club. And in the morning she would have another five hours before going into the office.

Fiona picked up the phone and pressed a couple of numbers. “Send Nicky to zee office, we have a new girl starting tonight.” She looked at Ashley and gave her a questioning look and gesture as if to ask if that was okay.

Ashley nodded, yes.

“Okay, merci.” Fiona said before hanging up.

“You will like Nicky. She iz a sweet kid and a hard worker; working a double shift today to make extra money. She’ll show you how to make good tips.”

“Oh goodie,” Ashley gushed without acting at all. Sometimes she wished things like that didn’t slip out of her mouth because maybe people would take her a little more seriously. For this assignment though, it probably wouldn’t hurt her to pretend to be a little gullible and brainless.

A minute later the door opened and an attractive young woman, with short brunette hair, dressed in a tight green outfit stepped into the office. The woman was a couple of inches shorter than Ashley, but Ashley figured their measurements were about the same; 34-23-34. Ashley may have been a little bigger in the chest area.

“You asked to see me, Mistress?”

Mistress? Ashley thought.

The woman stood in front of Fiona’s desk. Ashley observed that she stood with her legs about shoulder width apart and her hands behind her back, thrusting her breasts outward. A cute little crescent moon was tattooed on her left shoulder.

“Oui, Nicky, zis is Jezzica. She is to be starting tonight and I want you to train her in.”

“Pleased to meet you Jessica,” Nicky said and then turned her attention back to Fiona.

“Jezzica, you will just shadow Nicky around tonight and zen hopefully you can be on your own tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Ashley looked at Nicky’s “uniform” and began to get nervous. Besides being neon green, it looked extremely tight and didn’t cover very much. She hoped that her uniform would fit a little better than that.

“So, look for Nicky when you come in tonight and she help you with your clothes and show you ze ropes.” Nodding to Nicky she said, “Zat will be all cheri.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Nicky bowed very slightly and left the room.

“Well, zen, Jezzica …welcome to our little family. You have time to go home and get a little sleep. I’m sure your body iz on different time schedule, so first week iz going to be hard on you. I will try to keep zat in mind in regard to your performance, but you need to adapt quickly as possible.”

“I will, and thanks so much for giving me the job. You don’t know how much this means to me.” But you will someday soon.

Later that evening, Nicky led Ashley through a door in the back of the club to a very comfortable lounge.

“This area back here is for the girls. No clients are allowed and there’s a security camera on the door outside that’s always monitored by the guys upstairs.” Nicky pointed towards the ceiling. Ashley noticed one of those security camera bubbles in the corner of the room.

“The guys upstairs?” Ashley asked as she followed Nicky through another door into a locker room.

“Yeah, you know… security. They have cameras every where and watch every one. You’re safer here than in your own home. And they watch out for us girls, believe me. Most of the guys are at the doors and roving the club, but two are always in the room upstairs watching the monitors. It really makes us feel safe.”

In the locker room Ashley noticed several security bubbles, even near the showers. She leaned close to Nicky and whispered, “There’s a camera in here, too? Won’t they see us changing?”

Nickey laughed and whispered back, “This is a strip club, sweetie. Besides, it’s for our own safety. You’ll get used to them and actually like them after awhile.”

Ashley couldn’t imagine that ever happening.

“Okay, so here’s your locker.” She opened number 32 and Ashley saw a neon green uniform in a plastic bag. “Get changed and I’ll meet you in the lounge in a minute.”

As the door closed behind Nicky, Ashley looked up at the security bubbles. I hope they’re not watching now. Not at all by coincidence, Harold Wexler sat in his office, watching his new employee strip. He watched as the shy young woman turned towards her locker and took off her blouse and then her bra. He looked over to make sure the “Record” light was lit on his console.

Feeling totally exposed, Ashley pulled the halter top over her head and down, trying to make it cover her breasts. It wouldn’t totally cover them, of course. It wasn’t meant to. Her green halter seemed like it was a size too small, forcing her firm breasts together and exposing the flesh along the bottom of the halter. The material, what ever it was, was stretchy and a little bit scratchy.

The neon green mini-skirt was equally revealing. Ashley pulled it down her hips as much as possible, but it still just barely covered her panties. She saw a pair of matching green high heels and took them out of the bag. The heels were higher than anything she had ever worn before, but they fit her.

Ashley looked at herself in the full length mirror with wide eyes. I can’t go out there in this skimpy little thing! I’m practically naked! Still, she had worn a bikini before, and the uniform covered more of her then the bikini had. Besides, Dick is counting on me.

Cautiously, Ashley made her way to the door and into the lounge. Nicky looked her up and down and whistled, “Wow, you look fantastic! Oh… wait, panties.” The brunette wagged her finger. “That’s a no-no, sweetie.”


“See?” Nicky lifted the front of her skirt to show that she was naked underneath. Ashley was surprised to see that the woman’s privates were shaven clean of hair. It looked, well… wonderful? Yes, that’s the word she would use to describe it. As much as it surprised her, Nicky looked wonderful.

“Are you sure?” Ashley asked. “I can’t go out there without any panties on!”

“Come on, the others are covering our tables while we’re in here.” Ashley noticed the urgency in the woman’s voice.

Reluctantly, Ashley stepped out of her panties and was about to take them back to her locker when Nicky pointed at the trash can and said “Just toss them, we’re wasting time.”

Ashley threw her panties in the trash can thinking she would collect them later and followed Nicky out into the club.

Nicky showed Ashley the area of tables they were responsible for and they took some drink orders. Ashley felt so naked in her skimpy outfit, as the men seated at the tables ogled her body.

As the two women waited at the bar for the drinks to be made Nicky said, “You have a nice body. I’d die for those legs; they look so firm. Don’t you like your body?”

“Sure, I like it.”

“Well, don’t be offended if other people like to look at it, too. These folks come here to see female bodies. Every woman here is what you would call a 10,” Nicky made air quotes with her fingers. “The more of your body they see, and the friendlier you are, the more they tip. Remember they’re customers. Without them we’re out of our jobs. We need to tease ‘em, please ‘em, and keep ‘em coming back and spending more money.”

“Gotcha,” Ashley said as she picked up one of the trays of drinks. She tried to ignore the fact that she was practically naked, but at least she could think that her swim suit revealed more, unless she were to bend over of course.

After they had served all of the drinks they retreated to a table against the wall where they keep on eye on all of their tables.

“You stay here and sip on your water; I’ll show you how I spend my evenings while keeping an eye on my customers.”

Nicky began dancing to the beat of the loud music and made her way to the stage. She looked like any one of the partiers, except for her green outfit. The dance floor was hopping, and Nicky made her way through the crowd like a nymph. She seemed to be in her own little world until she looked right at Ashley and then discretely pointed to Table 18. Ashley looked over and saw that two of their drinks were nearly empty. She hopped down off her bar stool, attempted to adjust her outfit, and made her way over to the table. More drinks were ordered for the entire party, and Ashley squeezed through the crowd to the bar. Nicky caught up with her there and asked, “How about sixteen and twelve? Did you see how they were doing?”

“No, I didn’t see.”

“You need to keep track of your tables, Jess, liquor sales are huge…I mean really huge.”

“I’m sorry, Nicky, I’ll do better, I promise.” Ashley was suddenly concerned that she wasn’t going to be able to pull this off. What would the Special Agent Umbridge think if she got fired the first night out? She may never get another chance like this.

Ashley felt an arm go around her bare midriff. “Hey, don’t worry sweetie!” Nicky said cheerfully. “It’s your first night. You’ll get the hang of it. Have fun. This is a great place to work, just keep track of your tables and do the best you can.” Nicky hugged her and then ordered the drinks they would need for the other two tables. Ashley felt an unexpected warmth course through her body and then felt her cheeks glow red as she realized it was Nicky’s arm around her that was giving her that feeling. She was tempted to return the hug, but she was too embarrassed to do it.

Later, when all of their tables had been serviced, Nicky took Ashley to see the second tier area, known as the Silver level, and introduce her to the other waitresses. In the Silver level the waitresses wore red outfits, some of which were nothing more than string bikini’s. The material barely covered their nipples and their obviously shaven slits. The servers were constantly being touched by the customers, and they did such a good job of showing how much they liked being touched. Ashley wondered if they really did, or it was just an act. She felt her cheeks glow red again and she felt extremely embarrassed to be watching. No way would she let them touch her like that. She’d be willing to stay in the “Bronze” area, where the customers were not allowed to touch the servers.

Nicky and Ashley headed back to their own level of the club and just as they stepped down into the Bronze area they passed a table surrounded by women. One of the servers, Tammy, lay on the table while the women, who were all dressed in office attire, caressed Tammy’s well toned and nearly naked body. Ashley had never seen anything like it before in her life. These six women, all professional looking ladies, had their hands all over the semi-naked waitress. Tammy looked as though she was totally enjoying the attention as she laid there, hips slightly off of the table, massaging her own breasts. She pushed her green halter top up over her breasts to expose herself even more.

Suddenly she sat up and pulled her top back down and brushed her blonde hair back behind her ears. Looking around she said between heaving breaths, “Oh my gosh ladies, I’m going to get you all thrown out of here! You have to be in the Silver level to be doing this. That felt so good though, I wish we could continue.” She straightened out her little green skirt. “I have to go dry myself, but I’ll be back to serve you in a minute.” She walked off, hips swaying provocatively, towards the employee lounge.

“That was a sensational tease,” Nicky whispered as they passed by the group of women. “At least two of those women will purchase Silver memberships before they head home tonig..uh-oh…” she nodded in the direction that Tammy had gone. Two men in dark suits were speaking with Tammy, one then headed over towards the women’s table. “The show goes on.” Nicky whispered as she pulled Ashley over to a side table to watch.

“I’m sorry ladies; we have a very strict policy towards contact with our servers. I’m going to have to put an end to your… excuse me.” His hand went up to his ear where there was an ear bud. Ashley looked over, as did the women at the table, to Tammy who looked to be pleading with the other man and pointing towards a stand by the stage that was draped in bondage gear.

“It appears that your serving wench has insisted that she allowed herself to be used past the degree of this level. She has asked for punishment rather than have you all expelled. Personally, it looked to me like you coaxed her - but I have to let it go… this time. Good evening ladies.” The man left and went off towards the stage.

“Did we coax her?” One of the women asked another.

“Do you call fingering her pussy and laying her back on the table coaxing?”

“Who did that?”


“I didn’t lay her back.”

“Let’s smell your fingers!”


The strip act on the main stage was nearing it’s conclusion as the second man arrived beside his partner and Tammy. The lights went down on the stage and a single spot hit Tammy. Hoots and applause came from the crowd on the dance floor as they paused to watch.

Tammy stood before them with her legs wide and her arms outstretched. One of the men lifted her short green skirt up and tucked it into her waistband to keep it out of the way while the other man took some leather bands from the shelf. As if coaxed by the cheering, the two men locked the wrist and ankle cuffs onto the woman. Next, a posture collar which held her chin up high and prohibited side to side movement was locked around her neck. Then, to Ashley’s surprise, and the audience’s delight, a wide waist band was locked around her waist and a thin leather strap was attached to the back. A large dildo and a small pear shaped butt plug were threaded onto the strap and then lubricated. The butt plug was pressed against Tammy’s butt-hole. It took a couple of minutes to be fully inserted, unlike the dildo, which slid easily into her wet vagina. The belt was pulled tight in front forcing the two intruders deeper inside the submissive server. The strap was then buckled, and locked into place. A thin chain was threaded through a D-ring on the front of the posture collar, to which two nipple clamps where attached. Everyone heard the tiny squeal escape Tammy’s mouth when the clips were threaded down under her tank top and clipped to her nipples. Tammy’s skirt and tank top were both readjusted to their original positions.

With this done, the spot light was turned off, the music exploded out of the speakers, drowning out the applause for Tammy’s punishment. The stage lit up as another dancer gyrated her way around the perimeter, working the crowd. Ashley watched as Tammy made her way gingerly up the stairs towards them. She knew it had to be hard to walk with her ass and vagina filled.

When she got to the table she had been serving, Tammy said, “I’m so sorry I almost got you ladies kicked out. I’ll pay your tab tonight…I’m so, so, sorry.”

“Bullshit!” The woman named Mary said. “You’ll do no such thing. We’ll share the blame, won’t we ladies?” They all nodded their agreement.

“How long do you have to wear all that?”

“Until my shift ends at 3:00.”

“Oh no, you poor dear!”

“Uhhhhh!” Tammy moaned and whirled around. “That’s not the worst of it. The dildo is a vibrator and the controller is for rent. $100 for five minutes. There’s no off button.”

“Oh my god!” one of the women gasped. “How can you take that?”

“You shouldn’t have told them it was your fault, Tammy. This is too harsh! Look at you, poor thing.”

But as sympathetic as those two women were, Ashley could see that two of the others were watching her with looks of… what? Ashley looked closely at their faces. Lust, she would say. These two were so turned on by what had happened, but then they looked at their …coworkers?...and sort of chimed in their sympathies as well. The look of delight in their eyes did not go away though.

“Everyone wants to see me squirm, uhhhh, nooooo, and believe me…I’m, ouch, at their mercy.” Tammy had jerked her head back, which in turn had tugged sharply on her nipples. “I’ll be right back with some more drinks. Owww,” Tammy left them and headed towards the bar.

“We should rent the controller and keep at a low setting for her,” one of the women said.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

Nicky touched Ashley’s elbow and nodded back towards their section. “We’ve been gone too long. You work those four tables and I’ll work the others.”

Ashley looked back at the waitress as she made her way on her high heels back to the bar.

“Don’t worry about her,” Nicky said. “She’ll make a $200-$300 tip from those ladies, and 2% of the controller rental. So say another couple hundred bucks if all goes well. That little act probably netted her $400 easy, and got the club at least one more Silver member. Of course, she’ll have a very frustrating shift. It won’t be easy to walk around with those monsters locked inside of her.”

“Not to mention the vibrations,” Ashley added.

“Yes, there’s that too. She will have orgasms whether she wants to or not, the first coming soon I’m sure.” Both women listed off the drinks they needed to the bartender.

“So the managers can do that to the waitresses? That’s not exactly legal is it?”

“Oh yeah, they can. It’s in our contracts. Did you read yours?” Ashley shrugged her shoulders. “Anyway, she’ll be okay unless Maxine shows up.”

“Who’s that?” Ashley asked as she put her drinks on a tray.

“She’s one of the managers, I think she must work in the Gold Club because I don’t see her in here that much, but I know she works here some place.” Nicky collected her drinks and they headed out to the tables. “She’s one sadistic bitch,” Nicky lowered her voice and looked around. “If no one is renting the controller she’ll take it and set it on six and leave it there.”

“Is that high?”

“It’s high enough to almost make you cum. I tried it once for about two hours on a Saturday and I thought I would lose my mind. It’s so damn stimulating, but in a way, not stimulating enough. Honestly, I had cum dripping down my thigh, but I couldn’t climax. In a way it’s the most erotic thing I’ve ever experienced, and the most frustrating.”

Ashley face blushed crimson as she listened to the pretty brunette describe her ordeal. Then they split up to deliver their drinks.

Around 2am the business died down considerably. Liquor sales switched to coffee, but tips for the strippers and the waitresses continued to flow. Poor Tammy continued to work, leaning against a wall now and then breathing heavily in climax. Once Ashley caught a glimpse of her legs in the right light and could see her inner thighs were glistening with moisture.

By 3:00, when it was time to leave. Maxine had still not shown up, so Tammy had caught a break after all.

Ashley was exhausted. She had changed back into her street clothes, minus her panties which had been in a trash can that had been dumped sometime during the night. She was about to head out when Nicky called her over to the table she was at.

“Don’t forget your tips.”

“What? Oh, Nicky, you keep them. You did most of the work while I stumbled around behind you.”

“You’re so sweet,” Nicky said. “We made $500; your take is $200 at least. You earned it just like me.”

“Just give me a hundred. I’ll make my own money next time.”

Nicky handed over the cash and Ashley stuffed in her purse, later to find it was $200.

Ashley unlocked the door to her town-home at 3:30am and went into the bathroom. After disrobing, she ran the water hot and jumped into the shower. She was really tired and hoped to get a few hours of sleep before going into the office at 8:00.

Soaping a soft wash cloth, Ashley washed the cigarette smoke off while the hot water massaged her aching muscles. She lingered maybe too long with the cloth between her legs, and wondered what it would feel like to be shaved down there. Ashley needed to shave her legs as it was, and when she had accomplished that she held the razor close to her pubic hair.

I wouldn’t dare! The thought of Nicky’s shaven pussy, and that of …what was her name… oh yeah Tammy, stretched out on that table with her pussy displayed for all to see was still vivid in her mind. Ashley began to rub her pussy harder with the soapy cloth. Almost mechanically, she began to shave away the hair along the edges of her pubis. The skin where she had shaved felt so smooth! Turning to allow the pulsating water to rinse away the soap, Ashley held onto the shower door, suddenly light headed. Rinsing the remainder of the soap off of her flesh, she turned off the shower and toweled off. Time was running short, and she desperately needed to get to bed.

While brushing her teeth at the vanity, Ashley admired her new trim job. It looked so great and so felt so smooth! If she wasn’t such a chicken she’d shave the rest off, but then she would be so bare down there! That wasn’t natural. Still, she looked so bushy all of a sudden.

Rummaging through her vanity drawer, Ashley found a pair a scissors and began to snip away at her plush blonde bush. Breathing heavily, she snipped away until she had neatly trimmed half the hair away.

That looks much better.

By this time, Ashley was incredibly horny and she fingered herself while she lay in bed. Fatigue got the best of her though and she fell asleep within a couple of minutes of getting into bed.

After swiping her security badge at the door to the OCTF wing Ashley was surprised to see Special Agent Umbridge already in his office.

Umbridge opened the door to his office and said, “Right on time as always, Ashley. Could you send out a blanket 10-78 to the team, please? I would have done it, but I’d first have to figure out how.” He smiled at her, and Ashley wondered what the hell was going on. Obviously it was something big to put the boss in a good mood this early in the morning and to prompt a meeting of the entire task force.

After sending out the pages, which only took her about a minute and a half, Ashley went about making fresh coffee. She didn’t feel that it was necessarily her job to make coffee being how she was the S.A.’s Admin, but honestly, these men didn’t know how to make a decent pot of coffee. And right now she badly needed a cup. Ashley saw Agent Richards emerge from the Umbridge’s office and head into the break room.

“Mmmm, that smells wonderful Ashley,” said the clean cut 25 year old field agent.

Ashley nodded and then whispered, “What’s going on Trent?”

Richards looked over his shoulder to see who was around and then whispered back “The boss knows how good your coffee is and he’s called the whole team in to have a cup.” He winked at her. “You didn’t hear that from me darling. Keep up the good work!” The agent poured himself a cup and left the room.

What a jerk. I’m part of this task force too you know! Ashley resented the attitudes of some of the agents. Her security clearance was as high as any of theirs, yet they often treated her like an underling, or someone who couldn’t be trusted with real information. It wasn’t right that they looked down on her just because she hadn’t passed the field agent’s test yet. At least Mr. Umbridge knew she had real potential. Just wait until they all found out that she had been given an assignment that they knew nothing about. That would show them that she’s as good as they are.

The trouble was that the four key field agents were the ones who snubbed her the most. There were Richards, Frank Crawford, Cheryl Donovan, and Larry Kent. Most of the other agents working with the OCTF were pretty decent to her. Maybe if she had worked in one of their departments prior to being assigned to the task force things would have gone better for her. Ashley had come in with Special Agent Umbridge when the task force was formed by the Assistant Director. Richards and Crawford worked out of the FBI’s Criminal Investigation Division, Donovan came from the Office of International Operations and Kent came from the Cyber Division. Everyone worked on the task force three days a week and in their respective home assignments two days a week. But the task force had precedence over most other work if push came to shove.

Later in the morning Ashley found out that a lot of new intelligence had been collected overnight that indicated the local mob was going to be hosting a national meeting in about two months. This meant coordination with other agencies such as the local police and the ATF. Ashley wondered if this would effect her own assignment, and would have to ask Mr. Cooper when she met with him on Friday. Until then she would have to keep her head low and continue working as she normally would.

At 9:00pm Ashley’s alarm clock went off. The young woman had gotten home from work, and even though she had promised herself a good finger fucking, she was honestly too exhausted to do anything other than collapse on her bed and pass out. Wandering into her kitchen, Ashley fixed a hot meal and ate it out on her terrace overlooking the beautiful city skyline.

Feeling somewhat refreshed, Ashley got ready to go to her second job. Knowing that panties would not be part of her attire at the club, she decided to forgo wearing them altogether. This, unexpectedly, made her hotter than hell!!

Nicky was in the locker room when Ashley arrived. “Hey girlfriend!” Nicky said in what appeared to be her usual chipper demeanor. “How are you tonight? Did you get any sleep?”

“Hi Nicky,” Ashley replied, “I got a little bit, but it’ll take awhile for me to get used to these hours.” Ashley began to change into her uniform. “Oh, look what I did!” Ashley gushed as she picked up her mini-skirt slightly to show off her trimmed pussy hair.

“Oh wow! Jessica that looks so precious. Your customers are going to love that.”

“Hey! I’m not showing anyone this little beaver.” Ashley patted her neatly trimmed bush.

With a smile Nicky said, “Oh you are so cruel. You’re just a mean, mean, person and I’m going to do everything I can to get you in trouble tonight.” The petite bundle of energy giggled all of the way out of the locker room.

Ashley finished adjusting her skimpy outfit and headed out into the lounge. Just as she was about to enter the club the door opened and she was met by Fiona and two men in business suits. Fiona looked stunning in a black leather blouse and tight black leather skirt that went to her ankles. She held a riding crop in one hand.

“Ah bon, Jezzica…” Fiona said as she caught her by the arm. “I want you to meet zee owners of zee Golden Slipper. Zis is Harold Wexler and Peter Jeffries.” Ashley looked at the two men. Mr. Wexler was a large bald man in his mid thirties. Mr. Jeffries was short and stocky, probably 50 years old, with short black hair and a stud earring in his left ear lobe. He appeared to be solidly built with more muscle than fat.

“Oh, I’m so pleased to meet you both. Thank you for hiring me on here.” Ashley shook their hands.

“Fiona told us you were beautiful, but I’d say that’s an understatement,” Harold said.

“Agreed,” said Peter.

Ashley blushed. “Thank you.”

“Lift your top for a second and let’s see those tits up close and personal.”

“What?” Ashley looked at the man with wide eyes, “I’m not…Oww!”

When Ashley didn’t immediately lift her tank top Fiona struck her ass with the riding crop. Ashley jumped as Fiona softly said, “Lift your top juene madame, the owners want to see your tits.”

Ashley’s faced turned a crimson red as she instinctively covered her breasts with her hands. Show them my breasts?!

“Would you like to continue working here, Ms. Brenner?” The short black haired man asked.

“Yes… yes, I need the job, but…” Ashley was not expecting this to happen to her. She was just a waitress. She looked at the two men and realized they fully expected her to comply with their request.

Sucking in a deep breath, Ashley pulled up her top allowing her large breasts to hang freely.

“Oh yes.” Harold said as he hefted Ashley’s left breast in his hand. “Nice weight.”

“And firm, too.” Peter commented as he pressed her right breast first to the right and then to the left. “Nice erect nipples.”

Embarrassed to have these two strangers touching her breasts, Ashley turned away but Fiona held her shoulders and sternly turned her back.

A flood of emotions swept through Ashley as she submitted to this sudden evaluation of her body. She was embarrassed and confused. Angry? Horny? Embarrassed about being horny? Why had she lifted her top? Was it because Fiona had slapped her ass with the crop? Or did she think she was expected to do whatever these “owners” told her to do? They weren’t owners, they were employers, and Ashley was sure there was some law against this type of harassment, even in a strip club.

She would have to start a list of all of the illegal things she saw while undercover here.

“Skirt up please.” Harold said.

Ashley looked at Fiona who just nodded.

The blonde woman reached down and pulled her little skirt up over her butt.

Harold sat down on the sofa and positioned Ashley in front of him so that he was looking directly at her pussy.

“Your cunt is very nice, Jessica. Look Pete.” Ashley jumped when she felt the man’s finger touch her labia. Then she felt Fiona’s hand on her arm. Looking over see saw a look on her face that told her not to move.

“Spread your legs a little bit, Jessica,” said Harold as he grasped her flesh between her fingers.

Peter sat down and Harold said, “See, her lips are perfectly formed.”

“I see what you mean.” Peter agreed. “Jessica, you really have a very pretty pussy.” Ashley fought the urge to resist his touch as she felt his fingers explore the edges of her vagina. His fingers traced the newly shaven areas around the edges of her trimmed mound. His touch felt so good and she knew she was beginning to get moist down there.

Now she could feel the heat on her cheeks.

“Turn around please.” Peter said. “Legs apart a little more, bend forward.”

Ashley had never been so humiliated in her entire life! These men! Who did they think they were? Yes, they owned the club, but to make her expose herself to them like this!

Suddenly she felt Peter’s finger trace a line between her labia. She knew she was sopping wet! Two fingers went in a little deeper and an involuntary gasp escaped Ashley’s mouth. Fiona stood in front of Ashley and took a hold of her painfully erect nipples. Ashley looked up at her and saw her shaking her head side to side. The thick fingers slid back and forth along her wet slit several times.

“Okay, I’d say we get her trained in as soon as possible and move her up to Silver with Nicky.”

“We’re full up there now, monsieur, besides zis is only her second night.” Fiona said.

“We’ve been thinking of making some changes over at Cleopatra’s, so we may take Wendy and Sophie over there to help train in new hires.” Peter said. Ashley knew Cleopatra’s to be a strip club about 30 miles away, but hadn’t known that it was associated with the Golden Slipper in any way. Maybe something to report here.

“As you wish monsieur,” Fiona said as she motioned for Ashley to fix her clothing.

“Nicky told me you were catching on really well. Do you think you can handle a section by yourself tonight?”

“Yes, I’m sure I can do it alone.”

“Good.” Then to the owners she said, “I’ll let you know when she’s ready to move up a level.”

“Well it was nice meeting you Jessica,” both men said as the hot, fully aroused blonde left the lounge and entered the club.

The club was jamming. Ashley spotted Nicky and headed over to her.

“What happened to you? Did you get lost or something?” Nicky asked as she made her way to the bar with her first drink orders.

“No!” Ashley shouted in her ear. “I got stopped by Fiona and those two guys that own the place.”

“Pete and Harry? What did they want?”

“They wanted to feel me up.” Ashley tried to sound disgusted even though she was still feeling extremely horny.

“Lucky you! You let them didn’t you?”

“Did I have a choice? Fiona was standing there with this whip thingy and smacked me when I tried to dodge them. Then she held on to my nipples while they stuck their fingers into my privates.”

Nicky put her hands over her ears and said, “Come on, Jessica, don’t make me horny this early in the evening! First you show me your trimmed bush and now this story. You really are torturing me tonight.” She leaned over the bar, showing off her firm pantiless bottom, and gave her drink order to the bartender, Richie.


The young blonde turned to see Fiona standing next to her. “Yes?”

“First, start addressing me as ma’am or mistress. Second, when zee owners want to inspect you, you are to submit immediately. Third, your station is on zat side of zee bar,” she pointed to the opposite side of the club. “I expect your customers are getting thirsty and we’re not making any money right now with you over here gabbing. Shall I tell zee owners I was mistaken about you?”

“No!” Ashley said, and then quickly added “Ma’am.” She needed to advance in this place if she was going to find out anything of interest to tell Agent Cooper in two days. Ashley knew she probably wouldn’t have any intel to pass along by Friday, but wouldn’t it be great if she did?

Ashley trotted off, a little off balance on her high heels, towards her tables and began to take orders. She was a little dismayed to find that all of her tables were full. One table had five guys that appeared to be with a college fraternity, judging from their jackets. Right off the bat a hand slid under her short skirt and up to her bare buttock.

“Sir, please don’t” she said as she twisted away from the inappropriate touch and went to the next table.

A guy at the next table put his arm around Ashley’s bare waist. “Sir, please don’t. You’ll get yourselves kicked out.”

The kid looked around. “Nobody’s watching us.”

Ashley glanced up quickly and then back at the kid. “Believe me, they’re watching.”

But rather than heed her warning, he placed both hands on her legs and then raised them up to her firm buttocks. By the time Ashley had turned to protest, two of the bouncers, Thomas and Reed, were standing over the young man with their big hands on his shoulders. Thomas bent at the waist and said something into the kid’s ear and Ashley saw his face grow pale and then he nodded his head. He also appeared to be wincing in pain from the grip they had on his shoulder. Reed stepped over to Ashley and said, “They’ll be good boys now, Miss Jessica.”

“Thanks,” Ashley replied, sort of surprised that they already knew her name.

“Not a problem.”

After the bouncers had gone, Ashley knelt next to the kid and said, “I’m sorry about that, I tried to warn you. What can I get you to drink?”

Ashley noticed the kid was sort of looking down and when she looked down she realized that in that position her bare pussy was completely exposed! She quickly stood up and bent over to hear their orders, knowing that she was now showing off her bosoms and anyone behind her could probably see her ass! Arggg! This place sucks! She could’ve just died from the embarrassment!

In his office, Harold Wexler used his control panel to operate cameras and keep an eye on Ashley as she moved about the club. He had directional mikes scattered around the club that did a great job of picking up conversations, and very expensive audio equipment for filtering out background noise. This equipment had paid for itself many times over from the blackmail scams he had run in the past. He remained in business partly due to his elaborate cameras and audio equipment. One of his strengths, though, was that he wasn’t greedy. He had blackmailed dozens of people who’d had the misfortune of entering his establishment, but he’d always been completely honest with his victims when it came to payments and media. He never asked for more money than his victim could afford, and once the payment was made he sent them the tapes with a promise to never ask for another dime. All transactions were made in a way that the mark never knew who had actually blackmailed him or her. And no one had ever tried coming after him. In all, he was pretty proud of his operation. A few of his victims had attracted the attention of his partner, Peter, and he suspected they had not gotten off the hook so easily. Peter was not that nice a guy, but if he hadn’t loaned him the money he needed years ago the club would probably be closed by now.

The night went by really quickly for Ashley. There were no more problems with the college kids and they left her a huge tip. She did get felt up several more times, but they were quick touches. After a couple of hours waiting on their tables Ashley was really surprised that she didn’t even mind so much that they were touching her. They turned out to be really nice guys and were having such a good time that Ashley just sort of went with it. The guys would provide cover for each other so that the person who was feeling her up was shadowed by two or three of the others. They never took into account the little black spy globes high above their heads in the darkness. Ashley figured each one had gotten to feel her titties or ass sometime during the night. Later in the evening she even started to bend over at the waist with her legs slightly parted to make it easier for them. Never in a million years would she have thought she would do something so brazen! But yet, here she was doing it.

“Hey!” A loud female voice shattered Ashley’s daydream. She spun around to see a tall well-toned woman standing behind her. The woman’s black hair was pulled back tightly into a bun pinned to the back of her head. She wore a tight black blouse and a short black leather skirt. Her feet were encased in 4”spiked high heels. In her hand was a riding crop similar to the one used by Fiona.

“Are you asleep? Let’s get these tables cleared off and wiped down. You’re still on the clock aren’t you?” Ashley jumped as the riding crop came down and smacked the table.


Ashley quickly began placing the empty glasses on her tray and carried them over to the dishwasher’s window. She grabbed a wet towel and headed back to wipe the tables down when the woman dancing on stage caught her attention. She had painted her body with what looked like fluorescent finger paints and it looked really cool under the black lights. Her act was incredible and she had all the right moves to tantalize the men sitting around the edges of the stage.

Feeling like the room had suddenly gotten stuffy, Ashley turned to go towards her table only to find two of the day time bouncers, Karl and Manny, blocking her path.

“This way please,” Manny said as he ushered Ashley towards the stage.

“What… why? Why are we going down there?”

“Mistress Maxine’s instructions,” Manny said.

Oh no! Ashley didn’t know what they were planning for her, but going closer to the stripper stage could not be a good thing. She stopped and turned as if to make a dash for the back of the club, but was redirected by the two large bouncers.

When they got to the stage Ashley was pushed up against it and held in place. Manny took her left wrist and secured it in a padded handcuff that was bolted to the front of the stage while Karl held her other arm. Ashley began to struggle to keep her other wrist from being secured but the bouncers were much too strong for her to overcome them. Her right wrist was pulled away from her and secured in a padded cuff so that her arms were now spread widely apart and secured to the front of the stage at waist height.

Manny and Karl each took an ankle and tried to place cuffs around them. Ashley protested and scampered around to avoid their attempts to catch her, but finally they prevailed. Her cuffed ankles were pulled away from each other and attached to rings screwed into the floor. Ashley had never been tied up before, and she sure didn’t want to be tied up now!

“You can’t do this to me!” she protested. Her protests drew the attention of many of the nearby customers and she flushed with embarrassment. Nicky, standing near the bar, held her finger up to her lips indicating Ashley should be quiet.

Ashley looked down to see Karl attaching a large dildo to a rod that had been screwed into the floor between her legs. Once it was screwed on he began to crank it upwards towards Ashley’s crotch.

“No, please don’t.” Ashley begged, struggling against the wrist cuffs and looking behind her for Maxine.

Soon Ashley felt the head of the dildo enter her pussy. She raised herself up on her tip toes to avoid it, but soon half of its length was inserted inside her vagina. To make matters worse, she felt the vibrator kick in.

“No, guys, don’t leave me here like this,” the young blonde pleaded as the beefy bouncers went back towards the security room.

A movement to her right attracted her attention and she saw Maxine moving down an aisle towards her. The woman came up close behind Ashley and began to toy with her short halter-top.

“You’re not paid to watch the show. If you want to watch the show I’ll put you right up here next to it. Not only can you watch the show, but you can be part of the show.” Maxine lifted Ashley’s halter over her breasts and then quickly hiked up her skirt around her waist. This resulted in several cat calls from the men nearby. The people behind her got a clear view of her naked ass and people on the opposite side of the stage could see her breasts!

Ashley’s face went beet red and she thought she would die from embarrassment!

Still on her tip toes, Ashley’s legs began to quiver. She knew she wouldn’t be able to stay up on her toes much longer, but if she rested back on her heels the vibrating dildo would be forced even deeper inside of her. Standing on tip-toes had been a big mistake! She should have been standing flat footed, and then the dildo wouldn’t have gone any further into her.

“Enjoy the show,” Maxine said as she walked away. “I know I will.”

Ashley saw a dancer named Penny come onto the stage. Dressed in a short leather skirt and leather jacket, she danced to the AC/DC song “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.” Unlike many of the other girls, Penny liked to dance quite a while in her costume - not just peel it off right away. As she danced she pulled four clear plastic squeeze bottles out of the pockets of her leather jacket and set them on the stage in front of Ashley.

When the jacket came off, Ashley saw that Penny’s waist was wrapped in fabric. With a quick motion, the fabric was loosened and rolled out onto the stage bringing the edge right up to Ashley. Penny continued to dance around the stage, strategically removing articles of clothing until she returned to Ashley stark naked. Ashley looked up at the petite woman with admiration for how well toned her body was. Of all the girls that Ashley had seen dance at the club so far, Penny was by far the cutest. She had even commented on that to Nicky the previous night.

Hmmm, that’s a little suspicious! Ashley looked behind her to see if she could see Nicky any place, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, Penny had lowered herself onto her fabric drop cloth directly in front of Ashley. The dancer sat back on her heels with her bent legs spread widely underneath her. Picking up one of the squeeze bottles, Penny held it upside down and squeezed it over her firm perky breasts and then dribbled the liquid down her stomach to her hairless crotch. Then she reached forward and dribbled a thick line over the tops of Ashley’s large breasts. Ashley looked down to see the liquid begin to run down the sides and over her nipples.

Penny began to massage the liquid over her own body, rubbing her hands all over her breasts and stomach and down to her cunt. Then reaching forward, she thoroughly coated Ashley’s breasts in what she now knew was baby oil.

Ashley strained against her bonds and tried to avoid Penny’s hands, but was unable to move any distance at all. She tried to reject the thoughts coming into her brain that Penny’s hands felt incredibly great on her breasts. She tried to suppress the sensation building up in her pussy.

Penny went for the second squeeze bottle and began dribbling a rich brown liquid onto her own body. Ashley could smell chocolate from where she stood. Soon she had chocolate syrup dribbling over her exposed breasts, and soon after that she felt Penny’s sensual fingers massaging the chocolate all over her. Her big breasts were slick and messy.

It felt so fucking good! Ashley’s face burned with embarrassment as she realized how turned on she was feeling. She looked around and saw that most of the customers were watching her. The looks on their faces were pure lust. And that made her all the hornier! The sight of her bound to the stage was turning on the customers.

When Ashley felt Penny withdraw she also realized that her heels were touching the floor and that the vibrator was nearly fully inserted inside of her. She hadn’t even realized she was not on her toes any more.

Now Penny was taking the third bottle and squeezing out the liquid. This appeared to be flowing more slowly and by the time she drizzled it down to her pussy, which was quite close to Ashley’s face, the smell of maple syrup filled the air. The crowd was totally into it as the sticky syrup was squeezed over Ashley’s breasts and massaged in. Penny’s hands and both women’s naked flesh were a mess. Ashley totally understood the drop cloth now.

Ashley could not ignore the waves of sensations building up in her pussy now. She had never used a vibrator on herself before, nor had she even used a dildo. In fact she had only fingered herself a couple of times and had never had an orgasm in her life. The helpless woman was scared to death she was about to have her first orgasm in front of all of these people while tied to a strippers stage covered in baby oil, chocolate, and maple syrup.

Her mind was sort of fuzzy, which she didn’t understand, but she looked up to see the gorgeous woman on stage take the final bottle and begin to squeeze out a golden trail of liquid across her own breasts and then down her brown slimy body to her cunt.

Above the other smells assaulting her, Ashley smelled honey. Penny drizzled a generous portion across the tops of Ashley’s breasts and then lifted her muscular body onto all fours, her pussy high in the air, her head back.

Now, with two knees and one hand touching the floor, Penny massaged her bald slimy pussy, running her fingers into her cunt just a foot away from Ashley’s face. Her fingers separated her glistening pussy lips and Ashley could smell her sex above all of the other scents. Moving effortlessly and smoothly back to her squatting position, Penny worked the last sticky liquid over Ashley’s breasts and the bound woman exploded in orgasm.

Ashley was close to losing consciousness from the force of her orgasm and was not aware of being held up from behind or the applause of the customers. She was not really aware of the second or third orgasmic surges that swept through her in tandem or of being released of her bonds, lifted off of the dildo, and lowered to the floor. Really, the next thing Ashley remembered was waking up on the floor in front of the stage, nearly naked, with her breasts and stomach all sticky and gooey. She pulled her top down and got up. Looking around she saw that the place was nearly empty.

Wandering over to the bar she saw on the clock that it was 3:15! Her shift had been over for 15 minutes! Moving a little more quickly now, she entered the locker room in time to see Penny coming naked out of the shower.

“Oh hi, Jessica,” Penny said with a bright smile. “Thanks for playing along on that routine. You were great! I’ve been working on that routine for about a month, but Harold had never approved it until tonight. He told me to work you into it, which was easy to do with you being tied to the stage and all. Anyway,” she reached into her locker and drew out an envelope, “Here’s your cut on the tips for that show. By the way, that last bit when you faked the orgasm was fantastic. Are you an actress? I almost believed it myself. Well, I hope we can work together again,” Penny said as she finished drying off and slipped a light dress over her head.

Ashley was speechless. An act? Was she serious? She had just experienced a fucking mind blowing orgasm. All she could say was, “Sure…Um…bye.”

“Bye.” Penny replied as she closed her locker, not knowing how bewildered Ashley was.

Ashley wished she had a towel there so she could shower. She went to the sink and ran the water, cupping it onto her breasts to try and clean off the gooey mess that coated them. She took a hand full of paper towels and wiped off most of what remained, cringing as the rough towels brushed over her sensitive nipples. Getting dressed quickly, Ashley bolted from the club and drove home to take a shower.

Harold Wexler smiled as he turned off his video equipment for the night.

Later that morning, exhausted, and a little late, Ashley sat behind her desk and tried to focus on the typing and filing she had to do. Special Agent Umbridge had given her several drafts of letters he needed typed and she was doing her best to concentrate on them. But ultimately her thoughts returned to the club and what had just happened to her earlier that morning. She knew her cheeks had reddened at the thought of Penny massaging each of the liquids onto her breasts. The woman’s hands had felt so nice! It was really embarrassing to Ashley to think that a woman’s touch was turning her on. Was she a lesbian? She wondered if she were. She had to admit that she was not turned off by what she had been seeing on the stage. Why not? And Nicky… shit, she had a smoking hot body. Penny? Damn, she was fucking gorgeous! Maybe I am a lesbian. But no, she liked guys and had, in fact, been married to a wonderful man. She looked over at the framed picture of her late husband, Marcus. Not that any of the guys in the office were ever nice to her. But then none of the women were either. Why the fuck am I even working here? It wasn’t the money, that’s for sure. She knew she continued to work there because of Special Agent Umbridge. The man had been so good to her when she most needed it and she was not going to let him down now.

Thinking about money reminded Ashley of the envelope Penny had given her. She opened her purse and pulled out the envelope. Flipping through the bills, she counted $276. Wow! That made her total tips for the night just over $500.

Ashley typed some more of the boss’ letter to the D.C. headquarters but the thought of Penny’s oily pussy filled her mind. She thought about the smell of pure lust that came from the young dancer when she separated her pussy lips.

Ashley felt moisture dripping down her pussy lips and she got up quickly and headed for the bathroom. Just as she went through the office door Frank and Cheryl were coming the other way. As the door closed behind her she heard Cheryl say, “I smell syrup.”

“Maybe somebody brought in some breakfast this morning.”

End of chapter 1