Kate’s Discovery

By Littlepet


© April 2002

Chapter 3

Kate sat helplessly in dining room chair, her arms tied behind the chair and
her legs splayed open. They were also bound, at the thigh and the ankle.
She could not close her legs, not that she wanted to.  Or so she thought.
She was unable to see what Kyle was up to since he had blindfolded her with
a soft silk scarf.   But she could still hear, but now there were no audible
hints as to what he was up to next.  Her body shivered in anticipation, and
perhaps just a bit in fear.  Fear of the unknown.  They were both so new to

Kyle had stepped back to just watch her.  He thought he had never seen Kate
so beautiful.  Her beauty came from her excitement, and the amount of trust
she had placed in his hands.   First, she had trusted him enough to tell him
about her newfound sexual games.  Then she trusted him enough to allow them
both to experiment with these games.  They could be dangerous, she could get
hurt.  Hell, HE could be the one to hurt her.  That thought alone scared him
to death. But standing there and seeing just how beautiful her passion made
her, he continued their exploration into this new world.

Her soft whimpers told him how excited she was.  So did the wet mark that
threatened to stain the dining room chair.   He reached for another towel
and pushed it under her.  The chair was going to get a lot wetter before he
was done.   He checked with her.

“Slave, are you alright?”

It took her a moment to answer as she flexed her hands and feet to make sure
that she really was.   “Yes, Sir” she said.

He smiled and patted her on the leg, then reached back into the bag and
pulled out his next new toy.

Kyle had gotten this idea from one of the stories they had read on the web
site.   Then he had added a few twists of his own  to make it a bit more
interesting.  As he looked at Kate there was a moment of regret.  He had
always loved the feel of her pubes.  The soft curls, the glistening red hue
that proved she was a natural redhead.  It almost seemed a shame to remove
it.   He couldn’t help himself.  He reached forward and stroked the hair
that would soon be gone.    Kate groaned and pushed herself up trying to get

Kyle smiled to himself and almost let his own groan escape.   He was not
sure who was teasing who here.  But he knew that if he didn’t  keep to his
plan, he was lost.   His need for her was a great as her need for him.   He
was the Dom, or suppose to be,  he thought to himself.  His cock strained to
get out of his pants and once again tested his willpower. Kyle reached down
and readjusted himself, relieving a bit of pressure, then went back to work.

Kate jumped with a start when she heard the low buzzing. She suppressed the
quick smile that came to her face, and tried to be a good subbie.  But she
knew THAT sound and she knew that if she sat still she would soon be getting
more pleasure.   That vibrator was just what she needed right now.  She just
hoped she would not explode the second he touched it to her.   She shivered
as she heard it moving closer and closer to her center of pleasure.  She
tried to keep herself from rising up to meet it.

Kyle watched Kate’s face and knew that she was going to be in for a
surprise.  He knew what she was thinking.   He watched her fighting to keep
still.  He had to look away for a second so he didn’t laugh.   Once back
under control, he gently laid the electric shaver on her mound, so that she
could feel the vibration.  This would keep her thinking she was right for a
few more seconds.  Then he started shaving her.

Kate was totally confused.  WHAT is he DOING? she thought.  After a few
seconds, she figured it out.  In frustration she called out, “No!”

Kyle quickly pulled back the shaver, afraid he had hurt her or pushed her
too far.   He jumped up, bending awkwardly forward to embrace and comfort
her. “Shhhhh…. Honey, it’s ok!” he blurted.  “ I’m sorry.  Are you ok?”

Kate was momentarily confused.  What had he done?  Then she realized that
Kyle had misunderstood her.  She giggled and told Kyle she was fine.  Well,
kind of fine.

“Sir” she explained “I was just disappointed that it wasn’t a vibrator. God,
I am so horny!”

Kyle laughed, relieved.   Then trying to regain control of the situation, he
put on his stern voice.  “Slave, you are mine to do with as I please, and it
will be awhile before I allow you any pleasure.”    Kate whimpered and felt
herself get even hotter, knowing that she would have to wait.  It is so
incredible not being in control she thought.

Kyle knelt back down and methodically removed the hair on Kate’s mound.
Then around her very wet slit. Caressing her everywhere except the one place
she really wanted him to.  Her clit.   By now they both knew if he touched
her clit she would cum.  Kyle had never seen her so aroused. Never felt so
powerful.   Sure he told people what to do all day.  He made decisions that
affected other people and their families.  But this was different.   This
was his princess.  She was smart, strong, able, and loved him so much.   She
now was his in a whole new way.   His heart felt like it would explode, so
full of love for this woman.

Kyle could not wait.  The feeling of love so strong, that the pounding in
his cock could no longer be ignored.  He quickly stripped off his shirt and
pants, nearly tripping over  himself in his rush to be inside of her.    He
dropped to his knees and positioned himself in front of her.   Pushing
forward, he plunged into her.   The sound of their passion echoed though the
room.   Within seconds, they had both cum.

Kyle remained still, feeling the grasp of Kate’s cunt around his cock as her
orgasm peaked then slowly subsided.   Then he slowly pulled out of her.
She groaned at the loss of him.  It took a second for him to remember their
little game.  But when he did, he reached up and grabbed a hand full of
Kate’s long red hair and tugged it tight in his hand.  “Slave” he said, his
voice once again firm and clear.  “You did not ask me if you could cum”

Kate started to laugh but quickly stopped as she felt the tug on her hair
getting even stronger.  “Yes, Sir.  I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it,  Sir”

Kyle chuckled and replied, “you will be punished for your error, slave.”

“Yes, Sir” she said and felt a new excitement building in her body.

“Now we need to finish what we started, Slave.”  And with that he left the
room to get the shaving cream, razor and water.

When he returned a few minutes later, Kate seemed to be calm, less in need.
Well, he would fix that.     First he gently wiped her down with a warm wash
cloth, damping what remained of the hair on her mound and between her legs.
Then he took his time applying the shaving cream.   He spread it careful as
to not let it get into her sensitive areas that he was most definitely going
to want to use again later.  It did not take long for Kate to become aroused
all again.    He reached down for the razor and, with care ( and perhaps a
bit more touching then necessary) shaved every hair he could find.  His
fingers pulling on the lips to create tension so he would not cut her.   His
hands “accidentally” brushing across her clit, making her groan.

He found himself quickly become aroused by her soft moans and hips pressing
up to feel more of him.  Over and over again he had to remind her to stay
still so he would not cut her. Finally, one more wipe down with the towel,
and what was left was a soft smooth cunt that could be seen from across the
room.     No wonder all of those stories has the submissive shaved!   It was
so sexy seeing Kate so open. Kyle’s cock was back at full attention.

Pushing away the bowl of water so he would not overturn it,  he settled into
a more comfortable position, eye-to-cunt with Kate.  How different her cunt
looked!   He gently reached out and pulled her lips apart. Massaging and
tugging lightly at the loose, bare skin.  The reaction from Kate was
priceless.  She whimpered delightfully, straining against her bonds.  He ran
his fingers up and down her slit and entered her with just the tip of his
finger.  He instantly felt her trying to pull him in deeper, needing to be
filled.  Finally unable to help himself,  he moved forward and lightly ran
his tongue across her soft folds.  He froze at the sound of her voice. She
had done it.  She asked.

“Sir, may I cum?”   For a moment it was too much.   He never thought he
would hear her say these words.  Not until  this moment had he truly
understood the power she had given him.

Now she was crying out, “Please, please.”   That brought him out of his
reverie.  He was unable to deny her the pleasure any longer.  “Yes, slave….
You may.”  He said.  And placed his tongue softly on her clit.  And pushed
her over the edge.