Casino Debt
by mcfbridge

Part 10

Janice had been home for almost 2 hours now, and she still couldn't stop laughing.  After she had gotten dressed Tony had told her the second favor he wanted.  It had been so much fun playing with her, that he wanted another toy.  He gave her another voucher for $500 in chips.  He told her to bring another woman with her to the casino and get her to lose enough to get into the same kind of debt trouble.  She could use the chip voucher, so she could play along and keep the woman playing.  Tony didn't care who the woman was, as long as she was reasonably attractive, and someone who would be really humiliated by the experience. 

Janice had just smiled at him and told him that would be no problem.  Tony gave her his card.  He asked her to call him when he had a woman lined up.  Janice started to leave, but then she walked back and quickly kissed Tony.  She told him she didn't know why, but she felt better than she ever had in her life, even with the marbles in her butt.  In fact she even kind of liked feeling them rattle around inside her.  God, what had happened to her?

The marbles had made Janice squirm a little driving home. She realized she could have gone to the ladies room and removed them but that thought hadn't even crossed her mind until she was halfway home.  As soon as she got home she ran to the phone.  She didn't even bother to take the marbles out.  She called Emily Parker and told her she had a perfect place for the get together, the new casino boat.  Emily asked her if she was sure.  "Oh yes Emily I'm sure.  I know the manager of the casino, and he told me that if you'll come down to the boat with me tomorrow, he'll show you around personally.  We can play the games all day...    Yes, Emily, I know you don't gamble, but I'll show you how to play the games...Don't worry Emily, I promise it will be a day you will never forget. See you tomorrow, bye".

Janice would call Tony in a few minutes and tell him about Emily.  She couldn't wait to see that bitch humiliated.  In fact, she might ask Tony if she could help play with her, after he had her hooked.  Yes, she would definitely call Tony.  Just as soon as she got around to taking those marbles out...