Casino Debt
by mcfbridge

Part 4

Janice cried all the way home.  The situation was hopeless.  She couldn't possibly win $1500 in one week and if she didn't she would have to let that man bounce her boob around again.  Not only that, but if she didn't win at least $500 she would have to let him play with both of her breasts.  It wasn't painful, but just the idea was so humiliating that she shuddered just thinking about it.  Then another thought came to her.

She knew she couldn't win enough money at the slots to pay Tony back by Monday, but maybe there was another game she could play.  The next day, Janice went back to the casino and just watched.  She wandered from table to table looking to see where the biggest winners were.  As she passed the roulette table, a gambler collected on a wager where he had place $10 on a single number.  She saw the croupier hand the man $350 for his single bet.  This was obviously the game to play.  She watched the roulette wheel the rest of the afternoon and, by the end of the day, she was convinced that this was the game that would allow her to win her entire $1500 back.  Then, after she had paid Tony back, she would have time to play until she won her own original $1000 back.  As she left the casino, Janice wondered why they had a game where it so easy to win a lot of money.   Oh well, that wasn't her problem, her only thought was to win her money back as quickly as possible.

The following day, Wednesday, Janice went back to the casino.  She turned her voucher in and received $500 in marked chips.  She immediately took her chips over to the nearest roulette table and began to play.  She didn't understand the more complicated bets, and besides, they didn't pay as much as betting on a single number, so why would someone waste there time on them.  Janice continually placed $10 on a single number.  She didn't always play the same number but moved her bet around.  She was too smart to believe that the same number would come up over and over.  By the end of the day she knew her system was working.  She had hit her number 4 times that day and had won $400.  With the $100 she had left over from the previous week, she now had $1000.  She could easily get the next $500 in a day or so.  This was going to be so easy.  Janice went home and got the first good night's sleep she had managed in well over a week.

Thursday and Friday Janice went out with her friends.  After all, the system was going so well, the weekend would be plenty of time to play and win the additional $500 she needed.  So, Saturday morning bright and early, Janice headed back to the boat.  She went right back to the roulette wheel she'd had so much success with.  After all, why change something that was working so well?  This time, however, things didn't go so well.  Janice played for over 3 hours and only hit one number.   When she quit for lunch, she counted her chips and she was down to $600 from her $1000.  Even when her luck changed, which it had to, since she had hit 4 times on her previous visit, she wouldn't have time to win enough money to pay Tony back.  Well there obviously was only one thing to do.  She had to speed up the game.  Instead of $10 each time, she would bet $30.  That way, one win would pay her over $1000 and she could quit right there and go home.  After lunch, Janice was so excited to see the end of this nightmare in sight, that she sped back to the casino as fast as she could and practically ran back to her roulette table.  Janice played for the next hour and didn't hit a single number.  After a while, she realized she hadn't checked her chips for a while and she wondered how much she had left.  A quick glance into her bag told her the bad news; she was down to $40.  She had lost almost her entire $600.  Janice almost started to cry, but then she remembered how much the wheel paid.  If she bet her entire $40 and won, that single bet would pay her $1400.  That alone would almost get enough to pay Tony on one spin, and surely she could raise at least the other $60 she would need easily enough.  Her mind at ease, Janice placed her money on the number 8 and watch the wheel spin. 

As Janice drove home, she wondered how things had gone so badly.  When the wheel came up 13, she had lost the remainder of her money.  She had no money to play with the rest of the week, and Monday she had to go back and see Tony.  Dear God this was getting horrible.  That night, Janice cried herself to sleep.  Sunday, she just moped around her house until she finally came to grips with her situation.  Last week she had let Tony play with one of her breasts and she had survived.  It had been humiliating, but she had gotten through it.  Now she would simply have to let him have both of them.  How much worse could that be?  Anyway, she couldn't avoid it, so she might as well make up her mind to get through it and move on.

Monday morning came and the first thing Janice had to decide was what to wear.  It had been bad enough standing there with one breast just hanging out, she certainly wasn’t just going to pull them both out and stand there with them hanging out.  That meant, though, that she would have to remove her top when she got into the office.  So Janice chose a simple button up blouse that was easy to remove.  That way at least she wouldn’t make a spectacle of herself undressing.  She considered not wearing a bra so she wouldn’t have to take it off in front of Tony, but with her D-cup boobs that would just be too uncomfortable so she wore a simple white one.

Janice drove to the casino and walked aboard the boat.  She stopped, took a deep breath, and walked down the stairs.  She waited for the receptionist to pass her through and then, with a final sigh, she opened the door.  Janice took a step onto the tile and began to unbutton her blouse before she even looked up.  As she unbuttoned the second button, Janice looked over at Tony’s desk and froze.  He wasn’t alone.  Sitting at Tony’s desk were two young men in business suits.  Tony looked up and saw Janice.  "Excuse me, Mrs. McGilney, do you have my money?"  Janice just shook her head no.  Tony glared at her, "then why are you stopping; get that top off and bring those big tits over here.  Jack and Mike here are looking forward to playing with them." 

Janice just shook for a moment, and then managed to stammer out, "B-b-but you didn't say anything about anyone else, this was just b-b-between you and m-m-me." 

"No Janice," Tony explained patiently, "your tits are collateral for the loan.  Until it is paid back they belong to me and I can share them with whoever I like.  Jack and Mike are my night and weekend managers and they have been doing such a good job that I felt they deserved a special reward.  So I told them about you.  They both love women with big boobs and I told them they could play with yours as long as they liked.  So get those beauties out and get them over here.  We haven't got all day."  Janice was in shock.  It was bad enough handing her breasts to one stranger, but now she was supposed to pass them around among three men.  Janice actually thought about running out the door, but she knew that wasn't really an option.  So, with tears in her eyes, Janice finished unbuttoning her blouse and hung it on the hook on the back of the door.  She went to unfasten her bra, but her hands were shaking so bad, she couldn't work the clasps.  Finally, she took a deep breath, steadied herself, and unhooked the bra.  As she lowered the cups away from her boobs, she saw that all three men had their eyes watching her strip.  She was embarrassed beyond anything she had ever experienced before.  And it wasn't over.  She saw Tony hold out his hand and she knew what she had to do.  She dropped the bra and slowly walked over to Tony and leaned forwards so her breasts rested in Tony's outstretched hands.

As Tony squeezed and petted her boobs, he turned to the other men.  "Are they as nice as I said or not?" 

"They're spectacular," was Mike's assessment. 

Jack just smiled and said to Tony, "Yeah, they're great boss."  Tony told Jack to come over and grab one of the nipples, so Jack took two fingers and gently pulled on the nipple of Janice's right breast. 

"See how it hardens when you play with it?  I really think Mrs. McGilney is starting to enjoy this."  Janice just shook, she couldn't protest, but how could they believe she enjoyed any of this.  All she wanted was for them to finish playing with her so she could go home.

Tony had other ideas though.  He told Janice to take her tits over to Mike and give them to him for a while.  So she walked over to Mike and placed her breasts in his hands.  He squeezed them, petted them, tweaked her nipples a little, and had a great time playing with her boobs, until Tony told her to it was Jack's turn and to take her tits over to him.  Janice stood up, lifting her breasts out of Mike's hands, and walked over to Jack and put them back down into his hands.  The playing began again. Her breasts were squeezed, petted, bounced, and her nipples were tweaked and rubbed and licked and even kissed.  Finally, Tony said that was enough.  Janice stood up and began to walk back to the door. 

"Where are you going?" Tony yelled. 

Janice sobbed, "You said we were done and I was getting my clothes." 

Tony just stared at her.  "Mrs McGilney, I only meant that Jack's turn was over.  We are certainly not done with your tits. Now get them back here."  Janice hung her head and slowly walked back to the desk.  Tony turned to his two friends, "You know it's really hard to play with those beauties when both your hands are holding one.  Why don't you two move close together, so that Janice can hand each of you one tit." 

‘Oh my God,’ Janice thought, ‘he can't be serious.’ 

But the two men moved next to each other and Tony just looked at Janice, waiting.  Janice sobbed audibly, but she walked over and placed one of her boobs in each man's outstretched palm.  Mike and Jack both had a great time.  They each bounced their boob up and down to see which one jiggled better.  Then they each squeezed the tit they were holding with both hands to see which one would stick out the farthest.  Finally, they started playing with her nipples to see which one would get harder.  For 15 minutes both men petted, bounced, fondled, pinched, and generally just played with Janice's big boobs.  They especially seemed to like playing with her nipples which she found particularly humiliating.  After what seem like an eternity, the men dropped her boobs, thanked Tony for a wonderful morning, and left the office. 

After they left, Janice just fell to her knees and wept.  Tony came over to her and, petting her head, said, "There, there it's over now and your tits were certainly a big hit.  Also, you saved me some money since both those men happily took playing with your big boobs over receiving a small bonus." 

"You just used me as a big toy to pass around," Janice screamed, "How could you do that?"

"Easily," Tony answered, "it was fun, besides technically I didn't pass your tits around you did.  However, you will be pleased to know that I have no more bonuses scheduled, so the rest of our sessions will just be between you and me.  That's the good news.  Now, since you paid the penalty of your right tit this time, I need to tell what the penalty will be next Monday if you don't have my money.  You've heard the expression, ‘you bet your ass’; well that's exactly what you are doing.  If you don't have $500 next Monday, after you have exposed both of those big tits.  You will raise your skirt or lower your pants, whichever you have on, and then you will lower the back of your panties so I can see that big butt of yours.  You will turn around so I can get a good look at it.  Then you will walk over to my desk, stand in front of it, turn to the side, and bend over until you hands are holding your legs below your knees.  That will let me play with your pretty ass and will also let those tits hang down nicely if I want to work on them."  

Janice jumped back and told him in no uncertain terms that he was not sticking anything up her ass. 

"My dear Mrs. McGilney, I have no intention of doing that, at least not yet, but that big butt of yours appeals to me and I hope to get some time to play with it.  Now get back over here." 

Janice stepped back over to him, but she did ask what he meant by "not yet".  Tony told her that she simply wasn't up to that penalty yet. But she had better come up with the money soon because she wasn't far away from it.  "Of course, Mrs McGilney, you can avoid any further humiliation by simply paying me the money I am owed.  Here is your voucher for the next $500 in chips and I will see you next Monday."  Tony gave her pretty tits one last little bounce each and told her she could go.  Janice stumbled back to her clothes in a daze.  She put her bra on, but didn't even try to clasp it.  Then she simply slipped her blouse on without buttoning it and stumbled out of the office.  Several customers saw a young lady with an unbuttoned shirt and a loose bra hanging out, stumble out to a car and drive off.  They figured she had had too much to drink, but she had given them a nice show.