Poker Night
by mcfbridge

The following story is a work of fiction.† The only part of it that is remotely true is that I really did work with a woman named Suzanne who matched the physical description of the character in this story.† However, her last name has been changed and the company mentioned in this story is entirely fictional.

Charley Ross, Bill Chambers, Terry Donald, and I are all employees of the Western Department Stores Co.† We all work together in the IS department.† The four of us had all been hired within a period of one month and have remained close friends ever since.† That was about four years ago.† I should mention that we are all in our late twenties.† Terry is married, but the rest of us are single.† About a year ago, we started getting together every Friday night for a little poker game.† Four people didn't really make much of a poker game and we don't play for much money anyway. It's mostly a chance to get together, have a few drinks, and sit around and talk.

One of our favorite topics of conversation is Suzanne Williams, who we all just call Suzy.† Suzy was hired in about two years ago.† She's a little younger than we were, probably around 25.† It's her physical attributes that are our favorite topic of conversation.† Suzy is not a particularly pretty woman. †She is average looking with sandy blonde hair.† She's also a little on the heavy side, but not much.† She has a rather large ass and the biggest set of knockers any of us have ever seen.† At the time we didn't know what size they were, but we figured her bras had to be special ordered.

The four of us were hired as senior programmers.† Terry and I are now project managers, Charley is the senior systems guru, and Bill is our DBA (for those of you who don't know what this means don't worry, it doesn't matter for the story anyway).† Suzy is a tester.† She is one of a group that runs all the new programs with data we supply and let's us know what changes need to be made.† The four of us work with Suzy on a regular basis and frequently the five of us will have lunch together.† At some point, I don't really remember exactly when, we mentioned our weekly poker game at one of these lunches.† Suzy said that she played a little poker and would like to join us sometime.† We just told her that if we had an opening sometime we'd let her know.† Of course we really had no intention of ever inviting her.† Our poker game is kind of a private ritual that we just keep to the four of us.† Besides, we frequently discuss Suzy's boobs, and how we would all like to get our hands on them.† We didn't think she was likely to want to join in that conversation.

Over the last month or so, Suzy has asked several times to join our game.† Charley tried flirting with her a little to see if she would be any fun, but Suzanne just made it very clear she didn't get involved with people at work, so he let it drop.† We all figured if she was that uptight, she wasn't going to enjoy our conversations, and we continued to avoid inviting her.†

That all changed last week.† Monday, Terry told the rest of us that he wouldn't be able to play Friday.† His wife had tickets to the theater, and if he didn't go he was dead.† We couldn't argue with that so we just told him we would get together the next week.

After Charley left, I think it was Bill who suggested we invite Suzy in his place.† We both told him he was crazy, but he wondered if maybe a couple of drinks would loosen her up and she would actually turn out be fun.† Charley and I both told him that the only thing we wanted to loosen was her bra.† Bill just smiled and said that maybe that was a possibility, too.† We asked him what he meant, but he just told us we would have to wait until the next day, so he could work out his plan.†

The next day, Bill came over to my office first thing in the morning and he brought Charley with him.† He had a wonderful idea.† Bill had been an amateur magician as a teenager and he could play all sorts of games with a deck of cards.† Suzy didn't know what kind of money we played for, so we would raise the stakes this Friday.† We would play table stakes with $200 in play for each person.† $200 wasn't really much money to the three of us, but to a woman on a tester's pay it would be very significant.† The table stakes part was important; nobody could add anything to a bet that wasn't brought in initially.† You couldn't borrow money and you couldn't raise beyond what you had.† Bill would make sure that Suzy lost gradually for the first hour or so, and then he would deal a very specific hand.† He would deal Suzy 3 kings and 2 other cards.† When she took two cards, he would deal her the fourth king.† He would deal me a hand that I would take 2 cards from as well.† Those cards would be obvious from what I had.† The two cards he would give me would fill a straight flush.† We wouldn't deal this hand until Suzy was down somewhere below $50.† She would want to raise like crazy, but wouldn't have enough money.† Bill thought we might talk her into betting her bra.† He told us to think about it and we'd discuss it over lunch.

Suzy asked to join us at lunch, but we told her we had an important project to discuss and we'd get together with her on Wednesday.† Terry joined us for lunch and the four of us discussed Bill's idea.† Terry laughed and said since he was married, it was a good thing he was the one out, but he wished us luck and if it worked we had to tell him all about it.† I asked Bill why we were limiting it to her bra.† The other guys just looked at me.† I said that if she was desperate enough to bet, she might bet more and more. †Especially if we increased the money, say to $500 a person.† Charley and Bill didn't think Suzanne would even be able to get that much money for one game, but I told them that as much as she wanted to be included, she would find a way if she was invited. †We would need to invite her as soon as possible, so that she would have plenty of time to get the money together.† We agreed that tomorrow at lunch would be perfect.

Wednesday afternoon the five us were eating lunch.† We had scripted the conversation carefully.† After we'd been eating about 5 minutes, Terry casually mentioned how sorry he was that he would miss the game Friday.† We all told him that was okay, we would just play next week.† He, of course, said to just play without him, but we told him that three people just wasn't much of a game.† Right on cue, Suzy piped in that she would be happy to take Terry's place and then we would be able to play.† I said I didn't know, we'd have to think about it.† Suzy insisted that it was perfect.† I turned to her and told her that we didn't want to hurt her feelings, but we didn't think she could afford to risk the kind of money we played for.† I thanked her for her offer, but told her that she just wasn't ready for this game.† She asked me how much we played for and I explained the $500 ground rules.† Suzanne hesitated for a minute, and then said that was no problem.† She'd played for that kind of money lots of times.† Just tell her where the game was and she'd be there.† I look at the other guys.† They all shrugged their shoulders.† I then told Suzy, "Okay, the game is at my house at 7:00.† Please understand we're all friends but the money we play for is serious.† Don't come if you can't afford to play."† Suzy just said not to worry about her and she'd be at my house by 7:00 Friday evening.† Then she said she had to get back to work and left the table.† We all waited until she was out of sight, then we all fell on the table laughing.† We all knew that Suzy had never played more than 10 games of poker in her life, and that the biggest game she had ever played in was about $20.

Thursday afternoon the game got even better.† Charley and I were working with another tester, Sharon, who asked us if it was true that Suzanne was playing poker with us the next night.† We said it was and asked how she knew.† She told us that Suzy had told her.† She said that Suzy was so excited to get to play, that she had borrowed the $500 from her brother.† Sharon had asked Suzy what would happen if she lost, and Suzy told her that her brother would kill her if she didn't pay him back Monday.† Sharon started to ask her if she was crazy, but Suzy told her not to worry.† She was such a good poker player there was no way she could lose.† When she had been in college, she had won her sorority poker game.† Sharon asked her how much that game had been for and Suzy told her it hadn't been for real money, they had just used chips and pretended.† Sharon then asked us if this would be okay, and we just told her not to worry, it would all be all right.† Charley and I had to walk down the hall very quickly after that.† Sharon would have thought we had both lost our minds, if she had seen us both doubling over laughing as soon as we were out of sight.

Friday night came and the three of us met at my house at 6:30 to make sure that we had everything set.† By 7:00, when Suzy arrived, we were ready.† We each put $500 in cash into the bank and we each took $500 in chips.† Suzy did seem a little nervous when she actually put the money down, but we didn't comment on it.† Then I poured everyone a drink and we started playing.† Over the next hour Suzy lost about $200.† She started sweating a little and drinking a little faster.† As soon as her drink was empty, I poured her another.† By 8:30, Suzy had lost another $200 and had finished the second drink.† Her hands were actually shaking as she picked up the cards.† I told her not to worry, if she lost it all she would be allowed to stay and talk as the game continued.† That happened sometimes, she didn't need to feel embarrassed.† Of course I knew what she was really scared of, but we didn't want her to know that.† I remember looking at the clock when Suzy lost the next big hand.† It was 8:52 and Suzy was down to $30.† Bill looked at me and I barely nodded at him.† Sure enough I was dealt the 8, 9 10 of spades and an off 3 and 5.† Suzy bet her whole $30, and we all called.† I pitched the 3 and 5 like I was supposed to and sure enough I picked up the Jack and Queen of spades.†† The fun should pick up now.

I bet $100 and Charley and Bill both folded.† Suzy looked at me and asked how she called.† I told her she couldn't, we would just play and she would win or lose $30.† She asked if there was any way she could borrow money to raise.† She looked at Charley and he told her he would like to, but the rules were you could only bet what you brought to the table.† Suzy just looked at him and said there had to be some way.† Charley said he would think about it, and asked me if I would wait.† Of course I said sure.† Charley drummed his hands a minute or two like he was really thinking, and then he told Suzy he had one idea, but he didn't think she would go for it.† She practically begged him to tell her his idea.† He said okay, she could bet her bra.† Suzy just looked at him like he was crazy, and asked him what the hell he was talking about.† He told her that frankly she had the largest chest any of us had ever seen.† Since she could only bet what she brought to the table, technically her bra should count since she had definitely brought that with her.†

We would have to work out how much it would be worth, but he was sure we would all credit her something to get a look at her boobs.† Suzy just said there was no way she was taking off her top for us and I said fine, I'll show my cards and we'll end this nonsense.† Then Suzanne quickly said to stop and let her think for a minute.† I said I'd wait, but there was no way this would work.† Bill said sure it would, he'd happily credit her $50 for her bra and Charley agreed.† Suzy appeared to be thinking about it, but I said it still wouldn't work.† Everybody, even Suzy, asked me why not.† I said that once she took the bra off it wasn't worth anything.† Whoever won the bra, we all got to see her chest, but then winning it wasn't worth anything.† Having the bra had to get you something.† Suzy was the one who actually asked me what I meant.

I "thought" for a minute and then told her that whoever had the bra at the end of each hand got to play with her boobs for 30 seconds.† If she won it on a hand she could put it back on.† While it was in play it would be bet as a $50 dollar chip since that was the price agreed on.† Suzy said no way, and we thought she might actually back out.† Then she said there was no way she was betting that for $50.† Maybe for $200?† I hemmed and hawed a little and then said it was okay if the other guys agreed.† The bra would count as a $100 chip and we would give her another $100 in chips.† Oh, and by the way, if I won, I got to remove it.† Charley and Bill both said sure.† It was my hand and if I wanted to make that bet it was my business.†

Suzy then hesitated and stammered something about only saying maybe.† I just said fine, it didn't matter to me one way or the other, just make up her mind.† This hand had taken way too long and we needed to get on with the game. †I think at that point, since I hadn't pushed, Suzy was even surer that she had me beat.† She quickly almost snarled fine, she'd do it.† I said okay, but now Bill stopped the game.† He said that anything bet had to be put into the pot.† Suzy said she wasn't taking her bra off unless she lost.† We weren't getting a free peek.† I said that was fair, how about if we just see what's being bet.† Suzy would just take her shirt off and put it on the table.† That way we would see her bra and we would also have her shirt to hold her to her bet.† Suzy didn't seem to like that idea, but she finally actually agreed.† She was wearing a simple white button-up shirt.† She quickly unbuttoned it, pulled it off, and put it on the table.† Then she sat back and tried to act like it was nothing unusual.† Then just glared at Bill and asked if he was satisfied.† He just smiled and said that was fine.

We had always thought that Suzy had a huge chest, and that was indeed the biggest bra we had ever seen.† Suzy was a big girl, broad shouldered with, frankly, a bit of a tummy.† But those boobs were so incredible nobody noticed anything else.† We credited Suzy the $100 and handed her another $100 in chips.† Suzy said that since the bra counted as $100 she had matched my bet and raised me another $50.† She put the chips in and waited.† I hesitated a moment like I was thinking about it, then I put my $50 in and said Call.† Suzy laid down her 4 kings and laughed and told us to keep dreaming.† I just laid my cards down face up.† Suzy's jaw dropped.† Bill took her shirt and started to walk away.† Suzy asked him what he was doing.† He told her he was going to hang it up until the game was over.† She just looked at us and said it was just a joke.† We told her it was no joke.† We played this game very seriously and all bets were to be honored.† Now, if she had no pride in her word we couldn't stop her from leaving, but we were keeping her shirt as a souvenir and she certainly was no longer welcome in our circle.†

For a moment I thought Suzanne might actually start crying, but she quickly wiped her eyes and actually apologized.† She said we were right, a bet was a bet and she had to live with it.† She stood up and told me to come get my prize.† I got behind her and unhooked her bra.† As I did, I had to look at the tag.† It said 44F.† I had never seen an F-cup before and if you haven't ever seen one I can't even describe how big that is.† Then I lowered her bra away and those huge tits were there for all of us to see.† Her boobs sagged down a bit, but for as huge as they were, they were pretty firm.† I just put my hands under both of them from behind and started playing with them.† When my time was almost up, I reached up and played with her nipples for a few seconds.† Then I went back to my seat and Suzy and I both sat down.† When I looked over I actually got my first good look at her tits.† They were every bit as fantastic as I thought they would be.† Aside from the tits being huge, her aureoles were bigger than silver dollars and her nipples were almost the size of a champagne cork.†

I dealt the next hand.† I don't know if it was the alcohol or simply that Suzanne had just accepted the situation, but she just sat there topless and played the next hand as if nothing special had happened.† We wanted the game to go for a while, so Bill made sure Suzy won the next hand.† She won about $300, but I didn't put her bra in the pot.† After the hand, I started to go back over to her, and she put her hands up and asked me what I was doing.† I reminded her that whoever had the bra after a hand go to play with her tits.† It didn't matter who won the hand.† She said that she had won, so she would just give me the $100 it was worth.† I just told her that wasn't the deal and to stand up so I could get to those beauties again.† She just sighed and stood up.† This time I just bounced those huge things up and down for a few seconds.† The rest of the time I just felt and squeezed her nipples.† I admit they were very hard to ignore.† Afterwards we sat down and played another hand.† I kept the bra for another 2 hands and then lost it to Charlie.† Charlie couldn't wait to get his hands on those things.† He kept the bra for 5 hands and he played with those things, bounced them, tweaked then, squeezed them, and just tried to hold them in his hands.† After about the third hand, Suzy did ask how long we would play.† We told her we usually broke up around 3:00 in the morning.† She sighed again and said that was fine.† Charley finally lost the bra to Bill.† Bill then got his turn to play with those huge boobs.† Suzanne seemed to be getting more and more humiliated each time she had to stand up so someone could play with her tits.†

After Bill had his fourth hand to play with those boobs, I signaled Bill to setup another hand.† We had been playing a while and Suzy had about $150 in chips.† Bill dealt her 3 aces and he gave me 2 queens.† Suzy bet $50 and everyone called.† Suzy took two cards and I took three.† Bill gave Suzy a pair of sixes so she had Aces full.† He dealt me the other two queens.† I bet $100 and Suzy called.† Then Bill raised $50 and Charley folded.† I raised another $50 and the bet came to Suzy.† She was now out of chips and the bet was another $100.† She "knew" she would win and wanted to raise.† She asked us what she could bet this time.† I just laughed and said I guessed there was only one possibility.† Since she had bet the top half last time, she could do the same thing with her bottom half.† She said there was no way we were screwing her over a bet.† I said fine, but she would bet her panties and whoever won got to take them off.† Also, whoever had the panties at the end of a hand got to play with her bottom half.† They couldn't fuck her, but they could pet her, rub her, finger her or anything else that came to mind.† Suzy was so sure, and had had so many drinks, she didn't even argue.† She just said that it had to be worth more than $200.† Bill and I said that seemed fair.† We would credit her $200 for her panties and give her another $200 in chips.† However, the same rules applied, she would have to take her jeans off so we could see the wager, and whoever won the hand got to remove the panties.† Suzanne just sort of growled, fine, and stood up to remove her jeans.†

As I've mentioned, Suzy was a big girl.† When she dropped those jeans that was one big butt that came into view.† She was wearing basic white panties that pretty much covered everything, but the size of that ass was still awfully impressive.† We only got a quick view of it as she removed her jeans and then sat back down, but we were sure looking forward to seeing more of it soon.†††

Suzy put $100 of additional chips into the pot.† She had ended up raising the pot $200.† Bill folded and it came back to me.† I called and waited for the fun to begin.

Suzy laid down her full house and started to pull in the chips.† I just quietly said, "Excuse me, I havenít shown my cards yet."† Suzanne actually laughed, telling me to go ahead and show my cards so she could get her jeans back on.† She said her butt was cold and to hurry up.† I flipped my hand over and told her that her butt was about to get a lot colder.† Suzy looked like she was in shock.† Her eyes got real wide and her hands started to shake.† I think the loss actually started to sober her up.† Suzy stood up and I think I saw a tear in her eye.† Maybe if I had been less drunk myself I would have felt sorry for her, but I wasn't and I didn't.

I took hold of the waist band of her panties and slowly pulled them down.† Her pussy came into view and the other guys actually applauded.† As I said earlier Suzy has sandy blonde hair, and it was very obvious that it was her natural color.† I pulled the panties down to her ankles and she stepped out of them.† Suzanne was just standing there, naked.† Bill still had the bra, so he and I started discussing how we would work this.† After a few seconds, Suzy told us to just get this over with.† I said okay, and told her to get down on her hands and knees.† Suzanne started to move and then stopped and asked why she needed to get into that position.† I told her that since I had the panties and Bill had the bra, we needed access to all the good parts.† On her hands and knees, I could get to her bottom half, and her tits would be hanging down wonderfully for Bill get at them. †

Again, I don't know if it was the alcohol, or just that Suzy was so overwhelmed by the situation.† Either way, she actually said that sounded reasonable and got down on her hands and knees.† When she got down, that huge ass was just pointing back at all of us. I told Bill he could get to her boobs, but he said he'd rather wait and watch this.† I actually pulled up a chair right behind Suzy's butt and sat down.† I grabbed one of those huge cheeks in each hand and just pulled them as far apart as I could. †As soon as her asshole came into view, Suzy jumped up and asked me what the Hell I was doing.† I told her I had just won her bottom half fair and square, and that I could open up anything I wanted to.† Frankly, I told her, I could then do whatever I wanted with what I pulled open.† I could see Suzy start to argue, but then she just shrugged and got back down so that her ass was pointing back at me.†

I pulled that butt back open, so we could all see everything.† After a few seconds, I reached down and grabbed her pussylips and pulled them open, too.† Both her holes were spread wide open for our viewing enjoyment, and a beautiful view it was.† When the time was up I let go of her pussy.† Bill had enjoyed the view so much that he actually forgot to play with her boobs.† We all took our seats and began the next hand.† Suzy was really shaken, so I poured her another drink.† She gulped the whole thing down before the first bet.

Bill dealt Suzy a good hand and we made sure she won about $400 this time.† We had nothing else to play for, and we wanted this game to last a long time.† When the hand was over, Suzy actually smiled and raked in her chips.† Then, without even being asked, she got down on her hands and knees and waited.† This time Bill did go to the front.† He reached under her and started jiggling her boobs.† They were so big that he actually had to lift them a little so they didn't brush the floor.† I pulled her butt open again, and then I put my index finger up her asshole.† I felt her start to get up, but she remembered the rules and stayed where she was.† When my time was up, I took my finger out and went back to the table.† Suzy gathered herself and looked at me.† She told me that was not her favorite hole to be played with.† I said fine, next time I would play with the other one.† She actually thanked me.†

We gave Suzy another drink and played another hand.† I don't remember who won.† It didn't matter anyway.† We had decided we would keep Suzy playing and make sure that at the end of the night she had her $500.† Suzy finished that drink during the hand.† After the hand was over, Suzy went right back to her hands and knees.† She looked back and reminded me that I had promised to play with the other hole.† I agreed, but I told her it would be easier and save me some time, if she would reach back and hold her butt open for me.† Suzy didn't even argue.† She put her head down and reached back and opened her ass as wide as she could.† She probably pulled it farther open than I had.

I reached in, opened her pussy, and started to put one finger in it.† It was so wet, that I ended up putting two in almost immediately.† Meanwhile, Bill was rubbing her boobs, and Suzy actually started to moan a little.† When the time was up, I thought Suzanne looked a little disappointed.† We played another hand.† Suzy was so drunk we didn't dare give her any more.† We didn't want her to pass out.† She got back down and didn't even have to be asked to open up.† She just reached back, opened that huge ass up, and just waited.† I fingered her pussy again until the time was up.† When I pulled my fingers out, Suzy actually looked back and told me I didn't have to quit if I didn't want to.† I told her thanks, but I needed to play by the rules.†

The next hand, I lost the panties to Bill and he lost the bra to Charlie.† I was the odd man out as they started to play with her.† Suzy had gotten back down and opened her ass up again.† Charlie started working on her boobs, and Bill put a finger into that big ass.† Suzy turned around and asked Bill if he could please play with the other hole.† Bill told her that each of them was going to have to have at least one turn at her asshole, but if she asked nicely after the next hand he would switch holes.† The next hand was played and there went Suzy back into position, butt held way open.† She didn't say anything, however.†

Bill reached in and just put his finger to her butthole and rubbed a little.† Suzy must have remembered what he'd told her, and she immediately asked him if he would please play with her pussy instead.† Bill said that since she had asked so politely, he would happily honor her request.† For the next 4 hands, Suzy would get down and Bill would finger her pussy.† For the last two, he started rubbing her clit while he did it.† By the end of the time, Suzy's whole body was shaking.†

The next hand, Bill lost the panties to Charlie, and Charlie lost the bra to me.† Suzy turned to Charlie and actually told him that she knew he'd want to play with her anus, so she'd open up for him so he could get to it.† She also asked if he would work on her pussy after that.† Charlie said sure and Suzy got down and opened up.† Charlie actually managed to get two fingers into Suzy's butt.† I was working on those fantastic tits at the time, and Suzy didn't seem to mind at all.† For the next 4 hands, Charlie fingered Suzy's pussy and played with her clit.† I pulled her boob sideways out from under her.† It was so big, I was able to lift it up and out where I could actually kiss and lick her nipple.† By the end of the 4th time, there was no question that Suzy was bucking back against Charlie's hand.†

The next hand was my turn, so I won the panties and Bill got the bra.† Again, Suzy went down and I started working on her pussy and clit.† She was so wet and humping so hard, I had three fingers inside her by the time it ended.† We got up and played another hand.† Suzy didn't even look at her cards, she just folded.† As soon as the hand was over, Suzy almost seemed to jump down.† She reached back and grabbed her pussy lips and pulled them open as far as she possibly could and as soon as I touched her pussy, she started humping back for all she was worth. †I rubbed her clit for the whole 30 seconds and then stopped.† Suzy just stayed there holding her pussy open, and asked me if I would please keep doing that until she came.† She was so horny she couldn't stand it.† I just said I was sorry, but rules were rules.† Suzy actually stayed there a few seconds, trembling, but when she saw I had gotten up, she went back to her chair.†

We dealt another hand.† Bill bet something, we all folded, and Suzy said "Great, the hand is over, come on".† She got back down and pulled her pussy open again.† I fingered her and rubbed her clit again, and Suzy just kept moaning.† After time was up I pulled my hands away.† Suzy just said to screw the rules and make her cum.† I brushed her clit and said that we couldn't do that.† She asked why the Hell not.

I said it wouldn't be fair.† We were all horny too, so she would just have to live with it.† I brushed her clit a couple of times while I said it, to keep her worked up.† Suzy just said she'd make sure all of us came, just tell her what we wanted and play with her pussy.† I brushed her clit a couple more times.† Then I told her there were three of us and she had three holes.† We would each get to use one of them.† She said she didn't think she could do all that at one time.† As I brushed that clit a little more, I told her I didn't mean all at the same time.† We would go one after the other.† She didn't answer right away, so I leaned forward and licked her clit.† That seemed to do it.† She just said, "Yes, yes, just please keep going".

I put both my hands back to work, and Bill started licking her tit.† It seemed like less than a minute before she was coming.† It took her about 5 minutes to get her breath back.† While we waited we discussed how we would do this.† We finally agreed we would cut cards.† High card got to choose a hole first, second got to choose next, and the low card got what was left.† Bill pulled the 5 of hearts, Charlie, the Jack of spades, and I pulled the ace of hearts.† I chose her asshole, Charlie wanted her mouth, and Bill got her pussy, which he said was his first choice anyway.

After Suzy caught her breath, we explained things to her.† Suzy said she knew what she had agreed to, but she had just been so horny.† Couldn't we please stick to her pussy and maybe her mouth, and at least not fuck her up the ass.† I told her that none of us really wanted to be second in a hole, and asked if she'd ever had it up the butt before.† She said she had a few times, but she hadn't enjoyed it much.† We told her that maybe if we did her pussy right before her butt, she'd be so horny she'd like it.† Besides, if she was really good, we'd make her come again before we quit.†

Charlie went first.† He just took his pants down and sat down in one of the chairs.† Suzy got down on her knees, put her head in his lap and started sucking for all she was worth.† Charlie smiled and told us she was really good at this.† Suzy actually lifted up and said thank you.† Then she went right back to sucking.† I don't think Charlie lasted 5 minutes.† He yelled he was coming and started jerking into her mouth.† Bill and I assumed Suzy swallowed everything since we never saw a drop drip down her face.

Bill went next.† He put her back on her hands and knees and went at her doggie style.† He reached under her and fingered her clit while he did her.† By the time he came she was moaning and humping for all she was worth.† Bill moved out of the way and I got behind her.†

I had gotten a tube of Vaseline while Bill was screwing Suzy.† I had already rubbed some on my dick.† As soon as I got behind her, I put some on my finger and stuck the finger up her ass to lubricate her.† I put the head of my cock to her asshole, and Suzy just pushed back until the head popped inside.† I plunged all the way into her butt, and Suzy just kept humping on my dick in her ass.† I don't know how long I screwed her ass.† However long it was it wasn't long enough.† It was great.† While I screwed her butt, I reached under her and played with her clit.† After a while Suzy came again.† When she did, her ass just clamped down on me and that was all I could take.† I came harder than I think I've ever cum in my life.† We were all just sitting there on the floor.† Suzy was still on her knees with her head resting on her hands.† Her butt was pointing straight in the air.† I just reached up and patted it.† Suzy smiled and lay down on her stomach.†

We were all so drunk, nobody dared drive home.† We all just sacked out on the floor of that room.† Sometime in the morning we all woke up.† I don't really know what time it was, but the sun was well up.† I didn't know how Suzanne would react after she woke up and was sober.† Suzy just grabbed her purse and pulled out her wallet.† She asked us to give her the money she had coming for her chips.† She had about $525 in chips so we gave that to her.† She hadn't said anything else and I thought that maybe she was so upset that she just didn't want to speak to us.† Then she started to walk to the door.† Before she got there she turned around.† "I told you I was good at poker, when's the next game?"† We told her next Friday at 7:00 right here.† She said great, she'd be there and left.†

Today's Sunday.† Bill and Charlie and I don't know what were going to tell Stephen.† But we're going to come up with something.