Casino Debt
by mcfbridge

Part 8

As Janice drove home, her mind was in a fog.  She was so confused.  On the one hand, she hated being played with and exposed like that.  It was horrible and humiliating.  On the other hand, that orgasm had been the most intense thing she had ever felt in her life.  What was wrong with her.  Well it didn't matter now.  There was certainly nothing exciting about having to suck on Tony's penis.  And if he CAME IN HER MOUTH, how disgusting.  There had to be something she could do, but she owed Mr. Vineti $3500 now.  She hadn't even been able to win $500, how would she ever get that much.

Well she had to come up with a new plan.  Tuesday morning she went back to the casino.  She spent the whole day just watching various games, but she never saw anything that would give her a reasonable chance of winning the kind of money she needed.  She went back Wednesday and Thursday, looking for anything she could find that would let her come up with another plan.  It was hopeless, there just wasn't another game that paid the kind of money she needed. 

Friday she couldn't go to the casino anyway.  That stupid Mrs. Parker had arranged for all the officers' wives to spend the day redecorating the Officers' Club.  Emily said that the Club reflected on the image of the men at the base.  What a waste of time, but she couldn't get out of it. 

Saturday she went back to the boat.  She tried playing blackjack. She played for 9 hours straight and all she managed to do was win $200.  Now she had $700, but she needed $3500.  How could she get that in one day?  Janice drove slowly home, she would come back and try the next day, but she knew she didn't have a chance.

Sunday morning she went back to the boat.  She spent the morning wandering around the boat, but she didn't find anything that would help.  She went over to the bar to get a drink and to try to think.  There just wasn't any way out.  She just sat at the bar and sobbed.  Then she felt a tap on her shoulder.  This nice man was looking at her and asking her what was wrong.  She told him the truth, or at least most of it.  She said that she had $700 left and that she needed to win back another $2800 by the end of the day or she was in terrible trouble.  The man just smiled at her and then told her that he could help her with her problem.  He took out his cell phone and made a quick call.  She couldn't hear what he was saying over the noise in the room, but when he got off he told her that he had a solution for her.  "By the way, I'm Joe Hardy."  She told him how nice it was to meet him and that her name was Janice McGilney.  She wiped her eyes and asked him how he could help.  "Well, I know a game where you can win that kind of money easily.  Just follow me outside."  Janice asked him where they were going and he told her that he knew a guy who ran a private game on the streets about 2 blocks from there.  "It's perfectly safe and if you're at all smart you can't lose."  Janice knew she would be smart enough to win any game, but she didn't have any cash; all she had were her casino chips.  Joe told her that they would take those at this game.  "After all, the guys there can always come onto the boat and play them."  Mr. Hardy started to leave and Janice followed him hoping this game would really save her. 

The two of them walked about 2 blocks when they came to an alley.  Down the alley, Janice could see a man behind a small table.  Joe walked down the alley and she followed him.  The man behind the table looked up, "Hey Joe, come back to give me a chance to win my money back."  Joe laughed and said sure, why not?  Joe introduced the man to Janice as Bill Anderson.  "Bill runs a shell game.  It's easy to beat if you know what you're doing, but most people don't."  Janice looked at the table.  There were 3 large shells on it.  Bill asked Joe how much he wanted to bet.  "How about $100?"  Joe said and slapped a Ben Franklin on the table.  Bill lifted the shells and Janice saw that there was a small ball under one of them.  Joe told her "the idea is that Bill here moves the shells around and you have to tell him where the ball is.  If you get it right, the game pays 4 to 1.  If you bet your entire $700 and win, he'll pay you $2800 and you'll have enough money."  Joe told her to watch and he'd show her how easy it was.  Sure enough, Bill moved the shells around, but it seemed awfully easy to follow the one with the ball under it.  Joe picked the same one she would have and the ball was under it.  Bill handed Joe $400 and asked if he wanted to go again.  Joe said no, but he thought that the lady might like to play.  Bill just laughed and said sure.  "Old Joe here wins a lot of money off me, but I don't mind.  Most people get distracted while I'm moving the shells and lose, so I take in way more money than I lose to people like Joe here.  So if you want to take a shot go ahead."  Janice told him that all she had was $700 in casino chips, but Bill told her that was fine.  "Heck, I play on the boat all the time, so they'll be just like cash to me."  Janice couldn't believe her luck.  She was finally about to get out of all this trouble.

Janice placed her $700 dollars in chips on the table.  Bill placed the ball under one of the shells and began to move them around.  The shells moved at a reasonable pace, but nothing that Janice had any trouble following.  She never took her eyes off the shell with the ball under it.  Unfortunately for Janice, there was something she didn't see.  The back of the table near Bill was slanted down.  When he moved the shell with the ball over that part, the ball quietly rolled out from under the shell into the net basket hung under the table.  Janice never saw or heard a thing.  Bill stopped moving the shells and Janice confidently pointed at the center shell that she knew the ball was under.  Janice was so thrilled, Bill would lift the shell and she would win the money she needed.  He lifted the shell and there was nothing there.  Janice shook her head and looked again, but there was no ball.  She fell back, stunned.  Bill just said, "sorry miss", and took her $700 in chips.  Joe just shook his head.  "I'm so sorry, Janice, I thought you knew the ball was under the left one."  Janice just told him it was okay and walked away.  When she was out of sight, Bill and Joe, who's real names were actually Gary and Mike, split Janice's $700 and walked away whistling. 

Janice walked back to the casino.  She thought to herself, this really sucks.  Then she sort of giggled as she nervously realized it was she who would suck.  Joe had been so nice to try and help her, how had she screwed that up so badly?  Well she might as well get home.  Tomorrow looked to be a long day.

Sunday night was the longest night of her life.  Janice didn't know what she was going to do.  She was going to have to suck on Mr. Vineti's penis.  What would she do if; no, not if, when; he came in her mouth.  Would she throw up in front of him.  Hell, would she throw up on him.  How on God's green earth would she keep that thing in her mouth when he came?  She had finally calmed down about 10:00, when who should call but that stupid Mrs. Parker.  She told Janice that all the officer's wives were going to get together for a day out together, and since everyone knew that Janice liked to have a good time, she was being put in charge of finding a fun place to go.  She was to find a place, and then call Mrs. Parker so that the two of them could go spend a day checking the place out together.  Just what she needed: first a day of sucking some guy's penis, and then later a fun day with that bitch Mrs Parker.  Janice finally went to sleep.  Her last thought was wondering which of those two appointments was going to be worse. 

Monday morning came and Janice got up and just threw on a clean dress.  After all, why take a lot of time getting dressed when all she was going to do was take it all off, anyway.  She got in her car and drove to the casino boat.  After she parked, she had to sit there a couple of minutes to gather her nerve.  Then she took a deep breath and started to walk onto the boat.  The walk down the stairs seemed longer than before.  When she got to the bottom, the girl at the desk told her to go right in.  Janice would have sworn she was snickering as she said it. 

Janice stepped onto the tile floor and stripped.  Somehow, considering what she was about to do, taking off her clothes didn't seem like a big deal.  She started to walk over to Mr. Vineti when she noticed he was in his bathrobe.  As she walked over she had to ask him if he had come onto the boat in that robe.  She didn't see any other clothes in the room.  Tony chuckled a little, "No, my dear Mrs. McGilney, I didn't come onto the boat in my robe.  The other door outside my office leads to my private bedroom and bathroom.  Believe it or not I do actually do some work here, and on nights that I work very late I sometimes just sleep her.  So I decided that considering what you are about to do, the least I could do was take a shower before you got here.  Now get to work."

Janice got behind the desk and crawled under it.  She was kneeling in the section where Tony's feet would normally go.  Fortunately, the desk was so big, that there was plenty of room for her.  When she looked at Tony she was right on a level with his crotch.  In fact with the desk over her, she couldn't even see anything above his waist.  Well she couldn't think of any more excuses to delay the inevitable.  She reached into his robe and quickly found his penis.  She opened the robe enough to get it out.  Then she took a deep breath, and opened her mouth and put it in. 

Janice sucked Tony's whole penis into her mouth.  He wasn't hard yet so it wasn't difficult.  She was actually grateful for the shower Tony had taken.  He tasted clean, and frankly not all that bad.  She sucked hard on the penis and very quickly felt it harden and grow.  She couldn't keep the whole thing in her mouth but she managed to hold onto about half of it.  Janice wasn't very experienced at this, but she figured she would just continue to suck on it and move her tongue around on it.  Mr. Vineti wasn't complaining so she must be doing something right.  After she had sucked for a while, Tony told her she was doing a wonderful job.  "By the way," he told her "if you have any questions feel free to ask them.  Just make sure my dick stays in your mouth while you ask."  Yeah, right she thought, but also some part of her was actually pleased that Tony was happy with her.  Janice continued to suck on the penis in her mouth.  She just concentrated on that and lost track of everything else.  All of a sudden, the penis started to jerk in her mouth and she heard Tony's breath getting shorter.  She knew what was going to happen and tried to brace herself for it.  Sure enough, about a minute later the first blast of cum shot into her mouth.  Janice almost choked but she managed to swallow it down.  More blasts followed the first one, until her mouth was full of cum.  She managed to swallow most of it, but the inside of her mouth was coated with it.  It actually didn't taste that bad, but the idea still grossed her out.  Tony's penis went soft in her mouth, but she kept on sucking on it.  In a couple of minutes it started to get hard again. 

Janice had no idea how much time had passed, and she couldn't see a clock from where she was.  She tried to ask Mr. Vineti, "Mither Vithethi" she got out, "how muth thi hath if vin?"  Tony told her that he couldn't understand what she was saying and to repeat it.  Janice tried but it didn't come out any better.  Tony had actually understood what she was asking the first time, but the vibrations when she talked felt so good, he wanted to make her do it again.  So he told her to try to say it one more time.  After she had repeated the question again, Tony told her that 15 minutes had passed. 

Janice kept sucking.  It felt like she had been doing this for hours but it had only been 15 minutes.  Her mouth was still coated in cum and it was getting stale and sticky.  But there was nothing she could do so she kept on sucking.  After a while, Tony came again.  Janice swallowed it all down again.  What she wouldn't give for a drink of water to wash her mouth out.  The penis had gone soft again, but Janice pulled the whole thing back into her mouth and started sucking on it again.  She figured after a while it would grow hard again and she would have to drink another load of cum.  God she was getting sick of it.  Then Tony asked her if she would like to stop.  With his penis still in her mouth she told him that of course she would.  Tony told her to stand up.  Janice crawled out from under the desk, just grateful not to have that penis in her mouth anymore.  Tony held out two magic markers, both with their covers on.  "I've stuck things up both your holes," he told her, "but I've haven't made you do it.  You’re going to take these two markers.  You will stick one in your asshole and one in your pussy.  Then you will move them in and out until I tell you to stop." 

Janice hesitated; she didn't know what to do.  It would be so humiliating to have to stick those things in herself.  She was just going to agree, when Tony told her she had taken to long and to get back to work.  Janice choked back a sob, and then crawled back under the desk and put the penis back in her mouth.  She started sucking again.  All she could taste was all that cum coating her mouth.  Please God, don't make her swallow another load.  God might have actually been listening this time, because as soon as that thought went by Tony told her that as soon as she could ask politely to be allowed to stick those markers in, she could quit sucking for a while.  Janice took the penis out of her mouth and begged, "Please Mr. Vineti, please let me stick those markers up my ass and my pussy."  She meant it, too, anything to not have to suck anymore. 

Tony told her to stand up, so she crawled back out from under the desk and got up.  He handed her the two markers and she quickly shoved them both in deep.  Then she started moving them in and out for all she was worth.  She had to please him so he wouldn't make her suck any more.  She kept it up for about 5 minutes until Tony told her to stop, but to just leave those things stuck in there.  "I'm going to explain the rest of this morning.  We're going to review everything we've done before.  First you're going to ask politely if you may show me your tits.  Then you will hold them up for me and ask me if I would like to play with them.  When I'm done you will ask if you can put them down.  You will repeat the procedure for your asshole and then your pussy, asking the appropriate questions.  If you fail to ask a question in the right order, or if you don't start a question with 'Please Mr. Vineti', then back under the desk you go.  If you get it all right, you are done for this morning, do you understand?  Janice told him she understood.  Tony told her to take the magic markers out and begin. 

Janice pulled the magic markers out of her holes and asked the first question:  "Please Mr. Vineti, may I show you my tits?"  Tony told her she could so she put one hand under each breast to hold them up for him.  "Please Mr. Vineti, would you like to play with my tits."  Again Tony said yes.  He petted her boobs, bounced them around a little, fingered her nipples and even kissed them once.  God, that actually felt nice.  When he stopped, she asked him "Please Mr. Vineti may I put my tits down."  Certainly he told her.  She move her hands from under her boobs and turned around.  "Please Mr. Vineti may I show you my asshole?"  Of course he said yes, like he'd refuse, fat chance.  This was the part that still humiliated Janice.  She bent over and grabbed both her cheeks and pulled them apart.  She shuddered a little and asked, "Would you like to play with my asshole?"  Right after she said it she realized what she had done.  She hadn't said Please Mr. Vineti. 

Tony slapped her on the butt as a look of horror crossed her face.  "Too bad Janice, back to work."  Tony sat down at his desk, and Janice crawled back under it.  God she had thought this was over.  She picked up his penis and put it back in her mouth.  How long would he make her suck it this time?  It was hard this time when she started and she sucked and sucked.  Oh no he was going to cum again.  She was going to have to swallow more it.  Sure enough, a moment later her mouth was filled with cum again.  She swallowed it down and prayed that that was the last she would have to drink as she kept on sucking.  When his dick had gone completely soft, Tony asked her if she would like to pick up where they left off.  Janice almost hit her head on the desk she scampered out so fast.  She bent way over and pulled her cheeks as wide as she possibly could.  Anything to avoid more sucking.  "Please Mr. Vineti, would you like to play with my asshole?"  Of course he did.  She felt him stick a finger into her butt and start moving it in and out.  Janice even moved with him, anything to please him.  Finally, he took the finger out.  "Please Mr. Vineti, may I close my ass now?"  Tony said she could so she let go of her cheeks and turned around.  "Please Mr. Vineti, may I show you my pussy."  When he said yes, she laid down on her back, pulled her knees up and apart, and reached in to grab her pussylips.  Quickly she pulled them apart so he would have access to everything.  "Please Mr. Vineti, would you like to play with my pussy."  Tony started to play.  He put 2 finger in her and started moving them in and out.  Then he started rubbing her clit.  It felt so good.  God he did that well.  Janice got more and more excited as he played with her pussy.  She didn't know if it was the excitement of a stranger playing with her or the humiliation of showing herself to him that was turning her on.  Anyway it didn't matter, she was going to cum.  Then Tony stopped.  Oh God no, "PLEASE DON'T STOP", Janice screamed.  "That's not the right thing to say, Janice", Tony told her.  "I DON'T CARE, Please play with my pussy some more, I have to cum."  Tell me what you'll do if I do what you ask.  "I'll suck your dick again, I'll suck it all day, just please play with my pussy."  Tony put his fingers back inside her, and began rubbing her clit again.  Janice bucked up and down against him, "OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD, I'M CUMMING" Janice screamed as she writhed in orgasm.  It was a good 10 minutes before Janice was able to catch her breath again.  What had she done.  She had actually begged that man to play with her vagina.  Oh God what had she become?  And what had she agreed to do?  Oh no, how much more cum would she have to swallow. 

Janice started to go back on her knees, but Tony stopped her.  "That's enough.  Give it one last good suck and you're done."  Gratefully, Janice leaned down and took his penis in her mouth again.  She sucked it as hard as she could and then ran her tongue all over it.  "Very nice," Tony said and pulled his penis out of her mouth.

"We need to talk.  This game has been fun, but it needs to end.  You can't possibly win in one week what you owe me now." 

Janice was terrified, "You're not going to call the army are you, please I'll do anything just don't call them." 

Tony told her to calm down.  "That's up to you.  I need you to do me two favors.  After you do the first one, I will consider your debt to me paid.  After the second one, I will return to you all the money you lost in the casino."  This sounded too good to be true, but what would she have to do.  "The first thing I need is this," Tony said, "Wednesday afternoon from noon until 6, I am hosting a party for some of my best clients in this office.  I want you to provide the entertainment." 

"What kind of entertainment?" Janice asked nervously. 

"Why the same kind you provided me.  You will allow them to undress you or play with you or do anything they want with you.  They'll probably play some games that involve sticking things into your holes.  They will not be allowed to have intercourse with you, and of course they cannot hurt you or damage you.  Probably, though some of them will cum in your mouth.  It's up to you, but I need your answer now." 

Janice wasn't sure what to do she needed time to think; so she asked him what the second favor was.  Tony told her he wouldn't tell her that until after the party, but he would tell her that it had nothing to do with her body.  Janice asked him how many people would be at the party, Tony told her it would be six men plus himself.  Janice couldn't let the army find out, but to be a play toy for six men.  Well at least it would be over.  "I'll be here by noon" Janice told Tony.  Tony told her to wear that green low-cut dress and not to be late.  Janice got dressed and left the casino.  She drove home wondering what she had gotten herself into.