Casino Debt
by mcfbridge

Part 5

Janice didn't even remember driving home.  All she could think about was those two young men bouncing her boobs around like they were some sort of rubber toys.  It was so humiliating she didn't think she could even look at Tony again.  But of course she had to, so she had better pull herself together and come up with a plan.  Her money situation was worse now.  She owed Mr. Vineti $2000.  Of course winning $500 would save her ass, but the idea of handing Tony her boobs again to play with was not something she was willing to accept.

What had gone wrong with her last plan?  It had seemed so perfect.  Then, as she thought back, Janice realized what the problem was.  She had made a mistake by running out of time, and raising her bets had ruined her plan.  Janice remembered what had happened the first day she played.  She had limited her bets to $10 and had hit 4 numbers.  That was the answer.  If you played $10 each time, so that you could play all day, the game would hit at least 4 numbers and you would win.  Since that was what happened the first day -- that had to be the way it happened everyday.  That was the way numbers worked.  She remembered that from math class when they had talked about averages or something like that.  Janice cheered up immediately.  She would hit the casino first thing Tuesday morning so she would have plenty of time for her system to work properly.  Thank God, she wouldn't have to let Mr. Vineti play with her like his little toy anymore. 

Tuesday morning came, and by 9:00 Janice was at the roulette table.  Janice decided to play #1 for her first bet and knew this was going to be her day when 1 came up on the wheel.  In less than a minute she had won $350 and if she could hit the other 3 wins early she would have plenty of cash.  Janice spent the rest of the morning playing $10 bets on the wheel.  Since #1 had worked on her first bet, she just went up in sequence, playing #2 on her second bet and so on.  The problem was that she didn't hit another number all morning.  Oh well, she couldn't have lost that many chips in 3 hours, she would go to lunch and come back later that afternoon.  Janice just stuffed her bag of chips into her purse without even looking and left the boat.

After a nice lunch, Janice felt so renewed she knew that this would be her day.  She headed back to the roulette table and by about 2:00 she was playing again.  When she pulled her bag of chips out and reached in, it didn't feel as if she had that many left.  But she looked in and saw that she had at least two handfuls, which would be enough to last the rest of the day.  So she would get her 3 more wins and have enough money to pay Tony.  Janice played for another hour or so, and still did not hit another number.   It was after 3:00 now and she would have to leave by 5:00 to make her dinner engagement that night at the base.  Still that was plenty of time.  Janice played for a little over another hour and still none of her numbers came up.  Then, about 4:15, she reached into her chip bag to make her next bet and she couldn't find another chip.  Janice's face went completely white.  She quickly looked into the bag and it was indeed completely empty.  She had lost all her chips.  This was only Tuesday.  She had 6 more days until she had to meet Mr. Vineti again, but she had no money to play with. 

Janice walked to her car and drove home in a daze.  What had happened?  Her system had been perfect and yet she had lost again.  More importantly, how would she save her ass from Tony?  Maybe she could borrow some money at the dinner.  Janice dressed in her best dress and went to the dinner at the army base.  She smiled and tried to be sweet to everyone.  But every time she asked to borrow money from someone, they always had a reason that they couldn't lend her any.  That snooty general's wife, Mrs. Parker, even had the nerve to tell her that if she was more responsible she wouldn't need a loan.  As if that snob could possibly understand her problems.

The rest of the week was a blur.  Somehow the days went by and it got to be Sunday night.  Janice hardly slept that night wondering what she would do the next day.  Finally, she simply realized that she would have to deal with it.  Anyway, Tony had said he wouldn't stick anything in her ass, so all he could probably do was pat her bottom a little.  In fact he'd probably get so bored doing that he'd end up going back to her breasts anyway.  Sometime around 2:00 in the morning Janice drifted off.

Monday morning Janice woke up groggy.  It had been such a long night.  She glanced over at her clock and her heart stopped.  It was 8:15.  She always got to Tony's office by 9:00.  What if she was late?  He might decide she wasn't coming and make that call.  Quickly, Janice threw on a clean dress without even really looking at it.  She dashed out to her car and sped towards the casino.  She pulled into the parking lot right at 9:00.  She ran to the boat, dashed down the stairs, and, out of breath, pantingly told the receptionist she was there to see Tony.  The girl told her to go right in, but she took a moment to catch her breath before going through the door. 

Janice walked into the room and stopped on the tile square.  She saw Tony looking at her and knew what she had to do.  She started to undress and then realized what she was wearing.  It was her aqua dress with the low V-neck.  She only had to show Tony her bottom, not her entire body, so she wasn't about to take off the dress.  However, that meant she would have to scoop her breasts out and she hated that.  But it was the lesser of two evils, so Janice reached into the neckline of her dress, found her right breast, pulled it out of its bra cup and out of the dress.  Then she did the same thing with her left boob.  There she was facing Tony with both her breasts hanging out of her dress.  Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, she had to reach under her dress and lower the back of her panties below her bottom so that her ass was hanging out.  After that was done, she walked over to Tony's desk.  Turned sideways to him and bent over.  Then with a deep breath she reached back and flipped the back of her dress up onto her back so that her bottom was hanging out in space.  After that she grabbed her legs just below her knees and hoped this would be over soon. 

Tony walked out from behind his desk and stood in front of Janice.  "You look great, Mrs. McGilney, I love the way your big tits hang out of your dress."  As he spoke to her, he reached under her with both hands, grabbed each boob, and began to wobble them back and forth.  "Janice, I have to admit, these are great fun to play with, but we need to move on to other things."  Jancie just quivered and waited for her breasts to stop bouncing after he let them go.  Tony moved behind her and put a hand on her bottom.  "You have a nice big butt, Janice, you know that don't you?"  Janice sobbed and told him that yes she knew she had a big bottom, but she couldn't do anything about it.  Tony told her not to apologize, "I like a big round ass, more to explore," and he gave her a little spank on her butt. 

Then he did something that totally shocked her.  Tony grabbed one of her cheeks in each hand and pulled her ass wide open. 

Janice jumped up and spun around and screamed, "You said you wouldn't stick anything in my ass." 

"And I won't", Tony snarled back, "Now get back in position right now.  I said I wouldn't stick anything in your asshole, I didn't say I wouldn't look at it.  Now get down so I can open your ass and get a look at your hole."  Janice knew she couldn't have heard him right.  She was completely frozen, she couldn't move if she wanted to.  Tony jolted her back to reality by walking behind her and slapping her hard on her butt.  "Mrs. McGilney, you have 3 seconds to get back into position or this game is over, and you know what that means."  Janice felt absolutely sick at her stomach, but she couldn't let Mr. Vineti make that call.  So she bent back over and lifted her dress up again and waited for what she knew was coming.  Sure enough, she felt Tony pull her ass open again.  She wanted to die.  After a minute or so, Tony told her to get up, backup closer to the wall behind her, then get back into position again so her butt could be reopened.  Janice did as she was told and sure enough a moment later felt her cheeks pried open one more time.  Janice wondered how long this man would make her show him her anus and how long she could stand the humiliation.  After a couple of minutes, Tony told her to stay in position but to look over her shoulder.  Janice looked and started crying.  Behind her was a mirror and she could see her own ass.  Her cheeks were spread wide open and all she could see was her anus, fully exposed.  Tony let go of her ass and told her to stop the stupid crying.  After all she could end this game anytime she didn't want to play anymore.

Janice quit weeping but continued to sob quietly.  Then Tony told her that he had work to do, so while he liked looking at her ass, he just didn't have time to hold it open anymore.  Janice started to get up to leave, but Tony quickly told her to get back down.  "I didn't mean I was through with you, I just don't have time to devote exclusively to you right now.  I have a letter I have to get written, so we'll just have to multi-process".  Tony told Janice to get up and walk behind his desk.  "Now face the wall with the mirror on it and get back into position."  Janice walked over to the wall, bent over, and put her ass out again.  "Thank you, Mrs. McGilney.  Now you are going to stay there for the next hour.  If you get up for any reason, this game is over and I make a phone call.  Do you understand?" 

"Yes sir," Janice answered meekly.  Tony told her that was the right answer; and Janice just stared at the wall.  Then she felt a sort of dull poking into the sides of her cheeks just above and below her anus.  "Please Mr. Vineti", Janice whimpered, "what are you doing to my bottom?" 

"Mrs. McGilney, it should be perfectly obvious.  I told you that I don't have time to hold your ass open as I have work to do, but I do like having your little asshole pointing at me.  So I've taken two Q-tips, and put them sideways between your cheeks to hold your ass open.  Now no more talking, I have work to do."  Tony started to turn back to his desk, but stopped.  "Oh, by the way, I want you to look up into the mirror.  I like looking at the expression on your face while you know your little asshole is so open to me." 

Janice couldn't believe her situation.  Here she was bending over so she could point her naked bottom at a man she hardly knew.  And then that man had propped her ass open, so that her anus would stay exposed to view.  But she didn't dare move and force him to make that phone call, so she just stayed where she was told and prayed for it to be over. 

After about 15 minutes, Tony quit writing. "Janice I have to give this letter to my secretary to mail.  I will be right back.  Do not move while I'm gone.  If those Q-tips are not in place when I get back this game is over."  Janice just quivered.  Tony walked out the door but she still didn't dare move.  She just stayed there with her ass propped open and her anus on full view for whoever walked in.  Thank God, Tony came right back.  He walked back into his office and sat back down in his chair.  "Janice," he asked quietly, "would you like me to let you up now?" 

"Oh please, Mr Vineti, let me get up," Janice begged. 

"All right Janice, I'll make a deal with you.  Your panties are down far enough to give me a great view of your ass, but I can't really see your little pussy.  If you tell me to lower your panties below your pussy and then to pull you open so I can get a really good look at it, I will do that and then let you up.  Otherwise, you stay there with your ass propped open for the next 40 minutes.  It's your choice, but I should tell you that I have 3 people meeting me in this office in half an hour, so just let me know what you decide when you make up your mind."

Tony almost laughed as he looked in the mirror and watched Janice's eyes go wide.  He could just imagine the quandary she was in.  She had a pretty little asshole, which certainly was fun to look at, but watching her have to make this choice seemed even better.  Janice couldn't believe it.  On the one hand, the idea of having 3 strangers walk into the office while she was forced to have her anus exposed to all of them was unimaginable.  On the other hand, she had married her husband right out of school and he was the only man who had ever seen her vagina.  She didn't think she could bear to show it to this horrible man.  But the more she stood there, the more scared she became that those other 3 men would walk into the office.  She couldn't stand it anymore, she had to do it. 

Without moving she said, "Mr. Vineti, please lower my panties and spread me open so you can get a good look at my vagina."  Then she just hung her head and waited for it to happen.  But nothing did happen.  Finally, she looked over her shoulder and begged him to get it over with. 

Tony just looked at her sadly.  "Janice, Janice, Janice, you weren't supposed to tell me to look at your vagina, you were to tell me to look at your pussy.  Now either ask properly or stay there." 

Janice took a deep breath, she wasn't sure she could say that horrible thing again, especially using that word, but she had to.  She took another deep breath.  "Please Mr Vineti, lower my p-p-panties and spread m-m-me open so you can get a good look at my p-p-pussy."  Janice thought she might faint, but she had managed to say it.  Then she felt the Q-tips being taken from her ass and felt her cheeks close, but then just as she sighed with some relief, she felt her panties being lowered.  Then Tony grabbed both her cheeks below her anus and pulled the as wide open as they would possibly go.  Janice not only felt her anus come back into view, but she felt the lips of her vagina pull open and she knew that everything she had was now on full view for Tony.  After about a minute, Tony slowly closed her ass and told her she could get up.  "By the way, Mrs. McGilney, I do want you to know you have a very pretty pussy.  I look forward to getting better acquainted with it."

Janice was almost scared to ask what he meant by that but she did.  "Well I'll explain," Tony said patiently, "but first you have to make a choice.  Your penalty this time was your ass.  The next penalty you pay will be one of your holes.  Which one is up to you." 

Janice could only whimper that she just didn't understand. 

"It's perfectly simple," Tony continued, "your next piece of collateral is either you pussy or your asshole, your choice.  Whichever one you choose becomes my toy to do whatever I want with." 

"Wh-wh-what would you do?" asked Janice. 

"Well," said Tony, "I'll tell you what I won't do.  I will not actually fuck either of your holes and I won't do anything that will cause you real pain or damage.  Short of that, anything goes."  Janice couldn't believe this, "but I told you, you can't stick anything up my ass and certainly not in my vagina." 

Tony got an angry look on his face.  "Mrs. McGilney that is not your decision.  If you don't want anything stuck in one of your holes, than you'd better come up with my money by Monday, because if you don't, I promise things will be stuck up one of your holes.  Now quickly pick which hole will be your penalty." 

Janice was dumbstruck, she didn't know what to say.  But looking up at Mr. Vineti she knew he was serious.  She had to pick which one of her openings he would abuse if she didn't pay him.  Well, she couldn't let him have her vagina, that belonged to her husband, so that only left her anus.  She didn't think she could stand him doing things to it, but she had to choose something.  "Okay, " she said quietly, "my next penalty will be my anus.  Now, may I please leave?" 

Tony smiled, "Yes Janice, here's your next voucher and you may go, but I have to admit, I really hope you don't have the money next week."  Janice broke into tears.  She cried as she pulled her pants up and tucked her breasts back into her clothes.  When she got back to her car, she was glad she hadn't had time to put makeup on that morning.  It would have been running all over her face.