Casino Debt
by mcfbridge

Part 7

Janet began the long drive home.  As she drove she tried to figure out how her plan had gone so horribly wrong.  Every time she tried to speed up a game so she could win faster seemed to be when she got into real trouble.  She was going to have to think this thing through very carefully.  Otherwise, her vagina would be Mr. Vineti's next toy and that was too humiliating to even contemplate.

When Janice got home, she took a long hot shower and tried to clear her head.  She told herself to put everything that had happened behind her and concentrate on finding a way to win the money she needed.  The debt to Mr. Vineti was now $3000 and she had to somehow turn her $500 voucher into $3000 or more by Monday.  She needed to calm down and think.  The slots were not the answer, some of them did pay huge jackpots, but even Janice knew the odds of hitting one of those were astronomical.  Roulette also had not worked.  Janice still felt that the dice were the answer, but what had she missed?  The odds were so much in her favor how had she lost?  Before she played again she had to find the answer.  Janice couldn't bear to go back to the boat that day.  She stayed home and rested so she could get a fresh start Tuesday morning.

First thing Tuesday, Janice headed back to the boat.  Again she left her voucher at home so she could just study the game.  She went straight to the crap table and watched all morning.  The problem was that almost nobody played her double 6s bet, so she couldn't really learn anything from what they played.  Most people played this weird bet that involved lots of rolls.  She didn't understand it at all and it didn't seem to pay much anyway.  Janice left the boat around noon and came home to eat lunch.  She still didn't know what had happened, so she decided to see if she could figure it out for herself.  She had a Monopoly game at home, so she dug through it and pulled out the dice.  Then she just sat there with them, studying them, until the answer came to her.  All the sides of the dice were different.  The sides with more spots on them must weigh a little more than the sides with fewer spots.  She looked at the dice again.  The side with the 6 spots was opposite the side with 1 spot.  The 6 spot side would be heavier so it would end up face down the most, while the 1 spot side would end up face up the most.  That was what had messed up her plan.  No wonder the game paid those odds for double 6s.  Most people wouldn't be smart enough to figure that out. 

Wednesday morning, Janice went back to the boat to see what use she could put her newfound knowledge to.  Again she went straight to the crap table.  She needed to know what bets were available.  Then she saw it.  There was a bet for double 1s.  And it paid the same odds as the double 6s.  Could it really be that simple?  She watched the rest of the day.  Janice saw 20 people try her double 6s bet and only one won.  But she only saw one person play the double 1s.  That person didn't win, but she had her answer.  The casino knew that most people would play double 6s, so they offered both bets with the same odds so that people wouldn't catch on.  It was an incredibly clever scheme.  Janice thanked God that she had been smart enough to see through it.  The math had said that double 6s should have come up 1 time in 12, but the weight of the dice made it worse.  Therefore, since the math also said that double 1s should come up 1 time in 12, the weight of the dice should make those odds even better.  Heck, double 1s would probably come up 1 time in 10 or so.  Wednesday night Janice hardly slept, she couldn't wait to get back to the boat.

Thursday morning, Janice rushed back to the boat as early as she could.  But, she wasn't going to do anything stupid.  She would limit her bets today to $10 and see if her system actually worked.  Janice calmly walked over to the dice table and placed her first bet on double 1s (or, as she heard the other players refer to it, snake-eyes).  She threw the dice and screamed out loud when her double 1s came up.  This was going to work.  She had plenty of time and she was already up $300.  The rest of the morning didn't go as well, however.  By lunch she had only managed to win another $100.  Janice wasn't concerned though, she had plenty of time and her system was going to work.  She didn't even bother to go back to the boat that afternoon.  She just went home, had a nice lunch, and then took a long hot bath to finally relax.  This was working out so well, by tomorrow afternoon she would be out of trouble.

Friday morning Janice slept in and didn't bother to get to the casino until after lunch.  She started playing her system about 1:00.  That afternoon really didn't go well.  She only hit her double 1s twice and overall she actually ended up losing $300 back.  Now she only had $600.  That would be enough to save her vagina, but it would mean she would have to let her anus be played with again.  She had to win more.  She wasn't going to be lazy anymore, she had all day Saturday and Sunday and she was going to use all the time she had. 

Saturday morning started pretty well.  She hit two rolls in the first hour and was up $200.  But that was the last one she hit all morning.  By noon, she had actually lost $200.  Janice didn't even stop for lunch.  She knew she needed to play as much as she could so that she would win the money she needed.  She got a quick sandwich at the snack bar and headed back to the table.  Janice played the rest of the afternoon.  She hit a few rolls every now and then, but it didn't seem to be going as quickly as it should.  She couldn't take time to count, though, she needed to play as many rolls as she could.  Finally, around 6:00, Janice had to stop for the evening.  She drove home, ate a quick dinner, and then went to count her chips to see how much more she needed to win.  She counted them and then counted them again.  This couldn't be right.  She had lost another $150 and was down to only $250.  That wasn't even enough to pay Tony the basic $500.  She only had Sunday left.  It just had to go better -- it had to.

Sunday morning came and it didn't go better.  She bet $10 on every roll and lost 20 straight times.  She had $50 left.  What could she do.  There was nothing she could play that could turn $50 into enough money quickly enough.  The dice were due though.  If she bet her entire $50, a snake-eyes roll would pay her $1500.  That would give her enough money to play with.  She would surely win the rest back that afternoon.  Janice took the dice and placed her $50 on the double 1s bet.  She knew the dice would hit. They had to, it had been way too long since snake-eyes had come up.  Confidently, she threw the dice and looked at the table where a 5 and a 2 had come up.  It wasn't until she saw the croupier take her last $50 in chips that the full weight of what had happened hit her.  Tony was going to play with her vagina.  She couldn't allow that.  Janice drove home to try to think through what she was going to do. 

Janice knew she couldn't allow this to happen.  The previous weeks had been humiliating, but this was too much.  This wasn't just humiliation.  She was married.  She had promised not to let any other man have that part of her body.  She couldn't do that to her husband, could she?  Then she thought about it some more.  Wait a minute.  If her husband had left her more money or had trusted her with their accounts this would never have happened.  This was his fault.  She didn't owe him anything.  It would be humiliating to let Mr. Vineti play with her vagina but it was her problem not his.  Well, she certainly was not going to endanger the little support she did get from her husband just to keep some stupid promise she had made to him.  If this was what she had to do, then she would do it.  Somehow she would get through it.

Her mind made up, Janet drove to the boat Monday morning to keep her appointment.  Her head held high, she walked down the stairs to Tony's office.  When the girl told her to go in, she went to the tile square and started to undress.  Maybe her husband didn't keep his obligations, but she did.  She would do what she had to.  Janice finished removing all of her clothes.  She started to feel uncomfortable; she had never been naked in front of a stranger before.  She saw Tony watching her and she walked over to his desk.  The lounge chair was their at the side of his desk just as he had said it would be.  What he hadn't told her about was the large standing mirror about 10 feet in front of it.  Well, there was nothing to be done about that now.  Janice sat down in the chair.  Then she lifted her legs over the armrests.  She knew that Tony now had a clear view of her vagina, but that wasn't enough.  Now that the moment was at hand, what she had to do next seemed much harder.    Trembling, she put her hand between her legs and found the lips of her vagina.  She held one in each hand and pulled them apart as far as she could.  It hurt a little but not much and she didn't want Tony complaining that she wasn't opening up enough.  As she looked up at Tony, she saw herself in the mirror and she couldn't believe it.  She'd never had much pubic hair and everything she had was on display.  She saw her hands holding her own vagina open, and she could see the hole itself pulled completely into view.  She closed her eyes quickly and waited to see what would happen.

Tony walked over to her and she felt him put his hand on her vagina and just stroke it.  "That's one nice little pussy you have there, Mrs. McGilney.  I want to thank you for sharing it with me so nicely."  Like she had any choice in the matter.  Then she felt his finger at her wide-open hole and in it went.  Another finger followed it.  Tony told her to open her eyes and when she did, all she could see was her wide-open vagina with two of his fingers stuffed in it.  Tony was smiling at her.  "That is really one very nice pussy, Janice, I'll bet your husband really enjoys it."  Janice thought about that for a moment and actually wasn't sure.  Her husband was away so often they didn't have sex very often.  Even when he was home, he would demand it once or twice a week, but he never commented on it much.  He certainly never was very concerned with her pleasure.  The only enjoyment she ever got out of sex was with her own hand.  Now this stranger was telling her how nice her vagina was and in a strange way she enjoyed it.  In fact she just relaxed and hoped he would continue to like her vagina, or her pussy as he called it.  He wiggled his fingers around inside her and it made her squirm.  Then he brushed a finger lightly over her clit and she nearly jumped out of the chair.  Tony just laughed, "So you like that do you?"  Janice was so embarrassed.  She had enjoyed letting a strange man touch her private parts.  She blushed and a tear ran down her face.  Tony saw the tear, "Oh that made you unhappy.  We need to fix that.  I know.  We'll play a game and that will cheer you up."  Tony reached into his desk and pulled out 5 vibrators.  Each one had a different colored top.  There was a red one, a green one, a blue one, and purple and orange ones.  Then Tony told her to scoot down in the chair.  They would need access to both her holes for this game.  "The game works like this.  You will close you eyes and I will insert one of the vibrators into your little pussy.  The only thing sticking out will be the little colored top.  Then you will guess which color is in your pussy.  If you're right I will take the vibrator out and it will be out of play.  If you're wrong, you will let go of your pussy and pull the vibrator out.  Then you will put the vibrator into your asshole.  Make sure again that only the little colored top is sticking out.  Of course if you've lost once before, you will have to remove the one that's in your ass first.  After you put the vibrator up your butt, you will put your hands back and reopen your pussy.  We'll play the game until you guess correctly 3 times.  When that happens you've won the game.  Are you ready."  "I-I-I guess so," said Janice, "What do I win when the game is over?" 

"You'll find out, now close your eyes."

Janice shut her eyes and waited for the game to begin.   A moment later she felt the first vibrator being inserted.  Then it was all the way in.  Then she jerked as she felt him turn the thing on.  "Okay, Janice, make your first guess."  It was hard to even think with that thing humming away inside her, but she managed to guess blue.  She opened her eyes, and looked in the mirror.  Between her hands she could see the red top sticking out of her.  Quickly she pulled the thing out and started to turn it off.  Tony stopped her, "I didn't tell you to turn them off, now put that one where it goes so we can get on with the game."  Janice sighed and put the buzzing vibrator at the entrance of her anus.  It had been bad enough when Tony had stuck things in there, but now he was going to watch her stick a vibrator up her own ass.  Well, she had to do it.  She pushed gently and in it went.  She kept pushing until the thing was all the way up.  She had to watch in the mirror to make sure she had it in far enough.  She had to make sure that only the colored part was sticking out of her anus. When it was done, she put her hands back between her legs and pulled her vagina open again.  Then she closed her eyes and waited for the next one.

A moment later she felt the next vibrator being pushed in.  When it was all the way inside her, Tony turned it on.  Now she had two vibrators humming away inside her.  She could barely speak or think.  Quickly she guessed green.  She opened her eyes and there between her hands was the green vibrator.  She watched as Tony pulled it out of her and put it aside.  Then she was told to close her eyes again. 

Another vibrator was inserted and turned on.  The sensations were so strong now she couldn't concentrate.  She tried to think what was left and finally just shouted out, "Yellow!"  Tony laughed and told her not to even open her eyes.  "There isn't a yellow one in play, Janice, so I'll let you guess again."  Janice tried to think, but the feelings in her ass and pussy (why was she thinking of it that way?) were so distracting.  Finally, she managed to say purple.  She opened her eyes and saw the orange top sticking out of her.  Oh God, this was going to continue.  She pulled the one vibrator out of her pussy, and then pulled the other one out of her ass.  She was horrified to realize that she didn't like the empty feeling.  Quickly she stuck the orange vibrator into her ass and actually felt better.  She closed her eyes and waited hopefully for her pussy to be filled again.

It just took a moment, and then another vibrator was humming away deep in her vagina.  She could almost feel the two plastic things rubbing against each other.  Before she lost her voice completely, she quickly guessed blue.  She opened her eyes and saw the blue top sticking out between her hands.  She was almost disappointed.  She watched Tony pull the vibrator out of her and then closed her eyes again. 

Another vibrator was stuck into her vagina.  When it was turned on, it felt so good -- she almost didn't want to guess.  She just wanted to enjoy the feeling.  Oh God, she had to end this before she completely lost control.  Quickly, she guessed red.  She opened her eyes and there, sticking out of her pussy, was the purple vibrator.  She didn't even have to be told what to do.  She yanked the orange vibrator out of her ass.  Then quickly pulled the purple one out of her pussy and shoved it into her ass as quickly as possible.  She didn't want to be empty.  Then she put her hands back and pulled her pussy open as far as she could so Tony would fill it up again. 

When Tony stuck the next vibrator up her.  Janice quickly guessed red.  She knew if she waited any time at all she wouldn't be able to speak.  She opened her eyes and there stuck in her pussy was the red vibrator.  The game was over.  But Tony wasn't taking the vibrators out.  Instead he was picking up another one.  "You wanted to know what you won, Janice.  You won the opportunity to come.  You get to orgasm in front of me.  Now make me proud and come nice and loud."  Then he pressed the third humming vibrator right onto her clit.  Janice couldn't stand it.  The sensations were overwhelming.  She didn't want to come in front of him, but she didn't think she could help it.  It kept building and building and he kept rubbing her clit.  Finally, she couldn't stop it.  She screamed something she didn't even hear and just began writhing in orgasm.  When she finally came down and caught her breath, she realized Tony had taken the vibrator off her clit and she was just sitting there with a vibrator in her ass and one in her pussy.  "You can take them out any time you want, Janice, the game is over.  Or you can keep them there if you want." 

Quickly Janice pulled the vibrators out of her vagina and anus.  Now that she wasn't excited anymore, she realized what she had done.  She had actually let this man make her come by playing with her.  She started to move, but Tony stopped her.  "I said the game was over, but you're not quite done yet.  I haven't told you about next week yet. So get that pussy back open and we'll talk."  Janice reached down and opened her vagina again.  Somehow now that he had seen her come, it was almost more humiliating.  Especially when he stuck a finger back insider her and just kept it there while he spoke. 

"Janice, you've lost your asshole and your pussy.  The only opening you have left is your mouth.  Since there are no real games to play with that, there is only one possible thing to do with it.  If you do not have my money next Monday, you will come in here and remove your clothes as you did today.  Then you will walk over to my desk and get under it in front of me.  You will unzip my pants and take my dick out.  Then you will open your mouth, put it in, and suck on it.  You will stay there for 1 hour and no matter what happens you will not take my dick out of your mouth.  Do you understand?"  Janice didn't know what to say.  Her husband had occasionally put his penis in her mouth for her to suck, but he never left it there long.  AN HOUR.  HE MIGHT COME IN AN HOUR.  "You'll pull it out if your going to come, right, and then it's over?"  Tony looked down at her and just laughed.  "Of course not.  If I come you'll just swallow it and keep on sucking.  Heck, in an hour I may come a few times."  WHAT? Janice had never had come in her mouth.  What would it be like.  She didn't want to know.  Meanwhile, Tony was still talking to her.  "We're almost done today Janice.  You're going to ask me nicely to wiggle my finger inside your pussy.  Then you're going to ask me to allow you to close your pussy.  After that's done you may go home." 

Janice was still so lost thinking about his penis being in her mouth, that it took a moment for that to register.  She'd do anything to get out of there.  "Please Mr. Vineti, wiggle your finger in my pussy."  She felt him do it.  His finger was moving all around inside her.  Then, finally, he took it out.  "Please Mr. Vineti, my I close my pussy now?"  Tony reached down and bounced her boobs up and down a couple of times. 

"Yes you may, Janice.  Go get dressed and I will see you next week.  Oh and Janice; come thirsty."  Janice dressed quickly and ran up the stairs and out to her car.  She didn't know what was more humiliating; what Tony had done to her, or the fact that she had enjoyed some of it.