Kate’s Discovery

By Littlepet
©  2002

Chapter 2

Kyle had just come in from a hard day at work, his mind still working on
today’s new problem.   This was his first big job since he had started his
own construction company and he was feeling the stress as the deadline fast
approached.   He had started out working for a major construction company
that had recruited him fresh out of college.  Two years ago, he decided he
had enough experience and reputation to open his own firm and finally run
things his way.   It was hard working for someone who did not have the same

Kyle dreamed of creating buildings that blended in with the environment,
and had sold his ideas for a new type of building to a young
forward-thinking accounting firm.    Today, just four weeks before the grand
opening, the tiles that had been ordered months ago showed up in the wrong
color.   His mind was fully focused on possible solutions as he unlocked the
door and walked into the house.

He was snapped back to the present when he heard distressful noises from the
bedroom.  He rushed down the hall to see what was wrong.

What he found stopped him in his tracks.   Kate, the love of his life, his
princess, was chained to the bed,   her arms and legs taut.  She was crying
out, but he instantly realized it certainly wasn’t from pain.  He knew that
noise all too well.   With a quick look around the bedroom, he saw
everything else was in perfect order. She was alone.  She had to have done
this to herself.   He was shocked, but for just a moment.  The sounds she
was making explained everything.  Kate was one sexy lady, and he had made
her cry out exactly like this many times.

He stood there watching, wondering just what she was up to now.  His own
body began reacting to her cries of passion.  His cock was hard and ready.
Should he interrupt?  His body answered for him, and before he was aware of
what he was doing, he was beside the bed.  His hand ran up her leg and over
her firm, round ass.  His eyes were entranced by the gleaming steel chains
that held her firmly to the bed.  He was harder than he could ever remember.
  His hand strayed to her hot, wet cunt and he felt the toys.

He whispered “Why didn’t you tell me?”   He felt her tense and then relax as
she realized that he was not angry with her.   She blushed and murmured,
“Unlock me and I’ll tell you.”   He was much too aroused to not take
advantage of her helplessness, and said “I can wait until later to hear
this.”  Then he stepped back, and smiled as he heard her groan from the loss
of his touch.   He quickly stripped off his clothing, and joined her back on
the bed.   His hands resumed their journey over her body.   He reached
between her legs and then noticed the butt plug firmly implanted in her
lovely ass.   He tapped it lightly and set her off on yet another orgasm.
To his amazement, his cock got even harder.   He found the switch to the
vibrator, but it took him a second to figure out what it actually did. He
turned the dial and the silence in the room told him all he had to know.  He
watched her hips grinding into the bed, searching for that wonderful
feeling, and he chuckled to himself.  “This could be fun,” he thought.

Kyle lost that thought, for now his body had taken over.  The insistent
pulsing in his cock was now overwhelming.  He slowly slid the dildo out,
savoring each millimeter of the glistening shaft as it slipped from her
delicate inner lips.  At the instant of withdrawal, while her pulsing pink
depth was still spread open, so incredibly open, so totally accessible, he
plunged into her.  At that moment, Kyle and Kate started on a new adventure

The next morning Kyle finally unlocked Kate, but not until she had agreed to
cook him breakfast in payment for her release.

As they sat at the table, they talked.   Kate told Kyle about the web site
she had found and how it had started new fantasies for her.   She poured out
her fears about coming to him with these powerful new feelings.   Kyle
listened until Kate ran out of words, then took both of her hands in his and
looked into her eyes.  He was honest.  He told her that if she had told him
what she wanted, he might not have been able to handle it.   But when he
walked in on her last night, when he found her chained there, he had never
seen anything so beautiful in his life.  He asked Kate to show him the web

Kate and Kyle spent the weekend reading the bondage and D/S stories.
Together, they explored their feelings, spending hours talking about what
turned them on, and what they would be interested in trying.   Late Sunday
evening, they finally decided to spend the next weekend doing this D/S stuff
and see if it would really  work for them.

During the week, Kyle spent much of his time thinking about the upcoming
weekend.  He was surprised at how turned on he was by the things that Kate
had shared.  He was also surprised that he actually got any work done.
Fortunately, the tile situation had been resolved and his project was days
ahead of schedule. This had given him time to do some exploring on his own.
  He was amazed at how much information there was to be found — Web sites,
email groups, it was almost too overwhelming.   After reading a web page on
what a Master’s responsibilities where, he could not help wondering if he
was up to taking on such a task. His cock was telling him that he sure
wanted to try.

He found himself rushing home every night to Kate.  Their lovemaking was
charged with a new excitement that had not been there before.    Things were
perfect.  Well, almost perfect.  There was this little voice inside Kyle
telling him that maybe he wasn’t good enough to take on this kind of
responsibility.  What if he took things to far?  What if he hurt Kate,
mentally or physically?  Sure all the things that he had been reading were a
terrific turn on, but was he really ready to go this next step?  Finally, he
decided that before he could go further, he had to talk to Kate.   To tell
her his fears and let her decide if she willing to take this risk.

Kyle worried all day Thursday.  Would she think that he was not man enough,
or would she understand.  Then it hit him.   She had taken a big risk
telling him her needs, even if it hadn’t been planned.  Kyle smiled to
himself, and thanked the spirits for that dropped key.  Then headed home to
talk with Kate.

Over dinner he shared his fears with her.  She listened and nodded but kept
her comments to herself until he was though.  Then she looked at him and
took his hands in hers.  She spoke with quiet determination, “Darling, I am
scared too.  Hell, I am confused.   Until just a few weeks ago I had no idea
that any of this stuff would make me feel the way it does.   But you are
right, we are still new to this.  I was reading about ‘safe words.’  Maybe
we should have a safe word.  If anything you do to me is something I don’t
like I will just say the safe word and we will stop”

Kyle looked at her with a touch of awe and total love.  “That’s why I love
you so much, you ARE the smart one!”  He laughed out loud and then quickly
stopped.  “But what will the safe word be?”

They looked at each other, both momentarily puzzled.  Then Kyle started
laughing again, and said “Pizza.”
Kate started to say “But I hate…”  then she echoed Kyle’s laugh.  What else
could it be?  She did hate pizza.   So if she hated what he was doing, she
would be able to remember THAT word.

They kissed and Kyle dragged Kate into the bedroom for another night of
passion.  As they slowly drifted off to sleep much later,  Kyle’s last
thought was, “If we keep this up, I won’t have an energy for this weekend.”

Friday morning,  Kyle jumped out of bed earlier than usual.  He had a few
errands to run before this evening.  He showered, dressed and kissed the
sleepy Kate goodbye.  He whispered to her “ Be naked and on your knees by
the door when I get home this evening.  I will call and let you know what
time.”  Then left.

“Oh, great” thought Kate.  So much for getting any more sleep this morning
as she shivered in excitement.
She got up, showered, thought about masturbating but quickly decided that
she would wait until this evening. Then she headed into work but got nothing
done all day.  Kyle called at noon and told her to be home and ready at six

Kyle spent the day collecting items for their weekend adventure and
re-reading a few of the stories that really turned him on.  When he finally
called Kate at noon, he wanted to tell her to go home NOW!  But knew that
part of what excited them both so much was the waiting.   So, reluctantly,
he told her six pm.

At 5:55 pm,  Kate was ready and kneeling at the door.   Her body giving away
her excitement.  Her nipples hard, itching to be touched.  Her cunt, wet and
ready.  Unconsciously, she rubbed her thighs together hoping to get some
relief.   She tried to sit still, like the good submissives she’d read
about.  It was hard to believe anyone could sit still when they were this
excited.  She listened for Kyle’s car to pull into the drive.  She couldn’t
help thinking, “HURRY UP, KYLE!”  and giggled nervously and chided herself
for her un-submissive thought.

She jumped with a start when she heard someone walking up the steps. Damn,
now what?  It couldn’t be Kyle she didn’t hear his car pull up.   Oh God, It
had to be Mrs. Kelley, their next door neighbor.  How would she explain
this?  Then the door handle turned.  Kate thought about jumping up and
running into the other room.  She would die if she was caught like this.
At the last minute she got control of herself and realized that Mrs. Kelley
would knock, not just walk in.    She quickly settled back into place as
Kyle walked though the door.  Her stomach was full of butterflies.  Just
like in the stories, she bowed her head and waited quietly.

Kyle stood there for a moment, lost in the beauty of his princess.  He said
a quick word to his God to help him not mess this up too badly, then said,
“Good Evening, My slave.”  He struggled not to laugh at how silly his own
words sounded to him.  Then he saw her quake with excitement.  Suddenly, the
words no longer seemed silly and he was grateful that he had not laughed.

Kate, her soft sexy voice dripping with passion, whispered back, “Good
evening Master”

It left Kyle breathless.    But he was not ready to be a “Master” yet and
told her so.   “Slave, one day you may decide to call me Master, but only
when I deserve it.  For now, you will call me Sir”

“Yes, Sir” she replied with a smile.

Kyle pulled her up into his arms and kisses her, then turned her around and
gave her a gentle push toward the living room.  He placed her on the floor
kneeling in front of one of the recliners and lightly kissed her forehead.
He told her to wait there quietly, as he went back to the front door and
picked up the packages he had left just outside.  As he reentered the room,
his mind was reeling at just how lucky he was.   He paused at the doorway,
just watching her. Kate was so beautiful.   Her hands placed behind her
back, the small arch in her back making her breasts stand out.  Her nipples
erect and begging to be played with.   Her legs slightly open, her thighs
shining with wetness from her cunt that seemed to call his cock from across
the room.   He took a deep breath and could smell her musky excitement from
where he stood.

As he crossed the room, the rustling of the paper bags startled Kate.  He
saw her reaction and once again said a quick word to his god to give him the
strength not to take her right here.  There was so much that he wanted to do
her, and he did not want to rush it.  His hand caressed her shoulder as he
walked by and created a shock of excitement for both of them.  Kate moaned
softly and Kyle released a hiss of air from the contact.   He placed the
bags next to the chair and sat down in front of her, readjusting himself to
keep his massive erection from getting crushed in his trousers, suddenly way
too tight.   He pulled her face up and kissed her softly on the lips.  She
eagerly responded and he had to pull himself away.

Kyle had decided that he would start the evening with a guessing game.  Kate
would have three chances to guess what he had in the bags next to the chair.
If she guessed correctly he would use them on her.   If she could not guess
he would place the item out of sight and would surprise her with it later on
in the evening.
He had six items in the bag and was pretty sure he knew Kate well enough
from her responses to the stories to which three items she would guess.  As
he told her the rules he watched her face get flushed with excitement.  By
the look in her eyes, he guessed that either way this was going to be fun
for both of them.

Kate’s first guess was a blindfold.  Kyle smiled and reaching into one of
the bags and pulled out a soft silky scarf that he had planned on using as a
blindfold and carefully draped it over her eyes, tying it tightly behind her
head.   He then asked her what her second guess was.

Kate thought for a moment and then guessed “ A gag?”  Kyle smiled and made a
mental note to himself to add that to the list of items for future use.
Then told her, “Slave, you have a safe word.  If I were to gag you, how
would you be able to use it?”  She blushed and said “Yes, Sir.  I’m sorry
that I guessed badly”   He could not help but to reach over and kiss her
lovely lips yet again.

As he pulled away he told her she had one more guess left, then watched her
face as she thought about it for a few minutes.  He could see how hard she
was trying and he wondered if he should give her a hint.  He had been so
sure she would guess three of the items.   Just as he was about to give her
a hint she called out, “I know! ROPE!”  then blushed and added the word
“Sir”  He gave her another kiss and said.  “That’s right, Slave” She heard
him reach into the bag and then was enveloped by the soft, warm feeling as
he lightly dragged it over her very sensitive nipples.  He knew he was doing
well when he saw the fine sheen of sweat break out over her skin.

Kyle had played with the rope a bit earlier in the afternoon, and was
surprised at how much he remembered from his days as a Boy Scout.  So he was
sure that he could tie her safely.  The ropes would have to be tight enough
to hold her down if she struggled, but also not tighten up.  He had read
that on the bondage site, and practiced on his leg in the office.   Of
course, only after he had checked to make sure his office door was locked.

As he started to loop the first rope around her, he glanced at the dining
room chairs and quickly came up with an idea for the some of the other
things he had planned for Kate this evening. He bent down and whispered to
Kate, “Be right back.  Stay still.”    Kate listened to see if she could
figure out what he was up to.  She heard him head for the dining room and
heard the scrape as the chair was pulled out from under the table.  She
heard him coming back into the room and quickly straighten her head so that
he would not know that she had been trying to hear.  Kyle smiled to himself
as he watched her.   “Go ahead, sweet one” he thought to himself  “You might
guess part of this… but I still have some surprises for you.”  Then he
headed down the hall to the bathroom and collected a few towels.  This time,
she had a harder time figuring out what he was up to.

Finally, he was ready to begin tying her.  He told her to stand up and to
take a few steps back.  As the chair brushed up against the back of her
thighs, he told her to sit.  She did.  In a few moments he had her arms
comfortably but securely tied behind the chair.  She tugged to test the
amount of movement he had left her and found that it was not much.   She
felt herself get even wetter.   What he did next sent her spinning.
Kyle placed a towel over each of the wooden arms of the chair, then lifted
each of her legs apart and over the towels to the outside of the chair.  He
quickly bound her thighs to the arms of the chair, and finally, lashed her
ankles to the chair legs.  He had spread her wide open.   With her sight
gone, she could only imagine what she looked like, and it was pretty
embarrassing, and exciting!

He stepped back to take a look at his work and for a second was glad that
she could not see.  The rope work was horrible.   Sure, it did the job, but
it didn’t look at all like the precise wrappings he had seen on the web
site.  He made a promise to himself.  If this weekend was a success, he
would learn to do the rope work a lot better.  Then he noticed that her
breathing was growing rapid, her breasts moving up and down in an uneven

Worried, Kyle quickly dropped to her side and whispered,  “Honey, are you

She whimpered, “Oh yes, Mas… ah, Sir…  I think I may cum.”

Smiling inwardly, Kyle summoned a stern command, “Not without my permission,

She nodded, too excited to answer.

He rose and stood in front of her, taking a moment to enjoy how helpless and
excited she looked.  Then he reached back into his bag.

His plan had only just begun.