Casino Debt
by mcfbridge

Part 1

Janice McGilney had a problem.  Her husband, the colonel, was away in Europe and she had decided to have a little fun while he was gone; nothing terrible, just a little gambling on one of the local casino boats.  Unfortunately, it turned out she was not the luckiest woman on Earth and within a week she had lost $500. 

Janice knew her husband would never forgive her, but she knew that if she just kept playing she would win it back.  The next day Janice went back to the casino and used her Visa card to purchase $500 more in chips.  This maxed out her card, but she planned to pay off the balance when she won her money back.

Three hours later, Janice had lost this $500, too.   Now Janice was desperate, not only had she lost $1000, but she now had no money available anywhere to buy chips so she could win it back.  She was going to leave the casino, when she saw a sign that said "Credit available to Casino Club Members". 

Janice walked up to one of the cashiers and asked about the sign.  The young lady at the counter told her that credit was available to Club Members, but you had to apply with the casino manager and only he could then approve credit.   Janice took an application.  It was a standard credit application, asking for her name, address, basic personal information, social security number, and credit history.  The desperate woman immediately took the paper to a nearby table, filled it out, and returned it to the cashier.  The young lady told Janice to come back the next day to speak with the casino manager.

Tony Vineti was the manager of the casino.  Tony was 28 years old and managed the casino for his father, Mike Vineti, who owned casinos all across the country.  He was about 6 feet tall, in decent shape with dark hair and brown eyes.  Frankly Tony didn't need the money from the casino job, as his family was worth well over $500 million dollars, but the casino offered Tony a chance to have fun.  Tony's favorite thing to have fun with was beautiful women.  He especially liked to see if he could humiliate stuck up society women, who had lost at his casino.  So when Tony saw Janice McGilney's application for membership in the Casino Club he immediately approved it.  He wasn't sure what this woman would turn out to be, but it might be interesting and he had nothing planned for the next day, anyway.

Bright and early the next day, Janice returned to the casino.  She went to the cashier and was told that her application had been approved, and that she needed to see the casino manager about being issued chips on credit.  The manager's office was down on the lowest deck, so Janice took the stairs down to the main office area.  When she got to the lowest landing, there was a receptionist at a desk.  Janice told the lady that she needed to see the manager about credit.  The receptionist picked up her phone, had a short conversation, and told Janice to go on in.  Behind the receptionist was a door with a plaque which said:

Casino Manager, Tony Vineti.

Janice walked into Mr. Vineti's office and her jaw dropped.  The office was huge, about 100' X 50'.  Most of the center of the room was open space.  At the far end of the room was Mr. Vineti's desk.  The room was lushly carpeted, except for a 10' X 10' square of tile, right as she walked in the door.   Janice could see Mr. Vineti at his desk.  He appeared to be working on some papers and had not noticed her walk in.  Janice began to walk over as she said "Excuse me, Mr. Vineti, may I speak to you?" 

Tony looked up and got his first look at Janice McGilney.  According to her application Janice was 35 years old and she looked darn good for her age.  She had shoulder length light brown hair and a pretty face in a very elegant way.  She was about 5' 8" tall and though she might be a little heavy she was very curvy.   She was well dressed in what appeared to be a designer outfit with matching shoes and bag.  Her makeup was perfect and her jewelry looked genuine, but understated.  This woman radiated class.  It was going to be very entertaining bringing her down to earth, and then some.

While examining, Janice, Tony without hesitating asked what he could do for her.  Janice explained her situation to him.  Her husband could never find out that she had lost that kind of money, but she knew that if she could just have a few more chips, she could win it all back. 

"How much money do you think you need?" Tony asked.  Janice said that $500 would probably be enough.  "What makes you think you could win this time, when you've lost both times before?" Tony continued.  Janice told him that she had been watching the slot machines for several days now and knew that now she had a system that had to win.

Tony almost had to turn around to hide the laugh that was fighting to get out, but he managed to keep his composure.  "Well Mrs. McGilney, I have looked over your credit history and your personal information and you certainly appear to be a responsible woman." 

"Thank you Mr. Vineti." 

Tony handed her a voucher and told her to present it to the cashier and she would issue her $500 in chips.  "However," Tony explained, "please understand that the $500 is to be paid back within one week.  There is no interest charge for our Club Members, since they are our most important clients, but the money must be paid back on time or there are consequences.  Do you find these conditions acceptable?"  Janice said that the conditions sounded more than reasonable and that she would happily accept them.  "Very well," said Tony, "Since this is Monday, I will expect to see you in my office next Monday with the $500, until then have a lucky week."  As Janice walked out of his office, Tony muttered under his breath, "Let the game begin."