Kate’s Discovery- The Punishment

By Littlepet © August 2002


Kyle knew the time had come.  He had teased her about it for the last three months.  Sure, he had play-spanked Kate, but had never really punished her.   He hoped he was up to the task.

The last three months had been incredible.  The exploration of Dominance and Submission had added a much deeper connection than either of them had thought possible.   They had minor setbacks. But with each experience, they had learned that by sitting down - and being honest about their fears and their fantasies - they could work these through.

Both Kyle and Kate had joined mailing lists where they could find answers to their questions about safety and new ideas to add to their play.   But more importantly, the lists were a place for support, helping them get over the feelings of guilt in exploring this side of themselves.

In the past couple of weeks, Kyle had noticed that Kate was becoming, well, a bit of a brat.   When he asked her if she was having doubts about their new erotic “roles,” she quickly said no.  Yet, he felt something was up.   As each day passed, he would find her just a bit more bratty.  He had to do something.  But what?

He finally got up the nerve to post his problem to the other “Doms” on his mailing list.   Within thirty minutes, he had fifteen answers, all telling him the same thing.   Kate needed to be punished.   The experienced Doms thought clearly that Kate’s “acting up” was her way of testing his dominance over her.   She needed to know that she had limits and rules, and that they would be enforced.

Kyle was not sure that he could handle it, but a few more days of Kate’s bratty behavior – hesitation to obey his commands,  smart-ass little remarks - and he knew he had to take action.  The Doms on his list had responded with a myriad of suggestions and techniques for whipping and caning his beautiful little brat.  But deep down, he  knew that he would never be able to physically hurt Kate beyond the mild spankings they both enjoyed. He would have to come up with something to punish her without violence.

He was intrigued by a response posted by a Dom who seemed to have a different approach, focused more on the mental and emotional dimensions of dominance than the physical.  Kyle’s mind began to race in a new direction.  And then he had the answer.

It took days of searching the Web and local supply stores – and a clever “cover story”  to get a little technical advice from an electrical engineer who worked for him.  But now Kyle had the special equipment in place.

Now, he had to get himself ready.  The Master he had met on-line had made a point that struck home with Kyle. If he wanted Kate to surrender herself totally to his control, he had to get control of himself first.  Kyle’s bright mind went to work.  He began writing a meticulous plan for Kate’s day of reckoning, thinking deeply about how Kate would react to every step.  He would be totally prepared for her, always a step ahead of his bratty little slave girl.

But most important, he realized, he had to be totally prepared for his own reactions.  He planned precisely what he would say to her… and practiced controlling his voice and expression until it become comfortable.  But the most difficult task was going  to be controlling his feelings of love and compassion for Kate.  He had to keep reminding himself- she wants this.

It was a strange and uncomfortable role for Kyle.  He had always given in to his beautiful princess, overcome by love and his natural impulse to rescue her at the first signs of distress.   But now he realized that Kate needed to experience a greater intensity of power and control, one beyond her clever ability to manipulate him. Uncomfortable or not, Kyle had to succeed … or their new D/s relationship would continue to slip away.

Kyle could not allow that to happen.  He would not fail Kate or himself.  He would control his fear and self-doubt.  He would control every moment of Kate’s punishment with the love, and the firmness, she seemed to need in him as her Master.  Finally, he felt ready. He just hoped Kate was, too.

He called Kate from work and told her that he wanted her naked and kneeling in front of the couch when he got home.    By now he knew that, yes, she would be there but with some small deviation from his actual order.

When he walked in the door, he could not suppress a smug smile.  He was right. There she was – kneeling, her arms crossed behind her back the way he loved, breasts thrust out, nipples tautly at attention, eyes lowered to the carpet, knees spread to offer him a clear view of her clean-shaved cunt and sweetly curved ass.    Oh, yes, she was perfect in her submission to him, kneeling just has he had taught her… in front of the CHAIR!

Kyle walked by her and sat in the chair, not saying a word.   He looked down at her and smiled, not missing the tiny flicker of disappointment in her face.   How he could not have seen it before?   How could he have missed signals this strong?

He leaned forward and lightly ran his fingertips over her cheek, slowly tracing a path down Kate’s erotic little curves to her breast.  He watched her eyes.  Her look of disappointment slowly began melting away as the passion started to stir within her.  When he spoke, it was barely more than a whisper, but carried all the strength and authority he had gathered for this critical moment.
“You disobeyed me… not just tonight but a dozen times.  You think I didn’t notice…”

Kate’s eyes widened. For an instant, a bratty remark flashed in her mind.  Kyle saw it flicker behind her eyes and at the corners of her mouth.  He quashed it instantly.

“Be silent and do exactly as you’re told.  It’s time to punish you  for your insolence and disobedience. Go to the bedroom closet. You will find a green bag.  Bring it to me”

Kate froze.  Had she heard right?  Punishment?  She stared up at Kyle’s eyes and stern expression. She felt a shiver run up her spine.  Excitement? Fear?  Perhaps both.

Kyle put the finishing touch in place.  “Now!” he snarled.

“Yes, Sir” she gulped, scrambled to her feet, and scurried off on her task.  Kyle stopped her in her tracks before he reached the bedroom corridor.

“Stop, slavegirl!” His voice was a whipcrack that brought Kate upright, dead still at attention, her stiffened back to her Master. “The slightest hint of disobedience, and your punishment will double.  Now MOVE!”

Kate bolted down the corridor into the bedroom.  When she was safely out of sight in the walk-in closet, she stole a moment to gather her senses.  Punishment?  Punishment! Kyle wouldn’t really punish her.   He loved her too much to do that… didn’t he?   OH GOD, her mind screamed.  PUNISHMENT!   She wanted to be punished. No, she didn’t.  Yes… she did.  She saw the green bag on the shelf above Kyle’s clothes, and pulled it down.  It was heavy.  She carried it slowly back to the living room, trying desperately to control her growing panic.

Kyle was checking his watch as she entered the room.  She knew she had taken a bit longer then necessary to retrieve the bag, and she shivered yet again.  It was time to stop pushing him with her little games.    She placed the bag at Kyle’s feet and resumed her kneeling position in front of him.  This time, without thinking, she did it perfectly. Arms crossed behind her, breasts thrust out, knees spread wide, bare cunt and ass fully exposed, eyes downcast.  Kyle reached down and gently lifted her chin.

“Pay attention,” Kyle commanded. Their eyes locked.  Kyle’s eyes were cold and steady, Kate’s confused and fearful.

“Quiet, not one word” he said softly, as he reached down and slowly unzipped the green bag.  She opened her mouth again to speak but quickly closed it when his eyes snapped back to hers, hard and angry.  He reached into the bag and pulled out a set of wrist and ankle cuffs. He handed them to her.

“Put them on.”

Kate blinked.  He must be very angry, she thought.  He had always taken so much joy in putting her into bondage himself.   Now fear was rising in her mind and body.  But her cunt was soaking wet, her thighs slippery with her shameful excitement.

Kyle silently rose leaving her there, sprawled on the carpet as she struggled to buckle on the ankle cuffs.  Kyle strolled back to the garage, enjoying the thought of Kate struggling into her own bondage.   When he returned, Kate stopped what she was doing and just stared.  He carried something that looked like a saw-horse.   But it had four small padded benches attached, one at each leg.  And something small and rounded was mounted on the wide crossbeam near one end.  And an electric cord swung menacingly underneath.

Kate was transfixed, still on the floor with two ankle cuffs attached and one wrist cuff dangling from her hand.  Kyle knew he could count on Kate’s curiosity and fear to get her in more trouble. Kyle cleared his throat. Kate blushed, and went back to putting on the remaining cuffs.  She so much wanted to ask him what it was, but the look on his face stopped her cold.

Kyle went back to the green bag and pulled out what looked like a dozen leather straps.   She felt a chill run down her spine.   Was he was going to use all of them on her?  Would the pain be terrible as each of the straps landed on her ass?  How could she have thought that getting punished was going to be pleasurable?

 “Master, please, I’m sorry.  I’ll be good.” Kate blurted, surprised at the panic and fear in her voice… that it was actually she who had spoken these words.   The look on Kyle’s face made her quickly lower her eyes back to the carpet.

Kyle turned his back to her, took a deep breath and suppressed the smile that was threatening to break the tension he had so carefully created.   He had seen the fear in her eyes.  He knew how much she wanted know, what he was going to do, to be able to prepare and compose herself.   He knew that a million ideas of what might happen to her were flashing in her head… but there was no way she would ever guess what he actually had planned.  Her state-of-mind was his to play with and that excited him.   He felt himself starting to get hard.

Kyle quickly finished setting up. As much as he enjoyed watching Kate squirm, he knew that the time was now.  Kate was going to receive her punishment. With one last look around to assure himself that everything he needed was in the proper place, he went to the couch and sat down.   Kate was kneeling in front of the chair, ankle and wrist cuffs fastened in place.

 “Come here.” he said, pointing to the spot he had originally commanded her to wait for him. As Kate started to scramble to her feet, he commanded, “No… I want to see you  crawl” Kate shivered at the tone in his voice and did her best to look sexy and graceful as she crawled to him.  She pulled herself back up to her kneeling position and lowered her eyes.

Kyle waited a few moments, letting the tension build.   Then he leaned forward and lifted her chin so that her eyes where looking into his.

“Kate, you have chosen to be my slave.  I have chosen to be your Master. Our bond is our trust.  We have to trust each other and do our best please each other.  I have let you down as a Master by threatening to punish you and then not following though.  How can I expect you to trust me if I don’t keep my word?”

Kate felt tears starting to form in her eyes.  She had felt that is was her fault, not his.  She cleared her throat and whispered softly.   “I am sorry, Master… sorry, for testing you.  I know you love me and you are doing your best. I love you”

Kyle bent to kiss her softly on the lips and as he sat back up, he said “ I love you, too, which is why I must give you the punishment you deserve.”

With that he pulled her up to her feet and brought her over to his new creation.    He walked her around it slowly, letting her get a really good look. Finally he stopped and looked straight into her in the eyes and told her,  “It is a spanking bench.” She gasped and the sound made his cock throb.

“I was right, He is going to spank me” she thought, feeling both excitement and fear coursing though her body.

He explained that she would straddle it with her arms and knees on the padded rests jutting from each leg, her belly on the narrow crossbeam.  She would be bound in place by the leather straps, totally open and helpless for his punishment.  Kate felt a rush of  relief that the straps would not be used on her ass.   As that thought sunk in, she realized that now she had a new problem.  If the straps were to tie her down…  WHAT WAS THE PUNISHMENT? All she could see was a blindfold, and the straps that would tie her to the bench. She failed to notice the little black box, attached inside of one leg with a black electrical cord.

Kyle placed Kate on the spanking bench. She was so busy worrying about what he was going to do to her, she barely noticed just how comfortable it actually was.  Of course he had made it himself, so it fit her perfectly. Her ass was at the perfect level for spanking. Or whipping. Or fucking.   Her mind so busy running wild with what might happen next, she failed to notice that.

Kyle quickly used the straps to tie Kate in place - one set to tie down her forearms, one set to tie down her lower legs.  Then he attached clips to the cuffs she wore making her unable to move her arms or legs more than a quarter of an inch in any direction.   The longest straps wrapped around the bench and her torso.  When he was finished, her cunt was pressed against the board and her breasts hung free on either side.    There was no slack, no way she could move even the slightest bit.

Kyle stepped back to look at his work.   God she was so beautiful, so sexy.   He could see her confusion and her fear.  He could also see that she was excited. Her clit was swelling and she was trying to rub herself on the board without even realizing that she was doing it.  It was then that Kate discovered the small, rounded shape that protruded slightly above the flat board, pressing against her swelling cunt.

After a few moments of just watching her, Kyle stepped forward and pulled Kate’s head up so that he could kiss her.   Then her world went black as he placed the blindfold on her.  She took a deep breath and steeled herself for whatever would come next.

She felt Kyle’s hands slowly run down her body.  His fingertips trailed over her shoulders and down to the small of her back.   Then they lightly glided over the tips of her nipples.  She shivered at his touch.   Kyle could hear her sharp intake of breath as his fingers made their way closer to her cunt. He lightly trailed the lips but was careful to not touch her clit.    She rewarded him with a small groan.

Then she felt him give her shoulder a soft kiss and heard him say  “Now, we begin.”

She waited, and waited.  But nothing happened.   She could hear Kyle move about for a few seconds then heard the familiar sound of him sitting back on the couch. Maybe her punishment was to just be bound like this for awhile.    She could handle that. She smiled softly. All that worrying… and this is what he had planned?

She tested the bondage and discovered that she was absolutely secure, then slowly relaxed into it.  One part of her was disappointed that nothing was happening, another part relieved.  As she tried to figure that out, she felt something.  Something, ah, pleasurable, right on her cunt.  At first she thought she was imagining it.   But no, it was there, a soft pleasure sensation like a vibration.  Then, it stopped. Maybe she did imagine it.

She waited for a few seconds then almost laughed at herself.  She was so horny she was feeling things that weren’t even there.    But wait, there it was again, that vibration on her cunt.  This time, just a little bit stronger.  It WAS there.   She turned her head to the couch wondering if Kyle was doing it.  She had not heard him move, but maybe she missed hearing him.

Now she was starting to really feel the vibration, and it was starting to feel good.  Then it stopped again.

Then she heard Kyle shift on the couch.   WHAT?  How could he be on the couch?  Then she realized. There was a vibrator IN the spanking bench. She was spread wide open with her cunt up against it.    She let out a soft groan as she finally put all of the pieces together.

Just then it started again.  Just a little bit stronger.  She could feel it playing on her clit and she tried to move herself so that she could get more of it.  But the bondage stopped her.   She could feel herself getting more aroused.  Then it stopped.

Arousal. Denial. Over and over.   The vibrator would turn on, play against her clit getting her more and more excited, then it would shut off just as she was feeling really good. She was becoming more vocal with each cycle.  Her sighs of pleasure as the vibrator aroused her and her groans of frustration as it would stop… just when she was so close to cuming.

Kyle knew it would not be long before the real punishment came.   He could no longer keep a small chuckle to himself as watched Kate squirming like a bitch in heat, trying to pump her ass and cunt, moaning and gasping, trying SO hard to get off.  His machine was timed perfectly to make sure that that did not happen.

He watched as a fine sheen of sweat formed on her back.  As she tried so desperately to push her self down or move just a bit, seeking the release that her body now craved.  He could see the moisture running down her open thighs and he could feel his cock begging him to go over and fulfill both of their desires.   Kyle was finding that not only was he punishing Kate, but also himself.   He wanted her so bad that it hurt.

Kate heard his chuckle and tried to ignore it and him.   She could play this game, she thought stubbornly.  Until the vibrator clicked back on again.  The moment it did, she slipped back into her uncontrollable desire.  And the truth suddenly hit her.  He could turn her into a whimpering, shameless slut at the touch of a button.  He was in total control of her body and her mind.  He could give her pleasure… or keep her here on this tortured edge of frustration for as long as he wanted.  The thought was incredibly erotic. And for the first time, she felt totally in Kyle’s power.

The vibrator started again… now Kate had only one thought.  God, let it stay on long enough for me to cum.  PLEASE, Kyle, pleeeeease. With each cycle it was stronger.  Bringing her closer and closer to the edge, almost there… then leaving her hanging in the void.

Finally unable to take it any longer she cried out.  “Master, please Master...”

Kyle watching her from the couch, answered, “Yes, Slave?”

“Please Master, forgive me.  I promise to be good. I promise to do whatever you say.  Please Master, let me cum…” she whimpered.

Kyle was not even close to believing that she was truly sorry.  He knew her too well.  He also knew  he had always given in to her.  He knew that their D/s relationship was at stake.  If he could not prove to her that HE was in charge, they would have no hope of ever making this work.   So he said nothing.

The vibrator clicked off and Kate now begged in earnest.  Kyle knew that if she kept it up he would give in.   After all, she was his princess and he had always given her what she wanted. He rose from the couch and as Kate heard his movements, she stopped begging. He was coming to answer her pleas for that wonderful orgasm that was so very near.    When Kyle reached her, she sighed in relief, knowing that it was over.   He raised her head and gave her a warm, passionate kiss.  As he drew away, her mouth was still open in passion and he popped in the gag and buckled it behind her head.

He whispered to her.   “I can see that you still need to learn your pleasure is mine to control.”  He gently smacked her bottom and went back to the couch.

He watched her for the next two hours.  Her muscles flexing and tightening as the vibrator cycled on and off.   He watched her fight to get just the smallest amount of pressure, trying to bring herself over the edge.  He heard her muffled cries, the muffled begging (and as her frustration rose, some curses).  Finally, there was only submission. He watched as tears wetted the blindfold and crept down her cheeks.   And when he knew she could take no more, he moved silently behind her, touched the small button that set the vibrator to full-strength and non-stop.   And took  her hard and deep.

Later, released from the punishment bench and curled blissfully in Kyle’s arms, she rubbed her tear-stained cheek against Kyle’s thigh, thankful for his strength, his  punishment and his forgiveness.  “I’ll never disobey you again, Master…” she whispered dreamily.

Kyle reached down, gently kissed her, and thought, “Two weeks, tops.”  She looked good on that bench.