Casino Debt
by mcfbridge

Part 6

Janice somehow managed to drive home without hitting anything.  She really didn't know how she managed that, since she had cried so hard coming home, it had been hard to see through the tears.  But she was home safe.  Now, she had to come up with a plan to save her poor anus.  It had been bad enough spreading her bottom cheeks to expose herself to Mr. Vineti, but that was nothing compared to actually letting Tony stick something inside her.  She knew she would have nightmares about it all week.

She had to have another plan.  The last one had seemed perfect but it hadn't worked.  She needed to do some more research.  Tuesday morning, Janice headed back to the casino boat.  She didn't even take her voucher with her so she wouldn't be tempted to play.  More research was obviously what was required.  She spent the entire day just wondering around the boat watching every game she could find.  By 4:00 in the afternoon she still hadn't found anything that she thought would solve her problem.  But then, just as she was about to leave, she took one last walk by the crap table.  She had watched the dice a few times that day, but it didn't seem like you could win a lot of money quickly at it.  This time though, a middle-aged man was making a bet she hadn't seen before.  He was betting that the dice would come up double 6s.  And, sure enough that was exactly what came up.  When they paid the man, Janice saw that the bet paid 30 to 1.  Well those were the kind of odds that she was looking for, but was the game winnable enough for her to make the kind of money she needed.   Then, Janice took a deep breath.  She wasn't going to make the kind of rash decision that had gotten her into trouble before.  This time she would go home and think this through.

Janice calmly drove home and ate dinner before even considering what she had seen.  Then she sat down and methodically analyzed this bet.  On the surface it looked perfect.  If she bet $20, she would be paid $600 if the double 6s came up.  But how often would they come up?  Janice knew there were 6 numbers on each die.  Therefore, the odds of getting a 6 on one die were 6 to 1.  SInce there were 2 dice, the odds of getting two 6s were 6 to 1 plus 6 to 1 which was 12 to 1.  Since the game paid 30 to 1 she had to make money.  This bet was indeed perfect.  Janice was so thankful at that point that she was obviously better at math than whoever had come up with this bet.  Her little butthole was saved.

Time was the only problem.  Wednesday and Thursday were tied up with another Officer's Wives function.  They had to travel to Chicago for some stupid charity fundraiser and wouldn't get back until late Thursday night.  Janice went of course, but she was distracted the whole time.  All she could think about was getting back to the casino so she could win her money and get this nightmare over with.  In fact, it was so bad that Mrs. Parker, the bitchy general's wife, had actually scolded her for not taking raising money for charity seriously.  As if that was a really important thing to do.  Her problems were much worse than anything those stupid charities were trying to help.

When Janice got home Thursday night she made sure to set her alarm before going to bed.  She was going to need all the time she could get to win the money she needed.  Friday morning she was at the casino by 8:00 AM.  Janice spent all day playing the dice.  She bet $20 on every roll that double 6s would come up.  At the end of the day her plan seemed to be working, she had won $600.  The problem was it wasn't going fast enough.  Saturday she had to get her hair done.  That would take all day and that was way too important to reschedule, so she was going to have to win all the money she needed on Sunday.

Sunday morning she was back at the boat.  By 12:00 she had won another $100.  Now she had $1200.  But she owed Mr. Vineti $2500.  Janice knew she needed to win faster. Take a deep breath, she said to herself, the last time you tried to speed up the game you remember what happened, let's stop and think this through.   Janice counted her money again to make sure and yes, she had $1200 in chips.  Then she started calculating.  The game paid 30 to 1 for each double 6.  Also, she knew the game paid off at least one time in every 12 rolls.  Okay then, since she had $1200, she could bet $100 on a roll for 12 rolls.  Double 6s had to come up at least once, math proved that.  At 30 to 1, the first double 6 would pay her $3000 and she would be out of trouble.  Janice almost knelt down in prayer right there to thank God that it was almost over.

With her salvation at hand, Janice took the dice and started to roll.  The first roll came up 5 & 3, but she wasn't worried.  She had plenty of rolls left and only 1 roll was sure to hit.  Ten rolls later, Janice still had not rolled her double 6s.  She had 1 roll left.  She placed her last $100 on the board and took the dice.  She still wasn't really worried, this roll had to come up 6 & 6; she had worked out the math.  Janice rolled the dice and there it was 6 & ...  4.   4!  How could it be 4?  It had to be 6 & 6, she must have looked wrong, but no, it was 6 and 4 and the croupier was taking her last $100 in chips.  Janice stumbled away from the table and almost fell.  Some man asked her if she was all right, and she couldn't tell him what was going on, so she just said that she was okay and stumbled out to her car.  She wondered if she just started driving and kept going if anyone would miss her.  But, then she would have no money and be no better off, so she just drove slowly home.

Janice got home and just paced around her room.  What was she to do?  Tomorrow morning she had to go see Tony, and he was going to stick something up her ass.  HE WAS GOING TO STICK SOMETHING UP HER ASS!!   She knew she was going to faint.  She stopped pacing and took a deep breath.  ‘Okay, I have to go through with this,’ she said to herself, ‘he said he wouldn't screw me so he won't put his penis inside me.  He'll probably put a finger in me, but I'll live through it.  At least this visit won't take long.  I'll go, get this over with, and go home.’  Then Janice set her alarm for 7:30 and went to bed.

Promptly at 7:30, Janice got up and began to dress.  At least this time she would put on a top she could remove easily so she wouldn't have to haul out her boobs again.  She put on a simple pullover sweater and a pair of jeans.  Then she headed over to the casino.  Janice was actually running a little early, but she figured the earlier she got there, the earlier this would be over with.  It was only a quarter to nine when Janice walked down the stairs to the office level and the receptionist told her to go into Tony's office.  As she went in, she wondered if that receptionist had any idea what went on in that office.

Janice went into the office and closed the door.  She stood on the now familiar tile square and began to undress.  She removed her sweater and unhooked and removed her bra.  It was funny; she had done that part so often now it was almost easy.  Then she removed her shoes and socks.  Finally she unsnapped and removed her jeans and then lowered her panties below her butt.  She walked over to where Mr. Vineti was sitting behind his large desk.  When she reached the desk, she started to turn sideways to get back into that awful position that Tony demanded, but he stopped her.  "Mrs. McGilney, that's not where you go this week.  You owe me your asshole, not just your ass.  Do you see what's on my desk?"  Janice looked at his desk.  It was long and made of mahogany.  In fact Tony's desk had to be at least 15 feet from end to end and almost 6 feet from front to back.  On the right side of his desk as she faced it, was what looked for all the world like a giant lazy Susan.  It was some sort of turntable, at least 5 feet in diameter with some sort of felt pad on top of it.  Janice had no idea what it was for.  Tony explained it to her, "My dear Mrs. McGilney, that turntable is what we normally use to rotate the game machines to face what ever direction we want.  However, today it will have a different use.  It will rotate you any direction I want you to face.  As you can see I've even had it padded so you will be more comfortable." 

Janice still didn't know what he wanted her to do -- she was completely confused,  "W-w-what am I supposed to do?" 

Tony just looked at her like she was joking, "I thought that was perfectly obvious, but I guess I will have to spell it out for you.  You will climb onto my desk and then you will crawl onto that disk.  You get on your knees on the disk.  Then you will lower your head as far as you can, so that big butt of yours is sticking out.  Finally, you will reach behind yourself, grab you asscheeks, and spread them open as far as you can.  That way I can get to that little butthole of yours any time I want, and I can face it towards me no matter where I have to work in this office.  You will stay in that position for 1 hour.  If during that hour, you let go of your cheeks for any reason, another half hour will be added.  If you get up for any reason, the game is over.  Now move."

Janice started to move towards the desk, but then she stopped.  She looked over at Tony.  Surely, he was joking, he didn't really expect her to do what he had just said.  Tony, however, just glared back at her and Janice realized he was, indeed, serious.  Janice knew she had no choice, so she climbed carefully onto the large desk.  She wasn't exactly sure how to get onto the big round thing.  Crawling seemed like the best idea, so she carefully put her first hand on it.  Then she lifted the second hand on, but she was shaking so badly, that when it started to spin she almost fell off the desk.  Janice took a moment to gather herself and then she finished crawling on the disk. She got her knees centered on it and then lowered her head as she had been told.  Janice felt like her ass was pointing straight up into the air.  Then came the hard part.  Janice couldn't believe she was really doing this, but she reached behind her, grabbed one of her butt cheeks in each hand and pulled them apart as far as she could. 

Tony looked down and smiled.  "Well done, Janice, I have to admit your position is perfect.  Your little asshole is pointing right at me just waiting for me to play with it.  For starters, let's just see how tight that little thing is."  Janice quivered but didn't move.  She just waited for what she knew was coming.  Sure enough, she felt his finger touch her anus.  Then he was pushing into it.  A moment later the finger pushed through and was all the way up her ass.  Janice started to sob, but she didn't dare move.  Tony told her to squeeze down on his finger so he could see how tight her ass was.  It was terribly humiliating but Janice did as she was told.  Tony told Janice she could relax, "You've got a really nice ass, you know, tight and warm."  Janice felt him wiggle his finger around inside her.  "Oh well, " Tony told her, "I'd love to play with your ass all day, but I do have work to do.  So, I'll just leave you on your platform here while I write a couple of letters."  Janice watched Mr. Vineti sit down at his desk.  Then he spun her around so her bottom was pointing directly at him.  She could hear him writing while she just sat there holding her bottom open so he could have access to her anus whenever he wanted.  Tony wrote for about 5 minutes, then he started to get up.  "Janice, I've got to get a couple of books from that shelf over there, hold my pen a minute will you?" 

A moment later Janice felt somethiing hard and thin going into her anus.  My God, HE HAD STUCK A PEN UP HER ASS.  Janice just started crying.  Tony got his book and walked back to see Janice weeping.  He turned her around so her face was to him and asked her why she was making such a fuss; after all he had to leave his pen somewhere.  "I've got to read a couple of things here, and then I'll take it back so I can finish writing.  Wait a minute, maybe you'd feel better if you could see what was happening."  Tony opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a mirror with a clamp attached to it.  He clamped the mirror onto the turntable in front of Janice's face where she could look into it.  Then he spun her around again so her butt was back pointing at him.  Next he took out another larger mirror and clamped it onto the back of the disk.  Janice looked into the mirror in front of her and started crying even louder.  Now she could see her bottom.  She could see her hands holding it open and there was a ballpoint pen sticking out of her anus.  ‘Dear God, couldn't this please end.’

Tony did read about 5 more minutes.  Then Janice felt him pull the pen out of her butt.  She continued to sit there while Mr. Vineti finished the letter he was writing.  All she could do was watch her own anus in the mirrors, but at least it was empty.  When Tony finished his paper, he spun Janice around again so she was facing him.  "Now, my dear Mrs. McGilney, we are going to play a little game.  On my desk there are three markers, do you see them?"  Janice just nodded yes as Tony continued, "There is a green one, a blue one, and a red one.  You are going to ask me politely to stick one into your asshole and you will use that word.  After a suitable length of time you will ask me to take it out.  You will repeat this procedure for all 3 markers.  If you fail to ask politely, or use the wrong word, or ask me to take the marker out too quickly, I will stick all 3 markers into your cute little asshole at the same time.  Now let's begin.  You have 10 seconds to start before all 3 markers are shoved up your butt."  With that he spun her back around so her ass was back pointing at him. 

Janice couldn't believe what she was going to have to do, but she couldn't have all 3 of those things stuffed into her little anus at the same time, so she had to play his terrible game.  "Please Mr. Vineti, please stick the green marker into my asshole."  After she said it, Janice could see him in the mirrors as he picked up the marker and moved it towards her.  She couldn't help seeing as he stuffed the marker into her anus.  It was uncomfortable, but she didn't dare ask him to take it out too quickly.  Janice waited for as long as she could stand it and then finally begged, "Please Mr. Vineti, take that marker out of my asshole."  She felt the marker removed and sighed with relief.  Apparently she had waited long enough.  But now of course she had to start it all over again.  "Please Mr. Vineti, please stick the red marker up my asshole."   She couldn't watch this time but she certainly felt it as he stuck the red marker up her ass as far as it could go.  She waited for what she hoped was at least as long a time, and then asked.  "Please Mr. Vineti, take that marker out of my asshole."  Only one more to go, and Janice got through it.  The questions were asked, the blue marker was stuffed into her and then pulled out, and the game was over. 

"Well done Janice," Tony told her, "I didn't think you would get through that one, but you managed very well.  Your little asshole really makes a wonderful pen and marker holder.  I wonder what else it can hold..."  As he finished speaking, Janice felt him stick his finger back up her ass.  She dreaded finding out what else he was going to stick there.  But instead he just asked her if she would like for this to be over now.  Well of course she would, what was he thinking to even ask.  "Well then Mrs. McGilney, you should remember what you have to do.  Or you can spend the next 40 minutes in that position while I find all sorts of fun things to stick into your asshole."  Janice had to think for a moment and then she remembered what he meant.  Oh God, she was going to have to do THAT again.  But it was so much better than the alternative.  Then, as if she wasn't sure enough, she felt him wiggle his finger around in her butt. 

It just had to stop and it didn't matter how.  So she said that horrible thing.  "Please Mr Vineti, lower my panties and spread me open so you can get a good look at my pussy."  Sure enough she felt the finger being removed from her butt.  Then her panties were pulled down and Tony pushed her hands off her ass.  Then he reached in and pulled her ass way open himself.  But he didn't stop there this time.  He actually reached in and grabbed one of her vaginal lips between a finger and thumb on each hand and pulled them so far apart, that Janice knew that her vagina had to be just gaping open at him.  But she didn't dare complain, all she could do was sit there and hope he would close her up soon.

Tony just held her that way for a minute or two.  Then he told her that it was time for her to know what her next penalty was.  "Do you feel how I am holding you open right now, Janice?" 

"Of course I can feel it," she hissed at him, "now can you please stop." 

"I need to explain this to you first, my dear," Tony continued.  "Since this week your penalty was your asshole, your penalty next week will have to be your pretty little pussy that I am holding open right now." 

"But Mr. Vineti, please, I'm begging you", Janice sobbed, "My husband has been the only man to ever see or touch my vagina." 

"Now, now, Janice, if you want to save your little pussy from me, all have to do is pay me what you owe me.  Besides, your husband is hardly the only man who's ever seen it now.  Back to business, though, I am only going to explain this to you once, so listen carefully.  Last week, I made the mistake of not telling you exactly what to do when you got here today. I will make sure that you know exactly what is required of you this time.  Assuming that you do not have my money next Monday, when you get here you will remove every piece of clothing you are wearing.  Then you will walk over to my desk.  Next to my desk will be a lounge chair.  You will sit down in the chair.  You will spread your legs and put one leg over each arm of the chair.  Then you will reach in between your legs and grab your pussylips like I am holding them now, and you will pull them as far apart as you can.  You will hold them open like that for one hour, no matter what happens.  If you let go and your pussy closes during that time for any reason, you will reopen it and stay an extra 30 minutes.  If you get up for any reason the game is over.  If you have any questions, ask them now." 

Janice just wanted to cry, but she had to ask one question.  "Are you going to put anything in my vagina?" 

Tony just smiled, "Of course, the same rules apply next week.  I will not fuck you, do anything to damage you, or do anything that will cause you real physical pain.  Short of that, anything goes." 

Janice just started crying.  "My dear Mrs. McGilney, you need to stop crying, because you're going to stay here with your little pussy wide open until you ask me nicely to close it for you."  Tony wiggled her pussylips a little just to emphasize his point. 

Janice stopped crying as quickly as she could and managed to sob out, "Please Mr. Vineti, close up my pussy so I can leave."  Tony slowly pushed her pussy lips back together and let go. 

"Go put your pants on and then come back here."  Janice stumbled over to the door, pulled her panties up and put her jeans back on.  Then she walked back over to Tony.  "I just felt bad that I had neglected your big tits today", Tony told her as he put one hand under each of her breasts and started bouncing them up and down gently.  Then he tweaked each of her nipples and told her she could go.  Janice almost fell down dashing for the door.  She threw her bra and shoes in her purse, pulled her sweater on quickly, and ran out the door crying.    Several customers enjoyed watching the woman in the tight sweater run through the boat.  They couldn't believe how much her tits were bouncing as she ran.  Janice got in her car and just sat behind the wheel crying and sobbing.  It was almost 15 minutes before she managed to begin the drive home.