Casino Debt
by mcfbridge

Part 9

Janice got home and still didn't understand what had happened.  She had begged a man she hardly knew to play with her vagina.  Not only begged, but offered to suck on him if he'd do it.  It didn't make any sense.  She still hated being made to expose herself and open herself up like that.  So, why had she gotten so excited?  Was her life so dull, that this was what it took to get her going?  Well, she'd think about it later.  Right now she had to prepare herself for this party.  Dear God what had she agreed to.  Tony had said they'd play games with her.  What kind of games she wondered.  She didn't know for sure, but she expected they would involve making her expose herself again and then sticking things in her.  She was getting so tired of that, at least she thought she was.

The rest of Monday was uneventful.  Tuesday that Mrs. Parker called again.  She wanted to know if Janice had found a good place for the get together.  Janice just told her she'd get back to her later.  Emily didn't sound happy, but she let her go.  Janice wasn't going to do a damn thing about that party until she had gotten through the one tomorrow. 

Wednesday morning Janice got up at 7:00.  She showered and put her makeup on.  She needed to look her best for the party.  The problem was she didn't know why she cared.  When she was done, she put on the dress Tony had requested and headed out.  She got to the boat at 11:30 and went down to Tony's office.  Tony was there talking with another man.  He introduced the man to her as Jimmy.  He also told her how happy he was that she was there.  She was a little early; the other guests hadn't arrived yet.  Over the next 30 minutes the rest of the guests arrived.  Jimmy, who was already there was tall and in good shape.  He appeared to be quite young, probably not 30 yet.  The next to arrive were brothers, Stephen and Jerry, who were much older.  They were probably both around 50, and a little on the heavy side.   Eddie got there about 10 to noon.  He was probably about 35, but he was short and prematurely bald.  Frank and Larry arrived together right at noon.  Frank was about 40; he was quite heavy with steel gray hair.  Larry was younger, around 30.  He was short and very thin with thick glasses.  Janice thought he looked exactly like the typical computer nerd. 

Tony got the men drinks and then explained how Janice was their entertainment.  Larry was the one who asked what kind of games they could play.  Tony told them whatever they could think up, within the ground rules that had been explained.  The guys all looked Janice over and told Tony he had definitely provided quality entertainment for the party.  They talked about Janice like she wasn't even there. 

The first game they came up with was a trivia game.  Tony went into his room and got a Trivial Pursuit game.  Each person stood by Janice and asked a question.  If he got it right, he would fish one of her tits out.  Then while he played with her boob, he would be asked additional questions.  He would have only 3 seconds to answer.  When he missed he had to put her tit back.  The man who got the most answers right would get to be the first one to stick a finger in her pussy. 

Jimmy went first.  He answered the first question and reached into her dress and pulled out her right breast.  Then he wrapped both hands around it and squeezed and rubbed it while he answered the questions.  After 3, he was so distracted that he missed an easy one.  Disappointed he stuffed her boob back into her bra and dress.  Frank went next, after he answered the first question and hauled the same tit out, he just put her nipple between his thumb and a finger and lifted her boob up by it.  He just held onto her nipple that way while he answered 8 questions.  The game went on from there.  Each man hauled one of her boobs out, played with, or bounced it, or did whatever they felt like with it, until they missed and then stuffed it back into her clothes.  At the end of the game, Frank had won.  He walked over to Janice and lifted her dress.  He asked her to move her legs apart, and knowing what he had been told he would win, Janice separated her legs so he could reach her vagina.  At least he was gentle as he inserted his finger into her.  He wiggled it around inside her, while he told the other guys how nice and tight she was.  Janice couldn't believe she was standing there with a stranger having a finger inside her while a bunch of other guys watched. 

The next game was poker.  They would play 5 hands. The winner of the first 3 hands got to remove a piece of her clothing and fondle her.  For the 4th winner she would open her ass for him and let him play with her anus.  For the 5th, she would open her vagina and let him play in there.  Tony won the first game and removed her dress.  He told her how well she was doing while he removed it.  For some reason she was very pleased that Tony was happy with her.  Eddie won the second hand and removed her bra.  He played with her boobs for a minute or so, and then sat back down.  The third hand was won by Larry.  He came over and removed her panties.  Then he just stroked her between her legs.  That actually felt good, and Larry told the other guys that she was getting wet.  The guys all thought that was really funny and Janice was mortified.  How could she be getting turned on by this?  Stephen won the fourth hand and there was nothing exciting for Janice this time.  She hated showing her ass, but she bent way over and reached back and pulled her ass open so that Stephen could play with her hole.  After all, he had won it fair and square.  Before he did anything, Steve made Janice turn a little so all the guys could see her asshole.  They all watched as Stephen stuffed a finger inside her.  Then he hooked his finger up inside her and gently started to pull.  He pulled hard enough, that Janice had to slowly walk backwards while he dragged her by her asshole.  Stephen made her follow him for 3 small circles before he popped his finger out of her ass.  The guys were all laughing and Janice couldn't help sobbing a little.  She didn't have any time to feel sorry for herself though.  Eddie was having a lucky day and he quickly won the last hand.  Janice knew she needed to give him access to her vagina.  She started to lie down, but Eddie told her to make sure her pussy was facing all the guys.  Janice moved around a little so she was in the requested position.  Then she spread her legs apart and reached in to pull her lips apart.  Eddie just let her lay there a minute or so, so that everyone could get a good look at her wide-open pussy.  Then he fingered her hole for a little while. Then, just as she thought he was done, he took the straw from his drink and stuck it in her vagina.  Then he just walked away and left it there.  Janice didn't know what to do.  She didn't know if she could get up, or if she was just supposed to lie there so everyone could see the straw sticking out of her.  After a few seconds, the guys told Janice that she could get up.  She pulled the straw out, and climbed back to her feet.  How much more humiliating would this get.

The next game was the sort of thing she had been dreading.  They blindfolded her and put her on her knees.  They explained to her that a guy would put his dick in her mouth and she would suck it for 30 seconds.  Then she would try to guess who it was.  If she was right, she got to suck it until he came, and then he was out of the game.  Strangely enough, Tony didn't want to play.  Janice opened her mouth and resigned herself to swallowing 6 loads of cum.  Well 7 actually, since the winner would get a second turn later in the afternoon.  Four guys had put their penises in her mouth before she guessed one correctly.  The first man out was Jimmy but he didn't seem all that disappointed when she went back to sucking on him.  It wasn't long before he started to jerk and she got her first load of cum sprayed in her mouth.  She swallowed it down and then opened her mouth for the next penis.  Someone stuck one in and she sucked.  After a while she lost track.   Someone would stick a penis in her mouth and she'd suck it.  If he took it out she'd guess a name.  If the penis stayed in her mouth she just kept sucking it.   After a while they had all shot in her mouth and they told her that Frank was the winner.  She had no idea.  She just knew that she had cum all through her mouth and she wanted a drink.  The six guys needed time to catch their breath, so Tony poured her a glass of Scotch while the other guys sat and talked for a while.  Tony actually thanked her for making his party such a success.  Janice didn't know why, but the idea that she had pleased Tony made her feel warm all over.  She sipped her drink and Tony went back to talk the other guys. 

It was a little after 2:00 when the sucking game had ended, and the guys just sat and talked for the next couple of hours.  Janice was actually beginning to think they might leave her alone for the rest of the afternoon, when she heard them start discussing what game they could play next.  It was only about 4:30 and Janice knew that her holes would be busy again soon.  It took them about 15 minutes to decide on a game and Janice couldn't believe what they game up with.  They were going to play basketball, specifically HORSE and she was the basket.  This was the most humiliating thing she had ever heard of.

One of the guys went up to the casino gift shop and bought a bag of about 15 marbles.  Another guy had a large funnel with him.  It seemed an odd thing to have, but he said he had just bought it to change his oil with that weekend.  They made Janice get down on her knees and put her head all the way to the floor, so her butt was sticking straight up into the air.  Then one of the men, she couldn't see who, stuck the funnel into her asshole.  She was told to put her hands behind her and hold on to the edges of the funnel to hold it in.  She wasn't sure which was worse, what they had her do, or the fact that she was doing it.  There she was, though, holding a funnel in her butt for a bunch of strangers.

The game played like HORSE.  One of the guys would stand on a spot and toss a marble at the funnel.  If it went in, each guy had to try the shot.  The winner got to use her mouth again.  The first 3 marbles bounced off her back and rolled away.  The fourth one landed in the funnel.  She heard it roll around in there and then she felt it fall inside her.  This was unbelievable, but the game went on.  A moment later, another marble went in, and then a third.  There she was on her knees, while more and more marbles fell into her butt.  After 5 or 6, she could hear each one hit the other marbles inside her as they fell in. 

Before the game ended, they ran out of marbles.  The guys told Janice to stay where she was while they figured out what to do.  One guy suggested they just quit and whoever was ahead won.  The other guys just laughed at him and said that of course he liked that, since he was ahead.  No, they said the game had to be finished.  The walked over to Janice and pulled the funnel out.  Then they told her to sit down and push the marbles out.  She put her butt down and most of the marbles fell out easily.  Two, though, she had to really push out and for some reason that was even more embarrassing.  Then it got even worse.  The guys counted the marbles and they were one short.  Since it wouldn't fall out, they decided to go in and get it.  They put her back on her knees.  One guy grabbed each of her cheeks and pulled them as far apart as they could possibly go.  Then another guy stuck a finger inside her to fish out the last marble.  It took over a minute for him to find the marble and pull it out.  Then they stuck the funnel back in and continued the game.  Thank God it ended before they ran out of marbles again.  The funnel was pulled out again, and at least all the marbles came back out without any trouble this time.

Afterwards it was time to pay off the winners.  She didn't even notice who they were.  She just opened her mouth and let the two guys, whoever they were, stick their penises in.  She sucked on the first until it shot into her mouth.  She swallowed the stuff and then waited for the second guy to stick his in.  After she was done, the guys thanked Tony and started to leave.  She started to get up and go get a drink, but Tony stopped everyone.  He told them there was one more game.

Tony told her to get on her back.  Then he had her join her hands under her thighs and pull her knees all the way back.  When she did, both her holes were pointing straight up at everyone.  Then Tony pulled out 3 vibrators.  He made her watch as he turned them all on.  He stuck one deep in her ass and another into her pussy.  It became hard to follow the rest, but she managed to make it out.  Each guy would be given the third vibrator and he would have 1 minute to rub it on her clit.  Whoever made her cum won the game and Tony would give him $500 in chips.  Janice didn't think this game would take long, the two things inside her were already making her crazy.  The first guy touched her clit and she stopped caring about anything but how good it felt.  She didn't know how long it went on or who won.  All she knew was that somewhere she exploded and came.  Then she heard Tony tell the guys to keep playing until 3 people had won.  The vibrator went back on her clit and she went crazy again.  A few minutes later she came again, and then once again a few minutes after that.  Each orgasm seemed more intense than the one before. 

After it was over, Janice just laid there, exhausted.  She didn't think she could move.  She hardly felt it when they pulled the vibrators out of her.  She didn't have enough energy to even be embarrassed by it.  Then she heard one of the guys say that she should have a prize to go home with.  They rolled her over onto her stomach.  Then she felt them pull her up to her knees and stick the funnel back into her anus.  Then they poured the whole bag of marbles into her ass and pulled out the funnel.  She just laid there, she didn't even care.  She heard them talking to Tony, they all laughed together awhile, then she heard them all leave.  A minute later, Tony came over and helped her up.  Her legs still felt like rubber but she managed to stand.  Tony handed her clothes to her and told her to get dressed.  She asked what she should do about the marbles, and he told her to take them out when she got home.  She was so dazed that it actually sounded reasonable.  Janice got dressed, and she and Tony both laughed as they heard the marbles rattle around when she moved.  Why was she laughing?  She was standing in front of a man with a bunch of marbles up her butt and she was laughing about it.  She should be humiliated, but she felt so good, she just didn't care. 

Tony put his arm around her and told her the second favor he wanted from her.  Janice's eyes widened a little, and then she just starting laughing even harder.  She couldn't wait to give Tony what he wanted, and she knew exactly how to do it.