Kate’s Discovery

By Littlepet and Michael Mastery

(c)January 2002

Her slightly overweight body glistened with a fine sheen of sweat.  She was
fighting off what felt like the hundredth orgasm, but her body was not
cooperating.  There was nothing she could do as another thrill racked her
body.  When it finally passed, she strained to see the clock, and was amazed
at how quickly  time had passed.   She had less than an hour before her
boyfriend, Kyle, would walk in the door.

Sweet Kyle. Tall, dark and handsome, he was her storybook prince.  They had
started dating in the 11th grade and had been inseparable since.   They were
both driven, proving themselves in the business world before settling down.
  Kate was so excited and happy when he proposed to her last Valentine’s Day
with  a cake that said “I love you, will you marry me?”   He was so gentle
and romantic. They planned to be married next Christmas.   Kate and Kyle
thought they knew everything about the other.

It took a minute or two to calm down from the last orgasm and to realize she
had better get herself out of her bondage and into the shower.  She had left
the key just slightly out of reach.  It would be tight but she could let
herself out.   What she hadn’t planned on was the orgasm that had started to
build and took full control of her body as she reached for the key.   As it
receded she realized what had just happened. The key had fallen off the bed
and onto the floor. Shit! what am I going to do, now?  she thought.

Kate struggled for some way out, but the chains where unforgiving. She was
in trouble.  There was nothing she could do.   She lay trembling, naked,
spread eagle, face down, helpless.  The vibrator buzzed under her
relentlessly, now forgotten.  Her thoughts raced back to how she had gotten
herself in this position in this first place.

Kate was a very self assured person.  At 28, she owned her own business and
was responsible for 17 employees.  She was raised by a very strict father
and a passive mother.  At least that was how she always saw it. Kate had
decided early-on that she would never let someone boss her around like that.
  She would always be a full partner in her home.    She was independent,
bright, and would never allow someone to control her  like some second-class

Then one day, while out surfing the web for business information, she ran
across a story site about bondage.   She still had not figured out why she
entered the site and read one of the stories. She just had.    She had to
admit the writing was top notch, even if the idea of being tied up and used,
or made to be a pony girl, disturbed her.  Her body was disturbed in a
different way..  She was deeply aroused.   There seemed to be so much love
and passion between the characters.  Kate had always thought that anyone who
did this must be an abuser or abused.  She had not expected this.

Kate found herself drawn back the web site often,  devouring the stories one
after another, each getting her more aroused.  "Who was this guy Leviticus
behind this web site? Why were these stories such a turn-on?"  That had
really confused her.  Until today.

Kate strained again to see the clock, unbelieving that she could have ended
up in this position.  All because of some stupid idea off a web site.  "Damn
that guy and his stories." If she had never read the stories she would not
be in this mess.  A minute later,  that thought was pushed away as her body
was racked with yet another orgasm.

As this orgasm subsided, she thought back to that Saturday when she first
got the idea. It had seemed so simple. There was no way she would tell Kyle
about what she had been reading, or how excited it got her. She thought back
to one of stories. One about self-bondage.   Maybe she could give this
bondage stuff a try and not have to let anyone else know that she was having
these weird thoughts.   Kate was sure that once she tried it, she would free
herself of these stories and the incredibly arousing fantasies they were

Kate was out running errands and had stopped at the hardware store to pick
up a few plants and gardening tools .  As she walked back to the gardening
section, she  spotted a display of  chain — reel after reel, some small and
rough, some strong and gleaming.  Almost without thinking she found herself
standing there, running her hands over the cold, heavy steel.  A shiver ran
though her body at the thought of being bound with this hard, cold material.
  It was then she decided that she would really do it.  Secretly.  All by

She  bought five lengths of chain and five “Master” locks.   She giggled at
the thought of using “master” locks.  They would be her Master for a couple
of hours, since she did not have her own Master (not that she really wanted
one,  that would be sick.)  In her excitement, she left the store without
her gardening supplies.

She spent Sunday cruising the Net looking for other items to complete her
adventure.   There were so many choices.   She finally decided on a small
butt plug (somehow most of the stories she read had a butt plug, so of
course she had to have one.)  Then she found a very pretty pink jelly dildo.
  And a vibrator that would stay in place over her clit with straps (that
would keep her from moving away from it, should it get too intense.)

It was three weeks before the things arrived in the mail in a plain
brown-wrapped box.    Kate, by this time, found herself reading bondage
stories when she should have been working.   She found herself spending
almost every minute of the day thinking about the day when she would have
her little adventure.     Mary, the office manager, had to call Kate’s name
twice to get her attention during a staff meeting.  She was constantly
asking Kyle to repeat what he had just said.  She had not been paying
attention to him.  Or, truthfully, to anything.  Now Kate knew she had to
have her adventure soon, so she could get her life back to normal.

Today was the day. When she woke up this morning she felt the butterflies in
her stomach.  She got up,  called Mary at the office and told her that she
would not be in.  Kate took a long, hot bath and washed her hair, shaved and
dried off.  It was silly to get dressed.  She went naked to the kitchen,
opened her favorite bottle of wine and poured herself a glass. To help relax
her and get her in the mood.  She padded back to the bedroom, and for a
moment, savored the cool air on her naked body.  She reached under her bed,
pulling out the box that had arrived on Tuesday.   She unwrapped the box and
pulled out her selections, one by one.  As she laid each one on the bed, she
felt a shiver of excitement run up her spine.   She turned on the
television, found a cable music station with smooth jazz and adjusted the
volume to low.  The soft glow from the screen left the room feeling romantic
and she giggled nervously.

Kate reached again under the bed and pulled out the shiny new chains.  She
attached them to each leg of the bed, stretching them up toward the center
of her neat bedspread.  She knelt in the center of her steel web. For just a
moment she thought, how crazy this is.  The thought only lasted a moment.
The  excitement was building in her body.

Reaching for the bottle of lube, she applied it to the small butt plug.
Reaching between her thighs, she ran the tip of the plug around the rim of
her anus, feeling  the silky smoothness of the lube.  Then with a deep
breath, she inserted it.  She was so excited that she almost came from that.
   But with another deep breath and a shudder,  got herself back under
control. Then lowered herself so that she was laying on her stomach.
Reaching back, she  attached her right ankle to the chain at the bottom
corner of the bed. As the steel links circled her ankle she felt the cold of
such a secure unforgiving chain. The sharp, resounding “click”  of the lock
shocked her, yet she was wetter than she had ever been in her life.   She
could feel herself dripping on her thighs. She then attached the second
chain to her other ankle and pulled on them to test them.  She was so close
to an orgasm that she couldn’t think straight.

Next, she spread a thick coating of lube over the full length of the soft,
pink dildo.  Arching up on her shoulders and knees, she slid the dildo
beneath her trembling belly and slid the tip into the soft folds of her
cunt.  She gasped as her hands instinctively began pumping its fullness
deeper and deeper into herself.  Oh, God, she screamed in her mind as it
reached the her cervix and the base pressed tight against her butt plug
Frantically, she strapped her little butterfly vibrator in place, pulled it
tight, but did not turn it on yet.

She glanced at the clock, saw that she had four hours until Kyle would be
home. As she clicked the lock on the first wrist, she had to fight off the
wave of pleasure to keep herself from cuming.  The forth chain was attached
to the center bar of the bed. She wrapped it around her neck, leaving it
loose enough to not choke her, but short enough to limit how far she could
move.   She locked it.  Now she could turn her neck from side to side, but
lifting it took a bit more work.  It overwhelmed her with a feeling of total
surrender.   Before locking the last lock on her hand, she double-checked
that she would be able to reach the key to unlock herself when time was up.
Then she reached down, turned on the vibrator and clicked the last lock

She struggled  a bit when the last lock was in place.   Testing her bondage,
making sure it was secure.  Then she relaxed enough to begin savoring the
feeling of helplessness, so naked and open and possessed. Her body started
to respond to all of the toys she had in place.   The full feeling that the
butt plug gave her was strange as she had never had more than Kyle’s finger
caress the outside of her anus before today. She had no idea that anything
there would feel so good.  And the dildo that was slightly larger than Kyle.
Then the persistent buzz of the vibrator.  The first orgasm came at once
from the excitement of the bondage and toys. For a moment,  she feared that
she had let herself cum too soon.  But the second orgasm came just moments
after.  And then the third.

For the next 3 hours she was lost in bliss.  Her mind and body taking her to
places she never knew existed.  Her mind flashing to the exciting parts of
the stories she had read over the past few months.  The stories playing out
in her head.  Deep, sexy men’s voices telling her how she belonged to them
now. Her body pulled taunt with the bondage and filled with toys made her
fantasies oh-so-real, so overwhelming. Between her mind and body, she was
propelled into a new dimension of passion that seemed to have no limits and
no ending.

Had she been capable of having a sensible thought at that moment, would she
would have known that she had  entered a new world.  Had she known
beforehand, perhaps she never would have tried this.  But now it was too
late.   "Could she leave this world behind?  Could she bear to never

Those thoughts only came to her when she dropped  the damn key.  Now, it was
only moments until Kyle would walk in to door.  "My God, he would find her
like this."    Would he even bother to unlock her before he stormed out in
disgust?  How would she ever explain this to him?  Would he give her time
for an explanation?   He would know she was warped and sick and leave.  Kyle
loved her because she was strong, independent, her own woman.  He would
never understand her wanting to be bound, to be owned as a slave, to be used
as a slut.   And how could she explain it to him?  She didn’t know the
reasons herself.

Tears formed and threatened to run down her cheeks even as her body started
to betray her with yet another orgasm.  There was nothing she could do to
stop it.   If only she could turn back time.   If she had never tried this
she would never know how incredible it was.   Now, could she give this up?
Could she  forget the incredible passion and pleasure she had just
experienced? Then all thoughts disappeared as another orgasm raced through

She was so busy moaning and cuming that she never heard the front door open
or Kyle call out her name.

Kyle heard the noises from the bedroom and rushed down the hall to see what
was going on.   He stopped at the door, his eyes wide in disbelief at what
he had just found. He stood there watching.   His beautiful princess.
Bound.  Crying out, not in fear or distress but in passion.    He watched
yet another orgasm overtake Kate, surprised to find his own body was
reacting, hardening.

Kate, unaware that Kyle was standing there, began crying softly.  Her body
burning with passion.  Her heart filled with pain.   Then she sensed him.
Just knew he was there.   She jumped  with a start as she felt his hand
trailing up her leg and over her bottom, then to her very wet sex.

Kyle whispered, “Why didn’t you tell me?"

Kate gasped.  Then she was flooded with relief and an overwhelming love.
She blushed and whispered, “Make you a deal, unlock me and I will tell you a

Kyle responded softly, with a quiet self-assurance she had never expected,
“The story will wait.  I have other plans for you.”

--The End—